Exclusive Interview With Solomon

Last week I posted an archive of The Solomon Group, a short-lived blog that made a big impact during its run. The page received 10,000 views after being shared on three different Reddit forums (seddit, theredpill, and askwomen). The archive was downloaded over 4,000 times.

A trusted intermediary put me in touch with Solomon. He graciously answered the seven questions I forwarded to him…

1. What do you think of the renewed attention your blog archive has received, especially from Reddit? 

I was a bit surprised, because I think the highest number of hits I ever received on any given day when I was writing was ~2,500. I’m glad it lives on, because I didn’t archive it.I read through the Reddit posts, and had a good laugh. When people get all bunched up like that, I know I’m on to something. A man without enemies is a man without influence, so the screams from Reddit were like a sweet sonnet reminding me of the influence I have over feminists and their White Knight enablers. Striking a nerve with folks like that brings me more pleasure than it probably should. Some say it’s a character flaw, but I consider it part of my charm.

2. What is the original purpose or message you intended to transmit? Do you think you succeeded?

The beauty of Solomon was that there was neither message nor purpose. I lived it, wrote it, published it, and let the chips fall where they may. Looking back, it was a bit silly of me to post real photos of girls and the audio I captured during our conversations, so I’m glad those files didn’t survive the archival process. At the same time, it was nice to have evidence to refute the naysayers, because pictures and audio featuring the same male voice with countless women and numerous photos shot in the same apartment really made the blog stand on its own. My mindset at the time could be boiled down to “Here’s what happened, here’s the proof, here’s what I learned – now do what you want with it.”

3. What do you think of how the manosphere has evolved in the past two years? Has it taken a positive or negative direction?

It’s definitely a different manosphere than the one I joined back in the day. It seems more robust and well-rounded now, and it offers insight on topics that are, in my opinion, every bit as important as game. Some lament the swing toward lifestyle blogs, culinary advice, or fashion, but I think it’s an improvement – especially since there are still plenty of solid game posts being written.

Sometimes I find it hard to understand why some men reject this move to a more holistic approach to game. I distinctly remember a comment on someone’s post about choosing a suit that said something like “This blog is turning into shit! We need guys like Solomon to return and start writing game posts again!”

While I certainly appreciated the compliment, I remember thinking “Solomon doesn’t pick up young slutty law students at the bars around Dedman in an ill-fitting suit, brother. You better pay attention.” In fact, if I had Solomon to do all over again, I would have written more about brushing your teeth, hitting the gym, cleaning your nasty apartment, and owning at least one tailored suit. All of that was key to my success in the world of poon, but I just assumed guys already knew that stuff.

4. Where do you see the culture going? Will things get better or worse for the American man?

I see the culture sinking into the abyss of an eternal quest for the next best thing. Will things be better or worse for the American man? I think it’ll be worse for most men, and better for the men who strive to actually be the next best thing. And I don’t mean better as in more notches; I mean better salaries, better quality of life, better health, better stress levels – all of which yields more notches. But notch counts alone can’t be the goal, because putting that much effort toward the prize of an American woman isn’t worth the trouble in my opinion.

If the only motivation a man has to internalize game is his notch count, he’ll likely burn out on it and end up married to some NAWALT fantasy in a couple of years. Game does work, but the benefits should be evident in all aspects of a man’s life. What ends up between your sheets before being tossed back into the streets is just icing on the cake.

I’d rather be able to game my boss than some girl at a coffee shop, and I’d rather project confidence in the boardroom than in the bedroom. But the brilliance and power of core game principles is that it’s not an either/or choice; a man can easily do both, and oftentimes one begets the other. That’s why I actually agree with the statement “there’s more to life than booty!” even though it’s usually uttered from the perpetually puckered ass-kissing lips of a spineless beta male. Yes, there’s more to life than booty – but there’s also more to life than no booty or even the same old booty every night.

5. If you could make one more blog post today, what would it be about?

Men’s Rights Activists. The beta male is the biggest external threat to the manosphere, but MRAs are the biggest internal threat. I believe we could put this entire society back in check in one decade if we eradicated men’s unnatural desire to negotiate instead of conquer. Feminism, when examined on its own merit, is an unsustainable joke – but every time some MRA seeks to form a coalition and negotiate, he’s legitimizing their argument. It’s funny how some men believe that the same failed communication and negotiating tactics that led them to the meat grinder in the first place will somehow be effective in convincing the butcher to become a vegetarian.

If we put an end to male supplication and the tacit support known as negotiation, feminism would cannibalize itself. But instead of jerking a kink in society’s rear end by refusing to support it, we keep negotiating our way back in to the gas chamber while lobbying Congress for better ventilation.

The whole concept is ridiculous, and I reject it on its very premise.

6. What blogs or books are you reading now?

I keep several blogs in my google reader, and I usually sift through them about once per week. I read the three Rs – Roosh, Rollo and Roissy – and try to keep up with multi-writer blogs like ROK and NexxtLevelUp. As far as books, I just finished the Reagan Diaries, and I’m working through an old book I found called Money and the Meaning of Life by Jacob Needleman. Next up will be Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch. That’s an unusual reading list for me, since I usually stick to biographies of ex-Presidents and military leaders.

7. Are you going to blog again?

Probably, but I’m going to give it some thought before I jump back in. I’m not sure what I have to contribute to the manosphere at this moment, but I’m sure something will come to me. I’m just not very excited about writing a blog without pics and audio, because I don’t think it’ll live up to the Solomon II name. I may have already jumped the shark.

With the exit of some high-profile bloggers last year, I think Solomon just may be what the manosphere needs. In case you missed it, click here to see highlights from Solomon’s work.

16 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview With Solomon”

  1. If Solomon II came back around, I’d stop in and have some fun. His stuff is succinctly crass, and makes observations that stick with you in a good way.
    Thanks Roosh
    Can you ask him if he has those Top 10 (13) Lies Women Tell?
    so classic

    1. I second this. I’m going through the entire PDF at the moment, and the section that should contain the Top 10 Lies does not (I’m assuming that it was an image). His work is hilarious as hell, so it was quite disappointing to have to skip this section.

  2. Fantastic interview and I’m extremely pleased to know Solomon is doing well.
    His point about MRA’s is spot on, but I would say there are even bigger internal threats to the manosphere. Regardless MRA’s just need to swallow the red pill already.

    1. I didn’t quite understand why he thinks beta males are a threat to the Manosphere, and an even bigger “internal threat” is MRA. Anyway, what do you think are the EVEN BIGGER internal threats besides MRA?
      And haven’t the MRAs swallowed the “red pill” already and that’s WHY they are MRAs?

      1. Being a self identified MRA, indicates you believe spineless activism works. Which makes you about as useful as all the other well indoctrinated drones that believe clenching their fists in unison with their chosen alpha during demonstration rallies is meaningful.
        Remember this: The world champions at this kind of nonsense, the so called “Arab Street”, only started seeing change once they moved from chanting nonsense, to throwing Molotovs.
        Women may well be limited to plea others for change. Men, not so much.

      2. No, MRA’s haven’t taken the red pill. If they did, they know feminism is a joke. Trying to point out it flaws or compromise with them means you think it’s a respectable movement with legitimate grievance and aims. They view women as rational being just like they are, when 99.9% of them aren’t. Hell most MRA’s reject game.
        Having taken the pill I see feminism for what it is: a house of cards with a sand foundation built on a windy day.

  3. I’m glad to hear he’s doing well, and it’s especially good to hear that he’d consider writing again.
    Also, if anyone happens to have a copy of his post on principle I would be eternally grateful.

  4. I was reading some of the pdf archive last night. Good stuff. Uncompromising, amusing, and insightful.

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