Poosy Paradise Is Waiting For You

The book, that is. Today I’m excited to release my newest book, Poosy Paradise, a memoir that details my time in Romania. (I’m posting this for people who didn’t catch my blog announcement earlier.)

The Cover

Poosy Paradise
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The Official Book Description

My search for poosy paradise led me to a grisly city in Eastern Romania that had a plentiful supply of beautiful girls. It’s a place that no sane man would voluntarily live in had it not contained the best fruit of what the human female species can offer.

After blanketing Romanian television and newspapers as the “famous American sex writer” and a “world Don Juan,” I was determined to leverage the temporary fame with my existing game to experience nonstop fornication with the world’s most beautiful women. The result was not exactly what I expected.

In this book you’ll find:

  • Dozens of first-hand accounts of what it’s like to pursue girls in Romania
  • My latest moves and techniques for getting laid
  • Commentary on how big of a role finding poosy paradise is for the lives of modern Western men

Poosy Paradise is the true story of my two month adventure in Eastern Romania, a place where I believed all my sexual dreams would come true.

The Early Reader Review

“L’Etranger” of our times. That’s what the inescapable conclusion is after reading “Poosy Paradise”, a book that details Roosh’s foray into Romania and his struggles with fame. Roosh takes us on a wild ride through the truths often left-unsaid, sparing neither the lively characters he encounters nor his own playboy persona during his adventures in the deliberately-unnamed Romanian city.

Depending on their experiences in life, I feel that people will be either in awe or disgusted upon reading through the tremendous analytic process that deals with Roosh’s skill at game, his overall strategy in selecting cities and countries, and of course his overall evaluation of the spoils he reaps there. Yet to get either all teary-eyed or angry at this book is to miss the point. The point of the book is honesty – no more, no less. Its utterly sincere core is what makes the book so interesting to read, as well as and so unusual in today’s world.

Dialogues might be the best part of the book simply because of the hilarious consequences that Roosh’s honesty produces. When he stopped to ask a woman who was trying to give him dating advice “How many women have you had sex with?”, I nearly spit out my drink. There are dozens of such entertaining conversations, both with men and women. The writing style always kept me in suspense, even when it was obvious what would happen.

The book is strewn with little bits of insight that the observant reader will find helpful, no matter his level of game. From techniques at maneuvering girls into his apartment to making “sex potions”, they are universally refreshing. I particularly enjoyed the observations about fame and how smartphones affect the nature of texting.

The same honesty that makes Poosy Paradise so intriguing is also what gives the book an ultimately depressing undertone. He describes how men are struggling more and more, enduring increasing disrespect and flaking despite achieving ever higher levels of attractiveness. I was especially struck by the scene in which he reconnects with an old prospect who blatantly ignores her own date. Poor guy.

Roosh’s struggle with long-lasting happiness permeates the book. When things are not going well, he is unhappy over the tiniest details. When things are going well, it’s the same. While it drives him to success, this tormented existence also seems to snuff out joy and pride.

This painful combination is what ultimately makes Poosy Paradise so special – a philosophical book rather than a travel guide, game guide or memoir. Such honesty and insight about the world might be depressing (for me at least), but they are hard to find nowadays.

An excellent read.

The Six Bonuses

If you purchase the ebook edition of Poosy Paradise before Sunday at midnight, you get the following six bonuses:

20 Tips To Help You Get Laid While Traveling (pdf)

It will be hard for you to fail on your trip if you follow the advice in this document. I share all the tips (some old, some new) that will help ensure your visit to any international city is sexually successful. You’ll learn…

  • how long to stay in a city and which days are best for a bang mission
  • whether you should focus on night game or day game
  • easy openers that work in any country
  • a simple routine that speeds up the sex process on girls who aren’t as slutty as American girls
  • an easy move to weed out girls who aren’t serious about getting banged by you

We’re almost at the point of love tourism where if you fail to get laid within a two week period, it’s due to poor effort on your part than a lack of information or knowledge.

My Thoughts On 78 International Cities (pdf)

This 13-page document is a trip down memory lane that spans the past nine years, starting in 2005 with my trip to Venezuela and ending in 2014 with my stay in Russia. I share brief remarks on every city I’ve been to in 26 countries (except Spain and Italy, which were more like sightseeing trips). I hope to leave you with the least amount of doubt possible on whether the cities reviewed are worth it for you to visit or not. If you’re planning any serious travel to South America or Eastern Europe, this guide will help narrow it down for you so you don’t waste time with inferior cities.

A Friendly Guide To Becoming Conversational In The Russian Language (pdf)

I’ve been studying Russian on and off for the past couple years, but intensively for the past 7 months. I’m at the cusp of being conversational (my Russian teacher says I’m at level B1). This is a decent accomplishment considering how hard the language is. In this document, I share the best resources and tips to get you up to speed so that you can meet women using the Russian language. I also include the order at which you should begin to tackle the language so you don’t frustrate yourself and quit prematurely.

5 Things You Should Know About Russia

In this 9-minute private Youtube video, I give you a no-bullshit summary of my recent two-month adventure in Russia. You’ll learn…

  • the primary aesthetic and personality differences between Russian girls and Ukrainian girl (and how that will affect your game)
  • the biggest obstacle to staying in Russia long term
  • how you must prepare yourself for “face control”
  • additional tips on how to make your Russia trip successful

I’ll probably share some of this information on the blog eventually, but you get to take advantage of my analysis before everyone else.

10 City Datasheet Package

Late last year I sold a package of ten datasheets on the following cities:

  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Chisinau (Moldova)
  • Lublin (Poland)
  • Warsaw
  • Bucharest (Romania)
  • Cluj (Romania)
  • Iasi (Romania)
  • Kiev
  • Odessa (Ukraine)

Each datasheet contains…

  • summaries on how to run game in each city along with descriptions on the appearance and vibe of the local talent
  • 107 total reviews for day and night venues that give you the best advice for meeting women
  • official web links for most day and night venues so you can check out a spot beforehand by viewing photos and schedules
  • straight talk on if the city will be worth it for you or not
  • 34 total pages (14,736 words) of analysis

Though I published these PDFs last year, the package still contains tons of fresh tips and venue advice.

28% discount off the regular price

You get all of the above—232 total pages of travel stories, advice, data, and strategy for… $5. After Sunday, the bonuses will disappear forever and the price of the book alone will rise to $6.99. These specials are only available this weekend, no exceptions!

Get Poosy Paradise + Bonuses

Click one of the following links to continue:

If you buy Poosy Paradise from Amazon, forward your receipt to [email protected] to get your bonuses. Receipt must be dated before Monday, August 4.

Poosy Paradise is my fourth memoir. You can clearly see my development but also the changing struggles from my first memoir, A Dead Bat In Paraguay. If you’re new to my work, I recommend reading all my memoirs in the order I published them by grabbing the below package for $14.97. The download package contains pdf, mobi, and epub formats for each book, along with the bonuses.

Click here to order the Quadruple Memoir Combo

I started writing my first book, Bang, back in 2006. In the past eight years, I’ve written 17 books that contain 1,868 pages and 680,149 words. I’ve also produced both the Bang and Day Bang audiobooks with the help of professional voice actors. In this godzilla combo special, get all 17 books, the two audiobooks in mp3 format (11 hours and 45 minutes total length), and the Poosy Paradise bonuses for only $35. The price will go up after Sunday.

Click here to order the My Life’s Work Combo (555 megabyte download)

I’ll be online all weekend so email me if you have a question or a problem with downloading.

Like always, I thank you for your support, and I hope that my work continues to give you value. I will keep documenting my life’s journey for you, both the good and the bad.

50 thoughts on “Poosy Paradise Is Waiting For You”

    1. That would look absolutely lovely on his London shag pad bookshelf together with his Union Jack sporting Shaguar parked in the lower garage. Ladies man indeed, eh?

  1. I’ve slept with two Romanian women. One I met at Rio’s carnival in 08′ and one I met a year later while traveling through the Galapagos. I would have little reserve marrying a Romanian woman if only for the very respectful manner in which I was treated as a man by both. I have never been treated like that here in my own country since. I am planning to buy your new book Roosh, if only because if I had only 24 hours to find a bride, those 24 hours would be spent in Romania.

    1. Great news for men 🙂 however where we women can find dick paradise? full of worthy men

      1. There are actually two steps to getting great high-quality girls:
        1. BECOME a great man.
        2. Find a place where there are great girls.
        In the West there are men who are of value and quality. They just don’t want to be with you, because you have failed to meet both requirements. Economics 101, once you find the great man, what reason would he have to want to be with you?
        These top players learned their trade in the West. They can get laid consistently in Western environments. And yet they still choose to travel because these women do not fulfill them.
        There are not many quality men pining for a “brave atheist girl”.

      2. Anon’s described it well.
        You have to offer value to get value. If you want a high value man then you need to become a high value lady. Become someone who is physically attractive, dependable, and that a man can trust with his affairs….be the kind of woman who will make a man’s life easier rather than harder.
        If you do that then men of value will recognize that and take interest in you.

      3. Toronto, Copenhagen, Denver.
        Of course, that assumes that you can keep your hypergamy in check and not grow uninterested in even those men as you are spoiled by a penis paradise (preferred term for dick paradise). Most women in my experience cannot.
        For example, one of the hottest women in Toronto in a city with very few hot women and many hot men had to marry Canada’s answer to Ted Bundy and Patrick Bateman in order to quelch her thirst for alpha fux.

      4. Go to Jamaica- there are plenty of big black Mandingo dongs waiting to smash you silly. Many white middle class milfs who are a average looking let 22yo brothas smash them there.
        Go and ride Cedric and Deshaun at the same time.

    2. AWALT. My old room mate unemployed kids of trollish looking, used to bang this Romanian chick….who was, wait for it…..married to a dude who she was using for immigration and living expenses. When she finally went psycho on him, my roommate sent an entire archive of their sex tapes, emails and sent it all to her husband. Husband couldn’t do anyrhing because he sponsored her, so he is responsible for paying for everything. She goes on welfare? Government sends the bill to her husband. She incurs any debts? That’s his marker to pay off.
      Alpha fux, beta bux the whole world over.

      1. Well said.
        You NEED to bring a high level of game to the table anywhere you go….otherwise you are going to played everywhere you go.
        And don’t be fooled by some of these European women just because they like Roosh better than American women do. In some cases the only difference is that they are MUCH better at marketing themselves than American women are. They will drain your bank account dry just the same.

        1. Agree, but what matters is whether they bring something to the table in return for your efforts.
          Women draining you emotionally and financially is pretty much a given, especially if they are attractive, so it’s really about finding the best of a bad bunch.

      2. Oh, I would never take a potential wife back to the states.
        I get that women have zero accountability

    3. Romanians in my experience are ultra-materialist and have a big sense of entitlement. Their motives often boil down to money.

      1. There are many materialists in Romania, but there are more girls than in America,, who can & want to live very minimalist. It’s a pity, that This feminism from USA is getting more & more popular in countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia etc. But as we bulgarians use to say, not the person who gives the milk is fault, but the cat who wants to lick it 😉

      2. All bishs is hos
        And all hos is bishs
        Didn’t you learn nothin in college player?

  2. This reads a bit like an infomercial but I love Camus and just so happen to be learning Romanian for the for the expressed purpose of finding my Poosy ‘El Dorado’ so Poosy Paradise is a must have for me.
    Thanks Roosh.

    1. well if Roosh’s next book is “bang Liberia” he could call it ‘The Plague’, though the Rebel might go down better

  3. Dammit Roosh, I wish I thought of this concept of a website before you did. Good for you man, get that money!

    1. You are a good man yourself, sir, because successful minded people are always happy when they see another succeed!
      Bartender, this round is on me!

  4. If I buy before Sunday night, can I get my old username at rooshvforums restored? Was banned by a mangina moderator for a manboob reason. If so I will buy right now!!

  5. Just got back from a month long trip across Mongolia, Russia and one day in Korea. All three countries blew me away, but especially Russia. I couldn’t believe how welcoming and refreshing the women in Russia were. My first day in Moscow, I go from chatting up a Kalmyk chick in the Red Square and her friend to having my tongue down her throat 2 hours later in Gorky Park.
    I applying for a 3-yr visa.
    One other note: I am a Black man (look like Braxton from Jamie Foxx show) with basic Russian skills. Be respectful to the Russian people, don’t act like a punk or a dumb American, and stay away from hostile situations and you’ll be fine. Russian dudes just treated me like any other guy, remarking hip hop and whatever but were very friendly.
    Mongolian women and Korean women are also some fine specimens. I believe I’ve caught full-blown yellow fever now, though I have plenty room for loving ze Raashin gyurls lol. Stay hungry fellas

    1. I’ve been really pondering lately about traveling to Russia for a few weeks just to drown in the culture. I know that’s nearly enough time to really take it in but its ok with me. What my question to you is what do you think would be a good amount of expendable income to bring along for that period of time? Just to live comfortably and for everyday expenses. I know it varies from city to city but I mean just in general.

      1. I spent 5K in 3wks but I was being very wastelful. You can get by with 1k I’m sure, in that same period of time. You’ll be cooking alot though.

    2. “I go from chatting up a Kalmyk chick in the Red Square and her friend to
      having my tongue down her throat 2 hours later in Gorky Park.”
      – Quite fast enough. Good for you.
      “Be respectful to the Russian people, don’t act like a punk or a dumb
      American, and stay away from hostile situations and you’ll be fine.
      Russian dudes just treated me like any other guy, remarking hip hop and
      whatever but were very friendly.”
      – This is bang on. Give respect to gain respect in that part of the world.
      I’m curios about Mongol women now. Korean girls, are of course some of the best Asian women – beauty and sex wise.

  6. The girls in the top picture look American not Romanian. The cover of the book is awful but let’s not judge the book by it. I’m always doubtful when someone uses the phrase ” the world’s most beautiful women”.
    Which city? Iasi?

  7. Good luck with Russian women, they are dangerous babushki. LOL
    Romanian/Bulgarian/Ukrainian girls are currently (relatively) poor but give them another 5 years and they’ll eat you alive.
    Mongolian? Are you kidding me?!!!
    The way things are going the West is going soon to be the Poosy Paradise – half the men are gay (or closet gay), and the other half are heading East!

  8. Nice work Roosh.
    The evident, and envious ignorance of your critics’ comments affirms your tenacity, knowledge and success.
    Cheers. Stay the course.

    1. And the censorship proves his severe insecurities due to his inferior genetic make-up.

  9. If I were 35 i’d be sad if the entirety of My Life’s work was 17 self published sex books whose combined value was only $35

      1. Hopefully the body of work that i’ll call my life’s work will add great value to the world.

  10. Congratulations Roosh. I’ve been to around 70 countries, and would rate the women most beautiful in (in no particular order) Lebanon, Azerbaijan, and Romania. Of course this doesn’t speak to the game market; I’ll let your book enlighten me on that.

  11. I bought the book, its a good read and well written. But I can’t get over how the tiniest things can make an accomplished player feel insecure, like the part about the landlord trying to hook you up with the girl. I don’t know if its exaggerated to feel more like fiction, if it is that’s great because it reminds me of Catcher In The Rye and how Holden Caulfield would react and talk about things. But if it isin’t if a man feels this insecure and unhappy about life then that would suck. I just want to tell roosh in the book to chill out and meditate because chasing poosy won’t bring you internal happiness, its very easy to see that.

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