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Girls With Skrillex Haircuts Are Like Sick Parrots

There is a curiously disturbing sickness in parrots where they pluck their own feathers out.




Why does this happen? According to the University of California (pdf):

Feather-picking can occur for a variety of reasons.. medical and behavioral. Medical causes of feather-picking include poor diet, exposure to toxins, infection…parasites, or other diseases.

Behavioral causes of feather-picking may include stress from various sources, including lack of stimulation (‘boredom’), sleep deprivation,and sexual frustration. Boredom may result from lack of appropriate toys, not enough foraging opportunities, or not enough interaction with other individuals (human or avian)…”

Don’t these problems seem familiar to you in the women you meet with Skrillex haircuts? When I first saw the pictures of Game Of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer sporting this new “style,” the parrot illness immediately popped into my mind. Here’s how she looked with long hair (I would bang):


But now? Not even with a stick:


This is far worse than merely having short hair. A shaved head screams that there is something mentally ill with the girl, especially if she did it to herself intentionally. The university paper has recommendations to solve this problem:

How do I manage my feather-picking bird?

-Balanced diet
-Good sleep
-Regular bathing
-Reduce stress
-Proper mental stimulation
-Reduce sexual frustration
-Medical intervention

Women may think I’m making fun of them with this parrot analogy, but I am not. It’s simply a warning that they are alienating themselves from this world and need help.


Men are becoming wise to the problems that women with Skrillex haircuts have. It’s an iceberg indicator of mental complications that are too immense for any one man to deal with. Some fault for this should be placed on those who lied to women with shaved heads that it looks “cute.” The ROK team are probably the first humans who bravely object to what—let’s be honest—amounts to self-mutilation.

The lies given to shaved women were not intentional. But nevertheless they were lies. We know this because we as men have been lied to as well, about education, career, and relationships. This web site deconstructs lies to help both men and women fulfill their natural roles.

If you are still in doubt about how lies affect women, check out these sad cases of women who found out the truth too late:

There are always two sides of the coin, and those two sides represent two different outcomes. If you’re a woman, read the stories above, and decide which side of the coin you want to end up on. Ignore what men prefer and find attractive at your own peril.


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