The New Bachelor’s Handbook

 “Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them”
― Marcus Aurelius


If you are reading this; luck would have it that you are amongst many men like me who have chosen his path of self-interest over the comfort of convenient romance. Given the recent social conditioning of man to the increase of cuckold friendly laws, there has been this ass-backwards concept of what it is to be single, let alone a man.

Of course the media fails to help when articles and movies on being single are penned by an army of pseudo-Carrie Bradshaws and jaded white knights who have spent the better half of their lives groveling over some cunt. Instead of focusing on the introspective aspect behind it, practically every piece on the subject contains “rebellious” images of broads flipping the bird advocating a flippant lifestyle.

Moreover the decline in quality of women on the American market makes getting a vasectomy more appealing by the day. With that said I have yet to read or see an accurate portrayal of what today’s man (who has swallowed the red pill) is bound to encounter during his time of perpetual bachelorhood.

The quote utilized in the introduction was borrowed from Marcus Aurelius’ The Emperor’s Handbook, a masterfully written piece that focuses on the importance of self-analysis to stoicism. I had no clue what my mom was doing when she presented me with this plethora of hardcover knowledge but in retrospect she helped cultivate my mind with practical wisdom for the road that lay ahead. Mother knows best, right?

The following list has been compiled in an attempt to replicate the same notational style Marcus utilized. Each snippet is devised from my own colorful bits of life experience, ramblings with a vast array of knowledgeable men to the occasional bits of insight dropped at the barbershop. Let the following list of friendly reminders serve as a list of things to be mindful of as you continue on your journey.

Without Further Ado

1. No love without the glove, sweetheart. Let us be realistic with this one: Would you rather spare the $3 for a pack of condoms or start preparing for a kid’s college fund? Truth be told, if the no-pants dance is about to commence and a woman suggests to not use a condom, I find myself immediately turned off. My father always told me “HIV knows no face” and by default you are not the only one she pitched that idea to.

2. When women have no fathers or father figures present, approach with prudence. Now this can work both ways. I have met women who had no form of male role models in their life but were still driven to make something out of themselves. On the other hand, there is the opposite demographic that has a tendency to be very clingy towards a guy who has his shit together. If that is the case, this scenario will more than likely end on catastrophic terms.

3. If a woman gets off on abuse, she is damaged. I am not talking about a friendly choke, pulling of hair, or love taps etc. I am referring to complete denigration. Sure the idea of a sex slave may seem clutch but this can lead to a potential stalker or end with a voodoo doll on your doorstep (speaking from experience folks).

4. Do not take bisexual or “I recently just came out of a long-term lesbian relationship” women seriously. She’s likely to be a certified devil in the sack (obviously due to the lack of a male’s sexual presence) and a catalyst for welcoming another broad in the bedroom, but any hopes of something serious in the long run should stop there. Women with a sexual identity crisis have a bizarre complex where they try to be assertive like men but in the end succumb to their gender’s notable trait of emotional instability.

5. Be circumspect when seeing exotic women from culturally extremist backgrounds. The aesthetically appealing features coupled with loyal foreign tendencies should be enough to reel in any man. However unless you share the same ethnicity or plan on converting to her culture’s religious customs, chances are her family will flip their shit when they catch you two together.

Sure the idea of romance behind closed doors may seem enticing to your altruistic heart, except these women are bred to marry their own kind with very little chance of their family giving into today’s western practices. Save yourself from the modern day Montague vs. Capulet romance and keep it moving (speaking from experience again, folks).

6. A wise man once told me that when it comes to bartenders, you need to remember that “they are ALWAYS on the clock” or in laymen’s terms “strippers who do not take their clothes off.” Much like the women with no father figures, there are exceptions. Some are genuine hard workers trying to get by and then there is the lascivious kind.

The latter pertains to women who take enjoyment swindling men via lewd behavior. A major perk of seeing bartenders can be their loquacious nature, which for men who are suckers for stimulating convo can earn major brownie points in their eyes. Nonetheless it is important to keep in mind that once they leave your door; they lead a life that requires them to wear many faces, which one they sport around you is the question.

7. Leave married or relationship broads ALONE. Many OG’s have told me to fuck everything in sight, though this is where I draw the line. Of course I have broken this rule during my days as a young buck. However, unless you are the possessive type drunk off pussy, women always manage to slip up.

If it is not out of neglect they will use this opportunity as a chance to throw their shenanigans in their partner’s face. Do not become a tool in a woman’s attempt to wrong her spouse. Furthermore, my father shared many stories of men losing their lives over a piece of ass during his stint with the domestic violence unit. It is simply not worth the inevitable disappointment gentlemen.

8. Marcus Aurelius once stated “you have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”  By applying the preceding quote towards women, your mind will be impervious towards nonsensical bullshit.

I cannot stress the importance of separating your emotions from romantic endeavors enough. Women are emotional creatures, men are not. Two things that have destroyed the lives of men around me were drugs and women (or one leading to the other). Letting anything besides your mind dictate your actions is the attribute of a weak man. Keep in mind, though, your refusal to cater towards some Jezebel’s childish behavior can lead to her attacking you.

9. Learn to welcome your newly found solitude. In a metaphorical sense, you ARE alone. Brace yourself for the nights when your trusted confidants will be occupied, along with your stable of romantic prospects. During these times when your thoughts can be rather bleak, pick up one of the following: An instrument, a weight, a book, or a pen and journal.

Begin to gather your thoughts cohesively. Stagnation is not your friend. By performing one of the four options (preferably all of the above) you will create an ascetic mindset. A man who has a developed a sense of self does not occupy his time with the mundane. Instead his pursuits are more gratifying than catering to conventional societal norms.

It Is Never Too Late

From time to time I am an apprentice to a carpenter. Although the work is arduous, the pay is good and each job is a chance for me to learn skills that are slowly dissipating over here on the western front. The last outing involved trimming windows at an elderly man’s house. The collection of old magazines to excessive dust buildup led me to believe this man lived a lonely life.

Despite his settings, it was heartwarming to see that he was lucid and kept himself active. However the mood became melancholic when the man discussed how it had been ten years since his wife passed. Just as I was getting ready to pat his shoulder, the fellow showed me and my boss flicks of his middle-aged Puerto Rican bombshell. He then proceeded to speak of another equally attractive Jewish one that was begging him to come stay with her for the weekend.

Remember that where you are, many men have traveled along the same path and went on to do great things. Welcome each challenge with a smirk while handling it with a sense of bravado that would give Clark Gable a run for his money. Having said that I will conclude with one final quote from sir Aurelius: ”Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”

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53 thoughts on “The New Bachelor’s Handbook”

  1. It is NEVER too late! I’m in my late-30s, make a decent living, travel much, am in better shape than most men half my age (and look intimidating to boot) and live by the laws of The Universe, not laws written by mortals and fools written on ink and paper.
    Make money, become investing savvy, see the world, exercise (including weights, cardio, yoga, and martial arts), dress well, eat well, bang lots of women using condoms and never fully commit to any, read lots of non-fiction (history, finance, philosophy, geopolitics, esoterica), and have a general Dark Triad outlook on the world (you think most everybody else, especially in The West with all this access to technology, welfare, and hypersexuality also doesn’t? Okay, good luck to you!) and become adept at all that you do.
    The rest just simply falls into place.

  2. I say we use Islam to give feminists a nice dose of multiculturalism – sharia law style.

  3. Great article, but I think you’ve got something in #8 backwards.
    It’s women that are the emotionless robots, and men that are the emotional ones. People just need to stop thinking of the term “emotional” to translate to “whiny bitch ass”.
    Don’t believe me? How many (love) songs have been written about women, by men, and said woman’s name happens to be the title of the song? Look at ANY piece of art. Yeah, there are SOME female artists, but the vast majority have been, and are, men. Granted, this is just my interpretation, but I believe most forms of art are just emotional states physically manifested to be something.
    Another wonderful book suggestion I’ve gotten from readers on this sight is ‘The Manipulated Man’, and Jeebus Christmas…
    I remember seeing a comment akin to “After you finish reading this you’ll be ready to spit fire”, and it’s pretty fucking true.

    1. I think you are confusing emotions with “right-brained thinking” i.e. creative thinking. Producing a work of art is a result of creative thinking and does follow certain rules and logic. Emotional decision making is generally selfish, short-sighted and absent logic, which is generally how women make their decisions and is consistent with your description of female love songs. These decisions may favour you or work against you.

      1. Hmm…good point. However, one of the skills men generally end up learning is how to channel their emotional energies into positive structure. Say, for instance, channeling one’s anger into focus and power. Or, if you wanted to express that anger, you could pick up a guitar, chug out some power chords, and sing (scream). So, to some degree, I think men are taught how to use and deal with their emotional states more efficiently.
        I usually try to channel emotional states when I start up a music project. What chords evoke what emotions, what scales can be used, and things like that. I’ve been putting in a lot of time, energy, and effort into improving my theory knowledge this week, so it’s very likely I had music on the brain and didn’t think that one out clearly. If I came across as advocating emotional decision making, that wasn’t my intent.
        I still don’t think women are nearly as emotional and “innocent” as most people tend to believe they are though. They’re human beings, and they have intention and agency, just as men do. We excuse women’s bad behavior, because the idea of them being innocent charms us, so we brush their slights and offenses aside as if an infant had done it. Something innocent can’t plot against you, or manipulate you, or intentionally use you for it’s own gains and purposes. What better way to get away with doing short-sighted and illogical things than to convince everyone you’re too “innocent” to know any better?

        1. I agree with you on how men have this ability to channel their emotions. Another example is how a man may channel anger or frustration into actually furthering their goals. Women generally want to just sit around and indulge in their misery. Nice example about your music.

        2. Most men in our culture have the idea that women are altruistic and ‘innocent’ because we conflate our images of our mothers, and the advice(brainwashing) they have given us all our lives, with how women are intrinsically. But many of us learn soon enough that that this “ideal” images of women only applies to the role women play as mothers, and none of the other roles, such as wife, girlfriend, lover. However, I am curious what the future will hold for the next generation of young men, who have grown up with the post modern narcissistic mother. Their image of their mother will be of an aggressive, selfish, and domineering persona, which will cause them to react in only two ways. Either they will be totally beat down psychologically, and emotionally so that they can barely lift a finger. Or they will totally rebel, lashing out at all women that they become close with. Some have realized, that Pimps are not born, but are created by a terrible mother.

    2. I might be showing my age here compared to you younger guys but I got to say ” Woodstock ” by Joni Mitchell ” We are stardust we are golden and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden “

      1. Hadn’t heard it before, but I always like hearing new and different things (at least new to me). I like the tone; it’s very…earthy (for lack of a better description). I feel she’s talking in a more general sense, and not really any one particular person specifically, but I see what you’re saying.

      2. You sure crosby stills and nash didnt write that, and she covered it??

        1. Hi Cheese and TH3V1K1NG
          Thanks to both of you for your replies to my comment about Joni Mitchells song Woodstock.Her connection with C S and N was that she was the girlfriend of one of them at the time of the Woodstock festival / event and was inspired to write the song after seeing Woodstock on tv.
          To be honest my favourite version of the song is by Matthews Southern Comfort who had a massive hit with it.To show how old I am I was 16 at that time !
          I wish women would / could write more songs but I suppose why they dont was a topic for discussion on this site !
          I also suppose women may have had some input on songs which we assume were written by men. I will check more on writers of songs that I like in future.
          Two female song writers that do spring to mind are Carole King and more recently the late Amy Winehouse especially her song Back to black the lyrics of which although written from her female perspective of being rejected by a male could also fit the other way around or vice versa if you know what I mean. In other words rejection hurts whether you are male or female.
          Thanks again guys and to all readers of this site.

  4. As for #7 if there is a ring on her finger, I’ll leave her alone. If she’s “seeing someone” or “Dating a guy” I’m gonna pretend she’s single and fuck her anyway.
    I met one of my best friends after fucking his girl, he came to beef with me. I explained his beef was with her because I didn’t cheat, introduced him to the red pill, and changed his life.
    So yeah, fuck that bish.

    1. I wish I could upvote this comment about 50 more times. That’s one of the lessons that came to me after taking “The Red Pill”, and, looking back on it, I feel pretty fucking stupid even having been under the influence of “Blue”.
      At one point in time, I’d have said “Well, why couldn’t the other guy just respect their relationship?” After “The Red Pill” the truth hit me like a ton of bricks.
      Because the fucking WOMAN isn’t respecting their relationship if she’s out showing other guys her ‘Sword Swallower Side-Show act. She is blatantly showing her contempt and disrespect for “her partner” by cheating, bottom line. Seeing that situation any other way is insulting to the man, and excusing and reinforcing “bad bitch behavior”. Unless she’s making rape claims (which, sadly, is not uncommon for many an unscrupulous harpy that doesn’t want boyfriend/hubby to find out she cheated), she was a WILLING PARTICIPANT. She’s “strong, independent, and can think for herself”, right?
      It’s fucking sad and painful, when you really think about it, how much bullshit and abuse a man ends up dealing with and being put through when he’s on “The Blue Pill Diet”. I could dwell and kick the shit out of myself for how much time I spent down in that cesspool, but I’m happy to finally have my eyes open.
      And I haven’t been here that long – only about 6 months, really. However, in that span of 6 months, I’ve noticed a LOT of changes in myself, and, honestly, I’m the happiest I can remember being since childhood. I could list off a bunch of things I’m doing (some new, some differently), but I wouldn’t be saying much different from any of the other former members of “The Blue Brigade” you’ve heard from on here. This shit will change your fucking life. Period.

      1. Glad to hear it brother… Keep up the good work! Eventually you will get to a point where you aren’t even mad at women for behaving the way they do. It’s like, can you really be mad at a dog when it barks?
        (And No, before any guest women viewer attempts to sidetrack this post with your manipulative female rhetorical devices, I am not calling women dogs…Smh)…You really can’t. A dog barks. That is part of its nature. To have a dog means to accept the barking. The same with women. You learn to accept them for who they are. But who they truly are, not the blue pill version. Once you get to that place, things become fun again!

  5. “Moreover the decline in quality of women on the American market makes getting a vasectomy more appealing by the day.”
    That right there is exactly why I got mine.

    1. The worst aspect of this is how the legal system, education system, and even entertainment endorse and even encourage their irrational and malevolent behavior.

      1. $950. Insurance paid for 80%. No side effects except that my balls were slightly numb for a few days. Doc gave me 5 days of antibiotics to take as a precaution against infection from the surgery. Never had to take any meds for pain.

      2. mine was $500 at Planned Parenthood and the doctor that did mine performs 20 vasectomies per week. He can do it blindfolded. 🙂 all other friends that I know when to general surgeons who are not experts and has complications.

  6. So many chumps dont get this. Bartenders or any server at an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages are not relationship material. Too many thirsty dudes, clients and coworkers. She’s also surrounded by low quality female coworkers who also get off on the male attention. I spit a little game at these girls and occasionally go oit with them but I would never settle for one.

    1. How do you work the bartenders effectively? I try to get the Hooters/Twin Peaks waitresses/bartenders to go out with me but they seem hesitant to date customers.

      1. Nothing fancy. Just rapport building and repeat visits. I only do this at venues I go to consistently. Never chase. Be aloof.

        1. seems to take too much time though. I like to “work” a girl in 20 minutes or less and get a phone number.

  7. Let me correct #4 for you
    4. Do not take bisexual or “I recently just came out of a long-term lesbian relationship” women seriously.
    4 Do not take women seriously.

  8. why should we worry about game, IOIs, and escalation, when the unicorn Eastern European women and perfect angels of Moscow, Russia fall into our laps, madly in love with us when we arrive at Sheremetyevo airport?

    1. Ha ha. Only in the current international dating environment could your question be both satire and totally valid simultaneously.

  9. 5 and 7 are good tips. And 7 basically ties in with 5. To add to that,dont mess with women that are promised to married off to other men. Im a mix of those arrange marriage cultures even Id stay away,since Im not full blooded and that theyd still give us a hard time, aint worth it keep moving.

  10. “2. When women have no fathers or father figures present, approach with prudence.Now this can work both ways. I have met women who had no form of male role models in their life but were still driven to make something out of themselves. On the other hand, there is the opposite demographic that has a tendency to be very clingy towards a guy who has his shit together. If that is the case, this scenario will more than likely end on catastrophic terms.”
    This really is so true. I have to admit that in my early to mid 20’s I saw this “group” as the easy fuck target but back then (only 5 or so years ago!) they weren’t exactly the same in terms of mentality we see today. This grouping is so common now that I expect to meet this more so than a female from a stable family background.
    Anyhow back on topic, I used to target them for easy bangs or the like but now I steer as far clear from them as possible. As a man, and better stated, now as a successful man it truly just isn’t worth the risk and I hope every man who reads this comment recognizes that. You have to weigh this as a risk versus reward scenario and if you are putting yourself in a sexual predicament with a girl who already has attachment issues and has lived a life of mediocrity and anger toward men you may come out with either a Stage 10 clinger or worse, someone who will lie to push your life down the shitter. Be careful guys…. truly..

    1. Every woman I have ever dated had(or claimed to have had) daddy issues.
      Maybe that is what attracted me to them? Dad did XYZ to my mom, etc…

      1. I won’t deny that I was once in your shoes. Looking back I think it is more of a “dysfunction attracts those used to it” kind of thing. That said, don’t get me wrong, you may find a diamond in the rough but, overall, I hope you remain on guard and wary until they prove they aren’t a lost cause as many truly are.

  11. “Learn to welcome your newly found solitude. In a metaphorical sense, you ARE alone. Brace yourself for the nights when your trusted confidants will be occupied, along with your stable of romantic prospects. During these times when your thoughts can be rather bleak, pick up one of the following: An instrument, a weight, a book, or a pen and journal.”

  12. Moreover the decline in quality of women on the American market makes getting a vasectomy more appealing by the day.

    Oh please do. You’ll be removed from the gene pool.

  13. Look at that subtle, off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh, My God. It even has….a water mark.

  14. “Women with a sexual identity crisis have a bizarre complex where they try to be assertive like men but in the end succumb to their gender’s notable trait of emotional instability.”
    This is an excellent point.

  15. I think I’m coming off the blue pill. I’ve bookmarked were I left off . Tomorrow I will continue my quest for the Holy blue pill. Any suggestions? Or am I on the right track?

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