How To Build A Dynasty

Dynasties have long captivated the American imagination. From Roosevelts to Bushes and Romneys, Americans have never let their anti-monarchial roots prevent them from expressing their fascination with families whose intergenerational wealth and persistent prominence seem akin to that of royalty. But how are such legacies manufactured and sustained? I thought it prudent to answer that question today using the example of arguably the most prominent of all American dynasties: the Kennedys.


Step 1: Build a fortune.

PJ Kennedy (born 1858, great-great grandfather to the current youngest generation of Kennedies) established the Kennedy fortune via business acumen (bars, some liquor importing, mining interests, etc). His son, Joe Kennedy Sr., expanded on this and made the Kennedy fortune truly massive (again, lots of liquor involved as well as finance/real estate).

This likely wouldn’t have been possible without his father, PJ, breaking the mold of the poor Irish Catholic immigrant and establishing the small fortune he had for his own kids to build on (his parents were straight out of Ireland and he was the first Kennedy to get a formal education). Joe went on to build enough to last the entire family for generations, and he set up an extremely elaborate network of trusts to ensure that it would last—there is likely still plenty remaining for the current generation.

Money also allows the family to benefit top universities, ensuring their descendants’ attendance for decades to come. You need a solid foundation of wealth before you can move forward and establish any dynasty. This is the first (and arguably the most crucial) step.


Oh, and don’t be too concerned about how you get this money. As many have noted, there was a shady element to the way Joe Kennedy built his fortune, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his father dealt in a few shadows as well (that was typical of the day, especially when it came to liquor). If it makes you wealthy and you can finagle your way out of any culpability for it, it’ll do. That’s the rule they followed, and you may need to follow it to if you’d like to achieve that level of success.

Step 2: Marry well.

PJ married into the Hickey family. You probably won’t know them, but they were established, prosperous Bostonites at the time. PJ’s wife was the daughter of one of the city’s more prosperous businessmen. Their only son, Joe, married a Fitzgerald, daughter of one of the most powerful Irish politicians in the country at the time, John Fitzgerald.


This does two things:

A). It makes Step 1 much easier—you can build a larger fortune with the wealth of two families better than you can build with just one. Some of her father’s wealth was bolted onto his own.

B). It gives your kids a leg up. They descend from two successful lines as opposed to one, and can benefit from the wealth and connections of both. Their pedigree is much stronger.


Step 2B: Marry your daughters very well.

Feminist talking points notwithstanding, the bottomline is that the men are going to be the heavy-lifters when it comes to carrying the pedigree of the name forward. If they can have some political success in their own right, that’s fine, but they do not need to do much so long as the men they marry come from a solid pedigree. Their children will still count towards your legacy, even if they’re not carrying your name. Marrying well will keep their pedigrees and financial status strong.

Step 3: Get into politics.


The first two steps make this much easier to do. This is where the real power is, and once you’ve got the money and the pedigree you can make a real go for it (those are the things that really win elections).

PJ Kennedy started off by converting his popularity in his Boston neighborhood to a long stint in the Massachusetts State Legislature. Soon, he was hanging out with the state’s democratic elite and holding a number of influential appointed positions at the state level.
This is what helped to get the Kennedy name into the realm of the power elite. His son, Joseph, used that political cache (along with the wealth and pedigree inherited from his father and mother) to launch his own career, becoming chairman of the SEC and Ambassador to the UK.


Joe, having taken the next step up from his father (remember PJ held state power, Joe moved up and held some Federal power), then proceeded to groom his sons to take the final step-national high office, targeting the Senate and, ultimately, the Presidency. He was successful. John became president, Robert and Ted both Senators (his first son and namesake was supposed to take the lead for the presidency, but died in WW2). His daughters also generally married well (Eunice to highly accomplished Sargeant Shriver of the establishment Shriver clan, Patricia to an accomplished actor, and Jean married a financier but actually had a decent political career in her own right).

At this point, the dynasty was largely set. It took about three generations to get running, but Joe’s sons cemented it firmly into the foundation of the American elite, as did his money. They’re cruising now—no more climbing left for them to do at the top of the American pyramid.


Aside from these three steps, some careful image cultivation aided things: JFK just happened to be very charismatic and thus garnered a sort of celebrity status, as did his wife. This added a large measure of fame to the already phenomenal pedigree the Kennedys had built, and created the whole “Camelot”/American royalty idea. Some of the marriages to celebrities enhanced this (I already mentioned Patricia, but Eunice’s daughter’s marriage to Schwarzenegger is another example). This gave the Kennedy name some popular cache that some other very well established families (ex: Taft, Forbes, Udall, Weld, Bush, etc) do not have. The Roosevelts probably come the closest, along with the Vanderbilts.

How can you do this?


Tough call. If you didn’t get in on the ground floor or lack ancestors who did so, it is tough to replicate this in the modern USA. Things aren’t quite as fluid as they’ve been in the past—the established elite have just been getting richer and established tighter controls, making it harder to replicate what they did before and easier for them to stay on top absent competition from upstarts.

Marrying into it would be the most effective way, but not any old Joe can do that. If you’re not white, not affluent or famous, and not a graduate of an elite university, this will be tough. These folks generally congregate within certain socials circles and prefer to get with their own.





You may have a better chance of pulling this off in another society. This could be done by marrying into another nation’s elite, and becoming a part of it yourself (this would require some serious legwork on your part), or by establishing yourself in another country, building some sizable wealth (enough to make you a one percenter there) and then following the model listed above from step one, starting from scratch and hoping that your children/grandchildren will cement your dynasty the way Joe, JFK, Robert and Ted did for PJ. This way, your descendants can occupy a role similar to that of the Kennedys here in a smaller pond, wielding similar power within their playing field. For the young red pill male who is adventurous enough to see opportunities across the globe and take advantage of them, great rewards can be obtained.

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  1. The new giants of business aren’t going to be concerned too much with family. They can see the decline as well as we can and will build a life of decadence and self indulgence. Their children will be spoiled brats campaigning for women’s rights and gay marriage and won’t join the companies created in ten minutes by their fathers.

    1. You kidding? It’s easier. Nowadays, she’s still wife material even once the sex tape has dropped. Provided she’s rich enough, of course.

      1. Women may be more marriageable, despite their many indiscretions, but fathers have little say in who she marries. There will be differences depending on the ethnic group, but the kind of arranged marriage described in the article means getting the daughters to marry rich and powerful men.

        1. Maybe, or maybe not. I don’t know if there’s that much intermarriage between social classes in urban American culture.
          You may see upper middle class women getting into radical feminism, but they’re probably going to date and marry Joe Hipster, who may work in an organic coffeeshop but is actually an heir – and whose brother is a CEO.
          Hipster women don’t marry Bubba from the projects, even if they live in Brooklyn. Most people on this site are lower to middle class, and for our cohort, maintaining a socially stable life with a conservative marriage or MGTOW is probably the best choice.
          It’s very hard to change class. The real Brahmins are probably doing what this article says already.

    2. “Raise them well” definitionally involves not raising daughters to be “liberated.”
      The absolute dearth of marriable women these days, gives massive leverage to those who do manage to raise one.

  2. Sick and tired of dynasties and their bumbling management style.
    World War I which erupted about exactly 100 years ago was instigated by these incestuous retards.
    Should the Republicans be imprudent enough to front a Bush in the next presidential election against Clinton I will not even bother voting, effectively giving my vote to the Democrats. As it is I am hard pressed to find a reason to go to the voting booth anyway. Maybe a Feminist presidency is exactly what we need and deserve.

  3. What a bunch of horse shit – as if the author has any experience propagating a dynasty.

    1. Argumentum ad hominem.
      I can’t believe so many ‘Men’ up-voted this.

    2. If anything can be learned from the Kennedys, it’s don’t try and stop wars, don’t try and get rid of the FED, don’t tell the world about UFO’s, and don’t piss of the Jews or the CIA.

      1. Sound observations. Add to that, don’t screw with the Communists.

  4. This article could have been more useful if it didn’t suffer from grandeur complex.
    To lay a solid foundation for your clan, a man needs to start his own business which has a potential for growth. Then he has to make sure his kids study in academic fields relevant to the business and come back to work for the business. Second, kids need to mary well (as the article points out), to make sure the wealth does not spill out.
    This is the key, I call it dripping or slow accumulation. The way the current system is set up, the children are encouraged to choose an education which will provide them with silly little jobs and the illusion of independence. This is the trap. They want kids to start from ground zero and thus prevent accumulation of wealth.
    As usual one needs a supportive wife for this to work.

    1. Not only that, the interests of your supportive wife need to be aligned with your own. If she is caught up in notions of her “career” instead making sure yours succeeds then disaster beckons.

    2. You might as well say one needs the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot for this to work.

    3. Ah yes, forging a clan is essential in the long run. When everybody simply wanders off in order to “find themselves”, don’t be surprised when your family lineage promptly dies right on the tree.

    1. Shalom, my dear Gentile. Vista Goldbergstein shall reward you handsomely.

  5. I will never understand the fascination with the Kennedy family. Wealthy and powerful, sure, but they were also total degenerates.

    1. Yeah they shamefully lobotomised and institutionalised JFK’s sister, Rosemary Kennedy. because she was an under achiever unlike her brothers.

      1. She was the beginnings of a modern woman if I am not mistaken. Lobotomization is too far, but lionization is stupidity.

    2. For all his warts, JFK did say this:
      “For we are opposed around the world by a
      monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on
      covert means for expanding its sphere of
      influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on
      subversion instead of elections, on intimidation
      instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night
      instead of armies by day. It is a system which has
      conscripted vast human and material resources into
      the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient
      machine that combines military, diplomatic,
      intelligence, economic, scientific and political

  6. I’d like to know more about how the Anglo-Normans in the UK did it. Apparently the division of the spoils after the Norman Conquest in 1066 laid the foundations for family fortunes which have lasted down to our day:
    For example, the British gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, who has an Anglo-Norman surname, reportedly inherited several million pounds when his mother died a few years ago. That simply doesn’t happen to ordinary English people. How far back did de Grey’s fortune originate?

    1. I guess, like the Jewish do – by mixing only with prospective outsiders, Note, John Fitzgerald. Fitz is a prefix in surnames of Norman origin.

  7. There is an old and very true saying: the third generation blows it. So no, you don’t want a dynasty.

    1. The (rather fatalistic) Bedouins that came into fortunes in Arabia have a saying that goes:
      My grandfather rode a camel; My dad drove a car; I fly a jet; My son will ride a camel….
      They then shrug their shoulders.
      Deep down, I suspect most of them genuinely prefer the camel to all the modern day gadgetry and oneupmanship anyway.

      1. Used to be From shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations. Now it’s from hoodie to hoodie. The cycle of life continues on my friends.

      2. Why settle for the stinky camel? Yeah, it’s more natural and humbling, but why not reach for the stars? Why not self actualize and aim only for the best? I don’t think its wrong to want better not only for yourself but your progeny, it’s natural. We all want the best for ourselves.

      1. No one can control the future. However the chances of the ‘three generation’ cycle occurring can be minimized by careful breeding, careful training of the sons, and by allowing the fortune to pass to the son or nephew who is most capable of managing it. If you have all daughters, you must be willing to pass the property to a male in a junior line of the family.
        Of course, nothing lasts forever, but Houses has been routinely established and run this way for hundreds of years. You may be interested to know that the Beretta arms business was developed in the 1500s and is still owned by the same family.
        Establishing a House in the U.S. is a bit easier than in the past because several states, including South Dakota and Virginia, have modified or eliminated the Rule Against Perpetuities.

        1. The heirs must be properly identified and trained, there must be clear lines of control, and the family properties must be owned by properly drafted corporations and trusts. The heirs’ interests in family property should always be beneficial, not legal. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and the same techniques can be used for a fortune of any size.
          The would-be founder of a House would necessarily obtain the proper legal and financial advice. бай Хуй
          made some important points in his comment. It may well take two or three generations to establish a House.

    2. Yet I can name many Old Stock American families who have acquired and maintained wealth (not world-class fortunes, but wealth) over many generations. The senior branches of my family, none of the members of which are particularly famous or notorious, have maintained and expanded (over twelve generations) the modest fortune of our common ancestor, who moved from England to Philadelphia in the 17th Century and established a thriving rope-making business.

  8. Why bother with any of this? Dynasty goes into the same bin as ‘legacy’ which a lot of blue pill males use to justify getting married, having kids and plugging into the matrix.
    Who cares when you’re dead, you’re dead. There is no way for you to enjoy your legacy if you are dead.
    Why not just maximise your personal enjoyment through selfish exploits and ensure that your last check bounces?

    1. Because you’re genetically programmed to look out for your genes well being well past that last check bounce.

    2. The matrix gives a false lure of legacy, playing to a man’s natural ambitions to see those with his name prosper, before fucking him over with divorce rape, ensuring his financial ruin and broken children. Another potential challenger to the elites taken out, more pliable worker drones made.
      The last thing the matrix wants is a man who can create a legacy and is from one.
      Men who are cut off from their culture, familial and nationally speaking, are more like to glum onto mass manufactured culture in trying to fulfill the
      human need to belong to something. That man can be manipulated into
      fulfilling the elite’s whims, not as easily as a woman, but far more so than a man who comes from something and has a sense of belonging, whose needs for a culture are already met.
      A man who has his needs met does not need the matrix. That man is a threat. The man who puts down roots with a submissive woman and inoculates his children against modern degeneracy has rebelled against the system just as much as the hedonistic PUA who refuses to take sexual scraps from the table.
      Only difference is that for the man with a legacy, his rebellion doesn’t begin and end with him.

  9. I don’t know if I could bone a Kennedy female. They all seem to look a bit too much like JFK for me to be able to keep my boner. Though in fairness you could have an new entry in the urban dictionary: The Lee Harvey Oswald- the act of shooting your load (ejacualting) onto the head of a Kennedy.

  10. Interesting you mentioned going abroad to establish yourself.
    I went to a private boarding school in the mid-west. Half the guys in attendance were international students. About 80 percent of the international students were from Mexico. Extremely wealthy Mexican families had been sending their sons to this school for safety (there were a few that already been kidnapped and returned on several occasions after hefty ransoms were paid) and to learn English from an early age. I made friends with several of them and we kept in contact via Facebook.
    Fast forward 10 years later. I was in a small colonial town. I randomly ran into one of my Mexican friends and he was getting married that weekend in the main cathedral and wanted me to attend. I attended and it was by far the most lavish wedding I had ever been to. In attendance were some of the biggest movers and shakers in Mexico in both business and politics. I was the only American in attendance but was very well received. Everyone was really friendly and the women were especially flirty and feminine. I was surrounded by some of the most beautiful women in Mexico.
    I want to make it known that I am definitely not from extreme wealth. My father is a 1%er but definitely not at the level of the truly wealthy elite. The Mexican guys I went to school with and the people at the wedding were truly in the .001% in terms of money.
    My point is is that if you can go overseas and establish yourself into elite circles you should take advantage of it if your goal is to establish a “dynasty.” I don’t really care for the “dynasty” but wouldn’t mind the privilege that connections to certain circles could bring. My buddy spent 9 months in Brazil trying to establish a business which ultimately didn’t pan out. However, he did get to make contacts and rub elbows with Brazilian elite and party in castles.

    1. Extremely wealthy Mexican families had been sending their sons to this school for safety…The Mexican guys I went to school with and the people at the wedding were truly in the .001% in terms of money.

      There’s a perception that Mexico isn’t wealthy but there’s actually quite a bit of wealth down there, we just that the America gets criminals and dregs of society.
      Also, you’re absolutely right about establishing yourself overseas. Mayer Amschel Rothschild had five sons, sent them each to different cities (e.g. Frankfurt, Austria, England, Naples and Paris) and their family took over an entire continent [and world, depending on who you ask] in one lifetime, for better or for worst. A man capable of establishing himself and/or his family in more than one country, is a man to reckoned with.
      Good comment.

    2. Great advice. Rub elbows with the uber rich of the WORLD . Get outta the USA.

  11. FUCK BUILDING A DYNASTY. If MGTOW has taught us anything, it is to live your life on your own terms, not to the expectation of society.
    The world is crumbling around us. Jobs are disappearing and being replaced by automation- so no financial future for any generations after.
    Secondly, look at the cesspit the world has become. No morals, no values, traditional roles destroyed, no role models. Why would I want to bring a life into this evil world with so much death and destruction.
    My advice to all men is this- life YOUR life on your terms and not worry about a trying to leave a legacy behind because at the end of the day, no one is going to really care. Live your life to the best of you ability, especially in this day and age where everything is going to hell.

    1. The same could be said of the Roman empire when it fell. But some people still had patriarchal families and you are the descendants of one of them.
      Couldn’t having a patriarchal family also be living life on ones own terms?

    2. It’s always been that way mate and worse. Be thankful your forebears didn’t adopt such a pessimistic attitude.

    3. I’m so fucking sick of you MGTOW pussies.
      Yes, pussies. Fucking pussies. Die. Now. You’re practically dead anyway. Your “lonely loner walking down a lonely road” routine smells exactly the same as feminist careerist self-fulfillment. Masturbation.
      “Oh poor me, big meanies run the world, I’m gonna take my toys and go home, there’s no point anyway, enjoy the decline, man!”
      This world is mine. Mine. As much mine as it is Bill Gates’s. Sure, I might not be able to make that real in my lifetime. But that’s where family comes in. I refuse to let my name die like all you faggots will.
      Men build. Men pursue immortality. Men shape the world. They don’t hide in the woods and think “aww sweet a flannel shirt and an ax, I must really be living now!”
      Every man needs to go his own way at some point, but it’s a means not an end.

      1. Ohhh… did he hurt your feelings you effiminate, emasculated henpecked simp mangina? Take your pussy whipped ass back to your woman you bitch.

        1. You’re the bitch, bitch.
          You guys want to run and hide and I want to go to war. What do MGTOW and fags have in common? No one to take their place when they die. An army needs soldiers and soldiers need bred.
          Nice ad hominem. You’re the effeminate one.
          I notice you didn’t even attempt to disprove the assertion that MGTOW poopytalk sounds word for word like feminism.
          Stupid fucker.

        2. Why be a soldier when your woman is taking up the ass back at home while you’re out on the front lines then ass rapes you in divorce court before you get back home?

        3. You can only control your woman until she decides to call in her second husband and his SWAT team to deal with you.

        4. “Why be a soldier when your woman is taking up the ass back at home while you’re out on the front lines then ass rapes you in divorce court before you get back home?”
          ^^^ THIS ^^^

    4. “My advice to all men is this- life YOUR life on your terms and not worry about a trying to leave a legacy behind because at the end of the day, no one is going to really care”
      That, and when the nukes go off it’s all rubble anyway; and WWIII could finslly be coming to fruition.

    5. you have not understood anything about this article. the author is not advocating for the rat race you are reffering to.

  12. I love how every article encourages dating women from first class travel destinations like Ukraine, Sao Paulo on this website, and then yet another subpar article comes along encouraging this sites readers to “marry well”.

      1. how’s that going for you? I’m straight on contracting TB from some chick in a war torn country.

        1. Most of these dynastic guys fooled around on their wives. Yo, that’s all I’m sayin’ maaan

        2. most guys have a wandering eye maaan. It’s not some”dynastic club” that’s exclusive to people like the kennedy’s that the author has placed on a pedestal

        3. How very sneaky of you 🙂
          If you’re Average Joe and you cheat, you’re getting divorced.
          If you’re JFK and you cheat, you’re not getting divorced.

        4. Yeah exactly, you’ve got to marry a woman from either your culture (where you can ascertain their social status) or move to another country, assimilate, and marry upper class women there.
          Unfortunately, this also means that if you stay in the West, you’re going to have to pay lip service to lib-elitism.
          Doesn’t mean you can’t go on a sex tour in a foreign country, though, just wear protection.

      1. I don’t think upper middle class Brazilian or Ukrainian women tend to leave their countries permanently or marry outside their culture.

  13. Roosh did the Rockefellers, and Athlone the Kennedys.
    When are you guys going to do the Rothschilds? Lolllzzolzlol.
    Or let’s hear about the Bushes. I’ve always wanted to learn more about Aleister Crowley 🙂

  14. Although the Kennedys are a very poor example, i think Mr. McGinnis has correctly presented the basics of forming a ‘House’ (better term than Dynasty, IMO). Also, going into politics isn’t necessary or even desirable. Most successful Houses avoid politics and the public eye.
    This essay is a nice change from this site’s usual fare.

  15. You left out one important thing: Genetics. If your genetics is not good how can you found a good dynasty?

    1. I hear ya. my genetics are also pretty crappy personally. guess it’s the MGTOW route for me.

  16. It can’t be done sans another world war to give politically ambitious suitors who are ready, willing and able to grab power the opportunity to do so. And, when that day comes, there are better prospects to grab power in China and Russia than the US.

  17. By the time JFK ascended to office there was a foundation of four decades of graft and corruption by papa Kennedy that provided the money, political contacts and debts owed to launch a son into the presidency. The same goes for Bush 41 and 43, with Papa Prescott laying a foundation for his son and grandsons to take power. I’m not clear on the history, but I’m confident the same goes for the Roosevelt dynasty, Rockefeller, Morgan and the like. Some more politically prominent than others.
    The worlds criminals are more centered in the east now and are laying the foundations for their heirs to grab global power and create global dynasties. Of course, this is just pure conjecture on my part. But it seems to work this way most of the time.

  18. Excluding the Kennedy, 1% angle, I’ve been thinking of ways to instill a pride in ones family history. Far too often do we see people looking towards the genetically unrelated for guidance. Typically celebrities or other notable famous people. This is absolutely dreadful.
    Certainly, keeping a family tree – that is more than just a series of names and dates- with stories and context is a great start. This creates a mental connection with the child besides the implicit genetic connection. Emphasizing the importance of the last name and ties to one’s historic homeland (for example, my grandparents are Irish, therefore it was repeated to me over and over that Irish is part of my identity even if I’m American now). There should also be traditions and customs that are specific to your family as well. The Griswold’s are a comedic example but I think the sentiment is correct.
    Dynasties don’t need to be royalty, in my mind. Building a strong family identity that connects your past to your present would mold strong men and women. Actions reverberate through your genetic lineage. As a member of that lineage you have an obligation to conduct yourself with dignity and thoughtfulness towards your contribution to that lineage.
    I think this explains the pride and class that those with a family history of success display. The lower and middle classes can follow with some good record keeping, a family mythos, and traditions.

  19. Dynasties consist of families. And families have all but disappeared in the Anglosphére.

  20. In the future, when there are no more societies, are the alpha males going to just look out for themselves or help the weak?
    I wonder. Because they will be the only survivors, them, and whatever family and women cling to them. These 40% bodyfat politicians and their debauchery won’t stand the test of time that a real human man has. I suppose the farmers will survive too, and the bushmen, but they all have alpha-like qualitiies too.
    I second the previous comment on not caring about dynasties, its a waste, and a flaunt of human ego, and your descendants are likely to be trash.

  21. What no one is saying here is that a “dynasty” isn’t a lofty goal. It’s a basic necessity. Most people today aren’t even real citizens. They own nothing, not even a place to lay their head (read: mortgage). They pass no advantage on to the next generation. The nature of humanity and of civilization is to advance with each successive generation. What we’ve got now is a world of people essentially living as farm animals for the rich. Sure, they feed us- in the form of wages just high enough to keep us docile but desperate. They harvest what we produce and reap all the benefit. Building a dynasty is essentially “my kids will be less slave-like than I was.”

  22. Taking the politics out of the matter for dynasties like the Clintons, Bushes, Vanderbilts, etc., it’s amazing to see the wealth that can be built. This is where the term “old money” comes from. People that built empires which spanned multiple generations. Again, taking the political stance out of it and focusing on the capitalistic point of view, all these dynasties seized opportunity in one way or another. Not only that, they were able to keep wealth going through multiple generations. Something you don’t see much of any more as zombiefied imbeciles blow their net worth on a monthly basis. Old money can always be spotted. They move a certain way, talk a certain way, and do not broadcast their affairs to the world like the Social Media buffoons of the modern age. Run Silent, Run Deep. Seize Opportunity, create an economic moat, and run with it for as long as it will last.

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