As A Father From Brooklyn, I Can No Longer Tolerate The Degeneracy Encircling My Family

In my youth I was much more tolerant of the gay and lesbian movement, but I think that is because I lived in a completely different world than what exists today. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, but I feel that the Brooklyn that I remember either no longer exists or exists in isolated pockets holding out against a world quickly losing any moral coherency.

I remember a time when respecting other people’s privacy was not a novelty but a requirement and by extension demanding that our own privacy be respected. We all knew who was gay, but as long as they kept their lifestyle to themselves, we didn’t give a shit. I developed a tolerance for people because I could put myself in their shoes and get a grasp for where they were coming from. Today there is none of that. Today the gay and lesbian lifestyle is being rammed down America’s throat whether we are prepared for it or not; even though they only make up a tiny fraction of society.

I really think political correctness is out of control and I’ve given up trying to enable that culture or even educate myself and others. I’m not on board with explaining to my son why a kid at his school has two dads. I tell him that everyone’s family is different and to respect their privacy. Then I immediately tell him that someday he’s going to meet a wonderful, respectful young lady. I qualify respectful as a person who respects herself and her family, and has a close relationship with her father.

I tell him if you decide to get married and have children then you will experience a great life filed with the rewards of family, as I do. I don’t believe a child should be deprived of having a mother and a father, but the world we live in now spits on my concept of normalcy.

I was okay with same-sex marriage because the family man in me thought that people should be able to get healthcare coverage and death benefits for their loved ones. I still believe that, but with the understanding that what you do behind closed doors is your own business and leave me the fuck out of it.

Yes, I can tell if you’re a fag or a lesbo, and I’m not going to go there out of respect for your privacy. However, when you rub it in my face and try to get society to bow down before you, you get the Ole’ Brooklyn Salute (middle finger). Again, I’m not going to normalize that to my child because there are folks out there that are completely promiscuous and have no intention of finding a life partner or soul mate.

It’s perversion when you are sex driven and you fall in love every other night whether you’re a man or a woman. When I witness these pride parades I see a complete lack of discretion and rampant sexual innuendo. That goes beyond gay rights and these events have become pretty sick.

I find it repulsive that a lot of kids these days are being encouraged to turn into something that they are not. What happened to being proud of who we are just the way you are? I tell my kid, “You made some important decisions when you decided to be born a boy. Trust that decision because becoming a man is a great adventure. It’s not a better adventure than being born a girl, it’s just different and it’s worth living to the fullest.”

We clearly live in an time where the feminization of men is in full swing. We know for a fact that synthetic estrogen is everywhere. Most men cannot escape contamination especially in big cities where we are all being herded. I encourage my son to be courteous, kind and respectful, but I also tell him not to be a pussy.

We are living in an age where it is now “cool” for a woman to try and convince another woman she can provide for her better than a man. I don’t subscribe to that idea. I do tell my son that it’s a man’s job to decide someday whether or not to grow and take care of a family. It has to be a conscious decision to stick by his kin as guardian, protector, provider and the backbone that tomorrow’s dreams are made of. It sticks in my craw when society tries to turn my lad into a little soy boy with no testicles and limits his future wife prospects by turning them to lesbianism.

What disgusts me the most is secret transgender people who try to get into a relationship with someone under false pretenses. People deciding to become transgender because that is more in line with who they really are is fine with me. Not being open and honest about who you are though is the same as not telling someone you have an STD prior to intercourse. Now I have to educate my son on the differences between men and women. Not the obvious differences of once upon a time, but the subtle differences that drugs, hair extensions, make up, and surgery cannot hide.

So what is really going on?

The Cultural Marxists know that in order to destroy America they have to destroy the family. One thing I always held dear was that family transcended everything. They have to annihilate the concept of a strong father figure and they have to make obsolete the icon of a loving mother, of a home life and childhood that is wholesome, where innocence is not just protected but enshrined. They know that to defeat us, they need to hit us where we live, our family.

To all you young players out there, I’m not ignorant to what the game has become. I will encourage you however to have a dream. There’s a pretty girl out there who has an education, can cook, does not leave her clothes all over the floor like you do, has a loving relationship with her father (who’s respect you must earn, sorry!), respects you and can be your best friend, lover, companion, wife and who will be a good mother to your children.

You will someday grow old, don’t do it alone. Your family is your key to the future, you will achieve things you never thought possible because your loved ones are counting on you. Forget about James Bond and Rambo, you will be the hero just by showing up to your kid’s baseball game.

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  1. Great article, and you sound like a good man. Keep up the good work. We need 50 million more guys that think like you.

    1. Here we go again with the SJWs and LGBTQWTFOMGLOLs coming on here and downvoting us.
      Stay off our site you fucking losers. You have sites of your own where you can stroke each other and be “proud” about your various dysfunctions.

      1. Lol-are the down-votes from the butt-hurt author of the article who doesn’t like criticism, or a troll?
        Could be either.

    2. BlueEyedDevil – This is a decent article, but one thing I must emphasize ->Homosexuals are psychopaths and pedophiles! LOOK UP “WITHOUT CONSCIENCE – THE DISTURBING WORLD OF PSYCHOPATHS AMONG US” BY ROBERT HARE. He never even addressed homosexuality and pedophilia as separate topics, it just kept coming up again and again when he was describing these psychopaths and their actions. The sooner we understand this, the sooner this “tolerance” bullshit will evaporate like water on a hot day.
      Privacy and tolerance is one thing. You want to read, or listen to music, smoke tobacco or cannabis, or deal with serious issues in your own family and have us stay out of it? Fine, it is not worth my time anyways. But these people are a public danger, especially to children.

    3. Devil, I am an airline pilot and I spend a lot of time at the airport. This has afforded me opportunity to observe human behavior in unique situations. For example; imagine there’s a line to get coffee. Each person who joins the end of the line staggers the end of the line toward the center of the hallway. The next person joins the line and does the same thing. This continues until there is a diagonal line across the hall until it is completely blocked on both sides and people have to squeeze through. This happens a lot. What I learned; people are stupid. Monkey see monkey do. Not one person in this scenario thought, “maybe I should line up closer to the wall so people can walk through.” People will do the same as the person ahead of them and not give it a second thought, including; allowing your kid to go to school where the teacher is dressed like a cartoon character with a dildo strapped to their forehead.

      1. Yes.
        I have no respect for the parents you describe.
        Their ‘feeling bad’ or their saying, ”I’m really not happy about this.” only inspires my contempt.

      2. I see that all the time. Common sense is not so common anymore. One should read Psychology of crowds by Gustave Lebon.

        1. I’m pretty sure it’s fair to say that women never ever had any ‘common sense’.
          All that kept them grounded was the need to keep their men, and to keep them ‘happy’ when that was necessary.
          Now women face no consequences for ANY behaviour.
          Hence, society collapses.

      3. Are you a chemtrail pilot that sprays the gender bending, weight gaining, dumbing down, Autism inducing chemicals and heavy metals into the upper atmosphere for the purpose of white Anglo-Saxon and Celtic depopulation since 1999?

    4. Writer is wayyyy too tolerant. Tell your kid their friend doesn’t have two fathers, the guys are mentally ill and the friend needs to be dumped then bullied by everyone on a daily basis.

      1. It is nothing bad to be tolerant to other tolerant people, avoid intolerant people and pick your fight with care – most important is survival of family not to fight with honor.

    5. “Political Correctness is nothing more than Intellectual terrorism.”
      -Mel Gibson, Based Hollywood Actor, A Man the J EWs hate

      1. Good quote but unfortunately Mel is kosher now as they finally broke him and he has submitted to their will.

  2. It’s frustrating finding women who are completely okay with this level of degeneracy and seem to think society should be open to this do whatever you want kind of attitude and to hell with the consequences.
    I don’t care if you’re gay but keep it to the privacy of your bedroom. It’s a dysfunction that prevents your genetics from being passed down. That in itself proves to me that being gay isn’t normal. No, having a tube baby doesn’t make you a father/mother. Your DNA was just put into someone else but they still have the genetic probability that the kid will more than likely be a dead end because your gene was passed down when by nature it should not have. Why do you think the SJWs, LGBTQ, seem so angry at nuclear families? They’re angry that they don’t have a caring, nurturing mother and a strong, disciplined father to help them grow.
    As the author stated, it’s about destroying the family unit and having the state decide the well being of the children taking the parents out of the picture. What better way to create drones to do the bidding of the elite that will never question or rebel.
    Dangerous times we live in gentlemen

    1. In any higher order and (comparatively speaking) intelligent animal species beyond humans (primates, dogs, dolphins, etc) any of those animals who exhibit homosexual behavior aren’t exactly the King Kongs and Top Dogs of their tribe.

    2. An all-gay society is the end of women, in fact.
      This is why bad areas gentrify so quickly when gays move in-women are no longer desired as two/three cavities providing pleasurable friction for a penis.

    3. It’s the radical LGBTQIA+ movement that makes all homosexuals look bad. I’d bet if you asked alot of them they would be more annoyed by them then alot of straight folks.

      1. Could be. Don’t care. Not relevant. Feelings don’t matter to strangers. You’re welcome.

    To watch the Andrew Cunanan biopic is too understand how far we have come in embracing gay degeneracy.
    In 1997 a used-up gigolo who blew his meal ticket and was psychotic from meth abuse went on a killing spree.
    His victims were mostly other gay lovers or in the case of Versace, probably a former one-time older client.
    Twenty years later watching the series I realized how the facts were distorted by the SJW agenda. Cunanan’s gay spree is blamed on homophobia, which by 1997 was not very rampant.

    1. I saw that series. And it got me thinking. For years, it annoyed me that “phobia” was put at the end of everything. I’m like, how can someone have a fear of homosexuality? Is it really fear? But then, i wondered if in the subconscious mind it really is fear.
      Because if you really think about it…for someone to live in a society that finds a practice taboo, or in a community where something is against the law, and they still do that thing, it tells you that they care more about doing what they want to do and to hell with that society or community. For a person to go that far, it can be scary. It’s like…what won’t they do. They’re already demonstrating a form of disregard to indulge their inclinations.

    1. You must be one of the losers lurking here to cause trouble and downvote stuff, as mentioned in my post up near the top.

      1. BED, they came at me the same way a couple of months ago. So I kept mentioning how tight my 20 yr old regular is. Drove the cat ladies nuts.

        1. @Auto,
          If you remember, I highlighted this (down voting) issue way long back. This is the worst tactic of femicunts, leftists, Trump haters and last but not least, the manginas !!
          It seems their strategy is to Create (sort of) unrest, Discourage regular ROKers from commenting & sharing opinions and experiences, Give a bad impression to the newcomers, Showcase MEN in general and local/white MEN in particular as; bad/racists/sexists/creepy/oppressive etc.
          In short, they want to divide us and make us fight among ourselves and at the end of the day, blame Roosh and the ROK Platform.
          To hell with their down-voting Syndrome !!
          *** Let US stay UNITED ***

        2. Ravi,
          Stay united? Must be time for another anti-boomer story then.
          I’m planning on writing a ‘Millennials are worthless’ one to see if that gets published.

        3. @ JD
          Let’s face it. All “Sheeple” are worthless, regardless of their age. Meaning anyone buying into the mainstream media’s push for the PC/SJW agenda.

        4. @ Ravi,
          Yes, I do remember.
          These cat ladies are morons.
          They can downvote till their fingers bleed. Won’t make any difference.

    The Al Pacino film Cruising sums up the reality of gay life-it is not that pretty.
    Gay males have hundreds or thousands of sex partners-as would be expected because they can have sex when they feel like it. Unsurprisingly they have more STD’s than a heterosexual male porn star.
    Cunanan’s sordid life sums up the drugs and the violence involved. Male on male sex involves stimulation and dominance-submission (“Top” “Bottom”).
    It produces serial killers often-for some reason sadistic males are often gay-and Gacy, Dahmer and of course Cunanan were all gay.
    Lesbianism, which paved the way for homosexuality in the early 90’s when porn led to a public fascination with “Threesomes” made female bisexuality chic and as a result every schoolgirl after 1995 claimed to be “BI” because it became trendy, is less damaging to society overall. Still there is violence in Lesbian relationships.

    1. That is why that movie is never shown on cable TV, i.e., it has been suppressed by the Cultural Marxists.

      1. CSFurious
        CRUISING was made in the late 70’s and early 80’s when films were unfettered by any media pressure-they told the plain old truth. It was simply a realistic portrait of life in the gay world-drugs, violence, rampant casual sex in parks or subways or other public places, serial killers everywhere.
        As for VERSACE American Crime Story the reality is that Versace fucked a serial killer among hordes of other young men brought up by his procurers and exposed him to HIV which he knew he had at that time.
        Cunanan like many young gay men grew up with psychological problems-a thief, a liar, an early drug user, a male prostitute by the age 15.
        His crime spree was fueled in part by meth abuse-the favorite drug of gays.
        Finally, he slowly went nuts from being a kept man who allowed other males to fuck him in the ass all the time.
        This is the REALITY of gay males that is depicted in CRUISING.

      1. markus
        what makes him special? People post here all over and many truth bombs are dropped?

    2. Wow, that is disturbing. I had no idea all these famous serial killers were homosexual and preyed on teenage boys and young men.
      I find John Wayne Gacy’s story the most frightening because he was able to “hide” his homosexual/homicidal behaviors and appear to others to be a “normal” person who was successful in his career. It’s scary to see how easily these men were able to maintain double lives and do all these sick deeds in secret.

  5. I cringe every time I see that photo of the girl standing in front of faggot’s naked fat ass. Her mom(or dad. Probably divorce raped) should be arrested for child endangerment!

    1. Superman, liberals would argue that it is none of your business what homos do in the privacy of their own home and they would also argue that they are not encouraging others to act the way they do. By the looks of that photo I would beg to differ. Pretty disgusting how liberals force kids to think about sex and homosexual sex at such a young age. Liberals are pedophiles.

  6. First, you need to not live in a place like Brooklyn. Second, you need to talk to your young boys about this nonsense and encourage them to be as tough as possible, i.e., the opposite of either a “tranny” or “soy boy”.

  7. >I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, but I feel that the Brooklyn that I remember either no longer exists
    And what kind of Brooklyn was that? It has been a trash heap of low IQ plebs, 3rd world savages and negro gangbangers since modernity. The smart have always been living elsewhere…
    Nice SJW type writing btw. : As a gay black genderfluid feminist…

  8. It’s probably too late now, but everyone should have realized many years ago that ‘tolerance’ is another word for ‘surrender’.
    The seeds of destruction were sown by many people like the author of this article who just wanted to be ‘tolerant’ and ‘live and let live’.
    As he learned personally, you may not care about deviants, but deviants definitely care about you. And they won’t rest until heterosexuals are persecuted for being ‘normie’.
    Anything other than counter-attack at this point means total defeat is inevitable.

    1. You’re exactly right, tolerance is surrender. You are conceding to the aggressor/invader.

  9. Excellent article. Kudos for putting up with Brooklyn but I strongly encourage you to leave. I too was a Brooklyn native but it has been lost to third world trash illegals, muslums, orientals, and porch dwellers. You’re raising your boy the right way but let him know if one of these undesirables ever threaten him in any way shape or form to make it the last thing that undesirable ever did. Our next generation is the key to solving the problems the boomers created.

  10. Here’s the root of the problem: “I was okay with same-sex marriage…”
    Once you turn a blind eye to Sodom, you start to tolerate it. Then you appease it. Then you embrace. Finally, it demands your utter subjugation and the moral pollution of society.

  11. Destroy the family; destroy Western Civilization…it’s the fundamental building bloc to the whole society…yet…if these reprobates “win” they’ll be destroyed by the death of the civilization which protects their right to be assholes…a lawless society removes the weakest, first.

    1. True, the law of nature eradicates liberals first.
      The original Friday the 13th pointed this out-a hippie reopens his parents summer camp for inner-city kids; a bunch of grass-smoking hippies show up and a local hick kills them all in 12 hours.

  12. This is another topic that is getting redundant, we all know the problems we all know the debauchery the issue is where do we go from here? Not keep repeating the problems over and over again.

  13. Your “don’t care” attitude is exactly what made the West this degenerate. It’s a toxic (((meme))), trust me.
    Nothing is more important and healthy than a community caring about each other. And, yes, it includes “judging” others and correcting them. Societal pressure, not some whiny people like you or arbitrary laws, is something that made sure women don’t turn into sluts, don’t have bastard children, men don’t fuck each other, etc. for centuries.

    1. Absolutely agree, Nonokastri. I am still struck stupid by this “who cares?” response to very real problems. Anything, no matter how minor it may appear, that poses a threat to positive culture or to proper behavior is something that should be scrutinized and subject to judgement. Each time a moron says “who cares,” a little more stable firmament is lost to the sea of degeneracy.

    2. The problem stems from the dualistic thinking born out of Christendom. You don’t see these extreme culture shifts in India, because they don’t think of things in such a way. For example, gays and trannies have always been tolerated in Hinduism, yet they are made well-aware that they are not normal. Not bad, just not normal. There are clear definitions of one’s duties in life (dharma), and LGBT individuals cannot fulfill the duty to have children. Therefore they are in a very low caste.

  14. One day, if all this degeneracy goes on, being tolerant will be just a way to prove yourself being a cuck.

  15. I understand your sadness, but NOTHING will change unless we are honest with ourselves and others.
    ‘I was okay with same-sex marriage because the family man in me thought that people should be able to get healthcare coverage and death benefits for their loved ones. I still believe that, but with the understanding that what you do behind closed doors is your own business and leave me the fuck out of it.’
    You should be ashamed of being that stupid.
    I refuse to believe that you honestly thought homosexual ‘marriage’ was about healthcare coverage.
    Stop lying, it isn’t going to help your son.
    ‘What happened to being proud of who we are just the way you are?’
    Sounds like a song lyric.
    Your angst should be more productive.
    There are Bad People in the world who are ashamed of who they really are.
    They want to pervert, destroy and tear down anything they know to be superior to themselves. ie Western Christian culture.
    Every wondered why they never seem to care about Islam?
    Now you know.
    ‘Your family is your key to the future, you will achieve things you never thought possible because your loved ones are counting on you.’
    Why would anyone type that?
    To be brutally honest, once again; I do not accept that YOU really believe that.
    Everyone reading this knows that men have been financially, emotionally and culturally carved out of the role of ‘protector and provider’ for women and children.
    Everyone knows that the law now regards them as a resource at the disposal of women.
    Do you know any women or children who would say ‘I really need my father/husband in my life, without them I would be diminished and weaker in so many ways.’
    Older than age 6 years?
    Out loud?
    Without laughing?
    Times are bad and are getting worse.
    Lying won’t help.
    You ARE about to ‘tolerate’ all the above and far far worse, despite the permanent damage to your son.
    Not leaving the city, not getting your son out of school; is what ‘tolerating’ is.

    1. The marrying gays aren’t really serious. Their marriage is a joke and they know it. It’s all an act “ooh we want to be included and respected like everyone else” – horseshit. The marrying gays are all lefty activists trying to throw deconstructive culture at our traditional culture. It’s the same as hating white men or hating the west. It’s an sjw/antifa type of grudge against the west and against the political kicking ball white males that they hold. Real gays know there’s something lacking and damaged about themselves and they keep theis disposition in the closet, just like a compulsive fapper or junkie drug user goes in a hole or in a bathroom stall to quell their deviance.

      1. ‘ The marrying gays are all lefty activists trying to throw deconstructive culture at our traditional culture.’
        It is just another attack on Christianity.

        1. Marriage isn’t unique to Christianity though. It’s been practically universal throughout human history. The big mistake was in allowing government into marriage in the first place. Marriage is no different than a business contract; It is something defined by the parties involved, not by the government.

        2. @Adam G – thank you for pointing that out. You define your own marriage terms. It’s YOUR marriage and the same you define the terms of the relationship from the get go, from the point when you first see her and begin reaching in your bag for a good opener, the relationship is your own creation as well where she participates. The family unit is both of yours’s creation as well. You made it. ‘Govern’ – ‘ment’ means force by definition. A government intrusion into the family/marriage arrangement is leg chains and submitting to feminist whack jobs employed by the state and paid with extorted dollars.

  16. If Muslims are good for anything it’s that they have little tolerance for the homos and freak shows that worship them from the Left.

  17. I used to be a somewhat wishy-washy, slightly left of center “moderate” in my 20’s, back in the 90’s. I thought gays should be able to engage in “domestic partnership” that was the legal equivalent of marriage, just don’t call it marriage, because it is not. Everyone back then still understood a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and children should not be corrupted by perversions and oversexualized.
    Under big Obama’s liberal reign of terror, every upstart fringy leftist group got its voice up and started misbehaving. Seriously, when I think of the Obama years the thing that comes to mind is a black 18 year old breaking a car’s windows then lighting it on fire. Gays suddenly weren’t just gays, they got supercharged and now they wanted to be “married” and the state gladly acquiesced to something utterly unnatural. Then that wasn’t enough, they had to invent 4001 new genders because someone once took a gender studies class, misunderstood Judith Butler’s writings, and tried to apply them to society. Feminists started inventing new ways that they are oppressed, and even seeking out oppression, because white woman especially are not oppressed at all anymore in any way. And the white male, even the most creative and beneficent ones, became villainized as the source of the world’s woes.
    I really haven’t changed that much in my political beliefs, but in society’s eyes I’ve gone from “slightly left of center” to hardcore conservative.

    1. DARTH
      The 90’s was a wishy-washy era because the world was vaguely burned out after the Cold War.

  18. Would it really be a loss if at least 50% of the country were put to the sword?
    I think not.

  19. Hollywood is largely to blame. The androgynous movement is shoveled to the proles there.
    I was watching the new Maze Runner the other day in complete bewilderment. 5’7″ to 5’9″+, with a completley bland figure and a face that leaves much to be desired. Seriously, at least Eleanor Roosevelt had a reason for bad teeth, orthodontics weren’t around then. Either be fugly and amazing at acting, or pleasing to look at and terrible. Boycott the movies.

  20. Antiquated views all over these comments. Fine job raising your son, filling him up with anger at others for something uncontrollable will only make him an involuntary celibate ala Nicholas Cruz/ Elliot Rodgers style.

  21. We all know how great Adam and Steve are. Recently Thelma and Louise went cliff diving with their six mixed race children. Authorities handed over all these kids to these two lunatics and no one, and I mean NO ONE, bothered to look up and see what these to sociopaths were doing or how they were parenting.

    1. They do not reproduce sexually, for sure. But they reproduce SOCIALLY.
      RUN or FIGHT?

        1. ANTI
          Watch “Bad Boys” about Chicago Royal Irish-American Sean Penn who tries to rob a beaner and goes into Rainford Training Camp.
          At any rate being a lifelong drug addict and meth dealer without a pot to piss in at age 41 does not advance the white race, bro.

  22. Nice article. Justified rants. There are many articles here writing on illegal migrants, invasive alien, moslem this, moslem that, taking over the whole white society…
    Wellllll… see the pattern already? These wackos are trying to overrule the normal white majority.
    #note: i’m asian

  23. almighty tolerance is just an excuse for other people to justify their shit.

  24. We’re at the “Weak Men Create Hard Times ” phase. Next phase is where we step in. It’s gonna take some time to get there, maybe a few generations. That’s why we need to have sons, get them to lift, shoot firearms, stay away from soy and be ready to lead when SHTF.

  25. So yea…good article but to be honest the new generation doesn’t really buy into marriage cause it’s just not worth it. That’s why you have the hook up culture and things like that. Even bisexuality and running trains with dudes isn’t a big deal anymore. It’s a whole new world out there…and guys are getting tired of divorce rape. I still think we need to have each other’s backs…literally.

  26. When society abandons the Bible, lunacy is the result. Tolerance of evil is not a virtue.

    1. ” Tolerance of evil is not a virtue.”
      Yup – Lets just see what happens when Sharia law is implemented in the West…

  27. “Forget about James Bond and Rambo, you will be the hero just by showing up to your kid’s baseball game.”
    I live the James Bond life — i.e. single male, and we never see at the end of each Bond movie that James gets married. But the fact is the real world doesnt work like that — it simply doesnt freeze frame at the scene where you have saved the day, blew up the island and are banging a hot chick in a lifeboat, moment set on infinity. Would not James Bond eventually get married? I’m even speaking of the Bond played by Sean Connery. We forget this — it is easy to say to live the life of Bond, especially when one is young, but even seasoned players get tired of growing old alone — and it is not anything to do with being scared of living alone.
    The trouble is that I am now in my early 50’s and for me its too late. Dont know what the answser is, because any female my age is despressing to look at and they are train wrecks to boot. Better places to be would be South America, but then one has limited job, lousy pay. And in some SA cultures their native females expect you, as an American, to put them in an estancia.
    I find that today there are more many unanswered questions for older single men for the current zeitgeist, than for younger men.

    1. “The trouble is that I am now in my early 50’s and for me its too late.”
      I married a hot chick half my age in SEA, I was 52, our son is now 6.
      It’s never too late, you just need to travel a bit.

  28. I would say close to half of the Dads I see today easily look like they did time for murder or drug possession. About half, up to age 40, are covered in tattoos, are so obese they can’t even run and play with their children. The other half are just normal fathers, working and paying taxes. And I’m not just talking about the black or mestizo fathers, easily half the fathers that are druggies or did prison time are white and in rural areas as well. These kids most likely wont have these dads I aforementioned because they will be in prison sometime later or be opioid addicts.

    1. Back on a hot summer day in 2002, I went to the local lake in an area over 97% white and on a dirt road. While I was tossing a football with my friend, 3 huge black guys showed up with their white girlfriends playing very loud rap music. 15 minutes later, half the white families left and then 2 more cars showed up with more loud blacks. If you went back over 3 decades ago, I bet the men of those families would confront them and demand they go to another beach. If whites would unite like they did at one time, these blacks would get scared and leave.

  29. As usual, a typical christian hypocrite whines about the gay culture being pushed down his throat as he petitions the government to help him push his version of christian mythology down everyone else’s throat.
    Thou hypocrite.

  30. Once I became an father, I realized just how difficult is was raise children with the present mess out there. I had not time for anything stupid. And that includes having my kids hang around someone else’s trash. 7 year olds smoking? Can’t even know them. If your kids are on track they won’t even want to. It’s not difficult to raise kids right, but it’s very time consuming, and the most difficult thing is to un-learn poor habits and influences. The thing I most wanted to avoid was to have kids grow up to be like the daddy’s little whores on today’s campuses. If they aren’t going STEM, them don’t bother with ‘higher education’. Get them a trade. The Enemy in school are the humanities majors. Just look at any bullshit commie movement. Lots of half – educated know it alls that are heavy with (((them))) or other social parasites. Better to home school than to be around diverse trash

  31. Do you know how difficult it is to find clothes that don’t sexualize 10 year-old girls? Our society actually thinks it’s okay for young girls to walk around in short shorts and bare midriffs. And then we wonder why they turn into sluts…

    1. I was just at an American beach in the southeast during family spring break. Most of the girls age 8 and up were wearing outfits that make them look like straight up prostitutes that would get sent home from a strip club by the house moms for wearing too little. And the slut wear I saw at San Diego State University a few years back with “half ass” shorts has finally made it eastward and is now worn by 13yo…

  32. Great article. My sentiments exactly. There are crucial counterweights to Marxism that prevent it from taking hold: a strong family unit, religion, a strong middle class, and an armed population. All four are under constant attack. A good friend of mine just moved from a major US city to the rural upper midwest so as not to raise his children in this cesspool. I don’t have kids but if and when I do, I will not send them to government schools. There seems to be a self destructive streak and fatal flaw in western civilization which marxism in particular has proven adept at exploiting. Read more here.

  33. In college I used to be much more sympathetic to gays. This was back when I thought heterosexual relationships between men and women were mostly fulfilling, and so I thought gays were perhaps missing out in at least feeling different/out of the mainstream. Now I see how much suffering there exists in the heterosexual sphere, particularly how difficult it is for a man to find a reasonably attractive, responsible, empathic and moral woman to raise moral children with, and I now think “why should the happiness of gays be anymore important than for the rest of us?” I mean it’s not like men routinely fall in love with their oneitis, get married, and experience permanent wedded bliss, while raising wonderful children. Reality is a LOT shittier than that for most men, even when things are going fairly well. I now view the plight of gays as perhaps slightly more difficult in degree, and even then only if they actually have moral misgivings about living a gay lifestyle and are therebye conflicted about living out their desires.
    Additionally I think it’s a joke how the recent Supreme Court decision was touted as such a victory in the culture wars. It was clearly about redefining marriage, not just about achieving any kind of parity with legal and financial benefits. The contrasting image of a couple of lesbians crying about how their union is now supported by society, when heterosexual men are being taken to the cleaners every day in an inherently misandrist family court system is sickening. It’s a farce to celebrate gay marriage when few people in society take marriage seriously anyway.

  34. Wife and I have taken to watching Chinese (Taiwanese) soap operas on Netflix, where gays are almost invisible, trannies don’t exist, people are comfortable in their gender roles, there are only two genders, courtship includes accommodating the families involved, and sex is (usually) delayed until marriage. There is even a large Christian presence in Taiwan. All of this is quite refreshing…

  35. There’s a pretty girl out there who has an education, can cook, does not leave her clothes all over the floor like you do, has a loving relationship with her father (who’s respect you must earn, sorry!), respects you and can be your best friend, lover, companion, wife and who will be a good mother to your children.
    ^Trad cuck bilge masquerading as unsolicited self help advice. You live in degenerate NYC pal, welcome to the 21st century. And where are all the great women out there who are educated, cook and love their daddy? What the hell planet are you on?
    And since when do I have to earn a woman’s respect? Pussy pedestal talk if I ever heard it.

  36. I agree 100%. All these minority groups have taken my acceptance of their life style to now demanding my support. I will tolerate your behavior but don’t tell me I have to teach my children it’s normal. It’s not normal and I not a homophobe. Normal is what most people do. I am actually very understanding of the gay community and would never discriminate against someone that is gay but, just because they say it’s normal doesn’t make it normal. It’s not.

  37. >”There’s a pretty girl out there who has an education, can cook, does not leave her clothes all over the floor like you do, has a loving relationship with her father (who’s respect you must earn, sorry!), respects you and can be your best friend, lover, companion, wife and who will be a good mother to your children.”
    Maybe. Maybe. But you absolutely must do due diligence. Don’t end up like this poor bastard on 4chan:

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