All Forms Of Feminism Are Anti-Male

Feminists are scrounging around in desperation, claiming that their ideology has been tainted by a few radicals. One does not even have to mention it to them since they will feel the need to apologize on their own. “I’m a feminist, but I’m not a man-hating one like people think. I’m just for equality.” They’ve even pressured the dictionaries into adopting their definition, as though the dictionary is an absolute statutory rule book instead of a social commentary.

In actuality, there is no single feminism. The term “feminism” is an umbrella to describe various movements that follow along similar lines. Andrea Dworkin has as much in common with many feminists as the Spanish Inquisition has with Billy Graham. But all feminists want open access to the work environment so that women can live their dreams.

Even many anti-feminist women believe that the government should mandate that women get paid the same as men for the same job, even though these women also believe that they should not have to work. And every feminist believes that women should not place much focus on being attractive towards men. However, none of those claims for supporting equality matter because every form of feminism is anti-male.

Troubles At Work

For one thing, by flooding the workforce with women, wages have plummeted. Labor is a commodity like everything else, and it is subject to supply and demand. Employers will pay their employees as little as they can get away with, and if those employees know they will not likely be able to have a single-income family, then then the employers will have no reason to give them a living wage.

It’s not like the common worker can leave his job and find something better paying. So the average family produces two workers for the price of one. But in the old days, most jobs payed enough to support a family on, since men would not be willing or required to take a job that wouldn’t provide that.

Now men can often no longer afford to have a stay-at-home wife while their kids are young, and women who want to stay at home often have to work. Odd how for some women to have their dreams, men and many women have had to give up theirs. This causes children to be raised in daycares and separated from their parents.

Children often do not get the proper attention needed in those crucial early years. Yes, the average feminist wants the unskilled worker to be paid a living wage, but just because something could happen or should happen in no way means that it will happen. Wages will not increase until laborers decrease.

Women have changed the culture of the workforce. If you ever get a job in construction (one of the few male-dominated fields left), you will find out just how true this is when you see the stark contrast in the way people talk. But even aside from foul jokes, when women are around, men naturally feel like they are in a different context. We cannot fully be ourselves in the presence of women, even if we have no desire to sleep with them. It greatly alters the social dynamics.

Women get their spas and fitness gyms, but men no longer have a place to be men, even after work at the local bar or golf course. This is true for both work and college, and it is a major reason why I would encourage the young men reading this article to consider studying a blue collar trade at community college.

And women working also changes the culture of the home. Kids are often raised by daycares, and families eat dinner separately. The Betty Crocker industry has flourished, and people have forgotten how to do simple things like bake a cake or fry chicken. Men are usually no longer able to get off of a hard day’s work and just relax knowing that the missus has taken care of everything. Instead, both spouses have their share of domestic overtime.

Troubles In Mind

Another thing all feminism pushes is propaganda. From the time Little Timmy goes to school, he is bombarded with messages that real men are never violent towards any person and show respect always to women in the ways that the women define respect. And much of the propaganda is inadvertent and subtle, because it is an overarching mindset. My brother had a teacher who would say to the whole class such rhymes as, “Girls, girls, love your pig tails. Boys, boys, less noise.”

But the propaganda far exceeds the public school system. One popular warning given today is against objectifying women, as though males are not able to see women as people. However, I found as a child that most cartoons on tv had the woman as the leader of the family and the father as the useless dunce.

The very popular Fairly Odd Parents was the worst offender, having literally every single male adult be idiotic and immature. My generation had television for parents, and after the Cosby Show had been cancelled, we never again saw a good role model for mature masculinity.

The other vogue talking point that keeps on-the-fencers in the feminist camp is “pay gap.” Nevermind that when I worked at Wal-Mart, there were far more female managers than male managers since they were so afraid of a lawsuit. Even if the pay gap is real, it is not a conscious thing. Nobody is conspiring to keep women in poverty by deliberately giving them 13¢ less by the dollar.

Also notice with all of these current pressing issues that they never quote the source from where they get their statistics. Who came up with that “77¢ on the dollar” number? Most likely someone saw it on their Facebook feed and spread it around from there. Newspapers have grown a bad habit of telling half-truths for easy sales.

Troubles In Love

But the most dire reason all forms of feminism are anti-male (and anti-female) is because men (and women) are no longer able to attract the opposite sex. By consistently giving such toxic advice as “find someone who loves you as you are,” “never change for anyone,” “every pot has a lid,” or “be what you want in the other person,” there are countless numbers of men and women who go to bed every night miserable because the opposite sex is not interested in them. We no longer teach people how to attract a partner. Even when they do find someone, it is often out of desperation and not true attraction and respect.

Patriarchy makes it difficult for women to study science or to walk down a street at night, but feminism makes it difficult for men and women to find love, one of the most basic human drives.

Even monastics and Catholic priests usually live in community, but both the feminist-leaning man and woman and the traditional-minded man and woman often have trouble attracting the opposite sex, especially someone they themselves are attracted to. So much ink is spilled on the internet from all ideological positions commenting on our society of lonliness.

Every one of our ancestors was able to figure out the mating game. It should be easy, but today it has become a labyrinth for both sexes. I am not surprised at all that there are so many misogynist men and misandrist women.


I understand that in history and to this day, there have been many abuses against women. Not make-believe SJW abuses like lack of education or employment, but actual danger or mistreatment (although there were still safe-guards in the old hardline patriarchal days). Injustice should not be ignored. But in our efforts to bring justice to the marginalized, how often today do we only push that injustice onto new innocent victims?

Every time I see a gay family, I think, “How heartbroken is the ex-spouse that produced those children?” In the same way, every time I hear about a working mother putting her three-month old infant in a daycare, I think, “Why is she not able to be with her child?” Every time I go into Wal-Mart and see all the women making $7.45 an hour, I wonder, “Why couldn’t a man save them from being in this terrible environment for 35 hours a week?”

Changing legislation has not made society any happier or more liberated. Perhaps it is time to change our philosophy instead. Feminism is the great equalizer in the sense that everyone loses.

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304 thoughts on “All Forms Of Feminism Are Anti-Male”

  1. To conclude: “All women prettier and thinner than me should shower in Yperite then have their corpses burned in a blast furnace!” is how they all REALLY feel!

    1. Nothing like a skrillex haircut and shitty tattoos to kill a boner, yet so many girls think it makes them look ‘tough’; as if a single punch from any real man wouldn’t wreck their fucking world

    1. Absolutely! Feminists are the real misogynists; they are the ones telling women to act like men in order to mean anything in life. They are the ones who hate femininity. They are the real culprits of the “war on women” .

      1. By “act like men” do you mean voting, making our own decisions, getting paid our own wages, generally doing what makes us happy? Why would we hate ourselves? How could feminists be misogynists, since the whole point of feminism is opposing misogyny? Looking forward to your equally ignorant reply. Fuck you.

        1. Haha go on and live in your fantasy world troll. Strawmen arguments will get you nowhere. Come back when you have something of substance to say. Also, insults aren’t attractive, if you want me just say so and drop the attitude.

        2. Even if women were paid less, so what? 70%(or was it 80%?) of
          consumer spending is done by women, which means you spend your salary AND your boyfriend’s/husband’s too.

        3. When is the last time you congratulated a woman for becoming a mother and marrying without getting a career first? How often last year did you cheer a woman on for sleeping around more and then say she deserves better when no man will stick around? How often did you reference the 17cents less manifesto without verified proof? How often did you say of a woman who mainly uses her sexuality for employment that she is bringing women down? How often did you insult a woman in the last year for not choosing feminism by asking if she supports women?
          You’re coming off like a feminist thug. Is that what you are? A woman who recognizes that women currently have the right to verbally bully others (only cause you won’t get punched in the mouth over this. Yet) into believing their thoughts are wrong and yours are right? If I were a woman who lost my good years listening to your ilk, I’d find you at the latest “women are victims rally” and slap you something fierce.

        4. Oh for goodness’ sake. I do congratulate women who have children and/or get married! I do support female sex workers! I do support women who have a lot of sex! I do support women who have little to no sex! I don’t badger women who don’t understand feminism, but I do calmy talk about it with them. I have nothing against any of these things! Do you enjoy completely changing the subject with very feeble attemps to make others look bad?

        5. Really? Such as your responses like:
          “This started out so well…then it just tumbles downhill. fuck you” or “By “act like men” do you mean voting, making our own decisions, getting paid our own wages, generally doing what makes us happy? Why would we hate ourselves? How could feminists be misogynists, since the whole point of feminism is opposing misogyny? Looking forward to your equally ignorant reply. Fuck you.” ????
          You deliberately broke up my first question? Why would you do that? I asked: When is the last time you congratulated a woman for becoming a mother and marrying without getting a career first? The conjunction used is very important in the response because of course you support a woman’s right to marry. Of course you support her right to have kids. Putting them before a career tugs at the raging hamster in your heart because a woman must have a career.
          I didn’t say sex worker either. I said a woman who uses her sexuality for employment. You know, like when a woman bares cleavage then approaches her boss after hours for a raise. Will you now say this isn’t a reality or that she has a right to exploit her breasts for 2 dollars extra an hour? Or she works at Hooters. Or she claims inability to move objects due to time of the month if she is a firefighter.
          Of course you’d support a woman having a lot of sex. It keeps the women are free notion alive. It also pleasant hides the truth that the more she bags and tags the less likely she will be a quality partner. In her twenties at the very least, she will be a shit show if she slept with 50 plus guys. That oddly enough, is not a high number for a lot of the women I’ve spoken to now. You now, party colleges?
          Women who are against feminist, I would dare say, come as close to a head implosion as possible because the truth is, it prevents a unified front and consolidation of power.
          Ah detractor, you asked for a rebuttal or proof of your misogyny. I listed several. Don’t completely change the subject or pretend this is an assault on your feelings.

        6. Why are you trying yo prove that I am a misogynist when you say such things in your comments above?
          Bad luck pal. I actually do support women who choose to be stay at home mums instead of having a full time job. I have a problem with it only when it’s not her personal choice- for example, if her partner is not willing to take equal roles in looking after their children and doind housework, and so the women is forced to give up her career. Turns out I don’t gave a raging hamster in my heart (I hate this fucking metaphor by the way). Oops.
          Your comment about women seducing their bosses for a pay rise is very insightful into your apparent view of women in general, it is very offensive. Also breasts aren’t sexual. As for your comment about Hooters: I despise the organisation but not the women who work there. That is what they want or have to do to get money and I support and respect that fully. Not even sure where to begin for your firefighter statement because it is so utterly nonsensical. Some women don’t menstruate and some people who aren’t women do. Many people get severe pains because of it, and if they felt unable to lift heavy items (which may well not be essential in a fire rescue situation) then the appropriate thing to do would be to get someone else to lift heavy items unless it were an emergency- in which I’m sure the person would try their best to save lives regardless of their own physical pain. Why do you assume that people fake period pains to get off work?
          Of course I support women who have a lot of sex, because women should be able to sleep with as many people as they like without being shamed for it. What the hell are you on about, saying that many sexual partners make a woman bad at sex? Stop perpetuating the purity myth: it is extremely degredaing and awful. Also practice makes perfect, no? I notice, too, that you have assumed that all women are straight, so fuck you for that as well. “The notion that women are free” did you just acknowledge that women aren’t free because of the patriarchry? HAve a nice time digging yourself out of that hole.
          No woman is truly against feminism, just like for example no person of colour is for rascism. Some of my closest friends have a lot of internalised misogyny but that is not their fault so I still love them.
          Congratulations for listing several completely bullshit points that illustate your hatred of women, not mine.

        7. I dont think you know what strawman arguments are, or what feminism is. Google is your friend. Why the fuck would I want you to find me attractive?

        8. You didn’t disprove my notion of you being a mysoginist. Every statement either returns to women as victims or starts with the woman as a victim. If a man is supporting his family with a high paying job and wants his children to know one of their parents the woman is a victim if she must give up her career? So in order for a woman to be a woman and be happy she must have a career?
          So you respect women for using their power sexuality, for extra resources but show disdain when men or others see through the bullshit? Or worse, if she uses her sexuality or lives her life in dedication of something else…
          The choice isn’t mine about slut shaming. It is logic and biological. If a woman has a lot of sex, this reduces the likelihood for her to bond with a man. This increases her likelihood of cheating. This also increases the odds of her fostering a child that isn’t a creation of her and her partner. I know everything that a woman can choose freely makes you happy and you term this as equality but being restrictions are in place for good reasons. Difference in practicing with one man over 200. No man will be happy with a woman who can potential trick him into raising another man’s child. Way to think ahead.
          You express your immaturity on life and feigned superiority over several generations that long proceeded your fertilization because of your victimhood. There is no patriarchy. There is male female relations. Breasts have no sexual power? Why do you wear a bra? Why don’t you show me your breasts? Why not have your breasts advertised at your next job interview? Or do you not recognize how full of shit you are?
          I use the term raging hamster as in your case it makes sense. You use personal reference to convert every sexual power play a woman does as good and every play against a woman as based on her sex and misogynistic. You are angry with women who are against feminism as you wrongly believe all women are looking to be vaginal dictators like yourself.
          The reason why I say you are a misogynist is that you can’t stand women. In truth you are looking at women as feminist. They must all be feminist and live life as you see women should live it. That is ridiculously selfish and bigoted. If a woman said she loves her man and never worked, makes dresses for her kids and always loved science your first instinct is to cry she should hate the man because he tricked her, get back her freedom and become a scientist. Who are you to presume you know what is right for anyone else?
          You assumed I said all women are straight because you were eager to read into what I said. So no, you pitiful troll I won’t ‘fuck you’. On my worst day my hand will suffice. Now run along with your lies and contradictions. There is an equality based orgy starting tonight in at 11.
          Edit: Notion of being free was directly related to having a a lot of sexual partners and being a trust worthy mate. They don’t gel well. Check again . Some women are against feminism.

        9. Oh my god thank you this made me laugh out loud. If you truly demand a better response you are gonna have to wait a couple of hours. Will miss you xoxo

        10. Oh for fuck’s sake. This is the last reply I’m sending because your ignorance is clearly willful, and therefore hateful.

        11. Two replies to the same comment over a 5 hour stretch? Did your feelings grip you enough that you had to reconcile your last statement? I had a pet hamster. It squawked profusely every morning around 5:45 am. It was very angry with it’s living conditions and roommate, a gerbil, and just couldn’t help releasing the rage. It did so, not unlike you, on a very predictable schedule.
          I disagree, or don’t understand, or misinterpret what you are saying so I am hateful? In truth I haven’t. You just are willfully evasive and choose to use my statements as a platform for rebuttals while revealing little of your own character. You kids are so scared of the world but feel so enlightened because you have careers while looking down on the lives lived before your own. Go on with your bad self. Just know, no matter how much you shame others, hide behind equality, deny your own hatred, and deflect any perceived weakness of character as an attack by the patriarchy, more people are waking up to the truth.
          As a feminist, I’m sure in chapter 28, closer to the end of the book of the feminist manifesto, written by a metrosexual since you were busy protesting or drinking wine, there is something regarding Martin Luther King Jr. Maybe a little speech with the often quoted, I have a dream line. Yada yada, “Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation.”, yada yada, “unalienable Rights” of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”…..OH, here we are!
          “In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.” AND “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their SKIN but by the content of their character.”
          There is no justice through wrongful deeds and judgment is based on your content of character. Two things, with all your ‘fuck you’ and clear allegiance to a group that tried to assault the lives of at least two groups of men in the public sphere you are clearly on the wrong side of. Wrongful deeds and the follow through behind them is the antithesis of justice. Re-read chapter 28 again, learn to have character, and maybe you wouldn’t be feeling the very real heel of a formation of the patriarchy starting to form to stamp your brand of bigotry out.
          I’m sorry your dad raped your mother to get you. He was clearly a perpetuator of the patriarchy and shouldn’t have done so. You wouldn’t be living the cruel life. Very unfortunate indeed.
          Now take your cup of bitterness and hatred, grab your green eggs and ham, and head Back to Starbucks! You only wrote half a paragraph yesterday. Be. More. Disciplined.

        12. The woman in question is not a victim if she wants to do that. I have no problem with that at all so stop trying to put words in my mouth.
          Your paragraph about women using their sexuality in the workplace is fully contradictive and confused. In fact, it seems as though you don’t fully believe your own supposed ideologies and have just scrambled to try and make my reply look bad (you didn’t succeed).
          Does your “lots of sex=higher chance of infidelity in straight relationship” theory also apply to men? No. It doesn’t. You are a raging misogynist for believing that women who are sexual are worth less and are less moral.
          YES THERE IS A PATRIARCHY. A patriarchy is a societal construction (and part of the kyriarchy- the kyriarchy is the white supremascist, capitalist, cisheteropatriarchal web of priviledge) in which men disproportionately occuppy positions of power, and where masculine traits are valued higher. If you think this doesn’t apply to our society then it’s so impressive how you can breathe and type with your head so far up inside your arse. I never said they have no sexual power in own society- I said that they are not sexual. Big difference. In our society female breasts are ridiculously sexualised ( it is worth noting that in many cultures this is not the case) but they are not any more inherently sexual than cismale breasts. Boobs are not sexual organs.
          I wear a bra because it is supportive and it looks good? I won’t show you my chest because you are a random middle aged guy on the internet who is also bound to oversexualise them. I am underage so unless you want to get put in jail for grooming and possession of child pornography keep your mouth shut. Why on earth would I go topless to a job interview? Do you do that? No, because it is 1) cold and 2) considered unprofessional. I think maybe you are the one who is full of shit here.
          “Vaginal dictator” what the actual fuck oh my goodness. One for the MRA Wall of Fame to be sure.
          How many times do I have to tell you that I am not against women who don’t wish to pursue a career? I am 100% here to support and respect women whatever they choose to do with their life, as I have proven several times already to you.
          Don’t flatter your creepy arse by trying to construe “fuck you” as an invitation for sex. I am not and will never be attracted to you. Even if I were of legal age and often attracted to men you wouldn’t stand a chance. I th

        13. Oops sent that last one early by accident. Continued:
          No women are against freedom from the kyriarchy. Those who say they are against feminism are either: 1) brainwashed by the patriarchy into thinking that feminism is not about equality; 2) lying so they aren’t verbally abused; or 3) put off by elements of mainstream feminism ( is often transphobic, racist, etc) and unaware of differing branches of feminism.
          “Hideous on the inside and out” are you talking about me? Fuck you. I am gorgeous, kind, clever, and compassionate. Why do decide how much a movement is worth based on how beneficial it is for the most priveledged? Oh wait… I know why. For the record though, feminism actually helps men too.
          What the hell? Of course I care about homeless people and about male victims of murder.
          I oppose the vast majority of the military exploits of the US but it wouldn’t affect my life at all if America were to be involved in another war. Many english speakers are not from the states, you know. Stop negating the value of women in the military. Then kindly fuck off.

        14. We are often on opposite sides…but I must say…that was a fantastic reply R.H….you completely won that debate with her. Excellent deconstruction of everything she wrote. Loved the nod to M.L.K in particular. Good work!

        15. From a public defendant and literary adversary I take that as a compliment. We are often on opposite sides but we want the same results 😉
          Edit: Even as I prepare to get on with the rest of the day, she is speaking of other women as brainwashed by the patriarchy if they aren’t feminist. The rage within her is almost palpable.

        16. I call it like I see it. I had some of the old Buckley / Vidal debates retrieved from archives not too long ago and have been watching them in an effort to brush up on my debating. One cannot help but love BOTH of them….despite being diametrically opposed…their collective wit far exceeds anything one would see nowadays…where lowbrow types such as Matthews, Hannity, & O’Reilly dominate the scene.

        17. I had decided to just ignore you but that attention whore comment made me realise just how out of your depth you are here. You constantly reinforce this by trying to belittle everything I say with sweaky hamster comparisons, personsl insults, and a “run along little girl” kind of attitude. Not sorry that you feel threatened by me: You have done this to yourself. Comedy gold.

        18. It was through high level debates that truths were revealed and efforts towards growth were accomplished. As I give them a listen now, and why you have gained a more mindful approach from myself is you take the time to illustrate what you mean and search avidly for truisms. What was considered normal during the placement of this speech would now be considered some ‘ist’. I am now of the mindset that the removing of our language has in fact neutered our nation and allowed aspects of socialism to take hold in society. Control the language and control the people. Control the people you control how power gets exerted. Maybe I should have gotten into law, but I hate classism.

        19. A gentleman by the name of Jim Goad once said, “If Americans spent as much time thinking about class as they do about race…some revolutionary things *might* happen.”
          As for her argument about women being underrepresented in the legislature…lol…whose fault is that….when more than 50% of the voters are female?

        20. Funny calling her out like that!! Those women must have been brainwashed by the patriarchy too!
          It is such a shame that there are many women like her, starting to come into the world. They hate the old, which is standard while you are immature. But then they go the extra mile to presume they understand the world or the rules at which it operates. And worse, are using victim language to support change.
          At some point I’d like to see this library of yours. It seems to contain some gems I could appreciate.

        21. I even think of the federal courts…those debates between Frankfurter & Black…or Douglas & Harlan….or Rehnquist & Brennan…that was some splendid stuff…because *both* sides made cogent arguments and you could *respect* them for both their thoroughness and their intellectual integrity. Then you have sub mediocre judges like Warren Burger…or Harry Blackmun…or Clarence Thomas…or even Sandra O’Connor…who *everyone* knows are not of the same intellectual caliber as the aforementioned giants…so you really cannot give great weight to any allegedly profound conclusions they might potentially reach.

        22. Ourt modern culture could be summed up as this; a loudmouthed female in a bar screaming and slapping an innocent man while he stands in mute helplessness, 250 lbs. of muscle and chivalry. He could ruin her world with a single punch, but chooses to restrain himself, which fosters the illusion that she is ‘tough’.
          One of these days, that guy is going to snap, and all the empowered wimmins of the world will not be able to stop him.
          It is a terrible irony; men have created such a safe environment for women that now those women can act with volatile impunity towards the very men who work to keep them safe…and when the levee breaks, they’ll have no one but themselves to blame

        23. This cat can’t be herded, brother. You are right on all counts, though. I was talking to a female friend yesterday; she’s 33, an 8.5, and very smart…yet she thinks that raising a child is oppressive, and giving birth signifies tyhe end of her life. I have to wonder, what exactly do women imagine will happen when our society is populated by childless old people? They know their ideology is full of shit, but are so pissed at their biology (when it’s not getting them free cash and prizes) that they gleefully tear society to the ground. Women are a destructive force…the ancients knew it, and tried to warn us through myths and legends….but we have ignored their wisdom. Now, women demand the world bow to their wishes while they go about destroying the very societal order that allows them to live in relative luxury/freedom. ABSURDITY, at its basest

        24. I believe some women are lost on the idea of the future. The crippling defeat of feminism is simply the genetic disposal of thousands of women as they are pleasantly manipulated into buying more shoes, taking more selfies, pleasing more foreigners, flying around the world, and complaining about men. Adolescence was only meant to last until the age of 19. Now it doesn’t end until the wall arrives at 39. Some not until their fifties.

        25. How many cougars need to be prowling the bars for the younger girls see what a life of carouseling and mid-level management will bring? Too many already

    2. Yes and a lot of women now it and resent it as well. We must use our language carefully so as to be on target but not hurt the good ones.

  2. Feminism backfired on chicks in more ways than it helped them. You can only mess with nature for so long. Male & female roles weren’t lesser or greater than the other. They were simply complimentary. However, I’m not complaining since now I don’t have to marry since they’re “independent”.

    1. It took an entire potential for a “wonderful life” for an entire life, a protected girl or young lady with SMV and great utilitarian value of a wife and mother, a cornerstone of a family and apex of bringing up the next generation to be respected, revered, and protected through old age and threw it away.
      They threw it away for 10-15 good years at best of cock carousel and glorified office drone jobs to end up fat old and alone popping Prozac and eating tubs of ice cream while watching reality TV.
      So sad.

      1. “Every time I go into Wal-Mart and see all the women making $7.45 an hour, I wonder, “Why couldn’t a man save them from being in this terrible environment for 35 hours a week?”
        This is feminism – this is what feminists did !
        Sure they also made a few good lady doctors and a few good lady scientists, but the 1% highly intelligent (and often ugly) women were always relatively welcome in male spheres….. the other 99% were not there because they didn’t have the brains or balls for it.

        1. “but the 1% highly intelligent (and often ugly) women were always relatively welcome in male spheres….. the other 99% were not there because they didn’t have the brains or balls for it.”
          I actually do know some talented women… but it gets really hard to tell sometimes if they are getting ahead because they are in fact the brightest of the bright, or if quite simply the supervisor can’t stop dreaming about their vayjayjay.

        2. I´m very sure a lot of them have their master´s degree because of looks and vagina only. Most university professors are mega omegas. If they see a pair of tits combined with innocent sweet behaviour they´ll give Princess Snowflake any grade she wishes or at least let her pass.

        3. Seen a few truly capable women and I have no problem at all with them working. They are where they are supposed to be. Rest 99% working in HR departments are NOT where they are supposed to be.

        4. Women, like men, are highly capable. They certainly deserve to be treated fairly, they certainly should not be told they can’t do a job because they are a woman. (Which seldom happens). They do not however deserve job quotas. I feel a woman that has had children does deserve assistance in re entering the workforce with retraining and/or tax breaks. This is especially so if a woman has forgone career and education in order to be a mother when Young. Different lifecycle. What will happen is that men will dominate the workforce as their differnt imperatives and impulses effect the time, effort and inclinations. At the high end only perhaps 25% of women will compete with men due to these factors. Those men must then represent the interests of women fairly.
          Obviously a woman takes a risk if she forgoes career in favour of a traditional arrangement, an critical role that renews life into the community. If we as a society let down one side of the bargain things won’t work out either.

        5. Agree with some points here.
          The point where everyone is losing out – colleges or programs giving women preferential treatment and then these women squander that opportunity. I’ve known too many “professional” women who ended up wanting to be a stay at home mom, after she’s already gone to college, received grants or assistance, etc…
          This hurts everyone because those resources could have been used by another person or a more qualified individual. Men don’t have the “option” to decide later on to be the stay at home dad. Many are stay at home dads due to circumstances but I can tell you that men don’t consider being the “stay at home dad” after the kids are born.

        6. What you are telling me is
          1 you can’t handle disagreement
          2 you can’t argue your point using reason
          3 you don’t want freedom from discrimination (discrimination is 95% a fiction and goes both ways in my view) you want preferential treatment.
          4 you can’t refrain from insults.
          5 I pointed out I am prepared to give preferential treatment to mothers but not women in general. A woman that has not had children is at no disadvantage and deserves nothing. Women without children in fact earn more than men without children. Feminin and maternal women prefer to put in time and love into their daughters piano recital.
          A sane man only insults if he is prepared to end up in a physical fight or a law suit. He doesn’t get upset over another mans reasoning. This is one of the things I like about masculinity.

        7. There is no evidence that women are discriminated against. Women without children actually earn more than men without children. When time spent in the workforce is considered women also do not earn less.
          There is I think some case for helping women who have had children as the burdens of pregnancy fall unevenly. After they have raised children to school age they may want to invest in education. It would be better they not waste their fertile years in career building, they are more than capable of doing that a latter age. We must protect maternalistc women from the hard core feminists. The latter are pathalogical and possibly as toxic and damaging to a woman’s natural expression of life as an sexual assault might be. They have completely perverted nature; plummeting below replacement birth rates prove this.
          Women are not more valuable because of vaginas but a functioning uterous. That in itself is whate is truely valued though it occurs as sexual lust.

        8. I don’t think she likes you Rational, but if youre not catching flak, youre not over the target.

        9. Right. I would agree to fact that a woman should wait for her latter years to take on her education and career.
          Also, these women should have to qualify (and compete) with other individuals to receive these benefits (not automatically qualify or get placed to meet a quota). That would be true equality.
          Qualified men are losing out on these opportunities because society wants everything to be fair. I was told when I was younger (by both my father and mother) that life isn’t fair. That’s just the way it is.

        10. I knew a math masters as well. I thought this would mean she was rationale, capable of logic, etc. No dice. A radfem progressive all the way…

        11. I used to be all for well reasoned, clam arguments but at the end of the day you’re not going to listen to anything I say anyway, are you? Whatever, I shall try. First of all, “there is no evidence women are actually discriminated against.”. Have you been living under a rock called Male Priviledge? Have you ever heard the phrase “like a boy” used as an insult? Have you ever been told that you can’t do something because you’re a man? Have you ever been discriminated against in job or school? Have you ever been sexually assaulted when walking down the street? Are you constantly talked over by women because they think their words are more important than yours? Are all famous sports teams and sports people women? Are the vast majority of people in goverment positions women? Are you reduced to how you look? Do you have to constantly prove your worth on the internet to random strangers? Are you shamed for your life choices? Are most main characters in films, tv shows, and books women? Are all men’s contributions to the history of the world forgotten about, downplayed and deliberately excluded from history books? Do you never see any vaguely realistic men in the media? Are most men constantly engaged in dieting and are pressured into making themselves look like an unobtainable fantasy man? Chances are you have never experienced any of these things, because power structures are one-sided. Discrimination does not go both ways. Ever. Also, think about stereotypes about women vs stereotypes for men. Then, if this hasn’t convinced you, go fuck yourself.

        12. Ok. Pause. Time Out.
          Edit: I know you are going to rage on this page for a bit. Being a feminist it is natural as once again you feel victimized by people who don’t understand.
          Edit: I simply want to ask, are you happy being a professional victim? Do you hate being a woman that much that you must say everyone is victimizing you?
          Edit: You aren’t acting out any seasoned angles for debates. Politicians deal with the global economy. Global. There is no room for gender equality when millions of lives are at stake. You either get the job done or get out of the way of those who can.

        13. A little bit from Column A and a little bit from Column C. What is Column C? The one where she already made some ‘special friends’ to get in.

        14. “I used to be all for well reasoned, clam arguments…”
          I generally try to avoid arguments with clams.

        15. I spent all that time writing a reply to her sillyness, I must indulge my autistic nature and post it here. I apologize ahead of time, Red…
          “Have you ever been told that you can’t do something because you’re a man?”
          When I was younger I tried to gain employment with the federal and provincial governments, so yes.
          “Have you ever been discriminated against in job or school?”
          As a heterosexual white male I was excluded from most grants and bursaries at university, so yes. Post secondary institutions discriminate against males in a lot of ways, actually.
          “Have you ever been sexually assaulted when walking down the street?”
          Like pretty much everyone else (man or woman) the answer is no.
          “Are you constantly talked over by women because they think their words are more important than yours?”
          My in-laws are Asian, so yes, all the time.
          “Are all famous sports teams and sports people women?”
          Callie Wickenheiser and Christine Sinclair are pretty famous around these parts, but if you are referring to pro sports teams, then talent follows the money. Professional sports teams are filled with men because top male athletes out perform top female athletes. Men and women are physiologically not identical, see.
          “Are the vast majority of people in goverment positions women?”
          No, most crooks are men.
          “Are you reduced to how you look?”
          No one is reduced to how they look; but it is a factor in what people think of you. We make judgements all the time based on how others appear, and we are biologically wired to do it.
          “Do you have to constantly prove your worth on the internet to random strangers?”
          I believe the essence of masculinity is that the only person I have to prove my worth to is me.
          “Are you shamed for your life choices? Are most main characters in films, tv shows, and books women? Are all men’s contributions to the history of the world forgotten about, downplayed and deliberately excluded from history books? Do you never see any vaguely realistic men in the media? Are most men constantly engaged in dieting and are pressured into making themselves look like an unobtainable fantasy man?”
          No. Yes. No (historical revisionism incoming). Never? No/yes.
          “Chances are you have never experienced any of these things, because power structures are one-sided.”
          I will take: what is the Matriarchy for 500, Alex.
          “Discrimination does not go both ways. Ever.”

          “Also, think about stereotypes about women vs stereotypes for men. Then, if this hasn’t convinced you, go fuck yourself.”
          I am convinced you are given to indulging your emotional impulses on the internet.

        16. That is fine. Her rage was on overload after her bigotry was exposed. All in all you put a solid argument against many of her claims. She was an underage school girl, who encountered gender studies a little to early. Between youth, naiveté, and zeal, she only saw what she wanted to see about feminism.

        17. I believe a bill was proposed in the House of Representatives some time ago that was a response to so many women taking government subsidies and grants (read: men’s tax dollars) to go to college, getting a fluffy degree in some bullshit discipline, then getting married and spending the rest of their lives as a stay-at-home mother. The proposed bill would have required women who take grants and subsidies to pay them back if they don’t use their degree after X years. Makes perfect sense–why should men fund a few years of partying for wimmins who had no intention of using their degrees?–but the bill was of course killed in its infancy. It’s amazing how so many strong, intelligent women can’t fathom that the free money they get while going to college is not, in fact, free….but is paid for by the men they despise.

        18. Trying to explain to modern women (and many ‘men’) that life is unfair is like trying to herd cats. They know what you’re doing, but couldn’t care less.

        19. and don’t forget the hypocrisy. These women (for years) have claimed they wanted all of the rights that men have (yet, they are handed these benefits – no questions asked). Then, the rationalization hamster starts churning on and on….the reason why “they’ve changed their mind”.
          Tax dollars wasted and, again, more slots that men could have used to earn a useful degree – down the drain (because she wasn’t feeling it).

        20. And so the entire infrastructure/economy of a once-powerful nation continues to stagger behind the rest of the civilized world, kept from greatness by years of celebrating–and funding–mediocrity.

        21. Be careful.
          My ex-wife was (still is) a college professor, very intelligent, even beautiful, faithful, and unaware about feminism. After she becomed feminist she didn’t cheat on me, but she becomed affected by: hyper-criticism, no-fault complex, and compulsory shopping. And now she’s my ex-wife. Of course she don’t get alimonies (she’s aware my reaction to a similar request would have been VERY harsh).

        22. HR? I lived in Sweden 3.5 years. I beginned to cohabitee with the HR chief of my company, older and richer than me, even quite beautiful. She promoted me twice in less than an year. Then she discovered I was cheating on her… 🙂 … fired …. and out of the house, of course ….

      2. I imagine feminists like Cosby from a Simpsons skit. They rail about men while being completely nonsensical. And then look to men to answer their nonsense. I support rape culture, we have the lowest instances of rape in the last twenty years and still you can’t do nothing but attack my penis?? Take that stank pussy, turn it sideways, and stick it up your candy ass! And make sure the dildo is pink so you finally give yourself the fucking you so desperately deserve!
        In Napoleon dynamite voice: God, what a genetic IDIOT!

    2. Exactly, they are trying to do the same with human sex as communism did with society and that experiment went awry indeed for millions died needlessly. Not surprisingly like communism, the ideology was usurped by the few individuals who enjoy telling others what to do and how to act rather than having any real love for the ideology itself. Despite of all the negativity feminism has nowhere near the effect on society communism did, so hopefully the trend will be reversed for good.

    3. You got that wrong ! You still have to marry ! Now, you just have to become cock #216 when marrying 36 year old nasty skank..if you don’t do it, there will be shaming.

      1. Yes the shaming will pervade. All women will shame you. 100% of them hold single men in disdain. MOST men will shame you too. Unhappily married men will shame you. Divorce raped men will shame you for having skipped out. You are the draft dodger to the vet who lost a limb. Latent men will use you as a projection rod. Even successful and outwardly happy married men will have some disdain because how can they not be bored? There is a very, very small percentage of society that will have simple respect for your decision to stay single post forty. It is not easy. People drop off. Anyone post 60 views singlehood as on par with homelessness or nearly. Yes it is usually subtle or unspoken and maybe I am overstating it or exaggerrating but maybe not. You will come to understand that the American ideals of freedom and individual right to pursue happiness are laughable, once you step out of the paradigm

        1. How any man could desire marriage in this day and age amazes me; it pay homage to the power of social conditioning

    4. Agree.
      “Nobody is conspiring to keep women in poverty by deliberately giving them 13¢ less by the dollar.”
      This complaint is one of the latest with feminists because the “well has gone dry”. Everyone has a choice to make (both men and women) when negotiation their contract (salary) with a company. If the person accepts the offer, then both parties agree and the employee starts in the position.
      Women are the true problem with this issue. For years, they’ve taken whatever salary the company offered either to get the position or to prove a point how they could work like a man (for less pay, mind you).
      Women are the true problem here – with many of them being underpaid. Men and corporations are not the problem here. If anything, corporations have given women their own god damn department (the HR dept.)….they should be thanking them.

      1. WOW thank you, it’s so nice to hear that when we finally get jobs after less qualified men are hired, us women are actually the ones at fault for having smaller salaries, due to our own supposed innate inability to ask for a raise or promotion? Jobs which are gendered female are paid less, women are denied opportunities for employment and promotions. Go fuck yourself

        1. You get what men get: whatever you negotiate for. You have smaller salaries because, as a whole, you don’t like to haggle over salary. It’s also a huge problem with men in the tech industry. They don’t like to haggle either and the result is they get paid half what their management counterparts do, despite generating more value for the company.

        2. Please, bitch…no sympathy here (and your attention whore is showing).
          Women get plenty of “opportunities” in society (colleges, the workplace), plenty of handouts that men can’t even qualify for. Women are too busy trying to prove that they can be a man so they take a job for less.
          Ask for the same money (as a man) or walk away….you have the choice. Take responsibility (for taking less pay) for once in your god damn life.
          Cry me a fucking river.

        3. Corporations seek to maximize profits for their investors. If you really could pay women less, then no men would be working. That 23 cent savings would cause dividends to skyrocket (and thats all the investors care about).

        4. I’ve been working in Silicon Valley for 7 years. Every woman I’ve asked who makes less than I do said they accepted the first offer. None of them negotiated. Hiring managers offer them less than the men because they know they won’t negotiate. That is not discrimination, it’s business. This is the deep end of the pool; you swim or you drown.

        5. Well you clearly didn’t read my last comment so I won’t put a lot of effort into this one. But what kind of shitty logic would it be to offer higher wages to men if you knew men were more likely to try and negotiate? Have you considered that women negotiate less because they are extremely lucky to get those jobs in the first place, snd that we are constantly put down and told to be submissive and grateful (this is opposed to the social conditioning boys are put through, which is basically that they are worth more than women and should be aggressive)?

        6. Looks like you spent some effort to me. 😉
          Management offers higher wages to men because making a low ball offer compromises his negotiating position. There is no other reason for that. They expect men to negotiate and are oftentimes disappointed when they don’t. You’ll recall, I said 2 posts ago that male programmers in Silicon Valley also don’t like to negotiate. They also feel that they’re lucky to get the job in the first place and they’re afraid the company will rescind the offer if they ask for more money. So it’s not something unique to women. Men and women alike who spend any kind of time in the industry either make their peace with it or grow out of it.
          You forget that programmers are not representative of the same social conditioning as the rest of male society. If there’s any place in the world that is more welcoming to women than the neurotypical, neurotic herbs of silicon valley, I haven’t seen it yet. Managers are another story, but then again, managers treat male engineers like crap anyway. Much, much worse than they treat women, because there are no consequences for it. When they treat women badly, it makes national headlines (as was the case with Julie Ann Horvath at Github).

        7. Apparently she is under age. Feminism. Helping our young whores get a fresh start on the AJD program, Accelerated Judgment Deficiency.

        8. You tried so hard. Again though, it is a shame how you continue to ignore the bias against women in engineering. I have friends who are female engineers and they tell a vastly different story- one of sexual harassment, exclusion, being denied opportunities for negotiation. If you really think that Silicon Valley is the most welcoming work environment for women then I am worried.

        9. So men can say what they like, but when I type anything I am an “attention whore”? What an inappropriate and vile comment. Fuck you, you idiot man troll!

        10. … Which I clicked on by accident and was appaled at both the articles and the comments. And you’re homophobic too? Wow

        11. Actually, I’m not. I got gay and lesbian friends. I could tolerate them and don’t give a shit if they are or not but I can’t stand women like you. Especially feminists because all they do is whine. Heck, none of my lesbian friends are like you.

        12. I wuold only say that I never see a place where women are less payed than men, alwais the contrary because usually woman has best contract and best rights and ask always for help continuosly and if you don’t “help” her, that means to do her work, they will report that to others and boss and you will be
          chased away. Anyway I speak about my and other experience in Italy.

        13. No, you just don’t get it; men should be floating face-down so empowered women can use them as a raft….why should THEY have to learn how to swim?

        14. Isn’t that the fucking truth. That did happen to me one time. The person hiring tried to low ball me after we had talked “loosely” about the salary.
          The time came to sign the contact and I walked on him. He called me up later that day and fixed it.
          It’s bullshit that women claim they get paid less.
          It’s called having fucking balls, ladies.

        15. I have a lesbian friend too. She’s not feminist: she cannot be a feminist because she’s a strong woman and a free-thinker, the opposite of a feminist whiner anti-free-speech. She just want same-sex marriage, and she says pay gap is a myth.

    5. There’s a great part in a Joan Rivers stand up special where she asks the audience if anyone wants one of these huge plant decorations on stage. She then picks someone to give the plant to, and asks if someone from backstage will help her haul the thing to the audience member. Nobody answer. “Hello, is anyone there?” she says. Still no answer. “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”
      She proceeds to drag the huge plant across the stage all by herself, struggling mightily all the while. “Women’s liberation,” she goes on to say, halfway out of breath while still lugging the plant forward, “We did it to ourselves.”

      1. Rivers? meh. Foul mouthed granma the last 2 decades. Remember what she did to Johnny Carson after he put her on the map.

    6. proves us again, that women are entally degenerated, resp. never really evolved. they just mimik everything. they are soulless, mindless, brainless, upets.

  3. Feminism doesn’t create. It only destroys that which creates or has already been created. The proof is in the above article… families, values, masculinity itself are all in the process of being destroyed and/or warped into a caricatures of themselves.
    Something I noticed… most men tend to be inspired to do better and improve themselves when they see a better-looking, stronger, successful, etc., man. Men try to pull themselves up. When women see a better-looking, richer woman, first thought is usually UGH! that bitch, she thinks she’s all that. I notice this with my own sisters as well and call them out on it.
    Feminism is simply this individual female mindset on a much larger scale. Don’t like skinny women? shame them and tell them they are anorexic. Encourage fat acceptance. Don’t like that successful rich dude, take his money away and give to the “less fortunate”. This mindset has infected society as a whole to the point where success itself has become oppression. Sadly this mindset is so prevalent that it’s infected men as well as women.

    1. Indeed. Observing my niece (3) and nephew (4) play the block stacking game Jenga, I was amused to see his joy and pride in the careful construction of the tower – and that same joy and pride in her gleeful destruction of said tower. Much to his frustration, of course.
      Best he learns this lesson early and retains it as he is thrust into adulthood (note: not “manhood”) under the full force-5 headwind of our feminized culture and all its progressive ills.
      The inversion of the the create/destroy dichotomy continues to be a powerful tool in the propagation of the various machinations of feminism. The mythology of the feminine as creator and masculinity as the destroyer is perhaps one of the worst – and most invoked, lies of feminism.
      In abandoning the complimentary, the vacuum has been filled with the adversarial. Absent these complimentary contributions, with their unique gifts and costs, trade-offs and rewards, the incentive for men to build, to create, wanes with each successive generation, until we are left with only the taking, the expectation of naked rewards, until finally there is only consumption and destruction.
      Women, instructed to be both victims and victors of this gender ‘revolution’, are being crushed under the weight of their own consumptive and destructive nature. And soon not even the whitest of knights will be able to carry the load.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. It frustrates me to no end to see feminists constantly invading spaces only to end up destroying them and then complaining that they are credited as creators. I mean, really, what have feminists created besides this culture we currently live in where menstrual blood on a canvas is considered art?

        1. They’ve created a lot of misery, and some interesting myths, such as the Patriarchy and the Empowered Woman. These feminists could give Joseph Cambell a run for his money

      2. Couldn’t agree more. It frustrates me to no end to see feminists constantly invading spaces and subsequently destroying them and then getting upset that they aren’t credited as creators. I mean, really, what have feminists created besides a culture where menstrual blood on a canvas is considered “art”.

      3. That is such a well-worded and calm comment I would have like it if it weren’t COMPLETELY BULLSHIT. I hope the nonexistent “load” crushes you.

        1. I am extremely capable of rational debate and I greatly enjoy it. Unfortunately I do not like to partake in it with ignorant individuals such as yourself.

    2. This is very true. Whenever I’m in the gym, and I see someone benching more than me, I get inspired to work harder. Women on the other hand…

    3. Very few women are willing to put in the work required for self-improvement, unless it’s the ‘east, pray, love’ type of self improvement that only requires them to stuff their faces with tiramisu, ask god for stuff, and fuck whatever alpha they can get. Otherwise, its easier for them to drag others down rather than raise themselves up. As feminism has seeped into every nook and cranny of civilization, more and more men have adopted this approach as well.
      All feminism has done is coddle women to the point that they cannot rise to face the simplest challenge on their own terms. If they can’t overcome an obstacle by whining, they demand men help them in the name of ‘wimmins empowerment’. The reasoning is so circular its square.

  4. While, of course, every “equality” movement was, is and will only be a race to the bottom, which makes your point (“Feminism is the great equalizer in the sense that everyone loses”) is totally true, the article is imo flawed.
    (1) Girls, girls, love your pig tails. Boys, boys less noise
    This does not rhyme.
    (2) But the most dire reason all forms of feminism are anti-male (and anti-female) is because men (and women) are no longer able to attract the opposite sex.
    This is plainly untrue.
    (3) Patriarchy makes it difficult for women to study science or to walk down a street at night
    This is plainly untrue, too. But it has more errors: “Patriarchy” doesn’t exist and never did. Patriarchy by definition is benevolent, so the “walk down a street” point would be void if it existed; and women being too stupid or lazy to do science is plainly untrue – women who do prove otherwise. No one ever stopped them. Women being too stupid or lazy to study science are the loudest feminists.
    (4) I understand that in history and to this day, there have been many abuses against women
    Augmenting your point with an article about rape in marriage being illegal? Your point is: nothing. Basically, if you marry, it’s promising each other respect, devotion & fucking. Says the bible. Or so. Your point is nil.
    (5) Why couldn’t a man save them from being in this terrible environment for 35 hours a week?
    This is feminist bullshit. It’s a man’s job to care for _his_ woman. Not every bitch. That is what the bitches who complain forget. Most feminists never did an honest day’s work. Never. Ever. And don’t want to.
    Goodnight to the used-to-be revolutionists and sorry, I’m gonna f*** my wife now. If she wants. Otherwise I’m gonna have a BJ. Maybe. Or I’ll j*** off to internet porn and have my BJ in the morning. We’ll see. (You won’t).

  5. Feminism fuels consumerism. It isn’t going anywhere since the elites benefit from having this current system.

    1. Very true, create ads towards men, he’ll debate about spending his hard earned dollar, create ads towards his wife, she’ll spend the money without thinking.

      1. Create the impression that a US family needs mortgage, two car payments, and a larger house than necessary IOT sink them into debt for their lives so they’ll be good worker slaves. Helps to instill that mindset when they graduate college with debt already.

        1. A young guy worked for my father and was about to graduate college, he told my father he had 200,000 in college debt he explained it very nonchalant, the man had no concept of the Mt. of debt he had ahead of him.Your right people have been conditioned.

        2. I literally only have 500 dollars in debt and already I feel the pinch of it. 200,000 bucks?! Good luck clearing that mountain away indeed

        3. Long term you won’t. You are in a very good place for long term planning and success.

        4. Dude, if you have no debt, you’re doing fine. I’d rather be at 0 dollars than negative dollars.

        5. Yep, agree. People need to get back to the ways of using credit only when needed….and freeing themselves of all of the unnecessary debt (used to buy more shit they don’t need).
          It used to be that you only used credit to finance a car or home (very larger purchases). Today, you can finance a fucking burger at any fast food place.
          Wants and needs….people need to “get smart” on their finances.

        6. Hah! I have no debt and feel poor.I don’t own any credit cards either. Go by the philosophy of ‘if I can’t afford it, I can’t have it… yet’

      2. The ads only have to hit the emotional buttons on a woman (no logic required). That is the easy sell.
        Plus the competition with other women “look what I have”. They’re so “easy” sometimes, I swear.

      1. Which inflates prices across the economy, which ultimately halves each person’s spending power. This isn’t about consumerism actually, our net buying power is halved and it takes two to make what used to be one. No, it’s about destroying the family. This is the ultimate goal of most forms of socialism. Do not be fooled by “consumerism”.

    2. And it pushes prices up. Housing costs will be set to what the market will bring. So many feminists working results in higher housing prices. If you’re a militant Christiand fundamentalist homeschool family like me, then you get to try to live on a single income in a dual income world.

      1. It pushes prices up artificially by having everyone consuming more than they can reasonably sustain. Which is where our last economic collapse came from. But like I said earlier, it isn’t going away so we might as well attempt to profit off of it in the meantime.

      2. >Most women end up flipping burgers then going on welfare,
        Worse. Women love to work for the government. They vote for bigger governments and they work for bigger governments. Thus modern women hurt you threefold:
        * They compete directly with men
        * They make the government bigger (hence you pay more taxes to support the government)
        * They use the government to push more feminism.

    3. Yup. Thats all there is to it. The current system will stay in place as long as it is necessary/possible.
      The thing I noticed now post- 30, is men mature in the sense their wants and needs are now two separate things. For most women, their wants/needs are one in the same. Forever.

  6. I completely agree that all forms of feminism are anti-male.
    Why are all forms of feminism united in this? It’s because there is only one feminism — one which, at its core, has always been a calculated drive for coercive, totalitarian power. Feminism is intolerant of outside voices and questioning voices because of its communizing, collectivist nature. Its only ideology is Marxism. It has no other driving ethos.
    Feminism does, however, come in a rainbow of manifestations. This reflects the reality that feminism employs a variety of strategy and tactics in its drive for social,
    political, cultural, and economic control. Also, not all feminists have the same job. Some offer a smiling face and a warm embrace. Some, especially the academics, strike a pose of rationality, science, formal process, and professionalism in order to better propagandize. Still others are warmfuzzy popularizers, and we find these perhaps most conspicuously at the woman-oriented webzines. Then there are the polished political thugs using various forms of socially-accepted pressure to damage and harass people and organizations which raise questions about feminism, and the street-level thugs who do the gruntwork of shouting down speakers and punk-swarming online forums.
    Feminism adopts other styles of waging war against men, and is constantly morphing and reinventing itself as it refines and focuses its attacks and pushes its hegemonic agenda into new fields. As we move through all those trees, it’s easy to lose sight of the Marxist forest.
    One consequence of all this is that feminists are not our allies, and they never will be. It is not possible to bring them to a fuller understanding of men and masculinity because disenfranchising and exploiting men is foundational to how feminism takes and holds power, and reaps the benefits of power on behalf of its perpetrators. To imagine otherwise would be like trying to conceive of an ancient empire that grew without subjugating other peoples and seizing their land.

    1. Ask a woman/feminist if we can re-name the movement “egalitarianism” or “humanism” and watch how obviously frustrated they get.
      No matter what, it has to be about them.
      I say let them have it.

      1. Right…cause it would have a different meaning or agenda (and feminists know it). Women use “feminism” and then pretend it’s all about equality…it’s not.
        Today’s feminism is all about power and control (under the veil of equality).

    2. Great comment. The many manifestations of feminism also represent women’s inability to focus on a single aspect; it is the ideology of multi-tasking, trying to do everything while getting nothing done

  7. Feminist propaganda hurts lonely woman, i’ve seen so many fat woman on dating sites saying they won’t change for anyone and they love themselves, ect, ect. I see so many fat woman out in public it’s crazy. Another one are those single woman in their early thirties mid thirties who are” Successful Business Woman”, Feminism teaches them that someday all their success is going to bring Prince Charming along and he’ll be so impressed with her degrees and her success (Yeah right ) they’ll live happily ever after, but the reality is they are in there mid thirties and are desperate as hell and men don’t give a shit about the accomplishments of woman .All these woman have the same thing in common, if they wanted to attract a man they should focus and work on their appearance and personality and not the lies feminism has told them, feminism teaches them to wade in mediocrity and that everyone will love them for it.

    1. Agree. The latest version of feminism isn’t about equality. It’s about the nonstop complaining, it’s a license for women to bitch about shit that they “don’t have” and men are to blame for it. It’s nonsense.
      Back when, you had feminist preaching for equality but still being very much “feminine” in their appearance. Today, it’s gone off of the fucking rails with many women taking no pride in their appearance and wondering why no man comes knocking on their door.
      Expecting someone to love you for you (meaning an overweight person who could care less about their appearance) is a recipe for disaster. If you’re a fucking slob, then expect a fucking slob to knock on your door (it’s all you “deserve”).

  8. I have been talking to a girl of late I have recently met. Let me preface by saying I’ve never once had a single issue with women and have a tendency to be a real bastard when it comes to radical feminists. This girl really said something poignant to me that I would like to share to you all to show just how bad many normal women feel this issue has become:
    “I don’t really get too much into politics as it irritates me more than anything. But I honestly believe the woman’s movement not only altered my own life in a negative way but has seriously impacted women in my shoes. Not to mention what it has done to you guys. I can’t even imagine how little you all must think of any woman after all the incessant crap you see coming from these so called feminists who are nothing more than a bunch of ugly bitches that no guy wants so they form a group to complain about how their life is bad and look for someone to blame.”
    My response: “As I’ve always said, the reason women have vagina’s is because they look like and are, in essence, suction cups for when the going gets tough they can all stick together.”
    “Hahah! Oh my! That is amazing! You should patent that!”
    My response: “I did…. it’s on my website”
    “I love my job, loved my college years but what I ideally want is to have a family and husband who loves me while I love him and together we form a lasting bond. That is how most women feel but are drowned out by these disgusting human trolls. I am constantly told I could be in a better job, or I should never get married because men would take away my freedom and I would live a life of servitude. This both infuriates me and makes me feel like shit because I don’t want to deal with them but I have to because what am I supposed to do? Argue back against them and have my entire life fucked over and not ascend through my work? You even raise a single counterpoint and you are blacklisted. So I have to sit there and take it and this is common for many women. I don’t care what they say, not one bit, what I care about is I cannot be left alone about it and I have no recourse to fight back. It must be awful to be a man in that position as you guys have it even worse.”
    My response: “I can’t speak on personal experience as I would rather dunk my balls in battery acid than be around that but of course I do not have to deal with them because I personally vet each potential employee and I can spot them from a mile away and never hire them. There is no way I am letting even one in. A man does that, a man sees his life turned upside down quicker than shit out of a goose.”
    “You know what the girls in my dorm and I used to do when bored? Guys play video games, we would sit, talk and knit sometimes. We even did it to sell them and collect money so we had extra for the weekend or buy groceries and cook dinners. But then the radicals on campus who were in other areas of the dorms would tell us we were “weird” for learning how to cook and were filling a male dominated fantasy world. Who the fuck do these bitches think they are?! Like I said, guys must be very wary to date or God forbid marry.”
    That is how bad it has gotten guys. A beautiful, intelligent and (at any other time) girl who would have had not a single issue with those very simple and respectable things for a woman to want is now ostracized if she even so much as goes against those others. That is where we are at in society. I hope that raises some eyebrows and helps some of you.

      1. The thing is, I wouldn’t even call them feminists. It’s beyond that at this point. I characterize them as “internal terrorists” hellbent on only one thing and that is to bring down societal norms so they can justify their meager existences. In any other species on the planet they would have been selected out through normal natural selection. Unfortunately we are forced to deal with them.

        1. If they want to do what they want by not marrying, not having kids, having a good career, etc. then fine, nothing wrong with that. But imposing it on other women to do the same and making their lifestyle the norm is a problem. Just for disagreeing with them makes you a misogynist, which is stupid. The ironic thing is, some of them dress and imitate men yet say they hate men.

        2. I agree.
          The problem that no matter what angle I looked at the issue, no matter which order I placed the chain of events, I just cannot get past that we (I am most certainly included) have let this shit remain unopposed on a massive scale for too long and due to that, it has fucking infiltrated nearly every facet of society.
          Men such as us should have been up the asses of these PC fucktards in unison for years now and because we haven’t been they have infested academia to spread their shit to kids, they have eradicated the institute of relations between and women from normal romance, to chivalry, to marriage, to child rearing, etc, thus widening the divide. Don’t even get me started on the other shit these PC goobers have helped create. Just look at France today for a prime example of what happens when your country caters to people, lets them take your social services, protects them from the real men of the country, gives them a fucking land area to police for themselves and…. BAAAM… this shit happens….
          We are seeing this crap take place constantly now all over the west and I simply cannot not look at people like myself, or you, or any actual man who will stand up to shit, isn’t afraid to do so, and will stick his fist into someones face for doing it. We REALLY need to get our shit together and handle these issues because if we sit back, pick our noses, think the fags/dikes, feminists, or whatever is going to just forget about us, they won’t. They are going to continue to pick at societal norms and if they aren’t bent over… well….. the west is done….
          My bad for the rant. I’m just in fury mode today watching this shit in Paris when they let those fucktards in as immigrants and we in America just let 15 million people in… who the taxpayers will support…..

        3. Do you mean in terms of my “internal terrorist” statement? In other words you are agreeing or prefer using domestic to internal? In truth I mean the same thing as you here and only prefer “internal” due to my own inside joke about how Rome and England fell due to internal toiling and getting away from their core values. Don’t mind me, I often say things just to make myself laugh, I’m weird like that.

        4. Yes, I did, and the domestic instead of internal is a double entendre also referring to the traditional female role in the home and how it has been savaged by feminism.

      2. There is a case for that. The ideologies they indoctrinate into young girls, the lies they tell are indeed so toxic, so life damaging, so destructive that this form of censure might be needed. Feminism needs an R rating. Children should not be exposed to it. It is far worse than “video games”

        1. Yep. Any kid can play Super Smash or Mario Kart anyday than listen to those stupid bitches and their manginas.

      1. In about an hour. As gay as that likely sounds it is what it is, my rotation ended late tonight, asked her over to “watch a movie” and she pulled the “sure but I have to get ready, give me an hour” bologna which basically is as good as saying “I have to shave my patch real quick”.

    1. Be careful. There are a lot of women out there who turn all supportive and understanding of the male experience when they see you as their ticket to the top. It’s an act. They know exactly what to say, who to say it to.
      I hope that’s not the case with this girl. Good luck.

      1. To be honest man, I don’t know how any of you guys truly feel (when nobody is around, etc) but I can seriously say that I do not and have not cared about relationships or anything of that sort for some time, probably for ten years or so since I was at my undergrad. The sad part is it has absolutely nothing to do with any issues with women or picking up/keeping them. I just really don’t see the point like I did when I was in my mid 20s. Back then it was all about which face I was going to decorate, or which girl would pass my tests to interest me, or what future could be possible with this girl/that girl. Now? I just really don’t give a shit in the least. Granted I am intrigued by this girl because I’m still a guy and a beautiful girl is like a strong breeze tagging the sack but I really never go into these things with any expectations. In fact I never have in that regard even through my “I’m going to corrupt the shit out of you” years.
        You are 100% correct that, as my Mother once said years ago “be careful of the girl who sees you as a way out of her current life”, fully agree with you, no doubt. I know my life represents the golden ticket to meet Wonka for a girl and I have seen them throw the proverbial kitchen sink due to that through the years. Now though? Meh…. I just don’t have time for it if that makes sense. The thing this girl has going for her is that she is not yet at an age that I consider “The Jade Palace”, she actually is what feminism SHOULD be in terms of her using her education not to empower but to better her life through bettering herself through education, but, most of all, what can I say, I like petite women with that specific look.
        She doesn’t know this (and never will) but if she wants to land me she is in for one hell of a long road and a shit load of me covertly testing her along the way which, if she does not meet my satisfaction in every facet, will not be contacted again (even for a bang). I won’t be rude to her through it as I am not rude unless someone deserves it, but, still, I have too much to lose and, like I said at the beginning, these things really don’t mean much to me at all. In other words, she’s really going to have to show her value if she wants to ride this life train. If not…. bye.
        That sounds incredibly cocky but I really would suggest guys, in this day and age, adopt similar policies as I have not had any issues with women but I most certainly am not going to risk 20 years of working toward where I am now just because I’m a guy and she turned me on for an hour and a half. That is how we get into trouble as men.
        Thanks for the message/advice though. It’s always nice to BS with a fellow dude about this kind of stuff because our chances to do so diminishes once we hit 30 it seems and we all spread out after college and are forced to deal with goobers from work or the like who only have interactions with women that consist of “how can I kiss her ass and get her to like me”. Hearing guys like that moan and complain…. Christ….. I wouldn’t put it at the same severity as bitches who act like a kiss is rape but, it’s still aggravating.

        1. “In other words, she’s really going to have to show her value if she wants to ride this life train. If not…. bye.”
          That is the best course. As you get older it will naturally get a little “old” to pick up, play the games, etc…like you used to do. Men are always looking to build on something….their own something (their own empire).
          See this girl for awhile, spend time together and watch her actions (forget the words). If she doesn’t live it to your values or standards, then stop the bus…she can GTFO.
          No need to risk or share any assets with her for a long time. Best bet might even be to see if or how she acquires her own assets. That way you both have something to lose if you ever decided to go the distance with her.

        2. Exactly. I’m glad that I am not alone in this mindset as it gives me more hope about other men out there not settling just because they are looking for some easy play.

    2. The second that gender roles were shamed, was the second that society was on the path to destruction.

      1. Absolutely accurate. Now a day’s, division is based more so on a day to day definition, that changes on the fly, from people who, in the past, would never even remotely hold a single chance to express their distorted views to the world.
        The problem is that they have, effectively, set up a situation where the only recourse to stopping the madness would be to, quite literally, remove them or remove their ability to speak. Both of which would be against the fundamental values of the country which makes them nearly impossible to correct. On top of that we have a media that is more interested in glorifying drama and said division so the kids who are not yet educated enough to make up their minds are tuning in to them and giving them a platform to spread their despicable propaganda.
        At this point I can honestly say I am out of ideas on how to deal with them save locking them up or, somehow, having a new news agency gain steam that speaks to the facts, does not care about offending anyone, and doesn’t deal with any drama. Neither or which I suspect will happen in our lifetime.

  9. Feminists are cunts. The should be sent to collective farms where they get fucked senseless and have about 5 kids. Then they would at least have contributed something other than lies to humanity.

    1. how about a huge human dairy farm…. breast milk is so much sweeter and healthier than cow milk…..

      1. They’ve got no milk to give. And what little is there might be laced with alcohol and salt.

        1. Don’t even bother milking them or making them have kids. They’d make bad parents and their milk is probably full of crap. And human breast milk is only for babies. Heck, if I found out I was drinking someone’s breast milk, I’d throw up.

    2. Feminism (in the long run) will fuck women over. Our system can’t sustain more women in the work force giving a smaller percentage into it while taking out a larger percentage in benefits.
      It’s similar to our social security problem (that needs to be fixed or it’s gone, soon, too.).

      1. You are correct.
        So far feminism has forced women to
        1 get jobs and work to pay the household bills
        2 become sluts , If they dont, then they aren’t a “real woman’ living her life to the “fullest like men”
        They must make sluts of themselves. It’s the right thing to do!
        3 raise the kids herself….and badly.
        4 removed a women’s legal rights of support from her husband’s family. Yes , prior to the big emanicipation. The husbands family had to support the women after the husband died or ran off.

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  10. More Feminism=More Cat ladies. Just a bunch of genetically inferior women removing themselves from the gene pool. Who cares?The majority of women(and men for that matter) aren’t realtionship material to begin with, as a consequence the majority of people alive today are going to live empty lives and the majority of people alive today are going to die alone a miserable and waste their one and only life existence. Who give a shit about what they think of men or anyone for that matter? At the end of the day we are the ones who are going to win and they feminist will be the losers of life, in fact they already lost.
    You have only one life in existence. After that you have nothing and will never again have anything at all. What are you going to do with it? Argue with a bunch of narcissistic cunts on the internet? What a massive waste of time. Fuck that. Go find your purpose for your one and only existence stick to that until you die. Fuck everything and everyone else.

    1. You pronounce that the people who don’t commit their lives to relationships have ’empty lives’ and ‘waste their one and only life existence’. But that’s what you think. I’ve had relationships that add to my life. I’m not in one now, unless you count some extremely casual ones. Happy as a clam. The farther I get from approval paradigms in my daily thinking, the better I feel. That leaves me more energy for novels, moment to moment appreciation of my luck, walks in the woods, etc. Very simple activities are enriched when your brain isn’t distracted, off pursuing its old chain thoughts concerning approval/self-satisfaction or disapproval/social regret. The RP/Manosphere epiphanies have left me staggered with how much energy I wasted on borderline brainwashed behaviors (oneitis, pedestalization). The intensity of the emotions I felt for what were really just societal codes that I had been told I should pursue leaves me staggered and skeptical of much of my current thoughts too. By the day, I start to realize that the whole human world has elements of those same strains of brainwashing. The constant, daily interaction, judgment, bonding, feuding, acceptance=happiness, talking, reacting, emoting, criticizing, gossiping, approval/disapproval, high/low self-esteem assessments. Maybe it’s all a bunch of shit at the worst or best case scenario, it’s simply overwrought and too relentless. Thoreau and a lot of others decided it was. Your judgment of life’s best route (decades long relationships ending with people crowding around you wondering about the contents of your will, while you drool on your death bed, swiping at hallucinations in the air) is dead-center of what we’re all programmed to be so maybe you should look into that.

    2. I agree with a sentence on your whole comment. One.
      “Go find your purpose for your one and only existence stick to that until you die”.
      Everything else, whilst having truth to it, is too negative the way you say it. If that is really how life has become, might as well get the silver bullet.
      Nah. Not for me.

  11. One of the largest contributors to the pay gap is that women are working in less lucrative fields, like gender studies and special education.

  12. “Feminism is the great equalizer in the sense that everyone loses.”
    Thats how it is with egalitarianism. Thats why socialist countries are always remarkably poor. Without inequality, there is poverty.

  13. Feminism isnt just anti-man. Its anti-woman, as youve noted. This is a point to really drive home in debates against feminists. To expand the gulf between women and these diseases.

    1. Look up some videos featuring doris lessing. she was one of the founders of the natl organization of women. after a few years she had to quit because, and I quote, “it was becoming full of vindictive divorcees and man-hating lesbians.”
      This was in the early/mid 70s…

  14. Feminism is the idea that men should be forced to give women money but get nothing in return. Any unwillingness to pay for nothing means you hate women.

    1. This is a more accurate statement. They do their thing, nothing wrong with that. But making a guy pay for them, while not giving anything in return is called an unfair bargain. For example, in the US, men have to pay child support and sign up for selective service. If women can have jobs and be in the military why not make them do these things. They can’t have it all in a fair bargain. But unfortunately, the West is pretty much a cuntocracy.

      1. Good point on selective service. I blame half of this shit on politicians who pander to women. They don’t want to change the rules for requiring women to sign up because many are looking to the next elections for their votes.
        It’s always easy to sit in Congress and blame the other party (or other politicians) when it doesn’t work out. If you’ve been around long enough, then you can see this shit coming from a mile out. The timing is all in the election cycle(s).
        Anytime there is any subject coming to the floor that would be too controversial, they simply put it off until after the elections.

        1. Lots of politicians, in general, are manginas, especially the liberal ones. All they want to do is give women rights but shield them from the consequences. Let them serve in military, but you have to do x, y, and z. And x, y, and z are generally things to a) advance SJW agenda of gender equality b) shield women from the bad consequences of joining as if they’re children and c) rape hysteria- all military servicemen are candidates for false rape accusations and women are always victims of these ‘sexual harrassments or assaults.’

        2. All politicians have lied for many years. The difference being that we’re seeing the cause and effect when lying to females (for votes) versus males. That latest drum banging: taxpayers paying for birth control and politicians lining up to pander to women.
          Lying to females for votes (on the emotional level) versus lying to males for votes (on the logical level).

        3. You’re seeing two parties versus one big party. Any politician will lie or pander to get votes. They’re even switching sides, at will, to remain in power (or to gain a seat).

        4. You’re right; it is why I say (often to the enraged astonishment of others) that democracy doesn’t work in a system like ours. Too many people are willing to be decieved if it makes them feel good, and no sane plitician will demand responsibility, accountability, or austerity from the men and (especially) women who will vote them into office. The nation is being destroyed one senator at a time

        5. It doesn’t help that since the ‘cultural revolution’ in the US, the media has been steadily transofming into entertainment in place of news; and biased entertainment at that. A populace without proper access to information will rapidly degenerate into a hoard of ignorant fools who readily believe that the world is all black/white, right/wrong, good/bad, or red/blue. Nuance is forgotten because it is difficult, complexity too grey for a 2-party system. (even when the 2 parties are in fact 1 big party)

  15. Feminism is nothing but the communism of sex. And we can see how well that turned out for the planet generally.

  16. There was a certain Japanese woman who lived from 1863 to the 1930s and throughout her life, she mastered the use of several martial arts and weapons associated with the male samurai. She joined a travelling competition sideshow and took on every challenger, male and female, and never lost. She became quite famous in her day. What ultimately happened to her? She died a poor, lonely, uneducated and near alcoholic woman with not even cats around her in the end. Keep in mind that this was a time and place way before modern feminism ever was conceived but her story shows you what happens when a woman tries to become like a man and is over aggressive and competitive. She drives everyone away from her and alienates herself from others. While I’m supportive of women learning martial arts, I’m not supportive of women attempting to destroy their own feminity in order to try and prove that they are as tough as men. Feminism in its modern day and age is now trying to do the same thing that this Japanese woman did all a mass scale and we can see the results of it now in our society.

    1. What ultimately happens to anyone? So, she died. It’s too bad she was poor after being so excellent but that’s a different story. I would like to know how SHE felt about her own life. Maybe her old age was her just sitting around, dazed with sake and good memories of spending all her life doing what fascinated her. Who knows? Her poverty and alcoholism could be more to do with cultural stuff than the fact that she spent her life doing what she wanted instead of fulfilling expected roles. She sounds cool.

      1. You have a point. She did have a very interesting life doing what she wanted to do and to give her more credit, she passed her martial arts knowledge down to a few students who are teaching it to this day to another generation. My point in trying to make is that being over aggressive in a woman will have a tendency to kill off the feminine aspect of her and that will make her very unattractive to men. And this is something that feminists actually seem to promote to the detriment of a lot of women who genuinely want to find a man to settle down with.

        1. True. But at least she contributed something to society that is not necessarily like that of a typical woman of that time. Too bad there aren’t many women like her because nowadays, most women would rather be like Miley Cyrus or the stupid pop stars on TV.

        2. Yes and I would posit the thought that many feminists have the fucked up idea whizzing around the hamster wheel in their heads that competing directly with a man will make them more attractive to men. They are that deluded.

        3. Agree. Her problem was – she did not find true balance in her life. There is no reason why she couldn’t have been a talented individual while still being a very feminine woman.
          There are plenty of women out there, today, who have learned this true balance in life. They are being competitive but they are being competitive in their own field (females) while still being feminine and still finding the time to be a good mother, wife, girlfriend, etc…
          I think that many women have missed the memo…and they need to tell today’s feminists:
          “thanks for stopping by but I’m good here”.

        4. Yup. She contributed something to society at the end of her life and was definitely not some crazy man-hating feminist like Andrea Dworkin or Valerie Solanas. That’s what matters ultimately in the end for everyone at the end of our lives.

        5. When women are behind on power they jump in with feminism. When they are ahead on power they say they are good internally, but reserve the right for a future power grab so never state feminist should be removed because the later grab might be necessary. The truth is most are so ego driven, the concept of one practiced belief catapulting their lives for decades into a sea of unhappiness is beyond comprehension. Who needs a future when no matter what I do now, someone will praise me like a Queen?

      2. Good point, she may be an exception and she may not have been happy being the typical woman of her time. We didn’t know how she felt about doing what she was doing. She could have been one of those women that are outliers (i.e. more masculine than feminine). It seems as though she accomplished something and gave back to society by passing down her martial arts knowledge unlike the feminists of today that only spread lies and ruin lives.

  17. Feminism is now anti male simple as that, they can’t claim it’s about equality because women already have equality an more in the west. Feminism is trying to turn men into women an women into men which hurts both gengers.

    1. Excellent find! It hurt me physically to bite my tongue and not post but for fucks sake. The saving grace was seeing a man call this video an example of the gynocrisy and seeing another rail against this violent men classification. As more lives are being ruined a new wave by feminism, people are starting to see the truth for what it is.

      1. The “truth” has been readily apparent for hundreds of years; there have been no formal changes in favor of the Slave Gender because Feminine Power over the male is both absolute and very much part of the Natural Order of Things. Will there be minor uprisings against this Eternal Truth? Of course there will. Can they possibly succeed? As Adlai Stevenson said, “When Hell freezes over.”

        1. To that you are right. One of the strongest cases for this that I can immediately think of, is the exoneration of women from the Nazi regime. Male SS members were hunted more and on a whole, the women were released with just a warning. One woman was released for good behavior after serving 9 years on a life sentence. Nine years after assisting in the murder of thousands.
          Can men succeed? Of course men will ‘win’. Feminism has done a bang up job assaulting the sexual power of women and weaponizing it against men. MGTOW is experiencing it’s strongest push in history and while it isn’t being spoken on, more women are losing their influence by the day. In 25 years, tops, because of this current of feminism, laws will be in place where assaulting women might become an equal grounds affair. About 28% or less of Americans will be married. Minimum wage will rise up a few more dollars and Americans will live in poorer conditions as both sexes will need to support themselves. PUA become a standard school of thought amongst men.
          The darkest thought of all, and some day this may become a more spoken of affair, is that this wave of feminism has been one of the most effective sources of mass genocide in history. Without a bullet or instilling fear at the source directly, a generation or two of a society was programmed to have harsh relations. Best way to eliminate millions of future successors the world will ever see.

        2. The future you envision is a veritable pipe dream…in reality, within 10 years, males will be stripped of their right to vote and own property. Within 15 years, they will lose all their rights and be nothing more than thralls. Their brute strength and brawn will make them exceptionally fit for hard labor and servitude…and their tiny brains will never let them understand how girls enslaved them…or how to extricate themselves from a predicament that will last for centuries.
          All your hopes are predicated on the theory that We are not very well aware of your movement. I took a few minutes to read “The Misandry Bubble” the other day…and laughed hysterically. The fact of the matter is boy, that it is Our Game…and if you try to play it…We will change the rules. So you may wistfully pray for deliverance and salvation as much as you like…but, at least on some level, accept the fact that We will never allow that tomorrow of yours to come to pass…

        3. Interesting suggestion but this is once again fallible. While women will unite more often than not, men are always on the move with problem solving techniques. The illusion here is that women have manipulated men for years. The fact is, men were too lazy to care about the manipulations as sex was a primary focus of dealing with women. If anything was the source of manipulation it would be biological imperative. But what happens when you weaponize the one tool of manipulation with a rational being? A disconnect and assertion to problem solve.
          While I haven’t read the work in question, if we share any thoughts on sexual relations in the West, there is a huge problem. As a whole men solve grander problems, at a larger scale than women individually. We shift the platform of the world when we come together. Think of it. The one power of sex, has been a long respected aspect controlled by women and a few red pill men. In this extra grab at power, more men became powerless and to balance the scales PUA was formed.
          In those traits that are taught by thousands, many men are acquiring the skill to hit on women without connecting with them. MGTOW have also disconnected from the power source. Every push creates an answer and because some women are looking to have free resources in the future, feminist will be cannibalized. Just the nature of power grabs really.
          As much as I’d like to say the end goal will be men as winners or women will win, no one will win. Men will win in the literal sense in that women will ‘submit’ once more for their long term goals. But for the next few decades, men will become mechanical in dealing with women as they aren’t fulfilling their end of the successful manipulation.

        4. Your comment is vague and rife with ambiguity…you speak in the abstract…I deal with the concrete. A de facto Slave Gender has existed informally for time immemorial…that condition is slowly transforming into a de jure one. Consent for these changes need not be obtained from the general public; they will do as they are told…as they always have.

        5. I think you are both posturing; in 20-25 yrs, we could be looking at a scenario depicted in cormac mccarthy’s “The Road”.
          Hes a writer who doesnt really like the company of other writers. He hangs with futurists, scientists, anthropologists, etc….Dont think those conversations he had with these guys didnt inform the writing in that book…

        6. But they must. You seem to believe that the movement for totalitarian control by women is all but an accepted fact while forgetting one intrinsic truth, women are power hungry. This is the biggest flaw that is displaying itself now because only a collapse can happen for those who demand total power and have an inability to exert it.
          In regards to the collapse I’ll list a visual. Today as I walked through a neighborhood in Chi-Town, two youths, a heterosexual couple of no older than 22, were assaulting each other in the street. The woman (of course) was striking the man. I was tempted to step in, oddly enough, on behalf of the man. Some may not have that reaction but I know the violence of women very well and know how brutal they are at exerting power. Now the couple was fighting each but no blood was spilt thankfully. The man was holding his own and striking back to defend himself so I let it be. No other person did anything either. No one cared to defend either person as they were doing a bang up job themselves. It was just two brutes going at it. Sex made no difference. This is where the nation will be heading in a few years as the outright lies to keep rape culture alive in media continues. You didn’t actually think open plays of brutality would go unchecked did you?

  18. Feminists are twisted. They have penis envy. They wish they could be men. But they can’t so they self destruct, divorce their husbands, and raise their sons to be manginas. The damage to society is massive.

    1. OMG who in their right mind would want to be male??? A member of the Slave Gender…a Beast of Burden??? You have *got* to be kidding…reminds me of the loser kid in school who all the other children pick on…and when he comes home to his parents…they tell him that the other children “are just jealous of him”…the statement has no basis in reality…but it will usually make the child feel a bit better about himself…especially if his critical thinking skills are lacking.

    1. Yes, it is. It is absolutely anti WHITE human. And just who started all this feminism, starting with women’s suffrage? When you lance any social abscess, the same creature is brought to the light.
      Jesus warned us about these parasites, a long time ago.

      1. Yep; white men created a society…it’s only natural that they hand it over to women and minorities after said society reaches its zenith. It would be like a bunch of americans going to china and taking over, because we deserve it or whatever

    2. Feminism is racist . They claim that white males are “born better” with white male privileges .
      This “born that way” ideology screams white males are superior , not just as a result of what they do, but right from birth, it’ thus inherent /genetic.
      Feminism is racism disguised as feel-good equality.

  19. I’m a feminist, but I’m not a man-hating one like people think. I’m just for equality.” They’ve even pressured the dictionaries into adopting their definition, as though the dictionary is an absolute statutory rule book instead of a social commentary.
    Like George Caralin has said ” language controls thought”.
    Thats why they are after it. Look through wiki theyll turn it all into an issue that concerns women only and blow it out of proportion such as fgm,honor killing,crime of passion,rape culture,violence against women,pay,etc

    1. “I’m just for equality”
      So you want the pros of equality when it benefits you, but not the cons when they don’t.

      1. Someone needs to write about the myth of equality. I bluntly told a feminist right in her face that she was not my equal. And that shut her up.

    2. Youre for “equality”? So, youre trying really hard to help men have an equal opportunity to have abortions?
      Your brand of “equality” is men and women getting equally drunk and having sex but only the man is responsible for it.
      Personally, I respect your agency. If youre ever trapped in a burning vehicle, Ill cheer for you, while you independently get yourself out of danger. You go girl.

  20. I disagree. Feminism is in fact a blessing in disguise. Women shot themselves in the foot.
    Since the dawn of time, men have been manipulated by women. It is true, don’t deny it. Think! Forget about patriarchy, forget about slavery. Women have always held the power – the power of the weaker and less intelligent partner. They have always been red pill, they have always been machiavellian and manipulative. Men have always fell in their trap, only for the promise of regular sex and let’s not forget parenthood.
    But now when all the cards are on the table men can finally liberate ourselves. Sex is no longer the exchange service as women now can live independently. Sex is just a game now. Play the game and enjoy your short time down here, fellas. Women are easier to get into the sack as they don’t need it for exchange.
    Learn from the bitches, use your penis as a nuclear weapon to keep the balance of powers in check. The pussy has always been nuclear but now we can catch up in the arm race.
    Enjoy these times, they are the best! Let the bitches work, let them pay tax, let them put themselves in the mort cage (mortgage)! Just make sure you don’t pay for it. No marriage, no LTR. If you want children, find a surrogate mother or make an arrangement with a woman that you’ll enter in a relationship with her for a certain period of time while she helps to raise the children up to adolescence age. After that you don’t need a woman. You as a father figure will raise them much much better on your own. And even if the bitch wants to keep them, let her. Move overseas, fuck another one! Stay liquid, stay cool and fuck them bitches!
    And if nothing works just wank the heat off and take a cold shower to kill it completely! Then grab a old book and drink something strong! Haha.

    1. Yeah, I was going to point that out too. Mom is as dorky as dad, sometime moreso.

  21. Feminism always has been, and always will be, a war.
    But it is not a war between women and men… It is a war wealthy, High-class women wage against middle and lower class women.

      1. bah, men are the tool of choice. we are, to put it bluntly, the vehicle for status seeking, the weapon used on women by women and by those men who realize that the way to destroy competition is to control the women.
        Unfortunately, men are hard-wired to desire and protect women. It is possible to try and change that behavior, but even the most hard-boiled sexual predator will often go out of his way to help a woman in desperate risk.
        Thus, destroying women is the absolute best way to destroy an entire society… and it’s so EASY.

  22. I always love it when I read the articles on other where feminists are trying to explain why no one understands them. They always bring up that they are not anti-male, but are really also looking out for the best interests of men.
    We have less rights than women. We lose out in divorce court and child custody court. We have no say in reproductioin rights. We can be held accountable for child support even if we were raped, molested, lied to or deceived. We’re even held accountable for other men’s children in some cases.
    We can go to jail on a single accusation from a woman with no proof. We’re labelled creepy if we even look at a woman and she doesn’t like us for some reason. We’re told from boyhood that there is something wrong with us, we’re essentially nothing more than defective girls, and are fed ritalin to suppress our naturally masculine behavior.
    And that’s only part of it. There is more.
    But when I ask these feminut goofballs how feminism is looking out for the best interests of men, I’m always told it’s because we’re being freed from our natural roles. We can cry, we can be feminine, we can wear pink bunny slippers, and we can stay home and be wet nurses all without shame.
    As a man we lose out on all the things above, and in return we can wear pink bunny slippers and cry over sad looking puppies.
    F that. I want my rights back. Keep your f’n bunny slippers.

    1. “We can cry, we can be feminine, we can wear pink bunny slippers, and we can stay home and be wet nurses all without shame.”
      lol….No thanks, I don’t want to be a woman….I want to be a man. Do they even get that shit isn’t kosher for a man?
      Too fucking funny.

    2. Yes….because men are so desperate to act like women. It’s why we reserve words like ‘pussy’, ‘cunt’ and ‘girly’ for those men we respect the most. The above phrases are in fact compliments, praise for men strong enough to be bitches.

  23. First time commenter here.Here’s some suggestions to make the website better ;unrelated to the article.Please read my whole comment before replying.
    1.Fire Matt Forney.His stuff is borderline sociopathic. He’s as dangerous as a radical feminist
    2.Include a note on your site’s header that you are not MRAs
    3.Don’t blame narcissism for everything.You’re confusing narcissism with vanity
    4.When you make a claim about something,back it up with a scientific survey/study.You can find most surveys on pew research.
    5.Tone down the slut shaming a notch.Keep it moderate.
    6.Don’t be too cynical about American women,they aren’t a monolith and not everyone can afford to travel the world for pussy.
    7.When a woman in the comments disagrees politely don’t drive her away with abuse,this leads to ‘reaction formation’ (google it)
    8.Reaxxion is pointless.You don’t need a separate blog for discussing SJW stupidity.
    9.The ‘career women’ you mock are way better than feminists unless she’s a career feminist like a Jezebel writer.They don’t bitch about patriarchy on twitter and tumblr and they are generally prudent.Case in point,my girlfriend, a succesful dentist who introduced me to this site.She actually likes this site except for the eating disorder and other Matt Forney stuff.
    10.Discuss other topics that PC pussies refuse to broach
    11.Objectifying ALL women drives good women away from the red pill
    Implement these suggestions and watch yourself go mainstream.

    1. Thanks the for Feminist update, as pointless as it was.
      Did you really bother to towel off at the gay bathhouse to type all that out?
      I get it , every thesis has an antithesis, and you are the synthesis?

    2. Fuck you, RoK is awesome as it is.
      1. Matt Forney is great!
      2. Sociopaths get the most ass anyways.
      3. Go start your own website.
      4. Eat shit.

      1. “Sociopaths get the most ass.”
        Yes. Mostly in prison shower stalls with black guys who have AIDS.

    3. ROK is the equivalent of hanging out with your buddies, downing a few brewskies and saying whatever you like without fear of censure or disapproval. In a PC world, this site is as refreshing as an ice-cold draft on a hot summer day. If you’re not happy with it, I’m sure there are plenty of brony and SJW websites that will welcome you with open arms, because we sure as hell are not going to change.

      1. Good points! And as for your name, AGREED! Smash them! In and out of the bedroom!

  24. If the employee is going to cut how much they pay because they have to pay every the same then you need to attack the boss not the single mom trying to raise four kids on her own. and yeah women shouldn’t have to change themselves to be with a man other wise that’s not love it’s deal you two worked out look good in front of other people. If a couple are going to bed every night unhappy. it’s not because the woman wants a fair spot in society it’s because something in their relationship is not there. It may be as simple as she no longer interested in you, which does happen. The claims in this report are outlandish, and just simply false.

      1. I’m not an expert, but thanks anyway. Really It’s just takes a little bit of common sense to understand that, but give up. You’ll get it right one day, and as for your follies, people don’t get raped in family court.

        1. Back then? Because we lived in a sexist society. We were so sexist that women weren’t even allowed to be in plays. All the females roles in plays were filled by males, even in romance play that had kissing scenes. All male. Females weren’t allowed to write books, they even weren’t allowed to have credit for their own work. for ex. the person who mapped out our star system was a woman, and she was not giving credit till long after her death. So yes the reason why anything is over populated with men back than is solely because of sexist men.Now in today time, 90% of poets are not males. That would be a far-fetch lie.

        2. Hahaha, ok. Thank You for your answer.
          Ill share with you MY answer.
          Women cannot love like men can.
          50% of marriages end in divorce, 75% of those divorces, women initiated.
          Ill help you out. To me, you sound like a woman posing as a man. Your comment, “People dont get raped in family court.” Uber feminist. The whole “Men arent people” thing. Maybe thats why Im the only one to have responded to you? Meh.

        3. You’ll have to elaborate on, “Women cannot love like men can.”
          I wouldn’t doubt that 75% of those divorces, women initiated. If you haven’t noticed, women themselves are sick of the very mind set you’ve displayed. However I’ll digress because it would be unrealistic of me to say that women aren’t capable of being bitches. But still just because women initiated the divorce does not indicate that they don’t know how to love or that the marriage failed because of the women. That’s big leap to take with such an assumption.
          “Men aren’t people”? I never made that claim which would be stupid seeing that I myself am a man. Uber feminist? sure if that’s what you want to call me, idc. I call myself a humanist. I believe that everyone is entitled to an equal opportunity in life. It’s the principle that this country was founded, which I whole heartily believe in.
          idk why you responded, but I do appreciate your willingness to talk and not just throw insult. It shows you are a reasonable person and from the way you speak with some form of education. Which we need much more of.

        4. HAHAHA!!!! Really?!?! You are a man?!?!
          Will you just reveal the truth “Antonio” or do you want me to find an ad homonym posting to spell it out for you?
          Everything about how you speak screams woman/feminist. From the period rag you are using to type, to your clear determination to being confrontational while aloof about accepting responsibility for said confrontation. Either that or all that estrogen you’ve been forced to consume has clearly made you an effective non thinking male. If that is the case have a six pack and some Wheat Thins. I’ll pay.

      2. Excellent find and pretty spot on. Younger men will “get it” one day. The fact that the older guy (Cruise playing Reacher in this clip) reacts in this way is a good learning tool for many young men.

    1. What a fucking mangina. Why don’t you try growing a pair. The single mom raising four kids is about as worthy a specimen there is for total extinction. Slut around – starve on the street bitch.

      1. Let the kid talk, its fascinating and terrifying. This is what happens when you are raised by a single mom, spend K-12 being “educated” by women, most of whom are probably single moms.

  25. Your understanding of economics is far left non-sense
    “Employers will pay their employees as little as they can get away with, and if those employees know they will not likely be able to have a single-income family, then then the employers will have no reason to give them a living wage.”
    There is NO such thing as a living wage. It’s an absurd term that sets a price for wages based on the needs of the workers. This is impossible and does not work because every worker doing the same job has different needs and thus need different amounts to sustain a “living wage”
    People also have different desires. Some play video games, some do not. Some like to go to football games , others do not. ….some people only want to travel.
    They all don’t cost the same.
    The wages for any work is set ONLY upon what the work requires.
    A job that requires no skills, no experience, no education and no grand effort pays the least . That job will always be the lowest paying job ,regardless of what the min wage is set out
    The higher paying the job , the more skills, education, experience and/or effort it will require.
    Regardless of a person having a “single income family” ( How does the employer even know this ? Has anyone seen this on a job application?), the employer would have to know all the workers expenses under a living wage non-sense scenario, to know what to pay them.
    What is required to do any certain job, dictates the pay scale of that job. There is no other considerations. No employer pays extra because you popped out another kid , or got married.

  26. “Patriarchy makes it difficult for women to study science or to walk down a street at night”
    I suspect from your thought patterns that you have only semi-recently ingested the red pill. Good on you! Welcome to the journey.
    Sentences like the one I have quoted here are vestiges of your old belief system that need to be eradicated as well. You’ve cleared out the cobwebs, so let’s go around and kill each individual spider until the room is nice and tidy.
    1. What makes it difficult for women to study science is the fact that most don’t understand it and find it boring. There is nothing emotionally moving about geometry, and so it provides little to no value to the average woman. If anything, what you call Patriarchy has provided women with billions of dollars in education assistance programs, special rules and tutoring and grants open only to women, and given them every conceivable leg-up in school in a fruitless effort to prove how equal they are to men in STEM fields. It does not, has not and will never work. Biology doesn’t care about laws and administrations.
    2. Nobody is completely safe walking down the street at night (or anywhere else technically). Men and women who want to remain safe will do the sensible thing and learn self-defense and/or carry a deterrent and/or weapon to “dissuade” attackers from their original agenda. Insisting that you should be allowed to walk around topless at night and somehow be completely safe from harm is utterly retarded and evidence of a deep narcissism, ignorance and solipsism that is very hard for most males to fully process.
    “Patriarchy” in the Western sense (not the Middle Eastern sense) has benefitted women more than any other system by several orders of magnitude.

  27. The major problem is that if women truly and honestly desired to be homemakers they would be leaving universities and the work force en mass. Everyone wants an exciting and lucrative career. These cunts aint going no where of their own voilition. They all feel entitled to wasting billions of hard-earned and easily stolen tax payer dollars to fund the advanced education of their scarcely functioning brain stems. It’s been said many times here – the smartest women are substantially intellectually inferior to even the lowest IQ’d males that society offers up, yet we still humor their delusions and childish aspirations of pretending to be men, by allowing them to squat in OUR fucking institutions of higher learning and our graduate schools – snail trailing and drooling their ways through once rigorous degreed programs.
    So what next? It’s not as though they’re willingly going to go back to the kitchens they’ve abandoned. This is why we need to make their college and professional experiences so fucking hostile they have no idea what the fuck to do with themselves but crumble into the sniveling, tear-streaked social piles of shit they truly are. Do you think a man would give two shits if he were teased or his ideas were constantly called out in a public, academic or social setting – Fuck no, we unequivocally rise to every hurdle we meet. Bitches need some Socratic method upside their easily confused and intimidated little heads. Watch them flee!
    I also believe that its time for the bigger players in redpill dissemination to rise to the political callings that they so urgently need to be fill. Women no longer get a fucking choice. They’re too stupid to understand they are biologically endowed for nothing but procreation and shutting the fuck up under our heel. We can and will commandeer things back to normalcy.

  28. All i got from this article was you saying “boo hoo, why isnt everything about me, back in the good old days i had all of the money and power and i want it to stay that way!”

    1. Go make yourself a sandwich, don your power suit, and hang out at Starbucks. All you added to this article was:

        1. Hahah!!! Here it is comes. Oh Shit!! Oh Shit!!! Oh Shitttt!!! YES!! YES!!!!! YES!!!!!!……………………………
          *Licking wet fingers” Fuck you patriarchy! Rapists loving scum!

        2. Lmao!! Hopefully she can manage to get more than two paragraphs of type in between LinkedIn add ons and Facebook relationship scrolling.

  29. The problem is that the average leftist seems to gauge society on whether or not people are nice or unoffensive, that’s why they can claim things like feminism helps men by not judging effeminate men
    It’s got nothing to do with whether or not it’s a good thing, just a generic appeal to good feelings

  30. Feminists bitch about and blame men for everything. They advocate all the rights but accept none of the responsibility in life. Feminism is a fraud.

  31. “…there are countless numbers of men and women who go to bed every night miserable because the opposite sex is not interested in them.”
    If you’re a man, and have game, you don’t. If you’re a woman, and you’re pretty, you don’t.

  32. In Downstown Abbey TV series, I have noticed that the father and head of the family has progressively become a clueless idiot who is always wrong (he was a wise figure at the start of the series) while the grandmother (who started the series as a basically a comic relief character) now is wise and understanding, giving progressive advice to her niece. Incidentally, her nice used to be a frivolous lady before marriage, and now that she is a widow, she is instead strong and capable (other characters had to tell her that first so she would take charge of her life, as if the they were representations of the feminist movement). Maybe I am wrong, but it seemed like insultingly obvious feminist propaganda to me.

  33. Your point about construction is very true. I worked at a grocery store duting High School, and as you can guess it was full of women. Discussion was tame between co-workers and the only real talking point was how shitty work was (of course you wouldn’t say that around the boss though.)
    Contrast that to construction, and you can see the difference an all male environment makes. “Fuck this”, “Fuck that”, “Fuck you”. It’s coarse, rude, blunt, and tothe point. If you don’t like how you’re doing something you tell the boss and he’ll either tell you to suck it up, or help you figure out a better way to solving the issue. You don’t get that with women around.

    1. In a male oriented work environment, as a male, you learn faster and feel safer as you know, your work credentials and ability is what will keep you employed, not who you like or dislike. Emotions don’t trump production and production is the focus above all.

    2. All male work environments are the best. Like a 10 hour vacation from all the mindless stupid girly bullshit that saturates everything else. When the crew adopts a can-never-be-offensive-enough kind of atmosphere, it feels as if a breath of fresh air . Spending hours inventing better insults in your downtime. Its easy to develop a kind of itching to return to work. Was times I actually hated the weekends.

  34. Feminism makes money to support our consumer economy. Women buy A LOT of stuff. If they aren’t in the work force, their spending power would be drastically reduced, meaning less profit for companies. Their husbands would basically control what gets bought since they’d be the sole bread winners. Generally, men are not as frivolous in their purchase decisions.

  35. Feminists don’t hate men. They just want to wipe us off the face of the planet. Obviously what remains would be a same sex environment so we need to try to be accepting of the whole grand plan. Anything else would be intolerant

    1. no. There is absolutely NOTHING feminists won’t take a shot at. The issue is that today’s (I believe they’re referred to as 3rd wave???) feminists don’t actually represent the views of the average woman. The other issue is that men on this site seem to find the most outrageous feminist arguments (example above) and use them as an example of everything that ails the Western world. Seriously? You think most women feel cheated by having to line up for a washroom? You think this is what keeps us up at night? You think that majority of women feel this is a worthy political cause? If that’s been your experience, find new women to socialize with. Frankly, I don’t agree with every argument the author of the article makes, but even he didn’t resort to outlandish examples to prove his point .

  36. “The very popular Fairly Odd Parents was the worst offender, having literally every single male adult be idiotic and immature.”
    I remember the episode where Timmy wished the genders were on opposite sides of the Earth. The female side was all clean and proper while the male side was all nasty. There was one plus though, that both sides realized they needed the other.
    If that episode were made today with all of our modern-day multiple gender bullshit…

      1. I loved it. Of course, I was a kid then but still. There were worse shows out there that showed up later.

  37. “Feminism is the great equalizer in the sense that everyone loses.”
    That just might be the most true thing I have ever read on the internet.

  38. As we demolish the lies that keep us locked into slavery, we seek to identify the essential nature of the War Between the Sexes.
    There is one unspoken truth that, above all others, is protected by society at large. The reason for this is that civilization as we know it would literally crumble in a matter of months, if the full truth were known and understood by the men who maintain it.
    The bill-payers, consumers, taxpayers, and company men, all have something in common. They all serve the Feminine Imperative. Their lives are little more than parts in a screenplay, which provide the illusion of free choice.
    The Feminine Imperative demands that men grow up, settle down, and stop fooling around. It demands that we get an education, and a good career. We buy a car on credit. We find a nice girl to marry, and buy her a home to live in. And finally, we produce children, and train them to continue our legacy of labor and consumption.
    If the intricate structure that bonds this group delusion comes under attack, there would be risk of systemic collapse.
    So what is the dirty secret? It is the Female Dual Mating Strategy.
    The Dual Mating Strategy is to select an Alpha Male for sex and reproduction, and a Beta Male for long-term resource provisioning.
    Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks. (coined by the illustrious Great Books For Men)
    She seeks sexual partners solely on the basis of their favorable genetics. This presents a problem for her long-term security and that of her offspring, because alpha males do not tend to stay monogamous for long, nor are they particularly interested in being a father and house husband.
    When the female grows older, and has either already had kids by an alpha, or is facing the end of her biological viability, her strategy shifts. She suddenly swears off her past and becomes interested in a resource provisioner, or a Beta Male. She swears she wants a nice, caring guy who she can trust to be there always. A guy who will give her back rubs, cook nice dinners, and send her flowers on holidays. Never mind that this is the exact opposite of the kind of guy she had sex with in her prime. Her priorities have changed from sexual excitement to long-term security.
    A woman knows subconsciously that her worth is tied to her reproductive ability. If she is unable to bear children with a provider male, or trick a provider into raising the children of another man, she will be forced into the drudgery of lifetime employment.
    This sudden urgency to find a nice guy to settle down with is driven by the deep awareness that her beauty and reproductive ability are declining, and will be worthless to alpha males within a decade. She wants to lock down some security before that happens. In other words, she is only willing to give the leftovers, nearing expiration date, to the Nice Guys. She rewarded the Alpha Jerks with hot, commitment-free sex for years back when she was young, thin and beautiful.
    By settling down for a “partnership” with a Beta Provider, she can maintain the illusion that the Feminine Imperative demands. The illusion is that nice, hard-working provider males will get their due later in life, and be rewarded with marriage to these women after they have “grown up” and become more mature. We must keep Beta Males duped into believing that all of their hard work will pay off someday, lest they wander off the plantation. Ignore the question of why any man would want a “mature” woman who has already been passed around by every degenerate in her zip code.
    The most loathsome side of the Dual Strategy is that society is structured to make men foot the bill, financially and emotionally. After trapping a provider into marriage, the desire for sex with alpha males crops back up and rears its seductive head. She must find a way to keep the provider male’s assets, while pursuing her desire to have sex with uncommitted Alpha Males. This is where society has stepped in to provide no-fault divorce laws, and vaginamony asset theft, along with inflated child support payments. Society forces men to pay so that women can have their cake and eat it too!
    The dual strategy must never be acknowledged or women will be seen for the opportunistic parasites they are. Few men would shuffle off to toil in the power plants with the knowledge that their wives were fucking the unemployed barflies behind his back. Few men would bother with marriage if they understood that their brides had engaged in every depraved sex act imaginable with near strangers, and yet makes him beg and plead for the smallest tokens of sexual release. When men stop bothering with marriage, they also lose interest in things like stifling careers and home ownership.
    The Cock Carousel, Cuckolding, Step Children, Adoption, Ashley Madison, Facebook Flirting, the Seven Year Itch, Frivolous Divorce, Eat, Pray, Love – these are all manifestations of this Female Dual Mating Strategy. If you, as a man, want to protect your finances and your dignity, you need to learn how to sidestep the deadly trap of being a woman’s resource provider.

  39. This is probably the most important article on this sight. Feminism is not a civil rights “movement”, it is a form of bigotry. And it’s currently deeply embedded in our institutions and is therefore the number one problem within our culture. The KKK and Jim Crow fell, the Nazis fell, and feminism will fall. How soon that happens is up to us.

  40. This article is poorly argued, and it full of misogynist undertones like everything else on this site. It’s just some guy whining about how women can do the things they can do now and trying to back it up with political and social bullshit that has no basis in fact. It’s not that you can’t be yourself around women, you just don’t want to have to because you’re a child whose personality and views are offputting to anyone who isn’t a right-wing white male. There are still plenty of places men and women can be themselves, it’s called everywhere? BECAUSE BOTH MEN AND WOMEN CAN GO TO SPAS AND BARS NOW. If you feel you have to act differently around the opposite sex, that just proves against your own point that segregation of the genders is bad for society and individuals. Men can be their foul mouthed, funny selves around women just fine. Pigs, cannot be themselves around anyone else besides other pigs. Also, you mention that men can no longer come home to everything being done for them, as if its so unfair to share an equal work load, but you don’t give the same credit to women. You imply that gay families steal children from hetero couples when they finally feel free to be themselves, even though almost all of them have willing surrogates to have their children or adopt. It is statistical fact, that gay couples produce more loving, balanced, and tolerant children. Even if you were right, hetero couples end up raising the children from a previous marriage much more often. We don’t need men to “save us” from the work force, to put us in our place with another misogynist idealism or construct disguised as a favor. You have no literary skill, and are extremely ignorant. It’s actually annoying to read. Keep whining, I’m sure it gets you far in life.
    “Patriarchy makes it difficult for women to study science or walk down the street at night, but feminism makes it difficult for men and women to find love, one of the most basic human drives. <Literally one of the most unfounded, boldly inaccurate comparisons I have ever read in my life. Let’s just keep it patriarchal, I know its horrible, but feminism makes it harder to get laid so….
    Finding love is not easy for anyone, and never has been, no matter the social or political norm of the era, hence “love”. If you knew what it actually was, and understood the history of attraction between men and women and the way loves works as an action versus an attraction, you would also find that statement utterly idiotic.
    “Nobody is conspiring to keep women in poverty by deliberately giving them 13¢ less by the dollar.”
    …… So, did you just decide to write this without doing any actual research on the topic? Because that statement is false. The pay gap is everywhere in the work force, whether up high, or in small management. Yeah, it stings to be wrong and have to take accountability once in a while. We noticed what was happening. Deal with it.
    “From the time Little Timmy goes to school, he is bombarded with messages that real men are never violent towards any person and show respect always to women in the ways that the women define respect.” Also inaccurate. We are taught to respect PEOPLE in the ways that PEOPLE define respect. Men were the ones who wrote textbooks and taught overarching philosophy that men should be respected in the ways men define respect. We’re trying to eliminate gender selective practices, that’s the entire point.
    “Flooding the workforce with women”, just the terms you use are disgustingly full of bullshit undertones.
    This site, and anyone writing for it, sponsoring it, advertising it, and supporting it is a detriment to society. Not to mention, poor quality literary propaganda with no basis in fact, yet trying to pull it off as such.
    It’s okay though, it’s not like the entire point of feminism is to abolish this kind of thing. You’re trying to make it seem like you disagree with patriarchy, but your boldly inaccurate comparisons and dismissal of female struggle make it clear that you would like nothing more.

    1. “It is statistical fact, that gay couples produce more loving, balanced, and tolerant children.”
      Please produce your statistics that you say verify this alleged fact.

    2. I don’t agree with everything the author argues, but to suggest his arguments are misogynistic may be a tad extreme. Patriarchal, yes, but “expressing a deep hatred and mistrust of women”, not so much. In any event, having both men and women in the workforce has had economic consequences. So on that point, he’s at least partially right, more workers=cheaper labour. What he fails to recognize, however, is that globalization has had a far greater impact on the cost of labour than feminism ever did. The “living wage” was going to disappear whether or not women entered the workforce, as more and more production and manufacturing moved into the highly exploited third world. So, following the author’s arguments, we need to get the women back in the kitchen and obliterate all developing nations. I don’t see this as a realizable solution. As for the rest of the article, meh, not cited=not valuable or worth addressing, but still not misogynistic.His arguments are short sighted, but yours are irrational. If you’re the independent, intelligent woman you pretend to be, stop yelling “misogyny” every time someone says something you don’t agree with.

  41. I used to be a raging feminist until I met my husband. His quiet Alpha demeanor made me forget feminist propaganda forever. I can’t believe that I am much happier in a traditional marriage than as a “strong and independent” single woman.

  42. See my comments on “Why Patriarchy is the Greatest Social System Ever Created” – I really think all of you guys are against capitalism, not feminism.
    “Now men can often no longer afford to have a stay-at-home
    wife while their kids are young, and women who want to stay at home often have to work. Odd how for some women to have their dreams, men and many women have had to give up theirs. This causes children to be raised in daycares and separated from their parents.”
    – Feminism did not create that situation, capitalism did.
    Capitalism placed women in to the market economy, and combined with the patriarchal system we forgot/refused to readjust the logistics of care work and community. With inflation and growing pressure to create more wealth, women and men now have to work longer and harder to survive. In a different, fairer system, both women and men could still work, but both women and men would be allowed the time to be with their families and equally share the responsibilities of paid work and care work. Men should have and take just as much parenting and caring leave as women. The whole economy and corporate mentality needs to readjust to be less focused on accumulating wealth and more focused on maintaining happy healthy families, societies and environments.
    “The other vogue talking point that keeps on-the-fencers in
    the feminist camp is “pay gap.” Nevermind that when I worked at Wal-Mart, there were far more female managers than male managers since they were so afraid of a lawsuit. Even if the pay gap is real, it is not a conscious thing. Nobody is conspiring to keep women in poverty by deliberately giving them 13¢ less by the dollar.”
    – I agree that the pay gap is not a deliberate conspiracy
    against women, it is mostly created by capitalism. It is part of a capitalist system in which women are paid less because they have to take time out of the workforce to do all of the world’s care work – caring for children, elderly, the house and men – when they return to the workforce their labour is less valuable than that of a man who has taken no time out to be with his family. This is also why there are less women in leadership roles, they lack the required time and experience in the workforce. A fairer system would allow women and men
    equal amounts of time in both the rat race and at home with their families and communities. Again I’m mostly talking about equal parenting and carers leave, and a readjusted economy. The economy would still function, with both genders working, but future healthy generations would be more able to maintain that economy because they have seen both parents with equal amounts of time to work, play and nurture.
    “feminism makes it difficult for men and women to find love, one of
    the most basic human drives.”
    – feminism doesn’t make it difficult for men and women to
    find love, capitalism does. Men and women are too busy working, becoming individualistic and profit-seeking, to find love. Feminism asks for men and women to love and respect each other equally, not for one to work hard to impress the other.
    None of the articles I’ve read on this site have any understanding of what feminism is. Everyone should read more widely to gain an understanding of others’ perspectives, that’s what I’m doing by being here. I’m noticing that none of you are truly against feminism, you are against the degradation of family and community values, which is mostly a product of capitalism, not feminism. Yes there are many different versions of feminism but most feminists want equal opportunities for both men and women – whether that means equal opportunities to be resilient and active citizens participating in the market economy, whether that means equal opportunities to be respected, loved, have families, community connections and a sense of purpose in society, or whether that means a combination of both and/or more.

  43. “every time I hear about a working mother putting her three-month old
    infant in a daycare, I think, “Why is she not able to be with her
    child?” Every time I go into Wal-Mart and see all the women making $7.45
    an hour, I wonder, “Why couldn’t a man save them from being in this
    terrible environment for 35 hours a week?””
    Indeed. Feminism is pushed mainly by wealthy women for just this reason. There are some women who have a career that really interests them, some high profile women in the media for example, paid a fortune to talk all day and be told that their ramblings have some meaning. I can understand though how they think that their career is important and therefore push the feminist notion that a career matters for a woman.
    Most women hate their jobs. Most men do too although it’s a bit different for men. But something like 99.999% of women would stop working tomorrow if they could, especially if it meant raising their children.
    Whats really absurd is how feminism twists women’s minds into believing that defiance and selfishness are a virtue when aimed at the husband. Women will refuse to cook and clean for their husband, refuse to spend years raising the children (going against their deepest biological instincts). However they will devote years and years, their energy, the precious childhoods of their children all to making the man (who owns the company they work in the call center of) richer. Little wonder so many end up unhappy. Most would prefer to spend the bulk of their lives devoted to family, children, home. Yet just so a few rich feminists can indulge their fantasy of having a career just like men do, the great majority of women have been brainwashed into believing their satisfaction in life will come from a job.

  44. This is probably the most important article on this sight. Feminism is not a civil rights “movement”, it is a form of bigotry. And it’s currently deeply embedded in our institutions and is therefore the number one problem within our culture. The KKK and Jim Crow fell, the Nazis fell, and feminism will fall. How soon that happens is up to us.

  45. Employers pay low wages because they can. Because there is someone willing to accept the lower wage. And that someone is usually a foreigner. You said yourself women demand the same salary as men and in some cases are now making more than their male counterparts.

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