Is Western Civilization Worth Saving?

By 2050, it’s predicted the USA will no longer have a white majority, which in 1960 was 90%. For this, we can thank Ted Kennedy’s Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which the politicians swore up and down wouldn’t change the American ethnic composition. In Europe, due to declining native birth rates and mass immigration, this will eventually come to pass for several other nations later this century, all according to the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. The leftists, with their really big hearts, think all this will be wonderful.

Globalism and cultural Marxism are the driving forces behind population replacement policies, but unawareness and apathy are almost as much of a problem. Some think that if Western civilization will go down the toilet, they should just “go with the flow” and enjoy the ride all the way down the tubes. Thanks to media propaganda and educational indoctrination, they have no idea that their own civilization is worth anything, and don’t have the slightest concern for their own posterity. Still, they’re pretty naive to believe that things can’t turn far worse within their own lifetimes.

Why this is bad (for those who need reminding)

In the future, is this going to get better, or worse?

In the future, is this going to get better, or worse?

If trends continue unabated, the founding peoples will lose control over their destiny. History shows that when this happens, the results are not good. Pillaging and plundering is a more genteel affair in modern times (though not always) but you’re still not going to like it. Will your new rulers say, “Since things have changed so much, how about we abolish Affirmative Action and set-asides to show we’ve transcended race?” Don’t count on it. More likely, they’ll double down on these preferential treatment programs, and come up with new ones, and you will have no chance to block the spoils systems.

That’s just the beginning, too. The “diversification” of cities for the last several decades has been bad—Detroit, need I say more?—and riots really are getting out of hand. Now imagine what it will be like when you have no hope of influencing things like Section 8 housing moving into your neighborhood, or if you’ll get any real police protection.

This is what we’re facing if the Aztlán crowd takes over the Southwest, the community agitators get in charge of the big cities, and together their constituency has an electoral majority controlling the Federal government. (Also remember that they’ve been told since the 1960s that you’re evil oppressors responsible for all their problems.) Parts of “flyover country” might be able to hold out for a while, but nothing short of forming their own country will stop the advance of “progress”. If it were ever to come to secession, they’ll be surrounded, outnumbered, and outgunned. Let’s keep things from getting to that point.

Is there any hope?

"Refugees" have taken on the characteristics of invaders

“Refugees” have taken on the characteristics of invaders

I’ve painted a grim picture, but I have to be realistic. As for what will happen later, things only look worse; Jean Raspail’s Camp Of The Saints describes a bleak future like that. This isn’t just the USA on the line, but Western Europe too, and perhaps Eastern Europe and Australia in time. If we want to keep from disappearing into the endless night, the time to act is now.

Sometimes, with luck, sovereignty can be regained: for example, the Spanish Reconquista, or the nations of the Balkans rising after a few centuries under the Turkish yoke. However, the results aren’t guaranteed; some nations may never recover. In these examples, the “dhimmis” were subjugated under military occupation, but they were not outnumbered in their own lands. The founding populations must not allow themselves to be dispossessed in their own countries in the first place.

Granted, the dark forces of globalism are very powerful—and they’d like us to think they’re invincible—but they must be stopped. They also want you to think they’re smarter than you and know what’s good for you. (If they’d simply focus on getting richer, and cease their social engineering, they’d have far less to answer for.) Not only has our political establishment failed us, they’re working against the public. It won’t be easy, but we must reassert control over our destiny.

Do we deserve to be dispossessed?


Brainwashed SJWs welcoming their own destruction

Some will even say—often with haughty condescension—that if we lose our countries, then we deserve this fate. Ignoring for a moment the sheer snottiness, as well as the “might makes right” argument incongruent with the usual rhetoric of fairness by the “prepare to be assimilated, resistance is futile” crowd, let’s consider the following facts:

  • In the 1920s, a Communist propaganda campaign was launched in the Western world. In the 1930s, this mutated into cultural Marxism and kicked into high gear during the 1960s. Most people have no idea of the scope of it all, or where things like political correctness came from.
  • Only senior citizens remember what it was like living in a fairly normal country. Even fewer never grew up exposed to this propaganda in one form or another. The rest of us have been indoctrinated from an early age by the mass media and educational establishment.
  • The Western political tradition lately is about openness and democracy. For this reason, we don’t conduct political change by torches and pitchforks these days. We play fair, even if our enemies often don’t. Further, political correctness encourages the “disadvantaged” to have solidarity, but vilifies the same in the majority. This is one reason why we’re on the defensive, and (for now) usually losing.
  • Most people only have a vague idea about the extent of managed democracy and sheer corruption. Those against population replacement policies mostly put their faith in the mainstream opposition parties, not realizing that they’ve sold out to deep-pockets globalists too. “Mainstream” conservatism is a controlled opposition, providing token resistance at best.

So with that extent of treachery, disinformation, limited options for resistance, and managed democracy, it’s grotesquely dishonest for the defeatists to tell us that we’re losing a fair fight! As for their opinion that we should just give up, I have one word: No.

Whenever you hear the defeatists crowing that this is inevitable or that we “deserve” it, remember that they want to demoralize you and anyone else listening. (The same goes for when they tell you that loving your people and wanting your posterity to survive is “hatred”.) Suppose someone is losing his home by a devious swindle, orchestrated by crooks widely lauded for their fairness, caring, and honesty. It would be the height of arrogance to tell the defrauded that he deserved it and should shut up about it and let it happen.

The depopulation and population replacement agenda

Now that we're wrapping things up with the Milky Way, it's time we planned our leveraged buyout in the Andromeda Galaxy.

“First, the EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future…  The EU should provide 15,000 euros ($16,800) per asylum-seeker for each of the first two years to help cover housing, health-care and education costs—and to make accepting refugees more appealing to member states.”

Don’t be fooled: this isn’t happening because some vague, invisible force called “progress” is pushing things inevitably in this direction. No, it’s being actively promoted by globalist interests that have adopted cultural Marxism as a means of control.

Why are native fertility rates declining below replacement level? The major factors are:

  • Women are encouraged to spend their 20s partying and their 30s trying to get rich in a cube farm. Encouraging them to to make starting a family last priority often leaves them very unhappy over the long term, and many will miss the chance to begin.
  • Good economy tends to be positively correlated with higher fertility rates. During recessions, births go down. The implications are obvious. If less tax money was taken from working citizens for costly social services programs and spit-in-your-eye wars, then they’d be able to afford more children. Sending the guilty to prison (instead of bailing them out) when they crash the economy might be a good indirect measure too.
  • About a third of American babies conceived end up aborted. (Thanks, feminism!) The same leftists who think this is wonderful will scream bloody murder whenever a savage killer on Death Row is executed, but all that’s another matter.

Because of declining fertility rates, the globalists tell us that we must open the floodgates of Third World immigration to prop up the population and support the aging citizens. So they’ve fed us poison, and to soothe the symptoms, they want to feed us another kind of poison. To hell with that!

Granted, keeping Social Security going in the USA will be a challenge. Still, it’s pretty uncertain that newly-arriving immigrants—if they become the majority—will be able or willing to support millions of elderly “gringos”. As for future European retirees, will they be well cared for by “refugees” from Africa and the Middle East? The way things are now, many of them prefer rioting, looting, and collecting welfare over working. So these are going to be the people propping up the European retirement programs?

Dispossession is inevitable only if we let it happen. For now, we must educate the rest of the public about what’s going on, and convince them that their future is worth saving and their posterity is worth preserving.  Once we’ve achieved critical mass, we can confront the political establishment and get the government to start working for us rather than against us

What’s in it for us?


Whenever someone writes that Western civilization is nothing but injustice and oppression, they’re using technology we invented to complain about us.

It’s fashionable—especially in academia—to bash Western civilization. We’re not perfect, but nobody else is either. The truth is that we’re a creative, dynamic, and industrious people. Some of us are under the impression that we don’t have any culture (only other people do) but that’s mistaken. I could spend all day listing our major artists, composers, poets, philosophers, writers, theologians, and the like, but I only would scratch the surface.

Other cultures have made notable contributions—particularly East Asia and the Middle East—but the fact is that the majority of science and technology that makes life comfortable today originated in the Western world. Electricity, motorized transportation, refrigeration, telecommunications, computers (need I go on)? Yep, that was us. We shared our medical advances with the rest of the world, increasing longevity and quality of life around the globe. Whether the world’s future looks more like Star Trek or more like Blade Runner may have a lot to do with whether or not our people survive.

Finally, most of us are going to live out our lives in our native countries. Do we want them to stay the same nations we grew up in? Some time in the future, today’s youth will be running the show while we’re elderly. What kind of a place do we want it to be by then? Western civilization is great; let’s keep it going.

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563 thoughts on “Is Western Civilization Worth Saving?”

  1. It’s kind of funny to hear American Anglo whites complain about demographic displacement and extinction. These are pretty much the same tactics that whites used against Native Americans to steal their land and destroy them.
    Of course, the liberal whites who are stirring up non-whites are also racist. They simply see non-whites as convenient political pawns.

    1. “These are pretty much the same tactics that whites used against Native Americans to steal their land and destroy them.”
      Not exactly. The United States has the means to secure its borders and determine who can come, who can stay, and who has to leave. The Native Americans (who BTW, migrated from Mongolia, Siberia) didn’t have that means.

        1. Historically, whether we like it or not, might has usually determined right. It’s a painful fact of history.

        2. The United States is an established nation with definable boundaries. The Siberan Migrants were mostly nomadic with no fixed borders (excepting the Iroqious Confederacy and the 5 Civilized Tribes, and other examples I’m forgetting?), and ‘communed with Nature’. Seems like apples and oranges.

        3. Very true. I wonder how much this will change in the nuclear age. I suspect it’s one reason North Korea is still around.

    2. American Anglo whites launched a a Communist propaganda and cultural Marxism campaign against the natives and convinced their women to party and work in cube farms? It always sounded like more of a war of conquest to me.

      1. They broke up the native family, stealing kids away from parents and putting them in boarding schools where they were abused, raped, forced to speak English, worship a foreign god and adopt anti-family anglo culture. The history records of all these schools in Canada the USA and Australia are there.

        1. My understanding is this was policy and widespread in Australia and present to a lesser extent in Canada. I’m sure there is an example or two to be found in the US, but I can’t immediately agree that it was policy and the norm.

        2. It wasn’t, he’s just blowing shit out of his ass. He’s some Indian dude trying to convert people to his viewpoint, or some absurdity like that.

        3. the history records are there. australia and canada we hear about here in the usa. there they hear about the usa side of it. anyway, with the reawakening of dharma in the cellular memory, going forward the planet can come to know peace and righteousness. im an optimist.

    3. These are the same tactics used by every civilization in history. White Europeans have no exclusive rights to that history. Remember that the African slave trade was run by Africans not whites. They sold black slaves to the middle east through a horrific trade across the Sahara, and to a lesser extent still do. The Africans also sold slaves to the white man. The guy that won the Amistad case after taking over the slave ship he was imprisoned on went back to Africa and became rich trading slaves to the same white men. And let us never forget that it was the White European man that put an end to the slave trade (at least the open and admitted slave trade).
      Native Americans (immigrants from Asia and maybe Europe during an ice age) were doomed the first time they traded for a steel axe. Their culture had no chance. We still do because we are not being taken over by a more advanced culture, but rather by barbarians.

    4. The “whites displaced Native Americans” is a trope that seriously needs to die out. There are more Native Americans alive today than there were when the Europeans arrived. (What’s more, I think they’ve got it pretty good today, but that’s a rant for another time.)
      Anglo whites have a right to complain, since they are the ones who founded this country. Other European ethnicities, like the Irish and Italians, do not, as they did not create this country.

      1. I am of Irish descent. My aunt is a member of the DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution, which means she had our family traced back to pre revolutionary America. My family has been in this country since they were brought here in chains via a prison ship in the late 1600s.
        I believe that Patrick Henry was of Irish descent as well as other rabble rousing founding fathers. Alexander Hamilton’s ethnic heritage is in doubt but he could be Irish too. Since he was a born in Jamaica, as a bastard child of a white woman of questionable morals, he could well be Irish, we got, and get, around.

        1. My family has managed the near impossible, They have been in this country for hundreds of years and have always remained poor laborers and farmers. Of course, our noble entrance to this country was an initial excuse for this, but it got a little thread bare around 1900.

      2. The Irish also helped build the usa. George Washington had a sizeable contingent of Irish soldiers in his army. He told them he was going to kill some British and they joined. Ireland had been a defacto colony for centuries before the revolution and thus Iraish immigrated to the colonies first as indentured servants and then as regular colonizers. The paddies were already here way before the Irish potato famine in the 19th century.

        1. Indentured servants = slaves that didn’t get treated even as well as the black slave who was property. Which do you take better care of? The car you bought and own, or the rental you picked up for a purpose, and will have to give back when you are through with it.

        2. A huge portion of the Northern Army of Aggression was Irishmen straight off the boat. I believe a huge portion of the people building the railroads (east of the Mississippi) were Irish. A large portion of most Eastern US police and fire men were once Irish. There have been many accomplishments in the arts and literature by Irish Americans; we just don’t get a history month dedicated to it because we don’t whine about being ignored. Mostly we prefer if we are just left alone to do what we want.

      3. The Italians contributed a lot to this country, without them we wouldn’t have pizza, spaghetti or the mob.

        1. The Mafia was just the most successful of the ethnic mobs. The Irish and the Jewish mobs were already here and quite successful. Tammany Hall ran NYC for years and was almost purely Irish. The mobster that taught Lucky Luciano everything he knew was Arnold Rothstein, known as “the Brain” and was 100% Jewish.

        2. The argument is that Western Civilization was founded by Mediterreneans (Greeks and Romans). Syrians are also Mediterreneans.

        3. God I love Sinatra. Throw him and Deano in the jukebox and I can be happy all night long.

        4. Him too. And I forgot Tom Jones too, although that’s not unusual.

        5. Welsh are just like the Italians, if the Italians had a cultural habit of stealing shit. Heh.
          Sorry, couldn’t resist. My world was shaped by two cultures that hold the Welsh in contempt (English and Scottish).

    5. Actually we kicked their ass in battle most of the time, and thus, we won. When we didn’t massacre them on the field of battle, we outwitted them with treaties. They were in all ways inferior, despite Hollywood trying to make them into Holy All Seeing Wise People.
      That said, there’s a mess of them still around, so….

      1. The myth of the noble savage is a particular oddity of western thought since about the mid 1900s. Read “Aztec”, a story of the Spanish conquest of Mexico told through the eyes of an Aztec bureaucrat. He is burned at the stake eventually, but his story details the absolute brutal cannibalistic nature of the stone age “culture” that the Europeans displaced.

  2. HRC iis pure evil
    Every voter needs to KNOW who Dr. Pieczenik is and what he said about
    HRC and crew. The revolution has begun….Our Media needs to be brought
    down, along with HRC!!!!!

  3. The western civilization is, by objective standards, the highest that did exist. PERIOD. Everyone else is measured by it’s standards and while some few asiatic countries can be compareable to it, most of mankind is in its lower momment ever. If we get destroyed, barbarism and stagnation will follow.
    Needless to say many westerners have already put themselves out of it by their way of life and their ideas, and modern western thought is garbage and anti-western, pro-third-world and pro-degeneracy. But if the West is truly saved, these horrible excuses for humans will be left out.
    Make the West Great Again! (MWGA)

    1. Well said.
      As well as being the highest that ever existed. PERIOD. It has also fallen before.
      Once sufficiently intelligent Men rediscovered the literary classics of the West, Western Civilisation was rebuilt.
      If we fail, if it falls, it will one day be rebuilt.
      The Western Tradition stands as THE preeminent model for Civilisation. No Leftists or SJWs can ever destroy that model, only lie about it.

      1. I need to add two points only to your excellent reply:
        1. A rebirth will happen ONLY if we survive as a race to something more than a vestige.
        2. I need to add that when the west died at the end of the roman period and rose again during the end of the early middle-ages, the lestist ramblings of ancient Greece and of Rome got dealt with! So the capacity for civilization actually rose!
        For the middle ages read the superb book by Regine Pernoud called “Those terrible Middle Ages”
        There is also “the light of the middle ages” but you need to know french for that, sadly, it’s quality I know from a francophone.

        1. Remember that the Romans got pretty much ethnically cleansed from Europe. The Germanic/Frankish tribes came in and replaced them. Northern Italy was taken over by the Lombards and southern Italy was later taken over by the Arabs (just ask any Italian living north of Rome).
          Roman culture was so admired that the barbarians tried to pick up as much of it as they could and that is what was revitalized after the dark ages. But make no mistake, the Romans were long gone, and replaced by immigrants from mostly Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

        2. The Romans always fought against Germanic, Celtic and Slavic tribes, because they didn’t want these primitive people in their empire. Mass immigration into the Roman empire contributed to its collapse.
          The current Italians are also not the same as the people who created the great Roman empire. The Southern parts of Europe were flooded with Germanic and Slavic tribes who were still living like cavemen.

        3. Those fucking immigrants. They do this every time. Although I would point out that the “barbarians” did nothing that the Romans hadn’t already done to them.

        4. “1. A rebirth will happen ONLY if we survive as a race to something more than a vestige”
          I hear ya, and I kind of doubt this is going to happen. Unless every white family in America goes Brady Bunch and has 6 kids – the math says whites are done. Even the majority of mormons have stopped practicing polygamy which would have helped the stats.
          It sucks, but maybe it’s time to get philosophical about it – everything eventually does come to an end.

        5. America is pretty screwed as far as demographics are concerned, but native White European survival is a different story. Non Whites can and must be driven out, and a civil war instigated by Muslim aggression can be the kindling to start the fire. If native sovereignty is regained the birth rates will take care of itself post-war. This scenario is of course optimistic, but birth rate itself isn’t the main issue, it’s the deliberate importation of nonWhites by traitorous governments. Japan has a birthrate at least as bad as the West, but as long as they keep immigrants out birthrates can rebound over time.
          But yes, the American situation looks really bad.

        6. Wait so the immigrants gave the Romans a better system of justice, unrivalled prosperity compared to anything before, roads and aqueducts that produced enormous wealth and longer lifespans? Or do you just mean the raping and murdering? Cause immigrants today seem to have lots of that to spread around.

        7. Polygamy is bad for civilization unless you have extremely high male death rates as compared to women. Without the abundance of women this produces, you end up with large numbers of men with no hope of a wife which eliminates their drive to produce more than the bare minimum. Civilizations rise and fall on men’s incentive to produce more than they need for themselves, because it’s not like women will pick up the slack.

        8. The “Dark Ages” weren’t dark. The Europeans thanks to the Christian ethos built a world better than what the ancient Romans and Greeks knew, overcoming great obstacles and surpassing the knowledge of the ancient ages in most fronts, despite the fact of a permanent war with Islam and with a myriad of barbarians for whom the books and papyrus were only worth as fuel for bonfires.

        9. They weren’t immigrants, they were largely the indigenous people of central Europe (excepting the Huns).
          The Romans didn’t “give” anything to anyone.

        10. Amen! The notion that Medieval times were times of decadence and barbarism have to end. In fact, they represent the birth of pretty much that we link to our Civilization.

        11. I didn’t read the whole thread… and I know you’re as red-pilled as it gets… The Japanese thing just always strikes a chord with me because despite their flaws, they still care about preserving their race/culture, and to me that’s all that counts.
          I don’t want to live in a world where the only thing that matters is fucking Starbucks.

        12. I never understood why anyone will drink coffee at starbucks, its mostly milk with sugar. Their pastry is nice though! Still though depopulation should be addressed they might not be invaded but if the country empties beyond the point when the country will be not able to function economically it will bring a disaster. I need to add that I consider the Japanese the only people equal to westerners, no one else.

        13. “Still though depopulation should be addressed they might not be invaded but if the country empties beyond the point when the country will be not able to function economically it will bring a disaster”
          I hear/read this a lot. I believe its usually just fearmongering to promote immigration policy.
          This perpetual growth model of the economy we apparently need to avoid “disaster” I don’t completely believe.
          Sure, there would be some initial pain but in time it would re adjust and correct itself to a sustainable model. The Japanese are certainly intelligent and innovative enough to achieve this. Especially in a nation with a strong homogenous culture/people.

        14. It is not fearmongering, it is real if a country has a infrastructure designed for a 100 million it can never function with just 10 million, of course though migrants will not solve the problem especially if they cannot do the jobs needed. The Japanese with their fertility rate and their avrg life-span they cannot limit their system to the point that it will be viable, they need to start reproducing or get a few south Koreans but they can never be more than the 5% of the population.
          As an economist I can say that the model of perpetual growth is fake but many theories are correct besides it, the reason is one: they were not based upon it. The idea of bringing migrants in all the time is not even economical, but egalitarian in nature the economical rule requires migrants acting exactly as the natives, which can be true only for people from close civs (for the USA this means Canadians, Germans, English or Danes, but not africans, arabs or southerners in general).
          Anyway Japan still has it better than Europe and much better than the U.S.A. also for their inteligence here (Greece) we say that the intelligent bird can be cought by its nose, meaning that intelligent people can be fooled in amazing ways, do not forget we were fooled too and we are not much lower than the Japanese.

        15. Sorry pal…unless a miracle happens Japan will be a chinese dependency or a cluster of radioactive debris by the end of this century. The Chinese haven’t forgotten Nanjing and in time Japanese failure to defeat and dismember China will bite them in the ass. I can’t understand why so many westerners think Japan is a shining example of anything besides robotics.

        16. This perpetual growth model of the economy we apparently need to avoid “disaster” I don’t completely believe.

          Unless you can automate 90% of professions including a lot tasks that programmers and other specialists do, your depopulated society will simply devolve to a simpler style and become a nobody internationally as well as militarily. Consider that the best way to ensure peace is through strong defense. Unless you can make for your absentee soldiers with autonomous bots (years away yet) you are an easy prey.
          By the way, if anything the west can learn from Japan is robotics, not much else.

        17. Thank you for your post. Your post contains a perspective that not many understand or are willing to. Many people around this corner are just in backlash mode against the arguments of a depopulation, thinking erroneously that the phenomenon is a fantasy. They don’t realize that depopulation is a sympton of decay, not a readjustment. Any organism that doesn’t expand itself just contracts. This is a rule of history and biology.
          Of course replacement immigration is just a form of suicide but so is anti-natalism, especially in a world of nations, where everyone is looking out to further its interests and every nation is either in a competition or a vassal of someone stronger….

        18. Population isn’t everything. China for example is a strong economy but your average working class citizen lives like shit.
          Israel has a very strong military and geopolitical presence and is a relatively minuscule country on a world scale. It also happens to be a hyper ethnocentric nation with a strong religious backing.

        19. 100 million to 10 million in a short timespan is a bit of a radical example don’t you think. Otherwise your post did make some interesting points.

        20. Yes it is one, but if you count the pensions and benfits, sent for the elderly and the unemployed, as population loss, on a purely economic scale, the example stops being as radical as you think.
          I mean the much fewer able people will need to work enough the burden put on them by the system will be tremendously high so that they can support the system.

        21. There is some truth over the camp that denies depopulation: it is far better than replacement as with it we have primarily an economic and then a social collapse, also if some small communities manage to form (highly likely as the fewer people the easier they can do that) it will start to fix itself but it will take ages for everything to become ever again normal.

        22. They have beautiful women. I don’t know about inter-Asian politics.
          I think the Japanese have good taste and are skilled with technology.
          I think they have some brilliant art. They have a fun language.
          Japanese food is arguably the best food in the world.
          What’s not to like?

        23. Funny you mention Israel, which is the counterexample of everything you mentioned. Israel may not have a billion people but its population average age is younger than either Europe or China’s (let alone Japan’s) population and the birthrate is much higher (above 2.5 children per women). The population age-structure matters as well as or even more than size. Many people here argue that there are more Europeans in Europe than in the 1900s hence everything is ok in demography, however they ignore the inconvenient fact that in the 1900s most of the Europeans alive were young people (15-30s) and children, unlike today where in many countries oldsters outnumber teens and children. For instance in Germany there was more young people of reproductive age at the onset of WW I than now when Germany has over 80 million people and at least 10 are foreigners.
          In reference to China, I’d beware of any statistic coming from that government. Besides they are ruled by a Communist oligarchy and are trying to do in 30 years what the West did in 200 hundred, even at the cost of their own country…

        24. Well, for the time being. Your ignorance of geo-politics will not matter when the time comes and Japan has to face its destiny. My point was that Japan’s failure to expand and its subjugation by the U.S. (as well as their failure to reproduce and incentivize their men to become what their forefathers were..patriarchs) will be the reason why their beautiful art, culture and language will not be something enjoyed by our children (if we have any) let alone their grandchildren. And yes, I admire their art (I grew up watching animes hahaha) and their language is much better to my ears than Chinese or Korean.
          Regarding the food…not so sure. And Asian women are not in the menu for me. I’d rather Latinas (white, mestizo,mulato) and Europeans.

        25. Thank you for your response. I don’t deny there’s some truth: massive immigration is just suicide, those peoples will never integrate in such numbers and they will not even mix, they will replace the host cultures since those cultures have lost confidence in themselves and are old (literally speaking). The women will be absorbed into the gene pool of the invaders.
          However anti-natalism is suicide as well. It just leaves the doors open to the invaders no matter how you slice. Or you think neighbour nations will leave you alone if your country collapses economically and socially due to demographic implosion? That’s not in human nature.

        26. Whenever discussing economics remember that the phrase CP (Ceteris Paribus = all else being the same/ all else being stable) for example if price remains the same CP you will have so and so profit, because if anything changes the calculation is invalid. Also in economics in many calculations the mathematics can be switched as many factors are inter-depended, for example inflation might be because there are fewer products in the economy while money stays the same or because more money may be printed in both cases inflation occurs, again with CP being present and with the presumption that the money is not fiat (because their price is based upon perception rather than on a commodity which makes it chaotically unstable, this is the reason modern economists struggle to pinpoint fluctuation in the price of money because most theories and mathematics take for granted the fact that money can remain stable).
          For some weird reason, being a natural pessimist, I think that Europe will survive beyond expectations and reverse the situation, although not all nations, specifically I think this true for France and sadly Greece, there the left has managed to define the countries’s history instead of condemning it or deconstructing it, so basically the people cannot think in a non-leftist way. Germany for me is cut in half in this case.

        27. For some reason I am very skeptical about Israel, the reason is that it remains quite dependent on the U.S.A. to the point even of being able to be called a parasite nation, also the Jews that realy reproduce are the Orthodox, who do not want to do many jobs and do not take arms, so the zionists (Jewish secular nationalists) get overburdened instead, while the divas eat benefits and avoid many responsibilities while propagating.

        28. Interesting point of view. Economics has been an interest of mine lately, however I am afraid economic models ignore something of vital importance…human nature and think the market actors will always act rationally. That’s a recipe for failure in my humble opinion.

        29. economics is a science that concerns itself with managing one’s livelyhood. It is NOT meant to be a prophet science. Also human nature is NOT the study of economics, it though of psychology, which really borders pseudoscience in many cases.
          You learn economics for 3 reasons:
          1) Better manage your own life
          2) Understand what happens in the news
          3) Not being easy to be fooled by scammers
          If you know them well you can make some small predictions and be correct, for example in my case I managed to predict the crisis in China, due to over-investment, Also the fact that this crisis still continues, because China started to buy less fuel from other countries.
          Finally, disregard Keynesianists, these people and Keyenes where wrong nearly on every presumption, their followed due to them being capitalistic socialists, so whenever a guy like Steiglitz makes a model it is doomed to fail.
          these videos give some better insight into economics:

          Also for investments check any video by investopedia

        30. economics is a science that concerns itself with managing one’s livelyhood. It is NOT meant to be a prophet science. Also human nature is NOT the study of economics, it though of psychology, which really borders pseudoscience in many cases.

          Thank you for your response but that you should tell that to the central bankers and other manipulators that make predictions based on faulty Econometric models and broadcast them through the mass media all the time. Moreover central bankers are engaged in psycho economic experiment as we speak trying to modify mass behaviour patterns hrough NIRP as we speak. Whether they are successful or not remains to be seen.
          I look forward to watching the videos and don’t worry I am not wont take Keynesianism seriously. Thanks

        31. These experiments are pseudoscientific, the idea is probably propagated so that fiat type currencies may manage to still hold, it will fail, even if the people believe it to be true, the fallout will be even worse though.

        32. Also, I forgot: Those central bankers basically are investors instead of classical bankers this means that they are nothing short of gamblers, at the very best, scammers most commonly, to outright thieves, their speculators or parasites sometimes both. If they were your classic banker the situation would never have got as bad as a banker would refuse to give money to dead causes over and over again (lenders normally are more suspicious of new companies and private citizens), because he would earn no money. An investor on the other hand thrives on instability as whole sectors fall and rise which makes speculation easier and less risky (when for examble the dotcom bubble blew up it was the result of over-investment in this sector which occured due to hyping the market this was done by guys like the short of Soros everybody gave money, then the short of soros took their money out the hype continued for a bit then most companies failed to give revenue so the investments where lost, this lead to a domino effect which lead to a bubble)

        33. Even in traditional cultures that permitted (or still permit ) polygyny, it is kept to a minimum and onlyu a minority do it.

        34. “Civilizations rise and fall on men’s incentive to produce more than they need for themselves, because it’s not like women will pick up the slack.” And we seem to have thus arrived there in the US. If someone told me that “hey you can go to this country that incentivizes the shit out of you to produce more, as an immigrant,” I’d probably go there right now. However, since the Western Cancer drives what is most incentivized for ALL populations of the world, if you weren’t positioned to take advantage of it in its prime, or your prep-timing was off, you simply got left the fuck behind. << All aforementioned is precisely why the manosphere grew from the first pile of ashes.. many more piles to come with or without Trump I recon.

        35. Agreed, the elitists have made sure our current condition is getting hit from all angles, not just some. We’re beyond the normalized conflicts of Man Vs Man, Man Vs Himself, Man Vs Nature. If we can adopt the mindset that Man Vs Institution IS the new Man Vs Man conflict, and eradicate it, by a slim margins European White survival in the west could stand a chance. For Trump to have any affect, it will need to be 100s of executive orders, enough to push the leaches to immediate direct conflict with the remaining White European alphas in dormancy.

        36. NIRP also removes any incentive to put money in a bank or even invest, it exists to force people into buying. Needless to say monetarily one shoots himslef in the foot with a pistol and on the belly with a shotgun, and to the head with white phosphorous!
          Needless to say keyenesianists push this.

        1. *Sigh*
          I’m starting to suspect you are a troll…
          But giving benefit of the doubt one last time.
          Western Civilisation is a 3,000 year old conversation – argument and counter-argument. Some arguments survive and some do not. Marxism, Leftism and its spawn (including SJWs) did not survive examination. Marxists, Leftists and SJWs are not aware of this, or are impenetrable to logical reasoning.
          Just because something was *posited* within the conversation that is Western Civilisation does not mean it is a valid part of it or tenable position within it.
          Leftism and SJWism is a perversion, not an expression, or Western thought…

        2. “Conversations” have many speakers. So Marxism, Leftism, etc, are all part of the conversation, part of the experiement that is WC. You can’t take ownership of some parts but not others. All civs have positive and negative aspects. Embrace the positive but own up to the negative.

        3. Nobody is denying the negatives. Good fucking lord dude, you’re making a point to nobody but yourself.

        4. Leftism is only a by product of western civilization. With Strong men taking the reins their nagging will not be heard, hence under control.

        5. Travel the world a bit and you’ll hear thousands of non-western people say they are western imports meant to destroy their own native civilizations and traditions.

        6. What does that have to do with anything? Being strong and powerful does not make you western or righteous. Power can be used to build others up or to enslave them.

        7. I’d say they are hypocritical. That’s like pamela anderson making a sex tape but then claiming porn ruins sex.

        8. I’d say they are being hypocritical. That’s like pamela anderson making a sex tape but then claiming porn ruins sex.

        9. nobody is forcing YOU to accept marxism or leftism. and you just admitted both were western exports to destabalize native cultures and traditions around the world.

        10. The left was originally created by whites, such as Freidrich List, the German economist. Marx was a student of Lists theories until he joined Freemasonry (i.e political judaism) and turned against Lists theories. There is still a real left wing, i.e national socialism, but kikes print their own money and can co-opt everything and turn it into international financier oligarch socialism.

        11. Actually if you are a mens rights activist, you would regognise that the Christian modl the colonialists brought was the elivation of the common man by giving him access to a wife, which, in primative cultures, doesn’t occur as the alpha males in those societies take all of the women (i.e polygamy). This creates inter-tribal warfare as the men are always fighting for pussy and resources (as they are not inclined to develop technology and agriculture). In New Zealand, the Maori slaughtered a weaker tribe and took over the country. When the British arrived, the weaker Maori Iwi (tribes) begged the Brits to protect them by buying land between the Iwi as buffer zones. When the Brits sold muskets to one tribe, they literally mass murdered other tribes. There was no utopia, some peaceful haven that whites invaided. On the contary, whites brought legal systems and banned polygamy and homosexuality, which are actually 2 sides of the same coin, as the single men under polygamy, who aren’t powerful enough to get a wife, turn to fucking/ raping young boys. You only need to look at the Maori of New Zealand now, even after 200 years of a LOT of free stuff, and a massive increase in living standards, to see how fucked up they still are (as old habits die hard). They reject our model, whilst taking its benefits, yet suffer horrific levels of child rape and domestic abuse as legacies of their own culture, which they want to hold onto. I have travelled to over 100 countries, and have seen the same problem the world over. The 3rd world has never been some lovely peaceful place. Lack of technology means resource scarcity, and war.

        12. how would you define leftism? I see this term tossed around a lot, sort of as a blanket, catch-all phrase

        13. so all the mens rights activists in india are converting to christianity? i suggest you travel south asia, stay with the natives and discover that most of them had the monogamous marriage model going on for thousands of years before christianity . and its the christians and muslims, not hindus, in india who have highest divorce rates there

        14. I have travelled extensively around Asia, and the rest of the world. I suggest you either learn to read English at a higher standard, and not infer things that aren’t in any way stated. I appreciate you have a chip on your shoulder and always have to be adversarial, we whites are used to it from your people. India copied our laws on monogamy, i.e outlawing polygamy. That is indeed a historical fact, hence 5000 years of polygamy in India was only banned recently – and wasn’t even banned outright, as the 170 million Muslims are free to practise it. I know you have a difficult time admitting that any good has ever come from Europeans, but we have specifically excelled relative to India and China (who banned polygamy in 1950) because we practise monogamy – and that is the main reason. Polygamy doesn’t work; it disincentivised men from putting their sexual energy into creative pursuits for their nuclear family – as they do not have access to even creating a nuclear family. This is why both India and China jumped on board our model. I’m not saying they converted to Christianity, they just recognised what really is self-evident. As for divorce rates, that is irrelevent to the argument – I’m not criticising Hindus, I admire a lot about Indias history and contributions to the world…but polygamy is the reason it has never achieved its obvious potential. Surely you can see how this works? Also, saying that most Indians practised monogamy just isn’t true. female nature is always inclined towards polygamy, as they do not mind sharing the one rich man in their town. By definition, if India has polygamy and monogamy, then X% of females are in polygamous relationships and unavailable for monogamous. It is basic maths.

        15. “.but polygamy is the reason it has never achieved its obvious potential”
          Ridiculous. There are reasons it has not reached its potential in modern times but polygamy is not one of them. Polygamy was never widely practiced in India, even during its hey day when some royals practiced it. Monogamy has always been the vast majority norm in India. Lifelong marriage with one spouse.
          ” I appreciate you have a chip on your shoulder and always have to be
          adversarial, we whites are used to it from your people.”
          who are muh people?
          ” I know you have a difficult time admitting that any good
          has ever come from Europeans”

        1. And what do you think you are referring to? Anyhow, this doesn’t mean a race can’t be undone by race mixing. If you mean the Neanderthals…that was hardly “bad” race mixing.

        2. This absolute revulsion white nationalists have towards race mixing is what I’m referring to. We tend to mate assortatively, first of all. And second of all, most people are going to marry people who look like them. The fear white nationalists have of “the white race (which isn’t even a race, but a skin tone) disappearing through race mixing” is a myth.
          No one is stopping YOU from marrying your Aryan princess and having your brood of white children.

        3. Skin tone! social construct!
          Low fertility rates, high immigration, shrinking white demographics and all facets of European culture shat on in favor of multiculturalist diversity driven dogma. Shut up and take it goyim!

        4. Yes, skin tone. You are the same racial group as middle easterners and south Asians. Fucking deal with it.
          Want to raise low fertility rates? Start having more kids. Man up, marry a western white slut, and shell out as many white children as possible before she either goes barren or divorce rapes you. It’s all for the “good of the race,” right?
          Don’t like high immigration? Which is more realistic? Ending mass immigration and the financial incentives which encourage it, or creating a “white ethno-state,” whatever that is?
          As for multiculturalist driven dogma, it could all end if Europeans stopped listening, but they don’t.
          Big Daddy Putin isn’t coming to save you, (((Drago.)))

        5. I see a lot of snark, as usual, but no refutation of anything I’m saying.
          How many ubermensch white children have you brought into the world yet, Drago? Talk is cheap. Put up or shut up.

        6. The white race is more than a skin tone……if skin colour is the only difference you see between black and white people you are done for.

        7. I see that you read nothing I posted.
          The white race is NOT a race. Neither is European. Europeans, Middle Easterners, and South Asians are all Caucasian peoples (some prefer the term Indo-European).
          For that matter, black is not a race either. Race is not skin color.

        8. its not hot air. its practical advice. marry (or not) but have kids if you don’t want your race to die out. being married or not does not stop a lot of people in today’s world from replicating your dna. you can also sperm bank it. roosh could have married young while he was working as a biologist and had 5 kids by now. he chose to quit his job and become a PUA and he has zilch to show for it (evolutionarily/reproductively speaking). hell, he could’ve had 5 kids or more as a PUA even! that ugly ginger from RSD managed to have 2 kids by now (and roosh being middle eastern is better looking than him). Mystery also managed to have 2 kids. But Roosh has zilch to show for all his hot air blogging.

        9. its not hot air. its practical advice. marry (or not) but have kids if
          you don’t want your race to die out. being married or not does not
          stop a lot of people in today’s world from replicating your dna. you
          can also sperm bank it. roosh could have married young while he was
          working as a biologist and had 5 kids by now. he chose to quit his job
          and become a PUA and he has zilch to show for it
          (evolutionarily/reproductively speaking). hell, he could’ve had 5 kids
          or more as a PUA even! that ugly ginger from RSD managed to have 2 kids
          by now (and roosh being middle eastern is better looking than him).
          Mystery also managed to have 2 kids. But our friend Roosh has zilch to show for
          all his hot air blogging.

        10. Yes…but some like the Arabs for example, have heavily mixed with blacks, so technically they are not so much “Caucasian” anymore. If anything they are a mixed race. Anyhow, you probably now that the Caucasian race has sub-races……if you now know everything I mean.

        11. Good, sit there and wait. Arguing with someone who only bombards you with ad hominem’s, loaded questions and false dichotomies is a waste of time.

        12. Dude, from my experience here in Sweden, those with blue eyes and blonde hair tend to have children with blue eyes and blonde hair, and those with brown hair and brown eyes tend to have children with brown hair and brown eyes (and all the rest of it). When Arabs have children they tend to look Arab.
          Now my own family is a bit interesting, since we seem to have a bit of all, it’s probably because my dad is blond, and my mother is a brunette. So my siblings and me have brown, blue, green eyes, blonde/brown hair etc, other than that we are very similar in shape etc to our parents.
          Obviously there being main races such as Caucasian, Mongoloid, Negroid etc, doesn’t mean there isn’t sub-races or amalgams.
          There can only be a “spectrum” with much mixing.
          I would say racial types such as Nordics, Alpines etc, are well and alive.
          On my earlier point, I simply meant we never hear anyone talk about a “spectrum” in any other species.

        13. Yeah, but even you have to admit that when two races mix, a new mix/sub-race/group takes it place.
          When Afrikaans and Bantus mix, the result is neither Germanic/Teuton/Nordic or Negroid/Bantu

    2. Depends on what you mean by Western civilization. Anglo culture, with its love of materialism, fascism, racism and gynocentrism has been mostly bad for the rest of the world.
      The non-Anglo West did indeed produce some great civilizations. Asia and North Africa have produced comparable civilizations though.

      1. Asia and North Africa did produce some decent civilizations. Nothing on the scale of the Europeans though.
        If you think racism belongs only to Anglos, you’re really, really not exposed to the realities of the world, kiddo.

        1. North Africa, Asia, and the non-Anglo West borrowed heavily from one another, so it’s pointless to try and label one of them as the best.
          Also, I am well aware that every civilization has been racist to some extent. However, no civilization has ever taken it to the same scale as Anglos have. Anglos, whether liberal or conservative, seem to have a pathological hatred toward other races.

        2. Your second paragraph is too stupid to even read twice to address. Clearly you’ve never been to Asia.
          I see what you’re trying to do, to deny Western culture actually exists. If something doesn’t exist, it can’t be saved. And thus your kinds plans move forward unimpeded.
          The world of grass shacks, mud floor and abject poverty that you’re unknowingly creating will have people cursing your memory in the future. Bet on it.

        3. I am simply making a distinction between the Anglo world and the rest of the West. The Anglos love to take credit for all of the good things that the non-Anglo West has done.
          Also, I have been to several places in India as I am a South Indian. I am well aware of the poverty in India and the rest of Asia. However, one cannot deny the great contributions to science, mathematics, etc. made by Indian and other Asian civilizations. The current state of poverty in Asia is entirely due to Anglo imperialism.

        4. The title of the article is not Anglo Civilization. Seems to me, grouping the entire European civilization accomplishments together is not saying “and thus, the Anglos did it”.
          The current state of poverty in Asia existed long before the first dude named Nigel set foot in Asia, and will continue long after there is nobody alive named Nigel. Take some damned responsibility for your own people’s failings, if you’re going to try and cast rocks against a culture that came in and gave you a better way of life than was provided by your culture as it waded around in its own shit and treated 90% of its population as non-humans.

        5. TheK, the Anglos had their ancient gods, goddesses, noble men , seers, and sages, much like ancient South Asia had (and you are great for keeping Hinduism and Buddhism and Jainism and all or most of your great ancient ways alive throughout the ages, hats off). Semitic gods and heros were brought over to the Anglos (but they did resist, give them credit for that). however now many many anglos are reawakening to their cellular memory and seeking out the ancient gods, goddesses and ways of life but unfortunately they’ve been lost, so they are taken to Buddhism, various types of i Hindu meditation, etc. I think “the west” can be civilized and renewed in righteous via this route. go easy and have compassion.

        6. Treating Western civilization as monolithic is pretty stupid though. The Anglos definitely stand out from the rest of the West since their culture has none of the positives that other Western cultures do.
          ” Take some damned responsibility for your own people’s failings”
          I would throw this right back at you. Anglo countries absolutely refuse to take responsibility for the toxicity of their own cultures. They certainly have not given anything positive to the rest of the world. It’s kind of sad to see the Anglo world imploding due to its own toxic culture.

        7. Doesn’t Shakespeare count for anything? He’s no Bharat Muni but I still think he contributed something positive. Of course there’s a theory out there he wasn’t even Anglo….

        8. You should log off of your computer and boycott electricity, automobiles and modern medicine in protest, dude.

          The Anglos definitely stand out from the rest of the West since their culture has none of the positives that other Western cultures do.

          The combination of ignorance and arrogance in this comment is stunning. But then, you’re an Indian, and y’all are nothing if not pissed off at being conquered by such a small nation when y’all had almost half the world’s population at its disposal to stop it. That’s gotta sting. Heh.
          As an aside to others, I’ve noted before the sneering superiority of the Indians. I present to you, a display of that arrogance.

        9. I’d say Shakespeare was one of the few intelligent Anglo men, if he was even Anglo. Intelligent Anglo men have always hated their own Anglo cultures though. Rookh Kshatriya’s Anglobitch Thesis is a pretty good explanation of all the problems the Anglo world has.

        10. Every culture has its negatives though. This isn’t to say Anglo culture is equal to great ones (no cultural relativism here), but despite its many horrible aspects there are some positives. And if you are a dharmic person your first attitude toward any anglo or any individual is compassion. Practice your civilization’s dharma and spread goodwill.

        11. “You should log off of your computer and boycott electricity, automobiles and modern medicine in protest, dude.”
          The availability of those things in the modern world owes a lot of credit to the non-Anglo world you know. Besides, any scientific intelligence that the Anglo world used to have has clearly devolved into crass materialism.
          “The combination of ignorance and arrogance in this comment is stunning.
          But then, you’re an Indian, and y’all are nothing if not pissed off at
          being conquered by such a small nation when y’all had almost half the
          world’s population at its disposal to stop it. That’s gotta sting.
          I suppose this comment is a good example of how Anglos love imperialism.

        12. “You should log off of your computer and boycott electricity, automobiles and modern medicine in protest, dude.”
          I think he’s indian (dot, not feather) so the computer and electricity prototypes he can claim as a feature of his ancient south asian civilization’s mathematics with which engineering would not have come about without. and vaccine protorypes were invented in ancient south asia too (could be argued as a negative if your an anti-vaxer).
          But, as a dharmic person (im going to assume he doesn’t practice any of the semetic religions, follow their myths and heros, he is out of line with compassion.
          TheK, help us dharma-ize all civilizations, not create barriers to dharma.

        13. The only positives of Anglo culture though are their material achievements, but those achievements also grew out of the pathology of Anglo culture. Anglo culture had in the past an unhealthy divide between rationality and emotion that other cultures do not have. The scientific class was extremely rational to the point of ignoring things such as family and community. The general population, on the other hand, was irrational and made decisions based purely on emotion.
          Of course, Anglo cultures today are purely irrational and emotional due to increased gynocentrism.

        14. I don’t think compassion means ignoring harsh truths. Besides, I do not consider myself that religious anyway, though I do find Hindu mythologies interesting.

        15. The Anglos had their shot and have quite clearly produced a failed culture. Not pointing out the blatant truths surrounding Anglo culture will only be bad for the rest of the world.
          Though perhaps it would be more accurate for me to say Anglo-Norman since the Normans are responsible for the modern incarnation of Anglo culture.

        16. well he said the point is not “anglo civilzation”. forget them. they’re gonners. western civilization is a globalist new world agenda meant to obliterate the rich diversity of unique european cultures and languages.

        17. Your anti-English position does not impress me, and in fact, I’m generally of the mind that it’s to be expected. You are from a subjugated people, it’s just natural that you would come to sneer at those who handily conquered your civilization. That doesn’t make what you’re saying correct or valid (because they’re not) but it doesn’t come as a surprise.

        18. He’s an Indian (south India). He’s just expressing the rage of the slave towards his master.

        19. Haters gonna hate I guess. I heard Indians still shit in the streets, like common animals. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

        20. “Anglo culture had in the past an unhealthy divide between rationality and emotion that other cultures do not have.”
          this. so much this. And precisely why they ripped native kids from their parents laps and put them in anglo schools and taught them to hate their family, culture, spirituality, language, and forced their foreign god and anti-family attitude on them. i think the anglo might be genetically predisposed to the solitary lonely life. marriage and certainly family are not their forte. there is a way to channel that: the celibate sage life. not every one is cut out for family life nor should they be forced.

        21. “Take some damned responsibility for your own people’s failings, if you’re going to try and cast rocks against a culture that came in and gave you a better way of life than was provided by your culture as it waded around in its own shit and treated 90% of its population as non-humans.”
          Not saying you’re wrong, but India is home to one of the oldest civilizations in history, and had civilization when most of the European nations were still barbarians.

        22. Having a defective civilization isn’t really that impressive to me. In all honesty and apart from this dude, I’ve never been particularly impressed with Indian culture(s). Egypt existed for a hell of a long time too, that doesn’t mean that it’s immune from criticism.
          And besides, I have to deal with Indian arrogance a lot in my profession. At this point in life I’m happy throw their shit right back in their face.

        23. I’d say that one of the main reasons is because the Anglos brought over their anti-family and gynocentric cutural values.

        24. No denial, child. KZOO is not even connected to this discussion and can see your obvious butthurt regarding the English. You are exhibiting every sign of a slave railing against his master’s chains. You may not see it, but then, I really don’t expect you too, because it would require acknowledging your own inferiority. And we both know, that ain’t gonna happen.
          I believe I’m done feeding you you. You may run along and play.

        25. And like I said, you are just demonstrating the Anglo love of imperialsm and overrating themselves, a hallmark of their gynocentrism.

        26. ghost of jefferson knows so little world history he claimed arabs invented “0”. then when i called him out on it, deleted the comment.

        27. Wrong. The Vedas were written by people in Northern Russia, as the Hindu academic who wrote The Artic Origin of The Vedas shows. The Vedas themselves describe their location that could only be in the Artic Circle. Also, go onto wiki and look for the worlds oldest structures – they are all in the British Isles and France, thousands of years before any other culture – thousands of years before any trace of civilisation in India.

        28. Indians were shitting in the street, like wild animals and bathing the that cesspool you call the Ganges LONNNG before a single white man arrived. Nice try though. Own your shit (no pun intended).

        29. jz95 didnt mention the vedas. india had the worlds oldest civs, with or without “the vedas” (which were handed down orally, then later in indian language written). vedic civ is not the only ancient civilization. south asia had plenty of others

        30. Yeah the Anglos have done nothing for the world, other than discovering most of the chemical elements required for technology, as well as inventing most of the worlds inventions. I mean utilising electricity, creating computers and inventing the internet are not positive at all, as well as the internal combustion engine, jet engines, washing machines, fridge-freezers, power tools, cars, motorbikes, telephones, computers, aeroplanes, bicycles, pressurised mains water, mains gas, steel ships, ship propellors, satelites, rockets, missiles, GPS, steal cable suspension bridges, trains. The world is literally so small as to be instant via communication systems created by white men. There was a Japanese study which showed that British/ Anglo-American men are basically responsible for the majority of the worlds technology.

        31. Bullshit! The Vedas is the origin of Indians high civilisation, or any civilisation of note. And that is thousands of years younger that the culture which existed in Western Europe, of which those temples are remains of.

        32. Why are you making stuff up? Do you think people on here are so stupid that they would just buy your made-up version of history? If you think Anglos have an unhealthy divide between rationality and emotions, try reading any of the great English poets, such as Percy Shelly, or John Keats. There are no niggers or 3rd world primatives that have any work as sublime as they created. The majority of artists, scientists, mathematicians and inventors of the past 500 years, in Europe, often did their work at great risk, as they were oppossed by the feudal powers. Most of them died without credit and without money. They were all Christian, and their work was out of that Christian sense of duty to the unborn – the future.
          Your attitude just gives away your insecurities, jealiusy and bitterness, and its clear for all to see.
          Anglos have a lot to be criticised for, mainly for being duped by jews since jews took over Britain with the 1688 Glorious Revolution and turned Anglos into an imperial fighting force, for Dutch/ City of London jewish slave merchants, but no matter how you try and dismiss Anglos, you cannot escape the reality that your own life is predicated on inventions and discoveries by English and American men. Literally, the world population without our technological break throughs would not have increased exponentially as it has – it couldn’t as it is technology what breaks through Malthus’ population/ food supply theory.

        33. Ohhh…he’s Indian. There were some great Indian scientists. There is a decent website about them called They are really pissed off that our scientists get the credit, when some of their discoveries predated ours, which is a fair point, to an extent. The difference though was that we put our discoveries into action more than they did, partially our of Christianites focus of the future and pleasing God.

        34. Actually, far from being gynocentric, the Anglo countries, especially Protestant, are the pinnacle of patriarchal. You have to understand, that monogamy is the essential feature of the reason the West has achived more. Hinduism, kikeism and Islam allow polygamy, which essentially gives a few rich men all of the women, and deprives the poor men of the chance of creating a family. The family gives the man a stake in society and it puts his sexual energy into work/ productivity, as opposed to him being single and having no chance of having a wife, which creates a violent underclass. So when you talk of families, the West is the pinnacle of family life, and if you see Western families from 70 years ago, it is vastly superior to anything Hinduism has – except for modern Hinduism which COPIED Christianity and banned polygamy.

        35. The West was essentially destroyed by the 68er generation, which bought into the Frankfurt Schools weaponsied sexual revolution. Add to that the breaking of the Bretton Woods System, the Thatcherism stealing everything our ancestors built up, then the end of the Glass Steagil Act in 1999 under Clinton, and add the TV Hollywood jewish mind control, and it is certainly not functional. The jewish legal system has given women wayyyy more rights than is functional, especially parential rights, which should be favoured towards the father. So no, through legal means, our culture has been made disfunctional.

        36. [However, one cannot deny the great contributions to science, mathematics, etc. made by Indian and other Asian civilizations. The current state of poverty in Asia is entirely due to Anglo imperialism.]
          I currently live & work & study in South East Asia. I’m half white. Half Asian.
          That’s an unhealthy victim attitude there, man. I’ll bite that Anglo Imperialism may have negatively influenced some aspects of development among former colonial nations (pretty certain there is sufficient bombproof scholarly research on the subject). But at this point in time, I really have to laugh at that flimsy assertion as being the reason for being collectively left behind.
          You’re an Indian national. You mean to say that the British building railroads & schools, hospitals & leaving a leadership structure of an educated elite to manage nation building after independence wasn’t enough of a leg up to get things going?

        37. Your games don’t work here TheK. The West has a huge history of arts, science and discoveries, and Anglos have played a massive part of that. Look at any list of inventions or discoveries, especially in chemistry and physics, and there is an Anglo every other name.
          You are trying to blame the entire Anglo world for the crimes committed by jewish elites who took over Britian in 1688. The conditions of life for Anglos, in their own country, under yiddish imperialism, were far worse than in India…and if you doubt that, try working in a coal mine in Northern England from the age of 6, 6 days a week, 14 hours a day, with a life expectancy of under 30. look into the Industrial Revolution and hopw it was immediately hijacked by Freemasonic jewish financiers, who fcked over the English as much as they did other countries. You think just because you are poor now – often from corrupt politicians in yur own country – that Anglos are to blame. Why as China and South Korea excelled far beyond India? Why has Japan excelled with 1/10th th population? The truth is, India has few resources and a lot of backward traditons. The only asset you have is to export your best talent to Europe/ America, yet they don’t return as they prefer the culture of the West, i.e we don’t hae fucking stupid barbaric practices and constant funademntalist religious strife between Hindi Nationalists and 170 million Inidan Muslims. Blame Anglos all you like for colonialism, but you would have got no further without it, not which such cultural practices and religious conflicts. I don’t see Chinese moaning about the Opium Wars and blaming Anglos….they have just got on with copying our model. Why won’t you look in the mirror and accept your own cultures failings? Btw, India, as a country, didn’t really exist before the Raj. The Brits unified the country and created the modern India you have today. Before that, it was the usual endless tribal warfare between Muslims and Hindus& Sikhs. I do sympathise with you, as you have basically a psychopathic religious death cult called Islam constantly conquering you and large parts of your country for over 1000 years. You think you’d be better off without Anglos and The Raj, but that is clearly bullshit, as you would just be a group of waring kingdoms being conquered by Muslims to this day. Would you not? Look at China and these similar developing countries, they are all moving forward, yet do not have a powerful Muslim presence. You are angry at the wrong people.

        38. “I think he’s indian (dot, not feather) so the computer and electricity prototypes he can claim as a feature of his ancient south asian civilization’s mathematics with which engineering would not have come about without.”
          Yeah ok. I suppose next he can take credit for the moon landings. I guess whatever group invented the loincloth could tell us that without them we would all be naked.

        39. Yes modern western civilization is as you say, but it wasn’t always so and I don’t believe it intended to become the perversion of what it is today.
          My critique of the ‘Anglo’ is they have essentially become the wilful cuckold subservient for Jewish Zionist interests.

        40. the only civ that was better than the west at its time was only that of Ancienct Egypt, Europes Faustian spirit was influenced by the Egyptians, some ancient Greeks took it (Plato, Pythagoras to name a few) and in time it was transcended into Europe (Christianiy might have also been influenced higly by some late Egyptian doctrines). Today it is dead and the Copts serve only as a Vestige of something that once was Great.
          For today the only civ I think rivals the West is only Japan, I take the impression that the Japanese have internalised, Japanified and evolved in a Japanese way many western ideals, for the Chinese (a comparable civ) I take the idea that they simply changed names to their previous practices (most of their philosophy, taoism and confucianism, is empty platitudes).
          Besides these people though and some other dead civs truly the light of civilization exists only in the West, the powers of savagery and barbarism wanting to extinquish it.

        41. India doesn’t have the oldest civilisation; civilisation came into the Indus Valley from…obviously much older civilisations in close by countries such as Iran, Iraq and Turkey, that all predate the Indus Valley civilisation by thousands of years.

        42. For today the only civ I think rivals the West is only Japan, I take the impression that the Japanese have internalised, Japanified and evolved in a Japanese way many western ideals, for the Chinese (a comparable civ) I take the idea that they simply changed names to their previous practices (most of their philosophy, taoism and confucianism, is empty platitudes).

          May be. However Japan is (barring a miracle) dead and China is rising in Asia (if it can avoid a total war before it reaches a certain level of development).

        43. nothing 100% concrete is scientifically known about
          the vedas except for that the people who have kept them alive through unbroken lineage and tradition up to this very day are South Indians. Still you find south indian brahmins who recite the particular veda of their gotra (genetic line) to precision throughout villages and towns of South India. Hinduism itself is a mix of vedic and other traditions (such as yoga and tantra).

        44. but its not scientifically known where they originated in South Asia. the holders of the vedas now are in South India. doesn’t mean they originated there, though possibly. north indians also have a claim. anyway, purely vedic religion is not found because Hinduism is a composite of many different ancient traditions of India such as Tantra, Yoga, etc

      2. “Anglo culture, with its love of materialism”
        this is the root problem, all the other isms stem from that alone. that said, the americans took it to the extreme with their love of stuff

    3. You’re so stupid. What is Western culture and civilization? It’s based on ancient Greek, Roman and Semitic culture. Or do you think Judaism and Christianity are European creations? Do you also think the ancient Greeks and Romans were the same people as the Germanics or Slavs?
      Don’t you know what happened during the Middle Ages? Knowledge from the East flowed to the West. Not the other way around. Do you know what happened during the Renaissance? Knowledge from the ancients was rediscovered and further developed, which brought us to the modern era.
      Basically saying: Western culture as we know today is largely based on non-native knowledge.

      1. In the future you can save a lot of finger wear from typing by just posting “Derp derp derp”. It will convey the same intellectual content as your other posts and will really give your fingers some relief.

      2. Do you see this as a good or bad thing Weesie? Do you see Semitic cultures and their heros like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed as positively affecting the West or not? Personally I’d love to see The West turn to its original cultures and gods and goddesses but those traditions have largely been lost. What they seem to do now though is adopt the gods, goddesses and heros that were the prototypes for their own; the gods and goddesses of South Asian cultures , Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. because those are still alive and thriving and the percursors to their own, unfortunately now dead. I see this as a good sign and a reawakening of ancient European cellular memory.

        1. You are as ignorant as “Weesie”. Christianity was abandoned in the West and so far all we’ve experienced in the cultural realm is decline, how funny how that works huh…

    4. Every tree sooner or later develops diseased limbs. They either drop off and the tree heals, or someone cuts them off and the tree heals, or the tree dies. Like a great man once said, the tree of liberty often needs to be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.
      Of course there is a chance the world might be headed towards a new Dark Age, like from 500-900AD (or theres about).

      1. im an optimist. western people are reawakening to their ancient god/goddess cellular memory. this is why buddhism and yoga are so popular in their cultures now.

        1. However, according to that philosophy we are in the age of Siva/Kali. The burning of the world needs to occur for rebirth. A Yogic philosopher would see that it will be their next life that will be better, when the age of Satya Yuga comes again.

        2. I gotta say though, the more I learn about human biology and human nature, the more I think the eastern philosophers were right.

        3. Since learning about the various group differences in human population groups, I’ve come to believe that there probably is no all benevolent, actively involved god who guides humanity forward. I would not, however, say definitively that there is no god or higher power, as there is no way to prove or disprove the existence of a deity. Eastern philosophy (particularly Buddhism) seems to believe in a uniting spiritual presence but not a deity, which seems to me a bit more plausible.

        1. The cusp of one. The fiat currency system cannot sustain itself. I HAS to collapse. It’s simple math. When it does technology will become increasingly harder to get a hold of, and with it, access to information, as well as other taken for granted commodities like food delivery, cheap power and other resources (fuel, electricity, etc). There are ways to mitigate the correction’s severe consequences, but that would require the oligarchs of our society to reduce their unproductive graft gravy train, and I don’t see that occurring.

        2. well, when the fiat collapses they will lose their power I think, due to their commodities they ‘ll be better off but still they ‘ll be screwed. Problem is that most modern thought exists in forms that require access to the internet and when it will not be able to be maintained, it will simply vanish, this means that people that do not have any info on anything that isn’t a computer, they won’t be able to find it anywhere, this will cause the result of our dark age, most things that were made digitized will become air.
          After the fall of this system a new one will be made, who will I do not know but I am definite that anyone ascosiated with the current elite won’t be part of that, in fact they ‘ll face the destiny of collapsed elites, being killed by the new one, of course fiat currency won’t be back.
          Fiat currency is currency based either on speculation or on simple assumption. This means that their value is real only by accident, the reason why it was so much pushed was two-fold: lure the lower classes with artificially increasing their wages, helping investors make money easier. I am of the idea that new deal was the biggest scamm in history the same being the crash of the 30’s instead on blaming it on big investors they blamed it on the banks and the currency system, needless to say that investor houses became filthy rich with that.

    5. The destruction of the West is already on full mode to being completed. I mean, look at the state of NJ – every other person is an East Indian. Look at Hollywood or the new Star Wars – a Pakistani guy is in it playing a leading role. Aziz Ansari is idolized when he’s just a beta cuck who wants his blonde white girlfriend. San Francisco is just Shanghai. Chicago is Little Calcutta. Minnesota is Little Mogadishu. Michigan is Iraq. The end is here, and we keep bringing third world immigrants through green card lotteries, family unification (siblings sponsoring other siblings who in turn bring their whole family), H1b visas, and asylum/refugee tactics. Whites no longer have the majority in California. Statisticians say that Whites will lose the majority in 30 years from now. I mean, if Hillary is elected, her chief of staff will be an East Indian/Pakistani fraud. Even my foreign exchange friends who came here were disappointed of what they saw. They said, “I was expecting to see cool white people, good looking blonde chicks, and all I see is what I already see in Taiwan – Asian people.” Next, we will see Western movies being played by Asians and East Indians. The UK and Australia realized just now that shit is getting out of hand so they stopped allowing new aliens from being able to settle in their countries. No more Australian or UK green cards are allowed for them. If they came here on student visas, after their studies, they tell them to leave now. So what does every Chinese and Indian student do? They head to the USA because immigration process here is a joke. They easily get student visas, then get 2 years of work authorization automatically after they graduate, and then ask their employer to sponsor them for a green card. And our country allows it. Oh, lets not mention how they breed here like rabbits and get anchor babies thanks to birth right citizenship. Our country is fucked, and Hillary for the next 4 years will ruin it even further. The end is near.

        1. there are some really hot indian dudes out here. but some are busted too. most are just your average 5.

        2. jz95 I know you’re an East Indian dude. So piss off. I hate East Indians because of their beta qualities, their perverted sexual approaches both online and offline, and that they are the number one immigrant groups coming here in hoards. They don’t assimilate to American culture. Probably the worst minority group.

        3. when they’re hot theyre really hot, when theyre not theyre really not. but like most people , most are just average or so

        4. i find indians assimilate the most. they work, mostly professional jobs, live in upper middle class neighborhoods mostly, participate in civic activities, are friendly (if a bit arrogant at times), invite people over, etc

        1. Trump is just a puppet of jewish financiers and asset strippers. He just did a speech talking about the USA needing more Public-Private-Partnerships, which is basically corporate facism and asset stripping of state owned facilities and handed over to corporations. Michael Bloomberg was one of the creators of this system, and look at how rich he is and how he got rich. Trump is a Wall Street puppet. Congress will align as they all have the same masters. If Trump pretends to go off the script, it’ll be through creating a Brown Shirts movement to crush the Constitution (for Wall Street) under the guise of attacking the ‘globalist Congress’. Utimately, its all a Freemasonic script. Honestly, I can see Trump riding into Europe and taking it over and “liberating” us from Muslim migrants, whilst turning Europe and America into police states with right wing death squads.

        2. Look at and the Russian Ruble; that growth since 2000 is down to Putins policies. He gives awards, and personally meets, women who have more than 7 kids (to offset their demographic crisis). He is between a rock and a hard place as he has a massive Muslim population and has to pander to them as Russian citizens, yet knowing that if they were a majority, Russia would be destroyed. At the moment, Putin is in the process of taking control of the central bank of Russia, away from the BIS, and he will be targetted like Hitler by the jewish financier elite in Switzerland, which is the real centre of power. Trump, on the other hand, is a bankrupt, who got off with a $4,000,000,000 corporate bankruptcy without any of his assets being touched. His payback to those who got him out of shits creek, was the work he is doing now. He has too many jewish connections – to jewish crime bosses. He is just saying the obvious shit that everyone wants to hear. He’ll betray America and sacrifice the goy Americans for Israel and world kikery.

        3. I’ve been reading about how some speculate the central banks of various countries are owned by the Rothschild family, do you think that is true?

        4. They are owned by the Bank of International nSettlements in basel Switzerland, by jews – including the Rothschilds; the Rothschilds could be a front of other jews who go unnoticed. They actually own every central bank other than Iran and Syria; they have control over China, and Russia, but Russia is taking it back, hence Russia will be attacked – by any means, to get rid of Putin.

        5. The US, is doomed…. Would you have believe 10 years ago, that a person could lose their job, simply for believing a man should not use a woman’s bathroom? Or that a female policeman would be arrested for bringing a man OUT of a girl’s bathroom… Even Trump can not change this countries trajectory… Universities are pumping worthless liberals out every second, and soon enough, they will run the country.

        6. “Would you have believe 10 years ago, that a person could lose their job,
          simply for believing a man should not use a woman’s bathroom?”
          Interesting, do you have a link?

      1. Sad but true… I am here in Arlington, and this is readily seen also. I am from Norfolk, but this has not reached the same levels down there. But it will, and if Hillary is elected, perhaps in out lifetime.

        1. You are correct. Arlington, VA has the highest Indian population, even higher than Chinese. 30% of the population is foreign born in Arlington!!!

      1. In the Roman Republic, they had crude versions of steam engines, which the oligarchy deliberately supressed. It took another 1500 years until Frenchman Denis Papin brought it back to life and completed it (and even he was targetted by the elites). The fall can last a very long time.

        1. Atlas Shrugged. Go Galt. But Galt lacked a cognitive practice like vipassana. He dropped out due to his own overblown ego and crass materialism. Go Galt or Go Gautham?

        2. Atlas Shrugged. Go Galt. But don’t be the narcissistic, solipsistic ass Galt was. Truly detach from the machine and practice vipassana.

        3. Also, this one goes along the same line:

          The possibility of reindustrialisation combined with cybernetics and the deliberate induction of the artificial scarcity via state-induced monopollies is at present time one of the greatest secrets elites hide from masses.
          That’s the reason I highly appreciate your info on the same behavior of the ancient roman elites.
          That means all of that has much older roots.

        4. Cool article! On The SchillerInstitute website, or the old Larouchepud shows, they did a show about Chile, and how British Telecom were contracted to do the telephone systems and some kind of early model of the internet for Salvador Allende (or a subsidiary of BT). BT being a tool of MI6, they used to to data mine all of the trade unionists etc, and Pinochet basically swept them up once in power. I keep telling people on here, Trump is the new Pinochet – as is Hillary, both are (((Chicago School))) ideologues. Pinochet was housed by the (((British royal family))) during his last days, and they prevented him from facing justice. All of those right wing death squads in Latin America, are soon to be in America. Have you heard of Buckminster Fuller? He started that idea you speak of, of a computerised world economy in his Critical Path book (he was famous in the 60s, and many leading architects and engineers today were his students back then).

        5. Never heard of Fuller. But thanks for recommendation. I’ll study his life and work more closely. I guess it will give me a more complete picture of the world.
          On the other hand, I can recommend you Thorsten Veblen’s book:

          He is probably the first one who envisioned the society led by engeeners.
          Read his book (especially the nineth chapter), it can help you understand world and evolutionary origin of human customs much better from evolutionary perspective and how and why elites sabotage industry for their personal gain. It also explains why “elites” are actually inferior to common people and that’s the main reason why they don’t like undisputed development of technology. It’s a hard reading, but worth it.
          I also share with you opinon about Trump. He has too much connection to the big finance to be a true people’s president. I predict he is going to be the same dissapointment as Obama once was.
          But, on the other side, in that possible cybernetic future world of unlimited abundance, sexual destiny of Beta males is grey. In that case women would choose only Alphas. That’s bad for us regular males.
          I don’t know what to think. Hard questions to answer.
          I don’t live in the US, but I can see a sharp preparation for military dictatorship here too. It’s the global process, it seems. Special forces death squads, increased police mandates and jurisdictions etc. It will not end up well.

        6. I cited several articles and one book in this discusion thread which deal with those subjects.
          There you could find all the answers if you study it with more scrutiny.

        7. Thanks, I’ll read it, it sounds good.
          Your point about betas, there is already evidence that this current crop of youngsters , the females, are rejecting the old traditions and pairing up with what they think are alpha males, and there is an underclass of 20 something virgins (men) who can’t get laid, which is basically a reversion to matriarchy. In the end, it’ll destroy our civilisation as the men are all going to drop out, as they are in Japan. It is just all so perfectly designed by the kikejewparasite, castrating young white men, then elevating niggers, and pushing race mixing to kill off whites via defiling white womens wombs, so (((they))) become the white ruling class over a mass of mudskins. I have a strong feeling that, as I’ve said elsewhere, Trump and his right wing death squads will liberate Europe from the mud people, but at a massive expense to the freedoms and legal protections we once had. I would actually join a death squad to kill niggers, but we have to kill kikes too, which becomes more problematic, whilst in a kikejewparasite run country. Heil Hitler

        8. Trump is populist. And I support populism. I wish his promisses are true. More on populism:

          Trump promised he will re-import jobs from China back to the US. That hurts Jewish Wall Street finance world. If Trump do so, he will be promptly Kennedy-like assasinated. I’m sure of that.
          The death squads I refer to are the ones organized and paid by kikes. They are popping up all around Europe like mushrooms after the rain. They are inteded to kill off any resistance leader who dares to challenge mass immigration and jewish central banks established in all of european states.
          USA is dead for whites. For many reasons, including those you proposed. In less than 30 years, whites will become minority in the US. And that process seems to be unstoppable.
          No amount of “awakening of whites” is going to change that. Sad, but true.

        9. And one more thing regarding race war.
          I thing that Jews don’t want to be the white overlord class that rule over “mudskins”. They want to destroy whites by immigrants and then they have means to exterminate primitive and barbaric Muslim immigrants thus making a brave new world where they will govern the non human androids and half human cyborgs. Curent humans (especialy Whites) are deemed to be too dangerous to their rule.
          Zbig Bržežinski mentions that possibility in one of his books back in ’80 as far as I can recall.

        10. Go onto Renegade Broadcastings twitter and look at the quotes by jews, of their intentions. Look at the founding ideologue of the European Union, kalergi and his work on Pan-Europa, he says exactly what I said. Look at the Renegade stuff they have dug up on jewish poets from the 1920s who wrote poems fantasising about hordes of black men raping white women and destroying the Christian West. Fair enough if you haven’t seen the evidence, but you should look, as there is enough of it. The goal is the destruction of the white race, so these gene-hijacking kikejewparasites can be the white race, and the rest a bunch of ugly stupid niggers. Yes, eventually the goal is transhumanism, but in this phase, the goal is white genocide.

        11. Yeah, I know for Kalergi. The main ideologist who inspires Soros and his brethen.
          Why do you think Hitler was great?
          I’m no big Hitler fan (to say the least) but I admit he had many good policies regarding German nation.
          But as far as I know, his coming in power was financed by US oligarchy (one of ancestors of Bush clan was among them) and he also proposed the idea of Pan-Europa (minus race mixing which was good), general disarmament of population and tight control over individual liberties.

        12. I know the Bank of England initially saved the NSDAP from bankruptcy and funded their rise via Sir Montague Norman and the German Finance Minister Hjalmar Schact, but I think during the war Hitler went off-script, or the allies did. I think the plan was to use Germany to fight Russia, but they went West into France. His social policies and economic model were pretty much on the money, though I wish the holocaust actually happened, instead we get to pay reparations for a hoax, and have 6 million more parasites than could have been. Anyone that hates, kills or take on kikes has my utmost regard.

        13. Hitler was just a mere morphine/metaamphetamine junkie with superiority complex the size of Universe. He was completely controlled by Martin Borman and his shady group connected with Illuminati banksters. That was the case all the time of war. Later on, they all were extracted by Vatican rat chanells to South America. It is now well known fact.
          Here are several articles by Henry Makov on Hitler and Trump:

          Althought I recognise Jewish danger, I must admit there are some Jews that are pretty OK. Oliver Stone, Gilad Azmon, Henry Makov, Norman Finkelstein, Shlomo Sand etc. That’s the reason I prefer to call those behind curtain “Anglozionists”.
          “Jews” as a term are too unprecise and miss most of the essence of the rulling forces. For instance, Karaite Jews contrary to Talmudic Jews are completelly hamless and they were often even persecuted by Talmudists on every occasion. That’s one of reasons I don’t like using term “Jews”.
          Here you can find more on that:
          So I’m rather convinced Hitler was their man.

  4. “Globalism and cultural Marxism are the driving forces behind population replacement policies, but unawareness and apathy are almost as much of a problem. ”
    The problem here is either ignorance or apathy, and quite frankly, I don’t know nor do I care which it is.

      1. “the west” is a big place with many countries, cultures, traditions, languages, therein. there is no one monolithic “western culture”.

        1. I’d love to see the entire “west” (wherever that starts and ends) and indeed the entire planet following aryan dharma ethics, but the bottom line is that free will is there and there are genuine difference in environments and cultures that shape people.

        2. 1. As a Senator she voted for the war in Iraq, and as Secretary of State she pushed for a NATO bombing of Libya, which has lead to more instability in the middle east. Hillary even failed as First Lady, as she was unable to tend to her husband’s needs.
          2. Obama continued (if not accelerated) many of Bush’s encroachments on freedom and economic justice but since he’s a self-proclaimed “Democrat,” due to either hypocrisy or idiocy, he faced zero opposition from other “Democrats.”
          3. The Dem v. Rep charade is patently bullshit and anyone who believes otherwise is a fucking idiot. Political categories are meaningless and are used to mean different things to different people. Ideology and blind party loyalty is for the willfully stupid (see: YOU).

    1. What’s wrong with American Reniassance light?
      I probably don’t have as much of a problem with immigration as some do, however one of the requirements should be for one to come here to be an American. Make an effort to fit in and be one of us, if you don’t want to be one of us don’t come. People shouldn’t migrate to a foreign country then expect everyone there to bow down to their wishes and customs they brought from home they should attempt to adopt the customs of their new home. If not, well ,go back from whence ye came.

      1. ” Make an effort to fit in and be one of us, if you don’t want to be one of us don’t come.”
        What does fitting in mean to you beyond say learning the language and following the laws?

        1. Learning the lanquage and following the laws would be a good first step along with not disrespecting your new country or its citizens.

        2. Don’t be obtuse.
          If you come into a nation and start demanding that the country accommodate your own customs and cultures (say, for example, establishing Sharia courts) then you are in the wrong. Period. If you demand that some public places start excluding others based on your own culture and customs (say, for example, making Muslim only pools on the public dime), you’re wrong. Period.

        3. ok but jews (hasidic Jews) have their own separate family courts in the USA and that’s allowed.

        4. A family court handling things privately is fine. That doesn’t exempt them from normal courts if one of them murder somebody. And you know that is exactly what I meant.
          I’m going to follow the lead of the other men here and stop feeding you.

      2. I absolutely agree. The two major problems with the west today are mass immigration (which is destructive no matter where it comes from), and importing people who hate the west and want to see it dead. Like you said, you don’t like it here? Go back.
        But which option is more realistic in terms of saving the west? Ending mass immigration (and the incentives which encourage mass immigration), or creating a “white ethno-state,” whatever that is?

        1. The whole white ethno-state ,while I would probably like being in one, is silly wishful thinking at least for the U.S.
          There are already 300 million + people here now and just throwing open the door for more who don’t share our values,customs etc just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

        2. The thing is, the whole “white ethno-state,” or Pan-European identity, has already been tried twice. The Soviet Union was the first attempt. Miserable failure, and when it fell apart, the various nations broke apart along ethnic lines. The second attempt, the European Union, couldn’t really be considered a success even before they started importing Islamic migrants.

        3. Mostly I was just saying whether it’s right or wrong that I think I would like looking around and everyone else looking like me.
          I realize though that it’s never going to be that way and we all just have to make the best of it and get along because none of us are going back to anywhere.

        4. Here’s the way I always thought about it. You want to associate mostly with people who look like you? Fine. Just don’t be a dick about it. Likewise, if you want to associate mostly with people who don’t look like you, that’s fine too, just don’t virtue signal about it.

        5. We used to call this “live and let live”, back when we were “a free country” (notice how nobody says that anymore “It’s a free country!”)?

        6. The E.U. and the Soviet Union are/were huge areas with cultural differences over a lot miles. Many times people who are basically the same ethnicity can be very different due to geographical or economic conditions. They look the same but, are different.

  5. Of course Western Civilisation is worth saving. It has stood as the most successful model for three thousand years.
    The craving for a ‘better world’ running through literature and myth was always a racial memory after the fall of Rome, and the West was rebuilt once the Graeco-Roman model was rediscovered.
    Great Britain was built on the vision of the Classical World.
    America was built on the vision of the Roman Republic.
    Whether our current Civilisation is worth saving is another, different, question. To the extent we have deviated from the Western Ideal it is not…
    Even if we fall, as Rome fell, the idea of Rome, of Western Civilisation, will persist and one fine day will be resurrected as it was before…

  6. Journalist: “What do you think about Western Civilization?”
    Gandhi: “It would be a good idea.”
    Anyway, first divine this “western civilization” before asking if its worth saving. Is Western Civilization solely the USA? Is it Canada and the USA? Canada, USA and the UK? What is it? Its confusing when I hear Americans refer to USA as “the west”. And also when they claim communism is not “western civilization”. Communism was invented by white western guys in a western country (Russia). So yeah, first clear up what is meant.

    1. “Western civilization” is the civilization of northwestern Europe and countries founded by the descendants of these northwestern European peoples (United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada).

        1. Russia is pretty much its own civilization. One could make the argument that it (and Poland) sort of straddle the boundary of east and west.

        2. Can you give any examples how Poland “straddles the boundary of east and west”? After defining that boundary of course? thanks

          This shows where the majority of achievements in literature, art, music and science took place, at least in the past 500 years. As you can see, most of this took place in western Europe.
          These findings are also corroborated in Charles Murray’s study of human accomplishment in Europe:

        4. Beautiful.
          This just from 1800.
          If you took it from 500BC you would see the same (with more originating around the northern mediterranean at that time of course).

        5. Lighten up, Francis.
          OH, the hell with the god damn mongoloid Russians. If you ask me we’ve been fighting the wrong people anyway. Instead of dis arming these Germans we should be getting them to help us fight the damn Bolsheviks. We are going to have to fight the sonofabitches sooner or later anyway why not do it now while we’ve got the army here to do it with? You give me the go ahead and inside of a month I’ll start a war with those bastards and make it look like THEIR fault!-Patton,the movie anyway.

        6. ” Instead of dis arming these Germans we should be getting them to help
          us fight the damn Bolsheviks. We are going to have to fight the
          sonofabitches sooner or later”
          you do realize the USSR is no longer?

      1. No the above claim is that Southern European i.e. Mediterranean civilization, like that of Greece and Rome, is “western civilization”

      2. Very innacurate definition of “the West”. When the Western Civilisation was born in Greece the North-West euros were just barbarians. The Romans shaped Europe and introduced germanics to civilisation. We don’t even know if these people would ever develop civilisation if it wasn’t for the Romans. So give the deserved credits to mediterrian euros. The whole of Europe is definately part of the Western Civilisation.

        1. Your knowledge of Germanic culture and civilization is rather lacking. They had a very robust set of cultures, customs and inner tribal support long before Rome. Now yes, Rome introduced them to Roman customs and culture, but it’s not like the Germans were all just sitting around picking their noses prior to that.

        2. “They had a very robust set of cultures, customs and inner tribal support long before Rome.”
          Not even close to what Greeks and Romans had GoJ. If anything it would take the Germans some hundred more years to achieve that level of civilisation. Now I give you Northeners credits for absorbing the Roman-Greek civilisation so well and developing it even further, but calling it “your civilisation” ? C’mon Man.

        3. In a sense it has every bit as much impact as the Romans and Greeks. That their cultures and customs were different is not a question, they were not empire minded people. Even the Vikings, who could literally have taken over the world in their peak, were less interested in empire than they were other things. It just wasn’t built into them. On the other hand, much of their cultural influence lives with us today. In language, many of our cultural traditions, our sense of altruism, and our sense of individualism, all come from the Germanic (and to some extent, Celtic) cultures that pre-dated Rome and Greece (as nation states I mean).
          So basically we got our legal system and notions of scientific method from the Romans, and fused it with the base Germanic/Celtic understanding of the human condition.

        4. So we agree that the modern “Western Civilisation” is a derivation of mediterrian and northener traditions mixed together. Tell that to the guy above who only includes North-West Europe to the Western Civilisation. If so what’s the rest of Europe , Middle East ?

        5. I don’t believe I ever disagreed with you or anybody else on that. Of course it’s a function of the various European macro Indo-European groups in regards to culture, traditions, languages and beliefs.

        6. Eastern Europe is its own civilization, as is the Middle East.
          Marcus Antonius has the best definition of what western civ is and who its people are.

        7. lol dude you’re so confused..northwestern Europe is an actual geographic region and not even France is part of it let alone northern Italy. I suggest you leave this stuff to actual European blooded people to discuss.

        8. “I suggest you leave this stuff to actual European blooded people to discuss.”
          Wow. That’s the best you’ve got?

        9. I got better ones but I won’t bother sharing them with you since you’ve already turned yourself into a joke, popping up with your nonsense everytime there is a race/civilisations issue. Don’t you people have forums about making India ot whatever a better place ? This doesn’t concern you. Just stay out.

        10. If there is a troll over here that’s the indian smartass who thinks he can teach europeans about their history while stating that Northern Italy is located in North-Western Europe. Seriously this stuff doesn’t concern you. Just get over it.

    2. Western Civilisation was originally defined in the city-states of Greece, primarily Athens, and many of it’s formative concepts originate from the Iliad.
      It was spread far and wide by Alexander the Great – a process known to history as Hellenisation.
      It was refined and made practical, complete and politicised by Rome, the archetype of the Western ‘State’.
      It’s moral underpinnings originated in Greek Philosophy and were modified and, some say, ‘perfected’ by the infusion of Christianity.
      It fell with the fall of Rome.
      It was resurrected and enhanced to it’s canonical form in Western Europe, Great Britain, and then by the Founding Fathers in America. The American Constitution may even be its perfect distillation.
      It has been undermined by Marxism, Leftists, and their foot-soldiers, the SJWs… and if it falls it will be because these barbaroi triumph…

        1. No. European culture also stems from the ancient Indo-European people who came in from the Steppes into Europe. It featured a whole catalog of culture, tools and traditions that we still have in one form or another, horseback riding, etc. For example, the Indo-European pantheon was translated into more or less the same group of “Gods” but given different names across Europe. We today have the days of our week named after the Germanic pantheon.
          And languages. And notions of individual rights. Those predate and/or mirror Rome and Greece in influence.

        2. “No. European culture also stems from the ancient Indo-European people”
          Indo? As in…?
          ” For example, the Indo-European pantheon was translated into
          more or less the same group of “Gods” but given different names across
          Laxmi became Athena?

        3. Now you’re just being stupid.
          Indo-European, as in the grouping of a mass of people who went various different ways but who at one time shared a common root identity. That common identity was fragmented tens of thousands of years ago into the various sects that it became today.

        4. No, you fucking idiot, but Indra, Thor and Jupiter are correlated (as is their hierarchy in the pantheon), as the Aesir/Vanir are a ghost figure of Asas/Devas, and a lot of other relations.
          RoK fellows, this guy has a free friday, feed the troll if you want, I’m out. Last time I’ll answer.

        5. Indra to Thor. Krishna to Pan. Laxmi to Athena. Of course. I’m in. I’m all for civilizing the west but our noble sage Patanjali ‘s defintion of yoga “chitta vritti nirodha” is lost on the “twitter culture”.

        6. Indo as in South Asia. The birth place of Sanskrit language and aryan culture. I’m in. Like Gandhi I agree Western Civilization would be a good idea. But how will chitta vritti nirodha happen in the age of twitter? What are some practical ways we can do this? Not just blab online?

        7. Actually they didn’t originate in India, but rather some of the IE tribes migrated there. There’s rather strong evidence that they actually originated somewhere near or in central Europe (the Kurgan culture). India is one of the *last* places that they colonized.
          We’re all related ultimately to that root group, but they were not Indians that the rest of us just broke from, rather, Indians were just another wandering tribe that eventually colonized India long after the IE’s had moved out into other parts of Europe. They’re the late comers to the ball game, heh. The language of Sanskrit of course is IE, and bears strong similarities to Latin (and to a lesser extent, other IE languages).
          Sorry to burst your bubble. My knowledge of honkey culture and history is rather vast. A hobby of mine since my teenage years, you see.

        8. the linguistic claim here is that Sanskrit originated outside of South Asia? at any rate, im with John that the Dharma gods and goddesses and noble aryan (sages) seers and yogis of that ancient civ can provide us with the mental and spiritual tools needed to build a civilization. but going from theory to practice, what are some ideas? Patanjalis yoga sutras are being taught in many yoga studios across the US, Canada, UK and Europe now, and the Dhamma (Buddhism) is the fastest growing religion (by conversion). So these are good signs. But if you look at the larger, more mainstream culture it is still degenerate if not more degenerate than ever and growing. is it always like this, a constant battle between dark and light forces? what is the tipping point? American Philosopher Ken Wilber says something like 3% is all that’s needed to shift a culture. I don’t know about that.

        9. Damn it. I had already promised myself not to be back at this, but come on. Are you sarcastic or just ignorant of what you were talking about?
          Athena is सारस्व, if you know how she was born (from an idea itself), so she would be Saraswati, never Lakshmi, who would better correlate with Proserpina/Libera/Ceres.
          Krishna could never be Pan, but Apollo himself.
          Kamadhenu was called in the West Auðumbla, being her attributes and universal mission the same.
          I could explain you how the dharma was kept, until corrupted by semitic influence, read “christianism”. But Buddhism did the same in India, if you ask me. The Vedic form of the Dharma is the only pure one, because the three forms of hypercosmic deities (Trimurti, Holy Trinity, Trikaya) should never be common knowledge or even worshiped by men. They’re real, but non-intervenient. Cosmic, Vedic gods are the ones to be addressed.
          “chitta vritti nirodha”? viparyayo mithyā-jñānam-atadrūpa pratiṣṭham…

        10. so you use Tamil Cube without knowing how to read devanagari? Its Sarswati सरस्वति
          not saarswa सारस्व

        11. I’m really limited in hexacode or what’s it called. And my keyboard is crap.
          However, I was writing Sara Sva (essence of Self), not Saraswati (although the origin is the same: that’s the point).

        12. Are you an Indian? You seem to be one of those Modi’s new nationalists, which will turn India into a diplomatic island.
          I hadn’t heard “beedi” as an insult in the last… 30 years, at least.
          Listen, I possess a great amount of respect for India and our common Indo-European ancestry (of whatever type it might be). However, for brahmin cocky pricks and buddhist demi-suicidal morons, my family kept some of those:

        13. “I hadn’t heard “beedi” as an insult in the last… 30 years, at least.”
          I’ve never heard beedi used as an insult. Do you know what a beedi is?

    3. I believe Marx and Engels were Germans living in England. so Marxism was invented in London. But yes Marxism is a western invention, as is almost everything else since about 1600.

      1. Absolutely factual!
        From a certain (I believe accurate) perspective ‘Western Civilisation’ can be seen as a three thousand year old conversation between our greatest thinkers (almost exclusively Men I should add) with the Iliad as the opening comment. The conversation has raged back and forth, generally advancing, but with certain regressions, dark alleyways, and outright false trails!.
        Marxism is certainly one of those false trails…
        So while part of the conversation, it should not be given more weight than it has – a failed counterargument…

      2. Karl Marx grew up classically educated – he wrote his doctoral thesis on the philosophy of Greek atomism.
        And reportedly he read many works of Western literature in their original languages for pleasure, including Aeschylus’ plays in Greek. In an alternate reality he and Nietzsche, the classical philologist, could have met and had a productive, mutually informed discussion about a wide range of cultural issues.
        BTW, if a Jew had invented Nietzsche’s disruptive philosophy, Kevin MacDonald probably would have cited it as an example of the Jewish “culture of critique.” But because a white German guy came up with it, that somehow makes the philosophy acceptable for other white people.

  7. “the majority of science and technology that makes life comfortable today originated in the Western world”
    That is only the beginning. We invented, and were the substantial contributor to, Philosophy, Logic, Rhetoric, Oratory, Politics, History, Art, Theatre, Music, Literature, Architecture, Medicine, Economics, and pretty much every subject that ever was invented.
    The rest of the world provided footnotes and occasional counter-examples…. little more…

      1. To be fair in that department, the Arabs did make some pretty major contributions. The Romans didn’t even consider 0 a number. That said, after Algebra, Europe dominated with Calculus and more advanced maths, surely.

        1. Agree with all that, though the Romans were hampered by their clumsy numeral system (MCXXVII – wtf?!!). Greeks were hampered by the geometric origins of their mathematics. Arabs did indeed give us zero, and algebra, and algorithms (derived from the name of their pre-eminent mathematician Al Khwarismi), but the source of their mathematical thinking was the fragments of Classical Greek philosophers and mathematicians in the hands of their ‘Sufi’ wise men.
          And even then it took the west re-importing these mathematical concepts to make them practical.

    1. World leading poets, dynamic sculptures (sculptures carved as showing a person during action, as oppossed to Egyptian mummy style); perspective art invented by Da Vinci – all art prior was distorted in relation to real perspective.

  8. It’s just depressing your countries are importing subhuman midldle Eastern pigs which breed like crazy while your people are too delusional ,weak or cucked.i don’t want to say to this guys
    but you have to gotta burn the house and rebuilt from ashes or next time someone goes to Europe for vacation his daughter would be wearing a burkha

    1. ” or next time someone goes to Europe for vacation his daughter would be wearing a burkha”
      Well as it is now their daughters go topless on European beaches so….

        1. ‘They can do what they want’…
          Until they hit their thirties, of course. Then it’s “Where are all the Good Men?”
          They want to play, but they don’t want to have to pay the price.

  9. Native populations of men have not truly internalized yet that their women will gladly breed with raging invaders who would be more than happy to enslave or erase them.
    This is probably the most difficult red-pill to swallow, but was likely common sense a few generations ago.
    The modern Western man is spiritually weak and needs to rediscover his past if he wants to exist in the future.

      1. So burkhas for some might be an improvement then? Personally I don’t mind hijab. They can be quite beautiful.

      2. No it is not that women are fucked up in this culture. The “War Bride” phenomena is a feature not a bug. In ancient times of hunter gatherer groups a lot of tribes would get over run. The men would be killed and the women had to survive as the sexual slaves of the conquering men. If they could shift their allegiance 100% to the new men they stood a better chance of becoming wives and their children had a better chance of surviving and thriving. It is breed into women to shift to which ever man is on top. To expect anything else, like honor, loyalty, patriotism, or cultural attachment, to women is just foolishness.

        1. “To expect anything else, like honor, loyalty, patriotism, or cultural attachment, to women is just foolishness”
          En lieu of these things women’s primarily concerns are the so-called rape culture, defeating the patriarchy, promoting equality for all, social ladder climbing by championing “good” causes as publicly as possible, and figuring out how to get on the dole in one fashion or another. After the 19th Amendment passed this cultural fuckbox we live in was inevitable. I’m surprised it took as long as it did quite honestly.

        2. It doesn’t explain why so many Muslim virgins are so loyal to their men abroad. Will take ridicule but defend their man. I think promiscuity kicks in the war-bride instinct, that when men were defeated, enemy men raped women and women looked for the biggest alpha not to be mass raped.
          Historically women would marry and be faithful and loyal, unless the man’s tribe was conquered, the women were mass raped and the women tried to grab the biggest alpha for survival.
          Maybe promiscuity triggers that in women, that they are war booty. For most of history women were chaste unless they were sex workers or more commonly, war booty. I noticed women who marry as virgins are fiercely loyal to their men.

        3. You’re comparing apples to oranges, belief systems that aren’t in lock step. Religion of the past was the “media” of today. Some of it’s stuck around, some hasn’t. Wait until the “immigrants” actualize that the real drive to run to the USA is not their men’s alphaness ultimately, but their women wanting to default to their usual selves…. the bio-path of least resistance. Eventually, all Muslims in the US will become softer and more disconnected from the strictness of their religion, Middle Eastern social mores, and the perpetuity of it all will fall into place. Muslim whores of the west. That’s my take. It’s already happening.

        4. “After the 19th Amendment passed this cultural fuckbox we live in was inevitable. I’m surprised it took as long as it did quite honestly.” >> In review of 1960 onward, no shit.

        5. You’re obviously unaware of the high rates of divorce in Middle Eastern Muslim countries. Not as high as the American divorce rate in some of those countries, but divorce is not at all uncommon.

        6. That is incorrect. Many women have shown honor and loyalty and chose to die rather than submit to someone/something else. Others have melded themselves. I come from a culture that has not.

        7. I got my mother to divorce my father because he wasn’t respecting her. It exists, it’s not like it doesn’t but people try to keep the family together unless it’s worse for the kids. Also because of the traditional society, no SJWs, etc. it’s like the 1950s, marriages last longer. The middle east is not a fairy land where everything is better, it’s just like the west before the hippies. A more primitive version of worked in the west in the 1950s.
          I think people should see that Arab, Chinese, Latino, Ukrainian culture not as the enemy, but remind them what makes families work out better there is what the west had before the hippies and the west did it better in the 1950s.

      3. Better is expected of them in a better culture, not that they are inherently any better. Hence the current abundance of sluts or SJWs. There is no resistance from them against this way of life.

    1. “The modern Western man is spiritually weak and needs to rediscover his past if he wants to exist in the future.”
      One of the key components of Western civilization was Christianity.; without a spiritual revival, Western civilization will die (and if to underline the point, the elites of society commonly practice occult rituals and Satan worship). Electing Trump will not save America, but merely delay the inevitable collapse.
      Christianity can survive without the West (as Putin, Eastern Europe, and the Chinese Christian prove), but the West can’t survive without Christianity.

      1. religion only survives through indoctrination of youth and provides no benefit to society. They have a really great pedophile cult though, puts NAMBLA to shame. Hold on, there’s a talking snake over here trying to tell me something. “The Earth is flat and only 6,000 years old!” ohhh, interesting…

        1. The benefit to society is restricting people’s base desires. It would be great if we didn’t need religion to do this, and in the West for the last 100 years or so we have been living through that experiment. It should be quite obvious to all but women and blue pill manginas that the West without Christianity is failing. Our forefathers had the common sense to realize this, something that is sorely lacking in todays generations.

        2. You are not a woman. I am. Religion helps emotional people, and more women reason based on emotion than women who are rational minded – look at % of men vs women in engineering – because women are wired to care for infants who can’t even talk and you need to be emotionally in tune to figure it out. Men are wired to protect and be dispassionate.
          One can argue that men can exist without religion, but women can’t. Women like me are a minority, and often not liked by other women for not being a sheep. Religion enables emotional people to behave with a semblance of reason and not fall for hucksters as much. This true for women who are easily manipulated through their emotions.
          Religion gives women guidelines to behave rationally independent of hucksters popular on TV, independent of Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham. With religion, women and emotional behave socially in a way that resembles rational men. Irrational people vote in big numbers = problem

        3. Hows that working out? Religious leaders from top to bottom have been exposed as either pedos or pedo enablers. Catholic church hierarchy is 90% homo. The ‘family value’ conservatives that religious folk overwhelmingly support are hypocrites that get caught with their pants down after blithering about how America needs more morals. Cons hate Obama passionately, but it was one of their own Rs that got him in office with a sex scandal. Took his g/f to an orgy and asked her to join in, lost the race to Obama for a senate seat, and the rest is history. The divorce rate in the bible belt is over 50%, much of that due to cheating, and southern highly religious red states have the highest teen pregnancy rates.
          So tell me again how religion is restricting peoples base desires? What a fucking joke. Your theorizing crumbles to pieces in the face of reality.
          Our forefathers were deists that recognized the value in separation of church and state so we wouldn’t become a theocracy.
          The west is failing because of uninformed people who don’t vote, or those that vote for the same old corrupt politicians over and over again, enabling them.

        4. “but it was one of their own Rs that got him in office with a sex
          scandal. Took his g/f to an orgy and asked her to join in, lost the race
          to Obama for a senate seat”
          Who was that?! Yeah religion merely provides a veil to hide all kinds of behaviour beneath. Americans need to meditate more than they need to go to church.

        5. It is not religion that gives them this. And whilst you only look at the behavior of women, you fail to understand that men need just as much guidance. So stop being a fool. Women and men both need Jesus.

        6. Yes. In war men need religion. In peace women need it. In general both need it. But without religion in peace time women quickly face the consequences of their actions when for men it takes war to face the consequences of leaving religion. Men can last longer without religion but they will still get hurt like women without it.

        7. You are thinking just of physical aspects like the rest of men on this website. They want a patriarchal society where they benefit. Yet no one is really talking or caring about the most important benefit a religion gives; spirituality. Everybody here is sipping on a bunch of bull… hey God, we will take the commands you give because it creates good societies where we will be respected and women will do what we want, but we dont give a rats ass about you in actuality. We are gonna continue living our lives and hey.. even bettee.. have a great wife at home and go to work and screw all the secretaries I want..
          In the end.. God is going to say, I have never known you…
          So stop blabbering about war or peace. This whole blog with its articles are men who are physically dissatisfied with society that is not benefiting them. It is not because they genuinely care about God and what is needed for humanity.

        8. You are right, society doesn’t benefit men. It doesn’t benefit women who want to be happy wives and mothers either. Only benefits a small little elite group. I won’t say more not to get in trouble. And then you have censorship, the nastiest kind when you try to assert your self interest when men are our farmers, build all our buildings, most of our engineers, our soldiers. Most of the great things in the west were built by men. And when a society doesn’t benefit those who built it, trouble is not far behind.
          I grew up in a patriarchal society in Yemen. It benefited me, taught me how to fight, taught me how to be brave and strong for my family, and also taught me how to be a lady and good wife. I try my best to fit into the matriarchal society secular atheist jews created in the west through media and intellectual influence… but it’s not logical, makes no sense, is unfair and I don’t see how it works for men in my life. I think if it continues, it will lead to Nazism at the first economic crisis and potentially even WW3 out of anger.

        9. Exactly. ” It should be quite obvious to all but women and blue pill manginas that the West without Christianity is failing.”

      2. “One of the key components of Western civilization was Christianity.” “Christianity can survive without the West (as Putin, Eastern Europe, and the Chinese Christian prove), but the West can’t survive without Christianity.” – Truth.
        To raise children who cannot speak when they are infants, women need to be emotional, and for men to fight enemies, they need to be stoic. Religion enables emotional women to guide their behavior with reason. More women are emotional and more men are stoic. Sometimes you have a rational woman or emotional man. Religion enables the sexes to live together in harmony, and helps emotional people reason and behave rationally … rather than be exploited by hucksters.

        1. And of course religion enables the stoic and logical to put rationality on the back burner.

        1. Exactly.
          Manosphere don’t talk a lot about that big influence coming from medias when talking about alpha and beta males. Medias say who’s alpha and who have to be rejected. Even the weakest shit promoted is seen as alpha, even if the woman despise him deep inside her heart, she will still aprove this “model”, like the slimy hipster, just because they see it on a tv screen they make it factual (talking like MJackson).
          Once upon a time, when the Western cow-boys movies were the must see, the very white strong man was on top of alpha male, and so was his reality in real life, without so much effort. Then during the Reggae music period, with bob marley, females where craving black rasta cocks, they themselves (the rastas) didn’t know why they were so attractive, gorgeous blonds wanted suddenly to have savage sex with them. It was the medias. You are extremely wright.

        2. that was more the answer to a question “why immigrants look more alpha to women than locals”. the media of course plays a role in that, but if you go to the genetics who do you really think is more alpha? a guy that has to leave everything to go start a life in a new country has to first be quite alpha and have the balls to do it, and will always be even more alpha at the end of such a life changing journey. so when alpha males on steroids arrive to the targeted location (always slut-filled uber progressive countries) and 90% of their local male competitors have been betified during years by the system, women do as always and choose the alphas.

        3. Western guys from the 1950s are alpha. Western women messed up their own men, so immigrant men look alpha. With us immigrants, there is not much of a difference between a Christian Ukrainian or a Muslim from Syria. We are from a world like the west in the 1950s, where hippies & leftist social experiments never occurred, and that is why we come across as alpha, full of life.
          A leftist woman might logically want leftist social experiments, but her body and wallet wants an alpha male from the 1950s. Leftist women might say everyone is equal, but they don’t want to marry a homeless guy. All women, including leftist women have a cock-hierarchy .
          Also immigrant women also want to marry immigrant men. Often of a different race, but not local born guys, because women always choose the alphas.

        4. How many times have we seen the women fall for what is popular? It is inherent now to them over the alpha mentality and has been for decades. From grade school to college, even in the work environment, they fall for the hipsters, the men with dad-bods, the social justice warriors…all because it makes them feel justified and with status. They feel accepted and equal, but this also contributes to the highest divorce rate of all time…it is because of the equality the women receive, when in actuality that bores them and they go out to find what they primally crave which is to feel loved and protected. The model nuclear family worked so well because everyone knew their place, their role. Now, with gender equality, gender fluidity, the pussification and shaming of the alpha male, no one knows their role because they are all trying to play each others. Women want to be Army Rangers, and men want to be artificially inseminated to carry a baby. This gender crossing role reversal, made not only acceptable by mass media but actually perpetuated by it, is what has the Western woman confused, lonely and left feeling empty when with the beta male she has been told she needs.

        5. Right now the media’s alpha male is the bearded lumberjack, semi-jock mix, with a scantly developed mind, but fakes as he’s the clever maverick. Aka, Tooly Toolbox III . – now there’s an army of clones with that look, attitude, demeanor. I don’t even think these fuck-sticks know why they lift, other than their bitch-like minds know how to replicate clone-isms just like women.

        6. Arab men have good genes for looks (most of them in their youth, anyway). Whenever I see a non-middle eastern woman with a middle-eastern man, he is at least a 7.5. Looks count for a lot. I have an obese neighbor (her face is a 5) with a fit, handsome 8.5 Morroccan husband. She’s a sweet, hardworking and family oriented girl but the skinny chicks around here are like “what?” and very jealous that she landed such a hottie. She travelled to Morrocco for inport export business and that’s where she met him. With his connections there and her’s here, they business is booming. And he appears to adore her and “treat her like a queen” .

        7. “From grade school to college, even in the work environment, they fall
          for the hipsters, the men with dad-bods, the social justice warriors.”
          The theory here is that women fall for “alphas”. Are those guys above considered alphas? Are dad bods the equivalent of 8 month pregnant mom bods or what?

        8. The theory we have been expanding upon in the comments above was that Western women are brainwashed to fall for whoever media says they should, not necessarily alphas.

    2. Native Americans hadn’t even discovered the ability to create metal – even bronze, (they cut trees down by burning them lol) so when the women saw axes and everything, its not hard to see the appeal native women would have for the Brits. A gallion timber ship would be like us seeing a ufo.

    3. Not all women. Women married as virgins are fairly loyal. Notice how no matter what libel and crazy mean things is said to Muslim women about their men, their religion, they always spring to the defense of their men. It’s hard for women to say no to being popular, to risk having no friends, but Muslim women do this all the time rather than cave in to women attacking their men. Western women used to be like this too before the Pill came along.
      Western guys should watch the movie with Audrey Hepburn, My Fair Lady. Lots of red pill wisdom there. Watch movies from that era. Women aren’t the problem, promiscuous women are the problem – they are not loyal to their men, and then try to shame chaste women into promiscuity and we are like “go to hell.” Western men should not sleep with women they are not married or engaged to or they validate feminist behavior. If enough high value men sexually boycott promiscuous feminists, they will stop.

      1. I agree with everything but this…
        “Western men should not sleep with women they are not married or engaged to or they validate feminist behavior”
        We live in a society where women wish to be held accountable as equal persons to men. If they want to be sluts, that is their business.
        But it is on men to be clear on the fact that many of us will not marry sluts, and will reserve our life’s work for a woman who can offer us her life’s beauty.

        1. Here is why this is personally a problem for me. Sluts think their guy is going to marry them, and validates their life style choices, so they attack women like me and tried to virgin-shame me, now married-as-virgin shame me.
          As if you guys screw obese women, they shame girls for being size 0. It takes strong women to ignore shaming and not care to be popular and have friends. If you want women not to be obese feminist promiscuous land whales, please help us out and use a flesh-light or masturbate over screwing a feminist, obese or promiscuous woman. Or you validate their behavior and they shame the healthy ones.
          Not marrying sluts and obese women is a good first step. Scewing them still validates their behavior and they think that if they do a better blow job for sure you’ll marry them. Then they shame women they find competition, and some cave in, thus your “wife material” pool is reduced

        2. Screwing women validates their behavior. Then insecure women shame women who don’t conform to their behavior. By screwing women whose behavior you disagree with, you reduce the pool of women whom you agree with, as the insecure sex-up ones shame the rest. Shaming works on a 18 year old non-religious woman unsure of herself.

        3. What you are describing is relations between women themselves. I don’t see why it is on men to stop women from undermining each other. We don’t live in a society where men have any agency over women. You wanted freedom, and so you are free to deal with your own problems.
          I agree with your general point, but we don’t live in that kind of traditionalist society… at least I don’t. If I stop screwing women when the opportunity presents itself, some other guy will just step in. I can’t just convince men to stop having sex with women because women don’t want to take responsibility for how they use their own sexuality.
          If a traditionalist Western world arises again, I will gladly take on the role of a chivalrous gentleman, but for now those days are behind us.
          If you want to maintain your Muslim traditions and culture (which in many ways I do respect), then keep to your own and do your best to avoid the effects of post-modern culture. Eventually these liberal values will either collapse on themselves, or the West will be taken over by a stronger foreign culture.
          In light of all these higher-level issues I really don’t care how women treat each other on a daily basis. That is their business. In my dealings with others I only need to answer to myself.

        4. It’s your choice whether you have 5 girls in your town you have to compete with all the men to date who are spoiled rotten from all the attention, or 500,000.
          I come from the Middle East here. I am happy. I didn’t support the western feminist movement. I support what we have in Arab countries that I fought for – women’s right to work so if the husband is a child molester she can leave. I support the state of women in the west during WW2 for the middle east. I never supported degenerate 60s shit. Keep believing urban city slicker hetro-faggot philosophers. “Agency” – find that in the bible.
          You are inventing excuses. My husband is not a feminist, so feminism doesn’t affect me except for the fact that I can’t have kids because the school system in the west forces us to raise kids feminist. We may move. But you are a male. Feminism affects females, not males. So it affects if you can get a normal girl in the future, if they exist or if you marry if your wife will be beaten into feminism if she wants to avoid ridicule and social ostracism

        5. Only feminists believe that women have agency. Does the bible say they have agency? No. Does the bible allow women priests? No. The bible says women respond to strong leadership. Either they will be lead by the loudest most obese anti Christian matriarchal atheist jewish feminists, or they will be lead by men.
          Most men have agency, few women do when it comes to sex. Women copy to try to be popular. Very few women are born like me, and lead. I was a tomboy, had to be the man of the house briefly. Women will either be lead by atheist jewish lesbians ‘ lies or by male leadership when it comes to sex. The choice is yours.

        6. Thats not the problem. The majority of women are only fooling around with a minority of men. Because the majority of men have bought into the idiocy that removal of sexual constraints will benefit them, they did not realize that women prefer a man who has been with multiple women to one that hasnt. (Men are wired to despise women who have been with multiple men, these morons did not realize thst women do not feel the same way).
          Further, the west has gutted marriage and prohibited polygamy. In a polygamous society, these multiple women would go to one man, who would have rulership pver them, and be occupied with them and their drama. Because such a man cannot bind the women to him, he “pumps amd dumps”. Since there is no point in comitting to someone who will walk off eventually.
          By gutting marriage a similar problem exists on the monogamous level, only ot os worse because the wofe unconciously despises being in a relationship with a man weaker than her (this is also why lesbianism is a failure).
          The result is that women are free to pursue hot men, which they do. Lowering the value of all other men, the lower men stab each other in the back for the few available women, etc etc.

        7. Correct. This is a resource problem. If you allow theft of resources, and you ask men to stop stealing, assuming all men comply except one, then you have the same problem you started with, except worse, because that thief will become wealthy.
          The solution is simple enough but will never be implemented because western men want to keep their options open.

      2. “Western guys should watch the movie with Audrey Hepburn, My Fair Lady”
        And Breakfast At Tiffany’s. 😉

    4. I’ve gone a spree of watching WWII history shows with this election coming up, and the way so many people lost it all, and I mean everything, yet were so resilient they’d bounce back within a decade – yet never forgot the past – are attributes completely non-existent in today’s young men.
      Women, well, they’ll take the path of lest resistance. If that means nailing Syrian refugees and becoming Muslim to survive, don’t put it past America’s finest.

    5. This is exactly right. Trump and the movement of white men behind him will not succeed unless they come to understand the true nature of Woman. Even if Trump manages to secure the border, renegotiate shitty trade deals, and pull us out of the Muslim world, these will only be temporary accomplishments if we allow our women to waste their most fertile years slutting around and competing with men in the workforce, not to mention continuing to allow them to vote and participate in politics. Furthermore there are all the divorce laws, child custody laws, and single mother welfare programs that subjugate men. Any group of men who allow women to rule over them in such a manner will certainly fail to save Western Civilization and their race.

    6. With the exception of European and Asian men, what other groups of humans were “raging invaders” breeding with local women?

        1. Iunno.. there’s evidence that the Comanche native American tribe would conquer and pillage neighbouring tribes. There is gang warfare in today’s inner-city ghettos. Africa has militant groups. Persian empire. Muslims fighting each other and Christians.
          Life feeds on life. Even if a farmer creates a fully self-sustainable peaceful farm, pirates are next up in line on the food chain.

        2. FAIL. European men always base their impression of others on NO evidence and generalizations. Wars in Native America were far and few between. They had space and resources. The scalpings that white men to characterize the whole precolonial history of the whole continent actually rarely ever happened and the biggest incident involved 486 people of which around 400 were scalped. This was in the North, which explains European behavior. The less resources and space, the more barbarity. This shaped European culture and ALL groups other than Europeans and Asians generally had peace. But back to your response:
          Gang warfare is deliberately caused by lack of resources and a sub-economy by way of drugs. It’s a western thing.
          Africa didn’t have widespread warfare prior to Arab and European invasion. I challenge you to prove me wrong.
          Persians are Asian FYI
          Africans had tons of peaceful farms and the pirates that attacked them were Asians (Arabs). The wars they had were far and few between and short in duration. Not many people died in war either and the loser always accepted defeat.
          So please name some examples of Non-European and Non-Asian men “raging and invading.” Hint: the Moors.

        3. lol I base my impressions on personal experience. The only times I ever got beat up or robbed was by black dudes.
          I might not know as much about history as you do, but in my experience nature abhors a void. I doubt that it is only Europeans and Asians that have ever experienced resentment, jealousy, lust, and wrath, and followed through on those feelings.
          If you’re going to convince me that Europeans and Asians are the only groups of people who have ever stolen resources, enslaved others, or raped women, then I need more than what you’ve given me.

        4. That’s fork-in-the-road mentality. It’s not a matter of certain groups doing something and the other not doing it at all. I’m saying circumstances made barbarity extremely more pronounced in Europe and Asia than everywhere else. What you call “human nature” is the extreme reaction to “resentment, jealousy, lust and wrath. And since white men barbarically forced people in Western countries to focus on their history alone, people confuse European behavior with human nature. Environment determines how extreme those reactions would be and Mother Nature blessed non-European/Asian people and they did not have to react like that.
          Here’s some food for thought:
          What torture device came from the African, North or South American or Australian continent? Answer: NONE
          What group or groups in history practiced castration. Answer: ONLY Europe and Asia.

        5. So you’re saying Europeans and Asians were a particularly brutal group. I wouldn’t say that is impossible, it’s an interesting idea.
          But still, I’d like someone else’s input on this. I’m not a historian who can prove you wrong at the moment.

        6. You seem smart and open minded. Our education conditions us to generalize European behavior as “human nature.” I always bring up this debate to prompt white men into telling me specifically where all this similar behavior was outside of Europe and Asia. They mention the Zulu war which was between the British and Zulus. This could hardly be considered African. They mention the Ashante /Fante war, which was a proxy war between the British and Portuguese. They also mention the Tutsi/Hutu genocide, which was a proxy war between Great Britain and Belgium. I look for the pre-colonial and pre Arab wide spread warfare and I can’t find it. Maybe someone on here with pro-Western views can.

        7. I’d be very surprised to find out that other groups around the world did not rape, kill, and pillage in order to maximize their reproductive value. It sounds too good to be true.
          Everywhere in nature you see predators that prey on self-sustaining organisms (e.g., plants, herbivores, etc.). I see human psychopaths as the organism that preys on agricultural and self-sustaining humans. The drive for cooperation is replaced with the drive to enslave, which offers a unique edge in the reproductive game.
          World history is what it is, it’s not up to me. I just don’t know it well enough.

        8. Uh oh! You fell into the fork-in-the-road trap again. I’m not saying it NEVER happened. I’m saying it happened so considerably less that the social models and lifestyles in pre-colonial Africa are almost inconceivable to Western men and their citizens.
          And there goes the all-too-familiar animal example. We (the human race) are not animals so comparing our culture to animal lifestyles makes no sense.
          You’re smart though and at least you have a theory. You said, “The drive for cooperation is replaced with drive to enslave.” GOOD POINT! You get it.
          Try this on for size: With less resources, procuring your living would be harder and take more work, RIGHT??? Would this, in turn, create a drive to make others work for you (enslave), RIGHT? Would this make a person steal and kill to feed their family, RIGHT? Would this make those people innovate weaponry and tactics to conquest for and defend themselves and their families?
          With that said, Europe, because of lack of sun, has always been the poorest place (resource wise) on the planet. Africa, by contrast, is the richest. This is why Africans were not good at fighting wars; they simply didn’t have the experience. This is why they kept trusting Europeans’ words over and over again even though Europeans never kept a promise.
          You have a computer so do a simple google search of African wars and you will see that there were very few prior to European arrival in the 15th century. There were nearly none before the Moors were driven into Africa from Spain. Just check it.

        9. You should check out k vs. r selection.
          I actually agree with you that the European environment would lead to different natural selection. I don’t see why you are against animal models though, they can offer insight.
          Race comparisons are interesting, but I guess now I’m getting curious about your agenda. What’s the purpose of your interests in this?

        10. To create peace, the human race must first be able to imagine it. European men not only colonized the world but they colonized history and anyone raised in a Western nation is taught to regard European male behavior as “human nature” and not what it truly is, which is the most dysfunctional of human behavior. They must also know that humanity has surpassed the conditions that created that original behavior and learn to relax and cooperate with each other on an overall mission to make sure everyone eats. The African proverb goes like this: “It is my duty to make sure my neighbor eats because if he doesn’t, he will soon come after my food.” Life, especially for the “most evolved” form, shouldn’t be a barbaric competition.

        11. You think the European man has the most dysfunctional of human nature!? You should see our women!!!

  10. Population control and dare I say soft eugenics (assortive mating) are important for civilization building. Men in India have been using the reverse vasectomy procedure invented by one of their fellow citizens, for decades already. As far as I know, it has not been made legal in the US as of yet (and its been in use for decades already in other countries!). Now we get this news;
    and this
    could someone on RoK address this with an article?

    1. Actually, if a country invests in education, the more people it has the more growth it has, i.e more collective brainpower, and everything that produces. Small countries like Scotland, are desperate for more people/ immigrants, as they know this. If our education system wasn’t designed to dumb us down, as was like some of the late 19th century German classical schools, we could in theory have a world of 7 billion people with a much higher IQ. There was a German study showing that with todays technology which Germany itself has produced, the world could support over 30 billion people. The issue is never over population, but the quality of mind being developed in the children.

  11. They will survive if they are fit enough to do so. Right now though, the marxist culture is in for a very very rude awakening.

    1. Marxist culture is western culture. One of the many sub-cultures under the broad “western civilization” banner.

      1. No. It is a failed argument. Part of a 3,000 year old conversation between the West’s (and therefore the World’s) greatest minds.
        It did not stand up to scrutiny.
        Sadly those who have fallen under its spell have not read the ‘Western Canon’ deeply enough so have not received its antidote…

        1. Aye. They tried to codify many elements of Germanic altruism, and then enforce it with a gun. The traditional Germanic altruism (the social customs, mores and rituals of ancient Germanic tribes) were heavy on helping a stranger, welcoming guests and treating them better than yourself and in most ways going out of your way to help those in your tribe. That’s fine and well. But that led to a collectivist mindset which was then distilled into Communism by Marx. Tragedy thus ensued.

        2. So you are claiming only the good stuff, or the stuff you like, is “western civ” while the stuff you don’t is not? All civilizations have negative and positive aspects. You can’t divorce the two from the civilization, although you can pick and choice which you prefer.

        3. Dude, you keep sperging that all over the thread. Nobody is denying any of it, yet you persist in trying to, well, troll. We get it. Geesh.

        4. No. I am claiming that Western Civilisation is an ongoing conversation, and that it is subject to reason, logic and argument.
          The pre-eminent defining principle of Western Thought it *REASON*.
          One can make many arguments, and many arguments have been made this past 3,000 years. However only those that survive the test of REASON and survive the ensuing counter-arguments are worthy to survive and prevail.
          This has been the guiding principle in the Western Canon since it began.
          Unfortunately our current cultural decline is due to the attack on REASON and the subsequent elevation of <<>>

        5. If Communism couldn’t be made to work in Soviet Russia — at the cost of millions of lives, billions of rubles, and only God alone knows how much environmental poisoning — where could it be made to work?
          Admit it — Communism doesn’t work! Let it go already!
          But they’re still trying in Venezuela…

  12. The United States cannot have an economic recovery until we have a cognitive recovery. Wealth ultimately comes from man’s mind, but it won’t come from the minds of all the world’s diversity trash we’ve let into our country who have IQ’s in the 80’s. For some reason no one outside of Alt-Rightish circles wants to talk about that.

    1. And 10 years ago *nobody* could talk about it. At least today, people are starting to. Gotta start somewhere.

    2. what about BIG AGRO who imports mexicans for cheap labor? if these farms weren’t willing to give them work, they would not be coming. american citizens do not want to work long hours in the hot sun (lazy). on top of it they dont want to work long hours in hot sun for the wages mexicans do. (too materialistic). so these keeps fruits and veggies at reasonable prices for you and me. would you rather be out there in the tomato fields?

      1. You make a fair point. Big business/ agro/ finance (which is one network of a few jewish CEOs) and their shareholders want cheap labour and don’t give a fuck about working class whites; the workers rights traditions of white working class is a 300 year thorn in the side of big buiness and jewish financiers, and this immigration model kills two birds with one stone, bringing in cheap labour to undercut white working class, and breaking up unionised workers via anti-union laws, which allow exploitation of immigrant workers and the disenfranchisement of white working class. Its not that whites won’t work in hard conditions, they just recognise that the economy has X amount of money, and that their labour should be valued at a certain level, whereas immigrat workers think they are being paid loads (compared to where they are from). They don’t realise they are tools in a jewish plan to turn the entire world into a low wage, zero workers rights economy.

      2. We can automate more of those jobs, or else just stop growing the crops which require stoop labor and import them from other countries. Our summer citrus fruits and winter grapes come from Southern Hemisphere countries already to take advantage of the reversed seasons.

        1. better to grow and buy locally grown as much as possible. its healthier and better for the environment.

      3. My hillbilly grandmother worked in a chicken processing plant in northwest Arkansas back in the 1970’s. From what she told me about the nature of the work, it sounded about as disgusting as you’d imagine. But the industry back then gave us affordable chickens with white Americans’ labor, and my family ate chicken regularly.
        Now those degenerate companies have imported Mexicans and Marshall Islanders to work in the chicken processing jobs; and they don’t give these people bathroom breaks, so the workers have to wear adult diapers on the assembly line to keep production going. (I guess Arkansas ran out of hillbillies or something.)
        No, I did not make this up:

    3. Yes, it’s like trying to put a bandaid on a gaping wound. Economic revitalization will only follow a spiritual recovery – you can’t build a house on a poor foundation.

  13. If Trump wins, I have a fantasy of the agenda we have to pursue aggressively to exploit the breach he had made for us:
    Disempower elite Jews like George Soros and send them packing.
    Break off diplomatic relations with Israel and put it on the list of terrorist states.
    Make white people’s safety a priority by re-enacting Jim Crow laws.
    Roll back feminism and women’s sexual freedom.
    Build the Wall with Mexico.
    Give all the undesirable foreigners incentives to go away. They don’t have to go back to their home countries, but they need to leave.
    Stop pushing girls into STEM fields.
    Reform sex education to make it patriarchy-friendly.
    Revoke women’s franchise.
    Any additional suggestions?

    1. as an american who sees East and South Asians obliterating us in the STEM fields, both here and abroad, i say encourage (don’t push) all american kids to go into STEM. as it is now, journalism and psychology seem to be the “careers” of choice amongst American youth.

    2. Abolish teacher’s unions and make the teachers’ pay based on MERIT.
      Also, throw ALL Leftists/Socialists/Communists out of our education system.

      1. The teachers have no control over the curriculum. Being forced to teach shit that dumbs kids down and makes them so bored they are going crazy, isn’t the teachers fault. I know teachers that would love to teach some German classical model, but have to teach this garbage. The teachers unions are trying to stop private academy schools, which will ruthlessly crush chances of poor people from excelling, by channelling money away from “bad schools” who don’t “deserve” the funding. No one is expecting the same result, but you can’t just cut funding from poorer neighbourhood schools under the excuse that they aren’t performing. The solution is creating an educational model that interests childrens natural curiosity, not one that just gets them repeating shit from a textbook – textbooks designed by kikes who are following the Frankfurt School model of dumbing kids down. Btw these drugs they push on kids, like Ritalin, were designed by kikes. So the kike bores our children to death, then crushes their frustration with SSRIs.

      1. “Become the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi
        Reporter: “What do you think of Western Civilization?”
        Gandhi: ” It would be a good idea”
        I agree with both. Lets make it happen! Lets civilize this place. First lets follow the ancient noble ones (aryans) like Patanjali who writes in his Sutras; “Yoga citta-vritti-nirodha” Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of mind.

  14. Hillary just dropped below 270 projected electoral votes, according to her biggest supporter, CNN…imagine my utter and complete shock. President Trump. It trips off the tongue, doesn’t it…

      1. The deal is done, my friends. We shall drink a group toast, in just four short days…(quaff)…”Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Sweet victory.”

    1. Yes, I just hear that! When CNN throws in the towel on the Witch, after a long planned and executed collusion with her campaign, you can stick a fork in her, she’s done.

      1. Looks like our poll was correct last Friday, GOJ…she was toast right then and there. I feel so sorry for the slag…(sniffle)…

      2. I watch CNN sometimes just to see how they lie to the average ignoramus. I actually give them credit, they’re propaganda is really exceptional

        1. It gives me a headache to even read their website. It’s so flagrant, so obviously awful and dishonest, that I don’t know how it wouldn’t spur the curiosity of even the most muddle brained mediocre person. It’s just that bad.

        2. The thing that gets me is how those news presenters can consistently bullshit day in and day out, especially to such a large audience. Doesn’t that affect ones conscience?

        3. But it’s so blatant, you can occasionally read the tea leaves. Like when they claim Hillary is now drowning – the puppet masters pulling their strings are grinning like madmen as they pull the old switcharooski…

        4. I’m not being snide, I really honestly think that they put things like morality and virtue into a mental dustbin. These are people for whom ideology comes before anything else. If they were told to kill their parents for the ideology, they would and wouldn’t even hesitate. They are literally without souls.

        5. This is why respect Trump, no other Republican condidate would have survived this media onslaught. I think Trump pissed off alot more people than we count when he obliterated the NeoCon shill, Jeb Bush

        6. I’m afraid it’s a bit more like the “charge at Falkirk” scene, in the movie, “Braveheart”. It appears that they are all enemies who are doing battle, until….

    2. My fingers are crossed, I’m not that confident yet. Many of Hillarys supporters would vote for her even if she started stomping baby seals and eating the brains on network television.
      If Trump wins though, next Wednesday morning there are going to be some establishment assholes that are sqeenched up so tight you couldn’t drive a ten penny nail in them with a sledgehammer.

      1. Trump wins. Relax. Wrap it up and put a bright blue bow around it. The Mob is already counting its money raked in on the “upset” in the presidential election bets…Guido is getting a new Maserati, and Falcone, a Las Vegas condo. An early Christmas present…

    3. can’t take either one seriously because they “tweet”. twitter is for high schoolers, not dignified adult politicians. they need some chitta vritti nirodha (stilling of mental fluctuations)

    4. What is the electoral voting process? and why does a presidential candidate need that number? isn’t it about vote count?

        1. It is, but it takes open defiance by the electors to vote against their state’s mandate. Many states legally force them to vote the state’s returns, but some don’t. There has been at least one case of an elector defying his state’s mandate, that I’m aware of, but not much else.

      1. No. The popular vote informs a group of electors at the Electoral College how to cast the actual ballots for President. It’s an indirect form of democracy, not mob rule. The EC is actually a pretty good mechanism, it helps blunt the passions of the masses somewhat (or did at one time).

    5. I’m going to be waiting until the dust settles, before I start singing “DING DONG! The Witch is dead!”

  15. The west is already dead. It died in the mud of France…what remains is a shuffling zombie that wears the flesh of the old culture but stands in opposition to everything the west once stood for. This anti-west is not your friend. It is a parasite that wants to feed on you. It is your enemy and would be destroyer. It does not deserve to survive, and we should do everything we can to hasten its demise.
    Here is the Dark..the west is in for generations of domination at the hands of Colour. Thats is the truth. Our civilization will be dominated by coalitions of black and brown migrants who hate us allied with globalist technocrats dominated by a tribe of people with a 2000 year old grudge against us’. Our symbols will be appropriated, our history redacted and our wealth plundered.
    Here is the light: It will not last. There will be a reconquista. The immigration wave will cease. The birthrates will drop. The Globalists will be toppled from their perches by the barbarian tribes they imported. (and we shall see the borders of Israel forced open and the Jews being made to endure the consequences of their globalist ideology)
    Without the savvy of thier controllers, the coalition of colour will collapse. A new nationalism will arise with the remaining western population and a hybridised population that has come to identify with the west. They will reconquer demographically, culturally, politically. The genetic and cultural scars of occupation will remain though
    Then we can begin work on a new west, built on the ideals of the old west but rooted in the new age.
    We should look for inspiration to places like Fiji, in which the population, once reduced to a minority by a vast migration of Indians has once more regained control of its ancestral lands from the colonists.
    I doubt we will see this in our time. Our goal must be to plough the earth and plant the seeds. And if you do nothing else, have three children.

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