Your Time Is More Important Than Her Feelings

If you’re the type of red pill man who doesn’t abhor the idea of a steady relationship, and you haven’t spent the past few years in a coma or in prison, you’ve likely come to the realization that there are, in effect, next to zero women out there worth considering for anything more than a casual fuck-buddy arrangement at best, a one night stand on average, or a “Jesus Christ, get me away from this bitch” at worst.  This is especially true with the biggest entitlement queens of them all: American women, with an emphasis on American white women.

Return of Kings publishes a lot of great articles about getting laid and the variety of tools and techniques at your disposal to do so.  However, sometimes your own sanity takes precedence over the desire for sex.  This article will focus on some of the different types of conversations and situations that I have encountered on first dates, in social settings and in the early stages of courtship, and on the kind of mindset that is compulsory when dealing with the modern American female in 2014. I will also provide some ideas you can use to make an escape when you deem it necessary.  Because sometimes this shit just isn’t worth it.

“Oh my God, I love dogs!  I have a Pomeranian named Shasta!  I have a bunch of pictures of her on my phone—wanna see them?”

Do you want to see 148 pictures of some little faggot dog wearing a pink sweater?

Me neither.

If you entered a relationship with this woman, would you want to be seen walking down the street with little Shasta?  What about scooping up little Shasta’s turds with a plastic poop bag on your hand in front of some hot chicks? Or worse yet, what about a group of construction workers who, incontrovertibly, will be speculating amongst themselves about how often you allow random men to diddle around with your butthole?  What about driving around while little Shasta takes a piss in your car?

I sure as hell won’t allow that to be me and I’m willing to bet that you won’t allow it to be you either.  That’s the territory of a bitch-boy: a man so grateful to be getting a taste of pussy that he would gladly be seen with a leashed-up wingless fruit bat wearing a dog collar and a cardigan. Fuck that guy.  What about going for the one night stand?  You can’t take her to your place because Shasta will need to go potty and mommy can’t be gone all night.  Do you want to go back to her place and have to play with little Shasta and listen to your potential one-nighter give baby talk to a small dog like it’s a real human being?  Of course you don’t.  Masculine men don’t own, walk or even go so far as to pretend to like diminutive ankle-biting rodents masquerading as canines.

It’s time to get a move on.



Say the following: “You know, I would love to see those pics of Shasta.  But you see, I have this big crack on my ass and I don’t know what to do about it.  I’m going to head to the emergency room to get it checked out—nice meeting you.”  With a bewildered expression she will tilt her head sideways as you walk away… and I’m not talking about the dog here.

“So, Lisa was saying that you were seeing an Asian girl, you got yellow fever now? Is that, like, your thing now or something?”

No, I have ‘dealing with women that aren’t like you’ fever. This is the same type of single American white woman that will give you dirty looks if she sees you in public with a woman of another ethnicity or, as in this scenario, go so far as to make a snide comment if she learns that you date outside your race. The fact that just last year she was making regular trips to long bone Jerome’s house for some snake is of no consequence to her. That exchange program in Spain where Roberto and Javier gave her an unprotected pig roasting is also, now, somehow irrelevant. Remember that for you it’s yellow fever, or you must have a fetish, or you have a little dick or you’re an anime porn addict. For her, though, she was just getting it out of her system, experimenting, trying something new and having some fun.



Pinpoint a few of her flaws. Remember, this is an American woman—she has more problems than a skydiving emu. Figure it out and then light her up. With this particular woman I went the subtle route (it was a social engagement and I was politely asked by the host to be somewhat nice to people). Start by alternating your glances between her eyes, stomach and tits, and then say the following: “Well, for an Asian girl she had an incredible rack. You know, Asians get a bad rap for being flat-chested all the time, but this girl? God damn! Certainly, being a slender size 1 helped to make them look even bigger too.”

Want to face derision from single American white women? Date an Asian. Want to become the anti-Christ? Date a thin Asian with bigger boobs than your average American white woman (fat white titties don’t count). This particular American woman was slightly above normal height and just north of about 130 lbs. with a bust size on the smaller side of average. Needless to say she went away and, for some odd reason, felt no need to talk to me ever again.

However, this didn’t stop her from going around and telling anyone who would listen about how I’m such a huge asshole. In that case, you simply up the ante by telling everyone that she’s a racist and that you have no interest in any kind of discourse with such an individual. Be sure to drive home the point that anyone exhibiting such close-minded bigotry got exactly what they deserved. Anyone that disagrees with your position will be at risk of being labeled racist themselves, and nobody wants that.

The smell of her pussy makes your eyes water.

So, there you are. You’ve put in the effort throughout the evening and are getting to the good part with a particularly attractive American woman. Everything is progressing quite nicely, and you’re sliding her panties off… then, you catch a whiff. The famous movie quote, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” would not have been necessary if the original vessel had been coated in a thin layer of her vaginal juices—even Jaws wouldn’t fuck with that, and would have been off the coast of South Africa eating seals by daybreak.

Are you desperate to the point that you would stick your pecker in something that smells so foul? Certainly not. The possibility of an STD or some sort of other infection is very real. The majority of women out there have the presence of mind to understand their own bodies and execute the proper hygiene regimen to prevent such a situation. There’s no need to hang around with a woman that doesn’t fall within this group.

So what’s a man to do?

You know it’s time to bail out with the quickness, but how to do it?


Solution 1a:

If you don’t care about her feelings: “Well I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but I’m pretty sure your pussy could be used as bait to catch Alaskan crab. I’m out of here.”

Solution 1b:

If you care slightly about her feelings: “Sorry, but I’ve got work early in the morning and this isn’t happening tonight. I need to get going.”

Solution 1c:

If you actually care about her feelings: “Listen, I was recently seeing someone that I had strong feelings for and I really don’t think I’m ready for this right now. You’re fantastic, and if I was in a better emotional state I would be really into this, but I need to lick my wounds a little longer. My apologies.”

The thought of going with 1c is vomit inducing. Of course, solution 1a is the way to go. Within five minutes of your departure she’ll be scrubbing down her cooch with a Scotch-Brite pad and a combination of isopropanol alcohol and her own tears. At a minimum the next guy will thank you for it and, seeing as this is an American woman, the next guy will probably be one of your friends.

“While I don’t agree with everything about the movement, I can say that I identify as a feminist.”

Oh, here we fucking go. This is the deal breaker of all deal breakers, gentlemen. In the real world it’s actually rare to encounter a true to-the-core feminist. You know: the obese, tatted, short-purple-haired losers with black rim glasses and IQ’s of about 105 (that think they’re in the 130’s because they went 40k into debt for a degree that qualified them to work at the mall).

However, you will regularly meet ample quantities of American women that lean towards the ideology with less conviction but are still attached to the principles enough to cause a man potential agony. These women must be avoided at all costs. False rape accusations, using the system against you and simply being an all-around insufferable bitch are just surface scratchers for what this beast is capable of. Show this one absolutely no mercy and ensure that she spends the remainder of the evening snuggled up with her precious felines.



Say the following: “Well, I can say that I identify as a man that’s getting the fuck away from you then.” Also, feel free to leave her strong independent ass with the bill. No, not half of it, all of it—drinks are on her for the night. Hearing the words “I’m a feminist” in any way, shape or form should result in you making a beeline for the door with your car keys in hand. Consider it a matter of principle.

Also, just in case she decides to make a scene in front of the other patrons as you’re making your exit, turn around and address everyone and say, “Well, how long would you stick around if your date just told you she contracted AIDS from a gangbang?” Then continue leaving. Sure, it’s a lie… but who gives a shit? The whole establishment thinks a feminist has AIDS—I see no problem with that.

In Closing

The point of all of this is to demonstrate that you don’t have to put up with anything that you feel is beneath you. If you’re like me and you don’t want to spend 10 minutes having an annoying conversation about some little shit-eater dog, then don’t. If you don’t feel like sticking around to buy a self-proclaimed feminist drinks, then leave. Women are more than happy to flake out, stop texting, make excuses and lie with no regard for anyone but themselves. Common decency is not so common in this day and age.

Gentlemen, there are no dating rules anymore. There is no etiquette and you don’t owe anyone a fucking thing. If you’re interacting with a woman and she exhibits deal breaker traits or says things that you find unacceptable then call her on her shit in devastating fashion and leave, or just leave without saying anything. It’s your call. Admittedly, my approach is not for everyone–I simply don’t give a shit. However, I understand that plenty of men do care to some degree, and that’s completely fine. Whatever your approach, this simple fact remains: there is no need to waste even one extra minute of your precious time on someone who doesn’t deserve it. There is only one person in charge of the choices you make, the actions you take, and the happiness you create. That person is you.

Furthermore, understand that your actions don’t require an explanation and that you don’t have to remain silent. You don’t have to pretend that you’re having a good time if you’re not. You don’t have to tolerate insolence just to be nice or because it’s what’s socially expected of you because, after all, what’s socially expected of American women these days? You don’t have to pretend that it’s okay when a woman says she can’t cook, doesn’t clean, spends the date paying more attention to her phone than to you, has thousands of dollars in credit card debt or won’t shut the fuck up about her ex—because none of that is okay. Time is not a renewable resource and your free time should be spent doing exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it and in the company of people you want to do it with. And even though your money is a renewable resource, it should never be squandered on the undeserving.

Last—but certainly not least—never, under any circumstances, sell yourself out for a piece of ass. Only the weakest of men jump through hoops, pander and move mountains just for a minuscule slice of the mediocre pussy pie. Why sell your soul if there’s so little to buy? I can guarantee you that when you deservedly embarrass, challenge or temporarily destroy a woman’s self-esteem she will never forget you. All those guys that just smiled, laughed at her bullshit and kissed her ass? They’ve all been forgotten and written off, but that asshole that didn’t hesitate to lay forth a strong dose of stone-cold reality and didn’t make any apologies for preserving his own interests? For better or worse, that’s one bastard that she will remember for a long time to come.

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240 thoughts on “Your Time Is More Important Than Her Feelings”

  1. “She has more problems than a skydiving emu.” This line is golden! I love your unapologetic attitude. Although, the universe dealt the hand that left me emotionally void, during my youth I was insincerely rueful. It was not until I entered the dating game that I was rendered impenitent; but it was all for the better. It helped create a more consistent tone in my personality. Excellent article. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

  2. I have come to the conclusion that we as humans were NOT suppose to become this aware. Or, at least to people who have “Power above ant hills”. EVERYTHING we have ever learned (Except our basic nature) is being DESTROYED every single day. I don’t think we were suppose to have this much knowledge and have the shades pulled from our eyes. They expected us to stay dumb and just go with the flow because any other options would cause Chaos and cause them to lose power.
    I am not trying to spin another “The Illuminati are REAL” argument like everyone is now jumping on but, it is becoming clear we are not suppose to gain this much knowledge of women, marriage, politics, entertainment, sports, etc.
    Santa Clause is dead and men are pissed off. A woman was suppose to be the END ALL BE ALL for us. Every damn movie even in the action genre there is always that “One girl” the hero gets in the end and they go off into the sunset happily ever after. Or, lose her and go into depression or try and get revenge on those that killed her.
    They never show what happens AFTER the credits go off. We weren’t suppose to. Men are waking up more and more each year and shit is getting real closer to Nihilism everyday. I’ll leave it with a quote from one of the last few good TV shows on there “True Detective”:
    “I’d consider myself a realist, alright? But in philosophical terms I’m what’s called a pessimist… I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware. Nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself – we are creatures that should not exist by natural law… We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self, that accretion of sensory experience and feelings, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when in fact everybody is nobody… I think the honorable thing for our species to do is to deny our programming. Stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction – one last midnight, brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.” -Rusty Cohle

    1. We became too self-aware. Nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself – we are creatures that should not exist by natural law…
      This is it, very true. Thinking is a neurological defect. The self-awareness was simply fear. Because what you call ‘yourself’ is fear. The ‘you’ is born out of fear; it lives in fear, functions in fear and dies in fear.

  3. Haha, great article but we needn’t go into too much details just stick to this rule – no woman deserves you. If she wants you, she has to pay. I no longer provide free sex, women pay and I just fuck them to please myself and never them. If they ain’t happy with that … Neeeext!
    Even if you’re in a relationship with children, get out. Clog the matrix system with single mums on state support. Kids are going to turn bad with or without you, as the education and culture brainwashes them on a much deeper level. The only way to beat this system is not by going against it but by exploiting its stupidity.

    1. While I think marriage is the stupidest idea ever, and I generally agree with you about children being corrupted, never abandon your kids (if they are your kids). Fight for them. If you lose so be it. But never just abandon them. I never want children (mainly because of the way society is now), but children are the reason we are here. Sex and children, it’s our earthly purpose.

  4. Every time I start to feel the slightest twinge of guilt for fucking several different women at the same time, playing each one of them, all while having another hot girl pregnant abroad, I think of the decades of ceaseless, unending, coldhearted, malicious, and duplicitous bullshit women put me through, as you so eloquently stated in the article:
    “Women are more than happy to flake out, stop texting, make excuses and
    lie with no regard for anyone but themselves. Common decency is not so
    common in this day and age. There is no etiquette and you don’t owe anyone a fucking thing.”
    And the guilt disappears. The game men and women play with each other will never change. I’ve simply changed the situation so that I now hold all the cards, not the bitches.

    1. So what’s the situation with your pregnant woman overseas? Are you going to raise those kids or expat or something? That comment caught my interest. I hope you don’t think I’m being rude I’m just curious.

        1. Good luck to you man. Hope you find a better life somewhere else… if you do tell us about it 🙂

        2. Actually, becoming an asshole and making a life for myself abroad is my response to feminazism. Feminists will go extinct, because their views are biologically unsupportable. I’m just not sticking around while they finish destroying America.

        3. Feminazis were a response to the oppressive patriarchy…did you think feminism came out of thin air and for no reason at all? It could be argued that feminism is the fault of men.
          At least be an asshole to the sluts..not to the supposedly good woman you have abroad that is carrying your kid.

        4. “It could be argued that feminism is the fault of men. ”
          The women’s liberation (1960) was the fault of men as:
          Men created an industrial backed economy in which there was relative plenty. So no more need for consistent female participation for sustenance. So no longer need for the patriarchal traditions keeping men and women in line.
          Feminism is also the fault of men, as it was men who failed to see through the bullshit.

  5. I’ve been in a few of these situations. As far as the feminist one goes, I was out having a dinner with a woman and she brought it up and started asking me dumbass questions
    Her: “Do you support women’s rights to go topless in public?”
    Me: Why don’t you take your top off now?
    Her: “Men make more women than money. We have so few women CEO’s”
    Me: “If it bothers you then come up with an idea and start a startup and become your own CEO instead of complaining
    Her: “Why are girls are called sluts for sleeping around and guys are called studs?”
    Me: “Because you girls keep bringing the subject up and getting offended over it. Guys get called all kinds of shit but you will never catch a guy making vlogs and writing articles bitching about it. Not like women.”
    She also kept texting on her phone. I eventually had enough and just left. Didn’t bother saying anything. Left her stranded at the restaurant (I drove there with my car) with the bill and never looked back.

    1. Nicely done mate, she can amplify her ‘independence’ by paying the bill and paying for a cab home rather than a free ride and meal on you.

    2. I just say i left something in my car politely, and then 0-60 in 4 seconds out of there, gone forever in a quick flash, the last thing she hears is a fart rumble exhaust a manly sound and symbol of intolerance to insolence. The moment i figure out she is wasting my time , i pretend not to notice in advance, and take off. The feeling of winning by leaving and retaining dignity and pride gives one a glowing sense of achievement and is a personal exercise in strength that you didn’t stay there and tolerate insolence , don;t beat yourself up thinking it would of worked if you tried other shite and sat there longer.

      1. Ha! I was just having a similar thought.
        I wish more guys would just walk out on the bitches for anything less than respectful, appreciative behavior to shame them into stopping their childish antics.

      2. text her after you leave…. “i realized i forgot something in my apartment in Hong Kong… don’t wait up…. “

    3. The first two responses were clever and insightful. The third didn’t address the issue directly so here’s my suggestion:
      Her: “Why are girls are called sluts for sleeping around and guys are called studs?”
      You: “If you don’t have a problem with it, then you’re free to drop this dinner charade and sleep with me right now. I’ll never use such an offensive term again.”
      On a more philosophical level, it’s women who have problems with the concept. If women dealt with sex in the same way as men, this whole website wouldn’t exist. The reason why there’s a double standard has a lot to do with how women’s standards are different than men’s. For men, a “5” woman is good enough to have casual nookie with. For women to do the same thing, they would want an 8, or even a 9 or in other words, an “alpha.” The fundamental reason why women don’t is that the betas then would have no reason to bother supporting these women. This is the fundamental goal of feminism: To make beta males into eunuch serfs of women and the alpha males. That’s basically what Sweden is.

      1. Feminist would have you believe women don’t sleep around because they’re afraid of getting pregnant; and now that there’s contraception, because women are encouraged not to be sluts and because they don’t orgasm “every” time and thus don’t have the same incentive men do (most women can’t orgasm anyway – indeed the majority of women go their entire lives never having orgasmed which is more than evident on their character… I always smile a little when guys talk about making a slut have multiple orgasms). They’ll say this because they want the mainstream narrative to go, “women and men are completely equal (meaning the same) even in their sexuality, and all differences are a result of men’s behaviour, thus making the only thing you intensely want and desire from a woman (unless you’re a con artist and she’s married to bill gates) dependent on doing exactly what they say like some sort of circus clown. They also say this because the minute men realize men and women are different (at the very least when it comes to sex), they cease in that very instant to “reason”/”bargain” love/resources for sex, and go about securing it in there own tried and true methods, methods which reduce women in said man’s eye to just another object in the world to be manipulated. I’ll give them the pregnancy thing if only in principle, since I’ve come across a few women who’re willing to get pregnant to trap a guy, who abandon their children on the footsteps of the church, who don’t think twice about killing their unborn children (or even killing them after they’re born), and who are too stupid to make use of the multitude of contraceptives available to females. The others; societal expectations and lack of orgasms (assumedly because of a partners lack of experience) I call bullshit. Society, no matter how hard it tries, never manages to reign in men’s sexuality. And if a girl does not or can not have an orgasm, that is no concern of mine. Nature has seen fit to see me ensure my orgasmic success at great cost to my personal well being. If men and women are completely the same, surely mother nature would have done the same for the female and every encounter would be one where both parties are gratified for intrinsic reasons (rather than one party propping up the encounter in one way or another with economic and emotional resources and protection/security). Lastly, if we take that minority of people who by birth or by other means have come to be completely uninhibited, we see that even in them there is a difference in sexual proclivity between males and females, and the reasons behind their various sexual engagements.
        I would love it if it were as simple as going up to any girl and say let’s fuck! On the other hand if that were so, we probably wouldn’t have any civilization to speak of. Lol.

        1. I have a woman friend who told me about a hot boyfriend she had. He was hot, had money, and had given her everything she liked. He even gave her multiple orgasms. I asked her how the relationship was going and she said:
          “I think he’s using me for sex.”
          I tell that to women and they laugh their head off. It’s something only a woman could say. It illustrates that women simply live in a different universe than men and that most cannot enjoy sex on the same level despite sex being the one thing we are bound to women the most by.

        2. “most women can’t orgasm”
          i don’t know which women you’ve been fucking but the ones i’ve had cum many times until they pass out in a heap….. you should probably try using your cock instead of your tongue….

      2. Women can’t deal with sex the same way as men because of biology. And that is why women are sluts and men are studs. It is the stud that impregnates the herd after all.

        1. Heck, we can go back to our reptile biology to explain a lot of our behaviors. But going back to the dawn of civilization, men became somewhat monogamous because that’s what allowed us to have all this stuff we enjoy: The video games, the houses, the abundant food, etc. The species on Earth that are largely polygamous such as lions or where the female raises the young while the males walk off (deer, rabbits, inner city youth) also have limited life span for their young and limited evolutionary potential. The lion is not the king of the jungle, man is, despite the lion’s superior hunting and survival abilities. It says a lot, doesn’t it?
          So the monogamous structure of human evolution about 50K years or so ago made every man an “alpha” in his family unit or as the saying goes “a man’s home is his castle.” Despite warfare between tribes continuously since the dawn of history, this largely remains the case. Only the recent introduction of the welfare state changes much of that, but these societies are in danger of dying out less than a century after its introduction.

        2. yeah the welfare state is like a snake eating it’s own tail…. immigration the bastion on which the US was built becomes a hot button issue because the welfare state can’t afford it….
          socialists governments are the vehicle by which betas and psychopaths take control….
          people worry about lunes like Elliot Rodgers… he’s a harmless shrimp compared with some people in government who can’t wait to watch the world burn to ease their own emotional pain and suffering of being talentless, nit picking, bureaucratic worms….. whose daddies used to ass fuck them before bath time…. and beat their mother afterwards….

        3. Well I’m going way back to now. When was the dawn of civilization for you? 50k years ago or just when we got video games?

        4. That’s a wonderful question because numerous scholars and people will define the dawn of civilization differently. I think a useful definition for our current purposes is when man started needing to educate his young in order for them to become productive members of society. This is what separated man from his animal existence before because for the first time, instinctual reaction to environment was no longer a sole factor in evolution. Man started to evolve to change his environment with tools and an understanding of nature.
          A “herd” of old, whether lions or monkeys, lives in balance with their environment. The beta male lions aren’t needed because the WOMEN work (which is an interesting paradigm if you think about it for how feminism is shaping society. The gals who thought they’d “have it all” are winding up like working class schmoes) and this work or herd behavior could be performed by unskilled, instinctive behavior from children raised by single mothers or collective mothers. The children of welfare mothers today are useless for a civilized society to function long term. They are useful as political pawns between different ideologies of alpha males, but when the dust settles, they will be superfluous.
          Long term, alphas need to take care of their beta males whether it be by providing them with women to keep them in line or through psychological conditioning (religion) or ideology.

        5. Well if we estimate that anatomically modern humans have been around 200,000 years, civilization about 5000 years and technological civilization about 200 years, on this basis, I would suggest that it is very likely both men and women are still strongly driven by biology. It is our capacity for reason that confuses us.

      3. There’s a simple reason why women are sluts when they sleep around, but men aren’t. Women have to invest the most energy into human reproduction, because they must carry the child for 9 months, birth it, breast feed it, and then wean it. She could also die during childbirth, while it’s unlikely a man will die during his “contribution.” Because women invest the most time and energy into birthing children, they get to choose sexual partners while men have to compete for opportunities to reproduce. Even though we live in an age with birth control, women still get to choose sexual partners. We’ve retained this evolved programming. Since men have to compete for sexual opportunities, the more sex a man has the more competent it makes him seem. Since women do NOT have to compete for sexual opportunities, and can in fact get sex more or less whenever she wants, she is NOT seen as more competent with each new sexual partner. So I’ve explained why men are congratulated for being promiscuous, but this doesn’t explain why women are put down for it.
        The fact is, men don’t hate slutty women, because men like to have sex with slutty women. The difference is that men don’t want to marry them! Why? Because you can’t trust that your children will be your own. Nothing is worse that being cuckolded and spending most of your adult life raising another man’s DNA. That is a guaranteed way to be removed from the gene pool. So men seek promiscuous women as short term partners, but faithful women as long term partners. The people who actually have the biggest problem with “sluts” are women themselves! Why?
        Since men use promiscuous women solely for sex, but provide only for faithful women, women evolved to slut shame their competition. It’s their way of telling quality males, “invest your resources in me, I’m a good woman! That woman over there is a slut and you’ll end up raising other men’s children.” It’s actually women themselves who perpetuate slut shaming, not men.
        It’s all evolved. That’s why men are congratulated for sexual partners, but women are shamed for it.

        1. I agree with you that the double standard is due to men’s and women’s relative situations but looking at childbirth burdens is only a small part of the picture.
          In the rest of the animal kingdom, and even for humans until relatively recently, raising offspring was a relatively simple effort. After a few years at most, the child would be off on their own. Single motherhood is the norm in nature and due to survival being based mostly upon instinct, this was acceptable.
          In recent pre-historic times, human evolution evolved to the point where offspring required more attention. The gestation period is relatively irrelevant. It’s not the 9 months of time that matters, but the decade or more of time to raise a child to where it can be productive much less on its own. This is when men, “betas”, were needed to remain with their offspring to help raise them. Women sleeping around discouraged men from sticking around to support the offspring as you noted.
          But it goes even beyond that. The notion of women “choosing” their mates is so wonderfully recent that it’s amusing how men in western culture are ignorant of history that it was any other way. Entire societies evolved to “shame” women not only from sleeping around, but to even choose a mate. Feminists rail against this as control but simultaneously, the patriarchs of her family usually strove to choose a valuable suiter for her. Hence, again, feminism can only work with a welfare state that is ultimatley self-destructive.
          What this shows is that feminism originated not only with this notion of feminine entitlement but even the notion of women “choosing” whom to sleep with. As women increasingly did this in western society, they inevitably wound up with bastard children starving to death in the streets. The welfare state attempted to solve this problem but only made it worse and there we have it.

        2. I’m always skeptical when someone starts comparing a human to the evolved behavior of other animals. All animals are so different I think it’s unreliable to do that. If you look at chimps and bonobos they look very similar, but have completely different evolved behaviors.
          Pair-bonding is, in fact, evolved. Men began to stick around because it increased the likelihood that his children would survive. Otherwise, another male might come in, kill your child, and then mate with your baby mama (single mother). Men stick around to protect their children, and to have a reliable sexual partner. In actuality, throughout most of human history men had multiple wives, and that was because men did most of the dying in warfare, so there were usually just more women around than men.
          The ideal behavior, for a man, would be to sleep with as many women as possible and let other men raise his children. Maximum spread of your genetics with as little investment as possible. The Welfare State has essentially created an incentive for poor men to do this.
          Women actually do get to choose sexual partners. She might not always have a choice, but all she has to do is give the hunter-gatherer’s version of the milkman a wink. It happens more than people think. Besides, a woman can always escape to another village and find a man there who will take her in for sex.
          Lots of feminists think the men on this website hate women, or even sluts. We don’t, or at least I don’t. What I hate is that feminists expect men to WANT slutty women. We did not evolve to pair bond with sluts, nor do we want them to raise our children. I think that’st he crux of the misunderstanding. Feminists are simply clueless when it comes to the realities of Evolution. They’re delusionally idealistic.

        3. A lot of this forum’s content is about finding ways to sleep with women and to trick ordinary women into slut behavior. I even had a huge argument with a Pole on this matter. “Seduction” harms women and even society in many ways. The women become “spooked” and distrust normal men or normal men are left to pick up the pieces.
          Certainly, there was nothing to stop ordinary women in caveman times from “sleeping with the milkman”, so to speak, but it’s useful to remember that our notions of privacy were different back then. Today, the NSA knows a lot about you based upon your credit card spending. Back then, it was the neighbors and local gossip that allowed a man to know if his wife was cheating. There was no TV. People were out and watching almost all the time whether it was animals in the fields, for invaders, etc. And keep in mind, as I commented elsewhere, that women’s sexual desires as (largely) different than mens. Most women don’t want to cheat on their husband with a one night stand unless she’s been neglected for months. It’s a huge emotional burden.
          About going to the other village. Sure, that was an option back then but… whose going to take them in? They’d need money and resources to get started. A man would take her in for sex but then,… she’d have a bad reputation. Again, the feminists complain about “slut shaming” but simultaneously, they want “the village” to pay for their childrens’ education, healthcare, and food and room and board. Back then, the village did help (such as churches with help for abandoned women, etc.) but they didn’t look too kindly on women sleeping around and dumping bastard children on them.
          The modern welfare state is suicidal. We already see signs of economic collapse. When that happens, as in the USSR, then it gets ugly and the kids suffer first.

        4. I’m not sure you can trick a woman into slutty behavior. I think there’s a little of what I would call, “engineering of consent,” which means allowing women to allow themselves to be sluts. In other words, not judging her for being a slut. Perhaps I’m not as advanced as others here, but my basic understanding of pickup is to build confidence, approach women without being too awkward, read female body language, and show sexual interest. I don’t think any of that is tricking her. Rather, PUA are constantly engineering scenarios that simply increase their chances of getting laid.

        5. That’s fascinating stuff. I never thought about that.
          Thanks for sharing those ideas.

        6. Thanks. I have been discussing this on the internet since it was arpanet. The value of travel cannot be understressed. So many Americans have these assumptions about relations between the genders that assumes that women have these behaviors that simply didn’t exist beyond a century ago or so. It’s especially amusing when feminists liked to claim how, before 1950, women were essentially totally dominated by men. Yet, so many people in the states assume that women were choosing their mates like the bar scene of today.
          Although pagan times had equality between the genders in many ways, economic and social factors meant that most people didn’t choose their mates based upon attractiveness or even romantic factors. That was a joke back then although there were certainly tales of both. It was largely class and economic and safety factors that drove certain women and men into each others’ arms. I don’t think things were much worse than with the newfangled notions of romance.
          Men died in wars but women also died in childbirth and from something else feminists think didn’t exist for women before 1950: WORK OUTSIDE OF THE HOME. Women and older children worked in the fields. In addition, one reason why alphas didn’t take all the women was simply what to do with all their kids? Heck, nobles of old having two sons would see them kill each other to be head honcho. Imagine trying to deal with a hundred of them. This was a common problem with the Turkish harems. One son would be Sultan but the rest would be dealt with. And then, what about the daughters? The sultan can’t sleep with his own nieces.
          So the fields and factories needed lots of beta men and beta women and these could only reasonably come from beta households made up of a man and a woman. It made the most sense and this is amazingly what our species evolved, recently, to require. The welfare state harem for the lowest of men has resulted in a devolution of civilization.

        7. > The value of travel cannot be understressed.
          Where did you travel to get ideas such as these?
          I didn’t travel much at all yet (I worked abroad, but that’s not travel). My world view shifted only slightly as I grew older when in my early thirties I read Ayn Rand, and that was quite the shocker for my old liberal me. I like to think of her as the upper half of a long, long slide towards where I am now.
          > It’s especially amusing when feminists liked to claim how, before 1950, women were essentially totally dominated by men.
          You just have to watch Mad Men, a series made by liberals to show how oppressed women were. (Although it plays in the 60s, but that’s close enough.)
          In the first season, we see Draper being chased out of his own house by his entitled wife and Roger being told he shouldn’t bring his new younger girlfriend to the wedding of his daughter – a wedding he pays for.
          Sometimes facts are not even in dispute, but the interpretation of what they mean.
          > In addition, one reason why alphas didn’t take all the women was simply what to do with all their kids?
          Is that something anyone really thinks happened? (Outside special wartime occasions, perhaps.)

        8. it’s not only that…. women looking for family values behave themselves, whereas sluts and whores use sex as a bargaining chip for almost anything from free drinks to facebook likes, fucking the boss etc. etc…. that devalues sex and also even with 99.9% birth control brings unwanted children like Elliot Rodgers into the world….
          that is why women are castigated for behaving like whores….

        9. women have learned to leverage their sexuality for all kinds of advantages…. whereas in the past they only leveraged it for family and provisioning… now they flash their cleavage to get entrance to a club, free drinks, a cheap deal on a hotel room… etc. etc. etc….. wherever you go you can find women using their sexuality for material gain… it’s hard wired…. and now promiscuous sex is not something they are shamed for…. they are all basically whores…. looking to gain something by opening their legs…..

        10. There’s a new book out called “Sex at Dawn” that kinda flips this whole standard narrative idea on it’s head.
          People evolved in these small hunter gatherer groups of about 80 people and stayed with the group a lifetime. This book proposes that since children were cared for by the group and all the men in the group provided for the group and there were no “small married family groups” in a hunter gather society where one guy was providing for one woman then the standard narrative is completely wrong.

        11. There’s a new book out called “Sex at Dawn” that kinda flips this whole standard narrative idea on it’s head.
          People evolved in these small hunter gatherer groups of about 80 people and stayed with the group a lifetime. This book proposes that since children were cared for by the group and all the men in the group provided for the group and there were no “small married family groups” in a hunter gather society where one guy was providing for one woman then the standard narrative is completely wrong.

        12. I wouldn’t say completely wrong. In either the monogamous family unit, or the shared egalitarian society proposed in the book, in either case there was no alpha male model where one guy got all the women and the betas were kicked out similar to a Mormon Utah commune (which ironically also often takes advantage of the taxpayer welfare state.)
          It sounds like interesting reading considering the facts that the authors will bring to light and amusement for the assumptions and cultural biases that they will inevitably engage in. Why is divorce and unwed motherhood rampant? It doesn’t take a socioanthropologist to tell you that the welfare state and family courts reward women who engage in either at the cost to society. Eliminate these courts and social workers and after Darwin gets rid of their kids, the women seek out male providers. No need for an archeological dig.
          But… what about caveman days where a small group of people as proposed needs to take care of each other, hippy style? We can look to an example of such a culture that remains to this day: Native Americans. No doubt they are mentioned in the book. A simple google search reveals that most hunter-gatherer Native American tribes practiced marriage and the provider role loosely as we view it today. Polygamy was common where a man might be a good provider and could afford a couple wives, but the notion of an alpha taking the wealth of beta men away to provide for multiple women largely wasn’t possible especially back then. The cavemen betas could easily take their skills and move to another tribe. In addition, the notion of the proposed welfare state above, even in egalitarian native American societies, was fraught with the same problems we see today and also explains why Europeans took over: A society that shared work and women and has little incentive to protect property or to reward higher-than-average work results in a lazy workforce and stifles innovation.
          Bottom line: We all know that the traditional lifetime monogamous marriage is a relatively recent cultural phenomenon even in Europe. But that said, the male provider role appears to be strong not only due to basic economics but also the emotional need women have for one. Again, I don’t need to read a book to show that from personal experience, most women crave a male breadwinner even if due to modern feminism they are taught to not respect them.

        13. @disqus_yLBoCs4Y0d:disqus
          It’s a great book. Definitely recommend it. It counters your view with some pretty flawless logic. Check it out sometime.

        14. Proof of this: the Mosuo family system, wherein a child’s uncles will play the role that its father would in a ‘traditional’ system. As ‘paternity’ (i.e. the fact that the children in question will share a quarter – or at the least an eighth – of their ‘father’s’ [uncles’] DNA) is guaranteed under this system no matter how promiscuous the mother is, Mosuo women are not subjected to ‘slut-shaming’ – at least not nearly to the extent that women from most other cultures are.

        15. As a woman? Yes. A thousand times yes. You answered that pretty much bang on from everything I understand.
          .. it’s a little scary that I find myself agreeing with a LOT of the stuff on this website.

        16. Again, near total agreement. One thing though, speaking from my professional area of expertise – when you note the issue with single parents in American families of African descent, there’s another aspect to consider, which is the impact of the slave trade. The social dynamic was for children to be matrilocal, and fathers could be sold as their masters liked in the period from the 16th century up until 1890 (Brazilian abolition). This evolved over the few generations since abolition to a tendency to see strong capable women and assume that men are simply going to be absent, as there have been successive generations without strong present father figures from whom to model behaviour. The reliance on the strong mother is a legacy from the slave trade era where the mother figure was the single locus of stability. A father could be and was often treated savagely or emasculated at the master or mistress’s whim, leading to frustration at best, sale or death at worst.
          One approach I’m aware of by some institutes that attempts to address this is for male members of the community to step in and act as strong male surrogates in modelling appropriate behaviour, but it’s an uphill struggle in the face of cultural phenomena that valorize promiscuity and irresponsibility. Otherwise totally agree again 😀

        17. What’s scary about having common sense and intelligence? Just because certain beliefs are mainstream doesn’t mean they’re correct. At one time, setting aside a portion of grain as a sacrifice to Zeus was mainstream. Besides, this information has been around for decades. I’m not exactly breaking new ground. See the concept of Parental Investment, which has been a part of Biology since 1947. Also, they’ve done lots of studies on slut shaming and found that women are always the primary perps.
          Here’s a source:

        18. Much of this is simply a string of just-so stories. How can you be aware of cuckolding without considering how much it influences sexual behavior? Male sexual jealousy, the attempt to control women and their sexual behavior, the idealization of female but not male virgins, the fear that a woman is a “slut” – all a product of men not wanting to be cuckolded.
          Cuckolding is great for men when it’s their offspring that are being raised with another man’s resources. It’s terrible, though, when they’ve been cuckolded.
          Why would a woman use cuckolding as a strategy at all? It’s because the men with the best sperm are crappy fathers, but the men who are good fathers have crappy sperm. The notion that some women are promiscuous while others are virtuous is false. Cheating is a wonderful strategy for women (& the entire species really).
          Men who can get a lot of women to sleep w/ them can employ the nice strategy of impregnating a bunch & then keeping quiet about their promiscuous behavior so that the women can trick someone else into raising the offspring. Rape is also a decent option.
          (These are the crappy dads w/ great sperm.)
          Men who can’t get laid easily are better off employing the strategy of committing to a relationship w/ a woman, policing her behavior heavily to decrease the likelihood that he’ll get cuckolded, and ensuring that his offspring make it to adulthood. He’ll cheat if/when he can, of course. Bonus points for polygyny (or polyandry if the other male is a blood relative of his). Maybe he can’t produce as many offspring, but he’ll be around to make sure they survive.
          (These are the good dads w/ crappy sperm.)
          Women have a couple of basic strategies, too. Stay loyal to a man who will protect her and her offspring, or cuckold this man. Cuckolding requires taking the risk of getting caught & thus being abandoned or having the offspring become a victim of infanticide, but offers a better payoff in the form of better sperm & thus higher quality offspring (better immune systems, etc).
          Cuckolding – great for women when they pull it off but devastating when they fail in their attempt. Great for men when it’s their offspring being raised, but terrible when they’re raising someone else’s offspring. This is a more complex situation than you were describing.
          I didn’t include every piece of info or connect all the dots, but I did want to leave you some food for thought.

        19. I just responded to one of your earlier messages, so you probably think I’m crazy now, but I’m okay with that.
          You are making a good point that allowing women to allow themselves to be slutty is a great method for men.
          However, this is only a great method/mindset for those men who can actually get laid relatively frequently (one of the great sperm / crappy dads who are best off allowing the woman to cuckold some other guy).
          But some men have to be that guy that sticks around, & it’s not the PUA who’s found a non-slut. All women are best off being slutty enough to cuckold someone, so there are no non-sluts. It’s the men who cannot hack it as PUAs who have to take the jealous boyfriend approach instead.
          Spreading your seed as a man is only a good strategy if some other guy can get cuckolded, so our species couldn’t do well if all men pumped and dumped. You say that you hate how feminists want men to marry slutty women, but YOU should want men to marry slutty women. Because he may get to impregnate her a few times, too, but he’ll end up raising your kid.
          If you think getting married at all is stupid for men, it’s probably b/c you are a good-sperm-crappy-parent guy. If you think getting married to slutty rather than virtuous women is stupid, it’s because you don’t realize that all women are naturally programmed to be sluts. A virtuous woman is simply a woman controlled by a man (a la jealous boyfriend, or by a culture that men created to benefit them).

      4. Seems to me that women just want equal credit for getting laid even though it requires significantly less work for them.
        Equal credit for less work.

        1. See above plus other comments I made. For women, enjoyment of sex is more difficult for them. Heck, for men, we can always go home and whack off but most women have problems with it.

        2. Really?
          To find good sex is certainly harder for women in a way (since they don’t enjoy cheapness as much), but why would fantasizing be difficult?

      5. play them correctly from the get go and even a beta can slide in as an alpha… women concoct their own images… gotta plant it in them, then plant your cock and bail! they’re all parasites and “mommy” failed which is why you have cunts, sluts, bitches and mangina white knights = MOMMY FAILED. not so tough after all, and the “society” those types of “women” ahem, raised – losers who don’t know shit, own your life and fuck her “feelings” they’re just more pretty little lies to guilt trip you so she gets what she wants… for you to fuck her so she doesn’t seem like the 2 use crack whore she is, it’s that simple… I suggest you guys learn women’s tactics, turn it around on them and start railing them which is what they’re here for… because the one thing these parasites truly invented all by themselves – PROBLEMS… for all mankind. the Great Whore mentality is Sex in The city – Life as A Human Toilet – I Fucked Up but Blame Men Because I’m a child My Whole Life, WAAAAA! and I WANT… ALL-WAYS WANT… Once you understand THAT – you’re GOLDEN. Fleetwood Mac wrote a song about it like to hear it here it goes = “you can go your own way…”… and i suggest you do, Americunts are for fucking only. The real women are in the rest of the world.

      1. That phone is like family to her, a mere second without checking her Facebook page will be too much for her she’ll probably start shouting and crying then throw a few rape allegations at you in front of the whole restaurant………..

        1. Some guys like to break the wild horse. Just stay calm and tell her to relax. You can lay down the ground rules for how she can get her phone back.

        2. I was only kidding although I get what you’re on about but if she’s self centered to the point where she’s on the phone during a dinner where (most likely) she expects you to pick up the bill then I would expect she would not take too kindly to her phone being taken away, even though you are trying to do the right thing.

        3. Not too kindly? She can cry me a river then. As long as I have scotch in hand I’m coolio.

    4. to the feminist i think the answer is to completely agree with her…. say how wonderful feminism is and then order the most expensive wine and dishes on the menu…. of course she’s paying the first date…. feminists want to turn the tables on men right ?

    5. Sadly, you may as well just have responded with nonsense because a rational answer would have just been ignored.

  6. “Women are more than happy to flake out, stop texting, make excuses and lie with no regard for anyone but themselves”
    So fucking true!

    1. Western men should adopt the inverse of feminism. It’s like when we learned to multiply by -1 in math class.
      Just as feminists say, “I don’t need a man!” [snap snap] men should realize, “I definitely don’t need a woman, except as a broodmare and a whore,” and treat them as such. After all, what man “needs” a woman who’s good for little more than spending you into bankruptcy and giving you an STD?
      Disenfranchise them just as they are disenfranchising you. Harsh? Yes. But nothing is harsher on men than feminism. Slavery didn’t die with the Civil War. It’s still going on in the American family court system.

      1. “Slavery didn’t die with the Civil War. It’s still going on in the American family court system.” Mate this is one of the most golden lines I’ve seen on ROK. Your one and a half lines sum up the decades of change which has put an anchor around the legs of many men and is slowly pulling them down into the depths.

        1. The Civil war was all about yoking white free men to a centralized tyranny.
          Ww2 was all about integrating Europe with Africa.

      2. “After all, what man “needs” a woman who’s good for little more than spending you into bankruptcy…..”
        This statement is not a coincidence, this happened to my insurance agent (who is 72 yrs. old). His wife developed a gambling problem: cleared out their mutual account (never combine your finances with your wife). The debts were so terrible that he had to remortgage his house and cash his 401K just to cover MOST of the debts. He told me that he will be working until he’s found dead in his office because his wife screwed him over so bad.

      3. Slavery lives on in many ways.
        The nicest irony I find in that soldiers on both sides of the civil war were drafted, which means they were, technically, slaves.
        Someone might call such notion hyperbole, but consider this: Do you rather be forced to pay alimony for a wife you impregnated, or die in a war that doesn’t concern you (as a Northerner, say)?
        I find it a little absurd that people justify the forcible enlisting of people with ending slavery. The inherent hypocrisy is so obvious, it’s almost comical – yet it’s rarely pointed out.

        1. Remember that the men of our modern American society (which is so concerned with everything being “equal”) STILL have to register for Selective Service (aka, “the Draft”), but the female hypocrites which infest society DO NOT.
          If we get into a war which requires an actual Draft, things are gonna get ‘interesting’…

        2. I say send the bitches in to do hand to hand combat. After all, they don’t “need” a man, and they want eeeeeequality.

  7. ROK has officially gone to shit. Weak, childish article that is clearly just feminist baiting. Shit like this does nothing for our cause. Won’t be returning.

  8. Having spent part of the weekend with the type of woman you’re describing, I give this article a thumbs-up. The people being negative have not been dealing with white American women lately.

  9. This article kinda confirms what I was thinking about the last couple days…
    A few days ago me and my buddies go check out a karaoke bar and hang out. I notice this girl sitting across the room alone having a good time. A girl who came to Karaoke all by herself to just chill? I went to investigate.
    She was cool and easy to talk to (not from Toronto unsurprisingly). She came and sat down with me and my friends and we had a chill time. She eventually had to leave so I walked her out and got her number.
    When I got back my friends were acting like I did something revolutionary. “Are you gonna call her?”, “I thought she was really awesome”, and all this kind of shit they were spewing at me. They were making me wonder if I should be excited or something…
    When I told them that I really wasn’t that excited and that I might text her later in the week they were flabbergasted… I told them I had more important shit going on right now like figuring out my next career move and preparing for a month of travel…
    She was nice by all means.. she was like a 6.9 (funny teeth) and not annoying to talk to. I realized though that besides being in a band with these guys we just have different game now….. Meeting women is just not at the TOP of my priorities list anymore… I take women out and make connections but I realized the last year that women will come and go in my life… What I need to work on is being the hero of my own story.
    The funny ending is that their consistent pushing on me actually got me to text her last night… No response lol XD Turned out she was a Corn-Flake… I should just went with my gut.

  10. I have a buddy who never takes this kind of advice. He’s 37 now and even after a divorce from a 9 year relationship, he still puts pussy on a pedestal. He endures ugly, obnoxious girls and cannot seem to actually handle the rare decent one that comes along and makes them “just a friend” because I think he does not know how to co-exist with a woman who does not put all her drama out in public. He commits to these nutjobs and then gets devastated when things don’t work out. How do I get him to take advice like this? He’s not receptive yet, despite the fact he’s clearly unhappy with the dating scene.
    It would be a lot easier to give up but he’s been my friend for so long, and I always believed men looked out for other men. Maybe I should look for an article about introducing other men to the red pill.

    1. honestly i think men who continue to do that have some sort of low self esteem issue, he is either short or has a small penis. Its hard for men with these afflictions to rise above

        1. The problem is reamed-out pussies that require you to strap a board on your ass so you dont fall in the hole.

    2. You don’t. Or rather, you have to be very subtle. When a girl shit tests him and he fails, you give him shit about it. When he “falls in love” on the third date, give him shit about it. Maybe point him in the direction of one or two videos because you think he will find them funny. He can’t change until he wants to.
      He sounds a little like me, except it was a fifteen year relationship and when I found sites like these I was literally at the end of my rope.

    3. Make him read The Rational Male book for starters. It’s very well written and explains inter gender dynamics in an eye opening way. Sounds like he needs it bad before he ends up in another shit LTR. Good for you for looking out for your fellow man.

      1. We need a good section of book recommendations on this site for those who really want a detailed study of gender dynamics

    4. don’t. They who must come will come. This is some hard shit to swallow. He has to go through the pain process -get dumped, divorced , sued or whatever to fall and only then can you show him the real truth. On some level – deep inner level- he enjoys his misery. He revels in his self pitying comfort zone. probably gives him something to talk about. Remember statiscally speaking. Not more than 5% of the population can be alpha anyway. If every joker and his mother were alpha – alpha would cease to exist. You gotta pick your battles bro

    5. Look, you can’t help him. The saying goes that he needs to help himself. Be cruel to the guy too, just as that other saying goes…

  11. What a nasty article…! What do you have against miniature dogs? God, you sound like you hate them or something? I have 2 tiny dogs.. both are girls.. I dont put clothes on them or anything, but they are dear to me. Then we have 1 big dog too, mostly because my husband wanted a dog for loooo-oong walks. He loves the little ones though.. I think it takes a real man to show love, and nurture.. If I was single, and a man would show signs of disliking my dogs, then it would be goodbye mister!

  12. Yes, American white women are (generally) bad stock for a committed relationship, but there’s worse. African-American women are notoriously flaky, aggressive and loud. If you’re lower class and like that, good for you. Ethnic Latina women are not that far behind in terms of children out of wedlock and flakiness. The author worships Asian women, but Asian women can be incredibly mercenary. Asian men tell me this. Some of them are very old fashioned and committed but some are simply materialistic users. It also depends upon the culture or perhaps more importantly, a lack of it.
    America’s biggest problem is a lack of genuine culture. This goes back to the founding. The puritan sexual mores were messed up (bunch of nuts) and the capitalist-protestant work ethic caused Americans to become excessive materialistic and the women to become users. The two merged into making American women the most expensive p*ssy on Earth.
    European women, not white women, but European women who are recent immigrants often have their head on straight. This even goes for German women I have met. Note that nearly all women are not like men, of course, so trying to approach them in terms of how men think is crazy but overall, European women and Asian women seem to have a strong culture and are often good mates. It depends which sections of Asia and Europe, of course. Sweden is the gold standard for man hating feminism and India is hell on Earth.

    1. Are you saying that only “low class men” like black women? Anyway I don’t object. I am a low class dog-eating piece of shit.

      1. This whole article is about generalizations. I generalized that low class men would like low class behavior which is how black women often act, statistically. Some guys do like that. Sadly, I lived next to one for a while with the children screaming all the time, jumping around, and loud drunken parties. I suppose high class people may engage in that behavior too.

    2. Quote– “The author worships Asian women”
      That’s a bit of a stretch. I just tend to enjoy their company more – less shit-testing and less combative in my experience. I actually find white women the most attractive physically, but I’ll sacrifice looks to a degree to spend time with women that don’t make me wish I was dead.

      1. If you go to Europe, then white women act a lot different (depending upon the country).
        But sure, Asian women do their own shit tests but they’re usually a lot more sophisticated about it. At least with American white women, their shit tests are pretty simple minded and stupid but still annoying.

        1. The traditional Asian shit test is usually designed to weed out non-provider men.
          I was dating a pair of good looking Vietnamese girls in college … until they snuck a look at my grades. Heh.

        2. Asian women can be amazingly materialistic and “users” and want men to buy them stuff and then they’ll dump him and go for some other guy. I’ve heard about this a lot. As I said, they’re a lot more ruthless than the shallow American women about it.
          Asians have this big myth about being prosperous and in some ways, they are, but I’ve also seen them fall for the materialistic trap a lot of people do in the states. My Vietnamese friends even laugh about how so many of their friends have a leased Lexus, are up to their neck in debt on an overpriced house, etc. It’s one thing to be a provider, it’s another to be a “keep up with the Joneses” sucker.

        3. The friends of mine who married Asian women are like people who have joined the military, or perhaps a monastery. They no longer have to think about where to live, or how to live, or who to live with — Momma has that all planned out for them.
          My one friend eventually was supporting his Filipina wife’s mother, and her sister, and her sister’s two kids. The two guys who married Chinese women could only ask “How high” when told to jump. At least the typical American woman is not plotting how she can move her mother into her home, or which private schools the kids must attend.

      2. I’m with you on this one man… I took an asian girl out for the first time recently and it was so fucking nice and straight-forward it actually left me with a good feeling.
        It was so easy going and pleasant I was left confused until she messaged me the next day to chat and I realized holy shit… she isn’t a miserable ho-bag compulsive liar who complains about everyone and everything!

      3. I prefer Asian women and they have to be Asian Asians, not Westernized Asians.

    3. “Some of them are very old fashioned and committed but some are simply
      materialistic users.”
      These two phrases mean the same thing.

  13. Relationships with American women get boring, yes. So do relationships with foreign women. Stay free, stay single, and don’t get into committed relationships, what to speak of marriage.

    1. Agreed-most married guys will tell you that marriage is generally boring and monotonous. All the fun stuff you did when you first met has died down, sex included, and you just live this day to day tedium.

      1. Makes you wonder why guys get married. Once they get you to sign on that business contract (which is what marriage really is) the women change. Almost none of them are worth being with any longer.

      2. Also people forget about post-relationship sting. Any enjoyment you had out of the relationship is neutralized by the after-effect, similar to a drug, the “low” which therefore makes a relationship a destructive and time-wasting activity. Think about it, at first the woman feels good, than over time, she is less effective at making you happy, than you burn out. A study was done that showed at first when people enter a relationship they are much happier for 6 months to 2 years but after, they are of the same happiness level of a single individual so they both gained nothing, and people who feel really good together get married in the “enjoyment phase” thinking foolishly that this lasts forever so 5 years later they are divorced. It’s a cycle.

        1. Glad to see some fellow cynics out there. Oddly enough, even though I’ve become cynical towards LTR’s, I’ve never been happier. Go figure.

      3. Marriage is good for having children, entering the upper middle class ( career dependent), or entering a different culture( gaining citizenship). Most married men I know have sex outside their marriage .

        1. Why enterting the middle class? you can enter the upper middle class by going to a top business school or medical school . you dont need to be married for that.

      4. Studies have repeatedly shown that married people have sex more often, and enjoy it more, than single people. Obviously a guy in college has an opportunity to be knee-deep in women, that a married guy lacks. But overall, married people seem to be more satisfied with their sex lives. I think there are a lot of myths about how bad marriage is.
        The thing is, are you a man or a boy? If you let your wife run the roost, the sex will be sparse and the marriage short, and you’ll pay for it for the rest of your life. If you are a man and you keep your wife’s behaviour on lock-down, you both turn out pretty happy.

  14. I loved this article! It had really great humor and explored a fundamental, nearly constant dilemma that most guys face. Though it may be considered as “anti-social” in today’s backward society, it IS okay for a guy to have self-interest, and to pursue it ruthlessly. Why put up with any bullshit, ever? Would Don Draper put up with a stupid chick’s filthy dog jumping up and sniffing his crotch?
    I don’t do it often at all, but oh man is it fun to harshly call women on their bullshit. Even right now, as I write this, I’m chuckling at the memories of the few times that I’ve done that. It’s tough sometimes, but it sends a strong message–and it’s very entertaining and produces a unique high.

  15. American Woman, get away from me…..
    1. You’ve taken a shower – you got stink on more than your stink
    2. Taken a bath – because a shower just ain’t gonna get that stink off
    3. Gotten a STD test bring me the result. And yes, you gotta get the complete panel including HSV-2 (herpes folks)
    4. Put on some makeup, do your hair, put on a something that doesn’t include jeans/sweats and flip flops. In fact, it better be a dress, or skit & top because if I can’t escalate because you’re wearing pants, it’s a deal breaker.
    5. Forgotten your iPhone or other silly-phone at home, because if it interrupts me and is more important than my company, I’m gonna bitch-slap that thing outta your hands
    6. Come prepared to buy me a drink. Yup, my company and conversation is worth at least one drink, maybe two or three. And btw, It’s single malt, top-shelf scotch for me. No sissy drinks here that you’re gonna steal a sip of.
    Now, by the time you’ve done all that, I’m going to book a one-way ticket to Worclaw or Prague because, well, it’s just less hassle and more fun for a higher quality woman.

    1. Additional points:
      6. Make sure you brush your teeth and floss your mouth.
      American and UK women have the worst bad breath in the world. Kissing them feels sometimes like taking a fart in the mouth, or kissing an ammonia canister.
      7. Make sure you wipe your ass or use an anal douche.
      The other end of the digestive canal is equally dirty when it comes to American women, who hold the world record for the dirtiest anuses (again UK and Aussie women come close). I’ve fucked a lot of women, but I’ve never seen more moles of shit near a woman’s anus as much as I’ve seen with American women. They simply don’t care for the world, so they care even lesser for their own assholes.
      East and Central European are the cleanest, followed by Asian women when it comes to anal hygiene. Russian. Ukrainian, Hungarian or other CIS women have the cleanest anuses that I have seen. American and other Anglo women need to take toilet training classes from them.

  16. I dumped my ex at a sushi restaurant a month ago. Bitch had a 900$ Burberry Coat and 2000$ Prada bag. She earned a lot of money in a divorce rape. When we were done I told her to give me her card so we can split the check. She goes “I don’t pay I am vuman!” (Russian accent). She had no problem splitting it before but she thought it was the appropriate time to drop a huge shit-test on me, which she failed. I go “Put your card down right now I’m not playing with you.” We repeat this back and forth 3-4 times so I just walk out. We made new reservations at a 5-star hotel nearby so I grabbed my shit and checked in without her. Spent that night gaming solo.
    She ended up getting her wallet stolen because she kept leaving her Prada bag open after I told her 50 times to close it and begged me back and to help her “omg! please help me I don’t know what to do!”. I said “So now you want instruction?”
    As Pimpin’ Ken said in the 48 laws of game. “A ho without instruction is headed for self-destruction.”

    1. The gent that rents my one bedroom apt use to live in a blue chip suburb, with a really successful business. He caught his wife having an affair with one of his clients. Unfortunately, he did his block and beat her up. She divorced him, took him to the cleaners by getting 75% of the home and business HE built up. She never contributed or paid for one thing, but felt entitled to everything. This happens to so many men. As empowered as chicks feel about independence, they always want YOUR money and assets.

      1. Now that’s his client’s money. I’d like to be that client. This is why its absurd to marry a woman without a sizeable dowry. We’ve gotten so far away from traditions that made perfect sense. Wives are a liability,

  17. This is pure poetry. I am in awe of AV8R. I will be reading this again several times to savor the content.

  18. While the article was enjoyable I would say it’s better not to even bother in the first place. Reason being, imagine the bad smell scenario where you say it like it is and walk out. I would not do that without some recording equipment. Why? Because a woman today will call the cops and make up some story to get revenge, say you tried to rape her or something – and that would play in perfectly because your sweat and saliva and skin cells will be on her and there won’t be any penetration. You need not have to penetrate to go to prison for a decade or two for rape. So getting that far and then bailing out like a pilot in an eject seat, while efficient and drives the point home, can land you in prison.
    Let’s face it, no matter what the subject, from sex to property to cars and guns, EVERYBODY is using the state as their personal weapon. And the state, with the for-profit prison systems and police budgets based on incarceration and arrest rates, is more than happy to be everybody’s tool. Look no further than the fact that women casting false charges or rape or abuse seldom go to prison for it, even though filing false charges is a felony rap.
    Women are more than happy to use the state as their weapon because the state sells itself well along with the “victimism” that women are sold on. So yeah, if you snark something and then bail, it’s very likely that she’ll call the cops and make up a story. And the mangina brigade running the system will be more than happy to oblige. So I would not be so honest unless I was using personal surveillance, which is the ONLY way to stay out of prison now – and even that’s a stretch: you are still going to pay big $$ for a lawyer, you are still going to get raided and get every gun you have taken away if you have them. The cops are still going to shoot your dog and if they break a sweat arresting you they will heap “resisting” onto the charge and if Cop A decides to kick your ass (being really huge and brainless manginas that they are) for being a rapist and knocks you down and you hit the leg of Cop B on your way down, then you also get felony assault on an officer heaped on too.
    No. It’s better to just wank and let the Cunting States of A-Cuntica rot to hell. If you need woman-flesh bad enough hit up Nevada or anywhere else prostitution is legal and use a rubber that covers so much you need a snorkel to wear it.

    1. I can’t disagree with your point of view – it’s a smart approach. That’s why I proposed three different solutions to old stanky cooch. I could have been nice about it, absolutely, but to be honest it was pretty much reflexive when I said what I did. It startled me – it was like seeing the fucking boogeyman or something. I wasn’t worried about a false rape case or anything like that… after the doctors got down there and caught a whiff of whatever was going on, I’m pretty sure my side of the story would be believed.
      The major focus of the piece was basically just stand up for yourself, no matter how you go about it doing it – just fucking do it. Everyone has their own way of handling things – be it overt, or discrete, just get outta there if you’re not happy with the situation.
      I just happen to be a bit more honest about things than a lot of guy. It’s never gotten me in a lick of trouble, though. In fact, it’s had the opposite effect in the majority of situations.

  19. Amen. Stuff I wish i’d known years ago as a little beta tadpole in his twenties. It’s frustrating sometimes. A part of me wants to scream this gospel from the rooftops & risk getting shot by some Feminist Lee Harvey Oswald..

  20. Jeez – nice responses, though high on the asshole side.
    AV8R – have you actually done any of these in real life? If so, what were their responses?

    1. I won’t deny that I’m an asshole. Try to bear in mind though, that it wasn’t just a one-off thing with these women (pussy story being the exception). There was a build up getting to my “fuck this” moment. I always go out with a woman with the intention of having a good time and enjoying myself. I didn’t just flip a switch the moment they said something I didn’t like. They get a couple of chances if it’s small stuff – unless they get on their phones – zero tolerance policy with that shit.
      I had to alter things a bit to ensure plausible deniability. My anonymity is of paramount importance to me. I have the type of personality that people tend to remember too, so it was necessary to change things a bit.
      The Asian story is pretty much dead on, though.She was some broad that was friend’s with a woman I used to see, and she just felt like being a snotty bitch. So I laid into her and made her feel insecure – no fucks given.
      The dog story is inspired from trying to have a one night stand with a girl and her dog was the biggest cock blocker I’ve ever met – pissing on the floor, barking like crazy when locked out of the bedroom, scratching on the door – just being a little shithead. I’ve never liked small dogs (I love medium/large breed dogs though) to begin with and from then on whenever I’ve encountered a woman that has one. I excuse myself by whatever means possible. I have used the “crack on my ass” line a few times, but not with this particular woman. I said something else to her.
      Smelly pussy story is, sadly, true. I said something different to her though than what I did in the article as well. It was probably worse than the crab line to be honest. It wasn’t just a stinky pussy smell – something was going on down there, and I wasn’t sticking around. Shame too, good looking girl.
      Feminist story is true, but I said something else to her too, but it was quick, just as scathing, and I was out the door. I wouldn’t hesitate to say what I did in the article though – permitting the place wasn’t packed with white knights. The AIDS line was for the laughs and wasn’t necessary in that situation (I would say it without hesitation though) – she was too stunned that I had the audacity to just leave and say what I did – she was a snarky bitch and I was over her shit. I did leave her with the entire bill.
      I usually come up with witty shit on the spot – it’s definitely my greatest asset when it comes to game; humor/wit. I also like to come up with stuff just for fun when I’m daydreaming – interesting stories, funny lines (funny to me anyway) etc.

      1. “cock blocker I’ve ever met”
        Sorry. Couldn’t help it.

      2. I’ve never liked small dogs (I love medium/large breed dogs though) to begin with and from then on whenever I’ve encountered a woman that has one.

        You’re not alone. As a rule, I generally avoid women with rodents for pets as they’re typically at least as annoying/excitable as said pets.
        In the oft chance she’s so hot I convince myself I absolutely must fuck her despite her toy dog, I’ll usually grab deli meat from the fridge to lure (and lock) the little faggot in the bathroom until we’re done. I’ve done this on several occasions w/good results.
        On a side note:
        I’m also a fan of big dogs, the bigger the better (e.g. German Shepherd, Caucasian shepherds, et al). If trained well, they’re useful, loyal as shit and if you don’t mind the shedding, the worst thing larger canines do is calmly watch you tcob.
        When I was younger, I would spend summers with my uncle and he had this enormous German Shepard that would watch me fuck girls I’d bring home from the beach.
        It creeped me out at first but eventually became an inside joke because every time I brought a girl home, as if on cue, he would calmly walk in, sit in the corner and happily pant like ‘Okay, who’s on-deck.’
        I remember this one girl objected to the animal’s presence; I felt like Ashley Schaeffer when I told that bitch ‘shut your mouth woman, let him watch.’

        1. Yeah, the little dogs are a deal breaker. She would have to be extremely hot, and even then, I still wouldn’t want a relationship with her. Small dogs just have zero utility as far as I’m concerned. I certainly don’t mind if people have them, but they’re useless as anything more than a simple pet. They’re not exactly going to stop an intruder. It’s been talked about on here before – the way women talk to them and treat them like people, and in many instances treat them better than real human beings… that kind of thing disturbs me. I don’t understand how that works.
          Awesome story about that German Shepard. Dude was definitely a voyeur, lol. If he was a real person, he’d be the guy holding the camera for you. I don’t know what it is, lots of dogs like to watch people fuck for some reason. Like you said, it can be awkward, I saw a girl that had a gold lab and he liked to watch too. If he could make a fist he would’ve probably been jerking off. Fucking pervert.
          Unfortunately, being gone all the time keeps me from getting a dog of my own – he would just be in boarding all the time. No fun and pretty costly.
          Good to see you on here Triple OG, it’s been a while.

        2. Glad you enjoyed it man. Overall, I think it was pretty successful. It’s intended to be funny and have a point at the same time. Not everyone finds humor in the same things, so there’s gonna be detractors – totally expected that – no big deal. I’m cooking up some other ideas for some future stuff too. We’ll see how it goes.

        3. Not everyone finds humor in the same things, so there’s gonna be detractors

          The detractors are so irritated by the delivery of the message that they missed the message itself:

          I can guarantee you that when you deservedly embarrass, challenge or temporarily destroy a woman’s self-esteem she will never forget you.

          Audacity Separates You from the Herd.
          We’re witnesses to end of courtship. There are literally no rules. The full gravity of situation has yet to sink in for those of us with myopic viewpoints.

        4. Couldn’t have said it better.
          “Audacity Separates You from the Herd.”
          Damn right.

        5. “We’re witnesses to end of courtship”.
          There never was a period of courtship to begin with – we were just sold a “bill of goods”
          I liken it to a “beginning of male enlightenment”

        6. “If he could make a fist he would’ve probably been jerking off. Fucking pervert.”
          Cracking my shit up. Usually LoL is just something that gets typed. In this case, it’s a literal description.

        7. “It’s been talked about on here before – the way women talk to them and
          treat them [rat dogs] like people, and in many instances treat them better than
          real human beings… that kind of thing disturbs me.” Exactly. People probably caught this post from above, but I had to repost it here to comment on it. And I quote:
          “chichuahuas rule

          6 hours ago
          What a nasty article…! What do you have against miniature dogs?
          God, you sound like you hate them or something? I have 2 tiny dogs..
          both are girls.. I dont put clothes on them or anything, but they are
          dear to me. [edited for space] …If I was single, and a
          man would show signs of disliking my dogs, then it would be goodbye
          Case in point. Here we have a woman who straight-up asserts that her rat-bastard dogs are more important to her than a man who she has ALREADY vetted to the point that she’s interested in dating him. So much so that just showing SIGNS of not liking them is grounds for summary dismissal. So, to her, these rats are more important than people.
          And, furthermore! She read this whole article (which, I imagine, contains much that could be considered offensive by certain [uptight] standards), and out of ALL OF IT the only thing that upset her was the fact that you seem to dislike little dogs. If this isn’t depravity, then depravity doesn’t exist. A few dozen million abortions (literal genocide)? Not a problem. Throw a sack of infant chihuahuas in the river (pretty much a classic way farmers disposed with pests not so long ago)? You’re Adolph Fucking Hitler. What’s that, professor?

      3. Well done. Also love to try to leave her strong empowered ass with the bill. Gotta try that sometime. I live in Eastern Europe now and it is a different world here (basically US ca. 1990), but I agree we have to call out womens’ shitty behavior.
        Christian McQueen mentioned something recently on his show, that it is starting to become an epidemic and we owe it to ourselves as well as to manhood itself, to pop their inflated ego-bubbles from time to time. Afterwards such a princess will think again before acting exactly the same way around another man.

  21. VERY well written. Solid insight and advice. You can never go wrong nuking an entitled princess on a first date. At best she lets you fuck her brains out, at worst you hurt her feelings. Either way, she’ll get the tingles.

  22. Quite a
    good article. Got some laughs from it.
    I use and exception to the stinking pussy rule. If the stink is noticeable but tolerable, it means that she is wet for you, but simply needs to wipe it clean with a wet towel. It is especially true after a night of dancing and heavy drinking. Once in motel, I literally ordered her to clean it in the bathroom (I already paid the room) The stink was gone and all left was nice, wet, clean pussy smell. You got to get some bang for your buck and time.
    But if the stink is hideous, you must try to get at least a blowjob and then flee for your life. Once got to a girl’s house, and as I began to finger her, the abominable pussified smell was absolutely repugnant and nauseous. It was thick, like olive oil but worse. I got her to blow me, didn’t swallow, and while she went to the bathroom to spit I was already dressed and ready to go. The stink was still on my fingers 36 hours and two baths later.

    1. Fortunately I’ve had only one experience with a truly noxious cooter. When I got a whiff I quickly backed away. I was this close to hurling. Disgusting.

      1. I guess I don’t need to argue much for my traditional or MGTOW approach with experiences like this. I’ve slept with, dealt with, been used by, my fair share of women. But I’ve always had an intense puritanical aversion to sluttery. IMO, every normal, rational man should have this aversion.. Sluts are, in fact, highly disgusting. Because of this aversion to sluts, I’ve never experienced this horrifying thing you guys are describing. Also, I never got a filthy disease. And I never had people talking about the nasty girl I was with. And so on and on.
        Traditionalism is NEVER mentioned in the manosphere as an option, and I’ll likely be ridiculed for even bringing it up. But it was a better (if still flawed) system. And there can be no arguing it. I will say this, you simply won’t find a traditional woman these days. They do not exist outside of Amish communities. So MFTOW is essential. The tide will turn some day, just because of demographics alone. The somewhat less degenerate children and grandchildren of Muslims/Amish/etc. will inherit the earth, and change the politics of sex again. PUA stuff sounds interesting and even alluring, until you realize that it’s a game you can’t possibly win. And no I don’t consider sticking my favorite body part into a diseased tramp “winning”.

    2. “The stink was still on my fingers 36 hours and two baths later.”
      LMFAO! Oh God that’s awful… Seriously made me bust out laughing irl though.

  23. Too true. There must not be a lot of masculine men around, because I see a lot of guys walking (or carrying) their woman’s little dog.

    1. I once saw a fellow with a whole pack of rat dogs following him. They were all obedient and silent and they lined right up to wait for him, and when he was done at the store talking to someone, he comes out and says “C’mon guys” and they all followed without a sound. I like to imagine he got stuck with those dogs by his wife or girlfriend and he trained them all into his little wolfpack.
      Perhaps if a fellow is snookered into this position, without any specification as to how he should train the dog, much creativity can be had. >:-)

      1. Bravo, that guy.
        Most women treat their little dogs like babies. It’s psychologically very unhealthy for the dogs. This dude had the compassion to not take it out on innocent animals, and treated them in a way that was good for them.

    2. lol…so true. But, I’ll see your walking their little dogs and raise you on it.
      How about the many guys you see driving a minivan, today?
      Sorry, but there are too many choices, today, for multiple passenger vehicles (for a man to drive). That move, alone, shows you who is in charge of these relationships.

  24. Like the “feminist with aids” finisher. Doubt I’d be able to muster up the resolve to pull that off in public myself, but am grateful for those alpha-red-pillers who are. Supporting something as vile as feminism, even tacitly, ought to have consequences. The worse the consequences, the better.

  25. I can never tell if this guy is trying to create an over-the-top caricature or if he actually advocates this level of nonsense. He is right about being in control of your own time and not wasting time on people you don’t want to be around, I give him credit on that. Actively looking for opportunities to create a big dramatic scene in public is the opposite of the “i don’t give a shit” attitude he tries so hard to write about. This is like the male version of an extremist feminist; waging a petty war against the opposite sex due to an unstable emotional state.
    If you are letting women get this far under your skin, you need to take care of your mental health. Your actions speak louder than petty words and feminine “drama” if you don’t like a chick then don’t see her, simple as that. Chill out bro, they just bitches!

    1. What a shock, this faggot has come to town…
      – Edit – From a post just below this one.
      I won’t deny that I’m an asshole. Try to bear in mind though, that it wasn’t just a one-off thing with these women (pussy story being the exception). There was a build up getting to my “fuck this” moment. I always go out with a woman with the intention of having a good time and enjoying myself. I didn’t just flip a switch the moment they said something I didn’t like. They get a couple of chances if it’s small stuff – unless they get on their phones – zero tolerance policy with that shit.

      1. Practically everything you write is about trying to humiliate women, especially white women. Just look at the last paragraph of this article, you seem to be obsessed with making women “never forget you”. I call you out on this shit because you promote blind hatred and emotional immaturity. Unfortunately many on this site are stuck in this loop of endlessly complaining about women instead of understanding them and getting over their bad behavior and living your own life.

        1. Honest question – do you have the ability to comprehend what you read? Do you? I’m dead fucking serious here scratche, For whatever reason, you’re the only dude on this fucking website that can’t comprehend the point of the shit I post. Why is that, dude? Kindly explain it. Whether guys disagree or agree with what I post – they at least understand the premise of it.
          -Quote- . “I call you out on this shit because you promote blind hatred and emotional immaturity.”
          Let’s try this again. I’m going to copy and paste this a second time now.
          “I won’t deny that I’m an asshole. Try to bear in mind though, that it wasn’t just a one-off thing with these women (pussy story being the exception). There was a build up getting to my “fuck this” moment. I always go out with a woman with the intention of having a good time and enjoying myself. I didn’t just flip a switch the moment they said something I didn’t like. They get a couple of chances if it’s small stuff – unless they get on their phones – zero tolerance policy with that shit.”
          Can YOU understand what that says? I don’t LOOK for a reason to be an asshole. I’m GIVEN a reason to be one. CAN YOU FUCKING COMPREHEND THAT DUDE? You’re the ONLY ONE that can’t fucking grasp it. Concentrate, and try desperately to let that sink in. For someone that claims to be as smart as you claim to be – I imagine this shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for you. Right?
          These stories are from over six years of dating over 100 women dude. Do you think I beat all of them over the head with a baseball bat and call them cunts? Of course not. Jesus Christ dude.
          As for their bad behavior and living my own life. What the fuck do you think leaving when they start showing their bad behavior is? What is leaving when they start being bitches? That’s right – living my own fucking life, on my terms – not there’ terms.
          As for complaining about women, I came off a great 20 day vacation a little over a month ago and had a great time with a nice Filipina woman. That I treated exceptionally well – because she flat-out fucking deserved it. You get what you deserve with me, nothing more, nothing less.
          I know this won’t resonate with you, but fuck it, it’s worth a shot.

        2. If you wrote that shit to begin with I wouldn’t say anything. Instead you write masturbatory tales of humiliating random women in which you are always the hero of the story. You are either pandering to the extremists or you really do get off on bragging about verbally abusing people just because they were not relationship material.
          Perfectly fine to have boundaries, I give 1 warning on the phone shit before I split but zero tolerance is fine by me. There is nothing masculine about needlessly humiliating (not just leaving) a woman because she can’t give you the beating you are asking for. Write an article about a time you humiliated a grown man… Not gonna happen.

        3. Quote — “Instead you write masturbatory tales of humiliating random women in which you are always the hero of the story.”
          I tell stories that I think the guys here will appreciate and find entertaining. They are, generally, the worst stories from my dating world. I get rejected, flaked on, denied, and dissed just like every other man that’s trying to get laid does – this isn’t news for anyone that actually tries to get with women. I don’t win every battle, no one does, but I have a lot of stories of winning too, and I like to share them. There’s no shame in saying something crass to someone if they’re behaving in a manner that calls for it.
          This shit you’re talking about extremists and verbally abusing women is nonsense and coming out of left field, which is pretty fucking typical of you, to be quite frank. I certainly don’t appreciate the accusation. You act like you personally witnessed these situations – you don’t know shit. It’s also obviously that you don’t share the same sense of humor that myself and many of the other guys that read here do.
          Quote — “Perfectly fine to have boundaries, I give 1 warning on the phone shit before I split but zero tolerance is fine by me.”
          I’m so thrilled that you approve of my zero tolerance policy. As if you or your fucking opinion matters.
          Quote — Write an article about a time you humiliated a grown man… Not gonna happen.”
          This is too stupid to even comment on. I don’t date and fuck men, idiot. You’ve obviously got a white knight complex or something, dude. You want to see me get beat up for treating a turd female like a turd? Gonna rescue all those poor damsels from mean ol’ AV8R? The guy that’s trying to show a woman a good time and spend his money on her, and she can’t even provide some common courtesy? Get fucked.

        4. I put this in another comments section but it applies to you as well Scratche, your diatribe is as illogical as anything.
          Guy I won’t go as far as saying you’re a
          woman, but either a shimmering white knight or a blind beta you can most
          certainly be.
          To all the readers on RoK – Listen up!! What
          we have here is a classic example of how feminists rebuttals usually run,
          ironically it also runs true for the gf of a beta who probably had a decent
          point to make or single dad’s getting back out there in the dating world. For
          the sake of argument I’ll put up my observations in descending order of
          1) You can never give an honest recollection
          without it being reduced to pure bitterness and jaded point of view – it’s
          seems to be the ultimate trump card in the replies, regardless if you were
          screwed over, reminiscing about some failed dates in an objective manner right
          up to getting your dick cut off it is always put into the “you hate the
          world” basket.
          To this I say no; a guy may have been
          put through the ringer it doesn’t mean he’s bitter, nor does it mean he’s out
          for blood. In fact my own experience is given usually in a manner to help
          others, with this “guy” ignoring the fact that I am not going to
          tolerate bad behaviour which any reasonable person would do. Ironically this
          moves onto point
          2) shifting blame and carrying fault – the
          other side of point 1 is that it’s rarely a woman’s fault, shown by his
          “where I am women aren’t like that” and that somehow our supposed
          “bitterness” is a manifestation of our own personality and thus WE
          have to change as a gender to better conform to women so we aren’t seen as
          bitter or even upset? Again to this I say no, ask the recent Red-pill initiates
          and they will all agree that in changing to suit their respective women they
          lost a part of themselves and looking back they put their better morals and
          virtues on hold to accommodate a human who practised little except
          double-standards and an ever-changing set of T’s and C’s.
          3) “Women aren’t like that where I come
          from” – unless this guy is Amish or there is a real world Camelot the
          statement holds no water these days. Almost down to either blind faith or blind
          ignorance or grasping at straws to flesh out their argument this person is
          either lying by omissions or denying what is right in front of them. Sure this
          person may have a grain of truth in their observations however it does not make
          it true for the majority. Falling back to point 2 if this person was serious
          then the well-documented cases that cause the manosphere would be their major
          concern, not trying to convince us that we are solely at fault and require
          copious apologies and change to placate them.

        5. I’m certainly no white knight, if she isn’t family then I don’t give a shit about standing up for a woman if her man hits her or w/e. I’m calling this guy out because he gets a thrill out of humiliating people for little to no reason. It is a power trip for him and it is almost all he writes about. He bragged about setting up a date and then ditching her because he saw a couple of dirty dishes in the sink, an asshole is a asshole regardless of their sex. There is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself and not letting women change you and it can be done without being a bullying douche. Personally, fuckers that get a thrill out of being a bully piss me off to no end.

        6. Not to take your thunder away mate, but you’re trying to use logic to argue with an illogical point-of-view, not to mention someone who is hell-bent on their own view. Its like trying to mix water and cold oil….simply never going to happen.

        7. And the author has admitted that he is an asshole, hell i’m an asshole and I can be just as cruel as he can. And in my own experience its a catch-22 if I consider my own sanity rather than hers, because we all know Western women are known for their generosity and unconditional tolerance (sarcasm).
          So on the one hand I could go against what I want to do, and then be an asshole for lying, or I could be the scum of the earth and just walk away when I decide. either way its not going to change the outcome (i.e. IM the scum, SHE’s the victim) at least in her eyes.

        8. Really? I make the statement that I don’t give a fuck if a woman gets hit in front of me and you think I’m some kind of white knight?

        9. There is a big difference between being an “asshole” and being a weird fuck that gets involved with people just to try to get a power trip out of screwing with them and then bragging about it on the internet.

        10. Im still trying to see where AV8R was doing this to get his thrills, all im seeing is he’s laying down his approach and limits (albeit in a novel fashion) towards the dating process. Furthermore having been in these situations I can say that my own tolerance is quite similar, to these women that AV8R described I can sum up my approach with the Nicobate slogan; “Stay calm, in control, and quit” which regardless of how polite I am gets a woman more irate than is really necessary.
          On another note if you DO NOT condone AV8R’s behaviour then the woman’s behaviour towards rejection or the guy who has copped more than a gobfull with a bent ear from having his masculinity jabbed at besides others, regardless of how aligned with expected decorum – HOW would YOU handle it?? because right now all I’m reading is you would advocate it regardless…..and that to me is not on, especially to save the precious ego of a woman who afterwards couldn’t give two shits if you were hit as you were crossing the street from her place after dropping her off home.

        11. Did I say that? I just got the impression that you feel men should value the feelings of a woman over their own dignity and self-respect.
          By the way, isnt that kinda what the article was about?

        12. – “Well, I can say that I identify as a man that’s getting the fuck away from you then.”
          – Also, just in case she decides to make a scene in front of the other patrons as you’re making your exit, turn around and address everyone and say, “Well, how long would you stick around if your date just told you she contracted AIDS from a gangbang?”
          Making a big ass scene because a confused woman says:
          “While I don’t agree with everything about the movement, I can say that I identify as a feminist.”
          Is not being an asshole; it is being a weird fuck. As to what I would do in that situation, I would tease her for being one of those “dikey lesbos” if she took it lightly as a joke then she passes the test if not I would tell her this isn’t going to work out and leave without being a theatrical queen about the whole thing.

        13. Again; a humorous and novel way of describing an approach. Your way is definitely more toned-down and low-key however the end result; still the same. she will run off thinking you’re the scum, at best she will mull around on FB getting validation on her latest pics while saying “Fuck men im going to just look after ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME” and at worst you will either have a King Brown snake in your apartment (easiest dump I ever took – it was in the shower as I went for a deuce) or Molotov’s your car then sends the photos to her friends saying how empowered she is (until the Jacks came and then it was straight to Daddy to pull her out of the shit and charges).
          the point is the core message even YOU agree on, and that is be like Chuck Norris toilet paper (don’t take no shit) because it’s not worth it. and if you don’t like the narrative elements associated then dismiss it to its core point and move on.

        14. You are right, I agree with the basic premise. The whole over-the-top scenarios this guy presents (I don’t know if he is joking, he doesn’t come out and say it and if he is then it just isn’t very funny) are what annoy me. They annoy me because the “manosphere” has a lot to offer men and many aren’t going to see it because bs like this gives it a bad rap as a haven for losers.

        15. To be fair the ones that see this as a haven for losers already have their own beliefs and very little about the manosphere will change their mind. Case in point in almost EVERY comments section you will see feminists and their boybitches giving us flak and no amount of logical response or well-crafted argument will change it.
          And as if to prove my point take a look at the most recent articles particularly the one about FB this week, Fat acceptance and Rodger Elliot there is a treasure trove of illogical, stupid and incredibly biased comments from feminists where it only serves to highlight the sort of ridiculous lengths feminists will go to preserve the Men = Perpetrator/Women = Victim mentality that saves them from the fallout of their own bullshit time and again.
          the ones who read this article for what it is, will probably have a laugh and comment, or if they disagree they will not suddenly take up arms against ROK they will just dismiss it as one of their not-so-favourite articles and move on, which is in reality what most decent people should do with things like this.

        16. Actually, I remember reading that thread…I’m pretty sure he (generously) took the time to clarify that it wasn’t necessarily the dishes that caused him to bail, but that it was the fact that she lied about her reasons why they were there. I not only understood that in one reading (it does make a lot of sense) but I managed to retain that info right up until this present moment. So I can only conclude that either you have a hard time comprehending or remembering, or you’re intentionally distorting things. I tend to lean toward the latter explanation.

        17. If common sense was true to its namesake then a lot of the crap I see on here wouldn’t happen.

        18. I remember his explanation about the dishes and moving boxes but I don’t judge this guy on what he says, rather, what he does. He always gives an explanation about his “standards” but it doesn’t change the fact that he throws little hissy fits over minor shit. I can only conclude from his actions that he enjoys what he does and he consistently brags about the conflict he creates for no good reason (and yes, screaming about someone having AIDS in a public place is fucking stupid). It is all very immature and feminine. That being said, I highly doubt he actually does any of this stuff and just fantasizes about it.

        19. I can see your point and somewhat agree. However who would you prefer to have around you? A subservient male or a dude on a power trip? Who do you think most women prefer? The nature of this universe is things tend to balance and level over time.

        20. I could relate to his post. There is a clear difference btw a cool chick who is or isn’t into you and an entitled backstabbing miserable whore.
          I’m loving and a good friend to te first kind regardless of whether or not we have sexy times… The other kind of girl… I just can’t take shit from a person I don’t respect.

        21. so u have more of problem with this guy making fun of a girl who is acting dumb than a guy straight up hitting a woman?
          I’m confused.

        22. haha, you missed the context: if HER MAN hits her.
          She chose him and can leave anytime, so i don’t care.
          Screwing with strangers for a power trip just because you know you can does piss me off.

        23. No man with any balls wants some douche on a power trip around them. Women on the other hand…

        24. No the snake was IN the shower and the shower was adjacent to the loo, where I was dropping a deuce……so to use the phrase “scared the shit outta me” summed it up nicely. Otherwise……

        25. Dude 1+ this right here. You guys need to take this stuff, blend it into your life, forgive yourself and others for not knowing it sooner, be thankful to come across this knowledge, and stop being cranky fucking pussies and apprentice sociopaths.

      2. I agree with you, AV8R.
        The problem, today, is that too many people (men and women) are always looking for the right answer (by society’s standards). Women are always getting too much praise and not enough criticism. No one wants to go out on a limb (call a woman out on her shit) because it’s easier to follow the herd (and no one wants to be on the outside of the circle).
        How about when you were younger (little) and everyone agreed with you and that one person called you on it (or just disagreed)? How did you feel after that moment? It grounded you a little…didn’t it?
        Women, today, especially here (in the U.S.) are being told by everyone (i.e. people, TV, etc…) that they are so god damn what do you think their attitude is going to be because of it?
        AV8R offers the medicine for the problem (I don’t think he’s looking to embarrass anyone unless they deserve it) – I’ll do the same. Don’t put up with unacceptable behavior from anyone (yes, women too).
        More men need to follow it….and right the ship.

    2. How do you gather the author is actively trying to create drama? The situations are fairly typical if you spend any time with yank females.
      Last I checked this was a site about masculinity. There are fair amount of visitors who do not know what that is. I am very surprised you see it as a dramatic rant.
      Even if some of it is over-dramatization, I believe most yanks (and western men in general) need to learn how to say “fuck off” before they learn to say “No, thank you”

      1. I agree 99% with what this guy wrote. That being said, I don’t think it is masculine to go overboard and humiliate some person you don’t even know and now I am being labeled a white knight. The premise of the post is great – don’t take shit. Taking this overboard and being a douche is what I don’t agree with. It strongly reminds me of the whole “grrl power” bs, just in male form. There is no reason to take shit from women but at the same time you have to be able to interact with other human beings in a decent manner. If a woman wants to show you pics of her dog she probably just wants to talk to you and the dog was the opener… lighten up a bit is all i’m saying.

    3. and I can always tell a troll from a troll.
      You are entitled to your opinion…but it’s just that….your opinion.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  26. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a 40+ year old white american woman being stood up. It happened the other day at this dope bar in east austin. Oh it was poetry. That thing alone kicked my game up a couple notches.

    1. You are a miserable human being then. You don’t know that woman or what she has supposedly done to others.

  27. “This is especially true with the biggest entitlement queens of them all: American women, with an emphasis on American white women.”
    Interesting. Weren’t American black women supposed to be worse?

    1. Heard a nigress talking once on her cellphone loudly to her friend – “I need to quit my job and go back to school so I can start collecting foodstamps again”
      Truth. Niggerbitches live in a completely different universe. Keep at least 25 feet away from them at all times if possible.

  28. lol I didnt know white women gave dirty looks to white guys about when youre with asian women. I just thought they were insecure around them. Girls in conservative communities like mine do the same thing(i swear i though we were the only ones that did this), in fact alot and will actively complain. Even my circle were teasing me for chasin a japanese girl even yrs later lol.
    But theyll get insecure and pissed as fuck when they see you with a pretty white girl(bonus points for light hair and eyes). They are quick to find any lil flaw they possibly can. Hell sometimes you dont have to be around em, they catch you lookin, whether its across the street or on tv and theyll get riled up.
    so if you wanna make your ex feel bad, either date an asian girl(if your ex is white or non asian) or a fair white girl (if your ex is ethnic). Latin isnt a bad choice either i suppose, but white or asian youll crush em. Trust me through my life as a beta orbitor,

  29. Yes, yes, well if women are just so boring and slutty, Why don’t you big, real and oh so smart guys try each other? Maybe that is your solution.

    1. Mode one was the book that helped me transition from PUA to the manosphere/MGTOW space.
      Being upfront and straightforward with women is the only way to go these days.

  30. Excellent article, I will definitely try to value myself more after reading this.

    1. Now that’s something worth taking with you into the future. Every man should make that effort. Society tends to tell men we’re disposable, that we’re just one step above useless. This, even as men create and hold together everything in human society that makes us different than the rest of the animals on this planet. You’re worth a shit, even if to nobody else than your own fucking self. Own your right to respect yourself. That’s my view.

  31. honesty is the best policy. Have some self-respect.
    I disagree that “American White Women” are the problem. Its more like a lot of “Western-raised Women” are the problem…a lot after the 1st generation of the family.
    Hopefully you didnt get that buttcrack fixed. You need that if you meet a Shasta again…..

  32. There is a difference between the unplugged and the assholes. This is as redpill as anyone can get. Well done.
    Point and the conclusion most should derive from this article is to simply be your own man. Assholes go out of their way to cause discomfort or harm. The unplugged don’t care. Not even about being labeled as assholes because opinions of anyone you don’t respect is worthless. That includes opinions of some yank skank who can’t get you out of her head.

  33. The only girls I know that openly identify themselves as feminists are on dating sites like OkCupid. Even the ones that don’t care that much about feminism end up brainwashed after being under the influence of american culture, and higher education for so long.
    In one way or another, all American women are feminists. Or at least 99% of them.

  34. Wow… No wonder the SPLC labeled this place a hate site…

    1. If you use the SPLC as your guide on assessing others you’ve already demonstrated a critical deficiency in thinking and judgement.
      You may wish to educate yourself a bit more before making comments.

  35. We need more excellent articles like this on RoK. Roosh—-please publish more of these thought-provoking articles and less of the same old tired crap.

  36. The feminist one’s more subtle than youd think. Most modern women say they identfy as feminist or agree with feminism even if they don’t/
    The missus herself claimed to hold feminist principles when I met her. She didn’t, at least not beyind certain aspects of common decency that feminists claim to be feminist traits, such as not showing direspect to another woman because of what she does to pay the bills. Seeing as she quickly saw I didn’t give a shit she was sociopathic, the veil fell very quickly. From what I’ve gathered, any woman who wants to develop a social circle, keep a job or stay in the dating scene is led to believe she needs to at leat pretend to be a feminist. Some pretty decent women will say they’re a feminist when they aren’t sure what to make of you yet, which, if your game is tight, most girls shouldn’t be.
    Only way around it is to do a bit of digging. If she’s a more detached woman she may confess the second she sees you don’t give a shit. If she’s not, you can just wind her up by calling her shit. Either way she’ll probably be grateful to talk to a man who’s right rather than a mangina that agrees with feminism.

  37. With your attitude, I would absolutely expect that you’d attract the most lowly of women. I’m sorry that you’ve been so hurt by so many women. I’ve stumbled upon few articles that have reeked so heavily of bitterness and resentment.

    1. You forgot to put “Wow. Just wow.” as the preliminary sentence of your post.

  38. Yeah, with the stinky snatch, I usually pretend that I’m way drunk and pass the fuck out. But that usually leaves them rubbing their foul beavers on my thighs which leaves it smelling like a toxic combo of cat piss and ammonia. I think 1a will be my automatic reply if the smell of her snatch is causing plants to wilt and paint to peel off the walls.
    Maybe the cops can use such foul pussy juices to disperse rioters..

  39. “This is the
    same type of single American white woman that will give you dirty looks
    if she sees you in public with a woman of another ethnicity or […] learns that
    you date outside your race. […] That exchange program in Spain where Roberto and
    Javier gave her an unprotected pig roasting is […] somehow irrelevant”
    I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you’re White, so, just for the record, you should know that Spaniards aren’t of a different ethnicity than you.
    Other than that, good stuff.

  40. Awesome article – except the small error in the first paragraph.
    The biggest entitlement queens on the planet are Australian women.
    In the femen-warrior, princess, stuck-up entitled bitch competition; Australian women make American girls look like your average Vietnamese village girl…

    1. Exactly, I put it order of capital cities:
      1) Sydney – “Im hot and I know it, so if there’s no 5-star dinner then go fuck yourself”
      2) Perth – “OMG are you a miner??? If I like hook up with you what size credit card will you give me???”
      3) Melbourne – “I just think we’re waaaaay ahead of the times here”
      4) Brisbane – “Party (said multiple times in a screeching voice) in Brisvegaaaaaas……….woooooooooo”
      5) ACT – have not found a memorable quote relevant to this
      6) Adelaide – “I have a boyfriend, his name is Terry. he works overseas *bats her eyelids* all the time”
      7) Hobart – again like ACT never got one of those 24-carat GOLD comments
      8) Darwin – very few ladies there

      1. Regrettably, pretty much the same goes for all white-anglo women throughout the former colonies. I cant speak to Aussie chicks, but I’ve had a handful of Canadians in addition to the normal selection of Americans. Indistinguishable.

  41. another jew article training white wen to hate white women, fuck off and die you petulant kike.

    1. This is a place for guys to become men…not small minded bigots to become validated. Go fuck yourself you loser. Signed – All-American christian white man.

  42. Love this article. I’m very happy to see you writing for RoK. I am a big fan of your comments on previous articles. You’re very funny!

    1. Yep. Nice work on being honest, AV8R. I try to do this as often as possible except when I’m in those types of settings (i.e. wedding receptions, etc…) where someone has asked you to play nice.
      It’s hard to do…but I try. I’ll still be honest…just a little more subtle about it (lol).
      Any opinion stated that does not agree with the current standard, by society’s measuring stick, is considered bad. I don’t care…I say what I have to say.

  43. Whoever makes these articles need to get their head checked. They are mentally unstable (clearly). Have you seen he one entitled, ‘5 reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder’? Sick and wrong.

  44. “So you have yellow fever now?” “No, I have ‘dealing with women that aren’t like you’ fever. ” Haha nice. I’ll have to use that one. Except I haven’t even talked to an American women in a year so no problems here. Life is good!

  45. My time is more important than a woman’s feelings.
    My freedoms are more important than a skeptard’s feelings.

  46. An MRA is a white man who insists against all evidence and decency that white men are oppressed and than women and minorities are “revered and privileged.”
    An MRA would never support the rights of those men who truly are at a disadvantage in our society: homosexual and black men. Instead, he leaves campaigning for LGBT rights and minorities’ rights to the “evil evil cunt bull dykes” aka feminists.
    An MRA sits on a huge pile of white and male privilege and keeps whining that he is oppressed.
    An MRA loves Pat Robertson and Bill O’Reilly, thinks that Fox news is the one and only reliable delivery mechanism for news, is a psychotic bible thumper who believes that women were made from “Adam’s rib,” wanks to Rush Limbaugh, supports the religious right, and has never finished high school.

  47. I’ve seen a lot of brilliant phrases used by great bloggers and by myself. But “more problems than a skydiving emu”?

  48. agree with most of these, but white men with yellow fever are fucking disgusting subhuman scums

  49. Nice work. It’s true, just be honest.
    Women having been giving men the run around (i.e. flaking, lying, etc…) for a long time and men need to start realizing the games being played.
    Women will always try to play the victim in any scenario..don’t be fooled.

  50. Her: “Why are girls are called sluts for sleeping around and guys are called studs?”
    Its not actually a double standard at all, also men value pussy and the more cocks it has the less value it has, also woman walks into bar asks who wants to have sex everyone puts hand up, man walks into bar asks who wants to have sex man gets kicked out of bar…

  51. This article never gets old. I have it bookmarked to remind me of the hard truths.

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