The American Woman Has Hit An All-Time Low

As the events surrounding the Boston bombings continue to unfold, lost in the noise of the terror is the wife of one of the bombers. Her name is Katherine Russell, and she is a profound marker in the decline of the American woman. Allow me to explain.

Born in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, Katherine was the oldest of three girls. She grew through an ordinary American life with regular high school proclivities, such as playing the saxophone and doing other high school spirit day activities.

In short, there was nothing special about this woman. She is common American female stock. And that is precisely why the implications are so disturbing.

According to reports, she met Tamerlan Tsarnaev in her Freshman or Sophomore year of college at Suffolk University. Tsarnaev, a recent immigrant from Chechnya, was a young boxer and drinker. He met her at a nightclub, most likely in one of the many immigrant nightclubs that populate the Boston area. Although it is unclear how he seduced her, my guess is that he got her with some Muslim game: intimidating gazes, ramrod straight stances, bottle service, congregating with all of the other jacked immigrants in the nightclub with their top two shirt buttons undone, and then inviting girls back to his table to talk.

Most likely they both frequented the same nightclubs when he noticed her, and made a few attempts to get her back to his place before he went for the close. Given that she was an American woman, she put out right away as she did for so many other men in her freshman and sophmore years.

Wouldn’t you hit it? I know I would.

Traitorous American Woman 2

Of course, given the American dating scene we all know so well, it’s to be expected that their relationship did not consummate into monogamy right away. Most likely she was seeing a few other men, and meanwhile, Tsarnaev, who already had no respect for American culture, was enjoying trying to bang as many non-Islamic Ameri-skanks as he could.

As Tsarnaev was quoted saying, “I don’t have a single American friend. I don’t understand them.” So we know this guy was like many Islamic immigrants who viewed American culture as toxic and full of broken women who are only good for one thing. On this point, I can agree with the Muslims.

However, this all came to a boiling point. With his increasing alienation from American culture, Tsarnaev probably felt a sense of abandonment on how women were throwing their youth away for worthless careers and empty promises. He became more in tune with his faith, went to more Islamic congregations, and fell in love with Katherine.

Now, defenders of American women might think, “Katherine was unaware of how abusive Tsarnaev was before she got involved with him, making it harder for her to leave him.” But the truth is Tsarnaev was already known as a violent man and had been arrested for domestic abuse, before she met him.

In 2009, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery for assaulting his girlfriend in Cambridge, police records show.

“Girlfriend called 911 on her cell phone indicating that she was beat up by her boyfriend,” the police report states. The woman was described as “crying hysterically” and told police that she had been yelling at Tsarnaev “because of another girl.” When asked if he had hit his girlfriend, Tsarnaev told the officer on duty, “Yes, I slapped her,” the police report states.

And since this occurred in 2009, we know that Tsarnaev and Katherine had already met and most likely banged by that point. So Katherine knew this guy was a piece of shit from the get-go, but most likely willfully ignored it in favor of her lusts.

It was not long after Katherine became involved with the mass murderer before she started to receive regular beatings as well:

Her roommate at Suffolk University, who asked not to be identified, told CBS News that Tsarnaev had also been violent with Russell and may have been arrested for assaulting her in 2009 as well.

Being that Katherine was a young American woman, she most likely did not see Tsarnaev, or any man she was banging, as anything beyond fun. But because Tsarnaev was a violent man, using force, coercion, and beatings to keep her from straying, she stayed. Any hint of infidelity resulted in some kind of punishment for Katherine.

Neighbors indicate that the Tsarnaev household was probably not a very happy one.

A man who lived next-door to the Tsarnaevs on Norfolk Street in Cambridge told The Boston Globe that he heard yelling “constantly” and that police would often show up at the Tsarnaevs’ apartment. Another unidentified neighbor spoke of “screaming and arguments,” The Globe reported.

I am not surprised that it took the violence of Tsarnaev’s level to keep a young and beautiful girlfriend in Boston. I know that hookup culture well, and girls actively dump and cheat on men whenever they so please. Men are more likely to be pump and dumped than the women are.

Thus we reach the disturbing conclusion of this story – Katherine was not a victim, she was not a special case, she was an ordinary American woman who represented her culture in every way, and that is precisely why she betrayed it. She was given everything a woman could want in life, and instead she choose to find something, someone – anyone – who could take it away from her. Unsatisfied with her life of being catered on beck and call, of whim and notion, she was drawn to the first man who would remove it all and place chains around her – even if that man hated the country who raised her.

She worked 70-80 hours per week while he collected welfare.

Russell worked 70 to 80 hours, 7 days a week as a home health-care aide, her lawyer, Amato DeLuca, told reporters, and she thought her husband was caring for their toddler at home while she was at work.

And since Katherine was nothing more than an “All-American girl,” it is reasonable to conclude that most American women are exactly like Katherine – unhappy with their spoiled lives who would gladly give it up just for a chance to be enthralled by a powerful man. The women of this country have no more loyalty to the land that raised them, but instead are opportunists looking for a chance to submit in pleasure.

Until that opportunity comes, they will hate on all men who try to be anything good towards them, and act out against them – by denying them sex and relationships, by throwing them in jail with trumped up charges, by stealing their money under the pretense of marriage – until they are forced to stop. And it doesn’t take much to stop them – even a welfare bum like Tsarnaev could do it.

Now, I do not think any man should go around beating women just so he can keep them. This is obviously a shitty, destructive way to live that will only cause you more pain and unhappiness in the long run. Any woman that requires beatdowns in order to remain faithful is a garbage woman who will never make you happy. And yet with the extreme shortage of eligible American women, what is a good American man supposed to do?

Just remember: whereas in many countries around the world, women are forced to endure domestic abuse from their husbands with no hope of justice, here in America we have women rushing with open legs into the crotches of abusers despite a legal system that is designed to “empower” them. I hope your exit strategy is going well.

UPDATE: Since publishing this article on April 25th, I have since been alerted to the following report which has been tracking the “tens of thousands” of Westerners who convert to Islam each year, 75 percent of whom are women. Feels so good to be so right.

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118 thoughts on “The American Woman Has Hit An All-Time Low”

  1. One of the best pieces of coverage in this whole, sad fiasco. More should look to this example on how (not) to raise daughters and what risks our current culture is creating for women.

    1. no they should look to emulate how to raise daughters from the 50s or middle eastern or south asian societies
      the guy isnt a relgoius guy(clubbing drinking dating sex is a huge no no)
      but like every migrant they come to bang easy americans like we westerners fantasize how easy girls be in latin america europe or east asia
      got a take notes from him on how to keep a american woman

  2. “we know this guy was like many Islamic immigrants who viewed American culture as toxic and full of broken women who are only good for one thing. On this point, I can agree with the Muslims.”
    not just muzzys but anyone form middle east, africa and south asia agree that americunts are worthless and not worth LTR.
    say what you want about him, he kept it alpha and kept and american harlot in her place…theri submissive nature.
    doubt they were often since he beat her twice, to shut out her bs…sometimes women like being handled that way despite cryin to the popo

  3. Sad but so true. Should we surprised? This is what happens when American society throws out all rules and decency when it comes to the women here. The end game of feminism: that they be held responsible for absolutely nothing. Nothing.

  4. Interesting article, but it’s scope needs to be broadened.
    Women from EVERY country will submit to the strongest invaders and breed with them. This is not exclusive to American women. THIS is why men didn’t historically allow women into the political process — because women have no inherent patriotism and are base in nature due to being driven by their sexuality, which is tied into their emotions. When thugs invade, expect women to be on THEIR side. Woman, thy name is treason.

      1. It’s a nice link, but like most of his writing he spent thousands of words dancing around what people say here in a few sentences. Rollo had great, innovative ideas but poor execution.

    1. I don’t think this is necessarily true 100% of the time. While it is true in most situations, there have existed women in times who were loyal to their men dispite being conquered by stronger forces.
      The women of Sabine after they were conquered by the Romans, for example. They actively resisted the Romans who took them as wives and made the Romans make nice with their old countrymen before becoming good wives.
      The women of the South during the Civil War, for example. They did not start fucking, en masse, the northern soldiers as they razed Atlanta.
      So, while it is tempting to believe that all women have this deep, dark, evil nature, it simply isn’t true. Good cultures produce good women, and trash cultures produce trash women.

      1. All women have that desire. It’s just a matter of executing it or not. Just like all men have desires to fuck 16-year-olds all day everyday.

      2. This is one of the worst articles written on this site, ever. I have never heard such a whining beta litany of #fail, I felt like this must be a troll post.
        1) Saying she probably slept with him right away her frosh year because other women are slutty is beyond idiotic.
        1a) ‘Muslim game…’ “Shirt undone…’ is simply childish projection.
        2) Saying she was sleeping with him in 2009 is similarly idiotic because they were already engaged and she took his name by then, as the article notes.
        3) There is no doubt she and he were in a monogamous relationship by this time — something RoK members complain about constantly when women don’t act this way. Total hypocrisy.
        4) There’s a giant difference btw a relationship where partners yell at each other [common] and ‘regular beatings,’ your strawman speculation shows a great deal of irrationality and wish-casting.
        Regardless, there are millions of women in this country who try very, very hard to leave abusive relationships, and it never happens overnite. Given that truly abusive men threaten to and do kill their girlfriends/wives in surprising numbers, and/or children if the woman decides to leave, it’s not a shock they can’t leave right away. Young women are more likely to be killed by their husband/bf than anyone else.
        5) She was drawn to him well *before* he hated the US, as all the news articles make it clear. More #fail by you.
        6) Whining about ‘girls who dump guys?’ Oh, so they’re not even allowed to break up with you now and seek a new monogamous relationship? Trololololol! Man, you betas are hilarious. LOL’d IRL.
        7) There’s not a shred of evidence Katherine ‘represented American culture in every way,’ also laughable. The fact she became a Muslim puts the lie to that immediately.
        8) RoK members, CH commenters always complain about ‘gold-diggers’ and the self-entitled bitches who refuse to work — well, again, you’re a hypocrite for complaining that she worked hard.
        9) Saying she has ‘no loyalty to her country’ because of something her husband did is similarly a non-sequitur. That’s like saying Penn State fans support pederasty.
        But, the ending is by far the stupidest, most beta line of all:
        10) ‘The women of this country…they will hate on all men who try to be anything good towards them, and act out against them – by denying them sex and relationships’
        BETA/OMEGA ALERT! WOOT WOOT WOOT! EPIC FAIL! sadtrombone.jpg
        ‘Good men’ don’t have sex? Really?!
        ‘Good men’ are ‘denied’ relationships?
        That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all year. Congrats!
        Alpha men don’t have these problems, only mewling betas and omegas. Whether you consider another man ‘good’ or not is irrelevant to that salient fact.

        1. I like it when guys pretend to be Alpha. Pretty sure you’ve never seduced a girl in under two hours. Also, tone down the insults. We don’t want a flame war comment section here.
          Two points:
          1. If you think a boxer who blew up 150 people and killed a MIT cop in cold blood only “slapped her lightly” or merely “yelled at her” then all I can do is laugh. This is a violent man.
          2.Your defense of women in abusive relationships makes me wonder if you’re secretly posting as a girl. Women dump betas by the truckload each year, yet they can’t find the will power to leave the guy who beats them senseless? Don’t be a white-knight, okay? American cops have instructions to arrest any man accused of domestic battery with virtually no proof, and you think they can’t leave them?

        2. That’s a great photo heartiste tweeted today. Validates my entire analysis of her traitorous relationship perfectly.

        3. Yeah, I saw that on twitter hours ago. You’ve missed the point completely: Accusing Katherine of being like stupid 19-yr old sluts, when all the evidence points the other way, is absurdly silly.
          Complaining now about women who are monogamous, wife up and get married, have kids, and then spending the rest of the time complaining about women who sleep around is both absurd, hypocritical, and endlessly beta.
          Complaining that ‘girls will dump guys,’ is one of the single funniest things I have ever read on the interwebz. One-itis much?
          Pro-tip: The one constant in all your failed relationships — is you.

        4. You’ve missed the point. There’s no hypocrisy in saying:
          – Women want relationships with alphas, who are usually assholes.
          – If they can’t lock down alphas for relationships, then they will just sleep around with alphas — jumping from one alpha cock to the next to get their fix.
          This women had her sexual dream realized: relationship and marriage to an alpha asshole. It made her feel so complete that she sacrificed her entire life to nurture that relationship and bare his spawn. Then her abusive alpha asshole of a husband turned out to be an enemy of her nation and mass-murdered her fellow men, women, and children.
          If this woman was aware enough to not follow her pussy’s tingle at a young age, her life wouldn’t be such a mess.

        5. I have to agree with Mike Andrews.
          There are authors on this site whose entire world view seems stem from how men and women interact. You cannot put pussy on a higher pedestal than that. This article being a shining example.
          Most of the article is speculation and it’s coming from a very weird world view. Game is just a tool…that’s it…I’m not really sure why so many people have tried to make it into their guiding philosophy.
          And yeah, there are lots of women who can’t leave abusive men for various reasons [including psychological]. Women aren’t the enemy bro, beta males, omega males aren’t the enemy either, you’re only enemy in game is YOU..making fun of these people isn’t helping you get anymore chicks…in past years people in the weird clique in the PUA community was the RSD it seems to be these guys that are obsessed with alphaness and trying to pin an economic/political/philosophic ideology on the tool that game is.

        6. You’re being unfair to the writer. You are missing the point of the article.
          The writer is a practiced observer of female behavior and, as you can see from his previous articles, devotes great effort to ruminating on the causes and motivations of female behavior. It is an important subject that interests all of us here.
          We are students and observers of female behavior. We use our acute sensitivities, honed from experience, to reflect on the whys. We want to know why women do what they do. We reflect on these things, and relate them to our own personal experiences.
          The writer is simply trying to rhetorically fathom why this attractive girl would give herself over to a deviant criminal.
          It is a question that needs to be asked. (But will not be asked by the mainstream media. Like the Homolka murder case in Canada in the early 1990s, the female misbehavior here will be rationalized away and submerged by the mainstream media in sanctimonious discussions of domestic abuse).
          That is the rhetorical question behind the article: what is it about the interplay between the inner masochistic nature of women, together with the corrupting nature of modern American culture, that could have produced this result?
          And it is a question that should interest any thinking man. Like the writer, I too am disgusted by her behavior and think the “whys” behind it are worth discussing.
          The case of this girl Katherine is used as a fulcrum to ask larger questions about the origins and trajectory of modern American female behavior. The author pulls back the veil on this girl’s history, and what is revealed is not a pretty sight.
          And this is entirely justified. And judging from your response, you know this as well. Deep in your heart of hearts.
          There is nothing wrong in pointing out the inner masochistic streak that underlies female psychology. The self-destructive, masochistic streak that would cause her to be drawn to a criminal murderer.
          The self-destructive streak that would cause her to submerge her identity into his.
          Before passing judgment on a writer, it is critical to step back and try to see what is larger purpose is.
          Nitpicking, hairsplitting, and mudslinging do not advance our understanding.

        7. I completely agree with Mike. This article really sounded like the author was projecting some of his failures/insecurities. Probably got out gamed or out classed by a guy who looks like Tsaernav or something. You can kind of read it between the lines.
          Anyways, I guess ROK is entitled to a bum article once in a while but meh…

        8. The point is she is a treacherous whore that would have given her native male counter-part nothing but shit, but some foreign violent killer she’ll bed down with, and be wifey. Shit, if Tamerlane had been a white Christian American male he would have had to gone to grad school, had a +50k a year job, and kissed her ass to no end before she would be his wifey.
          Nor do I get the admiration of the game culture (“Tamerlane had game!”) being a sociopath is not virtuous, admirable, or heroic. Tamerlane was a shit bag that in a healthy country would have been deported.

        9. I don’t believe you all just look, study, and then report what you’ve seen, after you’ve mulled over it. Many people throughout the ages have devoted countless hours contemplating the human animal, but I wonder what fraction came to the endpoint of contempt and four statements that they repeat over and over? It’s too simplistic and shallow. “American culture is poison.” “Women are masochistic.” etc I love this site, and it seems to lacks the enforced uniformity of other ‘subcultures’- I assume the likeness among commenters and writers is because the things that make them alike are what brings them here, not because solidarity is strictly required- which I respect, and the thoughts/sentiments are welcome variety to what I normally hear and read (like ubiquitous feminism). However, if I devoted so much time to studying the opposite sex… man, simplistic conclusions are great rules of thumb for getting by in life, they’re great personal practical knowledge, but they don’t necessarily form a strong basis for large-scale practical knowledge. (I mean, knowledge necessary to answer practical questions like: If certain parameters of society changed, like laws, or average wealth, or the presence of war, or belief in a holy text, or propagation of certain values, how would male and female behaviour change? What differences are cultural versus outcomes of similar people responding to new conditions? What I mean by the last one is, you guys talk about American culture causing ABC, but your strong cultural tendencies linger when you relocate, can linger generations on new soil; if foreign women come to the US and alter quickly, that’s not because of American culture, that’s because of a new scenario bringing out existing, unexpressed, parts of those women or moving them differently. I bet wealth is a big factor in a lot of this. The Roman elite women didn’t want to reproduce much, if I recall, even though they were encouraged to; no you go career girl doctrine necessary.) How often do you ask yourself: What evidence suggests I’m wrong? Sure, serial killers get love letters, while plenty of nice guys struggle to get dates. But women fought to lower domestic abuse and rape- and their rates have plummeted in the US as a fraction of the 1970s rate. Is that masochism at work? Maybe it speaks to personality differences among women, being attracted to vs repulsed by predatory, violent men who demonstrate marked lack of concern for your wellbeing. A lot of women crave security and continual demonstrations of commitement and affection; for me, the party starts when I feel safe. Alternatively, maybe when push comes to shove, most women are compatible with being war bootie, and Stockholm Syndrome is an innate female adaptation hungover from times when you might change man-hands against your will.
          You really think this woman working 70h weeks to suport some useless abusive guy reflects the average American woman, who wants to work part-time when she has kids, for example? Unconvincing.
          I feel like my reply could be mocked by that “Title of Post” post. … lol. Twenty minutes to write a comment in some internet forum that two people will read. … But, oi, thinking about interesting stuff is not a waste of time, and being a “participant” makes you more aware of evidence when you come across it, because you’re engaged. So, it pays you to participate- as long as you think someone might read, and you respect their opinion, then it works.

        10. Wow, a long-winded comment by a woman that is rational and not rationalizations. Congrats!

        11. Mike has been banned for being unable to have a conversation like a regular guy I met at the bar.

        12. mike, you must be a liberal that thinks 650 different opposed religions, races, and cultures bodes well for a nation.
          many of your observations hold some merit taken exclusively, but there is also something to be said for cumulative results that run together. or wait, all humans are exactly the same, right ?? lets not notice that some still live naked in huts even after having witnessed civilization for 2000 years.

        13. plus sam, lets not forget that plenty of women have red-blooded chivalrous male brothers, fathers, and friends. my sister didnt have to worry nor did my friends sisters. my little sister actually complained to me in high school that guys were afraid to ask her out because they knew of my reputation of knocking the shit out of any guy who was abusive or violent with a girl in my presence, so they were worried i would kick their ass for less with my sister.
          the very fact that ANY man in this country should believe that he can get away with that is a disgrace to US supposed alpha males. this is especially true when a foreigner believes that he can come here and take an american national as a wife and then beat her. if this girl hung out with southern boys there would have been a quick end to her new boyfriends habits or he would have had to move her back to russia where president putin himself would have beatin’ his ass. apparently boston is no longer inhabited by the likes of our founder samuel adams, but instead feminized cunts posing as men.

        14. there is a difference between an alpha male in the human world and the dog world. at least in domesticated nations and cultures. the savages that might fit the description of alpha males in some points, need to be differentiated from the proper alpha males in the domestic sense.
          thomas jefferson would be considered an alpha male and so would george washington and most of our other founders, yet none would beat a woman.
          so again, we need to be careful in labeling savages as alpha males.
          lowlifes that beat women are merely masquerading as alpha males. true alphas have no reason to beat women and in fact it would go against their own confidence in their masculinity.

        15. alice, good post. a girl that actually thinks outside fashion…
          anyway, stockholm etc.
          yes, this is the problem, and even your comment that when you “feel safe”.
          so ARE you safe objectively speaking, or do you just “feel safe” in your emotions; even though the door is unlocked, your husband is a liberal with no fighting skills and no guns to protect you or your children, etc.
          this is the problem. this is where the game begins.
          then there is the part of human nature that we share, THAT WE HATE TO BE WRONG. and women do hate to be wrong !! so, this STUPID BITCH spurned her whole culture and most likely some of her smarter friends and family(although presumably many of those east coast marxist liberal pukes thought that it was just wonderful to have her run off with a muslim and they probably would have been just as happy if she ran off with a kenyan withcdoctor; but then when it didnt work out, she doesnt want to admit that her few sane “racist” or real Christian, or conservative friends or family were correct that she should not marry AND THEN IMMEDIATELY BREED WITH, some guy that is from a completely different culture !!
          when will stupid bitches stop believing their feelings that the media circus stirs up in them for foreign peoples and cultures ?? that is my question.

      3. exactly sam, the south produced good women and we now produce shit women.
        although, let us remember who ultimately has control of “our culture”.
        in the south it was white men.
        in the union after the fall of the south it was white men.
        however, at some point white men(of which i am one) relinquished our duty and gave the reigns of control to blacks, jews, and women, of which the jews rose to the top and now degenerate our culture.
        take it from either of the following jews, nathanael kapner at or google gilad atmon, or google the occidental observer,, or dr david duke.
        what has happened to our culture is easy to see.

    2. Invaders will massacre a culture’s men, or reduce them to the status of dispossessed pariahs. Women, by voting in multiculturalism and tolerance for foreigners, basically are playing with the lives of the men of their own civilizations.

    3. Not that there aren’t patriotic women out there, but it seems on average women tend to be more soft headed.
      at all the things women care about in politics. Love, compassion,
      tolerance, etc. All emotions. These are the types that think being patriotic is about being morally nice, not the ruthless pursuit of tangible national interests. They don’t see anything wrong with that. That’s what probably ran through this
      girl’s head when she decided to abandon her identity for somebody elses.
      “I’m being tolerant!”.
      It takes men to bring them back to reality. Women just don’t understand that life is not about attaining moral
      righteousness, but a constant struggle between every identity group for
      supremacy. Choosing not to participate doesn’t change that fact.
      The mere existence of competition justifies
      tribalistic behavior, whether based on your race, ethnic group,
      religion, culture, etc. Doesn’t matter if that makes you mean or
      bigoted. This is something most Asians naturally understand, but whites
      don’t. Going around acting like a “social justice” activist doesn’t make
      you a role model, it makes you an easy target for aggressive people who
      don’t give two shits about your values. The love and coexistence
      utopianism is just an afterthought, a luxury when it can be afforded.

    4. They’ll be raped by them. That’s truly dreadful thing to say. Perhaps check out the Rape of Nanking for real horror. How about a teenaged girl tied naked to a chair with her legs fastened open to the chair arms, and blindfolded, too, so any soldier could just walk in and fall on her. Her vagina is literally a savaged gash. And the Russians through Germany? In fact all troops everywhere? Women have been spoil for millennia. So being raped is treason, is it? And once the invader takes over, he deliberately reserves the most fertile girls for his use. When Venice controlled the Balkans, 10,000 slaves were sold yearly in the Venice markets, nearly all helpless girls to be used for concubines. I see know why raped women have been cast out of their societies. Treason. Yeah. I get it.

  5. “Tsarnaev probably felt a sense of abandonment on how women were throwing
    their youth away for worthless careers and empty promises.” Sure he did…
    And LOL @ the Muslim game comment. If it’s a troll, you got me. Otherwise, this article is soaked in so much melodrama it’s not worth much.

  6. it seems like every other article I read on here anymore is about the decline of modern american women. “american women suck!” I get it. and I agree, 110%…it’s just that it gets old hearing it over and over again. I come here because I know I can get solid advice about game, self-improvement, travel, fashion, fitness, business, how to live the kind of lifestyle I want and how to be the kind of man that I want to be. I thought that was what this site was for. it seems like there are better forums to vent about how much american women suck, and it’s not really all that productive…so why has it become a subject of such intense focus lately?

    1. Yeah cause it’s so hard to ignore an article that doesn’t appeal to your interest.

    2. It is vitally important to us because it is the existential crisis of our times. It is the one problem that we are struggling to solve.
      We have been thrust into a society where we have been denied what most men in other countries of the world take for granted: the prospect of meaningful mates. And it is a source of anguish. Anguish. We feel because we care. We care. And what you see here is our attempt to come to grips with the Great Crisis of our lives as young American men.
      We have been abandoned by our country.
      We have been sold out by our country.
      We are the unloved, the dispossessed, the unwanted.
      Can you handle that truth? Because you are in the life-boat with us, as we drift through the ocean. Whether you know it or not. Whether you have the courage to admit it or not.
      Most of the men here are sensitive, intelligent, and burning with passion to better themselves and extert, to some degree, some control over their environment. This, Kasparov, is the perogative of every organism. To comprehend, and exert some control over, its environment. By necessity, our cogitations are going to be repetitive to some degree. It is our collective intellect at work, mulling over the problem, analyzing it from different facets, getting feedback from others, and pondering it some more.
      And this is how solutions develop.
      We may never get there, but we are trying. We are struggling. We are fighting.

    3. Congrats that you’re way ahead of the curve. It’s not this site’s fault that knowledge that was commonplace is’nt anymore and bears repeating. Get a grip, make me wonder if women are commenting under the guise as men here sometimes.

  7. Every time I’ve been pissed off at the way a girl behaves and shown it, even though it may come across to others as loudmouthed and infantile, the girls will cry and do whatever but they like that [email protected]
    I can’t even help it. I get really mad at they way they wind me up and their whiny bitchy attitude.
    I’m not a bad boy. Not even close. But is it possible that women are hard-wired to like abuse? Stay with me here; there are many studies saying that women can only be happy if they argue with their man, because it shows that he’s still invested into the relationship.
    Even so, Western women, ugh. Unfortunately, this attitude is creeping into central and even EE, although it’ll never get as bad as it is here in the UK.

    1. “But is it possible that women are hard-wired to like abuse?” “women can only be happy if they argue with their man”
      Yappy dogs, yappy women, road rage, protest, the 99,crying babies they’re all helpless
      Sheeple seemingly yap/ BEG to get their ass kicked cause they seek DADDY to restore ORDER in their miserable lives.The weak(employees, hoes, Religious) seek the strong(boss,pimp,government,GOD) to DOMINATE/take care of them.
      Yappy 99% Hundreds arrested in Occupy Wall Street protests Anti-US and Labor Protests Challenge Egyptian President
      Beatings ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests Turn violent’ – ABC News Pepperspraying and punching Occupy protesters cops don’t face any charges
      Order Ants Circle Inside Mecca, view of Kaaba

    2. Young man, what you stated about abuse is what in the Manosphere known as a shit test.

  8. I’m still trying to understand why this girl wasn’t just pumped and dumped? Maybe it was because of that 70 work weak he provided for him.

    1. Maybe she was a good cook and dynamite in the sack on top of the 70 hour work week?

  9. Powerful post, Samseau. Often my thoughts go back to that infamous post of Heartiste:
    “For I truly believe that nothing else than that small snippet of a conversation on a rooftop bar in an American city circa 2010 between two typical youngish men and two typical youngish women better illuminates the cause of America’s decline and the depravity of her people who are the nominal heirs to Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin.”

  10. I guess when your knee deep in betafied Western men with laws setup to allow your self destructive nature to flourish anything looks better by comparison.

  11. He had the full backing and real world demonstration of his religion to inculcate the woman of his desires, and she followed her biological programming to submit, despite his criminality and violence and despite the alien culture he was living in. ie frame

  12. Good article. I’m doubtful about the abuse though. A little slapping is hardly physical abuse, especially when the woman is hysterical and need to be calmed down.

  13. It is well put to say that women have no inherent patriotism. Never heard it put that way before.
    Lots of European women got in trouble for sleeping with the Germans during WWII, if I remember correctly.
    Women want to fuck a “WINNER”, and they will stand on the bodies of a thousand good men if that is what it takes.

    1. My grandpa was captured by Germans and forced to work in Germany as a prisoner of war. He met my German grandma during that time and they went back to his native Belgium together. … There also were a shortage of men in these countries because of war. What, are you going to throw your home life away because someone who wants to marry you, and you them, is an invader or captive in your country? That’s too much to ask. And men seem very happy to go for foreign women. It’s one of the main pointers here. I haven’t noticed a tendency in men compared to women to prefer their own national or ethnic group. Why is it going for winners when women do it? Maybe it is, but how could you tell the difference between that and straight mixing given the opportunity and a shortage of men with some other traits you seek?

      1. No. Nationalist collectivism may not have worked well for your grandparents, but it works well on average and it is on averages that states ought to be governed.

      2. well let me assure you alice, i am a white guy and a southerner, and i go for white girls, preferably southerners. however, as i mentioned above in my response to you, our culture(boys and girls) are failing together on the front that you mention. clearly, we should be white americans dating or marrying at least whites that share our american philosophy, but these days even what that philosophy is is in question. but for the record i will state it. it is a philosophy of Jesus Christ and the golden rule within the parameters of a nation-state and not a multi-cultural cesspool empire of competing and debilitating infighting amongst different cultures.

        1. If you call different cultures a “cesspool”, you are clearly pretty off on your interpretations of the Bible.
          Jesus said “There are no Jews, No Greeks”, one of the earliest codified pleas for people to be open to each other.
          He reminded us “What you do to the least of you, you do to me.”
          Any hateful, prideful racism is in my opinion diametrically opposed to what Jesus preached. He is not a cheerleader for your fantasies of racial superiority.

  14. A couple of things:
    First off, there are other reasons why a woman would stay in an abusive relationship. All this talk of submitting, it can be out of FEAR you know, and other factors. It’s not always as simple as you and others make it. And this part:
    “Now, I do not think any man should go around beating women just so he can keep them. This is obviously a shitty, destructive way to live that will only cause you more pain and unhappiness in the long run. Any woman that requires beatdowns in order to remain faithful is a garbage woman who will never make you happy. And yet with the extreme shortage of eligible American women, what is a good American man supposed to do?”
    It started off good but it went downhill from there. You know, maybe it’s the beatdowns that drive a person away. An unfaithful person is garbage, but a person that resorts to violence to keep someone with them is garbage, even more so.
    “Now, defenders of American women might think, “Katherine was unaware of how abusive Tsarnaev was before she got involved with him, making it harder for her to leave him.” But the truth is Tsarnaev was already known as a violent man and had been arrested for domestic abuse, before she met him.”
    Known by who, the girlfriend….BEFORE the first incident of violence?
    Something else too:
    “With his increasing alienation from American culture, Tsarnaev probably felt a sense of abandonment on how women were throwing their youth away for worthless careers and empty promises. He became more in tune with his faith, went to more Islamic congregations, and fell in love with Katherine.”
    I’m sick and tired of this notion that women are throwing away their youth for “worthless” careers. Yes sometimes women have regrets with the way their lives turn out, but there are others who are able to make it work, and others who are happy staying single without kids. Who are any of us to say that a woman’s career path is worthless, or that she’s “throwing away her youth” for a career? Some women want to be stay at home moms, some want to have a family and a career. That’s possible but they would have to plan accordingly. Some are happy with a career. There’s nothing wrong with any of those choices.
    As for the main topic of the article, taking a tragedy like this and spinning it to make commentary about American women….I can’t believe you’re actually serious.

    1. If american women are so happy with their careers…why so many anti-depressants and so much whining on the media about the lack of good men they were not planning to marry anyway?

  15. After France was liberated they took the women who slept with the Nazis, shaved their heads, and made them march down the main street with signs proclaiming that they are traitors. If this woman had any decency she would volunteer for such an atonement ceremony.

  16. The problem might not be America’s women, but its men. If they were alpha enough to hold bitches like this down then you wouldn’t have articles like this to write.
    Like it or not evolution is as relevant as hypergamy. Natural selection is in full effect, life isn’t static, get over it, roll with the punches.
    Two options:
    Society evolved to this point because it’s where society needs to be to survive and will therefore continue to survive because this is what is needed.
    Society evolved to this point because of a malignant growth…that will eventually kill society in its current form and have it be replaced by something more worthy.
    Either way, stop complaining about it. Cuz we’re the predators here, not the prey.

    1. I think history has shown that prosperity leads to conditions like we are seeing in Western Civilization today. That’s why all civilizations have been cyclical – rising, peaking, then declining. It’s such a huge arc that most people can’t see it in their comparitively short (~75 year) lifespans.
      Men have basically “served” women in the past, because they needed a breadwinner. Now, women don’t need men anymore because of the Welfare State and feminism, both products of a prosperous society.
      It’s an interesting cycle. Men create civilization to please women, to provide for them, give them protection, etc. The civilization becomes prosperous, men lose their value to women, women proceed to follow their baser instincts and thereby cause everything to come crashing down. What incentive does a man have to continue producing if his women and the law have betrayed him?
      Perhaps this is why women are often villified in many religious documents. This has been going on for quite a while.
      While I agree with your sentiment that society in its current form will go extinct, I don’t think anything more “worthy” will arise. We’ll just see a continuation of the same cycle.

      1. Such has been the history of the world. The story of Cain and Abel was symbolic of the early Hebrews’ disdain for sedentary, agrarian civilizations. The Bible tells the story of how the Hebrews became the sedentary civilization they so despised.
        You’re right, civilization is cyclical. Basically, nomadic cultures conquer sedentary one, become sedentary themselves and, in turn, are conquered by another nomadic culture. Examples of this are the Huns, Mongols, Vikings, Parthians, Hebrews and Romans.

  17. The manosphere makes fun of feminists/women who use singular examples to try and make a point … yet that is exactly what this article has done. Sample size = 1. I’ve never been to the US but I’m assuming that the number of women shacking up with or supporting terrorists (or similar) would barely even register on a statistical analysis. Additionally, this article includes a lot of speculation (“most likely” “probably” etc) as opposed to irrefutable fact.

    1. Nonsense. The sample size is limited only because the number of would-be terror-suspects who are in the U.S. and willing to date non-Muslim women is still small (but growing).
      England has an entire sub-culture of English women who have married Muslim immigrants and converted.

    2. Carlos the Jackal had many European girls to sleep with even as he killed many Europeans

  18. The good news about this is you don’t have to stay in the United States if you don’t want to. You can avoid the abysmal failure that most western women are altogether by living in some other man friendly society. I know for me it is a HUGE relief knowing that I will be able to pack my bags and say adios to this insanity within a few months to a year. I don’t know how so many men cowtail to all this nonsense to begin with, it’s so absurd. That’s how you end up with girls shacking up with muslim bombers, surround her with pussies who treat her like a princess.

  19. I think the beginning of the article reflects more about you and your emotional bitterness than it does anything about any potential truths

  20. American women are traitors? Not me! I love America we’re the last free country on the planet.America is destroyed not by terrorist or government but greed and ignorance of the average people.
    Americans used to be responsible therefore we were free . We paid for quality things movies,music, sport tickets etc but one day Napster(pirate-bay owned by CIA) came out with unlimited music downloading. This marks the beginning of the welfare police state fatitude and crappy music and movies. Then 9/11 (A Shock TEST) happened then housing bubble.

    1. They cant help it man. They are always with the winner, the strong’s in their nature and they can’t fight it.

  21. Fuck this site. You’ve long ran out of things to teach men and every other article now is just culture critiscism and crying over the decline of America…something none of you seem to be able to come to terms with.
    This article is nothing but presumptions full of guesses and ‘probably’s’, which seems to be the standard now for American journalism..
    “most likely in one of the many immigrant nightclubs …”
    “my guess is that he got her with some Muslim game…”
    “Most likely she was seeing a few other men”
    ” Tsarnaev probably felt a sense of abandonment on how women were throwing their youth away”
    “most likely banged by that point”
    “she most likely did not see Tsarnaev, or any man she was banging, as anything beyond fun”
    Halfway through and I’m bored of referencing quotes!
    This article is the pinnacle of ignorance. You clearly don’t know shit.

    1. Yes, obviously you’ve never done any “filling in the holes” or guessed what somebody’s life was like when you’ve head a story about them.
      Uh huh.

  22. Here’s the damned tragedy in all of this; the only reliable way to keep a woman is to be a complete dirt bag like this guy. While everybody here has learned enough game to be an Eligible Bachelor, there isn’t enough game on the planet to turn a ho into a housewife.
    The only way to do that is to stop reading books, start selling drugs, and hardening what little love you have left for women into cromag narcissism.
    I’ve had prior-to-me virgins break up with me to go suck greasy hippy dick at Burning Man, and girls who grew up on Roissy cheat on me. Do I need more inner game? Sure, we all do, but that’s not the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter is that 99% of the women out there are slime.

    1. If pulling tail is your life, then yes, the best thing you can do is become a warlord or a despot. But then you have to look in the mirror and realize you have become human garbage.Not worth a few wet holes, IMO.

  23. It looks like Tamerlan was stuck between two worlds — on the one hand his traditionalist cultural background (both geographic and religious) that emphasized strong gender roles, but at the same time wanting an American way of life and an American woman, thinking she’ll be educated and interesting while still loyal and loving.
    Unfortunately, that’s not realistic, which is probably where their constant arguments came from — his failure to understand hypergamy, which led to a constant friction between (a) his expectations of women and (b) reality.
    If he had fully embraced modern American feminism and submitted to Ms. Russel’s (stated) demands of him, he probably would have been the one to go to work for the 70-80 hours a week while she stayed home, and plugged away at some miserable job. That choice will, for a while, end the constant arguments and keep the peace, at least until the husband eventually kills himself after his wife takes all his money and their children in their inevitable divorce.
    If he had gone the other way and fully embraced his masculinity and Game and his traditionalist culture, then he would have asserted enough dominance over Ms. Russel to the point where she would not have dared raise his voice to her. She would have been placated by his assertiveness, and submitted to him.
    As it turned out, he was apparently caught somewhere between the two, and that led to constant instability and conflict.

  24. probably she’s the CIA stooge that hypnotized him into doing the bombings…. stranger things have happened.

  25. Hypergamy doesn’t care about culture, society, loyalty, what a woman has received in lfie, or how “good” other men are. The sooner a man learns this the better. You can complain til the cows come home about a woman’s behavior, but just remember – hypergamy doesn’t care about your complaints, either.

  26. All I know is every broad I’ve met from Boston (never lived there but I’ve met a few) have been the sluttiest, most feminist, loud mouthed idiots I’ve ever met.
    I’m not sure what the culture is there but I’ve never met a more poisoned group of women. 100% ratio of the same issues and behaviour patterns out of a handful. That is some coincidence.

    1. New England women are cunts, no doubt. Between Boston and DC I’m not sure which is worse, but Boston is redeemed by the many colleges with it’s young girls somewhat. I think Boston edges out on the margins.

  27. Traitors to what? Women that convert to Islam are rejecting the liberal decadence that is the West today. I’m not fond of Islam, but I understand the sentiment.

    1. Which proves exactly how much loyalty you ‘Christian conservative’ right wingers have to the institutions of the United States… absolutely none!

  28. I will side with Tsarnaev on the american friends thing.
    When I lived some time in the US and as a foreigner I always had the impression that most americans dont have many, if any, real friends themselves.
    I met lots of people, we would go out a lot, but none of the americans seemed to have any real friends, just lots of acquaintances

  29. My only rational comment is if you’re going to use this one woman to represent all American females as becoming traitors then what can be said about
    Anwar al-Awlaki and American men… thoughts?

    1. That guy was born to parents of Yemen, even though he was born in the USA. When he was 7 years old, his parents took him back to Yemen for 11 years. So it’s obvious to see how he may have gotten brainwashed – he wasn’t American at all.
      The male equivalent of Katherine Russell would be if an Islamic woman seduced an “All-American Man” and turned him into a terrorist.
      That said, I don’t have much respect for the average American male either, and I think most of them are sniveling weak little shits, but that’s another post (coming soon) for another time.

      1. Well at least you’re being fair; you find both American women and men equally worthless. But let’s be honest here, you can tag any nationality to this very true axiom.

        1. That goes without saying. The point is the average person of any nationality isn’t really worth much.

  30. I agree by and large with what you’ve written here about the general decline of the American woman. Not ALL women there are that way of course. But in living most my life in that country, on the rare occasion that I’ve met one that was most certainly not that way, I was very afraid to get too involved with most of them because given the basic general paradigm of structure that society and the ending circumstances of almost EVERY fallen relationship of others I’ve known, I knew it would only be a matter of time through the very subtle but powerful social-political feminist media machuing, peer pressures, divorce laws, etc. that they would also eventually become that way too. However, to try and bring ANY woman from ANYWHERE in the world into that situation is an even surer bet to create even an greater monster than the home grown ones in the end.

  31. just read Venus The Dark Side and watch episodes of Snapped. You’ll know what women are capable of doing.

  32. just read Venus The Dark Side and watch episodes of Snapped. You’ll know what women are capable of doing.

  33. This article is just another anti-Allu cockbar sentiment which has little to do with women and the fact that more and more women are becoming sluts and bitches.

  34. It’s become impossible to overstate the fact that America women (as a whole) have gone to the dogs. I married one, I thoroughly regret it and will never marry another unless she’s got some serious old fashioned values. I’m not looking to boss her around or make her stay at home, I’m just tired of all me-myself-and I and the nonstop lip about life is gonna be. It’s as if they’re in a relationship by themselves these days. Once she’s got your sperm, and her little trophies packed into the minivan the only need for a man is money and chores.
    Anyone can argue with me if they want but ask any man what his life’s REALLY like. Maybe 1 in 100 says his wife or girlfriend truly honors and loves him.

  35. I’m glad you didn’t use that moronic word “alpha” to describe a drunken loser who beat women, couldn’t hold a job, lived on welfare, and murdered children.

  36. Don’t be an idiot. This isn’t how abuse happens. First, she didn’t know the guy was abusive: no reason for her to know of the previous case. Second, abuse creeps up on someone. Here’s a guy (and it can also be the other way round) who is charming and kind, etc and so she moves in with him and one day there’s an argument and he shows he’s ready to keep hostilities going. She wants peace so she gives in. Big mistake. She just put the power right in his hands. So next week there’s another, then another, then he starts to get moody and snappy so she tries to tip-toe around him…by this time, he has doubtless forbidden or alienated her friends and some abusers actually move the victim away….she has nobody to give her some support, perhaps nowhere to go, no money…very very foolish to put yourself financially into anybody’s hands, anybody’s…then one day, an argument ends with a blow. Perhaps to the face, maybe the stomach and after comes the whole “I’m sorry” scenario, so she forgives…being socialized as all women are to be ‘nice’ and etc etc. Nothing to do with being unhappy in a career or with feminism and everything to do with power which is what life is all about. Got to stand up to him the very first time or leave…but it doesn’t look that way then, does it? Just the same way you guys complain about a woman getting fat/slovenly on you…doesn’t happen overnight. It creeps up.
    BTW, a friend of mine in the Paras told me that his killing trainer or whoever they are said that there is no reason for most attacks on women to succeed. The trouble is that women cannot bring themselves to hurt someone. They just can’t stop being nice. They can’t jab their fake nails through his eyes, or really savagely twist his penis or bite his nose.

    1. “Here’s a guy (and it can also be the other way round) who is charming
      and kind, etc and so she moves in with him and one day there’s an
      argument and he shows he’s ready to keep hostilities going.”
      And why do you suppose she found him charming and kind?
      Because plenty of beta men would have been behaving charming and kind towards her, yet he was the ‘charming and kind’ man she picked. Odds are on she picked him because he met some need in her she hadn’t found anywhere else: excitement and unapologetic masculinity. These are the drawcards for most women who hook up with bad boys.

  37. This is interesting, in toronto there is a similar cultural thing going on with russians/chechiens, Im a boxer in toronto, and see some of them gravitate towards that sort of thing, a lot of them are boxers as well, iv sparred and fought with some of them.
    Im sorry to say but americans, canadians, or just westerners in general (black/white/asians) are pussies.

  38. ” Although it is unclear how he seduced her, my guess is that he got her with some Muslim game:”
    It’s not so difficult to ascertain how he seduced her…his views were excitingly non pc and his background as a muslim became a thing of status for her. To the vapid american female that passes for the norm, this was a welcome respite from the typical orbiting manginas that she likely came across, because he represented a real Man in her eyes…she just didn’t know exactly why.
    I am reminded of the seinfeld episode where George does everything different than he normally does, in essence taking a red pill approach to life (albeit short lived)
    Despite the fact that he put himself in potentially threatening situations he prospered with females, because irrespective of his looks he came across strong as powerful…and that’s the bottom line with Women…impression over reality.
    Women are even more drawn to power nowadays precisely because their philosophical leaders have made it a business for females to capitalize on weakness and for males to demonstrate weakness. The real Men, the ones who refuse feminist indoctrination, fascinate and excite them.
    Women (evolved females) are not stupid…just ignorant. Females and feminists are stupid…and ignorant.
    Deep down Women understand Men represent true power while the best a female can do is pathetically pantomime it by chanting the word “empowered” to themselves per mantra.
    It’s why they are drawn to it…they don’t ignore or otherwise resist their instinct to attach themselves to the strongest male in any pack; the one with the most visible prestige and power. They go with the flow.
    This female was drawn to that same power, she just didn’t understand why. If she did understand it she would leave like any sensible Woman would, but being simply a stupid american female she left herself at the beck and call of her emotional proclivities.

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