5 Ways To Eject From A Relationship

Sometimes things in this world just don’t work out. One of these things can be relationships with women.There are many reasons why a man would want to end a relationship with a woman. How he does it is important. In this day and age, the traditional means for breaking things off might not be in the best interests of men. Here are some ways to end a relationship or change it to a situation that benefits you.

1. Ghosting

This is for those liaisons where dealing with the woman can be difficult and embarrassing. Did that fatty you had a one night stand with find you on Facebook? That girl from the bar turn out to be a psycho? Easy, just ghost it. Don’t answer their calls, texts or knocks on your door. Do not be at the usual spots where she could find you in public. She should get the hint after a few days.


2. Downgrading

This is where you downgrade a woman’s status in your rotation. That Friday night thing getting a little too comfortable at your place? You getting weary of your main girl’s techniques? Easy, just down grade her to “side bitch” status and see if she improves or not.

3. Revisionism

This one is a loan word from the history department. Its your life, you write the history. Your girl trying to get you to propose and you don’t want to? Easy fix, rewrite the history. Tell her that she was a good friend and not the soul mate she thought she was. That should get her to find some other sucker to marry her.


4. Unilateralism

This is the one sided ending of the status quo in a relationship. You unilaterally cease being the monogamous partner in a pair bonding situation. You can tell the woman of this change of status or not, the choice is yours. You get the benefit of that steady access along with the benefits of being single again, if she plays along.

5. Amnesia

This is a surefire way to end things. Just never acknowledge her existence. When she asks questions, just give the standard “I dont know what you are talking about”, “I have no recollection of those events”, and the greatest: “Who are you”. I have yet to see this one fail in ending a relationship.



Some might say these techniques are inconsiderate. While they could be construed that way, a man has to do what is good for him. If he puts her condition above his own for consideration he is not thinking rationally and is treading toward beta country. In today’s world  there is a reason why nice guys finish last.

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52 thoughts on “5 Ways To Eject From A Relationship”

  1. I like the above methods, some more than others, however I fail to see the need for any of this.
    Fat bitch annoying you after a one night on facebook? Block her
    Psycho at the bar turns out to be the bad crazy? Up your crazy
    Longer term girl and she won’t leave? Call the cops on her, claim domestic violence, and tell them she raped you last night and you want to press charges… If you do this one link me to the court case, I’ll follow you closely.
    More so just man up and say it, no need to get other methods. The standard “Hey bitch your cunt is getting loose or you’re getting fat and I need something newer and tighter” will work 10 out of 10 times, and if you get a good girl you can get that bitch to get some rejuvenation surgery and have her start working out, I hear squats are great to tightening her cunt and toning her body.
    We aren’t bitches, we don’t need methods or mind games to get rid of someone. We are men and we better act like it.

    1. Quotation Dan: “..all the cops on her, claim domestic violence, and tell them she raped
      you last night and you want to press charges… If you do this one link
      me to the court case, I’ll follow you closely.”
      that worked out several times for me 😉 do you want the link?

  2. Never feel bad about dumping a girl. The only time you should feel bad about dumping a woman is if she was a virgin when you met her, is legitimately beautiful, and she gives you blow jobs every day.

  3. i think be polite and say you are focusing on your career, moving towns to study or for a new job, leaving the country and so forth… leave it open, but ramp down the activity…. it’s always nice to move house anyway…..

  4. You just slip out the back, Jack
    Make a new plan, Stan
    You don’t need to be coy, Roy
    Just get yourself free
    Hop on the bus, Gus
    You don’t need to discuss much
    Just drop off the key, Lee
    And get yourself free

    1. There must be 50 ways to kill your lover.
      Hit her with a bus, Gus.
      Stick her face in the fan, Sam.
      Just listen to me…

  5. You forgot to mention the most effective method…ask her for money. She won’t know how quick she should dump you. Pro = it’s a very clean method, Con = it makes you look like a loser ( a well it’s worth it).

  6. It may be traces of blue pill bullshit flooding my traitorous brain but this makes me think long and hard about some life choices. I’m at a fork in the road- experiencing a huge professional/financial surge and debating cashing in my chips with a high quality woman I’m currently seeing or ending things with her to pursue my own interests full time. I’m trying to be rational and keep any emotional investment from clouding my judgement either way. Not easy to do

    1. You may be setting up an artificial choice. 1) There is no woman who isn’t replaceable. Yes, good women are hard to find but no matter what you shouldn’t commit too much to her if there is real doubt in your mind…. You can always find another better one later. 2) if you don’t want to let go of her yet, you should be able to just sideline her until you work through your doubts, all while chasing fresh possy.
      Being an “A” means knowing your options are always open.

      1. Thank you for the response. I certainly agree with you to a point- I don’t have oneitis and I know that ultimately anyone is replaceable. For all the time I spent doing the pump-n-dump this was exactly my MO: “Give them nothing, but take from them everything.” Use’em for wet hole and discard them like a cum filled sock. However, in this particular case I have a strong emotional attachment to this woman and don’t fully subscribe to the notion that I should shamelessly cheat on her while expecting loyalty from her.
        I have succumbed to temptation a couple times since we’ve been together… I can’t possibly explain any of this to the betas around me since they don’t understand how I could possibly have any doubt about this woman (she’s beautiful, sweet, etc) and because they themselves have never been in the situation of having so many options they just have envious contempt for me and my “dilemma”.
        Basically, I suspect that at somepoint in the future I would become disillusioned with a ceaseless stream of trim and want a truly legit woman…. I long ago discarded a scarcity mentality when it came to pussy – I mean pussy is everywhere. But I do seem to cling to the scarcity mentality when it comes to a quality woman- and by quality I mean attractive, intelligent, submissive, extremely low partner count, young, marriage-minded, religious, capitalist, sexually adventurous, and culturally and politically in sync with me. A high bar. I try to do the math in my head and I think my criteria forms quite a high barrier to entry for a wife. The current chick meets them all… and yet, every sucker ass chump who gets married never went in to it thinking it would turn out as bad as it did. Am I arrogant to think myself wiser than them? Or am I just trying to rationalize what my subconscious knows to be a bad decision?
        Again, thanks for any perspective you feel inclined to share. This little corner of the internet is the rare place where men I can respect have rational opinions seasoned with knowledge and experience.

        1. Thanks for sharing so honestly. I applaud your retrospective attitude. It sounds like you’ve found one of those rare women who aren’t supposed to exist (esp. in an Anglo country which I assume you’re in?). But always remember – hypergamy, hypergamy, hypergamy.
          There is something (or things) she’s getting that keeps her with you. You listed a lot above – what are the core qualities you exhibit, provide, embody that she needs and satisfies her? This does largely come down to your attitude, energy, aura, way of living. I would test her and make sure you KNOW her far better than she knows you, otherwise you’re at a disadvantage.
          The last several relationships I’ve had, I knew within a few minutes what the woman was about. I could see weeks ahead of what was going to happen. I’m free from needing relationships so I’m free to be totally engaged when I have one, including letting go for periods of time to recenter myself, make sure my business / goals / interests get my laser-focus, too.
          I think we men naturally feel DEEPER about women than women feel about us. Some philosopher said it and it just makes sense. We are INTENSE when we love and it tears us up when it’s not reciprocated, or we worry what the woman is thinking. Women feel more range of emotion but unless it is that rare virgin you’ve done DEEP CONVERSION on you won’t have captured her undying heart. If you have then congratulations mi amigo! That is a huge gift.
          But I also really recommend keeping your pimp hand strong. Express bad moods sometimes, don’t be too thoughtful. Make sure she will take you as foul and real as you want to be. Being a bit of a dick is not the most comfortable thing especially around a quality woman but I think it’s damned important.
          Don’t worry about marriage, unless you want kids and even then that’s not essential. Consider NOT doing it in the US unless you are willing to take the risk and have every indication she really is going to be with you through thick and thin. It’s still a gamble, but a more worthwhile one.
          I go between Youtube recordings of Patrice O’Neal’s ‘Black Philip’ show with teachings from various philosophers / spiritually awake beings (Adyashanti is a favorite). I frankly think religion can be a dangerous trap though in providing a code of conduct it serves a purpose. You might check out David Deida’s ‘Spirit Sex Love’ to see if you can take your relationship deeper, to really go into your/her heart – then beyond that.
          If your woman is really choosing you, consider yourself lucky. But, all things end (whether by death or before) so keeping that perspective helps us stay aware. Committing to love each other as a spiritual practice gives you roots to work through the good and bad times.
          I wish you well, my friend.

        2. I have been in a few long term relationships… it depends on her age and yours and if you and her want kids….
          at the end of the day a long term relationship without kids is almost not worth having…. (plus she’ll probably fill your house with horrid lapdogs and cats once she hits menopause) … my father is still bed hopping at 70+ and he says it gets easier because the older gals are much more mellow and accepting….but he does get into relationships that last.. it is nice to have a special someone tied down… it’s just not nice to be tied up !!!
          so you really have to know what you want…. if you want to start a family with the girl and go for real long term, then it’s a simple equation, one that i have totally screwed up over the last few years, so take it from someone who has learned by mistakes big time…..
          firstly women like to nest…. so provide her with that nest… the male turkeys build huge nests and then invite the females in…. this has worked great for me with one huge BUT….
          once the female is in your nest – long term – it’s not your nest any more it’s HER NEST….
          therefore to maintain independence, status, protect your assets and so forth, (and be able to run a little game on the side) you need to set her up in your nest… make it her nest, but keep somewhere else for yourself….(easy if you are self employed like me….) then you can come and go as you please with impunity….
          if things get tense you disappear for a couple of weeks…..
          you have to firewall the asset and the ‘family’ nest as something you can literally walk away from same day….
          this has been my mistake…. i love chilling at home and i work from home and i’m always around, so basically way too available… i think this is the mistake a lot of men make in LTRs…. it’s not your home it’s HERS…. you can set her up in it and then come and go and basically maintain your status like a lover……the best LTR I had was with a girl who had her own place, and that place became like my pad in a sense, but I was always visiting her… she loved it when i arrived, greeted my like the finest 10 at the local brothel… it was fantastic… she wanted her man back in her nest…. you see the difference !
          unless you do that, when things get difficult, your comfort, your base, your emotional center, your orientation etc. is all based around your ‘home’ where you live with her… she starts making that tense and awkward and your whole life falls apart you feel homeless…. you end up like that cliche guy getting a motel room for the night to get some peace… this is stressful disorientating, expensive, unproductive and shitty…..
          so you create a home with her, set her up long term, prenup, get married… GO FOR IT!…. but keep your distance and keep her AND your home with her at arm’s length…. be able to write it off… then you will never have to !
          women in an LTR get under your skin, they discuss your life and work and business and everything with you, it all seems so harmless and warm, soft, friendly etc… HOWEVER…. when you need some space… (or want to bang a hottie on the weekend)… the LTR girl is all over you like a rash…. she knows your work schedule, your family, your friends, your are like a 14 year old, giving her excuses just to go out for a saturday night, even if it’s just for a beer with some mates from work and nothing is going to happen…. shit i’ve had a girl in an LTR get jealous because i went for a jog in the forest for an hour on a tuesday morning…..
          if you watch the TV show Mad Men, you see how all these guys in the 60s had important careers and stay home wives cooking them meals when they got home… etc.etc. and one of the dynamics I loved about that old school LTR is the man’s world remains this impressive mystery to the woman….
          the same girl I had an LTR with i mentioned above… where we basically lived out of her place but I’d come and go… on our first date I told her I was an arms dealer, smuggling weapons to africa…. of course she knew this was a joke, but with me coming and going on business, and away for a week here and a week there…. it remained very exciting to her…..
          the mystery of my world…. even if i was hell stressed with work… I was doing IT and Telecom setups and travelling alot… it kept her panties wet… she hated it in a way and always nagged me to move in with her properly…. and finally stonewalled me to break up or move in fully… i called her bluff and split….. i could see what was going to happen was I’d move in and she’d slowly get bored of having me around 24/7….. the solution was not to break up with her, but carry on the dynamic of keeping her in orbit around me and my world, rather than allowing myself to be dragged into orbiting her rather shrink wrapped world….
          even the most dull unimaginative middle management woman, can make an excellent wife, home maker, momma, partner, LTR etc… provided you only spend that perfect amount of time with her, so she is amping for more, never quite gets enough of you….. and you don’t get bored of her…..
          i think alot of these LTRs die.. because the man gets bored to tears… the woman senses his lack of interest and starts pushing him away….. solution… keep your distance, analyse how many hours per week can i really spend with this person… half that number and stick to the program…
          it’s well known that christmas and holidays are the time when most family breakups occur… WHY ? because too much time together = stiffing, boring, tedious and GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE….
          the earth orbits the run at the correct distance, the electron orbits the proton at the correct distance… make her your electron… be the proton…. be her sun at the centre of her universe… don’t be her moon manically in orbit around her…
          this of course is exactly what happens to the poor schelp like me… i built a lovely home, with all my gadgets, office and so forth, work only a few hours a day, love my place, but she gets fed up with me lurking about all the time, and starts pushing me out….. now i feel like I’m in orbit around my home base… whereas…. if i’d had my home base, my centre of gravity somewhere else and her installed in “our home”… she’s still be in orbit around me….
          ain’t gravity a bitch !

        3. You sound like a very lucky man. In my whole life Ive never known the success with females it sounds like you have had. Nor the opportunity to even talk to one like the one you are in a relationship with currently. And probably never be so lucky to either, at least not in this life. But, I guess in my sad little world I have found strength in that loneliness. There comes a certain elegance in being alone, a simpleness, order, tranquility. Though I envy you, I think that someday you might envy me.

        4. Thats a very valuable post. I may print it off for future reference. Though I doubt Ill ever have the chance to use it, as my career progresses I may find myself in social circles that I may actually have the opportunity to meet a female of value (though I highly doubt it). I might add, research what your particular states statutes regarding common law marriage are. For example if it is 3 years, a signed and notarized attestation of when the co-habitation began, and when it ceased (preferable 2 yrs 11 months) might hold up in court (always seek professional legal counsel of course). An offshore Foreign Grantor Trust could protect your personal assets from unscrupulous feminist enable court systems that would throw out your pre-nup in a heartbeat.

        5. Thanks for the response! I will definitely check out those youtube videos. I also agree with you completely with pretty much everything you said… especially about once a man is really invested in a woman he is far more naturally loyal then they are…and that hypergamy is always there – they can’t help it. It’s part of their biological make-up. Just like we can’t help having an impulse to fuck every hot chick who walks by us. The reason we (meaning alphas) are so much more “high risk” from an insurance perspective is that unlike those other men who ‘want’ to fuck those chicks, we actually ‘can’. Its the difference between an addict in a controlled environment who’s access to the outside world is extremely limited and one who is on the street.
          And yeah, to re-iterate I totally know it’s a gamble. A huge one. The courts favor her, etc. Thats why its so crucial that her creds are super solid. The truth though is that I have less doubt about her (I’ve actually known her for a very long time, despite only dating for a couple years) than about myself. As much as I care for her, I’m not sure I’m ready to turn my back on banging a ton of hot foreign chicks – and I seriously doubt that she could appreciate the enormity of my sacrifice in foregoing them in exchange for exclusivity with her. I certainly make sure to behave dickish from time to time because no matter how great a woman is she is still a woman and the evolutionary rules still apply.
          You raise a great point about what ‘core qualities’ I exhibit that she needs. It’s tough to answer definitively. Certainly she’s attractive to my charisma, intelligence, humor, etc. But also probably because she thinks I’m a bit of a badass (I shoot people for money) and I have an alpha edge there… however, when we began dating I had just left the military was unemployed, with very little money, no prospects, and owned nothing of value except my motorcycle. She could hardly be accused of being a gold-digger etc, now that I’m clearing 6 figures.

        6. Your not far off, and I agree with you a lot. Any disagreements we have usually stems from me wanting to be by myself a lot and pursue my own interests. There is definitly an opportunity cost.

        7. That’s fine…. the separation is what keeps HER in orbit around YOU.
          Long term – Women are never happy – you just have to placate them, listen to their blurb without reacting, don’t buy into their BS, treat them occasionally… and most importantly act like a kind of dampener to their emotional rollercoaster…
          too many highs and too much lovey dovey, will lead you straight into her low points… the Caribbean is beautiful, amazing fantastic, until hurricane season comes around… females are all about flux and flow, up and down…. they are never constant….. the man’s job is to manage and limit those highs and lows…
          You have to find the balance so you are true to yourself and REMAIN the person you are now, while keeping her in orbit around you…. It is a kind of game, but I’d consider more like laws of physics… The iChing lays out a lot of social dynamics… everything in a constant state of movement… knowing where you stand and what part of the movement you are in… allows you to make the next step in the dance correctly…
          Also remember that who lives by the sword dies by the sword, so the weekend you are trolling for a hot blonde is the weekend she might just have some random hot guy hit on her and buy her one too many drinks….
          Kids help a lot with that problem because they keep her busy and make her less likely to stray….

        8. It is a good thing to see a man thinking the way you are. From my point of view, the entire purpose of the red pill is to discard all the politically correct cultural conditioning men in our generation have been force fed. But, the entire point is for a man to be able to think for himself, think about what is good for him, and think about what he really wants. For himself with nobody, no media, no government, no woman, no family, no cultural condition, telling him what he wants.
          I don’t think anyone here can answer those questions for you. You are a man and therefor you need to define your own path in life, then pursue it. Most of us are here because we have reclaimed our rightful place as masters of our own lives.
          So, what do you want to do with your life? I think there are no wrong answers as long as you are being true to yourself. Also, I think that what is a true answer today might change in the future; I make that point simply because sometimes we get trapped in the thinking that we have to plot out the entire course of our lives when we think through existential questions – truth is, you don’t have to be that extreme about it.
          Having said that, the only truly “permanent” decision a man makes that you can’t turn back is whether or not to have children.
          Unlike some men here, I don’t think a man “should” make a decision one way or another with regard to children. It really comes down to what you want.
          The children question really is pivotal. If you don’t want children, that puts you on one path. On that path, you devote yourself to your passions and purpose. On the other hand, if you do want children, you have to find a woman. And you have to commit yourself to creating a good life for those children – not man worth his salt does otherwise when it comes to children.
          As long as you are being honest with yourself in your assessment, this woman you describe sounds like a good option. Not the only option, you can find another later if you choose to do that. However, there is a window of time, because it’s not fair to have kids when you are 60. And you probably wouldn’t want them at that age anyway. So, if you want children, do you want to put the foundation place with this woman or wait?
          Another point of the red pill, in my view, is to be honest with yourself about the culture we live in and the legal and political environment. If you decide that deep down you want to create a family, then with red pill thinking you should go into this with your eyes wide open. You should know the risks.
          Risk does not mean that you don’t do it. If that were the case, men would never start new companies. They would never invest. They would never even play physical sports.
          Being honest with yourself about the risk means that you address it. You assess the risk and decide whether it is worth it. You accept the part of the risk that you cannot change. You plan in advance to address the risk you can hedge. YOUR EYES ARE WIDE OPEN.
          Whichever path you choose, nobody else can say it is the wrong path. Only you can say it is the right path or the wrong path. I wish you godspeed in your pursuit of happiness.

        9. Thank you for your thoughtful analysis – I agree with you whole heartedly. I’m working through deciding what I really want to do. Life is water – not stone. We have to make constantly evolving decisions but to be truly successful at some things (business investing, or military career etc) we have to be able to chart our paths several years ahead. You’ve raised some great points to ponder. In the end I think it all comes down to opportunity cost.

        10. Deluded douchebag. You should stay alone for the rest of your life. No one deserves putting up with your “surging”, self-entitled crap

    2. This so-called “fork in the road” decision you face seems like a very easy decision to me. One road leads up, to advancing your life and status and a man. One road, the one with the female, leads down – to misery, confusion and emotional chaos. Always take the high road.

      1. I hear you man – and maybe I’m going to end up touching the hot stove and getting burned in spite of my better judgement and the sound advice all around me – I don’t know.

        1. My friend, you sound like you’re in a somewhat similar place to me when I couldn’t decide between two women and also had a business to run. Everything ended up suffering, my mental health most of all (and physical too). More than likely this situation has you stressed out. My Dad DIED 3 years ago at a too-damned-young 76 in large part because he couldn’t manage his relationship with my mom. He let her stress his ass out. I’m not saying your woman is like my mom but she definitely changed throughout her life. Nature is NOT kind to women and I think the idea of a 40 y.o. man with an 18 y.o. woman makes damn good sense!
          Your gift to the world and what your soul wants is to live our purpose. That’s not about your woman, it’s about your work, your mission, your uniqueness.
          I had a conversation today with a family friend who’s been doing counseling for decades. He’s mid 70s but seems physically healthy and definitely sharp. He makes olive oil on the side in addition to having his practice. He told his wife he was thinking to retire (she sells rare flowers). She said “why, you’re doing what you love?” They were holding hands and I saw him squeeze her leg under the table. It was pretty awesome.
          I told him I now have my own business and he knew I was single. He could hear / see how much I love my work and said he was really happy for me (been years since we last visited), adding only 25% of people are doing what they really love.
          It’s no the 6 figures or having this amazing woman that’s going to make you happy. You’ve got to figure out what is in your soul that’s just gotta fucking COME OUT before you die. If you aren’t doing that thing (or things) then even Katya’s robo-pussy that shoots gold bullion won’t satisfy you (you’re a far better man than Archer).
          The Deida stuff is great, I hope you find it useful. I also really recommend giving yourself a week or two or a month (or however long) and really take all those energies inside, keep your sexuality bottled up and simmering. It’s really the most loving thing you can do for yourself and anyone else, to know WHY you do what you do, WHY you want to fuck your woman, WHY you want to work. Sometimes the why isn’t intellectual (it’s better when it’s not, really). When we conquer death by dying before we die, then there’s just … an ease about anything we do. Any outcome. We become fearless. Not foolish. But maybe a fool for Love (Big Love, not little head’s idea of love).
          If you decide to get married to this woman in as much clarity as you can have, then by all mean GO FOR IT man!!! We envy you and want you to succeed. This world needs strong couples, strong families, led by clear-thinking, good-hearted strong willed men and women who stand by them in their own strength.
          If all else fails, get some psilocybin and check out Terence McKennas instructions on how to use it. The ancients (and current indigeneous people) knew where to get guidance. One of those trips will open some gateways within you (meditation or abstinence can be inconsistent).
          Enjoy the ride, as Bill Hicks said!

      2. I have to give this a big thumbs up. I’ll quote The Man again, Patrice O’Neal, who really got how women think and never let them get away with anything. A man’s security in a relationship is completely tied to how satisfied the woman is. Whoever is willing to walk away has all the power.
        Patrice was in a funk in Episode 6 because he’d stopped managing his girlfriend. It’s worth a listen (I’m 20 min in) as he dedicates the session to ‘how to be a pimp with a woman you’re in love with.’ This one’s for you, Cody!

  7. In this day of false allegations and women acting with impunity I am a huge fan of ghosting. This way there’s no blow up, no screaming, no threats of “rape” from the last time you slept with her, or threats of assault or actual assault from her hitting you. Just stop talking to them altogether.

    1. Good comment. Women do not have the veracity, courage or common decency to tell a guy she isnt interested anymore – they always take the easy sleazy way out. Why should we treat them any differently. Just ignore them and leave them guessing. They deserve the suffering, all of them.

      1. I suppose you commissioned a scientific inquiry to determine that, yes, 100% of women (from a representative sample of 758) are incapable of telling a romantic male partner that they are not interested.
        No sir, you didn’t just use your own bitter past experience, which may or may not be informed by your own personality which attracts a certain type of women.
        God bless statistics and logic. It brings a tear to my eye!

  8. Oh, man. My whole life, I always ended up doing some cross between #1 and #4, sometimes unconsciously. But hey, it works. And they actually want you more afterward.

  9. Amnesia is a good one especially for those short term relationships or one night stands. It drives fucking women crazy, especially the any five or six, because they want to think that night was the best sex you ever had and you tell all your guy friends about it. In actuality, you just needed to get your rocks off and you treated her as a convenient cum dumpster.
    Girl: “Hey (insert name) remember me?”
    Guy: “Umm no…did we go to college together”
    Girl: “Eh….no….we hung out a few months ago”
    Guy: (scratches head) “No I think you are mistaken…don’t worry I get that a lot…there must be three dozen guys that look like me in the city”
    Girl: (hamster goes crazy)
    Ghosting is pretty effective. Most chicks get the point after about two phone calls and three texts. Beware though it can drive them insane. Like waiting for you outside your house or apartment. Or calling or showing up at your work. Or worst filing a missing persons report because they have not heard from you in three or four days. I actually had a friend that happened too. Women absolutely hate it because they are used to endless attention and being the selective gender. Ghosting can be annoying though because you have to avoid your usual haunts for a few weeks.
    The “fade away” is a less drastic version of ghosting. Instead of hanging out two times a week, you go to one. Then you go to every other week. Then you get “busy” with work and it might be once a month. Either she will get the picture eventually or you just stop complete the fade away by not answer her texts or calls. Great method if you have a chick in your rotation who you would like to slowly phase away but still bang a few more times.
    Another one I like, which I call the “alpha breakup” is just doing it straight to her face. Say something like “I liked hanging out but I am just not feeling the chemistry anymore” then making a quick exit. This one really messes with their head and can produce various results. Some women will go into depression because of the rejections. Others become crazy stalkers. And some beg and plead to do anything that will “make it right”. Prepare for you phone to blow up with texts messages for a few days if you do this one.

  10. This is a really lame post. There’s plenty of gems among the sexist commentary here on RoK, which is why I always come back. But those gems come from the excellent writers and thinkers like Tuthmosis. This article, on the other hand, reads like a manual from a lame high school kid with no social skills and no empathy.
    Do what’s best for you, sure. But these tactics aren’t best for you either. Try the amnesia game for real, for example, and you’ll fuck up your social status in an instant. I can’t imagine the field day every social circle I’ve ever been in would have if someone tried that tactic.

      1. Isn’t that what all advice is? There may be edge cases where the amnesia technique works, but they’re rare. Usually you’ll just make people hate you, which isn’t useful for most people.

  11. I thought this site was aimed for grown men. What is so terrible about telling her to her face that it’s not happening. Am I back in high school?

    1. Because then she calls you 15-20 times in the space of 5 minutes and texts you constantly for weeks.
      Then once she realises it’s over, she’ll try to destroy you to both her social network and yours.

      1. …and all those other methods would keep her from destroying you to her social network and yours? Any way your an asshole I am sure her friends would hear about it.

        1. In the last break-up, domestic violence was a real issue–she kept throwing things and screaming and yelling, which is the main reason I wanted to break up in the first place.
          How exactly am I an asshole because I try to avoid a situation that would escalate into physical violence?

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