Children Are Being Brainwashed Into Accepting Fat Acceptance

We at Return Of Kings do not like fatties. That much is clear. However, America has continued to evolved into a place where being an obese land whale is more and more normal, and more and more socially unacceptable to not be attracted to obesity.

Even if children are not of age to realize the disgust of obesity, women now use their children as hamster fuel to justify their poor health habits.

Flipping through the pictures on my phone, I see it.

My first reaction is shock.


Who took this hideous picture of me?!

Self-loathing and disgust swell up and threaten to bring me to tears.

Just as I am about to hit delete, my boy walks in the room.

“Do you know anything about this picture?” I ask him.

I turn the screen so he can see it. He smiles huge.

“I took that of you in Tahoe,” he says. “You looked so beautiful laying there. I couldn’t help it, mom.”

For further proof of the hamster fuel, you need look no further than her author bio:

Bridgette White is a stay-at-home mother of two who lives in Sacramento with her husband and two guinea pigs. She is the author of, a blog about depression, self-discovery and parenting. Bridgette worked at the Sacramento Bee for 7 years and was featured as part of the inaugural Sacramento cast of Listen To Your Mother.

Even this delusional woman is aware of her lack of attractive features, and that her sexual marketplace value is low. Despite her hamster-ific rantings, it is clear that she feels unattractive. As much as this article goes on to tell how her kids changed her self-image, we here are all “aware enough” to realize that she is full of shit:

Right now I’m the heaviest I’ve been in 10 years. Yet…

I have not let my weight stop me this time. I am wearing tank tops, sundresses and bathing suits in public. I’m running around playing with my kids this summer and I sometimes even feel attractive.

Yes. You heard me.

“I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty, and witty and bright.”

People whom are happy generally don’t feel the need to write articles about how happy they are. Neither do rich men need to tell you they are rich.

Well… not exactly. But something like that.

Is it because I’m getting older? Is it that I have more to worry about than just how I look? Or maybe it’s because my kids look at me with such adoring eyes.

Really, it doesn’t matter.

I don’t hate my body anymore.

Which is why she wrote an entire article about how she doesn’t hate it.

That’s huge for me to admit and hard to even wrap my mind around.

I’m not giving up on exercising and getting healthy. Those are things I will continue to strive for because I want to be around awhile.

It’s just on hold for now, because it’s far more important to write articles about fat acceptance than to prioritize your health and get to the gym.

Right now though, I just want to love my body where it is. I want it to be OK to see myself the way my kids do.

Thank you, kids.

But, putting this all aside, there is a much bigger issue to take from this article.

Kids Have Been Brainwashed

Now, I love my mother dearly, and always will. If she was an obese land whale, I wouldn’t go and say that flat to her face. Especially if I was a young child (and it’s fair to assume her children are reasonably young based off of the article context).

However, the way her children phrased this sends a signal loud and clear – fat, obese, and with flappy arms is the new normal, even considered “beautiful”. This is in the minds that are the least polluted of anyone – young children. Even they have been brainwashed with the message of fat acceptance, whether it be plus-sized models on television or being shamed for being repulsed by obesity.

Where To From Here?

There has to be an end somewhere in sight, right? Much how like the stock market crashes and eventually recovers, you would think that eventually, American society would hit rock bottom in regards to obesity. Considering the current crop of attractive women (and men) in this country, it would be logical to assume that rock bottom point is reasonably near.

Yet, I don’t think we have reached that point.

With kids becoming more fat accepting, will it suddenly become acceptable for kids themselves to be fat? When I was 14, I stood 5’8″ and weighed about 220 pounds. Kids made fun of me – a lot. It was what drove me to drop over 80 pounds in ten months. While I certainly was bullied, I realize now that I was shamed.

That shame did me a lot of good, otherwise I’d still be playing Warcraft, munching on Doritos and sucking down cans of Mountain Dew Code Red. The shaming convinced me to not continue down the path of being a disgusting pig.

Kids who tell their mothers that they are gorgeous while overweight will tell other kids that, too. Fat will become the new normal (though perhaps it already is). Even virginal minds of children, biologically programmed to be repulsed by cellulite and a lack of a gap between the thighs, are beginning to cherish fat acceptance. If rock bottom ever comes, it will be when all children encourage each other in their fat ways, rather than shaming as they are (currently) naturally inclined to do.

By the way, someone should call the Tahoe Police Department.

There is a whale who washed up on the beach.

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184 thoughts on “Children Are Being Brainwashed Into Accepting Fat Acceptance”

  1. I don’t get it. Your article is concerning fat people but you’ve clearly posted a picture of a beached whale. Am I missing something?

    1. That first picture is a sign of things to come. Think of fit guys pairing off with obese women out of sheer thirst and desperateness. Think of the massive cognitive dissonance these guys are going to have to deal with: nature says fat is unattractive because it signals the unfit, while society says the contrary.

      1. Agreed, the thirst epidemic is out of control. Fat acceptance is also one sided. You see fit and ripped guys with fatties, but never see thin, attractive women with fat guys. I’m glad that i workout regularly and have a high metabolism.

        1. That’s partly because women want complete control of the societal narrative, and regarding sexuality, they want to decide what men find attractive.

        2. I know this is not politically correct, but I think the absence of fit, feminine women is a driving force for the homosexualization of our culture.

        3. Dude, I don’t know where you’re hanging out, but model chicks with old fat guys is pretty much the staple of ever high end shopping street on the planet….
          “As long as you make sure your wallet is fatter than you are….” as the saying goes.
          It’s not a fair comparo, though. Women really don’t care much one way or the other, as long as you have status. While men are biologically much more visual.

        4. Possibly true. Coetzee wrote that his homosexual experience was out of thirst for touch. Yet the male touch didnt feel as real to him. This was after he described his experience sleeping with a land whale. No doubt at all that some men would prefer fit men to unfit women. It seems that most of the homosexual movement prides itself on fitness.

      2. Back when I was in high school, I made the mistake of allowing my inner circle to go from all male to coed, and the girls were all overweight. I declined to date a fatty and so she moved on to my best friend, bringing her out of shape friends with her.
        My homies and I were runners, most of us were on the track team. All were outdoorsy types, most of us did some landscaping work. We were in great shape. However, we were all terrible with girls, buying into the blue pill “friends first” model.
        I naively thought these girls A. understood assortive mating and B. were truly our friends and could help us get girlfriends. They kept thinking I should date fatties, we’re talking people in the 4-5 range when I was easily an 8-9 at our shit high school. When I resisted, it meant a total freeze-out, complete with rumors that I was gay.
        Tl;dr- HS fatties think they deserve guys with 6-pack abs.

  2. i don’t which is more troubling, the contentment this disgusting, complacent slob has in her body (a stay-at-home mom whose children are presumably school age? you have TOO much time to exercise and plan healthy meals) or the fact that her son felt to compelled to snap a photo of his mother in a bathing suit because he was drawn in by her mesmerizing, siren song beauty. fucking creepy.

  3. My father got obese some years back and had extremely high blood pressure. I told him to either lose the weight or he wasn’t gonna see me again before he died from a heart attack. He went pescatarian and lost 30 lbs and has normal blood pressure.

  4. Who do you think an obese person wants to sit next to when flying coach, a fellow lard ass? No, which proves they themselves discriminate against obese people.

  5. This country is going down the toilet. If Hillary wins in 2016, it will be even worse. A combination of liberalism and feminism are sucking out this country’s soul.

    1. This country treats gays and fatties like they’re both heroes or something. How screwed are we when society actually cheers unhealthy behavior?

      1. rest assured, in case there is an all out war, we would surely win. Our enemies are fat, unhealthy, fags, liars, depressed, emasculate men and ugly women. One of us is worth at least a hundred of these scum.

      2. Dont forget you are also mandated by the Government and Society to accept “Diversity and Inclusion” as a new Golden Standard.
        I am so fucking sick of hearing those bullshit code words for “Anti-White Male”
        So if some dude now “identifies” as female you are required to be “Tolerant” and “Accepting”…
        60% of this fucking country has their grimy hands out living on the dole with food stamps, WIC, disability checks and other Gubmint programs ad infinitum…
        Fuck all of these motherfuckers and all the horses they rode in on..

      3. They also give credit to men acting feminine and women acting muscular. Westernised countries are so mess up these days. U always hear how backward eastern countries are BUT they look at Westernised countries as what they really are.. Dysfunctional values and morales and people at most!
        How the fuck can u give credit to obesity??? The body is a reflection of the mind where fat people can’t even look after themselves let alone their families!

    2. So true, if Hilary wins the female entitlement will go through the roof. You heard black people shouting about their president being black. I can already here some femicunt telling me that its 2016, theres a female president and that she is so much more empowered now.

      1. Eh. Hillary will probably win, and I kinda hope she does so the country goes bankrupt. Look, the plebs have already gotten a taste of free gub’ment swag, so there’s no way they will ever vote to give it up. Extracting all the entitlements from a sea of greedy, fat sausage fingers is too difficult. We need to knock the entitlements all out in one swoop, and that means a Greek-style financial meltdown, possibly even a revolution. Look, it’s going to happen sooner or later. Even Rome eventually fell.

        1. To clarify, I’m not saying to overthrow anything. I’m saying I’m not going to worry about it. I’m going to allow the inevitable occur, which will probably be a disaster.

        2. Yeah but the recent pattern has been that every party gets 8 years to fuck shit up. For liberalism/socialism to be hailed as our savior, a democrat cant be in office when it collapses. A conservative will have to be in office so that the collapse can be blamed on capitalism, religion, racism, misogyny, etc. (basically conservative white males).

        3. There will probably be 8 more years of Hillary, assuming she stays in decent health.

        4. She’d be the same pert only in a skirt. Still another side of the same coin. They’ve already hit the toilet flush handle on this country. Glass Steagal will clog it and buy time overflowing while the manosphere groups and grows.

        5. What we need is an Austria-Hungary style meltdown.
          That’s the end of America as a multiracial Multicult hell.

        6. You have no choice but to let it occur.
          There are too many of “them” and very few of you.

        7. I think you’re right. The next decade is going to get extremely dark, boys. It will only benefit the manosphere.

        8. Exactly right. Egalitarianenism, liberalism, feminism, multiculturalism, homosexuality, are all symptoms of a decadent, degenerate and demoralised empire. The west has been infected with a parasitic people which now enjoy total control over the world’s media, financial, corporate, political and academic institutions. There is Nothing Left to do but to “ride the tiger of modernity” as Julius Evola puts it, and wait for the whole rotten system to cave. Make your money, strive for good health, love your friends and family and enjoy the fireworks.
          I think ROK readers would enjoy Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard. It is definitely the most “Red pill” piece of literature ever written and available as a free PDF online.

      2. Ironic how Obama has done nothing to benefit/help blacks.
        Female entitlement will exist regardless of who is in office.

        1. The Obama years have been an economic catastrophe for black Americans yet 95% of them still solidly support him. Perhaps a literate black poster can educate as to why.

        2. Even on a site like this I would hesitate to tell you, but I think we both know the answer.

      3. It doesn’t matter who is selected to be president. Nothing changes and the same people run things.

        1. No it doesnt matter how the country operates on a day to day basis, but it does change the slant the media puts on politics and the angle from which they attack the truth. Most of us here know that its all a sham but 80% of America hangs on their every word.
          The wars in the middle east couldnt have been started with a Democrat in office. It goes directly against the pity party-everyone is equal game they play. Its almost like a good cop, bad cop routine. The Republicans blatantly make a mess of things so that the Democrats can come next and pretend to clean it up and put people’s minds at ease.
          Socialism is coming, either disguised as capitalism or a one world government to protect us from all the boogeymen and the right will be blamed.

        2. I was not referring to day-to-day operation of the country but rather the strategic direction it moves in. The media’s job is to make you think that it matters whether a Democrat or a Republic wins the dog and pony show. The CIA and the elites behind it pretty much decides who is in office and what will happen.

        3. Agree with a little bit of both from Brock and englishbob. The illusion of Democracy is in place, today. The two parties exist to keep the masses (people) in check (divide and conquer).
          The same ‘powers’ are always running the country and deciding the direction of this country (U.S.). The Citizens United ruling just gave those powers the freedom to come out from behind the curtain.
          A good example of how far we’ve fallen…..The Patriot Act, alone, should have been enough to stir up Americans but everyone is very complacent with their Xbox, SUV, nice house or apartment, etc…so we’ve given up some of that freedom to feel safe.
          Both parties (all politicians) pander to the purse. It will have to get worse before it gets better.

    3. If Hitlary wins she will have direct access to the “football” (briefcase containing the ICBM launch codes) and presidential authority to “turn the key” whenever another world leader dares to “disrespects her as a woman”.
      Ponder THAT while you lay yourself to sleep at night…

    4. Do you know what liberalism is? I refer to the one of Adam Smith, because I don’t what the problem is

  6. When I’m out about the town I’m astounded by the number of lean young men I see with very heavy women.
    None of those men look happy, and I’ve noticed they tend to wander off by themselves when they get the chance.

    1. I’m wondering how these guys can possibly get it up. Their lizard brains probably say “do not want” which they keep trying to override, telling themselves those fat rolls are actually attractive.

      1. It is just the way of the world; a young man has virtually no value and is easily replaced. The best looking young women are able to have much higher standards. They say 10% of the men are doing 90% of the fucking; the other 90% of the men have to look for scraps.

      2. I dated a wonderful woman a few years ago. A truly great person. But she was fat, no getting around that. And my lizard brain said NO! It was in no uncertain terms. I had to say sorry, but it just wasn’t there and it never was going to be.

    2. I just don’t know how these guys do it…The thirst is strong in them to say the least. I promised myself to never date a fat bitch. I’ve kept my promise even in the face of long dry spells and when I’ve been horny as fuck during my not so good nights at bars. Fuck that.

      1. Wish I could say the same. If you don’t have at least one good memory of fucking a hot chick in your past, a long dry spell does a number on your standards.

      1. Yeah, THIS will probably become more common. Because the gub’ment has replaced the man as the “provider,” women no longer have to provide any sort of value to men. Back when women had to compete for men there was actually an incentive to make yourself as attractive as possible. Now she can live her entire life and not need a man for anything. She can even get sperm from a sperm bank if necessary. Therefore, why would she even try? Men, which are no longer a necessity but an option, have to try even harder to appeal to women. There will always be hotties, but they will become less and less common as the welfare state grows.

      2. I still don’t believe they’re really a couple. Based on my experience with how other women react to me being in shape, it makes NO sense he’d be with a ginormous muffin-top instead of an attractive girl.

        1. Attractive females are in high demand here in the USA. They can not only demand “model-looks”, and a “nice-guy personality” but also money/ fame / future earnings potential.
          As per the comment of one of the recent female trolls, he friends that cant currently locate that “total package” are going dateless.
          This reduces the amount of attractive women even further. You may seem them out and about, clubbing with their friends for the purpose of taking posed group Instagram pics and showing off those nice big white teeth, but they all have that little agenda looking for their male “unicorn”.
          The typical mildly attractive and fit American female views 90% of us American males are not much more than hungry “stray dogs” I am afraid…
          Goes a long way to explain their unfriendliness and lack of conversational skills and charm doesnt it?

        2. It really is true that women have unrealistic expectations. It’s biological. For men to win at evolution they need to have sex with as many women as possible, so most men have fairly low standards when it comes to casual sex.
          Unlike men, women have limited reproductivity, which only lasts from her early teens until around 42. Further, she is only fertile for a max of 5 days a month. The most births a woman has ever had was 27, which resulting in a ridiculous 69 total children because most were twins or triplets. The most children a man has ever been known to father is something like 1,700. The point her is that because women cannot produce as many children as men they focus on QUALITY, while most men focus on quantity, except for pair bonding. However, women only have an incentive to focus on quality.
          This connects into the whole alpha fux/beta bux thing. Women are looking for the best genetic code, so they don’t even realize how unrealistic their expectations are. For example, I hear so many women say they only want a man who is 6′ or taller, but that’s only 14.5% of the men in the USA. (Source:

        3. “I hear so many women say they only want a man who is 6′ or taller”
          Probably because for some reason these females beasts keep getting bigger and bigger every year. I am a hair under 5′ 10″ and often see women as tall and bigger than me.
          American women are becoming men. Literally.

        4. It’s not that. They are getting wider. If they’re taller, it’s because they’re all wearing heels; I’ve seen plenty of women wear stilettos to white collar work. It’s ridiculous.

        5. Just to clear things up for you.. a woman is only fertile one day a month. It’s called ovulation. The egg is only viable for 24 hours once it is released. It can be released as early or late in her cycle as is normal for her, but the average is roughly day 14.
          5 days would refer to the length of time that an average menstruation lasts. That is the shedding of the now dead egg and lining of the uterus once fertilization is not achieved, which usually occurs on day 28 but can be earlier or later depending on the individual’s cycle.
          Meanwhile, to address what you think women want. What women want is as different as what men want. Every woman wants something different. Few have specific height requirements, but attraction is likely to be important to them, just as it is to you. And attraction is subjective. What you think is attractive to women may not be at all what women find attractive. Model-like looks are the last thing most women find attractive. You know, the more I read these comments the more I feel sad that most of you don’t really know women at all. Maybe the mystery of women is what frustrates you so much. The truth is, we don’t know ourselves sometimes either. And, you think that women have all the power to pick and choose their mates, but believe me this isn’t true, even for the most attractive of us. I promise you, it’s just as frustrating for us, as it is for you.
          In regards to the original topic, however, this is absolutely true in regards to our acceptance of unhealthy lifestyles in this country, and it does need to stop. Accepting people this way means we are giving up on being healthy and fit and treating evolution as a failure. And, I’m sorry to say this problem exists on BOTH sides of the political aisle. Obesity is a problem in this country, period. Over 60% of Americans are overweight! That is insane! Our diets and lack of portion control and lack of fitness or even the need to move our bodies is disgraceful. I don’t have a solution to this on a grand scale. The only thing I can do is continue to make it a priority for myself to stay in shape, and to consort with others that do. In any case, I don’t see this problem resolving itself any time soon.

      3. This guy is a gay boy doing a favor to his whale best friend who want to show the internet that she is desirable. This is a trend, don’t get fooled.

        1. Good point. Dude’s clearly on the ‘down-low’. Even blacks in america wouldn’t choose a fat bitch over a fit one with a nice booty.

    3. lol, reminds me of this time I was behind a couple in line at a convenience store.
      Chick had a nice body and after observing her for a few minutes her man steps away like he’s going to go browse. That never happens with a hot chick. Their men are stuck to them like white on rice, especially with another man in the vicinity checking her out.
      Then she turns around and I see a hideous face… He was obviously with her for purely fucking because he did not want it to be known he was with her in public.

  7. Losing weight takes effort, Americans are loath to give effort. Post law school I was 20 pounds overweight, i am vein so I hit the gym 2 hours a day for 3 months and got ripped. Here’s the thing , once you put in the effort it gets easy first, and habitual second. Now 2 hrs in the gym is normal , I do not even get tired anymore ( exception Leg Day). Your mind is the same way , I was a lazy half ass student before Law School after my first year I can now do 6-8 hours of hard focused mental tasks day after day. The key is fining the motivation to enable the will power, then it becomes easy, finally it becomes habit. That first step is the hard one….

    1. I’ve found for myself (and usually for other as well), it’s not the working out or eating right that is the hardest part. It’s making it part of a routine and doing it like clockwork that is difficult for most people (at least initially). Since many people watch stupid shit like The Biggest Loser, they think that losing 10-15 pounds in a week is a realistic expectation, so when people put in temporary effort and are not met with immediate (unrealistic) results, they will just give up and quit.
      I work at a gym and talk to the trainers all the time. They always cite this as a problem in terms of not being able to retain their clients. Their clients bitch, complain, don’t want to do anything that they perceive as being too difficult. Most importantly: they don’t do what the trainer tells them to do in terms of altering their lifestyle.

      1. I think most trainers don’t know what they’re doing. They make their clients do hellish, awkward and bizarre things in order to make themselves appear to have some unique and valuable knowledge.
        Why else pay 30$ an hour? Who would pay to have a guy watch over them as they did their 5×5 bench/squat workout with which they slowly progress? Instead the stooge wakes up the next day with a soreness in some rarely used abdominal tendon, thinking their trainer really knows his stuff because he was making him do some hanging, ankle booted, supine reverse lat raises with 10 pound dumbells for 100 reps. 95% of the exercise industry is a hustle. It’s fine with me; open squat racks.

      2. It takes a year to get things right. People need to realize that it’s a long term life style change. I’ve never been in bad shape but it did take about a year (injury here n there) to pack on a bit of muscle. I’ve always been a good sprinter and middle distance runner so I stayed slim until around 35. However the benefits of the gym do take a while to manifest. Then there’s the short cut of roids. Weight lifting should be part of your weekly routine just make sure you avoid injury while doing it. Give your body time to adjust.

      3. As I see it, it’s hardest to be disciplined and keep working out every day. Once you stop for a while, all progress is lost and you have to start from the beginning.

    2. Agree. It’s very difficult to start but once you have a routine it’s a piece of cake.
      I suggest guys just starting out to focus on one thing (exercise) a day to get you started. Don’t go overboard on your first day, week, two weeks….just start with one exercise and add to it (think of it as a marathon, not a sprint). Pretty soon (like Atlanta man said) it becomes a reg routine.
      I think so many people avoid it because: 1. they think about it too much 2. they do too much and burn out in the first week.
      It happened to me many years ago until I took a different approach to it.

    3. I guess it takes effort if you’re addicted to sugar which most of us were or currently are. Sugar is part of Americana, not just a vice. Apple pie, Coca-cola etc. If you can just eliminate sugar then your body’s natural hunger mechanism will re-instate itself and you’ll end up surprised at how little you really need to eat. It definitely isn’t three square meals a day plus desserts, snacks. Before you know it, you’ve gone hours without food and it wasn’t even on your mind. Sugar is so deadly to health. QUIT OUTRIGHT.
      Also, and this will sound funny, but only do exercises that you like. You’ll end up liking squats, deadlifts, military press, bench and dips because those are pure, satisfying movements. You can’t wait to do them again and working out requires NO motivation at that point. In fact, you’ll be irritated if someone or something keeps you out of the gym. It’s the guy who does forty five minutes of abdominal isolation b.s. that burns out and quits. Also, the cardio freaks who poison themselves with free radicals and mistake the post workout buzz for something constructive.
      Stick with low sets, low reps and just make sure you’re getting progressively stronger. Stay away from any exercise that has you jerking your head around all over the place like burpies, situps, pushups. The motion sickness makes you hate it even more. That’s my take and it wasn’t directed at you, Atlanta Man. You seem to know what you’re doing. It’s just my general take.

    4. Fuck yeah brother, this is the shit I like to read. Was a fat <300lb/35%BMI phaggot 4-5 years ago…so much has changed. Its the process of losing the weight that makes your whole brain just hardwired to hard work, dedication, and the best you can do in anything.

  8. “So I am fat and you don’t find me attractive? The problem is in YOU, not in me. You obviously have mother/ sister/ daughter issues. You will HAVE to like me.”
    This is the reasoning inside of a woman’s brain. Never fall for female reasoning. It will only prove to be a detriment for you. It is beyond female comprehension that female attractiveness is the crux of her value. Therefore, if she is fat and not attractive, she loses her value.
    But her female ego cannot accept it. Rather than working toward bettering themselves, women want that we change human nature so that land whaling becomes acceptable. And if that does not happen they will keep harping and whining endlessly. Logic and rationality is beyond them.
    Sometimes I think that whining, especially female whining that looks innocuous most of the time, must be outlawed. We never really grasp its immense power until it hits us.

    1. Have you been to a muslim country. You will notice a massive difference. Why? Are the women over there different?
      Not at all.
      it is just that their religion and their culture and their society deters female whining. This thus prevents a lot of “feminist” type issues. That does not mean women over there aren’t trying. They are most certainly trying. But men aren’t pussy-whipped over there to let this happen. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from them in this regard.

      1. The problem here in America is that you could go to jail for slapping your woman to put her in her place.

        1. Think globally, act locally.
          I was at the gym this morning and sensed a attractive women walking by; did not raise my eyes, did not look at her ass, no eye contact.
          One man at a time – find the strength within yourself – dont feed their egos.
          Make them work for it. Make it so THEY must break YOUR attention from your workout, your smartphone, your life – to speak with you and meet you.
          Kill this beast.

      1. I don’t want our young men fighting and dying to protect the freedom of people like these 2 fucks in the video.

    1. She might even be attractive if she dropped the weight. I’ve known plenty of women who would be hot if they’d be willing to put in the effort to improve themselves.

      1. if u can handle deflated tits and stretch lines absolutely everywhere… and skin hanging everywhere…
        Its actually not a pretty sight.
        Wow I listened to some of that video and I gotta shut it off…

      2. Unfortunately science has found that once these fat cells has developed you can lose weight but they will always remain. It would be extremely difficult to get that big, lose it, then maintain that weight loss until you die – if not impossible.
        They key is not to et yourself get that big. People these days dont have a realistic view of themselves. They might think they are at a “healthy weight” but any observer can see that their thinking is delusional.

    2. Jaysus krist they’re talking about fucking? Her vagina must stink like moldy cottage cheese in a fish factory.
      If you can get wood over this pig you’re not a human.

    3. Maybe he works out to make up for his blatant lack of masculinity, as a kind of last vestige of it to hold on to, much like those hipsters who grow a beard.

  9. “I took that of you in Tahoe,” he says. “You looked so beautiful laying there. I couldn’t help it, mom.”
    Really? He said that? The hamster might be in overdrive, going so far as to invent things her kids are saying and doing to justify her obesity. Sickening.

  10. I know a young teenage girl who is probably 35lbs overweight, and it shows. She doesn’t look ridiculously fat yet, but she needs to downsize while she has youthful energy, metabolism, and time on her side.
    However, the parents do nothing because so many of the other girls in her school are not just overweight, but grossly obese. Many of them are clocking in at 50+ pounds overweight, which makes the girl I’m talking about look normal by comparison to nearly all of her peer group. By that alone, I judge this article to be correct.
    I used to be about 40lbs overweight myself. When I was 20, I put down the Doritos and the Mountain Dew and the cookies and got my ass to walking everyday until it came off. That’s it. All I did was walk at a leisurely pace and stop eating shit food and I was at a healthy weight in about a year. A couple years after that, I started working in a more physical occupation and it’s helped out tremendously.
    Being fat is no way to live. It really fucks with your quality of life every single day. If you’re a fattie, and you know if you are, there is nothing that will improve the quality of your life more than working that shit off.

    1. agreed. While it is very difficult to get “ripped” it is actually fairly easy to not be fat. Just cutting the junk and alcohol for the most part will do wonders. It isn’t a quick fix though, it has to be a lifestyle change.

      1. Dayum. Cut the alcohol? Seriously?
        No wonder my ex, who was an incredibly fit swimmer when I had her, is now a 300 lb termite queen.
        It was tough getting over her, but at least I don’t have to explain having a Nessie following me around.

    2. That’s a great story. After college I gained over 40lbs simply just sitting at my desk all day and not caring anymore about my appearance and health. I had tried numerous times to get back into shape, but nothing ever seemed to motivate me to keep going. It wasn’t until I started getting health problems (such as recurring heartburn, hemorrhoids, constantly feeling weak) that I knew I had to start taking care of myself better. It’s coming up on a year now since I joined a gym. I’ve lost over 30lbs, went down 2 pant sizes, and generally looking a ton better then I ever did even when I was back in school. I’m trying too to get my sister to get back into shape. Its especially hard when you come from a family that never really cared much about proper nutrition and breaking the habits of junk food. I still eat the occasional candy bar,ice cream, piece of cake. But never indulge. I still have over 25lbs to go to reach my goal. But I know its achievable.

      1. Good job man! Keep up the good work! It’s hard to lose weight. I lost over 55lbs years ago and it took some time but it’s definitely achievable!!!
        Overweight people need to stop making excuses because excuses are the enemy of weight loss. You need to be proactive, which you clearly are!!
        Junk food is fine in moderation but that’s it.

        1. “Junk food is fine in moderation but that’s it.”
          Indeed. It’s fine to eat at McDonalds once per month, like I do

        2. “It’s fine to eat at McDonalds once per month, like I do”
          Lets not and say we did.

  11. God, I look back. My mother was obese and insane, my father was a drunk. I hate them. I absolutely hate them for what they did to us.

      1. I’m glad you found us, here now. You don’t have to grow up thinking you’re the crazy one.

    1. Many of us didnt have ideal families. Its ok bro. Thats the past. Let it go and look forward always.
      Forget about them. Who needs “family”. Another fucking gay-ass social construct from the past. Focus on yourself, and only yourself. Find want really lights you want, whatever job you have make yourself shine.
      And fuck all those other assholes.

  12. I think you picked the wrong target. I think the kid was just giving his mom a complement, because it seems she has had problems w/ depression. She knows she doesn’t look good since she was horrified by the picture at first glance. At least she had the decency to cover up most of her body.

    1. Agree. Not sure the kid knows what fat shaming is, but he does know to say nice things to his mother. It’s her hamster that took the comment and ran with it that is the problem.

      1. I would be more impressed with a woman that saw the photo, kissed and hugged her wonderful young son, and they said to herself –
        “I am going to take control of my health and weight from this day forward – for myself, and my son – so I will be around for a long healthy life and hear even more of his compliments”
        But, standard American female, quitters and excuse makers.

  13. Blue Pill:
    “I feel chubby
    Oh so chubby
    I feel chubby and tubby and wide
    And to rub me
    I got a fat slut here by my side”
    Red Pill:
    “I feel macho
    Oh so macho
    It is hot, oh how macho I feel
    But it’s not so
    For white knights who like to squeal!”

  14. The problem is not only with health issues that seem “healthy” once that a parent has them. It comes to the simple fact that many children see the parents as main models in life. Whether it’s about a parent that accepts his fatness or that accepts his solitude, failure in career, money or even in choosing his/her partner it does not really make a difference. A parent should be aware of his/her negative traits, decisions and try to show to the child other models that compensate or “reveal” what they cannot reveal or prove. I know from my experience that I somehow feel good if I do not fight enough to have a lot of money which is something that my parents did not do also at their young ages. Interesting is that neither of them taught me anything about money so I have to deal alone with it and learn by myself or from other non-family people. I am 25 years old, still with enough power to do things in life.
    Going back to the subject of fatness, yes, once my father started to get fat, I also got fat, from the age of 9 till my age of 17. Going from 95 kg (1.7 m height) to 65 kg (same height) was not a clear and easy road. I acknowledge that it started once I had enough of the bullying in high school from a couple of colleagues. And after the summer holiday I appeared having 15 kg less (about 80). It was a shock for everybody and one of the best days of my life. That beautiful 1st of October (first day of school) when I entered the building with new clothes, new appearance, as a new person.
    I am sure that many people won’t feel in a lifetime what I felt that day because it was insane and incredible. Good luck with eliminating fat!

  15. The fat acceptance community needs to objectively agree. There is a difference between fat and morbidly obese. The later was coined by doctors who now specialize in the bariatric field instead of some bro’s who don’t dig fat chicks. Using the indisputable metrics of modern science actual doctors are saying “yes, you are disgusting.” Genetics are immutable but someone 100lbs overweight has much bigger issues than looking good in a swimsuit.

    1. As long as that same community can accept a short life span to go along with that fat acceptance.
      Loved ones usually won’t continue to support someone who has a drinking or drug problem…so they shouldn’t support this problem, either.
      We have rare instances or circumstances for very few people…but the rest are using it as an excuse, crutch or free ride to let themselves go. The ‘big boned’ excuse is pretty fucking hilarious.

      1. Its a short lifespan that’s extended with expensive medical care that we’re going to have to foot the bill for.

        1. Yep, agree…and hopefully that will be the ammunition that we’ll use to counter their nonsense of “fat shaming is wrong”.

  16. Why don’t these fat-acceptance kooks confront Michelle Obama about her campaign to get parents to feed their kids properly and make them exercise so that they don’t pork out?

  17. Kids of mothers with anxiety issues often try to buy or earn their parent’s love. There’s no way in hell this kid truly thinks she’s beautiful. He only said it because in subtle ways, one way or another, he’s been reinforced to act as an ego defence mechanism for his mother. This exchange alone speaks volumes about who this woman is, her relationship with her husband/friends/coworkers/etc., and what her childhood was like growing up. People like this destroy the country one soul at a time…

    1. You better believe this kid will go on to be bullied in school. And then they blame the teachers, who then go on to demand raises not realizing all they really wanted was a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t!

  18. Fat kills. My mom’s parents are both at a point where they’re either gonna lose weight or it’ll kill them. Compared to what’s out there, neither of them are truly outlandish, but in a healthy society they’d be fat as shit.
    I wish there was something I could do to get them into shape, since slimming down would probably buy each of them an extra decade. It’s tough, though. They already do tons of walking like good little retirees, which means it’d take a bigger change to make a difference. Trouble is if one of them blows a knee trying to shed their gut that’s curtains. The damage might be done.
    Best case scenario might just be making sure my folks never reach that point. It’s really messed up that I’m here worrying about the lives of people I care about and there are sickos out there making the problem worse.

    1. And that’s really the point that needs to be stressed. Any doctor would say that many of these people are not at a healthy weight and loved ones need to repeat it to them (I don’t care what the hell we call it: fat shaming, etc…).
      It doesn’t matter what these women find “acceptable” in society. The bottom line is: if you don’t lose weight it’s going to fucking kill you – ask any doctor (female or other).
      Lose weight or die.

        1. I know a lot of people dont think so.
          I think they are just fighting the same battles as us – but just on a different front.

    1. I can only speak for myself, but I have fat shamed men leaner than him; and I wouldn’t marry him either.

    2. I think if you really read this site or if you’ve spent any time here, then you would already know the answer to that one. Seems like trolling to me.

  19. Do these fatties and their supporters not understand? It’s not about image. It’s about their god damn health! Obesity is clearly linked to rising rates of cancer, stroke, heart attacks and other types of diseases and yet, these land whales sit around and try and convince themselves that they are beautiful!

  20. If you like your body, you don’t trash it with junk food. Getting fat like this is like repeatedly taking a crap in a temple and considering yourself to be devoutly religious. She’s lucky she didn’t grow up with my Croatian grandma who’s first words out of her mouth if she saw you gained any weight were, “You’re FAT!” She had 5 children, breach birth, and she was always a perfect size 6. You must eat right and exercise because you love yourself, your husband, and your children enough to respect your body.

  21. My latin girl lives right next to tahoe..I’ve had girls hit on her in front of me. But you know then there are sexy american girls like miss white above that make me think I should dump her. I mean its like a three for one deal where I get some kids to boot!

  22. Too many fat people live in a delusional world. I’ve seen fatties on Jezebel complain how their skinny friends can eat constantly without putting on weight and they can’t so life is so unfair. It’s fucking PATHETIC! And these are grown women too.
    I finally accepted the fact that I couldn’t do get away with that at the age of 21 after stacking on the weight in my late teens–partially due to anti-depressants, partially due to chronic overeating–and worked hard to get rid of it. I ate less carbs and joined a gym and dropped all the excess weight in less than 5 months.
    Most fat people are fat because they are lazy and/or ignorant about nutrition. Bottom line. They can make as many excuses as they want but that’s reality. Whenever i ‘quiz’ fat people i know about what they eat they never tell me the truth. I know a guy that is overweight and complains that he can’t shift it no matter how hard he tries, but every time we go out he eats seconds and thirds and wipes his plate clean several times over. He just fails to see the connection.
    The funniest excuse i heard is that some people just have to eat more than others to keep going. LOL. Yeah, of course they do, because their stomach is stretched the fuck out!

    1. Yes, it takes a little ‘work’ and a little education to start out but it gets easier.
      Many of these people are lazy and they are taking the easy road out (sitting around) versus putting in the time and work.
      I say the term “work” jokingly because after awhile it becomes a routine, something you start to enjoy, versus actual work.

  23. Fat + Acceptance = Passport. How’s that for the new E=Mc2?
    Now enjoy paying for all of this slovenliness thanks to Obamacare. 35 year olds will be getting free triple bypass surgery on a regular basis.
    I used to love the teenage eye candy at the mall, fairs, concerts etc but now even teenagers are overwhelmingly tired out with fat. Taxpayers are going to be on the hook for all kinds of obesity related healthcare.
    I know that Dalrock and Rollo have much more sophisticated definitions of feminism but for a few years now, mine has been;
    feminism= women get to think whatever they want to think in any situation regardless of anything.
    The fat acceptance movement is like something that might have served as a facetious, overblown example of what I meant with my definition. Now, 300 pound women can scream “I’m beautiful” at men until they acquiesce (again).
    Imagine a movement so far removed from reality that bald, homeless 55 year-old men in shit-stained pants could bully women into finding them attractive just through a forceful verbal stance. And the women would acquiesce! That’s how insane feminism has become.
    It’s just over. There’s no point in even discussing it really. The only relevant discussion at this point concerns whether you should have children or not. I’m happy to abstain. I wouldn’t want to welcome a boy into this shit and I wouldn’t want to add another sister warrior to the fold either. Women won’t pull their heads out until there is an absolute donnybrook of a world war that changes demographics entirely, up in the billions range of casualties.

  24. It goes beyond just health. Since discrimination laws do not allow a medical plan to charge more for weight, everybody who is in shape has premiums that skyrocket to cover for the higher probability events of fatties having to go to the doctor or hospital more. So we ALL suffer. In addition, fuel costs on planes go up which we all pay because 60% of people overweight drive the price up. Productivity declines because fatties are gasping for oxygen while doing simple things such as walking to the water cooler to hydrate their folds. It takes them a few minutes to catch their breath, and less work is accomplished.
    As far as the decline, the best thing to do is find a location independent business or income strategy, get enough to live on, and move to a non-liberal country where America has little reach and just watch it burn down from the distance.

  25. The problem is that fatties think people calling them fat constitutes oppression or “policing” their body. Like many leftist complaints, it doesn’t really amount to anything more than people getting their feelings hurt.
    If I forced you onto a treadmill with a whip in my hand, that would be policing. Get over yourself, fatass.

  26. Do all women have cellulite? I’m starting to wonder. When I was in Poland where the women are definitely of a higher standard than American women, I still saw traces of it on even thin and beautiful women’s thighs. You almost never see it on men though. It isn’t attractive, but it seems very hard to find a girl without it unless she’s like a pro athlete or something (and then you have the downside of a lot of testosterone which probably explains the lack of cellulite).

    1. Most women will have it to some extent, because women store fat differently to men (due to the need to bear children). They have more fat, men have more muscle. Like you said, you could date a super athletic girl with more muscle than fat, but she’s likely to be masculine as fuck as well. The main thing to look for: cellulite should only ever be on the thighs and ass, never on the arms or the stomach as women don’t store fat naturally there. If she’s thin, goes to the gym and eats well, you don’t need to worry about her turning into a landwhale if it’s only a little cellulite.

    2. Cellulite is a term invented to market a skin cream to mask the effect. In other words, a scam.
      The effect is caused because the actual structure of adipose tissue in men and women is different. Women’s subcutaneous fat tends to produce dimpling of the skin surface and that’s just the way it is.
      Even professional atletes can have “cellulite”, because they have subcutaneous fat. Only contest ready female body builders are sure to be largely free of it, not because they are thin, but because they are so lean they are about to collapse from malnutrition. So lean they have no breasts.
      Not to mention the fact that at that level of leanness they are hormonally effectively no longer women.

      1. Funny, you never see this kind of fat in women who are apart of indigenous tribes and these women are carrying some weight.
        There are women out there who aren’t athletic with smooth subcutaneous fat.
        It isn’t natural, its modern living with bad eating habits.

        1. I think within the context Kfg mentioned there lies millions of different body shapes and forms. Kfg is right, but some women show it less than others.
          Thats why they created “yoga pants” I guess. To stuff all that cottage cheese somewhere and make it look appealing.

    3. It’s normal body fat that they have. Due to metabolism, diet, amount of physical activity, age, hormones is why you see it. The dimples are from it the fat pushing against connective tissue.
      Changing diet, and changing habits make it more prevalent. Nowadays, more women don’t like to exercise. And the amount of exercise and the intensity/extension it would take to actually keep a tone butt is something very few women would want to do.
      Men don’t have it because of testosterone, they’re more active, and they store fat usually in different areas of the body. When men gain weight, the first place is usually the waist and stomach. Women usually get it first in the hips, butt, upper hamstrings.
      If you go back to Poland, find a 19 year old who runs track. 400mm or below.

    4. I’m from Central Europe, and even if girls are much leaner, than in the US, it’s rare when someone doesn’t have any. My mother is 70 yo, but she never had any. She’s not fat, and almost never ate processed foods. She makes everything from scratch, but it’s very prevalent among young girls.

  27. What up homies!! Fat acceptance is very real. Check out these sites.
    I present to you:
    “Tasty female bellies ” “Mix of art, photos, maybe even a video or two of girls with fat, stuffed, pregnant or inflated bellies.”
    And: “Stuffer 31” “whoever said a sexy belly should be flat” … “Welcome to the premier female belly fetish hub. The focus is on belly stuffing with food or liquid and the weight gain as a result. Big beautiful women, pregnant models and burping beer bellied babes are also here to show off their growing bodies. Navel lovers will find plenty to poke around at. Big booty lovers can watch as bigger gets better. Morphs, inflation and crushing take the fetish deep into fantasy.”
    Guys please try not to jerk off ok … it’s sort of my “go-to” web page when I need some release. And I don’t like to share my inspiration.

  28. Counting her husband it sounds like she lives with three guinea pigs. The poor guy (assuming he is not baloon-man himself). Obviously she doesn’t give a sh*t about what her husband thinks or wants. Although that probably is true of your typical American wife in general.

  29. It has to be GMO that’s making yanks fat. I can’t think of anything more widespread in US than high fructose corn syrup. FFS, eat real sugar. At least you will get more glucose and wont be as dumb.

      1. It’s part of it, no doubt. Some people just have greedy and lazy metabolism. But you can’t discount environmental factors.

    1. It’s a little bit of both (diet and exercise). The problem with the high fructose corn syrup is that it’s cheap and it’s in everything, today, Ivan (at least in the U.S.).
      I think their putting high fructose corn syrup in the water supply (lol, joking).
      Really, people need to learn (read) what their eating because corporations will just keep making it (if people keep consuming it).

  30. It’s just the same old strategy of dividing and rule.
    You create fake minorities with weak, unliked or sexually confused people.
    You make them believe that they are oppressed by normal people, that way they start to hate them. You give them enough money in order to allow them to organize themselves into lobbies.
    In return, most normal people will hate them back.
    That way, when tough times come, the majority will unleash its violent rage against these stupid and ugly pawns, letting time to the powerfull 1% who stole all your money to hide themselves in a safe place.
    Feminists, homosexuals, fat people, disabled people … you must ask yourself who’s giving them the money necessary to gain power…
    I invite you to google “George Sorros” and his “Open society institut”.

    1. I’ve been around for a few decades, now and you could make the argument for either side. Both parties (today in the U.S.) read from the same playbook (and pander to the purse). Most men (or corporations) with money will throw a little of their money behind both parties (you never know for sure).
      The strategies in each party are a little different but both lead to ‘divide and conquer’. They both keep the masses in check, keep them divided so they don’t unite (and realize that their being screwed).

  31. My takeaway is that this article, with all it’s self-serving fluff, is simply one (more) angle to the CONSTANT narcissism American women show. They LOVE to do these little “I just really hugged myself” comments, like this gal: “That’s huge for me to admit and hard to even wrap my mind around.” That’s her way of trying to emotionally connect with female readers to give it that “WOW, I just realized how AWESOME I am” feel.
    Like the Yahoo lady a few months ago who, when reaching the top of some mountain she was climbing (literally), and in taking in the view, QUICKLY dismissed the view, and stated that what REALLY blew her away, was the “sheer magnitude of my accomplishment” and more self-serving, back-patting “look at me” drivel that has come to characterize, particularly, White American Women. They could be in Auschwitz and find a way to take a selfie and reflect on the “wonderment” of their own presence…in such a hollowed place that has the joy of hosting them in all their wondernous. IT IS ALL ABOUT THEM.

  32. I’m just wondering, why do we care enough about fat people to actually bother writing about them? If they get diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease and the likes from their lifestyles, can’t we just let them live with it and face the consequences?
    It’s a pretty well known thing for anyone who’s ever taken a middle school health class that eating too much fatty food without exercising is bad for your body and causes health problems, so maybe let’s just let people live with the consequences and avoid women we don’t want to date?
    Why exactly is it necessary for us as men to put time into shaming them rather than spending the time in improving ourselves?

    1. “If they get diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease and the likes from their lifestyles, can’t we just let them live with it and face the consequences?”
      “so maybe let’s just let people live with the consequences and avoid women we don’t want to date?”
      It’s not as easy as to not date them. Others will also have to “face the consequenses”. Treatment of “lifestyle diseases” may be very expensive. Every doctor appointent they go are heavily subsidised by “the government”, or in reality by money the goverment steal from me and others trough taxes, A heart surgery induced by overweight will cost a huge sum of which the patient will have to pay zero out-of-pocket.
      “Why exactly is it necessary for us as men to put time into shaming them rather than spending the time in improving ourselves?”
      We can do both, can’t we?

      1. For sure, medical insurance premiums will end up being increased to accommodate the treatment of all the preventable non-infectious diseases and bypass surgeries.
        To be honest, I don’t know if I ever really completely understood the rationale behind shaming. The feminists and fat women are probably not going to listen; people have been “fat shaming” for a long time, which is why “[surface] fat acceptance” is even a trend now, and there are still fat people.
        It’s not like being obese was ever considered a good thing. I’ve never heard anyone ever getting complimented on fat rolls, and yet there are still fat people around.
        Maybe we need a change in strategy?

        1. Fatties get ignored/passed over, fatties wonder why, we tell them, they get offended, they play the victim/martyr and that, I think, is what we respond to with venom.
          I don’t see the fact of them being fat alone being the cause for disdain.

        2. So, if hypothetically they didn’t complain as much about not being considered attractive, then what?

        3. Then they could go about their unhealthy, unappealing business without us adding to their misery. Much like a feminist that keeps her opinions to herself. I really don’t give a shit what random unappealing strangers think, do or look like as long as I don’t have to hear them wallowing in pity or be told I need to respect them when they don’t deserve it.

        4. “For sure, medical insurance premiums will end up being increased” etc.
          Well, that’s not musch of a problem over here… As far as I know, only 5-10 % of the population have medical insurance; in most cases paid by their employer. I don’t know anyone who, to my knowledge, have or have had medical insurance. Treatments at public hospitals cost zero out-of-pocket. Other medical expences are subsidised by 0-100 %.

        5. The problem I see in today’s society is that feminists (and others) are looking to shame the healthy (versus the obese).
          I’m not going to shame someone who has a couple of extra pounds. I’m sure during the winter that many of us pack on a few pounds (and it’s natural during the winter).
          I’m talking about the obese people running around, today, who have no reason (medically) for being that large. Feminists and fat people are looking to shame the people (healthy individuals) for pointing out the obvious….it’s unhealthy (not to mention unattractive) to be that large – see any M.D. for clarification.
          What’s next? Shaming people for driving on the right side of the street or for paying your taxes on time?

  33. Good analysis but please, if you’re going to write articles please learn to use the subjunctive mood. “If my mom WERE a land whale” not “was.” Using “was” sounds uneducated working-class.

  34. I’m so sick of this. I used to be borderline obese. I got sober, became addicted to healthy eating and working out. Now I have a six pack.
    People feel so resigned to the life that they have. They feel resigned to the body they have. It’s not true. The last thing people who don’t have what they want in life is to try to change other people via publicity such as this. At the end of the day, delusional thinking such as fat acceptance will come to terms with the realty. It’s a feel good meme of feminism and new fave positivism, but no one wants to fuck a fatty.

  35. 220 lbs at 14! Good lord! And good job doing what most people cannot.
    I wonder if people will still be practicing “fat acceptance” when children are dying of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

    1. If the stories I’ve read on serve as examples, then the answer is “yes.”

  36. In my humble opinion, “fat acceptance” as disturbing and sad as it is, validates our side in a very profound way. Why? Answer: it shows the direction of where “progressivism” is taking us…because like all the other thou shall not shame (enter aggrieved group) movements, there is the reality or “fine print” of the true intentions which is establishing a set of procentives, if you will, via not only forced “compassion” but forced societal praise. Simply, any medical profession, in fact, any sentient human being, will agree that being fat is NOT a desirable condition and the data that supports this is beyond debate. Yet, here is progressivism…progressing us into a “higher state” or “better place”…WHAT! I can understand not being rude to fat people, but, we shouldn’t be rude in general a la the well established Golden Rule. But accepting them for who they are? Who they are…they’re irresponsible, making poor decisions, unsightly…etc. Oh for fuck sake…this is like trying to describe why water is wet. My main point is that this shows the inherent flaw in progressivism, in a weird way, we should encourage this lunacy from them, because it shows how fucked-up they are. Let progressivism sink itself.

  37. I’m not sure the current state of Western health will ever change. A fairly large percentage of people smoke despite the taxes imposed on smokers, age restrictions, bans in public places, public shaming. With obesity none of these solutions are implemented and many are vehemently opposed.

  38. Arrrggghhhhh!!! There be the white whale! Man the harpoons boys! Arrrgggghhh!
    But in all seriousness and joking aside…. its just a NOVA documentary. Occasionally, whales beach themselves. Nothing new to see here, move along…..

  39. I really love it when fat bitches say shit like “you don’t know what its like to have low thyroid, slow metabolism, or bad genetics,etc…” All I gotta do is pull up my shirt a little and it shows all my stretch marks from when I was overweight <300lbs. It took me 2+ years to get rid of that weight to the point where I looked like I even worked out and another 2 years where I started breaking necks. (Age 18-22~…currently 23)
    The best thing is, nobody knows. Everyone I talk to thinks I’ve always been that dude who’s healthy and it’s crazy when I go into the gym and people ask me advice and all this nutrition stuff, when just 3-4 years ago I was that fat dude asking the guy who was probably on 1-2grams of test and had no idea of how to actually workout how to lose weight.
    Maybe the stupid social media fad of “being healthy” might help these land whales to hit the gym once in a while.

  40. I disagree with the general sentiment of this article. You are most welcome to a lesser opinion of ‘fat women’ (as am I), but to force or heavily coerce, to the point of bullying, should not be an ideal to strive for.
    In ‘On Liberty’, John Stuart Mills outlines the tyranny that the majority can bring upon the minority, purely by making decision not congruent with the majority’s. Becoming fat is a choice, albeit, arguably, a poor one, yet a choice nonetheless. So, as it does not harm others, being fat should not incur such extensive belittling.
    In the case of projecting through children, birthing and raising children is a morally problematic contention, which is not solely attributable to this scenario. But yes, the problem is still a problem, as this article suggests.
    To further clarify, I too believe that being overweight is a poor choice. But I think it is a great evil to impose my subjective values upon others, be it that they may be backed by research and scholarly work. Again, this is a lifestyle choice, not a categorical imperative.
    tl;dr: You are entitled to your opinion, and even expression of opinion (in public, in front of the people you are criticising), but not systematic bullying.

    1. Telling someone they are flat out lazy and digusting buckets of lard is a public service. Bullying is solved by teaching kids to stick up for themselves not this pathetic liberal garbage of hurt feelz. I was bullied and thank god I was because it made me a nonfat, hard worker, who could take criticism and not go cry about every little piss thing someone said.

      1. Outright hostility, as you’ve suggested is a “public service”, is nothing more than juvenile delinquency, wherein ones throws around one’s weight. Your immaturity plays no part in a civilised society (although, you have the right to express those opinions). A much better option would be ignoring the lady, or rejecting advances made by said lady, if her actions irk you (as they do me). The best would be to explain to the woman, if the social interaction permits, why her choice is not ideal.
        The kind of emotional trauma that bullying can inflict upon a child can easily be severe. I highly suspect that either:
        A) You were not bullied as a child
        B) Despite your bullying, you have no conception of what emotional harm there can be had in genuine bullying
        Bullying does not pertain to “every little piss things someone said”. It is systematic repetition by an individual. Yes, the oft insult should not be cried over. However, bullying is far more serious than that.

  41. At the risk of debunking what is obviously desperate, delusional, eggshell-thin, self-esteem bluster:
    One does not ‘feel attractive’ for two reasons:
    1) Attractiveness is binary. You either are or you are not
    2) Attractiveness is, as we all know, in the eye of the beholder
    PS – children are eager to please and will say anything to gain approval. Their commentary is never to be taken at face value no matter how desperately one wants to hear a compliment.

  42. Sure enough I go to another article that has nothing to do w/ black people & we have the same white nationalist type running their genetic neanderthal mouths Thank God these people have a 0% birth rate & are no longer reproducing worldwide. For every white genetic neanderthal born one of them dies. No species can come back from that. Speaking of species google “ALL NON AFRICANS ARE PART NEANDERTHAL” turns out they are not 100% human but part sub human neanderthal.

  43. Fat should never be accepted because it is UNHEALTHY AND DISGUSTING.
    I get a kick out of whales who scream about fat acceptance. They’re just trying to overcompensate for being lonely and slutty because no man will date them.

  44. I’m so glad bullying helped you.
    Too bad suicide is the third leading cause of death in teens.
    Too bad 1 in 6 students is bullied daily.
    But I’m sure it has nothing too do with you.
    I’m sure you aren’t enabling mentally disturbed bastards at all.

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