What The Trump Skeptics Got Wrong

There have been few true upsets in our history: Caesar crossing the Rubicon, Wellington’s victories at Assaye and Waterloo, and Washington’s victory at Yorktown over the most professional army in the world.  It is often said that when General Charles O’Hara (who had the dubious distinction of surrendering to both George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte) surrendered Cornwallis’s sword, the band played “The World Turned Upside Down.”

Today, the establishment and the intellectuals cannot help but share a similar sentiment as Cornwallis or O’Hara did at Yorktown.  And I fully admit: In spite of my vote for Trump, I fully expected him to lose.  The polls, his 60% negative approval rating, and the sheer forces of the media, the FBI and even some Republicans were arrayed against him.


My skepticism of Trump was not his ideas, but his chances of winning the election. Myself, and other conservative intellectual skeptics who voted for him, were wrong.

I am one of the intellectuals who expected a Trump defeat.  I’ve been studying politics, history and economics for years, reading countless books on the matter from The Prince to Freakonomics to The Wealth of Nations.

And I was wrong.  It was a Canadian housewife and an Iranian pickup artist who called it correctly for Trump.  Trump beat the odds, he beat the intellectuals, and made the establishment “babies in the hands of a giant” as was said after Napoleon’s resounding victory at Austerlitz in 1806.

The left is currently in panic-mode in an attempt to explain how they lost.  They are calling Trump supporters racist, sexists, homophobic and even sex offenders!  But in the end, it was this same blindness that made them psychologically incapable of defeating Donald Trump.


Trump was immune to almost all conventional political weapons.

Trump won because of the following

1. The left seemed far more interested in calling Trump and his supporters racist than saying something of substance.

2. Outlets such as the New York Times did blatantly stupid crap like try to blame the NRA for the Orlando Shootings, and even tried to call them terrorists.  In this, they beat even Trump in outrageousness: they thought the American people were stupid, so they just lied to them and said “fuck it, those peasants will believe anything we write.”

3. All Trump had to do was call them on their bullshit, and call them liars.  And he was 100% right: the MSM has lied to the American people this entire election cycle.  Subsequent to every terrorist attack perpetrated by a Muslim, the MSM continued to push the narrative that “home grown right-wing terrorism is the real problem.”  Trump called them on their lies, and the American people, who are tired of being lied to by the MSM, cheered him on, even if he had a few issues with the truth himself.

4. The Democrats ran the absolute worst candidate possible.  Hillary Clinton had negative approval ratings that rivaled Trump’s own.  And she was bland.  And she couldn’t decide if she was a moderate or a firebrand progressive.  And she is corrupt, and lied about it, stupidly thinking the American people were too ignorant to understand that putting classified information on a private email server is a recklessly irresponsible thing to do.

5. Trump knew how to communicate with people.  He knew that whites without a college degree were tired of being talked down to by progressives on the left and genuine intellectuals on the right (like myself).  I freely admit I am guilty of this: when you study two thousand years of philosophy, economics and rhetoric (Cicero was particularly effective), it is sometimes frustrating when people don’t approach a situation in terms of axioms and proofs.  The working class that built America go by what they feel in their gut, and often times, they are right.

All in all, the left failed because they failed to understand America.  They bought into the idea that “Americans are stupid…haha!” Americans are not stupid: they may not be smart, but they sure as hell know when a liberal taking head is lying to them about now the NRA is basically the Taliban in an obviously biased hit piece.


Hillary took working class Americans for granted, and she lost. This should stand as a parallel for black Americans whom the Democrats also take for granted.

I am pleased that Donald Trump is now President-Elect.  He wasn’t just a candidate, he was the anti-candidate. He did everything a politician should not do.  He used vulgar language.  He talked freely about his ideas.  He made no pretense about being polite to those who are destroying America.  He turned weaknesses (such as his spotty track record) into strengths that would have ended any other candidate’s campaign.  He was the un-candidate America needed.

I have high hopes for Trump’s presidency.  In spite of my tepid support, I see Trump as a President who can do a lot of good, and has the potential to do more good than any President of recent memory.

First, Trump spat in the face of PC culture and won.  Just as Scott Walker took on the Unions in Wisconsin and cucked them by winning the recall election by getting more votes than he did in the previous election, Trump defeated the SJW’s.  If Trump can keep this up, we can achieve a major strategic victory in the war against political correctness, and get back to a concept called “actually being correct.”

Secondly, Trump is an unapologetic nationalist.  He loves America, and doesn’t give a damn if you think Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States is a great book.  The Department of Cultural Guilt that has infected schools in America teaches children to hate their own country.  I look forward to seeing Trump abolish the practice of teaching children that the Founding Fathers were evil racists, the British Empire did nothing good for the world, and that America is the greatest evil the world has ever seen.

Lastly, Trump is the antithesis of everything the Social Justice Warriors stand for: a successful alpha male who tells people to go fuck themselves and still gets elected.  I hope to see a rise in masculinity in America: studies have shown that testosterone levels are down among the American male population.  This should rise under Trump, as men embrace their masculinity instead of hiding it for fear of being accused of sexual assault.

I was a Trump skeptic.  I underestimated him.  I didn’t disagree with him on much (perhaps maybe 20% of his platform), but I had little faith he could pull it off.  And I was vocal about my concerns regarding his elect-ability.  But like the liberals, I was wrong.  And a Canadian housewife and a former pickup-artist-turned-conservative-philosopher were 100% right.

I recall something I told a fellow soldier while on a long, boring convoy operation in Iraq: “When a genius says something, others say ‘wow, that is way above my head.’  But when a true genius says something, others say ‘wow, why didn’t I think of that before?!”  Trump is a true genius: he stated the obvious to the American people and made them believe he wanted to Make America Great Again (and I think he genuinely does).  He didn’t use fancy graphs or focus groups: he spoke the truth, without political correctness.

And now he is President-Elect.

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363 thoughts on “What The Trump Skeptics Got Wrong”

    1. I sense a palpable relief in the subconscious minds of women and blue pill men that we have a leader with balls. A leader with balls makes people comfortable, even if he’s about to start WW3 (which BTW Trump is absolutely not going to do – why would a real estate mogul with a family legacy to protect start up pointless wars – the democrat argument was a mute point to me.)
      It’s absolutely clear that Trump kicked the door in big time. There was no way he was meant to steal the nomination from Jeb and absolutely no way in hell he was meant to get elected. He sent the elites scrambling with GOP hardliners like Colin Powell and GW II himself coming out for Hillary. (I believe Hillary was always a patsy to lose and probably Bill was in on it – what a great revenge against his pseudo (lesbo) wife).
      But NO DAMN WAY IN HELL was Trump meant to be president. He force fed democracy back to the GOP, the MSM and then the entire world. This is not just a presidential election it’s a global shift.
      But then I sense a certain similarity between Trump being elected and Obama being elected. “Government for the people by the people, Make America Great, Change you can believe in”. – It’s the same BS line we’ve been fed a dozen times before.
      Hillary was the candidate choice to lose. Jeb was meant to be the one. Clearly with the GOP winning full control of house and senate, Jeb was the anointed one. NOT and NEVER Hillary.
      So the question is : At some point in the proceedings, sometime after the GOP convention was Trump flipped, and is he now just another insider, another politician making false promises ? Pretty easy to flip a man with great wealth and large family. Tragic if Donald Junior winds up in a wheel chair at 15 isn’t it ? Tragic if Ivaka suddenly gets nailed in a car crash Diana style – can be. Trump was pretty easily threatened and pretty easily flipped to be yet another Obama type puppet.
      All the ho ha from the right wing, is just the same as the ho ha from the left wing when Obama first got in. The Trump website full of hope and promise and by the people for the people is exactly the same crock of shit Obama fed everyone as he came into office, fired the national debt to the moon, funded ISIS and the NSA. OPS !. Change you cannot fucking see in the midday sun.
      So most likely Trump is another one the same and he simply placates the right wing, while the left wing fires up for round two and next time we get a gay, lesbian, feminist president, that makes Obama and Hillary look like Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

      1. We’ll have to wait and see on that one, but I suspect he’s another false hope. I mean, anybody who gets in a position to be elected is NWO-approved. No exceptions to that these days. That being said, I’m glad he’s in. Hillary would have made us an even bigger laughingstock. So now, maybe that gets delayed, as you noted, until the gay/transgender/feminist presicunt is elected after Trump…

  1. Leonard Cohen died, the guy who wrote and sang this disgusting hitpiece:
    Rest in hell.
    Now a Blogger from the FAZ (one of the three biggest newspapers in germany) reports about Breitbart in a positive light (he also calls out feminists on using the term hate speech while preaching hate themselves):
    Is this shit really happening? Feels like a dream. A wet dream.

  2. The Democrats’ leaders and ideologues have gone out their way to alienate normal white people, and now they suffer the consequences. You can’t imagine the dedication of older poor whites like my grandparents to the Democratic Party in the 1960’s, out of gratitude for what Franklin Roosevelt did for them in the New Deal; and in father’s case, out of appreciation for the G.I. Bill, which enabled him to go to college. The Democrats back then didn’t have to pander to blacks, Hispanics and sexual degenerates to win elections.
    Now that this party makes normal white people feel unwelcome and unappreciated, they have taken their organizational abilities with them and gone over to the Republicans, while leaving the incompetents behind with the Democrats. White people just run things better on average, and this will give the Republicans some advantages from now on even if the nation’s demographics have turned against them.

  3. I donn’t understand why everyone is so excited, do you understand that you all got tricked by a con man. Donald Trump was a New York City liberal who was a registered Democrat most his life. Being the con man that he is, he realized it’s much easier to get elected as a republican than a Democrat because of gerrymandering and the Voting Rights Act, and Democrat voters are too stupid to come out and vote. He also realized Republican voters are typically stupid and don’t pay attention to the issues, how else do you explain Congress having the lowest approval rating ever yet all the same Republicans were voted back into the office. He won the Republicans Heart by simply saying a few words about Mexicans, guns, and Muslims. But now he is already backpedaling on his campaign promises. He said Obamacare was a disaster and he would get rid of it, now he’s saying he’s going to keep most of it just make a few changes. He’s no longer banning all Muslims and don’t hold your breath on a wall going up. He conned the entire Republican establishment. He’s for a big centralized government, big government spending, and government having their hands all over private businesses, all core values of the Liberals. All the cheering on here shows that you were all too dumb to realize you’re being conned. The stuff that really matters like the government being all in all aspects of your life is what you should have been worried about, not whether some woman is offended by what you say. The Republican establishment didn’t turn their back on him because of his comments, they turned their backs on him because of his liberal political agenda, they figured enough Republicans would see through his liberal policies and realize he wasn’t a true conservative, but boy were they wrong with how easily people could be conned. Thanks a lot Republican voters you stuck another big government candidate whose going to ballon are national debt and stick their hands all over private businesses into office.

    1. lot of that’s true, but you missed one thing: he is not Hillary Clinton. He has also has done a great deal to puncture PC culture and could well be responsible for ending it – even if he turns out to be big liberal pussy as you seem to think

      1. I don’t give 2 sh**s about PC culture, if someone is offended by what I say then oh well, doesn’t change my life. But a politician that is for a big centralized government, ballooning are debt, having their hands all over private business and running the health care system, well that does effect me, and I still can’t beleive people voted for him knowing that. There was so many good red blooded conservative candidates running in the primaries but to many dumb Republicans are easily conned by simple words.

        1. No one will build one, because the idea is stupid. Most illegal immigrants are here because they over stayed legal visas, instead of spending money on a wall, spend it on oversight for people that over stay their visa.

        2. trump ran as anti-establishment. You can look at his record in that respect, but it is his actions that will demonstrate whether he was fooling all of us. As for ‘big centralized government’, the fact that he’s going to go on a spending spree, doesn’t exactly make hillary anti-state: she was still the preferred insider candidate, but it became clear that could become counter-productive. Faced with the choice of a possibly two-faced Trump or Clinton in the White House the choice seems pretty obvious to me. If it really is all a manipulation, they’re going to do what they want to do, regardless of who we vote for but at least with Trump we can tackle some of the absurdities of our culture: PC was stifling us, and it doesn’t do to underestimate the significance of cultural change

        3. There’s nothing he can do to change PC culture because the majority of PC culture revolves around social media which are private businesses. If Facebook or Twitter wants to ban someone for saying stuff then that’s their right as a business to do that and the government has no right to intrude on what a private business does.

        4. there’s a great deal he can do. Look at the impact of Obama and title 9 on US educational establishments. Private businesses function within a legislative environment. The question isn’t if he can work to change PC culture (and as Roosh has already argued the mere fact of his win already has done colossal damage to PC culture) but whether he will actually follow through on expectations and promises. That is less certain.

        5. they’re grabbing 40,000 per month at the border, with more getting through, letting that go on year after year is beyond stupid

        6. You actually sound like a liberal. Everyone who doesn’t seize into this idea that only you can see is an idiot and a sucker. Every single one of those bought and paid for ASSHOLES, Jeb, Cruz, Chris Christie… For fucks sakes what the hell are you on about ? Everybody is an idiot because they didn’t vote in Jeb !? How are these parasites conservatives to you !? Have you seen Jebs wife !? His life !?

        7. Nope. PC culture revolves around education and entertainment. What did bush do in that regard ? He set up a massive cooperative effort between those companies and secret little groups in government to influence and monitor people. He was probably a real conservative and a good republican in your eyes. What is a conservative to you, and what is your preferred republican, what have they ever done to justify your loyalty ? Face book and Twitter aren’t acting alone when they censor anti immigrant or Muslim rapefugee resettlement. You seem to have one foot in both sides of the fence. People voted against the Republican Party for a very good reason.

        8. But hundreds of thousands over stay their visas, and nothing is done about that. But the money where the problem is.

        9. I’m honestly torn reading your posts. Make no mistake, I love Trump and what he represents. I also believe ROK should be a forum where men can have differing view points – western civilization was founded on a tradition of rational dissent after all. Having said that, your posts are a little too reminiscent of CTR tactics: saying…
          “but to many dumb Republicans are easily conned by simple words”
          repeatedly just seems to be provoking argument, not inviting discourse.
          My $0.02

        10. I understand, its hard for me to say it any other way. I guess a better argument from me would be that the people aren’t dumb if they’re fine with a big centralized government, massive government spending, government run health care, government involvement in private business and all they really wanted was a guy who talked about deportation and banning Muslims, then i guess they got their guy. But if they truly believed any of it then they really are dumb. Or if they didn’t see the actual liberal policies that went along with the sound bites of banning Muslims and building walls then they’re dumb, but if they did see them and still voted for him then I guess they got exactly what they voted for

      2. I doubt ending the PC culture is a priority for Trump. All that talk got him votes which was the purpose. He trashed talked Obama for years then this week said his talk with Obama influenced his new opinion on Obamacare. Come on people. The US isn’t going to go turn into a White Christian lead patriarchal society despite voters coming from that demographic. Black people jumped on the vote for Obama and did that change anything for them? He’s just going to do what every other president before him did, change his mind, and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it for the next four years.

        1. well, we’ll see. He can afford to be a politician and go back on a lot of his promises, but he can’t afford to completely reverse course. You’re right that the demographic power bases may not change much, but if he’s got to where he is, it would be foolish to think there wasn’t a reason for that.

        2. You don’t think that the plan was to tell everyone everywhere to fuck off constantly until he end of time did you ? He has people where he wants them. Ready to get the fuck in line. Housewives will be changing build a wall in two years.

        3. “He trashed talked Obama for years then this week said his talk with Obama influenced his new opinion on Obamacare. Come on people.”
          Trump wants to appear moderate and friendly because the transition of power hasn’t happened yet. Obama still has time to provoke a war with Russia, incite enough riots, and/or detonate one or more nukes in American cities, to declare an emergency and refuse to step down.

        4. Yep, and he’s worst then any of them because of the extreme platform he ran on and the complete 180 he’s going to do

        5. No, Trump conned the Republican voters because that party is the easiest way to get elected and most Republican voters are dumb enough to fall for simple sound clips like build a wall and ban Muslims, that’s all he had to say to get their vote, they didn’t look into his policies and say “wait a second, if he actually does put tariffs on things its gonna make all the stuff I buy that I can barely afford now way more expensive!”

        6. No I don’t think that was his plan but some of his supporters seem to think that he will dictatorship style make sweeping changes and I don’t think that will happen. Some changes yes but his main selling points are the most unrealistic changes. Example Obamacare: he said he will basically wipe that out and now he’s saying he will make changes to it. NAFTA: a lot of those trades are locked in and yes any country can withdraw from it but this will cause legal consequences plus there are millions of people in the US who have jobs because of NAFTA. He opts out that’s millions out of work and his plan is to bring jobs right? NATO: he has a point on that for sure. I don’t see him pulling out though. I think the countries who aren’t contributing their share will find a way to step up rather than have the US pull out. The wall: not going to happen with Mexico’s money.
          A lot of right wing Christians and patriarchal minded Americans voted for him but their religiously based ideals will be low on his priority list because these ideals ultimately have little affect on the economy, national debt, defence, and foreign policy.

        7. There was a reason he got there but I do think that many of his supporters will be disappointed in the next couple of years when he doesn’t deliver on some of the his key voting points.

        8. Yes things will be more expensive for sure. Also if he removes all of the Mexican illegal immigrants, that will be leave a dent. Whose hiring them? Americans are. They hire them because they don’t want to pay them much. Removing them isn’t going to mean these business owners will happily hire Americans and pay them more. They’ll either downsize or be forced to shut down. There are rippling negative effects for some of the extreme changes he promised to put in place but some of his supporter don’t see that because they are imagining the the eutopia he has promised them.

        9. that’s usually the way. Actually, I’m not too keen on torturing suspects or killing families of terrorists even if a harder line may be necessary. I just hope he delivers where it matters

    2. Trump was a standard New York liberal, generally apololitical and a ‘Democrat’ because everyone else in the room was.
      Regarding the ACA, you’re falling victim to leftist propaganda. He pledged to honor Obama’s request to exercise prudence. Outlets have gone off and spun it as TRUMP NOW LOVES OBAMACARE!!!
      Republicans turned their backs in a cowardly attempt to shield themselves from a candidate they just knew couldn’t win. They’re coming back in droves.
      If you ever really believed a wall was going up, I’ve got some beachfront property in Nevada for you.
      Figuring out appropriate immigration policy from Muslim dominated countries is still very much on the table. The objective is to slow America-hating ideologues from immigrating, not just to blanket-ban Muslims for all time.

      1. Trump said Obamacare was a disaster and would scrap it, now he’s saying something completely different, that’s not media spin, that’s him being exactly what he ran on from the get go, for a big centralized government. Trump said he was going to build a wall, and thats a big reason many people voted for him. He’s for big government, and government interfering in private businesses. Like I said, to many people were to stupid to look past Walls, Muslims and Guns to see his true liberal political agenda and actually vote in a true conservative in the primaries. He conned a whole lot of people, I just wonder when the outrage from the right will come out when they realize what has happened.

        1. Trump’s platform is pretty Libertarian, the true manifestation of conservativism. The ‘true conservatives’ you love too often get in, then tax and spend just like Democrats.
          Being reasonable and considerate isn’t waffling, it’s the sign of a good leader. Acting completely unilaterally the all time is the sign of an idiot. ‘Obama: Take a look. Trump: OK, I’ll give you that.’ That’s called being mature.

        2. Ok, we’ll wait and see, but trust me, Obamacare is going nowhere, if anything under Trump we will get more government intrusion on health care. And Trump is going to ballon are national debt if he does what he says, if he doesn’t do what he says then hes just another lieing politician the exact thing that Republicans voted against

        3. And the ‘true conservatives’ he loves NEVER stand up to the bogus sexism & racism accusations against them.
          TRUMP on the other hand stood up for his male campaign worker — Corey Lewandowski — who was falsely accused of assault. And as due process played out it was proven that he was victim of another attention whore trying to destroy an innocent mans career.

        4. I’m not sure Trump’s platform is libertarian at all.
          It’s anti-amnesty and reasonably big-government, pretty much the antithesis of libertarianism.

        5. A lot of people from the right came out to express their outrage. No insignificant part of this was directed at the republican establishment. Those who are not even close to small government conservatives, are we seriously supposed to hold our breath for mittens !? Lol

        6. Things I heard over the past 1.5 years:
          Trump is not a serious candidate
          Trump will drop out by July.
          Trump will never break (10,20,30,40)%
          Trump will drop out in December.
          Trump is finished by [latest scandal].
          Trump will never win the Republican primary.
          Trump will never win the presidency.
          May I suggest a new crystal ball?

        7. Things I heard out of Trumps mouth
          Obama care is a disaster and my first order of business will be to get rid of it
          Trump yesterday on some of the provisions ” I like those things very much”

        8. This has nothing to do with believeing MSM, it has to do with having ears and the ability to hear and hearing it come out of his mouth.

        9. “it has to do with having ears and the ability to hear and hearing it come out of his mouth.”
          It’s called ‘discernment’, and not taking things out of context.

      1. Nope, just a re bloods American that can’t stand the government trying to have a hand in every aspect of my life, the exact thing that Trump is going to continue to do, I wasn’t for him in the primaries and wasnt for him as President either, I was smart enough to see through that New York city liberal con man, unfortunately I underestimated how many stupid Republican voters were out there that couldn’t tell when they were being conned. Keep enjoying your government run health care and government spending spree under Trump, just don’t act surprised because it’s what he campaigned on from the get go

        1. He’s upset HRC lost. Because if she’d won … he then could have told us how she would’ve lost if we had nominated Ted Cruz.

        2. Ted Cruz is just unlikable. His policy is irrelevant. Nominating him is the R equivalent of nominating Hillary.

    3. Oh here we go …
      One of the CRUZbots upset the millions of working class Americans who’ve been neglected & forgotten for decades didn’t choose a guy who regurgitated text book conservative ideology & was beyond obsessed with projecting himself as THE 2nd Reagan.

      1. Its not that he didn’t regurgitate conservative ideas, its that he regurgitate liberal ideology. He’s for big centralized government, massive government spending, and government all over private businesses. How can people not see that!!!

        1. I really don’t know as Cruz is reasonably open with his big-government liberalism.
          Somehow he made himself into the “projection candidate” and folks on the right fell for it.

        2. Its not there? Hes gonna put tariffs on private U.S. companies that manufacture outside of the U.S., that’s anti-capitalism and he should be ashamed of himself for even mentioning it. He’s for government run health care. He said he’s going to spend a trillion on infrastructure and ballon the military spending. He said no reform to SSI.

    4. If you want to go full cuck and curl up in the fetal position because the media’s lies on Trump got to you, be my guest. Don’t bother us with it.
      Roosh – Verified account ‏@rooshv

      I have no patience for hopeless cynics. It hasn’t been four days and they are screaming Armageddon about Trump breaking promises. Go away.

      1. i think it’s about managing expectations, and being clear about what can be achieved and what is likely to remain the same as it always was. We’ve had a year of Trump fandom, now we need to modulate to something more focussed if still constructive

        1. All of a sudden, these cynics come crawling out of the woodwork.
          I’m considering the possibility some of them are paid to sow the seeds of discord among Trump’s supporter base in an attempt to delegitimize him.

        2. Quite possibly. I’m a Trump supporter and a Trump cynic though, and I’m not paid. I bet £30 pounds on Trump and won £165 at 9/2 odds and I want him to succeed. I’m happy for people to celebrate and enjoy the victory, but I think they will need to moderate their expectations, or at least watch carefully over the next few months – both before and after his inauguration – to see whether his actions match his words (beyond merely the usual broken promises of politicians). I think Trump reflects a new relationships with the elite, rather any kind of rejection. That isn’t necessarily a criticism. The left got where it was by being teacher’s pet. I would prefer a more critical and self-respecting relationship at every level, but splendid isolation won’t work for Trump, or at this point for us

    5. ” He said Obamacare was a disaster and he would get rid of it, now he’s saying he’s going to keep most of it just make a few changes.”
      This is simply incorrect. How are some people still getting their talking points from the MSM after what’s happened in the past year, lol.

      1. He basically said that he would keep 3 specific parts of it and they spin that he will not disassemble it, then he speaks of extreme vetting (a law wall) instead of making a real one and they say that he wants open borders…
        Yeah, the msm never learn…

        1. Deport, deport, deport and patrols, a wall alone does not work, it needs guards and for the most parts immigrants in the U.S. come through the airports and ovestay their visas, making that again a crime will halt them, deportation will make their numbers dwindle.

        2. Well, the thing is, you can install motion sensors on a wall and cameras etc. Maybe install some spray cannon that will color them with infrared-sensitive paint to detect them everywhere. etc etc

        3. but you need guys to physically stop them on top of that, Hungary proved that. But laws make even better walls, Hungary did not just made a fence it also made a crime to pass it or damage it and penalized illegal immigration. Russia also made a superb law some years ago that made illegals and visa overstayers dissappear withing weeks: It attacked the employers of illegals and demanded that for people to have immigrants to work in their companies a specific permit was required that has an annual fee of over 2000 euros, so most employers stoped thinking it. Also it made it more difficult to obtain citizenship which basically cut off most immigrants, in short only higher middle class people can immigrate there, mostly through international corporations.
          A wall on borders as big and as flat as that of the southern U.S. are very difficult to be walled in some rockier places that is easier, the problem is that the flatland does not allow it. Anyway you take the idea remove their reasons for coming (benefits, jobs etc) then they start dissappearning themselves while the start to stop coming.

        4. considering that most of the agri business in the US is run on illegal labor, because no self respecting tax payer wants to grind 18 hours a day picking cabbages, and no farmer can afford to pay more than the illegal rate… the illegal thing is a mute point. the problem is not illegal immigration it’s entitlements and social security. they can’t give 12 million people legal status because the system will go bankrupt over night.

      2. The shills have been going hard for months. Perhaps they have forgotten how to not lie? As for…
        “How are some people still getting their talking points from the MSM after what’s happened in the past year, lol.”
        So many people have convinced themselves that they are the smart ones and the Trump supporters the stupid ones, that they can’t face the truth; they were lied to and they fell for it. After all, smart people don’t believe blatant lies…do they?

      3. In correct? He’s talking about leaving kids on their parents until 26 and not letting insurance companies reject you for pre-existing conditions. Those 2 are the biggest sells of Obamacare. So now he’s running on a platform of government being able to tell private insurance companies that they have to cover everyone that wants it. This isn’t MSN saying this, it came out of Trumps mouth.

    6. Yeah right, everyone is stupid and there’s nothing that we can do but elect someone to burn it all down. The republican establishment is obsessed with destroying the domestic economy and actively works acts to enslave the majority of Americans. Fuck. The. Republican. Party. Republicucks got slammed the other night too, don’t otherwise. These establishment types don’t learn.

    7. Trump is no limited government libertarian, but neither are most Republicans. For now, I’m happy we can talk about some issues like immigration without being called ‘da rasis’ and tell the left PC to go blow themselves. Watching them cry was delicious.
      There are some things Trump can do at the executive for example like the tell the Border Patrol like yes, do enforce current immigration law and get them out of here. Maybe he can get someone better in the EPA to dismantle the CO2 regulation BS most of which was done by fiat anyway.

    8. Would say he was the lesser evil and a refreshing voice for many people opposed to the overdose of cultural Marxism that has saturated our culture.

  4. News from the troll-o-sphere and how the election of Trump has influenced things. I have long since been kicked off all the major left wing sites. But was still allowed to post at the Guardian as a commenter on probation whose posts were to be pre-monitored.
    Well, since the election, the Guardian has opened up a little. I am not officially on probation any more (even if in reality I am as they still delay all my posts by an hour or so). But I know longer get the red “pre-moderation” official warning.
    The left has reaqlized they need to let in a few cowboys who hate PC if they want to win. For all of Bill Clinton’s faults, he know one thing.
    That the dems need to get at least a few redneck votes. Not many. But Hillary believed that they had created a large enough zombies to where the good ol’ boys could be kicked out for good and that an army of commies and feminazis would carry the day.
    Well, the Guardian is back-pedaling. I think that the left has realized they may need a few white boys in the next election. They discarded us prematurely.
    Enjoy checking in on ROK now and then. But it is much more fun to troll the special snowfalkes at the Guardian than it is to post for people who agree with me here at ROK.

    1. Same happens in germany (like I wrote in my first comment under this article). A blogger from the FAZ (one of the biggest german newspapers) now has the chance to give a laudation on Breitbart, Pepe and the Alt-Right – which had been impossible prior to the election.

    2. The Guardian? They are to progressives what “Der Stürmer” was to nazis: a relentless propaganda mouthpiece.
      Just a day ago, they called for Trump’s assassination:
      I search for “Trump” via Google News and count at least five (!) Trump hit pieces by The Guardian.
      I really don’t get why any man here would bother with them. Starve the beast. Don’t give them clicks. Don’t give them legitimacy.

  5. Why the media and pollsters got it wrong :
    Media: All Trump supporters are racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic redneck bigot -ists. So now that we’ve established that, who are you voting for, again?
    Closet Trump Supporter 1: I’m abstaining
    CTS 2: Uh, Gary Johnson
    CTS 3: Hillary, I certainly love women.
    Media: There you have it, Hillary in a landslide.

  6. Why the media and pollsters got it wrong
    Media: All Trump supporters are racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic redneck bigot -ists. So now that we’ve established that, who are you voting for, again?
    Closet Trump Supporter 1: I’m abstaining
    CTS 2: Uh, Gary Johnson
    CTS 3: Hillary, I certainly love women.
    Media: There you have it, Hillary in a landslide.

    1. Democrat: “Dear white working class voters, why did you abandon us? WHY!”
      White working class voter: “Trump is going to make America great again.”
      Democrat: “You racist, sexist, homophobic, ignorant, xenophobic, islamophobic, retrograde, useless, dead weight- breathing precious air. You deserve to literally go extinct. We’re so much better than you. Do as we say!”
      White working class voter: “Build the wall.”

      1. 53 % of white women helped propel Trump to victory. The narrative that hillary had a landslide female vote, was completely wrong.

        1. I’ve said it before, here. Women hate other women. They’re genetically selected to view each other as competition, a threat. They’re mercenaries, the complete opposite of the tribal mentality that most blacks possess.

        2. Women also are drawn to masculinity and strength, because those qualities reasure their need for security. Trump is Masculine and is very Strong. The “sisterhood” that hillary was attempting to create was only so affective in trying to persuade women to vote for her based off of gender camaraderie, but in the end, no matter how much sister hood bonding hillary tried to establish with the female vote, the one thing her campaign overlooked, was catering to the female instinctual need for security, and at the end of the day, whether its the Man with the most resources, the strongest toughest guy, or the alpha in the pack, women will always choose the option that reasures their need for security, and in this election, the only candidate who could truly do that, was Trump.

        3. She did have alot of female votes, but according to a CNN poll Trump got 53% of the white female vote, how accurate that is could be debatable, after all, the polls were wrong this entire election.

        4. 1.) women are bitches and can never gang together in the same way men can.
          2.) It’s sexist and demeaning to women to assume they will automatically instigate the pussy vote just because Hillary has one.
          3.) Women prefer to be led by men NOT and never other women (with the exception of grandma or a mid wife helping in child birth women like to be led by men).
          4.) Hillary and the Gaga, Sandberg type feminists were completely presumptive of victory on the basis that everyone woman would vote for Hillary… see above.

        5. they didn’t even bother to finish counting the vote…. that’s how bad it was… NYtimes declared Hillary having the popular vote leaving Michigan and Arizona counting unfinished.

        6. And Cali, I read they still have 5 million votes to count, and most of them are from conservative areas. Don’t know how true that article was though, very sad we can’t even believe what we read in the news anymore.

        7. That’s what I was saying. Unless of course your polls were all frauds designed to make people vote for Hillary because she’s going to “win” or to discourage the so called “Deplorables” (ie:Americans that believe in rule of law etc) from voting for Trump.
          Either way they f****d up big time!!

      2. I just had a vision of the professional agitators being arrested and sentenced to a labour gang building the wall.

      3. Here’s the biggest problem with the wall — you can’t just stop an walling of Mexico. Wall of the blue with a big-red wall. Let them have all the social problems they are so fond of solving with their big-entitlement guberment, their Obama care, and their endless social programs. They can have their precious Hillary and her posse all to themselves. Elect as queen for all I care. No expensive civil war is necessary. Just some concrete and barbed wire to keep the rif-raff on their own side of the fence.

        1. The wall was just rhetoric. Even the guy who called in to the liberal NPR radio show the other night said that he’s voting for Trump because the wall. When the liberal host asked him for more details about the wall, how to build it and how much it costs, the yokel said that the wall is not what’s important, its the policies that are important, and the wall is merely a symbol prior to the election.
          In other words, “The Wall” was a phrase used to break through the thick skulls of idiotic liberals who simply are too stupid to understand policy more complex than “build the wall.” “The Wall” is simply the word used to move the overton window.
          We don’t even need a wall to deport and keep illegals out.
          But don’t tell liberals that. Its too complex for them to understand.

  7. To discover what is going on it doesn’t hurt to look at the markets. In the last 72 hours, both gold and emerging markets have suffered. I do wonder whether it was a targeted and anticipated attack (the same would have been harder to achieve with a Clinton win).
    Here is some random blogger commenting on Druckermiller’s comment that he sold his gold on election night, to which the blogger points out that he only sold ‘paper’ not physical gold.
    “The current trading action in gold is being fueled by the paper market manipulation. If you review overnight charts for the last 3 months, you’ll see that on average and in general gold moves higher during the eastern hemisphere physical gold trading hours and gets bombed once the London and NY paper gold markets open after the Asian markets close.
    It’s as simple as that. The paper gold market, like Drunkenmiller’s comments and investment rationale, are emblematic of the fraudulent, debt-riddled Ponzi nature of the U.S. and western hemisphere economies.
    While the mantle of “power” in the U.S. was handed from Uncle Tom to Andrew Dice Clay, the real financial, economic and political power is being shifted from the western hemisphere to the eastern hemisphere. The massive flow of physical gold from west to east is the root of this tectonic geopolitical and economic movement.”
    So basically in a sense Trump really is here to MAGA – not just through fighting political correctness (which the elites actually quite like) but through economic warfare with the China and the East etc.

    1. if you look here….
      you can see the entire election rested on 20k votes in MI, 50k votes in PA and 20k votes in WI – so easy to rig it…..
      It was meant to be Jeb… a bit more moderate… instead we get wildman Trump – but it’s all rigged in advance just the same.
      Trump is the right wing version of Obama…. keeps the gun totting righties happy, puts a few hard core lefties in their place for now…. 8 years…. flip and repeat… same old same old…. nothing to see here, other than a tiny advantage for red blooded men and a slight disadvantage for gender benders and queers…

      1. PA seems to be about 65k difference now, but I take your point: it wouldn’t be hard to manipulate
        Yeah, same old, same old. The important thing is we can get a Goldman Sachs banker as the White House Chief of staff and at the treasury, and neo-cons like Pence and probably John Bolton in charge of foreign policy. What’s not to like? Eat that Bill Kristol, you’re out in the cold now

  8. WAS Longterm democrat, former beta.
    The reason democrats,republicans & MSM lost is because people did not believe any of them any more. The last 3-5 decades has been a government that has not worked for the people and is now in the pockets of corporations and K street. If Donald had been the insider I would not have voted for him because I would not believe him and his corporate puppet strings.
    All 3 are still getting it wrong because they are looking at pie charts, demographics, polling results, pointing fingers in every direction and not accepting the fact that they DID NOT SERVE & REPRESENT THE PEOPLE THEY WERE WORKING FOR.
    6,000,000 democrats did not vote because they are sick of the BS and what they did to Sanders or any candidate that was not going to be part of the “go along with the Washington Club”.
    I do not watch Fox, MSNBC, CNN, FOXBN, FOX none of them. They are all so slanted. But FOX DID point fingers at the democrats ,the republicans, & themselves stating that they are not serving the people and that the Republicans owe Trump a thank you for riding on his coat tails to take control of the House & the Senate.
    And if Trump does the same things as all these other past MFs then he has to go too.

    1. Something tells me the Clinton Foundation’s bank account got a lot larger, after Hillary and Bill sold some stocks short, prior to the election, and put a ton on Trump to win at long odds…

      1. I think she played to win. If it was a fix, it was more sophisticated than that. Power-brokers hedge their bets, but my gut feeling is that many of them were backing Trump all along. Deception and misdirection is the very essence of this game

        1. True, but no way Hillary’s seizure’s are fake. Also no way she would want her emails scrutinized. Who knows it is possible she realised she would lose beforehand but I doubt it. Even suggestions of electoral fraud have only been with respect to a fairly limited number of votes

        2. I think she genuinely expected to be coronated as well. One doesn’t make two runs if you don’t really want it.

        3. you also have to consider the underlings: Huma being accused of being a traitor and Saudi spy; her husband Weiner being unveiled as a hebephile pervert, Podesta being unveiled as consorting with witches and suspected paedos, and being accused of being pretty dodgy himself. These are pretty serious accusation. The Clinton’s probably won’t go to prison for anything they’ve ever done, but they could have their reputation permanently trashed and a lot of that might already have happened.
          The interesting thing is the funders and the media owners. Hillary had far more financial backing (well double the contributions) but does that really reflect the true investment of the big players, at least in the endgame period? I felt very strongly that Trump was going to win, and I’m sure many people with money did as well.

        4. ‘many people with money did as well’
          Most of these folks have money because they’re able to appropriately survey their surroundings without bias.
          Ftr: Huma isn’t a Saudi agent, she’s a MB provocateur.

        5. I’ve told this story here before but it bears repeating. So I come from an elitist family. My old man is a high-level intelligence operative. His cover used to be this – he was a professor of economics at a well-known college in the south. When Bush Sr. was coming up for reelection, shortly after the first Gulf War, he had the highest approval rating of any standing president other than FDR. So I went to a college basketball game with my old man, back in the spring of 1991 (about two years before the election). I told my old man, via an infantile, delusional screed, that it looked like Bush Sr. was a shoe-in to be reelected. I explained why, in great detail. He never looked me, just kept watching the game. Finally, about 10 seconds after I’d finished my passionate speech, my old man, still not looking at me, grunted, “Bush is out.”
          This was a major red-pill moment for me. I proceeded to rail at him about how it was impossible to know who was going to be president, because nobody could possibly know, the election hadn’t happened yet, and we had to wait until the votes were counted. He guffawed, and just kept watching the game. Then he proceeded to tell me that he had met with a guy at the Defense Department earlier that day, and he had told my old man that Bush was out, because Bush had the temerity to call off the first Gulf War and say it was over, shortly after the Army’s troops had hit the ground. And this had cost the weapons contractors who built weaponry for the Army, untold billions of dollars. So then he told me that a guy I had never heard of, up until that point in time, would be elected in 1992. The guy’s name was Bill Clinton. Do with that what you will. But like I said, I’d rather be right than popular. It pays better.

        6. Interesting story, and very believable. We were always told that George Junior wanted to go into the gulf to prove something to daddy. It’s seems more likely that that was the condition of his being put forward. I presume you’re referring to Bill Clinton in 1992? It always intrigued me that Bill was a student of Carroll Quigley, the author of one of the best exposes of the puppet-masters who himself regarded himself as ‘an insider’. The deep state is indeed intriguing and it would be intriguing to find out how it works. Of course there are two elements in your anecdote: firstly there is the determination that someone is out (because they disobeyed, or fucked up or just aren’t suitable for some reason) – that doesn’t require rigging the system: it just requires some kind of sabotage or withdrawal of support. Deciding on a replacement is quite another thing though. What are we talking about? Voter fraud? Massive electronic / computer rigging of the voting system? Or something more subtle and less obviously illegal? Is it illegal to have the media manipulate us? The deep state, the CIA etc have a long experience of psy-ops: anyone looking back at the election campaign could examine it from that point of view: journos get told what to say, what kind of line to take: they don’t have be cynical about what they write, but merely do as they are told. It seems likely to me that all the anti-trump stuff may have been predicated on good old reverse psychology: in the right circumstances people can be relied on to be contra-suggestible. I mentioned this the other day, but look at the Seinfeld episode ‘the opposite’: Elaine repeatedly warns her ditzy blonde assistant not to date George (who is at that point behaving the exact opposite to his normal self i.e. as a bad boy) telling her that he is bad news, trouble, that he will hurt, use her and abuse her. What is the result? Of course she falls head over heels in love with him.
          Seen this way the whole MSM bias thing can be seen as an exercise in reverse psychology – a psy-op – that doesn’t even require the journos in question to be cynical about what they are writing (since they are all progressive cuck hacks rather than psychologists). What’s more the MSM gets to demonstrate its impotence in face of the public. Oh how powerless the MSM is, the public did the exact opposite of what we told them to do!
          And of course all of this is perfectly legal, and democratic. It’s possible there might be ‘other stuff’ as well, that would better guarantee the result, but at this stage I’m more inclined to think that deep state puppet-masters are quite capable of manipulating through suggestion rather than through direct illegality (not that they are above that of course)

        7. Suits me. I really don’t want people to wake up. I’m confident I can tell the truth and it will have very little effect. (Heh.) The elite don’t go around whacking people, contrary to popular opinion. They don’t have to. They control everything and everybody – cops, judges, the press. Who is a person going to tell? To whom will they rat? It’s a beautiful setup…

        8. Agree with pretty much everything you wrote. The voting machines, now that is interesting. It’s electronic now, to insure victory for The Chosen One. Just by looking at the vote totals of this year’s election, you can see the numbers were massaged. I predicted Trump would win, too, as many people here did – but I also predicted it would be really, really close. The popular vote totals proved my prediction correct. But it wasn’t that tough to figure out, if you know the score. “Your vote matters.” That’s the important thing, selling the perception (while keeping the reality hidden – your vote doesn’t mean squat). Back to the massaged numbers. Some of the states’ results were preposterous. Highly improbable, when you see such close vote totals, across just one state – but when it’s across several states, it jumps for the realm of the highly improbable to the flat-out mathematically impossible. This is lost on most people, as the educational systems have done what they have been engineered to do, and they succeed in dumbing people down. So it goes…

        9. From the standpoint of a programmer, I think it would still be a challenge to implement such fakery. But then, this line of thought may be based on completely erroneous assumptions about the procedure and in general the trust that the information on how it is all done is correct.

        10. They probably have it down to where the program will massage the vote totals and make ’em all add up correctly. Unless they don’t want them to…

        11. It wouldn’t surprise me. The issue has been flagged up even within the presidential debates – and of course the elite love announcing what they’re doing – so it’s quite believable. A lot of scrutiny has been given to the potential for manipulation – someone wrote an entire book on it just before the election – so one wonders if how easily they could get away with that? What logs are kept? There must be some possibility of scrutiny? But the fact Hillary won the popular votes does seem suspicious to me. Someone suggested this was down to Californians, but even then Trump was between 1 and 2.5 million votes ahead of her until almost the end.

        12. But think of it practically. Who will do the scrutiny? Some magical hero? Just who? Who will go travelling around the country and verifying with his own eyes how the process works, how the data is transferred etc. And how will he know that he is, during this process of invesigation, not being fooled himself?

        13. I could post states’ results, and give a dissertation on why they are mathematically impossible. Not worth the effort though, as most will not even care, nor will they believe it. But anybody can see it if they look at it long enough, that numbers were massaged. Michigan is still uncounted! Trump leads by 13,000-ish votes. New Hampshire was a gap in the low hundreds. Heh. There are four or five others, that went that way. I looked at Trump’s totals in some counties in several states, compared to Romney’s in 2012, and immediately saw red flags. Trump’s totals were 10% (or more) higher; and yet, in blue counties, they weren’t. They were lower. This makes zero mathematical sense, and is in itself, indicative of massaging. But hey, let’s get a mathematician who has an advanced degree, from an elitist institution of higher learning, and see what he has to say – ***crickets*** – that’s what he’ll have to say. Heh.

        14. There are lots of videos that spell it out. Google “black box voting” at Google videos. Here’s a brief one on the subject…

        15. well it wouldn’t be one man! You already have outside (UN) observers in some foreign countries trying to ensure elections are free and fair. It should be possible to set up protocols beyond those already in place for demonstrating fairness beyond reasonable doubt. In theory

        16. I read an article about the fractional voting stuff. The principle is really simple and I think it’s being a little over-mystified.
          Basically, what they are saying is that the software has a feature that allows votes to be weighted and that this feature is being used without anyone noticing, somehow.
          I am not saying this stuff is not manipulated, but this may just be a diversion to make us look in the wrong place. It is based on our (unbased) belief that we have real insight into the election process.

        17. UN Observers are a fucking joke. There was an election a few years back where the results came out the day before everyone voted. Election day results- exact match. UN Conclusion: No evidence of fraud.

        18. True. You can analyze the results of this election and see the massaging, if you know what to look for…Trump’s totals are over 10% higher in some red counties, than Romney’s. And yet not only in blue counties, but also in some red counties, they were lower than Romney’s. Sure…Republicans liked Obama even more than they did four years ago, but only in certain red counties. Etc. The closeness of the popular vote was the final red flag. It points out the massaging in no uncertain terms. The electoral vote is probably going to wind up lopsidedly in Trump’s favor (assuming they give him Michigan…which, who knows, they are still counting it, supposedly). This is the Hegelian Dialectic at its absolute finest. Divide and conquer. I predicted that the hue and cry would begin, for secession, shortly after Trump won. Bingo. This result shoves that into the realm of it being a spontaneous event (which it wasn’t), in the feeble minds of the public. Smaller countries are much easier to control. That’s what the push for secession is all about. Anyway…that’s the deal.

        19. I enjoy Game of Thrones. All of the low born are millers, miners, farmers, tanners…this is where their surnames came from. What should peeps change their surnames to in the modern age? Coder. Gambler. Pensioner.

        20. Funny. I’ve never watched that show. I think I’ll watch all the episodes on Netflix, in one shot, when I have two or three weeks of free time. Everybody pretty much raves about it. I presume you recommend it?

        21. That’s an institutional failure. I’m talking about what remains our only current model for assuring elections are carried out fairly and democratically. The fact that it fails at that task just means that a more robust form of assurance would be necessary.

        22. Makes sense I could never figure out why he didn’t go all the way.
          I mean the Saudi’s and kuwati’s, wanted Saddam gone no doubt. They former supplied much of america’s oil the latter much of Japan’s who would have clearly wanted that situation rectified..
          Maybe Bush realized he was valuable as a foil to Iran or had judged that Saddam would back down before the land war got going hoping to intimidate back into line..
          Or…unlike Bush junior did he realize that by removing Saddam he would be unleashing civil war / terrorist chaos???
          We may never know but clearly he did piss off the US military, no doubt, who wanted to finnish the job and Big Oil who wanted access to Iraq’s crude at knock down prices they would have gotten no doubt..
          Without their support no republican could expect to govern…
          Shit the Bush’s are from Texas which # 2 industry is Defense and #1 Oil so his decision not to take out Saddam must have been like shitting in your neighbors pool….

        23. Yeah that’s about the size of it, I think. These things are figured out long beforehand. It’s just tough for a person to get their mind around that, what with the indoctrination they receive via the media and educational systems.

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        2. It sucks, doesn’t it. They are hot enough that guys will go gaga over them, and blow their loads all over the place, as soon as they take their clothes off. Oh well. I do like lookin’ at ’em…

        3. You are so right on this one and that’s the reason I still miss my kurdish ex. She was a cocksucking genius. The Lionel Messi of blowjobs. Absolutely magisterial cum swallowing talent.
          It’s the reason I lost my faith in german females – they just can’t give a decent oral session. They are loud, feminazis with attitude problems and no talent in bed.
          If I would be the Kanzler of germany I would force all german females to go to cock-concentration camps. They would learn how to treat an aryan god.

        4. You know it. They suicide themselves out of the chance for bagging high SMV males, by not working on their sexual skills. That’s one major strike right there. Add in the feminism and the loud-mouth behavior, and that’s three strikes, she’s out. And yet, she still thinks she’s going to bag a billionaire. It’s insane.

        5. Their insanity is my pleasure. The chance of me banging cute thai girls in the next 6 month is >99.5%.
          I swear to god I will never fuck a german woman again. German, canadian, swedish, australian and english cunts are the worst.

        6. That would require that I go back in my head again – but I don’t want to.
          Since the election I’m in Teflon Don’s head.
          If I’d see you in the streets of Munich I would point my finger in your fat ugly face and tell you:
          ‘Tom, you’re fired!’
          That’s what I would do, believe me.
          And to be honest, I think that YOU were the guy who shot those people in front of the Olympia Einkaufszentrum.
          You can fool the MSM, but you can’t fool me.
          I’ll make you go to jail.

  9. Fitzroy
    and rhetoric (Cicero was particularly effective), it is sometimes
    frustrating when people don’t approach a situation in terms of axioms and proofs.

    then, for all your education, you DIDN’T LEARN A GODDAMN THING.
    “axioms and proofs” are Dialectic.
    Rhetoric is the understanding that a large portion of the Demos is intellectually and /or emotionally INCAPABLE of responding to Dialectic.
    that’s a lot of money you wasted on higher education if you didn’t Dialectically grasp that concept already.

      1. Yep. Most people (SJWs) sling that word around and have no clue what it means. What it means is, a person just like them (an SJW). Ironic as fuck.

        1. I posted that meme I commented in my last comment in a Misanthropy group on Facebook. 34 likes. And one special snowflake who got totally worked up over my “racism”. He has been flaming for hours in the comment section, heh. Calling me a sociopath and whatnot.
          And I always thought ME was sensitive.

        2. Hypocrisy. Pointing it out usually short-circuits the brain. But only for a while. They go right back to raving, while hurling around the programmed catch phrases and buzzwords…

        3. Most people stop learning, even if they have huge red-pill awakenings. Because it’s frightening as shit. To realize that everything you believe, is a lie, and truth is way more frightening than the craziest horror film…well…that’s tough. I hate the guy who woke me up. Heh. Love him and hate him. I’d like to go back and take the blue pill, in many instances. But you can’t. You can either stay where you are, or move forward. But you can’t go back.

        4. Well, it’s not like beliiving a lie makes it true, so there’s that. That’s kinda what I tell myself every time I hit a plateau, struggling whether to accept something. Then I just ask myself: Well, Tom, are you perceiving this or are you not perceiving this? And obviously, the fact that I can even ask that question is evidence that I am perceiving it, and then WHAM.

        5. Too stop believing the lies is social isolation. The lies persist because most people who know better pretend to believe them so they won’t have to face isolation. I’ve learned that many of the truths are actually well known but those who say them aloud are considered bad people even though its known to be the truth.

        6. You need to compile them all into a streamlined site, Bob. We’ll help spread it virally. You will make headlines!

        7. That is very much appreciated. But I don’t know about making a site. Not saying I won’t do it, but I kind of like being off the radar…heh.

        8. “Because it’s frightening as shit.”
          Hence the hostility and emotional meltdowns when some one contests their world view. I think it also takes intellectual honesty which most simply lack.
          I recall reading an atricle in the London Times years ago about the author challenging feminism and he had unasailable points that the fems could not counter, so they attacked him personally. He recalled having a conversation with a female friend who told him that she simply could not read his material as it would force to re-think her opinions on feminism and alot of other things. She said it was easier to simply ignore him.
          She is not alone in that department.

        9. Definitely. It’s a very large part of the programming. “Attack the messenger”. People will literally (Hitler) kill you if you attempt to destroy their worldview with truth. The bottom line is, the brainwashed are attack dogs for the NWO elite. Programmed to police the rest of the flock. No fences, no leashes, no chains. All it takes is brilliantly effective, time-tested indoctrination, from cradle to grave.

        10. A lot of people cannot accept the huge blow to their ego.
          Its confronting acknowledging what a fucking gullible idiot you have been.

        11. Operant conditioning on a massive scale. Media is the reinforcement which is why the narrative never changes despite even when the facts come out. Orwellian.
          I’ve noticed that if you mention certain names or words (trigger words) in group you will witness a negative, if not hostile, reaction. If you try to expand the conversation, the more emotional and unlogical they get. Unless I want to wind some one up, I simply learned to disagree, smile and leave it alone.

        12. Yeah, I agree that it’s a waste of energy in most cases to argue. Most people can’t wake up, and the majority of the remaining people don’t want to wake up.

        13. Let’s just say it’s a little paradoxical, yes.
          Its pretty much a love-hate thing between all members, with people attacking each other mercilessly all the time.

        14. Most of these people sling a lot of words around inappropriately. They think it makes them sound intellectual and progressive, when in reality to anyone with a basic understanding of the English language, they sound like a well trained parrot. Impressive vocabulary for an animal adept at mimicking sounds, but less so when the source is a supposed rational human being. Bigotry and racism are not the same thing. Nor is misogyny and sexism. A nation wanting sovereignty is not xenophobic. A white person practicing yoga is not cultural appropriation. And irregardless is not even a fucking word! (I realize the last one is unrelated but it’s a personal pet peeve).

        15. I wish i could give you a dozen upvotes regarding irregardless.
          Stupid people always try to argue that one.

        16. The English language is not in fact a game of Scrabble. You don’t get more points for extra letters/syllables 🙂 if my Disqus account was functioning properly I would upload a photo I snapped while walking by some sort “rape culture”-great unwashed-protest. Some (male) hipster dipshit was holding a sign plastered with the usual jargon, while wearing a t-shirt that said “Rape Advocate” Um, you advocate rape? Good to know, guess I won’t be following you home anytime soon lol!

    1. There needs to be one more frame:
      Misogynist. Noun. A man who hates women almost as much as women hate each other.

    2. Nailed it!
      The left is so stuck on the dysphemism treadmill (akin to Pinker’s euphemism treadmill) to brand it’s enemies that is forgot to check Webster’s for basic definitions of the terms they use.
      It’s as if they’re trying to fire .380 ammo out of a 9mm because they kinda feel like the same size round. Problem is their weapon misfires. And this is from the side that fancies themselves the keepers and purveyors of words and rhetorical language.

    3. Truly amazing what Donald Trump accomplished. I was talking about this with my mom last night. Nothing profound but bears repeating. He beat the liberal fuck tard media and their brainwashing. Everywhere I went, fucking CNN and a bunch of frownie faces looking at the TV and a Trump hating caption at the bottom. All I could think was, “shit… we’re gonna lose this one.” I’m so fucking proud of our country right now.

      1. Its not over yet they can threaten or bribe electors still. In 2004 one flipped. If Trump is worried for his life imagine them.

      2. He accomplished a de-frocking of the political class like no one ever has in American history. Now its plain to anyone: the cabal of Democrat/Republican allied with the media/big business/education is exposed for all time. Anyone denying it is usless. Media, giant corporations, the education system are all in the tank for progressivism and cultural Marxism. The Democrat/Republican fantasy of a two party system is debunked forever, with anyone with a brain unable to dispute that they are both wings of the same party

      3. I never believed in miracles before but now I am starting too as I didn’t think Trump could defeat Hilary either but he and his supporters pulled it off.

        1. the irony is that liberal, populist man Michael Moore PREDICTED Trump’s win! Honestly, I truly wonder if Trump thought he’d win because his body language, post election day, doesn’t reflect the euphoria I expected. He has seemed very subdued as if he is now the dog who chased and FINALLY caught the car. The talk of working from Trump Tower is another example of him seeming to think this is just another job, another construction project. Then he hires the Breitbart guy on one hand and reports of hiring all these old GOP guys is counter to his call to “drain the swamp”.

        2. He needs to make “peace” with those old Cucks/ GOP guys so while I don’t like it myself I agree with Trump’s strategy however he should not hire those who refused to endorse him, diplomacy has limits.

        3. It was like a miracle! But consider this:
          1. Remember any concrete proposal by Hillary to give Americans more jobs? I can’t think of any. She spent her time saying “Trump is evil” and “I’ll be the first female president.”
          2. Trump had several proposals for giving Americans jobs:
          -Deregulating industries, in particular freeing up energy industries, which gives more jobs both directly and indirectly.
          -Slowing down mass immigration, throwing out illegals. Both the illegals that take jobs, and the many illegals that are on welfare, so the money can be used for productive things.
          -Stop China’s currency manipulation, punish their aggressive subsidies meant to take American market shares.
          -Lower taxes to get the business wheels rolling.
          -Impose a 35% tariff on corporations that close factories in the U.S. and move them to Mexico and elsewhere, then want to sell the products in the U.S.
          -stop H1-B visa abuse. It was only meant to fill engineering jobs when no American engineers were available – now Americans are forced to train their low-wage Indian replacements.
          3. Trump also campaigned like no one has campaigned before. He held about three times more rallies than Hillary. As a guy in Wisconsin said, Trump came there to hold a rally, Hillary didn’t. He thereby reached the people directly. Hillary was lazy and weak and hated talking to the media and ordinary people. (Local campaign aides were told not to look her in the eyes and not to ask any questions when she shook their hands for photo-ops.)
          In short, Trump had concrete job proposals and was high energy. And that’s why he won.

      4. So its ALL about fuck tards from the left!? How about those 16 conservative fuck tards he dusted? Rick Perry, Ted Cruz and Rubio and Carson were considered more socially conservative than Trump. Why all the noise from the GOP about not wanting Trump? BUT somehow you missed that as well

    4. Not sure I get your point, Mr. Smith. I take it you’re a white guy. Are you discounting the 30% of my people, Latinos, who voted for Donald Trump? Are you saying we are “bigots” or “misogynists?” Are you saying the 59% of whites who voted for Obama in 2008/2012, suddenly became “bigots” when they voted for Trump (who only got 58% of the white vote–1 point less than Obama)? Are you saying that my wife (a black woman, by the way), who voted for Trump should have used her vagina instead of her head and voted for Crooked Hillary, who called blacks “super predators”, (and called Latinos “needy”)?

      1. This election was neither a “monster vote” nor a “whitelash,” whatever the fuck that means. Both candidates were extremely unpopular, and voter turnout was low. Trump’s message resonated very strongly with the white working class, who felt that they have been neglected and forgotten (which they have). But both the far right and the regressive left are wrong on the racial/ethnic implications of this election. Trump won because Democrats stayed home.

        1. Turnout is going to be pretty close to 2012 levels and will be above it in absolute levels. There are still 6-7 million votes left to count. But it varies by state. Most of the BGs had significant increase in turnout vs 2012 (FL, NC, OH, etc). Rest of the country? Down a bit.

      2. I don’t think he’s saying that at all. He’s saying the leftist name calling is getting to be pretty stupid. Thank you for your vote and please continue to encourage your black and latino friends and relatives to vote republican

  10. In hindsight its always easy to come up with “reasons” for why he won. But considering that the popular vote count only varies by 0.1%, I am not so sure the “reasons” are what we think they are.

  11. I am a Trump skeptic and predicted that he’d win. Made a fairly large amount of money in the process. Thank you, Don and everyone who voted for him!
    I am still a Trump skeptic and also claiming that he is just controlled opposition and will make U-turns on most of his promises. He’s already pardoned H. Clinton and even urged us to pay her a debt of gratitude for what she’s done for this country. How more arrogant can he get? The second U-turn is that he is going to keep Obamacare.
    The Trump supporters got it wrong too. Everybody is wrong about Trump. He (they) fooled you all. Only few are able to see through the smoke and mirror.
    Don or Hillary – the status-quo will remain undisturbed for now.

        1. Eurodance, the cheesiest type of music that was ever conceived sadly I am too young (early 20’s) to have lived through its glory days in the 90’s I am a very weird person considering nostalgia as I feel nostalgia for things I haven’t really lived but still like them and imagine what a harmonious life people used to have back then.

        2. Studies suggest there may be a thing such as genetic memories
          I also wouldn’t be surprised if our media or biology was artificially inducing feelings of nostalgia in some way. Something to meditate on… what is nostalgia exactly?
          Btw, I thought you were like 40 or 50.

        3. The owner of the Greek blog I used to write in was truly amazed with my thoughts as there as most learned people twice my age have not developed such thoughts, it really hits me hard that I cannot go to any academy and spread my ideas but still I am young and things might improve.
          Nostalgia come from the Greek Nostos and Algos, both words are out of use today. Algos means pain, while nostos means longing, it is the pain of longing for something. Also the Odyssey’s main theme was Nostos the longing for the home, the kin and the family. But it lacks Algos which is a bad pain, meaning a phsysical one (ponos, a synonym, also has the meaning of trying and it is the pain of trying to do anything or even the concern one has with someon or something, like the modern greek geoponos, the one who pains for the earth, meaning plants here, the one who concerns about them). Nostalgia can never truly be amended as what one longs for is long gone.
          There is biological memory it was proven a few years ago, which made true one more of Plato’s claims that people are born with innate connections to their kin. The blank slate that the leftists pushed through to justify their beliefs has been proven wrong. And yes nostalgia for some things is pushed but never for eurodance or the 90’s for some reason. Only exception I can think was one that concerned Russia by some liberals, which backfired as back then most Eastern Europeans suffered the complete extent of the poverty that the U.S.S.R. led them too.

        4. It is quite obvious that humans and animals are born with a host of genetic skills and knowledge. There are many things that creatures can do shortly after they are born without having anyone to instruct them on how to do it. The old word for it is “instinct” but what is instinct besides genetic memory?
          If you can program an organism to suckle immediately after birth, why can’t you program them to be philosophers too?

        5. That is a good question, but genetic memory in human differentiates on instinct on one only thing: it is more vague. For example humans to a great degree lack the motor skills developed by animals and even their tendencies to complex reactions i.e. the ful extent of the maternal instinct in animals, while for humans it is just the tendency of women to want kids or like small children.
          In general genetic memory is more cultural and it shows in years after birth, think of Arabs that live like westerners and grown as such but still having a preference for arab culture, the case also of Kaepernick (a mulatto raised by white americans) making him fell closer to the ghetto culture rather than the one of his adoptive parents.
          The idea of genetic programming has value only on insects and arthropods, this due to their nerve structure which is different that ours, for human and mamals mostly motor functions can be coded, but for anything higher an instinct will be lived as a tendency. For example the tendency to manual labor or for intellectual adancements, needless to say these mean nothing by themselves, as most humans try to rationalize their behaviour or do things with their hands. Thing is for doing one’s job or for writing a treatise or a book these tendencies are not enough.
          Think again the maternal instinct human mothers can be much better mothers than animal ones but that depends on how much they decide to educate or give concern to raising their kids, an animal will only nurture them.

        6. If such instinct exists in humans, then maybe Jews really do collectively possess the traits that have made them hated in every single land they’ve settled in passed to them at birth, right? They’re liars and swindlers attracted to profit and power just like a newborn puppy seeks out a nipple…

        7. If you’ve ever bred animals you would know that all animals inherit behavioral profiles from their genetic lineage. You can breed a line for aggression, or you can breed a line for docility. Why would humans be any different than animals?

  12. The counter-attack starts!

    For god emperor TRUMP praise his name:

    Chant for him:

    There is indeed hope left in the world! May his win cause a Tsunami of Rightism against imposed self-hatred!

  13. The elites arrogance finally caught up them. They all bought into Cass Sunstien’s book: “Nudge” (without ever asking the question: who the he’ll is Cass Sunstien and what the he’ll has he ever done?) which basically says you can subtly influence people to do whatever you want through passive influence. They overvalued the influence google, facebook, the media ect.. have on people. Thus when they peddled out a dead fish and it was compared to someone who actually had a personality Trump won.

    1. What is he like. I always picture him to be this stoic kind of decent guy like his characters are but then I see pics of him and he looks like he is very happy go lucky (still decent but much more smiling)

  14. It’s so sad to see that most asians voted for Crooked Shrilliary Clitler.
    I had high hopes for the asians even though they aren’t aryans.
    But now they must go.
    So many people need to be exterminated now: the Skypes, the Googles, the goatf*ckers, the zipperh**ds….when we finished this, the aryan race will travel to Mars.
    Let’s make planet earth great again and lets make the galaxy populated by whites.

        1. I really can’t stand the Bakachons and their victim culture. Also the Japanese are more aesthetically pleasing than the Koreans who depend on ridiculous amounts of fake plastic surgery.

        1. But the nips are great people. They are so hardworking. Let’s save em from our Holocaust 2.0. Lets be generous.

        2. Well, like someone pointed out the correlations between Japanese Shinto and German idealism, also the Japanese have contributed more directly to European culture than any other race. They are also probably the best looking aesthetically.

        3. I loved my R1 right up until the point where I crashed it into the front end of a school bus. To be fair, the fault was mine and not the bikes. I have driven an R6 and loved that too. It is such a smooth ride, gear changes are like butter and everything is just right. On the R1 the bike settles in around 65-70 mph. Once you hit 70 the bike does all of the work, it is simply amazing. I didn’t know they had an R3 but judging by my experience of the 1 and the time I drove the 6 it would be great.
          In comparison I drove the Repsol edition Honda…that big orange monster, which looked super cool but, imo, didn’t handle anywhere nearly as well. I also drove a Ducati SS 1098 which handled better than the Honda, but not as well as the Yama but was way less comfortable.
          My race bike days are behind me and if and when I get another bike it will be a Triumph Bonneville but if you are looking for a race bike I do not believe it possible to go wrong with the Yamaha

        4. The R3 is a 330 cc. Think that would be perfect as a bike to learn on. I rode dirt bikes and ATVs when I was a kid but never street bikes. Just want something to tool around Denver on and occasionally ride out in the mountains and desert on my day off.

        5. 330 is a good size to learn on for a race bike. I would suggest a bigger engine for a cruiser obviously. The problem with the 300 range is this….and I promise you it WILL happen…not may, not could, it will happen. You will love it for the first few months and then one day you will be in 6th gear and are giving it everything she has and you are going up a hill and you will actually feel how you have already topped out what the bike can do. From that moment on you will do nothing but think about your next bike. I wouldn’t recommend the 1000cc bike if you are just getting on a race bike for the first time, but I would say that the 6 is a better place to start. It will scare the bejesus out of you at first, but you will get the hang of it and you will get a few good years out of it before you even think about moving to a 1000. So yes, 330 would be great to learn but the learning curve will be fast and then you will regret not buying the 600 in the first place.

        6. Yeah, and the price difference between the 3 and the 6 is pretty minimal. I was thinking that. Especially here in Colorado, the entire stretch of I-70 between Denver and the high country is uphill for about 60 miles. Speed limit is 75. Feel like I’d get frustrated with that pretty quick.

        7. That is my feeling yes. I drove a 300cc Ninja around some years back and I remember feeling like it was a moped within a few weeks and I had never ridden a race bike at all at that point. You might also want to look into the Yamaha FZ6R which is kind of a hybrid. It has the same sleekness of the race bike but a slightly less aggressive seating position. I would wind up with cramps during long (2+ hour) rides. Like I said, the Triumph Bonneville T120 will be my next bike if I get another one. But man, I did love the Yamaha.

      1. Let’s keep em. they make great musical equipment. And my 4 runner, I can thank the nips for lots of winter fun.

    1. You are probably the only person on this forum who has never posted a single intelligent thing. Congratulations on single-handedly dragging the collective IQ of this site into the single digits.

      1. Lol. Yeah even father of three falls backwards into saying something intelligent when not complaining how painful sex is and stuff.

    2. I live in Asia and lived in San Francisco among many of them. Asians are non-PC in their own countries, believe in strong borders, and would never tolerate being made a minority in their own country. there is no such thing as Asian (Chinese, etc.) guilt. Those things are against their self interests.
      When they move to white countries, they deem it in their self interest to go for open borders. They are even more fanatical than the Hispanics. Asians put family over country and want to get as many of their family in as possible and use government services to help the family. They also feel that the more numbers they have, the more power they will have. Plus, like anyone else, they don’t believe in giving a sucker (whites) an even break.
      This is why only whites should be allowed to immigrate to a white country.

  15. President elect Trump continues to surround himself with establishment hacks. He continues to be filled with establishment ideas. By Jan 20th he’ll begin George W. Bush’s fifth term.

    1. you again ?
      weren’t you guys banned 3 years ago?
      dissinformation is a thing of the past – dontchaknow?

      1. You need to actually pay attention.
        Thankfully Dimon is likely to decline:
        His conventional republican vice president is taking charge:
        I could go on. This is how power works. Did you actually think sending Trump in by himself was going to change anything? The powers that be know how to deal with this situation and it’s being dealt with.
        There’s this saying that when someone is elected president with ideas of changing is shown the real film of JFK getting shot. Probably not true but as figure of speech that’s what happens. No one person can do it and everyone around power knows it.

    2. One commences the Purge by eliminating enemies, and the disloyal. Only after that can you start to organically grow loyalists.
      Draining has already commenced via Trump’s naughty-list of deserters.
      If Trump went 100% outsider, 1. He’d fail for not rewarding the loyal, and 2, He’d get excorciated for ‘not picking anyone with experience!’

        1. Doubt it, not any time soon, at least. Way too dangerous to move that fast.
          If it happens, I’d guess 2 years in, ‘Lone-wolf Muslim extremist’

  16. I already doubled down on my own war against PC. Last night at dinner with my 9 I told the server what WE were having and he looked at her and said is that ok with you?
    I physically positioned myself so I blocked his view of her and said excuse me for the rest of the night you do as I say and leave her out of it. The look of shock on his and other guests faces ensued. I stood my ground and said welcome to the end of politically correct BS. By the end of the night I had his and every other worker/guests respect. He did his job well I tipped him very well. My 9 said nothing except thank you for being a man.
    Time to stand up men!!

  17. Thought just occurred to me. I hope the Trump protesters don’t peter themselves out before inauguration day. Watching and mocking their insanity is great fun, but also the more average people that get to see their antics will increase the chances that they’ll permanently turn away from the left.

    1. Absolutely right. The more trump protesters make average middle of the road Americans roll their eyes and groan the longer the left will be crippled

      1. Last night in Portland the anarchists mixed in with the crowds to try to incite more havoc. (As an aside, the ordinary protesters don’t even seem to realize (or care about) the extent they are being used, right not they are just providing cover for the rioters.)
        So this gruff sounding guy, couldn’t see him, but he is standing on the corner yelling across the street at the anarchists, “You lost! Get over it! Go home, and get a job! Oooh, you got masks on! Think that makes you tough? Think it makes you scary?” Funny stuff.

        1. Honestly, this is probably healthy. Let ‘me get it out of their system…then Christmas and New Years and it will all be over.

  18. I feel one big factor is missing….Blacks did not get out and vote en masse for Hillary as they did for Obama. I think proving again that majority of the African American community didn’t care or bother to be informed about Obamas policies and simply voted based off color of his skin and wanting to see history be made having first black president.
    I feel this same ‘history be made’ lookout is the same reason we are seeing it’s mostly millennials throwing fits and rioting and gathering their troops when it comes to Hillary losing…this was likely the first time they were able to vote and wanted to be part of voting in the first female president.
    What they didn’t count on is that the African American community(most not all) didn’t care about history being made for a female….they only saw her for one thing- WHITE.

  19. Trump openly supports LGBT. people running after the first easy supposed fix. He will go along with the masters plans or else he would not have been allowed to become president.Do you think that Trump doesn’t understand how things really work in Geo-politics . Voting has never mattered Read the book by C.F.R/ professor Carroll Quigley ,tragedy and hope, where he explains how the president is actually selected.

    1. Familiar with quigleys works. I tried ignoring the round table group theories as in regards to cfr, trilaterals, bildebergs and brookings institute, but maybe their reach is even enough to snare trump in.

  20. The females peacocking on social media is to credit for Trump’s victory. The female exhibitionists and feminists and their mangina identifier sjw’s spent so much time inhaling each other’s diatribes on social media that when they saw Trump, it was for them like being punched in the stomach. Their molecular brain structures were crumbling for lack of supportative logic and it was war between emotive right brain and a socio facist dictated and under developed left brain.
    Then they exhaled in unison with the MSM.
    “WHOOOOSH – gag”
    Their exhalation was so noxious, so roadkill fartlike that the frenzied atmosphere threw the sjw’s into a stupor of dasarray and they all cognitively passed out. There they lay on the ground now. And the early bird PUA’s need moving blankets to load sjw chicks onto and drag them off the streets. They still clamor for their immaginary pedestals, half blinded and they inadvertantly GRAB YOUR DICK.
    Give it nine months, maybe a year or two and the world still turns. And alas there is patriarchy, peace and a return of natural ORDER

  21. the writer of this piece is a little bit too full of himself… You have to ask yourself the question at some point: if you keep finding yourself shocked and mystified by reality and there is a clear disconnect between your expectations and what actually happens, then of what use is your so called “intellect” …

  22. Most of America was sick of the black violence being excused as victims of white racism, an economy barely better than in 2008 and Hillary couldn’t sell a life preserver to a drowning man.
    The rest of this article is Ivory Tower Bush Republican jibber-jabber. Fuck that neocon bullshit…it’s a new day for those fuckers along with the libtards.
    The Don 2020.

    1. This makes a whole lot more sense than pretty much every other single thing I’ve read about the election

  23. My 5 reasons for Trumps victory:
    1 – He was a symbol of strength and power, but above all the guy is relentless: he does not stop facing adversities;
    2 – He spoke in a simple and direct way to citizens, on their level, not on some pseudo intellectual manner;
    3 – He presented himself has the anti system candidate, one that would lead to real change and make life better to normal citizens;
    4 – He loves his nation and the West, and is not ashamed of it;
    5 – He behaves like a men, not a pussy or a mangina. The “grab them by the pussy” is normal and dominant alpha talk, of a men that is…just being a men. Women are drawn to it, either they like it or not. Biology is what it is and it is no wonder, the marxist degenerates who supported Hillary, still do not understand why so many women voted Trump.
    We had Brexit and this epic Trump victory…Now, lets go after Hollande, Trudeau and Merkel. Those bastards also have to be defeated.

  24. The libs basically were try to sell:
    You are a bigot, You are a racist, You are a misogynist.
    You are a bigot, You are a racist, You are a misogynist.
    You are a bigot, You are a racist, You are a misogynist.
    I dont care what you what to do for the country or what you say:
    You are a bigot, You are a racist, You are a misogynist.
    You are a bigot, You are a racist, You are a misogynist.
    You are a bigot, You are a racist, You are a misogynist.
    The fact that hillary is corrupt and downright evil didn’t even dawn on these stupid liberals.
    You are a bigot, You are a racist, You are a misogynist.
    You are a bigot, You are a racist, You are a misogynist.
    You are a bigot, You are a racist, You are a misogynist.
    All I know is I am happy as hell those son on of a biches lost. The fight isn’t over because libs are ignorant, illogical and unreasonable. they will burn down their own towns.

  25. I was a pretty staunch Trump supporter and firmly believed that before Tuesday night that he lost the whole thing by apologizing for that stupid “grab them by the pussy” comment. I figured there they did it. They finally got him into the liberal shame cycle.
    The day before the election I drilled down on the polls and electoral map. I figured that there was no real pathway to 270. The numbers just weren’t there and the likelihood of him winning literally every single toss up or battleground state seemed remote.
    I still went on Tuesday and dutifully voted for the man figuring it to be simply just registering my objection at the time. After dinner, before the polls started to close, I called one of my liberal friends (who I have a very good “back and forth” political rapport with) to congratulate him on getting his candidate of favor and to tell him I would buy him dinner next week to make good on the bet. I then polished back a very large martini, popped a few pills to aid in the passage of the night, and turned in to bed. I figured it would all be over by 10 or maybe 11 at the latest and I just wanted to sleep through it all.
    My GF woke me up around 9:30 or so and told me that it looked like Virginia might be in play and Florida was trending Tump. I figured she was either joking or I was delirious because of the pills and booze. To my shock when I came downstairs to see the returns. By 10 I thought by God Trump might have it. The night just got better from there.
    I was up for literally the entire night watching everything unfold. The best part was watching Clinton supporters absolutely lose it. The liberal commentators absolutely getting unhinged around midnight was an added treat. It was literally watching history unfold.
    I am looking forward to dinner on my friend next week and have selected a very expensive steakhouse for the occasion.

    1. It was like Mexicans on tequila jeering on a dogfight at the ROK live thread during election night. I had the feeling we cheered him on over the hump.
      Finally a true picture of Illinois
      Obama’s home turf is Cook County, the upper right hand blue spot. I still can’t pull up any published breakdown of blue/red results by precinct for Cook County alone. I bet it looks more like the state, with a little smattering of blue here and there. Shitliberalism was literally CRUSHED Tuesday night.

  26. I was watching coverage of some of the anti-Trump protests earlier and had to laugh when they showed some Mexican kids, presumed illegal, waving a Mexican flag and shouting “Not my president!” Absolutely correct. He is not your president. That would be Enrique Nieto. If you have a problem with anything that is going on here you know where the door is. Feel free to show yourselves out.
    They are not exactly winning our hearts and minds with those Mexican flags. The immigrants I know who actually made great sacrifices to come here legally are very patriotic and would never behave like that.

  27. Regarding the Orlando shooting, the left apparently has a rapid and highly effective method of influencing the narrative. Within a day of the event, it was widely disseminated that Omar Mateen was a frustrated homo. In the main stream press there were quotes of unidentified men who claimed to have met him and had sex with him. He was widely reported as frustrated gay man at odds with his religion. However, the FBI later reported that there was ZERO evidence that he had any contacts, gay or otherwise, with anyone around the Pulse night club.

  28. Seeing the hilldawg and her posse get bitch slapped like they did had to be one of the most satisfying things I have ever experienced. I too voted for The Donald, but thought he wouldn’t win. As the night wore on and it slowly but surely became more apparent that he might actually pull this off, I made it a point to watch MSNBC and CNN, just for the sheer pleasure of watching them squirm in leftist agony. I was not disappointed.

  29. If you voted for TRUMP, you are a hateful and insecure bigot. Who supports White Supremacy.
    Odds are you also have a one-inch cock.
    Meaning no amount of “game” can ever make you great.
    This assclown and wannabe tough guy Russian Klansman will be impeached. Soon.
    And bigotry will lose. Again. Like it always does.
    PS — your profile pic looks a lot like an actor named Sean Beane. Funny…

    1. Butthurt much?
      You lie, demean and Insult without ever being self aware or have any capacity for honesty. This is why YOU and yours will always lose. The only time your types win is with fraud, deception and force and even then it is only a short matter of time before it all collapses with you blaming and scape-goating others all the way down.
      Hunker down in your bunker of denial baby-girl. It’s going to get rough for your kind.

  30. He hasn’t won yet some of those turncoat republicans might turn out to be electors who havent voted yet(in about a month). Only 25 states require their electors to vote as their populace voted. Hillary has just stated if it werent for Comey she would have won. Watch her take back her concession. Don’t stop fighting until Trump is alive and in the white house.

  31. it was clear trump would win when he got the halloween sales and all AI & SW internet-based analytics systems were saying he would win. bets were being paid 4 to 1 even the night before so the opportunity to make good money was there. the panic behavior of the MSM these last months only confirmed the scenario that he’d win

    1. Sunday night forecasts were being put out that looked like this:
      Even the trusted ‘Nate Silver’ 538 predictions put the H-beast at 78% chance of winning. Nate Silver is a statetician who analyzes baseball (sabermetrics) and elections (psephology). Silver’s was the most favorable towards Trump putting him at a 23% chance of winning. Other MSM predictions had H-beast as high as 99% chance of winning.
      One ‘bluest’ of blue areas (California) was taken for granted by them a week ago. It turned out rural California went red. But what about the populous west coastal counties? Let’s look at a breakdown of so called ‘liberal stronghold’ ORANGE county precinct by precinct:
      A smattering of blue but no landslide by any stretch. And to think some MSM forecasts had H-beast with electoral numbers as high as the low to mid 400’s. Drinking their own kool aid. Yep.

  32. Seriously, it’s all a buuuuuunch of drama. I honestly wish we had something better than Trump — just can’t “hail” the guy for no actionable reason at this point, but we’ll see…we shall see. I’ve been in a good mood with this upset, no doubt, it’s been a pleasant weekend. But at the same time, I made my vote strategically, while internally I was one of millions of Americans firmly in the “none of the above column” b/c none of these candidates stirred my head or heart!! Not a one.
    Let’s see President Trump be honorable, travel the country and get shit done with some direct involvement. I do like the political earthquake that’s been created. He needs to make sure he doesn’t act impulsively or abandon the left-leaning constituency, or he might get stymied or even harmed.
    I hope Trump stays safe because Pence is somewhat too conservative for me. I do NOT want to see Pence or anyone else try to reverse Roe vs. Wade because stupid people need to keep the option to delete unwanted dysfunctional kids. I know I might lose favor with the devout when I respectfully mention that overpopulation and resource scarcity are real issues in the modern world. The population is too damn high (in some places) to have a bleeding heart over keeping every accidental pregnancy, every life isn’t “special,” and I think stupid or broke people (esp those who are a net drain on society) shouldn’t be breeding at all.

  33. Australia desperately needs a Trump like figure. Turnbull, Pyne and co are all snivelling cuckservatives, and the opposition is made of corrupt unionists and rabid feminists! I am so glad Trump stuck it up the media elites, the political establishment, Hollywood etc. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for politival correctness, feminism and social justice warriors

    1. It will come. I sense a growing undercurrent of people who are sick to death of all the Cultural Marxist idiocy.

  34. It’s amusing the people that are amazed he won. This was a battle of spirits, not a battle of policies.
    Blonde haired, blue eyed, big balled, and patriotic, what’s more American than that?

  35. So I heard the funniest and most poignant comment regarding trump last night.
    I was sitting having dinner and chatting with my bartender about his recent trip abroad.
    About 3 seats down from me wasn’t an old timer. 70’s I’d say but you could tell he was a healthy type and probably has done well for himself in life.
    A few seats down from him was three people. I think two homos and their fag hag but it is possible no. My gaydar is prettt bad as so many millenials seem like faggots anyway.
    So I’m talking to the bartender, the old timer is watching college football and the three friends are talking (yawn) polotics (which, the politics bowl is over can we all just go back to not giving a fuck about this nonsense?)
    So the gayer seeming of the fags is on and on about how trump is going to whatever kill the homos and Mexicans and legalize rape. You know, the whole line they have been fed. The old timer turns around and says “my whole life I’ve been listening to presidential candidates make promises and watching presidents break them. Don’t worry. No president has ever kept a promise” and he turned back to his bourbon and the game.
    The fags didn’t even bother responding. The reason this answer was so brilliant is three fold
    1) it was delivered with Stephen Wright dead pan emotionless pitch
    2) it left ambiguous how the old timer felt. He could have been consoling them or mocking them. No one knew but the old timer. Reminded me of the movie Patton when Patton threatens to skin his men alive and Karl Malden says “sometimes the men don’t know if you are joking or not and Patton said “they don’t need to know. Only I need to know”
    3) rather than refuting their absurd beliefs with arguments and facts (which we have all tried to do and most of us have probably become tired of already) it basically framed their whole conversation as totally meaningless. You could literally show them video of Trump having gay sex and they would still say he is anti gay. Telling them the issue doesn’t matter short circuits everything
    Thought I’d share

  36. Coulter called this. I don’t know who the Canadian housewife is or the Iranian. But beautiful American Ann Coulter went on Bill Maher and said Trump will win, and he and his guests laughed at her. Many of us believed Trump would win and disbelieved the lying polls. If you ever went to his rallies, or watched them on TV, you would, like me, fully believe he was going to win ABSENT election fraud. I had no doubt he would win the election. But I did have doubts if there would have to be a recall and investigation because of rampant fraud. The fact is, there WAS rampant fraud (and I know, I was a poll watcher in my state), but no matter, because DESPITE the jibes of the media, and fraud, Trump won. If you want to see that video where Ann Coulter said Trump would win (and she maintained that throughout the entire election cycle), look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ9Z7ybXSnM

  37. It is possible, even likely, that right after Donald Trump is elected, I’ll hate him. I’m not under the impression that the President of the United States has the capacity to do objectively good things. He is, after all, but the winner of a popularity contest, picked by the same idiotic vermin I perpetually say have not the intellectual capacity to organize world affairs. But similarly to my support of Ron Paul, I lose nothing in this. It’s not about any particular policy agenda. He has policies I like, and policies I don’t like, all of which will meet the test of a worthless criminal congress. The goal is to bring pain and suffering to my enemies, and in this I am richly rewarded, with minimal investment.

  38. maybe I am wrong but I don’t think anyone who becomes a president in this day and age in america got to be president by sheer votes, I think the elite choose who is the president including this time donald trump, but that’s just an opinion maybe I am wrong, cause sure what life teached me is to not trust politicians, I will never trust a politician in my life or a president they are all fucking liars

  39. We need to continue the fight, these people will fight us to the grave. Check out the CNN analysis of electors swapping votes. Notice they mention when there was great upheaval when Kennedy was elected-he was not a bankster approved candidate like Trump. The electoral college is a second opening to control the big game if things get too out of control. http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/13/opinions/trump-electoral-college-mission-impossible-alexander/index.html

  40. They got wrong what Bill Clinton saw and TOLD Hilary to do but he was drowned out by her ego and operatives. I’ve seen TWO articles post election that said Bubba told her she needed to campaign more amongst white, blue collar voters!
    One article, as an example, mentioned an event near Notre Dame in Indiana, sponsored by a Catholic group. She declined even though Obama attended both times he ran for office! I’ve read stories of an elderly white woman in Texas who TWICE voted for Obama but this time went for Trump!
    I guarantee you if Joe Biden had run, a blue collar guy from small town Pennsylvania, he wins the election.

    1. Yes. It is digusting watching democrats riot, assault and vandalize. It is time for a reaction. n’est–ce pas?

  41. I was cautiously pessimistic and prepared for rampant voter fraud along the lines of what we saw in Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas) where the polls were illegally allowed to stay open late so that Nevada could be flipped.
    Thankfully it did not play out like that nationally.

  42. ROK: from pussy worshippers to red-hat wearing, white-nationalist, Trump cock gobblers.
    The single moms that raised you would be proud.

    1. I can sense you’re butthurt; just don’t be too butthurt as to not enjoy your trip being thrown over the wall.

      1. Not at all, I could give 2 shits since I was born in the US and I’m here to stay, and to keep fucking your white daughters, sisters, wives/gf . You’re more pathetic for believing Trump is gonna save you from that shitty, pathetic existence you live.

        1. We took the first step for saving oursevles. From your rants, you grasping the worm has turned against you. Spread those cheeks. It’s going to hurt.

        2. Last I checked it was whitey spreading their cheeks ever since President Roosevelt let us all in so we can fuck up nazis and pick lettuce at the same time.
          So when Trump starts a war I wonder who’s more likely to survive, you white collar, New Balance wearing faggots or us who have survived these lands since prehistoric times. And you think a wall will keep us way. Your biggest fears are only getting worse, so enjoy this calm time when your master just got elected.

        3. “..survived these lands since prehistoric times.”
          So others didn’t and we are not actually here? Your hubris is getting the best of you.
          “Your biggest fears are only getting worse..”
          LMAO. Not scared of you ese. But by your empty threats, you damn sure scared of us. Smart lad. You should be.

        4. Not saying you should be scared of me. But just know that the possibility of your wife kissing you and your kids with Mexican dick on her breath ain’t going anywhere just because Trump is president.

  43. “Sources have told The American Spectator that on Tuesday night, after Hillary realized she had lost, she went into a rage. Secret Service officers told at least one source that she began yelling, screaming obscenities, and pounding furniture. She picked up objects and threw them at attendants and staff. She was in an uncontrollable rage. Her aides could not allow her to come out in public. It would take her hours to calm down. So Podesta went out and gave his aimless speech. I wish we could report on Bill’s whereabouts but we cannot.”
    This is exactly what a 69 year old entitled SJW would react for being told no. Just like her little pussy acolytes below. LOL.

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