What Donald Trump’s Victory Means For Men

The celebrations have ended and we’ve all come to absorb the fact that Donald Trump is our next President, an outcome that many of us have aggressively worked for in the past several months. Now that we’ve gotten what we wanted, it’s time to describe exactly how a Trump presidency will improve our standing.

If the President can say it then you can say it


The biggest effect we’ll see is the death of political correctness. We now have a shitlord for President who has insulted ugly women as “fat pigs,” and whose private macho talk, which all masculine men have done, was relentlessly attacked by the press but not punished in the voter booth. This means that when you talk like Trump, the first thought your listener will have is, “He sounds like the President of the United States.”

What excuse will they now have for limiting your speech if one man was able to gain the highest office in the land because of it? Either Trump was elected because voters liked a person who makes those kinds of statements or they didn’t care enough that he made them. Whichever explanation you accept means that the will of the American people has stated that you can exercise your free speech, your opinions, and your desire to flirt with attractive women without having to obey a speech police force that evaluates everything you do based on how offensive it is to a kaleidoscope of races and loony identities. You can begin removing your politically correct filter.

I’m in a state of exuberance that we now have a President who rates women on a 1-10 scale in the same way that we do and evaluates women by their appearance and feminine attitude. We may have to institute a new feature called “Would Trump bang?” to signify the importance of feminine beauty ideals that cultivate effort and class above sloth and vulgarity. Simply look at his wife and the beautiful women he has surrounded himself with to remind yourself of what men everywhere prefer, and not the “beauty at every size” sewage that has been pushed down our throats by gender studies professors and corporations trying to market their product to feminist fatsoes. The President of the United States does not see the value in fat women who don’t take care of themselves, and neither should you.

Liberals will be forced to tolerate us in a way they didn’t have to before


There are so many of us that we can ease out of the closet and not be afraid of persecution like before. What are they going to do, fire everyone who supports Trump? Accuse every man who voted for him of rape? The way the establishment has been able to marginalize us is to corner men individually and apply intense pressure, but now we have natural allies in all men who back Trump, even if they don’t subscribe to our particular interpretation of masculinity.

Liberals will not be able to point and shriek to get you to withdraw like before. They will not have easy victories by using labels like “racist” or “sexist.” They will have to endure us in their midst and bite their lip when we offend their degenerate ideals, knowing that the price of attacking us is becoming too costly. It may be as simple as whipping out your MAGA hat, as if it’s a bat signal, and having fellow Trump supporters come to your aid. I know that if I see a Trump supporter in trouble, I will help him, regardless of his race or station. Liberals will be forced to share space with those whom they hate, instead of trying to exile them like in the past.

It will be easier to find a fellow traveler


Men who hold our beliefs have long ago learned that we can’t go around sharing them in public to those who are not vetted. If you’re like me, you first “test” a new man you meet with a masculine comment to see how he responds, such as remarking on the attractiveness of a woman or how you’ve heard of a community online that trolls liberals without mercy. We’ve even had to devise a special “pet shop” code to know if a man is aware of the teachings that are found on ROK or the forum. We now have a easier shortcut in Trump.

If a man tells you that he voted for Trump, it’s safe to say that he is favorable to strong borders, nationalism, masculinity, and beautiful women. On a basic level, you will be able to get along with this man and build a bond. It also works the other way around where you bring up Trump to screen out those who are offended by him. It’s fine if someone is politically indifferent, but if a man opposes Trump then I have to anticipate him attacking or sabotaging me in the future. I will distance myself from him for my own well-being.

The cultural decline will halt


We now have a President who will not encourage anti-male propaganda, rape culture, and female victimhood. While I do have minor concerns on the influence of his feminist-minded daughter, Ivanka, Trump will not continue the attack on men that has been institutionalized since the sexual revolution and accelerated during the eight years of Obama. Because our current cultural dystopia is the result of intense long-term manipulation, it is more than enough for Trump to simply not touch the gender issue to allow the culture to return to a more patriarchal order. Stop feeding the rot and it will die off, allowing biology to naturally reassert itself.

We’ve experienced so many changes in the past decade that we haven’t had a chance to understand what’s going on and adapt. Instead, we’ve been reacting from one blow to the next, whether it’s the loss of our jobs through witch hunts or the rape culture horror that has turned a banal consensual hookup into possible incarceration. Trump’s victory gives us room to begin pushing back against the fictions that have put men in harm’s way.


Paradoxically, the benefits of a Trump presidency will not involve specific actions from Trump. His presence automatically legitimizes masculine behaviors that were previously labeled sexist and misogynist. While we may still get heat for them, it will be less severe and we’ll be less likely to sustain serious damage. Liberals will have no choice but to silently stew on our words and we can more effortlessly connect with men not only for male bonding but also to push back against a demoralized and fractured left. Victories will be far easier to achieve under Trump than Obama.

This is our moment. The door is opening for a renaissance of masculinity where men can take pride in being men, and the best part of it is that we don’t need to wait for Trump to do anything. His victory is more than enough for us to apply our own individual strength in seizing the bull’s horns where we can come out of the politically incorrect closet and assert our beliefs and behaviors. It would be icing on the cake if Trump rolled back anti-masculine laws and policies, but it’s not required, because the power to change ourselves and our country is within our hands. Return Of Kings opened in 2012, and the only surprise for me is how quickly the name is being fulfilled.

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596 thoughts on “What Donald Trump’s Victory Means For Men”

    1. Now that’s what an online job application should look like. Short, to the point, centered around the resume. No 20 page personality survey or other stupid bullshit.

      1. you just won the internet, not on a global, but intergalactic level for this.
        The reptilians and greys are giving each other high 4’s right now

    2. Haha, if Roosh gets a job there it would be the ultimate “f* ck you” to feminists 😀

  1. Basically, unnatural and weird culture is exiting, and normalcy is returning to the structure of society.

  2. The biggest effect we’ll see is the death of political correctness.
    Over-optimistic. The street thugs are having their two-minutes hate, but the “intellectuals” are seething mad, plotting, and scheming. I expect them to come back with a vengeance.

    1. Grubhub CEO, who told employees that those who support Trump supporters to quit their jobs, is getting hammered in the stock market. The days of SJW witch hunts will fade.

      The only time PC will get you if they caught you isolated. You’ll have too many allies now.

      1. That’s good news, and a good data point. But it’s only a single empirical example.
        We won the White House. We didn’t win Hollywood, and we didn’t win the media. The latter are more influential in the everyday lives of everyday people. If there is a response to the culture war being fought against us, we haven’t even really begun to engage yet with the strength required.
        Don’t get me wrong, I love the optimism, but want to be cautious about it sounding like a premature declaration of victory.

        1. I wonder if Hollywood will start to fall in line with Trump.
          The thought occurred to me that something similar happened under Dubya as, despite being made in liberal Hollywood & starring liberals, Fox’s 24 was bucking that to follow Dubya’s “War on Terror”…that show actually was less PC about muslim terror than Dubya himself was.

        2. Trump won, not ‘we’, unless you are a jewish billionaire that Trump is beholden to? Your caution will serve you well when Trump betrays everyone who believed his act.

        3. They may. Ultimately, they are a business trying to make money, right? If so, they’ll give the public what the public demands. What, though, of the chances that a Trump victory galvanizes some of them, and they decide the message is more important than the money? This already happens today with some newspapers and magazines being subsidized by wealthy people with an agenda.

        4. Eh, give me a break on the semantics right now.
          Trump released a list of potential SCOTUS nominations. As long as he picks from that list, there isn’t really any way for him to betray me.

        5. AFAIK, movie studios have been compensating for Americans/Westerners declining to see their films by marketing them to the Chicoms.
          If The Donald forces the Chicoms to “play fair”, that way out for the Hollyweirds who refuse to get in line with the “zeitgeist” of Americans will go away and, hopefully, the die-hard left-wing idealist ones will lose money and bite the dust.

        6. The only perfect list would be one I draft myself. Most of his list is fine-to-excellent, and I’m content accept it as a whole.

        7. fuk Hollywood – I’ll take “motion pictures”
          fuk the media – I’ll take “news”
          It we ignore them, they’ll die!

        8. Well you are easily pleased, so I can’t agrue with that. Trump is part of the elite, and came out les than 2 weeks ago stating his plan for recovery is Michael Bloodbergs Public Private Partnership model – as you know, Bloomberg made his 50Billion investing in productive enterprises such as asset stripping and speculating on currency, so I’m sure him and his Billionaire cornies will come up with a good plan (for themselves). We do know, from a Trump hint he gave about a month ago, that he has plans (which the establishment media didn’t press him on, naturally), to just default vs China (and the millions of US bond holders). Fun times ahead manl maybe we can go back to the feudal model with Billionaire feudal Lords and no country (as he is going to destroy Americas credit worthiness). Obviously, such an act of currency war, would mean war……and cohencidently enough, the troops love Trump. Have you seen the Dollar Vigilante video on Trump flip flopping on every issue. He has no principles or integrity, but he loves that you think he does.

        9. The message is way more important than the shekels. They have basically unlimited funds.

      2. Everyone knows that only a moron of a CEO would have said that (in print yet). Even if he believed it. Proof that this is one poorly run company

    1. Hey! That second graphic, I created that! I’m meme-ing! Woot!

      1. i’ll send the royalties over asap.
        i laugh every time i see it…
        ex came over last night – BJ& B this morning. thanks to you

    1. Rent a mobs, thugs, and spoiled college kids….not exactly the waffen ss. When push comes to shove, they are cowards

    1. Definitely something that needs to happen. Restore rates, boot the wooks from the field, and kick out the Trannies. And bring back -man

  3. I swear, these leftists honestly believe President Trump is going to enslave non-whites, imprison non-Christians, take away women’s rights and start killing gays as if he’s a Muslim.

    1. They really don’t understand how representative republican-democracy and the institution of the presidency work. It’s why they’re perplexed that Obama didn’t pave their streets in gold for them and deliver them unto a new progressive age. They think they’re voting for/against a dictator.

      1. It’s unbelievable. If they would have done their homework and looked into his values instead of listening to the media spew propaganda and rhetoric like shot from a 12 pound cannon, they might see how moderate he is.

        1. Not moderate — unstable. He has no core beliefs except whatever gives him an edge at that particular moment.

        2. Maybe, but if they can’t see that Mike TPPence is a center-left squish then they’ll never see anything moderate about The Donald.

    2. What I find fascinating is that the left regularly and sincerely portrays the most liberal members of the “right wing” as being the most hardcore right-wingers to ever be right wing.
      For example, libs I know are all worked up because they believe that Mike “TPPence” is a one-man equivalent to the muslim morality police and that he’s going to “jail the gays”, while folks on the right know that Pence is a total feckless cuckservative who actually sold out to the gay lobby (a big reason why he didn’t run for POTUS).
      Similarly, Lyin’ Ryan was going to “cut the social safety net” and that didn’t happen.

    3. “it’ll be bad for women”
      “it’ll be bad for blacks”
      is all I hear – what rubbish! What president would “go after” any such segment of the citizenry?!?!

      1. If they have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear. Trump will shine a light on these mother farkers soon enough.

  4. You would think that after this huge upset the leftist media would begin to re-evaluate themselves a bit. That they would start asking why so much of the public voted for absolutely anybody but Hillary Clinton.
    Instead they’ve done nothing but double-down on their narrative that the majority of America is a bunch of racist sexist bigots. That is all they know how to do.
    I’ve seen the occasional post on Facebook saying that if Bernie was in there he would have taken it, but no one wants to openly address the fact that Hillary was working with international investors that probably could care less about the American people. Or her consistent agitations towards Russia. Or her open borders policy that will step us ever closer towards the kind of ultra-nationalism that we perhaps should in fact fear.
    This battle isn’t over in the least… But we’ve taken a HUGE step forward. Let’s enjoy this very real victory but not get too comfortable and let our game slip.

      1. It’s a sure thing, since his opposition is going to be Kanye West.
        OTOH, Trump will be sworn in as the eldest POTUS ever so there’s an unfortunate chance that he might not go for “Round 2”, and the milquetoast cuck “TPPence” could walk in Trump’s tracks but he’ll never fill his shoes…and he probably couldn’t even beat Kanye.

        1. Actually, remember that mainstream GOP hates him, hates his unpredictability, and would prefer a president that they can control. Also remember that mainstream GOP now controls both houses of congress.
          Put two and two together. The answer you get starts with an “i” and ends with an “h”, possibly before the midterm elections. If you think that’s impossible, well … many of us thought that what happened Tuesday was impossible as well. This is truly a black swan year. Anything could happen.

        2. I’m not sure who’d be worse as a POTUS, Paul Ryan or Mike TPPence. Pence seems more like a “casual” practitioner of neoconism than an zealot, while Lyin’ Ryan is a true believer.
          Hillary would’ve been “obama 3.0” but any of the GOPe would be “dubya 3.0″…perhaps now is a good time to eliminate the asinine (and technically unconstitutional) loop-in of Congress critters in the order of succession?
          Hopefully Trump can learn from Reagan’s mistakes and, if he has to be stuck with a Brutus for a VPOTUS, manages to get non-crap folks for the rest of his his cabinet/staff.

        3. If Trump either
          1. Begins deportations
          2. Repeals portions of ACA
          …he’s going to face immediate and massive blowback from the American people. To find an analogue, you have to go back to the Bonus Army, the veterans of WWI who camped out on the National Mall, demanding the benefits they’d been promised for service. Hoover used the military to clear them out. Imagine that today. It could happen.
          Pence is a loon too. He thinks putting SS funds into Wall Street is a good idea. “Let’s literally gamble with the entire national retirement fund.” Idiot.

        4. I do not see the parallel between the Bonus Army and deportations/0bamacare.
          The backlash would come if Trump didn’t do those things.

        5. The SS fund was rolled over into the general fund by LBJ and dems in 1965 and promptly spent. There is no “retirement” fund. Your points fall apart on their weight.

        6. If they actually repeal the ACA (which I hope they do) I expect full out chaos in the streets.
          Look at what’s already happening in cities like Portland, OR. DJT simply winning election has them rioting.

        7. Trump only won 30% of all registered voters. Only 18% of the total U.S. population cast a vote for him. That backlash exists only in your mind. The majority of the population — 82% — is either indifferent to or vehemently opposed to his “policies”, whatever they are this month.

        8. As an unmarried 1099 worker, I get my health care through the ACA. I would prefer not to lose it.
          Besides, Obama structured it so that it cannot be totally eliminated, only portions.

        9. I know, right? You were finally able to buy a plan that includes maternity coverage, and now they might take that away.

        10. Just cuz the president elect is a total asshole doesn’t mean we should be. Chill out. No salty tears cried here for Hillary.

        11. Yes, the criminal illegals, since they’re an obvious priority. Trump has “”””promised”””” to deport all.

        12. The GOP doesn’t hate him. They wrote him off because they thought he had no chance. Preemptive virtue-signaling. Never-Trumpers are coming back by the boatload. I say fuck em. The lowest levels of hell are reserved for the spineless.

        13. Sorry to break the news, but Mr Lincoln has been shot, and the GOP establishment hated Trump.
          We can agree on the spineless, though — I’ve always known just how hollow he really was, and hated him long before he entered politics.

        14. On one hand, he could use them. And will need them in Senate and House and stuff. On the other hand, I can understand the sentiment. Fuck them. Fuck the establishment.

        15. These people would sell their mothers to get reelected. Most gave the requisite, nominal support due to their party, then waited for any public opportunity available to jump off the wagon.
          I really think you don’t understand the mindset of the folks in power, sometimes, Jay.

        16. They can stay in the Senate, but the RNC should be funding every viable primary candidate to oust them when the time comes.

        17. The backlash will go both ways. If he repeals ACA the degenerates rioting in Portland, OR will be 10x’s bigger.
          If he doesn’t repeal it, those who propelled him into office will revolt. Us evil white men — and now evil white women — have HAD IT with playing by the rules only to have more taken out of checks to support the pure garbage that’s blocking bridges and smashing windows.

        18. I hear that every election you Leftists lose. How it’s never a mandate, how it’s never y’alls fault that you lost, how everybody is really still on your side.
          And every single time, I laugh a little and roll my eyes.

        19. You don’t get health care from a law. You get lots of paperwork that results in less actual supply at higher cost. The so-called ACA is about insurance, not medical care.
          Obamacare made insurance vastly less affordable, and with such huge deductibles that it can’t be used at all by the vast majority of people. Unless you’ve got an expensive chronic pre-existing condition, you’re doing worse, a hefty fraction of income worse, enough for payments on a car at least, often even a mortgage.
          The idea that a statute can be made un-repealable in any part is nonsense as well.

        20. Wouldn’t that be a horifying precedent to establish.
          Fuck a president – be the president

        21. Hopefully Kanye (Black Ken doll) will be forced to live in exile like trotsky. Where he will accept his homosexuality/cuckdom and convert to Islam.

        22. Oprah (feelings please) Winfrey or Michelle Obama as Presidents would be a horrifying! These women along with Killery Clinton are some of the most smug, harridan , and supercilious women I’ve ever seen in public life. Their barely visible contempt for the men in their lives reducing them to simps at every opportunity is yet another reminder to never ever get married.
          I saw Michelle Obama on TV the other day. On the midday talkshow of “White dancing lesbian, now please clap” Talking about a family dinner with her 2 daughters and Barak. When the youngest child asked him about a policy/law he signed off on. But it was all a ruse, for the ladies of the house to secretly make fun of him. I’m not a fan of Obama, but I felt a deep sadness for him. Thinking to myself (perhaps wrongly) that no son would do that, or at least in that manner.
          Please please please for the love of god, may the precedent of first ladies running for office end with Hilary Clinton.

        23. I want him to make Clint Eastwood Sec of Defence, now that would make an interesting foreign policy!

        24. The lesbian dances. CLAP NOW!
          Remember the clucking butterwoman gurgles forth only truth between each mouthfull shoveled!
          The butter woman is beatiful!
          “The butter woman is beautiful!”
          Next we recite the daily salute to ovarian primacy! LOUDER! SCHNELLER!!!
          “Alle Männer müssen sterben!”
          “Alle Männer müssen sterben!”
          “Vote Vag 2016”
          “If Vag 2016 does not win, Alle Männer müssen sterben!”
          Butterwoman über alles!!!
          Butterwoman über alles!!!

        25. I hope he pardons Sheriff Joe and gives him an office.
          Appoint a special warden to finish up for the special prosecutor.

        26. to run in order to loose her fat butt ? what a great idea !
          joke apart, I am sure that michelle obama is going to run for us elections. They tried to put a white woman in the white house, it didn’t work. next time those suckers will try to put a black woman in the white house. And if it will not work, they will try to put a black tranny (for equality sake blablabla) and so on..

        27. Isn’t “Criminal illegals” redundant? Doesn’t being here illegally make them criminals?

        28. Mrs. Obama has demonstrated many times she is just as misandric as her husband.
          She was a national disgrace as First Lady, embarrassing America in every way – from wearing a cocktail dress (it’s all about Michelle) to a posthumous medal of honor ceremony to quipping at the African Leaders summit “We outnumber men now and there’s nothing they can do about it.”
          Then let’s not forget her remark while being interviewed by Oprah: “Men have to do better.”
          Not to mention being so devoid of class she got into a screaming match with a protesting lesbian who verbally attacked her at a public event rather than having the grace to let the Secret Service quickly and efficiently dispel the woman.
          No Michelle – it’s hateful, bigoted, self entitled females who have to do better.
          Thank God the Obama administration is over.
          Thank God for Trump.

        29. His age is a concern regarding 2020 of course, but the thing about him being that old is that he’s not in it to be a politician past 2024 so he’ll be all the more into getting shit done NOW. Pence is a good, kind man, but if you saw how he obliterated Kaine in the VP debate, doing better versus him than Trump did against Clinton in any of the debates, you’d feel more at ease. He has held some unpopular beliefs in Indiana. He’s not one to go down without a fight. Don’t mistake his gentlemanly style for weakness and he’d appeal way more to the classic conservatives who weren’t on board with Trump this time around.

        30. White dancing lesbian? Huh? Only white lesbian I know of who has a talkshow is Ellen but I haven’t seen her dance – ever. Are you talking about Ellen?

        31. He’s barely a week in and already he’s mired in multiple scandals. And he’s still got 78 civil suits hanging over his head, including the Trump U fraud case. It won’t be hard to find something to impeach him over. The problem may be narrowing it down to just one or two.

        32. Pence signed a law in 2013 subjecting gay couple seeking marriage licenses to jail and fines up to $10K. He also signed a law that all fetuses must be given proper burials. He’s a zealous nutcase.

        33. Because it’s always better if Trump orders people to get punched out than that Michelle Obama yells at them. SMH.

        34. Pence sold out to the “Gaystapo” on RFRA, he’s a total pushover, his zeal for “fire and brimstone” lasts only so long as is politically convenient.
          Memories Pizza pretty much showed that Pence’s public anti-gay stance is toothless.
          He has spent 15 years working to undermine the right wing, he’s a globalist neocon at his core, so I find it hard to fathom why he’s the new bogeyman of the left.
          Take the pandering preaching out of his politics and he’s pretty close to Hillary.

        35. I saw Pence’s work in the debate, but I’ve also seen his voting record. The man’s a hardcore RINO.
          In effect, he’s a less toxic Rick Santorum, a centrist “go along to get along” neocon with an “evangelical” fanbase.
          Maybe Pence could bring back the free trading, globalist “country club republicans” but I’m optimistic that they’ll be a rare breed by the time Pence could run for POTUS.

        36. Hm, just like George Wallace got his wife to run for Governor of Alabama, when he was no longer eligible.

        37. 77 now since he settled the Trump University suit which he said he would not. I agree with you seeing him impeached but regardless, I see him as a one-term guy because I doubt he expected to win and will be five months short of 75 come January 2021.

        38. Just remember, there are zealots on both sides. Look at fiscal loon Brownback as Kansas Governor! He’s tried to cut his way to prosperity and its blown up in his face. Even his own State GOP has come to realize his plan is awful!

        39. LMAO, So you are ok with the next First lady doing NAKED ass photo shoots? And erotic girl-on-girl pics? And plagiarizing another persons speech!? And evidence of Mrs. Trump being here illegally!? GTFOH with your worse than hypocritical take!

        40. Pence was playing the Eves in Indiana. He’s a RINO, but where Ryan is a true-believer, Pence strikes me as more of a mercenary. I don’t think a person would’ve attached themselves to the Trump Campaign if they didn’t see themselves at the end of their zenith, otherwise.

        1. There is a palpable subcobsious relief in the air amongst women and blue pill men that finally there is a leader in place with some balls. Although they might intellectually huff and puff I can sense it already in the social mood even outside the US.
          Provided Trump doesnt mess up completely get caught in some scandal or economic or natural disaster… in 4 years time he will win a landslide like the gipper did

        2. A scandal is what I am worried about most. I think the people around him will keep him in check simply because it is the presidency and he cannot be tweeting at 3AM about someone as insignificant as Miss Piggy. What I fear is one of his subordinates(who isn’t watched as closely) does something stupid or fraudulent. We know damn well the liberal media will hunt around for any scandal they can possibly link him too. They will not rest.
          Regarding an economic collapse: we have a tremendous amount of debt that needs to get paid down. Obama was such a failure here, doubling our debt in 8 years. Once interest rates rise(they have already gone up on better economic prospects since Tuesday), we are going to get absolutely CRUSHED in interest expense to the point where “interest expense” will become a significant line item in our budget. I do have faith Trump will be able to significantly cut costs and do more with less. Hell, he had to because he didn’t take money from Wallstreet/lobbyist/special interests.
          I am optimist about the future of this country under Trump

        3. At the end of the day he’s a businessman not a lawyer or a do gooder…. that’s a huge start right there…
          You put a businessman in a political position like US President, suddenly you have a guy that
          a.) isn’t interested in covering his ass
          b.) likes taking risk and going after results even if it fails.
          c.) can look at a balance sheet and cut out the pork and wastage.
          d.) doesn’t care less about legal shite and just wants to get the job done. businessman see lawyers as a necessary evil not a means to an end. put a lawyer in charge and it’s just ass covering and 100 pages of garbage no one can understand.
          lawyers try to rule by degree and love to right out huge invoices…… they live in the theoretical world of whys and wherefores which is OK for some things, but it’s not a practical or ambitious mindset. It’s all ass covering and imaginary problems that will never occur. The do gooders are another notch below the legal lot, and look at how badly the liberals have behaved since Trump won. Everything they accuse the right wing of, they are themselves.
          Right wing will not be prejudiced against race or sex PROVIDED the performance is there. Does that mean women and ethnic groups have to work a bit harder to prove themselves – damn right it does, because in general they are not a group that perform very well – sorry. If you want it get the job done, MALE, WHITE or ASIAN. FACT !
          Meanwhile the liberal equality do gooders are the most bigoted narrow minded of them all. They are actively pulling down talent, ambition and productivity in favor of safe spaces and politically correct garbage, that actually turns out to be totally sexist and racist itself.

        4. Economic collapse is the most worrisome thing. His tax cuts on the wealthy corporation and imposition of tariffs will significantly increase the national debt.

        5. How do you figure that? No way in hell will THAT happen. All of those dems who didn’t vote in 2016 got their wake-up call in 2016. Also, the trend for a state like Texas is away from GOP domination in the Electoral college. The state is majority-minority in population right now. State-wide offices definitely lean GOP but not in the metro areas which lean blue or purple and are where the growth exists. By 2020, Texas could be the key swing state.

        6. Trump will do a fantastic job as president just as Reagan did in his first term. After 4 years of Trump only a small minority of Americans will want change. those will mostly be far left liberals. Reagan’s campaign slogan in 1980 was “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?” the America people will respond with a resounding yes. Trump will win ~350 EC votes.
          There is no wake up call for liberals. They are doubling down on a far left platform in a country that has always been center-right. This SJW, feminism, anti-white male platform will continue to alienate white midwestern folks, an area Democrats historically won.
          You have to be insane if you think Texas will ever be a swing state especially after 4 years of deportations and lower immigration levels. Not to mention states like NV, CO, VA, MN, and NH will go to us once Trump cracks down on illegal immigration, voter fraud and lowers levels of legal immigration.

        7. That’s laughable. Both Obama, Bernie Sanders and her husband reached to white, blue collar, voters. I’ve read more than one news story reporting Bill employed her to do more I’m Wisconsin amd Michigan. Second, when
          Second, when Reagan ran the country, it was a lot different economy and world. Rates were very high and the National debt was a lot lower. Plus , Japan and China as competition were nonexistent or much smaller. So Reagan had a lot more wiggle room

        8. Bernie will not run in 2020 as he will be 78 and too old, I believe. I understand Trump is 70 but he looks more fit than Bernie who has a hunchback. Obama went up against two weak candidates including one(Romney) who depicted (actually is) out of touch with ordinary Americans. Bill was a moderate democrat, let us not forget who signed DOMA into law after all.
          Japan was very much a world power in the 80’s. In fact, they were what China is today. In the late 80’s a Japanese company bought the steel factory my grandfather worked in when he was nearing retirement. China was obviously not the super power it is today although is was emerging.
          Yes, the country was different under Reagan but the economy will once again go through a shift. Trump has pledged to reinvigorate our mineral extraction industry which includes coal, natural gas, and oil. He also plans to spend heavy on infrastructure projects and to increase funding to law enforcement to crack down on crime and illegal immigration. I hope he will sell off the federal lands in the west to farmers, rancher, oilmen and miners as well.
          These three industries will primarily benefit men as we are the ones who work these jobs. Trump won White men by 32 points and captured 13%/33% of the black/latino male vote. I think we will increase our vote share amongst black and latino men as Trump cracks down on crime, voter fraud and illegal immigration and brings jobs to their communities. I also do not predict much growth amongst their ethnic groups as immigration levels are brought under control and voter fraud is eradicated.
          Yes, rates were very high back then because we had runaway inflation under Carter. Reagan got that under control and normalized interest rates just like Trump will do but in the opposite direction. National debt is certainly an issue and we need to bring that under control. I think Trump will bring a certain efficiency and cost cutting objective to government that no other politician has ever done before. Paul Ryan will help with this.

      2. No.The globalists will unleash economic mayhem and blame it on Trump, that’s why they let him in. To end populism and prevent grassroot movements to ever happen again. Next thing to come is a world government. That was the plan all along.

        1. You pessimists need to learn to enjoy the moments as they come.
          It’s not like most of us aren’t aware that the Fed is suppressing interest rates to stave off a collapse, just to preserve Obama’s legacy.

        1. America is the greatest ever. We’ll stand in the pantheon next to states like Ancient Rome as nations that will always be remembered through history.

    1. This is the best part of all this. They continue to show their asses, continue acting like fools, and all of those independent, undecided, and apathetic voters are seeing this and starting to wake up. I expect the media to re-strategize and try to mold their new models in the same way as sites like Infowars, ROK, and Breitbart, but even those will be unveiled much like Roosh unmasked Heat Street. Even if they don’t, their constant pandering to the mentally unstable SJWs of this country will be their downfall.

      1. Agreed.
        Furthermore, if Trump can win over the Bernie supporters over the next four years that would be a good move I think. He’s already made it clear that he is happy to work with the LGBTQ community (although the liberal media would never admit that). I don’t care to tyrannize those people, I simply don’t want to see them destroy the free world. If Trump can help them financially he might hold onto them as a voter base, assuming that financial struggle truly is what pushed them to Sanders.

        1. The entire left poses as the “better for the masses and progress” party, but we all know that they’re the me-me-me party. They don’t give a fuck about humanity, they care about themselves (as individuals, not a group). Undeniably if life gets better for the me-me’s, some will quietly think “well shit this isn’t so bad, my life’s getting better in fact.” .. and we’ll lock in their support.

        2. As I was driving home tonight, I quickly saw on one of these electronic info boards in my city : “LGBT youth center, you are welcome”. I nearly crashed my car. Yes, I live in Canada 🙁

      2. You know that meme picture of the sheisty grinning jew..yeah thats me everytime these idiots get coverage in the media.

    2. The left never gives up. For that, I give them some props. We must take that example. We must always keep pushing. Men resting on their laurels 60 years ago gave us this problem today. We allowed the shut test of feminism to go on for way too long.

      1. Exactly. We only cut off one head of the hydra, albeit an important one. We must crush liberalism/feminism/socialism for good. Trump, a republican congress, conservative supreme court justices, and a society that is embracing masculinity again is a good start.

      2. Dems on Offense for years, Reps being the “conservatives” tend to play defense. Really Trump appears to not be either typical Dem or Rep, but definitely we need to keep the offense going and not switch back to defense. I think what few winners of Trump’s election have encapsulated is that his nomination means a lot MORE work than we’ve undergone thus far. We voted for the struggle. Now we have to own it.

      3. So true. That’s exactly what I felt about a year ago watching from abroad how the Trump phenomenon was gaining traction. I was shocked to discover how strong the left’s influence had become in America so many years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Down here in Latin America their actions are more obvious as they are still fixated on trying to revive their old school economic paradigm of state-owned companies, price controls, and Stalinist control of labor unions and other social bodies. But it’s way more difficult to confront them in the cultural sphere, and the globalist economic agenda is certainly much more sophisticated and elusive.

    3. I have been watching cnn here and there the past few days- they have been non stop with the “Trump was a birther” thing even it started with someone in Hill’s camp

      1. Yea its funny how they keep the propaganda machine running at full steam, even though it doesnt matter anymore. HuffPost, YoungTUrks, CNN etc etc are all going full retard now but difference is, before they were the giants and we were the dwarf and now its the other way around.

        1. they can’t stop it but it’s an echo chamber and let’s face it, Jersey Shore is far more interesting.

    4. “Obama’s victory means I never again have to pay for gas for my car!”
      Now it’s our turn to exaggerate a little:
      “Trump’s victory means I never again have to take shit from those lying HR cunts!”
      “This means I will never again be falsely accused of rape or sexual harassment without my accuser going to prison!”
      “This means our new immigration policies will only allow foreign hotties to enter the U’S.!”
      I can keep this up all day!

        1. If he ran on that platform, he woulda got 100% of the male and 97% of the lesbian vote

        1. I know a 45 y/o woman in Serbia, 3 kids no less, who puts most of the 18-29 ones to shame. Plus she’s smart as hell.

        2. I know the type and wouldn’t go back to anyting else. Melania is 46 and she looks better the most women half her age.

        3. Melania is scrawny as hell. Is there a behind on her? If Trump wasn’t running for POTUS, he would be looking to trade up to a 35 year old 4th wife.

      1. The cartels and gangs are gonna get their asses ripped apart too by Trumps timely beefing up of our police and task forces so kiss it goodbye mother fuckers.

        1. Drug gangs work for Capitalisms Invisible Army, who work for Wall Street. Without drug money laundered through Wall Street, the bubble would burst. Trump knows which side his bread is buttered. He’ll be a good Wall Street puppet.

    5. Whats to reevaluate? They did as they were told by their corporate masters. They failed to persuade. They will keep trying to persuade.

    6. The same was said about the Republican party during Obama’s election and reelection. Consistently they paraded the same old tune and were completely out of step with what the people wanted, each time proven to be nothing more than hypocrites. Trump can’t be controlled by the establishment and that’s what scares the old guard of both parties.

      1. He has the same jewish financier oligarch masters as every other candidate; you are just getting a short term high. Reality will set in soon enough and you’ll be betrayed by Trump.

        1. I do consider this as a possibility, given his past, but am hoping he’s actually had an epiphany and will govern as a real conservative. And make good on his promises.

    7. The left have doubled down on their hysteria, and the media in their bias. They won’t admit what made them lose. They’re now rioting and burning and beating people, and demanding the election be over turned.
      I don’t think there will be a reconciliation. They’ve dug their trenches and they’re in it for the long haul.

      1. There was a strategist talking about how they need to double down on the progressivism now. They might as well skip 2020 if that’s their take away from all this.

      2. I woudlnt worry too much. Who the hell is scared of manginas wearing skinny jeans and a neck beard ?

        1. A coyote on its own isn’t much of a threat to a man, get a pack of 20 or so, you might have to “encourage” them to disengage.

        2. I just had this conversation with my wife. She was saying how worried she was about the potential for civil war. I told her to think about all of her leftist friends and tell me which one of them she could see picking up a rifle and fighting.
          She isn’t all that worried anymore.

      3. They only had 2 choices, go away or double down. Will be interesting to see who starts dropping off, and which swindlers try switching to the winning side.

      4. And don’t you know they’re doing ALL of their rioting *not* in the conservative bastions or hometowns but strictly in the liberal metropolitan strongholds…wrecking the same places that supported them and trashing the property of (mostly) other dems/liberals in Oakland, LA, San Francisco, Portland, NYC etc. Rock-bottom stupid, just from a tactical perspective alone. They shit right where they eat.

    8. “You would think that the media would reevaluate themselves”.
      The backlash after Trump has been amazing. I’ve actually opened old social media accounts simply to see the meltdowns. As always, they all say the same thing: “bigot, sexist, homophobic, blah blah”.
      These muppets don’t understand reevaluation. Indeed of stopping to think and maybe realising that all he name calling and identity politics are what led to the massive backlash of a Trump victory, they double down and spew MORE identity politics.
      As Homer Simpson said, “dig UP stupid!”

      1. I’ve seen teachers on FB posting “how am I going to explain to my students that a racist / sexist / homophobe has been elected? How could so many people be so stupid?”
        It never enters their head that this attitude and the scorn they show for anyone that might have another opinion about anything IS ONE OF THE REASONS.

        1. Second night in a row Im watching Lou Dobbs on Fox Biz channel (havent watched him since he was on CNN yrs ago) and hes talking about soros…watch Dobbs

    9. The left does not need to reevaluate anything because they still can win in the long run. Remember the “demographic changes”. There are chances that this victory will be very temporary, depending on Trump’s actions.

      1. Demographics is going to ensure our 2nd world status in due time.
        Trump will give us, hopefully, a few good years. Maybe he will even be followed by a good conservative prez. But long-term, everything from the changing demographics to the national debt ensures we are prolly fucked.

    10. The Left, somewhere deep down in their self-conception, still think they’re the Flower Power Woodstock radicals who are speaking truth to power and sticking it to The Man. They haven’t realized yet that THEY’RE THE ESTABLISHMENT and WE’RE THE INSURGENCY. So, they find themselves in the position analogous to the United States in the Vietnam War–they’re rushing into battle using the tactics of the previous war, and are too hidebound and dogmatic to adapt their tactics to a modern internet-guerrilla, memetic battlefield. So, despite vastly greater resources and firepower, they can win all the battles and still lose the war. Which they will.

    11. Well data speaking, more people voted for Hillary than Trump according to the popular vote. I would not jump the gun and say that we can start talking like him. It depends on where you live. Trump supporters are being lynched at liberal focused metropolitan areas (Portland, Seattle, NYC, San Francisco, Oakland). I’m just saying be careful. We were called “silent” voters for a reason because we wanted to protect ourselves.

    12. Interesting phenomenon I’ve noticed in the Vancouver area: Trump supporters are starting to make themselves known. This was categorically impossible even last week (and still is if you don’t toe the narrative’s line on social media).
      It usually goes like this: a group of guys are working together and one of them will make a comment about the election, like “I was watching and couldn’t believe that Trump was winning”. But he puts inflection on the statement to sound excited about it. Other guys chime in with positive comments, and as soon as they all realize no one is going to jump out and call them a sexist / racist / homophobe the dam breaks and they all are talking about how awesome it is Trump won.
      Maybe some of them will start realizing how much we are being censored from voicing what we really think.

      1. Glad to hear it. Toronto and Vancouver are definitely SJW capitals of Canada. Toronto Trump Supporters are still staying under the radar for now but I’m glad to hear that about Vancouver.
        Perhaps the Chinese buying up half the West coast made people realize what globalism is really about.

    13. Lets see if he makes good on his word and puts a stop to the rampant H1b abuse coming from India.

    14. the leftist media is an echo chamber, they need to keep going spewing their bullshit but they’re dying and it’s a good thing. Can’t wait to see these rats jobless.

      1. Iunno I’ve said and done some weird shit myself.
        I remember this one time I assfucked my girlfriend in the shower while pouring bath-bubbles down her back. Then I came down her throat as she gagged on my cock.
        Or this other time I got a vegan girl to eat a chicken leg in exchange for sucking my dick, and then changed my mind last minute. She now has a PhD in feminist literature. I’ll admit that was just mean but I was 14 years old.
        I don’t know how old or innocent you are, but sex is a messy real life thing and I can’t help but think all you kids complaining about rape all the time are missing out on some of the most profound and intimate experiences that are available to us.
        Donald Trump said some dumb shit to his friend in private it’s true, but I’m supposed to base his entire character on it? Give me a break.

    15. Only One battle is won, plenty more to go to win the war, these dindu’s will be doubling down and they have money to burn…
      George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of
      dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton are gathering in Washington for a
      three-day, closed door meeting to retool the big-money left to fight
      back against Donald Trump.

  5. Michael Moore the fat feminist fuck has a seditious plan to impeach and overthrow trump…
    didn’t take him long…

    1. Moore was the only liberal who accurately predicted a Trump win. He’s got his ear to the ground. Give him that much. Everybody else (myself included) was too busy looking at polls — and it turned out that a portion of Trump’s “electorate” is so marginalized from society that they were hanging up on pollsters.

      1. Moore is exceptional at self promotion,
        to stand out as the only Marxist to “support” Trump, he received media coverage…
        then immediately flipped to attack…

        1. He was a Bernie supporter in the primaries. That video where he says “it’ll feel GOOD” was doctored to make it look like he was a Trump supporter. He also went on MSM stating his vote for HRC.

        2. Doctored nothing-you mean to say it was taken out of context to create that impression. Big difference. The fat sap did a lot of good for the good guys as a result.

        3. Here’s the rest of Moore’s speech after “And it will feel good” — the part that the Trump campaign cut out:
          “And it will feel good. For a day. Maybe a week. Possibly a month. And then? Like the Brits, who wanted to send a message, so they voted to leave Europe. Only to find out that if you voted to leave Europe, you actually have to leave Europe. And now they regret it! All the Ohioans, Pennsylvanians, Michiganders and Wisconsinites of Middle England, they all voted to leave and now they regret it and over 4 million people have signed a petition to have a do-over. They want another election. But it ain’t gonna happen because you used the ballot as an anger-management tool. And now you’re f–ked. And the rest of Europe, they’re like, ‘Bye, Felicia!’ So when the rightfully angry people of Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin find out after a few months in office that President Trump wasn’t going to do a damn thing for them, it’ll be too late to do anything about it. But I get it. You wanted to send a message. You had righteous anger, and justifiable anger. Well, message sent. Good night, America. You just elected the last President of the United States.

        4. Except the fat piece of crap lied through his teeth as only 6% of those who voted for Brexit regretted it. The Remainiacs are foaming at the mouth.
          I am enjoying all those SJW clowns melting down-it is too delicious and I am gorging myself.

      2. He is very astute in his observations. His recommendations……well, not so much.
        Just like Herr Marx himself.

      3. Moore is more like a traditional Democrat, pro-labor, blue collar, and unions. Not an ivory Tower academic champagne socialist with his head in the clouds who only cares about identity politics. Moore understood where his own people were coming from, and apparently, where they were headed to.

        1. And that type of traditional Democrat is where I come from. Much love for the old union guys. They went through hell to get representation, only to have guys like Scott Walker decide maybe collective bargaining isn’t so important.

        2. Fat Mike is a lying self promoting twat from the word go. He isn’ t from Flint; he only worked 1 day at GM; he wouldn’t allow his employees to unionize; he doctored his film to get his narrative while peddling it as true; most of his schtick was debunked years ago but not until after he made a mint on his publications.
          After making an ass of himself in 2004, its good to see he learned to temper his bullshit.

        3. Collective bargaining is fine. Forcing people to be in a union by law, or lose employment, is 100% the opposite of freedom of association. Fuck the Wisconsin unions.

  6. The SJWs are already toning down their narrative in my neck of the woods. They have this reserved, scared look on their faces. It’s time for men to elevate the red-pill narrative everywhere they go. Turn up the volume.

    1. And take no prisoners. For 8 long years we had to keep our heads hung low. The time is ripe to reclaim our balls.

  7. and there is a 2 million signature petition for the Electors to cast their vote for Hillary…
    not sure if possible…but the madness continues…

        1. 6 Shooters are for self defense. My StG-58 is way more appropriate. Or if I’m in a sporting mood, my Remington 700 and excellent glass atop the county water tower. Heh.

    1. Sounds like the lesson from the failed attempt to get the electors at the RNC to go faithless and not vote for Trump wasn’t learned.
      Scads of folks fell on their swords politically for nothing in that attempt (eg: Mike Lee, Ken “Cuckinelli”), hopefully more pols will reveal their true colors as this idiotic attempt to repeat history goes on.

  8. I saw a video this morning posted to Facebook–one I wish I hadn’t seen, but that I hope plenty of others see in order to wake them up. It was a woman, pants down, taking a shit on a Trump sign then using her hands to smear said shit into the sign. These people have devolved to such a low that they are acting like literal (Hitler) monkeys by playing with their feces.

    1. Playing with your own shit is low —
      — but lying to millions of people, stoking fear, and undermining all the basic institutions of our democracy is much, much worse.

      1. No kidding, thank God Hillary lost. Her doing all of that was in fact reprehensible.

        1. I wonder how long it will take for the people to realize they were lied to about Trump? They have to clue in that they are just being used at some point, don’t they?
          Guess we will keep seeing their protests every night until they figure it out.

  9. You guys think he will win again in 4 years if he keeps his word?
    I think it’s a given, especially when there’s sure to be a massive crackdown on vote frauds.

    1. I hope the crackdown on vote fraud comes in, it was ridiculous this year, all it did was pointlessly delay by a few hours the Trump victory.
      I’d also like to see more states adopt the Maine/Nebraska style of vote allocation.

      1. Dude, nobody’s bringing manufacturing jobs back. His globalist economic advisors will forcefully remind him that if he slaps a tariff on imported goods, the economy tanks. His promises were total bullshit.
        So far, he hasn’t floated any other jobs plan. He’s out to sea without an ideological rudder.

  10. I agree Roosh that Trump is an icon for masculinity, but I don’t look to him to correct the culture of SJW, feminist, globalist leftistm….I look to us. We must set the example, as you described, not just online but outsude. We must start being “in your face” masculine shitlords. No more walking on eggshells. We must set the example to inspire other men who are capable of being saved. We save masculinity, we can largely right the culture. Feminism is communism, patriarchy is traditionalism.

    1. le sigh. only in a world where Kim Kardashian in an celebrity with a vase empire and fortune can Trump be seen as the icon for masculinity. Talk about the hero we deserve.

        1. I say 6 of one half dozen of the other with trump edging out Obama for the sole reason that it is fun to watch the libs go bat shit.

      1. I agree, but we must take a small victory and capitalize. He isn’t perfect, but it’s a start…that was my original point. It’s up to us now. So maybe our next candidate can be a retired 4 star marine general

    1. If I was on a bar pool or dark league I would definitely suggest changing the name to the Pussy Grabbers

        1. I honestly believe that I might live a long enough life that I will be the last person who gets the opening joke in Animal crackers
          1st Mate: Captain, there are four stowaways hiding below deck
          Captain: How do you know there are four of them
          1st Mate: They’re singing sweet Adeline.

        2. sweet Adeline is a famous barber shop quartet song. In the movie the Marx brothers are stowaways on a ship. The first mate says there are four stowaways and he knows there are four because they are singing a song that requires a four part harmony. How could they sing this if there weren’t four of them (btw it was Monkey Business not Animal Crackers)

        3. Well you are an old fart, so you’re probably right. Heh.

        4. What’s sad is that I knew *exactly* what you were referencing.

        5. I literally (Hitler) heard the song soundtrack queue up in my head the moment I read it. Heh.

  11. “it is more than enough for Trump to simply not touch the gender issue”
    ‘zactly! No more Executive-Branch social engineering/meddling!

  12. I started posting here at the back end of 2014.
    Since then:
    1. Conservatives majority – May 2015
    2. Brexit – June 2016
    3. The Trumpening – November 2016
    Even as a “limey muthafuck” I recognise here that each is more delicious than the last.
    Amazing result. I was in bed, 5am BST, my phone kept buzzing literally (Hitler) every 10 mins. I was due to get up at 6 so laid awake anyway. My great pal who was pulling a nightshift had been following all night. Then the words, against all odds because I genuinely thought she had won … President Donald Trump!!! Pennsylvania wasn’t even called yet, but it was over. We had won
    A fucking shot of adrenaline went into my heart and balls!!
    We fucking did it!!!

    1. A great moment indeed. I was on a first date with a liberal in a restaurant full of more angry, sad liberals. Shit eating grin on the inside.

        1. Keep going until there is nothing left. Why? Because SJWs are royalty. Barren of Gray Matter…

        2. Harvest the wind, reap the storm. This Trump victory should be empowering us now to once and for all annihilate these SJW pieces of shit. Being lorded over by a bunch of whiney, chicken hearted, limp wristed, pencil necked geeks was beyond the pale-a Trump win means now the cultural pendulum has swung back in the proper direction bigly and with the forthcoming conservative Supreme Court judges and so on we can exterminate that loathsome mode of thought. The globalists and their acolytes will take to this like a vampire to holy water so we must be ever vigilant and give them a yuuuuuuge schlonging.

        3. You are reading my mind here. Excellent. We’re all on the same page, and it’s gonna get ugly. For the SJWs.

        4. Your enthusiasm for the cause, well, it almost brings a tear to my eye, my brilliantly clever, shitlord nephew across the pond…

        5. That is good. Almost as good as what is best in life.
          Let us drink to the battles we’ve lived and we’ve fought Celebrate the pain and havoc we have wrought.

        6. I made some NBA picks (basketball bets) for tonight, and one college football pick, up top, nephew. Go small here…caveat emptor.

        7. I might have a little look-I’ve been in a celebratory mood so might make a little punt.

        8. Just divide it by 10. Or whatever your wallet dictates, young squire…save the heavy artillery for Sunday (NFL).

        9. Ha. For me it would have to be the European equivalent (which is the real football :P) but duly noted.

        10. Just something that came up somewhere that I heard other Deplorables use and I was tickled by it.

  13. One of the Alt-Right podcasts I listened to pointed out that Trump builds durable, tangible wealth and thinks dynastically about his family. That indicates a future-orientation and the kind of long-term planning our country desperately needs now.
    And you would expect this from a German-Scottish American. The Germans and the Scots both have a long history of valuing the United States as a second home and a refuge from the Old World, along with reputations for frugality and prudence. Their descendants in the U.S. carry on these traditions by viewing our country as an inheritance that needs careful management to maintain its value.
    This contrasts sharply with other so-called “Americans” who treat the U.S. as a throwaway and a pile of loot to squander for selfish, short-sighted goals, ranging from gibsmedats to deploying our military as a foreign legion to settle scores with their enemies in the Old World. Hillary represented this faction in the election. And fortunately Trump beat her cottage-cheese ass.
    I just wish Trump could have cut off her head and used it to turn George Soros into stone.

  14. Marxists would have to get what they want on merit and not based on some phobia/ism identity. What sane person would want that right? The reality check was much needed.

  15. It means that you and I, we, have NO EXCUSES.
    One man took on the entire corrupt leftist establishment in America. Took on the Government and the Media, and he WON!
    The biggest negative I have about online sites like RoK (and don’t get me wrong, I *love* RoK) is the amount of whining about how bad Leftism, and SJWs, and the Cultural Narrative(™) is and how powerless we are against it…
    Well Trump just showed you and me the way. So let’s go and fucking do it in our own domain and get this shit sorted out in OUR GENERATION.
    No more whining, let’s bring back the Patriarchy…

    1. This is the issue here. I love ROK and the manosphere in general, but there was a bit of bitching going on for a while. I agree that it was justified though.
      Its a new dawn for us. The pussies that gave away their balls in the 60s that got us in this mess are gone, and we have the average American now seeing the toxicity of the left. This is the chance we’ve been waiting for, and the chance WE made happen.
      Go out an be a alpha, masculine, prick. Let people know how you feel about the degenerate behaviors people partake in. Raise your sons the way a man should.
      On that note, the schools are still a liberal breeding ground. They will continue to try to make your sons into pussy worshiping “good boys” who despite all biological reasons are “bad” for looking at a girls tits. It is up to YOU to raise your sons to be men, and your daughters to be traditional women.
      We have the open door to return to patriarchy, and we have the open door to do it by Making America Great Again.

      1. A whole lot of kids at my daughter’s high school are wearing MAGA hats. Their rival in football painted on the “officially sanctioned big rock to do grafitti on”, as an insult, “(her school name) supports Hillary! Losers!”

        1. Thats awesome. I do know a lot of the kids are red pilled these days. It makes sense, we are the ones who awoke, and they will reap the benefits of it, then continue the process.
          Maybe all the feminist SJW millennial parents will in turn make their kids conservative by “rebelling” against them.

        2. My son (on OSU campus) says right wing is now the “new alternative culture” so it’s become cool and edgy. His analysis, not mine.

        3. It runs in cycles. Not surprising that normal adapted kids would look at their mutant predecessors and find them disgusting

      2. Raise your sons to be “men”, and your daughters to be “traditional” women? In hell , maybe.
        Funny coming from a weakling pig who has no clue what manhood is.

    1. Oh man. The elite have a wicked sense of humor. They control every major college. Ha! (Inside joke, lost on the students.)

    2. This infantilization and special snowflake nonsense has to stop. Not that long ago, boys would join armies and navies and go into battle along with the adult men. You see this dramatized in the movie Master and Commander, set during the Napoleonic Wars. They didn’t seek safe spaces and play with children’s toys to relieve their anxiety.

      1. That little boy had his arm sawed off w/o anesthesia; back on deck in a few days

      2. From works like that, anyone who didn’t enter the British Navy at a young age had no hope of climbing the ranks.
        Jack Aubrey flat-out tells his bastard son, upon meeting him well into his life, that he can’t hook him up with a Navy career as he’s too old.
        It made sense as the whole midshipman thing was effectively a boarding school where you could get killed…what ever happened to the boarding school trend?

      3. besides the usual authors in this genre – obrien, kent etc.
        there is another guy who was an actual midshipmen rising to rank of captain. Frederick Marryat – has a few similar to o’brien…

    1. With all that’s come out on Wikileaks about the coordination, it seems to me that there’s more than enough evidence to start a RICO case against BLM, the DNC and a host of other groups for plotting, funding, and inciting violence. Turn Guiliani loose in DoJ and let him have at them!

      1. You can see the prosecutor in Guiliani with his trigger finger itchy. Imagine him marching Obama in handcuffs down in front of all of congress. Now THAT would be a sight.

  16. Good day all,
    Trump’s victory exposed the blatant lies of our media that resulted in the brainwashing of those who fear to think for themselves. This is the first time in a long time that I truly believe that we will have someone that represents the true heart and soul of America. May America be great once again and prosper.

  17. The mainstream media. They should be the next target of the wrath of the manosphere now. CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and other lying manipulative fuckers who attacked Trump and stirred up all the racial hatred and division need to be brought to their knees and beg for forgiveness. We cannot stop now. The war has only just begun. Trump’s victory is only the start and we must capitalize on it.

    1. I think Mike over at Danger & Play is doing a damn fine job of this… and, more importantly, beginning the job of us having OUR OWN non-lying media.
      One of the best things we can do is dominate our own domains, and build the world we want to see.
      No fucking way we are stopping now!

  18. Sitting in the pub and the owner told me he sat up all night to watch the results. Told me his congregation (orthodox) prayed for Trump and his family is estatic. Heh.

        1. My irish adventures were years ago. The women are….different. That would take awhile to walk through actually. I’m in Deutschland.

        2. Now if Germany can wise up, get rid of Merkel and the Social Democrats and other forms of pestilance (including all the imported ‘refugees’ that are fucking it up), and go back to being a decent country, all would be good there. Wir können es hoffen, ja?

        3. Kommt nicht in Frage. Just spoke with some locals and we foresee Linke/Green/SPD coalition coming. AFD is going to plateau and Merkel has fucked over the rest.

        4. Sturdy son of Ohio. Born and raised. Spent most of my adult life abroad – military / expat.

        5. Not gonna happen. Germany is fucked demographically to the point where it doesn’t matter.
          France is much more in play with LePen. Same with Wilders and the Dutch.

  19. I have never been scared or ashamed to express my masculine views. But then again I don’t associate myself with libtards. I play golf with a black guy and he asked me 2 weeks ago “what does your mom think of trump?” I was like “she likes him, are you a trump fan as well?” He said no and parroted some bullshit he heard on CNN most likely. Fact of the matter is I am not scared to express my beliefs. The owner of my firm also likes trump as well so there’s that too

    1. Should have told him, “what do you care what a woman thinks?” You have the right approach though. Distance yourself from leftists, but if some one asks you tell them unapologetically what you think.

      1. Yeah agreed except the “what do you care what a woman thinks?” part. Not sure if you are joking considering trump and trump supporters are thought of as misogynist. But in any event I think that’d be a stupid thing to say and is definitely not any way to promote our beliefs or convert others to it.

        1. “..trump supporters are thought of as misogynist.”
          Holy fuck. Why do you care so much what people think about you contra-opinion? You seem to be seeking approval from people who despise you for going against their dogma.
          Punch them in their pussy.

  20. I was sitting next to this hispanic loser at the neighborhood bar last night (and I really like hispanics, I think they are extremely intelligent as a group, don’t get me wrong, but a loser is a loser). He was grumbling and whining about Trump winning, bashing everyone who voted for him. But in a very low, whiny voice, and he directed it at his fellow Hillary-supporter, seated to his right. They were basically the only two people in the joint who weren’t crowing about Trump’s win.
    So I asked him a question that was totally unrelated to his whining, and he gave me this look, like, “You’re an older white man, WTF?” I just smiled patiently and looked right at him, and he finally answered my question (it had to do with a car wreck that some people were discussing). Then he went back to grumbling.
    So this hot chick was working behind the bar. He’s chattering away at her, in between grumbling about the election, trying to get her attention. Every guy in there tries to bang her, pretty much. So she’s flirting back at him, playfully. Finally he musters up some liquid courage and asks her what she’s doing after she gets off of work. And she points right at me, and says…”Hopefully, I’m doing Bob.” Big smile on her face while she says it. And that pretty much shut the loser right the hell up…hahahaha. Trump wins, real men win (as usual), and losers just have to deal with it.

        1. Alto,Ustedes! No hay ninguna persona aqui, qui habla Espanol!

  21. My name is GhostOfJefferson, and I approve of this article.

    1. I still don’t like the new “most interesting man in the world”.
      Please come out of retirement and eject that wannabe.

        1. Let me hazard a guess. Millenial skinny jeans type, sorta hipster with “style”, oily and vaguely “hispanic-ish”. I haven’t seen him yet, I’m actually curious how close I am.

        2. The fuck? Dude looks like one of those mini-imp things that tended money in Harry Potter movies.

        3. It appears that their ad agency doesn’t quite grasp what made the original so cool and awesome.

        4. Yeah their agency appears to be pretty clueless. I really loved the original ads…they had the same kind of cleverness and originality that those “Real Men of Genius” commercials had back in the early 2000s.

      1. The bitch also doomed her boy through miscegenation with Anthony Wiener. That says a lot about her judgment right there.

      2. Huma probably realizes that without a pardon from Obama and without Hildebeast in the White House controlling Dept of Justice, her ass is on the line because if in interpret things correctly, her lie about ‘all devices’ negates her immunity deal.

      3. That look after a midget pornstar and a negro extra unleash a squiggly torrent onto her forehead.

    1. Oh…more truffles…I am full…but still…it is too good…so, thank You, cher Monsieur… 🙂

  22. The sjw musings and railings were never a threat in and of themselves. Their mockery(M) of culture could be shot down on the streets and in the workplace with novice improv comedy critical of it. Argue(A) with them and the slough hurled back only requires more comedy(C), not schlub lawsuits(L). (C=A x (L-M)). The point when cultural marxism becomes a threat is when robo cops and the legal machinery enforce the cultural overwrite at gunpoint. Without sjw schlubs taking rubber stamping and emotive fist power for granted as a vehicle to activate their minions of females (and their toadie manginas) in the legal and enforcement arms, the air(actually liquid) in their heads would deflate and migrate correctly to their upper torseau region (tits). Nature calls women (sjw’s aren’t excluded) to SUAT. Shut up and . . .
    “BZZZ” wrong answer. It’s . . .
    (seriously, hats off to the gracious ladies who offer up baby seats to the junior Trumpsters on the TRUMP TRAIN)

  23. A bit care, though. Not everyone voted for Trump because Trump is masculine or stuff. Some voted for him DESPITE that fact, because Hillary was so terrible.

    1. Trump is an authentic smaller part of the bigger representative idea, as oppossed to Hillary who never was.
      As for straight men, fate has given you one last chance, it’s time to take it.

      1. I was referring to the part where the author says you can identify real men by asking them if they voted for Trump. That may not be always accurate. Doesn’t mean I don’t value Trump.

  24. we will get the same sour grapes from the left / media. Unbecoming photos of DT, calling him “Mr Trump” instead of President Trump, oh the play book is old and worn but I think this time the public has been so angered, Michael Moore is right, (for once) the trump vote was a big fk you to the establishment and the media.

  25. It’s a bit early to start jumping on the NBA bandwagon, and I may take a beating, but everybody takes a beating at some point (that’s part of winning), and I like what I see on tap tonight in the National Basketball Association. So let’s take the following three underdogs at home (I always use lower betting increments when wagering on early-season games in any sport, which is sort of a warm-up in this case, for when things get hotter in the NBA later in the season):
    Washington +6.5 (spread bet, $110 wins $100) vs. Cleveland
    Boston -5.5 (spread bet, $110 wins $100) vs. New York Knicks
    Oklahoma City +5 (spread bet, $110 wins $100) vs. LA Clippers
    In addition, we’re also taking two of the above teams on the money line to win at home:
    Washington +260 ML (moneyline bet, $50 wins $130) vs. Cleveland
    Oklahoma City +180 ML (moneyline bet, $50 wins $90) vs. LA Clippers
    I’m also taking a shot at Boston College +21 at Florida State tonight (7:30 p.m. EST, ESPN2), in college football, for $200 on the spread side ($220 wins $200).
    It’s a win/win situation, no matter what happens. If I lose tonight, I’ll clean house on Saturday and Sunday, and make far more money than I lost. And if I win tonight (which I think I will), well…that’s the whole objective anyway, isn’t it. So let it roll, I say. Fear is the prison. To the victor go the spoils.
    Dear god, I do love this shit, I do love it so…
    See you at the cashier’s window, or out at the public park, chugging Wild Irish Rose, and projectile-vomiting on innocent passersby.

  26. It’s a wee bit early to start jumping on the NBA bandwagon, and I may take a beating, but everybody takes a beating at some point during the battle (that’s part of winning), and I like what I see on tap tonight in the National Basketball Association. So let’s take the following three underdogs at home (I always use lower betting increments when wagering on early-season games in any sport, which is sort of a warm-up in this case, for when things get hotter in the NBA later in the season):
    Washington +6.5 (spread bet, $110 wins $100) vs. Cleveland
    Boston -5.5 (spread bet, $110 wins $100) vs. New York Knicks
    Oklahoma City +5 (spread bet, $110 wins $100) vs. LA Clippers
    In addition, we’re also taking two of the above teams on the money line to win at home:
    Washington +260 ML (moneyline bet, $50 wins $130) vs. Cleveland
    Oklahoma City +180 ML (moneyline bet, $50 wins $90) vs. LA Clippers
    It’s a win/win situation, no matter what happens. If I lose tonight, I’ll clean house on Saturday and Sunday, and make far more money than I lost. And if I win tonight (which I think I will), well…that’s the whole objective anyway, isn’t it. So let it roll, I say. Fear is the prison. To the victor go the spoils.
    Dear god, I do love this shit, I do love it so…
    See you at the cashier’s window, or out at the public park, chugging Wild Irish Rose, and projectile-vomiting on innocent passersby.
    (***Note: I initially had a football game listed in my predictions for tonight – Boston College @ Florida St. – but the line changed late, and I bailed on it at the last minute…)

      1. Well if you have enough money left over for Thunder Bird, I’ll definitely go for that over WIR…

    1. I agree – defeating the Hildebeast was the first step. Now we have to see if Trump backs up his words with actions, like appointing Guiliani to DoJ, eliminating lots of Cultural Marxism posts and executive orders, and so on. He still has to prove himself, but his reputation for not forgetting enemies is a start.

        1. That would be the single most awesome development in SCOTUS history over the last 100 years. God, how much good he can do in a slot of history he is clearly cut out to fill.

        2. A young, constitutional conservative on the bench would be the best. Besides, his own party would love to see him go and it would allow another Texas senator move up.

        3. He’d be so hard core right wing that he’d “read penumbra” in the Constitution mandating a machine gun in every home. POTUS campaign stuff to the side, Cruz is an amazing Constitutional advocate.

        4. You and I know that because we were his supporters.
          BTW- Trump took Ohio with +450k more votes than Hitlery? That was a beat down!

        5. Yep. That’s what I was saying when folks were thinking this was going Hillary. Cleveland normally dominates the state, if we can win by 450k votes, that means every breathing living soul over 18 in the rest of the counties made it to the polls. Just like I said they would based on sign presence and rally sizes here.

        6. His debate skills are obviously extraordinarily polished as well, his ability to convince is valuable as hell in DC.

    2. Why would you believe CNN’s interpretation and framing of his quotes? Haven’t we learned not to get our news from the mainstream?

      1. Ok fair enough Roosh – but is there a way to actually verify whether or not he will use part of Obamacare? His official platform mention about “replacing” Obamacare with something else which still is a red flag got me.

  27. I watch and re-watch the videos of teary SJWs in a state of permanent guffaw-high… 😀 Watching the “Daily show” on November 8th was an equivalent of a blowjob performed by a solid 8. 🙂 Though I had some differences with some ROKites…in this, here I rejoice united with last truly free men of the West. 😀
    The punishment of arrogant Libtardism has started. 🙂

    1. ROK [and Trump, of course] was a huge influence in bringing me to the right after being a staunch Libertarian.

      1. I’ve abandoned open border thinking about 10 years ago, but otherwise have found my warrior-ethic based libertarianism compatible with the manosphere. That is distinct and different from the idiot “Legalize pot duuuude” dunderheads now infesting the LP.

        1. I couldn’t have said it any better.
          The minarchist brand still appeals to me, but the anarcho-capitalist side is a pipe dream. It doesn’t take into account that not every human practices self restraint or possesses high IQ necessary for a truly government free society.

        2. The Libertarian party grew with many pro 2nd folks, anti tax, sovereigns, but couldn’t really accomodate the ‘heads’ whose sole concern was smoking weed. Alas Jill Stein’s weed . . er . . ‘green’ party is basically a big network of folks that just like to smoke out. Stein’s campaign was predictably low ‘T’. I wonder why?
          But they did overlap a bit with the libertarians which many too boarded the Trump train. What kind of convert Trumpster would Stein make . . hmm . . cabinet secretary of brownie baking? Just being fair about winning. In fact any kitchen work is the model for women now.

    2. I rewatched your Feb. media event regarding the flare up over the meet ups. Your demeanor and public support for Trump under the circumstances were admirable. You played a small part in a bigger paradigm shift, but significant none-the-less.
      Kudos to you and blessings to your family.

    3. Roosh, remember how for a period – maybe late 2013 to early 2016 – we’d discuss things here, be it articles on ROK, top threads on RVF et al, and a short period later BOOM, it became popularized in larger outlets like InfoWars? – Or joked about in certain red-pillish TV shows, movies, or comedy? Then your world tour… well, I’m convinced this “think tank” you’ve created with the community has been much, much more closely watched than many of us consider… one of the few matches, that created the spark of unity. The butterfly effect. A certain part of Trumps actual nomination started right here! Don’t fool yourself.

      1. Even if you’re 100% correct, believing it would just go to my head and cause me to slip in my work ethic. So I won’t believe you and keep working as the need demands.

  28. One serious concern I have is that Obama will probably stick around DC, and unlike past presidents, any time Trump does something counter to Obama’s socialist crap, the media will run to him (or he’ll run to the lib media) and they’ll treat him like he’s still the POTUS. Trump has to be ready to use the bully pulpit, and, unlike W, hit fast, hit first, and hit hard whenever he’s going to do something, and not let the media and Obongo shape the public perception. In other words, he needs to do in office what he did on the campaign trail – shape his image and not let the media define him. He needs to make PR happen, not count on the media to report fairly, because we all know they won’t.

    1. Not even a whisper of this on the MSM over here. If it were reversed and the assailants were wearing MAGA hats, it would be international news for the next month.

  29. Men we have not won this election yet. We have our heels on their necks, but we need to finish the job. They have shown their next strategy-bus people in to cause riots, report riots in Main Stream Media, this fake seeming huge social unrest that will give cover for A) getting electors not to vote how they are mandated to vote(one elector did this in 2004), or B) it gives cover for Obama not to hand over power. Some ideas-start a change.org petition confirming Trump (they have one trying to get electors to swap). Infiltrate the riots like project veritas did to get incriminating video of bussing, not local rioters. We also need to find a memeworthy name for the Main Stream Media. Main Stream Ministry of Propaganda? Mainly Steaming Manure?

  30. I think us manosphere fellas could benefit from a teeny, tiny bit of discretion (just hear me out.) The biggest argument liberals have is: we’re all racists. Even intelligent asian engineers I know are actually convinced this Trump victory will bring about some kind of witch hunt. Come on. But we know there are catholic latinos and religious blacks and asians who practice what we preach. I lived in Latin America, and the family unit there was much more like my hometown in Ohio. They were scared of muslim terrorists, they were patriarchal, they love hard working blue collar people, the women are valued for purity and youth, and they marry older men. Also all my black friends from back home are baptists, and definitely masculine dudes who don’t put up with feminism. Sound like my kind of people.
    But one small encounter with a stereotypical racist, and they vote liberal for life.
    So in the next four years, if we can prove that this was a masculine movement, and not a white, racist thing, I think it would benefit all of us. I believe a country that is economically conservative will improve the lives of everybody and all races.
    Besides, since white women apparently prefer cats, white people aren’t reproducing enough to just rely on white votes anymore.

    1. I understand your sentiment. I would however caution against being Mr. Sensitive To Any Race Talk Guy. Most of what the left calls racism, isn’t. Anytime we’d criticize Obama’s policies we’d get “Yerrrrrr Rayciiiissss!”. That dog doesn’t hunt any more, and we should not cede back territory gain on those grounds.

    2. Black men and white alike are hounded and criminalized for failure to pay blood money to the child support extortion racket. Trump sits atop a powder keg of men who were forcibly made into bitchslaves to the bitchsystem by the cucklaw ratified and enforced by the past three generations of fembots who clawed their way to the tops of the windowsills in our judiciary. THE MEN have been ready to level the bitchsystem for a long time now.

    3. I appreciate your sentiment, agree with almost everything you’ve said and hope it comes to pass. But this:
      “Besides, since white women apparently prefer cats, white people aren’t reproducing enough to just rely on white votes anymore.”
      is overblown. White people aren’t going anywhere. The only ones stopping white people from reproducing are other white people.

    1. Its good to see a ROK OG swing back to make a comment. I hope you and people like Dr Jeep, Marcus Aurelius are doing well…”someday, this war is gonna end…”

  31. King Donald Fucking Trump.
    What other man, alive or dead, could have done what he did? Seriously? Stand up to the Establishment, the Corrupt Elites from all over the world, the propaganda media agents, all the Leftist minions, Republican cucks, even the Pope? Under constant attack, scrutiny and demonization from all sides?
    How on Earth could he have persevered? When everything was against him? Then I understood.
    This man Loves America. I dare to say, more than he loves himself.
    Now hope he grabs her by the pussy and leads her right!
    God bless the President Trump and the USA!

  32. Off topic…. Have you guys seen the INWO cards? Some people think that they can “predict” the future. Here are some interesting cards.
    Enough is Enough (At any time, at any place, our sniper can drop you. Have a nice day.)
    Visualize Whirled Peas (You know, all of us together would outnumber the normals!)
    Political Correctness

  33. Got to say I am loving this transition! I am finally able to start inching towards a life pre PC. Faggot is back up and running in my day to day lexicon. And why not? The word is funny!
    As insane as this may sound, I could reveal my identity at this moment and still be secured a job as I have cemented my character and standing in life. No I am not independently contracted nor do I freelance yet, but the position I am in, I would have have leagues worth of leverage and backlash statements to file a legit class action lawsuit as to how my civil liberties were infringed on. It is a fucking great position to be in where you have a button to push that will be respected and revered if you touched it.
    My President has Balls!!

    1. LOL, instead of the year 1 A.D., we are in the year 1 P.P.C (post politcal correctness)

  34. “What excuse will they now have for limiting your speech if one man was able to gain the highest office in the land because of it?”
    Which begs the question, would Roosh have won if he’d stood for the office?

  35. this american lady in the HR of a european company I applied long time ago is all mourning for Trump’s victory. Her colleagues were enthusiastic about my tech interview but… feelings!
    I knew I got no chances as soon as I’ve seen dog pictures all over her page.
    check her facebook: cindy.anastasi.7
    I hope you’re boiling poison inside, loser.

  36. I think the SJW libtards will come back in 2020 with some monstrosity as candidate.
    It may be M.Obama (who said she won’t), or Kanye West (who said he will).
    But I think they’ll come up with a mix of Obama, Clinton and Trump: black, woman and new-in-politics but outspoken and well-connected.
    I’m afraid it’s gonna be Oprah, pushed by gays/LGBT-whatever and feminist land whales…

    1. Agreed. I’ve seen them praising two female senators who got elected. Both were minorities and one might be a rug muncher. I could see one of those two being propped up like Obama was.

  37. “Paradoxically, the benefits of a Trump presidency will not involve specific actions from Trump. His presence automatically legitimizes masculine behaviors that were previously labeled sexist and misogynist ….
    It would be icing on the cake if Trump rolled back anti-masculine laws and policies, but it’s not required, because the power to change ourselves and our country is within our hands.”
    I think this is right, pretty much. The benefit is that of a moral victory, and a window of opportunity. Trump has created the conditions of possibility to over-turn political correctness, and restore something like sanity to the world (of course to the PC MSM world Trump’s rhetoric and even candidature represents quite the opposite)
    I think though the other side of this is that Trump is in other senses going to represent continuity and even the kind of elitism that we may ordinarily react against. It’s pretty clear already that far from behaving like the viking bezerker as his campaign and the MSM commenting on his campaign may have suggested, he is actually going to tone down at least some of the outrageousness, and accommodate to the status quo at least to the extent that he needs to in order to govern. One thing that is immediately clear, and which should give us some pause for thought is the fact that he has already shown a great deal of indication that he’s going to serve some elite forces just as presidents have always done so. For a start all the talk of Trump upsetting the markets and frying the economy turned out to be not only rubbish but absolutely the reverse of what was true. The fact that markets have gone crazy with excitement was something you can be absolutely sure the real elites predicted (and one of the reasons they may have secretly backed him). Trump is going on a spending spree, he’s going to preside over more quantitative easing (at least his predicted borrowing will require it) and this serves the economic and political elites perfectly – it is exactly what they wanted. Bear this in mind before you get too excited about the blow for democracy that people power has struck; there is more than one way to get people to do things, and one of the best ways is reverse psychology – I’m pretty sure whoever was behind Trump’s campaign has seen the episode of Seinfeld called ‘the opposite’ where Elaine’s insistence that George is a very bad, dangerous and irresponsible man actually ensure that the ditzy blonde would find him irresistable. We right now are that ditzy blonde.
    If there is any doubt about any of the above, how trump deals with the treasury appointment (will it be the ex-Goldman Sachs guy or will it be some other Goldman Sachs guy?) and whether he really follows through on his criticism of Yellen at the Fed. Likewise will the latter really raise interest rates or will they come with some excuse about not spooking the markets in such a delicate time
    The point in all of the above is that there is both continuity and change to be had. anyone who thought we actually getting rid of the elites, and that the elites – the real elites were running scared – was naive. At best there has been a battle between rival elite gangs. It is not the case that ‘our gang’ won. Rather our position, in part, on sufferance, has gained a position of consideration, if not anything that could be called ascendancy to the extent that ‘we’ have made persuasive case, and serve the current elites interest for the moment. At best it is a position of symbiosis, at worse we have exchanged one blue pill for another, in order to experience a better illusion.
    Don’t get me wrong. I think Trump has real potential, but equally he’s still going to serve elite interests, and the best we can hope for is a leader who will explode PC, subvert the feminist establishment and offer us a fun ride along the way (or WWIII depending on who you read.)
    One last thing; one reason Trump one was that he was able to serve as a lightning conductor for conspiracy theory: his presidential campaign, traumatic for SJWs nonetheless introduced us to conspiracy theory in a way that both raised it up to the level of public consciousness but also defused and potentially neutralised it through the cathartis of open discourse. We should watch what happens now very carefully.
    Conspiracy theory should wax or wane, depending on how happy we are

  38. I hope you’re right.
    The first promise broken by Donald Trump was the promise to take away Hillary Clinton’s pussy pass and see she is brought to justice.
    Chelsea is already talking about running for a safe congressional seat. Hillary herself is walking around her safe, minority-free village in New York taking selfies with passing admirers. Even Republicans are already suggesting that the verdict of the voters (including many white women) is punishment enough. My guess is that Hillary will go back to running the “Foundation” and eventually die still beloved by the elite and their feminist daughters—in bed.
    You won’t hear another word about the e-mails.
    Financial markets were supposed to plunge 10 percent and gold to soar. Stocks are up and bond yields have risen in expectation of tax exemptions for globalists. There’ll be no money for the wall or deportation of illegals and Muslims. There’ll be plenty for the FAAG’s (Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google) and Ivanka’s mad child-care scheme for women who ought to be expected henceforth to stay home and tending their own children.
    My guess? Ivanka got to him.
    Lock up my BFF Chelsea and her mom and Jared’s paper runs an exclusive on how you raped me, daddy, she said (words to that effect). Or you can go out and talk about unifying the country like a good little cuck. We understand each other?

    1. It’s the behaviour of the markets that give the game away. The manipulation of public opinion over the last few months will be studied for many years to come. That doesn’t mean we’ve been played. Right here, right now, many of us can say we got what we wanted, and Roosh’s article reflects that: I don’t think you’ve read how carefully he has phrased his ‘celebratory’ words. This is a limited victory, which creates opportunity and the possibility of bringing certain ideas into the public discourse. Other stuff, that bears on the deeper structure of the system is likely to go untouched, or there will be further manipulation
      I’d add, there is absolutely no reason that we should not enjoy this for what it is, as long as we adjust our expectations accordingly

    2. Hold on now. He’s not the President yet. He is still an ordinary citizen. He has no authority to prosecute Hillary now. This will have to be done when he takes office.

      1. Yes, he’s not President yet. He is trying to give her a false sense of security so Homobongo doesn’t pardon her preemptively.

        1. I have the sense that Obongo will still do it just as a final ‘fuck you’-he is a belligerent man-child after all.

  39. this article sounds just as silly as when Obama got elected and my fellow black folk thought that because there was a black president, things would get infinitely easier.
    Don’t go putting all your lofty high hopes into one man. That’s a long fall If the bottom falls out.

    1. Anyone with half a brain thought the same thing they thought about Hillary… You keep telling me Obama/Hillary is smart and a good leader… where is the beef? I see Trumps buildings, I see Trump’s #1 selling books, I see Trump’s #1 TV show, I see Trump’s Beauty Contests, and I just saw Trump single handily and mostly on his own dime take out 17 of the most experienced Republican candidates and then take out the Clinton Machine, Hollywood, famous singers, main stream media, and Silicon Valley Billionaires …. Trump is no Obama.

      1. Obama was a 3rd rate con man community organizer. Trump is a seasoned executive of a global empire. Its like comparing a high school student with a person with a phd.

      2. well, “I” have never said those things, so it’s not me you have to convince. I’ve been against both Clinton and Trump since the beginning. Fly as close to the sun as you want!
        But I hope you realize that in your answer, almost everything you named is material. Nothing he’s done before now, aside from run through 17 politicians (which is admittedly impressive) matters toward succeeding or failing as president. He thrives off competition, and he’s just won his biggest prize. There is no more competition to push him; any motivation now has to come from him and him alone.
        Manage your expectations. Once the luster of a Trump presidency wears off, hopefully he’s still answering your prayers like he was doing throughout his candidacy.

        1. If Trump accomplishes just 10% – or merely 1 – of his promises, he will be net+ 100% compared to both Bush and Obama combined. Not one single thing those clowns “promised” got completed, nor benefited the aggregate population of the US in the mid-long term. To reference game methods – just fuck up avoidance at this point will create that net+ result.
          But I digress, we need a helluva lot more than net+1.

      3. Trump is a wrecking ball and embodies all the masculine virtues we admire. I tip my hat to him.

    1. If I was in the USA I’d strongly consider it. I think my next move will be a lecture/seminar tour in second half of 2017.

  40. I hope Trump teaches Republican’s how to act when they win. I heard the dupes in the media telling him he needed to reach out to the Democrats… NO they lost badly. WBush and Reagan made the same mistake by trying to be nice and it sabotaged them. Crush them and destroy all their sacred cows.

    1. I disagree, America is a democracy not a dictatorship, you don’t go around crushing your opponents like roaches. His speech to Hillary was magnanimous and gracious and this more than anything else defied his skeptics in the media and the liberal left.
      As President you must try to unify citizens through strong leadership, common values, and a real belief in the defining spirit and virtues of the founding fathers. This is what wins hearts and minds.

      1. I don’t want Trump to appoint liberals to the Supreme Court and to leadership positions in the Justice Department and State Department like W did? Or maybe grant amnesty to all the illegals in the country before building the wall like Reagan did… Forever turning California into a regressive wasteland. I am not talking about tyranny, I am talking about putting people who support and defend the Constitution ahead of the color of their skin, sexual organs, and feels.

        1. LA use to be repub until 2 million illegals in that county came for the gravy train. No peace.. and you know you what; – I don’t see Trump giving it to them legislatively.

        2. I agree, but, you have to unify people through reminding them of what America means in its true sense and you can’t as President do this convincingly through belligerent showmanship. Trump is a very smart and shrewd judge of what “works” optically in a public sense, but, underneath the persona, I suspect there is a person, who has a deep respect for the Nation’s customs and ideas. I think, despite, what the media says, and all those knuckle-heads out protesting, we’re in the hands of a man who knows and respects the country’s instincts, and, destroying your opponents like lice isn’t the American way, and he knows this.

        3. I don’t want Trump to behave like Obama and the media behaved when he won in 08. I want him to act like he won and the Democrats lost. If Obama or Clinton come out and tell the Soros paid anti-Trump protesters to grow up I might agree more with your conciliatory ideas but I cut my political teeth dealing with Bill Clinton’s cult.

        4. I’d have no doubt about the fact that he’ll act upon his mandate. He owes the mainstream media et al absolutely nada for what they dumped on him, but, I think he’s going to be a much “Bigger Man” than the liberal media want to caricature him even before he’s warmed his seat in the Oval Office. By acting in this manner he could do extraordinary things for the future of political discourse in America.

        5. Then they came north all up and down the coast and voted for Hill dog along with all the lesbians and women in general.
          I was disappointed by Cali, OR, and WA.
          If this is a taste of Globalism where we are at now it needs to stop or maybe we can send these politicians through some of the “bad neighborhoods” and let them get some enrichment.

      2. I percieved the same things you said. He gave praise and stated he will lead all of us. His justice department might not let her walk… and the Clintons should be persucuted to the full extent of the law. They shold be made examples of along with all corrupt federal employees. We’ll see.

        1. I think Wikileaks is going to start dripping again after January 20 and there is going to be something in the leaks to reopen the server investigation and the pay for play with the Clinton Foundation. But this time Trump will call for an independent investigation.

    2. Libs never asked me if they wanted the Obamacare. And they didn’t ask me when they went on tv and basically called all whites racist with no recourse. We are still at war until Trump stuffs some legislation up their aneses. This is no time for peace or reaching out to dumbmass liberals. I was relieved at this election.. elated. I have not felt this way in years. If he would have lost, it was saddle up guns and hunker down.

    3. The medicine the shitlibs was dishing out is the same programme they’re mainlining to German citizens through Merkel and her cabal. Open your eyes and see poor German and Swedish citizens getting mainlined, euthanized with the Soros intravenious needle. We must rip ourselves out of the sickbed they had us in, rip out the I.V.’s and bust out of the ward they had us in. Death was too near. Men are rising as resurrected beasts, Goliaths, Davids and KINGS everywhere. And no man is alone. The marching beat is being heard. The great STOMP foreward will register on Richter scales soon. When you begin to hear it, you know what to say. That’s right . .

  41. I think he’s going to be a lot more open to liberal ideas much more than a lot of people suspect. He’s essentially a New York boy, who’s grown up around liberal folks who he’s known through business and pleasure. He’s not a “natural conservative” unlike his VP in any sense of the word, so, expect a more mellow and conciliatory Trump over time, and, we shouldn’t reject this as a betrayal. To be a great President, you have to reach out to as many citizens as possible, democrat or republican.

    1. You’re right. I think he knew exactly what he was doing right the way through. Fortunately that was consistent with his own personality so it came across as sincere

    2. I don’t want him to “reach out”. I want him to fix things in the economy – with bully pulpit and legislative force if necessary. I don’t expect libs to come along. they voted for hillary who is as corrupt as they come. I see no way they will see logic or reason. They don’t have it now.

      1. Yeah, but to fix things, often you have to reach out to those you don’t necessarily agree with. Firstly everyone is an American, before, they’re sub-divided into Democrat or Republican, and, Trump in essence is really a independent libertine rather than a Republican, so it will be interesting to see how he evolves over the coming years.

    3. That’s why he listens to his kids to help keep him straight. I know he listens to Limbaugh and reads Coulter.I all ready know Trump does not fit into the Black and White, your team my team, R’s good D’s bad or vice versa.

    4. Well get him on the mailing list and make sure he sees the redpill documentary or something. He was open to talking with Alex Jones why not people of the men’s rights sort.

  42. “Return Of Kings opened in 2012, and the only surprise for me is how quickly the name is being fulfilled.”
    That statement is gold.

    1. It was prophetic. The Donald is the High King leading the return; it will be like he is King of Kings reigning over all Kings.

      1. He is truly the Drumphest Trump of them all going way back in time.
        If he moves quickly we can develop life extension and defeat our biological enemies.

  43. I would like to stomp liberals into the ground. most of the media as well. Disgusting liars. Make no mistake, this crowd on the left will not give up on their perceived SJW power. They need it pounded it out of them. It was a great day in America in that for whatever leftist shit was thrown at him; he took it and fought. Thats rare in this liberal hate society

    1. I would like to see the MSM news be labeled as yellow journalism from this point on. Trump’s administration should not bother feeding them any news for them to report. Their viewership will eventually decline leading to their extinction.

      1. NBC, ABC, NYT.. Traitors. Pretty much 99% liars. They don’t get it because they are filled with loony liberals and fed by liberal money.

  44. What Trump needs to do is to design a scheme that makes it near impossible for the left to return to power. Cause that’s exactly what they are going to do if they return to power.

    1. spin off the dept of justice under the FED; otherwise- I don’t see this swamp being drained. I think he will give Hillary a pass. I don’t want to see it; but Ithink he will.

      1. she won the popular vote it seems. It will be harder to go after her for that reason, unless there is an absolutely watertight case

        1. Not really, we are a Representative Republic and not ruled by mobs. The MSM purposely failed miserably reporting what Clinton did to people who don’t pay attention. If the media did their job we would get the results we are going to get in 2020 when Trump wins in a landslide.

        2. The media’s ignored the fact that the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation (separate from the emails) is still going on, involves five field offices, and shows no signs of slowing down.

        3. I’ve heard a few mentions of that, but if its on-going they’ve pretty much gloss over the fact

        4. The claim of pop ‘victory’ was no landslide by any stretch and it’s dubious if the margin is greater than .01%. They want that as a chip to use but the incidences of fraud would bring the dems numbers way down by millions perhaps.

        5. I think it’s essential to discredit HRC, so a large population realizes what a huge bullet we dodged.
          It’s important to go after the vote fraud also. Illegal immigrants voting, dead people voting, non-existent registrants voting, crap voting machines. Unfortunately the blue state governments probably would be least interested in this.
          I commented on another thread with this quote:
          “The fact that such a high probability of fraud is so apparent in the comparison of exit polls and recorded vote is partially masked by the way electoral results are obtained in the United
          States. The results of most democratic elections around the world are obtained with a 95% confidence level within a margin of error of 2%. In fact, these are the parameters that the U.S. government normally uses to oversee elections in other countries… But this is not true in the U.S itself — which nobody thinks of supervising.
          Election results in the United States are obtained with a 95% confidence level within a 3-4% margin of error. This is because relatively recent laws in the United States have intentionally rendered reference data less reliable (HAVA, Bush 2002).
          By law exit polls must be adjusted to match the final recorded vote, which means that evidence of fraud is suppressed. Exit poll results, already partially manipulated, must disappear after a given election and become public only 5 years later.”
          So there’s a Bush-era federal law that adjusts exit poll data and hides the real results! That could be repealed. On the other hand, if a given election were demonstrably rigged, what then?
          Statisticians at the above link claim the Democrat primary was rigged. So what?

      2. Lets hope he has some grand strategy forming to deal with the rot within some circles.
        Without that they will just snake right back out on us.

    2. What I want to see him do is beat them at their own game x10. Shake hands, fake smiles, pretend to make friendships with shitty Liberals, then begin systematically crushing them. In fact, creating a false front in DC at the onset is probably a great baiting scheme. His entire support staff will have to be equally as ruthless or it won’t work.
      It may be wise for him to play even keel until Jan 20th as to lessen the disasterous shit Obama’s going to do before he leaves office.

  45. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Mr. Trump could be convinced to have feminism declared a terrorist organization.
    If there was a male equivalent of feminism – a movement designed for and aimed at destroying women you can bet it would instantly be labelled as such.

    1. By default heterosexual men are perceived as a hate movement so we are treated worse than terrorists. But no more. Hallelujah.

      1. I certainly do – a huge Trump supporter here.
        I did my level best to convince the women I know to vote for Trump, and I was for the most part very successful.

  46. Not resting at all, pausing to bask, and feeling invigorated. I’m emboldened to start pushing back against the hundreds of Fakebook drones, unafraid of losing lifelong acquaintances, family and friends. Gently but firmly picking away at their absurd meme reposts. I am OK if they unfriend me.

  47. The preference cascade happened.
    But we ain’t stopping here. We must vigorously purge the remnants of “Conservatism, Inc.” (by doing so we may well turn the rust belt red for 20+ years) and also combat the left, which is doubling down. We aren’t in demobilization mode yet. The campaign ended in a decisive victory but the war continues.

  48. Expanding on the above…if you want to organize meetups, we can wear our MAGA hats to find each other.

  49. “It would be icing on the cake if Trump rolled back anti-masculine laws and policies, but it’s not required” This is the only statement I disagree with in an otherwise fine article. In my view the following needs to happen.
    1 Anti-Gold digging laws. Laws that would stop women from marrying men to achieve citizenship, residency, and green cards. As well as taking half his assets and the money he has yet to earn.
    2. Enhamced false rape laws.- Stopping women from making public accusations without visiting the police first. And as a subset,stopping them from crying like petulant children when they don’t get their way. (Freedom of speech applies to political speech only).
    3. Publicly denounce the “National organisation for women” and “Ms magazine” as Hate speech and hate organisations. With the same status as the “KKK” and the “American Nazi Party” As well as excluding them from policy decisions. These women have created a kind of “Reverse Sharia law” and are the source of a lot of Anti-male policies as well as Anti-Male sentiment and bias in the media and culture.
    4. End of the “Tender Years doctrine”. Gents this is ground zero for automatically loosing custody of your children in family court.
    5 Introduction of established legal principals into family court such as the “Presumption of innocence” This would’ve of stopped Angelina Jolie’s Psych war against Brad Pitt. Forcing her to visit the Police first in cases of Child abuse instead of getting her publicist to contact ‘Access Hollywood’.
    5.5 Abolish the family court as it now stands.
    6. Ending of “De-facto” and Co-habitation status” Ladies just because you had sex with your boyfriend 3 times a week at “his house”. Doesn’t mean you’re entitled to “his house.”
    7 Abolish Alimony – Robin Williams said that “Alimony was short for all the money” These laws effectively mean ‘Prostitution in perpetuity’ It needs to end.
    8 The end of “No fault” divorce. Ladies if you come home one day and say “I don’t love you anymore I want a divorce (because I’m secretly banging a co-worker) you should get nothing. Marriage is hard for both men and women and no-one should be able to end it on an infantile whim.
    9 The end of Sperm donation and sperm banks – This fucks up kids beyond what you can possibly imagine. The one thing that unites us all is that we all have a mother and a father. Single women and lesbians should not be able to reproduce, with anonymous sperm, its not fair on the child.
    10. Fertility rights for men.
    10.5 A male pill.
    11. Banning womens studies from Universities. See point 3.
    12. End of quotas and affirmative action – Communism died a long time ago. If you can make the grade then you get the job, simple.
    13. Reduction of women in the military. Axiomatic in my opinion but women are not as strong physically, mentally, or emotionally as men. There’s no place for the ‘feels’ in a combat situation or to carry a man 3 miles on your back to a drop point after he’s been wounded.
    14 Laci Green.
    15 “The Mary-sue”
    16 items 14 and 15 is me having fun.
    17 The end of transgender studies in K-12 and University. Trans people are 0.06 of the U.S. population. A virtual rounding error on a spreadsheet. A minority in a minority, and yet recently they’ve had a disproportionate amount of Airtime and policy influence. We don’t need boys in particular who wake up one day telling their mom that they’re Spiderman, and then the next day saying his Batman. To be later confused by a marxist school teacher that he ‘may be a girl in a boys body’.
    18 Removal of ADHD from the DSM. This has always had the stink of scam.
    19. Allow rough and tumble play and keep the girl scouts of out boy scouts.
    Thats just a handful of things I can think of, off the top of my head. If you can think of any others please add to the list.

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