Women Objectify Themselves As Naked Food Platters For Money And Feminists Blame “Misogyny”

SJWs are calling for the boycott of Sydney’s Circular Quay Cruise Bar after naked women were employed as living food platters. As is typical for these kinds of fabricated controversies, the social justice crowd has ignored both the presence of scantily clad men and the rather huge issue about large numbers of women who willingly participated in the “misogynistic” relaunching of this business.

The women working as living food platters, who have a number of photos circulating, all look healthy. They are not starving. No one forced them to be hired as living food platters. One can easily imagine that the money they were paid for the role far surpassed the hourly rate they could achieve as a waitress or coffee girl.

It is therefore a woeful case of misapplied anger for people to be blaming Circular Quay Cruise Bar. The women had a choice to participate. Furthermore, if the event was so misogynistic, what does that say about the female guests who went to and remained at the event for hours, cheerfully using social media to highlight their presence at the establishment?

Funny how the women involved aren’t called “misogynists”

The worst aspect of this otherwise very overhyped non-event is the steadfast refusal by SJWs to single out the many females who made the event possible, including the naked girls themselves, other women employed to organize the relaunch and the countless female guests who attended.

Among others, so-called Myer “ambassador” Kate Peck has, if you appropriate the “logic” of do-gooder feminists, thoroughly objectified women and perpetuated rape culture. Will Laura Pintur create a petition calling for her sacking, just as she and others successfully nagged supermarket chain Coles to stop selling men’s magazine Zoo Weekly?

The calls by SJWs to boycott the establishment featuring the female food platters are a hundred light years away from surprising. Supposedly dedicated to advancing “womens’ rights,” they engage in a discourse, if you can even call it that, that reduces female autonomy to something resembling that of a common household insect. These easily offended souls are more concerned with promoting the infantilization of adult women, who should be thoroughly responsible for their actions, than actual children.

Most men can’t fund their educations or lifestyles via sugar babying, prostitution or being naked food platters

If the appearance of naked female food platters was “misogynistic”, Kate Peck, an “ambassador” for major department store Myer, is an unqualified misogynist. She boasted on Twitter that she “dressed” some of the women.

As mentioned above, men were employed at the Circular Quay Cruise Bar relaunch, adorned in nothing more than their underwear. In general, however, men of university or similar age are unable to earn anything close to the sort of money women can as sugar babies, prostitutes, or other “shiny things” such as promotions models.

The SJW penchant for blaming “patriarchy,” “rape culture,” and other buzzwords and concepts is just a method for distracting attention from the willing, calculated participation of innumerable women in their own profitable and ego-satisfying self-objectification.

Australia has a much better minimum wage than the United States, yet retail and hospitality work still pays amongst the lowest hourly rates in the economy. Many women do not want around $20 per hour for their efforts. It is true that these self-objectifying jobs vary in their remuneration, but the attention itself is also intoxicating. They want to feel desired. If someone wants their education or general lifestyle funded, they will find a way. It’s a matter of which way they choose.

If we excluded the legal ramifications, would anyone feel sorry for a male marijuana dealer who sells weed to put themselves through college? No. He would be told to get a real, honourable job and suck it up.

Start calling out the women furthering this “misogyny” and “rape culture”

Just eating choc-dipped fruit off a babin model..🍓 #dontmindme #cruisebar

A post shared by Sarah ‘Saz’ Gillett (@sazgillett) on

A woman attending the relaunch, Sarah Gillett, is an interesting example of how women bragging about their appearances in these kinds of events are spared condemnation. It is much easier for SJWs to blame amorphous ideas of “misogyny” and broader masculinity than females like Gillett.

The compulsive self-aggrandizers happily pepper their Instagram and additional social media accounts with images of them being hand fed by the poor creatures feminists claim are mere pawns for “rape culture” and “misogyny.” So isn’t Sarah Gillett promoting rape culture and misogyny by this standard?

But no, the solution selected is to blame the “patriarchy” which allegedly serves and is supported by every man, not those, male and female, there on the night. Everything is reducible to attacking men and constructing a narrative that cuts any and all personal responsibility demanded of women. This is nevertheless very good for critics of SJW crusades, as ROK has emphasized again and again. Our opponents consistently sow the seeds of their own discrediting.

SJWs are showing their true, self-serving colors

Well-paid “victims” of the indomitable patriarchy.

Overextension, whether it involves naked female food platters or men’s magazines, continues to out feminists and other SJWs. Their self-entitlement and belief in their own infallibility will expose them in story after story, like in the past. It is our job as producers and consumers of neomasculine and red pill literature to capitalize on these mistakes and disseminate them to an ever wider audience of sympathizers and those yet to be converted to the cause.

Just as my colleagues and I are vehicles for positive warning and change, so, too, are you. Be agents of improvement for both yourself and society. Spread these stories openly when you can and, fundamentally, subtly inculcate your friends and associates with our values.

Preaching can be counterintuitive but leading implicitly, by example, can work wonders and further our goals.

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72 thoughts on “Women Objectify Themselves As Naked Food Platters For Money And Feminists Blame “Misogyny””

  1. It’s always gonna be a catch22 in which women willingly make their own choices yet men are to blame.
    “Down with the patriarchy! Whines to their patriarchal oppressors to cater towards their every whim”

  2. Doesn’t matter, don’t waste your life fighting it. Because it’s not possible. Save your money and start a new life somewhere else. Because this is not going to stop. In fact, it has just gotten started and it will not end next 100 years.

      1. I would say Vermont, but we’re getting hit as well. There’s a bit of a delay with the cultural diffusion. Maybe its all our mountains. Or our sea serpent.
        Perhaps make a colony Shangri-La style?

  3. Not going to comment on the absurdity of the complaints. I wills say that, by the photos, Kate Peck was a terrible food platter. I have done traditional nyotaimori (sushi off of naked woman) and the idea that those women would interact with you while you were eating, or touch the food and feed it to you as peck does in the picture, is unheard of. Hell, even when I did the strip club version of it here in NYC the strippers were better than this thot. Look at her smiling and being part of the party.
    There should be some huge outcry, just as loud or louder than these moron fems, yelling about how it is nearly impossible to find a woman up to the task of being a food platter now a days.
    Seriously, they want to raise our kids? This cunt cant even be a plate properly.

  4. Great idea for a campaign – male prostitutes, models and strippers should be paid the same as femaie ones.

    1. Wouldn’t work.Feminists will complain that women would have to put more effort to look beautiful and should by default be paid more.

      1. You would have a great argument against that, one that would make the feminists look utterly idiotic.
        Most women could go out and start whoring, they don’t need to be super attractive to do so, they simply need to be willing to open their legs for money.
        Most men on the other hand could not do this, they would have to fall within the top 1-2% in terms of male conventional attractiveness to even stand a chance at a successful career.
        What i’d like to see pushed by these feminists is sexual equality. They are determined to redistribute a mans wealth in the pursuit of equality, but why are they not distributing sex in the same manner? Sex is after all is really the only commodity that a woman holds a monopoly over.

        1. “You would have a great argument against that, one that would make the feminists look utterly idiotic.”
          All of feminists’ arguments are idiotic. We must point that out every time so we don’t start believing them to be true.

        2. Most male prostitutes in the west are male to male prostitutes. The male prostitutes I have witnessed dealing with women (and I use that term very loosely) were resort workers in third world countries providing vacation “romance” to first world land whales. They had to be sweet talkers, fit, and good dancers. I believe they also have to have a very strong stomach and more discipline than I could muster. However, they were not in the top 1-2% of attractiveness. When women are in the mood they will take fantasy over reality every time.

  5. Feminists will openly attack stay-at-home moms for “holding women back 50 years” and being a doormat, then turn around and defend or ignore cheating, lying, thieving sluts, whores, and attention whores for “defying the patriarchy”. Unbelievable. Why aren’t they trying to shut down strip clubs??

        1. All feminists will eventually become feminazis. It’s like Pokemon. Feminists eventually evolve into Feminazis after enough experience points.

      1. That’s why it seems like the perfect feminist target. I forgot most empowered women take pole dancing classes to take back their sexuality or something.

  6. If you go to a strip club and throw money at the strippers, you objectify women.
    If you hire and pay women to dance around scantily-clad in your rap video, you objectify women.
    If you turn around to check out the girl wearing a miniskirt, you objectify women.

        1. I’m probably the only girl I know who point blank refused to read That book, or see the movies. I don’t think im missing out at all.
          If I want vampires, I’ll take the old school, non shiny ones.

        2. Please spread the word to your fellow sisters. Be warned, you’ll be called a mysoginist and possessed by the patriarchy.

        3. I’d try, but they roll their eyes when I turn down invites to certain movies. I will say my best friend does share my views but we are aware we are in the minority. We just shrug and move on.

      1. Yup. When feminists take selfies in the mirror trying their sexist poses only to look absolutely ridiculous by male standards.

  7. MAYBE feminists should admit that they just speak for themselves, a tiny percentage of people, than keep pretending that they speak for all women??
    [S]he who speaks loudest should stop being praised for being “correct”.

    1. but, but…when women complain about this shit, feminists are quick to tell women about Saudi Arabia, 1920s and their rights to their bodies,praying on normal women’s insecurities.

  8. Are women so clean and pure that we should eat food off of them?
    This is disgusting. Food from between her legs? How many big greasy cranks did she take up in there? Fuck that.
    The whole idea is stupid. Give me a nice clean sanitary plate please.
    And we are going to defend it because the SJWs are against it? It’s low-hanging fruit (no pun intended). That they would have us even wasting time defending or arguing about this is still a victory for them. It’s a matter for their faltering reality, not ours.
    I have known people go to parties that had these “naked platters” around Seattle and you know what every one of them had in common? They were “liberal” parties – full of leftoids. It’s a leftoid thing, part of their celebrating degeneracy. They have a fixation on using people as objects. It’s pretty darned creepy. Those people I have known I don’t bother to talk to anymore. Anybody who would go to such a party is what I call a liability and I don’t want not even 20 degrees of separation between myself and someone who would go to such a thing.
    Keep degenerates and fucktards out of your life and things improve.

    1. 80s Japanese exports: Toyota, Honda, computers
      10s Japanese exports: eating food off women, waifu pillows
      20s Japanese exports: krakatom?

  9. If a woman decides to do something feminists disagree with, she was forced by society or the male patriarchy. If she does something they do agree with, she is fierce and independent and no one should say anything to her because she is making her own choices and bucking society and the male patriarchy. It’s called disassociation and rationalization and women try to do it with everything.

  10. Has anyone but me noticed the decline in both quality and quantity on RoK? There is still some killer content on here, but it seems to be getting farther and fewer between. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing like this site out there. But the decline of it is becoming more apparently to not just me.
    Summer slowdown? Lack of writers? Need cash to keep the web servers up? What’s the deal?

    1. go back and read the older articles, they don’t go bad.. many of those pieces were genius, and very well written.

  11. Looks like a scene from one of Hannibal Lecter’s dinners. As if he didn’t bother cutting and cooking, and just decided to serve one of his victims up with some fruit garnish.

    1. Tbh when I was a kid the VHS stores allowed me and my bud to rent that exploitation movie called the reich final orgy or whatever where there is that scene with a death camp prisoner laying on a table at a ss banquet and burned alive with canibalism and all. That shit was horrible and even as a veteran horror movie fan I never could completely shake it off my head. That’s pretty much what comes to mind when I see this.

  12. Note that these “living food platters” are all rather attractive. Might that have something to do with the rage of the “angry ugly girls?” Of course, they could never qualify for those jobs themselves, nor could they represent themselves as “for women” while condemning the very women they claim to represent!

  13. One of the most primordial and powerful motivators to women since the dawn of time is to seek approval. It is in their D.N.A to feel approval and acceptance. Hence womens addiction to smartphones and internet attention whoredom and all other forms of attention seeking behavour. If you’re married and she feels the slightest bit that she’s not getting enough attention and appreciation, she will resent you and you can bet she’ll do what it takes to get attention even if it means destroying the family no matter how hard you work.
    The irony is that feminists want to remove this natural aspect of the female species. They dont want attractive women to objectify themselves or use prostitution or any other thing that women use as currency in their brief window of time in their lives to use it to their benefit. Most feminists are ugly or too masculine to appreciate the incredible power of femininity so they want to take out that out of the equation to level the playing field so they can have a chance in society.They disguise their jealousy of beauty as empowerment by trying to say women can do anything a guy can do as long as they take physical beauty out of the equation. This is their true motivation behind tearing down so called patriarchy. They realise they are just outgunned in life by beautiful attractive FEMININE women. The massive increase in obesity among sedentary cubicle drone/ non physically active women in the workforce is only going to give more resentful soldiers to the legions of jealous, resentful sjw’s and “feminists” against men and attractive and sexy women.

  14. Women are some of the best bullshit artists out in society, today. They’ll preach their cause as long as it doesn’t interfere with their career (the money train). Once it does conflict, then all bets are off (their bullshit argument will be ..just look at men).
    Every one of them will use their sexuality to ‘cash in’ …that is until the wall approaches them. Then, it’s the evil men who are holding them down.
    B.S. 101 class.

  15. I’m OK with this boycott, they aren’t passing any laws and they are expressing their disapproval in a socially acceptable way.
    If they wanted to ban human food platters that would be one thing. But personally I can’t get worked up over a dehumanizing industry. The women and men voluntarily go for it? Well sure, that’s why its not illegal, If they voluntarily allowed people to urinate on them in a private setting that would also be legal and I’d support a boycott against anyone who did that too.
    Howeve my problem with this is less about “objectifying women” (hah!) and more that this is dehumanizing to everyone.
    But then again, that’s why their boycott will fail.

  16. Combining a fascination with food and a passion for being ogled, serving as a naked food platter is one of women’s number one top favorite fantasies, and I’m glad to see young ladies not only enjoying this dream fulfilled, but getting paid on top of it all.
    Feminism is the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.

    1. You’re right. And you can bet those girls put it on their resumes. Girls see jobs where they’re sexualized as great, and brag to their friends about them. It’s a common theme with college girls and housewives to make a freind who’s a prostitute or works in some sexually explicit “art” field and then use them for stories and fodder. The girls live out their fantasies through their “bad girl” freind.

  17. Issues that are being raised like this by feminists are a good thing as even blue pillers are starting to see how full of shit feminists are. I work near the building in question and no one even knew of this event being on until some outrage articles started appearing. In the comments section for all of these articles and various facebook comments, all of the comments are by people saying how retarded people are to be outraged in the first place and are fully aware that the women who were naked on the tables chose to be there. The more whining about non-issues like this that occur, the easier it will be for people to see through the bs

  18. Deep down the loudest protestations are rooted in anger at the fact that no one would pay money (nor positive attention) to have a tattooed, human cabbage patch lard sack as a food platter.

  19. Thankfully I have to travel many miles to the nearest college town to hear this sort of feminist BS. And groceries.

  20. Feminism is a cult of infantilism that believes all women are children.
    Children cannot consent. (All sex is rape.)
    Children cannot sign contracts. (Prenups thrown out.)
    Children aren’t charged as adults after committing crimes. (Pussypass justice system.)
    When a child misbehaves, it is always the fault of a rational adult. (Men.)

  21. The SJWs are killing jobs. And let’s tell it like it is…..those jobs are skilled labour. Not everyone can be a sexy food platter. Can’t see Bob from the liquor store with the hairy, beer gut being a sexy food platter.

  22. I dont know about you guys, but women attention-whoring.. Uh, I mean being “exploited” as naked food platters is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of. If I was in a high level business meeting, the last thing I want to do is pick my food off some naked skank, GTFO! Maybe just old here, but that whole concept is just stupid, unless you are 80’s circa Motley Crue on tour or something.

  23. Feminists are angry because they arent good enough to be displayed so they do it as their fantasy desires but under the fake pretense that they are enraged

  24. Great observations of tried and hackneyed actions. It’s most amusing, the number of times these loud harlots provide the opportunity to write such an article.

  25. This example of hypocrisy is further evidence that feminism is not a civil rights movement, it’s a form of bigotry.

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