Beware The Girl Who Actually Likes You

Wisdom, unfortunately, is a lot like technology. You may have the pieces and necessary components to allow for a great technological achievement, but you don’t know where they are, nor how to assemble them. You must postpone that achievement until you do. Just as we had the technology to land on the moon circa 1958, it was figuring out how to avail ourselves of said existing technology to do so, and wisdom is no different. You may have the facts and knowledge readily available, but that doesn’t mean you’ll piece it together and have an epiphany that will help you in life until much later. There is one such piece of wisdom I finally assembled a couple weeks ago, the elements of which have been available to me for the past 20 years. So save yourself 20 years of mental strife and please pay attention.

In 99.9% of cases the relationship of a man who is chasing after a girl can be described as one of cajoling, trickery, negotiation, and strategy. In other words, you can’t just go up to a girl, ask her out, and then BOOM! She says yes and three days later you’re banging at her apartment when her roommate is gone. In nearly 100% of the instances the girl does not want to go out with you and needs to be convinced, or even fooled, into doing so. This requires a fair amount of game and strategy, the topic of which has consumed a disproportionate amount of discussion on sites and forums such as ROK.

However, even after you “get” said girl, the game and strategics are not over. You constantly have to study and maneuver based on your girlfriend’s behavior. You constantly have to be assessing your wife’s behavior and employing the corresponding strategy. In short it’s a never ending psy-ops battle that is constantly evolving and requires a fair amount of experience, commitment to waging it, and always viewing your partner as the “adversary” or at least “unwilling participant.”

But what if the girl actually, genuinely likes you?

On the face of it the question seems hilarious. Girls just don’t throw themselves at you. You can’t get most girls to go home with you on the first night unless they’re drunk or you run some incredibly charismatic game. And what girl ever liked you so much that you didn’t have to run game? You might as well be talking about unicorns.

But they do exist and, sadly, if you don’t identify them, they’re likely to be the cause of the most amount of regret, pain, and guilt in your life.

First, understand that, though incredibly rare, there are girls who will genuinely like you. They don’t require game. They don’t think themselves higher value than you. They don’t need convincing. There’s something about you that you did or said or believed in that went straight to their little heart and compelled them to like you. And I’m even holding back when I use the word “like” because if you hang out with them just a little bit it quickly turns into love. And that is precisely what happens—girl sees you, finds something about you compelling, falls in love, and now puts you in a very high position in her life.

Second, because 100% of all the other girls required teeth pulling to get them to go out with you, your brain never entertains the possibility a girl might actually like you for you.  Therefore, if you run into one that does, you don’t think “she likes you,” you think she’s just “easy” or you ran some “amazing game.” That deep down inside this one girl really doesn’t have the capacity to love you, you just got lucky. Sadly, think about what that means and implies. In nearly every man’s mind (including my own until recently) you NEVER BELIEVED INTUITIVELY THAT IT WAS POSSIBLE FOR A GIRL TO ACTUALLY LIKE YOU.

It was always a game.

It was always a chore.

You had to be tricking her into going out with you. You were always fooling her into sleeping with you.

In short, girls don’t really like men.

And while this may be the case in 99.9% of women, it’s that rare .1% that actually likes you, cares about you, even loves you that your brain is pre-programmed to overlook and dismiss. And now you see the potential for risk, harm, regret, and guilt. In inaccurately diagnosing a girl’s interest in you, you run two major risks.

The first one is that you will lose the true love of your life or the “one that got away.”  Yes you were a stupid young kid. Yes you were having a great time nailing other chicks running game. But as you get older and date more and more of these inane, pain in the asses posing as young women, that one girl who;

brought you lasagna while working the overnight shift

put together a surprise birthday party for you

showed up on time

would drop anything she was doing just to be with you

starts to show just how rare and precious she was. Yes there were many women who willingly showed up on dates. Yes there were women who might have done something nice for you. But I guarantee that you could count the number of girls on one hand who put you above themselves in life and would do anything for you, and were not part of the cajoling-required 99.9%.

The second major risk you run is hurting an innocent human being. I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life. But the one that keeps me up at night is the one girl’s life I utterly destroyed because I didn’t identify, let alone believe, she actually liked me that much. That she really wasn’t a human like me capable of emotion, care, compassion or love, but just a “silly stupid girl” that I was fooling real good. It’s one thing if you hit another person’s car or you accidentally run over a person’s cat, but when you hurt somebody, no matter how carelessly, who genuinely loves you there’s nothing you can do to undo that pain or make it better. And that is a specter that will haunt you for life.

Admittedly, ROK and this particular sphere is not one for forgiving women, feeling sorry for them, or having empathy for them. Nor is it about “looking for the one” or lamenting “the one that got away.” However, if there is a token bit of wisdom I can pass on to help younger men enjoy a better life than I did, it would be to NOT let the 99.9% of standard American and western floozies brainwash you so much that you are blinded to the precious and few 0.1% that would make your lives better.

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265 thoughts on “Beware The Girl Who Actually Likes You”

  1. I have only encountered this in one, of two, circumstances:
    1. The girl is lower SMV. Often times substantially so.
    2. A girl that is severely restricted on who she can acceptably become involved with. This happens in subcultural niches such as Mormons, Jews, Indians, etc.

    1. Yeah I went to the store yesterday looking like I just crawled out of a grave (working on the car and not shaving since last week) and the girl at the counter with an ass the size of Cleveland hit on me. Funny though the rest of her looked normal but I threw a glance as I walked away and thought “uh huh – it figures”.

      1. So true. The attractive women will never hit on any guy UNLESS she is playing him for a sucker in some way.

        1. They do but its very subtle unless you’re a celebrity. Usually upon first encounter if a hot chick is attracted to you she’ll feign disinterest. If you’re in a situation where you’ll see them regularly/semi regularly they may get more comfortable and take it up a notch, but they’re always playing defense. They protect their image like it threatens their immediate safety at all times.

    2. i’ve had the good fortune to have several women in my life like this and the one i should have held onto would have made an excellent wife… she was nearly 10 years younger than me and absolutely focused on finding a husband with a capital H and running a traditional arrangement, and she was completely madly in love with me…. i’ll never forget the look in her eye of the the picture she sent me after the big break up…. fucking heart broken….. i scratched her soul….
      it does exist, but it can still turn into the fat wife with bawling kids, beating the poor husband over the head with a frying pan…… the main reason i didn’t stick with her, besides her ‘brinkmanship’ break up… “be with me or let’s split.” ….. was because i could see my whole life mapped out in front of me and i balked….i wanted adventure…..
      the point i missed out on was that she would have given me a stable home life, and helped pay for it where necessary, she was not adverse to holding down a reasonable paying clerical or managerial position…. (and she would have worked her ass off to run a good, clean well organized home and raise kids.)
      she was the woman who was going to be there defrosting the chicken for supper, not riding the neighbor….
      if i’d been a little more mature and valued her input in my life i would have understood that her stable homelife would have give me a great emotional foundation for a rocking professional life…. business trips away and the odd fling on the side ….. everything is possible with the right woman…….
      it’s largely a question of getting beyond the financial threshold where family and wife is a burden…… a good woman, giving you a settled base, could well play a sizeable part in the goal, because instead of eating raman noodles and putting on two week old socks, you’d be chilling in a wonderfully looked after home…. it might start small, but with a good girl watching your back, many things are possible……
      there is a reason why sailors used to name their ships after women…..

      1. I’m not a cheater but there was one time where my ex and I had to split up for a 6 month period.
        We agreed to just break up and when we met again we’d decide if we would resume the relationship. I had some romantic times while she was away but all the casual sex did was inspire me towards bettering myself and becoming and even better man.
        Though the girls I hooked up with were technically “hotter”… as in tennis and martial arts bodies… The inspiration really just made me miss my feminine girlfriend who was away.
        From personal experience… I think for me (and I’m generalizing to men), having casual sex outside one’s primary relationship doesn’t make you want to leave the woman you are emotionally invested in. If anything it is just an ego boost like any other and makes you feel empowered to succeed at life in general… which for a man like me meant kick my ass into professional gear and up my game for me and MY woman…
        I didn’t put any thought into those other women after that… I just wanted my girl back. Maybe that is beta but that is what happened.

        1. It may very be beta. However, it may be balance. As a man, certain areas we have to be hardened on. Our resolve must be like steel to pursue the unknown, take on the unfamiliar and deal with troubles when they face us. Call it soulmate, biological imperative or balance, but at some point that hardness needs to relent and a woman is the main source that can allow this. They prattle, wine, express feminine guiles and allow your mind a space to rest. Just like the world has seasons, a man’s hardness must relent or he will be out of balance. When we don’t relent and allow our prejudices to come into play, we isolate ourselves, allow beta orbiters in, use illogical logic (all X are Y) and so on to make sense of things. No coincidence that most violent crimes can be linked to a lack of love or imbalance of a man/woman relations.

        2. sometimes when you get what you think you want, you realize that what you had was what you wanted all along….
          being ‘trapped’ with one woman and looking at the green grass builds a false ideal….

        3. be careful there kal you may think that you’re only vulnerable to kryptonite but you couldn’t be more wrong, oneitis can wound you just a lethal.

      2. I have had a few girls like this. It pays to become adept at realising which girls actually like you. It can save you a lot of trouble, especially since its easy to put your foot in your mouth when out on a date without realising it. A girl that likes you will ignore this. Other girls will just use it as an excuse to eliminate you and vanish.

      3. He’s what I always say when I reflect on moments like this Ray. You made the choice that was right for you at the time.

        1. it’s much easier to find things when you are not looking for them….. they just kind of present themselves…. later you go looking and think….. ah… i had it all along…..

      4. Let me get this straight, because you were still acting like a big kid, you lost the woman of your dreams? Boy did she luck out.

      5. I was running game successfully when I met a women like the one mentioned above. After a lot of internal soul searching., I decided to end the player lifestyle, dump the others and marry her. It’s worked out pretty well. She still gets up before me nearly every morning and brings me coffee while I’m still in bed. She’s a really good wife. A business colleague, after meeting the two of us together, mentioned to me how awestruck he was at the obvious love my wife has for me . He asked me what is the key? Truthfully, I really didn’t have an answer. For I realize she’s a rare one. I am blessed.

    3. I can confirm # 2 through me being Jewish. Women that are 7 or 8’s who wouldn’t fucking spit on me if I was dying in the desert if they and I weren’t both Jewish have approached me or have told others to approach me for them.
      How many times have I gotten a piece from both Jewish and non-Jewish women because I’m in the tribe? More times than I have told anyone in real life. This is both uplifting yet soul crushing just the same

      1. I want to live where you live. My experience has been the exact opposite; I’ve met so many (secular) Jewish women who date non-Jews exclusively and had nothing but contempt for me the moment they learned of my Hebrew ethnicity. My best friend from Hebrew school, more successful and better-looking than I, had the same experience.
        There were a few Jewish women who fell into the cajoling/teeth-pulling variety the Captain describes, but dating them was torture. The only women who ever treated me decently were not Jewish, and didn’t care that I was. For what it’s worth, when I was in school, I once got hit on pretty seriously by a socially retarded 2, about as wide as she was tall, who happened to be Jewish. That did not make my day. A few months later, she saw me with my affectionate Irish-American gf at the dining commons. It was amusing to watch the two glare at each other.
        I can’t say any of this confirms or denies anything, it’s only my experience.

      2. Pretty dope. Another example of the benefits of religion.
        If they are approaching you, they think you are attractive. There are a decent amount of Jews, but they did not approach you solely because you are Jewish.

    4. Some girls work themselves up into a very romantic notion of things and were sheltered from men for a lot of their life.
      Some deprogramming is required or less she can be a basket case or spends her life as a dogged nice girl.
      Then again, my experience on this was limited to younger days so maybe it was just a more innocent reference.
      And now that I think about it, the girls who were like this (more or less) became feminazi cunts in college (gullibility and being sheltered) and the one who didn’t got married fairly young to some writer guy. By all accounts she’s happy but I don’t actually know.
      That says a lot.

    5. Hey Whats up.
      I saw your comment on the good looking loser day game video and i thought is was real too.
      Apparently he lied to us all:

    6. ‘The girl is lower SMV. Often times substantially so’
      rightt on! and later by means fair or foul if she somehow can make dudes like henry cavill or ben affleck commit to her, you’ll be history or should we say herstory?
      that’s why i called it bulshit of the highest order when a few friends of this short fat chick in office told me how the fatso genuinely liked me and that i’d be happy with her because her feelings for me was oh so “pure”.
      while the fatso didn’t even make discreet of her hypergamy imperative, she put some androgynous looking yet buff korean dude with 6 pack as her laptop wallpaper and she even tuned her ringtone to some korean dude singing some korean love song, pretty disgusting if you asked me.

  2. I think the only woman who ever legitimately loved me was dear old mother.
    (I need to visit more while she’s still kicking).
    But is it actually possibly for a woman to surpass her own conditioning, barriers, and hamster to …. like a man?
    I don’t know. The conditioning is strong and pervasive. The barriers are random and ever changing. The hamster has millenia of evolution behind it.
    Sadly I think that the environment is too overloaded and artificial to be sure, and even then, what else has an effect? If civilization collapsed a lot of fellows who can provide food and security by some means (beta mangina prepper fantasy of having top tier pussy falling at his feet aside) would suddenly find that they are not so invisible to women any more.
    Would that “love” or being liked be legitimate?
    Was it ever?
    Has it ever been if the human condition was one of dependency? Or maybe the ancients knew best that love was never existing in a vacuum such the roles of male and female have symbiosis, an entire picture of needs, desires, hormones, hamsters, food, shelter, tingles, everything?
    The reality is certainly not rainbows and unicorns, but how does a fellow have the balance? Do we fall into love in such that we let our shields down or expect that such days are gone when we grew up and always “keep our game on” as if our wives or girlfriends are like Dobermans that could turn on you in a second if you show fear? There must be a balance in there somewhere.
    Either way I won’t be crying into a beer over this matter.

    1. Yeah, I doubt that love is sincere too. It’s only men who are capable of reason and in most cases sincere feelings(as opposed to the hormonal soup that women go through on a daily basis).

    2. It’s almost all Nature and only partly conditioning.A dog is never going to like eating carrots no matter how much you condition him.Conditioning a female means trying to suppress her natural animal nature and natural promiscuous reproduction strategy.In every species, including man, the natural order of life is the primitive matriarchy which is basically a hand to mouth existence.Civilisation is actually an anomaly in human history and it takes discipline and rules to maintain it so that we have a semblance of order and a steady supply of food and everything else we need to survive.A female’s reproduction must be under the control of men otherwise we will revert to the primitive matriarchy.Females don’t like rules and control because they go against her primitive instinct to reproduce at will but unless men control the female we will have chaos and short brutal lives.
      Have you ever wondered why the male of every species is larger and stronger than the female? You would think the female would be bigger because she has the burden of carrying the offspring.It has nothing to do with fighting because every male would just be a relatively smaller size. It has little to do with hunting because the large animals than man killed which were the only ones left after the other faster predators killed the small ones take a team of men to spear and bring down.Even little pygmies can kill large animals together.The main reason men are larger and stronger than females is so they can control the female.Females can be quite violent and it’s only the fact that they were weaker that kept them under control and obeying the rules of civilisation.A spear, sword or even a bow is only as good as the person who wields it.The modern age and especially since the invention of the gun presents a problem. A gun’s power is inherent in the gun itself and only needs a good aim to release and direct it towards a target.Fortunately, most females are afraid of guns or they’d be picking us off like flies lol Females should be banned from owning guns just like the cavemen wouldn’t allow a woman to touch a weapon. They knew what they were doing :o)

  3. The best you can hope for in life is mutual use. This goes for your bitch, your job, your friendships, your business dealings, etc. But, especially, your bitch. Underneath it all, when it comes right down to it, you are using her for her wet hole, her fertility, her beauty, and youth, and she is using you for your status and power.
    Forget these saccharine notions of “love” and romance that permeate the West.
    I know deep down inside that even though a lot of the reason foreign women are so appealing to me is the fact the wild animal inside every women has been constrained by the culture they’re in, unlike ours which let this wild beast out nearly 100 years ago. But deep down inside I now know that main reason she even noticed me was because of her hypergamous instincts. Western men are seen as the “best” men in most of the world. Hence, her legs spread.
    Never forget that when going through life.

    1. I often wonder what would happen if the entire world’s population were brought to live together in close proximity to maximize cross culture exposure. I hypothesize that American men would be considered a relative prize compared to American women.

      1. I certainly feel that way when I travel. I don’t even have to approach, I get 7s and up practically throwing themselves at me, and I’m just a slightly above average looking guy.

        1. Hey Whats up.
          I saw your comment on the good looking loser day game video and i thought is was real too.
          Apparently he lied to us all..

      2. Completely true. In the states, there are 5s and 6s who think they are too good for me, but in Europe, the 8s and 9s wonder if they are good enough for me.
        À bientôt,

      3. The Americans are relatively wealthy. This helps the men get peregrine women, but does very little in the way of helping the american woman to attract foreign men.

        1. Ignoring the economic differences in my hypothetical and making it a more based on behavioral characteristics, I still believe American women would be put to relative shame.

        2. But you can’t just ignore the economic differences. The behaviour of the american woman is a direct result of the wealth of this nation and her access to this wealth.

        3. Yes, but the wealth doesn’t necessitate that women MUST behave that way. I have spent some time in Japan, Korea, and Singapore, all countries with a relatively high standard of living, and the women don’t act like American women. Furthermore, I would also hypothesize that outside of Australia and some western European nations, most men from other highly developed countries would not prefer American women either.

        4. This is wrong. Many other countries have higher per capita income than the US. This is the stock response of American women who are threatened by foreign women.

        5. There are lots of guys here posting that they are much more successful with women in other countries. Why do you think this is?
          If someone is interested in you, it is because they want something from you(genes, money, wit…) It is the simplest law of nature. Every relationship is an exchange of resources. The more resources you have the more you can demand in return. US women have been given access to the nation’s wealth. Some of it is fair(women who have real jobs), a lot of it isn’t( welfare, biased family laws, affirmative action, quotas etc.) But the important thing is that they have access to wealth. And they have become more demanding as a result.
          Name one country that is as weatlhy as the US and where women have the same access to money as in the US. How many men do you think go there seeking pussy? Men travel to places where pussy is cheaper. It’s a simple law of economics.
          By the way, I don’t blame those men. I applaud those who seek better deals and can actually get them. I just hope they don’t delude themselves into thinking that women are inherently better in other countries.

        6. The more resources one possesses the more demanding one is. US women have been given access(unfairly)to one of the main resources they seek in men – money. So your preference for foreign women is entirely justified. But never forget why you’re so popular with peregrine beauties.

        7. Japan has higher per capita income than the US. They are nationalistic as all hell and don’t want a US passport, they believe when they die they go to Japanese heaven. Its a bachelor paradise for Americans and other westerners. You’re ignorant or too ugly get laid without money where ever you are.

        8. Japan has a very large percentage of “herbivore” men. That means that group of men decided it wasn’t worth the effort to pursue women. The Japanese pussy has priced itself out of the market. Sound familiar? So what makes Japanese women better than the US women? I have no doubt that American men will feel good just about anywhere they go. I’m one of them, after all. But the rules of the market are very strict everywhere. You can’t sell a five-dollar bill for ten dollars.

        9. ‘By the way, I don’t blame those men. I applaud those who seek better deals and can actually get them. I just hope they don’t delude themselves into thinking that women are inherently better in other countries.’
          tell it like it is! if only i can get a nickel for each time i’ve heard that egregious feminazi voodoo mantra ” not all women are like that “………..

      4. American women are considered heavy and loud in other countries. Calling a woman ‘American’ can even be a way to insult her femininity.

        1. Thus, we can conclude, to label a women ,,american” captures the double meaning ,,feminist cunt” i.e. ,,ah, so you’re american” = ,,go throw your self into the trash Mrs. Cuntishness of whores”. >funny remark intended.

        2. I think a lot of it comes down to the endless yapping non stop TV culture in the US….. all you have to do is switch on something like Bloomberg TV that is supposed to be hard hitting financial journalism and all you find is early 30s women, dolled up to the 9s, yapping like puppies in the local pound… they just can’t stop fucking talking and most of it is shit….
          put shit in… get shit out….
          is there a restaurant or waiting room left in the 52 states without a TV blabbing night and day…… do they even turn it off when they go home….. i expect that even the pot plants in the waiting room of your Van Nuys dentist are attention whores by now…..

        3. Hell, that’s almost any station, today (i.e. ESPN, others). It’s very sad to see women today just waiting their for turn to talk (instead of listening).

        4. They have the most annoying and obnoxious laughs. When a very feminine woman cracks up it’s cute and infectious.

      5. I wouldn’t be so sure. I’ve seen plenty of sorry American dudes in my day. The average American man is no prize.

      6. well, aside from the self-destruct aspect, American men ARE considered a prize almost universally. Although it looks like Russian men are quickly catching up.

      7. Our readers? Yes.
        1/2 (made up number) of American men are fat slobs, obsessed with their 7 fantasy football leagues, ESPN/sitcoms 4 hrs a day, drinking cheap beer and ignorant to other cultures. If you take this breed of American men and put them on this site, they would either:
        1. Not be able to read and comprehend the advanced English we use
        2. Be so revolted due to their indoctrination with feminist culture

        1. If that breed of American were put on this site, number 1 in your post would be the most likely outcome.
          It’s a classic example of “Pearls Before Swine.”

      8. I’ve had that discussion too. If a massive earthquake brought back the Pangaea and we all lived on an island together. The average fat, man-voiced American woman would have to pair off with Papuan tribesman. Weathy, cool, non-alcoholic, non-abusive American men would be in a whirl of Victoria’s Secret types. The extraordinary mismatch in international terms between the men and women of America is our culture’s most naive element, by far. By eons past any other thing. So many men in our country have no freaking idea of the extent to which they outclass their bitchy, unhappy wife/girlfriend in international terms. Imagine if Usain Bolt had been isolated deep in the Amazon and you met him out there and watched him run. Then he asks you with honest naivete, “Do you think I’m fast?” “Am I as fast as people from other countries?” This scenario pales in comparison to how naive some buffed, clean cut, educated, non-alcoholic American guy is who pulls 150k just to get screeched at by an 180 pounder with a sixty year old’s ass.

      1. Unfortunately in the Anglosphere, the U.S. in particular, the exchange has become so lopsided in favor of women as to make it poison for the average man like me. I’ve had several attempts by attractive American women in recent years to corral me into marriage. But I’ve turned them down every time, and usually I end the relationship at that point because I’ve already tapped that ass as much as I wanted to anyway. I stand by my principles and no matter how much these women or their families “sweetened the pot” trying to get me to marry these women I wholeheartedly refused to submit myself to the meat grinder that is marriage in the Anglosphere today.
        It really comes down to a cost-benefit analysis.
        The cost is EXPONENTIALLY high and the benefit is extremely low for a man to take on an Anglobitch as a life partner. Even an Academy Award winning actor like Robin Williams didn’t have the resources to survive two divorces from Anglobitches.
        However, the cost is very low and the benefit very high for a man to take on a foreign women as a life partner.
        Guess which one I’m signing up for? Guess which one is dying off and which one isn’t demographically? Guess which societies males will make investments in and which they will pull investments from.

        1. Good points. The problem with women in the U.S. is the brainwashing done on a daily basis. Feminism started out as an equality stance (as in the right for women to vote, own land, etc…) and has turned into “you don’t need a man”. Messages like that one are a constant narrative fed through TV, ads and movies to all Americans.
          Women want the green light to do anything and act out in any way minus the accountability (no one has that freedom…not even men).

        2. Yes, feminism has tangentially went off the rails and has turned into a war cry for the complete subjugation and emasculation of men. I watched yet another institution suffer the consequences of this idiocy with the NFL geldings at their press conference today.
          Ironically, the more women run men out of the workforce and de-ball them, the fewer “good men” they have to pick from. This has caused a vicious cycle to swirl for the women and the poor bastards (men) in the Anglosphere.

        3. Feminist dogma has changed from seeking equality, to blaming men for all women’s problems in life, to aggressively using men for women’s selfish interests, to the emasculation of men. Nowhere is this dogma more strident than in the US.

        4. So you’re still not getting anywhere in life or getting any pussy because that’s what all of your rationalisations sound like to me.
          “sweetened the pot” what does that mean? Suppose she was just an average educated slim young girl with a nice personality and her father would give you a $1m to marry her and cut you in on a % of his business?
          I’ve had offers like that when I was younger and come to think of it I probably should have accepted it.
          You appear to be very “choosy” so what is your age, race, height,assets and zip code.

    2. Very materialistic view. Half right, half wrong. Women absolutely will reject men without status, resources, and a vision, but so too we reject women below 7 who are over 30 (mostly).
      If you want to discount all other aspects of the relationship I feel sorry for you. I would just be a mgtow if I felt the same way because sex alone isn’t worth the hassle.

    3. Fuck love, we are talking about ‘Like’. Fondness is a thousand times more powerful than ‘love’. I am not saying make a friend of your woman (impossible) but you should share fondness.

      1. I was a every so slightly hyperbolic in my comment, but not by much. The thing that makes me fond of my current main squeeze chica is her femininity, her youth, her looks and body (hard 7.5 to 8) and she treats me like a man, not a fashion accessory or walking cash dispenser.
        So, in that regard, I’m quite fond of her. But as always, a man has to maintain frame. My toes will still be tapping whether or not she’s in my life.

        1. I notice you didn’t say ‘her loyalty’.
          Loyalty is a gift with an acceptable price. The price of loyalty is accepting her when she loses her beauty.
          however, without loyalty a woman is valueless.

    4. “Underneath it all, when it comes right down to it, you are using her for
      her wet hole, her fertility, her beauty, and youth, and she is using
      you for your status and power.”
      Yes, her beautiful wet hole is a huge part of it. Companionship and friendship are part of it as well for both sexes.
      I also believe that females are superior sensitive creatures. I rarely see men comforting one another in the same respect as a female could.
      One of my best friends is a platonic female. I don’t do LTRs, so I truly appreciate the sensitivity she brings to the table. I come from a troubled background and it is good to have a friend who approaches your problems with something other than “stop being a pussy” or “get over it”

  4. Ironically, the only girls who have “truly” liked me were in 4th-5th grade, before I was interested in them. Throughout middle and high school, I had occasional short term relationships, but I never got the feeling that they were that interested. They are probably riding the carousel by now.

  5. Honestly, I feel sorry for you all, being so cynical. There are plenty of women (more than just 0.1%) who are capable of really loving a guy. But honestly…you’re all pretty damn messed up if you’re on this hateful website, so you’re probably completely blind to good women. You’re more likely to notice the sluts and whores that you enjoy using and appreciate women who are willing to be doormats because you think any woman who has a mind of her own is going to be a ballbusting bitch.
    There are intelligent, educated kind women with good personalities who are also attractive, who believe in equal partnerships and not “woman on top.” Of course they also don’t want to be dominated and treated like doormats, so that may be a dealbreaker for those of you who think women are made for men’s use and nothing else, but the point is there are women out there who want and are capable of sustaining positive and healthy relationships. You just need to get out of this shitty mindset and prejudice towards women in order to be open to finding them.
    And yes, I am a woman so maybe my comment is not welcome here, but I am genuinely trying to be helpful. Take it for whatever you want…

    1. “Honestly, I just feel sorry for you…”
      Typical americunt thought process… offering sympathy as a way to insult…

      1. Honestly, it wasn’t a way to insult. It was genuine sympathy. It’s sad that you are so broken that that didn’t even occur to you. Again, not an insult.

        1. There’s no such thing as an “equal” relationship. Equality is a utopian concept, a fleeting illusion that cannot be attained. In every relationship, someone is always more dominant, even if this is not acknowledged by the parties. Wake up to reality. You truly cannot apply common sense to your beliefs and still keep them without the cognitive dissonance raging in your mind.

        2. Niccolo Macchiavelli, speaking the truth since the 15th century about how the world really works…

        3. ‘Equality is a utopian concept, a fleeting illusion that cannot be attained.’
          exactly, haven’t we all heard or personally know of a 5′ tall girl who said that all she wanted was an “equal” partner but then rejected all the 5′ tall dudes who approached her?

        4. Stop replying to her. If women were capable of rational thought we wouldn’t be where we are.
          Return of Kings doesn’t reply to women, homosexuals or social justice warriors.

      2. i think her feeling of sympathy was genuine but for all the wrong reasons. if she really wants to console us men then she should say that she feels sorry that most men can’t hope to fuck the likes of kate upton for free and that she can’t offer herself up cause she is not even nowhere near 3.

    2. All this is just a generic NAWALT rant. Now unlike some others here I do
      believe NAWALT is true, however as this article suggests the percentage
      is very low. Maybe not .1% low, but low none the less.
      This sums up my thoughts relatively well.
      There is simply no way to know. Even if you’re a genuinely good woman, the fact remains it is very easy for a bitch to write up some nice sounding thing exactly like you just did (or put up a “nice” front in real life), artificially inflating the perception of how many good women are out there. There’s also the issue of initially good women being led astray by western culture. Not every woman that initiated a no fault divorce and took half a man’s stuff started as a bad person, it’s just they saw an opportunity and decided to take it. A woman can claim “I would never”, but even she can rarely say for certain.
      Cynical would be never making any friends, thinking they all want to hurt you. Avoiding marriage on the other hand is a completely rational decision based off observation and environmental factors (family courts and the like). “It’s just Russian Roulette, don’t be so cynical. There’s a 50% chance you will survive”.

    3. I believe women need to be possessed and directed by men … Men are the superior sex. But I have no idea where the commenters filled with hate who advocate treating a women like a dog get their expertise.
      It is eye opening how fucked up our society has become … When you see this abject anger. There is a lot of truth on this site, but the bitterness is overwhelming. I can tell you the source … It’s the wounds of beta males who have had their hearts broken, now posing as Alphas giving idiotic advice that no one would use to attract a long term partner.
      The obsession with anal domination and physical abuse is demonstrative of excessive porn usage and feelings of powerlessness.

      1. It’s just so cute how you’ve managed to delude yourself into thinking you’re somehow better than your ‘red pill’ buddies here, when you spout exactly the same nonsense as the rest of them. All red pillers are like that (ridiculously entitled, socially inept, closet abusers with Illusory superiority). Every single one. You want to suck on some real red pill truth? You want to know the reason why your relationships with other humans (male and female) are a steaming pile of failure? Spoiler alert, it isn’t feminism or ‘female nature’, it isn’t ‘beta, mangina faggots’ , it’s you. They fail because you’re too much of an unbearable, obnoxious, entitled, overgrown children. Not one sane person could stand being in proximity of such a sad, toxic human for an extended period of time. The ironic part is that you think you’re some prophets of truth when in reality none of you have the balls to look into mirror and face the music.

        1. Not sure where your bitterness originates, my points seems pretty well reasoned. Personal attacks are signals of bitterness and resentment. Let it go and address objective points.
          Did I say I was better than other red pillers?
          No. I said i find the repeated assertions about treating women like dirt to be infantile and disgusting.

        2. “No. I said i find the repeated assertions about treating women like dirt to be infantile and disgusting.”
          Concern troll is very concerned.

        3. Spoken like a true male feminist.
          No one here is wondering why their relationships are “failures”. This is nothing more than a ‘comforting insult’ on your part, in that we all must be sad and lonely cause of our attitudes! What a joke.
          I’d wager most here don’t want a relationship, myself included. We don’t worship the pussy like your kind seems to do (who will crawl on all fours just to get a wiff of some panties). Try and have some dignity for the sake of men everywhere, and not let them reel in your leash too tight, please.

    4. This is feminist tripe. Talking in generalities about idealistic situations and outcomes. It’s the fairy story they tell themselves, but of course, reality is much different.
      The fact of the matter is is that you are simply not worth it. Like the other poster said about there is no such thing as an ‘equal’ relationship, there is also always contention. A vying of willpower over the other person, whether conscious or unconscious. I won’t stand for anyone imposing their will over me. (telling me to come to bed, to do things I don’t want to do, to put up with mood-swings or passive aggressive bs). Single is said to be lonely, but I call it freedom.

      1. The fact that you don’t value a woman’s input about relationships with women is why you will likely be alone and unhappy for a long time, until you change your ways and see the light.

        1. Always a woman likes to think that men who choose to remain single are lonely. Sorry, you’re not needed for a fulfilling life, so I’d stop placing your value so high. If I need sex, I hook up with some chick on Fetlife – anything more than that and you’d just be a bother.

        2. Always a women likes to think because a man chooses to stay single he’s a loser and must be lonely. I’m single because I don’t want to put up with you. The only benefit you can offer is sex, but then I can get that without all the drawbacks of a relationship. You’re placing your value too high – you are not needed for a fulfilling life.

      2. Funny, I got way more upvotes than you did for your rant. And on this website too. Meaning what you have to say is just not valued at all. How sad for you.

        1. It seems you’re the one who’s good for nothing. I probably contribute more to the world in an average day than you ever have or ever will in your entire pathetic life.

        2. be careful with Cassie! She is a 29 year old `attractive surgeon virgin` who contributes so much to the world by cutting people up and everything she says is true because she gets loads of upvotes!

  6. Incredibly negative attitude in this article. It is my experience that the more shit tests you pass (and the better you fuck her), the more a girl starts liking you, and the better she behaves.
    This doesn’t mean that the shit tests stop, but somewhere along the way you’ll have introduced a healthy male-female polarity in the relationship and internalized a good amount of amused mastery to deal with the inevitable mood swings.
    The author makes that behavior sound like some terrible chore, while in reality a lot of that behavior will be running on autopilot. So relax and enjoy yourself

  7. I’m not really interested in a girl who likes me. I’m interested in a girl who likes nice guys with no game.

  8. “You might as well be talking about unicorns.”
    Oh, that can happen. Unicorns exist, but in America, they are so few and far between that they’re called “unicorns”. In the wild, a single unicorn is frequently referred to as a “foreign” girl.
    And if you happen to run into such a creature, and recognize it, then you can skip over to the “Red Pill Marriage” subreddit. 😉 Oh, and have her read everything that Stingray and Margery every wrote.
    À bientôt,

  9. Valuable advice. And it’s the truth, some women just like/love you, for no other reason than you being you.
    They come around 2-3 times in a lifetime, at most.

    1. I have the feeling it’s more like the gina tingles.Or some subliminal scent that registers in her subconscious that recognises a compatible mate.

  10. The best thing to do is to eliminate what does not work, in order to filter out for what does work. Below are some 4 sigma negative Black Swan events/traits (thank you Nasim Taleb) that will help you eliminate problem women so that you may find quality. I realize that some of these may violate the rules of the pro-Game members of the site, so feel free to dismiss these points if you utilize Game to get past some of these.
    1) If she has a Skrillex haircut, she has serious mental issues. I mean she is gone in the head. Gone. Dismiss with Extreme Prejudice and never look back.
    2) If she routinely mentions feminist based issues, she is a pain in the ass and was never good in a meritocracy based environment
    3) If she shuns a majority of feminine traits, she will routinely be a pain. Femininity, or GTFO. Because as a man, if you wanted another man, you would be gay.
    4) If she does not ask you about yourself or let you get a word in edgewise, she’s selfish.
    5) If she has an inordinate amount of piercings or tattoos, see Rule #1.
    6) Does she pass the “Hose Test”? The “Hose Test” is when you can hose her down completely of all makeup/concealer/extensions, etc., and she still inspires desire.

    1. Is this a joke? I don’t know any females with those traits. But as far as #4 all I say is ‘never ask me about my business’

  11. Fuck, this hit hard. Two days ago my girlfriend of two years found out that I had been sleeping around. I’ve strayed before and she’s forgiven me but this was my ‘last chance’.
    She said she loved me, cared about me, would always make the effort to see me, look after me if necessary, never argued or bitched about inconsequential shit, never shit tested me, never expected anything from me except for me to be myself. She wasn’t promiscuous, she was sweet and loyal, and beautiful.
    But I convinced myself that really, all women are ‘like that’. I didn’t believe her when she said she didn’t pursue other men. I didn’t believe that she actually liked me, I told myself that she just liked the way I made her feel because I was just gaming her so well or something. I told myself that it was only natural to fuck other girls.
    But then I slowly came to the horrified realisation that she genuinely was just the sweet and loyal girl she appeared to be. And seeing how hurt she was when she found out that despite her devotion and love I’d thrown it all away for a new pussy to fuck, well it made me feel total scum.
    I can’t stop wanting to fuck other women. But I feel like I’ve lost something rare and important. And I’ve broken the heart of the only girl I’ve ever met who I can honestly call innocent.
    Feels bad.

    1. if she’s that good… go buy her a ring…. and stick it on her finger…. women make a fuss about cheating, but it’s a smoke screen…. they tolerate just about anything if they really love you…..except for long term neglect…. you have to sweep them up and live with them…. that’s the hard part… because it gets dull and tedious and unless you constantly shower her with attention she will get sad and annoying…..

      1. She’s all that and more but she is a tad dull. And I have no intention of getting married, and also no illusions about how our affection for eachother would dwindle over time.
        But still, to hurt a kind and gentle soul for selfish gain has made me feel like a bit of a dick and I regret it enormously.

        1. if it’s dull now, just wait until she has a kid and multiple it by 10,000 …. .you can’t torture yourself over it and if you weren’t going to marry her and put a baby in her, you were wasting her youth for what ? better to move on and that’s probably easier done when she makes the decision for you….. my experience of breaking up with women, even when they’ve broken up with me, had them following me around like puppy dogs…

      2. The instant you put that ring on her finger, it’s game over. The predator caught her prey. She knows she’s got you. That’s when it all goes downhill. You are no longer a challenge for her.

    2. But then I slowly came to the horrified realisation that she genuinely was just the sweet and loyal girl she appeared to be.

      Lol. Not anymore.

      1. Maybe. Traditional wisdom certainly indicates you’re right. But we’d broken up once before and I heard through a friend of her family that she’d spent the entire time locked in her room alone.
        Not that it would bother me if she went and fucked some other dude to get over it.

        1. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’ve always reserved the “I don’t wanna hurt you” bit for naïve bitches to keep them under wing until I’m ready for them, even if I have no intentions on ever ending up with them.
          No need to crush her fairy tale unless it’s beneficial to you. It’s actually easier to manage that type of situation if you lead her into believing she can “fix you” (LOL) or if you’ll end up together in the end, than if her friends and family know you’re an incorrigible philander.

  12. The red pill shit has gone way over the top in some comments of this section. Some girls are believe or not good and sensitive people, never fuck around with them. Karma will make you pay hard.
    Game the bitches all you want, but don’t mess with the gems.

    1. Just relax MoiMoi. A lot of rookies who are still afraid to approach a girl like to talk tough Monday Morning Red Pill Theory Quarterback talk. They discovered studying the red pill like a professor who never leaves academia is much easier than actually going out there, getting shot down, and walking the walk.

      1. True, but hopefully every aspiring Don Juan doesn’t become blind to those people that you shouldn’t become blind to.
        The game/women thing is really a bitch.

        1. Fuck it, I’ll pour some LTR advice.
          There is some truth in maintaining alpha frame in LTRs, so definitely no success with continuous wussy “I love you so much”-shit.
          But it is really enough to stand your ground and say no and not to do dishes.
          No success with cheating or beating or other “alpha” shit.

        2. Succeeding in an LTR requires good leadership skills, not the ability to conform to a self-justifying, arbitrary, internet defined label of “alpha”.

        3. Exactly. We have alpha male keyboard warriors on here saying that the key to a relationship is “sticking it in her ass” and making her cry. Don’t take her out, don’t show any affection, just treat her like a dog.
          Have any of these dudes had a real gf for six months? My girlfriend won’t put up with half these suggestions more than a few minutes before leaving me.
          Really sick stuff. I beginning to feel bad for the women who deal with these guys.

        4. There are in fact women out here that need to be treated in a dysfunctional manner, the notion didn’t pop out of thin air. However, I personally wouldn’t pursue a woman like this, not even just for sex.

        5. Thank you. I don’t know where the hell this butt sex craze cropped up from. I’m beginning to think these guys are gays in denial.

        6. What? Maintain? If you mean keeping up the act then you’re not really an alpha. I don’t really like using words like alpha but if you’re really one you can say I love you and do the dishes and will still be an alpha.If you are so afraid of losing your fake alpha status because you did something that in your own mind labels you a beta then you are no real alpha.

        7. Don’t believe the kid crap you read on here, just consider it amusement. Most of these boys closest encounter with sex is from some porno film they jerk off to.This is where they get their crazy ideas about sticking it in her ass (or perhaps they just have tiny dicks lol) That’s something porn sluts do because let’s face it, porn is a bore and they try to make it interesting doing these bizarre sex stunts.

        8. Many are latent homosexuals or just sex starved boys.Or may come from some degenerate race and class where butt fucking is more common.

      2. Tragedy, I had the same decision almost 50 years ago, and loved her until she passed. I guess you never know, it is always fortune or grace.

    2. Agreed. Let the freaks, gold diggers, and playettes have your worst. They’ve got it coming and the lesson will probably do them some good in the long run.
      Save the few good ones for the guys that want that.

      1. Actually it will do them bad, but it will do YOU good. Eventually no one will give a shit about a broken down old whore, but an experienced player will be valuable well into his later years.

    3. On this blog the ‘bitches’ and ‘sluts’ are just the good looking girls who get more sex than they do and won’t go with them lol

  13. Good read, and the author’s personal touch is more than clear. Although this article is meant more for the advanced player, I believe the purpose is to sharpen your game, but to only use it when you actually need it; that doesn’t imply that you show your beta-ness but it implies that you respect the truely valueble parts of this life. It’s just like throwing your trash in the forest, or polluting the clean mountain air. The 1% we all know exists, is indeed rare, and demands our respect & protection as she is the truely one that can be put to good use in a man’s life. Don’t get me wrong, I like running game too, I like to reap it’s fruits but it becomes disgusting and sometimes you tend to strive to live a little by knowing there’s someone out there who actually gives a shit about you. It’s an incredible feeling that we all know about, or knew about at one time.
    Thanks for the good work!

    1. “This article is meant more for the advanced player”….
      Are you high? The idea that women “don’t like men” is bullshit. It’s true that most nowadays are just opportunists but it’s still easily possible to get a girl hooked on you…especially if you flip the script and know how to use sex to fuck up a girl’s mind.

      1. Agreed, even though you give my ,,advanced player” notion a negative connotation transforming him into the Alpha moron. To be frank, it’s not far from the truth. The advance player should play the game, keep it sharp, but use it to a build a strong family and to contribute to this society by building strong charactered individuals. Our clear mission is to snatch the world from the hands of the few ones that drive it into the dirt, and re-shape it.

  14. Thank you, Cpt. Capitalism, for sharing. Your experience illustrates the way that game culture can be a destructive force in men’s lives. One of my best friends has more game than anyone I know, and he regularly bangs college girls that are less than half his age. He has a great time, except that deep down he’s miserable. He still says that he would like to settle down some day and have a family, but every year he gets a little bit closer to old age. He had a wife (a family-oriented NWW) but he cheated on her so many times that she finally left him. He spent years practicing how to lie, cajole, flatter, and manipulate, how to look out for his own interests always and often at the expense of others. He practiced these things so much that he ultimately didn’t know how or when to stop.

    1. These are the Alpha types that take it to the max-extreme and destroy their families for some new fresh pussy. But what they stupidly ignore, is that time-wise, that new pussy will not cook, clean, care, for/about/concerning you. The bitch you get to fuck tonight after you throw excelent game, will not ( and I can’t stress this enough) WILL NOT give a shit about you the next day – game or not.

      1. Good point. If you’ve got a woman who is doing a good job of taking care of your needs that’s hard to put a price on.

      2. Exactly why LTRs are desirable. This “game” pua lifestyle can work for some guys, but not most.

        1. PUA’s generally are forced to continue their lifestyle or opt out in a smart way. My favorite PUA Hypnotica, bowed it a personal ideal of mine, with a wife and girlfriend. They know of each other and are cool with it. After my last relationship, I want the same. Call it an ideal but a hot, smart, committed woman and a fun girlfriend on the side. Don’t even need a threesome, just variety and options to share my love.

      3. I wouldn’t be too sure about that or that the old wife will even care about you more.A lot of this stuff just sounds like sour grapes to me from guys who are stuck and who can’t get anything better.
        And why would you destroy any families if you were always a bachelor? It seems that in life everyone wants and regrets what they don’t have but I don’t see that married men are in any way happier than bachelors.What was that saying by Ben Franklin—
        “Marriage is like a mob, those who are out want to get in, and those who are in want to get out”
        He probably meant that joining a mob looks exciting from the outside but once you’re in one it’s whoa! what the hell did I get involved in and get me out.

        1. I don’t condemn bachelor-ism, nor marriage, from my point, a man has to in complete control of his life when marrying, thus entering a marriage when you don’t have your shit together, your shit (including your marriage) will fall apart in a cycle. But when we take a powerful example, such as a Alpha man, the ideal Alpha who exerts complete control over the financial and all variables, comes to the decision of marriage, he must deny-himself of the option of ejecting at the very first sight of marriage trouble- that simply means he was not prepared nor did he have shit together. Don’t get me wrong on this, the balance clearly tilts the guilt in the women’s way, but again, I come to the Alpha who has to carefully select a women. There are rules and back-doors to the rules, but we always must be in complete control of the situation. So help us God.

  15. “In 99.9% of cases the relationship of a man who is chasing after a girl
    can be described as one of cajoling, trickery, negotiation, and
    strategy. In other words, you can’t just go up to a girl, ask her out,
    and then BOOM! She says yes and three days later you’re banging at her
    apartment when her roommate is gone. In nearly 100% of the instances the
    girl does not want to go out with you and needs to be convinced, or
    even fooled, into doing so.”
    Maybe if your a Mystery-Method type Pickup Artist goober/dork. You wanna know how a REAL player does it? We meet a chick, we get her number…..we take her somewhere that’s cheap and lets us talk so we can find out about her(as any competent sales professional knows to do), and from there we take her back to our place…..and she takes us into her “place”.
    It really is that fucking easy. All you have to do is just talk to the ones that are checking you out rather than trying to run up one very girl you see and recite a canned opener.

  16. Sheat.
    A girl who genuinely likes you for being you won’t bed you until after the wedding.
    ‘Who can find the virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.’

    1. I’m sorry, but that is bull. You cannot form a relationship worthy of marriage without it being a sexual relationship first.

        1. Its not about sexual compatibility. If a woman essentially puts you in a position where you must marry her in order to have sex with her, no matter how nice she seems there is a very very very good chance she is using you. If you’re spending that much time and money and energy on her to be able to sleep with her, you are demonstrating lower value.
          Do you really think after the wedding she is suddenly going to turn around and feel passionate urges to fuck you? If she was able to get you to dedicate the rest of your life to her without even seeing her naked, she already knows what kind of man you are, and how much power she has.

        2. The woman is not supposed to put you in the position, no.
          Her Father is. Her brothers are. Her uncles and grandfather and other males in her life are supposed to make it impossible for you, as a wanna-be poon hound, to fuck her unless you are willing to go whole hog.
          It’s a big intricate circle, a natural fallout of the destruction of the family. Girls are ever willing to destroy themselves, ‘progressivism’ has simply taken away any sort of protection.

  17. It’d be interesting to sort these comments by age, economic status and
    whether or not the commenter came from a traditional 2-parent household.
    Only substantive thing I can think to add is that everything comes into
    sharper focus when you realize that all failed relationships are
    practice. Practice for what? Well, that’s up to you.

  18. There are plenty of women out there like this, although I’m sure many of the women-hating, “alpha male” keyboard warriors here will say otherwise.
    Gems are hard to find, but worth keeping.

    1. There are plenty of quality women butt the problem is when they meet power the dynamic still needs to be the same: man leads woman. The gem I ran across was a career woman. At some point if she keeps pushing her status up, you’ll have to be a president to prove you are the guy. And the wheel will still feed her aspects of superiority. Quality women exist. The problem is character can change.
      Haha, keyboard warriors

      1. well, you could always leech off of her while you bang a piece on the side… after all, when she dumps you, she cannot take what you do not have.
        Sugar mamas are the new normal.

        1. You’ll leech if you resolve you don’t love the girl. Or if you have character, you’ll do what you must to pull yourself up. Embracing a sugar mama sets up a less than greater than dynamic. You don’t want anyone thinking they can control you. My advice, don’t kiss anyone’s ass for something you can do on your own.

        2. I figure it’s kind of like being captured… sure, you get to spend a lot of time behind bars, but during that time period you can train yourself, physically, Intellectually, psychologically, and Morally. Eventually you are going to get released, escape, or die trying… You live in the now as you must live because you must, but you are ready and able to seize the opportunity to be a whole man when it arises.
          The secret is to tell the difference between what you must do to survive and what you choose to do to be a man.

        1. Isn’t that what Day Game is about? I think you are conflating the “girl who actually likes you” with “good girls”. There is nothing wrong with that, per se, I am just making an observation.

        2. “Isn’t that what Day Game is about?”
          No. That’s what social life is about; assuming you have made a social life outside of the bars.

        3. That’s just terminology. To me, all game is is guys teaching other guys how to talk to girls, along with some broader principles applicable to every day life, and, ideally, how to be better men. I’m a natural extrovert, and am experienced at both public speaking and teaching, so for me, there’s no such thing as a “cold open”, at least not anymore. That’s a learned skill. An introverted girl I work with once asked me how I knew if someone was “approachable”, and I replied, “I’m an extrovert; to me *everybody* is approachable.”
          So sure, while there are certain guys who want to learn “game” so they can hate-fuck some girl who humiliated them in HS or whatever, to me, “red pill” communities are (or should be) about brothers helping brothers. I think the angry guys wind up self-selecting out. Or they start getting laid, and become less angry.
          À bientôt,

        4. I don’t disagree, but I suspect some guys (including, apparently, Cpt. Capitalism) have been in some rather brutal dating/social environments. I’ve noticed, in recent years, in social situations (and this tends to be more among younger people, but it isn’t necessarily always the case) that it’s not just enough for a girl to politely decline, anymore: she has to try to destroy the guy. I am not saying that’s 100% of the time or even 50%, but it has been enough for me to notice. I suspect that may be what informs C/C’s experience. I could, of course, be wrong, but that’s how I see it.
          À bientôt,

        5. I don’t disagree, in fact, to the degree that your comment is responsive (which I have to admit I’m a bit fuzzy about), you seem to be agreeing with me.

    2. Unfortunately, they simply do not exist in the best pussy hunting grounds.
      When you are hunting rabbits, you find rabbits. You won’t bag a buck with a rabbit snare.

  19. This article is so true! I’m so lucky that I’m old enough to realize what I have. My girl is the fucking bomb, seriously. I NEVER thought a woman like her even existed. They are extremely rare, but they are our there.

      1. Reminiscing on how it was to be lonely, bitter and unhappy. Feels great to be past that stage of my life. Thanks for asking.

  20. Oh my, the obligatory 0.1 % “reminder” post. Let me guess: all you blog gods got together and Cappy Cap drew the short straw? Ha-ha-ha… It’s time for cigars and port, methinks. Let’s see if we can conjure up the whore with the heart of gold, while we’re at it. OTOH, pass the pipe.

  21. The truest article. I managed to recognize what I had and kept her. Game gets so exhausting after a while.

  22. I’ve had this happen to me three times. I did nothing to earn their admiration. However, all these three girls wanted was to spend time with this guy they didn’t even know (me). I don’t look back at my passing of them with remorse. I was young and uninterested. However, it is nice to know those kind of women existed.

  23. Honestly? Maybe I play the sexual marketplace differently than you boys but this article makes little to no sense to me. Every girl I’ve been with genuinely likes me. They give you the smile, you give them the smirk and you know you’re in. I’m no pussy chaser but I’ve certainly had a nice life with the ladies. It’s not a 100 race all the time for me… Some sex has come quickly some has come slowly but it’s all been deep, sexy and worthwhile. Think some of you are missing out on the lovin’.

  24. I was lucky that I never had to pursue or play games to get women to go out with me. But that was back in the late 70s and 80s. If a girl liked you you knew it. You didn’t have to pretend to be something you’re not. If they didn’t like you you left them alone. It’s way too complicated now. I’d hate to be young and dating again.

  25. Good point. You will rarely ever find something you are not looking for. I am always looking for these girls and I cherish them when I find them. Unfortunately, a girl may like you but you may not like her or even be attracted to her. Remember, the girl chasing John Travolta in Saturday Night Live.

  26. I was lucky enough to have back to back GF’s that were like this. Sadly, I couldn’t comprehend that they genuinely loved me. I tore them apart like a savage animal. I broke them down mentally, testing their will day in and day out until they finally snapped. I couldn’t help it, all prior women I knew constantly shit-tested me and their men and I grew to loathe them. So, I took it upon myself to develop a method of shit-testing them back in a way that would utterly destroy them because I thought and still do, that all women are awful creatures incapable of life-long love.
    Oh well. Life is still great and there are still plenty of sluts to bang.

  27. Does anyone on here follow GOODLOOKING LOSER??
    Apparently his vidoes have been proven fake:

  28. OP’s problem is that he has convinced himself that all relationships are based on lies and scams, that game is nothing more than trickery. Incorrect! Game is simply a way of describing the nature of a man that is good at something, in this context being good with women. Game is a part of your personality, your individuality, your self worth. It is not trickery.
    Conversely, believing that game is based on trickery shows that the OP is beta on the inside, wearing an alpha’s uniform. But that’s none of my business…

  29. A large percentage of Asian women actually know how to like, even love, men.
    What this article is referring to are white American woman. They learned to hate men from a young age. Only 0.1% of white women actually are able to get past their cultural conditioning and genuinely like a man.

  30. Here in Utah, that runs closer to about 5%, since many families (especially outside of salt lake) are still strong, have extended clans, etc.
    Instead of ‘date ’em, fuck ’em, abuse ’em’, here you have “date ’em, dunk ’em, and drop ’em”.
    It is a moderate improvement, since in places like tooele and bountiful
    you are actually likely to find actual relationship material because of the HUGE emphasis outside of the city placed on ‘don’t be a slut’.
    If you really want a relationship with an American woman, one that stands a chance of working, STAY OUT OF CITIES!
    I cannot stress that enough. Cities are poison, especially for women.
    Stay away from ‘state college towns’ and cities altogether. Urbanization always has, and always will, give rise to an entitlement mentality.
    Women are herd animals. If you leave them in a shitty herd, they can and will behave as the rest of the herd behaves. That is why, when you date foreign women, you keep them foreign… If you live in a place where slutiness is the rule, all the women you meet WILL be sluts.
    The only place you are likely to find quality women is in the buckle of the bible belt. Yes, it’s a terrible place for pussy hunting, but the real kicker is, if you can meet lots of girls WITHOUT joining the local church, If your game works well for obtaining poon, you are in a place where very, very few women are worth anything resembling a relationship.
    Try to game a few 4’s and 5’s. If they are ready to fuck on the first or second date, you are in the wrong place for finding a decent woman.
    And once you find one, stay as far away from the toxic hellholes with ‘decent nightlife’ as you can find. She will be corrupted. (although conversely if you meet a halfway decent one and can manipulate her into trading out to country life, she is also much more likely to adopt to the local values as well.)

      1. You are fucked unless you can drive a couple of hours out of the city. Or unless you simply want to ride the pussy wagon for a while.

    1. Brigadon,
      Unless you are hitting church every sunday this doesn’t apply. I live in one of the two cities mentioned and the women arent nearly as bad as other places, but religion is the key.

      1. There’s a reason I, an atheist, so strongly support churches. Secular Humanism can only be followed by those who are truly smart enough, and willing enough, to consider the ramification of the philosophical underpinings.
        Since that’s barely a fraction of a percent of the population, you can be sure that secular humanism as embraced by leftists is nothing more than lip service to aggrandize a crowleyesque vision of avoiding immediate harm… unless you feel like you have to, or it’s important, or it validates your feelings, or you can ignore the radiating harm you cause, or you don’t consider someone else worthy of not being harmed.
        Their embrace of secular humanism without understanding is the great failing of Libertarians, because their basic understanding of humanity left to it’s own devices is a romanticized vision of the wild west… without accounting for the fact that even the wild west was mostly populated by the very best, brightest, and most adventurous of the old world’s population. Samuel Clemens might not need religion, but the world stopped having a frontier two centuries ago, and the best and brightest have been bred out into a standard population that is ABSOLUTELY incapable of embracing the self-control that libertarians mistakenly believe is a human birthright.
        In short, classic religion is the ONLY sort of leftism that has a realistic chance of working. With a truly strong (and very small!) central government, fascism can, temporarily at least, substitute concepts like honor and noblesse Oblige for faith, but such concepts do not naturally occur to women… those concepts, as well as the real meaning behind secular humanism, must be trained extensively in childhood to be practical for a common male populace, and among females such training nearly instantly disintegrates under the demands of social acceptance.
        Basically meaning that for women, discarding religion and a moral/religious female social group virtually guarantees their sinking to the lowest common denominator.
        Not all religions count either, as modern day wiccanism embraces the worst sort of immorality.

  31. “brought you lasagna while working the overnight shift, put together a surprise birthday party for you, showed up on time, would drop anything she was doing just to be with you”
    Plenty of us have had LTRs or wives who fit the bill. Perfect. You commit time, attention, money, stress, and the ability to date other women. Things are dandy until:
    1. She cheats
    2. Ruthlessly ends the relationship, humiliating you and manipulating you
    3. Divorces you and takes you to the cleaners
    All of our ex wives and fiancees were the perfect .01% until they made conscious decisions to re-enter the dating market after you’ve committed so much to them.
    If you find the .01%, keep it. However, don’t fully trust her. Develop platonic relationships with other women, keeping her on edge while warming up a back burner for your next move.
    And for god sakes, if you get married, keep it in your church or temple and forgo the legality of it.

    1. 100% agree. I found a unicorn and she treats me amazing but not for one second am I going to fully give myself to her. Keeping her at arms length and knowing the female nature of hypergamy is essential. As the saying goes “Love like an idealist, think like a cynic”. And you’re right about marriage, it’s a sham and does not benefit men in anyway at all.

      1. The big difference between men and women re-entering the dating market is if the chick is halfway good-looking, she can immediately get fucked 2000x more than you. That’s why you always need female friends, back burner chicks that your girl knows will hop on as soon as she hops off.

    1. I ask you, how long do you suppose you would live without your symbiotes?
      Hint: Seconds may be too large a unit.

      1. “The Symbiotes are a fictional race of amorphous extraterrestrial parasites which appear in the Marvel Comics shared universe”
        Great, Comic Book Guy is here and he’s giving biology a try.

        1. The only comic books I’ve read in the past 20 years are V for Vendetta and Watchmen.
          If you prefer the alternate symbiont run with that.

  32. “But the one that keeps me up at night is the one girl’s life I utterly
    destroyed because I didn’t identify, let alone believe, she actually
    liked me that much… there’s nothing you
    can do to undo that pain or make it better. And that is a specter that
    will haunt you for life.”
    The fuck is this shit? Did I accidentally visit
    Trust me, if you liked her that much she was probably hot, in which case she will have found another guy to fuck by now. It’s not like she’s a starving kid in Africa or a fatty with no hope. If you are losing sleep over hurting her, FWP.

    1. Meh, some people can’t rebound from heartbreak. Maybe he broke her down so much that her life went into a downward spiral. Who knows? I know if I emotionally crushed a good woman I cared about because of some dumb mistakes, I could be a wreck. Not only because I hurt another person, but because good women are so fucking hard to find. Life ain’t all about pussy and cheesecake. Our job as men isn’t to act like the women we despise, it is to be better than them.

      1. If she can’t rebound from heartbreak maybe she needs to “stop being a beta pussy” like the many men who suffer heartbreak from women daily. Nobody on RedPill is forgiven for being beta, in fact many of this very blog’s authors feel that it is their duty to attack betas and white knights. Yet you are saying we need to allow women more compassion but men just need to deal with it and stop being pussies.

        1. I didn’t say men need to deal with it and stop being pussies. How the hell did you come to that conclusion? No one is even white knighting right now. People have emotions and sometimes a strong feeling can have a tremendous backlash. If you are suffering from heartbreak DAILY then maybe you should toughen up and stop wearing your feelings on your sleeve. A part of being in the game is to have the capability to separate feelings from your objective.

    1. Whats the risk? All you’re doing is going out and meeting a ton of chicks and fucking some. In all that you’ll meet a few that are spot on, awesome women. It takes some time but they’re out there. It’s fun, so I’m not sure what the risk you mention is.

    2. Exactly! Also, as I wrote above, many of these women degrade and become damaged over time, just from exposure to modern culture.

  33. Here is my uptake on ths silver-bullet of an article.
    Yeah, there are still true, wholesome, inspiring feminine women out there, in places not as badly affected by capitalism and feminism, as most of the west.
    However, the poison seeps through, slowly but surely, thanks to the internet and other widespread media. The antidote we have here is to counter that – not to subvert and corrupt a woman’s true nature. Awareness of the hamster is still essential, a woman needs a man of strong character that won’t put up with shit, but you can’t expect to give her shit continuously and not having it thrown back at you in some form.. even as a delayed effect. Reap, sow. Women aren’t the real enemy: the decadent pervasiveness of western culture is. It must be destroyed and rebuilt.
    Men who have taken the red pill did so mostly to gather the strength to protect themselves and their interests. THAT is the main goal as I see it.Some rare women deserve empathy, as the ones who are, over time, still very emotionally invested in their man. Akin to an oasis on a desert, like a remote, largely untouched by man, natural island, or the amazon jungle, the Earth’s lung. A man’s haven. A tribute to life in its every manifestation.
    Once discovered, don’t corrupt it with the radioactive waste and oil spillages from “civilization”. It is worth it – if nothing else, because such life simply cannot be found or contained in the concrete and neon lights of most cities of the (supposedly) advanced world.
    I know it seems beta. It isn’t.

  34. ‘In other words, you can’t just go up to a girl, ask her out, and then
    BOOM! She says yes and three days later you’re banging at her apartment…………
    You certainly can and I’ve done it many times when I was younger and even had sex with her the same night I met her. Many of these girls were in fact very chaste and a couple were virgins.Sometimes you just both have a natural attraction and perhaps she was even waiting for someone like you to have sex with.Going out on a lot dates and wasting time and money mean nothing if she doesn’t have that initial attraction and is getting those gina tingles.Some girls will go out because she doesn’t have anything else to do and you’ll be like her buddy.They may have sex with you but you won’t be her first choice and as soon as she gets those tingles about a guy she met(usually while you were escorting her on dates lol) she’ll forget you.
    “In 99.9% of cases the relationship of a man who is chasing after a girl
    can be described as one of cajoling, trickery, negotiation, and
    I’ve never done any of that stuff and frankly it would be too much work and degrading yourself to be worth a bit of pussy if it’s not just natural and mutual.There’s no negotiation. The fact that she just comes with you or you go to her place means that you’ll have sex.Maybe I’m old but some of the things I read on here are bizarre.Like the one guy who said he took a girl home. She gets undressed and gets into his bed with him but then doesn’t want to have sex.I can’t even imagine that happening.

  35. Why would you hurt anybody for no reason? unless you’re miserable.
    Why feeling empathy for anybody, would be wrong for a man or ROK reader ?
    And why so much obsession with trickery to get women ?
    The OP is just trying to feel himself better for what he did in the past. Hypocrite.

  36. That last paragraph sums up this and other men-centered websites well.
    I think most of us know very well that not every one of the billions of the female population is a carbon copy of Sharon Osbourne; there are plenty of girls in impoverished third-world countries who will never grow up to be one. But it seems like the bad outnumbers the good as time goes on.
    One of my friends is a cherised member of the NAWALT Club. She’s a devout Christian, takes good care of herself (personal trainer), has a smile that lights up the room – and she hates Feminists! If I weren’t asexual and childfree, I’d pursue her with the force of a thousand suns.

  37. If you think in terms if Buddhism or the Laws of Attraction, what you believe is what you will attract. I understand there exists rotten apples for women, but ROK can definitely prime one into believing that ALL (100%) of women are bad.
    This is the reason why it’s hard for people to find the 0.0001%
    Because we put our thoughts/perceptions in the negative, we overlook the potentially good ones out there.

    1. I don’t know about that, maybe in certain social milieu in certain countries there aren’t.

  38. ”In 99.9% of cases the relationship of a man who is chasing after a girl can be described as one of cajoling, trickery, negotiation, and strategy”
    What in the hells is this? How do you get to drop some ridiculous shit like that and get away with it? If that is your experience I can only offer my condolences. It really shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth, if it feels like pulling teeth then she probably just doesn’t like you and your time will be better spent elsewhere. Girls actually do like guys you know, they like being approached and if they like the guy they are actually rooting for him to overcome the various token resistances they feel like they are obligated to put up in order to not feel like a complete slut.
    It’s really not supposed to be as hard work as you are making out to be.

  39. I met a lady many (oh, so many) years ago that totally destroyed many of the arguments put forth on this page. Some of my strongly held views of life changed right then. It is not always give and take. Sometimes it can be give to simply give with nothing asked nor even anticipated in return. I postulate that if you “want” from a female, then do not have a close relation with her, and certainly do not marry her. If you find one that you want nothing from, and only want to give to, then and only then, if she feels the same way, consider the future. Otherwise back off, save your money, and keep looking. You know these things. I did not have to tell you.

    1. So if the guy wants from me, he shouldn’t be with me? And wants what from me? There is a man I love and he loves me but he is very demanding so I am curious as to whether this applies to me.

  40. More than just a coincidence!
    I never really comment on manosphere blogs but when I stumbled upon this article, I was shocked by the timeliness of it.
    Friday the 19th.. Just 2 days ago.. A few hours prior to you publishing your article, I made the exact same error (for the 2nd time in my life).
    Let me explain, I’ve slept with over 100 girls in the last few years and I’ve only come across 2 of these soo called Girls. The first (believe it or not) was an American expat and the one I just ended it with was a Spanish girl.
    I made the exact same mistake with this girl thinking she didn’t like me, overgaming things in my head. In the end all she wanted from me was a simple reassurance that I wanted to be with her, which I never did as I didn’t want to show my affection for her too soon. We had only been with each other for a few weeks.
    But on Friday just there, she told me “she could no longer see me as she didn’t know where this was going” and that an old flame from the past wanted to get serious with her which she accepted since I never once told her how much I liked her.
    This is true, I barely reciprocated affection for this girl, getting high of the fact and lying to myself that I had a girl that was more into me, than I was into her.
    Had I said, something along the lines of I wanted to see her seriously and just reciprocated my affection for her, I most likely would have not lost her to another suitor. Turns out she was just looking for a straight up nice guy who wasn’t playing “the game” so to speak.. I just didn’t realise it and classed her as you say in the 99% bracket of girls.
    Now some schmuck has stolen her from me, and you know the old saying..
    “You only realise what you have lost until its gone” is haunting me right now.
    If only I can turn back time eh.. Ach well, you live and you learn. I just hope I don’t make the same mistake a third time.
    But yeah I was shocked reading your article and even more shocked to realised it was published on the same day so I couldn’t help myself but leave a comment.
    I can totally relate to your article 100% and it actually cut me pretty deep. But lesson learnt!
    From your new subscriber over in Scotland,

    1. Hey, why don’t you tell her what you just wrote here, quickly?
      If she really did dig you that much, maybe she will accept a sincere explanation?

    2. She is still the problem…their minds function like a gameshow or shotclock. If you screw up a minor amount their emotional view changes and you ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ when in reality the only change is in her mind. To her its like a brick wall or a scoreboard as the clock expires. If their minds were more reasonable (lol) she could maybe see the big picture

    3. You are taking the wrong lesson from your experience. She wouldn’t behave in such a fickle manner, such as going back to her ex so quickly, if her feelings were genuine. Maintain your frame, for pete’s sake.

  41. IMO I think that “true love: does exist. But the only way I can think of gettin it is in High School. And im 23 and been outta high school for a while now so im screwed.

  42. Thank you Cap. That’s a really important point. The problem is the process makes you so cynical that its hard to spot genuine quality. All the best to you mate.

  43. I think all girls are actually like this. The trouble is, 99% of girls already feel this way about some guy who is blissfully unaware of their attention. As such, when you approach a girl, she looks for any excuse to reject you so she can carry on fantasizing about the man she will never get.

  44. After reading this article, I genuinely feel sorry for Americans, men as well as women. If this is how your thinking is done, I want no part in it. Life’s too short.

  45. Love RoK, but alot of it is way too cynical, a lot of these authors were put down by women the possible fell in love with, and then they got their hearts broken, then it was like “Screw relationships, fuck bitches!”

    1. You dont have to.
      Women are like water They fill the form you give them
      The moment a man complains about his wife, he is complaining about his own shortcomings. No more, no less.

  46. “I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life. But the one that keeps me up at night is the one girl’s life I utterly destroyed because I didn’t identify, let alone believe, she actually liked me that much.”
    Don’t be too hard on yourself man. How many times have YOU genuinely liked a girl and she’s like “whatever dude”?? There’s also an air of entitlement about that ‘nice girl’ attitude which i call commitment rape ……….”I genuinely like you, now COMMIT TO ME, if you do not, I will become highly passive aggressive, bitch about you to friends, and guilt you into loving me……if you DO commit, i will resent the fact that ‘I’ had to work so hard to get you, I will resent the fact that my friends always seem to ‘toy’ with boys and I have to do the opposite just to keep you around.”
    Nice girls aren’t always what they appear. They can be just as fucked up (if not moreso) than bad girls.

  47. I don’t think you guys get it, the way you find the woman of your dreams is to become the man you should be. It’s really that simple.

  48. This is bullshit.
    My current wife was just like this at first. She brought me food at work, she’d drop whatever she was doing to be with me, all that shit. And she still ended up a bitch & bailing on the marriage (with the help & influence of her mother who is an even bigger bitch) because I “acted too much like a man” & didn’t succumb to her emotional bullshit.
    Sounds like this article is a case for NAWALT to me. They’re all the same.

    1. If a woman tells you you are acting “too much like a man” she is really giving you a hint in the other direction.
      If this happens turn up your asshole game and fuck her harder.
      This is dead serious. You can not be too manly. You can not be too much of an asshole (if you have game). The opposite is more of a problem.
      And from this rant it seems you have some whiner potential deep inside. Thats a turn off for women.

      1. Your first point is obvious as I’m already aware of it, hence my issue. I understand your second point, however, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t once or twice “rant” at the fact that their nice baptised Christian girl who was supposed to know “what marriage is” betray you for doing what you’re supposed to do. Granted, don’t go around spouting your problems to everyone in sight either as that’s a total turn off.

        1. “betray you for doing what you’re supposed to do.”
          -> This is part of the problem.
          Look around you. Look at your family. Look at your friends. Look at people from work. Older people.
          How many of them are happy?
          How many have great relationships – and i do mean REAL ones, where they have sex 2-3 times a week, even after kids and been living together for 10+ years.
          How many such people do you know?
          Chances are 0 to very few.
          Now ask yourself this. How many people do you know who do “what you’re supposed to do”.
          If the answer is “many” you may have realized something.
          Doing “what you’re supposed to do” does not make many people happy.
          Doing “what you’re supposed to do” does not give them great relationships.
          Those who are happy in life and have great relationships over many years do things different. VERY different.

  49. I have a unicorn. She saved me from a fat girl, cooks and cleans, and loves me to death. Also a gym addict who is paranoid of being a fatty. She doesn’t like sports…but whatever. She just goes and crochets while I am at the bar or have friends over. Goddamm right I wified her ass up and shall soon create a minihockey player with her. Plus…she is a white girl (Czech parents 2ND gen). Also in pharmacy school and works pt… I don’t care if she makes more than me in the future. It will allow me to take time off and do my own business fulltime for a while. Even then, I still have a prenup (her idea). Her requirement was that I don’t get fat and she keeps the pets/all kitchen stuff. Obviously I protected myself financially. I don’t even care if I sound gay as hell…only woman besides my mom I have respect for.

    1. She does have add and some depression though…free Adderall for me! But really, as long as she takes meds when she starts feeling sad, it is all gravy

      1. I can see why she is depressed and working out so hard. All she got is looser you.
        Women who act like men. Men who want to be housewife.
        What terrible suckness is this!

  50. “But the one that keeps me up at night is the one girl’s life I utterly destroyed because I didn’t identify, let alone believe, she actually liked me that much. ”
    I sort of get your point. Its natural to feel sorrow at having inflicted genuine grief on another human being (except for the psychopaths, they have this unique gift/curse of possessing no “warm” empathy whatsoever). But the question is that, now that the bird has flown away, what purpose does sacrificing your own sleep over it achieve?
    Rather learning from the past but not letting it affect you on a personal level seems to be the more sensible approach.
    Whats more, by your own admission, 99.9% of them are like “that”, whether they realize it or not. And by that I’m not just talking about getting laid. I’m talking about the whole range of issues. And since a man doesn’t have the full psychological profile of every woman he meets at his disposal, isn’t it kind of logical to bet on the normal assumption (the 99.9%)?

    1. Yup. All men can do is play the odds. I wouldn’t have more than passing remorse, at best.

  51. I remember the phase when I didnt believe women were capable of love and desire. It was a little before the so-called red pill.

  52. Yeah, God damn it. I had a half dozen good broads that passed through dispersed in intervals between dozens or hundreds of hose bags. And Aaron is right. So many hose bags clouded my vision toward that which was genuine. Shit. Whaddya gonna do? I’m 57 now, reduced to dating chicks in their very late thirties and forties and genuine chicks aren’t there anymore, just hosers. It’s ok, but still…

  53. The general wisdom is that psychopaths have trouble reading human emotion. So, if you want to be sure you don’t ‘miss the one’ I would recommend not spending your life acting like a rapist. 🙂

  54. Last girl I dated put herself and her car between my exposed body and oncoming traffic to save my life (the driver of that car did not see me trying to cross the 4 lane highway on my bike in a complete state of exhaustion after 44 miles of hilly terrain). No exaggeration.
    I married that one.

  55. And beware of the girl whom appears like a good one…but is really just a cock carousel riding slut…remember how good they are at lying and manipulation. The only girls I ever seriously considered marrying were not from the western culture.

  56. So, is all supposed to be forgiven just because you were an ass? It’s surprising that a decade doesn’t cure the damage YOU did. I really, really loved you. I really loved you, you son of a bitch. I wish I could say I hate you.

  57. I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much. I’ve seen even the “good ones” change and become damaged over time. The sweet innocent capable of love becomes like all the others over time. She might have been great at that age. By 30 or 35 I would wager she is the same pill popping wreck as the other 99.9%

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