Hiding Your Power Level

Power Level

What is your power level? It is a euphemism for enlightenment. This enlightenment takes the form of what some would call “red pill” status. Knowing how the world really works is very useful in getting power, money, and pussy. This  knowledge is seen as a threat by some so a smart man will not reveal his power level in all environments.


Haters Gonna Hate

As was demonstrated in this article here, there are people who actually go looking to hammer those who do not toe the party line. Anyone who has been to an American college can attest to this. If you don’t believe me, go take a gender studies class and question the pay gap myth and see what happens.

Be The Zebra

A good practical exercise in hiding your power level would be to pretend you don’t understand a language for your in a multilingual environment. For example if you go to Germany pretend you don’t know German and see what people say around you in German. You would be surprised at what they actually say they think you cannot understand. Playing dumb is a strategy to use in many other environments such as bars college classes and police interview rooms.


But What About Open Debate?

Some would say hiding your intelligence or worldly knowledge hinders humanity’s advancement. This is true in an open and fair society. Such a society doesn’t really exist though. Whether it’s the Khmer Rouge taking smart college professors to the fields to kill them, or certain researchers being ostracized for non-politically correct studies, sometimes revealing your power level is a detriment.

Can’t Lead A Horse To Water

Another reason the hide power levels is because some people are dumb and working to enlighten them is a fools errand. Trying to educate a potential lay at the bar about the socioeconomic situation in China is not really going to help your mission. Trying to convince that college professor the folly of his ways is only getting get you a bad grade. You have to pick and choose where and when you reveal your true power level for your benefit.

There Is A Time And Place For Everything

A wise man will pick and choose when and where he reveals his true power level. One place is this site. This is why it continues to grow more popular over time. Places where you must hide your true power level are slowly becoming parodies of themselves. Examples would include woman studies, centralized healthcare, and broadcast TV. Remember, discretion is key.

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45 thoughts on “Hiding Your Power Level”

  1. Some people can’t hide their power level, though. For instance when I reach a certain power level, my hair turns gold and stands on its end and my eyes turn blue.

    1. That’s why the government should subsidize power scanners and throw in jail anybody with a power level over 9000 because it isn’t fair to those who haven’t reached saiyan ability.

      1. Actually is over 8000 and the 9000 was just a dubbing error…
        It’s called “Hassen ijo da” in its original language
        It translates too: “Over 8000”
        I love the meme and saying, but lets at least use it right.

    2. Captain America? 😛
      I’ve no idea, really, I don’t know much about American superheroes…

  2. Love the power level reference but seriously this article fell flat for me. I mean you didn’t even reference DBZ and had some Matt Damon pic. Also you don’t play dumb with the police. You ask them to leave and if you can’t leave you ask for an attorney. I would have enjoyed an article about “hiding power levels” but this is more an article about picking your battles and choosing you environments.

    1. Funny ACLU video on asserting right to silence and no searches during a police interrogation:

      1. Well yea… Why the hell would you trust a fucking cop? Most of them are crooks/assholes/idiots. Personally, I love to fuck with those arrogant idiots who take themselves way too seriously. Most of them are fucking idiots anyways.

  3. I am very disappointed there is no Vegeta mentioned. He defined work ethic, a Saiyan MGTOW if you will.

  4. I stopped challenging people’s idiotic beliefs for the most part 3-4 years ago, though from time to time I make exceptions. One person I challenge regularly is my wife’s youngest sister who moved back to the area after finishing college. She is 10 years our younger and doesn’t appreciate it, but my wife explained it to her recently as follows. “Its actually a sign of respect that he challenges you, he doesn’t consider most people worth the effort anymore”

  5. Harry Browne’s How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World…led me to adopt this philosophy

  6. Nice article, I agree. I’ve learned from experience that most men can’t handle what we can handle. A fellow fraternity pledge is one of the biggest “white knights/ manginas” I’ve ever met. He argues that slut shaming is wrong. I feel badly for him.

  7. Douglas,
    “As was demonstrated in this article here, there are people who actually go looking to hammer those who do not toe the party line. ”
    One of the reasons that I am able to stand up and talk in my own name is that I relocated to Germany. A place where the courts are VERY reluctant to persecute a man because of the 30s. Also, since I have claimed political asylum Germany has a real problem persecuting a man who has been threatened with incarceration in another country for publishing proof of criminal activities in the guvmint. Germans are VERY sympathetic to those who are prepared to risk jail to denounce crimes in guvmint.
    So I proposed that those who wanted to speak out but could not because of fear of criminal victimisation, which is what we are talking about, can do so through me if they like.
    I also pointed out that if men can not speak out because of the financial loss they might suffer then they needed to consider paying people who have suffered financial loss for speaking out to help out, show support, and show that many men want the truth to come out.
    Alas, what you see is that men claim they want help, they want someone to speak out, but they want that man to do it on his own dime, on his own time, for the first mans benefit.
    Men need to think about how they are going to find men speaking out. To continually take the position that those who speak out and suffer the consequences must do it on their own time on their own dime is not going to be sustainable. The choice is up to men as to what they will do. But pretty much every man I know who is working for the benefit of others is pretty poor. And the men with plenty of money are not interested in helping until AFTER they are broke.
    This is why I am targeting Eric Schmidt, Sergy Brin and Larry Page. Guys like that SHOULD be willing to help out.
    Check out these cases….it would be GREAT for ROK to run an article about how these three guys host slander of me and refuse to actually help me get the family courts fixed up and TWO of them have become victims and will hand over HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS to a woman!! They COULD have helped me out for a few tens of thousands and then they would not have been ripped off in the courts…Karma much?
    But nearly ALL men take the same attitude. They will not help men like me help them and then when they are the next victim they moan in general.

  8. well said, simple, no detail, just to the point. As a simple illustration would be to imagine being the Donald Draper in Mad Men. If info i give out (any form of baggage), can come back to bite me in the ass, out of spite from another, or just out of simply being obnoxious, just because an acquitance feels the random need to talk about you to others; it’s best to keep the cards close. oh, and that includes for the beta romantics with their gfs even those that they “love” over a long term relationship… if one reveals all his plans of his road to riches, with some bitches… well that one is a lost cause. Even another widespread example i’ve observed, mixing gfs with family is an unnecessary variable to add to your life; i don’t know exactly how too express this, for one who doesn’t agree with me, but it cannot be an advantage, it’s an extra risk, waste of time, unneccessary info leak,(+ for me more awkward banging wise)… i wouldn’t have those different sets intersect(if that makes any sense)

  9. This is a message that comes in handy, especially for those of us still depending on corporate America for a paycheck.
    My problem throughout most of my life has been learning to keep my disagreement with someone to myself when it’s best to do so. My mother used to tell me when I was younger: “You always have to have the last word, don’tcha?” Now that I’ve begun to evolve as a man — and shake off the womanly traits that I acquired as a boy raised by a single mom — I’ve come to understand the value of not tipping one’s ideological hand in certain settings.
    Just yesterday, during lunch at a seminar I was unlucky enough to have to attend, a girl at my table began spouting off about “the wage gap” while all the hatchet-faced old crones and balding manginas began gibbering excitedly and nodding in solidarity. I smiled the thinnest of smiles and looked away, simply declining to participate in the lefty circle-jerk. By doing so, I made it fairly clear that I stood apart from them in my disagreement.
    But, most importantly, by keeping my mouth shut, I gave them no ammunition to use against me, no words they could distort to try to ostracize me from the herd later on.
    It nearly pained me not to speak out and refute the bullshit. But picking and choosing your battles is key. Attempting to sway feminine hive-minds with logic and cold, ugly reality — particularly, in a setting where they’ll be coddled and unanimously agreed with — is about the most pointless battle I can imagine.

    1. Excellent points. It can be very hard to refrain from endlessly needing to try to get a point across to others, but after learning that was another beta trait I’m much more careful to evaluate the importance. And keep my mouth shut.
      I’ve come to believe that if others are already believing typical (to use an example) propaganda then that implies they already do not possess the open-mindedness necessary for honest discussion.
      Therefore it would be a waste of time and energy to attempt to persuade them otherwise despite making my statements based on facts & logic and not emotion as I see happen so often.

  10. Philosophically sound advice. There is no national suicide: only domestic cannibalism. I would add that besides avoiding open hostilities, alliances are important, both sincere and insincere to whatever degrees. Real men police their relationships, and we are reduced to female-style intrigues, but we retain the high ground of logic, as does the nu warld odor. Let us hope vanity is the destroyer of all hardened dynasties.

  11. Good grief…lmao..Ive spent my whole life hiding my power…it extends to the physical too….whats a man to do?

  12. I used to have a hard time keeping my mouth shut if I disagreed with someone on something like politics or social issues. However, I saw it written somewhere that I don’t have to be the reality police, and this really stuck with me. If people have stupid beliefs or believe ridiculous false “facts”, I’m not obligated to straighten them out. In most cases,it’s best to let them continue on in their error.
    This is generally true when dealing with women. They will mis-remember past events, or misunderstand how things work, or tell some story from work that begs for an explanation of what they did wrong in handling the situation, and I’ve learned to just leave that stuff alone. I’m not the reality police.

  13. I suppose we need to carry energy shields around to enhance our power level. (For the Halo fans.)

  14. At least men do this. Women will almost always yap n bitch to make u believe they have more power when in reality they have none.

  15. Some good points.
    Those who are in power now hide is so well most people are unaware of who they are and what they are. They know better than to start spouting off about who’s really running things on this planet, lest people get wise to the fact, identify the powerful, and attack that power– probably out of some inane sense of fairness or equality.
    There’s no sense displaying power until it’s needed, and that’s usually done through compelling force or violence. The Powers-to-be already control the instruments of force including the IRS, the courts, the police and military. They control them because they direct the money, the lifeblood, of the institutions agencies that do their bidding. These are covert actions of a hidden class of power barons that many of us have never heard of and likely never will.

  16. Thank you for sharing this. This is a huge problem of mine that I dont hesitate to share my power level, ie my level of knowledge. I quickly dispel myths whenever they come up and even though it is futile i still cling to some hope that with knowledge people will gravitate to logic…. they dont. It is an upward battle, holding my tongue, and I thank you for reminding me of it’s importance.

  17. You should also apply this to material wealth and power. The more people know about what you have, the more they covet it and will try to take it or use it against you.

  18. Slowly but surely, hiding my “power level” is what I’ve basically been pushed into doing by society at large. I didn’t really think of it until reading this article just now.
    I no longer waste my time debating idiots when I know they’re dead wrong, just to be labeled a know-it-all asshole [or worse] for trying to share unpopular truths.
    I no longer waste my time offering the red pill to every male that I know. Most of the ingrates are so in love with the BS they’ve been fed that they’re rather eat a bullet than to unplug. Now, I vet the males in my life and drop it on them should they seem worthy and unlikely to violently vomit it back up, along with cries of “woman hating”, or whatever the fuck else bull pillers cry about.
    And I sure as hell no longer bother trying to warn female acquaintances of things like the inevitable meeting with The Wall, only to be treated like the worst scum in all of human history for trying to do them a favor. Women seem to appreciate this kind of knowledge least of all.
    The large majority of people would rather remain inside of the fog of ignorance that surrounds them until the day they die. I tried fighting it for years, but now I say fuck it! Let ’em…

  19. Another damn good article. I just joined this site this week but am pretty impressed.

  20. Sauron666 is a sock puppet troll. Why else would someone be posting on a thread that hasn’t seen a new post for TWO YEARS???? He (or she) goes on to say, “I just joined this week” to pretend to be a rookie. This is a new sock puppet of a troll that has been here for years.

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