Why It’s Absolutely Worth It To Learn Game

After my previous article, which advocated that men learn game as a form of self-development, I got a good amount of disagreement—most of it was not inaccurate. The majority of ROK readers are becoming less and less interested in learning game, simply because Western women are not as attractive as they once were.

This isn’t to say that we’ve abandoned learning game as a whole; certainly we still want to get laid and eventually find a girl for a relationship. But, nonetheless, there seems to be a large portion of the manosphere which simply doesn’t believe that game is worth it anymore.

In this article, I would like to present a very realistic and objective perspective in regards to learning game. In retrospect, my last article may have been too focused on the positive aspects; I do not wear the rose colored glasses in regards to the game. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

As a veteran myself, I’m quite aware of the troubles that men can encounter when learning game. I’ve been slapped for making mildly offensive jokes, I’ve had drinks thrown on me, I’ve had guys threaten to slit my throat, and more. Despite this, however, I still believe that it is 100% worth it to learn game.

Beginner’s Hell


I believe that the reason why most men don’t feel that game is worth it, is because they experience difficulty getting over a period known as “beginner’s hell.” This is when you’re just starting to shrug off your feminist conditioning, and you haven’t developed the confidence or game that you need to succeed.

Most beginners walk around, not really knowing how to talk to women, how to carry themselves, or how to flirt in general. Because of this, women will typically have one of two responses:

  • They pity you and ignore you
  • They lash out and berate you for being a “creep,” or “weird.”

Of course, you may get the occasional girl who’s drunk enough to be into you, but these are few and far between. For the most part, the “Beginner’s Hell,” phase of learning game is absolutely horrendous.

You will be sometimes be targeted by club douchebags, who will either confront you or use their superior social intelligence to embarrass you, and on the rare occasion that you do manage to get a girl talking to you, he’ll come over and steal her. You will have women smack you, ignore you, and tell you off—again, it’s called “beginner’s hell,” for a reason.

6’s Who Think They’re 10’s


This initial difficulty in learning game is only compounded by our culture’s general lack of femininity. It is extremely obvious, to anyone with eyes to see, that women in our culture are encouraged to be less and less feminine as time goes on. The once praised virtues of nurturing, empathy, and kindness, have now been replaced by resting bitch face, sociopathy, and social climbing.

This coupled with the fact that women experience an endless supply of beta orbiters, means that they’ve been conditioned to believe they’re highly sought after goddesses, who can use men like tissues without any sort of social repercussions (and in fact, they’re sometimes praised for doing so).

This is, perhaps, one of the biggest obstacles to newbies struggling to learn game. Couple this with severe approach anxiety, a complete lack of masculinity, and a weak body that hasn’t been trained, and it’s very easy to see why most men don’t see that game is worth it.

The Turning Point

Once one gets beyond this initial bump, however, most of game is smooth sailing. Once the newbie has learned how to fix his lack of masculinity, how to balance assertiveness with consent, and has improved his game in general, he enters what I call the turning point.

The turning point is essentially that point at which learning game is no longer a struggle, but it’s actually enjoyable. This is due to several key lifestyle and mindset shifts which take place as the newbie gets more and more success, such as:

  • Drawing state from within, rather than from without
  • Being in a state of abundance, rather than scarcity
  • Improving other areas of your life, which creates an upwards spiral

If you’re a newbie struggling to learn game, and you don’t feel like it’s worth it, I fully empathize with your pain—the problem is that when you don’t have much game, of course learning game will be hard, because you get stuck with the bitchy fat girls.

When you start to develop the three characteristics that I mentioned, however, a cascade of effects starts to take place that catapults your game to the next level. This allows you to pick and choose which hot girls you want, rather than being at the mercy of the ugly 5 who “might” want to come over and hang out.

Internal vs. External Drawing Of State

“By my age, you realize that bitches ain’t shit, but hoes and tricks.”

The transition from drawing state from outside of you, to drawing state from within you, is literally the difference between a guy that doesn’t pull at all, and a guy that can pull Victoria’s Secret models.

Let me explain: women typically draw state from without. This means that their emotions are governed by their environment. This is why they respond so much more to social pressure than men, why they “just want to dance,” when a song they like comes on, and it’s why they’re generally so emotionally volatile.

Due to their changing environments, their emotions change rapidly as well. This is why they want men to draw state from within, or in other words, not be affected by their outside environments. This is why women are repulsed by men who care too much about their opinions: it’s indicative of a man who draws state from without.

As a man, drawing state from within has numerous benefits, the most obvious of which being that you’re perpetually in a good mood. Once you learn to make this shift, and learn to be happy regardless of your external circumstances, women will pick up on it like a hawk—they’re very attuned to this type of thing, and you’ll definitely notice a difference in their behavior.

This will get them vying for YOUR attention, which will start to give you tremendous power. This will make game fun, which will lead to even more women in your life, which will begin the start of your upward spiral.

The Beginning Of The Upward Spiral

Once you begin to make this simple mindset shift, game will no longer feel like it’s not worth it. You see, game feels like it’s not worth it when you have to put in a huge amount of effort for a below average looking girl, with a horrible personality. But, when you start to get to the point where you can put in a medium amount of effort, for a very gorgeous woman? That’s when game starts to be fun.

This basic mindset shift of learning to not care what your environment is like, and to simply be happy by yourself, will create a chain reaction within your life. First, you’ll start to get much more women much more easily. This will allow you to start a harem, which will keep you in a perpetual state of abundance until you find a girl you want for a relationship.

This state of abundance will amplify your game by about five fold. Women will sense that you’ve got a ton of other women vying for your attention, and they will do the same—it’s like a magnet that just draws them in. Plus, if a girl does or says something that you dislike, you can simply kick her out of your life since you have so many other women.

Then, when you start to have so many women in your life, you’ll start to friend zone hot girls for the social benefits, because you simply can’t handle sleeping with all of them. They’ll invite you to parties, and try to hook you up with their friends, and you’ll receive many of the social benefits that they do.

Game Is Worth It (It Just Sucks At First)

Getting over beginner's hell is a lot like this. Once you get to the other side, it's all downhill, though.

Getting over beginner’s hell is a lot like this. Once you get to the other side, it’s all downhill, though.

As I have made clear, learning game at first is a huge struggle—you will encounter massive cock blocks, a lot of negativity from women, and not to mention you’ll have to deal with all of the white knights, too. But, if you can learn to get over this initial Beginner’s Hell, as I’ve coined it, you will see the other side of reality that most men are shielded from.

I realize that it can be very difficult to learn game at first, and can feel like it isn’t worth it, but if you make a decision to put in the effort and learn it, your world will literally be 1000x better than before. If you’re struggling with learning game initially, be sure to maximize your appearance.

Get some height increasing soles, read through some of the style articles on ROK, get a good designer haircut, and learn to perfect your appearance, at least as much as you can. Consider taking some martial arts classes to boost your confidence, as well.

Ultimately, however, if you want to learn game and experience what it’s like to have dozens of hot girls hitting you up, you just have to bite the bullet and go out. Go clubbing, go to bars, go on trips to Las Vegas or Miami. Approach women during the day and approach them during the night—eventually you’ll get over this “Beginner’s Hell,” and will experience an abundance of women in your life.

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306 thoughts on “Why It’s Absolutely Worth It To Learn Game”

  1. Great stuff here! Very true on all points. 6s that think they’re 10s becomes a funny joke after some experience. The most important part for me was proving what I can do, then balancing work with pleasure.

  2. If some women don’t find you at least minimally attractive in your given state, game won’t make any difference.
    The socially awkward guy has to cross that critical threshold of having a first girlfriend who will put out for him. Once that happens, and other girls see that he has attracted that first girl, his social inadequacies will either improve on their own, or they won’t matter as much.
    It just doesn’t work in reverse.

    1. I fully agree, and I’d like to add to your post by saying glad I got this shit out of the way when I was a teenager. I think my last irrational, stupid puppy-love relationship was around age 21. Then I gave that utopian garbage up, grew up, and was content to change my game guided by the hand of experience (have almost always had “girlfriends,” even back in middle and elementary school, it’s crazy). You learn how to hold frame no matter how hot they are, no matter how many other dudes are circling. It *does* become fun, in fact it is a total blast (even on “lose” nights, it’s all good). It was more like an atavistic learning, an autodidact phase of Game that happens in youth, and is hard to replicate with “rules” and advice columns later on.
      I’m having a hard time imagining a 31-year-old dude starting with these guidelines looking to fill in something he never possessed naturally.
      Sisyphean task indeed.

      1. Can’t agree more. Got to know this site when I was 23 years old. Was socially awkward before that and didn’t had a single clue of game or how to date women. The truth bombs blew my mind, but it was (and still is) hard to improve myself or to get rid of these toxic influences and ideas I had taken in during all this years of my lifetime.
        However, I didn’t start with learning game right away though. I first started improving myself: improving my confidence and eye contact, fitness, travel, … And finally, after two years of effort, I landed a quality girlfriend who is feminine and traditional.
        Of course, game never ends, even in a relationship, as this is needed to keep it healthy and exciting.

        1. I think I’m jumping in the middle of the feast, so to speak. I need to improve myself first before worrying about game. Just as you said, confidence, body language, and just getting out of my house to live life.

      2. I’d say one of the biggest problems rarely mentioned is beginners luck…. be careful what you wish for because you just might get it….. certainly a man in this mid 30s or later can go out and learn game and ‘take the girl home’ – but this is just the start of the problems….
        a.) he’s inexperienced and still blind to a lot of women’s games, meaning he can walk into any manner of problems even after scoring, especially after scoring. Game deals mainly with hook ups, it doesn’t give you the skills to cross the ocean, only get the boat in the water.
        b.) he might fool himself into thinking he’s found ‘the one’ because a slight up in effort suddenly pulls a 7-8 where the ex was a low 5, and he falls head over heels in love.
        c.) an older guy is probably heading into younger territory and that can be fine at the beginning but later feel like ‘old man’.
        d.) success can be it’s own task master in many many ways, it’s not say it’s not worth it – it’s always worth taking time to learn new things, but our society is sex obsessed.
        e.) there are better skills to learn….

    2. brother stop! try it you can be a nerd and game women even if you are not a supermodel. Anyone can improve the fucking game and fuck bitches. I will tell you how.
      1. Go to the gym do some back exercises so you walk straight.
      2.Like this article says dont give a fuck about your enviroment.
      3. Maintain eye contact.
      4. Dont be normal,(In latin america it might work being normal but not in the us or canada because people are drones here.)
      5. Be a clown make her laugh, believe me it will fucking work.
      All of this while having a confident mindset, the clown version of you makes wonders in night game.
      Once you penetrate her emotions by making her feel happy that she is with a fun guy boom, you will both have a good time, and if you do this with all the girls at the club you have lots of options and you will be able to chose, because you will be known.
      So remember emotions first sex after.

      1. This is all true.
        1. I worked on my back and posture and people say I look taller. Super attractive to Korean and Japanese women during my time both countries.
        2. I did this without realizing it and I was given a lot of attention. Wherever I am at, when I give off the vibe of not caring, I get looked at. My lack of social awareness helped me “sense” someone smiling at me.
        3. Super easy to do with a straight back.
        4. This worked at a few porn events in Japan. I’m a tall, bald black man surrounded by low testosterone men. EASY! The Japanese men grovel over the porn stars like they’re SUPER BIG DEALS. Me? I just treated them like I knew them for years. The first star saw me on Japanese TV and put me on her Twitter (gave me more followers). Second star I met watches my Youtube channel. Last time I saw her, she said to me “I love your smile and energy! Your videos make me feel good!” The third star, she followed me on Twitter to do business. That sadly didn’t last long cause her agency didn’t like that and thought my interview concept was stupid (which actually SAVED me but that’s another story).
        5. This is true regardless of where you’re at around the world.
        I spent my 20s pushing that rock up. Now a days, my game is that I have no game. Feels good!

        1. 1. & 3. are correlated and many don’t realize it like you did.
          They ask “How can I be taller?” It starts by improving your posture.

    1. We all have “game” within us. It’s a matter of unlocking our neuro passages, deleting old bad programs like “White Knight 2.0” and hitting the reset button.
      It can be done quickly or in my case take years, but it can be done..

        1. Yeah me too brother. It takes a long time to get rid of that bullshit. Luckily I live on welfare right now and have a lot of time on my hands to meditate on it.

        2. Beware. Too much meditation can be paralyzing. Be sure to compliment it with an equal amount of DO ing. Go forth, try, do, fail, learn, grow, excel!

    2. you haven’t read Rollo Tomassi’s the rationale male already? a manosphere essential it has all the basic wisdom concerning women. And because he is Italian, I couldn’t resist meme magic:

        1. He basically acted more like a psychologist rather than a writer…
          Still you understand all the reason women act as they do and you get all the basic information about game, tropes etc. It also is a book that can stand academically (generally) so it is presentable.

        2. Well, whenever someone asks “why”, I have to ask “what do you mean with why?”.
          Why do women act that way? What does that question even imply?
          Why does gravity exist? What does that mean?
          It simply is what it is. When we ask “why”, we typically just search for patterns that (appear to) make something predictable. Sometimes we mix in some rationalizations like “because evolutionary it makes sense” and blah blah.
          But ultimately, I don’t think the why matters. It doesn’t matter WHY women act the way they do (evolution? God made it that way?). The only thing that matters is to recognize the way they act.
          I think this is one major mental hurdle for intellectual guys. They want to answer some vague questions that are relatively irrelevant. And I blame our school / indoctrination system for it. It teaches us to ask irrelevant questions.

        3. Asking why to some extent is needed as if one knows the internal mechanism he may find how to take advantage of it or even if he can take advantage from it, today we tend to want to find every little bit of info we may come across, this is a mistake as you lose the forest for the tree. Knowing though the forest is the best way to get through it. You understand what I mean (as Yamamoto Tsunetomo said in the Hagakure).
          The school system for me tries to either put too much info to the children not caring for their culture or doesn’t do anything, in Greece the school system today is even on a self-implosion young Greeks come out making mistakes in their speech that small children do…. It is a mess.
          Anyway if you know why women act this way you can: give them what they want by taking advantage of the mechanism or even decide that it is not worth it. Their acting should be accepted either way though.

        4. Well yeah, that’s kind what I mean. Its cool to understand the patterns, so to speak. But its not really a “why”, is it? I mean, even if you break it down to some neuronal processes, you have not answered “why”. You have only observed mechanisms. Then you could break it further down and see how atoms interact. Then you could further break it down to subatomar particles. You could go on and on and never find the ultimate “why”. You end up asking why does our universe follow rules. And from that you get to “why does anything exist?”
          It’s like the question of God. If there is a God, who made God? And who made the maker of God? etc etc. You get to a point where rationality just leaves you alone and raving mad.
          But since we are talking about women … I think Niagara here has a good point. We do have instincts for this stuff. I think that when you awaken enough, you start to care more about being in the moment and following your intuition than to obsess over getting laid. You are in “the flow”. And then all that shit doesn’t matter anymore.

        5. Basically we agree that when one asks why he should not be a whinner.
          I agree with the instincts type, but here is a thing, instincts are not great. Ask why male dogs might become homosexual when not having enough exercise and are barred from females? Their instincts just tell them mate and either they exhaust themselves running or start boning whatever they find in front of them. The reason we are in this mess is the glorification of the instincts. They are n’t bad, they are crucial for survival but we are not animals and mimicking them helps only regress.
          What we of the manoshpere want is not to use our instincts but simple to traverse through this highly toxic environment and thrive if possible. That requires an understanding of how instincts work and either take advantage of them or bypass them altogether. I do say a lot that men need to stop chasing skirts in any form and should want women only as complementary to their life rather than central, then one may be free.
          In short our instincts give us an urge and a tendency but lack the needed precision that human life demands. I agree with him only mistake he does is that he thinks the process to be automatic.

        6. But how does he neutralize the influence of women like Oprah, Ellen, Sarkeesian, Green etc in the woman’s psyche?

        7. I had a similar discussion with GOJ and it ends up being fucked up because of how you define “instincts”. You can either include our higher intellectual/spiritual capabilities into the definition of “instincts” or you may not.

        8. He avoids women who take these personas seriously. If one sees them only to take a laugh that’s ok the women who take them seriously are beyond repair. You don’t play the cap’n save a ho you protect yourself first and try to find the one’s who might be saved. Generally though women change their beliefs upon those of people they respect (that is why they are not taken seriously), due to them being ultra-social, if a woman has the capacity to respect a man that influence will be easy to be fixed. If not you go for the next. Also it is better to try to attract these types through ways that discourage the others.

        9. I do not consider intellectual capabilities as instincts, animals lack them, most humans also barely manage to have that capacity and they mostly try to rationalize their behaviour (remember all the sayings of the ancients about the masses).

        10. That is simply the conscious self. Still though the Conscious self needs to know the subconscious self to understand its limits, when one knows truly himself and acts accordingly he cannot fail.

        11. Intuition is the knowledge before one concretely knows something, anyway, we tend to agree but our wording is different (truly this brings credit to the linguists who said that philosophical problems were generally problems of misinterpretations of other people’s words)

        12. Read this nice quote:
          Put the students of 10 masters in one room and they will do nothing but disagree.
          Put those 10 masters in the room and they will do nothing but agree.

        13. self awareness is, sorry, was the basic aim of the classical liberal arts. A main belief of mine is that there can be now awareness without self awareness as one may never see over the subjectiveness of his view, I think something similar was said by an ancient but I do not remember who, what, or if he one said this. Generally having lost the count of the books I have read I have a problem recognizing if i have said something clever by myself based upon my readings.

        14. Plato, he did not call it give it a name but he said that before we start learning about something we know tend to know something about it from before sometimes even if that is false or true.

        15. The self is just very difficult to be pinpointed, the reason is one: Why we definitely know that the self exists, from men with great achievements as collectively those cannot be made, differntiating the point that makes these people different is very difficult to impossible, also as these people do take preexisting notions and information things become even murkier. This problem stands true even for the worst of the rabble while we can pinpoint even the reasons why they are so low we may never understand what makes that different from the average person as long as their self is concerned.
          Personally I believe that self is what gives volition to a man and bigger character, like Trump, or Da Vinci for that matter, have it in greater scale than others hence their achievements and their ability to make people become interested with them.
          Again though as you can understand I do not say what the self is. The only thing more difficult to pinpoint than the self is only mankind, considering the positive spirited word and not the quantitative that exists in German or Russian, the reason is that if you try to compare yourself to last human there are few things you can find, in terms or spirit, common, that exist with kinsmen or family… for the most part. Hence why one known and important dead man said that he did now knew men but Russians, German, Americans…. you get the idea.

        16. Yeah it’s getting late here too anyway (00:20), it is normal these philosophical questions albeit silly in conception cannot be answered ever concretely, it is more like a belief in God, a true believer should point upon the creation as the effect and to God as the cause by intuition. Then one needs to better define his intuition…

  3. That first picture he tried to backdoor her after giving her a few coolers and some weed and is getting called out on it! She doesn’t do that on the “first date..”
    Clearly from looking at her he had about a 12 pack himself..
    That’s what’s really happening!

  4. As a straight man, becoming your best self alone will get you plenty of attention from girls, but only game/courtship will help you sort out a potential LTR from ONS.

    1. Heres the paradox that made me go full retard player:
      Watching my smart, succesful female friends get played by broke douchebag badboys, while those same girls played other beta suitors for fancy dinners and yacht rides. The fucked up part was that they didnt see it. They didnt notice they were criticizing the nice guy to pieces, while hanging on every dull word the badboy said and did.
      Since then Ive been pushing myself to be as aggressive and evil as possible. Thats the truth about getting the best out of life. Even if you want to do good things, you have to be a dick to make anything happen. Its the backbone of leadership. There is a dark side. The world needs bad men to make the tough decisions.

        1. I was along the same lines until another poster pointed out that she has a (third) massive lump, and it’s on her lower lip.
          Can’t unsee it, hopefully it’s just an artifact/illusion.

        1. yeah. Isn’t this from the film clerks, with a metal band. This isn’t really my territory. Is your’s the original disney version or something?

    1. ok we all dislike the tats and yes – these weird hair colors are a big red flag. But she definetly is not lower on the scale than Rosie O’Donnell. I call for a strong 6 here

      1. Could be higher or lower a couple points depending what she looks like in person. Ive never had an internet date with a girl that looked as good as the pic in ten years

        1. Considering its a frontal shot (not some weird wide angle with a side-ways face to make her appear slimmer or more angular, I think there’s a good chance she looks good in real life.

        2. Her smile and tits are boss. The tats and dye job detract, but there’s still value to serve trashy urges. Obviously not relationship material tho.

    2. You are very harsh, she could have been a solid 8 but with so many calls I would run away like hell as life is too short to have to put up with one’s many mental issues and bitching, ASAP!
      Really that woman has truly mutilated herself, still nice boobs, smile and eyes (the shape). I hate it when they do it…………

    3. It’s hard to do, but remove the tattoos. Remove the clown hair. Assuming that she’s thin “below the photo”, put long blonde hair on her. She’d actually be fairly attractive if she hadn’t bought the ugly feminist lie of “make yourself ugly like us, it’s the best thing to do!”. She has good facial structure, symmetrical facial features, nice cans, narrow shoulders, all of the physical features which indicate attractiveness in a normal woman.
      As she sits in the photo, I can’t even begin to rate her because it makes me so sad that potentially pretty (not drop dead gorgeous, just girl next door pretty) girls are mutilating themselves like that. They’re fools, and I can’t see fools in a sexual manner.

      1. It’s hard to do, but remove the tattoos. Remove the clown hair.
        Yeah, we get to a 6 this way, easy. Might even get a full point and a half higher. Fairly sure her body is thin too, based on what might be extrapolated from the visible arm.
        But they don’t come with optional features, they only come as-is.

        1. The cans are her main feature, and even those can be augmented through shirts, bras and surgery. Plus it looks like a BIC exploded all over them.

    4. tattoos all over an otherwise shapely/attractive girl is tantamount to vandalism – like carving your name in a tree…

  5. I have been comparing notes with the biggest player that I know. We have been friends going on 8 years. He gave me two really good pieces of advice. 1. The word “maybe” is your best friend. And 2. “Something came up.” Try to refrain from asking a girl out. Act like you give two shits and see if she’ll ask you out. And when she does, say “maybe” or “I might be able to.” Then when it comes time to meet, ditch their ass and drop the bomb on them, “something came up.” Now I know what you’re thinking. You didn’t end up hanging out with her. Oh you will, be patient. Work several chicks at the same time and before you know it, you’ll have a few chicks to choose from and keep working this one two punch. Best piece of advice I’ve gotten in a long time. I’ve been talking to a girl for a few months now. She lives pretty far from me and she wanted me to come visit her. She asked me if I would come see her (fuck no, you come see me). I said “maybe.” Of course she got a little frustrated, “what do you mean maybe, that doesn’t sound very promising to me,” etc ect. I know she’s not getting upset, she’s getting wet. So I stay cocky, I say something like, “I want to hang out but I’ve got a lot of stuff going on, count on me being there on the 24th, I should be able to make it.” 23rd comes around and I let her have it. “Something came up,” (nothing came up). She was pissed. “Well I guess I just don’t see any point in us talking anymore!” I didn’t respond to her text. She hasn’t stopped texting me since. “I miss you,” “Wish you were here,” romantic pictures of people kissing. I always make it a point to wait a minimum of about 7 minutes before I text back. Obviously the point of this exercise is, you’ve got shit going on because you’re an important guy and you’re not desperate. I’ve been working this angle with 4 different women in the last month and the results are fucking amazing. Stay focused, don’t give in and when the time is right, say “alright, tonight works for me…” Working several women at once is essential. You need it to make this strategy work for you. Then it becomes second nature. Of course this isn’t fool proof but I can tell you the last few months for me, it’s had a 100% success rate. When a girl talks about getting together, avoid saying things like “definitely!!!” Once that word escapes your mouth, her pussy will dry out and take time to recover. If she knows she has you, her pussy will dry out. If she’s never sure and always insecure, then she’s always wet.

      1. idk honestly…until my late twenties i would have agreed on that. But the scheme above gives you unlimited fun whereas fkkin them is basically the same and the fun lasts not nearly as long. The older we men get, the more we like to play games too

      2. Yes, perhaps I didn’t make that clear. You may have to miss out on getting laid a few times but the long term pay out is well worth it. Ditch them a few times. Throw a few maybes in there and fuck them when you’ve got them right where you want them. You’ll know you have them when they start whining, “when am I gonna see you?!” (She’s wet), fuck her. Get a few girls on the line and you’ll have to ditch them anyway. Stay focused and it’ll come together full circle and you’ll be fucking several women several times a week.

    1. Totally disagree. The girls i talk with have thousands of followrs on IG and facebook sending them messages. At least ten other men texting and calling per day.
      I recommend always being aggressive and closing while the lead is HOT.

      1. I agree with this from my previous, old experience…
        many, many same day bangs…
        that was in the day of telephones.
        Now women have 5000 followers, and 1 second attention spans…

        1. True, bullshit can be a key element. It makes you look more interesting and it makes the girl fight for you. That’s what they want. They want something to bitch about to their girlfriends which puts you in another advantage; another opportunity to show you don’t give a fuck. The technique described above has wielded instant positive results, reacting instantly to my aloof attitude. I.e. Dirty pictures immediately after a “maybe,” begging me to take them out, pulling on my arm (if we’re already out) and yes, fucking the girl, apparently I need to make that clear. If you’re going through a dry spell, it’s certainly worth a try or an experiment.

      2. Exactly, this dude doesn’t know what he’s talking…. You got take every opportunity with ruthlessness. “Maybe” and “something came up” are female answers

      3. I agree with you. I think that the games Jingo talks about can in fact work at times but are just as likely to fail as well as being time consuming.
        From the moment I meet a girl I lead the conversation, decide when we are going out, where we are going, fuck most the time I ask if they have allergies and once I know I do the ordering. I never for one moment let the decision of what to do and when to do it be made by her. At every step of the way as she smiles and happily goes along she is making her decision–being with me.
        If she texts and asks me to do something I am honest. If I have something else I tell her. If I am not up for it I say so. If I want to I say “yes, meet me at xyz at 8:30 I just read in the times they have a new chef it should be a lot of fun”
        The whole give and take of gaming never played to my talents. It’s not wrong, just wrong for me and wrong for some situations.
        I never really play games and never lie to women. I recently decided to put down one of my plates because I noticed her catching feelings. She asked me why and I told her “from the start I was honest about what I wanted and, more importantly, what I didn’t and I can see that you want things I don’t. I think it’s just better we don’t continue”
        I’ve received non stop texts asking for “closure sex” for 2 days. So yeah, I can see how I could translate that into using it for the sex, essentially weaponize it. But is that really the person I want to be? More importantly, Ian it really worth the effort when the kick down the door method works at least as well and often better?

    2. “She asked me if I would come see her (fuck no, you come see me). I said
      “maybe.” Of course she got a little frustrated, “what do you mean maybe,
      that doesn’t sound very promising to me,” etc ect. I know she’s not
      getting upset, she’s getting wet”
      She wasn’t getting wet…she was getting ready to put you as her 1000th male girlfriend

      1. This is a strange argument. I’m saying, “I’m fucking multiple women this way, regularly.” And the response is, “no, that doesn’t work.” They’re wet, I’m fucking them, guess I need to spell it out.

        1. People are odd. They think the limits of their own field of vision describes the limits of the world. I can attest that this method works. I think it all depends on what else you have going for you. Some guys couldn’t pull it off. But it does work, if you have the chops to pull it off.

        2. Indeed. The flaw that they overlook is that if you are actually competing with beta orbiters for her attention, you never had a chance in the first place. A woman who perceives “alpha, I must fuck him” no longer has any beta orbiters in her field of view, it’s only you, and you can play her as you will. She will have no joy in retiring to beta orbiters.

        3. Beta-orbiters only exist to boost her ego. They’re an emotional crutch, a straight version of her gay friend, yet as equally lacking in sexual appeal.

        4. Exactly right. It’s akin to saying that the huge steak that she craves, which takes extra time to prepare, won’t be worth her effort since she can easily fall back and eat celery. A girl who craves steak doesn’t even recognize celery as a valid option in any circumstance.

        5. This sort of thing happens a lot in forums like this one (online). People disbelieving things that commenters suggest. I wrote an ROK article a while back, “10 Ways to Make Money by Thinking Outside the Box” (or something like that, forget the title). A lot of people said the goals were impossible to achieve, “You can’t do that.” Only thing was, I’d done all of them except for one. Heh.
          I have used the “ignore the fuck out of them” game technique for years. Different women require different tactics. But that one is pretty much a universal winner. Now here’s a little advanced technique. Once you get the first part down, you add the second part. When you finally meet the girl, you fuck her, and then you tell her she’ll never mean anything to you but a fuck on occasion. You have a girlfriend, and there is no way that this girl will ever mean anything to you, other than being a fucktoy. Then you make it clear that if she can handle that, you’ll see her again. But if she can’t, fine, get the fuck out. Try it and see what happens next. Most of them will line up to be your part-time sperm depository, on your terms, if you sell it with conviction.

        6. I had a girl that was surrounded by orbiters pretty much drag me off my bar-stool one time. She was pissed that I’d blown her off over the course of the week, and ignored her again after running back into her in the bar. She in no uncertain terms demanded I notice her.

        7. Little children. That’s what they are. Me, me, me. But they want a guy who sees through that shit. Pretty simple, but hard to keep in the forefront of one’s mind 24/7, especially in certain situations. I think you just have to maintain frame at all times, and know what you want out of any woman you encounter. Size her up and decide. Then stick with the script, stick with it, stick with it. Pretty soon it becomes second-nature.

        8. Little Children is absolutely the appropriate description. And too often you see modern parents getting absolutely worked by their kids.

        9. Yep, I remember that article. I grabbed a few useful tips from that one. And I’ll take your advise on “part two,” it’s bold which makes it even more fun and interesting. When I’m fucking these chicks, I get in their ear and tell them, “you’re my little slut.” Then I make them say it. “I’m your little slut.” And they always do haha. They say “yes sir.” Without me asking them. Oh but I forgot, I don’t have any game. I should also inform my buddy that his game sucks too. The guy pulls more 9’s than anyone I know.

        10. God no shit. What is wrong with parents, I guess they got socially engineered, too. What you described about the girl who practically dragged you off your bar stool, I have had this happen frequently. And I always make light of it and make fun of their demands and go back to ignoring them. At that point they will either hate you, or try even harder to drag you down and suck your dick. If it’s the former, good riddance, she’s probably a psycho. If it’s the latter, okay, maybe. But you have to remain aloof and impermeable to their shit no matter what. That alone drives them nuts. At that point, they usually have to try and “win” your attention. It’s fucking stupid and childish, but that’s how they are.
          I go to several local bars on my home turf. I rotate them. I get to know the best-looking girls who work there, over time. I’ve been working on this one for a couple of years, without actively pursuing her. We play sexual/mental chess with each other. I know she wants me to take her out. So I recently took to just looking at her with piercing eyes, when she looks my way. After I catch her eyes and hold them with my gaze for a few seconds, I then go back to holding frame and avert my eyes and ignore her. I figured out that this was what she wanted, by observing her, over time. Now, whenever I enter the bar and she’s working, I can see her creaming her panties as soon as I walk in the door. She tries to act aloof but she can’t now – her eyes reveal that she actively thinks about getting fucked by me. Force of will applied over time. Nobody can beat it. Especially not little children who masquerade as adults (women).

        11. Funny that you work the angle of talking to them. One of my favorites is, “Are you my slut?” While I bang the holy fuck out of them. The submissive ones cry out, “Yes! I’m your fucking slut baby!” – or shit like that. The really practical ones give funny responses at times. One girl, I was railing her out and I was sure I had the technique down, and I was pushing her over the edge, so I leaned closer, while going at her doggystyle, and grunted, “Are you my slut.” And she hesitated, and then, very calmly and practically, she said, “I can be, for tonight – if you want me to be.” Hahahaha!
          Yeah you’d better tell yourself and your buddy that your game technique isn’t working. You must be delusional.

        12. Hahaha, that’s awesome. I like hearing about that shit. Some of my guy friends are shocked at some of the shit I say to these girls. Two nights ago, I brought a girl back to my place. She is 13 years younger than me. I had her saying some things, haha. I grabbed her by her hair and bent her over my lap, lifted her hips in the air and fingered her pussy pretty hard. She’s freaking out. I said, “you saw me at the bar and you wanted an older guy to play with your pussy didn’t you?” She said, “yes!” Then I made her say it, “I want an older guy to play with my pussy.” And repeat, then with her mouth full. Hahaha. Afterwards, she said, “woooo, I wasn’t expecting all of that.” And I just sinister laugh.

        13. Good on you. Wild Man Game. That’s fucking good stuff about the younger girl you banged. Talking to them will help you identify the submissive types, as you know, and that’s for sure. I love submissive women. No other type worth fucking in my opinion. I hate the girls who want to take control in bed, I won’t let them. Used to have a girl who came over and cleaned my condo in a maid’s outfit. She would bring alcohol. She’d make me drinks, then she’d clean my place. I’d sit in a chair, and watch her, and talk dirty to her. “You fucking slut you love cock and I’m going to make you cum just like you need it, you submissive fucking whore.” (That kind of shit.) She loved it, it made her hot. Then I’d tell her to take off articles of clothing. Slowly. Then I’d finally bang the hell out of her after her pussy was so wet you could see the juice trickling down her thighs. Then I’d kick her out. She tried to find me 10 years after I left town. She wanted to have my kid, no strings attached, she said she’d get a lawyer and make it air-tight that I’d never owe her a dime. And all because I gamed her, and laid down the law. “You’ll never be anything more than a fuck to me…” Sheesh. It’s so easy if you stick to your guns and don’t morph into a simp.

        14. Hell yeah, I agree 100% submissive is the only way to go. Nowadays when a chick tries to take control, I just assume it’s a test and I say “no.” (Shit I could be wrong and she might be serious but fuck it, haha). I find some chicks say they want to take control because they think that’s what you want to hear. Then I say “hell no, I’m in control,” and laugh at them. Then they do a 180 and say, “well yeah, I don’t really like to be in control just once in a while. Then I shrug and say, “whatever.” Haha. But you’re right, some really want to take control and I’m thinking, “eh, this is gonna be lame, let’s get to it.” Yeah man, some chicks really get into it. I had a girl dress in lingerie, high heels and make me this baked seafood deal. She blew me while I ate it. This was something I had to learn. Some chicks really want to serve you and treat you like a king. They really get into it and it turns them on.

        15. Oh yeah. And those are the only ones worth having, aren’t they? Hell yes. That’s why talking dirty to them is a must. The ones who don’t like it (who are few and far between), they are instantly ejected from your orbit. Then you just whittle it down. Eventually you will find many who will willingly give up their inner slut. I used to make a hobby out of banging strippers (still do this on occasion). I met one years ago who I wanted to bang so I ran some game on her. Got into her head along the way. I asked her how it was so easy for her to dance like a total sperm depository, in front of strangers. She said, “That’s easy, Bob, I just let my inner slut come out. All girls have one.” Gold nuggets of inside info about the true nature of females, right there. Heh.

        16. Yes, only ones worth it. Funny you bring up strippers. This kind of ties into my original post about playing hard to get. The first stripper I fucked happened 8 years ago. I went skiing with my buddy, his girl and her sister. I didn’t know the sister was a stripper. We’re driving in separate cars, small talk. I ask her, “what do you do? “I’m a dancer.” I smile. At the time, I avoided talking to her because I didn’t want to fuck a stripper. Boy did this pay off. The next time I saw her, the four of us met at the pool. We decided to go to a better pool. She hops in my car and we’re driving along. Small talk. Then she says, “do you want some road head?” Me: “yeah…” she undid my pants and… gulp! I don’t think this would have happened if I didn’t ignore her. And again, this led to a lot of submissive sex, spankings, dirty talk and all kinds of crazy shit. Hair pulling and choking, slapping around.

        17. The worst mistake men ever made collectively was actually believing the women when they said they wanted control.

        18. Before it became natural for me to take the lead on the dirty talk, chicks would drop hints.
          -“I want you to call me a bitch.”
          -“I want you to slap my face… if you did that.. I think I would feel closer to you.”
          -“I want you to order me around and humiliate me… is that bad?”
          -“I want to be your little slut.”
          I was taken back by these comments and had to think about it quite a bit. It took a while before it became natural. I’d say the very first learning experience for me; I was really young. My girlfriend at the time would get really upset with me because I wouldn’t let her do things for me, for example; get me a drink from the kitchen. I would always say, “no, I’ll get it.” After a while, she got really upset and said, “why won’t you let me do things for you.” I argued back, “I can get it myself, I don’t need someone to grab me a drink.” Wasn’t until afterwards the lightbulb went off, “ohhhhhhhh, I get it now.”

        19. It’s all lessons. Some guys never learn. And they are the ones who don’t get a wide variety of pussy. Fuck ’em. More for us.

        20. Haha, I was about to go on another tangent but I’m gonna stop. Haha. I agree with your statement. Strippers are great.

        21. The trouble begins when you don’t discard them, and you take them and their bastard-baby into your home…

        22. Exactly. I’ve never “dated” a stripper. Just fucked them. Sporadically. Only way to go. They are poison and that’s something obvious to most men, but to others? Not so much.

        23. Agree, whenever I hear them say that, I think, “no, there’s no way,” or “she’s distracted by the feminists right now, I need a strategy for this one.” It’s a challenge because they can be so convincing sometimes. The chick I manhandled two nights ago said something interesting afterwards, “hmmm, I didn’t think I would like that, but I did.” My next thought, “uh huh, I showed her.” Gotta stick to your guns and at the very least, never let them take control. You might not be able to manhandle them right off the bat but never let them take control.

        24. Unfortunately I lack the appropriate social capital to effectively convince the individual of their mistake. The ruthless/cold/rational part of me hopes they die before they get around to marrying off the fortune.

        25. I can’t tell you some of the emails and messages that have come out of the saga. If it was me, there’d be a new 6ft hole dug somewhere in the US.

        26. Yes, they work in a poisonous environment. Backstabbing, manipulating, passive aggressiveness, trash talking is all normal. My favorite question to ask strippers, “how do you get along with the other girls here?” (Fuck, I know the answer, it’s the same answer every time). “Well, I get along with that one over there, she’s my girl, but all the other ones are a bunch of backstabbing bitches.”

        27. “Why don’t you stop when I tell you to?”
          Translation: “please stand up to me, I want more banter, prove to me I’m with a real man.”

        28. Translation: I’m a bitter, damaged cunt who sells her ass and will probably die in a year or two from a drug overdose.

        29. “What are you thinking about right now?”
          “What? I’m not thinking about anything.”
          “Yes you are, tell me, why won’t you tell me.”
          “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m just thinking about random things.”
          “Why won’t you tell me!? I’m gonna get you to crack sooner or later.”
          “No you won’t.”
          They love that shit.

        30. Ha! Yeah that is great. The truth is it does work for certain people. Your game will 100% work. There are other games that work too. My method is very much different but nonetheless effective. Finding something that suits your individual personality and the realities of your location is what’s important

        31. “You fucking slut you love cock and I’m going to make you cum just like you need it, you submissive fucking whore.”
          lool This why i love ROK. Man, this made my day Bob.

        32. Yeah game that suits your personality. Agreed. Location is an interesting thing. I travel quite a bit and there are some noticeable differences between states. Right now one of my favorite places is the northern Detroit suburbs. Hot girls and they’re pretty easy to talk to.

        33. I don’t travel much any more. I guess what I meant by location is stuff like there is just a different scene in La than in NY. I didn’t feel I had a connection to LA the way I do in NY. Also urban versus suburban versus rural.
          I’ve always been very outgoing and never had problems talking to women. I think maybe you are right. By location I meant to say more of an expertise. For instance, in Ny I know everything any everyone worth knowing. I’ve been here my whole life. At any given time I have dozens of bartenders restaurant managers who are happy to see me and I have a load of connections. My game doesn’t work if I have to ask a girl where she wants to go

        34. I see what you’re saying. Sounds like you’ve got yourself set up. I have lived in 5 states in the last 5 years which has come with some challenges. When I meet a girl, I’m always “the new guy,” “You have friends or family in the area?” “Nope!” So I get creative. Sometimes I’ll just lie, “yeah we’re having a BBQ at my buddy’s place right now, there’s a bunch of people here.” Create an illusion that I have a lot of friends in the area. Like you mentioned before “validation.”

        1. My date in Friday
          “5th avenue is going to be a mess let’s stay someplace closer”
          “Ok that sounds good”
          “Meet me at the Munkey (restaurant near me) at 8:30 unless you just want to come to my place”
          “Lets go out, I don’t want to be a forgone conclusion”
          “Of course not”
          “I don’t want dinner just drinks”
          “Fine by me. Afterwards we will go to my place”
          She knew. She knew what she wanted. She knew what I wanted. She knew it was going to happen. If I played games she would have got bored. Hell I would have got bored. And we both have other people we could fuck

    3. This reminds me of the scene in Dazed and Confused when the Senior is telling the Freshman not to tell a girl with certainty that he’ll see her, but MAYBE he will see her around

  6. Game is needed not because, as many men think, it helps you bed women, men need it in order to just go by in the modern society. It basically tells them why most women are low quality but treated like goddesses and why the methods they use are not effective. It is crucial to help them stop the downward spiral of their psychology.

  7. Does anybody live in San Diego? I need a couple new wingmen who aren’t broke, whiney liberals.
    Great post. There are a lot of ugly, overweight women, even in Socal. Its an expensive, time consuming job getting laid these days. Thats why I started learning spanish and crossing the border. I can attract a prettier girl just being taller and american.
    Learning game is a great skillset for all interactions.

    1. I love banging young, cute whores in Tijuana! Fuck San Diego…
      30 minutes with a naked 22-year-old hottie, a generic Viagra, 3 carne asada tacos, 2 Coronas and 1 bacon-wrapped hotdog will run you about $35 in the Zona Norte of TJ. True story.

  8. I find that the advice to practice with all women regardless of whether you want it to lead anywhere is generally correct.

  9. Being a fucken bitch is the new coy.
    Don’t want game? fine, just be rude to women. Benefits include..
    Increases your odds of getting laid.
    No longer care about peoples negative perception of you.
    Mentally healthy for both sexes.
    I opened a door for a girl at the mall once. I could see she was going to snub me for being polite so i let go of the door just in time for it to hit her in the face. It was so gratifying.

    1. This made me laugh out loud. Recently talking to a girl. We went out one on one date. Afterwards we talked on the phone and texted. She started getting bitchy and I gave it right back to her. In the midst of her bitchiness, she said, “a guy should be a gentlemen, hold open doors and blah blah bla.” I cut her off because she was going about it in a very pretentious way, I said, “fuuuuuuck that!” She turned up the heat, started firing off word salad and I cut her off again, “I’m about to head into the store, gotta go.” Click. Two minutes later, I sent her this picture with, “hey I found a good Halloween costume for you.” Man she got red hot. Texted me 7 more times with all kinds of visceral shit. I just think she was turned on and perhaps this was just modern “flirting” with a modern bitch. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/259c78f09c4d021b02339d22af206f896980c176fe85aedb098b91b5ec40be18.jpg

        1. Eh. It wasn’t really their fault tho, imo. It used to be common courtesy to take care of the ladies. It’s just not the case for today’s society.

        2. Was it dun dun dun the Jews! Maybe, but they didn’t have to listen to them.
          And it use to be common courtesy for women to say thank you. But my parents in their infant wisdom removed any social obligations from Women but not Men. My mom did it because she was a passive aggressive control freak and my dad did it for the sex. My dad got so much pussy, the payoff for being a white knight was super high during the 60’s!
          No, I’m afraid it was my parents fault. There generation built the society for this generation.

  10. Finding certain clues out about her personality helps avoid most of the Beginners Hell as well. The fat 5s you chase won’t be a misery if you find one with, say, a nice personality. If you are led by the guy downstairs, however, getting laid with any of them will only give short-lived satisfaction.
    Also, you need to assess yourself and accept your place, resulting in more refined application of your efforts. Take the workplace, there’s some cuties but you have to navigate the toxic environment. She may not be worth the effort without ensuring you and her get away from it.

    1. Exactly. It begs speculation when the PUA gurus brag about numbers. Sometimes I don’t even see one NON fat girl in a weekend!

        1. It’s kind of confusing. Also you basically have a binary choice, the hook up culture where you’re basically pandering to and accepting women’s poor choices or celibacy.

        2. Plenty of beautiful women out here still. But you’re not going to find them in any huge Blue Zone except as noted above.

        3. “I pity you younger guys. With the shitfest you have to choose from ”
          Indeed. Today one has to define the hot chyck is the fattie that doesn’t have cookie crumbs in her mustache

        4. I pity them too. I live and work near scores of beautiful women. Even after successfully gaming them for years I find myself lacking any motivation to put even a scintilla of effort in. From an objective cost-benefit analysis I’d say fucking a working girl is more honest and minus the hassles of pretending I give a fuck about her infantile thoughts and feeeewings. Please I ain’t got time for all that shit. Here’s 2 bills. Now suck this fuckin dick and then get lost.
          See? Now that’s much much better than prancing around like a dancing monkey in hopes some low level consciousness sperm bank decides it’s your turn too.
          When you discard all the petty notions of romance you have a simple transaction taking place. Just like any other commodity on the market. Why males try to complicate a simple thing is beyond me at this point.

        5. I know you’re a gamblin man Bob and I like it. Men who take calculated risks reap the windfall. I’m bout to get back into online poker myself. Found a high traffic online casino with a lot of fish. Plus they have it on mobile.
          Technology can be great sometimes.

        6. You’ve got to take chances to reap rewards. In 2017 I’m going to be a full-time gambler, and put most of my energy into that. I have a web design business but after 15 years I’m sick of it. I have repeat clients who pay me well and I don’t have to do much. So that will become a part-time thing, and I’ll spend 2017 as a professional sports wagering speculator (my preferred terminology). I think trying as many things out as possible, as potential sources of income, is the shit. Once you have a couple of successes, you gain so much confidence. Pretty soon you realize you can do anything you set your mind to doing. That scares the power structure, but that’s only because this is exactly how they got to their lofty perch. Rock on, brother!

        7. I’m in a similar boat. Got things going on while always on the lookout for new opportunities. Momentum and success seem to go hand in hand. I keep my foot on the gas and blow through everyone.
          Stepping outside the box of societal expectations opens a new world up and gives a perspective which one can profit from big time. Most people are too face down and ass up in the system to ever see the light of day though.
          Capitalizing on other peoples stupidity is a winning game plan.

        8. Plenty of hot young women. They are all going for older men though because most of the crop of younger guys have spent so much time staring into a tv screen shooting PAC mans or whatever that they wouldn’t know what to do with a pussy if they had 8 dicks, 12 hands, an instruction manual, flashlight and a leatherman.
          Socializing is really bad too.
          Oh plenty of very hot 18-28 year olds. I frequently defile them. Problem is the crop of young men at least at least as much and I would say more so than the crop of young women

        9. Yeah I have been to Oregon. It is beautiful country up there but I will tell you now, and I am sorry for people who love that state, there is not a single girl worth fucking in the entire place. When I left I went to Everet WA and then on to Seattle. Not much better. I figured Seattle was a city so there would be something. I conservatively estimate that there are 7 girls in Seattle worth having sex with at any given time. In fact, it is possible that the word Seattle means, in some Indian language, “only seven fuckable women”
          San Fran was marginally better but only in certain areas and at certain clubs. LA I’ve noted was very difficult for me. Lots of beautiful women but a culture I couldn’t penetrate.
          Where my sister lives, Austin TX, I am fairly certain there are no fuckable women at all. With the exception of the major cosmopolitan cities, as you point out, blue land is pretty rough.

        10. Demographics is destiny. If I just wanted to bang I’d stay in the city around all the liberated whores.
          No no I’m looking ahead. I want birthing machines to build my army.
          When the sterile, cosmopolitan families weakling of an only child is the only defense between savage men ransacking their homes and all their belongings, it will be sons like mine beating down their fuckin doors and taking that shit.

        11. Top, top comment gent. I know and use game, but simple, straight-forward pay-for-play with some random young hottie is the way to go MOST of the time if you have a least a modest stack of cash. It also keeps my mental health from deteriorating because I don’t have to put up with typical female bullshit!

        12. It’s only after much mental damage and heartache that one can come to this conclusion. It took me about 41 years of living among human females to develop my current philosophy and strategies — which are based around various types of pay-for-play.

        13. No gent, you have pay-for-play in various beautiful and exotic places around the globe. That is the 3rd and best option for most men, particularly those who don’t feel that they must reproduce their species.

        14. That is something which gnawed at me for years and I could not articulate it.
          That the whole clown act of pea cocking which males do is horribly degrading and unfit for a real man.
          Would you rather be the shiny peacock or the snarling wolf who leaps up and rips the peacocks fucking jugular out?
          Any females who witness such brutality can’t help but offer themselves in submission hoping and praying there is some mercy in this fearsome, terrifying man.

        15. Yes, I can’t manage any “clown game” personally — far too degrading and time consuming. My go-to is “Charismatic / Most Interesting Man in the Room Game”. A close second would be “Aloof Rich Fucker Game” followed distantly by “Cocky Asshole Game.”
          However, because I always consider Pay-for-Play an excellent and rewarding option, my abundance mentality always seems to rub off on “civilian” women and make them moist.
          In a related vein, you may be interested in my alter-ego cartoon personality who has a number of interesting adventures:

      1. I have season tickets to home OSU games (Ohio State University). Nearly every other weekend I’m surrounded by at least 50,000 exceedingly attractive, fit, long blond haired nordic looking women (and of course some brunettes and redheads). There are some bad seeds, yeah, but this place is crawling with hot chicks, many of whom do not have “ink”.
        You’re living in the wrong place, man.

        1. The Fatherland. That’s what a radio jock from Boston who came here to work for a local hard rock station likened central Ohio to. All blonde haired, blue eyed and frighteningly pleasant, which freaked him out. Heh.

        2. Pleasant bugs me. When I go on vacations it takes about 2-3 days before I relax and stop being annoyed st how nice people are

        3. Ghost of Jefferson: If you don’t mind a respectful question from a total stranger, how is the Cincinnati/Dayton area? I might have a job prospect there that would see me relocating from Upstate NY.

        4. ah…..
          that’s just the NY in you: somebody says “good morning”
          and our natural response is
          “what’s YOUR angle?”

        5. ” Nearly every other weekend I’m surrounded by at least 50,000 exceedingly attractive, fit, long blond haired nordic looking women (and of course some brunettes and redheads). There are some bad seeds, yeah, but this place is crawling with hot chicks, many of whom do not have “ink”.
          But do they primarily prefer black / darker skinned men?

      2. Wherever you are you should move…like yesterday. City, suburb, rural, pick your favorite.

      3. “Exactly. It begs speculation when the PUA gurus brag about numbers. Sometimes I don’t even see one NON fat girl in a weekend!”
        I hear ya – what’s the point in bragging about numbers of lays when one is sticking their cocks into blue haired, 400 lb. gastropods? So for any dude making the rounds and getting his dick wet, he’s probably fucking snouts and entrails.

    2. I think it’s a bit over-stated. A lot of PUA gurus and writers are in big cities. Now some big cities, like LA, Miami and NYC, have tons of super hot broads, but most cities in general have ugly ass nasty shit walking around that only just technically has a vagina and is thus female. Seattle, for instance. You hit flyover (Yes yes, I know, “Omg, they’re all terrible, or so I read other city based PUA’s conjecture over”) and you’re going to find some prime unspoiled hot girls who still do things like be pleasant, cook and keep themselves fit.
      Roosh’s visit to the midwest (he did an article about it) rather confirms this, although many of the places he went are still way too “big city” to qualify as real flyover. But it was a start.
      Don’t buy the notion from dudes in Toronto and Seattle that all is lost. It’s not. You just have to leave the confines of the cities and stretch your wings a bit.

      1. How would you suggest someone from the city go about planting himself in the outer areas? Often the rural types wil look with suspicion and perhaps some outright hostility towards urbanites outside the cities.
        Not that I blame them.
        None the less for city dwelling males looking to spread their wings as you say, how would they go about it?

        1. Good question.
          To overcome this barrier, say you’re in town for a big event that they know of. [Concert, biker rally, hockey game, etc. are pretty popular in my state] This will rid the aura of you being a creepy drifter, of which the mid west has plenty of, for some odd reason.
          If it is an event that she’s interested in, the mid-western female will open up to you in ways city women never will. Be smooth enough, and she’ll probably want to tag along with you. Again, plains women come from a high trust society once you break the ice. And you being a city man, are exotic to them as variety here is highly limited.
          Just know, that sexual morals, depending on which small town you go to, may be more 1950-ish than what you’re used to. Girls here are more likely to be loyal and more emotionally attached as a result of hooking up.

        2. My success outside of cities has always come from local validation.
          My cousin knee is coming wait until you meet him!
          Oh man, can’t wait to my buddy lolknee shows up
          My brother lolknee is coming from out of town
          Then I get there and allow myself to be an exotic city treat

        3. Good info and something to think about. Those types of girls I would have no interest in pump and dump. I’d be looking for birthing machines to build my army
          A woman’s loyalty in that would be honored ten fold by a large family which cares for and looks up to her. Strong sons who would honor the legacy she helped create.
          Demographics is destiny.

        4. Yeah, that’s a field you will need a rural local to explain. I wouldn’t know how to go in cold unless it was a city or at least a college town

        5. “Girls here are more likely to be loyal and more emotionally attached as a result of hooking up.”
          Here in lies the problem…… for an inexperienced guy that scores, as a wise man once said “first you can’t get with them, then you can’t get rid of them”.
          definitely anti game is needed also…. and not black and white, it’s easy to dump someone – it’s more the middle ground of keeping the plates spinning – that’s the tricky part…. women are quite easy to get into bed, it’s what happens afterwards that’s the problem. that’s where the real hassle, danger and time consuming head fuck comes in. especially for a beginner that hasn’t got the abundance mentality in practical reality yet.

        6. A dilemma indeed… Breaking a pure girl’s heart will inevitably lead her to seek comfort through feminism; bedding a liberated whore from the club will only heighten her ego as an independent woman even more.

      2. “Unspoiled”
        See now I get the perfect analogy. Our more southern friends will not understand this GOJ but I now know how to explain the difference between my NYC girls and your central Ohio birds.
        First we assume beauty. Let’s not muck up the conversation by talking about ugly women.
        Your women seem to be like Fresh snow. As of yet untrampled. Beautiful (really I think winter and snow is absolutely beautiful) and crisp. The problem is, it is just a fucking pain in the ass to walk through. Sure, sit at your window and enjoy and if you have to walk in it it is possible and even fun but takes a ton of effort.
        Now I think of Central Park covered in a few feed of snow. Well trodden. Beautiful on a different way. Not that pristine way but in the fun of many people just playing in the snow. Plus, the footsteps are there and you walk with extra long strides to hit particularly chosen holes as you stride your way through the park laughing and frolicking

      3. Hottest girls I ever met were from the midwest. I lived in Chicago for a couple years and the amount of beautiful, friendly girls from Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin, etc was shocking. I grew up in the south and its a close second. You can be driving through some little backwoods town and stop at a gas station and a solid 7.5-8 is working the register.

        1. Yes, but there are plenty “fish and chips” around. I think a big difference is there aren’t as many cars. More people walk to where they are going.

  11. Had to drop this comment from a yt vid on Kate Smurthwaiite, British ‘comedienne’, arguing men don’t do enough housework.
    It’s by M Ballz:
    “nd who’s fault why there is sooooooo much laundry?????? Us men be happy with two t-shirts and one pair of trousers and one cheap suit for funerals and weddings (black tie for funerals) underwear fecking optional. YOU WOMEN FORCE THE WORLD TO BE UP TO ITS FECKING EYEBALLS IN CLOTHES. and no fair pointing at gay men coz it’s not them you are complaining about is it. Ffs blaming men for the reason there are four tons of clothes in the house I give up. It’s not us men trying to keep up with the fecking Jones’s we be happy telling the Jones’s to fuck off when’s the last time you heard a gang of heterosexual dad’s say “oooooooo lets go shopping for underwear lads I only have the 300 FECKING PAIRS MY MISSES BOUGHT ME I NEED MORE” you want less laundry then stop using your fellas and kids as a narcissistic one up fashion show to try and one up on your so called friends. Sorry its a pet peeve when people complain about maintaining the Crap they needlessly buy. “Oooooo I had to polish all my ornaments this morning” well this straight man’s answer to that is FUCKING BIN THEM THEN YOU MENTAL BATTY CUNT, I DONT JUDGE A FECKING WOMEN BY HOW MUCH CHEAP TAT FROM CHINA SHE OWNS AND ANYONE WHO DOES AINT WORTH FUCKING KNOWING ANYWAY. Christ on a fecking bike fuck I’m to old school for this needy insecure nonsense I refuse for all of mankind to take the blame for women cleaning a polishing the Crap they force on their families! STOP BUYING SHIT BITCHES THEN YOU DONT NEED TO FECKING CLEAN OR WASH IT!”

    1. Atm, I have one shorts, one long trousers and 10 identical t-shirts and sandals. I dress like a bum. Can’t say I care much. I live alone atm, too, so I usually don’t switch my clothes until they start to stink. Heh.

  12. I still say the foolproof way to get as many hot women as you can handle, is to work on yourself and not give a flying fuck about women. In other words, work single-mindedly toward personal goals that center around prosperity (money). Once you learn to be single-minded, your personal goals will start to fall over like dominoes – and so will the women, once they get a look at your stack of cash. The beauty of this is, it works for all men of all ages. Nothing trumps money in a woman’s eyes. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what you look like. Women don’t equate sexual desirability with looks, despite their claims. We’re talking about a group of humans that is known to fuck ugly, tattooed thugs – not to mention big dogs and farm animals, on occasion. Money trumps everything. Get some. It will magically make you appear more desirable than a male model in their eyes. So give your eyes no rest. Just do it. Build your stack, gents. Constantly scheme on new ways to expand it. The rest will fall right into place…

    1. On one hand I agree but OTOH there’s the “Zuckerberg Argument” that I’ve seen brought up a few times on here.

      1. Zeuckerberg has an ugly wife because he chooses to. If he dumped his wife, don’t you think he would have a bunch of super hot women lining up to be with him.

  13. Game/being an attractive man is a life skill that has to be learned. Just like making money or learning to defend oneself. To get the most out of life they aren’t negotiable. Complaining might feel good in the moment but overall will do nothing for you.

  14. This video is something else. A guy plays an asshole while trying to pick up various girls by being overtly sexual. Then his buddy comes along and plays white knight and gets the girls’ numbers…

    1. Yeah I don’t buy this was not scripted. The “white knight” approach almost never never works. Maybe 1/99 times it does but the near universal result is “thanks for helping me out….now I am going to be on my way chump”. The best result you are going to get from the “nice guy” line is a woman who thinks you are buying her dinner (which is what they use in this bit). Good luck getting laid after that set up though. Answer will be “thanks for dinner….have an early day tomorrow….will text you (hug)”. Have fun polishing off one to porn that night dude.

  15. So I can’t have sex before marriage, because I am Catholic. How would game be applied to my case? Game is the art of seduction and thus implies having sexual encounters, but I do not desire that, so how can I learn game long term without having sex?

    1. On a side note I admire a man that will take his religious obligations seriously in these times. I did not even though I still identify as someone who believes. Perhaps that means my afterlife will be the pit of fire. Either way, if you strongly believe in your Catholic beliefs do not try to let anyone to convince you otherwise.

    2. You can approach and even “pick up” girls without cocking them. There will be a point when you know they’re willing , and then (god bless you if you have the willpower!) disengage. The point is to develop the confidence.

    3. Sex or no sex, gaming is a psychological technique. I am in the same religious boat, ended up marrying a good looking, traditional, virgin. The trick is to learn how to be attractive to them so they fight over you. Be self confident, date lots of girls, don’t get too hung up on a certain girl, understand their thought pattern, etc. If you have a “good girl” that has a low (or no) notch count that wants you, and you turn her down because of moral grounds, you have her in the bag.

  16. My advice to those who want to start learn game always is:
    1. Buy the Mystery Method. Read it like it is the Bible. Hang on every word. (I found the MM to be more of a resource for me at least then Bang, but I would recommend it as an alternative).
    2. Buy the follow up The Pick Up Artist. Read it as a supplement.
    3. Pick up the phonebook or its e-equivalent. Start calling random people. Try to have completely cold conversations with them. Ask them for a restaurant recommendation in the area or what brand of laundry detergent to do they use. Sure some people will hang up. Most will be confused. But you will also find that about one in ten will actually engage in a conversation. (When I did this years ago I even met up later with one guy I had a conversation with about steakhouses in the city. We are still friends.) Do this for about 100 numbers over the course of a week or so.
    4. Hit the gym, ditch the video games, and go invest a few hundred in some new clothes. If you don’t really have a sense of style find a MAN (don’t take fashion advice from women) who dresses in a manner you would like to emulate and take them shopping.
    5.Start talking to women casually with the sole goal of getting their number. Do it while standing in line, grabbing coffee, or just to someone standing next to you while waiting to cross the road.
    6. Once you have about a half a dozen numbers start working on your text game. You will fail about 90% of the time in the beginning but that is OK. Just keep up the cycle of getting numbers and texting.
    7. Build up to dates, average at least two a week to keep up, and just keep the cycle going.
    From beginning to proficiency it will take you about 3-6 months of work but the payout is well worth the time and dedication.

      1. In my experience it was none. I did block my number though so it did not appear on caller ID. I still do the exercise once a year but on a smaller scale. I would say though only about 30% hang up, 50% are just confused but then split half and half in engaging in further conversation once you explain that you are not interested in selling them anything or soliciting them etc., and a surprising 20% just engage in full blown conversation. The longest one that I can remember was an older veteran who told me all of his war stories. It was a pretty cool conversation.

  17. “rather than being at the mercy of the ugly 5 who “might” want to come over and hang out”
    => A 5 should by definition NOT be an ugly girl, but quite an average girl.

    1. A 5 is the bottom of sexual attraction, someone you’d fuck in a dry-spell, but wouldn’t want to be seen with in public, and under no circumstances would you LTR.

      1. I was under the impression that that (5-7) was in the “no one to write home about, but no one to be embarrassed over either” category.

    2. It depends on how you work your scale out. For instance my scale goes from 6-9.5 as I deny the existence of a 10 based on Plato and think that 1-5 is for varying degrees of ugly.
      That said, a truly honest scale with 1 being worst and 10 being beat would in fact make a 5 average but on my scale a 7 is average.
      It’s all about methodology

      1. For me it’s like this:
        0: basically a corpse or severely disfigured
        1: so obese that leaving the house is impossible
        2: extremely obese and/or extremely ugly
        3: obese and/or ugly
        4: overweight and/or unattractive
        5: average
        6: slightly above average (some attractive traits)
        7: cute / attractive
        8: beautiful / very attractive
        9: hot / extremely attractive
        10: outstandingly hot (approx. 1 in 100,000 women)

        1. That is, I believe, the very standard 1-10 notion. I go a diffeeent scale
          0-5: unfuckable for a variety of reasons distinctions solely for mockery or pity
          6: fuckable but not worth any effort at all
          7: worth going to dinner locally or to my regular spots
          8: hot enough for me to really look forward to date and willing to travel to other areas so long as they aren’t north of 96th or south of 59th streets
          9: super hot. Willing to put in effort and try new things.
          9.5: a 9 who happens to check off a particular box which i have a specific itch for st the moment
          10: platonic form of hot woman. Doesn’t exist in physical universe
          See my scale is more about me than about the girl. It is a kantian aesthetics version where beauty is about the perceiving subject…in this case me. So the level of effort in would be willing to exert is what is relevant to me. I have met and fucked girls putting my garbage out in my pajamas that I would, under no circumstanes, bring out to the places I go. But if Olivia Wilde calls and asks me out I would even go……downtown.
          I like this because it makes the scale about me rather than them

  18. [^^^also posted in reply to “Albionic American” (above).^^^]
    Glad I got this shit out of the way when I was a teenager. I think my last irrational, stupid puppy-love relationship was around age 21. Then I gave that utopian garbage up, grew up, and was content to change my game guided by the hand of experience (have almost always had “girlfriends,” even back in middle and elementary school, it’s crazy). You learn how to hold frame no matter how hot they are, no matter how many other dudes are circling. It *does* become fun, in fact it is a total blast (even on “lose” nights, it’s all good). It was more like an atavistic learning, an autodidact phase of Game that happens in youth, and is hard to replicate with “rules” and advice columns later on.
    I’m having a hard time imagining a 31-year-old dude starting with these guidelines looking to fill in something he never possessed naturally.
    Sisyphean task indeed.

  19. Everyone knows games is worth it. There’s no reason at all to remind us, this is a niche site.
    I think we should focus on correcting some problems inside the Red Pill comunity. Many newcomers (aka, Betas who are still swallowing the red pill) are misconcepting what means to be an Alpha. Just visit the /r/TheRedPill on Reddit to see what I’m talking about.

  20. My home state [in neutered California], aloof game is king.
    I notice as you go to the northeast: NYC, Philly, as far south as DC, hyper-aggressive game is prized, while the upper mid-west favors the gentleman approach.
    I’m heading to North Carolina for Xmas break, any tips as far as what approach works in that neck of the woods?

  21. ” I’ve had drinks thrown on me, I’ve had guys threaten to slit my throat…”
    Are you fucking serious??? As in some misbegotten white-knight tactic to try to get laid? Fuck that, next time threaten to slit their mother’s throat while they watch and make a Fulci film look like a goddamn Boy Scout retreat!

    1. I was only white knighted to my face once (plenty of beta fags have gone behind my back to tell girls I was no good blah blah blah).
      This was 2003 and I remember the year because I only lived in this area for that one year. I had been going to an Irish bar and I made friends with most of the regular denizens. Despite my cantankerous personality I am actually pretty easy for most people to get along with. I laugh a lot and don’t step on many toes.
      Anyway, I had built some reputation because I had gone home with a few girls. So one night I was talking to two girls and this guy who was kind of a regular that no one hated but people didn’t really like came stumbling over and started with “oh is this the girl of the night lolknee? You know girls (slurring) you should find someone who isn’t a blah blah”
      I put my hand on his shoulder in a way to reinforce our size and strength difference and said “you’re a little drunk bud, why not take a walk” and turned around to the girls. Fucker threw the worst punch I had ever seen and I very easily moved out of the way of his drunken hay maker. As it went past me it landed right in the side of the head of one of the girls I was talking to. Big bouncer came over and dragged him out kicking and screaming. Other than moving my head i was fairly still.
      I turned to the girl and asked if she was alright and she was fine and her friend said something to the effect of “if he couldn’t knock HER out with that punch I don’t know what he was expecting to do to YOU with it”
      Bouncer came back and asked if we were alright and I grabbed his arm and said in a woman’s voice “oh my hero!!!!!! Give me a kiss” (I knew him) and he pushed me away and laughed. I banged the girl who didn’t get hit that night.
      The whole situation played out in such a way that I didn’t do a fucking thing. The universe or god or whatever you call it has always conspired towards getting me laid

  22. Attractiveness, money and status. Everything else is bullshit in my opinion.
    Most ‘game’ stuff revolves around making yourself more attractive, projecting status and financial success.

    1. At least here, Drago, we agree. Women want the most attractive man with the most money and who has high status (if throw talents in there but I can see it being lumped in with status). Game seems to be a way of projecting this. A better bet is to work on actually achieving it

  23. Jon I was one of the people who disagreed with your last game article mostly because I believe that game is the art of projecting excellence and that the pursuit of actual excellence will have the same effect plus the added benefits that being excellent has to offer. Aside from being generally outgoing and unafraid of being rejected, game seems totally unnecessary.
    That said, the fact that you read the comments to your article, thought them through and replied with another article is truly wonderful. You have very quickly become one of my favorite writers at ROK. Keep up the good job bud!

  24. I think game trumps looks and money.
    Money, and health are great to have though.
    My last night in the Hampton’s this year, I have a similar experience to Lolknee when he dank alone, then met the Russian model.
    Was sitting at the bar last customer left talking to bartender, 2 waitresses and the hostess.
    They were telling stories about the billionaires that frequent the place. One of the billionaires offered the bartender a job on his private jet. I said take it great things could happen. But no she is saving to go to grad school (which costs about as much as her potential future salary).
    Then a younger player dude came in. She became extremely excited, ran from behind the bar to hug him, etc.. She is dating him, he is the engineer’s mate on the same billionaires private yacht…
    Anyway, this is where our stories diverge, as I went home alone…
    I used to bartend Upper East Side of Manhattan. Hottest saloon area of the world – the big time young Flanagan…

    I knew guys that were Wall St Financial gurus– but did not have “game” looks sexiness nothing..
    I could, and would introduce them to every woman in the place. But, no, nothing. The girls want the bartenders, bouncers, dj’s any one but a boring millionaire,
    I bartend for 5 minutes and game-on – and upstairs to my apartment…

    1. Yeah, how dare he write an article that some men will find useful and help motivate them to succeed with women!
      Would you like some cheese with your whine?

      1. Whine? My statement was a sardonic jest and so I am not in want of cheese [Sardinian cheese is one of the best out there]. I don’t care whether he takes advantage of insecure 5’8 men that have been told they can play on equal footing with naturally dominant 6’2+ men, if they buy books called ‘bang’ or read a few articles here and there on how to take advantage of broken women.Everyone has to make money somehow in this tough economy.
        I just can’t wait for the next one that tells these men how they should, after allegedly pumping through 100s of sluts, find a good virgin girl who ” believes in God”. Your beloved prophet Roosh V once said: “women are like water, they take the form of whatever holds them”, to paraphrase. So the present epidemic of hypergamous sluts is really to be blamed on western men who themselves live for their stomachs and genitals. If these men were truly trying to rid the West of this pestilence, then it would stand to reason that they should all ” take on a different form” firmly, a more ‘virtuous one’ [in the heroic sense]. The women, “being like water”, would then follow suit and the problem would be solved. But this recent article, among others, just goes to show how confused this franchise is. I know I know, “but we aren’t like leftist fags who can’t tolerate different voices”. I guess multiculturalism isn’t that bad if that’s the case. In the end, the franchise doesn’t really know what it wants and just appears to be a cash cow. The prophet is now expanding his franchise via t-shirts. I’m sure hats and fake beards will soon follow. If you made it this far, that was what my statement was, a sardonic jest, poking and making fun of the identity crisis in the west. 🙂

  25. I think this article could be summed up significantly:
    When learning game, view it proactively and productively knowing that in doing so youre forcing the cream of the crop of women up to the top for your rightful picking. In other words, a workman unashamed in his efforts.
    Viewing the learning process as “sucky” no matter what level youre at is fundamentally reactionary and feminine. Embrace the struggle and enjoy the ride no matter the phase youre in because at every new level there is a new devil. Stand up and put that motherfucker under foot each time.

  26. Great article , and perhaps one to motivate the ones still unsure. But there is one caveat: experiences may differ.
    But in all seriousness it’s not that it’s just ugly fatties around – it’s that women in general aren’t worth our time. Even the hot ones. They need to earn our attention and time. Once men collectively and universally understands this, nature will revert back to its state; 8 & 9’s dating resourceful men that are 5-7’s. And 8-9 men will be dating 10’s.

    1. Exactly: 95% of modern women in North America and Europe are currently not worth a good man’s time. That is the primary issue. It will change in the future, but for the time being, that’s the state of gender relations.

  27. I’m convinced there is no such thing as “game”. A puny 98 pound weakling will never have “game” no matter what he has “learned”. Women want the alpha male, the big talker, and the guy with a fat wallet. No amount of “learning game” can compete with that. There are no exceptions.

  28. this entire website is filth, everyone on here should seriously consider killing themselves to do the species a solid

  29. There is lots of truth to this article. I would have to say that women are in a herd mentality. One day, they think you are a creep. The next, you are the hottest thing since sliced toast. No rhyme or reason, they just talk and you carry a reputation.
    One other thing, “gaming” does not mean you need to have sex with them. I learned game at a time when I was quite religious, and stayed clear because of moral reasons. I had a friend who I went on double dates with. I would just approach a girl and tell her that we were planning this or that next Friday. It was fun to see who could get the better looking girl. Both of us found our wives that way.

  30. Thank you. This was a Godsend to me, just the article I needed in this point in my life. It is so easy to fall back to my previous, loser patterns. But I have to keep punching forward and to win, because I will have no second life.

  31. Friends parties has always been the best place for myself. I can only attribute it to he is not that creepy guy on the hunt. If you have no social proof, a introduction or a overheard introduction then good luck. Women only like the cold approach when you are far gone and they can laugh about with their friends and feel validated. I will get smiles or blush here and there in the wild but most women are just plain on guard. They get all kinds of men checking them out everywhere they go so it is automatic nature in a male thirsty culture. Build your network and friends and you will have more luck then any PUA, online dating app or hitting god awful bars and clubs like I have half my life.

    1. Agreed, networking is important, however, not always possible. If you are new in town, or you don’t have any close friends around, or they are sidetracked, sometimes you just need to go out on a limb.

  32. “You will have women smack you, ignore you, and tell you off”
    Yeah no I would rather stay home on Friday nights drinking a few beers and grilling some burgers or steaks vs dealing with that. Oh wait thats what I already do I aint go to bars and clubs and that shit no way man. Plus relationships are just to hard anyways, in my opinion.

    1. It is a learning process. The trick is to not invest yourself emotionally into the women you ask out. I had a close friend of mine who we would agree on a double date, say 2 weeks in advance. I would then ask random women, and he would. All I would do, is approach a random woman and tell her what was going on. After some time, it became enjoyable. Already having a venue in mind, with a time and a place makes it much easier. Plus, being a double date it is not nearly as awkward, especially if the date goes sour.

  33. This article’s introductory paragraph features the statement “…western women are not as attractive as they once were.” That is both statistically and scientifically inaccurate. Women are getting more attractive… globally. Natural selection favors more conventionally attractive people to find mates and pass on their DNA, increasing the percentage of conventionally attractive alleles in the population. According to research by Markus Jokela, from the University of Helsinki: the gap between women’s attractiveness and men’s is growing, with women winning the “beauty race.”

  34. This article’s introductory paragraph features the statement “…western women are not as attractive as they once were.” That is both statistically and scientifically inaccurate. Women are getting more attractive… globally. Natural selection favors more conventionally attractive people to find mates and pass on their DNA, increasing the percentage of conventionally attractive alleles in the population. According to research by Markus Jokela, from the University of Helsinki: the gap between women’s attractiveness and men’s is growing, with women winning the “beauty race.” give it a google

    1. there is more to attractiveness than genetics, toots. Attitude, their physical shape, how they dress, how they behave….etc.
      Some are more attractive, most are not.

  35. I mean, this shit is hilarious to me:
    Get some height increasing soles, read through some of the style
    articles on ROK, get a good designer haircut, and learn to perfect your
    appearance, at least as much as you can. Consider taking some martial
    arts classes to boost your confidence, as well.

    Guys, this “advice” is TERRIBLE. He’s basically telling you all to be more like Tom Cruise.

  36. [men] are becoming less and less interested in learning game, simply because Western women are not as attractive as they once were.

    Precisely the reason you need to learn game.

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