The International Megan’s Law Is The Latest Assault To Limit Your Freedom To Travel

On 8 February 2016, President Obama signed into law the “International Megan’s Law,” the latest legislation to impose more restrictions on Americans’ freedom to travel abroad. As usual, the focus of the hype and hysteria is the “sex tourism” bogeyman.

How does the government seek to safeguard the vulnerable with this statute? By making it more difficult for American convicted sex offenders to leave the country. Those who have actually perpetrated serious violent crimes against minors will also face additional obstacles in their efforts to emigrate from the U.S. Meanwhile, those who get caught committing victimless sex offenses and want to start a new life abroad in a less prudish and authoritarian regime will have a harder time doing so.

Specifically, the International Megan’s Law requires anyone who has been convicted of a sex offense against a minor to, before traveling abroad, notify the federal government of “anticipated dates and places of departure, arrival, or return, carrier and flight numbers for air travel, destination country and address or other contact information therein, means and purpose of travel, and any other itinerary or other travel-related information”.

This information will then be transmitted to the destination country’s government so their immigration bureau can deny the traveler admission if they wish. Those who get caught trying to sneak out of the U.S. without alerting the feds will be subject to a 10-year prison term, even if there was no evidence they intended to engage in sex tourism. The law also mandates that all American offenders’ passports have a “visual designation affixed to a conspicuous location on the passport indicating that the individual is a covered sex offender”.

The law is named after seven-year-old New Jersey resident Megan Kanka, whose rape and murder by a neighbor would not have been prevented by restricting Americans’ freedom to travel overseas.

How this law could ensnare American men for normal, consensual sexual behavior


How might this law affect men who have no interest in victimizing anyone, and just want to have a normal, satisfying sex life with attractive women of legal age to consent to sex? Imagine this scenario:

You’re an 18-year-old guy with a 17-year-old wife, legally married under the laws of your state. One day when you’re at work, she sends you a sexy text of herself posing coyly in a bra and panties. Seeking inspiration to get through the dull workday, you reply with a text inviting her to “send more”.

A few weeks later, you drop your mobile phone off at the mall to get a crack in the screen fixed. The repair technician gets nosy, looks through your photos and texts, and reports to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children that he’s found a photo of an underage-looking girl engaging in sexually explicit conduct.

At 5 a.m. the next morning, federal agents bust into your bedroom shouting “Freeze! Police!” and take you into custody at gunpoint. You hear the sound of their boots echoing through the apartment as they rifle through your belongings, seizing computer equipment, flash drives, etc. and try to question your wife as she stands there wrapped only in a blanket.

As a first-time offender, you’re able to get the prosecutor to drop the child pornography production charge and let you plead out to receipt of child pornography. The judge receives dozens of letters from your friends and family (including your wife, the “victim”) vouching for your good character and pleading for lenience, but the judge’s hands are tied by the mandatory minimum, and you get a sentence of 5 years. With credit for good conduct, you’re released in a little over 4 years.


But, although you’ve finished serving your debt to society, you’re still not a free man. Federal law and sentencing guidelines call for sex offenders to receive a lifetime sentence of supervised release (see 18 U.S.C. § 3583(k) and U.S.S.G. §5D1.2(c)). They also say that the judge should require, as part of your conditions of supervised release, that you register as a sex offender, undergo sex offender treatment, submit to computer monitoring, and allow your probation officer to search your “person and any property, house, residence, vehicle, papers, computer, other electronic communication or data storage devices or media, and effects” whenever he sees fit (see U.S.S.G. §5D1.3(a)(7) and (d)(7)).

Your probation officer installs monitoring software on your computer to record every keystroke you make, every website you visit, every email you send, etc. so that they can compile evidence of any sexually deviant interests, or any thoughts you express that could be viewed as “rationalizing” why your sexual behavior wasn’t as bad as the government claimed it was. All this goes into a file to be shared with your psychological treatment team so that you can be “held accountable.”

Since you live in one of the states that requires that employment information of sex offenders be posted online, and the court won’t allow you to move out of that state, you find it hard to hold a job, as “concerned citizens” are constantly looking you up in the registry and harassing your employers. Your kids get bullied at school by peers who find out from the registry that their dad is a convicted child porn offender.

Seeking freedom and a better life for your family, you finally decide to take the desperate step of fleeing the country. You buy plane tickets and head to the airport with your wife and kids. But just as you’re about to get on your flight, U.S. Marshals and Homeland Security agents slam you to the ground and slap cuffs on you. It turns out that under the International Megan’s Law, just by attempting to leave illegally, you’ve committed a felony punishable by a decade in prison, on top of the prison sentence for violating your supervised release.

It’s part of a trend of similar encroachments on freedom of movement


Nazi-issued passport marked with a “J” for “Jew”. Under the International Megan’s Law, thousands of Americans’ passports will carry a conspicuous mark indicating they have been convicted of a sex offense, putting them in danger of being assaulted by vigilantes in a foreign land

The International Megan’s Law is just the most recent in a series of laws cracking down on the ability of Americans who have found good reasons to be disgruntled with their country’s leadership to vote with their feet. The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, signed into law last December, allows the State Department to revoke or deny passports for anyone the IRS certifies as having a seriously delinquent tax debt in an amount in excess of $50,000. What will the next restrictions on emigration be?

Immediately after the International Megan’s Law was enacted, California Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL) filed a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality on First and Fifth Amendment and ex post facto clause grounds. In a piece written by David Post and posted on the RSOL blog, the author notes the parallels between our era and an earlier one:

On October 5, 1938, the Third Reich directs its Ministry of Interior to invalidate all passports held by Jews until the letter ‘J’ was affixed to them. Less than 80 years later, and on February 8, 2016, the American Congress directs the Department of State to invalidate all passports held by sexual offenders until a ‘unique identifier’ is affixed to them.

Convicted sex offenses are serious crimes and should be treated as such. However, it is easy to see how the desire to punish an extremely small minority of society can have major implications for others who do not deserve such persecution. If history is any indication, a unique identifier will not be the last step in the government’s larger plan for dealing with those who serve as a handy scapegoat for societal problems.

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149 thoughts on “The International Megan’s Law Is The Latest Assault To Limit Your Freedom To Travel”

  1. I have no problem with them doing this to actual child molesters. You know the guys that try to lure children away from playgrounds into a big white van, or the post-wall female teachers that have sex with 14 year old boys. However, it does bother me that situations like the one described above, (husband and wife sending pictures back and forth) or a drunk guy who happens to urinate on a playground at 3am are branded sex offenders for life.

    1. and there lies the problem when the federal government gets involved.
      This law will be a wide net that catches everyone (even stupid teenagers…just being teenagers). In the past we would overlook this stupid shit, say they are kids..and move on (with a small punishment to fit the crime).
      Today, the government not only wants to rule your kids with laws, they want to be part of your family (this notion of your kids don’t belong to the parents by the liberals should be seen as a real threat to everyone). Parents who are smart are taking their kids out of public school and they are now home schooling kids for a better education. I don’t blame them. Those schools are now for propaganda versus learning…they are money machines and education is last. So, the government is trying to fix it by saying they are part of your family and you’ll have ‘home visits’ by the government to regulate everything (fuck that, not in my house).
      I’m the sheriff in my house and we don’t allow federal employees in my house.

    2. The problem with most of the true offenders is that they are in the public sphere and you would never suspect as they are sleeping with under age people consensually. Or whatever counts as that when there is no blood on the floor or tears of pain on the molesters’s hands. Plus you can travel to places, say the Philippines, Dominican Republic, Columbia, or Thailand, where sex with children under 16 was per the course of the prostitution racket. You might be horrified how many soldiers practiced this during the Vietnam War. Megan’s Law, is a pathetic attempt to remove child molestation as women and gays will still act without any retribution, on their base instincts for a nubile body. Unless if they are ugly.

    1. Me neither but I think, correct me if I’m wrong, the author is saying how a wrongful conviction for such crimes, which are getting broader all the time, can lead to restrictions on a persons travel plans.

      1. You are correct but the scenarios presented are a bit outlandish, not to say crazier things haven’t happened.

        1. I presented a case of my 18 year old nephew and his 16 year old girl friend getting him labeled as a child rapist for life. This is not outlandish in that it is not uncommon. It is the law acting exactly as it is intended.

        2. I wasn’t referring to your case, which I didn’t even see. I’m talking about what was written in the article.

  2. It’s perfectly reasonable to take measures to prevent those fairly convicted of serious child sex offences from going abroad to do the same to children in another country. On the other hand if we are genuinely talking about victimless crimes then one might well ask whether an auxiliary purpose of such legislation might be to carefully control male sexuality through fear of falling prey to such measures. There are a lot of bad men out there though. The task must be to ensure such measures are proportionate, effective and only apply to serious ie dangerous sex offenders and not to the kind of guy that features in this article

    1. I think there’s a definite possibility of this:
      “to carefully control male sexuality through fear of falling prey to such measures.”
      There is an awful lot of obvious disconnect in the law when two people having consensual sex though one is not quite 18 can ruin the one over 18’s life permanently.
      At the same time, people actually preying on children do have to be stopped as you say.
      One wonders if this particular measure isn’t more of a Trojan horse, exploiting rather than addressing the real problem (which would likely be more the sex slavery and trafficking trade) by playing on our initial emotional responses?

      1. 18 year olds branded as sex offenders because they have a 17 year old girlfriend is violation of natural justice and should be the subject of dedicated campaigns. Re the purpose of v the law itself it probably addresses both real risks as well as being designed to further fetter male sexuality as a whole. Arguably miscarriage of natural justice that result from such laws that may serve to have such a controlling effect: Catching predators isn’t enough, there is a need to also produce fear so that people constrain their behaviour because of the permanent possibility of expulsion from the moral community.

    2. Normally such things are handled by the country in question simply denying a visa to the person wanting to visit.

      1. I understand the argument against stigmatisation. I guess the question is both about rights and about whether there is c any practical benefit in terms of protecting children

        1. There’s not. This type of move is a classic “we want to show the masses we’re doing something” type of maneuver.

  3. For anyone glad that “child molesters deserve it”, just remember how easy it is to be branded one.

    1. There’s a lot of paedo-hysteria right now. How much of that is hysteria and how much of that is genuinely paedo is difficult to determine. These laws sound like sledgehammers when it comes to non crimes that fall under their remit but not a few of those will be serious crimes as well. The problem is the law doesn’t seem capable of distinguishing between genuine crimes and technical infractions that are genuinely victimless

      1. The people responsible for putting innocent kids on a register for life are themselves committing child abuse and should probably be put on the same register

        1. I lost my virginity quite young, 13 & 14 respectively with my first girlfriend through high school. To think it could have lead – nowadays anyways – to starting my young adult life as a sex offender with a jail record is mind boggling fucked up. These laws are literally the Ellliot Roger manufacturers of society. And the dumb fuck legislators and community leaders scratch their heads at it all in total dumb-fuckery.

        2. Feminist and white knight law making risks making most ordinary men and even women into sex criminals. This is an inevitable consequence of a preoccupation with rape and abuse as the dominant more in which feminism sees men as relating to women. But its particularly sick when kids are criminalised in this way

        3. Feminist and white knights are such an inferior individuals that they disgust me in all forms, Especially feminist. It angers me that how are we criminalizing natural behavior that happens between both sexes. Of course, not all teenagers have sex, but just because some do doesn’t mean that we should criminalize it.

        4. parents should handle it ideally – and realistically: for the most part it’s just young love, and there’s nothing exploitative about it. We live in a hypocritical society that sexualises children as early as possible but works to criminalise them when they act on what they’ve learned

        5. i mean baby boomers are such hypocrites. They meet their girlfriends when they were 22 and their girlfriends were like 17. Now is criminalized. I think George Carlin talked about this too in his comic shows.

        6. This is what I find ridiculous, that contrasting dynamic in modern western society, yet some people think they are totally independent. I worked with a woman a few years ago that wanted to treat kiddie fiddlers like the witches of salem, and thought there was a pedo on every neighborhood block yet was cool with her tween daughter wearing skimpy provocative clothing. Her 12 yr old should be free to wear short shorts and mid riff top with ‘boy toy’ on it and its pervy men who see a problem with it. You can have a bernie madoff character offer guaranteed 20% return on your money year in year out, and the people who invest with them, don’t deserve to be ripped off and are not asking to be ripped off, but when it happens, you got to use some personal judgement not to place yourself in a position were you you increase your foreseeable risk.
          The laws surrounding sex offenders has got out of hand. The situation in this article could apply to people getting on the register for urinating in public on the way home from pub at night or getting busted having sex with your wife in the park at night or say a doctor having consensual sex with one of his patients or even a guy having sex with a prostitute in some states. Watching one of pornstar Traci Lords early movies could have you charged and labelled by some as a kiddie fiddler. Personally I dont see why necessarily it should stop at sex offenders if the claim is to protect society and why not do the same for murderers, aggravated assaults, burglars and drug dealers as well.

        7. I blame that generation for a lot. Their parents were great and I’m lucky enough that my parents are pre baby boomer. But those spoiled brat baby boomers… Their parents made huge sacrifices during the wars and they wanted to create a good future. They then sacrificed even more to have large families. Then these baby boomers turn around and decide to make drastic changes to the world that their parents had given up so much to create. “We will change the world”. Those dumb fucks just fucked it up. Their parents (i mean fathers) paid with their blood to make it good.

        8. society has lost all perspective, and with it’s sense of proportion. The idea that simply relieving yourself in a public place – something that has been having for all of human history – should be a sex crime, or similarly inscribe one as an offender in the same way as someone who has assaulted a child is absurd. Some of this is just stupid laws but I think your end point is correct: if the point is safety then marking out sex crimes as somehow in a category all on their own, may have to do with something beyond the need to keep sex criminals at bay. At the very least murderers should be similarly marked if the protection of the public is the operating principle here. I’m in two minds here, because there are very serious sex criminals and to an extent sexual urges may be compelling in a way other crimes may not be, but keeping people and especially children safe needs to be kept separate from a societal desire to control sexuality itself through creating a stigmatised class beyond the pale

        1. Again, let’s take away phones from kids, because according to American mentality, they’re still children. But again, it’s never going to happen.

        2. Or when you walk into Victoria’s Secret to buy something for your beloved. It’s tough enough to go in there in the first place because either you think you’ll be labeled as a pervert or as a faggot. As soon as you get comfortable though, the gaggles of preteens come in to look at thongs and teeny tiny booty shorts with PINK sprawled all over the asscheeks. But they’re still children. Mind you, middle school girls are definitely not my cup of tea, but it is disturbing how in both instances American culture enables them to actually act like adults superficially yet expect them to still be children. And also, expect everyone else to treat them like children. No wonder they grow up to be idiotic kidults. It also explains the cult of personality around “mature” people like Miley Cyrus.

        3. It’s because whatever they’re feeding them , male and female , makes them grow at a ridiculous rate . Combine that with birth control at a young age and females are in a constant puberty till they in their 20s

        4. Funny you mentioned that. Just this morning while having breakfast, as per my daily routine, I was watching this Mexican show on Univision called the Rose of Guadalupe. It’s basically a mix of a soap opera and an American style drama that changes every episode. Each episode deals with a scenario which deals with a particular problem, which also involves those affected praying to the Virgin of Guadalupe and miraculously getting a white rose, hence the show name.
          Anyways, this particular episode deals with a 6 year old girl who gets a vaginal bleeding while at school. When taken to the principal’s office, both the principal and the girl’s teacher (btw both women) find out the girl’s dad plays with her and her older sister by tickling them and proceed to call the cops on him. While the dad is in jail, the cops question the girls and they swear that their dad has never hurt them. So finally they run medical tests on the girls. Turns out there was no sign of sexual assault. But it turns out the 6 year old bled because, surprise, she started experiencing abnormally early menstruation due to a deficiency in Vitamin D. The dad finally goes free, and both the principal and teacher get a good talking to.
          Moral of the story? A good fresh diet does go a long way so that kids in general develop appropriately. Also, if you’re the dad and this happens to your daughter, you’re guilty of being a child molester until proven innocent. Can’t imagine if something like this happens in the States.

        5. I have no idea. There is a greater possibility of humanity discovering the origins of the universe than figuring out why women act this way. First, PINK all over the ass, now the crazy obsession with yoga pants.(smoke coming out of my head)

        6. It’s all sexual innuendo broadcast to the entire society as in the color pink is what the inside of a pussy looks like. And so now whose the perverts? The biggest head-fucked perverts are women, girls, and the modern excuse we’re calling parents now.

        7. And who was likely responsible for the child’s good nutritional health? The fucking mom who should be in the damn kitchen cooking quality means, feeding kids milk, or at least some kids vitamins.
          So here we are again, women failing miserably, and men being blamed in the worst possible irreversibly damaging accusation… a child molester. THIS is just how fucked up the world is gents. Never lose sight of that part of your red-pill awakening.

        8. That’s correct. Same goes for “JUICY” Couture, which we also see splayed all over these whores’ asses. And of course the Yoga Pants craze is hypersexual as well (purposely dressing in a way to reveal every contour of your ass and labia).
          The media and entertainment industries are largely run by perverts and pedophiles, and they are the ones responsible for this relentless drive to sexualize pre-teens.

        9. At least in this case the mom was held responsible for, if anything, not taking the girl for a checkup as soon as the bleeding started. In that regard, I still find, for any faults it does have, Mexican culture to be superior to American culture in that regard. Mexicans are more apt to “shame” people who screw up. For instance, this same show has another episode dealing with a group of girls posting pics online while having a “Miss Like” contest. Lo and behold, a degenerate is following them online, picks which ones he wants, learns where they lived, then tricks them by pretending to be blind and taking them to his house. There he chloroforms them, takes them to his basement, and holds them as sex slaves, to the point of actually killing one who tries to get away. While he gets caught and has to pay, the warnings at the end aren’t directed as much to the parents as to the girls themselves, to simply be careful and watch what you post online. Quite simply, it goes both ways, don’t rape and don’t get raped. To Americans, that would be considered “victim blaming”.Below is the video. It’s in Spanish and it’s about 40 minutes, but you can follow the action quietly easily.

        10. That’s the same feeling I have towards both cheerleader and high school football culture. A bunch of older people looking at fit young athletes taking one for the town.
          I do recall a part in the book Friday Night Lights, where some old geezers, who I believe some were boosters for Permian High, would just sit at the practices to look at the players doing drills. Now, maybe I do have a filthy mind, but that’s beside the point. It’s more towards how they seem to sexualize teens, even by accident.

        11. For a longer answer look up John Taylor Gatto’s books and talks. He’s already looked up much of the relevant information and put it together. The answers are out in the open of the history for anyone who looks.

        12. “As soon as you get comfortable though, the gaggles of preteens come in to look at thongs and teeny tiny booty shorts with PINK sprawled all over the asscheeks”
          Used to be, years ago that a place like would deny anyone under 18 access to enter. But as already been reported in an article here, the next step in the progressive process is to sexualize children so it comes as no surprise that they are now allowed to go into such an establishment.

        13. I’m American and I’m beginning to hate it too. Being born male seems to mean having a target on your back.

        14. That sounds very American, wouldn’t be surprised if it has already happened somewhere here.

      2. People don’t realize how these laws can be used (on anyone) to trip them up (even teenagers who usually do stupid shit). Most adults understand it and they over look it (or use to “back when”) because they understand how kids can make mistakes.
        This new law can brand people for life. We might as well label them with a yellow star (like the Nazis did with all of the Jews) because, in a way, we are doing the same thing. We will be branding some people (unfairly) and we’ll be generalizing all of those “guilty parties” when some are not guilty of the real crime.
        That’s how the federal government fucks up everything. They want to stick their nose into everything with laws but they don’t think it through…until it’s FUBAR’D.

        1. It reminds me of the movie the Edge – one of my favorites with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin (great life lessons movie) – where Alec says to his assistant; “A good plan today is better than the perfect plan tomorrow.” Nothings perfect, but in the movie Alec plays the part of the antagonist, Hopkins the protagonist.
          Just like Alec, the government is literally antagonizing society with most of its new laws.

      3. the same thing i saw at an article in the washington post (i think) when a 17 year old guy was sentenced to 10 years in prison for having oral sex with a 15 year girl. The guy is even 18 yet and they convicted hims like if he was an adult. They are 2 years apart from each other.
        I mean i love how we as Americans proclaim ourselves as a free country but the way we are acting, we are not. Also, why just why are we criminalizing natural behavior. While we glorify un-natural behavior (homosexuality)

        1. Your problem, Americans, is that you have no history or tradition. Therefore, anything can pass.

      4. THIS SHIT IS BAFFLING! Where will this road lead ultimately? Are we going to need waivers to fornicate? Christ, to me the notion of the sex robot is becoming increasingly intriguing at least until they become sentient, then we’ll all be back to square one!

      5. Are you saying that a smart 12yo should be allowed to distribute naked pictures of themselves without retribution?

      6. An 18 year old male is on the sex offenders list for having sex with a 17 year old he met working at a burger joint, she lied about her age. At least Mexican law grades the offence.

      7. This. A far more realistic scenario (using my young cousin as an example) is a teen’s (16) girlfriend (14-16) sends him some semi-nude (or nude) pictures via text. He’s admitted that the last two girls he’s dated have sent him nude pictures, and one wanted to record losing her virginity! While the last is an outlier, in comparison, many young women think nothing of sending nude snapshots to their boyfriends. I’ve warned him to delete them and not save them lest he be labeled for life as a sex offender.

    2. yeah, but what about the muslim and nigerian invaders ? How come nobody fucking brands them ?!

      1. They’re “innocent refugees” who were “scarred by the horrors of war” or some BS like that.

    3. IMO this is why Megan’s Law is a total joke.
      In the titular case back in NJ that gave us this law, no one asked the question “why the fuck was this child rapist ever allowed to see the outside of a prison?”
      Instead, we not only have a law that lets child sex offenders roam free on the streets, but now we have a vehicle by which people who commit victimless crimes (i.e., take nude photos of themselves) or minor non-sex crimes (urinating in public) being branded as “sex offenders.”
      Someone who engages in child sex crime of any kind should get a life sentence in prison at a minimum.

      1. Yeap, a sex offender registry is absurd. If a person is truly a child rapist, this person should rotten in jail for the rest of his life. If he’s not, what’s the point in the registry?

        1. I’m personally a fan of exile. A lot of these people are mentally unbalanced. Meaning that they won’t or can’t change. Does that mean we have to pay for them indefinitely to live in a box and receive state sponsored food?
          Then again, I think the idea of the registry has less to do with a law enforcement tool, and more, as the author says, as a means of control and suppression.

        2. I have a personal witness to bear here. My nephew was 18 years old when he had,
          what everyone agrees and have testified in court was, consensual sex with his 16 year old girlfriend. Her parents objected to him so they charged him with statutory rape. In my state the age of consent is 16, but only if
          the male is no more than 24 months older than the victi…. I mean female. Since my nephew was just shy of 25 months older than his girlfriend he is a rapist; and a child molesting rapist as well. He did his time in prison. He is listed, and will be for life, on the
          sex crimes register as a child rapist. He is now married and the father of two. He will never be out from under this cloud no matter what he makes of his life. And the only cause of this was vindictive parents of a teenage slut.
          You guys are screaming to never let these guys out of prison. This is a natural reaction. However, with perverse as justice is these
          days, I can’t support any blanket or draconian punishments no matter how heinous the crime.

        3. One must never put himself in a position where “vindictive parents of teenage girlfriends” can screw one over.
          Even if the age of consent is less than 18, there’s so many confusing and contradictory “Romeo and Juliet” provisions of such laws that it just is not worth the risk under any circumstances.

    4. Of course, its not just “child” molesters. You can become a sex offender by kissing a girl who changes her mind.
      And think about that poor chap accused of “penetrative sexual assault” just walking through a train station minding his own business. He didn’t know anything was wrong until the police showed up two months later!

    5. Reminds me of dale from horrible bosses and the girl who was branded a sexual offender by the judge for posting a naked pic of herself online… and even got a child porn charge

    6. Man, I almost got that when I was 18. The girl was months shy of 18 herself, and ran away from home the next day. She used sex to get me to help her do some things that seemed on the up and up to me. A couple of days later her dad is at my work yelling about having me arrested and shit. That’s when I found out she’d run away from home and only let me fuck her so she could hide out at my house for the night, and then have me drive her around the next day collecting favors from her freinds. It screwed me up about sex for awhile.

  4. The son of an acquaintance of mine has had his life ruined by this type of stuff so it does happen. He was branded a sex offender at 19 for having consensual sex with his 17 year old girlfriend. This will stay on his record for his whole life.

    1. Trying to apply for the French Foreign Legion and getting a new identity there may be worth it for him. They usually refuse the sex offenders, but in his case he’s not a sex offender according to French laws.

        1. A legionnaire told me about one of his italian brother in arms : worked in a restaurant in Napoli, banged the boss’s daughter…

    2. In all seriousness, given how the rest of his life is basically ruined, you should encourage them to support him moving overseas where he can start again and honestly have a good, fulfilling life. He wouldn’t be the first to flee given the position men are put inhere (for various legal things, not just his situation).

      1. This is another example of the curious confluence of interests between the radical feminists and the traditional conservatives (TradCons). Both pathologize normal male sexual desires and behaviors. They both want to see this young man punished, although for different reasons.

  5. Meanwhile, we have a huge problem with illegals pouring over our own border and raping children right and left in this country.

    1. Everyday, we see and hear how illegals have more rights and benefits versus actual law abiding, tax paying citizens. The IRS just made changes (not too long ago) because illegals were filing taxes, reporting 12 children on their forms and receiving money (refunds) from the IRS (some up to 30K). Many at the IRS knew it was happening and nothing was done about it (no roundup, no means of getting the money back)…they just finally changed the law.
      Yes, many illegals have more rights and benefits versus U.S. citizens…and they wonder why many want out. The same is happening in Europe.

      1. And of course the laws mean nothing if they aren’t being enforced.
        Imagine if some legal US citizen even thought about trying this.

      2. Minorities in my country have more rights then us since i was born and probably before that. They don’t pay some taxes , they get away with petty crimes , they don’t get fined for contraventions , the list goes on. And then they still play the minority card and say they are oppressed if something is not given to them for free. Only a very few of them know the concept of working , the rest of them mostly just beg and steal and avoid the law.

  6. If sex offenders are really this dangerous, why are we letting them out of prison in the first place?

    1. This move isn’t about sex offenders. It’s another form of control to control people from moving out of the U.S.. if they so desire. Many people are getting tired of being overtaxed and the tax money being wasted by the fed (plus their rights being stepped on and ignored). The no fly list is another way (and it’s unconstitutional).
      I can see a new “underground railroad” being developed to get U.S. citizens out of the country. Not true criminals but law abiding citizens who want to get the hell out of here.

      1. I’m much more concerned about a “wall” on our borders being used to keep us in, rather than vice versa. That was the purpose of the Berlin wall, after all…

    2. they will use “sex offenders” as an excuse to control men and their sexuality. Just how they use “war on terror” to take over the individual rights and freedom.
      Just like Jefferson said (i could be wrong): “those who give away their liberty for security don’t deserve neither:

  7. I support a sex offender registry…for cases of first degree, forcible penetration (or forced to penetrate) of a child under the age of 13 or 1st degree, violent forced penetration (or being forced to penetrate) an individual of any age.
    Anything else and we’re getting into too much grey area, as teenagers can consent to almost anything. If two 13 year olds fuck, in some areas both are guilty of statutory rape. Even possession of child porn is too broad: what if I still have pictures of my high school girlfriend, sent when I was 17 and she was 15, and I turn 18?
    I used to take the cliched nationalist position on sex offenders until I was reading about what crimes constitute a “sex” offense.
    This is why I don’t hold shit against sex offenders, unless they were convicted of 1st degree shit or are bona fide pedophiles.

    1. Why not life sentences? Same issue with all the regulations to prevent known psychos from getting guns–why aren’t they just in jail? Of course as you note they take advantage of laws targeted at a small group of criminals to control the behavior of millions

    2. We can always prohibit possession of cell phones for teens because it’s pretty much a given what they’re doing with them. But it’s not gonna happen.

  8. America has created the world’s largest prison system, they need to feed it at all costs. The whole country seems to become jail, but the globalists want the world.

        1. It inspired me a bit to be honest. The more I look at it, the more it seems that logical fallacies are sometimes contradictory or illogical in themselves. It may be possible that there are sufficient fallacies denoted to make proving any point nearly impossible.
          And do logical fallacies apply to ethos and pathos as well as logos or just logos since it is the only perspective requiring a logical burden of proof?
          Also, if ethos is fluid as we culturally do not really have any static morality anymore, does that mean an overwhelming appeal to emotion can trump a reasoned position backed by historical data and empirical evidence? The US Democratic party surely banks on it.
          And slippery slope fallacy would seem to suggest so as well, for what else is science or a logical line of reasoning than conclusions drawn by like/similar but not exactly the same circumstances?

    1. It’s a bit of stretch until you look at where we are…now.
      Anyone think that the word “rape” would be so overly used about 20 years ago? Anyone else think that our society would get to a point where someone on Twitter needed a “safe space” because they couldn’t handle a difference of opinion between adults? Me neither…but that day is here.
      It’s ridiculous until it becomes a reality. A rape culture in the U.S. versus what happened in Cologne, Germany or Sweden?
      Yeah, it’s that ridiculous.

      1. When people don’t have real issues , they invent them. When their lives are to easy , they get bored and do outrages stuff. That’s why your America was the first one to fall. A once great nation , now in shambles , precisely because of it’s freedom and liberty for all. Somebody told women they can be anything and they believed it like Santy Claus when they were 5. Now you have fat whales preaching feminism to the last few good quality women and it’s still downhill from there. Make no mistake , the downfall is coming to other countries as well.

        1. Not sure if it’s entirely the fault of too much liberty. I tend to believe that it is more to do with too much prosperity. People in general aren’t in danger of starving/freezing/whatever to death which has caused them to be a bit pampered. Without the real threats of death and predation, we’re left to fret over smaller “threats” or completely make up new ones.

        2. Yes exactly. I noticed that. When there was communism in my country and real issues like limited freedom , limited food and small income with which you wouldn’t have anything to buy anyway , people were , to my shock , more friendly , outgoing and united. Hardships unite people. Now i’m not saying we should face hardships just so we can unite , but it can be a reminder that we live in better times and must stop bickering on useless issues.

      2. I agree. I just think its intellectually dishonest to hold up a very unlikely hypothetical scenario as a reason why a law should not be passed and base a whole article around it.

        1. Wait for the results of such law. As we say in my language: “expect the worst, you’ll be right”

        2. I live by the idea of: prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Unfortunately in reality I know what that really means typically: exactly what you said.

    2. A relative of a friend of mine was 17 when he had sex with a 15 year old girl. Her parents didn’t like him and now he is a sex offender. Life ruined.
      Every perverted practice under the sun is now legal, but heterosexual sex between teenagers can ruin a young kid’s life. Shotgun weddings made more sense than this.

      1. That’s not the first time I’ve heard that story. Tragically lives are ruined when that happens and a young man spends the rest of his life branded an “offender” while the ignorant masses have no concept or concern for these situations.
        Appeal to the emotions of the ignorant in order push an agenda.

  9. “But, although you’ve finished serving your debt to society”
    Let’s also not forget that the wrongly convicted will be gang raped and contract HIV.

    1. In my state serious sex criminals are released from prison but then immediately commited to a mental istituion for the criminally insane. So far one has ever been released and that is being faught.

  10. Sorry, but government can’t do anything right again. It’s all wrong and ass backwards again. How many times must it be proven that ‘political solution’ is an oxy moron . . like ‘giant shrimp’ . . or ‘military intelligence’. In the land of ‘fag parades’ where gays are bolstered and esteemed in entertainment, pedestalized into believing that it’s open season on innocent boys and the proud fags go about ‘evangelizing’ their lusts upon the public and upon young men who cross their path, gays spread like a plague when green lighted by the system. Then the land is flooded with third world hoardes who throw fags off of buildings and then enter our countries with red carpet treatment. The refugee men have their 13 and 14 year old wives in tow, barefoot with a mudpuppy rugrat or two under each arm and we’re told to bow to them like they’re the Emperor of Japan. Feminism is only for us. Population control is for us. Our women are not for us.
    I think this is all a shit test to see if we’re really too stupid to deserve to live. What use are we for our greater species if we ecannot think independently? If we’re so suceptable to group think? Wake up and realize the war of the ‘sexes’ is a distraction as usual. The real war is the sperm wars and always has been. We’re being outbred by one stroke of a pen and then we’re having our right to family and the right to propogate our bloodlines penalized and criminalized by another stroke of the same pen. Then the feminists return to carpet bomb us again in case they missed any spots. They corrupt any remaining chaste young females and the fag evangelizers are loosed on any remaining boys.
    My blood boils now. I can see through it all. Our reproductive mechanism has been hacked and shorted whilst supercharged libido driven hoardes are loosed upon us. This is a push and shove war for space, for elbow room AND a reproductive (sperm) war.
    BEEF IT UP western man and FIRE UP THOSE DICKS. Both heads will have a call of duty to answer to in winning back the west. . . eeh . . and the bible handy. Some little heads out there can use a little preaching to. . . I’ll admit a few little heads I’ve noticed get a little bit of ‘fever this’ or ‘fever that’ but KEEP THOSE DICKS STRAIGHT MEN! Keep your woman centered and popping out babies FOR THE WEST!!

    1. And if it is a sh*t test, then why do we even acknowledge it. F that. At this point if I was being sh*t tested by some slut, I would tell her to stop and at the same time not give the satisfaction of passing it. Because I don’t need to validate a whore

  11. Again, this country is turning into the former Soviet Union. I can see ‘check points’ being setup (first, state lines and then in cities). It always starts small and it’s always for ‘your security’. I lived in West Germany and traveled through Europe growing up so I’ve seen these check points throughout various countries (I traveled to the former Soviet Union as well).
    The only difference I see is that we (as a nation) are “unequally” calling out and imposing laws onto men and letting women go free or unnoticed for the same crimes committed. You only need to look at any city records for men and women committing the same crimes and how the court incarcerates men up to 2-3 times longer versus women (if they get locked up at all).
    This new “law” coupled with “the list” – no fly list – has taken away citizen’s rights (it’s unconstitutional).
    There will be a civil war, soon. Change is coming.

      1. I remember some Love is Love ads around my city. Was driving home from work one day, look up, and see two dudes kissing on a billboard. I was like “Ugh! Come on guys! This crap isn’t going to win anybody over.”
        Also, that video is laughable. The hubris is off the charts.

        1. The icon of the woman is all wrong. She’s too thin and she’s wearing a skirt or dress.
          She’s needs to be a little bigger (maybe), with yoga pants and an iPhone glued to her head. That would be the U.S. version, anyways.
          Thanks for sharing, Monsieur.

        2. Last year there was a big billboard ad for a gym chain were I live that featured an athletic woman in gym gear standing on a man (cowering on the ground), One foot on lower back one on his shoulders. Personally I couldn’t care less about it or the logo above, but I do now only because of the double standards that have crept into 21st century marketing. As you say if the genders were swapped there would be an uproar.

      2. I would have to say that affects black people more than white people (that’s why they had a black woman in the ad). I say let a doctor (a woman) come up with the cure since they are so good at it and they can do anything a man can do.
        Women are full of it. They can do anything a man can do…as long as they don’t have to get dirty, fight wars, etc…. If we really want to change this country, then I say we send all of these strong women to fight in the next war. Once they get their asses handed to them, men will step up and take this country back. Women are delusional. They are only good at some things (it’s called selective equality).

        1. That’s why I’m somewhat all for “combat ready” front line all-female troops fighting wars, some of which I don’t believe in anyways. There’s no better reality check than a bullet. IDGAF how much pre-training a woman gets, you send in a group of women into a chasm of NATO rounds from a dozen AKs, and you’ll see the female machine dismantle into scared chaos in a hurry.
          A retard can pull a trigger and absorb recoil. You can’t separate female brain chemistry from its biological genetic viscera.

    1. ” I can see ‘check points’ being setup”
      It probably isn’t just a coincidence than that every time I come back to the US / go through a TSA checkpoint that I see non-whites / those with horrible English manning the checkpoints.

      1. As someone who used to cross the U.S. Mexico border on a regular basis in the good ole pre 9/11 days, I can confirm this one. While whiteys are still racist, as it turns out, minorities are worse when it comes to TSA/Customs agents. I already had one Asian agent take me to the back and handcuff me to a chair and kept me there for half an hour because he thought my SSN was fake. Again this was pre 9/11. The nerve. For all I know, he was probably only one generation away from his people jumping off the boat, and now him and his ilk strut their shit. That partly explains my dislike for people like Michelle Malkin and Ted Cruz.

  12. Our society has gone insane and its collapse won’t be long in coming. That said, this is a contrived and poor quality article

    1. but what if you in love with her and you will never find a girl like her??? especially with so many non-wife material girls that our there…

  13. If you owe $2500+ in child support arrearages, despite having battled the fem-weighted system against you in costly legal fees, you can’t get a passport or leave the country even if you’re otherwise paying the typical 120% charge regularly to catch up on arrears.
    Often many guys find themselves in this position due to the lengthy delays of courts, and the refusal of any man with common sense to NOT pay non-county-recorded support directly to the mother, since ANY payment NOT going through the system can and often WILL be deemed a “gift” to the mother, rather than actual child support. Moreover, you may not even know what the “true” amount is until the administrative review of your case, based on income of course, is addressed.
    Fuck the president, fuck these hoes.

  14. Maybe this is part of an international effort to restrict freedom of movement for registered citizens of any Country while “refugees” seem to be getting the possibility and are being encouraged to travel though and to all Countries.
    Maybe it’s a way for Governments to ensure that the tax-money keeps flowing into their vaults…
    Any other idea as to why the trend of restricting the freedom to move seems to be getting stronger by the day?

  15. The sex offender title is almost as much of a joke as being branded a rapist now. Because they have expanded the title SOOO much to include so much innocent stuff, when you hear it you just have to assume the person didn’t really do anything wrong. When I hear someone is a rapist now, I literally just assume they were drunk in college and had sex with a girl who was also drunk and since she can’t legally consent when drunk, it was rape, even though she wanted to the whole time.

    1. Seriously. This is what the rabid femicunt fugly pigs has done to a word. It has no weight, credibility or substance anymore.

  16. The law and judges who administer these things simply have no sense anymore. And the public is usually too stupid to get it.

  17. Sounds like something out of Soviet occupied East Germany. Citizens of DDR also could not leave and were shot when trying to escape.
    One would atleast think it was a good thing if sexoffenders left. But hey you guys have a for profit prison system. Can’t be letting those moneybags leave I guess.

    1. That is the key to this issue. The penalties are becoming increasingly harsh while the definition of the crimes are being so broadened as to include anything.

      1. Related to this is are the definitions of mental illnesses. These are also being broadened dramatically and treatments becoming more aggressive and more often involuntary.

  18. Nothing to see here folks, just another conspiracy theory. Right? That’s what people think. But they won’t read the actual law. Just I remember warning some folks about Obamacare tax. But nah, “conspiracy theorist, shut your hole!”

  19. the problem here isn’t that sex offenders can’t leave the country, the problem is that now everyone has to prove they aren’t a sex offender to leave the country. Everyone loses a right here, not just sex offenders.

  20. The whole sex offender registry/public database is something which serves a good purpose, but needs to be made more restrictive so that it only applies to true predators and individuals who are a proven danger to children. Having the stigma of being a sex offender is a soul-crushing thing which will lose you an uncountable number of job opportunities, dates, and travels; thus, it’s not a label that should be frivolously attached to just anyone.

  21. This is all a bit rich coming from the great unlit, who are known to be kiddy fiddling blood drinking ghouls from WAY back.

  22. FWIW, just as homosexuality was and now “transgenderism” is being “normalized”, expect SJWs to do an about face and come to the defense of pedophiles.

    1. They won’t. There’s plenty of young men in many English speaking, first world nations who currently have to declare their ‘registered sex offender status’ because their ex-girlfriend or her parents reported them to the police because they had a sexual relationship while she was just under the age of consent. A friend of mine has a family member in that predicament. A girl he started dated when he was 17, and her mother reported him to the police after they broke up. The last time they’d had sex was two days before she turned 16 (he was a couple months passed 18), so he ended up with 12 months in jail and is now a registered sex offender. People that don’t know all the details of the case tend to hear ‘sex with an underage girl’ as ‘convicted child molester’. Pretty screwed up when you think about the difference between a teenage relationship where both people were under the age of 18 for most of it, and some grown man sexually abusing a young child. Yet, he’s got to carry this for the rest of his life.

  23. My prediction: we’ll be seeing both sides attacking the middle. Governments will implement more and more indirect punishments over ‘sex crimes’ that are far removed from any actual rape or abuse, while simultaneously pushing early-sexualization and perversion in the populace. The result is more and more un-persons, receiving sentences that are slaps on the wrist, but who wind up caught up in the security state info-net for the rest of their lives.

  24. And let’s not forget that Trump wants to build a new Berlin wall along the Southern Border to keep you in.

    1. No that is to keep the southern trash out. Every time I traveled to Mexico I took a plane or went through a well guarded gate with armed security on both sides.

      1. Yeah. It’s to keep the Mexicans out for now. Give it fifty years. Americans are already fleeing the country in droves. Your grandkids will curse you for putting that wall there. Getting the Mexicans out is easy – shut down the welfare and they won’t come for it. Cut taxes to working men and we’ll be able to compete with them again. Suddenly spanish-speaking labor will be a thing of the past.

  25. There are many problems with laws surrounding sex offender legislation and it’s well documented that it leads to things such as groups of sex offenders living under a bridge as there aren’t any places that they can live that are far enough away from schools/playgrounds/etc.
    But comparing these over-restrictive laws with the preludes of racial genocide?

  26. I’m confused- surely the charges would all be dropped once it comes to light that she is in fact of age?

    1. It might be legal to marry a 17 year old, but it’s not legal for her to make nudes of herself and send them to you over a phone or Internet service, because she’s still a child for the purposes of child porn charges, even if she’s legitimately your wife.

  27. Here’s a much better example –
    Weak case against the lads. Plenty of witnesses saw them all drinking together for a period of several hours. Nobody saw the girl leave in distress. No staff at the club heard anything in the toilets that sounded like rape (yeah, I know what the SJW’s are going to say). MD who examined the girl found no evidence to corroborate rape or forced sexual contact. Lads had their passports taken and were detained in Croatia for 7 months, where they were repeatedly threatened with 15 years jail because the girl, an unaccompanied 17 year old Norwegian backpacker, is a minor under Croatian law.
    Because the Croatian Police have their passports, the lads are pretty much boned no matter what. There’s not much Australian consular staff can do because of the criminal proceedings. Eventually the prosecution (not the girl’s lawyers as incorrectly stated) offers the deal – enter a plea of guilty and pay the girl $10,000 each as ‘compensation. No guarantees, since, under Croatian law, the victim of the crime has the choice to accept it, or take the case to trial- which can then lead to being able to sue for damages if a guilty verdict is returned. White knights tend to put up the strawman – “Well, if they were innocent, why didn’t they take it to trial?” Most white knights have never been banged up abroad and been stuck in a country they can’t leave due to having no passport.
    In many other parts of the world, you pay money to ‘victims’ and officials if you want a speedy resolution, and to be allowed on your way. No different here. So prosecution with a weak case plays a bluff game – “take the plea and be home next week, or see how long we can fuck you around before we get it to court. We’ve already fucked you around for 7 months, so you see how this could drag on for years.” You don’t need to be a genius to see how this is going to play out. Enter plea, get a 5 year good behaviour bond in lieu of 12 months jail (note 12 months, not 15 years – offence not as serious rape) and take the first plane out of there. Case closed. Victim feels justice has been served in the form of $30,000 (why do none of these media outlets ever seek comment from the ‘victim’). Croatia is happy that it’s justice system works.
    Unfortunately that’s not good enough for the SJWs back home. These lads are ‘rapists’ who raped a girl! Never mind that said girl allegedly turned 18 some weeks after the event (so what’s the difference in mental capacity). Never mind that the matter was dealt with and by all accounts everyone was happy with the outcome. They weren’t punished as harshly as they could have been under Australian laws. The SJWs speaking as if they actually know the victim (they don’t), are bitter that Croatian law isn’t as harsh and one-sided as they feel Australian laws are. They are also just as bitter that Australian law doesn’t require the lads to be registered as sex offenders. They’d love for Australia to adopt ‘International Megan’s law’ so ambiguous situations that these lads found themselves in can be branded for the rest of their lives. In the mean time, they’ll sick the tabloids onto them.

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