What To Do When You’re Caught Cheating


The line on cheating girls is pretty firm around these parts. If she does the dirty on you then she’s done. Period. There can be no going back. Once she has consciously chosen to violate the boundaries of your relationship — whether spoken or not — then she has disrespected you as a man. If this happens, then simply wish her luck, send her on her way, and never speak to her again. Simple. If you give her another chance then she won’t respect you and the likelihood is she’ll just hop on the next alpha cock to swing by on the carousel behind your back.

What should you do, though, if the boot is on the other foot, and you are the one who has eschewed the steak at home for the nice juicy 22-year-old hamburger at the pool party with the long legs and the cute ass? Many guys who take the red pill and get into game, realizing that female dating practices are more duplicitous than they had previously been led to believe, decide that they may as well pursue their own self-serving strategies. These men date girls concurrently and build harems. In doing so, they run the risk of being detected, particularly if they are relatively inexperienced. This can lead to problems, especially if it is the guy’s preferred girl who has found out.

In such circumstances, what should the alpha male do?

Always Deny

The first point, and probably the most important, is that when confronted about an infidelity, real or imagined, you must deny everything. Coming clean simply does no good to anyone. Christian McQueen’s 25th law of pussy states:

#25. If you get caught cheating, always, always, always deny. Deny until death and she will eventually get over it.

This is vital. To do otherwise serves no purpose — she will be hurt and your relationship will not be salvageable. Also, and perhaps more importantly, the true alpha should not be accountable to a woman or compelled to answer her every question. And the irony is, she doesn’t want full disclosure anyway. So deny and give her the choice either to accept your story or to bail: it’s up to her.

Caught Red-Handed

How about if you are caught red-handed? What if she actually saw you in the act with the sultry Spanish chambermaid at the Standard? Or if the evidence against you is otherwise so compelling that you cannot possibly deny what’s happened? What do you do in this instance? My advice, based on personal experience, is that you say the following:

‘So you caught me. It is what it is. I appreciate you won’t want to see me anymore, so I’m going to go now. Goodbye.’

Don’t apologize. Don’t feel or act guilty — after all, you only followed your biomechanical instincts as a man, and therefore you have nothing to feel guilty about. Don’t explain. Whatever you do don’t attempt to negotiate, however much you like her. Simply pack up your things and get the hell out of there.

Why do I advocate such an extreme course of action? Well, for a start, to apologize, try to wheedle your way back into her affections or otherwise  atone or ‘set things right’ is immediately to fall into her frame, and that is the very last thing you want to do. Male infidelity, when discovered by the female, presents an interesting paradox. On the one hand, it demonstrates a lot of things about the perpetrator that are perversely attractive to women: preselection by other chicks, bad boy tendencies, dark triad characteristics, etc. And in theory a man with a truly alpha frame ought to be able to openly sex other girls without his main squeeze complaining (think sultans, rock stars, celebrities, film stars, and those sports stars who’ve publicly cheated and had their wives ‘stand by them’, unwilling or unable to kill the golden goose of alpha).

The problem though — and this is something I had a particularly nasty experience of in my pre-red pill days — is that coming clean also puts you dangerously on the back foot. And if you’re not careful, this can lead to pussified, beta behavior that will get you dumped quicker than you’d flick a fat chick left on Tinder.

caught cheating

Several years ago, I got caught on a dating website by an ex-girlfriend. The evidence was cut and dried—she knew that I’d been cheating. Because I was into this girl (she was unknowingly my ‘main girl’ in a soft harem) I apologized profusely for my ‘mistake’ and did everything I could to ‘make things right’—taking her on holiday, out for nice meals etc. My strategy seemed logical enough—basically I tried to counterbalance the ‘hard takeaway’ (in game vernacular) of my  ‘alpha’ cheating behavior by dialing up my softer, more romantic side. You’d think this would work, right? Wrong.

At first things were okay, and she seemed to appreciate the increased attention I paid her. But after a while I got caught in a negative cycle. Time and time again she would bring up my infidelity. On each occasion I reacted by doing something nice to try to make her feel secure. Ironically, this achieved nothing more than framing me anew as a beta provider.  It was a losing game. In the end, she lost attraction for me and ended the relationship for good.

How much better might things have worked out had I simply walked out without a second glance, or an apology. True, I may never have seen her again—but that would have saved me six months of hellish tantrums and jealous nagging, not to mention all the cash I dropped on her in that period. Alternatively, though, she might have come back to me, having had time to reflect and reassess the situation. Actually, this outcome is more common than you might think. I’ve had girls come back to me after I’ve cheated on them since, because I have learned to develop a frame of ‘my way or the highway.’ And it is a truism that girls are more attracted to men who treat them badly than not.

So next time you get caught out cheating, simply mile, shrug and walk away. It will either save you a whole deal of pain, or it might just enable you to reestablish the relationship with the right frame and the right balance of male-female domination.

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  1. Don’t apologize for the simple reason that she is probably fucking someone else as well.

  2. Nice piece. But there are three words missing from it. And they are…

    1. love dat song, but this song as well will tell you how to keep it alpha

      this is the reality of the game and the dating world.

      1. If that shits alpha…..you can have it. Fuck that……Fuck this shit is getting weak.

        1. I can understand the obsession with Alphaism; what man wouldn’t want to be a natural dominating leader with women dripping trails of pussy juice to his doorstep? But most men aren’t, and never will be, Alphas. I’m not Alpha and really don’t care to be, but that hasn’t stopped me from putting my foot down and flushing women’s shit when it starts stinking. I’m quite happy to be in a monogamous, loving, and sexually charged relationship, as long as my partner knows her place, keeps her place, and goes back in her place when she crosses the line and pisses me off.
          Also, the lyrics in that song are horrible; not the nature of the song, just the fucking bad poetry. For fuck’s sake.

  3. Always walk if you’re busted. You’ll be doing you both a huge favor. Go on your way and chase new tail, never try to salvage something that broken. She will never forget what happened and hold it over your head forever. As Lord Humungus once said, “just walk away…”

    1. Thumbs up for the Lord Humungus quote, a hockey masked villain who has been criminally under-quoted on the world wide web for decades.
      “You have defied me ! You will know the vengeance of the Lord Humungus”

      1. Always happy to share the wisdom of the Ayatollah of Rockandrolla. Now unleash my dogs of war!

  4. I’d like to begin by saying I’m a female, so anyone reading may freely disregard my post if they choose to do so (or save themselves the trouble of getting banned for replying). This is my first and last comment on RoK.
    Since I discovered Roosh’s site around this time last year, I’ve been trying hard to understand men and how they’re different to make my future relationships work better. I chose to do everything I could to become a girl my future boyfriend could be proud of, including bettering my appearance,presentation and attitude. I love men and I would never claim being in a relationship is unimportant to me and this site has been very helpful as a sneak peek into men’s world, views and priorities.
    However,as a somewhat long-term reader, I’m alarmed and repelled by the number of authors and commenters alike who outright HATE women and advocate doing the same things that lead to women becoming jaded, closed off and mistrusting. I understand that we’re on this site because all of us got burned in the past, but I’m begging all of you NOT to do this to good girls who want to love you and take care of you. If you can’t handle monogamy, please don’t string us along. We’re human beings and being cheated on makes us feel like a failure incapable of giving you what you need.
    If all of us close our eyes and believe only bad exists, we will never see the good in people. I see many men wanting to be the best versions of themselves here, but advocating cheating, lying and causing pain is not a road to do it.

    1. I agree with this. RoK, Roosh, etc are right when it comes to the problems with feminism, the reasons why traditional gender roles are necessary, etc. But they often take it to an extreme like you’re describing. I dislike the feminist women who act masculine of course, but the issue with these manosphere sites is that they think every single woman is like this.

      1. Jesus Christ, shut up. Undo the damage you’ve already done to your own soul. Delete.

    2. Just making sure you’re aware this article is not telling people to cheat. It is just a ‘what to do if you choose to do it and get caught’. Cheating is bad. We know. Your genuine concern is appreciated none the less.

      1. Still this article says that a girl shouldn’t get away with cheating whil a guy should, and how he can do it.
        Not gonna start the debate again but it always makes me smile.
        So many articles here talk about double standards. Here you have it.

    3. You are right, this is why we are all here. To figure out how to understand women, and how to get love. Because the mainstream adivce we got from family or female friends just made things worse(heartbreak embaressment etc).
      I dont think anyone here hates women(except maybe mras and mgtow). But we get frustrated at on how to understand and become the perfect man to get a good woman and the effort that comes with it. Definatly goes against the old “be your self” advice. WHich you do through game but a better and refined version of you.
      When learning game I honestly do not like the idea of pumping and dumping good virgin girls that some have. Those are meant for the long term, and as a result we ruin them and they start slutting it up and become the bad girls(that we get frustrated with)that we see that are meant to be gamed that way. Plus even good girls that we like and sorta put on pedestal too can be frustrating as to why she likes the bad boy. So its pretty much if you cant beat em join em. And this is the site to teach us.
      Game should be used responsibly.
      Hell Id feel bad doing that. Even though I am a kissless virgin turning 24. Ive internalised the manosphere beliefs(2yrs) but ill need to approach.Being good at game in thoery is like learning to swim through books without getting in the water. HOnestly I just want get some experiance with bad girls(wish me luck at those bars n clubs), before finding a good girl because I dont want to get attached and lose her due to inexperiance or get treated poorly or be fooled and manipulated. Plus a guy with less experiance then the girl, thats wierd,uncomfortable and unattractive to the both us. If anyone is gonna be the “bad slut” its gonna be me lol.
      when it comes to anything in life, even dating. As a man always anticiapte the worst and hope for the best.
      finding a good mate is hard. ANd they are rare. To get get value you need to bring value. 100 hos does not compare to 1 good girl. As beta as it sounds, your post nearly brought me to a tear, that I had to come to the library and post, so I dont get banned. Why would I do this, well this is the sweet part of femine nature that I enjoy, not that cuntty shit we see alot here now.Like throwing their best years of their lives to cads that dont deserve it. Choose the long term not the cock carasel…pretty much do what mom and dad would be proud of.
      too many girls jerk us around,test us,string us along(such as beta orbiting,shes seeing other guys,etc) or just fades away without explantion whcih leave us confused and doubting ouselves. Because no matter what somehow its always “our fault”.
      just look your best,learn some domestic skills, be accountable for your actions,be friendly,inviting,affectionate,nurturing and try to keep a cool head yet a warm heart. And you should be fine.Just be rational when you pick your mate(no dick hopin). Dont bother picking a bad guy hoping to change him. Take a good guy thats perhaps always been there for you and you can help mold him to be a better (alpha) man.
      best of luck Bara

      1. I say this in the most friendly way, and I truly mean that: shut the fuck up, my man. You haven’t internalized red-pill yet, that much is on the surface. Yes, do more approaches. But if you haven’t even kissed a chick yet then it’s time to pay for some action. And I don’t mean you have to bang a professional. But you need some hands-on time, and there’s plenty of chicks who will take some cash for that. You always pay one way or another, so just hire a hot escort. Fuck, not even a prostitute. But someone who you KNOW, by virtue of your paying, you can put your arm around, touch freely, etc.
        Pay for the fucking kiss. Since you’re paying, she might actually be willing to tell you the best way to hold onto a chicks waist, touch her hair, all that (really, middle-school) stuff. You can swing a few hundo for a nice date. Then you’ll at least have some data to go on. After you get used to it with a hottie, the 4’s/5’s you’ll initially be able to pull will seem like nothing. You won’t be nervous anymore.
        Also don’t break the fucking rules and brag about it with a tear in your eye. Like agent Smith said to the cop at the very beginning of the Matrix: (Smith) “The rules are for…your protection.” (cop) “I think we can handle one little girl.” (Smith) “No, your men are already dead.” Consider that you have no idea what you’re walking into.
        Also make some friends that will bust your balls every once in awhile. You need that, you big pussy teary-ass faggot. (See that? It’s an ‘example’)

        1. totally agree. But p4p isnt that alil extreme. Like im in the exact same situation as this guy. All ive done is read and do nothin as well. But wont it seem weak or pathetic by everyone, that we lost it through a “business arrangement”?
          Ya but totally beta on his part, you cannot “pour yourself out” like that.Even for a moment, youll get chewed out fast even by “good girls” its instinct for them to use it against you.
          Though Ill give him 1 thing though, we shouldnt pump n dump good virginal girls, cause they are statistically better wives. Otherwise we could create more hos. Game should used to play the sluts and be ruthless about it(so I agree with the author).
          Me I aint shy but perhaps a lil awkward. Could use a wing man in my area to help me out though.
          I could defiantly do what the author is saying, but to only club and bar rats from night game. But Id think Id have a hard time with the “pleasant ones” that I know…unless she drives me crazy (which she probably will)then no fuckin remorse.
          i luv this community.

        2. Seriously. These guys still buy the white knight bullshit that they need to protect, provide, and care for women. Fuck that. The vast majority of single women are fickle, narcissistic whores who will take you to the cleaners the first chance they get. It’s encoded in their DNA. I read an article today written by a woman on why girls flake. The selfish, narcissistic bullshit reasons she gave for cancelling a date at the last moment (such as “I’m too lazy to get ready” or “you were my backup guy”) reinforced my belief to never feel sorry for women. The traditional dating scene is rigged against men, so if you play women at their game you’re going to lose every time. Even if you “win” with marriage she can still take you to the cleaners whenever she tires of you. Men are seen and treated as disposable cattle. The traditional dating scene is designed to exploit men and their “provider” mentality. Women are master manipulators. However, this system is not perfect. It has flaws that can be exploited. In a nutshell, I think that’s what Game is about, fucking the system that is designed to fuck you.

        3. totally right. I think this ” Bara” tried an attempt to manipulate us too. Good thing it was online, otherwise one of us coulda been taken off guard and exploited. The “caring angle” is a big one. they probably practice this in fornt of the mirror.
          You got a link to that, cause Id be interested on what their “excuses” maybe.
          Its like you can never relax when you have a woman.
          we gotta learn to beat em at their game.

    4. Hi Bara I am a woman as well and hope to God we are not going to be banned but I agree with you 100% and you have said verbatim what I was thinking. The truths I have learnt about men on this website are priceless.

  5. Don’t cheat. Have the balls to tell her if you want to fuck someone else, then go ahead and fuck someone else after you level with her, not before. Don’t be a pussy and be all secretive about it. That’s weak.
    If the MRA/PUA/MGTOW consortium ever wants to be taken seriously and seen as a legitimate interest group (which we are, and should be) – affirming a baseline of ethics is a good idea.
    Cheating is a byproduct of a scarcity paradigm.

      1. I’m curious about your response to what he said…are you saying real men don’t have ethics, or that you don’t want to act ethically, or that you don’t know what ethics are? (not being sarcastic)
        I have to say, I’ve been thinking about this shit a lot lately, and I agree with most of what I read here…..but one concern I have is the lack of any consistency in thought, word or deed by the authors or in the comments.
        There doesn’t seem to be any standardized or agreed upon set of beliefs, terms, behaviors….its all over the board, and that hurts credibility.
        Even the most common terms like “alpha”, “beta” “game” “pick up”, are used to mean all sorts of different things here. Is an “Alpha” a guy who gets laid a lot, or a guy who doesn’t give a shit about getting laid, or a guy in charge of his life and environment, or a really buff bad ass, or a leader of men? or all of the above?…do we like women? hate women? Is “game” tricking women into thinking we are high status, or actually improving our lives and becoming legitimately high status? fuck…who knows.
        I propose a discussion at some point regarding a set of agreed upon beliefs and definitions..down the road behaviors and ethics possibly.

        1. All is fair in love and war.
          Ethically, I don’t allow women to pin me into an exclusive relationship anymore. I also don’t allow myself to waste resources or let the feminine imperative have any further rule over my environment. To me, that is ethics. They know that they will not be the deciding factor and that I will ultimately do what I determine to be in my best interests. That way, I don’t answer to any woman and if I choose to be with another, she can take it or leave it.
          I won’t rule out the notion that unicorns exist, there is a slim chance they might. But I won’t settle for anything less than that girl who is a complement to me and I think she is as rare as the unicorn.

        2. How so? Because I choose not to hand over resources to a woman who doesn’t need them and isn’t going to have sex with me because I give them to her? No, that’s wise resource allocation management.

        3. Let me tell you a story about a man who did everything society expected of him. He married young, waited hand and foot on a woman, had a couple kids, and watched the woman steadily withdraw from him to the point that she decided to go tell lies to have him removed from his own life. I could tell it to you in volumes because that was my life. I don’t care one whit about the notion of marrying ever again.

    1. It’s actually more respectful to be discreet, and since there is no harm, there is no breach of ethics. Feminism, on the other hand, openly encourages women to steal from and cuckold men to the cheers of mainstream society

      1. If there is truly no chance for harm, there is truly no reason for discretion. In the words of Stefan, you seem to be making a self-detonating argument.

    2. Agreed. You need core values and boundaries (both for yourself and others), otherwise you just end up an untrustworthy and bitter emotional mess in the long-term. It’s incongruent and it’s hollow. Let the kiddies work this out for themselves.

    3. “affirming a baseline of ethics is a good idea”
      Watering down your advice to reach some level of ethics have been known to kill many communities. Let RoK publish raw articles, I assume you’re smart enough to judge for yourself if you want to apply what you just read or not.

      1. I agree with this…..in retrospect as long as I/we have the ability to call bullshit on certain things it helps to further expose each member of the community to alternate viewpoints.
        Still, at times things seem a little schizophrenic……I suspect we have a huge range of folks here…..some seem excited to learn and improve and change the status quo in terms of male/ female interactions…others are just frustrated and want to lash out……others sound like 8th grade schoolboys….oh well….welcome to the internet.

  6. “simply smile, shrug and walk away” seems to be the best advice when faced with any futile situation involving a woman. Even when married with kids, when a woman’s giving you too much grief because she figures she has you over a barrel, you have to be prepared to “”simply smile, shrug and walk away.” It was a hard lesson for me to learn, but learn it I did.

  7. Worst article I’ve read on this site.
    A huge part of why I’ve been following ROK and really liked this site is because it’s been filled with articles here written by men trying to raise true masculine virtues and moral standards in a society that seems to have completely lost all sense of them.
    This author is just another douche though, trying to play macho guy on the internet about how he is such a cool guy cause he gets so much pussy and cheats on girlfriends.
    I would suggest you get rid of this degenerate.

    1. Agree….The douche factor on this guy is hard to deny. Fuck all this sneaking around and lying and shit…..its weak. It seems like for every 5 really great articles on this site we get one douche-nozzle spewing this shit.
      I almost think that ever since the Anorexia post went viral, some of these articles are meant to be read by women and passed around as click-bait in the hopes of being “controversial”……just another form of attention whoring.

      1. Agreed. He’s a beta male who has got the wrong end of the fucking stick. He has not and never will get it. He should be posting comment’s on PUAhate.com, that’s more his forte. Rereading his article as a British man, I have now officially disowned the fucker.

        1. Come on Dean – ad hominem is the lamest form of argument. You know that.
          Look, as I’ve stated above, the article does NOT encourage or condone cheating – rather, it outlines two strategies for men who have decided to do so to employ should they be caught out.
          Whether or not a a man ‘cheats’ in the first place is entirely his own decision.
          My personal strategy is actually in accord with that of many of the commentators here – i.e. I never make a commitment with the woman in the first place. Therefore, technically I have never cheated. However, after a certain time together many girls will assume themselves that a commitment of exclusivity has been made even when it hasn’t.
          It’s all very well to say that ‘sneaking around’ is weak, but in reality how do you think guys run soft harems? Keyboard toughs can say that they would just tell the girl that they want to fuck other women. Good luck with that in real life, though.
          The difficulty here is that ‘fidelity’ as we understand it benefits the feminine imperative, not that of the male. That’s the bottom line. And in a dating market that is as flawed as the one we encounter in 2014, each man must think carefully about the degree to which he is being ‘honorable’ versus missing out on opportunity while clinging to the chimera of ‘the one’ and making himself an easy mark in the process.

        2. I believe that if u r running a harem of any kind, one should lay prep work. Don’t announce whether you are fucking other people. However, when she has ask in her indirect way, let her know that you are a man with options. Let her imagination run wild, her mind runs better game and we ever will.

        3. If you are outlining strategies for those who cheat to get away with that behavior, you are endorsing cheating. So quit lying. If you fail to make any sort of commitment to a female, then you are emotionally and intellectually stunted, essentially feral. Fidelity benefits humanity.

        4. No. This is a logical fallacy. If I were to write an article outlining strategies for those who had got themselves into debt to get out of it then I wouldn’t be endorsing profligate spending would I?
          Again: the article does not condone infidelity. I have no vested interest in whether men cheat or not. It is entirely up to the individual. The article merely suggests what to do if you do cheat and get caught.
          ‘Fidelity benefits humanity’ – here I agree with you. The problem is that the genie is now out of the bottle and the dating market has been fatally compromised. Having been cheated on myself several times in my pre-‘red pill’, pre-game days, I know very well the pain it can cause. I don’t want to come across as nihilistic, but these experiences have led me to a place where I feel that looking after one’s own interests should be the first priority.

        5. Troy: For those of us who actually enjoy the company of multiple women and run soft harems, I just want to say that we are out here, we are reading, and we appreciate the advice. I’m not sure whats going on with all of these violet pill posters lately, but I’m seeing it on every site of this nature. “Game” is becoming whatever anyone wants to call it.
          To everyone else: There is no such thing as “infidelity” pre-marriage. Read that again. Infidelity/’cheating’ (as in “WAAAAAH, YOU’RE BREAKING THE RULES AND BEING UNFAAAAIR!”) cannot occur before you have been legally joined in holy (or unholy) matrimony. You want a locked-down relationship? Then put a fucking ring on that finger and be done with it. Dating is – and has always been – a *trial period before commitment*. Its historically been known as courtship, and courtship can be broken any time pre-engagement with no social repercussions (and post-engagement with some minor penalties from both families). You boys locking yourself down with serious girlfriends are playing at marriage and creating your own false boundaries for absolutely no reason. Pull the fucking plug already and marry her if you feel that obligated to be ‘faithful’. Make an actual commitment. Men and women are renting each other at the dating stage. Hell, why do you think bachelor parties were always known as the last fling? If you’re moving the goalposts because you believe that its going to make *her* faithful, then, son, I’ve got some bad news for you.

        6. “To everyone else: There is no such thing as “infidelity” pre-marriage.”

          There is dating and their is commitment. Dating? Fuck all the whores you want. Once the promise has been made by a man and a woman to remain faithful, it is a covenant until he or she ends the relationship. That is how ADULTS operate.

        7. “No. This is a logical fallacy. If I were to write an article outlining strategies for those who had got themselves into debt to get out of it then I wouldn’t be endorsing profligate spending would I?”
          Focus on the topic at hand rather than muddy the waters with a rhetorical ploy. You are encouraging men to outright lie when they cheat on a woman they are dating AND have made an honor of commitment. Get caught? No big deal, simply opt out of the chick goes apeshit. No damage done, find another chick who will tolerate his cattin’ around. Great advice to enable men to continue to stick their dick in anything that moves even if they are one on one. Stop fucking lying.
          Fuck all the chicks you want in the meantime by not making any promises, but once there is the expectation that a REAL MAN makes with the woman he is dating that he will not sleep with another woman, all bets are off to pursue pussy on the side.

    2. I would suggest you go back to pol. That place would be perfect for you.

  8. One small but possibly key point the author has not illuminated here is the notion, however fleeting around these parts, of explicit exclusivity. Arguably if you have made an explicit commitment to the girl in that regard, true to having some morals, you could simply holster your weapon, or negotiate a hall pass if you need to. If you have no such agreement, well, she has no right to bitch about what you do with your dick when you’re not with her. If you really want a harem, you shouldn’t have to lie to any of them and make or let them think that they are “the one”.
    Marriage being the fairly obvious place to consider this whole idea of moral obligation in regards exclusivity.
    That having been said, if you do get caught when you have agreed to exclusivity, well yes deny deny deny is deifinitely the first line of defense. If you are sufficiently Alpha, the hamster will do all the heavy lifting for you and she will convince herself that she must be crazy. If you get caught red handed (yes I was busted having an affair outside my marriage, many years after the fact). Then I admitted it, never revealed the whole truth, because that’s not what they want to hear and I am laqrgely dismissive of the whole thing every time she brings it up later which is to her benefit ultimately. Now it is only brought up as an occasional loyalty test which can be transmuted into soft dread as required but it can also be used as a small hit of drama she craves to keep the dopamine going but it never needs to be entertained as a topic of concern for more than five minutes.

    1. girls always want exclusivity because they know how hard they will have to start competing if you bring other pussy into the mix….. that’s why you should do it openly…. and make them dance….

  9. Deceit is not a masculine character.
    If you want to fuck around, stay single and unattached. Simple.

    1. “Deceit is not a masculine character.”
      It’s more that seeking-out drama-feelz is a feminine characteristic. If you wanna fuck a lot of women, then do that. But you can do that without all the drama-feelz of all that clandestine crap. Drama-feelz are for women and men who were raised in feminine households.
      Deceit has nothing to do with it.

        1. Have any of you ever read Machiavelli? Doubt it. Never wrote anything on dating. Wrote the Prince as a response to his exile. Wrote the Discourses to explain his true political ideology. Don’t use his name if you are too illiterate to understand him.

    2. Deceit is masculine.
      Being apologetic for deceit is not masculine.
      Then again, sometimes in a relationship it’s good to show strategic vulnerability. It’s not always good to seem too independent or unattainable. You have to read the situation.

    3. Quote — “If you want to fuck around, stay single and unattached. Simple.”
      Agree with that. If you find a one in a million chick that’s worthy of an exclusive relationship – give her loyalty.
      As for the other trash running around out there – lie your ass off to get what you want. Chances are sky high that they’re doing the same exact shit. If their utility doesn’t extend beyond their vagina’s, then they don’t deserve anything more than the bare minimum it takes to gain access to said vagina. If that entails lying, then go for it.

      1. Agreed. Don’t handicap yourself with women by letting some vague sense of manly virtue stop you from doing what is necessary and best for yourself. Women are playing this game by their own set of rules, which includes lying to you whenever convenient or advantageous for them; with zero sense of remorse, let alone an afterthought.
        Women lie. You have to fight fire with fire. Or be a complete sucker and spill your honest, little, predictable heart out to them. Those are your choices. Trust me when I say that few women will appreciate your predictable honesty. Women will of course say otherwise. Remember, they are lying. See how the game is played?

        1. I like predictable honesty! I would never cheat on someone because I have been cheated on and I know the pain. It makes you feel unwanted and like a failure, and I don’t want to make anybody I care about feel so awful. If my boyfriend wants to sleep with other girls, then he can dump me and sleep around. I’d rather be single than cheated on.

      2. Hey AV8R! I very much enjoyed your article the other day”Your Time Is More Important Than Her Feelings”. The paragraph on “Shasta” the dog….. a laugh riot.

    4. “If you want to fuck around, stay single and unattached. Simple.”
      If after getting caught you just leave without apologizing, you have options, you’re unattached.

    5. If you have a hot relationship with a woman, and then decide to take it up a notch by marrying or cohabitating and having kids, and if she let’s her body go and becomes sexually unappealing, or if she simply shuts down the sex, that is a major violation of the implied partnership agreement and thus fucking around becomes justifiable. By the way, having kids is not an excuse for a woman to let her body go; my ex had two kids and she still has the same figure as the day we met (just a little droopier now, but hey, so am I).

    6. I can only provide an old-fashioned marriage to a woman who can provide me an old-fashioned wedding night.

    7. deceit is the most masculine character there is!
      we are at the top of the food chain,
      we did not get there by being predictable.
      we are not the strongest animal on earth, we never have been.
      the only way we survive is by deceiving.
      while we might follow a specific code of conduct
      that code only applies to those we deem fit.
      one of the oldest codes we have is:
      we protect family above all.

    8. Absolutely agree. Tiger take note…though whatta loser for cheating on his former wife! Hope Jack’s golf record is never broken, and he never charged appearance money!

      1. Deceit is not an masculine triat. Never has been.
        Only women and manginas deceive and manipulate.

  10. I was cheated on in my blue pill days in a LTR after 10 years and I know what it feels like. So fuck this. Stay single, let the girl/s know you are not being exclusive and nobody gets hurt. Emotional betrayal is a cunt.

    1. Back in high school my ex girlfriend Nancy L. Calderon cheated on me too with a bully named David. Though to be fair I too was a mangina in those days. Not anymore. I dont need a gf anyway. These days thats almost as bad as being married. I prefer being a fuck buddy to women.

  11. Don’t be in a relationship where you have to cheat.
    It’s way more fun to have a cool ass kinky girlfriend that likes to pick up the occasional girl together.

  12. Why deny it and lie? You want to fuck other women, either leave the one you are with (because they obviously aren’t doing it for you) or let them know the two of you arent exclusive.

  13. Cheating is betrayal, whether a result of instinctive behavior or not, it is betrayal. There’s no feminine-imperative portion of that viewpoint, that is cut-and-dry. Cheating is betrayal. Insulting the intelligence of your partner on top of that is treating your partner like a child (i.e., an even greater insult).
    Yes, it is perversely true that women are actually more attracted to men with options as opposed to someone supplicating them. Yes, it is also perversely true that men who appease women will find themselves immediately dumped into the non-attractive regions of her mind.
    So, my solution to what to do when you’re caught cheating is basically the second option, and the second option ONLY. Fess up immediately, explain how “it is what it is,” and walk away. If she is willing to accept your frame after the betrayal, she’ll make an effort to put herself back there. If not, well frankly, you as a man fucked up, so go find yourself a new woman. I should think that if she repeats the story of how her man cheated on her, maintained frame and walked away to her friends… she’ll actually be doing you a favor (see paragraph 2 of this comment for why).
    Yes, women cheat more than men. Yes, women also have an easier time getting away with it. That’s no excuse for acting like one.
    If she cheats on you, walk out the door. Do not listen, do not hear her side, do not under any circumstances go to a marriage counselor who will 90% of the time only side with her… WALK. OUT. THE. DOOR. Women are far better liars than men, have far more experience doing it, and generally get far more social support for doing so, so don’t even bother trying to maintain a relationship with a woman who has betrayed you with another man.

  14. Apologies are not worth anything in the 21st century. Apologising is spilling blood in a tank full of sharks.

  15. When I was in a human relationships class our professor asked the class, “how many of you think that emotional cheating is worse than physical cheating?” All the women raised their hands but one. Then he asked, “how many think physical cheating is worse than emotional cheating?” Me and one (rather masculine) girl raised our hands. I was the only male in the class. He said, “there’s a biological reason for that.”
    He’s right. Think of a man and woman who are pair-bonded together (i.e. marriage or dating or whatever). Now place them in hunter-gatherer times, which is emotionally where we still are. Emotions are nothing more than evolved instincts honed over the millenia we were hunter-gatherers. We have not had time to fully evolve to the modern world.
    Now let’s say the woman has sex with a man who isn’t her husband, what the downside? She gets pregnant and he ends up spending his time and resources raising another man’s DNA. That’s a great way to remove yourself from the gene pool. Now let’s say she was friends with the man, but had a platonic relationship. Not a big deal. That’s a friendship.
    Now let’s say the man has sex with a woman who isn’t his wife, what’s the downside for his wife? As long as she isn’t demanding resources from the man, nothing. In hunter-gatherer days a man could just deny, deny, deny. “That’s not my baby!” Now let’s say the man cheats emotionally, what’s the downside for his wife? Well, the man may actually take resources away from his wife and her children and give it to this new woman.
    Thus, you can see why men take sexual cheating more seriously, and women taken emotional cheating more seriously. Therefore, I think you may be able to talk your way out of red-handed cheating by taking this strategy.
    1. She means nothing to you. You want to drive home that it was NOT emotional cheating. It was purely sexual. She was nothing but a piece of ass.
    2. She seduced you. As an alpha male, lower status women are going to want to collect your DNA. Women who are with quality men know other women want him.
    The mistake most men make is that they try to say it wasn’t sexual. She was just a friend. Again, this is “emotional cheating” and it’s the worst thing you can tell a woman. Anyway, this is just a theory based on Evolution Psychology, but I think it might work.

    1. Tell a woman that you “emotionally cheated” on her. Then tell her you were kidding. If she calms down hand her a knife and say that you it was actually physical cheating.
      What happens next will totally amaze you… just before you bleed out.

    2. The words “emotional cheating” put together in that order have no actual real life meaning. It’s a chicks way of saying that you’re not allowed to talk to women, at all, about anything. Accepting the validity of “emotional cheating” is to accept the entire premise of the feminine imperative.
      Talk to whom you wish and discard the idiotic and fully fictional notion of “emotional cheating”. There is one cheating, and it’s physical.

      1. “Emotional cheating” sounds like “verbal violence”. Bullshit.
        Like you say, just as there is but one cheating, there is but one violence. I’m currently taking anger management to avoid a minor criminal charge and one of the things the (of course) female intake officer asked was “do you have a history of verbal violence?”
        I told her that I can sometimes get angry and yell, and that she can call it whatever she likes, but don’t try to tell me it’s ‘violence’!
        O my brothers, I shall be cured all right!

  16. Encouraging men to do the exact stuff that made you red pill in the first place? The stuff that you berate women for? Nah man that’s pure degenerative shit. I understand the dating game is rigged and all that jazz but to just give in and become a part of the problem? It makes you weak. There are several about being held accountable and owning up to what you do and how women never do it… Well women are going to come to this site (I’m sure many do) They will read this and if and/or when they cheat on their partner they will rationalize with this crap.
    In other words, articles like this only demoralize people more and makes matters worse. Men… stay true to your principles and have some standards. If you want to fuck multiple women be honest about it. (I am 100% with the women I date about this stuff)
    Don’t become a nihilistic degenerate

  17. “The first point, and probably the most important, is that when confronted about an infidelity, real or imagined, you must deny everything.”
    What we are witnessing here is sociopathic and socio-pathetic behavior all wrapped into one neat package. Thanks for the “advice”, Tony!
    “Don’t apologize. Don’t feel or act guilty — after all, you only followed your biomechanical instincts as a man, and therefore you have nothing to feel guilty about. Don’t explain.”
    Until she pulls a Lorena on your sorry ass.
    “And in theory a man with a truly alpha frame ought to be able to openly sex other girls without his main squeeze complaining (think sultans, rock stars, celebrities, film stars, and those sports stars who’ve publicly cheated and had their wives ‘stand by them’, unwilling or unable to kill the golden goose of alpha).”

In THEORY. In REALITY, the majority of alpha males are not married, but sly around with multiple honies and do not get caught. Those alpha males who are hitched…remain faithful. But thanks, Tony, for contributing to the decline of Western Civilization as we know it with your “advice”.

    1. *Until she pulls a Lorena on your ass*
      So funny, but true! Following this behavior is how men get fucked over. It only takes one crazy, vindictive woman to ruin a man’s life.

      1. You try putting Lorena on my ass, and i promise i will fucking kill you, you stupid whore.

    2. The Lorena situation boils down to this:
      1. Don’t stick your dick in “crazy”.
      2. Whatever the fuck you do, don’t MARRY “crazy”.
      3. And most important, WHATEVER the fuck you do, don’t pass out drunk while crazy is in the room with you, paring knife in hand.
      À bientôt,

  18. If you’re cheating you should not be in a relationship if you’re not in a relatioship it doesn’t matter, who is this article for?

    1. The problem with this point of view is that it presupposes that ‘the one’ exists – i.e. that it is actually possible to meet a women so special and different that one’s desire for variety evaporates entirely.
      Sadly this is not the case for most men. Even those who remain faithful out of principle struggle constantly with the conflict between their biomechanical desire to service other women and the societal (or honorable) requirement to stay monogamous.
      For the record, I’m not condoning infidelity per se – the article merely offers a suggestion for what to do if you happen to get caught out. My MO is not to promise fidelity to a woman, ever. Technically, therefore, I have never cheated. The problem with this, though, is that after a couple of months, many girls will take it upon themselves to decide independently that such a promise has been made and will therefore view any outside relations as cheating. in those circumstances, i have found it prudent to admit and walk.

      1. “My MO is not to promise fidelity to a woman, ever”. Then you are displaying a callous disregard for humanity.

  19. See the scoffing comments regarding this article? It is a direct consequence of feminism. ‘Cheating’ has become tantamount to these people.
    Monogamy is unnatural, and I guess they’ve never heard about men being the non-limiting factor in sex. Sigh…I wish I could help.

    1. “Monogamy is unnatural…”
      That’s the feminists and SJWs speaking through you. Look into r/K selection theory.

      1. “That’s the feminists and SJWs speaking through you” Lol, figured that out all by yourself did you? I despise both of them. Look into bateman’s principle and sexual selection.

  20. If a man is not married, he is free to do as he pleases. But once he puts a ring on it, he’s a damn fool to start cheating. In this day and age, he WILL get caught. Computers, phones, texts, etc, can all be spied on without him knowing. Heard of “find my friends”?… She can find you. Put specter pro on your computer and she knows every key stroke you make and web site you visit. Tracking devices can be put on your car and you’ll never know. My brother travelled for his job and like the idiot he is, he decided to try online dating out of town. He had a whole string of girls in Birmingham.. Wife put specter pro on their laptop and got it all in black and white. She had all his correspondence from OK Cupid. He walked out that day. All the kids found out. They don’t talk to him anymore…and he’s broke. No piece of ass is worth that.

    1. Everything you said is true…if you insist on putting electronic chains on yourself.
      Don’t use the internet – bam, many problems solved.
      Get a throw away phone that uses time cards – bam, many problems solved.
      That leaves a tracking device. My hunch here is that you’re not going to get one planted until she already has enough running evidence to convince her that it’s necessary. IOW if she thinks the world is peaches and cream with you, she’s unlikely to put a tracking device on your car.
      So hitting the club, not being an internet reliant dilweed and keeping a throw away phone for those business trips out of town, that you toss into the hotel rubbish bin before you depart for home, should probably keep you out of the dog house.

  21. I think this article concerns only a limited portion of the RoK readership. That is men who are able to have multiple girlfriends. It confirms what I thought, a lot of men here are still struggling with women to the point of thinking that having multiple girlfriends is impossible to them. I suspect some of them might be even be virgins.
    So what do they do of course? They snob this article and talk crap about it, they’re exhibiting female thiking patterns and behaviors, bringing terms like morality, deceit, and betrayal. Having multiple girlfriends without telling them has nothing to do with those words. You don’t owe any woman anything! Unless you’re married to her of course, but then you’re already screwed.
    To these men, it’s so hard to even get one women, so they can’t possibly understand the mindset of the author. These men with weak game give advice that are not applicable in reality, they have no idea what they’re talking about. “Just tell her that you want to fuck other women”, yeah right tough guy, I’d really like to see you do that with the girls of your imaginary harem.
    You even see a female comment voted up with two recluse white-knight (Sage and Jake) replying (they seem to have forgotten the rules here, replying to females = ban) and telling her NAWALT! This right there is already a sign of decline for RoK. It seems like some people just want to continue living in the Matrix and even fight for it.

      1. Honour to my family, my friends, yes it means something to me. But honour to a woman in 2014? You must not have a lot of experience. All women, I repeat all women will leave your sorry ass if a better man comes along, no matter what she said to you.
        Women have no honour, so you’re not bound to have any with them.

        1. You’re a smartass aren’t you, an American smartass. Honour is correct, in British English.

        2. It’s spelled “honour” in England, much like “colour”. While they’re few and far between, there are woman worth honoring. It’s like a fucking needle in a haystack looking for them, but I’m told they’re there.

        3. For some reason most men need to learn this the hard way before they can see it clearly.

        4. Sometimes articles just won’t overpower experience, in the long run, every man confirms the truth with self-evident reality experience

        5. There is no argument to make…the only honor you are concerned with is when it suits your own purposes.

    1. 100% right……
      Also….We should start compiling a list of all the manginas that either reply or upvote these women on ROK…..these manginas are not entitled interact and to be amongst masculine men and should be SHAMED!

      1. As it currently stands, there is no rule against upvoting or downvoting a comment from a woman. The rule is that there is to be no *reply* to a woman. I abstained from upvoting the comment you screen-captured here, knowing it was a gray area, although I generally agreed with the woman’s sentiment.
        Perhaps there can be a clarification of this, but until/unless there is, it sure as hell ain’t masculine to attempt to bend the rules in order to ban men whose opinions you despise.

    2. Actually, I’ve told my main girl that she can have my loyalty for her fidelity, and she accepted that. Granted, she does whine a bit and asks me ever so often to stop seeing other girls, but it works if your frame is strong and your point is moot.
      Calling everyone keyboard jockeys… hm, what’s the word… projection?

    3. Rollo has a great post over at Rational Male today about woman (and men with female-primary agendas) infiltrating male spaces (think ROK). I quote at length as I think it’s relevant to this discussion:
      “If male space can be co-opted [in the name of gender equalism] it’s far easier to restrict that male communication and influence it to encourage a sense of responsibility towards feminine-primary security needs. In other words, it’s a much easier task to create future Beta providers if a feminine influence can pervade all male spaces – this is facilitated all the better when it is men themselves who hold other men accountable to the dictates of the Feminine Imperative and feminine sexual strategies . . .
      … Even the most well meaning of women involved (however peripherally) in the manosphere are still motivated by their innate security needs – and those hypergamous security needs imply a want for certainty and control. As such the psychological influence of the Feminine Imperative will always be a predominant motivator in their participation in this all male space. This leads women to a want to sanitize Game to fit the purposes of the imperative, as well as oversee the thought processes of the men who come to participate in it.
      Just like any other male space, the manosphere is subject to all the sanitization efforts of the Feminine Imperative I’ve outlined in this post – by both women and men who still ascribe to feminine-primacy.”

  22. Back in my younger days, before I made the mistake of marrying she who can not be pleased, I faced a situation like this once. I was living in Arizona and had been dating this little Mexican girl that was hot a a firecracker in bed, but extremely jealous even though we hadn’t been dating very long and weren’t exclusive. I met this little Phillipina number one Wednesday and by Friday afternoon we were in bed, and that one, man was she ever a ride. Anyway she left and shortly after she left, my little Mexican girl walked in the room and commented that she could smell pussy and it wasn’t hers, we were on the bed within ten minutes later and she topped her previous best before she left she commented that she wasn’t going to be outdone.
    Yeah, I’m not sure why the hell I ever risked marriage.

  23. The strongest Alpha moment I got recently was from a friend of mine. He is married and got caught through compelling evidence and the girls even communicated, so denying was useless.
    Somehow within a week he turned the frame around by actually considering whether to still continue with the relationship. The wife as well as the new girl both wanted him and said so. Suddenly the wife started to qualify herself. Before that she thought that she would just leave him, but the reality was different as we all know. Women cannot help but be attracted to a degree and will accept a lot of that behavior.
    It reminded me a bit of Berlusconi who after an especially loud affair just stated that he does not know whether he will forgive his wife, since she broached the subject openly in the press. Either way – losing frame is a no-go. There is a higher likelihood that she will turn around by staying strong. Of course in a soft-harem it is not worth it and you might as well walk away.

  24. Walking out is the strongest option.
    Remember: It saves endless begging and investment into a sinking ship. Provides a clean endpoint, and this is key: they NEVER fall out of love with the one who breaks up with them.
    That little truth has been born out time and time again.

  25. Wont work if your married.
    If youre caught cheating as a married man. Prepare to get divorce raped.

  26. 1. Deny.
    2. Don’t apologize. Don’t feel or act guilty at all.
    Basically just do exactly what a woman would do if she was caught cheating. If you really don’t care about her at all, tell her that it’s her fault that you cheated. Do exactly what a woman would do in the exact same situation.

    1. “Men treat women nice because they want to be treated nice, women treat men like shit because they want to be treated like shit.”
      Absolutely mindblown, that’s 110% true!!!

  27. 1. Never apologize, never explain.
    2. The cover-up is always worse than the crime. Tell the truth and bear the consequences of your actions.
    3. If you are running a harem or getting a little strange on the side, DO NOT TAKE THE PLEDGE.
    4. If you are being accused of cheating, or she is wondering, hypothetically, if you might cheat, try on one of these, “Can I help it if women find me attractive?” and/or “Look, if my dick is in you, then it can’t be in some other girl, can it?” (this second one counts as actual foreplay).
    5. Flip the Script. If you get busted, and you cannot plausibly deny it, tell her that you stepped out because she wasn’t meeting your physical needs. (“We have ignition. Hamster Meltdown in three, two, one….”)
    6. You can always Walk The Fuck Away.*
    À bientôt,
    *Offer not valid if you married her. See Rule #3

  28. I would have to submit that is once wants to “plunge the depths” at every opportunity then don’t have a steady girlfriend in the first place. Hence no need to cheat.
    Let’s leave the “I don’t know what I want / I want to have it all” duplicity (or irresponsibility) to the women. Having no agency, it’s not as pathetic when they do it.

  29. Anyone who replied to the thread that Bara started has been banned (along with Bara). Anyone who replies to females will be automatically banned, as per our rules.

        1. As an FYI, it is possible for someone to post here, troll out some replies, and then edit the post later, claiming to be a woman. This would be an easy way to get people banned presuming no one can see the edit history.

      1. Roosh is correct to take this stand, even against posters we like. A hard and fast and evenly enforced rule is the masculine way. It is the feminine route of “Let’s make exceptions!” that causes large gray swaths of uncertainty in society. Say what you will about masculine norms of rules, but you always know where you stand.

        1. Didn’t ask because I like the poster, I asked because InfoShinboi was telling the other guy not to respond to women.

        2. It is the feminine route of “Let’s make exceptions!” that causes large gray swaths of uncertainty in society.

          That’s an excellent point.

        3. I agree with consistency of rules…but I have to disagree with this one. Sunlight is the best disinfectant to feminist bullshit. If some chick wants to come here and spout all of her emotional reasons why we are wrong, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel to discredit them with cold logic. Roosh: I know this aint a democracy, but I’d vote to let chicks post, then let us destroy their feeble emo-logic.

    1. Good, not so long ago I was sure that this rule is not enforced. Now I can read in peace.

    2. Roosh, at this point, this was an act of cowardice. She already resigned herself to being banned. She even went out of the way to make sure (as much as she could) that no one else would be banned.
      That’s the first point.
      The second point is this. She declared outright that she was a woman. Let’s be frank here. A woman can comment on this site under the guise of a man and still speak the thoughts in her mind. She does not have to declare that she is a woman. But she did. That took bravery knowing what the consequences were.
      To summarize, what she did took courage and what you did was an act of cowardice.

      1. Ban this dumbass too, thx. Just to improve general comment section hygiene.

    3. Sorry, I forgot to add something. What about the 10’s of women who have comment on the “5 Reasons To Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder” article by Tuthmosis. You haven’t banned them. In fact, just like I said, some of them you can’t even confirm are women.

    4. So called ‘alpha-male’ likes to think he’s tough and brave in his opinions, but is too much of a coward to accept opposite points of views. Keep hiding on the internet Mr Spineless.

  30. Richard Martinez Anderson Cooper CNN – Reverse speech reveals Boston marathon reference

    Elliot Rodger’s Video Manifesto – Reverse speech on Elliot Rodger —

  31. You would just say goodbye and good luck? Of course I wouldn’t say anything to a cheater but she’d receive a bill for any money I may have spent on her and I’d have to be reimbursed for my time I wasted with her at an hourly rate of $500. If she didn’t pay the bill I’d sue her. In small claims if the bill was low or in the Law Division if it was higher. Some of you are probably thinking that I’m joking but I’ve done things like this. When I’m with a female I’m basically wasting my time and money as an investment for the purpose of finding a future wife or gf which is how I would argue a case. I’ve argued cases for men pro bono (just to amuse myself) and have recovered everything from rings, gifts and money these dumb manginas gave the girls.In fact I’m the one who years ago set the precedent in these ring cases where the female breaks off a marriage or engagement but won’t return the ring.Some of these rings were $5k-10k and the guy should have the money not her.OK I’ll tell you how I argued the original case-A ring is a conditional gift contingent upon fulfilling the marriage agreement and the female breached the agreement.I always win and today it’s the law. However, I’m never able to get punitive damages over and about the property because judges for some reason won’t rule this was in these “romantic type” cases. Why not? Years ago a female could sue for breach of promise, this is where the guy promises to marry her and then backs out.I think the reasoning was that men would promise marriage just so they could screw the girls but in this day and age it would be hard to find a virgin.
    Frank Sinatra was once charged with “seduction” when he was young, a criminal offence,and only got out of it because it was discovered that she was married twice before and not exactly a virgin.

    1. Need any advice just ask. This is not legal advice (just to protect myself) but let’s say just my opinion in general. You have to do the rest.

  32. Doesn’t the defination of “cheating” depend on
    what “is” is?
    It’s a virtual gaurantee that if today’s woman
    shares living quarters with a man, she’s going to
    share a bed with him.
    The sexual act in today’s day and age has about as
    much significance as any other enjoyable and
    recreational activity. Should we cut off a person
    just because she’s doing what the culture encourages?
    Wouldn’t we be losing out on an oppertunity to
    have a “good” person in our lives.
    Everybody has to “reform” from something. Let us
    not forget that the empress Theodora of the
    byzantine empire was a former prostitue who
    pertisipated in exhabitions where she had geese
    eathing grain from her vagina.

  33. If you’re going to be running around cheating, expect it. Player game is what they call “cop and blow out”…meaning they’re all gonna get tired of your shit and leave heartbroken eventually.

  34. The superior man is not pinned down, nor is he forced to explain himself, or swear loyalty. In this manner he acts as he does with complete autonomy. If he chooses to be with one woman or with many the choice is his alone without coercion. Women that are with a superior man will know the truth through his actions, but will prefer to hear lies from him instead of accepting the truth nearly everytime. For that reason women are best left in a state of confusion neither being told the truth or lies.

  35. What a bullshit, senseless advice. Return of king started as a good website but turned into a women-hating community of whining losers. This is probably the most ridiculuos article here.
    I am a male and I live in Russia, so dont start whining again, mysoginists.

  36. And I cannot see, what is so masculine about posting all this whining crap about women, whining like little pussies about the terrible situation american men are in. I would say all this whining is more feminine than most blue pill, as you liketo call it. Roosh, I really enjoyed reading your stories and even purchased a few of your books, but the hell is that miserable bullshit? Does anyone inspect these articles before they get published?

  37. Woody Allen beat you to it circa 1972 –
    Contact the Filmmakers on IMDbPro »
    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask

  38. So I am thrilled and excited to see that since I am a women I can say what ever I want here, and if any one of you bad boys replies to me, you will be BANNED. HAHAHA. I guess it sucks to be a boy in this silly fake “alpha” world you live in.
    And yes, this world of “Alpha Males” that you live in is totally, fake, ridiculous and will not get you any kind of long-lasting happiness or long-lasting relationship. Why? Because relationships with anyone (male or female– friends, family, or lovers) all revolve around the same basic principals– trust, respect, mutual caring and affection. This Alpha Male BS is base on none of that– but on this misguided notion that men somehow have a magical golden ticket to behave and act towards half of the human race differently than everyone else– that women are lesser, and less worthy than men.
    And guess what? You make think women are stupid, but that doesn’t make women stupid. And you may think that just by being male, you deserve certain things from women, but you don’t.
    The guy who wrote this article– the reason why his ex broke up with him– isn’t because he acted “beta” it’s because his girlfriend knew he was a liar, and she didn’t trust him anymore. Being plied with money and lies and about how you feel bad when you really don’t only works for so long. The bottom line is– if you want to be in a relationship with someone– don’t cheat on them. Don’t be a liar, and if you do make a mistake, apologise and work it out. This is what people do. (People, as in MEN AND WOMEN). If you think you have a special license to sleep with anyone you want but expect your girlfriend to not chear on you, OF COURSE IT WON’T WORK OUT. Because that is a ridiculous, nonsensical double-standard. Only a stupid woman, or a woman with no self-esteem would accept such a relationship.
    Which is sort of ironic isn’t it? Here you “Alpha men” are feeling all badass– but really the only girls who will stay with your sad selves are the ones from the bottom of the barrel? Guess your behavior isn’t really so Alpha after all.. oh wait… it’s just misogynistic and crazy.

  39. I hope all of your mothers are crying themselves to sleep every night for raising such terrible people

    1. My mother is a woman and as such a worthless piece of shit.
      I could give a fuck if she got an cancer and died slowly and painfully. In fact, i think i’d just laugh. It goes without saying i wouldn’t go to her funeral either.
      Even best of women deserve being raped and beaten.

  40. Douchebag. And yes, I’m a woman commenting. People like you will end up with the herp anyways.

  41. Whoever wrote and/or agrees with this is a worthless prick. Get your shit together, men.

  42. Haha! I can’t believe my eyes when I read such bullshit on this site! You idiots are so up your own assholes it’s actually hard to believe it’s actually real. OK, you can pretend in your own little fairytale filled heads that the world is unfair on you, but if you use your common sense and empathy (if you even have ANY which is unlikely since you all sound like total narcissists and sociopaths) then it will take you no time to learn Everyone is an individual despite gender. I bet if gender was invisible, you would find it extremely difficult to distuinguish between male and female because both men and women have good and bad members. Not all women are evil, controlling manipulators, and not all men are innocent victims. You would meet an intelligent and bright human being and you may automatically think it’s a man but turns out to be a woman. And then a twisted, manipulative individual who turns out to be…. shock horror, a man. So your stupid ideology is flawed. Compare the inequalities between men and women, and stop just seeing everything from an ignorant perspective, and you’ll see that actually women still have a long way to go to be equal. So you need to stop throwing your toys out your pram and pretend “the world is unfair on me” while omitting the truth from yourselves and other people. It shows how immature and narcissistic you are. Fucking idiots lol. I had such a laugh reading the shit on here.

  43. Oh and funny how you slag women off and then express and encourage all the negative qualities you claim you are against.

  44. grow up little boys … grow up little girls too … for gods sake … learn to be genuine authentic human beings and stand up for that and all will be well .. we all eventually want the same thing … someone to accept us for who we are .. what ever that is …. wether you want to slut around and sleep with as many other people or wether you want to have a dedicated one on one relationship.. just try to be honest and stop playing fucking games and own it people !!!! Be Fucking REAL !!!

  45. This is the most bullshit article and comments section i’ve ever seen. So many fucked up and ruined people. Wow. A handful of comments and I can’t even continue reading for fear of subconsciously turning into one of you freaks.

  46. The article is not advocating cheating, it is giving advice on what to do if you are caught cheating. There is a dimensional difference between the two. It does come off as a little insensitive, but again, it is not telling guys to cheat. Any man that advocates cheating is a piece of crap. Don’t get it tangled and twisted boys….and girls.

  47. Be aware that in some states if you are caught cheating or admit to it your divorce settlement can be affected by the fact your were cheating. If you wife was cheating, don’t approach her or let her know until you get proof, so that when you file for divorce you can get out of alimony and keep more than 50% (depending on the state). In some states adultery is even criminal.

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  49. Lying = a lack of integrity. If you are in an exclusive relationship, don’t cheat. If you want other ladies, MAN UP and let the other person know. The ability to own your shit is masculine, and respected.

  50. Sirhud Kalra, a self improvement coach and dating expert has some brilliant thoughts on the concept of cheating and what it means to men and women, respectively. Watch this video and subscribe to his channel if you like it.

  51. I caught my wife (now ex) cheating with a hidden camera. If you think that you need a spy camera to see if your spouse is cheating though, you just need a divorce.

  52. On the other hand, I got busted by a gf while I was in a passionate embrace with another girl.
    We just sat up in bed and let her rant. The angry one walked away and I followed her to the living room where I sat silently as she told me off. I told her I’m sorry for her hurt feelings but refused to admit that I’d made a mistake. Now the one I got busted with and I are pretty serious (she is the better of the two anyway).
    It actually made the breakup (which was inevitable, she was 27, I was 41) SO MUCH EASIER. No fading away, no arguments, she just left and we’ve never spoken again. Don’t be too afraid of getting caught with a confident girl’s hand on your kack, it may turn out pretty well.

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