9 Things I Learned About The Depravity Of Women From Camgirl Site Chaturbate

Recently, a friend introduced me to a website called Chaturbate (nsfw), a free site where you can view people naked doing just about anything.  It’s basically free, live amateur porn. I stopped using pornography several months back, but this was shocking and intriguing to me, and takes pornography to a whole new level. While there are definitely sexually stimulating women there, I became more fascinated with the site as a glimpse at the modern day woman and the level of promiscuity in our society. After about a month of reflecting on the site, checking in a couple of times a week, I have the following observations:

1. Women Are Sluttier Than You Think


Even if you have taken the red pill, are spinning plates and having multiple one night stands, you probably underestimate the utter depravity of women. You will see women showing off their bodies to complete strangers, sticking all manner of objects in all their orifices, having sex live in plain view, where thousands can see them, and other things I will not repeat here.

They have no concern over their future or the repercussions of their actions. Actually, there are few repercussions, because they are not shamed for their actions and they will find guys to wife them up in the West. This should give any man pause when dealing with the opposite sex.

2. Looks Can Be Deceiving


The site is full of young girls, many quite innocent looking, who will strip off their clothes and casually talk to their viewers, answer phone calls non-chalantly while fully naked, and reveal nasty, dirty secrets to strangers. We all know there is such a thing as the thousand cock stare. But looking at a few girls on this site makes me question even the girl sitting on my same pew in church.

3. Femininity Is Valued


The site is open for anyone to broadcast, and is therefore a free market of sexuality. There are a disproportionate number of thin, young, Eastern European, Asian, and Latina women without tattoos, and with long, feminine hair. And these are the women receiving thousands of viewers.

Yes, there are fuglies and I’m sure there are even some people who have weird fetishes who are *attracted* to fat, short haired, or otherwise unattractive women, but the majority clearly prefers young, thin feminine women. There are plenty of American college girls too. A word of warning: there are men, gays, and trannys on the site. It is obvious that men, when given a choice, clearly prefer young, thin, feminine women.

4. Women Are, Above All, Attention Seekers

2010 NBA All Star Game

Probably the biggest lesson to learn is the lengths women will go to in order to attention whore. These women are so narcissistic that they crave the attention and praise of viewers and will do almost anything for it. The fact that they can attract the simultaneous attention of thousands of men simply by removing clothing and showing their natural birthday suit makes them feel powerful and strong.

They can further tease and lead on men—I’ve witnessed some who will toy with hundreds of beta followers, fully clothed, teasing them with the promise of undressing that is never fulfilled. And yet they will still have white knight orbiters who will defend them as “perfect” and “amazing” and attack other men who demand she put up or shut up. Of course, given the option of hundreds of live streaming girls, any girl who teases too long is passed up for one who is already fully nude and inserting multiple objects into her body.

If a woman will sexually and publicly degrade herself with unspeakable sexual acts for virtual attention over a computer screen, imagine what she will do in real life.

5. Women Love Trinkets


There is a way to “tip” women with online credits, and much like “freemium games” one way to obtain credits is to buy them for 5 cents a piece. Whenever a girl is tipped, a “cha-ching” sound will be played. The girls are visibly excited and respond whenever they hear this sound. There are even vibrators that they can buy (and most all girls have these) that are coordinated to respond to the sound of the “cha-ching” that the site makes and increase their vibration, in a sick Pavlovian response where, over time, I believe the woman would literally get off to the sound of money.

Many of the women will have tiers of vulgarity tied to these virtual trinkets—i.e. once they receive 20 tokens they will take off their top, at 40 tokens, their bottom, at 60 they will insert a dildo, at 100 insert something into their ass, etc. Note that there are always women showing for free, and there are enough orbiters feeding these women virtual tokens that you never have to send tokens to see the depravity.

6. Women Value Money Over Dignity


Several of these women have created Twitter accounts where you can “follow” them, be in their fan club, and be notified whenever they are stripping. They also accept Paypal or Amazon gift cards and will send you special videos, sell you their used underwear, take special requests, give you access to their dirty Snapchats, or become a portapotty for the right price.

7. Always Have Abundance Mentality


One of the most positive lessons to be learned from this site is having an abundance mentality with women. When you can click through hot young girl after hot young girl doing any manner of perverted sexual acts, it’s hard to imagine ever fixating on any one. Indeed, any girl who doesn’t perform adequately, takes too long with foreplay and teasing, or is too greedy with the virtual credits will quickly be passed over for a hotter, easier girl who is in the middle of a squirting show. It’s hard to develop oneitis after seeing the abundance of hot young poon available online.

8. Hot Girls Are Easy


For many guys, even once they see some early effects of game, they still think that certain women are out of their league. One of my first eye opening red pill experiences was when I found myself alone with a 9 who kissed me and then stripped off her clothes and a few seconds later asked me to fuck her. I was down to party, but going from a first kiss to sex within a matter of 30 seconds, with zero concern over me having a condom, was a little too slutty for me, and I rejected her, which made me feel even better.

But ever since then I realized how the hottest girls are just as easy—actually MORE SO—than your average girl. This is only reinforced on the site, where you will see girls with high SMV offering their bodies for free for thousands of guys to jerk off to.

9. Women Lie


It is quite a social experiment to sit back and watch the interactions of these women with their orbiters. Often, after hearing multiple “cha-ching” noises indicating large deposits of virtual credits, the women will respond verbally with “Oh My Gosh! I love you!” It reminds me of the gold digger prank where a guy approaches strange women on the street, who reject him, until they find out he has a Lamborghini. When you see women so easily and freely toss around the L word, you realize how fake, dishonest, shallow, and manipulative they are.


The site offers a sick portrayal of the modern sexual marketplace. While I do not want to condone men to use pornography, it is definitely eye-opening and it is important for men to understand the levels to which women have sunk, especially college age women.

On Christmas day, I logged on to find 15 pages of women to choose from (each page offers 90 live cams so this was a total of around 1,350 options of live sluts degrading themselves sexually instead of celebrating Christmas with their families). The numbers are normally in the thousands, and this occurs every day, around the clock, 24 hours a day.

One thing I didn’t see on the site was Muslim women, because that is one of the last societies where men retain control over the behavior of women. Chaturbate is a strong sign of the depravity of our society and the lack of any sort of morality or modesty when patriarchy is removed, and is a clear symptom of the need for neomasculinity.

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444 thoughts on “9 Things I Learned About The Depravity Of Women From Camgirl Site Chaturbate”

  1. “They have no concern over their future or the repercussions of their
    actions. Actually, there are few repercussions, because they are not
    shamed for their actions and they will find guys to wife them up in the
    West. This should give any man pause when dealing with the opposite sex.

    Nailed it^
    Sadly enough, as much as I love the Bible, Modern-day Christianity has helped with this.
    These women will do all of things that whores do for free. (At least a whore would get paid) and then years from now say they were going through a phase , or some other mess.
    She’ll be forgiven for her depravity even though no actual regret (or repentance) occurred. She’ll just hit the wall and say all of the right things into shaming a relatively clean man into being with her.
    Then because she never actually had to suffer for her deeds she will never respect the man that she is with nor anyone else of his ilk, because she got away too easily.
    Other girls on the fence will witness her story and journey down the same path of whoredom because, Guess what? If Heather was a slut and still got a good guy, I can too right?
    I wish hardcore, exile-styled shaming was still in style…

    1. Yes, shame has lost so much meaning recently.
      “Feeling with the struggle and everyone is just right the way he is.”
      Complete garbage. Call them out for what they are and make it publicly. Even Jesus did it and so should we.

    2. Feminized christianity in a gynocentric society is not real Christianity. This is all Satan’s work .

  2. Counterargument: We are biologically still cavemen, and tribal people fuck all the time, practically whenever they want. Maybe it would make more sense to figure out how to build a society around that.

    1. I don’t want to live like tribal people, fornicating like bonobos while waiting to get enslaved or submitted. This is what we’re currently heading for.
      The path toward civilization was through sexual restreint.

      1. I find it odd too that feminists are part and parcel with the Hippy “free love” movement of the 60s, not because it led us away from societal stability that part makes sense as they both sought it, but that now they are so concerned with whether or not intoxicated sex is consensual.
        The entire free love female empowerment movement they were intertwined with was all about female promiscuity, specifically in taking drugs/getting drunk and having sex with whoever was close at hand. Nothing about their capacity for depravity has changed, and we’ve witnessed the destruction it renders left unchecked.

        1. The hippie “free love” movement was all about WOMEN being able to have all the sex that they wanted, with all the “hawt”, hunky guys that they wanted, and all without any guilt or having to be ‘judged’ or shamed.
          All the guys who were not ‘hawt’ or hunky got zilch.
          Sound familiar?

        2. Actually the free love movement far predates the hippies. Lenin’s brother was in one of those socialist cult things where free love was all the rage. I believe the Oneida Colony (which is now a silverware manufacturer, heh) was originally conceived as a socialist commune with free love. At the time it was probably more aimed at attracting men, imho.

      2. Nations, like Germany, will fall (or change) due to the policies enacted and enforced by the political leaders in charge (women). It will be up to men to take back their countries…in the end…when these women are overrun by men from other countries. We are seeing it, now, in Germany with the recent migration of illegals from the Middle East to Germany through Merkel’s Open Border’s Policy.
        Women love these changes…as long as it’s all peaceful. Once things become FUBAR’d, then they want to turn to men for help and answers. If you don’t believe me, then watch any crash or accident (at the local level). You’ll always see women turning to men for help or answers.
        Men go to war and men have died fighting for their countries (not women).

        1. (I am mostly joking here, the idea of this in practice would be detrimental to our national security and sovereignty, but I had to say it).
          Reinstatement of the draft should only be the first step, so long as it isn’t like prior times in that it picked primarily from the low income segments of the population allowing the connected to avoid service, no especially the “entitled” classes should be drafted.
          The second step should be an all-female and homosexual take-over of the military. Let them fight wars for awhile (no more straight young men at all) and see how privileged they still think men were amid bullets and bombs, and at the same time alter the voting demographic back in our favor.

        2. Women SCREAM to have some man do their (or society’s) dirty work that they would not do.

      3. Maybe civilization was a mistake. When a full quarter of our women are on mind altering drugs just to make it through the day, we have a problem.

        1. Our modern civilization was mistaken in many ways, and is dying because of it. What you describe is one of the symptoms. Doesn’t mean we should go back to being half-monkeys.

        2. The current state of affairs is due to the technological achievements of civilization.
          If we had never invented agriculture and never progressed past the tribal stage we would not have all the fancy tech we do, but we would still likely have survived to this day and maybe even been the planets apex predators. Even if not, humans are happiest when living like humans, when living in accordance with our nature. As things stand, both men and women in the majority of the world are miserable.

        3. I see it as a fully natural step in the overall birth/decline/fall cycle of civilizations.
          As society finds success it grows, growth incorporates diversity, diversity leads to disagreement/erosion of cohesion (as too many disparate opinion create too many Chiefs vs. Indians), the struggle to maintain form and relevance leads to increased restriction which leads to increased oppression/dissatisfaction. From there revolt and open rebellion followed by either revolution or destruction, either way the original society is long lost/unrecognizable.

        4. Biological need coming from evolution if I’m not mistaken. Evolution comes from adaptation. Not all the tribes elvoved at the same times. It seems to me possible that some herbivore tribes still lived at the same time other tribes started hunting.

        5. Then maybe ” the herbivore gatherer said the same thing when men started hunting”.

        6. And, so what? Obviously the meat eaters won and the grass eaters are too dead to have a voice.
          This is not the case here. Civilization moves in cycles, not forward, which means on the whole civilization is stagnant. Stagnancy is death. We need to find something that works better.

        7. Well, let’s look at it in a recent microcosm because I am all for a simpler back-to-nature lifestyle and predominantly live a fairly Spartan one as it is.
          In the mid-60s (or so) US a group of young people started to believe that the advancements society had made were leading to complete governmental and corporate dominance. To fight this, they proposed moving to rural areas and living a sustainable lifestyle of rugged independence (the same thing was also tried post-WW2 on a smaller scale and even further back in history, not to be confused with times economic drivers have forced people to migrate into or out of urban regions).
          Ultimately this proved somewhat successful. The success however attracted more people, many undesirable, with their own ideas on how to improve (“fix what wasn’t broken” as we say where I’m from) or change it. They wanted things shared to those who made minimum effort, to laze about and pursue their most basic carnal appetites, and make as much as possible off the naive, gullible, and drug addicted. In other words, they injected communism under the guise of progress. These folks went on to be the modern Democratic party and apply their methods to an entire county.
          So my question is: how does one prevent the “advancement” from ever happening to maintain a pre-agri society?

        8. “And, so what? Obviously the meat eaters won and the grass eaters are too dead to have a voice.”
          Same thing with the agri, can’t go backward now.
          “Civilization moves in cycles, not forward, which means on the whole
          civilization is stagnant. Stagnancy is death. We need to find something
          that works better.”
          I thought about space colonization, instead of making useless hedonist technologies.

        9. Through violence, probably.
          The highest status men in tribal societies are warriors, closely followed by the best hunters. Any society, tribal or progressively modern, can only be sustained by the application of force upon those who would change it.
          Now, a stone age tribal society vs guns and drones is no contest. I’m not proposing we go back to rocks and sticks. What we need is to live in a way that combines modern military might with a lifestyle in close alignment with our biological natures.
          As an analogy, I live on a boat. I have batteries, a solar panel, a windmill and electric light, a stove and a computer. But it is still the wind that carries me around the world. It combines the best of the old and the new for a lifestyle that caters both to my biological wiring and my modern creature comfort preferences. We need to do that on a societal level.

        10. Space would work, at least for a time. But the people left on the planet Dirt would be relatively less amygdalan developed than the space pioneers. Friction and eventual war would be inevitable.

        11. planet Dirt
          Gosh, wherever have I seen that term before? Heh.

        12. I would love it to be possible.
          Maybe it can be done, I’m afraid it will take people far beyond who we are (collectively) now. Or perhaps, in the US anyway, a 180 to actually following the Constitution.
          My one concern is that tribes are ultimately totalitarian, maintained either by one or many through force. Allowing for any individuality at any time would lead to dissent and uprising and so as you say must be met mercilessly.
          But how does one keep that from bleeding over or being exploited by the ignoble? What of future successors, do we go back to blood lineage and inbreeding leading to mental derangement and mutation? I am uncertain that it would be sustainable outside of very small groups, say a family unit or perhaps neighborhood, likely why small towns stay proof against “progressive” illness for so long.
          Maybe it is a case of too much growth. If that is the cause, then in the US that might be why States’ Rights, under the non-interfering umbrella of a federal affiliation, are so fundamentally crucial and so violently attacked. And why the 9th and 10th amendments are so readily ignored.

        13. Tribes are communistic. Hunters pool their kills and distribute the meat among the tribe.
          This works because tribe is family. But an entire nation can not be family, or be thought of as family. Physical limits in our brain makes this impossible.
          Ancient tribes did not necessarily have to inbreed. When tribes met, they often fought, and the women from the losing side became part of the winning side. We also know that indians and a number of other modern tribes raid rival tribes for their women, and I believe certain european countries still have a tradition of “abducting” the bride.
          But a country full of competing tribes can not compete with a modern nation, so this is not what I am proposing either. I don’t know how one could organize an entire country to live after tribal principles and still retain the same military might, all I know is that the current system doesn’t work and that any living creature is happier and healthier when living according to its nature.

        14. Random question , you posted a prayer I believe called the paratroopers prayer , could you link me to it?

        15. Sorry to respond so late.
          I agree with the sentiments here, especially the last paragraph.
          Perhaps Communalism, Communitarianism, or even Libertarian Municipalism would be preferable methods to maintaining a tribal sensibility which could otherwise become intolerable when perverted into Communism where things like charity become State coerced?

        16. Oh, you are quite wrong. I wish I could embed a picture; civilization move in cycles, not circles. Think of an “S” with its axis tilted to the right, followed by another “S”, etc. Sometimes we are moving up, sometimes down, but the long term trend is ‘up’.

        17. This is what people don’t seem to understand about Bernie Sanders’ platform.
          Let’s remake America to be like Scandinavian countries!
          What no one wants to talk about is how Scandinavian countries are socially cohesive, have a stable culture, an incomparably smaller population, and have much simpler demographics.
          The Scandinavians look at each other and want to build their country for themselves and each other. They are a nation that is bettering itself and exists independent of other nations.
          America has become so complicated in comparison. It’s like little nations inside of a giant nation bound together only by rule of law (this is what Trump understands).
          A better comparison would be comparing Scandinavia and its economy to the Bible belt states, where people are of a similar demographic and belief system.
          But I’m pretty sure those Bernie supporters aren’t thinking that deeply about it… They’re thinking more about the grab bag.

        18. I’m fairly certain those Bernie supporters aren’t even capable of thinking that deeply about it, partly of their own fault (killing off too many brain cells “recreationally”) and desire to get free shinies and partly the fault of the indoctrination they’ve been put through.
          I’m pretty well convinced that any society can become overburdened with population beyond its ability to manage. How many people can maintain a consensus on truly important issues? How much “diversity” until tradition is contaminated and supplanted? How long until a small argument becomes a wedge? Or someone seeks to control it all regardless of the damage/cost?

        19. What is the worst part of living on a boat? How much are the slip/docking fees per year? thx

        20. If I just stay in the local harbor then the docking fee is… a bit under 100 bucks a year. Boating is practically free compared to land based alternatives. Water and electricity is a bit more expensive than on land, but not to a degree worth bothering about.
          The worst part is that I have to come to shore for supplies.

        21. Pre-Agriculure, i.e Stone Age, have/ had their own problems; just look at the Yanomami Tribe. They are basically all sociopathic mass murderers and gang rapists, and cannibals. Look into Stone Age societies, be it the Maori 300 years ago, or the savages still living “as nature intended” in Papua New Guinea, that break into armed compounds to try and steal humans to eat. There is nothing romantic about pre-civilisation, and only an idiot would promote it.

        22. Civilisation’s cycles are not loops, they are always growing, as is every aspect of civilisation, especially knowledge/ know how. Look at the growth in energy use over a thousand years, all developed by the anti-entropic human mind, and it is clear civilisation is far from static. Once fusion power becomes a reality, or mining Heluim 3 from the moon, then your type will still be moaning in the face of human created abundance. Humans could eventually be able to create matter/ elements from an as yet unknown way, and be able to create everything they need. Human creativity has no limit.

        1. Feminists: “Dismantle the (Christian) patriarchy!”
          Feminists: “Import patriarchal Muslims!”

    2. Some people in a tribal environment fuck all the time. All the women flock to just the top men, and the lesser men are chased off. Look at how sexually frustrated a lot of Middle Eastern men are before they leave their homes and head off to Europe.

      1. Yep. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In tribal societies women are, presumably, happy or at least happier than in current times. Tribal men are either delirious with joy or unhappy, but are more of them unhappy than we are today?

        1. Unhappy men don’t build a society. Without a society, we don’t have things like laws that prevent one man from killing another man just to get to his women. Without society, a lot of the things that sexless men resort to in order to distract themselves wouldn’t exist, and the ones that already exist will stagnate in their development.
          When a small group of men have all the women and father the majority of the childen, the children don’t get the same quality of fatherhood (due to time constraints if nothing else) that a more monogamous society can offer. We can see in the current world what the effects of absentee fathers are on the population. Those populations most affected by absentee fathers are already operating on a more tribal level, and they’re not succeeding by and large.

        2. Men TODAY don’t build a society, we are tearing down what was passed on to us. We don’t need everyone to be happy, as a society, we just need it to last on the long term. The current model doesn’t allow for that.

        3. Why are we tearing it down? Because the current model is trending towards more primitive ways, and primitive social patterns will break down a society built on higher ideals. Less men have their sexual needs met as the women are unrestrained to all chase the same top men. Society can’t support higher-minded needs when basic ones like food, shelter, and sex aren’t supported. More sexless chumps will accelerate the decline. They continually withdraw support from society and/or seek to destroy what they think is unjust.

        4. It’s breaking down because men have become weak, as a direct result of our so-called “higher ideals”.

    3. Yes and no. Our technology changes who we are, by altering the ratios between our senses and abilities that existed in prehistoric time. For example, the wheel extends the foot, the telephone extends the ear, the TV extends the eye, etc. Ten thousand years ago, we were in harmony with our bodies and senses. Our new technologies keep changing that.
      Much of what we call ‘western civilization’ depends on the book and the printing press (PP). Before the PP, books were copied by hand, and were few and far between. Less than 10% of the population could read at all in the middle ages. The availability of cheap books afforded by the PP meant more information, more learning, more education, and hence, more discovery and invention. At the same time, the PP fractured the ‘oral’ culture of the Middle Ages. When you are in church, you must recite the same prayer, and sing the same hymn (i.e. “be in tune with”) as your fellows, or there will obvious discord and disharmony.
      That’s not true with books. You can be reading Smith’s “Wealth of Nations” next to a guy reading “Das Kapital”, and not have any problem at all. The book turned Western man inward, away from his tribe, and glorified the individual.
      Now we have instant electronic networks that re-create the oral/aural culture of old. Don’t agree with the latest PC pronouncements? Keep your mouth shut or be prepared to be endlessly flamed for the disharmony you created. We have turned back outward from the individual to the tribe – well, some of us. Old style book guys like me (60) have a hard time with the new culture.
      BTW, these are not original ideas – they are all cribbed from Marshall Macluhan’s “Understanding Media”, published back in 1962.

    1. You’ll never hear a peep from that crowd…or if you do they’ll follow it up with the old, tired excuse of ‘men have done it for so long’ or ‘now it’s time for women to have their freedom’.
      I didn’t know that for so long so many women need their freedom to be whores. We’ve always had whores (the service was always available) but with being a whore came the stink of being a whore. These women, today, want the freedom to be whores with no downside. I call it another example of “selective equality”.
      I respect real whores more than I do this bunch, today. Real whores are providing a service and they know who they are (and where they stand in society).
      These attention whores are the bottom of the barrel in society, now.

      1. These sluts are the main competition to real whores. This is why women hate sluts. They make women’s pussy a commodity and lowers her bargaining power.

      2. I think you have misjudged Feminism. If they do peep it will be to say that it is all men’s fault. If men didn’t watch these women, they would never have exposed themselves. You see, according to Feminism, women have no agency at all. Everything they do, and have ever done, is caused by some man or another.

        1. I agree with you. The man is to blame is the tired old “go to” for all of them….that’s a given. What I find funny is the silence on the obvious stuff (like the rape epidemic that has hit Europe with these illegals. Even with the facts, these women are still blaming the usual men (white men) for rapes occurring before the illegals arrived in Germany.
          Regardless, these women are delusional and they’ll only consider facts when it plays to their narrative.

        2. feminism is the most misguided nonsense… just a bunch of ugly women with penis envy that were useless as wives and mothers and wanted to push their way into the male domain…. real feminsm would be standing up for feminine women, female medical issues, mothers, child raising standards, education of children and be focused purely on building better standards for women and children to do their thing…. ironically it’s always been men doing that since the year dot… pretty much everything men ever did, was with women in mind…. even Hilter… saw the value of mothers and children….. without that side of the equation stable and online in the correct format, all the technology, science and improvements are worthless, because society will die out…
          so what did feminism do… it turned women into men…. there’s barely ever a mention of motherhood, child raising, pregnancy and birthing standards – who recommended women don’t drink and smoke during pregnancy… male doctors not feminists….
          feminism has taken women that were focused on the most important role in the world – wives and mothers – and turned them into paper pushing lower management trollups… with the occasional Sheryl Sandberg, Hillary Clinton that pushes her tits up to the glass ceiling…. largely by riding on the coat tails of men’s achievements… and the fact is that there were women like this through all history long before feminism reared it’s ugly head…
          there are the 5% of women that are bright and smart and not necessarily very attractive and maybe might roll in the man’s world and make a contribution…
          but feminism said all women should be in this 5% – and women are trend followers, so the 90% that simply don’t cut it in commerce, medicine, business, and the male domains… they are lost as what to do… so they become whores…. as most lost women generally would do…. when they should have been wives and mothers all along….

    2. If someone criticizes any of these women, the online feminists will harp about ‘slutshaming’ and how what these camgirls are doing is ’empowering’

  3. And then there’s Omegle…
    Men who become overridden by lust are easiest to control both for women and society. Whether it is orbiter/loser thirst or addiction it is detrimental to the state of men in our culture and harmful to both. Some men can handle constant arousal/stimulation others cannot.
    More men need to take the position that their sexual satisfaction is under their own power and stop handing the reigns over to women in hopes of getting laid. The axiom/joke of: “Whoever has all the pussy will soon have all the money.” needs to go the way of the dodo, else our status and masculinity will remain undermined.
    EDIT: Sites and enterprises that provide this type of service are successful because there is a market. Women who are willing to do these things publicly obviously can’t be appealed to through their (absent) dignity or modesty, therefore men have to collectively start providing a strong masculine presence as to what constitutes acceptable female behavior again.
    All of us here get called misogynists or chauvinists daily, but if no other article but this one proves it, the mindsets and actions which garner us these labels are more necessary now than ever.

  4. Or maybe they are women who enjoy exhibiting their bodies and find pleasure in it. It’s kind of like the voyeurs who go to sites like this and claim to be innocent observers…

    1. No doubt that exhibitionism (https://www.psychologytoday.com/conditions/exhibitionism) is in play in many if not all cases.
      The question is what is causing the uptick in so many modern women to deviate to this disorder/paraphilias? Especially considering it has traditionally been a male behavior.
      Narcissism? Cultural decline? Being spoiled? Attention seeking? Positive reinforcement (as in the Pavlovian model)? Money? Loosened sexual morality? The tenets of feminism and female sexual empowerment? Lack of meaningful real-world interaction and fulfillment? Fantasy/fetishism? Lack of significant feminine role-models? Lack of a strong masculine figure? All of the above and more?
      But it is also true that an exhibitionist requires an audience (voyeur) and doing so only adds to/enables the dysfunction.

      1. They can get money for doing it. They get the attention that they crave, and there is no shame in doing it (for now). They have hopes of getting discovered by some movie producer and become a celebrity movie star.
        Only the father would put a stop to this behavior for HER own good. It’s sad really how bad things are.

        1. “Only the father would put a stop to this behavior for HER own good.”
          Which is why you see feminism having fathers removed from the family unit, by force if necessary.

        2. Yes but on a wider scale going sNe is also talking about yoga pants.. and there’s no money coming in for that, just maybe a few surreptitious looks. In fact they mostly wear that shit around other women, so it might be for the ‘you look very priddy today’ comments from the gaggle.

  5. “They have no concern over their future or the repercussions of their actions.”
    The feel the consequences a few years later when they slowly cop on why their CV gets sent back or the guy(s) she had LT interest in keep dumping her.

    1. Let us see when these future politicians running for office. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. This takes character assassination to a whole other level.

      1. Characeter assassination or suicide? The internet will always have their “shows” stored somewhere with their face and enough personal data to identify.
        Employers look at potential candidates social media sights now, but I can imagine the search engines of tomorrow will be even more savy.

        1. Hillary has so many skeletons in the closet she had to get all 4 of her houses extended. Doesn’t matter in the end and she can smash all the hard drives she wants– foreign intell has backed up everything.

        2. I still think it is those skeletons actually buried in Arkansas that would bring her down if anyone would care to, you know, investigate those murders that is.

        3. Way to much water under the bridge for that. Considering how much of the world has burned under her watch as SoS, I am sure there is more than enough laying around to convict. The democrats are nothing but a criminal organization posing as a politcal party these days.

  6. I remember a quote from the comments section a long time back ago from another article but it’s still just as relevant for this topic “no where in any previous age is the average man so exposed to sex, and yet get so little of it…”
    And people wonder why society is going down the shit hole

  7. Most of these things are just the nature of women, as developed over thousands of years of genetic weeding out of other traits. The problem is that these traits have lost their original context, which makes them today both pathetic AND out of control.
    It’s good that women want the attention of men, want to dress to attract a mate. It only makes sense to entice a male to want to procreate with her, biologically.
    It also makes perfect sense from an evolutionary standpoint as to why women seem to be naturally hard wired to shoot for the highest “earning” male she can attract. Gotta raise kids, and that takes a productive male providing, at least until the last 40 years or so.
    Lying comes naturally to women I think because of evolutionary forces. The smaller, weaker being has to learn to manipulate the stronger being to get her goals accomplished. She can’t compete with men physically, she doesn’t have the same hard wiring for external focused intelligence as men, so she uses her inward focused intellect to craft a “reality” that keeps her man with her, which almost always includes a huge amount of manipulation, aka lying. It’s a survival strategy.
    Being slutty for nearly all girls is an entirely new phenomenon. While there have always been sluts, it’s only with the advent of the modern age that it has NOT been regarded as a bad trait *for choosing a wife*. While men celebrated sluts since we learned the term, we celebrated them as camp following whores who let us relieve our urges after battle, we did NOT value them in any capacity as actual women worth the time of day to marry.
    As to sexual depravity, I believe this is the extreme version of what used to be known as a woman learning to keep her man pleased sexually. Without the moral restrictions we used to have in place, women stopped doing these things for their husbands in the bedroom and started doing them in public and with strangers to reinforce their “look at me me me!” strategies, which relates to my first paragraph.
    It all kind of makes sense is what I’m saying. If men do not provide a good context for the natural expressions women have, then this kind of shit is bound to happen. Reign it in again, put cultural mores and virtue back in place and the excesses disappear or at least get wallpapered over sufficiently.
    It all comes back to the end results of feminism. Maximize women’s sexual strategies, minimize men’s sexual strategies. I’m not saying that this is “men’s fault” insofar as “all men” but it sure as hell is the fault of the beta manginas who are so thirsty that they’ll literally destroy an entire legal system and culture in order to get a whiff of pussy.

      1. Can you translate to English please?
        Or are you saying that I should sit down and be quiet and not posit my ideas to other men? Is that it?

        1. Thanks.
          Some people get mad at me because I get uprates (or whatever). I don’t ask for them, and would post the same even if I got 0 consistently from post to post. I just like discussing things. If this were Ancient Greece I’d have my ass planted firmly on the steps of the Academy, engaged in daily philosophical discussions. heh

        2. I am constantly amazed at the emotional connections to ratings systems in online forums. Anywho, on topic, it is amazing, and sad, what people will do to for a feeling of power in their own lives while at the same time avoiding real power in their own lives.

        3. I’m pretty sure I don’t do upvoting “right” anyway.
          Sometimes it’s because I agree in whole or in part.
          Sometimes its a thank you to a compliment.
          Sometimes its because something is funny.
          Sometimes I disagree entirely but appreciate the manner, the thoroughness, or the intellect with which it was presented.
          I am glad for every post here (excepting the trolls) that manages to be mentally stimulating.

        4. Ignore that clown. He likes to do these little drive-by comments, strangely always accusing us of attention whoring. I think he is quite mad.

        5. I don’t think there is a “right” way to do it. I upvote if the post adds to the debate, regardless of whether I agree or not.

        6. Yeah, I tend to do that too, if the person on the other side of the argument is being honest and not delving into 1,000 logical fallacies and ad hominem.

        7. Yeah, he’s a troll. All the earmarks – hit and run and being snarky and insulting being the clear tells of course.

        8. This is great. I am going to do just that! By the way, have you seen my comment. I suggest you go upvote it! Stroke my E-peen lovingly.

        9. I have no idea why I just upvoted you.
          I know I upvote everything wi to lo says based on the fact that his name is awesome. He could literally post “fuck that lolknee. he is an asshole” and I would read wi tu lo and I would chuckle and upvote.

        10. He/she’s just tiring of that eternal Dunce cap that’s been nailed to his/her head.
          Every time he/she thinks he/she’s removed that metal cap through painstaking effort, like Sisyphus rolling the stone endlessly uphill, that heavy metal Dunce cap just welds itself back on its natural home.
          There are a legion of men from various parts of the world who get great value from your insights here. Rest assured.

        11. Yeah, that’s what I fuckin’ meant, heh. My bad.

        12. We should be friends! I’m so happy now like oh my gosh. See, my brain has already eroded. I never understood why people care about likes or micro-transactions on sites. Yikes.

        13. I was just screwing around, but I think that other guy is serious about votes. Votes are serious business, Bob.

        14. Yeah, also I find this sort of setup kinda emasculating in general too.
          Sucks, that the meet ups were officially cancelled.

        15. A couple times. He doesn’t wait around for the response. Or maybe he gets off on all the attention he gets as a result. He’s probably jerking off reading this now.

        16. Too bad that we don’t have the Academy or something like it now — our male population sure could use it; of course, it would be shut down within a month for being ‘offensive’ to whatever Victim group is the ‘flavor of the week’.

    1. I would go further to say that everything is, in fact, the fault of men – because responsibility and accountability are features of masculinity. Girls will be girls. What we are seeing in modern life are normal, healthy, natural feminine urges manifesting in self-destructive ways, due to a failure of masculine leadership.

      1. Men on their own are atomized and largely powerless against a broader culture which clearly has an agenda of gender adversarialism. Don’t give us too much credit on what we can control.

        1. I never meant to imply that you have the power to fix the problem, or even that you caused the problem. I am simply saying that it is your fault. Don’t look for justice in this world.

        2. This all seems like Genesis 3 and Romans 1 and 2 played out to me. We are a fallen, and degenerate race. There is a Way (Jesus Christ) of salvation, but there are few who will find Him.
          I know a lot of you guys are athiests, but I believe the only way out of the sexual degeneracy is the Biblical Faith, which by the way is radically patriarchal.
          By the way, everybody, I recommend getting porn out of your life. It turns us into wusses. I know, because I use to be a porn loving wuss.

        3. that may be my level, but, according to my logic, between the two, it can only be my father’s fault

        4. I agree with you regarding faith. Reason alone cannot trump instinct on its own…for most. There is a blueprint for a healthy, mutually respectful society — it’s all there.

      2. Good observation. Western man has been emasculated by feminism and hence we these disordered displays of femininity by a not insignificant number of Western women. We wonder why Muslim men are arriving en masse in Europe with certain sexual expectations and an inability (by some of them) to maintain certain sexual boundaries in the public realm? Maybe the Western women bitching about the patriarchy should look at their fcked up sisters for the message being conveyed to the entire planet. Of course, that would require some measure of self awareness and a broader perspective than the next Amazon gift card.
        If I were living in Algeria and caught sight of Chaturbate, damn right I’d come to Europe expecting white pussy and I’d be pretty pissed if I didn’t get it.

    2. “Most of these things are just the nature of women, as developed over thousands of years of genetic weeding out of other traits. The problem is that these traits have lost their original context,”
      Good insights on your part GOJ.

    3. The “white knights” or “beta manginas” aren’t the ones who destroyed the legal system and the culture. The alphas at the top of the economic and political pyramids did that.
      They didn’t want anyone challenging their position so they’ve done everything they can to keep their power (and get more). That’s what alpha animals do, they kill and cripple anyone who might knock them down from the top. Since the early progressive era that is exactly what the institutions of the US and other western nations have been designed to do.
      They were quite up front about it a century ago. Today it’s all hush-hush and considered “conspiracy theory” but the history is still there. The books, papers, minutes of meetings, and so on are there to be read and books where authors put it together in a more manageable form as well. “manginas” are just an effect of an educational and media system designed to create people who are consumers and employees. Create people who won’t pose a threat with their own businesses and technologies. It is part of the scientific management of society.
      It has been uncovered that modern feminism owes the deep state a great deal of thanks for early funding and more. The deep state operates at the behest of those on top of the pyramid in the USA. The deep state doesn’t even want to be recognized for what they do. “white knights” and such do a lot of damage but their numbers are a symptom not a cause.

      1. I’m not so sure there’s a huge conspiracy to it… it’s too easy to paper over general social problems with ‘it’s not my fault and the big boogey man is in charge.’ The Roman Catholic Church couldn’t hold it together with God on it’s side… look at how many versions of Christianity there are now… you really think a club of rich elites can get along over multiple generations and manipulate the entire world… hardly likely… sure they do what is best for themselves and that carries a general theme, but it’s not been planned out and it’s not particularly going anywhere deliberate…
        The status quo is more a factor of technology and a more ‘civilized’ society that favors intellect and more social connections… that brings women into the picture more, since they are the social web builders and it brings men into the picture that are not just warriors and strategists, but more sniveling legal types that rely on fine details and socially / economically undermining their competitors… look at the cold war for example verses 1700s 1800s – real wars…. it’s not some conspiracy, it’s a function of humanity plus technology….

        1. Conspiracy? Yes, of course, that’s what people call it because they don’t want to read the history. It’s written down and public. The wealthy elite of late 19th early 20th centuries decided it was their place to manage and shape society. So they managed and shaped it and we are living in the results and its on-going work.
          Part of managing society is to get people into a framework of ‘it was always like this’. This keeps them in the present and allows for the solutions to be chosen for them or such that they will choose solutions that further the long term agenda. They blame recent things. They don’t see the long term picture. No conspiracy is required when the mentality is set. When the rewards are set for moving things in a given direction.
          Technology can move us back to what was before the schools were changed if the decentralization is allowed to take hold. Which is what is being fought. Instead it is being used to centralize things more. Control things more. To keep those in power in power.
          There’s nobody left alive that was alive before this road started. Nobody who remembers when schools worked to make independent adults instead of employees and consumers. This change set the stage for everything else. The base mentality of the people was changed from there all else follows.

        2. We don’t even know how people’s thinking processes worked back then. For example, it used to be that you learned math by the theories, and then took examinations. This produced our greatest scientists and thinkers. Then they moved to putting sample problems in textbooks which trained you by rote to absorb the material. Now people can’t learn without those types of crutches, or with the idea that you can go to your professor and he’ll just change your grade. Another example are the great cathedrals and buildings of the Renassiance. . .They can’t be repaired because no modern engineers can figure out how the orginal builders did them. We moderns don’t think the same way as our ancestors when confronted with the same issues. It’s like a watering down of humanity.

        3. You really think it’s all occurred by happen-chance? I suggest you read up on the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory

        4. We very much do know what they thought and what their logic was. They wrote it down in academic papers. In policy papers. They backed up their ideas. Academics coming up with ways of conditioning the youth and such are not new or recent. Some of it is thousands of years old, but the particular scientific management stuff starting in the late 19th century is well documented.
          See “The Underground History of American Education” By John Taylor Gatto. I think that’s a good place to start.

        5. “I’m not so sure there’s a huge conspiracy to it… it’s too easy to paper over general social problems with ‘it’s not my fault and the big boogey man is in charge.’”
          Imagine being a billionaire. You are so rich that you are beyond financial worry, having to work, etc. When you can do anything you want on a whim. I imagine a lot of things lose their luster.
          Enter “the conspiracy”. There is nothing like some good ol’ conspiracy to protect the power you have. That’s the interesting thing about the super rich.
          You could take away all of their money and they wouldn’t even notice. Their wealth and power stems from assets, the amount of which is so vast they can leverage them for more money/power than any one man ought be allowed to wield.
          They did a good job of spinning the concept of conspiracies into conspiracy theory. Virtually any actual conspiracy or any suspicious activity from any government agency, corporation, royalist is automatically deemed “conspiracy theory”, to which we have been conditioned to scoff at and dismiss.
          There are so many parallel and interwoven conspiracies, ranging from the trivial to those of great import to society at large, it would make your head spin. There is a lot of conspiracy misinformation spam out there, which is itself a conspiracy to maintain control of another source of power, the truth (aka knowledge). Sadly, “they” needn’t do too much work as there are many among us that spread bullshit without physical evidence, sources, data or a solid logical argument.
          The world is simply just that fucked up. The conspiracy theories, as horrible as some may be, might seem tame compared to the truth. Fortunately for us we’re separated as far from the truth as we are from the ultra rich. Isn’t ignorance supposed to be bliss? Ever since I took the red pill I’ve been forced to just keep swallowing them, because ignorance is not bliss. At least not for me. At some point one has to draw the line and start swallowing a few blue pills to maintain some level of sanity, there’s enough mind blowing crap going on to push one toward violence at best, and maybe a psychological breakdown/unraveling at worst.

        6. It’s my opinion (FWIW) that the ‘watering down’ is taking place in the thinking of the general population: instead of teaching logical thought processes, investigation, and ‘thinking for yourself’, we are ‘educated’ by rote memorization* (and not much more), meaningless factoids, and not being ‘offensive’ to anyone. Logic and argument are discarded in place of ‘feelings’ and emotions, and noncritical appeals to ‘higher authority’.
          Sometimes I have had a ‘vision’ that in the 2100’s, instead of our species being in space and expanding out into the solar system, our own descendants will be much like the descendants of the Roman Empire: living in the ruins of a once-great civilization and wondering had happened that made the American ‘Empire’ fall.
          *Rote memorization is traditionally the way of just beginning the education process (for example, who here is old enough to remember having to memorize their arithmetic multiplication tables in school? I have had high schoolers amazed that I can mentally do four-function math operations of integers from 1 thru 10; they have a hard time believing that I had to memorize them in the second grade.)

        7. they “teach” you all of calculus and calculus based physics in 1 year. at the same time. this is truly ridiculous because at the end no one remembers anything, they only learned, temporarily, how to solve problems using some strategies and formula. I find myself constantly perplexed at the actual theory but in order to pass the classes you have to stop trying to “get it” and just learn how to “do it”. professors even tell you this and can not even explain the overriding concepts. the books too sometimes fail at this.

      1. Aye. And a father too.
        I work on the old model of marriage, the pre-1960’s version.
        Not sure how your question pertains to my post, but there you go.

    4. GhostofJefferson, I want to fuck you so hard up the pooper and smear your corn-laden poo all over my weenie.

    5. Dude this is a brilliant comment that sums of perfectly what we are seeing. I was to copy and paste this and send it to all my White Knight and feminist friends.

    6. I noticed that when smart phones got around the internet became filled with naked selfies in front of mirrors. I mean, thousands upon thousands of girls in all areas of the ‘net. A camera, access to media, and what they did with it was expose their boobs for ANYONE to see. I just read a previous article about why women aren’t as smart as men and the public discussions about it. There you go. . .In one example, hands down that women can’t compare to men intellectually.

    7. Hahaha I recognize you, you’re on gayspeak.com 😂😂 Maybe you should change your username on this site, but I did enjoy your post the other day on use of poppers during anal, if you ever fancy it, I’m up for it, you sounded like you knew what you were doing 😜😜xxx

    8. Women have been fed the feminism lie of promiscuity being “empowering”. Being a whore only cheapens women. However, it makes it easier for decent women who want traditional marriage to compete. I’ve noticed that hot women can get away with being slutty because men are often so glad to have them based on looks.
      An acquaintance is a “housewife” but she’s also a cam girl. It’s astonishing that her husband is completely fine with his wife showing her naked body to the world; he is clearly a cuck with no balls and no control over his wife. When I think of the way my husband doesn’t even like it when I show cleavage, it’s even harder to understand how any hubby could be okay with his wife engaging in what is essentially prostitution.
      The only time a woman should engage in lascivious behavior is within the safe confines of a long term relationship or marriage. I am a lady in the streets and my husband’s freak in the sheets.

    9. It all comes down to men: Stop allowing the sexual market place to be dominated by sluts. Stop buying what they are selling. You don’t really need to engage in sex to be a man; if you want chaste women, then be a chaste man.
      We’re not going to change women’s behavior by preaching at them. Women respond to the same market signals that we all respond to. Right now, the younger ones think the have to out-slut each other to get guy’s attention.
      There must be a majority of males who think sluts are A-OK, otherwise the slut culture would have abated by now.

  8. I’m very fortunate to have met a “1%er” at 20yrs old, marry her and stay married for the last 46yrs. Has it been perfect? Hell no! Worth the struggle? Hell yes! I can’t imagine what it’s like in the “dating scene” today.

    1. It is kind of like the buffet at a Caribbean all inclusive. It looks great, there is an infinite supply, it is served to you, it has been fondled by charming locals and so long as the booze keeps pouring you can ignore how utterly unsatisfying it is.
      I actually enjoy it.

      1. Yeah but deep down you feel something bitter… as we all do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

        1. naturally. I imagine married men also feel a little bit bitter (even happily married ones) it is just a different brand of bitter.
          Of the two, I would rather feel better while boning anonymous girls half my age whose biggest problem is whether to have their green juice before or after the gym.
          In truth, I would prefer to just be alone. But these lousy genitals just keep demanding vagina.
          But that is just me and my choice. I am a hermit with an overactive sex drive forced to be charming in a miserable world. Cohabitating is, to me, worse than anything else I can think of.
          If I get my own condo in hell, I won’t even mind the long hours at the sulfur mines.

        2. I feel like a freak reading you. I mastered my sex drive at age 22, after a lifestyle close of how you live. It wasn’t easy but I think I made it.
          To give you an idea it’s been more than a year since the last time I masturbated…
          I think I’m more suited to be an hermit too.

        3. I have mastered mine in a different way. I am incredibly selective. I enjoy very attractive women. I actually like going on date, playing big man, showing them a nice time and then doing horrible, horrible things to their genitals. I can easily disappear into the desert of no sex if my only option is porkers, but one day 24 year old girls that smell like fruit and have no body fat may be scarce, so I am storing up.
          I agree with you no fap policy. Masturbation is a an unhealthy habit imo. Unless you call fucking these vapid twats masturbation 😉

        4. Hehe bitterness all around probably due to the “grass is always greener” thinking. Married guys bitter about the pussy they didn’t get, unmarried bitter about the empty home and having to go through the same steps time and time again.
          I’m thinking the best way is to try both LTR and being a horndog early in life and then choose.
          I’m impressed guys have the energy to keep chasing tail for decades on end, I had my fun but it was more educational than enjoyable overall.

        5. And of course, following masculine principles means masturbation never has to be the solitary option.
          Most of the things I’ve posted today I was thinking over in the shower this morning with a pretty redhead I’ve been seeing.

        6. Good for you. I’m mostly chaste for religious reasons, so that helps a lot. I sincerely am disguted by modern women, so I couldn’t live the way you do.
          Really, really happy to be able to live celibate.
          The only problem is if I make it as a dictator, my opponents and future historians will say I was a faggot, or an impotent.

        7. Don’t be absurd….they will say that even if you don’t become dictator. Fuck ’em. I have never envied man the love of their wife. I have envied the faith in god. Maybe a gift I have yet to receive as the man says…but for me…I think I am just a different sort.

        8. do you find that natural redheads have…..hmmmm….meatier vadge? Just something I’ve noticed. Not bad, not roast beef, but like a fatter more comfy fit like a Cadillac

        9. The traditional solution that satisfies both camps is how marriages used to work prior to the Baby Boomers. Marry, sire children, provide for wife and family and have a mistress (or several) on the side. You get offspring and stability, the wife gets her provisioning, status and family and you get variety. The only problem is that with Divorce Rape being the norm now you’ll probably not even get to the point where you’ll want to snag a mistress before your nominal wife decides to Eat, Pray, Love herself across half the planet.

        10. Shit. As a huge latina fan, I’m gonna have to find me a redhead now. I’ve always stayed away due to their rarity and reputation of being even more emotional and crazy.

        11. Ahhh yes, Katherine McRodriguez….every man’s dream girl.
          I am a big fan of blondes with dark brown hair coming in a close second….that Parisian look…

        12. That’s all I want. Hell, give me the *option* of taking a mistress, but if you treat me well I might not even act on it. Was that such a terrible system?

        13. It worked perfectly well. And generally the wife knew, the only requirement was that you didn’t embarrass her socially by being public about it. Very strange how much inter-sexual relations have changed in such a short time.

        14. Don’t worry. As you age those genitals will become less and less demanding. The peace and quiet is exquisite.

        15. This modus vivendi is still in effect in Thailand. You should note, however, that Thailand has the highest number of penis reattachment surgeries of any country. So, I don’t think this works quite as smoothly as a reading of history would indicate.

        16. They’re pretty much hit or miss, but if you find one she will do many things, wild, crazy sex things. High sex drive too

    2. If you got married in 1970, then you were operating under the old cultural standards and women like your wife were much more plentiful in those days.

  9. When my jaw is agape there is something seriously fucking wrong.
    OK, this is my promise to you men of ROK. I will read the book of revelations this weekend and see how many modern phenomena discussed on ROK I can interpret out of the original text (as an academic my area of concentration was Hermeneutics so interpretation — aka professional bullshit — is a dear avocation.

    1. My only thought after viewing the front page of that site; “Dear God in Heaven!”
      I had no idea such things existed.

        1. I had to fight down the urge to throw out every computer in the house just to prevent this kind of garbage from ever being seen by my kids.
          I’m still wavering on that idea.

        2. don’t bother….
          I remember when I was young the prevailing wisdom about sex was that the parent should talk to the child or else they will learn it out on the streets.
          I suppose the same advice, updated for modern days, would be: teaching your kids about anal masturbation on camera for thousands of people, getting shit on by wealthy arabs in Dubai, having your first threesome in junior high school, being involved in a bukkake session and having a triple digit notch count before you graduate college at home because if you don’t they will just learn it in the streets.

      1. The more I learn about how sick our society has become, the more and more I start to turn to religion. I used to scoff at the idea of following religion, but as I grow older and wiser, I learn that religion is the foundation of our civilization.

        1. What I find more interesting in reading religious books nowadays is everything that isn’t religious dogma/doctrine. There’s some good stuff in the “everything else” category contained in those books.

        2. Money, women, diet (sorta – that tends to require supplemental reading), politics…
          And then tack on the “why” behind it.

        3. Almost every answer you seek can be found just by reading the Gospels. However, they are not easy to interpret for the common man, as most people will just scratch at the surface and fail to get at their deeper meaning without the proper attitude. The good news is that there are mountains of books written that take the Gospels as reference, and you will find a surprising amount of startlingly revealing insight in these.

        4. I did the sunday school thing and church stuff and shit… then read Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and read “The Jesus Mysteries.” I’m knowledgeable. More than likely, more than you. And for anyone to say, “the Bible has some good verses, go read it,” and not mention any of the fucked up ness in there, e.g. if you rape a virgin, give the father some money and you’re all square, is disingenuous. In fact, to cite it as a moral compass at all is just plain dumb. Hell, it states pretty darn clearly that Jesus thinks suicide is cool, since he effectively killed himself.

        5. No idea about the Bible. I thought “Gospels” was the “New Testament”, not the Bible.
          But one thing is certain. If after reading the New Testament you reached the epiphany of “Jesus thinks suicide is cool”, I dont think you are as knowledgeable as you say you are. Wiser men than you and me came nowhere near that conclusion. In fact, you are the first person I know that has reached such bizarre idea. The parable of the seeds falling on unfertile soil comes to mind. To understand Jesus message you will need a humble attitude. Arrogance will lead you astray.

        6. Add to that you realize how corrupt public institutions and the judiciary have become and the general apathy of those who are supposedly in leadership roles, but not held accountable for their incompetence, thievery, lawlessness, etc..
          Religion is the only recourse.

        7. basically these kinds of hedonistic pursuits were the realm of the absurdly rich who had nothing else to do, or the impoverished class that had nothing to lose…. so looks like the entire world is turning into peasants….. while the middle class cannibalizes each other inside of the Govt. structure… and the rich get richer as they always do….

        8. If he DIDN’T choose to die (for our sins) then he was just a cunt who died. Make up your mind.

        9. When the issue of religion (or even faith if you will) is looked at honestly, one can see the logic that underpins it. Your comment hits on this. For many years now, “religion” has been condemned as the refuge of the weak-minded and power hungry seeking to use it as a tool to oppress others; think Marx’s “opiate of the masses”. However, if this were the case, then shouldn’t religion’s alternative, a lack of it, brought untold joy and peace to all people. If it was true that the widespread belief in a higher power, with all its emphasis on divine “standards of behavior” brought suffering and misery to the world, then why is it that our attempts to carve it out of our public places, institutions, and, ultimately, our own hearts, seems to have produce, if not worse, no better results. In summation, are we better off because we have been encouraged to move away from “religion”? Websites such as the one featured in this article seem to answer in the negative

        10. It is funny you say that. Because I always felt I freed myself from Religion by seeking a universal spiritual path. Yet I cannot deny how religion has played a bedrock/anchor with the morality of society. ROK does like to rock the boat, doesn’t it?

      2. I’ve always wondered how things degenerated so quickly. Every single time something degenerate is shown it’s always met with “I had no [email protected]!” or some variant. Starting to conclude that it’s simply because there’s no opposition. Maybe because we can’t oppose it? or maybe because the people that can are just ignorant, I have no idea.
        Anyone who grew up with the internet has known about this and the other shit tonne of similar sites for years. Ever heard of chat roulette? Another shining example of modern society.

        1. the internet was built on porn $$$…. there was no other reason in the 90s (unless you were a high end computer hacker) to sit on a 28k dialup connection that took 120 seconds to load 1 small jpg, unless it showed tits and ass….

    2. Please, do that. I lack reasoning on this matter. Tried to convice my friends reading the bible with this motivation so we could debate after to no avail.

    1. Ah hell, now you’ve done it. Expect a rape accusation once she tracks down your IP.

    1. Not really, I just opened the link, shook my head that this has become the norm, and closed the tab. So much is wrong with society right now that it defies the imagination of how it can, and will, get worse.

      1. Haha, yeah. Hey, what was the article last week dealing with girls fucking their dogs? Wonder how many chachings it’ll take to get her to let Wishbone chow on some taco?

        1. Which makes sense, given as societies have historically all decayed over time (or were destroyed in war, different topic).

      2. I’m still busy reading the comment section to have looked at it yet… already know what type of epic debauchery I will find. Probably will remind me of that scene in Monty Pythons ‘Search For The Holy Grail’ where sir Galahad gets trapped in the castle of beautiful virgins and is tested at their insistence that he takes turns with all of them… only completely ass backwords!!!

    2. I did not look at the site as the description in the article reminds me of a titty bar… just a bunch of orbiters throwing money at stanky skank, no thanks heh.

        1. I’ll take your word for it man, sounds like it’s definitely not something I want to see.

      1. I am, and have been for years, participating in an ongoing boycott of strip joints. I do this out of moral indignation over the sexism of the places. They are out to degrade men in every way possible and objectify and insult men while sucking out their wallets. I will never darken their doorsteps again.

    3. I don’t think a man that is a regular reader of ROK and swallowed the red pill is going to waste his time on that site. I had never heard of chaturbate before, so I checked it out, skimmed through a few videos for a couple minutes, and closed it. I’ll probably never get on that site again. The guys that stay on sites like that are weak beta men that never talk to real women in real life.

  10. Someone up thread said they would read the Book of Revelations to see if it predicts this depravity. Well check this out! Four hundred years ago, the Mother of God appeared to a Spanish Conceptionist nun in the city of Quito. This apparition is known as “Our Lady of Good Success”, and is approved by the Catholic Church as authentic. The Blessed Virgin revealed to Mother Mariana how deprived the world would boom in our day (20th century), and reading these prophecies written 400 years ago gives you a shiver up your spine:
    “Unbridled passions will give way to a total corruption of customs because Satan will reign through the Masonic sects, targeting the children in particular to insure general corruption.
    “Unhappy, the children of those times! Seldom will they receive the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. As for the sacrament of Penance, they will confess only while attending Catholic schools, which the devil will do his utmost to destroy by means of persons in authority.
    “The same will occur with Holy Communion. Oh, how it hurts me to tell you that there will be many and enormous public and hidden sacrileges!
    “In those times, the sacrament of Extreme Unction will be largely ignored.… Many will die without receiving it, being thereby deprived of innumerable graces, consolation, and strength in the great leap from time to eternity.
    “The sacrament of Matrimony, which symbolizes the union of Christ with the Church, will be thoroughly attacked and profaned. Masonry, then reigning, will implement iniquitous laws aimed at extinguishing this sacrament. They will make it easy for all to live in sin, thus multiplying the birth of illegitimate children without the Church’s blessing….
    “Secular education will contribute to a scarcity of priestly and religious vocations.”
    “In those times the atmosphere will be saturated with the spirit of impurity which, like a filthy sea, will engulf the streets and public places with incredible license.… Innocence will scarcely be found in children, or modesty in women.
    “He who should speak seasonably will remain silent.
    “There shall be scarcely any virgin souls in the world. The delicate flower of virginity will seek refuge in the cloisters.…Without virginity, fire from heaven will be needed to purify these lands.…

    1. I think the bible, before it was a bible, was a collection of red pill writings, and the shit like we see today is cyclical throughout history. Just my opinion of course.

      1. Yes. Unfortunately it was trimmed down greatly for what I consider political purposes (Constantine noticing that original Christians were no longer participating in Roman society comes to mind). But yeah, all the same.

        1. A bit OT, but it was Emperor Justinian and his wife, Theodora (he was her puppet and bitch-boy) who corrupted Christianity from its original form left behind by the disciples.

        2. I’m probably showing my ignorance here, but I’ve always been under the impression that the First Council of Nicaea was where the first “official” Christian doctrine was created?

        3. You could propose that Christianity rose from a red pill movement at the end of ( and being the cause of the end ) the pegan era of greco-Roman society. Such as a militant MGTOW or such.

        4. Which is an interesting theory, insofar as Rome’s decadence just prior to the rising of Christianity is well documented across countless sources.
          Kind of like today actually, regarding the West in general. Hmmmmm….

        5. Yes, that original Christianity (more to the point, the recollections of Christ’s teachings) contained reincarnation. Theodora was his mistress, and was bound for reincarnation in the animal plane for that sin, so she got that inconvenient part scrubbed from history.

        1. @No Comment-and commands husbands to love their wives like Christ loves The Church. So no MATTER how FLAKY a wife is, love her anyway. Hard to do, I speak from experience!!!

      1. Pretty much. When I look at the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Succes, I pretty much read “the Jews” in place of “the Masonic sects”.
        Btw, putting a further seal of approval on these prophecies, when the nun who received them, Mother Mariana, was exhumed in the early 1900’s her body was found to be incorrupt (along with a few other of the founding sisters of the convent)…and this after almost 300 years had gone by!
        We as a society are in deep, deep trouble. The prophecies have been fulfilled to a “T” in our time. Indeed, “there will be almost no virgin souls left in the world”, and “there will no longer be found innocence in children nor modesty in women”.

    2. and there was nothing depraved about public hangings in the local town square, skinning people alive, the Spanish inquisition, or the fanatical hatred of the day where a human life was worthless than that of a horse….. even late 1800s USA you’d be hung for stealing a horse….. and today we’re more depraved…… i think it’s all the same, the facade has been dropped in some places and put back up in others….

  11. Didn’t believe the site existed so I checked it out.
    From what I saw it’s just what you see everyday on Facebook except monetized.
    him: wow… you’re so beautiful
    her: thanks
    him: are you from heaven?
    him: what do you listen to? I know that angels have good taste in music.
    him: i love you
    her: thanks
    him: take off your top
    him: please take it off I want to see how beautiful you are
    her: …
    CHA!!! CHING!!!
    her: OOooohhh!!! Hahaha!!! 😀 Hello there!!!
    Gotta admit I’m a little disturbed. Can’t say I’m surprised though.

    1. I honestly don’t see how guys pay money for this. You could go to the archives of any porn site & custom search anything you want to see for free.

      1. My guess is it’s the interactivity.
        And it’s wish-fulfillment for betas that have learned to only talk to girls through social media.

        1. The audience for cam whores do not have the guts to meet and interact with a prostitute in real. The cam experience, on the other hand, is a much more manegable, ligth-weight experience, that can be arranged from the comfort of your own home. It is easy to assume that hiring an actual prostitute would be the next logical step. I cannot see sites as chaturbate as anything but proof of the Devil’s work among us. As degraded as girls on these sites might seem to you, many of the users of these services are on their own path of degradation. They start with something light then delve into further depravity.

        2. I actually opened the site and watched one of the girls’ “shows” for about 5 minutes. It was the worst tease I’ve ever seen. She was, supposedly, masturbating, but nothing beyond that was happening. Like she couldn’t even fake it. This was much worse than fucking sex dolls, virtual realities or anything of the sort, I imagine. Because you get something of the last ones at least.

      2. I think it’s because most porn stars seem unreal or distant, whereas these are sometimes literally the girl next door. You can talk and interact with them, and I’m sure some of them are meeting up for P4P.

    2. It will never cease to amaze me how otherwise rational men will throw retarded amounts money at these cunts just to see something they could get for free somewhere else.

  12. This doesnt surprise me one bit. Its just the modern sexual market sped up and displayed in real time.

  13. “If a woman will sexually and publicly degrade herself with unspeakable sexual acts for virtual attention over a computer screen, imagine what she will do in real life.”
    Duh, women buy things with their intimacy and sex. I think I saw a comment on here a few days back. The guy was security for a show and had his knob polished for a VIP pass. He said she saw that woman kissing her bf later.
    Further, though I, like most men, get rejected a lot and have to deal with flakes and my time wasted, once in a while I’ll find a girl that WANTS me. She does all the right things, puts out and wants to be violated, and runs gf game on me, not because she likes it, but because she knows thats what it takes to get and hold my attention.

    1. Just my observation, but when I see a woman in public who really is just beaming happiness— it is usually when she is spending some else’s money.

      1. Joan Rivers joked about that: “Charge it! AAAAAAAHHHHH!” (screams from orgasming)

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten past whatever the depressed stage of all this is.
    Reading things like this still depress me. I still find myself thinking Yeh, they are all depraved to a degree no doubt. But the girls like the ones talked about in this article aren’t just super common. Sure, lots of them, but lots of girls that don’t too.
    I’m having trouble finding a balance here between the all women are whores mind set and the “NAWALT” MIND set.
    I mean, kids and a family are things I’d like to have at some point. I’m far too young to do it now but eventually I want to.
    But how the fuck do you do that? How the hell do I sort through these bitches? You can’t tell if the girl you are with is up at 2am watching movies, or if she’s actually shoving a wine bottle up her ass for her cam fans. You will never know.
    I’m at a loss here.

    1. AWALT is true when discussing base actions I think (see my original post on the thread below). The NAWALT comes in when you have a society structured to reign in and control female, and by extension male, sexuality so that it’s properly ordered for the betterment of society. The problem today is that we’ve lost that context, ergo, AWALT even though you can likely find exceptions from the past (my grandma wasn’t!) or in isolated or controlled communities that have not bowed to the trends (Amish, or far out in the boondocks small towns although that’s fading fast, etc).
      But put a normal woman in the You Go Grrrrrrl! “Empowerment!” culture and she becomes feral pretty damned fast, or so it appears to be the case in any event.

      1. exactly! NAWALT only when they grow up with the patriarchy. The girls on Chaterbate have grown up with no strong fathers. Girls with strong fathers dont feel good sticking objects up their orifices for money. This is a product of broken homes more than the true nature of women. Men from broken homes do dumb stuff too. I feel sorry for these women. Many sex workers have severe personality disorders because of a lack of father figures growing up.

    2. Knowing the truth hurts, but one way or another you were going to figure it out. You can still have quality relationships with women, but knowing these things you have an antidote to the emotional hangover when it eventually crashes down. You know you’re winning in life when the typical girl posting teasing pictures of herself on instagram is on tap any time.
      A girl you were after doing this isn’t that big of a deal, unless she’s not putting out for you, and denying you standard sexy pics. Whats worse is in those late nights she’s fucking someone else.

      1. How can you? It takes nothing more than boredom for a girl to fuck around on a guy. The last few girls I’ve been with have all been in a relationship. Though they are probably not even aware of it, boredom is partly the reason they cheat (and because I’m awesome of course).
        It’s definitely helped with the inevitable crash downs. I hardly care anymore when a girl falls through. There really are millions of them.
        But I still think I have an emotional hangover. Not from any particular girl, but from knowing how things are. Knowing that these behaviors we talk about are really just normal female behavior

        1. Seems like we are in similar situations. We’ve both tagged girls with boyfriends and been on the winning side, but even though we have our moments of winning we certainly take as many or more losses by pursuing those wins– then we swing back around to women being, by default, a waste of time– everytime we lose a girl it sucks, but knowing what we know the bad part is climbing that hill again, going out, approaching, dealing with flakes, socially awkward situation, fail after fail, maybe a couple warm up lays, until we get another girl we like, want to keep around and can deep around. Often times I’ll get a girl on a date or two and there’s some strong interest or some rounding first base but then she disappears and the reason is that her life just doesnt have room for me. Its just plain work.
          Its called the red pill for a reason. Once you notice these things the super hot girl that gets you excited turns to a pathetic hollow display of a female begging for attention, dragging betas along only to weed them out and get the most alpha male she can. The thing is, even alpha males struggle with women. Kobe, Shaq, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, and there’s a longer list. As a dog trainer at a TED talk said “The lowest bitch will keep a bone from the highest alpha.” It is what it is. As a man there’s no win button with women, only a strategy with a lengthy series of losses with a few wins squished in and the occasional winning streak.

        2. I think the next step is actually cycling back to the beginning. Identity, brand, and wealth. “women be damned, who am I? How am I better than other people? What do I want others to think when they hear my name? What do I stand for?” Get back to the basics and you can get back to targeting a quality girl, or at least a girl thats ready to slow down and get off the cock carousel for a year.

        3. Woah! Look at the old head on T-Moneys shoulders! T-Money, on the money.
          Problem with the abundance mentality is it works in cities and populated areas. When you’re in the sticks you gotta travel to get the punnani……..

        4. very true. South Korea was a poosy paradise if there ever was one, on the other hand those women are monkey branching more than anyone else. back here in the Midwest, as roosh pointed out, you can’t just approach like you can in a big city. you’ll be “that guy”. your best bet is to build a well connected stable life and the women will come more naturally.

        5. it’s all sex obsessed BS…. all the pickup techniques would be better used in sales, commerce, business and real life pursuits, where repeated failure and knock backs also leads to success….. only in a much better way… then the women come running anyway….. do something worthwhile and take your pick….. the only one a player cheats is himself, thinking he is actually being productive by banging bitches…. if it was difficult to get into the cinema, and someone invented all these amazing ways to get in… it would still just be an unproductive entertainment….

        6. ok i like this comment a lot. You are so right. Lets recognize that we need balance though. A man can be as accomplished as he wants but if he is not getting any type of quality tail he will be miserable.

        7. Well you are ultimately right, a man needs a woman – but was Christopher Colombus miserable discovering the new world stuck on a ship for months at a time with no tail ?
          A lot of soldiers get home from tours of duty and find they prefered the warzone in many ways.
          Men are far more productive without chasing tail, women add layer upon layer of mundane complexities and much has been achieved by single unmarried men.
          The difference is that even 50 years ago you were not a creep if you were unmarried and you were not blasted with hyper sexualized porn 24/7 and by that I dont mean hardcore online but the soft imagery that is all around us. A bikini or womens underwear catalogue from the mid 80s never had them with their legs apart or hyper sexually suggestive. Madonna on stage with a pointy bra was an outrage.
          Now you can barely read a dry financial or political article online without pretty gorls flashing clevage and poon at you. Tv presenters, actresses, models – ‘I’m horny and I want you to cum in my ass’ is being broadcast 24/7/365 on all channels. Is it any wonder that men are more focused on pussy than they are on anything else.

        8. True i see what you are saying. I guess women were
          never meant to be a primary goal. They were supposed to be an added bonus of reaching that goal.

    3. One thing I’ve been considering. Let’s say that tradition/neomasculinity wins out in the end (unlikely, but go along with me). With whom do we raise the next generation?

      1. It’ll be the hoes. And I actually think making these hoes housewives is possible. Lots of things would have to change Though.
        Most importantly, social media and big brother government standing behind anything with a pussy no matter what.

        1. Can’t be done. You can’t turn a whore into a housewife. So many of these women have slept with DOZENS of men. There’s no way one guy can possibly satisfy a woman after riding the carousel. What’s more, why should our children by the children of whores?

      1. An internet article alone would not bother me in the slightest. I thought it obvious I’ve already seen it for myself.

      1. This is the solution. Strong fathers are the key. This will solve 95% of the issues raised on this website. A whore is just a girl that did not have a father figure or got touched on by her father figure.

  15. Reading this post i remember the movie “The last American Virgin”. I only saw it once, when i was a kid in the public television here in Portugal, but it made a impression on me since then. The movie is just a “must see” to all men who want know how of women nature. I asked myself “Why does she chooses the jerk that knock her up and treated her like a animal instead of good old Gary???” Has i grew older i finally understood why: women like jerks and submit to those who dont give a fuck and treat them like sluts. What was true in 1982 is still true with this website. The net only makes it more palpable.

      1. Never saw that one but thanks for the tip. May i also suggest one of my favorite movies off all time, a true masterpiece, that also taught me a lot about women and seduction: Dangerous Liaisons. Valmont is the perfect definition of a scoundrel like Han Solo in that video you posted and yet, women dont resist him. Although pop culture is, grosso modo, degenerate there are still good things to see and learn about reality.

        1. I remember the first time I saw this movie. Went to see it with my girlfriend at the time. After the movie we went for a walk and I fucked her in the bushes….. nearly forgot about that one….

      1. Been there brother. It will hurt and be difficult, but as sooner you get rid of the Disney princess crap romantic idea, the better. That is why this movie is gold to any men who wants to see reality.

        1. I really wonder though, is the deliberate suppression of one’s better nature, in order to secure some herpetic flange, a faustian deal? Of course ‘nice guy’ can have many different interpretations, but some guys are naturally helpful, encouraging etc, and suppressing their positive natures in favour of some learned surliness, is exactly what happens in ghettos where thug lyfe attitudes are the currency that tells others you’re not to be fucked with.

        2. “I really wonder though, is the deliberate suppression of one’s better nature, in order to secure some herpetic flange, a faustian deal?”
          Great question. We should never change who we are, just to get laid. However, we have to separate two notions apart: being a nice men, like you said “naturally helpful, encouraging etc” and being nice to women, in other words, submissive and needy. I am a nice men, i am very kind and warm and being Christian, i treat others like i want to be treated. But! In terms of seduction and attraction, my good friend, it simply does not work.

        3. It’s something I struggle with too and it can be looked at from a few angles. I haven’t time to address them all, but it can be looked at like dog-handling perhaps: if you’re dealing with a nice dog you can be yourself and everyone will get along. However, if you’re dealing with a bitch that’s been in many cock-fights (intentional mixing of metaphors) you have to get pretty brutal. Thanks for confirming my suspicion that you’ve to be able to mix it up with different horses for different courses.

      2. It took me decades. But the benefits are well worth the work, and it is never too late to reap them.

  16. This is just like attending a strip club or a peep show but at the comfort of your own home. The girls don’t have to pay the house for her security and anonymity.

  17. Lets relax a little bit. Are most women sluts or do sluts self-select themselves to be on this site?
    If you go wandering around the Red Light District you’re bound to see whores. But I wouldn’t judge from that that all women are whores.
    Btw, lets avoid the feminist terminology. The women in those pictures above are not “thin”, they range from slim to athletic. They are of a normal healthy weight. I do not like “thin” women (like catwalk models) but I do like “slim”. They say that “society” says women must be “thin”. It doesn’t, only other women do.

    1. If you go wandering around the Red Light District you’re bound to see
      whores. But I wouldn’t judge from that that all women are whores.

      That’s true in the sense of Confirmation Bias which you’re alluding to. I think the greater point is that this kind of thing no longer seems to be the domain of whores and red light districts and is mainstreaming.

      1. Facebook (less so today, men have significantly wizened up), instagram, snap chat, night clubs, victoria’s secret, makeup, heels, most items of clothing. As you mentioned in your big post its just women doing what women do to attract a mate and hold him, and I dont disagree with any of it, but the amount of tools at their disposal is, well… the demand for tools have been met by the capitalist system. Thats what this site and the manosphere is for, it gives men the mental tools to hold some sort of line, call it like it is, and not go chasing poosy like a beta. Whats frustrating as a man who at one time worked to have everything in his favor cant out-gun a young woman. Im talking in circles now, I’ll stop.

        1. If what they were being given was tools to find, capture, and keep a husband then there would be no problem. These tools are not being used for that purpose. My sons tell me the one sure way to repel any young woman is to give even a hint that you are interested in a serious relationship leading up to marriage. The women who are using these tools are either actually whoring themselves out for cash, or an equivalent, or are vindictively, and with malicious intent, teasing every man they can within an inch of inciting rape. This latter is done for “fun”, and to score ego points among the herd. In some instances these women will momentarily lose their frame, and actually follow through with what they are putting on display, but then they will regret it and possibly file rape charges.

        2. “The women who are using these tools are either actually whoring themselves out for cash, or an equivalent, or are vindictively, and with malicious intent, teasing every man they can within an inch of inciting rape. This latter is done for “fun”, and to score ego points among the herd”
          Truth. However I dont think they lose their frame so much as a man’s frame won out, or more likely, they found something they want and trade intimacy for it.

        3. Great analysis guys. I’m observing the girls gaggling in groups everyday, scrolling through their grinder accounts, and it’s their own little secret society. These women are beguilingly sweet now and again, but the facade drops frequently and you hear a cackle, or are confronted by a boiling herpes sore.
          Some men/playaz here pride themselves on their poolside approach of ‘if they want to be sluts then I’ll use them as such’, and say so with a kind of moralistic overtone. I’m not knocking them, but I can’t take that approach myself.
          However, if they really want to follow through on their self regard as being moral agents in thid era of chaos, this is my suggestion:
          After banging out a slut for sport, why not do a little digging and find her parents names address, and write them a completely anonymous thank you card. In forensic and poetic detail, explicitly recount exactly what you did to their ‘little angel’ who they’re supporting on her way to graduating will first class HPV. (of course the father is doing most of the supporting). Instead of being diffuse and nebulous on a societal scale, this is the ultimate slut shaming that goes directly to her source of income.
          This technique is really only for college slores, and would be unfair in the case of the inner city woman who works to bang her way anonymously through every bar in town. She’s not good for society either, but at least is on her own dime.

        4. the baby boomer generation of white women sat on the cusp between the old fashioned ways of get married young and have kids… verses wait and enjoy the other possibilities in the world… birth control and a general push from women around them – gave them the idea that somehow by getting married young and having kids they’d badly missed out on life…. my mother was one of the last of the batch.. just a little too old to be a part of the 60s feminist revolution although it was going on all around her….
          so she and many of her age group moaned about the life they’d missed out on by getting married young and having kids young…. and also probably seeing friends and younger women appearing to have the time of their life…. same today with 20something women wasting away their best years.. only to arrive at 30+ unable to find a good man that easily….. whereas in reality…the women that married young and had kids young…. they were all done with kids by their mid 40s and had all the time in the world to travel and learn and play and enjoy life…… as a real women of the world, not some 20 year old trollup cam whore…..
          it’s just a misdirected, idiotic virus that contaminated society, especially in the 70s, 80s and 90s…. older women, feeling their youth had slipped away told their daughters – don’t get married, go to university, travel, see the world, enjoy your youth… the worst possible advice to give any young woman…. its basically telling her to become a whore….. because only a small percentage of women are actually motivated and intelligent and focused enough to really cut it and climb the corporate ladder…(never mind their biology that pulls them down once a month and their general psychological frame work that’s all looks and gossip)… they were better suited at being wives, home makers and mothers, and backing up a nice young man… so they could be productive in their prime youthful years….. her with kids and him professionally…. and as a family man….. fuck it wasn’t that much of a terrible equation really… pick a good man…. never work a day in your life… what a gift !

        5. and what happens when the economy tanks 2008 style and pappa ain’t got a brand new credit card to spank on cam whores…. ops…. poor career move there…. then we see them out on the streets offering BJs for $2 a time… just like in Greece….

    2. Reminds me of the language used on the RVF forum describing a girl who MMA’d a guy to the floor abd kneed him unconscious as ‘feminine’ because she had long hair and wasn’t fat. Even red pill guys will thirst over a crack baby in this age of blubber.

  18. Women have always sold themselves for money. The old joke about, if all men are equipped to be rapists, all women are equipped to be prostitutes, rings true. However, I’d like to talk about the value of virtue. I can see four values of virtue. First is the value of virtue that the girl who is whoring herself out (because that is what these women are doing) has. I would posit that that is unchanged since antiquity, some women, either through desperation, laziness, or lack of any other quality than being a female human of some attractiveness, decide that their virtue has a price, and then they sell it until they become too old. That is unchanged.
    The second value of virtue is what society thinks of girls selling themselves. Prostitution, in its actual form, selling sex for money, is becoming more legitimate as it is legal in some states, and backdoored (hah!) in other states via escort services. Sites like the one in the article, and unofficial prostitution: dinner+entertainment=sex an hour later, drive “soft prostitution” where you either are not selling your holes to be actually fucked, or you are not actually receiving real cash for specific sex acts. Both of these are indicative of the decline in society’s value of virtue.
    The third value of virtue is what value traditional men and some women think it has. That’s us, here. Part of a woman’s worth is her virtue, and marriage is a financial transaction as well as a romantic one. If you are going to support a woman, she should be a good one. Enough on this, read the rest of the site for more. 🙂
    The last, and ultimate value of virtue is what it is actually worth. Is it worth nothing, like the whores believe, and now society does too? Or is it the bedrock of nuclear families which are the root of Western society, like we believe? Unfortunately, time will tell all, like it usually does. If America stabilizes in a polyamorous free-for-all fuck-fest with children raised by single moms and the state, where everyone just breeds like animals and you just go out to a bar to pick a companion for the night, yet we are still a happy, productive, safe country (or the same for any European country as well), then women’s virtue has truly has no value. If we fall though, due to conquering or internal rot, then women’s virtue has supreme value, and will be an example upheld after the Fall to show that what is popular is not always what is right.

    1. I believe that the experiment for this has already given us the results we need to see for ourselves.
      1. American inner city black families have a 70% illegitimacy rate and have created a culture that is toxic no matter how you look at it.
      2. European nations are declining in native population and almost none of them are reproducing at replacement levels.
      That seems to me to be telling us everything we need to know about the matter of virtue.
      Good post, btw.

      1. Yes the results of this ‘experiment’ are already in. The question is how much worse could it possibly get? In my view, we ain’t seen nothing yet! Just the tip of the iceberg.

        1. Over the many years I have observed life I can say that I have to agree. No matter how bad things have degraded, I always said they could get worse. Then they would get worse. I have seen no end to this process. I do not expect to see an end to it in my lifetime. Entropy on a cultural scale is at work, and is inevitable.

        2. But, but… they haven’t been ‘peer reviewed’. Causation does not equal correlation, and there are many variables that could lead to the knockout game, wafflewafflewafflelllllllllll

        3. I bet the most popular virtual realities with be set in the past and will reflect the cultural and social mores of those periods…

        4. obviously it will revert to an utterly savage state of affairs, where even the brightest human minds are living in a state of abject fear and poverty… what are the piercings, tattoos, sexual fetishes, bizarre social shaming rituals etc. other than ignorant tribal savage behavior of frightened troupes of monkeys…. desperately trying to keep their head above water…. for the time being they do it in an environment of such wealth and abundance due to an explosion of new technologies…. they can get away with it not being completely negative…. the day will come when that leap of technology, that new jump won’t happen… because the genius scientist that was due to make the discovery, or the entrepreneur that would have funded it, was busy being divorce raped, sued for some pointless trivial non offense, or generally dragged through the mud because he didn’t meet some savage tribal expectations… .

        5. Hows this: the world is set in the early 1940s; you dress and talk like Bogart. Your assignment- you work for naval intelligence, your task is to get the italian mob to work with you to stop the commies and nazis from infiltrating the longshoreman’s union in NYC- doesnt that sound like a compelling game?

        6. That actually does sound like a very compelling game idea…
          Sounds like an interactive film rather than a traditional “game”.

        7. Its compelling bc it actually happened- I dont remember who was down at the docks- commies or nazis- but throwing that wrinkle into the mix would make the game that more complicated…

    2. You obviously don’t have children – if you did you would know that they instantly gravitate towards their parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. They know exactly what their upbringing ought to look like and without doubt the fractured broken state of family units, produces all the homos, trannys, drug addicts, cam whores etc. no doubt about it. It’s a negative feedback loop and when the SHTF, as it eventually will because the unstable society will become unable to agree productively on important issues (pacific ocean full of garbage, fish getting fished to extinction, great minds and new technologies going unfunded in favor of some feminist think tank, radioactive power stations leaking etc. etc. etc.) – all the fads and the facebooks and the cam whores won’t put food on your table when the crisis hits…. then it will reset back to where it should be…

  19. I really have a different view on this.
    I have seen this site before. It’s an interesting social experiment to see the men on this site throw away their money just for a morsel of female attention. You have legions of men who have given up trying to meet women in the real world and have entered a self-imposed fantasy land.
    I actually place these men on the deepest level of Dante’s Inferno version on modern hell because they are enabling the bad behavior of these women.
    You have to ask yourself would these women be online on Christmas Day playing tricks if there weren’t so many desperate men. You watch the conversations of these men as they throw away hundreds or in the case of many, thousands of dollars to women who barely show anything. These guys get nothing for their false adoration of these women and act like its okay.
    And how about the newly divorced fatties who have taken their dutiful husbands to the cleaners and are now playing tricks? How about those Eastern European girls who never show anything and have their “pimp” just out of camera view.
    Sites like this depress the hell out of me because it shows the degradation in which we live in. You can actually see these women slowly lose their souls.
    Now, I watch porn and I am not immune. I do however know the difference between fantasy and reality.
    The women on here are loaded with mental issues from the DSM IV manual. Those poor schops who think they actually care are really sad.
    I think we as men need to come to a point where we shame these men and educate them to leave Chaturbate behind for more tangible relationships beyond cyberspace.
    There have been sites like this for almost 15 years. There was a site called camwhores which was a precursor to this.
    I think we all should spend some time on Chaturbate for laughs.

    1. I can’t be bothered wasting my time to troll them on that site. I can’t possibly learn anything of value from it.

    2. I only checked out that site for a couple minutes. I had never heard of it before, but I just can’t see how any real man can spend any time on it. First of all, it’s just boring as fuck. Second, I just can’t fathom the idea of giving strange women online any money. That whole concept just seems so damn ridiculous to me.

    3. I don’t buy into a one size fits all explanation for young women in porn. Some may be damaged like you say, a lot are just seizing an opportunity to make easy money

    4. Dude exactly! This is exactly what i commented earlier. I used to date a girl that made a killing on this site. I also used to date ex strippers. Most of them had some form of personality disorder from BPD to histronic personality disorder etc. The girl have personal lives full of chaos. It is very sad actually and i feel sorry for them more than anything.
      No little girl grows up daydreaming about being a whore. No boy grows up dreaming about being a “John”. There is nothing natural about this.
      They are a product of the breakdown of the nuclear family and molestation. We should fight back at the familial level and raise daughters than are as redpill as we are. Feminism attacks the family first.

  20. I think the author is rationalizing his relapse into pornography through this text.
    I’ve been there. “I’ll just go back to watching porn, but this time it will be to learn foreign languages” and shit.

    1. there is obviously that danger… but a reformed alcoholic can go to a bar….. an ex junkie can pass up heroin….. there’s just so much porn and sexual shit everywhere…. what is the difference between game of thrones, a internet banner add and a cam whore ramming her own ass… it all looks the same to me… and at one point I’m just numb to it all….

      1. I hear you. That’s why I stopped watching game of thrones and tv series too.
        What’s the point of not watching porn, if you keep watching things like a brother banging his sister besides their son’s dead body on regular tv ?

  21. What will be interesting is seeing how any one of these girl can claim rape when they get outed in life for what they do on that website.

  22. I’m in SoCal.
    I know the guy who owns Chaturbate.
    He’s a Jew… you seriously can’t make this shit up.

  23. Venerable old Pete Townsend said it best (Quadrophenia):
    Why do the girls come on oh, so cool
    Yet when you meet ’em, every one’s a fool?

  24. “1. Women Are Sluttier Than You Think” — no kidding, two words : Donkey Shows.

  25. This is just some sort of elance for porn jobs. Let’s get real here; these girl are into that to get money. Even those acting for free are trying to build an audience to start profiting from it later. Even the website owners might later on request membership fees. It is good to get attention but the main goal of that is to eventually cash on it. Be it money or a trip or a higher job position or a good man to make a family with. That is the true nature of attention seeking.

  26. The Pavlov effect is real, here’s the proof. Woman can have orgasm by a sound or a word.
    Here’s a few video about erotic hypnosis. You will see a lot of confirmation that are presented in this article. I do hypnosis as my professions and can personally confirm everything you see here.
    Just see how easy it is for woman to lie…I swear, you will remember that all your life. See their body language when they do…
    Hypno-érotisme par Ngama
    Hypno girls + alcool par Ngama
    Hypno-Erotisme: La Plus Grande Fan et le Verre… par Ngama

      1. I have been doing hypnosis and I can tell, what you see is possible to do. Orgasms are controlled by the unconscious and the unconscious is controllable by reflexes like word or sound..
        It is very funny, trust me 🙂

        1. Did you manage to get laid with your patients? It sounds like a good pussy pipeline.

        2. I have to be careful, so I rather look on Craig’s list to get subject using these video as a demonstration. Once i got 3 girls at the same time. All reacting at the same word…Sex is very different when you don’t need to work to get the ball rolling 🙂
          I recommend you to look on this subject. It is not too difficult to do.

      1. Well I’ve learn my trade by NLP as it is may day job…
        By the 2 first authors I can think of are Brain David Philips and David Shade.
        They do look a lot over the top, but they do teach the technique. Out of that, you can have you own try and error experience and have a lot of fun. 🙂
        You can probably find their works on pirate bay or something..

  27. They are already working on the synchronized sex toys to *ahem* “Help couples in long distance relationships” (sure!) — once you merge that with webcamming sites like this, we will have the ultimate in both ‘safe’ sex and ‘fast & easy’ prostitution. The next step will be virtual reality…between that and sex bots, we may very well get to the point where people doing it the ‘old fashioned’ way will be seen with disgust as unhygenic throwbacks.

    1. I just had a flashback of that movie “Demolition Man” with Sandra Bullock where there was a scene where they did just that. An intimate sexual encounter via web cam or something like that. This was back from 1993 when the movie debuted.

      1. It was a mind-link, so it was mental sexual stimulation. They were wearing devices on their heads as I recall.

  28. Why bother dressing up to go out to the town. Looks like I’m better off investing in a Sam’s Club card so I can buy all the wholesale Red Bull, pork rinds, and Vaseline my heart and right hand desire. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to throw out my Polo and Guess clothing.

  29. Countless women…beautiful women, willing to do anything you want, if you have the coin, with no repercussions and you’re complaining??? Think about the guys in Afghanistan f-king goats and sheep. You’re complaining???

    1. You think pixels on the screen are girls?
      If you can’t touch, then it’s not even as dignified as prostitution and the men are fifty times stupider for engaging it. Paying for pussy you can’t even touch, not even get a lap dance from? Stupid in the first degree.

      1. I agree somewhat. But it’s better to have these outlets for guys who can’t get the real thing.

        1. Yeah, there is some truth to that. The problem is that basically this whole porn thing is slowly replacing reproduction. The repercussions are nowhere near being felt in full yet.

        2. At least it’s quiet unlike the groups of drunktards around my house last night which is close by a major university. K, it comes with the territory and if I don’t like it I can move. And maybe I should be happy that they’re having antisocial interaction instead of fapping to pixels. But should I so much as dare breathe that this whole underage drinking thing is a joke for 18 to 20 year olds and all the “adults” have done is promote an us against them mentality, the progressive parents in their suburban denial would shame me under a rock for endangering “children”. Porn and partying aren’t just replacing reproduction, they’re replacing the social skills and mental acuity required for a successful life. K, must be so old plus tired this morning.

        3. I don’t think it’s replacing reproduction per se… the population levels continue to rise. But it totally replaces any sort of family dynamic or civilization. A whole lot of hos out there who are single moms, almost all of them reproduce at some point, but this is a recipe for societal disaster.

  30. These sites are all over the net. In many cases the same women have multiple accounts on each site. They are reaping in the dollars by staying at home and flicking themselves off for 5 to 6 hours a day.
    Just think of the psychological damage this would do to a person. Like porn with men, this has to have an effect on these women. More ho’s means less and less women worth a mans attention.
    I’m thinking eventually it will go full circle and guys will tune in to watch a woman cook a hot meal for them after work…….na never happen……

  31. I knew about chaturbate, but I found the whole concept just too disturbing to investigate further, so I am grateful a RoK contributor took the time to explore the phenomenom and bring out some conclusions.
    However, I do not think it is fair to judge the modern women taking as sample the kind of girl that would go and perform in a web site like that.
    What I did explore was younow. It is a similar concept, but without the porn. I believe you can learn about the development of nowdays attitudes analyzying what is going on in younow. I am sure a good article, from a red pill perspective, could be written about it.

  32. I say do not even click on the link. It is great to educate yourself about a part of a community, but this is like linking guys to 4Chan. It does not paint the whole picture.
    Sex before marriage came up today in class (electives suck) and you would think saving yourself for marriage is alien concept. Most girls said they are “spiritual, but not religious” before talking about dating and getting black out drunk.

    1. The “spiritual, but not religious”. Oh boy. It’s all you need to know about a woman if she utters this bullshit. All she’s saying is I want all the advantages and none of the responsibility. Same ol, same ol……..

      1. I found that many of them were raised by single moms. They have no male influence. Some even said they went out to clubs with their moms to find guys. I had no idea this was a thing now. Do moms and daughters club in groups now? That will hurt game!

      2. A woman who says she’s spiritual but not religious most of the time believes God is exactly the same as her biological father: weak, absent most of the time, completely unjudgemental and unwilling to set any moral boundaries inconsistent with her whims.

    2. Sex without marriage? Did anyone have anything positive to say about it? I wouldn’t even discuss that publicly today… I figure everyone out there has a double digit notch count.

      1. It was treated as a joke. Many girls mentioned how it was “outdated” or stop them from expressing themselves, somehow.

  33. “Hot girls are easy”
    If you have enough $$$ or drugs, otherwise they are not.
    “One thing I didn’t see on the site was Muslim women, because…”
    I kinda get the impression you are implying that we might all be better off if we lived inder muslim law, which I respectfully disagree. There are other ways to tackle the female issue without turning a culture into the planet of the sharia apes.

    1. Realistically Morrison, it might be the only way. I’ve got no great desire to see Islam rule the world, but it looks like it might be the only way to establish a firm and permanent return to patriarchy.

        1. What would you propose we do then? As much as I like Roosh’s neomasculinity, it really can’t do anything other than give men a guide to hold the higher moral ground while we watch everything turn to shit.

      1. “Realistically Morrison, it might be the only way. I’ve got no great desire to see Islam rule the world”
        I hear ya. There is really nothing any of us can do. It really comes down to either an actual combat war, or which ethnicity will procreate faster thus becoming the more politically stronger demographic. It is strange though, somehow one does not appreciate ones own heritage until he realizes that it could become extinct soon.

    2. Sometimes I get this vibe that all of the articles here are slowly pushing us to Sand Rat Status.

    3. He makes thr the valid observation that muz girls aren’t seen on it, but in muz societies, these girls are experts in covert panty dropping and group sex. The human condition/depravity is worldwide.

    4. >If you have enough $$$ or drugs, otherwise they are not.
      If women lie out their asses, why can’t you?
      >”One thing I didn’t see on the site was Muslim women, because…”
      He’s just stating an observation, don’t over think it.

  34. Another site like this is myfreecams. I’ll admit that there were a few girls that I would watch on a regular bases. Most girls on these sites don’t have a very long shelf life. Probably a year or two at the most. Some of the more professional girls have been on there for 5-6 years and have broken into porn and started their own sites. What bothered me a lot about it was the behavior from guys towards these women. Also how much some of them lay down for them in terms of cash payments. I’ve seen dudes easily lay down $1000-2000.00 on these girls. I’m thinking at the time “for what?”. These girls will never meet up with them, get to know them, or love them. I have heard stories of some of these cam girls meeting up with their big ticket spenders. Guys that have given 10-20k in some cases, but don’t get laid out of it. These beta dudes are spending their hard earned money on girls who are basically making more money than them hand over fist by just showing off their tits.
    A result of this I’ve seen is a black-market trading of these girl’s videos between customers. There’s a pretty active community of people that just buy videos (private recordings, custom videos, picture sets) and then trade them with other people. The girls have caught on to this and are trying to make it harder claiming legal actions against people caught. But I haven’t seen anything brought to court over it.
    If you ever look at these sites on the weekends and holidays you will see them full of women as well. This is what women are doing instead of going out and meeting actual people. They’re staying at home and masturbating in front of their computers for money. Where’s the human interaction in that?

    1. bro what you say is so true. Guys used to pay my ex to send them her used underwear? wtf…..They used to send her free gift cards and stuff just becuz of this site. Its really sad and pathetic.

        1. Haha yeh man. Ex. That girl was insanse. Bat sh*t insane. Like most of the hardcore cam girls. BPDs all of em

  35. Another good sign that this civilization is at the end of its cycle. Everything has its time.

  36. “If men knew all that women think, they would be twenty times more audacious.” –
    Alphonse Karr

  37. On topic: This may be one of the funniest comments in existence, and it was left on a vitaly video where he went around asking for panties…I love the smell of dirty panties. Each zone of scent. Panties can smell a little different depending on what she eats, how long she wears the same pair, if she gets a little pee on them, at what point she is in her cycle, and so on. There are also zones of scent in dirty panties that have different kinds of smell (obviously). Zone 1 the Front seam of the crotch/gusset. This is where her clit and front folds of vulva are. When it smells really good, there is usually a yellowish/whitish bit of delicious dirtiness there. It has a high, sharp note. Flowery and sweet. Sometimes it can have hints of white pepper. I think the peppery scent is present when certain food or drink is consumed. Generally the smell is up high “in your head”. I love this zone the most, but all of them are exquisite. Zone 2 The Middle of the crotch/gusset. This is where the Vestibule (opening to the vagina) is. This is where any discharge (which is of course, normal) and general moisture is. This zone is where you will smell a more mellow and wet sweetness. It’s not as sweet as Zone 1, but still has a very delicious smell. Zone 3 The Back seam of the crotch/gusset. This is for the more refined panty sniffer. Obviously, the wearer’s asshole has been in this area. Now, you might think to yourself, “UGH, I bet it smells like shit!” Well, ….yes I guess it could. But, more likely, it doesn’t. As I understand it, the genitoanal region of humans have an Apocrine gland. It is mainly thought that this was used in evolutionary times as a way to signal for finding a mate. It has a deep musky smell. Still very sweet, but with low notes. You can feel it deep in your chest as well as up high in your head. It can have hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar. Obviously every woman will smell a little different, but in my experience, these basic things are pretty consistent.

    1. That comment was like a train wreck.. no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t look away. Now I won’t be able to eat for a week.

    1. Typos in your post…it IS you. Never occurred to me women would prefer to target a widower. Not cool.

  38. I think with equal vision and balanced mind…. You will see that the whole supply and demand also plays a part.
    There are other men that would go all the way with that 9 that wanted sex after 20 seconds of kissing.
    It is what it is

    1. They’re women dude wtf did you expect? The concept of forbidden love wets the panties even more. Check out the whole Latino telenovela business and see that all of their stories involve a forbidden love.

  39. I had heard of this site ages ago but never bothered to check it out. Just went there now. It was more comedy than arousal, lol, mostly at the extreme betas msg’ing shit like “OMG your body is perfect!” to skinny shapeless chicks. Very very sad.

  40. Chaturbate even promotes those hostile beta orbiters to admins, so that you’ll get kicked out for using the bare minimum of asshole game.
    I used to go on there alot but realized that it’s a waste of time, especially since 60% of the girls there are token hogs and will kick you out if you’re tagname is below blue. (which means you tipped at least $100 or more)
    They have less free baters then they used to, and half of the girls there are covered in tats, have short hair, and share SJW beliefs.

    1. Is she a bona-fide practicing Muslim, or a dark skinned chick in a hijab pandering to a particular kind of fetish? I’ve seen camwhores of Elvish girls.. except I’m pretty sure they died out in the 4th Age.

      1. It’s a premium price for the connection to the Blessed Realm, but Galadriel will still do absolutely filthy shit live if you put enough money in the jar.

  41. You’re veiwing a site designed for the lowest kind of slut, but wondering why all women are sluts? Get your head out of the gutter and you may smell the roses. If you lie down with dogs, you will wake up with fleas.

    1. yea ROK does have a bad habit of making sweeping generalizations.
      >goes to chaturbate
      >expects to find upstanding women

  42. I’m really struggling with not viewing porn/sex chat sites. Manage 2 days then fail…. So much degeneracy, in me as well. FML.

    1. When you have plenty of available 18 yo hookers for 1,000 – 2,000 pesos ($20-$40) a throw, you pretty much stop doing porn.

  43. Destruction of the nuclear family, Bad parenting, NO parenting, Men who actually pay for this shit are pathetic and depraved. On a more serious note I have been in church, and know some of these “good” girls who are total gold diggers and have a total act going on. when they finally stop the cock carousel they clean up, some get a boob job and plastic surgery and the go and marry the first doctor, engineer, or architect they can find, get pregnant.. seen it a bunch of times. If these guys just did a bit of recon before they got sucked in they would have left the whore at the wine bar where he found her.

  44. Overall this was a great article but I actually slightly disagree with some points. I actually have made money on this very site with a hot bpd ex-girlfriend. The money is good. Much of what you say is correct. But you are wrong in one thing. The girls doing this are not normal women.
    These women come from less than ideal upbringings. This is not the true nature of women. “Good girls” from stable homes feel a sense of immense of guilt when they prostitute themselves. The girls that do this are GENERALLY either borderline personality, products of single mothers or products of molestation. The girls on chaterbate are a self selecting bunch. But everything else about this article was spot on.

  45. “You will see women showing off their bodies to complete strangers” – So when men send dick picture to someone who is a complete stranger…that’s?

        1. Men who send dick pics are not fuckboys (they don’t get sex), nor are they whores (they don’t charge money for it).

  46. you can’t be serious… like 99.99% of them are U-G-L-Y as kangaroo’s rectum. nobody would give them a moment of their day without the internet – that’s why they’re there.

    1. “It’s fitness, when you see what they physically do, there’s nothing provocative.”
      How did I know that’s exactly what they were going to say? Jesus Christ, would someone please stop the Earth and let me off..

  47. Disgusting site. What’s up with all the transsexuals/shemales/tranvestites or whatever those disusting creatures are.

  48. OK much like a train wreck I had to login to see what was going on. Didn’t have to navigate around much to find a page that featured two guys fucking two different girls. One of the girls posted “my man will slap me in the face for every tip”. The “ching” sound then went off about 20 times in the course of 30-40 seconds he just kept on slapping her. That was enough for me….

  49. Another example of women lying: If you go on the site look for profiles that mention ‘ohmibod’. This is a sex toy that vibrates to the sound of music. On the site you’ll see that many of the women claim to be using ohmibod and that they have it rigged up so that it will vibrate just to the sound made from viewers tipping. When a guy tips a girl it will make a noise and then the girl will act like she’s getting an orgasm. Supposedly the bigger the tip, the louder the noise and the bigger the orgasm. The only problem is it’s complete bullshit, the device reacts to all sound and can’t be specially configured for tip sounds, and these girls usually have the devices off or in standby mode anyway. So they are just faking orgasms and these poor saps are throwing bigger and bigger wads of cash at them to give them ‘bigger’ fake orgasms!
    Partly this shows how naive guys can be when their minds are blinded by pussy. But it also shows how blatantly these girls are willing to lie to get money. I mean, looking at the front page of Chaturbate right now there are like 20 profiles that mention the ohmibod.

    1. LoL at the fact that these guys give away their slave wages to some slut who will trap one of them later in unholy matriomony.

  50. Nothing shocks me these days. If American “women” are willing to get pissed and shat on by Arab sheiks to buy designer shoes, they are not exactly going to have any problems flicking their beans all day on cam for horny betas to jerk off to..
    I definitely agree that this shows that society has collapsed though!

  51. Considered in isolation, this ‘study’ argues better for IQ based eugenics than anything else.
    Mr. Roscoe attempts to make general statements about a group (women, in this case) by focusing on a rather small and *highly* self-selected sample (I believe any reasonable person could agree that most women refuse to do sex work, despite its high material benefits.)
    What he is doing is akin to an attempt at ascertain a people’s national character based on the psychological profiles of its prison population, or of its healthcare workers, or of its sex workers, or whatever…
    Ascertaining from the figures he gave for live shows, I would estimate the total number of camwhores with an account on chaturbate to be in the tens of thousands. Considering the global outreach, this is an insignificantly small number.
    You’re a stupid piece of sh*t, Mr. Roscoe!

  52. I had the displeasure a few weeks ago of sitting on the train listening to a group of girls (had to be between 14 and 16 maybe) drinking, cursing, and talking about which one of them got f****d that week. I’m sure their parents are proud. Suffice it to say, I asked myself, would I really ever want to bring offspring into a future that only degrades as years pass by? All I could think on that one hour train ride was “da fuq am I hearing?”

    1. Yep, said it many times.. Main reason I’m not reproducing is the shitty environment my kids would be raised in. Unless you’re going to move to a Mormon commune or something they will grow up in a world of no privacy, violent oppressive governments, slutty women with zero morals, and overall degeneracy and lack of intellect.

      1. My 5 year old boy is being brought up in an environment (Thailand), circa 1950s England. Plays out in the road with all the other kids, perfectly safe, not a worry in the world. The west isn’t the only place in the world.

        1. Just curious, is he full asian? 50% asian/white? What kind of culture is he being raised in (ie traditional Thai culture, British international school, etc.?) Seriously looking for options out of the west and would be very interested in hearing other’s experiences.

        2. Thai/English. Attends Thai government nursery school but lives in an English speaking household. We live in a middle class Thai gated housing estate and he has the freedom to wander around with his pals inside the estate.

    2. A few years back, I was covering registration in an English high school for a 3rd year class. Had to send someone to get the key and had them queuing up outside. A bunch of the schoolgirls (13 years old) were discussing which of them let their bfs have anal sex. I shouted, “girls please, I can hear you” ………. must have been 10 years back.

  53. About the Lamborghini, there’s a Youtube channel where a guy borrowed a Mazerati from somewhere and had a friend film him picking up girls. In one set he shows how he doesn’t even talk. . .He just motions for the girl to get in. It’s ridiculous. . .The girls are like “Oh, is this your car? You want me to get in?” Yadda, yadda. And he just sits there smiling and the girls get in and he drives off. Says a lot about female nature that they’ll behave that way while still complaining about “Rape Culture” and crap.

  54. Y’know, between the bible thumping and the morality crusading, this place occasionally makes sense. You do realise your neopuritanism is a vulgar echo of that of the fembots right? I doubt it.
    Camgirls do have a large proportion of gutter skanks. They also have a proportion of smart chicks. Ones that understand what they do and prefer it to stacking supermarket shelves at 4am for minimum wage. I know them. Good on them. They do it now, and will leave it behind.
    You, RoK, just keep on pissing on yourselves. People want to like you. But you keep treating them like idiots. There are choices, risk/reward – and you just plain assume chicks are too stupid to know this. Fucking retards.

    1. Women who make the economic choice to become prostitutes are doing it for the money, and while I don’t think the benefits (making $1,000+ a day) outweigh the permanent mental damage it does to the girl, that’s at least an understandable choice for someone who just wants money.
      The chaturbate bitches get paid peanuts compared to actual whores, and are mainly doing it for the attention and as a form of ego validation.
      Prostitutes get paid to be promiscuous. Sluts like these are stupid enough to subject themselves to all of the downsides to prostitution (mental damage, inability to bond, social stigma) while reaping none of the benefits.

  55. While it’s true they haven’t slid as far down the pole of respectability as the West, don’t underestimate the depravity of women in Islamic countries too. Sites like Chaturbate are often blocked in those places – who knows what ten more years of world wide depravity will bring? Either an ISIS takover or world wide debauchery, then collapse.

  56. Welcome to the Internet. You can’t really use Chaturbate as a representative example of the women you’re likely to encounter in your daily life. It’s good that you’ve learned that women can be very sexualized people. It’s not a surprise that men on the Internet are going to prefer conventionally-attractive women. If you spend more time on the male, gay, and transgendered chats, you’ll learn new things there, too.
    Some of the women may be seeking attention for the sake of attention but I figure the lot of them are doing it for money, and that this behavior doesn’t necessarily transfer over to what they would do in real life. That you feel that they’ve given up dignity for money is more a reflection of you than them. Some men probably still fall for a single girl there and remain their regulars, as you would find with exotic dancers and escorts.
    Insecure girls tend to doll themselves up more and are just more vain. If a cam girl says she loves you after a donation, she’s just showing appreciation for your patronage. It’s not a declaration of her undying affection.
    What’s more sad than the women you find on this site is men like you, like US, who frequent these sites. This is a DIRECT RESULT of patriarchy, where men feel entitled to women’s bodies on the market.

  57. OK… I AM DONE. After 5 minutes on this site, I saw this beautiful woman with a perfect face and pair of tits and wondered why the hell is this dime piece wasting her time on here? Then I see one of her beta orbiters tell her to show us her ‘DICK’… I said to myself that there is no way… no way…NO WAY… Yes, she/IT showed her dick.
    I am done… I hope your happy ROK. I am now scarred for life and will go throw up in a bag. My eyes have been opened in ways I never wanted nor anticipated. I can never be the same again!
    Our society has come to this? THE WORLD is coming to this? No words… just no words.

  58. While I don’t agree with Islam (Obviously) it is hard to deny what the author says; One of the few things it truly has above the rest of the world, is that Muslim women do tend to fall to the depths that women in the rest of the world do.
    The nature of women is kept in check by the religion of Islam.

    1. Well the nature of women were kept in check by every other religion too. It is just that Islam has not fallen to feminist bullshit like the christians, hindus, jews etc. But you have to see the truth that the women, even the feminists actually like being controlled. Why else would religion and traditions bashing feminists would organise a feminist women’s movement with a women wearing a hijab as its symbol of empowerment! You do know that, Mohammed, amongst feminist circles, is the world’s first feminist.

  59. Pretty hypocritical for you to condemn those participating in such sites when you choose to visit and watch, and no doubt enjoy. Bet you were polishing your tiny trophy too.

  60. The problem is that life has begun to imitate art once again. Porn Movies are exactly that – movies. It’s all theatrics featuring people who are effectively co-workers. Letting a complete stranger ejaculate on your face, into your mouth, vagina or anus is probably the last thing any woman should seriously consider but you hear random girls bragging about the 3 way they had with two guys they met in a bar etc. Personally i wouldn’t have unprotected sex with a girl I met in Miami for a million bucks but most women here will do it for the price of a few drinks and a cab ride

  61. Great article Max! Would you mind doing a similar article for the behavior of female twitch.tv streamers? It looks like many of these girls who pose on charturbate and other “cam girl” sites are migrating to twitch where they can most of the time receive more buck for less body exposure. I’m not sure if they want to look less slutty or something else. It would be great to have your opinion on this matter. Cheers!

  62. Really one of the most ignorant and naive pieces I’ve ever seen on the internet. And that’s saying something.
    First of all, this is the sex industry, and it’s obvious from anyone who spends more than five minutes on one of these sites, that these girls are almost all professionals BEFORE they started webcamming. They are acting, most not very well, that they are innocent. How out of touch with society do you have to be not to see that. From the last three paragraphs in your post, extremely.
    Two, you are actually advocating for some kind of Sharia Law? This is so beyond ridiculous, it makes the whole piece laughable. Most Muslim countries have a huge prostitution markets, which is all this is, but it’s online and touch free. The only thing they don’t have is freedom of expression, which you’re actually advocating against here? My god.
    Shame on anyone that supported this piece of pure BS. Wow, just scary some of the naive views of the world on here.

    1. I hope you enjoy watching and paying to watch whores the rest of your life. Making excuses for women being sluts is pure beta material. Have fun having sex once a month to your dicked out fat wife.

  63. You may have been on the wrong site or possibly geo blocked as a the reason you didn’t find any Muslim girls on the cam sites. There are plenty of Muslim girls to choose from on several sites that I know of. What you call depravity of women, is merely a job or business. The girls provide a service that there is a demand for. Let’s not forget that sites like Chaturbate have multiple categories. There are significant numbers of men providing the same service as well as couples and transgenders. The girls on these sites cannot all be put in a category of, they do this for a living therefore all they are is what they do for a living.

    1. This is true I’ve seen movies of Muslim women giving BJ’s, at home and in public places – Muslim women can be just as trampy as Western, Asian or African women.

        1. Whatever that headscarf is – two were BJ’s in a public place, one a male wearing that muslim hat caught paying for a prostitute in a western country the last was a home movie wearing the headscarf on the floor she certainly wasn’t a western, Asian or black american woman.

  64. So you are that dude. The one who loves to point the finger at someone for being “morally corrupt” but will participate from a safe distance. You are weak, pathetic, the child whose parents wouldve been smart and aborted you. You would be the snitch. The person in protective custody because if you mixed with general population, you would get the fuck beat out of you. Dont worry little one, the general population will find you.

  65. “You will see women showing off their bodies to complete strangers, sticking all manner of objects in all their orifices, having sex live in plain view, where thousands can see them, and other things I will not repeat here.”
    Classic example of this is in Japan where there is no shortages of women especially young women signing up to do porn.
    “They have no concern over their future or the repercussions of their actions.”
    Yep despite Japanese women failing to understand the fact that once they have had that gang bang on film its permanent and yet they are still getting found out years later their parents find out they get disowned, a future employer finds out they get fired no jokes just few months ago a young woman was fired from her high paying job at an investment bank because the back ground check showed she did five porn films in University.

  66. “One thing I didn’t see on the site was Muslim women, because that is one of the last societies where men retain control over the behavior of women.”
    -And yet you all still want to talk smack about Islam?

  67. Talking about depravity: My exGF is now pursuing a liberal arts degree, is publishing (not even on a top level domain) modern garbage art and sells used underwear on the internet. Of course she is now a fully developed feminist. Gained lots of weight, cut her hair and dyed it.
    I seriously dodged a bullet.

    1. I guess she grew out of her old knickers with all that extra pork, recycling is a good thing.

    2. Stop stalking her, I can’t even remember some of my exs names let alone updates of their life.

  68. Well the nature of women were kept in check by every other religion too. It is just that Islam has not fallen to feminist bullshit like the christians, hindus, jews etc. But you have to see the truth that the women, even the feminists actually like being controlled. Why else would religion and traditions bashing feminists organise a feminist women’s movement with a women wearing a hijab as its symbol of empowerment! You do know that, Mohammed, amongst feminist circles, is considered to be the world’s first feminist.

  69. I take issue with the first assertion that women are sluttier than we think…you are making the classic error of arguing from the particular to the general. Sure, the women on chaturbation or whatever it is called, act this way, but they don’t represent women in general. Using online porn sites as evidence that all women are sluts is like using spring break as evidence that all college students are insane party animals. Not. Even. Close.
    And IF women are sluts……then we MEN need to quit validating their behavior by denying their attention-seeking behavior. But many on here like to brag about capitalizing on the slut behavior for easy sex…so who’s really to blame?

      1. Just don’t wife up a slut. How hard is that to understand? Some women being unsuitable for marriage doesn’t mean you shouldn’t marry the ones that are suitable. What kind of fucken logic is that?!

        1. Everyone is a loser at some point in their life.
          I’ve never really cared about a woman’s sexual history, as long as she’s disease free, her womb still works and she weighs less than 50Kg, it’s all good.

        2. But you’re only into whores, aren’t you? Casual sex. What do you care if her womb works?

        3. I’m a Catholic fundamentalist. Don’t want to risk my immortal soul. Sex only for procreation. Whores? …….. AWALT.

        4. I don’t understand. So you don’t use whores? You’ve suggested you do a few times already.

        5. All women are Whores, some want immediate payment, others give credit. I don’t differentiate between them. As you get older, you will eventually agree. I have 4x the experience as an adult than you.

        6. No. The word whore implies sluttiness, and not all girls are sluts. All girls do want a competent provider – I.e. payment – but that’s not something I disagree with. It’s natural and sensible

  70. Does anybody else think “neomasculinity” is the gayest term since… the dawn of time? What fucken loser came up with that? What’s wrong with just saying “masculinity”?

    1. Sounds reasonable.
      Just like saying “Christian” instead “Judeao-Christian” sounds reasonable as well…

  71. Stupid, obvious article, this site full of manginas rejects like that ugly bastard Iranian Roosh V, go back to Iran if Western women bother you so much.

  72. Another thing too is that some of these models are raking in a ton of cash from their cam-shows. They then binge spend it on exotica vacations, cars, clothes, jewelry, and make up. However once they’re done spending all that money they’re back on cam doing whatever it takes to get it back. Men are spending their hard earned money giving these women trips of a life time while they’re at home jerking off to a video of said model. Most cam models only have a shelf life of a few years. If even that. Some of the more professional ones have been doing this close to 8 years in some circles. However they have to keep reinventing themselves and do more extreme shows to compete with the younger more attractive girls who have seen what kind of life style they could lead. A few years ago you wouldn’t have seen models using dog/horse dildos on cam. Now they’re the most popular genre out there.

  73. Isn’t this site where guys can “tip” a huge amount of cash, and the girls get “hornier” the more guys “tip” them?

  74. You know you just totally missundertand what it is to be man, woman and human. There is a reason why the horizontal business is the oldest business there is. And to put it into a bad light is blamed on christianity and other religion. Sadly religion never did improve or support relationship between women and men.
    I agree and I’m puzzled too how easily women do all the naughty things you can think of on camera. But I disagree with your conclusions 100%. There is much more to it to be a woman and act like a woman and to be in the authentic female power that can move mountains. And when you look real close at history there are tons of good things that came out of powerful women. What is not so easy to see and understand in our modern society is the connection of all the good things women do and their sexual energy.

  75. omg you guys are morons – ‘naked depraved women degrading themselves to get guys attention’, you privileged douches, these are desperate women using YOUR depraved interest in THEM to make a few bucks to fucking survive, dickheads, with all your idiotic theories based on your BS opinions…and many enjoy depravity, sorry you can’t get in on it angry nerdz.

  76. Wow , can you say lonely loser that lives in moms basement ? 😂😂😂

  77. wow this article cannot be further from the truth. The author is obviously a prude and knows nothing about women at all, do you even have a girlfriend? you probably don’t with that attitude. You say women like trinkets? well guess what? the top models on chaturbate can earn as much as $3,000 a month the average models can make a minimum of $500 to $1,500 or up to $2,000 a month.
    Meanwhile you’re busting your ass writing these stupid articles for free aren’t you?
    I know you think this is evil but it’s a much safer alternative as opposed to strip clubs and pimps and selling your body on the streets. These women are doing it the smart way. All you have to do is show off and smile and be nice to your followers and after your first week you could be making a lot of extra money. It just depends on how much time you spend on it.
    Guess what, a lot of men are just as terrible as the women on chaturbate. You’re not so high and mighty on the moral pole as you think. This article is very cocky. oh and by the way… hot women are not easy. If that’s the truth then why don’t you try picking up a girl and show us how easy it is get a hot woman to like you in real life. You probably can’t even attract anyone to your Eharmony profile. have fun being single and lonely you losers.

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