10 Things Men Should Never Try

Looked at from a conventional perspective, life is a tough, competitive struggle. In areas where everyone is engaged and fighting hard the bar is often set impressively high. There can be great rewards, but a man will be up against the best, and there are some amazing people out there. The worlds of work, sports, business, investment, and sex are inhabited by hordes of steely-eyed men who will take everything and won’t give an inch.

Other areas offer opportunities for gathering low hanging fruit. Frequently the majority show little interest, or their success is about individual action rather than direct competition. It makes no sense to attempt to make the hard gains while easy advances remain available. Simply avoiding things which hold a man back, sap his resources, or otherwise lead him away from personal advance is an easy gain in life.

This article offers a list of things that make no sense when the costs and benefits are considered. In the interests of full disclosure the author does not claim to have avoided all these things in the past, but does claim to avoid them all in the present and hopes to avoid them all in the future.

1. Sex reassignment

A man has the fixed sexual function of providing sperm. A girl has the fixed sexual function of providing eggs and carrying the baby. When someone pretends they can change sexual function it ends badly.

2. Prostitutes


A prostitute takes a man’s strength, then his money but gives nothing in return. The addicted may lose the motivation to seek more satisfying inlets.

3. Gambling

Was there ever a worse way to spend time than to throw out money knowing that less can be expected to return? There are no legal exceptions unless you are a highly-skilled professional.

4. Pornography

Screens, paper, and rubber dollies can never substitute for the real thing. Girls fill the world. Take up the challenge and get some.

5. Self mutilation

A man’s body is his only tool. It makes no sense to drill holes in it or deface it with pictures. All bodies age, decay, and die, but why accelerate the process?

6. Jail


They say crime doesn’t pay and it’s true. Few things kill a man’s opportunities like going to jail. More than two percent of US adult males are in jail—don’t join them.

7. Homosexuality

Some men are apparently tempted to perform homosexual acts. A man who does endangers his health, fertility, and mental well-being. Every man has the power of choice. Make the smart choice.

8. Recreational drugs

Human bodies use a system of internal rewards and punishments to encourage functional behaviour and discourage dysfunctional behavior. One way to avoid this distinction is to use chemical means to simulate only positive feedback. To do so destroys that connection and removes the internal incentives for functional behavior. Disaster follows.

9. Consumer credit

Many men spend fifty years paying interest so they could make a few purchases one year earlier. Add up the costs and learn to avoid them.

10. Smoking and drinking

Day by day the damage to health, wealth, and well-being add up. It’s a slow process that some smokers and drinkers will never experience due to an early death.

Life is precious, don’t waste it

All ten together represent a substantial fraction of the effort and resources available to the world. A man who avoids them will be streets ahead of men who don’t. Abstaining from the start requires no skill, talent, effort, or expense. Many of the truly miserable people of the world are in that state because they tried one of these things and then couldn’t stop.

Every man has a certain stock of life in the form of time, money, health, brains, opportunity, motivation and effort. He deploys it in the way he thinks best and lives with the results, good or bad. Don’t waste life on things which offer only regrets.

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316 thoughts on “10 Things Men Should Never Try”

  1. I don’t recall ever trying to go to lock up, it was more that someone else was trying to put me there.
    Seriously, what cave did this author write this “manifesto” in?

  2. Ugh, I looked at the author’s blog and he’s Christian. Organized religion should be number one on that list. I’m gonna go smoke a doob now.

        1. oh, so you just make idiotic one liners to other comments. oops, sorry I responded to you seriously just above.

    1. I fully agree, in fact homosexuality is better for lonely men, more real than porn or prostitutes, after all men are more easy than women, both to give and to deal with.

      1. Homos are just as lonely. I know a couple. Choosing to be gay is no hedge against the struggle of relationship.

        1. “Choosing to be gay is no hedge against the struggle of relationship.”
          A man who is straight cannot choose to suck cock or be sucked by a guy or have a guy’s cock in him or vice versa. As was already stated by someone else, one is either gay or not.

        2. “A man who is straight cannot choose to suck cock or be sucked by a guy
          or have a guy’s cock in him or vice versa. As was already stated by
          someone else, one is either gay or not.”
          Untrue. Lots of men only perform sodomy in prison, and other situations like on the old pirate/navy ships with no women (for long months at a time). In fact, that’s where the fake 10% stats come from (Kinsey), using data mostly collected from inmates, rather than the general populace where it is 1% or less.

        3. yes, a straight man can choose to suck cock or have a guy’s cock in him. there isn’t really any reason why he would make such a choice, but he could still choose it if he wanted to.
          …but you overlooked my main point: being gay is not “better for lonely men”, as the original poster wrote.

        4. Wrong, The natural order of man is heteroseexulity
          When someng goes wrong in emotional/mental development , they become homosexual., pedophilic , or something else.
          That underdevelopment can be addressed, not addressing it is a choice
          Futhermore, gay refers to the ‘homosexual lifestyle’ , not the state of being a homosexual.
          Everyone chooses what lifestyle they live., they aren’t automotons.

        5. You’re right.. The Romans, Trojans, Vikings, Samurai, would all be gay by today’s standards. Though there was no such thing as “gay” in their time. They didn’t say anything wrong with 2 men pleasing each other sexually. Hell, there wasn’t even a concept of pedophilia. That was also commonly practiced.. A lot of 3rd world countries are still like this.
          Just goes to show how twisted the world really is.

      2. -I fully agree, in fact homosexuality is better for lonely men, more real than porn or prostitutes –
        How is it that porn or prostitution are any less real than homosexuality? Porn and prostitution are as real as donuts, you may not enjoy porn and prostitution but that doesn’t make them any less real than those 6 dozens donuts you like to gulp on a daily basis.

        1. Prostitutes, jail, self mutilation and going broke on credit cards are all good too.
          Whoda thunk?

        2. i’m not sure why you asked me that but i don’t really have a problem with it… just as long as my tax dollars don’t go towards subsidizing it. my disposition is to leave people alone if they’re not affecting my life in a negative way.
          “sex reassignment” as an actual physical reality does not exist at this point in time. It’s really just an extreme form of cosmetic surgery and hormone program.

    2. This article was about things the author feel hold one back from realizing opportunities. I am given to understand religious communities provide a lot of support and motivation to their members (not being one I cannot say for a fact, but I’m sure I read it somewhere). Looked at that way this list makes sense; although I can’t see ‘gender reassignment’ coming up as an option very often in the average mans life.

      1. Well, they author admitted that he may have toyed with some items on the list but now has mended his ways…

    3. Sex reassignment – OK
      Prostitutes – can be relaxing, educational, offset a bitchy spouse, provide discretion, enable more lurid activities you don’t want to do with the wife. They can be a vice but that’s a 20th Century attitude. They can also be very skilled at massage and relaxation – just what a man needs. You only get what you pay for – street whores forget about it, but good skilled sensual massage and highly erotic sex, probably the best you’re going to get, with no strings and zero hassle.
      Gambling – Yes takes a lot of skill and can be a vice.
      Pornography – educational but can be a vice yes.
      A good tattoo can be ok, but point taken.
      Jail and Homos – best avoided.
      Recreational Drugs – no such thing… there’s only medicines… the question is not to abuse them and self medicate too often.
      Credit can be great for starting a business, know what you are doing it for.
      Churchill smoked and drank and he won the war. The spice of life.

      1. Exactly. If you travel to foreign countries often, prostitutes can be an enjoyable diversion.
        And they can do the opposite of dull your drive.
        The author has some good points, but he’s all about the Protestant work ethic, which I respect, but don’t practice. I work to get money, not because working is a virtue.

      2. Prostitutes and “bitchy spouses”. You lost control long ago.
        Gambling, you will always lose.
        Porn, educational? How long ago?
        A good tattoo. There is one?
        Jail and Homos – best avoided. The qualifier “best” is erroneous.
        Rec drugs. Will age you, in time.
        “Credit can be great for starting a business, know what you are doing it for.” Consumer credit is to buy hookers, booze, tattoos and gambling dollars. Credit to start a business is not “consumer credit” and should be matched more than 2:1 with personal capital.
        Churchill did smoke and drink though he did not win the war. America won the war.
        During the 3-1/2 years of World War 2 that started with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and ended with the Surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945, the U.S. Produced 22 aircraft carriers, 8 battleships, 48 cruisers, 349 destroyers, 420 destroyer escorts, 203 submarines, 34 million tons of merchant ships, 100,000 fighter aircraft, 98,000 bombers, 24,000 transport aircraft, 58,000 training aircraft, 93,000 tanks, 257,000 artillery pieces, 105,000 mortars, 3,000,000 machine guns, and 2,500,000 military trucks. We put 16.1 million men in uniform in the various armed services, invaded Africa, invaded Sicily and Italy, won the battle for the Atlantic, planned and executed D-Day, marched across the Pacific and Europe, developed the atomic bomb and ultimately conquered Japan and Germany. And Obama could not build a web site in the same amount of time.
        Yes, smoke and drink are two spices of life.

        1. I think the Canadians may have an issue with your claim of winning the battle of the Atlantic. We ended the war with the third largest navy in the world. Let’s say we all contributed.

    4. “Christian” is not an organized religion, it is a belief or faith that Jesus Christ is our risen redeemer and the Son of God. Your statement is akin to saying (in a fashion) that democracy (one person, one vote on everything) is a political party.
      Methodist, Lutheran, Catholicism, now those are religions.
      How was the doob?

  3. I think a couple of these things in moderation are fine. I enjoy a good craft beer every now and again. I don’t gamble much but when in Vegas, I do play blackjack but never to an extreme. I believe the rest are best avoided.

      1. I participate in a couple of sports pools at work. At first I thought, “Why do I want to bother with this bullshit?” and my next thought was, I know way more about pro-football and college hoops than the shlubs I worked with (at a different company than now) and I happily took their money on the regular after that. So there was some method to my madness, as it were.

    1. Well, depends. Back when Steve Martin was semi-red pill (1970’s) he said “put a woman on a pedestal only high enough that you can see under her dress”.

  4. 11. Hang around with dead-end or negative people. Seek out interesting, active, talented, successful people instead… people who are steadily getting better, that make you feel like you’re learning and growing when you’re together.
    12. Stay in a bad situation any longer than necessary.

    1. This post wins the thread. Disagree with the OP, this man has his act together, take his advice. Right on brother.

      1. Seems to me the OP wouldn’t be happy unless we all lived in a monastery. I have tried a bunch of things on this list (for the avoidance of doubt not #7 but does anyone actually “try” homosexuality?) and somehow lived to tell the tale. In fact, many of these things, in my opinion, are rites of passage for a man. I have so far polished off two bottles of rum for Christmas and I am working on my third.
        By “jail” does he mean “prison”?

    2. Great list. I could add have a sense of humor, but you covered that with number 29.
      I generally agree with the author, but I am going to have a bottle of good scotch this coming year, and I’ll smoke about half a dozen cigars with my friends.
      I’ll enjoy life more with two fingers of that scotch once in a while. I’ll live longer if I spend enough time in the right places with my friends to smoke those cigars.

    3. A better list than the original. I come here seeking wisdom and community not to be told drinking is bad by some church simp.

      1. Drinking is the great Satan and leads to prostitution, drugs and you being bent over by a homo in a prison cell. Stop now while you still have time my son.

        1. For some, alcohol instills bravado–something that should never be exercised.

  5. How did marriage not make this list? That should be tops, IMO. Also, it seems silly to separate tobacco and alcohol from recreational drugs, as if nicotine and booze somehow don’t belong in that category.
    There is value in avoiding incarceration, a legit concern particularly in the U.S. with its sky-high volume of people behind bars. And the author is spot-on about consumer credit — keep yours in good condition and you will benefit immensely.

    1. Most Americans are conditioned into believing that because the government can more effectively tax alcohol and nicotine, that somehow justifies them as being more acceptable recreational drugs.

    2. Because you can’t stop the production of alcohol, You can literally make it from any edible plant.
      Nicotine does not destroy your brain, making it impossible for you to work , take care of yourself and avoid being a burden on everyone else.

  6. “Some men are apparently tempted to perform homosexual acts.” No. Some men are gay but most aren’t. No one’s tempted to suck a cock. You’re either not gay or are.

      1. Yeah guy, it is. No one chooses to be like that, they just don’t. My cousin is gay and I could tell when he was 3 he was going to be gay, and sure enough, 18 years later.

        1. He made the final decision on how he was going to live his life. I’ve met many feminine men who appeared gay and probably had those tendencies but they got married to women. I would imagine that their obligation to their family was more important than the selfish self destructive lifestyle of pursuing endless one night stands with random guys. So they got married and made their mothers happy.

        2. “My cousin is gay and I could tell when he was 3 he was going to be gay, and sure enough, 18 years later.”
          You see in a normal family they just tell the boy to stop wearing girl’s clothing. In families where the boy grows up to be a sodomite, “I could tell when he was 3,” and they push it on them. And/or, there was no relationship with the one of the parents, or that relationship was all messed up, or the child was straight up sexually molested as a child.

        3. Better yet, let a person be who they are. If I like to eat icecream with a fucking fork I don’t need to rattling on my door telling me to use a spoon.

        4. In some cultures not embarrassing the family has precedent over living for oneself exclusively. Coming out of the closet and announcing to the world you will now pursue life on your own terms hurts people. Going around and embracing your gay lifestyle embarrasses your family. It’s not about living a double life it is about accepting that you must suppress feelings that are abnormal, part of being an adult is control your own emotions. You can literally see how infantile our nation has become due to the new religion of tolerance.
          This may come as a bit of a shock but not always did the US have a great tolerance of the gay lifestyle. It wasn’t until 1970 that the Psychiatric Association changed it’s view that homosexuality was abnormal. The state sodomy laws were just removed by the Supreme Court in the last few years. Now for the first time in human history gays can now marry in some states. This is not normal this goes against anything that can be found in the history of civilization. One exception of course the city of Gomorrah.

        5. The history of civilization is that men have been buggering other men and women other women since civilization started. When was the last time prohibition worked for anything?

      2. Who the fuck chooses to be gay? I know gay people and they spent years going through self-loathing, shame, guilt, the lot.
        Sounds like a right laugh.

        1. Oh for fucks sake already. All the pro-homosexual propaganda, which is just like all the feminist bullshit has everyone believing that homosexuality is born-in. Its not. There is NO, ZERO, ZIP evidence that homosexuality is innate or genetic in any way. There is, however, a lot of evidence for its occurrence to be linked to environmental factors, one being the over-looked high rate of child sexual abuse among those calling themselves homosexual. But, helping find and treat root causes isn’t what we do in the west, especially with “aggrieved” groups. No, no…what matters is maintaining this illusion, because much of the justification for homosexualism rests on it being born in. And to be sure, this “justification” is being used by homosexuals to get more and more privileges awarded to them

        2. What about all the environmental causes such xenoestrogens in plastics? Let alone the nutrition of the mother while gestating.
          I guess that’s a choice as well.
          I have had close friends (A concept you may not be familiar with) confide in me about feeling this way, and the feelings mentioned in my first reply.
          I repeat – who would choose to feel like that?

      1. Name one time, Once that you have ever gotten sex for “free.” Wolpert and Macready said no free lunch. I’m just saying no free pussy.

        1. Gigolo, rapist, fatty fucker or guys who like to fuck his own mother can get sex for free. Me think our friend Martin here regularly fuck his own mother for FREE and therefore he is so offended by the truth that us normal men who don’t like to fuck our own mothers CANNOT get sex for free.

      1. I’m Christian. The apostle Paul said that it’s “good for a man not to touch a woman.”

  7. Dear author,
    the christian values and church you hold so dear will throw you under the bus and paint you as a villain after your wife cuckolds and divorce rapes you.

    1. So…you’re all into going homo?
      Because your unqualified ad hominem does not suggest otherwise.

      1. I disagree that what a man does in private should have a bearing on the perception of his successes. It is when you arrogantly wave it in other people’s faces, like in a pride parade for instance, that it becomes wrong. The problem with many of the authors’ beliefs is that they are self-fulfilling prophecies. People like this will destroy a man’s reputation over recreational drug use, and then attempt to say the drug use destroyed his life and not them destroying his reputation, even if the man was highly successful while doing recreational drugs. Just the same as many liberals will use a false rape claim to destroy someones life and then try to suggest it was game that ruined his life and not their character assassination. He is merely the other side of the coin. That is why I said what I said; his camp will crucify him when it suits their purposes.
        But to answer your first question, nature has already stated that homosexuality is objectively wrong by not allowing two people of the same gender to reproduce with each other.

      2. Ghost, the moment I read that comment I got instintively pissed off cause im an Orthodox Christian, but when you actually think about it most churches in America today are just feminist bullshit” you dont need no man!”. Yes there are still some old, conservative, traditional ones but the majority has gone to hell, sadly. They accept homos, bronies and single moms and pedestelize them over a working class white man, who contributes far more to the church than them.

  8. Gambling can be fun and profitable under certain circumstances. Like James Bond said, you don’t play your hand, you play the man across from you.

    1. At the least DON’T GAMBLE ALONE. You’re safer if you have a companion or friend along with you in the casino so they can HIT YOU OVER THE HEAD WHEN YOU’RE DONE. When you’re ahead IT’S TIME TO STOP. I’ve looked over the shoulders of many players riding a high and I could see when they should have pulled out. But they continued max betting and gobs of money were gone in a munite. I didn’t know them so I couldn’t yank them from the table or game.

      1. Right. Playing cards keeps me in beer money, but I’ll quit when the tourists start wagering their kids college money.

  9. Number 7. is a delicate one. It is debatable about whether when we (the majority of us) go through an experimental phase whether it means we are in essense homosexual. When I was at University I had a room mate who I got friendly with. He used to get a load of drinks and we’d sit and get drunk, or get back from a night out and have a few final drinks before drinking ourselves to sleep. Often he’d call one of his girlfriends over as we were drunk and during the night in my stupor she would crawl into my bed and pleasure me, handjob and blow job. She was always gone by morning.
    Long story short, after a while of this, I decided i wanted to get a better look at her and so acted much drunker than i was. rolling into bed to pass out he called his gf and she headed over.
    I feigned sleep and saw him knock on the inside of the door and then open it and close it to give the impression someone came in. He then slides across the room and under my covers and starts doing what i had believed a girl had been doing. Basically he is gay and pleasures me off before slipping back to his bed.
    Anyway next day I pack up my stuff and move on out. Never seen him since.
    Just wanted to show that 7. is not as clear cut as you would like to think.

    1. Do I understand correctly that the last time this happened you knew it was him but let him do it anyway?

      1. not quite…I suspected it could be, but needed to be sure. I also checked to see if I was mistaken and if a girl left or not. Anyway the day after I moved out. Embarrassing all round.

        1. In other words, yes you knew the last time. You say, “He then slides across the room and under my covers and starts doing what i had believed a girl had been doing” According to your own account, you knew. It is what it is. Also, what even had you suspecting anything? You must’ve had some knowledge to “feign” being drunk in the first place. Question. Did you ever see, with your own eyes, this girlfriend of his or interact with her when you were sober? This would have been a big tip off long ago. But hey, you obviously must’ve wanted to experiment with a guy. Then you got buyer’s remorse and moved out. Done.

        2. Yeah, lol, you knew. Ok, I’ll lay off gay guy. You can get back to your guy underneath the covers. I’m done.

        3. i didnt explain it properly, but i didnt know for sure until the final day and then i stormed out

  10. You think this trivial shit makes or breaks a man? You need more experience and less church there Kassel.

    1. As far as recreational drugs go it seems everyone I have met who are regular pot smokers are the most lazy and unmotivated oxygen thieves I have come across, it’s like seeing the hippie movement only more annoying because you are in the same room as them.

      1. Bullshit. I smoke every day and I work twice as hard as anyone I know. You can take that to the fucking bank. And I’m ain’t no hipple liberal. That’s for damn sure.

        1. if you read my comment it started with; “it seems everyone I have met” not “everyone who smokes pot”
          secondly I don’t know you from a grain of salt – so my statement is still true in that I haven’t gone and tarred everyone with the same brush, just like I wont say “all people who gamble are addicts or bad with money”

    1. This made me laugh, because I was wondering the same thing.
      Oh shit. I was out gambling, got drunk and decided to try gender reassignment surgery. It was either that or get a tattoo.

      1. Absolutely ridiculous, and it’s number 1. Great advice to give to your son – let’s add to the confusion that’s not really there.

  11. This is ridiculous. The manosphere is turning into Catholic school — and one of the reasons I came to despise feminism is because it reminded me of Catholic school. Men as far-ranging as Jack Kerouac, John Lennon, and Warren Harding have indulged in many of the above and they’ve left their mark more than this writer ever will.

    1. It does pain me to say this but John Lennon was a mangina faggot who was openly self proclaimed a feminist himself, and it behooves all of us to read his lyrics on his song “Imagine” which is pure Marxist caterwauling. There is a reason the Soviets liked him.
      I’ll admit that I enjoyed the music of the Beatles from their early days, when their lyrics where love-song mangina-ish but still somewhat easier to tolerate. But after their break up Lenon wetn downhill fast, both as a man and his douchie song writing.

      1. I agree and will even say the fall-off in his songwriting started around 1966. Critics are wrong: “Revolver” is mediocre and Lennon’s songs on it are mostly jumbled nonsense. That said, I was using him as an example — could have said Bob Dylan or Jack White.

      2. I could forgive dabbling in communism. I can’t forgive him going all in with fugly Yoko Ono when he had access to every piece of hot ass under Odin’s blue sky.

  12. This list is the Pretty Pretty Princess idea of a perfect life, real men get their hands dirty. For example gambling can teach you to be effectively deceitful, and to read deceit in others. Its good to go to jail once, so you know how far you can push your limits, and that jail isn’t really as scary as hollywood would have you believe. Prostitutes can help the man who wasn’t born with enough charm or good looks to get good at fucking women. Pornography can give you ideas of new things to try with women..or to help you through a dry spell. Alcohol can show you what its like when you just don’t care(many men become natural Alphas when they drink). In fact I would give the opposite advice, try something dangerous, something that scares you..conquering those fears will make you more of a man than following silly lists.

    1. Great points, Bo Jangles. And I’ll add that very few straight guys choose to indulge in being gay, unless they’re in prison. Gay guys are gay — and so long as they don’t behave like in-your-face Blue Pill SJWs, I could care less what they do. I have a cousin who is gay who was always that way, even as a kid, so I’m not buying the “gay is a choice” thing people here seem to want to push (and I don’t feel like linking studies of brain patterns and the like, but they’re out there).

    2. It’s called a healthy , well adjusted, proactive life.
      If you need even booze to have a good time, there is something wrong.
      Prostitution not only risks your physical health, it harms your emotional health.

      1. I banged 2 prostitutes named Nancy Woo and Regina Woo in Shanghai, it felt fantastic! Nancy and Regina told me afterwards that it was the best sex they’ve ever heard but I’m not really flattered considering their usual 3-inch dick local patrons LOL.

        1. When I drilled Lucy Woo in an elevator in Chinatown some decades ago (and no, it was free, I didn’t even go out with her, she saw me leaning up against a wall smoking an herbal cigarette [the kind that violates this clown’s list] and started a conversation with me that sounded like, “You shale smokey with me, Joe?”, to which I replied, “My name isn’t Joe, sister, now how about a brojob?” She cracked up and we ended up in the “erevatol” – it’s true what they say in the service: “If you can make ’em laugh, you can make ’em cum”).
          Anyway, I forgot what my point was, who cares, I’m glad I remembered that story.

    3. Depends on which jails you go to. Some in the USA are fucking terrifying. Danger aside they are still depressing shitty places packed with huge fuckups

  13. “Prostitutes. A prostitute takes a man’s strength, then his money but gives nothing in return. The addicted may lose the motivation to seek more satisfying inlets.”
    Ok then being a fucking “clown” and acting like a retard, jumping through hoops, lighting your farts on fire, and essntially throwing your dignity out the window for an equally worhless stinkbox is any better?
    “6. Jail
    They say crime doesn’t pay and it’s true. Few things kill a man’s opportunities like going to jail. More than two percent of US adult males are in jail—don’t join them.”
    Ok i agree, but does an innocent man really have a choice when he is singled out by the system and is railroaded into jail for any number of unconstitutional / immoral reasons, like for example a false acusation, or perhaps could not make a CS payment due to being unable to find a job?
    “7. Homosexuality”
    Do you really need to even mention that at this blog?

  14. Sorry, but living your entire life without ever trying a mind-altering substance is both lame and unadventurous.

    1. No shit, you got it. Try all of it, at least once. Please. Do us all a favor as a human race and find somebody who knows what they are doing and try it. Expand your mind, think outside the box, just a little bit, it won’t hurt.

  15. And suicide, don’t try suicide, no matter how cool people make it look!
    (Always remembering , moderation is key to all of this)

    1. “And suicide, don’t try suicide”
      You’re definitely clueless. Some situations call for suicide. Don’t judge others every man has the right.

      1. You, are clueless; I was being facetious because suicide is hardly something that you “try”.

  16. You lost me at no.2. Stopped reading after that. As if women don’t game men for money anyway. Prostitution is a net benefit for men. Fail.

    1. Which is why women are set against it. Both liberals and conservatives cater to women’s interest in outlawing prostitution. Even legalized prostitution in some European countries now stands on a shaky foundation as feminists are massively agitating against it.

        1. That study has it backwards. Porn consumption is increasing because marriages are failing more

        2. The proliferation of porn has coincided with the dissolution of Patriarchy. There is nothing manly or patriarchal about fapping to pictures of boobies. If I were a Feminist or a Social Revolutionary looking to destroy masculine society and virtue, the widespread proliferation of pornography and cheap pleasures would be my first goal. The real “3 musketeers of Patriarchy” are: reason, religion, virtue. Everything will flow from those three things.

      1. What about those feminists who support “sex-Workers” (won’t link to any of their articles in order to not promote them. Google yourself if you haven’t heard of it)? Just curious for opinions.

        1. Supporting sex-workers is somewhat compatible with supporting the so called Nordic model (offer services to prostitute, punish her customer.)

        2. I am a woman. I am not a feminist, in fact I think feminism is directly to blame for the proliferation of homosexuality in places like the U.S. and Europe… but I digress. Prostitution should be legal, regulated and taxed.

        3. You’re so pathetic and thirsty. These men hate you and you insist on kissing their asses. Cute.

        4. Not at all. I was just participating in a conversation and do not really care what “these men” think of me. In fact, they probably don’t think give a darn. Take your attention-seeking antics elsewhere, troll.

        5. What’s so horrible about homosexuals? STD’s have existed when homosexuality was accepted and shunned. Straight people, having typical straight sex can get STD’s just as two gay guys having anal sex. If you’re worried about catching something, have your partner checked by a doctor. It’s actually not that bad.

        6. Homosexuality has always existed and is not “so horrible” in and of itself. I don’t care what people do in the privacy of their own homes, but I do care when these groups start to lobby to make changes at the primary school level and believe that their sexual practices should be taught in sex ed classes. I have a problem with men who don wig, slap on some make up and cut off their penises and demanding that I and others participate in their delusion. The same goes for women who lop off their breasts, pump themselves full of testosterone and try to tell me they are a man. Furthermore, I do not think that our tax dollars should continue to pay for type of self-mutilation. The gay and even worse, transgender sociopolitical agendas are a major threat to our society, especially when it comes to our children and their identities.

        7. Agreed, other than transactions, especially in fields which potentially pose high medical and security risks for the buyer and seller.

        8. Why shouldn’t gay men be taught how to have safe sex like their straight counterparts? Even straight people have anal sex often, so why not discuss it for everyone’s benefit?
          If someone wants to be recognized as a woman, what’s so damaging for you? Forget tax dollars, that’s another debate(and one I’m glad to entertain afterwards). But why should it be any of your business to psychologically abuse people who are using the gender narratives fed to us everywhere to identify themselves most accurately? Yes, females and males have tendencies, no denying that, but you have outliers, and often times these outliers don’t fit nicely into society’s and/or biology’s idea of what a man or woman “should” be, and, because they don’t live solely for the purpose of “banging bitches” or nailing down a husband, they allow themselves to be original. How horrid.
          Maybe someone has a vagina, but they’re not a total hourglass, have higher natural levels of testosterone, and are good at sports. Maybe someone has a penis and higher than usual estrogen levels. Maybe neither of them are as fertile as your average, more traditionally accepted body type for each sex. But who gives a fuck? If you(meaning society at large) didn’t attack each and every person that didn’t “measure up”, then maybe more people would be comfortable with their natural genitalia, and people wouldn’t feel as much of a need to identify with genders other than those naturally associated with their sex. I think a large part of the reason many people feel the impending need to change their genitalia, or engage in slighter measures(ex. hormones) is due to the constant media feed that “if you don’t look/act like this, you’re useless not only to biology, but as a person”. Stop dehumanizing people who don’t completely measure up to the “ideal” of a woman or man, and stop seeing them solely for their reproductive abilities, and I think you’d see fewer people undergoing these operations.
          As much as traditionalists would love for all women to be curvy little housewives and men to all be macho moneymakers, the world doesn’t work that way. Some women are perfectly healthy shaped like rectangles, and with tomboyish attitudes. Some skinny guys have better genes for intelligence than the average dude. The point is, people are a mixed bag, with some traditionally feminine, and some masculine qualities in all of us. Stop polarizing the sexes so much, and you’ll get a healthier society in general(that said, don’t force people to believe that we’re exactly alike either. Just take mental notes, look at unbiased data, and draw your own conclusions without unnecessarily being a jerk to anyone).

        9. “Why shouldn’t gay men be taught how to have safe sex like their straight counterparts? Even straight people have anal sex often, so why not discuss it for everyone’s benefit?”
          I am not sure where this is coming from. At no point did my comment argue against educating about safe sex.
          “If you(meaning society at large) didn’t attack each and every person that didn’t “measure up”, then maybe more people would be comfortable with their natural genitalia, and people wouldn’t feel as much of a need to identify with genders other than those naturally associated with their sex… Stop polarizing the sexes so much, and you’ll get a healthier society in general(that said, don’t force people to believe that we’re exactly alike either.”
          Again, I am not sure what you mean by attacking everyperson who doesn’t “measure up”. Nobody is arguing that women have to have the exact same body type. In fact, I bet that if you polled all of the men who read this site you would find that some like their women, thick, others like their women thin. Some love huge breasts and some prefer a smaller cup. We are living in times when more body types, sizes, shapes and colours are featured in media than ever before. The same goes for men. Not all women want the same kind of men. I do not buy that the pressure of wanting to fit in causes transexuality, and by transexuality I am refering to the very violent act of attempting (and utimately failing ) to become a memeber of the opposite sex. Having a non-hourlglass figure or a short and scrawny stature or even a hormonal imbalance are absolutely no indication as to whether or not a person will suffer from the Gender Dysphoria. All I am I saying is that the people who do suffer from a Gender Identity Disorder require psychiatric treatment, not a sex change and mandated lies from fellow members of society.
          Finally, the sexes are less polarized than they have ever been and quite frankly, I think this is more to blame for the confusion and problems than anything. I for one, do not appreciate the notion that as a woman I should want to “have it all”…posed by mega-chicks in their drab business attire and condescending attitudes about motherhood, career and partnership. I do not want to go through life viewing myself as a victim of patriarchy, anticipating sexual harassement and injustice where there is none. I am a woman. I love being a woman. I love men and I truly belive that if we nurtured our inherent roles a bit more, instead of forcing ourselves to be something else to fit a politically correct agenda, we (as a whole) would be a happer bunch.

        10. “I do care when these groups start to lobby to make changes at the primary school level and believe that their sexual practices should be taught in sex ed classes.”
          ^That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t know what you could be referring to besides anal sex, and even then straight people do it as well, so it’d be mutually beneficial to teach.
          “Nobody is arguing that women have to have the exact same body type.” No, but they’re constantly pressuring women to be hourglasses or pears and look “more feminine”. If you don’t look feminine enough(even if you do everything safely in your power to try) society treats you differently. This can lead some people to question their gender, and who they “really are”.
          Of course some people that are naturally very attractive according to the gender norms of their born sex. This leads me to my next hypothesis: such people do it because they would prefer to experience the societal treatment of the opposite sex. Think about it. Outside of genitalia, what is to be gained/changed primarily by drastically altering your natural appearance to society? Different treatment. Perhaps some males that are naturally masculine and handsome would rather be treated more delicately and kindly like young women are in society. Perhaps some females that look naturally feminine don’t want to be treated super nice by horny men when they’re young, only to be forgotten when they’re post-menopausal. Perhaps they would rather be judged on their merit, discipline, and character than their looks. The only way you can totally accomplish this is to appear to be a man.
          While in many cases people don’t succeed in “passing”, I think this is more than a little of the underlying goal. Because when you really analyze gender(by the modern definition, not the one attached to anatomy, AKA sex) it’s not concrete. It’s a set of tendencies and likeliness, mixed with what society and biology deems traditionally desirable. Not everyone naturally has all the ideal, gender normative characteristics associated with their born sex, if at all. But perhaps, they believe, by altering their bodies and appearances, they can drift through life with the treatment they’d prefer.

        11. “That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t know what you could be referring to besides anal sex, and even then straight people do it as well, so it’d be mutually beneficial to teach.”
          Honestly, I didn’t even think of “anal sex”. In fact, I know a few gay people who prefer oral and claim to not engage in anal sex. Likewise there are loads of straight couples who do, as my husband who use to be an ER doctor will tell you. 😉
          What I am referring to is the normalisation and promotion of gayness and homosexuality in general.
          I see what you are saying about people being born with certain traits and feeling that they might be better off as trans or gay to have their needs met and I don’t think that you are wrong. I do think that there is more to it though, especially these days.
          Homosexuality is not normal. I believe that there a minuscule population of the gay community was born that way and I believe that the majority were influenced by external factors when they were children that left an imprint or scar, that, in recent times, they have been encouraged to celebrate. Since Pedro the gay, appeared on the Real World on MTV in the 90s (and tragically died of AIDS in front of us all) or Anthony Kiedis kissed Eddie Vedder at Lollapalooza, the message to young people has been clear: Gay is cool. The reality is that gay is not cool. It is problematic from an evolutionary perspective, as it completely skews our societies and populations, serving as veritable dead ends in gene pools. The Greeks had sex with men, but they also had sex with women. They did not celebrate homosexuality the way that we do today, rather they saw it as a natural extension of male bonding and patriarchy, and it was rarely used as an alternative to a relationship with a woman. The reason for this is because relationships between men and women are essential for societies and nations to grow and for evolution to occur.
          Transvestism or Transgenderism was never meant to be seen as more than a form of sexual deviance or pleasantry. The current attempt to normalise what is technically a mental disorder, (and was included in the DSM until very recently) is going to further contribute to the rapid decline of our society. I think that we need to invest in mental treatments for people suffering from Gender Identity Disorder. We would not hand a suicidal person a razor blade, we would try to help them. I think the same is true for people who would hurt their bodies with hormones and surgeries, just to prove a delusion that is in their head.

        12. That is true but HIV risk is still higher among gay and bisexual men. HIV is a virus and once it is in your system, it stays there until the day you die. The only thing you can do is stop it from developing into full blown AIDS by HIV drugs, which BTW is a lot of money from what I’ve heard.

        13. But the fact is, your next apparently “straight” partner could be carrying the disease, just as a gay man’s next partner. The only thing you can really do to be safe is both get tested, no matter your orientations.

      2. I’m a feminist, and I think prostitution is fine as long as it’s regulated moderately(at least monthly mandatory STD checks, no pimps of either sex, etc.) If it’s safe, consensual, and both parties are of legal age, why not let people spend money as they want?

        1. Feminists are the biggest creeps around. Prostitution is the Number one statement that empowers women to freely do what ever she pleases with her body. A womans body is her biggest asset. Her freedom to do with it as she pleases is her only way to be liberated. Trying to be like a man where she will never succeed will never liberate her.

        2. The “pimp” is largely a media myth, less than 3% of prostitutes have one and most of them work for the girls instead of vice versa. “Street Prostitution” is a tiny segment of the industry, however it is virtually the only way the American media chooses to portray it. Hence most Americans have this false image of prostitution stuck in some Blaxploitation movie from the 70s.

        3. http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/pimps/
          This woman is a former escort and writes a lot about history of prostitution, such as most actress in historical times were also prostitutes. (They still are today in places such as Vietnam and China, the younger pretty starlet of that “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” got caught in a scandal charging 1 million per night to rich, Chinese business tycoons. She had nearly 150 million in the bank so it appears a good number took her up on her offer.)
          Also for all the “worrying” good intentioned people “square” to the industry who support removing laws against sex work but rail on about how worried they are about “keeping those under 18 out” I have never once encountered a prostitute under the age of 35 in America and find most of the women in the industry I encounter to be middle aged. The current chick I see on a regular basis is 52 but being Korean looks 15 years younger than her real age. HBO might love to make documentaries about some ghetto rats having sex with IV drug user street walkers in the back seat of their car in some dark, seedy alley in the Bronx. But that is only the very bottom, bottom of the industry and very few men would enjoy doing in such a non-private, uncomfortable setting.

      1. Every Man pays for sex – doesn’t matter the currency. Prostitution is just a more transparent transaction.

        1. Yup. But the trick is to minimize your spending. And close the chick ASAP. Don’t spend on expensive gifts and dinners and stupid trips to some romantic place. A simple drink or 2 at the bar nearby, pull to your place & close.

        1. And like I said, ONLY a loser pays for sex.
          If you’ve paid for Sex then you are a loser. and thus women aren’t you problem, YOU are .your problem

        2. Hey retard, unless you’re a gigolo or a rapist or a fatty fucker then no way you can have sex with women without paying.
          And yes, if you fucked her after you paid for the wedding & shits then you paid for sex you fucking moron.

        3. It seems like you have no idea what you’re talking about. Isn’t the guy that spends time and money on a date paying for sex?

        4. WRT to prostitution (no personal experience there, Thank God), it’s been said “You don’t pay her for the sex, you pay her to go away”.

        5. Bavieca I think he is one of those skinny little-dicked asians judging by his last name. Most asian men are pussies and suck up to women. Funny thing is I bet he never had sex.

      2. -Only a loser would pay for sex.-
        By that logic then any married man who financially support his wife is a loser. But here’s the beauty of it, unlike losers who paid and get sex, the husband can be a winner if he financially support his wife and doesn’t get any sex from his wife.

        1. I guess the only true winners are stay at home dads who get laid from their high earner wives. Of course this only works if she puts out on a regular basis Maybe she might be the one who initiates it, her testosterone levels would probably be higher than the average woman.

        2. – You come across as a homosexual . Men only marry women for the sex? Please. grow a brain. –
          LOL you’re projecting your own gender confusion on me, no thanks! Seriously dude, you come accross as being ashamed to have a dick, you might as well cut your 3-inch dick but no not now not yet…………….
          What are your reasons for marrying women other than sex, hmm let me guess :
          1) You’re scared shitless of your parents and family pressure because you’ve gotta have a male heir to carry on the family surname Woo hooooo!
          2) You look so girly, you need a wife so people won’t think that you’re a gay or a tranny, you’ll be well-advised to grow some muscles or tone down those manboobs.
          3) You need to “share you life with someone” whereas in all actualities your wife always fantasizing about some K-POP male stars or 6′ something handsome white dudes or muscular black studs whenever she must endure a midget with 3-inch dick goes by the name of Martin Woo LOL.
          4) You’re afraid to “die alone”, well lemme tell ya pal, unless you died together with your wife and kids in a carcrash or whatever then you’d still die alone.
          OK, you may cut your 3-inch dick now.

        3. Yeah, and the deal is she gets her fuck vacations on those [getting the] “business trips”.
          Dr. Woo recommends creampie addiction?

      3. Hahahaha! Use the sarc tag next time.
        Don’t worry, if you’re fucking chicks, you’re paying for it. TIme, attention, money, talent, ect.

        1. There is however a good chance that he is not paying for sex and instead get paid by the women who have fetish for midget gigolo with a 3-inch dick.

        1. As if men only marry women for the sex.
          I’m starting to suspect many of you are actual virgins.

        2. You don’t marry for sex. That’s absolutely retarded. If that were the case sluts wouldn’t be so common. You marry if and only if it’s a traditional, nonmaterialistic woman (virgin is a huge plus) who won’t drag you down from your goals and help raise a strong family.
          And yes, that means the overwhelming majority of women are not worth marrying.

        3. I’m baffled by your reply.
          Maybe you misunderstood, this argument was several comments long.
          In any case, who knows anything about “the overwhelming majority” of anything, especially people, use some guidelines, common sense, observation and take each one on an individual basis.

      4. Some men are going to come out at the bottom in life, or at least for a period of their lives. Feminism would tell them to man up and marry those fat sluts, or go without getting laid. P4P is a better option for them. Obviously, they should aspire to better themselves, but there are a lot of men with a lot of different stories that you’re writing off. For many of these men, a blanket statement that they shouldn’t do P4P makes no sense.

      5. How so? By paying your resources = power this allows you choose who, when, where, why, how, and how many women to have sex with. Even if the women have no attraction to you.
        PUA’s pathetic attempts to seek validation, tolerate and encourage negative behavior from women with a slim chance of sex and
        I feel If you have to “game” women your Beta because A true Alpha’s status and resources do the talking.

    2. He didn’t have you at sex reassignment? Women game men for perceived value, it doesn’t need to be just money – it needs to be something that is important to them. It could be money, looks, power, sexual prowess etc.

    3. Exactly, Lance. Wealthy men who marry whores and get divorced get more fucked financially by the ex-wife than by ten prostitutes. The oil executive in Texas and Tiger woods will look back and realize they paid THOUSANDS of dollars per fuck. As for the oil exec, maybe millions.
      This writer might be more in approval of men who get divorce raped, but from a purely economic perspective, prostitution can be the better option, even sometimes for regular guys just paying for dates with time and money.

      1. – Wealthy men who marry whores and get divorced get more fucked financially by the ex-wife than by ten prostitutes. –
        10 is too forgiving, I’d say 5000 prostitutes. It’s really fricking ludicrous if you think about it :
        1) ‘A’ got married to a werewhale and went through life fucking no other woman but his 5′ 200 lbs wife.
        2) ‘B’ went through life paying to fuck 1,000 different prostitutes, all shades of colors but always only the hot ones – nordics/persians/latinas/blacks/mulattos/orientals/happas/etc.
        But then ‘A’ gets to think that he is the more manly man and calls ‘B’ the loser??? WTF???

    4. Prostitution should be legalised, regulated and taxed. Make the girls provide proof of age, as well as monthly std tests for them to be certified and allowed to practice. All others, should be penalised.

      1. The government should stay out of people’s sex lives. In a lot of countries girls just show up on the beach and are willing to have sex with tourists for money, no draconian government officials, “license, certify, test them, demand taxes, etc” Why do we need the government to get so deeply involved in how people choose to have sex? Obviously you have little experience with real prostitutes and buy the myth that “hookers are full of diseases” when that is simply untrue. Fact of the matter very few prostitutes want to put up with the nasty, paternal regulations of the legal Nevada brothels and prefer to work on their own.

        1. Actually, a great deal of my work has been with prostitutes. These girls who ” just show up on the beach” often times have pimps who treat them like garbage and they see very little if any of the money. Sometimes the women are trafficked and are working against their will. Sometimes they do contract a disease, because lets face it, there are those who will pay more to ride bareback and that extra money can go a long way for the sex worker.
          Out of curiosity, why does it bother you to have such a thing regulated? Wouldn’t it be better if all of us where a little bit more realistic about our sexuality, rather than moralising and forcing people to hide scurry about shamefully? I fully support prostitution and the right to pay for sex, but I also believe that both the sex worker and customer should receive certain rights and protections, just like any other trade or transaction.

    5. You should have kept reading. I agree with all of these except prostitution. And this was a quite weak attack on prostitution. It “takes a man’s strength”? Well, since prostitutes give you no BS, only bang you, then all sex takes away your strength and by this rationale all men should be celibate. Prostitution is very similar to any non-LTR sex. I’ve even had women directly ask me to buy them a piece of clothing or jewelry after first sexual encounter–this is basically prostitution.

    6. Agreed, A true Alpha Male would not change who they are “PUA” just to seek validation from women. Ever wonder why many famous men who can have any women they desire still get arrested in Prostitution Rings?

    7. The OP is a puritan i.e. prude. The kind of guy who lies awake at night worrying that someone, somewhere, might be having fun.

  17. IMO restraint is a feminine quality. Practice ascetism with caution. Dont be a frugal little bitch, create like a man was supposed to do. Moderation in moderation yah

  18. This is awful advice, practically what every mainstream female nag tells men to do. I’m a former pro level tennis player who knows some of the world’s top players and is still involved in the game. They drink. Practically all of them drink wine, male and female, and more than a few have smoked the loco weed. The one virtue you, as a good Puritan, failed to list is the main one: MODERATION. Teetotalers are the flip side of drunks: people who lack moderation, and worse they are killjoys.
    This list is the last thing men need – more “lists,” like a nagging woman would create. Have experiences, damn it, but keep your head. Have some moderation, don’t follow the advice of people who don’t give you their name, and stay strong. Plenty of good, uber-successful men – and very interesting artists, composers, philosophers, writers, scientists, creators, have disobeyed each of your platitudinous commandments. What is your vision of a great man, a cookie cutter Oriental nerd?

    1. As my healthy Grandparents in their ’90s would say… “Everything in moderation!!!” By the way, my gramps is happy as hell and has two fingers of scotch every night.

  19. Disagree with the homosexuality and prostitutes part. Just practice safe sex! That’s the reason why condoms exist. Some people are just wired a certain way. As for sex reassignment, it is only for SOME people but not all. As for porn, don’t get too addicted, just find a balance between that and doing other things. The rest I agree with.

    1. You’re seriously suggested a man should practice homosexuality? Get the fuck out and go back to Jezebel, faggot.

      1. What is your problem with gay people?! Some people are just wired that way and it isn’t their fault. Plus some of the gay men, I know look and act like any other guy with the exception of them liking men. There isn’t anything wrong with figuring out what your sexuality is… Maybe it’s you that needs to figure that out… I already know what I am and you know what, I don’t care what others may assume of me. If you’re straight, great! But gay is okay too.

        1. So what if they are rump rangers?! I don’t have a problem with them, if they aren’t doing anything to me, then why bother?! Let them be!

        2. I don’t do anything to interfere with their buggery. I say it’s “Not Okay”. Will continue to do so, Mr. gay advocate.

        3. “What is your problem with gay people?!”
          If they don’t behave like total flamers and don’t throw their lot in with the SJW crowd, I don’t particularly have a problem with gays. But the idea that homosexuality is every bit as desirable a trait as heterosexuality is grade-A PC nonsense.
          I see homosexuality as similar to Down’s Syndrome — something you’re most likely born with, but would never choose to have if given the choice.
          “There isn’t anything wrong with figuring out what your sexuality is… ”
          If by “figuring out […] your sexuality” you mean toying around with gay sex, then yeah, there’s a shitload wrong with that. It’s no secret that gays suffer from far higher levels of self-loathing than straights, and encouraging this pathology in people on the fence certainly isn’t doing them any favours.
          Oh, and drop the whole “You have a problem with gays because you’re still in the closet” schtick. That shit got old before it even started.

        4. Someone who is gay does not have a disorder. Down Syndrome is a disorder. Also, not all gays have mental health problems. I have met some normal and happy ones. I even have a friend who is married to his partner. You wouldn’t be able to tell if they were gay if you saw them.

        5. “Someone who is gay does not have a disorder.”
          Really? What would you call it, then?
          “Also, not all gays have mental health problems. I have met some normal and happy ones.”
          The same is no doubt true of many people with Down’s Syndrome. What’s your point? I’m sure there are many gays out there who have managed to live happy and productive lives despite their affliction.

        6. Sure. And Down’s Syndrome is “just a different configuration of one’s chromosomes.”

        7. “Again, gay is not a disorder.”
          Try saying that again after tapping your heels together three times. Let me know how it goes.

        8. You’re not born with it. It was all propaganda. Google “Marshall Kirk”, for exemple.
          Homosexuality is like anything else : an addtion of a given temperament with a given environment.
          No one is born homosexual, the same as no one is born alcoholic.

  20. Great article! This is what they should teach kids at school. Very good values taught here. Meanwhile, kids are taught to become gay at school.

  21. IMO sex “reassignment” should be a crime. It has no scientific basis whatsoever. It’s just cutting your balls and taking estrogens. You can’t become a female. It is scientifically impossible. Imagine that these days, you can sleep with a “girl” you just met, but you actually fucked a man. Hell, you might never learn about it. This is sickening.

  22. I respect your opinion in this article, but I’m going to have to disagree with numbers 2 and 10.
    Everyone has their vices, the important thing is how much self-control you have over them.

  23. 11). Never sell your soul to the company store
    12). Never put your ass on the line fighting wars for the money changers. There’s too much backlog of warfighting to be done keeping your house tight, your streets safe and your community loyal.

      1. Exactly.
        For you tough guys out there… Don’t buy into the patriot hype that is everywhere. That shit is not moral, not worth dying for and is perpetuating a system that fucking hates you.
        War-fighting skills, combat arts, strategy, marksmanship and leadership are all very healthy and manly skills to develop. To bad we don’t allow for civilian militias anymore, what a shame… I wonder why? Perhaps ‘dem money changers fear what they cannot control?

        1. Yes, just yes. Since I am one of those Rothbardian anarchocapitalists, I could call myself “anti-war,” or an opponent of all State wars.
          Self defense and responsive violence against aggression, on the other hand, is justified under natural law/libertarianism.

        2. Me too. Wish there were more of us. Slowly but surely though, people are opening their eyes to the horror of State power in every tiny aspect of our lives.

  24. Prostitution- ngga plz! I know right now where I can go in Mexico and bang/receive blowjobs from 9’s and 10’s without breaking $200. If you think that isn’t the best recovery from a breakup or divorce, kick rocks. Drinking- stfu a beer does ya well, & I mean brews with character (hops/malt/pale/stout holla!). I have the body to back this up because I don’t couple my brew with shit food. Gambling…hahaha dude life and business is gambling-risk/reward. Taking up some occasional blackjack recently has been great for my investing and outlook on life- because it proves that so much of life is just being in the right place at the right time. But, if you never have your line in the water, you’ll never catch a fish. Thus, if you never invest or take risk, you’ll never hit that stellar home run financially. & if you get fucked up, get up and keep trying. I have gotten my ass kicked in blackjack and come back from $5 to get even or walk away far ahead. I am not advocating this as an income, but it keeps the blood in your dick flowing and thinking. Never give up. Oh, and sechsy bitches hang around the tables. Organized religion moron, gtfo. Keep passing that plate around and spewing hope (a four letter word) as well as fear.

    1. $200 seems a bit steep. Considering the average income of Mexicans I think you are paying to much. I recall living on the border and the rate was $40.00 that was 15 years ago, they weren’t 9’s and 10’s either. I didn’t see any 9’s or 10’s in the red light district, they looked exactly like a what you would think a whore would like. Pretty sad and depressing looking back on the whole event.

      1. Call girls with valid reps that command a premium, that is where your hot girls are. You don’t get them in the redlight district anywhere.

      2. I can post pics of the 23y/o Mexican who blew me for $60, who was practically a Phoenix native and had fake tits (in Victoris’a secret lingerie no less). Go to Nogales as a dude under 55 and the Latinas will practically be trying to paw you apart in order to avoid doing business with some senior citizen from Tucson. I fall in love every time I go there and enjoy the .99 cent BK Whoppers when trying to sober up on the US side. This fucking author acting like 98% of the bitches in a church aren’t whores trying to patch up their guilty conscience dahahaha!

  25. I think a private poker game among friends can be beneficial. It provides an opportunity to observe your friends under pressure and fosters intellectual competition. That said, gambling against the house is a fool’s errand.

  26. An older gent once told me not to drink or do drugs until I was 18 or older. Responsible advice. Your take is more pure… but I wouldn’t take back the fun I had in college.

  27. Jesus.
    If I didn’t have masturbation I would have gone insane as a teenager and would be without a job and be unable to stay married and raise children (which I want to do) as an adult.
    If I didn’t have some mary-jane I wouldn’t have had such a great time in college and wouldn’t have been able to graduate with honors. Shit is a great thought expander, social lubricant and stress reliever.
    If I didn’t have prostitutes, well, all that enjoyment that I’ve had fucking hot strange with all the colors of the world would be lost to me, and that’s some good memories my friend. Really, how do you meet your goal to fuck different types of hot chicks and be able to raise your kids at the same time? Don’t worry,it’s only a rare treat.
    If I didn’t have alcohol, well fuck it, I quit.
    I’ve got lots of very old and very healthy uncles/aunts/grandfathers/grandmothers that would just simply say…..
    “Everything in moderation”
    Abstinence is like spitting in the face of the sweet things that life offers to us. Don’t abstain, just don’t let the shit rule your life, live as you intend and don’t hold yourself back with vices.

  28. I’m going to analize point by point to clarify things:
    1: Obviously agree. Nothing to add.
    2: Desagree. Prostitutes save me from long sex droughts, and They don’t look like the ones in the picture, my whores are pretty hot and not very expensive.
    3: Gambling: I Never do. Agree completely.
    4: Porn is like alcohol, It’s not addictive per se, It’s POTENTIALLY adictive. If you drink a cup or two and It’s over, there’s noting to worry about ; the problem exists IF you can’t stop. On porn It’s the same: bored late at night, can’t sleep, wanna fuck… one or two jackies off will not kill you. The problem is when you spend hours masturbating.
    5: Nothing to add. Agree.
    6: Nothing to add. Agree.
    7: I have nothing against gay people, but I have to admit that I find homosexuality disgusting, specially if there are in front of me on the street.
    8: No drugs at all, never in my life.
    9: You have to got talent for bussiness; if you don’t, then don’t take loans.
    10: No smoking or drinking at all. Agree.

  29. #8 is just plain wrong.
    A little drug use is good for a man. Physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually.
    Drugs should be considered a sacrament, a tool, and a rite of passage to becoming
    a complete person. Drugs have a potential to harm us but, when used responsibly they can also help us immensely.
    The world would be a shittier place without recreational drugs. A lot of art, literature, and science wouldn’t exist.

    1. Anyone can abstain, but it takes true self control to use drugs responsibly. And a bit of courage to use them irresponsibly.

  30. This website is fucking stupid. I used to like it because it gave damn good advice on the evil’s of sneaky women. It used to seem like a bunch of modern smart men were running this website. Now it seems like some fucking southern baptist straight edge is writing articles on here in a desperate attempt to keep new material posted. Fuck it, I drink, I’ve gambled, I’ve fucked some prostitutes. But you know what? I’m still better off financially, mentally and physically than 90% of the dudes in this world. Straight edge fucking pussies.

    1. Articles are hit or miss sometimes. It use to be that the hit to miss ratio was about 90%-10%, however it’s now something like 65%-35%. I may yet reconsider writing articles on RoK if articles like this keep coming out. Continue to revel in cigars, whisky, cocktails, gambling and whores. Be sure to balance it out with a healthy diet and gym time. A life well lived is better than a life long lived, said by me. Quality over quantity anyday.

      1. Good god, man, save us from this kind of tripe! The author also posts under “strong sloth”, and his writing sucks just as bad.

  31. Men should never try to fly, don’t jump off bridges or tall buildings, it’s a health hazard, on a more serious note, life is indeed precious.

  32. This article is WAY too straight end. Pot is a joy of my life and it’s virtually harmless. Other drugs have proven to be great entertainment over the years. All drugs should be legalized now. Don’t like drugs? Don’t do them. Many rich and powerful men agree. Richard Branson being my personal favorite.
    Also, prostitution provides a safe outlet for many men who don’t want to deal with the bullshit women put men through for sex. I don’t do it as I don’t have to, but it too needs to be legalized.
    Also, what’s with the hate for tattoos and piercings? I’ve known many successful men who have both. I’m sure that there are many red pill men who think the same way.

    1. I want to weigh in on the tatts part – specifically because like false rape allegations devaluing and making a mockery of REAL rape victims those who get tattoos (I find guys have between half to a full decent reason for getting them) devalue the real reasons people get them, oddly enough those same people who go get full-sleeves “because i’m so unique” will be the first to whine about discrimination when their degree doesn’t automatically hand them their dream job and MAYBE it had something to do with the consequences of being allowed their “uniqueness”.
      I have seen tattoos for a multitude of reasons which one can deem acceptable; “in memoriam” for loved ones, unit/regiment insignia, kill counts and even medical data.

  33. #’s 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10
    I’ve spent a night in jail, too, so if one night counts, you can add #6 to the list as well.
    Some I would not do again, some I most definitely would, some I had an absolute blast doing.
    In theory, I guess it would be good to live according to the list, but in practice, I’m not sure that life would be worth living.

  34. spartans/romans were homosexuals and they would tear this guy in half under a minute mark… fucking religious agenda pushing piece of shit.

      1. Well documented fact, you can read the synopsis on wiki but if your one of those guys who refuses wiki as a source…. here’s an entire book on it:
        An academic paper on Rome’s homosexuality=
        there are millions of academic papers/books on the subject….There is no denying that Hellenistic society was homosexual.

  35. “There is no cure for life or death save to enjoy the interval.” I try to live my life as best I can according to that Santayana quote, not some fixed and arbitrary rules. I will admit that for me to “enjoy the interval” means avoiding 1,2,4,5,6 7 and 8.

  36. I agree generally with the list, and admire its succinctness. I would point out an important, 11th vice: don’t avoid vices out of mere negativity or fear, but out of a wise and proactive understanding of the better good you are choosing. We should avoid vice out of manliness of heart, not out of timidity, effeminacy, squeamishness, legalism, etc.
    And, in response to 10, I would say: numerous studies have shown that a moderate amount of drinking – 1-2 drinks a day – actually *improves* health and lowers mortality across the board, with special benefits in things like heart disease, etc. Also, while smoking chemical-laden cigarettes like a chimney is certainly destructive, there is also evidence to show that smoking a cigar/pipe once or twice a week, without inhaling (simply taste the tobacco in the mouth, and blow the smoke out without ever breathing it in), produces health benefits for specific diseases in addition to the health benefits following from increased relaxation and focus – not to mention the camaraderie of smoking a pipe with your fellow man and bosom friend – that outweigh the relatively minor, elevated risk of cancer… you diminish the risk as much as possible by smoking a pipe and putting the bit behind your teeth. Einstein smoked a pipe, and said that’s when he did his best work; I certainly know that some of my most focused, calm, insightful moments, have occurred while sitting in the cool, evening air, staring at the moon, brother by my side, gentle curls of fragrant pipe smoke swirling around us.
    Even the Scriptures mention the drinking of wine, and refer to it as something healthful and positive – wine that “gladdens the heart of man,” and serves to calm the nerves and stomach. Teetotaling, in my opinion, is often a vice; it is a good thing to admire the goodness of God’s creatures and to enjoy them naturally and in moderation. This is even better in the case of a thing like wine, alcohol, tobacco, enjoyed properly, because mankind’s industry and skill is on display in these things, showing what man’s God-given intellect and drive can do when working with the creation. Every time I drink a fine scotch or smoke a nice tobacco, I think of the mind of the Creator that made all the materials, and the mind of man, made in His Image, that has devised and labored in such skillful processes to produce something so fine and subtle. My advice would be to enjoy these things in moderation, and especially in the company of good men. Don’t let women smoke with you; it should be an almost sacrosanct, masculine time and activity. It is unseemly, in my personal opinion, to allow women to sit with you exclusively for the purpose of having a drink, unless it happens to be just you and your wife. When doing nothing more than having a drink and/or smoke, keep it a men-only zone. At meals and festive occasions, everyone can enjoy a drink together.
    Obviously, these are simply my personal views; unsurprisingly, nobody is waiting with bated breath for my permission to do anything!

  37. The title of this post should be how to live life like a fucking pussy. Ten worthless (meaning having no value) pointers. Also my dear friends do remember that penicillin is a drug.

  38. I disagree on numbers 2 and 10.
    Prostitution in the US should be legalized.
    And I happen to smoke (Occasionally drink too).

  39. In what world do you live in where men “try” homosexuality? Do you seriously think that there are some men out there who wake up and say, “I think I’ll give dick suckin’ a whirl”? I got a new one you can add to this list: Reading Articles Written by Ignorant People.

  40. “1. Sex reassignment
    A man has the fixed sexual function of providing sperm. A girl has the fixed sexual function of providing eggs and carrying the baby. When someone pretends they can change sexual function it ends badly.”
    Unless this is meant to be taken humorously, I’ve never heard of anyone getting sexual reassignment surgery for that purpose.

    1. Yes, I do believe there are some people that really need this procedure done to them in order for them to function well in society and they will always be a minority because everyone else isn’t a transsexual.

  41. what fucking garbage. in other words, the author’s fucked-up excuse for a moral code is the ONLY path to alphaness.. PFFFFFF!
    there are some good articles on this site, but then there is dogmatic narrow-minded bullshit like this.

  42. What’s intriguing is the extent to which it is a mix of extremely good and extremely bad advice.
    The homosexuality bit is self-evidently bad. If one is attracted to the same gender, the choice is not between men or women, the choice is one between a life of personal authenticity or living a lie. One can be gay and protect themselves: being yourself is usually the safe bet.
    The argument against recreational drugs, on the other hand, is really maybe the single best argument out there against them (avoiding either absurd permissiveness or the Nancy Reaganish “just say no” without providing an actual reason).
    It gives the impression of a person who has a few decent theories about how the world works, but overextends them into domains they don’t apply.

  43. This article is shit. Unless you’re a monk ascetism gets you nowhere. I’ll continue enjoying my porn, drugs, and whores. Every man needs a vice, and the more the merrier. If you can’t handle it and it becomes your downfall then good riddance, you should have killed yourself long before it even became an issue.

  44. I don’t agree with the downer ROK has on taking credit. How do you think I started my business? Paying 20% – odd APR is change down the back of the sofa when I’ll easily make that kind of return on my investment in a week.

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