Portrait Of A Modern Career Woman

Yesterday a colleague of mine, Ariana, left our company for a new job in Australia. Ariana is twenty-nine: this is not insignificant.

Ariana is attractive – or rather, she retains the last vestiges of her youthful beauty. OK, Ariana was never a stunner, never a first-rate head-turner. But with her slender body, her long, thick black hair and a mischievous face that suggested a profound appetite for naughtiness, she was sexy.

I use the past tense for a reason. In the two years we have worked together, I have observed a definite depreciation in her looks. In part, this is due to her love of binge drinking. Alcohol remains endemic in many industries in London, not least ours, where entertaining clients is a central part of the job. Ariana attacked that duty with gusto, and the empty calories she loaded into her system over many drunken nights meant that she ended up carrying considerably more weight than when she started. Not enough to make her obese, but enough to render her formerly shapely legs matronly, and to give her once-angular features a doughy appearance. These unfortunate adjustments amended my rating of her from “would definitely bang” to “would probably bang, provided it were easy and there were no other options available.”

But Ariana was much-loved at work for her madcap ways and the amusing stories that her frequent inebriation provided. For her last day in the office, another (female) colleague prepared a PowerPoint presentation displaying some of her “finest” moments. The slides were largely composed of photographs taken from Ariana’s Facebook page. Many of them featured close-ups of her increasingly bloated, drunken face as she careened from one crazy night out to the next. One slide was dedicated to her love of drinking whiskey. Another to her penchant for red wine. A third focused on the short skirts she liked to wear.

More slides revealed her “yolo” exploits in the various five-star hotels in New York and Berlin the company had put her up in for business events. Her talent for attracting beta orbiters was referenced; and the fact that she had been banged by a male colleague was revealed on a slide celebrating her “horndog” nature. My assembled colleagues hooted and guffawed at these images, while Ariana looked on, held in the embrace of another girl, close to tears at her impending departure.

Tellingly, not one of the slides referred to her professional capabilities. To be fair, her skills were complimented by two of her managers in their summing-up. Apparently, Ariana had proved herself to be a linchpin of her team, and she had been personally responsible for managing multi-million pound accounts. Personally, I am skeptical. I worked on projects with her a few times: she was rubbish.


Women’s Rights?

I love to party as much as the next person – when it’s appropriate. But it seems incredible that we have reached a state of affairs where a female executive in a responsible position in an internationally-known company with offices in major cities in the UK and the US can be celebrated for spending most of her time drunk and wearing revealing clothes.

Is this really what Emmeline Pankhurst and the early suffragettes had in mind when they fought for women’s rights? And other than looking good in a mini-skirt, what has Ariana really accomplished since completing her humanities degree? OK, apparently she enjoys running. But has she started a business or worked on some other personal project? No. Has she written a book? No. Has she read a book? I doubt it.

One of the problems with reading and writing for men’s websites is that time and again one observes real-life examples of what we caution against in this part of the internet. Ariana is currently perpetuating what Rollo of the Rational Male calls her “party years” and is about to enter the “epiphany and transitory phase.” Her story is fairly typical.

In a long-term relationship with a stable guy slightly older than her until a year or so ago, she dumped him because she was feeling “trapped” and wanted to “experience a little more of life” before “settling down.” “I still love him,” she confided to a colleague. “He is everything I want in a man. But we met at the wrong time. I wish we had met five years from now, when I’m ready to move onto the next stage in my life.”

Is there really any need for me to translate this? Having had few sexual partners prior to her boyfriend, as soon as they had broken up, Ariana slept with at least five new guys, one she met in a fast food joint after yet another drunken night out.


There is a lesson here for those who believe that “locking down” a (relatively) inexperienced girl in her early twenties is still a workable strategy. With Western culture encouraging all of us to put off until tomorrow what could be done today, and telling women to delay building stable relationships and families in favor of sexual pleasure and career success until they are at least in their thirties, then your chances of holding onto your special snowflake for life are slim.

So Ariana is having fun. But she is twenty-nine. I suspect that this underpinned her decision to emigrate. For many young Brits looking to travel and party while they work, Australia is a tempting destination. After all, there is sunshine there, beaches, a vibrant party scene, and a reputedly unquenchable thirst for heavy drinking. But Ariana is not young anymore, and she knows it. Thirty will come knocking soon, and there is a fast-growing crowd of cuter, younger party girls behind her. Reality is starting to bite, and like a dog, it bites hard.

My guess is that the thought of accepting her new relegated position as a has-been in London where many people know her is simply too frightening, too painful. Better to move to another country thousands of miles away, to make new friends, find new lovers. Anything to keep the party going for just a little longer, away from judgmental eyes that reflect back a cold truth – that Ariana is no longer the hot property she once was.

I believe that social mores are arrived at through a combination of diverse factors and that we shouldn’t be too quick to ascribe them to just one. Nevertheless, it seems pretty clear that narratives like Ariana’s are brought to us courtesy of a mixture of modern “feminism” (which isn’t really feminism at all in the original sense of the word) and a general relaxing of moral standards in the new “yolo” culture.

How much better would it have been if Ariana had stuck it out with her boyfriend, who by all accounts was a decent, supportive man (translation: a “boring nice guy”). This, after all, is what our grandparents used to do. I’m not saying the old ways were always better – I’m sure that many women were forced to remain in unpleasant and abusive relationships that they would have been better off out of. But as there is now no societal requirement for people to remain in couplings for appearance’s sake, it means that girls like Ariana are free and indeed encouraged to follow their hypergamous instincts by having sex with strangers and pursuing the backpacker dream while entering their thirties.


Let us not forget: women are at their most fertile between the ages of 19 and 26. Right now, Ariana’s thwarted, trampled biology is screaming out to be heard. It is inevitable that at some point its voice will grow too loud. Then – I have no doubt – she will cash out with whatever guy she is seeing and have a baby. What then for her “beloved” career? After a long absence for maternity leave, she might return to work on a part-time basis – if at all.

As men we are lucky. Because our sexual market value is less based on our physical appearance, and more on other factors like status and dominance, and as we remain fertile for longer (for those men who want kids), we are able to pursue our own inclinations for longer, if not indefinitely. Unfortunately, it’s simply not the same for women – they have a shelf life of between 19 to around 30 if they’re lucky before they become less appealing to men and less able to conceive. This may not be fair, but it’s true.

The tragedy for women like Ariana is that they’ve been lied to – both by a popular culture that tells them they can “have it all” for as long as they like, and by the modern world of work (the only structured organization with rules that Western girls recognize, what with the decline of religion and the discrediting of politicians). And judging by Ariana’s farewell presentation, the feminized contemporary workplace seems only too happy to endorse their bad behavior.

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324 thoughts on “Portrait Of A Modern Career Woman”

  1. ” she will cash out with whatever guy she is seeing and have a baby. What then for her “beloved” career? After a long absence for maternity leave, she might return to work on a part-time basis – if at all.”
    And then when she has that baby the fatocalypse hits.
    There is one doctrine, one saying, that will bring this all down. I’ve seen it at ROK first, and bears repeating:
    If she will not give you her best 10 years, then don’t be there for her worst 40.
    (assuming she lives to 75 at least)

    1. The corporate environment is such a lie.
      My first day I thought everyone there was on point and impressive, serious professionals … but then you go out with these people and realize it’s mostly a racket … these are adult children wearing dress pants, ties, 1500k watches.
      The best conversations I have had in corporate life are with the maintenence people and cooks in the cafeteria … only ones not acting.

      1. Shakespeare had it right when he said all the world is a stage, and we are just actors upon it.
        A corporate job is like Junior High School, only with money involved. There’s all the pettiness, drama, jockeying for position, gossip, backstabbing and general intrigue of a bunch of adolescents.
        Even the MDs I have met, when they weren’t wearing the “professional, upstanding citizen” mask left me less than impressed, and wont to ever visit a doctor again.
        I’ve made the adult sized children analogy many times myself.

        1. Last Xmas, my boss bought me about twenty bucks worth of hand sanitizer as a present. He was so pleased with himself when he handed it to me, smiling like a lit up jack of latern, I thought I was getting keyes to a new car. He referenced the present in future conversations two or three times.
          Keep in mind, this guy makes close to 170k a year… scary.

        2. Sadly, most professionals outside of the narrow confines of their respective disciplines, are about as thoughtful and intellectually inclined as the guy working the late shift at the 7/11. Perhaps less so, given the amount of time that former gives to making money and gaining status. This was perhaps, one of the most depressing discoveries I made about human nature, prior to the Red Pill.

        3. Doc you should have popped the lid in front of him, and deliberately scrubbed off the nastiness from contact with him. While thanking him profusely and assuring him how much you needed it. :O)

      2. You got that right, Dr.
        Even the tech fields are not safe. 7 years ago I used to deal with “computer people” who ran circles around me intelligence wise.
        Now it’s like nobody has the ability to simply think and troubleshoot anything any more, or they all just stopped giving a shit and I didn’t get the memo.

        1. When you realize that being a better drone than the others doesn’t equate to being treated better or paid higher then you simply drop down to their level and put in just enough effort to cover your arse.

        2. The tech field is being seeded with people who don’t have any skills. Agile blows, it makes the process more important than the work. DevOps is a pulled it out your ass name that has a variety of definitions depending out who you ask. People throw money at problems rather than solve them. Bunch of get rich startup jokers trying to re-invent the fucking wheel by putting corners on it calling it a “revolutionary” improvement. Buzzwords, bullshitters and self-promotors. Networking skills is who you know not networking. People don’t build they borrow the next buzzwordy shit. Docker! Yes LXC and Solaris Zones have been around for quite some time, but it ain’t “cool” Everyone just want to press a button rather than do work or think. IT is really starting to blow chunks. Funny how everyone is a consummate skilled professional on LinkedIN but not in real life.

        3. Exactly!
          I don’t have a LinkedIn… I have two major contacts to score me promotions … that’s it. Networking is a retarded term… you don’t need a network, you need one person to put you in the right place.
          Everyone has a stellar resume. Few have skills.

        4. Precisely. Excellence is punished in the New America. Why stick your neck out doing a better job when there will be a dozen lemmings ready to chop it off out of spite and jealousy.

        5. Even when they “have” the skills, they can’t do the job properly. IT is all about bullshitting about capabilities where quality is tertiary in importance.

      3. Part of maturing is losing the misty-eyed deference, respect and honor you so easily and willfully gave away in the past.
        I remember the day I ran faster than my father.
        I remember the day I realized I had past my parents intellectually (I was not young).
        I remember the day I started my own company to compete with those in business who I had previously held in higher regard.
        Enlightenment ain’t a bowl of cherries.

        1. This is a great and thought provoking post.
          I remember the day I realized I could contend with my elders as well. When I realized that their self-assuredness was covering up the fact that they were just as clueless as everyone else.

      4. you nailed it right here. So true, corporate environment (while sometimes the pay is good), it was soul crushing moment always having to fake yourself (for your own sake and survival) along with pandering and excessive ass kissing. My god; it was so awful.

    2. A list of Red Pill Commandments needs to be drawn up, and this needs to be #1.
      “If she will not give you her best 10 years, then don’t be there for her worst 40.”

      1. SEE THAT!? That’s why I love reading this stuff, brilliance seeping out of every corner.

        1. Thank you for saying white knight and not SJW. Calling them warriors is about as retarded as it can get. I hope to write a detailed comment regarding this. We need to change SJW to SJC (Social Justice creep) or SJP (Social justice phony)

        2. How about….
          Cultural Marxist?
          Revolutionary Socialist?
          Disciple of Robespierre?

        3. Lol @ SJC (Sociopathic Jew Communist). Sorry John, couldn’t resist 🙂 Is that a Rewish thing to say?

        4. But these are already established conveying different meanings. They fit all right though. A term specifically indicating their female worship and high willingness to go to extremes to defend the female gender that stigmatizes them is what we need. We see this slightly in ‘white knight’ and are supposed to see it in SJW too but SJW is just not right.

        5. To begin with you could stop using the term “gender.” It’s a Leftist term designed to disassociate in language the observable differences between men and women from biology. See, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender
          It’s a mistake to look at this matter in a vacuum. It’s equally two parts. One part Leftist egalitarianism and one part a woman’s natural predisposition to envy men and God himself (Eve’s Rebellion).
          To speak otherwise is to see the trees, but miss the forest.

        6. Yeah I used to use ‘sex’ myself, but as we see them attacking “gender roles” “gender norms” or even the entire gender concept itself, it gives one pleasure to reinforce it. But I know what you’re talking about. Maybe one day I will revert to ‘sex’.

        7. Fair enough, but remember it was a strawman to begin with; it was set-up to be struck down.

        8. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Trust me, they hate being called SJW’s. These people are mentally disturbed and they really don’t like being bullied or mocked (aka their normal way of doing business). If they’re not the hammer and you’re not the nail = instant mental breakdown.

        9. Yeah, only that it IS broke. This is why it needs fixing. “Social justice warriors”. Are you kidding me? You might as well call them Nobel prize recipients. When you make them “warriors” and make them fight for “Justice”, even when the justice is social, it gives a heroic appeal. Just take 2 minutes to think about it. It isn’t hard to realize. “Justice warriors”
          Oh and even social justice can be termed as highly desirable, because, after all, justice is justice.
          This term just does not do.

        10. Yes. Calling them “warriors” makes them sound cooler than they are. I prefer the term “cultural Marxists.”

        11. Right. Gender has to do with language, not sex. “Gender” is a grammatical term and has a meaning in some languages. It´s grammar.

      2. This: “Is this really what Emmeline Pankhurst and the early suffragettes had in mind when they fought for women’s rights?”
        Why yes actually, that is exactly what it was. You see, the more we learn about those women of the past feminists, the more we learn that yes, they would be right up there in their granny knickers, letting some random guy she met plaster her “One true love’s” baby maker’s wall.
        Women have always been, are, and always will be sexual creatures. This author, and others, are still busy putting them up on a pedestal.
        But also, putting us up on a pedestal.
        Both of us are human, and both of us fail at times in life. The admin of a man or woman’s life may be a bit different, but we are peas in a pod.
        We both like to bang, we both like nice crap, we both want kids (most of us), we both fear the unknown, and we both have our biological walls. Granted, you don’t see the forty year old hot mother frequenting many bars as the most wanted woman there; but you don’t see her 15 year older “reformed” beta orbiter around picking up many 20 year olds at 60 either! Unless he has billions, at which point she will make him die alone without his money. And steal from his actual kids.
        Be “alpha,” sure. But be real, know what you want, and when you see whatever it is you want, don’t be indecisive. Pull the friggin trigger.
        The manosphere is starting to resemble what it hates, feminists. Who spend their waking hours convincing themselves they are invincible, and never fail.
        Failure takes us all, it is what you do after it fails to destroy you that defines you.

        1. I was giving early feminism – which did counter some grave societal inequalities – the benefit of the doubt. I’m not sure how this is putting women on a pedestal?

        2. You give feminism the benefit of the doubt? Why? Upon what evidence? You champion Improved Feminism then?
          “Early” feminism “countered grave societal inequalities”? Well I was alive in the Fifties, so if you’re referring to the Bad Old Days I can assure you that there were NO grave societal inequalities faced by The Poor Oppressed Women.
          There were MUTUAL RESPONSIBILITIES expected of males AND females. Neither had Complete Abstracted Freedom, and each had their burdens. That’s not Inequality. That is LIFE.
          America and the West spent the past forty years “fixing societal inequalities” for females only — which produced a totalitarian gynarchy, in response to those, ah, ‘grave injustices’ that downtrodden females suffered.
          Males and females are NOT equal. ‘Societally’ or otherwise. And attempting to “counter the grave inequalities” supposedly suffered by females, and to somehow produce an Equal Gender World only results in the destruction of masculinity and fatherhood. And eventually destroyed nations.
          I guess it’s gonna take a lot more beatdowns before western males finally figure out that women were NEVER oppressed (relative to men) and that The Horrible Inequality between male and female is spiritually and biologically determined, and is not a Boogyman to be korrected by yet more matriarchy. Count me o-u-t of your Equalist Paradise.
          People who didn’t live during the Bad Old Days of Patriarchy should stop believing (and publishing) feminist agitational propaganda about male/female relationships during those times, and putting bullets in the gyno-gun. Detracted from an otherwise sensible article.

        3. Very true. From my study of history, I wonder how many men of Rome had been crucified, or ancient Assyrians/Babylonians/Jews were impaled/tortured/stoned for a false accusation?
          Not to mention that “No Fault” divorce is not new, but “Tender Years Doctrine” repackaged with a modern women’s flair for low class work, replete with the entitlement to bitch for her entire life like her ancestors. Without consequence, and guaranteed by the loving worship of the beta male feminist thug in blue’s 45 ACP.
          I will never care about a feminist again. Yet I am wise enough to not let my hatred foment a hateful bigotry in me so deep I shun off all women as demonic whoresses out to destroy me.
          But I think some re-education against their indoctrinated ways are in order.
          The only thing that does that to humans is extremely hard times, like a depression, or great war where nothing is certain, and they have to rely on God, and each other.
          There is apparently no other way.

        4. Fella, you are not a dumb man. You should have taken a more thorough look, and combed the manosphere for articles on the subject. Robert St. Estopheth (?) from AVFM has produced numerous articles on the early men’s movements that got trounced a hundred years ago, and how women actually did not have to fend off roving thugs out to rape every woman they happened upon into dark alleys for her unwilling gang bang. Unless that was what she wanted of course.
          Granted, bad things happened to women of the past, but feminist swould have you believe all men were slave whipping, wife raping plantation owners who lead a cadre of elite Spartan hoplites to rape and pillage adjoining villages to the ground in between gang rape and slave whipping sessions.
          Yes, there were terrible, evil, malicious menz out to hurt poor wittle wymmins.
          But they fail to address the other ninety percent of men who got hacked to pieces and killed, or sent off to slave mines in order to defend these pwecious pwincesses from evil harm.
          Honestly, if men were that bad, why the hell would they marry these harpies, deal with their nagging ways (better the corner of your roof, then inside with a nagging wife. Proverbs). For thousands of years, men have risked their life, wealth, youth, and affection on women.
          To paint men from time immemorial as nothing but murdering rapists for all time based on the acts of an insignificant few; whilst remaining silent about female serial killers and baby murders; they garner nothing but disdain and contempt from me.
          They can defend themselves now, for they are unworthy of my risking my personal safety for theirs.

        5. @ray: Pankhurst was active 75 years before you start your diatribe of how balanced things were in the fifties. You’re almost a century removed from the argument. Feel free to think before spewing next time.

        6. You’re defending ray against criticism of his reference to the fifties as you refer to the 19th century. ray deserves the criticism whether you do or not.
          Can anybody be bothered to understand source material?

        7. “Granted, bad things happened to women of the past”
          Perhaps. But bad things also happened to men in the past. Women were never persecuted. This is simply a popular mythology that has unfortunately permeated the discussion due to endless invented history and via a victim-hood narrative.

        8. I wrote nothing about ‘balance’ in the Fifties. That’s what you apparentIy needed me to say. I said men and women both had responsibilities, and that counter to the OP claim, women did not suffer ‘inequality’ compared with the lot of most men. I rejected the author’s acceptance of the necessity for feminism based on the ‘gross societal inequalities’ suffered by females.
          I reject the assertion that women, collectively, suffered such oppression in the Fifties, in Pankhurst’s time, or during the 1848 Seneca Convention. Or anytime before that, for that matter. Obviously you and the OP author believe they did suffer ‘inequalities’. But don’t let what I actually said get in the way of you personal hatreds. Do go on.

        9. No, it’s not. I simply was using the times I lived in as an example. However, I still reject your belief that feminism implicitly was necessary (and beneficial) due to females suffering from ‘gross societal inequalities’ at ANY time. This is the time-honored rationalization for all of feminism, modern or otherwise. In reality, females have had FAR the best of it on this planet.
          Likewise, I reject the entire modernist scam of Equalism in all its forms and fashions and fascisms. It has been an absolute horror and will do much more damage yet.
          I enjoyed the OP however, and took issue mainly with the related comment. Couldn’t agree more about the total fail of WonderWoman in the Workplace.

        10. Of course they did. Women, according to tradition, were captured, and required to be giving a grieving period and not harmed. Although I am sure it never happened that way 100% of the time, men were given no such option.
          Death by a million spear prics, or slave labor. Never to see your loved ones again either way.
          Feminists have made it sound like men never suffered. Then they succeeded in convincing beta males that rape is far, far,, far worse torture than death.
          Merely to counteract this very argument.
          Hard to argue women had it so bad because of rape during war, when their husbands, sons, uncles, brothers, and fathers were all dead.
          “Women have always been the primary victims of war, they lose their their husbands, their fathers, and their sons in combat.”-Hillary Clinton
          Per usual, the fact men lose their lives is inconsequential. For men don’t matter, they live like drones, whose sole function is to service their queen; then die before winter.
          I will say it again, women burned their bra, we need to burn our utility belts.

        11. I understand the source material, and that perhaps Ray maybe did not articulate his metaphorical connection to the fifties.
          But this article does put both men and women on their prospective pedestals. It is a worrying trend to me.
          Two fold.
          One, men still want the vagina. Period, or none. 🙂
          But they do not want to conquer themselves to their innermost being in order to control. Granted, absolute control is impossible for a human being, we must live after all.
          However, in our quest to let women receive their proper heartisian shiv, replete with rib shattering twist, we are forgetting we are no silver screen hero ourselves.
          When everyone is off their pedestal, no one is on a pedestal.
          Until one or two show they are worth it, and people can admire them for who they are/were. But not worship them.
          For when that happens, every Kardashian wannabe starts building her pink pedestal for selfies. And every Steve McQueen wannabe starts thinking he is more alpha than he really is.
          It is not pride, or me thinking I am something I am not. Merely my respect of the law of social gravity.
          Pay heed, or don’t get butt hurt when myself and others laugh at the horrible landing.

        12. “Well I was alive in the Fifties, so if you’re referring to the Bad Old
          Days I can assure you that there were NO grave societal inequalities
          faced by The Poor Oppressed Women. ”
          Are you so emotional as to maintain you didn’t, given the above? You never refer to an earlier time period in your lambasting of the author in your diatribe. Get a brain and some concept of objectivity, and please stop whining like a scorned woman on a soapbox.

        13. @disqus_UA39JK1Bbs:disqus
          Exactly, Troy. I don’t know what’s with the pitchfork crowd (or the bloody pedestal(s)), but it makes you realize that men themselves did a lot of the witch burning in the day.

      3. #Never, ever lose frame.
        Irrelevant of the situation, or the persons involved, ALWAYS keep in full control of self.

    3. Damn good advice, and Troy is right on the money.
      Tangentially related but I think China will overtake the West, even if I am skeptcal of their economic strategy.
      The West has, well gone full retard and needs to bottom out.
      This video was the turning point for me. Check out those comments, many are probably from this site

      1. God Bless Chinese Communists!?!?!??!?
        Looks like Maoist Communism, like Leninist Communism, allowed the Chinese to have their People’s Economic Revolution, without having to endure the complete collapse of traditional ways (Though the one child policy in China, and the state of marriage and promiscuity in Russia might suggest otherwise.)
        Revolutionary Marxism kills.
        Cultural Marxism rots.

        1. I imagine that when economic prosperity dry up, people find solace in nationalism and culture. E. Europe is also more traditional.
          On an article I saw the other day about how Sweden will be third world by 2030 (projection of course but seems to match I hear from that wretched place) some Poles were just ripping into a Swedish guy for how degenerate his country is.

        2. Don’t bank on it. Americans will NEVER wake up.
          The whole idea that worse is better is bunk. Sometimes worse is worse.

        3. The trend is more towards nationalism and conservatism (which can be a proxy for nationalism). Most probably won’t. But nobody needs “most.”

        4. In America too, whites are becoming more “racist” in you catch my drift.
          But if it is only Europe than so be it, I simply don’t want my race/culture to walk out of history without a fight. Anything beyond that is a bonus since all empires fade.

        5. America had a culture. It was broadly Anglo-Saxon in its culture and Protestant Christian in its faith. 19th century immigration greatly watered it down to a shell of its original self, and the 1965 Immigration Act destroyed it entirely.
          Now, we have a government, not a nation.

        6. I agree but I also like America because it traditionally exemplifies the individual freedom of western civ.
          But it decided to be a melting pot and was doomed.

        7. Don’t mistake the restrained selfishness of the present age with the ordered liberty of Burkean conservatism native to this country.
          “This breaking up of the family and the home, resulting from the annihilation of husbands and fathers, is sententiously spoken of by those who admire it as “Western individualism.” But another view taken of the situation is: “We are not a nation; we are a rabble.” If we are not, we certainly will become so under the laws recently passed affecting family life.” (P. 262, Shall Women Vote: A Book for Men by Conway Whittle Sams (1913))

        8. In America, you used to have the freedom to fail. Without that freedom is indeed nothing.

      2. Actually, maybe not overtake the West since Whites seem to be wising up (albeit slowly) but definitely tip the balance of power. Especially since pretty and happy Chinese girls will have an infectious quality.

        1. In Europe they are protesting the multicult more and more. And with Sweden going down the tubes the proof is in the pudding.
          If this prediction doesn’t pan out then it is most definitely over for the West but I have hope.

        2. I just don’t it see it … the older whites have all the wealth and power and don’t care and the younger people are race mixing.
          The west will look like Brazil in 30 to 50 years.

        3. The stats I have seen suggest whites are the least likely to racemix, while still having a lot of options.

        4. Modern patterns become future trends … you need to get out to the city more. I lived in Boston and LA … very diverse, increasingly mixed couples (like 1 in 4). I’m not very interested in this issue, except for the fact that I agree with nationalists that race mixing is promoted by corporate interests and it destroys culture.
          Anyway, live your own life, that’s what you control.

        5. “the older whites have all the wealth and power”
          And you think that has changed much in the last 500 years? People die you know.

        6. Europe has always been multicultural. Ever since the whites showed up and started mixing with the native black and asian inhabitants. The indigenous people of sweden are not even white, they are asiatic peoples related to the eskimo types in canada and greenland (technically still part of denmark) called samis. If white people really want to end multiculturalism, all they have to do is return to their central asian homeland. It is pretty silly white people invade every country then demand an end to the multiculturalism and mass immigration they initiated.
          Multiculturalism in italy didn’t start with africans moving to Italy, it started whent he whites moved there.

        7. Okay so you support bringing in populations more likely to be criminals and hold lower iqs because a long time ago some cavemen fucked one another. Got it. That is at least a consistent position.

    4. The old lament of the weary married hen used begin, “I gave you the best years of my life!……………” Now they haven’t, and all bets are off for the weary, aged woman, single or married.
      Living in this world, at this time, I fell as though I’m attending the grandest of all staged performances, which is about to begin. The audience has left the cocktail bar and has just about taken its seats. The pit orchestra is busy tuning. The lights are beginning to dim. The crew has dispersed. The actors have taken their places. The curtain is about to be pulled, and Act I is about to commence. Playbill informs us that this opera played to rave reviews in Rome for years, until the lights mysteriously went out. Should be fun gentlemen!
      And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    5. “It’s baby weight!” My baby has just learned to drive and is thinking about college.

    6. “If she will not give you her best 10 years, then don’t be there for her worst 40.”
      The reality is that when women delay marriage, they are depriving their one-day husbands of the pleasures of being married to a young woman. And just in case modern women don’t quite understand that: *Statistically speaking* almost all men want a woman under the age of 25 — no matter how old the men are.
      Feminists would likely respond with claims that “sophistication” and “intelligence” provide a counter-balance to youth. (Bzzz. Wrong). Others they would more likely just dismiss male desire as silly and inconsequential: It’s all about women’s desires, didn’t you know?
      The “deal” that marriage represents has gotten worse and worse for men. And a huge part of it is the fact that marriage in the West is now something that happens between people who are approaching middle age. What man in his right mind would sign up for that?

      1. Agree. Why would a man (who’s SMV is on the rise) want to hook up with a woman (who’s SMV is in decline) during the later part of her years?
        It has no upside for the man at all.
        It’s funny to go out and see these women in action. You can tell by watching them – which ones are fast approaching the wall….they all have that look of desperation at that point.

    7. ,, If she will not give you her best 10 years, then don’t be there for her worst 40. ”
      This. I support this statement !
      God bless !

    8. Somewhere around the time when her last fertile year has slipped away she’ll realize that the “career” she gave it all up for was just a “job.”

    9. My neighbor is an even bigger warning, she piled on the pounds. She lost the weight all the while banging everything that would dive between her legs. That was after she divorced her husband, and the father of her child. Now she’s dating a new sucker, and already putting on a bit more weight.
      Oh, and the Polish whore is unable to keep her legs shut. She still bangs guys other than her bf to this day.
      She’s 37. She was 25 when she got married apparently, divorced before 30, and spent God knows how long whoring it up.

    10. There is virtually nothing that can, barring pen to paper contracts, ever be excepted from women.
      But wait, why not? I mean, they can succeed as much as any man. They can be accomplished in as many fields of work and study.
      I sound like a white knight.
      It’s idiotic to expect anything from women. Whatever it may be.
      They should stay as if they were, physically and mentally, at the height of their ripenness. Or at the least strive towards it.
      Too bad they choose to play with the self destruct button.
      I’m missile launch the bitches.

    11. Internet….if you dont make fatocalypse a common word, you disappoint me greatly.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a gathering of sexist pigs on any site. And I’m a guy who doesn’t exactly buy into extreme feminism

    1. Thank you.
      You might want to double check that guy thing. Whereas a woman can be said to “have balls” based on her actions, a man can be a cunt just as well.

      1. Dude. It’s a chick. It’s a common stunt – pretend to be a guy so people take them seriously.

    2. I agree with you; a lot of red-pill ideas are good, such as improving yourself as a man, but a lot of these people seem to just look for a way to bash women for any reason they can find.

    3. Unfortunately, nature and reality have an inherent tendency to cast aside artificial ideological constructs such as feminism and Marxism, assuming this is what is being addressed.

  3. Like I mentioned on previous articles youth and time are never on a woman’s side… for long. The only difference between a “career” woman and the chick at your local Wal-mart is that she has a degree. More than likely they have the mentality.

  4. Female culture, particularly young female culture, is actually wholly incompatible with a productive corporate culture. Young men are at work to work. Young women are at work to put checkmarks on a bucket list, and then eventually find someone to marry. Thousands of years of evolution have told men to protect women wherever they are, so these women don’t get confronted for poor performance, or poor image, or their lack of focus on their work ethic, instead they get promoted so that older and more powerful men can protect them better.
    That’s not to say that no women understand a masculine productive corporate culture, some of them certainly do understand this. But most of them are literally just females transplanted into male culture and told they can tattle on anyone who makes them feel bad about their behavior to H.R.

    1. Working with females is the worst. 70% of their time is spent gossiping about personal life and other women at the job they don’t like, 25% complaining about how they hate working, and the other 5% idk.

      1. The worst is the corporate leadership and management who insist on hiring women. Makes you wonder whether they purposely aim for bankruptcy.

        1. They are forced to comply with corporate rules which enforce “diversity” in the workplace, especially when companies are applying for projects where they have to provide services to government and educational institutions… So when you get universities with a feminist agenda, they make sure that anyone they’re dealing with is also pushing their agenda otherwise they won’t give them the contract/money.

        2. So my laboratory is officially all-females now except for me and the supervisor.
          I counted… 8 girls to me… and the professor…
          There is a noticeable difference compared to when we had some men in the lab. The difference? No one wants to actually talk about science anymore… No one wants to discuss methodology, technology, theory, opportunities… If you ask any kind of question it becomes something personal or they’re just annoyed… No one is enthusiastic about the work other than to please the supervisor… who bends over backwards to please the young things in the lab.
          It sucks because for a short while there the lab had a great team.

    2. “these women don’t get confronted for poor performance, or poor image, or their lack of focus on their work ethic”
      Why do you think they put such a large emphasis on “the team” in the corporate world these days? Because in the case of poor performance, it conveniently allows them to avoid personal responsibility by shifting the burden of failure onto “the team”.

    3. Only in a female dominated business would there be a powerpoint presentation on somebody’s last day. How wretchedly fake and empty. I’ve left two all male (minus one female attorney) firms in the past few years and I got what every departing employee should get, and nothing more – a handshake.

      1. If you ask me, there’s definitely a correlation between the need to disseminate every piece of information through inane ppt presentations and the abysmal attention spans of people.

  5. “In a long-term relationship with a stable guy slightly older than her until a year or so ago, she dumped him because she was feeling “trapped” and wanted to “experience a little more of life” before “settling down.” “I still love him,” she confided to a colleague. “He is everything I want in a man. But we met at the wrong time. I wish we had met five years from now, when I’m ready to move onto the next stage in my life.”
    Kate Bolick wrote an article for the Atlantic in 2011 that tells her own story and it’s kind of similar to Arianna’s.
    “IN 2001, WHEN I was 28, I broke up with my boyfriend. Allan and I had been together for three years, and there was no good reason to end things. He was (and remains) an exceptional person, intelligent, good-looking, loyal, kind. My friends, many of whom were married or in marriage-track relationships, were bewildered. I was bewildered. To account for my behavior, all I had were two intangible yet undeniable convictions: something was missing; I wasn’t ready to settle down.”
    She was 28 and had found a good man who was marriage material. Dumped him. Not for any concrete reason. She dumped him for the inane reason of something was missing. She wasn’t ready to settle down.
    She was 39 when she wrote the article and still not married.
    I don’t know who promised these women perfection and fairy tale stories, but they are losing out and giving up the best years of their lives when they are most capable of finding a good husband for no reason other than “Something is missing, but I have no idea what it is”.
    Because they can score at will in their 20’s, when they are at their best, they think they can land someone at will after they turn 35 when they are “ready to move on to the next phase”. Unfortunately, what they are finding is that the men in their age group are realizing they can now land 20something females of their own.
    This is the full article in case anyone is interested.

    1. “I don’t know who promised these women perfection and fairy tale stories”
      It’s the damn millennial generation. They think they are entitled to the world and have a better way without actually knowing how the world works. Go poke around the comments on a site like Jezebel and you will see just how naive these broads are. Old man rant over.

      1. “Entitled” is a popular meme with older folks. Personally I think every generation in America for almost 100 years has been entitled, selfish, and arrogant.
        I in no way defend my own generatipn, but yours sucks as well … every living american generation thinks they are rockstars. It’s just that the millennials that don’t have the income to back it up.
        America is spiritual feces.

        1. I’m a Xennial. The few weird years between X and Millennials/Gen Y. Thus, I’m a special snowflake who is better than both.

        2. Orange, you are an odious POS. People die trying to reach this country. Many died to protect it. You wouldn’t know the last 100 years history of America if it [email protected] you in the ass.
          Go read some history.

        3. Ha. If you shot a barrel full of fish with a .22 the bullet would wind up separating your corpus callosum and you’d not know the difference. Shine on Dr. O.

        4. Many people came here to make money and be free to live as they pleased. They DIDN’T come here to convert to the culture and faith that made all of that possible.
          The history of the last 100 years, really more than that, ain’t all peaches and cream from the old conservative standpoint.
          The old beliefs, cultural and religious, are largely gone; all that’s left is a hallowed out shell of the past. We’ve been pretending for the last 50 years, and we’re now beginning to stop pretending.

        5. You have such sophisticated language and prose, did you learn that in this great country?
          Hey genius, a land being a material utopia of opportunity and spiritual waste land of philistinism and consumerism are NOT mutually exclusive. Americans are mostly bourgeois simpletons the rest of Europe finds repulsive.
          America is a fraud propped up by central banking and military hegemony. WW 1, WW 2, vietnam, cold war, Korea, middle east … it has all been about oligarchical money from day one.

        6. America is definitely a fraud. The old monarchies of Europe and old ways of life were most destabilised from America. America is about ‘fuckism’, about fucking your fellow man before he fucks you. It’s a nation founded by free-masons and bankers. It’s religion was a baseless Protestantism bereft of any real soul. It’s social elan, ‘to fuck your fellow man’. America is good for one thing, making money, outside of that, there isn’t much else to be said for it.

        7. “America is good for one thing, making money, outside of that, there isn’t much else to be said for it.”
          I’ve said this a thousand times, on and off the Internet.

        8. This is the red pill truth.
          The last American generation worthy of anything was the G.I. Generation and it was because they survived a Great Depression, then fought a World War to earn it.
          Each subsequent generation (excluding the Silent Generation) was (and is) filled with vacuous, egotistical, hyper-entitled brats who believe the ability to purchase something automatically makes one worthy of having it.
          That said, Millennials are essentially Baby Boomers on speed but most have the self-awareness to admit it. Baby Boomers however are running from their legacy as fast as fucking possible and rightfully so.

      2. And where exactly do you think they came from???
        Did they fall from the sky?
        Did they coalesce from the ether?
        No. They’re a product of the culture, laws, social institutions and religion (or lack thereof) in which they were raised. Stalin (Lenin?) was right about having a child up til the age of 7 or so.
        Every generation is the product of its past.
        Much as we may regard well the GI Generation for fighting the War and making the Swell Years possible (46-64), the fact is that it was they who raised the Boomers to be the rebellious generation that they were. And it was they, how helped destroy the married family. And it was they how pushed through the Great Society.
        When you get right down to it, the old beliefs, such as they were, were not genuinely believed by that generation. They were held to, merely by the practice of habit. The outer form of religiousity and conservatism was kept to a degree, but it wasn’t believed. So the belief, couldn’t be passed on. All they had was habit formed by experience, and you can’t pass on experiences. So they couldn’t or wouldn’t pass good practices on to the Boomers. After all, there were no Boomers on the Warren Court, nor did the Boomers vote in No Fault Divorce. That’s why when the Boomers rebelled, they weren’t crushed, but coddled. It was disturbing, but who were they to judge? Francis Schaeffer had it right on this; the values of the GI Generation had become i) personal peace and ii) affluence. Those weren’t enough for the idealistic Boomers.
        What I’m saying is that this has been a very very long process; tracing the legal roots of this cultural rot back to the late-19th century, and its intellectual roots, perhaps back to the Enlightenment.
        It didn’t happen overnight. And it isn’t the blame of one generation. Many people of many generations have had their hands in this evil work.

        1. Fantastic post … some of the idiots here won’t get it, but I appreciate this wisdom. I agree the GI generation started the snow ball … but they were still somewhat honorable in intent.
          The boomers, in contrast, were repulsive, as every successive generation after WW 2 has been.
          It’s also genetic … two world wars got rid of the best men.

        2. Thanks and you’re quite welcome. I believe that the Great War took the greatest human toll on the Western counties, though Germany suffered badly in both, and Russia had a century of suffering. But the greatest damage occurred with the war of August 1914. It shattered a Europe that had already been greatly weakened by a century and a half of radical degenerate thought seeping into its intellectual and artistic classes, universities and pulpits. It finally broke the will of the average person and his faith in God, tradition and country.
          It didn’t begin with the GI Generation.
          “If the Suffragettes are going to wreak vengeance on the men of this generation for the fancied wrongs of their sex during the period of the world’s past history it would be
          well for their victims to take warning and see to it that this thing does not come to pass. To do this they must be true to themselves. To yield passively to encroachment after encroachment will end in their complete undoing, and will
          cause them to forfeit the esteem and the support of those faithful women who still feel in their hearts a loyalty to
          the traditions of the race, and who see in man the natural protector and head of the family and not a mere beast of burden. If men abdicate, if they offer no resistance to these attacks upon them, there will be no point of crystallization
          for the conservative sentiment to gather around. The men of this age may finally resemble the unfortunate Louis XVI, whose indecisive and yielding course in the face of a rising storm paralyzed the efforts of his adherents and deprived them of any rallying point. At the heart of what should have been the center of opposition there was no heart; and the dreadful drama moved on until the tragedy was complete. The men of the western world are acting with the same
          irresolution and timidity in the face of the crisis which confronts them, and which threatens to entail more lasting and more dreadful consequences.” (P. 311-12, Shall Women Vote: A Book for Men by Conway Whittle Sams (1913)).

        3. This is the internet. There is no place for your well thought-out, logical and nuanced response here.

    2. Then these old hags go on to corrupt every 20something they can with the whole “don’t settle” and “you go girl” stuff. It’s kind of funny.

      1. What is perhaps the most interesting hypocritical point is that women are taught not to settle yet they expect men to settle for leftovers. Obviously, such feminine hypocrisy should never be satisfied by men. Why abdicate one’s freedom for what is essentially a hypocrite?

        1. feminism aims to maximize female sexual freedom while restricting males’.
          heartiste wrote countless times about it.

      2. You go gurrrl! Go straight to fucken divorce court and take half. Don’t forget to fuck yourself on the way out. Murcia!

    3. Many women have bought into that very notion that they can ride the cock carousel through their 20s cause more men will be “waiting” for them.
      Not so.
      Yes, a few betas will be left hanging around but those quality (good) men will be looking for better 20 years olds (not 30 and 40 year olds).
      It’s pretty sad because most of these bullshit has been fed to women by other women (or other publications for women). Not men, mind you.

  6. Career women are for beta males that clean up the mess after we alphas throw them in the trash. Women were not designed to work outside of their biological imperative. Nurturing, breeding and home making, that’s a women’s nature in terms of ‘work’

    1. I agree, but bear in mind, the rules still go both ways.
      Women have no business opening their legs to men who aren’t their husbands; and men should not stick their sausages to women who aren’t their wives.
      Following God’s standards is key to preventing STD’s from spreading, as well as out-of-wedlock pregnancies.
      Which in turn will reduce welfare consumption, abortions, and kids who embrace a thug/slut mentality.

      1. Great point but it’s all about adapting to the environment, no point bitching about something that one cannot change. If girls are only good for fucking than keep fucking and invest your soul in something that means is important to you. 80% of girls aren’t worth the ring

        1. I love how guys rationalize sticking their dicks into sewers.
          I can barely stand these broads and their attitudes let alone feel anything remotely sexual about them.

        2. The standard shaming question asked by a girl to any guy not into them.
          Lolz, are you a girl?

        3. It’s really cute that you are sticking up for your boyfriend Mr. “Shaming question..lolz”, but…
          there is a big difference between a man choosing NOT to fuck sluts, and one who says he doesn’t feel anything remotely sexual about them.
          Now read my comment again… the right way.

        4. While I would agree that promiscuous activity is not only detrimental to women but all individuals one cannot expect men to remain chaste when the other half of the population refuses to cooperate. It is a serious societal problem that cannot be fixed until certain ideological fires are extinguished.

        5. By the way…there doesn’t have to be a difference between choosing not to and not feeling anything sexual about them. I know what I like in a woman and I choose accordingly. Slut behavior only turns on degenerates.

        6. If she has an A cup chest and was an obnoxious asshole, I wouldn’t feel anything remotely sexual about her. Some girls just deflate your dick – this is your experience too, no?
          Was your “comment” supposed to be something worthwhile? Maybe you were too busy sticking your dick in a hole in the ground to write more than three words.
          Lolz, only a retard aspires to be a fucking “executive”.

        7. A cup?? And if your mom had balls she’d be your dad. But she doesn’t and she ain’t.
          We weren’t talking about plain chicks. We were talking about good looking “sewers”.
          See If a girl is physically attractive… men are sexually attracted to her… unless he’s gay.

        8. And a girl with no tits isn’t physically attractive. Young, dumb, and full of cum are you.

      2. …ah yes, God’s Standard: the Invisible Friend Corollary that serves to fuzzy any logical argument as to why women should be put in their place.

  7. Your read of her professional abilities is interesting.
    I don’t think young attractive women realise how much of thier career success is down to their sexuality.
    They only have to turn up to be valued, adequate work is praised and good work results in awards and presentations. When the same standard of work from men and plainer women goes unremarked.
    And the reason is simple – men praise these women, not because they appreciate their work, but because they want to fuck them. And most of the plain women, whilst they may resent the attention heaped on the attractive ones, go along with it as well (at least publicly) so as not to appear ‘bitter’. Both men and women are complicit in this.
    But something interesting happens when these women hit the wall. With their former attractiveness gone, they now find themselves judged by their abilities and often these are revealed to be average at best. They find themselves measured by the standards that the men and their less attractive sisters have always been held to – they are measured by results.
    Some step up to the challenge, but most, I find, struggle and eventually capitulate, going part time or taking a much lower status and lower paid job if they can. Of course this is usually dependent on having a man available to subsidize these choices. For an increasing number this is not an option – the result of the choices they made in their twenties. For those who can’t,decades of long hours of stressful drudgery beckon.
    In other words, they are doomed to live the rest of their lives like men.
    Of course the irony is that this is happening at exactly the same time as many men are discovering that they no longer have to plough this path.
    The fruits of feminism are being visited on women, and they are bitter indeed.

  8. I don’t get it…was the Powerpoint a way for that female colleague to let her know how much she hates her? We all know how catty gals can be in the office.

    1. She was weeping over years of peak SMV wasted on a Powerpoint presentation that a few coworkers saw. Kind of like how at the end of 90’s era PC games for hundreds of hours of effort and wasted time they just gave you a trophy presentation and said “congratulations, a winner is you.”

  9. Great piece Troy. you described a women I used to work with here in the States to a fucking tee. She’s 34 now, perpetually single with the occasional very short term relationship. She still parties like 80’s hair band and is widely known throughout the company as the happy hour drunk who can barely stand up by the end of the night. She however thinks she’s widely respected in the company-oh and she works in HR to ad another log on the fire.

  10. Corporate women are by far the biggest oddity to exist. They all seek careers which must include Friday night binge drinking sessions with co-workers and an exit date of 5 years max. Assuming she isn’t pregnant, enrolling into school for a career change (see chance for more parties), or long fired. Unless the goal is for some new protege to coddle and potentially sleep with, why would you bank on someone guaranteed to be of little long term worth?
    If drinking led to potential reprimands or firing, watch how quick women would jump back onto the stay at home band-wagon.

  11. This is all too common in certain industrys in the UK
    Case study one
    I have my ex tell me one of her friends from work who is a typical english girl who likes to party and drink crazy amounts every weekend if possible, also likes a bit of sexing up guys on her tinder or hot guys she meets. She a has a guy in her hometown who is the typically nice guy who she has been talking with everyday and dating for sometime, he has been buying her stuff, taking her to dinner, paying things for her etc, I asked my ex is this guy getting sex and she confirmed yes however.
    So apparently there is a big office party tonight and the english girl told my ex that she has been flirting with this hot russian guy in the office for a few days and she wants to fuck him before he leaves tonight for another department. Her lame excuse she told my ex to rationalize her having sex with this random russian guy in the office is: “If I get drunk tonight I will end up fucking him”
    Case study two:
    I’m at a office summer party and chat to one of the PA’s just to make convocation flirt a bit, find out she has a boyfriend continue chatting etc and considering I’m a Junior and still getting to know people, then I litterally get conversationally pushed out of the convosation by one the CEOs who grabs her with his sutble arm around her shoulder then tells me “You’ve been doing a great job here at _____ keep at it, everyone likes you blah blah” his hand all over the girl and I side step out of there taking the hint I thought back to myself that (Here is a guy in his late 50/60s pushing me away from a girl who is possible no better than a 6 most reminded me of the Zoey Quinn thing?)
    Women as described above in the article I avoid they are one the most unattractive women I’ve ever come across they YOLO culture of downing as many drinks and superficial bull instead of them using this time to focus on finding a decent guy, and have interesting lives. There have been exceptional women who have the look, grace and sexual charisma that don’t conform to what is mentioned above.
    I have one rule, never ever date anyone who works in your office, unless your willing to change jobs its not worth it, date and run game outside of work.
    There was a great article on ROK:
    8 Essential Rules To Surviving The Workplace
    Good post

  12. As an Australian I have recently moved back to Sydney for work. Having
    spent time in backpacker hostels prior to finding an apartment, this story is
    typical. Met and observed many UK (and other nationalities) ‘ladettes’ doing essentially the same thing – ages 27 and up, still ‘bangable’, but past there first vestiges of youth and still trying to live a lifestyle that can’t be afforded by their looks anymore. They are usually well trained and educated e.g. pharmacist, specialist nurse etc. The game with them is binary –attempting to bang on the sly, whilst simultaneously trying to find a beta partner. You see them with clumps of beta chumps in tow.
    I met one Brazilian who I estimated to be in her mid-30s. Still a ten body, but her face was a train wreck and betrayed her party lifestyle. I thought she would be a useful gym training partner (and social pivot) but so demanding, so obnoxious and domineering. Chucked a tantrum when I wouldn’t follow her orders and de-friended me on facebook. She wanted a malleable chump. Yet she would still go out partying. Their behaviour becomes schizophrenic at late 20s/early 30s.
    In reverse, the friends of an ex of mine all went over to London in their late 20s to live the life, when they should have been doing it in their early 20s. Pathetic. I regret in a way not staying with my ex – she was sweet, feminine, low maintenance, non-dramatic and traditional (but was incredibly clingy and insecure) very unlike her friends. She’s been with her current partner for five
    years now and in a way would have been a keeper.

    1. I know that regret you speak of, especially when there are so many low value prospects around. But you should never regret splitting with someone. However wonderful she was, you don’t know how things would have ended up. And clearly the right decision at the time was to separate – you have to trust your gut in these matters, as cliched as it sounds.

  13. At a bar the other night, this dumb bitchy cunt (6.8 body, and a 5.5 face, mediocre) was sending videos of herself shoving dildos to my bartender friend who was just repulsed (who happens to be much older than me and a fitness model and seriously he does much better on a regular basis, even offering to pay him for sex) all the while trying to convince both of us why we should do competitive cheer leading noting that one of the perks is you’re constantly surrounded by women (that you don’t bang she forgot to mention).
    This present society is a huge massive female friendly comfortable and safe Harem (a typical city), guarded by Eunuchs (white knights, beta orbiters, and manginas). The big alphas cashes regularly through his network. While us who struggle and on the way to alphas, its normal that we re hated, we can snatch some away like the big bad wolf.

    1. That is a brilliant essay. I would only add that the feminists encouraging women to demand raises actually want to see their female competitors impale themselves.

  14. I love it. Well stated, it isn’t “fair”; men are marketing dick-dick-dick and women have no end of options; as dick goes, it’s a buyer’s market. But you’re right, as men, we have the option to chase 20-something women around well into our 40’s, when the cuties we cut our teeth on have become grandmothers.
    I might be a villian, but I do enjoy flipping shit to the 35-40 year old women who are still out there humping it, pissed off that marriage, kids, and “the right man” didn’t magically materialize while they were making their way up the corporate ladder. You can smell how bad off they are when they text outta the blue, you know that THEY know that they’re doing something they promised they’d neeeeever do again, because you just don’t “appreeeeeciate” them. But I DO appreciate them buying my drinks, waiting patiently while I schedule follow-on with younger girls who should know better, and I especially appreciate them pretending to enjoy whatever depraved thing I can think of to do to their increasingly flabby bodies.
    ….even an old horse is good for something; the nag might not win no races, but the world still needs glue.

    1. Except the overwhelming majority of Arianas are not. If they were, they’d be staying in the same place and working their way up the ladder — not throwing the contented, fulfilling career away and making a physical if not psychological break with their surroundings to go looking for the empty patch in their souls.
      Feminism encourages women to suppress their natural, biological urges to procreate and nurture children, just as it encourages men to suppress their natural, biological urges to machine-gun semen into a willing orifice. It is as old as Freud that suppression as opposed to management of unconscious urges is psychologically unhealthy. It leads to all manner of mental disorders. It would not surprise me were we to later discover this suppression of femininity were responsible in a meaningful way for the high, and escalating, depression rate among women in the West.
      While there may well be the odd carpetlicker or “asexual” woman who really does have a uterus so dried up even her own endocrine system agrees it’s a bad idea for her to have kids, most of them are — at an unconscious level at least — looking to procreate and looking for some sort of partner in life, and deeply unhappy at an unconscious level when they don’t achieve those aims thanks to feminism twisting their heads. It takes only a quick Google search to find account after account of keening, 40-50something harpies who bitterly regret listening to feminism’s horseshit about how they didn’t need no man and could have it all without children.

      1. “It would not surprise me were we to later discover this suppression of femininity were responsible in a meaningful way for the high, and escalating, depression rate among women in the West.”
        I agree wholeheartedly. I would also bet that most effeminate men have some serious mental issues. Have you ever seen a muscular guy commit suicide? Testosterone and estrogen levels in men and women must be balanced or things will start to change mentally. Women and their constant efforts to be men are driving themselves crazy.

  15. One of the biggest misconceptions in the manosphere is The Wall. The Wall implies that the fading youth of a woman precludes her from securing commitment and attention from Alphas. That’s it.
    Ariana can and will continue to receive commitment and attention from Betas and orbiters well into her 40s. Ariana may continue to have a successful career, generating real equity or spending it all on frivolous shit. Ariana may continue to out-earn most male colleagues until her late 30s, if she goes into Turbo-Whore-Rawdog-Mode. Ariana may easily marry a [hopefully for her] rich Beta Provider schmuck who will pay for her car, pregnancy, house and son’s private schools. Ariana can and may likely divorce such Beta in her early 40s, extract alimony and [try] to party again.
    Actually, the only thing that Ariana will miss is having 2-3 Alphas simultaneously trying to fuck her. Those men will indeed be trying to fuck the future Arianas in their mid-20s. And so the cycle will repeat again…

    1. If so, then when does all of this come to a halt, as it must? When will Betas finally have had enough? Surely with the open and notorious nature of the present decadence, collapse cannot be too far from us?

      1. “When will Betas finally have had enough?”
        See Japan. The grass eater phenomena is one of the reactions of a majority of men who just have have had enough. MGTOW will also become commonplace. Cultural and demographic collapse is within 1-2 generations.

    2. Naw. The wall is real.
      The women become INVISIBLE to alphas and they must settle for betas.. which are the female equivalent of you fucking fat girls…. unless of course that’s your thing.
      Why are you so stupid?

    3. The Wall isn’t about a woman’s realizable, actionable options with men, it’s about the fear of the decay of her only real agency with men – her sex appeal.
      It’s not about the Betas lined up to get with her, it’s her fear of losing the capacity to hold the attentions of an Alpha and being less and less competitive with younger hotter women who do.
      The Fear of Decay
      Underneath the obvious utility of the Wall as an epithet is a more painful truth; the inevitable decay of women’s sexual appeal – their first, and for most, only, real agency of power they’ve ever actualized over men to ensure their long term security needs. In the heyday of 2nd wave feminism, the sisterhood’s message was all about collective empowerment and solidarity, but beneath that was the intrinsic hypergamic need to compete for the best mate their looks and sexual availability could attract. As I’ve written before, women prefer their combat in the psychological and there are few fears women harbor as deep and as long as losing their sexual agency with men. They know the Wall will eventually come, and they don’t like to be reminded of it.

    4. What’s interesting is how many “tries” a near-wall woman will attempt, to land an Alpha or (in my case) Near-Alpha prior to wall collision. The partners add up three fold in the closing years, as they are desperately trying to latch onto a perceived Alpha for a status marriage. I banged one once, that within about two years, had gone through three or four men, before settling (highest beta alternative) with an attorney, who paid off her debts and wifed her up. She’s on about year 5 with him and I give her 3 more years till she cashes out.

      1. Once I had an interesting experience with a woman who just hit the Wall (32yrs). As the date went on it became obvious nothing was going to happen, so we began to tell hard truths. She confessed me that, after well over 150 notches, she began to feel “regret” and “decided” to “act” prude in order to look for a husband after his birthday.
        It was the most pure, practical example of slut-guilt, Alpha Widow and post-Wall panic mode I have ever seen. She didn’t even know why she felt like that, but a red pill man knows well why.

    5. Nope..I have to disagree on this one. Yes, the woman will still be chased by betas (some with money) but the fact remains. Her looks will fade and she will no longer be ” that hot chick”.
      Alphas won’t look her way, more men will stop noticing her (she’s no longer a head turner) and she won’t be able to manipulate as many men (as she was once able to in the past).
      The wall is a real thing…women fear it and they know as they age they are going to hit it.
      These women hate women in their 20s as well (because they are the new, better model).

  16. “Is this really what Emmeline Pankhurst and the early suffragettes had in
    mind when they fought for women’s rights?”
    Whether or not they fully envisaged the current level of degeneracy, the whole point of feminism, (aside from the few genuine radicals, those disciples of Rousseau and Marx, who genuinely believed in the unnatural occurrence of equality), most of the women marching in the streets in long skirts and throwing rocks, only really coveted the status and freedoms of men. They weren’t marching for the corresponding consequences and obligations, and loss of privileges. Just like a forward sprightly child.
    The Feminist Movement, from the very beginning, was nothing but the most recent in a long line of flare-ups of Eve’s Rebellion. Yes, this sort of irrational degeneracy is exactly what they fought for, consciously or not. Whether they had the faculties to understand that this would be the logical consequence of their actions, is of course another matter.
    Remember, it’s always been a shit test.
    “With all the zeal of a new cause, the Suffragettes are now clamoring for the right to vote. After having it given to them, who would be much surprised to hear that
    they did not really want it, that they just wanted to see if they could get it? But the mischief would have been done. The Suffragettes, who are now ladies, would be replaced by others. The floodgates would be opened, and there would be thousands who would be only too glad to take advantage of it.” (P. 289-90, Shall Women Vote: A Book for Men by Conway Whittle Sams (1913))
    “When all the women such as we have always thought of women as being, or trying to be, or at least being told that they should be, shall have been ruined and utterly exterminated by these new laws, what have the men of the world to expect in the way of pleasant companionship, affectionate cooperation, sympathy, and love from the race of shrews, scolds, termagants, amazons, viragos, furies, and suffragettes who would take their places? These last are surely insatiable. With all that has been done for women in the past few years, their present demands convict them of being true daughters of the horseleach.” (P.78)

  17. In a perfect world, sexually promiscuous women would either be unable to bear children, or unable to keep custody ever.
    Wouldn’t this be something? I think I would be ok with that.
    The protective instinct men have over women is not because of their vagynas, rather their uterus. When a slut conceives (no doubt thinking motherhood = amnesty for promiscuous deeds) all kinds of evil are unleashed into the world.
    The hypergamous rodent, as well conditioned as if by a twisted B.F. Skinner experiment, will keep spinning the Ferris wheel, and see nothing outside of it. More rodents = plague.
    Avoid the pandora’s box at all costs. Shoot in the back box instead.

        1. Not saying we can save this one as it is, but there must be a remnant for a rebirth to occur. The Greco-Roman world had Christianity, the Mayans didn’t. Compare Europe to Central America.

  18. Women in the workplace will function much better once societies geniuses figure out that women from ages 16-24 should be breeding and raising young children instead of the immediate pursuit of further education. Once a kid pops out at say, 20, the woman rears the child for 6-12 years while pursuing an education online or at night. Once the child hits adolescence, the roles begin to switch. Men utilize their savings for financial security and begin to phase out their career while their newly graduated/educated/ready for the workforce wives accelerate their career.
    Men will actually be able to retire at 35-45. I’m not sure if this anti-provider mentality is against the ROK grain, but there’s nothing that would be more fulfilling than retiring, letting my woman chase the desk job while I raise my adolescent children, lift weights, hike, read, pursue photography.
    Women are better at raising young children, but I’d argue that we’re better at raising adolescents, especially males. Women also seem to give way more fucks about corporate head-patting and validation. A relatively simple solution is to switch these roles up midway, if women can hold in their disgust with a stay-at-home husband!

    1. My mother avoided careerism until my sister and I were out of high school. My father is a tradesman and needs to retire when his body wears out. This is is optimal strategy. She even professes her happiness in avoiding her pursuits until the time was right… a rare occurrence in the female mind but Jesus my family is lucky.

    2. Aurini has an interesting point of view about why women want those head-pats from the authorities at work.
      To men, most of their bosses are just that… bosses… Occasionally a man has a leader at his workplace and will devote himself to the greater good, but most often bosses are just bosses…
      Women interpret their bosses differently. For them, the boss fulfills a portion of their instincts… the part that wants to bond with a husband that they admire. Their careers become their husband and it fucks with their ability to bond with the males around them. Then when they hit the wall… they’re fucked because their corporate boyfriend is just an illusion.
      Aurini’s presentation has a lot more detail, I think it is worth checking out.

    3. And have your wife lose attraction towards you? No woman likes being a breadwinner. It’s the world’s biggest libido killer.

  19. The thing is, they really can have it all. In fact it is a lot better for them than ever before. They get bad boys from age 14-25, then a mix of bad boys and provider guys from 25-30, and then they marry some provider somewhere between 28-35 then they get a divorce sometime after having a kid/s and then they “date” until death.

      1. but most of them love that shit, as long as its “feeelings” it doesn’t matter what type.

        1. The thing is, they can’t ever be satisfied – they had the same look when they were married. I was raised by one of these women, they are just frantically looking for anything new.

        2. They can only be satisfied by telling them their dissatisfaction is compulsory and hilarious. Alpha them back into their place or they’ll never know any better.

        3. ya they can be manipulated with dominance but that is rarely if ever a long term strategy to use on modern women. The sexes just don’t have any polarity anymore and it makes long-term relationships very difficult. Women’s instincts drive them to seek as many new mates as they can as long as their security needs are met.

        4. Thats not really doable in this environment if we’re talking about marriage though. I agree though, polygamy is the way to go in my opinion.

        5. i agree with this but think its almost impossible unless with a young foreign woman. I’ve also noticed there is a certain level of intelligence where it is much more difficult to control a woman simply through domination – its kind of like they are too smart for their own good, unfortunately this is the type of women i seem to attract most.

        6. Their dissatisfaction is, as you correctly noted, quite genuine. However, their confusion remains their greatest enemy as their indoctrinated heads compete with their biological imperative. It is an internal war that has unfortunately left women less satisfied than at any point in history (which also has negatively effected men via government-created superiority privileges for women). The number of adult females on anti-depression medication makes this observation abundantly clear.

    1. A used up whore settling for a guy she’s not really into for “stablity” when she’s a cock junky… is not having it all.

    2. they get away with this behavior like you said from 14-25 then they have to pick a direction. become a good wife (very few do this anymore) , they try the “bar” scene (bottle rats, bartenders, waitress) a life full of debt and bullshit, try to marry an athlete but end up a whore, career woman – depression, single mom – even more depression, stripper (need i comment here); so unless they become a good wife, life is not roses for them.

  20. The new question I am asking myself:
    How can I financially profiteer off the feminists and white knights?
    I am on the lookout now for any investment that provides an answer to this.

    1. What kind of need/desire is unfulfilled when the public has no marriage prospects? When women hate men? When women are surrounded by beta-orbiters? When women are pretending that the wall is not coming? When women think there is a patriarchy? When women are in the workplace?…

        1. Wonder what the boys over at Oculus have planned for their next crowdfunding effort…

        2. Yea, that’s what’s hilarious. One of the ROK banner ads on the top page featured article carousel was kitty litter. Oh Roosh… you kill me!

      1. All good questions. But I’m looking at the ones that can make me cash – turn them into wage slaves if need be.

        1. One business model that is working great in Japan is to sell the late 20s+ single career bitches what they want but dressed up perfectly to their tastes…
          Alpha Male attention, lavish parties, cute-beta displays, getting drunk…
          Its like crack to them… Check it out.. If you are hiring let me know.

    2. Interactive romance novels.
      Get copies of the current Harlequin best sellers, Sophie’s Choice, The Bridges of Madison County, 50 Shades of Grey and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
      Play Depression Quest and Gone Home.
      Mix until fluffy.

    3. Actually how about offering online degrees in MAN-O-CENTRIC gender studies. Isn’t that what this site really is. Many on here could honestly hold a masters or PhD in what would be considered renegade but equally if not more credible study in gender than the overtly feminist BITCH STUDIES offered in accredited colleges. The colleges shouldn’t even call it ‘gender’ study if it is slanted only towards the female gender.
      Alpha fux beta bux 101 and on down the line. Accredited or not, I would frame the diploma absolutely. The truths uncovered here have surpassed the cosmic soup stage and many points have emerged as agreed upon and have definable form. A true school of thought has formed.

      1. This was my idea.
        But a good one.
        A ROk university.
        Would generate income for ROK.

  21. Women are going to take whatever they can get, and then push those boundaries until extremely limited. It’s two entirely different rule sets now for men and women. Think with a business mind, everything that’s legislated trickles down. The gov’t being the biggest law maker of female entitlements… but what are businesses? Miniature governments.
    Their legislative arm, the HR department. There’s just a few year lag-time and then similar entitlements appear in the workplace once imposed in any tone by the government or PC rendered indoctrination. I’d be fired no matter what my position if I became known as a slosh partier. So would most other men, unless their daddies owned the company. Not so for any decent lookin bitch.
    Forget the biological clock bullshit, that won’t smack them hard enough to make a difference, and there’s a padded landing. Recognize a woman for her stage in the process, capitalize on that, or throw them aside. They want it rough anyways.

    1. The wall will hit many of them really hard. Im 26 and I see it all the time with girls my age. If men stop saving hoes they will have to face their consequences.

      1. About a month ago I told this bartender that she was a wreck and needed a man to save her… she of course protested way too much… as I laughed and pretended to rub a crystal ball.

        1. If theyre over 25 and single, they need a man to tell them how to live, no matter how much they deny it. When you see a girl take a picture with her cats, shes hit the wall full speed.

        2. The difference in their behavior between 24 and 27 is astounding. They get desperate as the ageing starts to hit hard.

  22. Was free and open access to female birth control a gigantic mistake or what? Next time some woman starts yapping to you about how birth control is “her right”, tell her you judge a tree by it’s fruits, and the fruits are fucking rotten.

  23. Forget the biological clock bullshit, that won’t smack them hard enough to make a difference, and there’s a padded landing. Recognize a woman for her stage in the process, capitalize on that, or throw them aside. They want it rough anyways.

    Portrait Of A Modern Career Woman

    The sexes just don’t have any polarity anymore and it makes long-term relationships very difficult.

    Portrait Of A Modern Career Woman

    One of the biggest misconceptions in the manosphere is The Wall.

    Portrait Of A Modern Career Woman

    This present society is a huge massive female friendly comfortable and safe Harem (a typical city), guarded by Eunuchs (white knights, beta orbiters, and manginas).

    Portrait Of A Modern Career Woman

  24. One of the good things about women in their 30s is that unless they are a feminist profiteer or a just a man hating dike, a lot of them seem to have a life altering hit of reality that they aren’t special and Disney lied to them…she is not a princess.
    Also men need to stop stroking their ego. When they say something that’s bull shit call them on it. Don’t like, re tweet, or comment on every fucking mundane post they have on social media. If they have an unlimited well of attention they will drink from it until they implode with self aggrandizing attention whoring until they are insane.

      1. that’s why I hate it when guys on here give game advice like ‘get out and approach as many women as possible’. It just adds to the bullshit.

        1. This presents a problem though. Men are programmed to want sex with a variety of youthful, nubile women. Unless you’re famous, the best way to achieve this is by going out and approaching a lot.
          Each man must decide if he would rather limit the validation girls get by not approaching them himself (although this will be a drop in the ocean of validation they get from others); or follow his natural and frequently urgent instinct to get laid.

        2. I’ve done all that crap too thinking it would pay off. Lets see I was gaming (pua) for 3 days per week, all night and day. I stopped playing soccer, was always tired, and exhausted. In the end I got laid more (every 3-4 weeks maybe) than I do now, but the price I paid was not worth it.

    1. By pandering to women a beta communicates to her that he places her above him in the status hierarchy. That makes her think she can do better than him. Therefore, she loses interest. Women want a challenge not because they necessarily like challenges, but because everyone wants the best deal they can get in the dating marketplace, and you get what you pay for.

    2. They don’t drink in the attention until they are insane because they started out insane. It is a feature not a bug.

  25. funny thing about hot women is that they have competition and even more so after they hit 30. It’s an exponentially decreasing power

  26. “The tragedy for women like Ariana is that they’ve been lied to – both by a popular culture that tells them they can “have it all” for as long as they like, and by the modern world of work (the only structured organization with rules that Western girls recognize, what with the decline of religion and the discrediting of politicians).” This right here sums it up for me. Women in general have been sold this lie and it ruins their chances at happiness as much as any man’s.
    I had been thinking about your point about locking down a girl early – it happened to me. I literally heard the words “If I don’t do this now [slut it up] then we’ll probably be together forever “. The best line she left me with was “I wish I had met you two years later.” I was #3 and to be honest the first two barely counted- my alpha imprint is/was fairly strong but the trust is broken.
    Because of my own personal experience and seeing many friends going through the same thing I’ve had my doubts about “locking down” a girl when she’s young for the exact reasons you mention in the article. I think it’s important to note that mine was a nice mid western girl that had moved to the coast when we met and quite honestly was turned by her unhappy, single, slutty friends. These things make a difference guys, but I haven’t come up with a way to prevent that situation.
    Anyone have any ideas other than screening? Ugly ducklings that blossomed later in life, girls from traditional and foreign families help of course, but the bright lights of modern you-go-girlism is pretty tempting stuff even to girls that are brought up traditionally.

    1. “girls from traditional and foreign families help”
      This is probably your best bet. I work in a place with a lot of Indian women. They are so different from the American women it’s remarkable.

  27. I just realized my youngest sister, about to turn 30, has in recent years been seeing more beta-like guys. My middle sister, now in her 30s, has a thing for younger alpha guys who ultimately can’t handle her. My eldest sister has been in a steady relationship for 10 years, and only recently told him she doesn’t want kids. I can see how women’s opinions evolve along the continuum of fertility. Youngest sister looking to settle and have kids. Middle sister still attached to alpha ideal,verility. Oldest sister, though with her man long term, has lost hope of economic and biological viability of kids.

    1. I can see how women’s opinions evolve along the continuum of fertility.

      This is common, and yet they think their “growing” or “changing” or “evolving” as people. No, bitch, the reason you suddenly want to have kids is because your biological clock is sending signals to your brain, telling it, you better get knocked up or you’ll be removed from the gene pool! It’s no coincidence. People are controlled far more by their biology than they think. The idea that they’re in control at all is an illusion. Proof of this is that the brain makes a decision several seconds before a person consciously thinks they made a decision. That a conscious choice was made is an illusion.

  28. Contrary to the popular narrative, women have always been in the workforce. The dreaded “kitchen” feminists shriek about, was actually a mark of human progress on multiple levels. The 1950s kitchen was incrementally more convenient than kitchens and, for that matter, homes of the past. It would have been very unlikely that a middle class women would have had to go barefoot either, and even if she did, it was in a very comfortable climate controlled environment. Whereas, a decade earlier, barefoot or not, the floor might have been dirt. Additionally, women, were pressed into employment prior to this sexual oppressive period, in many instances, working along side men. Modern technological inventions improved productivity via economies of scale to such as point that family units could more than subsist off of a single adult’s income stream and from factory worker to ad executive they did. Surprisingly, a mere laborer could afford not just one home but a vacation home as well, plus, a pension with surviorship rights! What’s left out of the propaganda is that middle class women of the 50’s likely knew being a product of the previous generation of how good, yes good, they had it and if given the choice to work they’d refuse if they didn’t have too. Who would? That’s why it was rich over privileged women that started feminism and this whole ruse to reject the family in lieu of a much more fulfilling professional career. And, even today, when analyzing where women have focused their affirmative action/quotas on we see its mostly positions that have some kind of social status associated with it. And the reason for that is because this is ego! Plain and simple…more proof can be observed when we look at the cultural media portrayals of women at work…again, there is an idealization at work and they goes as far as to look at their careers as the kind of outfit they might wear out at a club. Its superficial, skin deep and ego driven. And, its royaling fucking over men, because for every set of quotas set aside for just women (on top of all the other aggrieved) means less open slots for us!

    1. Start your own biz, it’s the only reason Im still in this fucking country. If you aren’t able to generate income for yourself then you are lacking a marketable skill.

    2. I’ve said this many times before. The reason women didn’t vote is because most weren’t educated. The reason they weren’t educated is because they didn’t have schooling. The reason they didn’t have schooling was because they had to start families young. The reason they had to start families young was because the infant mortality rate was high. The reason the infant mortality rate was high was because modern medicine had yet to be invented.
      Two-hundred years ago, had women put off marriage and family until their 30s, like they do now, the human race would’ve gone extinct. A few hundred years ago a woman had to have 8 kids just in order for 2 or 3 to survive until adulthood and have kids of their own. Even today the birth rate in feminist countries is unsustainably low, and that’s with modern medicine! Different times called for different rules, yet feminists don’t get that. They rewrite history to demonize men in order to justify giving themselves more power and more free shit at our expense.

  29. And one other thing…Ariana will load upon debt right before or around the time she hits the wall, and a BetaBoy will wife her up and pay it all off, or continue making payments until his old age, or when she divorces him, in which that and so man OTHER charges become his debt as part of a settlement…seen it happen.

    1. Doesn’t matter much….they still have an inner biological clock regardless of technology trying to change their nature. Women start to feel it ticking heavily once they hit 26 or 27. Its an emotional drive to reproduce, you cant create logical solutions to it

      1. Yeah, and also a how-many-dudes-want-to-bang-them clock. Unless you’re in the top 5% of females in the 35-45 age range, good luck getting any respectable dude to impregnate your unfrozen eggs and commit to banging only you for the rest of his life.

        1. You would think so. But we can’t underestimate the incredible thirst of desperate men.
          There’s a girl I used to date who I’m friends with on Facebook. She was hot as hell at 20, now looks like my aunt at 40. She has two kids and got divorced a couple of years back. Incredibly, it seems there are still guys chasing her….
          I would seriously rather be alone for the rest of my life that wife her up, but there’s no accounting for taste.
          I guess the key word in your post is ‘respectable’, though . . .

        2. “Incredibly, it seems there are still guys chasing her….”
          Chasing her for what, though? Chasing her to settle down with her? Chasing her for easy sex?

        3. To have a relationship with her. Apparently she dumped the guy and he sent her love poetry to try to get her back!
          Still, this is only the situation as she presented it on Facebook – who knows what the truth is . . .
          If it is true then then guy really needs to wise up. Seriously, move to Asia rather than kow-tow to some used-up party girl.

        4. Wifing up a woman in her late 30s is like buying a gallon of milk that’s already smelling weird. No, we want fresh milk, fresh! Just not a jug that every other guy in the neighborhood has already put his mouth on.

        5. Yeah, but what quality are these guys? It would be pretty bitter for her to settle for them, I’m sure.

    2. Regardless, there is still an expiration date, and unless the woman is happy being a single mother (which statistically is horrible for the children), her ability to attract a useful mate to help raise these children she has when she’s 48 has gone way downhill.
      It’s hard enough for women to raise children by themselves when they’re 22 or 26 and full of energy. To be 45 or 48, single, raising a child, your ability to attract a good mate gone and your energy sapped is going to be even more difficult.

      1. This is correct. That’s why lots of older women struggle to give birth even after having a fertilized egg placed inside them by a doctor. No guarantee it will stick.

  30. Absolutely. I agree. As a women I’ve seen or am watching my female co-workers or peers destroy themselves with hook-up culture. The ones who avoided it are happy and stable and going up in life.
    The ones who went down that path are still single, increasingly looking old beyond their years, and desperate for the stability they thought would just pop out of the ground when they decided they were ready to settle.
    Apparently these women thought that the men who hounded after them when they were 23 would keep doing so into the woman’s late 30s. Only to find the men disappear or dwindle.
    I have a currently very successful friend. She married at 22 and has had more than a few women tell her, “I’d never marry so young. Marriage ties you down. You can’t do fun stuff.”
    To which she replied, “Depends on what stuff you mean. Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I can’t travel, go to theme parks, pursue my dreams. I just have someone to do that with.”
    They usually roll their eyes and giggle like she said something “cute”.
    And living in several asian countries I’ve seen western women who party every weekend in Seoul, Tokyo, you name it. They look awful by Sunday. They look early forties when they’re only mid-twenties. They usually can’t remember (or don’t want to) how many or who they slept with.
    And one, who is the worst and still 28 but looks 35, told me, “I’ll get married one day. When I’ve finished having my fun.”
    Giving her total lack of professionalism and her lack of taste in quality men and her incredible binge-drinking (she showed up to work sometimes hungover or still drunk) I think I can predict where her life is heading.

    1. You need to start getting the word out then. There’s a whole generation of women learning that they can’t have it all. The next generation is approaching that point where they learn that and many of them will grow old without a mate (or a mate they are very unhappy with).
      If we can teach them how to have sex with 60 guys safely in school, surely we can teach them that their attractiveness as a mate peaks at 22, and starts a precipitous fall at age 28 or 29.
      If they know that and they choose to focus on career and “fun” and are willing to risk giving up their prime years for some booze and a bunch of one night stands, at least they made the choice with full disclosure.

    2. Most women are living in a fantasy world. Perhaps they’ll have a reality check like this woman. She dumped her ”intelligent, good-looking, loyal and kind” boyfriend because she felt like something was “missing,” and now she’s 39 and, well…
      “We’ve arrived at the top of the staircase, finally ready to start our lives, only to discover a cavernous room at the tail end of a party, most of the men gone already, some having never shown up—and those who remain are leering by the cheese table, or are, you know, the ones you don’t want to go out with.”

  31. “…it seems incredible that we have reached a state of affairs where a
    female executive in a responsible position in an internationally-known
    company with offices in major cities in the UK and the US can be
    celebrated for spending most of her time drunk and wearing revealing
    Seems about par for the course for work in corporations from what I can tell.
    Excellent article, by the way. Maybe these corporations are also an important angle to observe towards figuring out what is going wrong.

  32. When my father was born, my grandmother was 21. When I was born, my mother was 28….when my son/daughter is born my wife will be…_____?
    This is a trend that tells a very dark unspoken secret of American and western culture in general. The women have been allowed to put off marriage longer and longer. They’ve been encouraged to put off childbirth longer and longer.
    Eventually, we’ll have a female population that has been conditioned to not consider anything but themselves before age 35. Once we’re past that point, the replacement rate will have plummeted and the 3rd world, that has been making babies like hotcakes, will take over as majority.
    Hello utopia!
    Pain, suffering, disease and death…now available equally to all!!!

  33. Excellent writing. Do you think it will be easy for her to settle down and have a man pay her bills for the next 40 years? Do men still support women like this? Just wondering, it is hard to ascertain whether most men are dupes, or whether red pill thinking has penetrated society to a large degree. Would love to know, because all I see is dupes.

    1. The whole problem lies in that she doesn’t want a man to support her – she wants egalitarianism. These cunts no longer accept the natural power differential between men and girls and if their husbands knew whats good for them they’d knock these cunts up and knock their fucking teeth out for good measure.These filthy, ignoramus pigs usurped everything that is rightfully ours because of the advent of slut pills. The birth control pill has to go. Women on the pill need to be stigmatized within an inch of their lives. Women today are so foul because of this pseudo empowerment, how could any self respecting man not want to denigrate them into self demise. Outlaw the motherfucking pill – we have condoms and only we decide when cunts leave the home and on our fucking terms.

    2. There are always a steady supply of chumps, but then she has to endure being married to one. Like the Eagles song says…every form of refuge has its price

  34. Modern career women is burnt out, in debt and looking for a meal ticket. Of course she wants that provider after she wasted her best years fucking and sucking every piece of shit in the club bathroom stall, or behind the dumpster at the local McDonald’s. . Read the Kate bollick piece. All the single ladies. That’s what these sluts get in the end. . Their hypergamy is like a noise that strangles them in the end. Sad that they can’t stop doing it but oh well. Women are stupid. There are 45 year old career women out there demanding a man who makes more than they do. They displaced a man to get that good job and now wonder where her man is. You took his job honey now go play with your cats

  35. There’s no penance for these cunts. They will continue to get away with murder until we resolve these atrocities by force of law. I demand corporal discipline in my home and my cunt ex wife knew this going into our marriage. She knew that the only power she possessed in our relationship was her power to leave our union. Within the bonds of matrimony she needed to always be obedient and meek or suffer consequences without question. Her feminist pig friend was emailing her behind my back and teaching her how to be on the government dole by applying for FAFSA loans like a ghetto slut. This feminist slut did like they all do – she was in marketing like the addled brained bitch that she is and she discovered that she couldn’t make a viable living at it, so she went back to school and is now about to finish a dermatology residency. What a joke and a waste of oxygen. This bitch is now in her late 30’s and she just got married to the “man of her dreams.” Nothing stops these cunts. They face no repercussions. This greedy slut got everything she’s ever wanted. She got her “fun” career. Now she’s going to be a doctor and she found some chump to marry her and probably knock her up too. She is what all women look up to and my ex wife was included in her parade of duped, envious female onlookers. Pigs like this so called doctor are the role model and they suffer no consequences for their filthy immoral lives. There is no wall for them because they earn enough money to cheat nature and they get test tube fetuses implanted in their cunts and botox implanted in their faces. This broad is a hot fucking skinny little slut and she now gets to double down on her ego by marrying a respectable, decent looking dude in his mid forties who should be with a dependent, 20 year old. Poor fucking bastard marrying this independent faux bitch. We can only rectify the situation by outlawing the pill. Reproduction has to be on a man’s terms. There needs to be true shame associated with women who take birth control. Only resolution available

    1. And you’re pissed off because you didn’t get everything you’ve ever wanted? Being mature at it’s finest.

        1. Oh, going for my looks, wow, didn’t see that coming. Go complain some more about how you’re pissed off that women don’t just sit at home worshiping you.

  36. I thought this article was thoughtfully written and forces women to face some ugly truths. There is nothing pretty or professional about assuming an executive position and ‘celebrating’ bad behavior. It IS easier for men to carry on without skipping a beat, due to their biology. It’s the truth, it doesn’t have to be fair. Women have to be much more creative in how they manage work with the possibility of being a Mom and all that follows in regard to childcare. That women DO find creative ways to manage this (and I don’t mean neglecting their children) is to their credit. This is what should be celebrated.

  37. This is why being an asexual is the absolute best. It’s astounding how illogical and cool-aid drinking one can get when sex and gender are the only things on your mind. That one actually gets to the point that they write an article speculating on a co-worker’s entire life and psychology? This is what you call “beta-male,” right here. It’s just fabulous. XD

  38. Guys, I’m freaking the fuck out here, I’m a biology major at a university in Philadelphia (Going to be a doctor) and about a month ago I heard during a lab day that menopause isn’t going to exist in about a decade, probably less. I’ll sum it up as quickly as I can and I’ll add a link to the original research page. Basically, there will be treatments to prevent women’s eggs from dying, and they will never go through menopause, if they choose. As a scientist, this is fascinating, as a “red-piller” I feel like this is going to lead to the further degradation of American society. Guess it’s time to learn Russian. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/09/120922085847.htm

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