5 Signs You’re Suffering From A MGTOW Mindset

Before I read Corey Savage‘s An Open Letter To The Men Of MGTOW a couple months ago, I admittedly had zero clue as to what the MGTOW community actually stood for. I’ve always known there are different factions of the manosphere such as the PUA sect which focuses on seduction, the philosophical clique that explores the historical and religious angles as they apply to the red pill past and present, and the health and fitness branch that gives men guidance on how to achieve peak physical fitness.

I’d seen the term MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) in different articles here and there but I never really delved into it. I just assumed they were under the same umbrella as the rest of us were. But after reading Savage’s article and doing a little research I began to realize that the “MGTOW community” could be labeled as, dare I say…..male feminism.

No thanks….I’ll pass.

Below are five tendencies that “MGTOWs” and wannabes alike possess that hold them back from grabbing life by the balls and thriving as a man. I’ll be the first to admit that even I fall prey to some of these penchants every once in a while. It happens. But so long as you check yourself and nip these occurrences in the bud, you won’t start thinking it wouldn’t be so bad to live in your mother’s basement playing video games all night with cheeto dust on your fingers.

5. You’re all talk, no show

“I fucked 6 chicks last night!”

You can quote all the pickup lines, know all the answers to shit tests, and all the red pill lingo. You constantly tell your buddies all women are like that and you’re never getting married or having kids.

I talked about this brand of wannabe neomasculinity in a column I penned last summer:

Wannabe PUAs who buy into the “all these bitches get is my dick” notion are kidding themselves and everyone around them. They think scoring one night stands with 5s and 6s is the pinnacle of playerdom and like to brag about “this bitch I fucked then I just got up and left” or  “I don’t give a fuck what she does I kick her the fuck out right after I nut.”

Any man who regularly sleeps with beautiful women knows that unless she’s a hooker, it doesn’t work this way—especially if you want to keep fucking her.

Funny thing is, when the rubber meets the road and you find yourself sitting next to an HB8 at the laundromat you freeze like a deer in the headlights. You can frequent as many sites on the ‘sphere as you want but if you don’t apply what you’ve learned, it’s pointless.

Stop debating pickup theories on 17 different blogs and for the love of God stop bombarding your buddies with red pill jargon. They may still be blue pill but they also know you’re just piss and wind. Until you get off your ass and start talking to girls on the regular, you’re not changing their minds.

4. You dismiss new ways to meet girls

Get with the program

You’re the guy who talks shit about Facebook, Tinder, and even text game. You claim to only approach girls face to face because that’s what “real men” do.

Wake up, it’s 2016. There’s more than one way to skin a cat and if you’re not taking advantage of technology to score easy pussy, you’re doing yourself (and all those sluts) a disservice.

I’m as guilty on this one as anybody. Granted, there’s nothing like the rush that comes from approaching a complete stranger, striking up conversation with her, number closing her, and banging her that night. There’s something to be said about the excitement of putting your balls on the line and going for broke with a female.

That said, I know that at some point in the not too distant future I’m going to have to get online if I want to keep adding notches. Girls these days are becoming increasingly difficult to talk to as a result of their ADD on account of looking at their phones most of the day. It’s as though they’ve forgotten how to have a conversation with an actual person in the flesh.

The other reason is that the older I get, the busier my schedule gets. So why not skip the bullshit and start swiping for ass like everyone else? It saves money, frustration, and most of all time which is a man’s most valuable commodity.

Get with the times and take advantage of the desperate girls who are dying to take a selfie wearing your shirt the next morning.

3. You’re always looking for an easier way to digest the red pill

Quick staring at it and take it already

You’re the dude who’s been on the fence about the red pill for years. You know sexual relations between men and women are fucked up but when reading sites like ROK you think to yourself, “He makes a good point but there’s gotta be a better way!”

You think you can compromise and be “purple pill.” You think you can give girls “the best of both worlds” but you know it’s not working for you because you’re not getting laid. And yet, you still want to delay completely digesting the red pill.

Look, I get it. I really do. It’s hard to change your mindset and actions when you’ve been brainwashed your entire life to treat girls a certain way and think of them in a certain light. But we’ve all been burned on multiple occasions and at some point you have to realize that being yourself and treating her like a princess ain’t cuttin’ it.

The hard truth is there is no purple pill. You can’t be the alpha male girls want to sleep with and the sensitive, attentive schlub at the same time. It’s either one or the other. And if you aren’t unplugged, you’re still plugged in. There’s no in between.

Make a choice, gentlemen. You can either digest the red pill or spit it out and ignore the truth. It can’t just rest on your tongue for the rest of your life.

2. All you focus on is girls

Stop chasing girls all the time and hit the gym

The beauty of neomasculinity is that it teaches men how improve their lives in all aspects. Financial shrewdness, physical fitness, style, and mental strength are a few the main tenets of the crimson capsule we’ve drilled into your skulls since 2012.

If a man makes good financial decisions, keeps himself in good shape, dresses well, and isn’t easily rattled by nonsense, his romantic prospects increase as a natural side effect.

When you’re new to the ‘sphere and focus solely on picking up chicks, you’re putting the cart before the horse. Sure, you’ll have a little success but before long you’ll plateau (meaning you’re only banging 5s and 6s) because you haven’t improved in other, more important areas.

Again, I fell prey to this when I first took the red pill. All I concentrated on was girls and nothing else:

I’ll never forget the first time I approached a girl with red pill game. She was a sexy little red-headed number with a pert ass and great legs. She was in the produce aisle trying to pick out the perfect grape fruit. When she reached for one I noticed a tattoo on her inner wrist. “So much for an LTR,” I playfully joked with myself. I obviously wasn’t thinking about our honeymoon but she was as good a girl as any to christen my post red pill game with.

I’d practiced, drilled, and rehearsed all the PUA techniques, body language and positioning. I was ready. I took a deep breath, walked up, looked her right in the eye with something of a cross between a smile and a smirk on my face and said “Hi, I’m Donovan.”

She bit.

She pleasantly told me her name and politely shook my hand. We ended up having about a 10 minute conversation about juicing (I’d recently purchased one and steered the conversation in that direction). I passed a relatively easy shit test, made a joke about green juice, and got the digits.

“Holy fuck!” I thought doing my best to compose myself as she put her number into my phone. “This shit actually works!”

The girl ended up flaking but I didn’t care. I was hooked.

It’s been years since I approached that hot red head. Since then, I’ve gotten myself into much better shape, my financial outlook is stronger, and my frame is rock solid. Had these things been in place when I opened her, she may not have flaked on me.

The point is that focusing on the acquisition of pussy and leaving everything else by the wayside will eventually come back to bite you in the ass. When you hit a slump (and you will) you’ll sink into depression, start doubting yourself, and a slew of other mental problems that end up stunting your growth as a man.

But if you’re lifting, reading, writing, and making smart financial decisions a temporary dry spell in the bedroom won’t faze you. If anything, it helps you focus even more on these areas which will, in turn, lead to more success with women in the long run.

1. You bash red pill assertions for the sake of bashing them


This is where you start to fall into the MGTOW category. You read my article on O.J. Simpson and disagree with my assertion that he’s alpha because he killed his ex wife for slutting it up with a fellow USC alumni. Nevermind the fact that he was literally swimming in pussy before, during, and after his marriage to Nicole. As far as you’re concerned, Simpson had oneitis which makes him a sniveling beta despite living a life most men can only dream about.

No, we’re not all going to agree with every little detail of neomasculinity (which is a good thing, actually) but the countless lives that have been changed (mine included) from the ideas discussed on forums like these speaks volumes about its accuracy and effectiveness.

GhostOfJefferson, a frequent commenter on ROK, has told countless keyboard gangsters that if they so vehemently disagree with what we talk about here, then write an article about it.

I couldn’t have put it better myself.


At the end of the day we’re all on the same side. As I said before, we’re going to disagree on a few things here and there but by and large we’re all striving for the same thing. But if you find yourself falling into any of the above traps on a regular basis and not course correcting, you may need to start to question whether or not you’re truly unplugged from the matrix.

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439 thoughts on “5 Signs You’re Suffering From A MGTOW Mindset”

  1. There’s another MGTOW trait that we see entirely too often: dwelling on the RP “anger” phase.
    When we crossed from the lies into the truth, we all got angry at some point. The key is that we saw the anger as limiting and strove to move into acceptance as swiftly as possible. This allows us to work with the reality we know to be true, to put it to our use.
    But entirely too many of the MGTOW faces out there stay angry. They go from, “The world’s just not fair!” to “The world’s just not fair, and THIS is why!” They may have a handle on some truth, but they are outraged that the truth is the truth.
    You can live in anger that women are hypergamous, but they will not stop being hypergamous. You can be angry that women are so frequently irrational, but that will not change their nature. Accepting these painful truths, and adapting your mindset to incorporate and work with these truths, is the only way the truth can set you free.

  2. I called out MGTOW on the red pill sub. The shitshow was unfucking believable. I never knew a log would have so many roaches underneath. It is quite clear these men use the MGTOW banner to save their egos.
    They used every shaming tactic in the book against me (dr_warlock) and downvoted my replies to oblivion. They defended their position by comparing themselves to priests (the highest voted comment), poets, great scientists, and fucking Socrates.
    Sure, some of these guys don’t fit the neckbeard-in-denial stereotype, but don’t act like a bunch of those guys aren’t just rationalizing.
    Look at all the comments herefor yourself (this is not the image below): https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/4zw8fo/you_cant_be_mgtow_or_be_preferably_monogamous_if/

    1. Haha, man that’s brutal. The accuracy of your statement was validated by the insane level of hate you received. I know a few MGTOW guys that don’t fit that mold, but they’re also not sworn off of women. They’re what you would called MGTOW Plus.

      1. I’ve tried to fit in the PUA and then MGTOW category, but the only brand that seems to apply to me is FLWSL50, French Lunatic Who Still Live In The 50s (the 1250s).

        1. I know what you mean. I’ve tried to take greed from the Jews but they wouldn’t let it for free.

        2. Some even say the reason why they were so many in deathcamps is because the trains offered free rides.

      2. Look at the MGTOW sub, its ALL about bitching about women.
        MGTOW, I have a question for you. Why is every topic on bitching about women?
        Where’s the unique hobbies?
        Where’s the money chasing and enjoying the marriage and child free lifestyle?
        Where’s the field reports on travel, self-improvement, and living in a secluded area developing great insight and mind gainz?
        Where’s the prostitute guides?

        1. Where’s the unique hobbies?
          Where’s the money chasing and enjoying the marriage and child free lifestyle?
          Where’s the field reports on travel, self-improvement, and living in a secluded area developing great insight and mind gainz?
          Where’s the prostitute guides?

          They don’t exist.
          P.S. I’d be interested in a escort/prostitute guide.

        2. They do, but most guys that are true MGTOW minus (insert hamtering) don’t talk about it. They literally just go their own way in quiet. So you never hear their side.

        3. Of course. Men without a grudge, those who just find the costs more than the benefits simply go quietly away. Most probably don’t even know of MGTOW. I didn’t. Then I found it to be a rather off-putting community.

        4. I dropped from society 30 years before finding mgtow.
          And the mgtow com site has sections for sports, leisure, pholosophy, travel, movies. health, money, rights.

    2. Lol. Your comment is amazing. The first reply sounds like the females who troll RoK. Point made.

    3. They are pretty childish. I saw this post a few weeks ago.
      MGTOW’s are selfish bastards. They don’t care about the innocent. Even their own children.

    4. Your hateful, bigoted comment deserved the hate. Many mgtow already got enough women to get screwed up. They had their lives taken away, and are not going back for more.
      And again, they don’t care what ‘girls’ think. (anymore)
      And they don’t care what you think.

  3. Actually reading the book that the tv series about the OJ trial is based on and it says its absolutely nonsense that a semi-illiterate athlete directed his legal defence. It’s just not true and when you read about the whole situation and Simpson you’ll know that. Not saying he wasn’t alpha.

  4. Disagree with #4. Some guys just aren’t good at online game, like me. It does not play to my strengths, so I skip it. I don’t swipe anymore because I looked through my old tinder messages and matches and realized that they all amounted to a waste of time. So i’d rather approach in person where I have the best chance of making a good impression, escalating, and closing.
    Tinder is bullshit, bitches use it for entertainment. I know plenty of guys use it to effect, but that hasn’t been the case for me. So rather than be a try-hard who uses it because “it’s the current year” as the author put it, I will stick to what I know works. Good ol’ DHV.

    1. I, too, have seen it work for people. And I, too, am not one of those for whom it works.
      There is a substantial difference between, “Tried it for a while, but it doesn’t work for me,” and, “X doesn’t ever work! If you say it does, you’re a liar and probably a pussy!” I hear entirely too little of the first, and too much of the second, with the people I know.

      1. Very good points. If people can use it effectively more power to them. But to say you’re a migtau because you don’t like tinder is bullshit.

  5. Yeah why go MGTOW when you can dig through the bargain bin of American women and get yourself some HSV and HPV that will give you fatal cancer 10 years down the road.

  6. Modern heterosexuals have adopted the libertine lifestyle and mores of the homosexuals from the 70s and 80s: casual sex, sex with strangers, high partner count, bizarre sex acts (anal sex, oral sex, gangbangs etc). Modern heterosexuals are defective.

    1. I can’t recall oral sex being a “bizarre sex act”, ever. People have been doing that since before we were homo sapiens sapiens, chief.

      1. Actually, it’s a female invention from the 50s (the 240 550s BC).
        They were tired of receiving wedding proposals in the form of vigourous strikes on the head with wooden clubs.
        So the smartest one of the pack, Fellatia, thought about a reason for their hubsband not to hit them vigorously on the head with wooden clubs before sex, then one day, while eating a banana, the idea popped in her mind and it all became clear.

      2. “”I can’t recall oral sex being a “bizarre sex act”,””
        That’s because you’ve experienced it before, ghost…give the guy a break!

        1. No, I just have the ability to admit that some of the things I have done are wrong. I don’t have the ability to perform mental gymnastics to justify acts that are against nature. When I err, I admit it.

        2. How is oral sex agin’ nature? Fucking apes do it, dude, it’s not “unnatural”, it happens all the time. It’s even semi-logical insofar as it’s a surefire way to keep a husband at home without getting pregnant (after a certain age).

        3. Putting water in a glass is also unnatural. I need to give that up too.

        4. Apes suck dick? Since when? I’ve heard frustrated chimps in captivity beat off but that’s it.

        5. Bonobos do it. If you stand around a zoo long enough they’ll do it for all to see.

        6. According to some (the Catholic Church for instance), any sex act that is not intended to produce offspring is a sin. That would include sex with contraception, oral sex, anal sex.
          The fact that reproduction is seen as something to avoid is the main problem here.

        7. That’s a logical fallacy. Homeless men might use cups for coffee, by rejecting their actions out of hand due to homelessness, you’ve wiped out a majority of human activities you might partake in.

        8. Like that Jethro Tull song Aqualung:
          “Sitting on a park bench
          Eyeing little girls
          With bad intent
          Snot running down his nose
          Greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes”

  7. I predict that White Millenials will be wiped out through an epidemic of HPV-related cancers in the coming 10-15 years. I expect the Millenial generation to be decimated.

    1. Nah. Blacks have cornered the market on STDs and they’re not exactly an endangered species. Plus there’s a push to vaccinate kids against HPVs. Ain’t gonna happen.

      1. I doubt it. Despite being a cantankerous old racist, I think blacks seem more resistant to maladies like cancer. And that’s with their much higher partner counts as well. I think the more sophisticated an organism, the more susceptible it is to things going wrong. Blacks mature several years ahead of Whites and seem more robust on certain health issues.

  8. I love these Anti-MGTOW articles. Making MGTOW’s Mad is as easy as making femicunts mad.

  9. The reason I’m MGTOW is because women do not value the traits that I value. I most highly esteem my intellect, my mind, my ability to think deeply and creatively. All these things are anathema to modern American women.

    1. Like Roosh said, why lower yourself to being a clown? To pretending to be less than you are. I can no longer tie my validation to what someone so far beneath me thinks.

      1. The difference between a very intelligent man and the mind of the average woman is as large as the difference between an average person and a retard or between a slow person and a chimp. Why be like Gepetto, sprawled on the floor, claiming he’s teaching he alphabet to the ants?

        1. monk mode is the gayest sounding thing ever. Whoever thought of that term been playin’ too many RPG’s.

        2. I actually think it’s an apt description for the process. I guess you could also name it The Hermit Process or something but Monk Mode has an easily remembered ring to it and most people can quickly pick up what it details. Hell, the first time I heard the term I correctly guessed what it was about before even reading the article.

        3. the idea of it is stupid. the guys who do ‘monk mode’ do it because they ultimately want to raise their odds in the mating game, so it is dishonest in that way because not one of those ‘monks’ would ever admit to that. so they instead focus on passive pursuits like lifting and everything OTHER than being SOCIAL WITH WYMYNZ which is the only thing that will ACTUALLY raise their smv. so what you get is guys coming out of ‘monk mode’ even more socially isolated and just as terrible with wymynz.
          Be honest with yourself…if you want a better shot at women, fine, go lift and all that monk shit…except BE SOCIAL while your doing it

        4. One anecdotal experience here, but I spent three months in monk mode over a summer break, and it changed my life.
          Yes, I went into it because I wanted to be better with women, but I also knew there were many things about my life and mindset that needed to be changed. Three months, largely isolated, with nothing but books and myself (and a few tutorial DVDs), and I walked out a completely better man.

        5. Perhaps we’re approaching this topic from different viewpoints. I’ve never seen anyone use Monk Mode as a long term solution. Typically they use MM for short bursts of productivity, such as writing a book or a series of blog articles. Would I ascribe to MM long term? No. For a set amount of time to complete a specific goal? Yes.

        6. What you’re not seeing is that the end goal of most everything men do , directly or indirectly, is pussy. When you see that you’ll realize why MM is dishonest and fucking stoopid.

        7. Well there is me. In my 89th week of “monk process”. I don’t know when it starts counting as long term though.

        8. “For a set amount of time to complete a specific goal? Yes.”
          Yeah but the only people i see TALK about it are using it as an excuse to not have to accept their meager position on the totem pole. Want to go your own way? Fine, go. But talking about it and pointing fingers at anyone who disagrees with that strategy seems antithetical to ‘going ones own way”

        9. Danke, Herr Freud.
          Seriously, though, I perceived the principle of monk mode as a deliberate stepping-away from your current life. You choose to put aside seeking after women, masturbation, social media, etc. so that you can focus on something of importance to your mental or spiritual wellbeing.
          It’s no more dishonest in that sense than going on vacation.

        10. 1) What’s wrong with not accepting your meager position on the totem pole? Shouldn’t we be trying to raise our lot in life?
          2) I don’t think there’s a huge push from those going MM to go after anyone who isn’t. From my understanding, it’s not a movement like MGTOW, but rather a tool that can be used to increase productivity.

        11. that’s all fine n good. I just think for the goal of poosy it’s not a good time investment. for any other pursuits, fine, but why the need to call it MM? Just focus on your shit, man…not that hard.

        12. Some people simply need that extra kick in the pants to get focused. Same reason why Dave Ramsey is so popular. His steps are all common sense, but it works on a psychological level with people.

        13. the problem is all these 18 year old virgin mgtows are not being honest about what they really want, poosy, and the validation that comes from it, instead they are embittered and play the same blame game.

        14. Non sequitur. Look it’s obvious you got a chip on your shoulder regarding women but try to actually stay on topic. This conversation was on the legitimacy of Monk Mode to improve productivity. I’m not interested in hearing you cry about women.

      2. There’s no need to become a clown to get a bevy of hot women. It’s only one path of many to the same destination.

    2. Kinda funny how the traits a man needs to succeed in life (and that a needed for a society to function) are the exact traits that repulse women:
      1. reliability
      2. intelligence
      3. faithfullness
      4. responsibility
      I could go on and on and on…what’s the point though? As women would say….

    3. Nothing will kill your boner for a woman more than seeing a photo of her ex: “You mean you fucked this blobby ugly fuck?” I’m jacked up from working out and eating well and I’m going to put my dick where some blob was poking around just a few months prior? No fucking way…

      1. ROK was originally known as a male humor site. You’d never know it now. Is ROK a manosphere site in decline?

        1. It’s become another alt.right forum. All it needs is a Pepe the Frog meme as a trademark. And judging from some of the posts regarding women, I can see why Milo is so popular here. Some of these posters will sign up for his team, I fear.

        2. That’s another indicator that ROK is site in decline. When do straight males use a faggot to debate feminists for them?

        3. What’s even weirder is how young alt-right / conservative girls on Twitter were referring to Milo as “Daddy.”
          Nothing quite says the alt-right is as fucked up as the Left than young girls referring to a slender androgynous gay man as “Daddy.”

        4. He’s doing it on his own, he’s not getting marching orders from us to “debate feminists for us”, last check.

      1. Bitch read my other comments and stop with your girl fight. Are you going to pull hair next? Are you a teenage girl at the mall food court with your smart phone and a sock puppet account on a manosphere site?

    1. I continue to be amazed at the lengths the PUAs will go to shame men that don’t toe their line.

  10. “It saves money, frustration, and most of all time which is a man’s most valuable commodity”
    Time. It’s everybody’s most valuable commodity, women too and they know it.
    #2 I think is the most important. One of the things ROK does very well is reinforce improving oneself, whatever that means to you. Have a goal other than women and pursue it. You will be more interesting to talk to, it is always fun to talk to someone about something that they have a passion for and are truly knowledgeable about. Be it music, motorcycles, firearms, politics, SCUBA, cigars– whatever. That is the antidote to coming off as boring and shallow. While women are a nice part of life, they aren’t the entirety of life and frankly you come off as either desperate or creepy if she feels that she is your entire focus. Which gets back to your time is valuable and she instinctively will understand it’s a bad thing if all your time seems devoted to her.

  11. All I can say is I am WAY more productive since I’ve given up dealing with women. My output (writing, work, etc.) is much, much higher.

    1. Personally, I wish I had remained a virgin as I was in high school. I was HAPPY in high school reading what I wanted, doing whatever I wanted. It was only later with the single-minded pursuit of dating, sex, relationships, female companionship that I became unhappy and dissatisfied. I would have been better off never jumping in that pool of trouble. Why? Because somehow I would have been less of a man? That type of reason is disastrous: it puts you on a never-ending treadmill: you need to lay 10 girls to be a man then 25 then 100 … you always have to keep increasing.

  12. Basically MGTOW’s are losers who are mad because they can’t get any pussy. Even with all game etc. Most of them think game doesn’t work and/or is faked anyway. They are right when they say that pussy shouldn’t control your life, I agree with that, women in general should only be a part of your life. But YOU should be able to control it. (Having Game and getting as much sex as you want from women, without paying.)
    The redpill is hard to swallow, everyone here knows it, but they choose the easy way out and run away, while we are adapting to the circumstances of today and fight.

    1. it’s ironic that they say pua’s “let poosy control their lives” when MGTOWs are guilty of the same, albeit for the opposite reasons…they still jerk it to pr0n and need to fulfill their desires, they are kidding themselves if they think the PUA’s are the ones pedastalizing poosy. If anything it’s the inverse….they feel SO POWERLESS in the mating game they have to proclaim their removal from it because it’s obvious to anyone with eyes to see they WERE NEVER CONTENDERS.

      1. Exactly. They are far more controlled by pussy than the PUA Guys.
        Every guy needs a good sex-life to be happy. Fapping to porn all day doesn’t solve the problem. Fapping just reliefs the physical need for a short time but there is a psychological need that won’t be reliefed by masturbation.

    2. Have you noticed that the entirety of your comment looks like it could be lifted directly from a Jezebel post about the Manosphere?

      1. Have you noticed that the entirety of your comment looks like it could be lifted directly from a feminist comment?
        It’s a boring game.

        1. Have you noticed that the entirety of your comment to his comment that looks like it could be directly lifted from a feminist comment, to a comment that looks like it could be lifted directly from a Jezebel post about the Manosphere, looks like it could be lifted directly from one of these comments I sometimes do about other comments ?

    3. You are always paying for pussy, whether it be money or time, and we know time is money

  13. The major problem with the MGTOW as we seen it on the internet is they are investing into a philosophy, but not themselves. Instead of focusing on their problems and living their lives, they ascribe to a philosophy haphazardly and mock anyone that disagrees with there world view. That the major problem with those would lurk around here.

    1. I almost think this debate has bitch like qualities to it. If you are PUA and getting more better pussy, why would you care if some other man isn’t? And if you are MGTOW and have dropped out for your own reasons, why do you care if some other man is getting laid? This whole argument is how bitches fight. Is ROK a manospshere site in decline? Now ROK has recruited a faggot Milo to debate feminists for them. This is becoming a bitch site like reddit. Even the mods are deleting comments like bitches on reddit. Sad.

    2. I’ve come to terms that if I have children, it will have to be through surrogacy. I just hope it isn’t banned for single straight men before I’m ready to take advantage of it. I welcome the idea of being a single parent: you have sole control over a child’s development and ideological upbringing. Any woman in the picture would be poisoning the child’s mind with liberal leftist nonsense, equality, etc.

        1. I’m afraid it will be banned when it becomes available: if they have made it impossible to buy a bag of fertilizer without a license from the ATF, you can bet they will be able to control artificial wombs.

      1. Just remember a kid needs both parents in their life. Your child be asking where mommy is may due a number on him. That maybe the downside I can see.

      2. Like the Movie “junior” with ahhnold and danny devito!!?
        It was danny devito right??

      3. As a single father, I’d have to say that kids do need both a mother and father. Ideally, living in the same home modeling a good relationship. But, hey, I’m an antiquated product of the patriarchy…

  14. I think the biggest factor in men going MGTOW is when they realize no woman actually loves a man. When you go through a break-up, you will see just how fast the girl gets over you, no matter what she said about you being so great at the time (so handsome, so smart, best lover, etc). She will write you off as dead. Write you off as not deserving of her “awesomeness” and move on without so much as a tear. Women do not see men as individuals but in much more utilitarian terms.

    1. Been married to my wife for 25 years. I can confirm that she actually loves me. My daughter (who is a girl), also loves me. So does my mother.
      Weird, to think that the entire MGTOW movement got that wrong, right?

      1. you’re always using the fact you’re married as an excuse for why you never close on “all these girls who fawn over you”.

        1. Interesting the inferences people make. Heh.

        2. RoR, you’re normally a pretty chill guy in the comments, but you’ve been pretty hostile even on some pretty benign discussion in this comments section.
          Serious question, you good?

        3. there is a fat chick in the office here who frequently talks about doing ‘kegle’ exercises. I don’t know what to do with this information, but I thought I’d share it.

        4. What is this “office” thing you speak of?

    2. You don’t have a sister, do you?
      It is true that many women fall out of love with their boyfriends long before they break up, but it’s not universal. They get jaded faster than we, and they are better liars than we, but they can still love in their way.
      It’s not identical to our way of loving, but if it were the whole exercise would be less interesting.

  15. Another shaming article…
    If you are not like I think you should be, these are the problems you have…
    So happy both my sons are MGTOW and looking for placement else where after grad school…
    This is total BS for men here…

    1. Define MGTOW. Are you looking forward to not having grandchildren?

    2. I think MGTOW are missing out on life, but you know what? That’s their choice. IDGAF

    3. You’re kids are mgtow? How are you gonna feel when the go Dylan Kleebold on their local HS? father of the year over here folks!

  16. Can someone share this article link in some MGTOW’s Forums? Should be fun.

    1. You’re just trying to blow up web traffic stats. Can’t ROK do that by mocking feminists, or tattoo chicks instead? I get nothing out of the MGTOW threads.

      1. If I would get a good chunk of the traffic money, yeah. But since I don’t get a penny here, I’m just looking for fun.
        MGTOW’s defending their miserable life(-choices) is always fun.

  17. Theres nothing wrong with taking time out to reinvent yourself, to establish and work towards new goals, to find new hobbies, ect.
    Dont fall into the MGTOW trap though.

  18. It appears that posting on internet forums, watching videos of adults fornicating while using fleshlight and surrogacy are the road to becoming a genius loner in the style of Newton, Kant and Schopenhauer, according to what I can grasp of that particular internet movement.

        1. Kleegel always sounds like some kind of weird vagina exercise when I hear it.

        2. I knew a hit who put those metal yin yang balls in her snatch and would go jogging to work on muscle control. She could squeeze your dick so hard it was like having mr T give you a handjob

        3. She was amazing. She was named after a gun, had a heavy South Carolina accent, a perfect body and could strangle you with her poon

        4. Remington I’ll bet. I know a girl named Remington actually and (I’m not making this up) her father owns a gun shop in Columbus. Heh.

        5. Was for serious voing to guess that and make a poop joke. Lets just assume i did and ut was hilarious

      1. By putting on your wizard hat and robes, of course.

        1. Actually it was a reference from an old internet meme.
          bloodninja: Baby, I been havin a tough night so treat me nice aight?
          BritneySpears14: Aight.
          bloodninja: Slip out of those pants baby, yeah.
          BritneySpears14: I slip out of my pants, just for you, bloodninja.
          bloodninja: Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat.
          BritneySpears14: Oh, I like to play dress up.
          bloodninja: Me too baby.
          BritneySpears14: I kiss you softly on your chest.
          bloodninja: I cast Lvl. 3 Eroticism. You turn into a real beautiful woman.
          BritneySpears14: Hey…
          bloodninja: I meditate to regain my mana, before casting Lvl. 8 Cock of the Infinite.
          BritneySpears14: Funny I still don’t see it.
          bloodninja: I spend my mana reserves to cast Mighty F*ck of the Beyondness.
          BritneySpears14: You are the worst cyber partner ever. This is ridiculous.
          bloodninja: Don’t f*ck with me bitch, I’m the mightiest sorcerer of the lands.
          bloodninja: I steal yo soul and cast Lightning Lvl. 1,000,000 Your body
          explodes into a fine bloody mist, because you are only a Lvl. 2 Druid.
          BritneySpears14: Don’t ever message me again you piece of ****.
          bloodninja: Robots are trying to drill my brain but my lightning shield inflicts DOA attack, leaving the robots as flaming piles of metal.
          bloodninja: King Arthur congratulates me for destroying Dr. Robotnik’s
          evil army of Robot Socialist Republics. The cold war ends. Reagan steals
          my accomplishments and makes like it was cause of him.
          bloodninja: You still there baby? I think it’s getting hard now.
          bloodninja: Baby?

      2. I’d like to think I would be pure enough to find the Grail, but I probably have a young Swedish bastard son, whom the Holy Spirit would easily locate.

  19. Something I would disagree with is Tinder and rest of the “social media” as a useful tool to game girls. Unless you have the looks of a Greek god or portray yourself as a millionaire with money to waste (or just a drug dealer with money), they are basically a waste of time. In the digital world your image is what counts not your, wit, personality or ” professional achievements” (which for females looking for sex, are just irrelevant). If you are like 99% of males in the West, average or even above average, online game is not for you. Face to face will get you nuclear rejections but also more gains with women.
    Whassap is a different story but in order to get a girl’s phone number….you got it, you have to ask the girl face to face in the real world.

    1. not only do you have to look like an adonis, you have to play this BULLSHIT tinder-text game shit which is like normal text game taken the the EXTREME. Don’t have a stupid, witty, faggy quip for EVERY SECOND of the interaction? BORING, NEXT.
      Fuck that!!

    2. Agreed online game has changed. You need to be an early adapter there and hit the next big thing. For tinder that was 3 years ago. Now its all blown up with try hards groveling for the HB5. Can’t hurt, it might help, but online dating ratios are unbalanced, so face-to-face is much easier.

    3. Looking like an Adonis is only part of it. IF you look like an Adonis, you will be expected to be simple-minded. To be a male bimbo. Nothing will freak a girl out more than resisting categorization. IF you are jacked up and are into writing, philosophy, entrepreneurship etc, she won’t like it. Girls want an experience: the dumb meathead, the effete hipster, the nerdy nebbish academic. Not some amalgam all rolled into one.

      1. I can tell you for a FACT that you’re incorrect.
        I am a 6’3″ very well built man. Women DO assume that I’m a lunk head at first, no question. And then they start talking to me and, 9 times out of 10 I hear (and I’ve heard this exact sentence more than once) “Oh my God, you’re a unicorn!”

        1. Yes, I’ve had a similar comment expressed: “you’re a diamond in the rough” meaning rare. But that is not what women want. They want an experience. Not a soul mate.

        2. I know exactly what they wanted, and it wasn’t sitting around making small talk. There’s being smart, and then there’s talking smart. If you can direct your intellect towards charm and humor, girls melt in your hands and you’ll be getting parking lot blowjobs (well, not you, because you find it unnatural) within 2 hours of learning her name.

        3. ghost you’re always talking about how you moisten panties all day long….but are married? Let’s hear some good stories or save it! lozlzolz

        4. Haha, no. I was being coy. I actually agree with your anecdote. I’ve gotten similar before. I look like a nerdy punk rock member of the Duck Dynasty crew and girls are always surprised when I am a professional with skills and intelligence.

        5. That requires an E ticket to take that rhetorical ride Rhyme. I’m on Telegraph, fwiw, but tend to keep too much…detail….off of a public forum. On my doctor’s advice of course.

        6. Sorry, I meant “Telegram”. It’s an app you can get for Windows or Mac (and Linux too I think?). Roosh covered it once in an article a few months ago.

  20. It’s 2016
    God how I hate that rhetorical tool. Hate it.
    Big fucking deal, it’s 2016. Women still have mouths and can talk. If they were so absorbed that you can’t get their attention then you’re doing it wrong. I dislike the whole iZombie culture, but it’s not hard to get women to chat with you face to face. Sure, you’ll likely end up texting for things, but living on social media like Facebook to “get in with chicks” is hilarious.

    1. Bang on. Using social media and online dating is weak. Women still leave slug trails on their bar stools for men who approach without technological mediation

      1. The way they throw themselves at older men these days it’s almost laughable to even think that you have to approach any longer. Fuck, half the time girls walk up to me unbidden desperate to talk to a man who doesn’t resemble a half-chick bearded woman hipster.

        1. Maybe things are different in NYC. The only people who respond well / have a thing for well-built burly muscular men are: 1. fags, 2. hood rat type girls: white trash, black mammies etc, 3. old women (not cougars but more grannies). That is it.
          Young girls prefer thin, spindly, effete guys. Especially the educated white women and all asian women.

        2. It really doesn’t surprise me. I heard a conversation from a couple of older women at my church a few months ago. They were lamenting the fact that there were so few good, young men out there nowadays. If you look around, you can tell they’re right. Most men my age or younger are out of shape, slovenly, and submissive. Doesn’t exactly inspire the affections of a woman.

        3. Yeah it was a couple old grannies. Exactly my point. The young girls – the ones people actually want to fuck – prefer effete androgynous guys. They would fucking laugh or be creeped out by someone like Tom Jones or Sean Connery.

        4. Wrong.
          Christ dude, I like you and everything, but I wonder about your experiences where you live. I am the reincarnation of Sean Connery in many ways (yes, I’m stuck up, sue me) and women cannot run to me fast enough.

        5. No they don’t. No girl will get wet by some guy pulling out his tape measure or bubble level. Those are considered blue collar trash jobs. Women look down on those types of guys. I’ve heard it said that women secretly like getting hit on by construction workers. I live in NYC, I have never witnessed construction workers say boo to any professional woman walking by. You think these women with MBA’s and Masters degrees in finance want to be hit on by a 50 year old bald guy with a pot belly or some 20 year old guy who has ZERO job prospects and is lining up for a plumbing apprenticeship program like it’s a Metallica concert? No fucking way.

        6. When I grow my beard out a bit I strongly resemble Sean Connery from the movie Highlander or Hunt for Red October. I’ve had girls comment on this directly before.

        7. What I’m suggesting is that your experience is not the norm for the rest of the nation.

        8. I’m not talking just about what type of work you do… I’m talking about being able to cook a good meal, fix anything, have a decent convo, build anything, grow your own food, weld, run a lathe or mill, set up a telescope.. etc etc!! Because all those things have gotten me farther with women than cheesy pickup lines or “game”!!

        9. ok.. maybe its not exactly the “hottest” thing to say.. but Ive taken plenty of girls out to see the stars with my telescope and we never even got around to setting it up..

        10. Well looking like Sean Connery is a key to pus right there. I think him, Bruce Willis, and Denzal Washington are the only guys in history to pull more trim the OLDER they get.

        11. I’ll take “The Rapists” for $1000 Trebek.
          That’s “Therapists” for $1000

        12. Yeah, NYC is your problem then my friend. From what I’ve seen anyway, most chicks in NYC are pretty fugly anyway, and everyone one of them is career driven.
          In fact, I think the only type of red pill man that can live in NYC is one who has decided he’s just going to attempt to enjoy the decline to it’s fullest. It must be impossible to find a women with all of the following in NYC.
          No notches
          Wants to be a mom and wife first
          Intelligence (not education, intelligence is different)
          It’s hard enough to find that in the rest of the country.

        13. The only actor I’ve been accused of looking like is James Coburn. Women today have no clue who that even is.

        14. My profession gets bright eyes occasionally but my various skills or how something works their eyes glaze over. There was some news channel personality ranting about how men today don’t know how to do stuff but it’s never once earned me the interest of a woman. They just don’t care about it. Maybe it’s because I am in a big metro area where they can make phone calls or even just post on craigslist to get some thirsty guy to do something for them. Regardless they don’t care that I fix everything from cars to homes myself, by myself.

        15. please do explain why you are like Sean Connery his James Bond is my masculine role model. I am being serious.

        16. Funny you should mention that. I am in such a program at the moment….very well ranked too so I know a lot of those types.
          Wanna know who they’re screwing? Not the dorks. The ones I know are with the ex oil field worker and the ex navy bodybuilder, while most of the rest are trying to ride the carousel till the wheels fall off. They arent fucking the beta dudes either. The ones they do screw? A lot closer to the blue collar types.

        17. So basically they want to fuck men who are useful to them. Kind of depressing. A girl who can cook is sexy but I like ones with no skills too if they are nice and share interests. Too bad it doesn’t flow both ways.

        18. Actually it kind of does, but not due to “years”. I guess I’m saying that the vast majority (not all, but too many to be “in the minority”) of Millenial men are absolute puff cake weakling pseudo-women. Sure, it’s not an age thing, but that kind of mass effect feminization wasn’t present in previous generations (well, I don’t know about throughout history, maybe the last gen of Romans were effete little twats too, who knows?).

        19. Physical appearance. It’s not my voice (I have something of a country boy accent), and I’m much better built than he was as Bond. That’s not anything on him, back in that time men simply did not have the tech to become muscle heads like they do today. But when I get the beard into a neatly trimmed state like he had it in Hunt for Red October, or Highlander (the original) the similarities are rather pronounced. I didn’t notice it at first, but started getting girls approaching me gushing how I looked like him when I first started growing my beard a few years back, a couple even referenced his roles in the 1980’s. Did a comparison of photos and, yeah, I could probably pass as his son with somebody who doesn’t know me in real life.

        20. They know so little these days. I have had “Clarke Gable” fall on deaf ears. Not that he’s some dude women drool over any longer, hell he died before I was born, but still, he is pretty fucking legendary, you’d think they’d at least heard his name at one time.

        21. “They want a doormat not a man”
          Thats a good point. When one says women go for “effet” men, what do these women want from men? A guy to fuck? Or perhaps a eunich male friend to go shopping with?

        22. Clearly I need to leave jokes to the experts. I was teasing you based on your earlier comment… 😉

        23. Well no wonder. What do you expect to happen when you bring women to an astronomy field exercise?

        24. Interesting fact: Connery used two toupees in 007, one for wet scenes and the other for all else.

        25. I have a friend that was married to a controling abusive alcoholic. A couple of years after he died, she remarried to a supplicating beta boy. He kisses her ass like no tomorrow and God have mercy on him he doesn’t do what she says. Of course, she “loves” him but has no heat or respect for the poor bastard. He is a good, honest, kind hard working guy that must be an emotional masochist to put up with her shit.
          I tell her all the time how it must suck to be him. Haha. She just laughs. He does her bidding for the occasionally rare opportunity to climb on and pump for a few minutes. While she says she doesn’t care about sex, her body language screams that she is just aching to be fucked good and proper. She always laughs and acts impressed when she sees me gaming her friends or other women, so Ive been tempted to do it because she’s pretty good looking and sexually deprived women are a blast in the sack, but don’t think it would be worth the drama if she can’t keep a secret. Don’t know if I feel like being another guy’s Morpheus by force feeding him the pill.

        26. I find my references becoming increasingly obscure to people but it’s stuff that people should know. I wasn’t alive when it was created but I still know it. I still went out of my way to learn it in many cases. Maybe that’s why I have no interest in today’s rehashes but they still sell. None of these people every saw the old movies or TV shows so they don’t realize a third rate copy is being placed in front of them.

        27. My Grandpa shaved, and kept shaved his entire life, for being accused of having a clark gable moustache. I had to look him up

      2. Agreed!
        Technology based dating isn’t for men. Why the fuck should I have to compete with a David Beckham lookalike who allegedly lives “5 miles away”‘?? Fuck that.
        Approach in person, that’s the initiative taken route. That’s exactly why and where reality trumps fantasy.

      3. I would have thought that you’d be quite fond of that kind of technological mediations, since you read books on your fracking phone.

        1. I read books on my phone because I am only interested in the content and soul of the book and not the exterior form.

        2. Please :
          That’s like saying “I bang ugly chicks because I am only interested in the content and soul of the chick and not the exterior form”.
          Buy some old French books on the quay of the Seine and realize how mistaken you are.

        3. Ah but with women the outside matters so no online dating. But with books it’s what’s inside so e books are great.
          In this case you are Hylas to my Philonous

        4. Btw any of those books give practical advise on how to feel better after getting your ass whomped in chess?

        5. Ok you’re on. Séraphin (my butler) please hold my precious jacket and tricorn hat, while I teach that Godless buffoon some manners.

        6. You know, you talk pretty big for a guy who loses so consistently. I’m in the field for work today. Will have to play tomorrow

        7. Fair enough. You don’t see the big picture yet but the losses are all part of my great work.

        8. You’re lolling him into a false sense of security by engaging in a long string of spectacular loses, eh? Shrewd thinking, sir, shrewd thinking.

        9. Exactly. Like Napoleon letting the Austrian-russians occupying the Pratzen hill at Austerlitz, but in even more bold.

      4. Very true. I banged girls with 30k instagram followers (social media hoe) who would not even answer my message (probably not even see my msg), thanks to cold approach.

        1. If you would use your time more on self-improvement than playing video games, you could too. 🙂

        2. I don’t play video games nor I’m I some guy fantasizing he’s the shit like DiCaprio. Wake up.

      5. I’ll say something else. Does anyone here focus exclusively on girls?! Not really possible is it? I don’t think we have either the time or the opportunity to do that.

    2. Just like most things, moderation is key. Sometimes I like to build fires the old fashioned way – collecting tinder, sparking a piece of magnesium, and slowly building it up. Other times I like lighting the corner of a duraflame and be cooking in 10 minutes.

      1. It’s great to have the skills to do what you want, the way you want.
        Related: In college, I became a wizard by building a campfire without liquid starters. It’s amazing what simple skills look impressive to the Millennial eye.

        1. Oh my god, girls are so dumb. I have definitely gotten handyman laid from every girl I have ever dated by fixing some simple shit in their apartment. I never knew tightening screws on a refrigerator door could make a woman so wet.

        2. I’ve simply never encountered this. Ever. Young women IME are very likely to be hostile to it. Some affront to girl power or maybe because they think its about getting in their pants. Most are simply indifferent

      1. It’s not hard to be more charismatic than Candy Crush.

        1. And, as you so eloquently put it– if you’re not more charismatic than Candy Crush- ‘you’re doing it wrong.’
          One of the things I like about a lot of the ‘manosphere’ is, while being realistic about women/people, it emphasizes one’s own accountability, responsibility and control in life as key vice blaming others. If one truly believes the reality of women’s nature is a certain way, than one should accept and act in accordance with that reality vice complaining about it.
          Similar to I have no patience for women who complain about men being attracted to beautiful, well-groomed and fit women. That’s just a reality one has to deal with, complaining is pointless.

    3. “living on the internet to get in with chicks is hilarious.”
      I like the looks on their face when they tell me to get a hold of them on Facebook and I say, “No”. “Why not”? “Because Facebook is stupid. I’ll call you”.
      That’s usually when I get the whole “well I’m not on there much. Just to keep in touch with family.”
      Yeah, right.
      And by the way, do we address you SIR Ghost of Jefferson since you are a celebrity now, or jus GOJ?😃

    4. On this we agree. I tried the online thing and it was bullshit. I gave it an honest month to see what would happen. Nothing happened. I get much better results from talking to women in the real world.
      Online you lose so many things. Your persona, charisma, hormones, eye contact, scent, dress sense, and so on. It may work for some people but it didn’t work for me.

      1. Your second paragraph sums it up. If a man is into top shelf Game, he loses so many advantages by going digital only, or even going digital. The things I bring to the table that women respond to viscerally are all things that require them being present with me, in that moment. You can write 6’3″ on a profile but it has nowhere near the impact of towering over a smiling woman, for example.

        1. Indeed. I didn’t write 6’3″ but I did write “12 inches” to no avail. Now the impact that has in person…

  21. “Suffering”?? I’m afraid that you don’t understand MGTOW if you think we suffer.
    BTW, I’ve noticed the amount of MGTOW shaming posts has increased. No flak unless you’re over the target, amirite??? We eat shaming language like tictacs.

      1. Nope, not even a little. Rather large smile on my face reading the thread.

    1. Not shaming but a protest against the bastardization of the the word MGTOW. See my previous post for more info.

      1. If it’s not shaming, perhaps you’d want to let the rest of the threads know.

        1. Because the vast majority of the comments here seemed to take it as a catalyst. By that, to turn into the exact people they allegedly dislike (see other comment) to shame other men just because. To virtue signal that they’re The Real Man In The Room.

        2. Nah mate, you got that one all twisted and shit. Harsh doesn’t mean that were shaming anyone. We’re basicly showing you a different way at looking at the whole MGTOW concept. In your circle jerking comment sections on your websites you guys shield yourselves from the reality which is that many of you are avoiding talking to women and using MGTOW as an excuse.
          Some men were and are doomed to involuntary MGTOWness due to the fact that their refuse tö improve themselves. I understand old times who have been through 2 divorces but you guys should keep an open mind about getting layed at some point.

        3. Take it as you wish! That was my input but you’re free to do as you please. Free country mah brotha!

    2. People keep submitting anti MGTOW posts that are well-written with solid arguments. We don’t mind publishing good work.

  22. I think it’s important to distinguish between being self reliant and being MGTOW.
    If you choose to pull back from “the game” as I like to call it because you have an ambitious goal to achieve, then that’s being self reliant.
    If you pull back because external pressure forces you to (lack of success from game, etc), then you’re MGTOW.
    It’s kinda the difference between an alpha and beta male.

  23. I thought MGTOW was basically swearing off all women completely. Isn’t MGTOW just adopting monk mode as a lifestyle? Why is there all this stuff in this article about the MGTOW mindset and hooking up with chicks?

    1. From my observations, there are different gradients of MGTOW. The essence, however, is not having your life revolve around women. This typically means not being in a committed LTR and being willing to walk away from a woman who isn’t living up to your standards. Some have taken that to the extreme and have become celibate.

      1. My response was a little tongue-in-cheek, but I agree you are right, there are different mindsets or lifestyles that people label as “MGTOW”.
        I think the original MGTOWs, the old school ones, were basically monk-mode as a lifestyle. These are the guys that have been divorce-raped so badly, or otherwise destroyed by the Feminine Imperative, that they said fuck it, and gave up dealing with women completely. They basically see no upside, or not enough upside, to bother dealing with women, so they are investing their time and energy in other stuff.
        These are not the “MGTOW” guys that come on RoK and bash self-improvement and game articles. These “MGTOW” guys should be called “MBBH” for Men Being Butt Hurt. They’ve woken up to enough Red Pill stuff to see the truth, but they are either stuck in the anger phase or just use the RP truth and MGTOW as an excuse to be lazy-ass MBBH. Like AWALT, so I’m gonna go play Xbox 24/7 and live on a diet of Mountain Dew and Cheesy Poofs.
        The MBBH types get pissed at RPers who are running game and getting chicks, so they have to bash it. Sorry, but if you spend all your free time reading MGTOW reddit and whining and bitching about women, or bitching about guys lifting and gaming, then your life *still* revolves around women (you’re just not getting any).
        There is a range of guys between the original MGTOWer and the hardcore MBBHer, of course. Somewhere in there are the Purple Pillers who believe that, by taking themselves out of the sexual or marriage marketplace, somehow that is going to effect some kind of change on women’s behavior… those guys are the worst. That is just delusional.

        1. Right.
          and being willing to walk away from a woman or French who isn’t living up to your standards.

    2. That was the original idea which revolved around being single and developing your SMV while avoiding toxic marriages!
      Nowadays, it’s more to do with shouting at women online and them shouting back at MGTOWs.
      MGTOWs should fit the description above but we ended up with VirginTOWs which fit the latter statement.

        1. Yes there is from what I gather! The classic MGTOW is more akin to game and self improvement.

        2. Don’t forget the OWN WAY, escape clause written in to the actual moniker. I don’t understand this whole argument.

    3. There is “monk mode” which is kind of a recovery mindset. Basically it is a cut out vapid and useless distractions and get your shit together kind of thing. That usually means, no women until ya get your shit together enough to handle them the way they need to be handled.
      At least that’s what I did after a bad burn. There are some that are sworn off women completely and do “go monk”. However most just put their relationships with women in such a frame as not to get burned by one while still “doing their own thing”.
      That’s what I do anyway. In fact, I have pretty much been that way my whole life except for a couple of exceptions. Then a couple years ago, someone put a label on it and started selling it as a lifestyle movement.
      When I first heard of MGTOW, I thought what the fuck is that? And when someone said it was Men Who Go Their Own Way, I thought, like I already do? How the hell is this a “movement?” That could mean anything depending on how you twist it. Let’s just say there are many MGTOW that have a distaste for Scotsmen.
      But I think the dudes you are talking about are the squeaky wheels of the manosphere.

  24. This definition of MGTOW doesn’t fit the bill. I think my brother is much closer. In high school, he put his focus on women and could get any girl he wanted. 20 years and 3 marriages later, he is sworn off all women, living in a cabin in the woods, without power, phone, or any technology. He works enough to sustain himself, otherwise he rock climbs, shoots stuff, or builds zip lines, rope swings, bridges, or other contraptions.

    1. It took him 3 marriages to wise up? I don’t know whether I should admire his stubborness, or despise his denseness.

  25. Tried Tinder for 2 months solid. 60 days. My own professional photos, the works. Absolutely could not match with anyone in my home state of Missouri. No one. Zero. Even when traveling to multiple towns. Left the state to go to a concert in Indiana for 2 days, started matching, but couldn’t do anything about it since they were too far away.

      1. I’m only talking about Tinder because it was specifically mentioned in this post as a good, efficient method. Well, not so much in my experience. Plus, have you even been to Missouri? Hard to find a checkout girl who weighs less than 150 pounds, and the few who do have a face that could frighten children.

        1. Right now I live in an area of about 20,000 people. But before that I lived in St Louis. St Louis was only *slightly* better, but still terrible. When I travel to other cities around the U.S. the differences are dramatic. I simply chose a bad place to live for that sort of thing. But I’m not going to move somewhere out of state just for that.

        2. Yes, Missouri is extremely bad for single men. The ratio of available women to men is abysmal, add in the fugly factor and it’s non existent. It’s like this in both KC and St Louis too so it’s not just a boonie thing. Missouri is more of a settle down place if you are already hitched, it’s definitely not a place to meet non-fugly singles. The fuglies even have there own slew of very thirsty orbiters, it’s almost comical lol.

        3. Missouri does seem a bit…challenged…in that department.

    1. Tinder is an algorithm based program. I talked with a guy that works in godaddy.com and said the app shuffles the deck in a very predictable way. The first 10-15 cards it seems to be slightly random it shows you upon signing in are of non matches. These first cards will also be significantly more attractive than the general population of tinder users as a whole. After this, if you have a high number of waiting matches, tinder will show you mostly users you’ve matched with some non-matches in between. If you have a low number of matches, tinder will continue to show you non-matches, but much less attractive than the first group. Simply put its showing you attractive users to create the perception that meeting attractive users from Tinder is a possibility. Even though you don’t match with these users, you know there are attractive users on Tinder. If the app was truly randomized, you would see mostly average users, which would skew your perception of the value of the app negatively.

      1. When I was doing it, it would never show the same person twice. Whether you say yes or no, it would never show them again. It didn’t take too long before the entire well ran dry and the app said there was no one else in the area to show me at the moment.

    2. I’m definitely in a similar boat. I’ve been on tinder multiple times and only got matches with fake accounts or with girls who didn’t respond. I don’t have professional pictures, but a lot of good pics of me and I’m in good shape (6’ 1”, 200 pounds more muscle than fat). I’m in the state of Wisconsin where online dating seems pointless haha. Been on one date through plenty of fish but that was right when I started researching red pill. Now that im deeply entrenched in this lifestyle, I have yet to get any girls to respond to my messages (I message about 50 a month or so on average). I really want to put this training to good use and plan on doing more cold approaches in the near future. But im not quite where I want to be as far as mind, body and soul goes.

  26. I believe that once you realize how short life is and time is valuable, you then wil begin to enjoy your life way more not worrying about anyone’s BS, pleasing anyone or having to put up with shitty relationships (not limited to females but also family, friends and co workers). Having a strong mental toughness will get you places you might have not imagined. Yes indeed discipline is a must but understand the long term benefits. Your investments going to the gym, writing, reading, producing music, BJJ, boxing, work hustle, traveling and meeting new people across the world and whatever it is that YOU hold important, will build you into somone that everyone will begin to enjoy your presence. Manifest the thoughts and be.

  27. Those bitches in the top pic work out. No arm flab there. What do you think the notch count is for booth babes at the trade convention?

    1. That actually looks like the Arnold Fitness Expo. In fact, I think it actually is. I go to that every year.

      1. I will look into that. I’m natural fit, not jacked. I’m assuming all the female groupies in the body building crowd have been totally fucked out and lost count of notches. Not boring dates, but not relationship material.

        1. I wouldn’t disagree with your assertion. The Arnold Expo has all the really jacked bitches and dudes out on the town dressed to the nines and most of them stay in the same hotel/area, so no doubt there are lots of notches being made in belts.

        2. Aren’t female body builders groupies for the male body builders? What other men are going to get to fuck female body builders? No doubt they have their beta orbiters on instagram, but they don’t fuck them.

        3. Knowing a couple of female BBs they were very focused on the body beautiful for themselves and the men they slept with or dated. I’d say you sum up the fitness industry groupies fairly well. ‘You can admire but don’t touch unless you compete’.

        4. To be frank, I don’t see what a male bodybuilder would get, sexually speaking, looking at a female body builder. They look like 17 year old high school football players, and not even “with tits” unless we count the highly plastic terribly done artificial kind.

        5. Female body builders are kind of freaks. Do they expect the roughest sex? I want to bang one for the novelty of the experience. I’ve seen these broads doing one arm push ups. No rest breaks. Sick. They do look good in a backless dress. But hard to look at from the front.

        6. If you take the chems involved into consideration then yes, manly… and apparently they also have huge clits.

        7. I dont know. Like you I want to have a fling with one too. The girls/women at my gym that pump iron are not the freak types, except one that was a ripped Laura Croft lookalike that was married. I sooo would have loved to have had just one night of sex with her, but it was obvious with her interactions with the muscled up PTs there that those were the types of guys that got her wet.
          I have chatted to a couple of guys that have dated some hardcore gym chicks and the sex seems to be much more aggressive. One woman I knew that used to be hardcore into the scene and even took low dose roids said during those times she used to masturbate/fuck 5 times a day. So while the sex might not be s&m style but the fact that they have banged big high T men + urgency to be fucked because of their heightened libido would translate to very passionate/aggressive sex I’d say. I briefly dated one free weight gym girl (but she didn’t look it) and the sex was great (passionate & proactive)

  28. 5. Nope (I’m not even talk)
    4. Nope
    3. Yep (but then, who doesn’t want an easier way to accept things?)
    2. Nope
    1. Nope
    And the weird thing is, I’m actually heading down the MGTOW path!

  29. I’m going to maintain that RoK going after MGTOW is in fact because it does generate interest among some men at the same time that RoK is trying to solidify neomasculinity.
    Ultimately, the label of MGTOW isn’t important but some of the ideas are very important. When I look at PUAs, MGTOW and even MRAs they are in agreement with regard to some ideas but where they differ is in their approach to them.
    Some MGTOW want nothing to do with women, others have girlfriends. Some MRAs have to be divorce raped before they come to their senses, others watch it happen to their fathers. Some buys become PUAs because they want a high notch count others others after they get blown to shreds after a bad case of oneitis.
    Things we agree on? Take care of your health, avoid oneitis, don’t get sucked into the orbit of bloated hamplanets – you get the idea.
    Quibble over the details and the labels all you want but what’s important is that the ideas from all three groups is filtering out to more and more men which is a noble goal in and of itself.

    1. MGTOW don’t do their their own image any good by being the cry babies of the manosphere. Maybe that’s part of it too.

      1. If you feel that way, sure. I find it interesting that a lot of the complaints about MGTOW don’t have anything to do with what they say but how they’re saying it.
        In the end neither PUA, MGTOW, MRAs or even Neomasculinity as labels are unimportant, what’s important is the ideas. Even if all of those ‘groups’ disappear tomorrow it’s getting harder and harder for society to convince men to get back on the treadmill.

  30. Something weird is going on. I had to reach these newest articles through the archives. For some reason, when I just go to returnofkings.com, it only goes to August 27 and doesn’t show anyhing newer than that. For the last 3 days I thought there were any new articles.

    1. Have you tried clearing your cache and history? I have no problems on either Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

  31. From what I can see these are the two main differences between MGTOW and Neomasculinists:
    1. MGTOW don’t believe women can be controlled.
    Neomasculinists believe women can be controlled through male leadership
    2. MGTOW believe the solution to this gender crisis is to leave the system entirely
    Neomasculinists believe they should fight the rot on all levels, but most particularly within their own families and on a personal level.
    It’s a matter of control. MGTOW cannot exert control within this system. Neomasculinists can. Otherwise there are many similarities, but these two reasons are a deal breaker for me.

    1. That’s a logical conclusion.
      MGTOWs in my experience tend to be betas who are quite literally drifting because they lack any leadership. Give them strong leadership, a purpose and they will fall in line and follow.

      1. Have you even tried to get a woman to submit?
        Serious question. Just because there is a law in place allowing women to easily divorce doesn’t mean they will. They need the right impetus to stay within the relationship.
        Being physically weak, a lackluster provider, indecisive, unconfident, lacking resolve and character will increase the probability that she will divorce you.
        Possessing those masculine qualities decreases those odds.

    2. Neomasculinists think they can control all of those things. That’s why most of them are eventually going to get seriously fucked by the system.

  32. This article lacks an understanding of MGTOW that makes me think it is almost a joke or sarcastic. Here are my responses to his points anyway:
    5. You’re all talk, no show
    What does PUA or picking up girls have to do with MGTOW? I actively avoid talking to girls. I do not want to talk to them. That is real MGTOW. You completely missed the point.
    4. You dismiss new ways to meet girls
    Why would I want to meet girls? Tinder, really? Please no. As has been said by others it is a gynocentric cesspool with almost no benefit for men.
    3. You’re always looking for an easier way to digest the red pill
    Again MGTOW is not about getting laid. How did you not get this? Real MGTOW abstain from sex. Some say they still do, but they are only lower level MGTOW. Purple pill is not MGTOW. I actively reduce my interaction with women to the minimum required by society.
    2. All you focus on is girls
    “Stop chasing girls all the time and hit the gym.” What? I go to the gym and I do not interact with women except the bare minimum. I do not chase them in any way. You do not even get the basics of what MGTOW is. It definitely is not about chasing women. It is actually the OPPOSITE of chasing women. Are you that retarded?
    The fact that you cannot even understand the basics of MGTOW and not having sex or women in your life shows that YOUR focus is all on girls.
    1. You bash red pill assertions for the sake of bashing them
    MGTOW believe in NAWALT, what? I am thinking this article has to be a joke. MGTOW embraces red pill knowledge and all the MGTOW content I read suggests that AWALT.
    This is the most ignorant article I have read on RoK.

    1. Real MGTOW abstain from sex.
      And thus hand feminism its long sought after victory of their total control of your sexuality. They don’t want you fucking women, they are an anti-life movement to the core. Congrats on doing their bidding.

      1. This article is bottom of the barrel and did not even understand the subject matter. I am going to point this out.
        You have articles about how American women are terrible like Papa Johns (I agree, except Papa Johns is superior to American women) then articles about how we definitely should definitely keep fucking them.
        So monks throughout the ages were doing the bidding of feminists? Please. Men abstaining from sex is nothing new and has nothing to do with feminists. Many men have done it.
        In fact, I am an ardent anti-feminist and I am just here for the random misogynistic article. Voting Trump also is giving feminist a victory apparently.
        Haha, MGTOW is a conspiracy somehow run by the feminists. You sir, are a moron.

        1. Wow, what an intellectual response. Devoid of actual consideration of what I said within the context of the article and an insult thrown in to boot.
          Dismissed, troll.

        2. I directly addressed what you said. If you can’t see that then I can’t help you.
          Again how is MGTOW in any way feminist or handing feminists a victory? You have no answer because you are stupid.
          Dismissed, retard.

        3. GoJ seems to spend every waking hour on RoK, yet still can’t lose a simple argument without throwing a little tantrum of projection. Those articles on SJW tactics were not meant to be emulated, GoJ.

      2. “(Feminists) don’t want you fucking women”
        Well I’m not gonna fuck them ANYWAY … because for me, it wouldn’t make my life better.
        The nature of mgtow is that we don’t care what anyone thinks. It’s not worth caring.

  33. Here’s what I truly don’t understand from the Cult of PUA. An ever growing number of men forego women (don’t marry, don’t date, don’t sleep around, etc. ) and leave you all the sluts and whores to sleep with at your convenience.
    And this is bad for you? You shame them for Not Being The Right Kind Of Man, you tell them to sleep with more women just because (please reconcile this with Your Wife Should Be A Virgin column), and yet you whine that they’re not like you. You snipe, twitter, backstab like the women you allegedly despise in threads like this and MGTOW are the losers?
    Thanks, but pass. I’ll continue to live below my means, grow a winter’s worth of produce on my acreage, and retire in 20 years. You can have the sloots.

      1. I’m seeing that all the time. I’m middle-aged and never married. Even guys taken to the brink of suicide by divorce-rape seem to look at my side-eyed, like, “What’s up with this guy? Never married? What’s wrong with him?” They can’t connect the dots even after their train wreck. The easiest way to achieve cognitive balance over your own decisions is to view all other life paths as invalid or flawed thus ‘my neighbor must be just like me.’ Those same tradcon assholes are the ones who make the most noise about their patriotic, true American belief in ‘freedom’ (as long as your life is identical to theirs) But it gets to where you just have to avoid the trad-con father circle jerks. They are more catty than middle school girls.

    1. The world isn’t full of sluts ready to sleep with any man. If it were, … we – and this forum – wouldn’t be here
      And, I think women are going their own way in similar numbers. They just don’t need support-websites. They just say: “Eh”

  34. I would have said this article was on wannabe PUAs, who talk the talk but dont walk the walk, more than mgtow. To me mgtow Its not necessarily a way of life be proud of or something you want to really aspire to (but they are happy with their life for the most part). Its more of a fallback option when life with women isn’t working out or you have seen enough or experienced enough crap with women to want to not have them as part of your life. I gathered some mgtow avoided relationships altogether and didn’t make the effort to chase women and lived life totally for themsleves, while some still slept with women (or hookers) but it was strictly nsa and even then chasing pussy was not a primary priority in their life.

  35. Need some advice from my ROK brothers on this one:
    1. 7/10 Indian chick with DD tits
    2. Has tattoos
    3. Likes to drink and does pot
    4. Progressive and possibly a feminist, but with good grooming habits.
    Should I hit and quit, or avoid like the plague?

    1. bang her good.
      Do not fall in love.
      AFTER the sex where she did orgasm long and hard; be the biggest asshole you possibly can be.

  36. I remain baffled by how exactly defined the phrase ‘own way’ has become. Down to the shade of snack dust on the keyboard. I don’t get it.

  37. Regarding OJ the issue was that he was Alpha but failed to believe in it fully. He was insecure fearing loss of status and got paranoid thinking he was being cucked by a young upandcomer.

    1. OJ was gangbanger from the hood who learned to “talk white” as college student playing football at USC. He was always thug. But he learned how to fake it in the white world. He would blow coke and punch his wife in the face during sex, this years before the divorce. Thug degenerate alpha in his prime, losing status as he aged.

  38. This is way too cut and dry and life is never like that. I wish it was, but it’s not. I refer in particular to nr. 4
    If a man can get all the pussy he wants with real life interaction and despises digital approach, what does it matter? Personally I hate social media with a passion and I steer away from them and not because I find them unmanly or because you can’t pick up chicks. I just fucking hate them. If you go to places you’d rather not just to get some, then I’m afraid that your need for pussy is controlling you. Shape up.

  39. Alright, I always found some core ideas of MGTOW easy to identify with to a certain degree.
    I try to blame in on my misanthropy persona. The more I get to know people (especially women and children) the more I dislike them and their ways. Hence, I reduce my interaction to minimum (Pump-n-dump, included. I love sex and all stuff, but I don’t seem to withstand women’s speech and behaviour).
    From the contents of the article. I’m culpable of a lot of described on #5 and #3. Curiously I always thought that #2 applied exclusively to PUA’s. As much as I admire and strive to become “diet-PUA” opposite to “diet-MGTOW”, I found a crack on the PUA manifesto. The way I see it is that PUA’s are enslaved by pussy.
    -I’m improving on my #5. Share red-pill less: Some of the blokes I used to have masculinity discussions are hopeless beta’s, consumated MGTOWs or manosphere adepts which exhaust #1 and #3. (Always looking for shortcuts, always repeating the same mistakes despite their big talk, or dissing the sphere truths when they get infatuated.-NAWALT).
    Occassionally I sleep with 6’s or 7’s as a boot-camp, and also because of certain “fetishes” these girls offer. No need to go further.
    -On my #3. I’ve always struggle with openers or ice-breakers. Although I excel at closing the deal. Hence, my perpetual looking for a cleaner and less painful way to get in and cope with rejection.
    Great piece of writing. Definitely a heads up.

  40. “You constantly tell your buddies all women are like that and you’re never getting married or having kids”
    Dude, that’s not being, as you seem to be implying an “mgtow” loser, but rather the above remark is common sense. Go ahead, get married – I can’t wait to read your ROK article on marriage after it all falls apart.
    Use other means of meeting chicks? Like Tinder? Social media dating method is bullshit – one is simply better off finding an escort.

      1. I think they call themselves neomasculinists now. But whatever, my point was that the points offered in this article seem to be geared towards PUA, but calling it MGTOW.

        1. The PUA aspects of Neomasculinity will be dropped when Roosh fully converts to Christianity, due to pressure from the Church. At that point, ROK will pretty much transform into a clickbait version of Dalrock’s blog

  41. The main difference between MGTOW and feminism is that MGTOW is not politically active. MGTOW’s do not have any lobby groups running the halls of power.
    In that respect MRA’s are more like feminists.

  42. I still don’t understand why the hate to MGTOW in this site. Anyway I think it’s useless to argue with people who don’t understand.

    1. Behause MGTOW don’t date. And that is something ROK can not even comprehend. Look at Point 4 “You dismiss new ways to meet girls” — A MGTOW does not want to meet girls.

      1. I didn’t think that all mgtow necessarily want to avoid women. There are probably a few types under the mgtow banner. Some will have been burned by women so much that they have no time for them and thus no interest in wanting to meet or get to know them anymore. I think others are fine meeting women and shagging them, but just don’t want to get in a serious relationship with them or devote much effort/time to them. Then there are others who have a lot of trouble hooking up with women, and these disenfranchised men wont make much effort to meet women, but wont avoid them, and wont say no to sex if they stumbled upon a woman they fancy that was up for action.

  43. 5. You’re all talk, no show
    That is the point of MGTOW: Not doing anything — for women.
    4. You dismiss new ways to meet girls
    Again: That is the point of MGTOW: Not meeting girls. MGTOW look for new ways to avoid meeting women.
    3. You’re always looking for an easier way to digest the red pill
    No, the MGTOW way of digesting the red pill is more difficult as you have to forsake women.
    2. All you focus on is girls
    MGTOW too teaches men how improve their lives in all aspects. Everything Financial shrewdness, physical fitness, style, and mental strength. But the girls. MGTOW teaches how to ignore women. As women do not improve a mens live.
    1. You bash red pill assertions for the sake of bashing them
    Looking at the gynocentric society MGTOW came to a different conclusion: Avoid women. O.J. Simpson did not avoid women and he almost got burned. That does not make him beta. It makes him an idiot.

    1. So what you’re saying is live as a homo, or as a monk with a chronic case of blue balls. And as for OJ, he didn’t “almost get burned.” He got away with murder after he slashed the throats of 2 human beings. Never forget that. Karma caught up with him, finally.

      1. Yeah, I’m more than happy to respect an ascetic standpoint, and will admire those who go on a true quest of higher aspirations, such as a life devoted to a particular art, science, philosophy, sport, etc.. but throwing oj in as part of the argument throws up a major ‘?’

    2. You are an omega male. The only good thing about you is the fact you will not have children and thus eradicate your worthless DNA from human evolution within 1 generation. Good job!

      1. In that case, then puas are wasting their sperm. You should be married at your optimum age for income and intelligence (perhaps 30 or so) to a hot woman with good genes (avoid bipolars) and squeeze out 4 progs or do. Until then, AVOID one night stands because they are liability headaches: stds, paternity fraud, false accusations of rape, the works. Puas buy into the feminist attention whore paradigm.

  44. I’ll never understand the hate of MGTOW – especially here. Every time I come here, it’s like visiting a site that purports itself to be pro-male and then encourages men to behave in exactly the way that women want men to behave. It’s like carefully trained, pro-brainwashing and man hating gynocentrists run this site – using really bad logic and reason to get men to ‘man up’. It’s spooky. It’s surreal. It’s disturbing.
    Untold millions of men have been destroyed in the past several decades through marriage, divorce, asset division, alimony, child support and civil suit payouts following false accusations. For this reason, tens of thousands of men have committed suicide every year for several decades.
    New and improved ways to force men into marriage for purposes of wealth extraction are being implemented rapidly and the globe over (‘de facto relationships’, ‘cohabitation rights bill’, ‘committed intimate relationships’). Look these things up! In Canada – they simply call it ‘family law’ – leaving men with little opportunity to identify and understand the ramifications of cohabitation with women. Even living with a woman for a short period of time can now spell alimony, asset division, child support and civil suit payouts. What is wrong with some of you people? What will it take for you to wake up?
    MGTOW exist for one reason – to help spread the word. You can have a girlfriend or not. You can live with a woman or not. Their message is simply this: Do not give her the legal or financial power to destroy your life. They’re not creating political organizations or demanding tax payer dollars. They do this for free on your behalf!
    MGTOW are your friends. Anti-MGTOW are gynocentrists hoping to get you to ‘man up’ and be destroyed financially and legally. It’s so simple. I guess it all comes down to money. If too many go MGTOW – the PUA folks lose subscribers and donations.

    1. It’s because Roosh can’t make money or get foot soldiers from the MGTOW crowd. Attacking MGTOW isn’t going to be beneficial for him in the long term either.
      Neomasculinity is unfortunately a cool sounding name in search of a coherent philosophy. Attacking MGTOW is an effort to hide this fact

  45. MGTOW is inevitable and works well as long as you focus on improving yourself instead of spending your energy on bitching about women. No reason to get married, no reason to live with a woman, no reason to let a woman make your top 10 list of priorities in life. That is Mgtow.

  46. My entire introduction to the red pill was through MGTOW, but lately I’ve had to take a break from it. For a movement about guys living life on their own terms, they sure have a lot of rules. I also didn’t get why so many guys were against ever being involved with women, yet their presence on these forums was bitching about women – It showed that they still cared about women even though they claimed not to. I also stopped listening to Sandman’s Youtube videos a couple months ago because his channel became nothing but conspiracy theories that made him sound like he was playing the victim.
    On the other hand, I learned a lot about self-improvement from MGTOW groups that I still use today. I see no difference between ROK and a lot of MGTOW beliefs, with the exception of how they handle game.

  47. Gotta be honest; after reading this article, it’s clear you know nothing about MGTOW. Points 1-3 are 180 degrees oposite of every MGTOW philosophy or ‘lifstyler’ I’ve ever heard of or come across.

  48. I would be MGTOW if not for it being gynicrntric. Now, I don’t do labels. La else get hijacked.
    I support men choosing to live a life of self focus and happiness. If you want a child, get a surrogate (be careful since women are involved)
    Other than that, I see no use for a woman in my life. Hookers are cheap enough.

  49. Another bullshit article on ROK. You are suggesting Tinder for hooking up? I thought this was a site about masculinity? Unless you are extremely good looking you are only humiliating yourself. Any self respecting men will stay away from that cancer. All you focus is girls? Is this site about anything else lol? Keyboard DiCaprios discussing women, who might in RL be complete jobless losers? It’s internet and everyone on Internet is Brad Pitt and DiCaprio, obviously, with a great job and godlike body. It’s not that I give a damn about MGTOW, but they put invaluable information about women out there. It helps a lot of men to unplug from blue pill mangina hell or at least informs them there is another truth.

    1. Reading your comment gives me this impression:
      a) You have a shitty body
      b) You have a shitty job
      c) You do not have enough sex with real women in your life
      d) You are angry about the above
      e) You have given up improving yourself
      You dont become a winner if you stop playing and find yourself a quiet corner to cry in; like a 5 year old girl would.
      You do NOT unplug from “blue pill mangina hell” at all if you deem yourself worthy of beeing a man.
      What you do is become stronger in both mind and body. More wealthy and more powerful. THEN you stop to worry about girl and/or chasing girls BECAUSE THE GIRLS ARE CHASING YOU!
      Only the quality males are worthy of pussy. Wothless looser trash is entiteled to nothing, even less hot women.
      This is when you have understood the red pill.

      1. You don’t know jack shit about me, shitface, I’m very much worthy to be persued by women, only that I have very little tolerance for bullshit and am not really bothered by solitude. I am not thirsty mangina like the author of this article is or you for that matter.

        1. I think there is a huge gap in the manosphere between the under 40 crowd and the over 40 crowd. Those of us who are older understand the wisdom to be found in MGTOW. My free time is often times (but not always) more valuable then chasing pussy, as is my wallet.

      2. Its funny that this is the mainstream feminist paradigm: only the smartest, fittest alphas should breed or even be treated as men (they even use the “man up” shaming ploy) and the hungry men stab each other in the back for tail.

      3. WOW. How many times has a girl raped you? But I degress: Men gotta stop belittling each other. That’s women’s role, and we’re against that.
        “You don’t become a winner if you stop playing”
        If you studied mgtow, you’d see the line: “The only winning move is not to play. (from the movie “War Games”). When the ave. man plays, he loses 98% of the time, and there’s nothing to win. I NEVER lose.

  50. Once you understand the insane nature of the world and women, you have two choices: you either adapt or you don’t. It doesn’t really matter which of these you choose, so long as you accept the world for how really it is. If you choose to focus your time and energy on something other than chasing pussy or finding a wife, then that must be coupled with a right view of the world and women; otherwise you’re not really ‘going your own way’ for the right reasons. Being vindictive towards those who have adapted, or hating women for the way they are, means that you still have a sense of entitlement and still think the world operates how you were taught (lied too) as a child, you don’t want to adapt but still want all the benefits. Make the choice.

    1. You don’t understand women – it’s because your stupid and probably can’t understand how your front door works either. There isn’t an animal species on the face of the planet where the male and female are so drastically different that they have entirely different brain stuctures. We aren’t insane. It’s you who are insane to expect non-human behaviour from humans. Want to understand women? Try looking in the mirror and asking yourself how you would feel if everyday some asshole talked about you like you were sub-human. So yeah, we are pretty pissed off.

  51. The rapper Drake has oneitis! that’s the reason he is obsessed with Rihanna and makes all those mr. nice guy lyrics!!
    Oneitis is the term used
    to describe a condition where a man becomes infatuated and obsessed with
    one single female. He is so hung up on her that he spends each and
    every day thinking about her and what she is doing. He will do anything
    and everything to be with or around her whenever he can.

  52. I am not mgtow but I think some of these are completely opposite of what they say. I think they generally say to avoid all women so to say they are focused completely on women is false.
    I think mgtow is lame. I can understand if someone decided to avoid women if he got burned a few times, but as a philosophy it is pretty weak.

  53. MGTOW is easy for guys with no game. I’m not the hottest dude in the world but I get noticed by women everywhere I go. Especially, when I wear a wife beater shirt. (Yeah, women love being beaten…go figure).
    Anyway, I like some aspects of MGTOW though. They have more of an indifferent view of women. Btw…women like that. They don’t want to be the center of a man’s universe. So, MGTOW men don’t cater to women’s every need. Hell, some don’t cater to women at all.
    I could go MGTOW but I’d still have to get a whore on the side. Porn can’t satisfy every desire. I like fucking bitches. It’s what I do. It’s who I am.

  54. There is no reason for a white man to go MGTOW, all you have to do is have a little bit of game and not be fat and you can clean up nicely, well where I live anyway. I got a buddy who is 5’4, 140 pounds soaking wet he hooks up with hot chicks in the field all the time, makes it look like child play

      1. Except they are not midgets some of them are legit 6 foot tall models. Not that instagram porta pottie shit but real models who are signed. The white man is king any white guy who can’t get white pu$$y must not be desirable i.e.fat, fat, fat

        1. IMO, too many models are “human coat hangars”, made to be so scrawny, gawkish and “bean pole”-ish that they don’t distract from what they’re modeling.
          That said, I knew a height challenged guy who got a lot of mileage out of the fact that he was at eye-level with the cleavage of many women.

  55. While I agree with many parts of your article it’s written from the perspective of a “level 2” MGTOW. some of us have gone further and have went ahead and written off all forms of female companionship besides plutonic friendship or family relations. I was a very good “player” up until i saw the writing on the wall as a MGTOW. After that, I swore off females in a dating or romantic sense all together out of the realization of what they are… nothing but users.

  56. Looking at the title picture here, I can give the “hover hands” guy half a pass as the “woman” on his left (our right) looks more like a man than TransJenner.

  57. You use terms like Alpha and Beta and don’t even know what they mean. The terms alpha and beta and sigma and gamma and so forth describe how men treat other men. The alpha leads and the beta copies the alpha. The sigma ignores the alpha. None of this has to do with women.

  58. if anyone is taking the time to criticize mgtow doesn’t understand mgtow. also why would anyone who isn’t living the mgtow philosophy care about those who do? if mgtow has no merit it will die on its own. if it does have merit it will grow and there’s nothing that can stop it.

  59. some day.. women and men will be fully against each other
    lowering birth rates
    destroying marriage
    shit, well media good job.. most people are still brainwashed. what a time to be alive

  60. One film that made an impression on me about manhood was End of Watch. The Latino character had such a simple way of viewing love and women and he was right on. His character was a hard working young father. The white dude saw everything in such a complicated way that it took him forever to get married. How many young hard working fathers do you know? Not many in my circle. Our culture is so backward that we’re going extinct. People better wake up.

  61. #1 and 2 show a lack of understanding of MGTOW. Yes they end up talking about women a lot, but look at the comments HERE! Even more. But most mgtow are under no illusions about getting women. We actually are avoiding them; not worth it. We no longer give a shit how we look to them. We’re repelling them and the grief they cause.

  62. ” treating her like a princess ain’t cuttin’ it.”
    You don’t get it. We’re anti-princess. princesses are the reason we go our own way. And they’re ALL princesses.

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