Meet Christina Kyle, American TranSniper

“A brave performance by Bruce Jenner anchors Kathryn Bigelow’s feminist dramatization of the life of transgender Navy SEAL Christina Kyle”

Background on the film

You might remember the movie American Sniper from the year 2014 about the most lethal sniper in American history. It generated a lot of controversy. Filmmaker Michael Moore called snipers cowards.  Actor Seth Rogen compared American Sniper to Nazi propaganda.  Comedian Bill Maher called Real Life American Sniper Chris Kyle a “psychopathic patriot.”  Politician Howard Dean called the film’s viewers “very angry men,” clarifying that they are probably in the Tea Party. The film seemed to capture America’s feelings about the Iraq war.

How things have changed since in four years. Hillary Clinton became America’s first woman president, easily beating Sarah Palin in the election. ISIS took over the Iraqi government in the waning days of Obama’s presidency. Clinton sent American troops to Iraq. Clinton then instituted the Equal Right to Combat Act that mandated quotas to make America’s combat units at least 50% female.

The ERCA, of course, was a complete failure. Operation Hug ISIS failed when ISIS captured large numbers of female soldiers and released videos of them being raped.

combat girls

We thought this would defeat ISIS

Enter Christina Kyle

Christina Kyle was the first female sniper in America’s history to record at least one kill. She was also the first transgender soldier on the front line in American history. She somehow racked up a staggering 101 kills in her brief time in Iraq and earned the nickname “Badass” from her combat girlfriends.


The real life Christina Kyle. Notice her teddy bear grenade?

Upon her return to America, Christina Kyle was quickly hailed a hero by feminists for fighting Iraq’s rape culture. Christina wasted no time writing a book called American TranSniper, and a famous photograph was taken of President Hillary signing the book. It was only a matter of time before feminist filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow made a movie that won an Oscar for Best Picture.

Critics have praised American TranSniper for its feminist message.  Michael Moore called Christina Kyle “brave.” Seth Rogen compared American TranSniper to a really good PBS special. Bill Maher said she was a hero for killing Muslims. Howard Dean said its viewers are empowered women, clarifying that they are the base of the Democratic party. The book even inspired Sheryl Sandberg to write her own book called Pull the Trigger encouraging young women to embrace their killer instinct, join the military and become four-star generals.

The Plot of American TranSniper

We first meet Christina (played by Bruce Jenner) as she’s peeing over a hole in the dirt. Her penis is floating in the breeze, leaving the viewer to wonder when her sex change will be complete. Next Christina takes aim at her commander officer. She mutters “sexist pig” before putting her rifle down. She then writes “GIRL POWER” on the side of her helmet and draws a peace sign.

The film’s first battle scene takes place in a chaotic sandstorm. Groups of overweight white female soldiers are running up to members of ISIS and giving them bear hugs. One long bearded member of ISIS is shown leading captured female soldiers to a large cage.

The camera zooms up on Kyle’s face as she mutters that she wants to end Iraq’s rape culture once in for all. After several misfires (where one male American soldier is shot in the head) Christina finally finds her target, who has just pressed record on his video camera.


Bruce Jenner getting ready to go on a mission in American TranSniper

Next we see Christina at Iraq’s first lesbian bar. She drinks, smokes, and drinks some more before hooking up with one of the most feminist lesbians there (Lena Dunham). Dunham’s character even gives Jenner some LMR before finally saying “fuck it” and dropping her army fatigues in a gender-neutral bathroom stall. This sequence perhaps provides the most literal possible metaphor for gender equality in the military.

Jenner, who had to drink and eat heavily for the role, is superb in the film’s numerous sex scenes that are contrasted by her willingness to pull the trigger and fight Iraq’s rape culture. Full of bitchiness and stern looks early on, her voice seems to soften as she recites the Equal Right to Die in Combat Regardless of Gender and Race Act (the ERDCRGRA) after morning reveille.

Perhaps the film’s most humanizing touch is its willingness to show Christina pumping her fist after someone calls her a “hero,” as if the word is both empowering and gender-neutral. The visual and editorial choices discreetly reinforce the clash between the fun of modern warfare (it’s like a first person shooter for women) and the violence of Iraq’s rape culture. The film’s soundtrack, composed by Lorde, serves to heighten the drama as Kyle racks up kill after kill.


The film even has a cameo appearance by Kim and Kylie

Back in America

Back in America, the film focuses on President Hillary Clinton’s obsession with Christina Kyle’s kill count.  Hillary is especially worried about whether Iraq’s style of rape culture will spread to America. In one particularly dramatic scene at the White House, Clinton asks Christina whether she can take out Bill Cosby as well as Paul Nungesser. Christina simply responds, “I need to get back to Iraq.”

During the film’s climax, Clinton is informed that ISIS has defeated our forces in the Third Battle of Fallujah. After losing her temper, Hillary finds a way to end Iraq’s rape culture once and for all. The screen fades to black just as a nuclear bomb is dropped on Baghdad. What’s especially ironic, as President Hillary would later point out, is that Sarah Palin would have done the same to those bastards if she were elected president.


The ending of American TranSniper (before we are lectured about rape culture in the closing credits)

The reason why Christina Kyle got a sex change

Despite the brilliant cinematography and themes, the film glosses over the real reason Christina Kyle became a woman as remembered in Christina Kyle’s memoir.  Born Joe Smith, Smith dreamed of becoming a Navy Seal after seeing American Sniper.

Built like a linebacker, Smith easily passed the Navy SEAL fitness test. His mandated essay about rape culture did not get a passing grade though. Ultimately he was disqualified from the joining the SEALS because he “simply didn’t have tits.”  He was simply “too masculine.”

He later met the woman who would take his place in the SEALS, a “5’2, 200 lb. bitch.”  He finally realized what he had to do in order to join the SEALS: get a sex change. He changed his name to a feminine sounding version of his hero, Chris Kyle.


A typical Navy SEAL in 2018

The End

While the circumstances of Christina’s death add a note of tragic urgency to the film’s matter-of-fact examination of rape culture and violence, the moment itself is left off screen. Instead the closing credits recount how Christina’s boyfriend violently raped and murdered her after finding out she was born a man, though the veracity of these claims are still widely questioned among a small group of “hate sites” on the internet.

The viewer is told that rape and violence happen because of men and we are then left with Christina’s famous quote:

If the Third World War is fought with nuclear weapons, the Fourth will be fought with curling irons and blow jobs.

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162 thoughts on “Meet Christina Kyle, American TranSniper”

  1. It’s sad because I wouldn’t put it past Hollyweird to crap out a cinematic suppository like this. The day movies like this see the light, will be the day I bury myself alive.

    1. Nah. There are plenty of great independent and foreign films and always will be. Hollywood films should only be seen if made by certain directors or are of the comic-book variety (hey, they’ve been good the last several years!).

  2. The comic book will come first, and be used to teach grade-school kids about gender fluidity. The film will claim to be rooted in this “reality”.

  3. Sadly, you probably just gave Hollywood a great idea. Next comes the movie, and then, by the playbook, will come all the naive calls for life to imitate art. Because if it can happen in movies, it makes sense in real life to our retarded, mouth-breathing masses.

      1. I never quite understood the fascination with Demi Moore, back in her heyday. She was ok enough looking, I guess (I’da fucked the 19 year old version of her, sure), but something just didn’t seem right about her. I recall everybody raving about her performances and then she got married to Bruce so I thought “Well, maybe I’m missing something”. I mean you can’t get married to Bruce Willis and be that bad a person, right?
        Then the mid-late ’90’s hit, she went full bore stupid, and I realized that my snap judgment was correct after all.

        1. It seems the same sort of fascination as Uma Thurman evokes. It’s like… once a star is declared ‘hot’, Hollywood tries to push her career long past the wall… they think that somehow, a 40 year old ingenue is still believable, and just as hot as a 20 year old actress.
          It’s like “Look guys, she stopped being hot in the 90’s. get over it and find someone new.”
          Uma Thurman is way overdone. Demi Moore was overdone in the 90’s. Cameron Diaz and Catherine Zeta-Jones are both fifteen years past their sell-by date, and even Scarlette Johannsen is starting to turn to buttermilk.
          Even restaurants know that you don’t serve fish after it’s been left out a couple of days.
          Tell you what though, I surely would not have fucked the 19 year old version of Sarah Jessica Parker. Even back then her beak could’ve been used to saw the lids off coke cans, and you could’ve made music rubbing her hind legs together.

        2. I could have easily dealt with the 19-26 year old versions of Uma Thurman (though she was too skinny, imho, but had a pretty face and at least wasn’t overweight) and I would have fucked the holy feminism out of a similarly aged Cameron Diaz. Good Jesus in heaven, Cameron Diaz in the first Mask needed my cock in her in a major way. You are EXACTLY correct though, today, spoiled milk. Catherine Z-J used to be all that, not my tastes specifically but hey, I’da done her. I do have to ask, has she actually been in a film since the early 2000’s? If so I have no idea about it so I haven’t had the displeasure of watching her once fine ass age.
          Tell you what though, I surely would not have fucked the 19 year old version of Sarah Jessica Parker. Even back then her beak could’ve been used to saw the lids off coke cans, and you could’ve made music rubbing her hind legs together.
          You and every sane hetero male on the planet.
          She ruined everything I felt about Ferris Buhler.
          If only he’d married Sloan. Now that chick, whomever the hell she was, hubba.

        3. They let Sarah Jessica Parker’s face on TV, and she looks like a foot!
          — Peter Griffin

        4. In some ways, Ferris was a complete chump. If I had been dating a chick like that in high school, I would have spent my day skipping school draining my balls into her until I collapsed from dehydration. But that probably doesn’t make a very good family-friendly coming-of- age movie.
          Side note, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was the last movie I saw before I shipped out to boot camp at Parris Island. So I spent a lot of time in a sweltering squadbay fantasizing about how I would rather be smashing Mia Sara’s head into the headboard than doing another lap in the scuzz-rag races or being eaten alive by sand fleas.

        5. Finally saw Timecop with VanDamme- about 9 yrs after Ferris Bueller, and she was already spent…

        6. Catherine ZJ got Mikey to eat it, and he got throat cancer from her HPV, and now he has to deal with that and her bipolar disorder and menopause.

  4. On rereading, you forgot the climactic scene where the evil remnants of the patriarchy deny her gender reassignment surgery request so she defiantly affixes a bayonette to her rifle and amputitates her own penis without anesthesia. As she performs the deed, she stares into the general’s eyes and says “war is hell.”

    1. “I love the smell of Estrogen in the morning”
      “Is that you, Gloria Steinem? Is this me?”

      1. Who said that? WHO THE FUCK said that?! Who’s the slimy commode of shit twinkle toed cocksucker that just signed his own death warrant?! Nobody huh? The fairy fucking godmother said it! Out fucking standing! I will PT you all until you fucking DIE! I will PT you until your assholes are sucking buttermilk!

        1. How would the “this is my rifle, this is my gun” scene work if they were all trannies?
          “This is my rifle, this is my trans-gender tool of oppression” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

        2. I saw his gun commercials. They…uhh… pretty much sucked, but I liked ’em anyway.

    2. I figured “she” got her balls shot off by ISIS cook and garbage-truck driver, Private 3rd class el-Mustafa Obama Hussein (3rd cousin of Barak Hussein) while covering the retreat….

      1. Not how I envisioned it. I’d have the movie conclude by her throwing her castrated balls over the white house fence and marching over to congress to testify about how she’s grown disillusioned with fighting for a system that won’t let pedophiles, necrophiliacs and zoophiliacs serve openly. Her rousing speech would conclude, “I would have died for my service dog, but I can no longer serve a nation that won’t let me get buttfucked by him.”

  5. There was no mention of Global Warming and their putting down of Global Warming Deniers with fashionable sniper fire.

  6. Hillary doesn’t have the balls to nuke baghdad. More real scenario is Iran tests its own nukes and hillary agrees to give them nuclear fuel if they release some american lesbian college students held at the border for questioning.
    This needs to go viral.

    1. And then both Hitlery and Iran nuke the swath of America west of Illinois, east of California, in a north to south pattern.
      And then it’s off to ice cream and setting up dates to scissor later in the evening!

  7. While we’re at it, I’d like to see gender sensitive remakes of Iron Man. Iron is such a strong material, a little TOO strong. “Styrofoam Trans” has more relevance today.

      1. You say that, but are you *really* certain that you don’t live in The Twilight Zone? Look around, does this world appear sane? heh

        1. Planet Rainbow: collective psychosis or collectivist psychosis – one or the other. I am hoping the next bond villain will be Iain Mckellen, playing himself

        2. Balls.
          Was it satire though? The series seemed to be more forward looking and critical of modern culture than a satire meant simply to amuse.
          Put it in color, put tatts on the necks of these monsters, shave their idiotic beards and I can envision this as the fate of many of us at the hands of Hipsters once they hit their 40’s. Same with the smug monsters who sat in “trial” of the rich in the Batman movie with Bane.
          Anti-reason, anti-intellectual, anti-God, authority assumed from the dutiful collective, monotone, full of themselves, rely on loudspeakers in lieu of reason, and a smug smarminess and beady eyed sneer.
          The entire Twilight Zone series is our version of prophecy. Given its startling accuracy thus far, the parts that remain unfulfilled I suspect are only a matter of time.
          So, look out for our air force to intercept a WW1 biplane from the past, and by all means avoid a little boy who demands his way and makes reality bend to his will when he doesn’t get it. Avoid the corn fields at all costs.
          And never…EVER…look outside your airplane window. EVER.

        3. Satire can be used to offer prophetic social commentary, at least the best kind does. It doesn’t always have to invoke an immediate laugh response. British “dry wit” is an example.
          That little boy you are referencing is called “obama” and his power is called “the FED government”

        4. Yeah.
          But I don’t consider government all that omnipotent yet. There are still plenty of ways to resist that they simply cannot do anything about. Yet. I have great optimism about the human spirit still.
          God exists. We exist. There is hope.

        5. Ahh you are still clutching to optimism…i am sorry my friend. I gave that up after the last presidential election, when we were given the “choice” of an uber prog communist and a pseudo right rino statist.
          God destroyed sodom and gomorrah for less than what the US considers appropriate conduct.
          This country is on its last legs. We will be destroyed. It’s inevitable.
          I understand if you disagree. I’m fine with that.

        6. This is my favorite one. Burgess Meredith’s character was fearless, in the face of death.

        7. My friend, I gave up basing optimism on government and elections after Clinton managed to eke out a second term.
          My hope lay in the men I meet in real life and counter culture trends and memes. To be frank, we’re the “cool kids” now, we’re the beatniks, we’re the daring and dangerous ones. We can parlay this into a complete cultural revolution.
          The human spirit is far greater than petty politics. If the government is destroyed, so be it, we’ll survive and if energetic enough, we’ll make it and put down these hooligans in the end. If not, hey, it’s not a bad way to die, resisting tyranny.

        8. Indeed.
          I knew a man whose name is 1 letter different than yours while in the military.
          Tell me sir, were you in the military during the mid 1980’s and are you from a state whose name ends in “Dakota”?

        9. Amen. That’s how i plan to go, albeit with far more smoke and far less civility.

        10. History shows great things don’t last, these cycles tend to repeat. It almost always goes like this:
          An empire that enslaves its people by taking away and or limiting religious and economic freedoms is overthrown in one generation,
          the free people, establish for themselves and future generations laws and principles which speak of equality in means, not ends
          The children of these people benefit, and are raised in times of prosperity to treasure these basic principles of liberty,
          they in turn have children who also benefit from these principles, but there is always one who questions whether something more can be had,
          this questioner grows and teaches his children to question the legitimacy of the principles of the past, since they are now disconnected 3 generations past,
          these children grow up to be teenagers with these counter culture beliefs, and spread them to others, who (because of their disconnect to the past) take their legitimacy at face value,
          These former teens now adults occupy positions of power and influence, and bring with them the counterculturist beliefs they were taught (indoctrinated) as children and teach them to yet more children, and even adults,
          the last cycle continues in perpetuity, until more people believe in the counterculturist beliefs that oppose religion and economic freedom than in the original principles, which helped set them free from religious and economic persecutions.
          Like ouroboros, great societies rise from the ashes of the mistakes of old ones, but nonetheless are burned to the ground in the end because the same mistakes were made over and over and over again.
          The US had a good run. I agree with you that the human spirit is far greater than petty politics, the problem is that it is usually not greater than the weaknesses of the flesh it’s bound to.
          Once “they” come after us in force, i’m hoping enough patriots still exist to usher in the second American revolution.
          “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”
          -Thomas Jefferson.

        11. If only 10% of gun owners answer the call to arms, that makes us an 11 million man force.
          Put the U.S. military and the whole Chinese military together and you have 5-6 million total soldiers.
          And then factor in a good 60-70% of the military are actually politically right wing and on our side.
          I’d say we have the odds on our side in a big way.

        12. True. It’s why despite the fact they own billions of rounds of ammo, they still fear us. The only thing standing in the way of a true police state is the 2nd amendment, but they are working on that with gun control laws. They own colorado and NY. Like with the homosexual entitlement laws, they will invariably spread state by state until they become the norm and not the exception.
          The other issue is, they are purposely weeding out people of faith and responsibility from the military, and replacing them with the fringe left that believes in counterculture movements. Not to mention the muslim militants and atheists. It’s no wonder then why they push for amnesty so hard: muslims breed like rabbits and something like 600,000 of them came flooding into the US in just the last few 3 or 4 years alone, under O’muslim.
          They are stacking the deck my friend. We will be outnumbered at this rate.

        13. I am was not . I was born in the 80’s. I’m of the Hip-Hop Generation (I detest the term millennial.) My nomme-de-plume is a reference to a comic book character with extremely alpha qualities called the Grendel (My profile picture)

        14. Its a real shame that I probably won’t live long enough to see the first step in that cycle play out. People in the West have become complacent, despondent and brutish. I don’t think there is going to be any major uprising or upheaval that replenishes and rejuvenates society because rebellion can only happen through the people. The problem is that your average citizen in the West is not like Wordsworth in that Twilight Zone clip but the chancellor. When confronted with the prospect of creeping totalitarianism your average person would rather give into cowardice and declare their undying love for the state rather than go out in defiance.

  8. Since superhero movies are taking over, here’s my prediction on where hollywood is headed:
    Bruce Banner, after being exposed to rainbow colored ultragay radiation, now emerges as TRANSHULK! The first transsexual mutant superhero/heroine!
    Now calling itself “bree” banner, him/her/it fights the never-ending battle against transphobia, and is constantly on the run against the forces of the US military, who want to capture him-her-it in order to extract transsexual cells from TRANSHULK, to breed a next generation of transsexual super soldier!
    Look for it in 2069!

      1. It’s gonna look like a damn verdant sequoia towering over twin emerald plymouth rocks

        1. Very lyrical and poetic, have you been the consultant who caused Marvel to come out with the new Black, gay Spiderman?

        2. I was indeed jesting, amused by your illustrious absurd illustration illustrated absurdly yet poignantly.
          Marvel really did come out with a gay, Black Spiderman….

        3. Yes i heard about that. this is why i came up with TRANSHULK, because as crazy as it sounds, all bets are off with comics these days.
          They made green lantern a muslim and spiderman a homo, so it’s obvious the leftist agenda is all they care about.
          You will never see superman suddenly coming out and saying “i am a Christian who believes in Jesus” because it doesn’t suit the left wing agenda, despite the strong possibility superman would be a Christian (imho)

    1. He’ll fit right in with the female Thor, that currently exists, thank you “graphic novel” SJW’s.

      1. lol Well i guess nothing really is off limits!
        that is a sound of Dan’s total lack of surprise.

      2. holy mackeral- that 75c cost hearkens back to my youth- do I need to burn all my old comics?

  9. didn’t the ancient greeks have an all gay platoon or something. they were great at parades and standing to attention and what not. As with Achilles and Patroclus (depending on who you read) the idea was that if you were fucking your comrade you’d fight harder to keep them alive.

    1. The Sacred Band of Thebes – was allegedly made up of paired gay lovers. Historians disagree on the details.
      Alexander the Great destroyed the Band and the city of Thebes when they disrespected him.

      1. Pretty bizarre. Does beg the question: who came up with that idea? How did it end up becoming policy?

        1. A bunch of greek homos in power, no doubt.
          I’m sure if someone goes digging hard enough, they will find fossilized AIDS among the “sacred band” lol

        2. they probably all looked like Elton John – but with a (bigger) spear in hand

  10. Also talking of Bruce Jenner, ISIS meet the Kardashians would actually make great reality TV, provided it was a short series

    1. you’d only need about one half hour episode, so budgeting wouldn’t be a problem. just long enough to round them all up, along with Brucina Jenner, get em in a cage, do some Arabic song and dance and light the match!

      1. doesn’t mean Kim wouldn’t try for a sexy selfie at the same time. Can’t waste a good photo-opportunity

  11. Anybody remember the first gulf war, when the media was going crazy over the rescue of jessica lynch? Weeks of news coverage over the rescue of one female. The male soldiers who rescued her got pushed off the front page, not to mention all the other male soldiers who were captured, injured or killed elsewhere in combat. What was her accomplishment? She surrendered and had to be rescued, and she had a vagina.

    1. Yes. And true to form, I cannot recall a single male’s name, and am not entirely certain that their names were mentioned individually.

      1. Dude, Lynch was “rescued” by a team of Navy SEALs at a hospital full of well trained medical staff of Muslim persuasion and raised arms in the “WTF are you attacking a peaceful facility?!” look on their faces. Especially surprising, if they expected at least a thank you, was that they were actually treating her.
        Yeah, take that you effin “disgruntled youths” who are not like all Muslims, as Islam is a religion of peace! And if you disagree you are effin homophobic, islamophobic closet butch dyke lesbian who hates gays, and worships the crusades.
        Oh, and fuck you and Palin’s 150k wardrobe in 2008! As we all know that is still relevant!
        This rant is AKA as political types of all persuasions are retarded. Vote independent, and realize that ignorance is voting. Voting is, or perhaps not, ignorance.
        Why do I want to put a gun to my mouth all of a sudden?

    2. Also amusing, she wasn’t the only female taken prisoner. There was also a black female too, but she wasn’t photogenic enough to rate attention.
      My unit fought through Nasiriyah in OIF I. We saw the Jessica Lynch convoy vehicles all fucked up. Another sad part of this story is that Jessica Lynch was awarded a Bronze Star, but apparently her weapon was so dirty she couldn’t fire it, so she spent the entire firefight in the fetal position crying. However, several of her male comrades actually fought commendably and some died trying to protect the convoy, even though they were rear echelon maintenance types. For example, have you heard the names Donald Walters or Patrick Miller before?

      1. I heard jessica lynch actually just got lost, if the iraqis hadn’t taken her back she would have died in the desert.

        1. That’s inaccurate. Her convoy got lost, which is how it got ambushed. She couldn’t fire her weapon (not even one round) to defend herself, so she curled into a fetal position (by her own admission) and started crying. Her vehicle was hit by an RPG and crashed into another vehicle. Both of her legs were broken in the crash and she was immobilized.

        2. So she was lost in the desert driving around in circles. Not much to be worthy of bronze star.

        3. You forget, when you possess a vagina, even driving in circles like a coward in the desert is whoreroic. Or you”re a misogynist!

      2. Too her credit, she didn’t make herself out to be a hero. I think some higher ups were the ones who selected her as a model of the new Army.

    3. Don’t blame Lynch for the media reaction. She was in a war zone putting her life on the line. Many died in that convoy including Lori Piestewa. Lynch was anally raped in captivity.

      1. Yeah. It’s like sports fans who pile on the hatred of some athlete who was always hyped before they’d achieved anything. It’s the media’s fault for the mis-call, not the athlete. It doesn’t sound like she was in captivity though in retrospect. Not her fault either. It would be interesting to get her take on it.

        1. Look up the Senate hearings on her and Pat Tillman. She testifies during the hearing that the image of her as a female Rambo that was perpetuated by the military was absolutely false.

    4. The Jessica Lynch fraud was debunked back in 2003 (also, the “first gulf war” was Bush’s daddy in the 1990s).
      She was not taken hostage at all. She got lost, and was rescued by some Iraqis who took her to a local hospital. One of the doctors treated her and gave a note to US soldiers saying there was an American woman here, come get her.

      1. The problem I have is that one has to rely on the MSM to debunk the MSM. And then the fringe media would get even more treacherous. You know? Why should I believe Salon? I’m not saying they’re wrong. I’m just mostly done with the media. I read the book about Matt Shepherd (no homo), the little queer who was beaten and tied to a fence post in Wyoming. Remember that story? He was sainted by the media and basically paraded around as a corpse for the glory of gay victimhood. Turns out he was depraved meth-head degenerate midget TRASH who was killed over drugs by other little midget meth-head bisexual fags who had fucked him (literally) on several occasions in lieu of cash as they sold him drugs. I was advised to read that book by a friend in order to get some kind of perspective on how extraordinarily insane MSM is getting.

        1. yep, and it was debunked by a gay journalist to boot, yet no one is aware of this…

  12. come on. first the female ghostbusters, now a transgender sniper who fights rapeculture? whoever produces that: fuck you. this is the next level of shit

      1. This better prepares her for life after military service, in case she can’t find employment, she can “rinse” beta males for expensive gifts.

    1. Spending taxpayer dollars because of…..titties.
      Not helicopters, ammo, tanks, etc….we need more titties to defeat the enemy. Too funny (and sad).

  13. Satire aside, Hillary (or some other old hag) likely will win the next election or the one after. We already have a female head of money printing. The question on my mind is if they are setting things up to fall while women are in power, thus using them as scapegoats to turn the culture around, or if they plan to make it worse going forward.

  14. Let them run into the meat grinders…..kuntz have been getting away with hiding under the table when the bullets and howitzers start firing for centuries. The present crop of feminazis should stand up and be counted, fly the jets, drive the tanks, walk the battlefield, hide in the foxhole. I’ll be on the porch sipping a cold one reading a book as the sun sets……….

        1. they exist…these organisms are out there walking in the public amongst us.

        2. Yeah, I know.
          We have a place called German Village that is full of these idiots. I open carry there when walking with my family for our annual art walk in the summertime, and when they stop and sneer at me, and they do (often holding hands, yay!) I point and laugh.
          My wife kind of cringes during these times, but my son and daughter join in with vim and vigor. heh.

        3. It’s like MIB, where are Will Smith an Tommy Lee Jones when you need them?

        4. “Gerbal Village” , High Street ! When I was 18 and naive, I was driving down Gerbal Village but stopped at a restaurant to grab a bite to eat, one with a rainbow flag colored canopy at the entrance. I didn’t know what the “Rainbow Fag” meant at the time. I walked in and noticed 2 guys holding hands and I stopped and as I turned to walk out, the queer ass host said “Don’t be afraid young man, come on in. ” .

        5. You chose….wisely.
          Place is a fag factory. Which makes open carry there that much more enjoyable. End of the day they’re bullies until they realize that they can’t make you back down. Pointing and laughing, or talking about them like they were not there to others is the height of entertainment. Some of the art is pretty cool too, usually from places where you don’t know the “lifestyle” of the artist, naturally.
          These types don’t get up to my area much. It’s a wonder.
          Schiller park for the summer Shakespeare plays is a great time too.

        6. It’s actually cool to have a few folks here who get my local references, nice to have others who can relate, heh.

        7. I used to pass through somewhat often. I always thought German Village was just the historical district. The Short North had the fag factory reputation. Open carry……that’s great, I’m surprised they have enough courage to sneer.

        8. Short North has gone faggy 20 something Hipster, and yeah, plenty of gays (20 something) there without question. They’ve just added the Hipster component to them. It’s hard to tell the difference most days to be honest. German Village is CHOCK full of the 30-something gay population, the professionals and such and is more quiet, but probably more gays in density than the Short North, they’re just more secure in it and don’t need to throw it in your face all the time.

    1. Sorry dude, i don’t speak SJ retardese.
      If you find the answer let me know. I’m curious what this means too.

      1. I tried skimming that list. After about 5 seconds I got an intense itch all over my body and a sickening feeling of malaise, so I had to close it ..

        1. sounds like a bad case of straight sickness. I hear they’re close to stamping out that scourge of olden times

      2. They are chicks, all chicks. How so? Sex is the single most important thing in their lives, it’s how they define themselves as human beings.

    2. It’s nothing. She has a vagina and she was born with a vagina. It means “I’m so special I transcend all categories- you can’t put me in a box, maaaaaaan.”

    3. I’ll pass on her. I’d rather go re-visit my girl in Wheeling,
      who had such a seneitive feeling,
      that everytime she’d itch,
      she’d have such a tremendous twitch,
      that she could pee all the way to the ceiling.

  15. as if Michael fucking Moore would choose walking into a gunfight versus hiding safely behind a sniper scope

  16. I don’t get it. If a combat unit was half female or more, who would carry their gear from the truck to the barracks, dig trenches, maintain the vehicles, and do every fucking thing else?
    Would all the women ride in vehicles while the men did road marches and combat patrols? Or just hang out in the company office?
    Would battalions have to be 50% larger since half the women would be knocked up at any given time? (And 100% would get knocked up before a particularly undesirable deployment)
    Can you tell I served in some units with women?

    1. Ha!
      Me too, during the mid 1980’s when it was just an experiment. The experiment failed. So no surprise, we doubled down and went full monty stupid.
      The vehicles following the runs and marches was the real tell that most noticed. But say something to a green soldier with tits? You’re in trouble.

      1. Seen it myself. Many instances, but one in particular comes to mind. OCS Quantico summer 1998. Literally 2 dark green female marines who were enlisted at the time (meaning they had been through enlisted boot camp) made it. TWO! Now, apropos to female privileged they did not earnestly try to kick out the females for every little thing as they did to the males, but then again they didn’t need to…it was near 100% attrition. But, that resulted in literally ALL of them limping around on injured status. Picture a whole platoon on crutches. It was ridiculous. On one force march it was very hot. The females fell behind immediately after stepping off and then hogged the trucks, water bulls and corpsman. Then one of the male candidates fell back and went full heat stroke. No one had but a sip or two of water left since it was back with the females. We did our best. Poor kid. Took them forever to get to him. Gents, men and women are fucking different.

        1. I did OCS at Quantico in the summer of 1998 too, and I can vouch for the accuracy of this. I don’t know if I was in the same platoon as the one you’re thinking of, but we had a kid go down that summer and he unceremoniously got the silver bullet by the side of the trail, then laid there with his pants down and a thermometer sticking out of his ass for what seemed like an hour. As I recall, we all had to pour our own canteens over him to cool him off while the corpsmen tried to triage the females before coming to his aid.

        2. No way. PLC juniors? Shoot let’s see…Gunny Orland I think was my senior. I’ll look it up. That was a fucking hot day.

        3. Yeah dude, PLC juniors. I can’t remember my senior’s name, think it started with a H, but the juniors were Ferrell and Miller. Swift was the PC – huge, jacked, dark green Harrier pilot. 4th platoon.
          I might be wrong, but I think they do two India companies each summer, a first half and a second. Same for Echo company. I think I was there for the first half of summer because I remember getting back to school and having lots of time to fuck off before classes started again. Of course, I was already dreading having to go back for Seniors the next year.

        4. How about that shit! I remember your Platoon leader…he was huge! Good to make your acquaintance again.
          Question, have you noticed a lot of Marines in the Manosphere? There are definitely a few on ROK for sure. And, I’m curious to just get you’re basic views and thoughts on the Manosphere in general. Part of me thinks that we’ve seen a lot of this feminist bullshit occur first hand while serving in what was supposed to be a hyper masculine branch of the armed services.

        5. I think it’s the last haven of masculinity in the armed forces. I had to laugh last year when the Marine Corps tried to raise the physical requirements of females then had to pull back because 55 percent of them failed. I went to Parris Island before all of this coed training nonsense. By the time my brother went a couple of years later they were starting to integrate the force marches. Same story; end of the march, all of the men still standing, all of the women lying exhausted in the back of the six-bys that were following them. I wonder how many men will have to get killed before they realize that women in combat will never be effective?

        6. I have. Generally, I think the manosphere is a good development – I personally found it to be a breath of fresh air once I discovered it. However, I still think it’s to fractional. You see it here, someone writes a thought provoking article, and gets chided for not writing another “how to bang 100 sluts” piece.
          I saw plenty of bullshit, but I was combat arms, so to some extent I was insulated from it. At the end of the day, I think this feminism shit will break in the Marine Corps first because there is really no alternative. When you really boil it down, the Marine Corps is about one thing – killing the enemy – either you can do it, or you can’t. These recent experiments with integrating females into the infantry have been amusing. So far, no female officer has survived the first day of IOC. And these dipshits are touting the handful of females that graduate from the enlisted course, while ignoring that they have an 80+% washout rate among only the toughest females who were willing to volunteer. Personally, I don’t think it will ever happen, and this may be the turning point. However, even if it does (which could happen if they force them to lower standards), it could still be a turning point once some integrated unit fails catastrophically on the battlefield – ala the Jessica Lynch convoy.
          I’ve often heard it said that America doesn’t need a Marine Corps, it wants one. The day that a Marine unit get’s massacred because females were in combat roles, you’ll see a huge backlash against this shit. Of course, that sucks for the dudes who will have to die fighting next to some incompetent WM, but that’s what society has decided we want to do.

        7. I was at An Nas when that whole bullshit about lynch went down. F, her, plenty of other men got it in that shit city. I hear you on the fractional nature of the manosphere at present, but, I see it improving. Roosh is turning out to be a very good leader and if there is ever a guy focused on the bangs its him, yet, we’re seeing more articles on ROK that tell guys that sex isn’t everything. Speaking of Marines in the Manosphere and the issue of its current fractional status, Quintas Curitus is also a fellow Jarhead, and, an officer too. I trust you saw this but, if not, this is a very good read.
          A few months back I had a similar epiphany along the same lines as Neomasculinity. I called it “The New Masculinity”, which is the basic idea that the Manosphere are men who are bettering themselves and looking to preserve their true nature a la masculinity. One of the planks is to firmly established the masculinity is the nature and right state for men or 1/2 of humanity. I also, discussed how we’ve transgressed hitherto impossible barriers as it relates to race, religion, ethnicity etc. BUT, I also said that we know our enemies by who is attacking masculinity, which is feminists and homosexualists. Ergo, exclusive or not, the New Masculinity cannot include those groups simply because they seek to destroy us. Thats just me.
          Separately any thoughts on Quintas’s Neomasculinity?
          P.S. Agree w/ your comments on the USMC’s little experiments. I’ll tee-up a sea story or two regarding “wm’s”…suffice to say I’ve seen l/cpl’s (female) compromise the integrity of the chain of command by having the senior enlisted and officers afraid of them all because a sexual harassment this or that would ruin promotion.

        8. Yeah, I was in An Nasiriyah in OIF-I too – with RCT 1. Highway 7 was a fucking shit show. I see people in the manosphere occasionally wish for the collapse to hurry along. I try to warn them off it, because having see it firsthand, I have no desire to see it again, especially when I won’t be surrounded by well armed combat tested Marines.
          That’s why I advocate that we have to resist this shit when we see it and push back and try to change the current momentum without scrapping the whole system.
          As to neomasculinity, I have mixed feelings. I generally agree with the idea – new tactics and strategies to achieve older and better outcomes. However, I am always hesitant to attach labels to anything. It makes it too easy for enemies to dismiss you as not worthy of serious debate – in fact, we do the same to some of these transqueerlesbiquestionalfagophile retards here. Labelling people as “Tea Baggers” is a quick example – it becomes easy to craft a dismissive shorthand for your argument once you attach a label to it, whereas if you didn’t openly state an affiliation, it forces people to deal with the merits of your positions, which is where they lose. Of course, attaching the label also draws the attention of the enemy, and if you’re dug in with plenty of ammo, you can just mow those fucks down in the open.

    2. They are doing the same thing with fire departments. The FDNY has changed its requirements (less of a physical test required) so that the department can become more “diverse” (give more women a pass to get in).
      You have to love the fact that your home is on fire, your family’s life is in danger and they’re going to send in mediocre, diverse firefighters so that everyone can feel better about it.
      Sad times, indeed.

    3. Dude I was in the military and had to work on the flight line in negative degree weather. Well, we had “foul weather” jackets just for that. Those that worked in foul weather would be issued one. So, I went to the supply officer and he told me that they didn’t have anymore. I accepted it as part of limited supplies. Well, one day I was in the admin office of our hanger where all the yeoman (mainly women) worked pushing paper behind the dest. Not to mention, there was central heat and air, and noticed that every one of them had foul weather jackets on the back of their chairs.
      That is the day that I stopped supporting women in the military.

  17. The problem with this article is most ISIS members arn’t white men an leftists an SJW types believe only white men have a rape culture. They never aknowlege repression of women from non white communities.

  18. Where are all the strong women in Syria/Iraq standing up to ISIS? Apart from the Kurdish women where are all the Sunni Women making a stand?
    Where are the feminists flying out to Syria and Iraq volunteering to joining anti ISIS forces?
    Where are all those guys who march on Gay Pride marches, why are there not thousands flying out to fight ISIS?
    The only westerners who I have seen go to Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS are white British, Americans and Australians.
    The only Asians and Blacks I have seen leave the west to fight in the Middle East have joined ISIS in its fight against the West.

    1. Yes, the war on men is very real
      unfortunately for the enemy….. it’s just making us smarter and stronger, as history has always shown

  19. It would be a truly laughable sight to have a female army.
    All the drama, catfights, hell those bitches might even start shoot each other.
    I would rather have an army of 500 fat, lazy, neckbearded, nerdy, geeky slobs than an army of 20,000 women of varying skill level and fitness. At least those guys play military video games and would be more tactically aware with better hand-eye coordination.
    I remember Gaddafi had a private bodyguards of women who were all smoking hot. Hey only paraded with them to be seen with beautiful women strutting around him.

    1. Female POW’s would fall in love with their captors and join their side.

      1. Hypergamy in war zone. The highest ranking officer is hottt. In the event she gets captured, the highest ranking enemy officer is hottt.

    2. Those hot women bodyguards didn’t help much when the rebels caught him and assfucked him senseless in a sewer pipe before shooting him in the head after he’d been forced to suck them all clean. (True story – and the women bodyguards weren’t there)

  20. I hate movies with ‘strong female leads’. It is absolutely pointless and retarded. Every year Hollyweird ramps it up and I see more and more of them. That’s why I barely watch hollyweird movies; i usually try to watch some foreign movies instead.
    This scene is one I watched recently, a movie called Raid Redemption (2011 Indonesian film). I also watched the second one, Raid 2 (2014).

    1. The Raid films are the shit. The Thing (1982) is one of my favorites. I just realized recently that there are zero women in the film. When they remade it, they had to cast some pretty 28 year old as the tough lead.

        1. The effects in the Thing (John Carpenters) were outstanding for the time, no fucking CGI unlike the remake/prequel which had its charm in that it tied into the original plot.
          The scene where the guy is having a heart attack and they try to bring him back with a defibrillator is insane……I saw it when I was 15 and had nightmares for weeks!! “You gotta be fucking kidding me.”
          It is a classic…. almost a perfect movie in my book. The Raid movies were cool also……. the Dredd movie ripped them off…..

  21. Operation Hug ISIS – where’s the source for that? Can’t find it anywhere

  22. “She somehow racked up a staggering 101 kills in her brief time in Iraq and earned the nickname “Badass” from her combat girlfriends.”
    If only liberal feminists were this useful. We can send them to Iraq and declare the war useless when they get back!

  23. sometimes I get disgusted reading these types of articles (no offense to the author)

  24. American sniper is not even remotely nationalistic, it just felt like a normal war movie to me with too much emphasis on the guy’s feelings. The average Chinese TV drama about the Sino-Japanese wars is a million times more nationalistic, with lots of entertaining gory scenes – all on prime time TV

  25. True story. I’m serving as a medic officer on board a NATO operated missile cruiser in active duty (no drill). Caught in the midst of a full force open sea storm everyone is either throwing up or lost in the high of anti-nausea medication. The captain makes his way to the Information&Communications Room. Everybody’s waiting for his words of sympathy. He turns and faces the two female Inf&Com officers. He than asks them if everyone else (including me) is making them feel comfortable – because they’ve been having their synchronized periods during our active NATO mission! 2 menstruating gals trump nearly 50 seasick men every time in official NATO policy…

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