How You Can Cast A Vote For Donald Trump

With the first caucuses and primaries in the books, it’s important for us to prove that Trump is not simply a transitory phenomenon, but that he actually has voters willing to come out and elevate him to victory. The time for preparation and talk is rapidly coming to a close and the time for action is upon us.

I suspect that most of the readers of Return of Kings support Donald Trump. I also suspect that most of them have never voted in a primary before. Truthfully, I haven’t either, despite having done some work in politics here in New York. That is about to change, as I have changed my registration from independent to Republican so I can vote for Donald Trump.

There are numerous indications that Trump has more support than the polls indicate. This is because the polling seen so far is usually limited to “likely” primary voters – those who have typically voted in primaries in the past. But Trump is striking a chord, and it’s very possible that he’ll bring out people that either haven’t voted in years (my own father, who last voted for Reagan in 1984, is one such possibility) or haven’t voted at all. I will be one such (primary) voter. It’s important that the rest of the ROK readership, if they can, turn out to vote as well.

A Unique Opportunity

This is possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have never seen the establishment, globalist traitors on either left or right (cuckservatives) so petrified. They know that for the first time in a long time, someone has risen that they cannot control or bully. At first I, like many, was skeptical, but the positions Trump has advocated and more importantly, the utter fear that he has spread among the elite, shows that he’s the real deal.

We may never have the opportunity to elect such a man again. No, it won’t solve all our problems, but Donald Trump, despite not even holding his party’s nomination, has shifted the Overton Window so far to the right in just six months that what used to be discussed only at places like Return of Kings has now become mainstream discourse. Imagine what Trump could do as president?

For this and many other reasons, it’s important for us to elect Trump. Everyone that reads ROK who can come out needs to come out. Our corner of the internet has built up a strong base over the past few years, and now it’s time to flex some of that muscle and continue to make a presence felt offline.

Every Vote In Every State Counts

Trump 1

Usually primary contests beyond the first few states don’t matter much. After the first few, usually after South Carolina for the Republicans, and with the full weight of the media behind him, there is by that point a presumptive nominee, a fact which “Super Tuesday” tends to echo.

This year is different however, and it’s not only because of Trump’s domination of the polls. Rather, it is very possible that despite all indications being that Trump would be the nominee; the globalist establishment will try to screw him over anyway, even if he wins 49% of the primary vote. With the field so splintered, it could be that Donald Trump wins a clear plurality but enough splinter forces together comprise a majority.

Those forces could then attempt to make a backroom deal and screw Trump out of the nomination at the Republican National Convention, despite his clear plurality. You can consider it majority-minority politics if you want, a preview of the future that the globalists wish for Western society. We saw this recently in France as well, when Marine Le Pen and the National Front were screwed out of what should have been a big victory in the regional elections.

We need to make sure that doesn’t happen and put Trump as close to the 51% margin as we can to ensure that the globalist, cuckservative GOP establishment does not screw him out of the nomination through a backroom deal.

Things grow more important when we consider the RNC’s new proportionality rules. With the Republican field so splintered, they can easily work against Trump come the Convention in June, as the globalist establishment could well try to broker a nominee other than the one that got the most votes. Things get worse when we consider the fundamentally undemocratic superdelegates which, while limited, could play a disproportionate influence in this election.

So no matter where we live or how late in the game it is (my state of New York holds its primary in April and so is normally irrelevant), we all need to get out.


Open, Mixed, Or Closed?

There are three basic structures that different states hold. Open states allow anyone to vote for the candidate that they like. If you’re registered to vote, you are set. Simply go to the polls and vote (or caucus) for Trump.

Mixed states allow independents to vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary or caucus, but not registered members of the other party. If you live in such a state, you can vote for Trump without issue as an independent or Republican, but if you are a Democrat (and I doubt many of you are), you will need to switch to either of the other two to do so.

Finally, and in most cases, there are closed states. In these, only a registered member of the Democratic or Republican parties can vote or caucus for a candidate in that party. If you live in such a state, you will need to register as a Republican to vote for Trump. The entire calendar of primaries and caucuses, whether they are open, mixed, or closed, can be found here.

Trump 2

Change Your Party

If you are not a registered Republican and you live in a closed state, Diamond and Silk, famous supporters of Trump who have appeared with him at rallies, have prepared an extensive guide to change your party registration that they call “Ditch and Switch.”

Click the link, find your state, get the form and fill it out before the deadline. Then show up to vote for Trump in the primary.


Final Thoughts

We can debate the merits of voting of course. The United States of America, lacking an explicit nationalist party like France’s FN, Austria’s FPO, Sweden’s SD, and so on, is particularly vulnerable to the total ineffectiveness of voting. Yet The Golden One and others have passionately urged us to not make excuses and do what you can in voting the right way.

Don’t sit on the fence; the worst you have to lose is time. This is looking to be the best chance we’ve had in doing serious and meaningful damage to the politically correct, globalist political cartel in decades. At the very least we will get four glorious years of SJW tears if Trump wins.

Let’s go out and get this done.

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396 thoughts on “How You Can Cast A Vote For Donald Trump”

  1. Note: Forget about the super delegates quip, I confused the DNC’s rules with the RNC’s. Also this post was written before the voting started, obviously. ROK backlog and all.

  2. Donald Trump seems to take the best of left and right wing. He is anti-PC. But he is not against social security. I was for Ron Paul in 2012, but deep down, I did not like the fact he would do away with social security. I have paid in since 1979 or 1980, so I want to collect something. Am sick of working and paying the government. Want the government to pay something for me.
    I think Trump wlll work to send money from Wall Street to Main Street. And cut immigration.
    Back in the 70’s, convoys were full of white boys with cowboy hats. Cheap motels were safe. You will not find a white boy trucker any more. I remember travelling in the 80’s as a GI in my 5000 dollar Chevy Chevelte. Did not worry about spending the night in a cheap 15 dollar motel. My girlfriend and I used to screw all night.
    I would be afraid to stop in these private motels now because of criminal immigration. Especially with a hot girl.
    Maybe a few GI’s renting a hotel room.
    (One of my happiest memories in the military was renting a motel room to watch a Mike Tyson fight with a group of GI’s. And getting smashed on tequila. Maybe if I were well-armed, I would not worry about the low-life in some of those places today.
    I just hope Trump makes it so I can spend the night in a cheap motel without feeling like I need my .38 special.

    1. Ron Paul was never going to “do away with” Social Security; his plan was to phase it out over time. Anyone who paid in would still have received his pay out.

    2. Yeah that’s worst part of America’s decline. Being on the road, cheap hotels, going to Vegas and finding a flea bag for a few weeks, playing cards. It’s all too dangerous now. Rural and semi-rural America used to be mostly solid, decent, honest people. Of course, not perfect but there was a salt of the earth quality. Now they’re all on meth, whiggered out. I can’t imagine how even Texas is overrun with MS13 and garbage like that. What a shame.

  3. I sincerely hope all discouraged American voters do the right thing and vote for Trump.
    This is literally a once in a generation opportunity to make some real change.
    We may not get this chance again.

    1. Trump is the only alpha male running. He is the only one to have actually built things. He is the only one who does not apologize. When attacked, he responds with 10x force. He is the only candidate who knows that competition is everything, and that it’s better to win that to lose. All the other candidates sicken me to my core… they are so fake, and weak, and pathetic, soulless sellouts, all of them.
      I think voting is for chumps and that almost no one on earth deserves my endorsement, but even if there is a 1% chance that Trump is as strong and nationalist as he says he is, I will take the chance this time and give him my vote. I do think this is a once-in-a-generation chance.

      1. Trump is running as a populist and spouting lines that will get him the Republican nomination. He is actually the white version of Obama. Has Don offered any insight on his plans to make “America great again?” No. He spends most of his time demonizing his opponents.
        Let it burn.

        1. “Trump is running as a populist”
          Translation: the democrats, radical-feminists and leftists have only co-opted the popular vote.
          It’s totally moronic. Build the wall between the USA and Mexico and stop mass Muslim immigration till they all learn to behave themselves like decent human beings.

        2. I’m on the fence about Trump still, but he has actually laid out some things that I think will help, like his no-tax plan for families under 55k, his oft-repeated stance on repealing ObamaCare, and of course his hardline stance on additional immigration.
          Whether he can actually accomplish all those things is another question, of course.
          Regardless, I’ll be voting for the Republican nominee whomever it may be, simply because to do otherwise (or to not vote at all), is literally signing this country’s death warrant.
          Sanders is literally a communist and isn’t even trying to hide it, and fucking college voters are eating up his free-shit-for-everyone nonsense to a frightening degree.
          And Clinton is Obama with a bigger vagina.

      2. He’s NOT the only alpha male running. He’s an egomaniac and he’ll turn on his supporters as easily as those people you condemn. Watch.

      1. This is very misleading. The federal government was funded by sales taxes, but back in the old days, the states just did that other stuff. I don’t see why it matters who does all those programs, in fact, if regulation/programs are more uniform, it makes it easier to do business.

        1. A lot of what we had back then was privatized and no Regulations actually hurt businesses specifically the small ones.

      2. Import tariffs are best. I would also be for a Wall Street transaction tax. Minimal. Like .1 cents per trade. to stop high volume computerized trading whihc rips us off.
        My eyes were opened when we cashed out our 401k to pay off our mortgage. It took us a month to get our money. If I had made that decision to get out because I suspected a crash in the coming weeks, I would have been left holding the bag. All the big boys would have been out and I would have got my money at the end of the stock market death spiral.
        I do not put money in stocks any more. Rigged casino. 401k is nothing but the oligarchy financially sucker punching the working man.
        I do not regret my decision to pull out of stocks. I made the decision after listening to a financial apocalypse pastor Lindsay Williams a few years back. He predicted wrongly, that the dollar would be dead by 2012. I wanted to get something for my money, so I paid off my mortgage. For taxes and early withrdaw penalties etc, we got about 75ooo of almost 150ooo. Government got about half.
        So I missed this last stock market ride, but I do not regret my decision. I do not pay rent or mortgage now, what’s mine is mine. No debt on cars, even if I drive around in a 1996 Lincoln Town car. Electric windows busted, AC, heat do not work. Door broken, have to get out on passangers side. But with only 100ooo miles, engine hums along beautifully. Driving a 3000 dollar car is the way to freedom.
        I thought about my finances the other day. And I made the calculation. The only reason I can pay my son’s college is that I have always drivine old cars. The cost of these car loans over the years would have been the same as has college.
        My current investment strategy is buying gold and silver. Buy a small piecne of cheap land and bury it out in the Boonies. Put your bug out shelter there. Guns are also a good investment (But high maintenance as you will need to clean them periodically).
        But you need a good suburban hunker down strategy too. As in a partial collapse, far more likely, you will keep going to work. So garden and permaculture on your lawn. It has taken me 14 years as I have always moved slowly. Bringing in good soil little by little, planting blueberry bushed, fruit trees slowly wating for them to grow. Building a chicken coop under our deck etc.
        But now we produce much of our own food. Wish I had more money. Want to put in a wood stove, solar panels, turn my attic into a Liberty Internet Broadcasting and Shortwave Transmission Room. Put freedom grow lights under my home and use it as a greenhouse. All this will take time. But if I keep moving over the next fifteen years like during the past, I may be ready to ride out that Countdown to Amageddon.
        And if not, it’s a good hobby. I actually enjoy the shit-talking about it all far more than I believe in the strategy.
        But when you are feeding lazy and do not feel like gardening, crank up some Alex Jones or some angry liberty minded libertarian apocalypse preacher while you are working. That will fire up your motivation will and give you that sense of urgency to hoe and plow through heat and cold.
        And my wife enjoys seeing what a working man looks like.
        No matter who is elected, what you do for yourself is far more important than who is in office.

        1. Buying gold and silver shouldn’t be your entire investment strategy. It should only be a failsafe in case everything goes to shit. But in a doomsday scenario you are better off buying seeds.
          Gold and silver are commodities. They can’t grow like a company can.
          You can speculate in commodities, not invest.

        2. Taxes are actually counter productive, and the Stock market is just an exchange(not a “casino”) but I agree with the rest of your statement though

    2. Correction, this is a once in many generations opportunity. Bottom line is at $20 trillion if debt, he’s our last chance to correct the course of the nation. If our currency gets devalued worse on the global market with another down grade, the country is FUCKED past my great grand kid’s lifetimes. USA Inc. a failed business, about time we get a damn businessman in office to change it !

  4. YES. This is the article I’ve been waiting for ROK to publish. I knew it was only a matter of time. My entire immediate family who are of voting age (7 of us) are all voting for Trump if he is the nominee despite no one in my family voting for a Republican party nominee since 1988.
    I don’t care what party you are: if you’re sick of political correctness and the awful direction this country (and by extension, women) have taken, get out and vote for Trump.
    The Trumpening is here!

  5. Just recently Trump advocated Americans to boycott Apple products because they refuse to provide backdoor to the FBI to investigate the San Bernardino terror masterminds.It runs contrary to the conservative idea of limited and less intrusive government. Apple CEO Tim Cook provided compelling reasons for not constructing the back door.It could mean personal security disaster for thousands of Apple users.See the rank hypocrisy of this buffoon. He is a populist who spout empty rhetoric. I’m amazed you boys bought his lies hook,line and sinker.

    1. With the exception of Rand Paul, all of the leading GOP candidates said that Apple needed to Comply With the court order on Encryption. None of them give a shit about your privacy dude. Trump is still the lesser of the evils.

    2. 1) I have no problem with Apple being served a warrant and decrypt ONE iphone only (no handing the keys to the government).
      2) Their stance is pretty hypocritical considering they let China do whatever.

    1. You may be a realist, but you cannot tell the difference between mendacity and hypocrisy.

      1. I prefer to think of Trump as the judgment of God on the US Christian Church (which makes me shudder at what the judgment on America will be).

  6. I just hope that Trump is intelligent behind his neanderthal exterior. But whatever he is, I say as a British guy: Go Trump!

    1. Do you really think he has the caliber to an international Statesman, granted after GW Bush that bar is pretty low in the US.

      1. Well he has the caliber to be an international businessman, I don’t think there’s that much difference to international statesman.

        1. You think not? There’s a huge difference between politics and business. The levers of power are completely different and I’ve serious doubts about Trump’s nous in the former arena.

        2. Well you have the right to have your doubts. I agree he is an unorthodox candidate and doesn’t look like your typical politician.
          But as much as I can’t imagine Trump as president, I cannot imagine even more anyone else of possibly being president. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, JEB BUSH, come on give me a break.
          Trump may not be perfect, but the thing is I’ll take him over any of the other presidential candidates (well I think John Kasich is a pretty solid, presidential guy but not what we need in 2016).
          And, very importantly, the only one who will actually try to lower immigration and stop illegals.

        3. Ultimately, American voters are extremely polarized at the moment on both sides with Sanders and Trump attracting huge traction. Sanders, despite his appeal on the left, will not get the nomination and that’s a certainty, but in a race between Trump and Clinton it seems obvious that the former will win because of the prevailing anti-establishment mood. However, what could derail this almost certain win is Trump himself, he could frighten moderate votes who would vote for him, especially under attacks from Clinton who’ll no doubt paint him as “just too extreme” and she’ll win by default. If I was a Trump strategist, I would advise him to play it safe, sure and strong in his later arguments with Clinton otherwise he’ll shoot himself in the foot and lose it when it was his to win.

        4. That is possible, Trump will need to watch out. The Clinton-centred establishment will still be very powerful this election.
          Even if Sanders won the nomination, I feel as if he lacks the charisma and fortitude to appeal to a broad swathe of voters. But as you said Clinton will most likely get the nomination.
          When you think about his policies Trump isn’t even too radical (the media just hypes it up in my opinion). So I feel as if he could appeal to moderates – look at all the former Democrats voting for Trump.

        5. There once was a world where accomplished and polished statesmen led the world…….in 1914. And they destroyed a civilization. So I’ll take my chances with the businessman.

        6. I agree, you have to give Trump the benefit of doubt as the system seriously needs a breath of fresh air. Four years of Hillary will just add to the slow process of decay prompted by insane left wing ideas. America more than ever needs a tough batter on the field, a man who can get the respect from the likes of Putin and make deals that add to America’s betterment. Clinton cannot provide this type of leadership for America and it’s well known that the likes of Putin do not rate her, so sure, if people want a weak and emasculated US vote for her and the type of “comprised” foreign policy disasters, like Libya that she’s known for.

        7. Well, it’s going to be Clinton Vs Trump no doubt about it. I’d have reservations about Trump, but, I think the moment has arrived after years and years of people hoping the system would “change” through voting for the establishment politicians and alas waiting in vain for nothing. I think Democracy in American has become so atrophied that you actually now need the radical surgery of someone like Trump to reinvigorate the body politic. He’s not perfect, but even a blunt instrument is better than the no instrument stance of Obama and Clinton.

      2. What a fucking homo. Donald is the only alpha in the presidential race. Period. He has the best looking wife, most successful family, an Ivy league business degree, hosted one of the most watched TV shows of all time and is responsible for and finances personally, the economic viability of tens of thousands of people. If you have a problem with that, you’re a faggot and part of the problem.

        1. You didn’t answer the question. Do you think he has the caliber to be an International Statesmen ?As all the stuff you listed is largely irrelevant to that question.

  7. Im looking forward to Trump-Putin alliance based on tradition, Christianity, masculinity and patriarchy. Maybe the pendulum will finally swing toward those values. I really hope.

    1. The pope didn’t have much to say about Trump’s Christianity this week, did he? As for Putin, well you get put in a body bag outside the Kremlin Walls if you disagree with him. Essentially both are Plutocrats who look after their own moneyed and undemocratic business interests, their so-called Christian values are as a deep and convincing as Vladimir’s plastic face job.

      1. You watch too much CNN or some other Leftist news outlets. Pope is a commie with a cross on his neck, so I wouldnt count on him to be a beacon of patriarchy. Eastern Orthodoxy is the only branch of Christianity that openly opposes all the Leftist degeneracy.

        1. The word “Communist” has a very different meaning in Russian. The closest translation in English would be perhaps a “wright-winger” or a “nationalist”. I remember how Russia used to be before Putin and now – HUGE difference. Where is your anti-Putinism comes from? I could never understand this vicious hatred many Westerners have toward this man. As if he personally brutalized some of their family members.

        2. I’ve no animosity towards him personally, in fact, in purely economic terms he’s done much to improve the well being for ordinary Russians. However, I don’t trust him as he reminds me of mercury running down the back of a spoon which still is not a basis to hate him, but, perhaps fear and respect him.

        3. Dont trust him to have Western interest in heart, but trust him to have Russian ones, then everything becomes clear. He is to serve Russia and Russians, not Americans or Germans. Just like an American president should not care about Russia or China. One size doesnt fit all.

        4. Every great Leader looks after the interests of his own Nation first and foremost. I wouldn’t expect anything less, expect that this law is inverted by left wing Governments, like Sweden and Germany who despise their own heritage to the point of having it defecated upon by hordes of non-nationals who don’t give a dam about any western value.

        5. Putin is better than the Western “leaders” in the sense that he is still a leader and stands for a Russia that is Russian, not Western or Islamic.
          But that’s all. Behind that nationalism is not benevolent government and not even competent government. Putin is a KGB man from the corruption of the 1980s Soviet Union, so he knows more about pulling strings and using disinformation to push out rivals than he does about building an efficient and sustainable economy.
          Russia is one the poorest and most corrupt post-Soviet states. Putin has amassed massive wealth around himself and his cronies. He needs to do this to stay in power because he doesn’t know anything about how to set up and maintain effective state institutions. His ruling circle is about as sophisticated as a medieval court.
          The fact that Russia hasn’t managed to steamroll Ukraine, which is even more screwed up than its Muscovite neighbor, speaks to just how weak Russia is now. In game terms Ukraine was a 9 giving Russia a shit test, but when Putin moved to call Ukraine’s BS, he discovered he couldn’t get it up and was out of cash to buy Viagra.
          Then Western sanctions hit Russia like a sack of bricks and forced Putin to sign a $400 billion oil deal with China. The Chinese aren’t interested in taking over Siberia (yet). But soon the locals there will be so poor that they will have no choice but to pander to Chinese companies.
          Granted, it’s not all Putin’s fault. Having the West plus the entirety of the former Warsaw Pact pretty much equate you to Stalin for killing some Chechens and a couple journalists is tough. But there are a lot of ways that Putin messed up at home, that his fans in the West and in the manosphere don’t see.

        6. Putin couldn’t just invade Ukraine, that could lead to war with NATO and serious casualties.
          Instead, he annexed Crimea and has Ukraine right where he wants it: completely destabilized by ‘separatists’ and still as corrupt as ever.

        7. There are pretty large and increasing number of Americans (and western Europeans) who can see past the neo-Cold War propaganda and recognize Russia as a potential friend and ally. I find it ironic that with Western Europe on the precipice of being incorporated into Dar-al-Islam (oh, no more than 50 years), it will be up to the Russians to save their asses much like the Poles saved them in 1683. Now if you could just your birth rate up….
          And about Ukraine, this is not a display of weakness. Unlike western leaders, Putin can take his time here. And it’s not really about who controls Ukraine, it’s a message to Russia’s neighbors. Get in bed with our enemies, we’ll make you pay. Realpolitik.

        8. “You watch too much CNN or some other Leftist news outlets. Pope is a commie with a cross on his neck, ”
          I too started to suspect this when the Pope started getting a bit “soft” on homosexuality, indirectly suggesting that the catholic church might be open to allowing it. I doubt that he and his other constituients actually believe it is acceptable. But since we have entered the era of Lucifer, and the queer lifestyle is flexing its political muscle, many churches are allowing it for corporate self preservation.

        9. Honestly? It seems to come largely from those who own and control the media. Unfortunately, the job they do here is much more sophisticated than over there under the old Soviet regime, and many people believe what they’re told. Yeltsin got very favorable press here– that should tell you a lot about what they want for Russia.
          They seem to have some sort of historical grievance against you. Trotsky losing out to Stalin? The incorporation of Poland into Russia, with the loss of their privileges there? The defeat of the Khazar empire? Who knows?
          Plus, of course, the whole nationalism/ Christianity/ kicking out the oligarchs/ kicking out Soros’ NGOs doesn’t exactly make them happy. Nationalism in any form doesn’t make the “rootless cosmopolitans” happy.

        10. I think most people understand that, at least to some degree. It’s just good to see a leader, no matter what his limitations, who actually keeps his own country’s interests in mind, rather than those of a globalist elite. He has a symbolic value for the right in that he stood up to that elite.
          Also, the whole Syria thing has made him look good, especially when you consider how embarrassing the official US government/ US media narrative on Syria is. Most people who pay attention to something other than television realize that the whole “moderate terrorists” story is ridiculous, and that Syria was better off under Assad, especially when you consider the fate of Libya and Iraq.
          It’s almost like there’s another country in the area, that has disproportionate influence in Washington, that wants Syria to be weak and divided….

        11. We’ve got a lot of idiots in government here, then. I think it may be more treason than idiocy, though.

        12. Putin doesn’t care at all for the interests of common Russians, in the best russian tradition. They are just tank fodder for him.

        13. “Rootless Cosmopolitans” will fight tooth and nail to eradicate any signs of white nationalism.

        14. Lots of stuff, for example starting the war with Ukraine and incuring sanctions who hurt his people a lot for no good reason.

        15. OMG, all the russian media is commanded by Putin? Then know from here that russian soldiers die fighiting the Ukranian army on Ukrainian soil without any benefit for you. The value of the Ruble is 30% what it was before the Ukraine adventure started – in other words you pay three times more than before on whatever is imported. Your tax money are wasted on weapons that do you no good. Putin the KGBist doesn’t care about you a bit.

        16. Did Putin personally rape or torture someone in your family? Why do you hate him so much, did he do something to you?

        17. I cannot begin to fanthom where did you see hate in what I wrote. It’s all verifiable facts. The real question is why does Putin hate YOU so much. He can just withraw his soldiers from Ukraine and instantly the sanctions will be dropped and you will have a better life. Your misery means nothing to him.

        18. What makes you think there are Russian troops in Ukraine? Did you ever question in your mind the bombings carried out by the West on Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afganistan, toppling of Saddam, Kaddafi and others? What is your ethnic background may I ask?

      2. they may be plutocrats, but no one man can exploit a system as much as our current oligarchical class. If Trump completely loots our current system, it will still be better than having every corporation or bureaucracy take their cut.

        1. “If Trump completely loots our current system” It’s impossible that anyone, including Trump could loot the system in the same way as was done by GW Bush. Trump’s a money man, he knows the economic and financial systems probably better than any one who has ever run and this could be a huge positive selling point in his campaign.
          However, I think voters are crying out for politicians who actually have endurable values that speak to people not simply as ciphers in a market-place, and, I would like to see Trump appeal more to those traditional values that allowed him to become the man he is today.

        2. Here’s a traditional value he espouses that seems to be forgotten:
          America For Americans….
          It is fucking sad that even our so-called “conservative party” doesn’t believe this. They tut-tut and call him “Nativist” without ever explaining why being a nativist is bad.

          the policy of protecting the interests of native inhabitants against those of immigrants.
          the policy or practice of preserving or reviving an indigenous culture.
          Philosophy. the doctrine that innate ideas exist.
          innateness hypothesis.
          And we are assured by the donor class and their bootlick pundits that this is just TERRIBLE and UNAMERICAN.

        3. Bush didn’t personally loot the system, he just let others do it and took a cut. The main difference here is that when Trump takes his cut out of this country, he’ll be more efficient about it. Sadly, that is the real political revolution going on. One looter can take his cut better than a thousand. Suppose we should thank him for that at least.

      3. “their so-called Christian values”
        Consider the following:
        1) 92% of Congress and ~70% of Americans consider themselves ‘Christian’ but we get the laws we do and society is the way it is.
        2) I will not vote for Ted Cruz under any circumstance because he’s pulled the “Prove you love God / you’re a true Christian by voting for me” (along with his surrogates like Glenn Beck) while conducting his campaign like everyone else.
        Trump and Putin, in my view, are like Nebuchanezzar or Cyrus the Persian: they probably are unaware of Jesus Christ as Lord and Messiah, but at the very least they will leave Christians to worship in peace.
        And frankly, in my opinion, Judgment Day will go easier for Putin and Trump than most of the current unrepentant US Churchians.

        1. “And frankly, in my opinion, Judgment Day will go easier for Putin and Trump than most of the current unrepentant US Churchians.” What about the Pope?

        2. From my American perspective (granted, there could be translation issues or he is being taken out of context), the current Pope seems to be six parts meddling busybody and one part Christian. He occasionally says something I can agree with, but in my opinion, most of the time he sticks his nose into places that it shouldn’t be (his dustup with Trump is a good example of the latter).

    2. hell yes. my thoughts exactly. hopefully a golden age in russian-american relations will result if trump manages to get elected.

      1. Russo-Western relationship will never be perfect, but would be nice to stop meddling in each other’s affairs for once. I was supporting Romney at the time, and he turned out to be a certified cuck, I hope Trump is the real deal.

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        they lie, they’ll have to hide
        nature wants what is mine
        Why?: they cry in the dark night,
        free of the winter man, awaiting their last day
        All was a social setup, they told
        Anything is building from blood
        Stop trump and start the mix up
        Now they lay inert in the cold, close the end
        Where are all the ice men?
        Beyond the wall and its H line,
        where it takes a housewife and a husband
        Start the final, slop the blood, they said, and then
        Rob us not just money but love,
        it takes a village to do so
        to make intelligence a burden,
        to get a divorce without proof
        to drain resources from sapiens
        to give nations to aliens
        takes a village to hung the just
        takes a mob to compulsory monkrel up
        to universal suffraged our cities to dust
        But all is it a social convention,
        genes trust and invention, it’s a social construct
        To destroy Western Civilization
        Let them with the shit from streets
        All they wanted was ghetto to raise kids, cats’ echo, democrazy, jungle drums and monkrel evolution up
        Our ship is ready, the aim is high
        the time is tight, death odds?
        Crazy,but worth to try
        Nobody will drain our brains
        Over 30 seconds we’ll be far from sky,
        leaving back our home to conquer a new world again.

      1. The manosphere’s man-crush on Trump is embarrassing. Being masculine is not being thin-skinned, catty. Only in America would ANYONE think that behavior is masculine. It’s also being objective and intelligent; none of Trump supporters can point to any realistic proposals of his.

        1. Why is it that Trump’s detractors always resort to arguments based on emotion? We get it, you don’t like his personality. Big deal. Emotions aren’t tools of cognition anyways.
          If there weren’t so many bullshit non-arguments surrounding Trump, there might be more time to address the valid ones but no, you would rather discuss his masculinity. The irony is pretty ridiculous.

        2. When liberals ask me how is Trump going to get México to pay for the wall. I say: easy, tax all remittances to México

        3. This is kind of retarded. There are legal Mexican-Americans in the US who send remittances back home. Why would we tax them to build the wall? They are citizens like you and I. That’s not taxing Mexico, nor is it fair for only a small % of law-abiding Americans to pay for the wall.

        4. “There are legal Mexican-Americans in the US who send remittances back home.”
          Home? If you consider your “home” to be Mexico then you are not American. I think you are forgetting that there is indeed a border that separates these two countries.

        5. $25B is chump change compared to what illegals cost us in lost wages, free medical care, welfare and increased law enforcement spending.

        6. Yep, some are citizens…many are not. Exactly the group of people who should be paying for it. We all have to pay taxes on things that we don’t want to. Get over it.

        7. They make US employers waaaayyyy more than that with cheap, benefit-free labor. Tax the employers.

        8. That’s the other end that must be dealt with…enforce current laws, throw a few of the worse abusers in jail. No benes, no jobs….problem takes care of itself.

        9. He’s a false conservative; he was a liberal his whole life up until 1 year ago. He’s a fraud when it comes to being a Christian; in the beginning of the campaign, he mocked Christianity, said he rarely went to Church, couldn’t say one verse that was his favorite, said he never asked for forgiveness (essential for Christians). Suddenly, he’s a big Bible fan when he realized how important it was politically. He was in favor of gun control until a few months ago when he claimed he toted around a gun. He said Hillary Clinton would be good for the country. He talked about hiking taxes. On “Meet The Press” in 1999, Trump said he was “very pro-choice.” He said he supported assault weapons ban. These aren’t minor things.
          The fact that you and so many people support Trump just shows me how gullible the masses are. You will take words over actions/track-record any day.

        10. Masculinity is getting what you want. Dominating.
          Forgetting that for the moment, you missed the point entirely. None of Trump’s supporters care about that shit. We’re facing existential issues. Trump is popular because he is the only one that acknowledges them.
          Have fun with your conservative purity test that’s never going to win another election again.
          This shit is why the left constantly wins, despite them being objectively inferior people. They care about winning, not purity.

        11. That is such an incomplete definition of masculinity and part of the reason society is screwed today. Hitler dominated and got what he wanted; so did Kenneth Lay of Enron. Integrity is important to masculinity; it is one of other traits amongst men including assertiveness, boldness, but also qualities like having considered judgment and control of your emotional state. None of this matters anymore to a certain segment who’ve followed the principles of PUA all the way into the jungle. BTW, the only reason people feel so much fear in our relatively benign society is that the elites who control the press have driven people into a state of fear against their natural enemies.

        12. How well did all of the “True Conservatives” we elected in the 2014 midterm elections work out for you? Do you remember that election? I do. It was such a huge win for us “conservatives,” that the media dubbed it the “November Wave Election.” But all of those “Conservatives” we elected betrayed us. Is voting for the same type of politicians the solution? I don’t think so. At this point, I am so beyond labels like “conservative” meaning anything anymore and I would venture to guess that most conservatives feel the same way. I’ll leave you with some raw footage of your “True Conservative” Ted Cruz.

        13. I agree with this entirely. He has led a lifetime of screwing people to make his money and now he’s out to save the world i.e. middle vlass. The only thing he will do is enrich himself and his partners more than they already are while the rest of us will end up getting screwed. He offers no concrete plans only a load of obnoxious big-talk because he knows to a desperate electorate meaningless talk matters more than justifiable realistic plans.

        14. Your integrity is equal to less than bullshit, if it means you create a world where your children suffer all because of your vain need to be seen as a “true conservative,” whatever the fuck that means. Future generations will not appreciate your folly and will grow to resent you for not doing what needed to be done.

        15. No offense, but where have you been hiding the past 8 months? The man had Jeff Sessions write his immigration policy, for God’s sake. He has a lot of other specific proposals on other issues. They’re posted on his website if you have any interest in something other than spouting lies.

        16. Nationalism is the first and most important issue for conservatives. Conservatism doesn’t exist independent of the minds of those who believe in it. If we don’t close the border, and stop the Left and the cucks from importing 10s of millions more mestizos and Arabs, conservatism is dead.

        17. Kek. How is it “retarded’” as you so eloquently put it, to tax those who benefit from crossing the border to pay for border enforcement? You’re partially right, though, in that we should have Carlos Slim pay for a good chunk of it, too. While we’re at it, we should require proof of legal residence to send remittances in the first place.

        18. Sounds like a lot? Maybe a bargain, when you compare it to the Heritage Foundation Study that calculates a total cost for amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens of $6.3 trillion ($2 T for just the Obamnesty executive order if it’s not reversed).

          On the Mexico paying issue– in addition to the remittances that the Mexican economy is dependent on, and that are totally under our control, there’s this thing called tariffs, see….

        19. As people grow older, most of the time their thought pattern and positions on issues changes..
          Trump is no different, give him a chance..
          Nothing can be worse then past 16 years of Dumb and Dumber / Bush and Obama

        20. Ending the disgraceful “free trade” agreements with Mexico and China, where good paying American jobs are shipped overseas by traitorous and greedy companies is one proposal that Trump is putting forth and will get done once he’s elected. Just that much is 100x more than what any other Dem or Repub candidate is offering.

        21. The comparison is legitimate. Like Trump Hitler played to the fears, animus and ignorance of the masses. Every demagogue since has followed in his footsteps.
          Were you aware that according to his ex wife he kept a copy of Hitler’s speeches by his bed? Even in the interview Trump admits he keeps a copy of Hitler but disagrees that it was from his speeches. He instead mentions his autobiography “mein kampf?”
          So again, why is the comparison illegitimate?

        22. Trump’s lotophages care none for facts, period. Given your own admission you don’t care much for principle either because you’ve bought into the Trump flavored koolaid by the truckload.
          The reason why the left constantly wins is because of people like you; people who constantly ask people of principle and standards to lower their nose and stick their hand in shit in order to cast a vote for the “guy who can win” even though that guy always ends up losing.
          Ted Cruz is the real deal and represents the best chance we have to steer this sinking ship back on a proper course. Trump represents more of the status quo bs and he will just keep it alive. It’s irrelevant though, since he would lose to the left like every other RINO that came before.
          Forget what you were told…this is not “Trump country” as you can see. 🙂

        23. TRUMP’s record on getting things done speaks volumes to me. The ice rink in NYC is a great example. After 3 years with no ice rink completion, Trump got fed-up with the inability of government to get a job done — took over the project, had it finished in 5-6 months and under budget.
          I will take this man who has practical REAL WORLD experience over these politicians who are all talk

        24. Gentleman, Mark Levin is here. Here we go — someone else to pontificate on why we need to vote for the “purist conservative.”
          Frankly, your bud’s Levin and Beck who do noting but refer to REAGAN wouldn’t have supported REAGAN if they were on the radio back then considering he was once a Democrat.

        25. This point is played out. I thought I made it clear that Trump espoused liberal views as recent as ONE YEAR AGO. Reagan had decades of preaching conservativism, 8 years as CA governor as GOP, etc. False analogy.

        26. I wouldn’t take this as some major executive accomplishment. Most can execute better than the government. Take it for what you will- but I see Trump as hot air when it comes to politics. He talks, avoids the details, avoids the nuance of the subjects, just says “he’ll be great”. And people follow him. He could (and has) advocate the same views as Bernie Sanders and his followers would keep voting for him.

        27. I’m neither an American conservative nor a mainstream Christian, and I support Trump. I support him even more precisely *because* he’s not a member of one of those groups. And I suspect the majority of people in this country, who are nonvoters, do as well. I expect uge turnout with trump. Uge.

        28. He will be derailed at a brokered GOP convention where a real candidate will be chosen. It’s very doubtful he will get north of 50% which he needs to avoid this fate.

        29. I sincerely thought this would happen until Jeb! dropped out of the race. Now I’m not so sure. Either way, I think Trump could get more votes as an independent than whoever the TradCon candidate is.

        30. Hitler didn’t get what he wanted…he died with Germany in ashes you dumb fuck!

        31. You’re choosing silly labels, Trump chooses to lead. That’s why you’re a nobody!

        32. I just want you to explain to me, why I should vote for somebody who thinks it’s perfectly okay, that I have to compete in the labor market against people from third world countries, who are driving wages down, and making themselves profitable assets to wall street. Trumps policies will foster free market competition, it lead to me having more money, and other people having less money. Why should I be against something like this? Am I supposed to take one for the team so some wall street bankers can make more profit than they would otherwise be able to?

      2. True that, Im so tired of seeing all these effeminate Western leaders walking on eggshels, trying to please everyone. We need unapologetic men, strong leaders.

        1. That’s what’s so refreshing about TRUMP. Someone who calls it like it is and doesn’t apologize to anyone. I honestly have renewed hope with this man.

        2. Me too, today I heard Trump was saying about an unruly protester “in the old days he’d be carried out from here in stretchers” lol

    3. I don’t know about any of that. What I do know is that as an independent, I’m really enjoying the pain he is causing these establishment snowballers.
      I seriously doubt he will be the new sheriff in town. But if he gets elected, and totally changes the electoral voter demographic make up, it’s over. We can all write our own check.
      I’m voting in my state’ primary for Trump.

    4. Won’t be so simple. What do leftists do when they are not in power?
      They go mad. Expect chaos. Be ready for it.

      1. Oh, I know there will be a massive Leftist hysteria, non-stop protests, attempts to agitate populace, crocodile tears and so on. Leftists are overgrown children, many suffer from mental issues. Yes, I fully expect all of that.

      2. Yeah they went so nuts when Bush was elected, even after losing the popular vote. Such mass hysteria. It’s a wonder Bush got anything done in office, what with the leftist revolutionaries and all.

    5. Its nice to have dreams but unfortunately Trump is a manifest liar. If you believe him you’ll believe anything.
      I wonder how many people voting for Trump voted someone was actually telling the truth last around (Ron Paul).

      1. Well, whatever you guys are doing over there in Limey-Land has been working great, right? Who do the vanishing few English patriots have to vote for? Nigel Farage? Give me a break. I’ll take my “liar” over that limp biscuit any day.

        1. Of course you would. That is just one of the things that’s wrong with America. Any idiot can jump up and start saying the things you like and you’ll vote him in. But can he deliver? That’s what you need to think about.
          Remember how excited people were about Mr “Yes We Can” Obama? It turned out “no we couldn’t”.
          Oh but this time it will be different.

        2. Yes, and your politicians don’t lie, and your people aren’t dupes, right? Blair, Cameron ring any bells? All they have delivered is a larger footprint of Islam in England. Have fun with that and your system that gives a party with 4 million votes one MP (UKIP).

        3. Your argument is childish and nonsensical. Basically it reduces to “since Blair lied its OK that Trump lies too”.
          Switch your brain on and stop being such a moron.

        4. Your Argument :”He’s a Liar and you’re stupid”. Not surprising that you think that this is an intelligent, well reasoned argument and goes a long way into explaining the rot that’s eating away at Europe.

        5. That Trump is a liar is not my argument, go back and read it again.
          And now your argument has reduced to “well you’re stupid too” while at the same time failing to deal with my original argument or my response to your effort.
          Try again.

    6. My God, just imagine it – if Putin and Trump came together and both told the world the truth about why the West hates on Russia so much… if only we could Red Pill so many at once!

      1. It wont be that easy, the Left permeated every social fabric in the West. The battle will be long and exhausting

  8. A question for those more up on politics than I. What makes Trump a better candidate than say Cruz? The latter’s political credentials seem to me to make a more experienced candidate than Trump. My big fear with Trump is that he is mostly rhetoric with little substance; that he really might not realize what the job entails and how politics work. I can imagine that one tends to see the world a certain way as a CEO and investor, not to mention TV personality. Just not sure how adaptable this would be to leader of the free world. Would like to hear a solid rationale for voting for The Donald.

    1. I’m not even an American so I hope you don’t mind if I respond. It seems to me as an observer that you have got a snowball going with Trump. You may not think he is perfect but if you don’t all jump behind him right now your gunna fuck up and all support different people etc. you will all loose through a lack of unit. Personally I love him anyway. Good luck.

    2. I’ll try my best.
      First of all, Cruz ‘seems’ like a dishonest, weaselly politician and is not in the best physical shape. But on to the real matters.
      Trump’s main issues:
      1) Stopping Immigration – It is Trump that made the entire election about immigration and he leads the field in stopping illegal immigration and preserving the cohesion of our society. The only candidate I would trust in stopping at least illegal immigration.
      2) Solid Business Experience – running a government is like running a business, where the intention should be to pull a profit (i.e. balanced budget and no deficits) year after year. Trump is definitely the best for making money and conducting negotiations.
      3) Trade – bringing jobs back to America, preventing China from screwing us over.
      4) Alpha Male – confident and dominant. A sharp contrast to all the other pussified politicians.
      Here are the election policies Trump has put on paper:
      This unbiased, objective website is also great:
      Once again, Cruz and the other Republicans are firmly in the establishment and the majority of them are cuckservatives.

    3. “What makes Trump a better candidate than say Cruz?” Where do I start, Cruz is against net neutrality, he wants to increase the H1B visa program by 500%, he basically wants us to do a ground invasion of Crimea/Ukraine and Syria/Iraq, he wants to institute a flat tax, he oddly wants to get rid of the department of education for some reason, He says he wants to repeal Obamacare (which I am all for) but he doesn’t actually have a plan to replace it, etc. I could go on and on about what is wrong with him.
      “The latter’s political credentials seem to me to make a more experienced candidate than Trump.” Half a term as senator and 4 years being solicitor general of Texas? That is nothing!

      1. A quick look at his wikipedia entry shows he’s got more experience than those two things. Still, thanks for clarifying Cruz’s positions. Why should I vote for Trump, though?

        1. Immigration curtailed….Muslim immigration stopped. Renegotiate or abrogate unfair trade deals that have deported our manufacturing base so that some post-nationalist corps can squeeze an extra $.12 per share of stock. Shifted the overton window so far right that the Libs will be crying for decades. Need anything else?

        2. I like the bit with the trade deals. Gainful employment is always a plus. As for immigration I think it will be an uphill battle for him. That’s my big concern. As a CEO you can go all Jean-Luc “Make it So” Piccard. As a Pres we always get promises as if he can unilaterally decree things but then reality has this way of diluting them when the web of political complexity and consensus building descends.

        3. Yeah, I know that he can’t wave a wand and make it happen. Be he knows how to put deals together and also how to effectively get the media to do get his message across even though they hate him for it. If he only succeeds in getting the wall up he will have done more for the people than any President I can remember, including St. Reagan.

        4. ” quick look at his wikipedia entry shows he’s got more experience than those two things.” Not government positions (I stand corrected. He had 5 years as solicitor general of Texas and served as an adviser to George “Dubaya” Bush), most of his life has been as a lawyer. “Why should I vote for Trump, though?” In my case, I agree with what he says. On what do you differ with him?

        5. I do not differ with him on the points I know about. I was just using Cruz as an example since he is the closest anti-Trump, but have no particular love for him either. Right now I am more seeking an education from guys who might have heard his stance on more issues, since I can’t vote for a guy just because he speaks his mind, and I’m not convinced he really has these deep seated political convictions, either, judging by his record. I cannot find more than the few issues he’s listed on his campaign website, and I don’t know how easy it will be for these to come to fruition, or if they are just being used as talking points. The Great Wall of Texas, for example, has been discussed for years. Dismantling the IRS and upending the tax code sounds great, all for it, but will it happen, US government institutions are gravity wells. Curtailing immigration, again sounds good but try convincing all the other power players in government. So will it be, throw a bunch of gum at the wall and see what sticks? I tend to vote for people who show they have a realistic plan of action as to how they will do these things, and so far I’m not real sure he has the political capital in Washington to make these things happen (maybe I’m wrong, who knows who he’s got leverage on), being Pres is not the same as being a CEO. That said, I am still listening when people talk about why they think he’s the man…I really want to like him but the skeptical side keeps kicking in.

    4. Cruz wants to double legal immigration, raise H-1B visas by 500% and give legal status to undocumented illegal aliens in the US. In 2013, Cruz was calling for legalizing basically all illegals on the senate floor.

    5. Ted Cruz:
      Hasn’t Achieved anything in the senate, hasn’t been a senator long
      Funded by Goldman sachs, like the democratic party
      Obsession with abortion, pro-life point scoring even though no chance of overturning roe vs wade
      Obsessed with Israel and evangelical point scoring, going as far as critisizing Trump for saying he would be “neutral” in palestine negotiations.
      Far more pro-war than Trump in terms aggravating conflicts in middle east and Ukraine, and seeing russia as the enemy
      Hijacking of Trumps sentiment by saying he’s going to build a wall etc
      Only good thing about Cruz is that he says he wants to abolish the IRS

  9. He’s a CLOWN!
    He is not the face that we need to be representing us in an international world.
    Sorry but reality dictates that we not have such a self serving narcissist as president. No, I am no fan of Obamas weak wristed way of “enforcing” treaties or international all.
    I’m simply saying you are all being sucked in by a demogogue that will accomplish nothing but continuing the alienation of our allies, Just like you, AMERICA needs friends!
    This hypocrite that you all endorse is a friggin joke, In the real world we need a president that can negotiate with other country leaders, The earth is not just USA, and without other countries we are NOT self sufficient, Past administrations have sold Americas soul long ago, Trump will continue this path.. I own a pair of Donald Trump Marcasite Cufflinks…Guess where they were made?
    Trump is a baldfaced hypocrite.
    Yes, some of his statements have sensibility about them, I agree the border MUST be secured, absolutely.
    But seriously fellow Americans..We are going to round up 15 MILLION illegal people? Are you seriously suggesting we emulate frigging 1939 Germany??

    1. “We are going to round up 15 MILLION illegal people? ”
      No. Cut the benefits and they will leave like lice leaving a corpse.
      America is not the worlds whore despite what you believe.

    2. “Are you seriously suggesting we emulate frigging 1939 Germany??”
      Tell us what you know of Germany, and Europe, circa 1939.
      It’s a slow night.

    3. Trump would be the best at negotiating out of any other candidate!
      Look the Art of the Deal, Trump’s book that is now one of the most popular books on Business.
      It takes great people and negotiation skills to make it to the billionaire top in real estate like Trump

    4. “But seriously fellow Americans..We are going to round up 15 MILLION illegal people? Are you seriously suggesting we emulate frigging 1939 Germany??” You clearly haven’t actually read any good quality books on WWII or the interwar period.

    5. He wouldn’t have made those cufflinks in China if there had been a 35% tariff on them. Business people are rational, and out to make money. They will seek the most profitable way they can LEGALLY. The big loser in any trade war will be China…a resource poor nation that cannot feed itself that is utterly dependent upon having access to our market so they can sell their cheap crap.
      Our so-called friends have been sponging off of us for the last 50 years. They can either start pulling their own weight or piss off. Believe it or not, they need us much more than we need them.

    6. A narcissist? You sound like a faggot. The hating of pride is so common amongst leftists. Why do you resent accomplished men who feel good about themselves?

    7. Eisenhower did it with “Operation Wetback”.
      And somehow the Progressives think they can roundup all ~300 million odd guns in the US (which are easier to hide).

  10. Sorry. The American left hate Trump, but they fear Cruz. Ted Cruz would be the best POTUS from all the candidates which means he wont make it.

    1. H1B, TPP Ted? I don’t think so. They fear him because he panders to the evangelicals, which should turn off the alt-right as well. Has there ever been a more feminized version of Christianity?

      1. “Has there ever been a more feminized version of Christianity?”
        How do you tie that into an American political campaign? Obama is a beta-male homosexual and muslim supporter. How is that working out?

        1. Ted has been doing some world class channeling of Elmer Gantry in order to pander to the evangelical christians. I’m saying that they are no friends of the manosphere because they are one of the most stealthy prime dispensers of the Feminine Imperative in the USA. A candidate who is basing his mandate upon their support is therefore suspect.
          Add that to his wife’s ties to Goldman Sachs, and the globalist CFR and it becomes clear that Ted, for all his Consitutional Kabuki Theater, is just another GOPe politician and a bad one at that since his colleagues seem to loathe him. Of the GOPe field other than Trump, I suppose he his the least loathesome.

        2. “Add that to his wife’s ties to Goldman Sachs,”
          That was dispelled awhile ago as she was a low level branch functionary VP, but have at it.
          Trump is leading you all down the prim rosed path

        3. I think few people are blind about the potential hazards to a Trump presidency. That said, how would anyone else in the field be any different than what we have had for the last 25 years? Every GOP candidate says the same thing…limited government, lower taxes etc. Then they get in office and promptly forget every promise they made except the ones they made to their donors. I am willing to throw the dice…

        4. Dispelled by who? Cruz himself? Cruz’s wife is a Goldman Sachs manager and worked on the Council on Foreign Relations to push towards a borderless America. That’s a fact. Furthermore, Rafael “Ted” Cruz wants to double legal immigration, raise H-1B visas by 500% and give legal status to undocumented illegal aliens in the US. Not to mention his support for the TPA/TPP, which would eviscerate US sovereignty. You need stop being a faggot and wake up.

    2. Lol, please. Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz will have a concession stand at the border with teddy bears & soccer balls. You can kiss America goodbye if Cruz gets the Republican nomination because he’ll never beat the Democratic nomination.

  11. Politico is already calling it for Trump. Megyn Kelly lets out audible groan when fellow FoxCUCK commentators tentatively declare Trump the possible winner. Kinda like a dumped gf pouting when she finds her alpha ex is now with a hotter girl.

  12. What the fuck makes you think that “most” readers of RoK support Donald Trump? The man is a big government populist with almost no actual conservative beliefs. Electing Donald Trump will not result in any real change, it will merely replace a (D) populist who has no respect for the Constitution with an (R) populist with no respect for the Constitution. If he is elected stand by for liberal SCOTUS judges, restrictions on the 2nd Amendment, government run health care, crony capitalism that will make what we have now seem like an Adam Smith wet dream, higher taxes, more government spending, and a President who will destroy anyone who disagrees with him, even if they are in his own party. If we are going to take back this country what we really need is to start educating people on libertarian and limited government conservative policies, not waiting for some savior to come along. And if a savior was the answer, his name would not be Trump.

        1. No, you’re totally right. Go vote for Gary Johnson and see how far that get’s you. A Republican / Libertarian will never get elected again after this election.

    1. I don’t know what you’re talking about. The Second Amendment is one of the few things Trump commits to paper about protecting:
      Trump clearly said he would appoint a conservative judge to replace Scalia.
      He will LOWER corporate tax and ELIMINATE income tax on families earning up to $55,000 (I think, the exact figure is on his website).
      If you are getting your information about Trump from Fox News and CNN instead of the source, then you should read through the policies above.
      That being said, we need a nationalist that is against immigration, and that is clearly Trump.

      1. Might want to do a bit more research. He may say those things now but in the past he has stated that he is in favor of bans on assault weapons, he has pushed for higher taxes, he has stated that his sister (a very liberal abortion rights activist judge) would make a great SCOTUS judge. You accuse me of getting my info from CNN or FN which isn’t true, but you are getting your info from what Trump posts on a website when he is running for President. He tells people what they want to hear. You might want to do a little research of your own instead of just taking his word for what he would do, since he contradicts himself from speech to speech. Example? He stated that Syrian refugees should be allowed into the country, then made his “Muslims should be banned” statement within days. Which is it? He can’t believe both since they contradict each other? IMO he says what his audience wants to hear and you have no idea what he will actually do if he is president.

    2. Changes are brought about by a few men, it has always been like this. People unite around leaders, you might be right about Trump, but he’s the best bet out of all other choices by far.

    3. You obviously have not been paying attention…
      We don’t need your “conservative” purity. Borders closed now. Nothing else matters. If things aren’t reversed now demographically, your quaint “constitution” will be a vilified footnote in the Marxist history books two generations from now. And stop being such a pearl-clutching church lady about attacking people who oppose him…politics are a blood sport, and being a nice guy is a liability, not a benefit. This is doubly so considering the forces arrayed against us…Academia, MSM, GOPe, DNC, CFR, and every other globalist, post-nationalist corporation on the planet.

      1. What does that have to do with anything? He contradicts himself from speech to speech. He claims to be in favor of things that he was opposed to three days earlier. He claims that he never held views when you can find him espousing that viewpoint easily with a few quick Google searches. The man is consummate politician even though he has never held political office. He tells each audience what they want to hear in order to support him, then tells the next the opposite if that is what they need.

    4. The country is facing existential issues right now, and no conservative does anything about it.
      Taxes? Spending? None of that fucking matters when your country is being overrun with third world hordes, your possibility of making a living is gone, and you conduct foreign policy that brings nothing but instability and increases the risk of terrorism which then means your own civil liberties get curtailed.
      Oh, and when you can’t hold private meetings for normal men because social justice warriors won’t allow you to, you aren’t living in a prosperous country either.
      The conservative movement is dead. Right wing politics are realigning toward nationalism. Get out of your libertarian la la land.

      1. The greatest threat to our nation is its debt. Everything is tied to it. National security, terrorism, runaway illegal immigration, unsolvent healthcare system, socialism threat already underway, police state, gun laws, economic collapse. We’re stuck with a Fiat money system. Let the dude whose a master of it undo it in 8 years. Trump’s the best bet, only one with a nut sack. Better than Romney could have been I’m certain.
        And he even had the balls to say the Iraq War was a disaster, which I was saying from the start it was, which made me swing more Libertarian. Bush Sr. didn’t do shit, Clinton I didn’t care for but at least he balanced the budget/debt, Bush Jr. fought a cellular war with a blanket army AND we got 9/11 attack under him which completely fucked up my life’s plans/dreams. Then 2 fucking terms of the nightmare Obama’s been has nearly polished me off.
        I whole heartedly welcome Trump. Someone who both plays the political game well, and says wtf he wants.. No one else has done that in ages.

        1. So many issues in this one comment.
          Trump a master of getting rid of debt? If he had taken the $200 million his dad left him and put it in the stock market he’d have more money than he has today? He has given no reason to think that he will reduce government spending, including his statements in favor of more government programs.
          9/11 under Bush? True, but hardly the whole story. He had been president for less than nine months. Hardly enough time to undo the mistakes of the previous administration.
          Iraq war a disaster? Trump is on record before the war started as saying that it probably needed to happen. Easy enough to go back afterwards and say “big mistake”. And as a matter of record, Iraq was a relatively stable democracy until Obama pulled the troops out. Whether you agree or disagree that we should have been there in the first place, hard to argue that it was a disaster in 2011, before the troops left. Meanwhile Clinton, Kerry, and Sanders all voted for it, and oh, by the way, we found plenty of WMD in Iraq so Trump’s lie about Bush is just that, a lie.
          I think what people forget (especially young people) is that the left has been chipping away at the foundations of our country for sixty years. The communist party started their long term goal of undermining our way of life in the 50s by taking over education and the media. They have been repeating their lies about how evil America is for almost three generations, to the point that they are now accepted as truths. Trump can not turn that around. No one individual politician can. What we need is someone who will advance conservative/libertarian values and a new movement of fighting against the lies of the left, just what is being done on RoK and other websites. Stop claiming that anyone who doesn’t exactly agree with you (the collective you, not GRoci) on every single conservative or libertarian issue is a “cuckservative” (stupidest term ever if you ask me), and work to advance the ideas of American exceptionalism, free markets, hard work, etc.
          Finally GRock, the idea that Dems were more conservative and Reps more liberal is the result of changes in the commonly definitions of the words rather than changes in the party’s core beliefs. Liberal used to be a good thing as it meant a belief in individual rights over government control.

      2. Taxes and spending don’t matter…really? While the illegal immigration issue is an important one it is by no means the MOST important issue facing us today. Trump would do very little to actually curb this. If you really think he’s going to deliver on all of his many wild promises (forcing mexico to build a wall, for instance) you’re even more deluded than your remarks indicate. What’s he going to do…declare war on them? lol
        “The conservative movement is dead. Right wing politics are realigning toward nationalism. Get out of your libertarian la la land.”
        LOL! Spoken like a true libtard. We’ve got our first troll writer on ROK. It’s time for the balance to be put back into place 😉
        Conservatism isn’t dead, it’s considered as such by libtards like yourself who want Trump to win so you can have Hillary or Bernie as president. Why don’t you just admit where your true loyalties lie?

    5. It’s funny, what most people have no clue about is if you go back far enough in time, the Dems were more conservative, and the Reps were more liberal. 50-100 years back. The very definition of conservative and liberal has changed, much like the definition of sexual harassment and rape has.
      Granted, strict constructionists of the constitution (I.e. Libertarians – yes I voted for Ron Paul) are probably the most on point, however, pragmatically it’s unconvincing to the sheeple. Will Trump get us in a bigger mess, or just a different mess? Who knows, but I’d still say he’s the closest to the general sentiment of ROK and the RVF in aggregate.

    6. The paradigm has changed from Conservative vs Liberal to Establishment vs Anti-Establishment. Nationalist vs Globalist.
      Get with the program.

  13. I like Trump and I will vote for him if he becomes the nominee. But it does bother me that many of his past positions were those of a big government Liberal Democrat. Has he had a change of heart or is he just playing us?

    1. He’s a complete opportunist with no core values. It’s that simple and if you believe otherwise you fail to understand why he’s such a good businessman.

      1. He is an opportunist and will do business with anyone, but for the goal of winning, previously personal winning, and now (maybe) national winning. I want my representative to win on my behalf. I want our country to be more prosperous, powerful, and safe. I want there to be benefits to being a US citizen.

        1. Yes, but an opportunist by definition has no values apart from those that serve him personally, so I have reservations about what he espouses to do for the betterment and greater good of America when he becomes President.

        2. But doesn’t it serve him personally to live in a strong country? I think he is running mostly because of his ego, and to satisfy his ego, but strong ego, I think, is a good motivator and a good thing. I think he may be reaching for something greater… sure, he’s running for personal reasons, but who doesn’t? I think his platform is to rebuild us as country to win in most regards, like he has won in is business dealings, fair, true, or nefarious as they might have been. The end goal is to win and I think of all the candidates, he is the strongest “winner” among them all.
          Look at it this way, if you hire a layer to represent you in a serious case, do you want a meek loser with the best intentions, or the brash stud who wins 100% of his cases, no matter what?

        3. Yes, maybe you’re right and I do like him in many ways for his directness and honesty on matters that the mainstream “seasoned” politicians won’t mention in a manner that needs to be stated, like immigration for example. I’m willing to concede that maybe he really means what he says, and I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because he’s not a “career” politician and maybe this fact alone will see him win the presidency, as the voters are sick (on both sides) of the establishment system who say what they don’t ever really mean.

        4. I know what you mean. There is no way to be sure. My gut tells me he might be a great president and exactly what we need right now. We need and outsider, a brave extremist who puts citizens first…. But if I vote for him, and he wins, and he disappoints, I swear that I’ll be done with politics forever. I’m already over this nonsense, but I think he is my best, last hope to regain even a sliver of faith in the system, and I want to have some faith. But we’ll see. :/

        5. Look, we all know Trump’s risky. He’s is undoubtedly an asshole. But he’s our asshole and He’ll be an asshole on our behalf.
          He may not be able to get anything done, and he may be playing us, but he is the only one who is even talking about Illegal Immigration and Unfair Trade. The Donor class loves both of those things, so the pols would rather not have to bring it up. Trump made them talk about it. The way I see it, it’s our chance to at least go out swinging, rather than curled up in the corner with the Low-T GOPe.

        6. Yes, he might be an asshole, but, he’s one hell of a formidable presence who won’t be pushed around by other world leaders. When was the last time the US had a strong president that other Nations respected and feared, (Nixon/Kennedy). You’re the world’s most powerful Nation and yet again we could see it being run by a politician like Hillary Clinton who will not be respected by international leaders like Putin. It’s critical, at this key juncture in American history that someone strong and decisive is in the Oval Office as the scales are turning against America anyway with Russia involvement in the middle east and China’s role as a world player. If Clinton wins I believe that key opportunities that could lead to America’s predominance as a world player once again will be squandered and wasted by her “committee” and “comprised” type of foreign policy initiatives that failed miserably to resolve many key issues in her role as Sect of State.

      2. I’m not saying you couldn’t be right. But look at it this way: he’s almost 70, he’s extremely wealthy, he’s had many successful careers, he has a beautiful wife and an adoring family. What does he have to prove? What does he need this for? Nothing. I think he is doing this because he is truly concerned what type of country his grandchildren will inherit.

    2. He may be playing us, yes, but everyone else is DEFINITELY playing us. My gut tells me that he genuine, or has the highest likelihood of being genuine. In any case, I like how he tells people to fuck off. He’s not afraid to piss people off. I like that. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is non-stop policies of 100% appeasement, catering, and panedering to every possible group of losers on earth.

  14. I am a registered Democrat. Been one for many years. I even canvassed for state and local Dem candidates in 2006. That was when the Iraq War was still in a relatively “active” phase, there was not all this leftist media on TV, and Bush had only begun to lose popularity. I realize now that I overestimated the uniting effects of a common enemy, but later I realized that hating neoconservatives did not make me a liberal.
    I am an anti-marxist, not a conservative. My political heroes (as far as 20th century U.S. presidents go) are JFK, Eisenhower, Reagan, and Bill Clinton — though none of them are even close to perfect, and I’m not willing to defend ANY of them on a point-for-point basis.
    I see Donald Trump as a restorative dose of sanity in an otherwise insane world. The oozing tendrils of twisted marxism have found their way into the water supply, and we need to cure it — and fast! — or the entirety of Western Civilization will fall, never to return.

        1. Clinton was riding the coattails of Reagan. Billy had no clue, but he enjoyed the praise from the benefits of others. Natch.

    1. “. there was not all this leftist media on TV..”
      No. It was always there. You simply woke up.

  15. The libertarians are the dumbest fucking people on the planet. (I was one from ’07 – Trump.) They won’t get elected ever again if immigration continues as it has been. Any idiot could figure out except for the dumb ass libertarians…

  16. If Trump is legitimate, I just cannot see the international cabal allowing him to become president. I may be a little cynical here, but I suspect he may be a stooge setup to play the buffoon to ensure that no white male reigns as leader again. Or will give the nod to going to all out war on Iran and wrapping up the last few loose end empires for the banking cartels.

    1. I agree. I think he might just get shot. I don’t think the world will allow him. Therefore, I endorse him. I want to rock this fucking worthless boat. It needs to be rocked. It deserves far worse.

    2. Lets face it, the last few white male presidents were pretty abysmal. You’d need to go back to Reagan as the last one worthy of respect.

        1. Yes, maybe they’re all like that, hey? All political careers as Enoch Powell once said end in failure.

        2. I would say you have to go back to Kennedy to have a good president. I would accept Carter, then the vast majority of presidents from Kennedy and back in a heartbeat over over Obama, Dubaya Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Ford, Nixon, or LBJ.

        3. I liked Jimmy Carter. He always seemed a decent type, but, ultimately perhaps he was just too decent for the grubby business of politics. He’s also a fine painter too.
          Kennedy was something of a hero in my house, my parents loved him, as he seemed to bring a youthful energy and self believe back to America. Going further back, I admired Woodrow Wilson, he was a proper Statesman and intellect, how we just don’t make them like those anymore, where did it all go wrong?

        4. Woodrow Wilson actually he is one of the presidents I don’t like. He intentionally caused WWI, he didn’t back up Greece/Armenia when they were invaded by Turkey, he abandoned Russia and let the Soviet Union take over, and oh, on the frosting on top of the shit cake, he was instrumental to the creation of the federal reserve.

  17. Trump has literally no substance in what he says I like that he’s not a politician but this dude is literally clueless on foreign policy If he becomes president I will discontinue my service in the military ROK has it completely wrong

    1. And Obama was more qualified?! You’re a fucking idiot. You ought to discontinue for the sole reason you are doing NOTHING but fighting for bankers, politicians and war profiteers.

        1. It’s not just Israel. Don’t get me wrong I fucking hate Zionists (William Pierce fan here). But we’re also over there protecting the petro dollar.

      1. When did I say I like Obummer you fucking retard? I can tell you like trump because you argue off emotions like a bitch instead of providing evidence to debunk my claim you fucking sperglord

        1. HE IS YOUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF! You serve under him! And since you refuse to serve under Trump this means you must agree with/like Obama for Obama HASN’T made you “discontinue.” It’s called deductive reasoning skills you fucking grunt.

        2. Dedeuctive reasoning isn’t absolute and rarely works in the world of politics not everything is black and white you stupid fuck.

        3. there are fags who are less of a loser than you….military idiot. do yourself a favor….stay in there….you’re hopeless….just like this nigger/fag loving gynocentric white male hating amoral country you “fight” for. thank you for your “service” and protecting me and my freedoms….not. LOSER!

        4. But…but…it really matters to me that I somehow get my point across to a nobody. please reconsider.

      1. No but you idiots voting for Trump will only allow Hilary and easy seat into the white house Trump is wayyy to polarizing and will never appeal to the masses with his radical views and besides this man has yet to layout any kind of plan to defeat ISIS or get mexico to build the wall or any of the other stupid shit he spouts

        1. You forget that Hilary cannot paint him as an extremist because he used to hold very liberal views which will help him greatly in his debates against her. All he was to stay is “Hey, I left behind some much of my liberal past because I realized it was being hijacked by extreme left wing Marxists” and he will be correct of course. When he states this all he needs to do is look at Hilary to maximum effect. Trump is a very smart communicator and I don’t see him as a polarizing figure because he rejected extreme Marxist positions in the current Democratic party.

        2. You don’t see it but I do with his rhetoric the black and Hispanic vote along with all white sjw’s will come running to Hilary, he is hated by Hispanics and blacks already thinks he’s racist rich old white man= racist to black people

        3. That’s how the electoral college system works, you claimed there were few cases which I never heard off. How am I suppose to look something up when I don’t even know what it’s called?

    2. You served in the military under Obama but you would discontinue your service if Trump becomes president? You’re a cuckold and you have no peers here. Go hang out at faggot.

        1. Are you a hairdresser bitch? Why don’t you tell us how the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act has impacted your service in the military faggot. We’re going to make America great again whether your boyfriend likes it or not.

        2. I get that he started, but when someone calls you any names it is the best choice to stay rational in the conversation and leave him be because he is already making a fool out of himself.
          By responding in a similar fashion you only get your own niveau down.
          We on ROK shouldn’t be responding with profanity to anything.

          Why Do Feminists And Social Justice Warriors Use So Much Profanity?

          But in general I cannot imagine how trump will be bad for the military.
          He will not only strengthen it, but to me he also seems like he knows exactly what is going on without having the typical dubiousness of politicians about it.

        3. I have yet to hear an in-depth explanation of anything from Trump all I hear is “we don’t win make america great”

        4. AWWWWW you mad? you better quit stressing that hairline is receding by the minute you egg headed bitch

        5. I can’t particularly follow. How could he possibly be worse than Obama? Especially in the military department? Also, he does strike me as someone who knows what he is doing and that he is prepared.

          This shows a man who is not only greatly concerned about America but also someone who has thought the presidency, even at that time already, through.
          He is certainly far from just doing this on a whim as he might seem at first glance.

        6. Trump has a lot of liberal views I don’t think he’s a real conservative and when attacked on issues he goes at people personally rather then the issue. I’d rather vote for Ted Cruz

        7. How do you conclude that? He isn’t even president yet, as such all he can do right now is to attack the people allowing these issues to happen. Personally, he strikes me as a very direct, bold man who tackles issues with ruthless efficiency.
          If anyone, he seems like the kind of guy America needs right now.

        8. Check his history or politifacts a lot of things he has flip flopped on since announcing his candidacy he’s a democrat plant to get Hilary an easy seat

        9. Okay, as a matter of fact I am going to break it to you. I am not American. So you will have to give me a little help.
          I mean I did google “politifacts” but all I found was that he got the award for the best liar or something and aside from that I already know that he was kinda liberal in the past.
          All of this isn’t enough to support your substantial claim of him being a democrat plant.
          I mean you did see the video that showcases his seriousness even ~20 years before, didn’t you?
          To me it simply seems like he is playing his enemy.
          But, I do not exclude the possibility that our enemy is so depraved in general.

      1. I certainly went to that site and guess what? I have found people talking about discrepancies in political preferences without calling each other faggots or any other term.
        You are putting ROK to shame by acting like a little child about someone else’s opinion.

        1. Oh please, you’ve been here for how long? Like a few months? Anyone who would serve under Obama but not under Trump is a faggot. That’s a simple matter of fact. Get your politically correct “omg-im–liiiiike-zoooooo-offended” ass back to

        2. I don’t know if you’ve realized but this isn’t the Victorian Era homo. The reason Trump is dominating the GOP is because all we see are GOP candidates that are willing to practice the same fake outrage and political correctness as the left. So yes, this is about political correctness. So spare us the lecture on etiquette and manners. Trump could care less about political etiquette and/or correctness, which echoes the sentiment of the vast majority of Americans. Furthermore, the left has done its best to try to silence the opposition by shaming them. Any GOP candidate that stands against that is going to win points. Period.
          I recognize Trump’s imperfections but that’s because he’s honest about who he is. I’ll take that any day of the week over the current field of candidates who always have their finger in the air, to see which way the wind is blowing. Trump has led on every issue. There are literally no alternatives. He is a true leader and our country desperately needs someone like him to right our ship before it’s too late.

        3. You still don’t get it do you? What did you accomplish by calling me a “homo”?
          Politeness and general manners don’t have anything to do with “political correctness”. The problem with PC is it’s censoring factor.
          It is beyond me how you can possibly connect manners with it.
          No, that’s not even manners. That’s just a standard to enable a proper conversation.
          So, I could literally call you “shitface” and I would still be politically correct.
          And now let me tell you with all of my manners that all of this leads to only one conclusion:
          You are simply whiny and irrational. Have I not provided you with a link that showcases how much politically correct leftists curse? And yet they are still leftists and politically correct. Again, it is beyond me how you could possibly draw a connection.

        4. You ignored the substance of my argument to give me another lecture on etiquette and propriety but I’m the “whiny and irrational” one, right? You sound like my mother. Here, I’ll make this so simple for you: Understand that when I comment here, I am not looking for your support or approval. My opinions and views are not subject to you or how you feel asshole. I am entitled to my opinion and if my naughty language upsets or triggers your faggot-ass then I won’t lose a wink of sleep. Deal with it.

        5. I ignored the “substance of your argument” because I never wanted to talk about politics especially not with you.
          I jumped right to the chase which is you confusing “political correctness” with plain manners and you still haven’t given me a logical insight yet.
          “Oh, you big mean asshole!”
          The definition of “whiny” is someone who simply constantly complains in a defensive and childish manner.
          It isn’t whiny to actively call someone out and to do something.
          “Understand that when I comment here, I am not looking for your support or approval.”
          Understand that I don’t care what you are looking for.
          I only care insofar as your behavior obstructs men from properly conversing with each other.
          “My opinions and views are not subject to you or how you feel asshole.”
          And because it’s you let me go at it again. I don’t care about your opinions or views. How do you even jump to that conclusion?
          I only care because you are acting like a child. Tell me about it. Can you not keep your feelings away when having a conversation with other men? What is this supposed to be?
          But you are right I really shouldn’t bother.

        6. You sound like a lunatic. Are you hyperventilating right now? You’ve diverged so far away from the initial premise of the article and this thread that you’ve made it impossible for anyone to take you seriously. Moreoever, I’m already bored with you. This is a place for men to engage in lively debate, in a forthright manner and without the bullshit niceties. If you find an issue with that, this isn’t the place for you. Full stop. Do you have a related point, that is on topic or were my manners and choice of words just tangent observations, based on your inability to refute my actual arguments? I gather if you had a good point to make you would have made it already.

        7. unfortunately, these are the worst name callers & most sensitive dudes ever. differing opinions are met with foul language and upvotes from fake a$$ accounts.

        8. So, right now you are trying two things to restrict free speech and proper debate from happening.
          First, I am somehow not supposed to talk about other things but the article, not even regarding people that I meet here. Tell me when I am supposed to talk about these things then?
          “Moreoever, I’m already bored with you.” I don’t care.
          “This is a place for men to engage in lively debate, in a forthright manner and without the bullshit niceties.”
          Second, you are promoting and engaging in subjugating your opponent not trough reasonable debate but simply with ad hominem and poisoning the well.
          Tell me, when you imagine proper men debating, do you see them insulting each other and completely disregarding the opponents opinion? Like feminists?
          Would it help this debate if I call you names?
          “…bullshit niceties…” I am not being nice. I was being neutrally respectful. There is a difference.
          “…based on your inability to refute my actual arguments?” You mean regarding trump? How do you come to the conclusion that my opinion even differs from yours? How really? Weren’t we talking about how your behavior doesn’t advance any kind of debate?
          I believe that a bunch of men should basic respect for each other and not act as easily insulted and generally sensitive as you do. Can you not keep your emotions separate and remain rational?
          A debate without respect is futile. How could we possibly reach any kind of consensus like that?

        9. and here you are, days later, hysterical over naughty words and struggling to chide me for my lack of manners. You’re just arguing from a point of wounded pride, at this point and it comes off as petty and immature. Whatever trivial point you were attempting to make, you proved the opposite to be true with the pettiness of your actions. In short, you’re embarrassing yourself. Maybe it’s time to give it a rest.

        10. I tend to skip your ad hominem and poisoning the well. As such you have literally not said anything of substance right now.

        11. If that’s how you really felt, you would have stopped bothering me days ago. Thank you for demonstrating my point. This is my last response. Ttyl kido.

        12. How do come to that conclusion? I skip it, but I don’t ignore it as in I am trying to make you aware that such methods do not help any debate.

  18. I do not know if you guys will exile me for this, but I voted for Obama twice. I was weak. I had not discovered the Red Pill yet. I now realize the error of my ways.
    I will vote for Trump, along with my dad, and my best friend.

    1. You learned from your error and have atoned for it-that is to be respected.

  19. Well, its either him or hitlery. I’m from Canada and I used to be a proud Canadian. Our new feminist prime minister is an embarrassment. I’m in Canada rooting for the Don. The world needs him right now. A man with balls who tells it like it is. Fuck political correctness

  20. Curiously, and I do mean this honestly, but why to believe this article. Not about Trump and his make America great again campaign (not sure how’s he’s gonna pull it off). Didnt Matt Forney have an article sometime last year advising men not to vote?

    1. Forney’s article from memory was basically not to vote because the system was irretrievably fixed against men generally. Trump’s candidacy is a once-in-a-generation chance to change something of that, and even if he doesn’t accomplish all of his agenda, his election will set an important tone for this country. The Presidency is not a figurehead position: observe the damage Obama’s done in 8 years with only the power of the Presidency at his hands. Imagine what Trump could do with those same powers used for better purposes.

  21. Trump 2016 ! For the first time in my life, I wish I was an American just so that I could vote for him.

    1. You and me both. He’s the only one who can give the US its balls back.

  22. I would like for Trump to win because it would mean the end of the Republican establishment (and since we’re fucked anyway, I would really like to see SJW and leftist heads explode with him in the white house, lol). But I just don’t think the RNC is going to allow that to happen. They’ll do some back alley deal or maybe even ape the democrats’ asinine delegate system (where Clinton is currently winning even though Sanders has been whooping her ass in terms of actual votes).
    The establishment simply has too much too lose; there’s no way they’ll just accept the end of their careers because the voters want it.

  23. Trump is getting my vote because it’s time we put a real man in charge of this country instead of all the beta fools that are running this world. It’s us or them.

  24. So i hate to be that guy but i’m starting to think Trump is going to be for us like obama was for the left. All sunshine and rainbows and “change” and then when its finally time to come through with all the shit he promised he’s going to find out it’s not that simple.
    He wants to build a big wall along the mexican border to keep out illegals, an 8 billion dollar wall that will take fuck knows how long to build… and is this before or after we spend a shit ton more money and man power deporting every illegal in the country? He wants to put a 45% tariff on chinese imports, nvm that the president doesn’t have that kind of power to begin with but guess who’s actually going to be paying the price of that tariff? It ain’t going to be china its going to be the middle class jack offs that buy most of the cheap shit that china ships over here.
    I get it, nationalisms fun and all but how is this actually going to work? It’s easy to promise a bunch of bold ambitious shit when your trying to get votes and i’m not saying anyone else is any better but people here are starting to sound like those dick riding obama voters back in 2008 who thought everything was going to be peachy just because their multicultural fantasy of a black president came true.

    1. Obama took us backwards, and clearly has no backbone or willingness to face unpleasant truths with direct frankness, unlike Trump. That alone is a significant difference.

    2. much agreement. i just read up on the effect of immigrants leaving arizona. nobody’s picking the crops, construction efforts & jobs suffered, gdp was lost.
      shit talking about making apple produce phones in america–who really believes that’s going to happen?
      i voted for obama. he was the better candidate. mitt & the war hero weren’t going to get it done. the obama effect–i.e., bringing the racists out, was just so disappointing…but i digress. agreed, the presidency wasn’t peachy because white establishment wasn’t ready for a black president.
      i think you’re right about the whole rose-colored vision during a campaign yet returns of poopy policy.

      1. “much agreement. i just read up on the effect of immigrants leaving
        arizona. nobody’s picking the crops, construction efforts & jobs
        suffered, gdp was lost.”
        Present proof of this, from a non-leftist source.
        “i voted for obama. he was the better candidate. mitt & the war hero weren’t going to get it done.”
        Of course you voted for Obama. You put your tribal interests first.
        And could you be a little more specific than to say Mitt and McCain just weren’t going to get it done, whatever the fuck that means.
        “the obama effect–i.e., bringing the racists out,
        was just so disappointing…but i digress. agreed, the presidency wasn’t
        peachy because white establishment wasn’t ready for a black president.”
        Just stop already with your black bullshit. You knuckle draggers are starting to annoy me.

        1. neanderthal, you are the original knuckle dragger.
          arizona’s get tough on immigration policies are like georgia’s…the results are crops left rotting in the fields; hotel & restaurant service suffering, ya know, the jobs that immigrants do that get taxed, etc. losses in the tens of millions.

          So, is it tribal when whites vote for bush, reagan, bush, clinton, mccain? face it, obama was a better candidate. romney during his campaign said he’d let big 3 auto fail…hundreds of thousands of jobs gone…economic impact in the billions. mccain wanted to bomb bomb bomb. gtfoh. nobody wants war. they weren’t going to get it done.

        2. I voted for Obama too, in 2008. Couldn’t stand the war-mongering old bastard (I think “Charlie” hit him in the head one time too many) or the dipshit Barbie doll he had for a running mate. 2012 I voted for Romney even though he was a real-life Thurston Howell III, because I knew O supported fag marriage (alas, so did the Supreme Court).

    3. If Trump accomplishes just 2 things he promised, he’ll stomp the last 2 presidents. Obama has failed or haphazardly damaged everything he and his administration has touched. I don’t think he’ll be able to do all the shit he says, there’s too many checks and balances creating stale mates in the legislative process. Then again, executive orders are the new game. Maybe we go from one dictator, to another one on the opposite side… just the rebalancing attempt is worth the show.

    4. I actually agree it isn’t simple to get stuff done but…..most of the concerns you listed are nonsense. It’s REAL easy to build a wall, and 8 billion is nothing compared to other costs of the US government. Y’all didn’t get 19 trillion in debt building one $8billion dollar wall. And it really isn’t a hard thing to do.
      If you think deporting illegals and building a wall is a massive cost of money and manpower, you have no idea how much and what your government is currently spending money on.
      With regards to the China thing, yeah it’s hard to see how Trump would get it done and it wouldn’t be as simple as just placing a tariff even if he could get it done. Bringing jobs and manufacturing back to America would be a gradual process fostered by a variety of measures including lower taxes, subsidies+investment, removing red tape and regulation, and possibly tariffs as well. But even just a few steps in the right direction is better than what we have now with the constant off-shoring and shutting down of whole industries. And guess what who cares about the middle class? They should worry that they won’t have a way to make a living rather than that they won’t be able to consume consume consume. Trump is electable on the basis of his rhetoric alone changing the political climate, if he comes good on 1/4 of what he says he’ll do or even gets the ball rolling, he’s still the best candidate. Not a saviour worthy of worship, but the best candidate for president of the USA.

  25. 1) Make sure you’re registered to begin with.
    2) Check your voting address with your state. They will toss your vote, or not allow you in the system if you go to the wrong polling location even if you moved 5 miles down the road in your same city.
    3) Make sure you’re with the right party.
    I haven’t trusted vote counting methods, esp since it went electronic decades ago. Just don’t leave any stone unturned that may void your vote.

  26. There’s been some articles from those in TRUMP rallies.
    I was at a TRUMP Rally in Manchester, NH on 8 February. I saw Katy Tur in person and observed her. This cunt doesn’t pay attention at all. She’s literally on her phone the entire time during a rally and then suddenly jumps in-front of camera to “report.”
    I re-discovered this video of TRUMP shutting down a female reporter and … it’s HER!
    I remember the media saying “TRUMP had issue with females” after this. Literally watching how this little bimbo doesn’t pay attention in person made me sick. Not sick — enraged! Another Affirmative Action CUNT. (She looks great on camera but behind the scenes doesn’t lift a finger. I watched male reporters actively paying attention while she was in the stands laughing on her phone not paying attention. Seeing this video again after seeing her in person, I know with certainty she went into this TRUMP interview not all a prepared, knowing the gender card would be used to defend her LAZINESS)

    1. Yah I’ll agree Katy Tur is pretty hot. But before she got her gig at NBC she was a weather girl with little or no experience in actual news reporter. It wasn’t until her boyfriend Keith Olberman got her a job on NBC that she got to be on a legitimate newscast.

      1. She’s got some nice tits. But observing her in person, how incredibly lackadaisical she is — not paying attention at all — just annoyed the hell out of me.

  27. How do you undo 8 years of a smiling “nice guy” fucking you in the ass? 8 years of a guy who many think is a total prick (reversal). The entire country is backwards gents. Just could be that the guy who comes off abrasive and abrupt (Trump), once in office, will the the nicest yet most effective in ages.

  28. Though I hate how fake Hilary is I would vote for her any day over Trump, this guy is a nut and a bully and doesn’t know the first thing about being president.

        1. Calm down dude I hate Hilary almost as much as I hate Trump, if neither became prez I’d be a happy man.

  29. how very cute you Americans are sometimes. do you genuinly believe Trump will not be (or is) controlled?
    Furthermore I saw a video of his (it was meant to be a campaign speech) but the way he interacted with the people around him convinced me that he is not the one I would want to become president. He may be astute and crafty but he failed to create an impression of having any actual agenda. Or being astute and crafty. Also, the interactions between him and the Avegare American Citizens were incredibly stupid. The template was this:
    Q: How will you solve such and such a problem?
    A: Yeah, this is serious and I love America, you are great, this is serious, I am great, we will solve it, nobody else, you are great, yeah, we are the best. Next question!
    That was just one of his “speeches” though.

  30. If only the UK had a candidate I could get behind. Alas, my choice is between Scargill’s bastard son and the blandest “Compassionate Conservative” to ever talk out of both sides of his mouth. If you want what you Yanks would consider a Conservative candidate, your choice is between the football hooligans in suits from the BNP and UKIP, whose leader is rather fond of the EU’s expenses for MEPs system even if he’s not fond enough of anything else about the EU to ever bother to actually earn his salary/expenses by turning up to the European Parliament.

  31. Fuck Trump and his sycophants. You people are worse than the Obamiacs in 2007 that treated their candidate like the second coming of Christ. You are behind the least qualified candidate in history. Anyone that cares about facts and substance and even a sense ofof class couldn’t possibly see anything in Trump. Still waiting to hear how he’s going to force Mexico to pay for a border fence.
    If you’re voting for Trump, you are a slave to your emotions. You clearly don’t think substance, truthfulness and knowledge are requisites of sitting in the most powerful job in the world. You think a reality TV clown with a potty mouth is fit for the job. You are one of these morons that think the guy you can most see yourself having a beer with deserves to be president.
    I’m afraid that idiocracy has finally arrived. Mark my words, if that man becomes president this country is fucked. It’s a shame I have to share a nation with so many morons.

    1. “You people are worse than the Obamiacs in 2007 that treated their candidate like the second coming of Christ.”
      And Ted Cruz thinks his campaign is effecting ‘a spirit of revival’ to bring ‘America back from the abyss”.
      Trump at least acknowledges Trump is Trump and God is God.

    2. the absolute least qualified candidate. i think he’s going to get smacked in the general election and this hype is just that…hype.

  32. Well, I’ll vote for whomever wins the nomination from the Republican side…why? because socialism sucks. However, we get to vote in a couple of weeks, and I’m supporting Cruz, because his economic policies are better, his philosophy is in line with the Constitution, and he’s NEVER had to disavow something that he has said in the past, like Trump. Trump admits to bribing politicians, as is his right, however, his lack of a real classical liberal ideology is very troublesome.

    1. Cruz started out well, but then I found out that his wife was a member of the council of Foreign relations and a lot of globalist think tank groups. Stefan Molyneux covered it in one of his videos:

  33. Trump is the classic example of an alpha male. He was “hard to handle” child. His parents sent him to military school. There he learned discipline, eventually becoming cadet captain and captain of the baseball team. He went to Wharton School of Business. He is credited for beginning the turn around of New York city. At the time, New York was a cesspool. Companies were leaving in droves because of the urban blight. He is the alpha real estate developer in the most competitive real estate market in the world. He is the kind of guy who gets things done. Those of us who support him love it every time he gives the finger to the press and the PC culture. There are trillions of dollars on the sidelines waiting to be invested in America. If the money people know they have a capitalist in charge, the money will start flowing, businesses will expand and jobs will be created. Go Trump!

  34. I’ll tell you, this article is quickly showing who the real guys are, who wants to win, and who wants to lose by caring about “conservative” purity and not being able to check their political senses of entitlement.
    It’s why the left has constantly won while the right is always on the defensive. Finally we’ve begun to mount a real offensive behind a strong, if imperfect, leader, and it’s still not good enough for some.

    1. So you’re all about winning at any cost, even if we end up resembling the enemy? Yeah, that always makes for a great moral recipe. Nice!
      Tell me, how do we end up fixing things if we end up resembling the very enemy that’s screwed things up from the get go?
      A lot of democrats are voting for Trump in open primaries precisely because they know they can beat him. He has so much luggage to his name that he represents a near inexhaustible gold mine the democrats will exploit for months and months.
      Oh and please…if you disagree…debate me. Let’s see who is in full possession of the facts and not merely possessed of Trumpbot bullshit.

  35. Before I support him, may I know Trump’s position on these issues important that really would make America great again that the media refuses to discuss.
    1. Cancel national debt and government pensions if worker’s didn’t contribute when working. Screw China and the idiots dumb enough to loan money to a welfare state. Then have balance budget amendment.
    2. No more H1-B visa. Tell US companies to train American workers. No more slave immigrants, the country has too many now.
    3. Jail corporations and people that use illegal alien labor.
    4 End all gender and race preferences in employment, government contracts and education.
    5. Education loans and grants only in degrees with some value in the job market.
    6. Mandatory birth control for welfare recipients and criminals. No more rewards for single motherhood.
    7 Simplify tax code eventually eliminating income tax.
    Can he do any/all of these?

  36. My liberal friends (of which there are many) who chant #feelthebern like a religious mantra each day often say that if Trump gets elected, they’ll all be leaving the country.
    Liberals will leave the country in one mass migration if Trump is president! Sounds like a win-win to me, honestly.

      1. Seriously, I think Muslims in the US will be welcomed as persecuted refugees in Sweden if Trump is elected. Their only persecution is being forced to have a background check to leave and enter the USA.

    1. I doubt it. What I’ve found with liberals is that they’re all talk and no action. They won’t leave. They’re just sit and spew hate speech all day.

  37. Honestly -does anyone really truly believe that Trump can turn back the tide -when it comes it the destruction of Western Civilization. Please! DT will drive the knife into what little civil liberties remain. He’s got the potential to be an American Mussolini – as his weighing in on the recent Apple /US Guv. fracas has shown us . The destruction has gone on for 3 generations it will take that many to fix it.

    1. On the erosion of civil liberties is an important consideration when it comes to him, but, with Clinton and her support for radical PC programs, I see equally a potentially larger threat through the insanity of this ideology especially at universities. You’ve got to remember that his power will be curtailed by the traditional right wing elements in Congress.

      1. Speaking of Mrs. Clinton, the unhappy results in Nevada show what happens when younger voters don’t vote. Sad. We might well end up with yet another Wall Streeter instead of someone who really understands the dialectic of economics

    2. My biggest fear is Trump will open the gates for totalitarianism. [Even though executive orders of the past 2 Presidents started this trend].
      It will please alot of ROK members so long as it serves conservative interests.
      But it creates a precedent for, say, an equally hard lining liberal President to reference in the future. Dangerous territory indeed.
      Until he gets into specifics on how he’ll economically finance his plans, I won’t jump on the bandwagon.

  38. Trump is a mixed bag. Sure he’s good on immigration and trade, but he seems contemptuous of human rights (anti-Apple, pro-torture). And his bromance with Putin implies he’ll be a wet noodle on foreign policy.

    1. Pro torture? Pouring water in someone’s mouth or cutting someone’s head off with a dull knife?

  39. We need to mobilize and get the word out. Every heterosexual male needs to vote Trump. A Sanders or Clinton presidency would be a complete unmitigated disaster. We need to shame every man. Any man who votes Democrat needs to know they are voting for cutting their balls off!

  40. I think voting for Trump is the best option right now. He is the only real candidate. Not some teleprompter guy with memorized talking points with overloards to puppet him. I hope he doesn’t get killed if he somehow manages to win.
    The one thing he can do that can change a lot; release the 20 something confidential pages of that 9/11 report.
    If 9/11 does wind up getting exposed as a false flag attack to wage war in the mid east. And no longer just a “conspiracy”…
    It would be so huge.

  41. “”I wonder if President Obama would have attended the funeral of Justice Scalia if it were held in a Mosque,” ” This sentence alone would made me vote on Trump. I am not a american citizen, but Trump represents a wave of nationalistic, patriotic ideology that is a reaction against the monolithic view, imposed by the ruling cast system that tries to trick the ordinary men that all of us are equal, that a portuguese is equal to a american and that a american is equal to a Japanese. We are not. We have common values that unite us of course, Christianity, democracy, capitalism…but its our differences that made us who we are.
    Each nation has its agenda and specific values and has to be ruled by a national government, not by some bureaucrat in Brussels. In the end, the notion of the nation-state that is the basis of Western prosperity and liberty will return, it has to return.

  42. bush camp could whack all the candidates in one debate…..then put Jeb
    back up…. Trump is Ron Paul with NY attitude !! Lets just hope he is
    genuine and not another Ross Perot shill

  43. Living in Europe, I hope Trump will get elected. It would send a clear signal to the european politicians that a hardline stance on immigration is a viable strategy.

  44. I am from Argentina, I got the Italian passport because of my ancestors, and sometimes I travel to the U.S. and Europe.I want Donald Trump to win, if its anything I can do please let me know.Regards

    1. “A new Argentina, the chains of the masters untied! A new Argentina, the voice of the people, cannot be denied!”
      Hmm, Mandy Patinkin makes me so hot. I want to pork his bum so badly.

  45. I love the guy, but I don’t see anything fundamentally changing so long as the Federal Reserve continues to inflate the dollar into oblivion.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  46. just changed my party affiliation from L to R, which was painful, but i had do it to support trump. my tradcon parents have been R their whole lives and despise trump, but they’re not terribly excited about rubio, cruz, et. al and are not bothering to vote in my state’s primary/caucus. hopefully that pattern will repeat itself a lot across the party. what i’m saying is, there is hope, brethren.

  47. My college campus is such a Bernie Sanders fan base that I would think that he was the next fucking Messiah. They treat Trump like Satan himself, and it just makes me so fucking angry not because they dislike him, but because of the fact they do it as a mob mentality without thinking for themselves. One time I asked one of those shrieking Bernie-bitches who was shit talking Trump what one of the stances of Trump was and she mumbled something about building a big wall and got all red in the face. I have asked about multiple Republican candidates some of these really noisy, pierced-faced, hair-dyed social justice warriors (about 7-10ish) and all but one of them knew really anything about what they were shrieking against. The one that actually knew their shit was actually a moderate who was unsure and was just being dragged around by their gender studies roommate who said they would buy her lunch! Just ask around these noisy feminist types, and you often find they are so strongly opinionated they don’t try to figure out the actual stances of their opponent. I am going to register to vote this week so I can vote for Trump. He is patriotic, down to earth and says what he believes despite what the media says about him. He is an honest business man, and I value that; a country needs to be ran like a business.
    The media did the same thing to Roosh and RoK and demonized this site to be something it is not instead of finding the actual stances and values. Hell, the media being such a viper is what caused me to become interested RoK. I am a female, so I was curious about what kinds of things men were assuming about us, and guess what? RoK is pretty spot on. I really agree with the values on this website, and I just hope there is more girls my age who can see how true it is. My mother agrees, but I have yet to find any females in the 17-25 range in my area who agrees with me.

    1. don’t worry, they will learn their lesson the hard way. Their lives will be shit jobs with hardship, misery, and no quality spouse to rely on.
      They deny every common sense solution to living a better life, so they will suffer.
      They are young and arrogant, so they can get away with their delusions for a while, but time flies and soon they’ll be in their 30s working for $9 an hour or on the government dole.
      The economy is brutal and stupid kids will be eliminated in droves.
      Fuck, even smart engineering kids have a hard time getting a job. You think any of these libtards will have a quality life once their youth is gone?

      1. That is what really worries me, not finding a job once I graduate. I want to go to college to get an actual career because I don’t have a spouse to depend on. I really do want to be a stay at home mom, but I just can’t see how it is possible in my current situation. So I am just going to get a career that plays to my strengths, doing a job in daycare, school teacher, or being some kind of care provider for children or elderly. All of the women in my family have very traditional type of nurturing jobs such as nursing, hospice and Catholic school teacher. They all love their jobs, but would rather be raising children. The economy just doesn’t want to work with having a spouse to rely on anymore. I hate how raising children needs two incomes. Really, I am totally ready to get married and have kids despite being 18. It is just like how college kids are ready for their career, I just want mothering to be my career. I hope Trump would be able to help this kind of situation with families, he seems to value the traditional family system. Sorry for the rant.

        1. Half the women in my neighborhood are stay at home moms. How is this so, if it’s impossible? You don’t “need to incomes”, you want the things that two incomes can provide.

        2. You are right, it is not impossible at all, it is just more difficult than it was for previous generations. I am used to having nice things from two incomes (or the equivalent from my mother’s savings when she didn’t work) and I am apprehensive about changing what I am used to. If I found a man I really want to start a family with, then I would sacrifice extra things/expenses in a heartbeat. I just have an intense fear of what would happen if my spouse were to lose his job or is not making enough to afford to take care of our future children. I know firsthand what it is like to scared of losing my home from when my father lost his job during that economic downturn from the housing market collapse. I don’t need two incomes to have a family, but a safety net would be nice.

      2. I forget who said it, probably Aaron Clarey, but my generation’s relationship with socialism is like girls and bad boys. It keeps screwing us over every time, but we always run back to it no matter how obvious it is that it’s bad for us.

  48. Even the Donald Trump haters, could be a little more grateful for what Thump is exposing. I surely am..
    It’s time to stop kicking a gift horse in the teeth. The rebirth of liberty, peace and prosperity in this country, will not come about until the nasty corrupt MSM-Two Party-Political Machine is TOTALLY EXPOSED, and then torn down.
    It’s time we realize, Trump is doing just that, and quite nicely I might add. So, no matter how you look at it, Trump, at the moment is an asset to the silent majority (hard working Americans) movement..
    So please, I ask the Trump haters to stop trying to save us (ROK) from enjoying Trump’s exposure of this corrupt MSM-Two Party-Political-System.

    1. This kind of purity shit is why the left constantly wins.
      EVERYONE else is for the same thing. If Trump can deliver even one thing of what he’s proposing, he will have been the best president in a while, and he will undoubtedly change the cultural tone of the country, which in turn, might start to accelerate the hammering back of the SJW’s.
      No one is going to be perfect. But if we don’t start to curtail third world immigration, the offshoring of our economic base, and wasting trillions of dollars in stupid foreign adventures, your quaint notions of privacy won’t matter anyway.

      1. You make a good point, but this isn’t about some bullshit issue like abortion. This goes straight to the heart of the Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable search and seizure. He also, with his “torture works” comment, shows disregard for the Eighth Amendment as well. Can we rely on him to respect the other amendments? The Second, for instance.

      2. Oh great…a Trumpbot made it through the wordpress screening of the ROK editors. Sigh.
        Your remarks reek of compromise and selling out principle in favor of yet another “hope” that the guy in question is going to deliver when everything in his record says otherwise.
        If you really want a good start to change things, cast your vote for Ted Cruz. Otherwise, you are just telling me the nonsense that the Romney people told me years ago.
        Trump is a RINO and i will NEVER support one of those. I don’t compromise on principles or beliefs.
        The irony of someone with the name “Libertas” supporting Trump when he’s shown himself a big fan of the abuse of eminent domain to the point that he will step on anyone here and abroad if it gets in the way of his business deals.

        1. I’ve been in the ROK community since early 2013, Johnny-come lately.
          I’ve also noticed that you, like most Cruz supporters I’ve seen, seem to be very, very sensitive.

        2. Better to be a Johnny come lately that a Freddie post infrequently like you if your measly 733 comments are any indication 😀
          Your red herring remark doesn’t change anything in regards to the total inadequacy of Trump to be anything more than a running joke in the campaign. I agree with a few of the things he says but the problem is i’m smart enough to realize he won’t deliver. He’s just telling you what you want to hear.

  49. The powers of POTUS are not as extensive as most people believe. While Obama has been trying his best to become our first Petty Dictator his EO’s are blasted out of the sky by the courts as fast as his effeminate, soft little hands can write them.
    Meaning…that power for writing and passing laws falls solely on Congress. A President is useful for the seated majority if he shares their same ideology, and it’s great to have SCOTUS judges appointed from your ideology, but that’s about the extent of the usefulness of the office of POTUS.
    Trump isn’t going to “build a wall” without Congress writing the law and funding it, nor will he do anything else without Congress first creating the law(s) and funding it. Same applies to any other person running for POTUS.
    We *do* need a right wing POTUS, no question. On this, I have severe doubts about Trump, given his basically far leftist history in *actions* not words. I also know that he plays the “You’re my friend, I reward you” game so I’m highly worried about any SCOTUS appointments he may be called on to make. His history is rife with associating with and supporting, financially and with networking, far leftists his entire life.
    What I’m saying is that I’m smelling a used car salesman giving us the pitch and line we want to hear, in order to make the sale.

    1. I agree it’s a gamble, but it’s a gamble worth taking. Thus far, he’s the only one that even mentions the existential issues we all know our country is facing, everyone else just campaigns on bullshit.
      If he can deliver even a tenth of what he’s saying, he’ll be the best president we’ve had in a long time.
      Let’s put it this way – with Trump we might not know what we’re going to get, but with everyone else we do. With the way he’s making the usual suspects stampede in terror, it’s a risk worth taking. And if he’s president, he can change the culture and maybe finally we will have an ally in the higher-up echelons in society to take our guerrilla campaign against SJW’s to the next level.
      Purity tests are one of the reasons why the right constantly loses. Time to start winning.
      (BTW: He’s said the shit he’s said on trade for decades, and he’s been saying what he’s been saying on the campaign trail for the past 5 years so, who knows. People are allowed to change, as we all did when finding the “red pill.”

      1. This isn’t about “Purity” as in “everything needs to be perfect for my support”. Looking at every one of his “issues” where the rubber meets the road he has consistently demonstrated that he’s on the Left.
        I do know people can have a change of heart about individual topics. I’m having a hard time buying that he’s done a 180 on every single position he’s ever held. The man just two years ago was rubbing elbows with the Clintons and anti-gunners, financing them and showing up at their dinner parties. It’s too much, too fast, for me to buy it.
        I do agree that he’s tapped into the base of discontent out here, but I get this very odd feeling that he knows it too and is playing up exactly what he thinks we want to hear and nothing else.
        End of the day though I guess we’ll get what we get regardless of my thoughts on the topic.

        1. The titanic ambitions Trump proposes will require serious capital. I’m curious to see how he plans to pay for it outside of inflating the dollar or borrowing from China.
          You sound like a fellow libertarian Ghost, we both know nothing fundamentally changes as long as the Fed continues to exist.
          I have zero issues voting for Gary Johnson again, no matter how doomed the cause.

        2. The social issues (abortion, guns, etc.) are obviously not core for Trump. That’s where he’s evolved, and you have to cross your fingers a little. His explanation for political donations is a pragmatic businessman’s approach, and seems reasonable.
          His immigration/ trade stance, however, appears to be congruent with with his longstanding nationalism/ skepticism about globalism. This is his strength. It fits with his leanings, and I think that’s the origin of his disapproval of unnecessary Middle Eastern wars, too. On foreign policy/ immigration/ trade, he’s the closest thing to Pat Buchanan that has a chance. Trump ad from 1987 (looks like he was considering a political campaign), basically saying “why are we acting as the world’s policeman for free?”:

          Like any politician, he’s something of an opportunist, of course. He’s not going to tell people things they don’t want to hear. His current positions do form a pretty coherent nationalist-populist stance, though, and he’d be a fool to betray the base on guns. If we don’t control the border, the Left wins, no matter what. Trump’s been flirting with running for decades now, and the timing was certainly opportunistic. Maybe he (or his staff) reads vdare (3 weeks prior to Trump’s “Build the Wall” speech announcing his candidacy):

      2. Libertas if simply “mentioning” an issue qualifies one as being informed or worthy of support then we should all cast a vote for Bernie Sanders since he’s basically promised us all the free stuff we wan’t.
        Your second remark bases a lot of hope on a slim margin of payoff. If Trump’s record proves anything it’s that he works much better as a salesman than he does at anything else. What do salesmen do best? They lie. Trump has repeatedly lied on many of his remarks (the Iraqi war, socialized medicine, gun control, etc) exaggerated, or just plain made things up in order to benefit his position. The last thing this country needs is another egomaniac narcissist in the White House. We’ve had plenty of that with Obama.
        Any of the real conservatives on here will vote for Ted Cruz. Trump is nothing more than hot air being currently recycled for the benefit of the masses who are angry, frustrated and fearful at all the nonsense Obama and his lot have been doing for years. He is the right’s Obama which is why his more ardent followers act just as rudely and ignorantly as Obama’s.

  50. I really hope Trump gets in for you guys; he’s a political breath of fresh air and it’d be awesome to see how a man of his experience would run the USA. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you lads.

  51. “I suspect that most of the readers of Return of Kings support Donald Trump. I also suspect that most of them have never voted in a primary before.”
    0 for 2

  52. I wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump if he was the last politician on earth. I’m voting for Ted Cruz based on principle and consistency. Trump talks a good talk but like with everything else his opinions just like his hairpiece tend to shift depending on how strong the breeze is blowing on that particular day.

  53. Aw yeah … Get the vote out for Trump. Nothing will put my girl in the White House faster.

  54. Primary voting is different from general election. I’ll vote for whoever needs my vote most to get on the ballot–Bernie vs Trump. Anything to make this a non-establishment election. Then Trump gets my vote in the general election.

  55. The conservative purists here don’t get “it”. The Trump phenomenon is larger than just a questionable candidate.
    He is a mascot for the war on PC. We will have to do our part in the war as well.
    There is no other candidates that can be used as a mascot because they don’t have the “uummph”.

  56. Something to keep in mind: Trump is doing what every (successful) politician in the history of the world has done. He is saying anything and everything he can to get elected to power.
    Don’t get me wrong, I whole-heartedly believe in what he says, but I doubt he does.
    You better believe that if he does turn out to be the one that can’t be controlled by the real owners of this world, they will JFK his ass in a heartbeat! Bank on it!!
    When Reagan went off script a bit, they almost got him too. He “changed” after the assassination attempt showed him that they weren’t kidding.

  57. honestly, I like trumps style. glad to see a person who embraces not being politically correct in politics of all places.
    also, a watermelon could run opposite of the liberals and I would vote for that glorious fruit.
    however, aside from him being able to rile up ppl with his attitude, anti immigration, and slogans– we all seem to know very little about HOW he would do the things he’s saying he’ll do on a black and white, facts are facts basis.
    admittedly, I know very little about where he stands on a lot of things outside of not being politically correct. If anyone has any good info or links, please feel free to share.

    1. There isn’t any; Trump never mention any specifics as to how his “plans” will be carried out. Most likely it’s just all talk; he probably doesn’t even know how himself. BUT it doesn’t matter as long as he can turn the establishment on its head. The US is already in a shit-hole economically and culturally anyway. The way I see it:
      1. He could be the worst US president in history, OR
      2. He could be one of the best.
      Case 1, US collapses faster instead of a slow death; everything is rebuild and restructured.
      Case 2: US will be “great” again.
      Either way, it’s still a win-win. Vote for Trump.

      1. That sounds good and all, but it’s also grade a dream selling. I need to know specifics man, no offense, but just saying “make america great again” over and over hasn’t sold me. But hell anybody but another lefty.

  58. Trump’s siding with the Feds vs Apple is disturbing. This isn’t some bullshit issue like abortion. This goes straight to the heart of the Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable search and seizure. He also, with his “torture works” comment, shows disregard for the Eighth Amendment as well. Can we rely on him to respect the other amendments? The Second, for instance.

  59. If you are a democrat or independent, PLEASE change your party to REPUBLICAN so that you can vote for TRUMP! Let’s make the 2016 election the biggest landslide in the nation’s history! Trump deserves for us to make that happen!

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