The One Girl You Absolutely Must Approach Every Day

Regular readers of this column will be aware that I subscribe to Roosh’s formulation for making one solid approach to a girl that I have never met before. As Roosh states, approaching once a day is a ‘keystone’ habit that will inevitably lead to benefits beyond just sex.

What I want to explore today, though, is exactly which girl it is you should be approaching. If you only have one bullet in the gun, so to speak, then you want to ensure that it’s not wasted. On that basis, my recommendation is that the girl you should approach today is the one who tugs on your DNA most strongly.

When ‘That One Special Girl’ Is a Concept That Actually Works For You

If you have read any game writing at all then you will be aware that the concept of ‘that one special girl’ is an anathema to seasoned players and is a mindset that you must avoid at all costs. But when we speak of ‘special girls’ we usually mean those females who men have put on a pedestal and coveted for a long time, ending up in the dreaded friend zone along the way.

So to absolutely clear, what I’m not advocating here is that you approach that girl who works in the marketing department at your office every day. That would be weird and very probably illegal. As I stated up top, this is about cold-approaching NEW girls who you’ve never met before.

Nor am I in any way implying that these DNA-tugging girls are any more ‘special’ objectively than any other girl. All of us are human, all of us are flawed. A girl is just a girl and we shouldn’t fall into old, bad habits of thinking otherwise. With those caveats out the way, let’s dive into what I mean here.

Troy’s Daily Hottie

Here’s how it is for me. I live in London, a huge sprawling city filled with a multitude of girls in their peak years (20s to early 30s) studying, working, acting, dancing, blagging their way into nightclubs, posting selfies onto Instagram and doing everything else girls in that demographic do.

Every day I walk to my nearest subway station and take three trains to the central district where my office is located. During that journey (and the equivalent journey home in the evening) I probably see several hundred girls. I work near London’s Oxford Street, which, as any day gamer worth his salt who’s been to the UK’s capital knows is the predominant locale for pussy panhandlers here.

Of those, let’s say 500 girls who register with me on some level, how many of them do I find bangable? Probably a great many. How many do I find hot? A much, much lesser number—perhaps five or six at most. And how many really move me on a base, DNA level?

Usually, one.

That’s right.


That’s Her

Now, broadly-speaking I like pretty, skinny girls with long dark hair. However, within that designation there is room for a great many different flavours. As such I like Italian girls, Polish girls, Spanish girls, Lithuanian girls, African girls, Colombian girls, and a whole host of others in between.

But also like girls with very distinct facial features—high cheekbones, large eyes, a look that combines hauteur with a touch of naiveté.

I like long legs, cute butts and small breasts. But sometimes I like big breasts too. I also like the way that certain girls carry themselves—and this is where it all gets rather opaque and hard to quantify. I sometimes like girls who stride along confidently, but I also like girls with a certain extroverted diffidence.

Basically, what I’m attempting to express is in effect inexpressible, because try as you might to explain it rationally to another man, the actual reasons for your strong attraction to this girl over that girl are mysterious and probably not even fully apparent to you.

Nevertheless, I hope you understand what I’m getting at here. While I pass many girls every day who are undeniably attractive (or ‘fit’ as we say in the UK) there are actually comparatively few who really get to me. Normally, it’s just one a day. It is that girl that I must absolutely 100% approach.

When I Fail To Approach Her 

Now, for a number of reasons I don’t always approach my hottie of the day. Why not? Well, perhaps I am too busy. Perhaps we are headed in different directions and I don’t have time to deviate from my planned route. Perhaps I am with someone else (a work colleague, say). Perhaps I only catch a glimpse of her before it is too late. Perhaps I bottle out.

Whatever the reason, when ever I fail to approach one of these girls I will almost always experience a strong sense of regret afterwards.

Men’s regret over missed sexual opportunities has been written about a lot over the years. It is something that we experience and women don’t, by-and-large. After all, sperm is cheap, men are expendable and women are genetically more valuable than us, so why would a girl get too upset about missing out with some random dude?

But there are girls who I wish I’d approached from years ago who I still remember to this day. That is how powerful this stuff is. Not because I imagine they were special snowflakes or somehow ‘better’ than any other girl, just that I was drawn to them by a deep, biological urge to bang.

When I Do Approach Her

When I do approach ‘her’, the results are often surprising. It’s worth noting that the approaches in which we are most invested (because of our strong attraction to the girl) tend to be the most nerve-wracking, even for the experienced player, simply because it feels like there is more to lose. Now, consistent daily approaching will reduce this anxiety, without a doubt, but still, let’s acknowledge it as a ‘thing’, since it is.

If you can overcome your fear, though, and approach this particular chick you think is especially hot, you will be amazed at how many times the response you get will be more positive that that from an average girl who’ve you’ve only walked up to for the practice.

Without getting woo-woo about it, I believe that we are particularly attracted to certain girls for a reason. Our psychological antennae is powerful and we tend to be drawn most toward those with whom we have the greatest synergy. As such, some of the sparkiest, most sexual day game approaches I’ve ever had have been with the girls who I would consider to be the hottest.

I also believe that my strong sexual desire for this particular girl somehow insinuates itself into the interaction. She can feel it, she gets turned on by it, and the whole thing is exciting for both of us. When I’m doing a ‘by-numbers’ approach the girl can sense it and it isn’t very much fun for either of us. OK it’s great to be cool when hitting on chicks, but you’d be surprised how far a little genuine desire, vulnerability and even nerves can go in grounding your approach in real emotion.

What you have to do, then, is simply feel the fear and do it anyway. Don’t bother yourself with 5s and 6s ‘for the practice’. Instead, go up to your 8.5s and 9s. For one thing you don’t really have anything to lose (a rejection is just a rejection, whether it comes from the Queen or a chambermaid) and I guarantee that you will frequently be pleasantly surprised by the responses you receive. And for another thing, the incremental benefits I’ve observed from hitting on the girls you want the most are well worth any temporary nervousness.

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414 thoughts on “The One Girl You Absolutely Must Approach Every Day”

  1. Very good. I typically went after 6s and 7s and only occasionally 8s but started with 8s and 9s as well and then seldom lower than 7. Now I have a very hot girlfriend but if I am single I will consistently still have a raised bar.
    Just go after what you want and improve yourself in parallel throughout the process.

    1. I find that if you consistently focus on 8 and better you will get the 6’s and 7’s coming to you. I don’t know why, but I have some guesses. It is kind of like when you are playing darts and you miss a bullseye but hit a 15.

      1. darts!?!?!?
        When I was single my approach was more like a blunderbuss full of broken glass! NO ONE was immune!

      2. With lots of guys, it’s more like playing Jarts. Dude will throw a large clunky cumbersome approach out randomly, which flies out of control for a bit before coming back and getting embedded into his skull.

        1. I LOVE lawn darts though never heard them called jarts before.

        2. (((Epstein’s Mother)))
          (((note from)))

  2. But the question remains, would you like to see her beside your bed the next morning?

    1. Sure, why not? I mean, breakfast isn’t going to make itself.

        1. Have you ever had an actual beautiful woman come over before? Not “club pretty” but one who wears little make up and is a knockout? The “make up wearing off” means basically nothing for those types. A 7 dolled up to be a 9 is pretty obvious to call out, and it’s not like we can’t actually detect “Hey, she’s wearing a lot of make up”. So set the bar higher.
          And what make up has to do with eggs and bacon I just don’t understand.

        2. Breakfast of champions indeed!
          A truly pretty woman waking up next to you is cool. You go for a morning romp, pat her ass and send her into the kitchen and start your day right.

        3. But what can we make of the 5 and 6s that wear make up and wear pushups to appear like 7 and 8s?

        4. Easy. Don’t do night game and alcohol. Clubs are great at setting lighting “just so” such that you can’t quite tell reality from fiction and you throw in a few drinks and boom, you’re a goner. A girl in heavy make up in the light of day is easily noticed.
          So crank up day game as the article suggests/leans towards. Besides, the kind of girl that is even worth waking up to the next day is one that doesn’t spend her time in bars and clubs.

        5. Thanks for the advice. I as a generation Z southeast asian feel priveleged to even talk to a white man as i too admire white culture as a whole although i am not white myself.

        6. Amen. My new girl makes me coffee even though she hates coffee. In three sleepovers she has cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner and baked a dessert. I’m starting to get attached.

        7. A beautiful, pleasant girl with positive “female energy” (feminine, happy, a little bouncy silly, giggly) is a wonderful thing. Lots of guys here get down all the mechanics and logistics, but forget to enjoy the larger picture sometimes. Yeah, you throw that 6-8 to the road after you’ve pounded her out, but if you have a 9/10 who is pleasant, wants to do things for and to you and is genuinely nice to be around, then having her over for the night is a great thing. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that this kind of girl, and she does exist in places, is the kind you want to consider for more than a one night draining of the nutsack.

        8. My friend once said that when he got married, his house would have bar lighting, that way his woman would always look like the night he met her.

        9. Its on my mind for sure. Pretty sure I mentioned her before, 26 (I’m 41) personal trainer, no kids. We shall see. Its still early.

        10. Exactly, the choices aren’t “white knight” and “total bastard”. Feminine women are great. They’re pleasant be around, they’re just good fun.

  3. It’s funny but I have an apartment in London, right on Kensington Gardens …… no white women at all. Plenty of Persians, Arabs, Black, Spanish, Orientals, Polish, Pakis, Greeks … but no white English speaking people at all. No English conversations to listen in to, not in the park, not on the Tube, not in Queensway. My apartment block, 15 units, I’m the only English name on the letterbox.
    You’ve posted pictures of white girls, if they exist in London, you need to tell me where the fuck they’re hiding.
    I took a Thai girl back to London last March, she turned to me and said “I was expecting to see white people, where are they all?”
    This was a photo I took outside the London passport office …. people getting their British passports …… WTF!
    (I was sitting in the coffee bar opposite, waiting for my new passport to be printed, didn’t notice only one out of nine in the photo was white until much later)
    Not one native English speaker serving in any of the shops in Queensway ….. I’ve got to say the oriental, Arab and black staff were all extremely polite and helpful. Much more pleasant than the white English I expected to encounter, so not all bad.

    1. There are loads of pretty white girls in London, unless something has changed in the last 2 years and teleported them all out.
      Granted, most of them are French and Polish, but still.
      You see only what you want to see to confirm your own bias and protect your own ego. London, like any other major city, has ghettos and “ethnic” areas.

        1. Europe is fucked beyond belief ….. it wasn’t like this 10 years ago when I left. My bedsit cost $500,000. I can touch all 4 walls at the same time. What I want to know is where do these people all live, how can they afford the housing? How can they pay the rent on a waitress/shop assistant wage?

        2. I thought you guys opened the floodgates 20 years ago? maybe you didnt notice it?

        3. London has been fucked since the 70s. Check out the movie “Made in Britain”

        4. hey, mission accomplished. the poorer native-born whites now do worse in school than the kids of immigrants

        5. that’s one way to achieve equality on test scores: if you can’t bring the bottom performers up, bring the top performers down

        6. I worked at Shepherd’s Bush/Nottinghill Gate from 1980-1990. All black, West Indies types. Outside that area was mainly white. Didn’t really notice much change up to 2009 when i still lived there full time. Now it seems to have suffered exponential growth of non-white immigrants. Paki’s always lived up north.

        7. Their single mommy epidemic began in the late 70s- Im sure this has a lot to do with it…but “The Future is Female”

        8. Britain: Destroy your own country with mass immigration and look the other way when Pakis commit crimes but harass and antagonize the IRA and arrest and martyr IRA figures like Bobby Sands. Makes total sense.

        9. The IRA deserves what it’s gotten, they are a far left Communist affiliated group. Fuck them.

        10. OR perhaps they saw how the British destroyed their own country and wanted to get out from their self-destructive yoke.

        11. Was the case for a long enough time, consistently, that I really don’t care about them.
          I’m all about nationalist/separatist groups, that’s cool, but they went wacko Lefty and my interest in them…waned.

        12. If you’re a separatist that’s fine, but when you go full gonzo Leftist in the process then you’re not really saving your own people and culture, you’re just wanting to be the one who wields the axe for the beheading.

        13. Agreed. I’m still thinking of my ancestors in the ’10s who “did their bit for the cause”

        14. ok, that is fine for separatists and leftists, but what if you are a member of the rebel alliance and a traitor?

        15. I really have no other choice but to listen to this song now.

        16. Then you get your planet blown up and some chick somewhere hears a billion lost souls wailing in anguish.

        17. ok you’ve already answered the question I put above if that’s in kensington.
          The answer is some are in social housing, some are in HMOs – multiple occupancy, some rent, and the rest who’ve bought are indebted up to the eyeballs. The blame lies with the central banks providing cheap loans mostly, to state the obvious. Supply/demand is a lesser issue

        18. I don’t think Irish separatism has ever had much to do with British society, or the mainland. They’be been pissed since Cromwell

        19. I dislike Cromwell (Olly, not Thomas) more than any other figure in British History. I actually like visiting historical places, and every time you see a ruined castle in Britain its because Cromwell the dik felt he’d be safer if he razed the walls to the ground. Oh, and some massacres and shit…but no one but the Irish care much about that

        20. Understatement. I recall visiting Drogheda and reading how he had the local priest drawn-and-quartered. He moved up the coast to Dundalk and slaughtered a couple of thousand by sword.

        21. He was probably praised back home for “containing the insurgents” or some such….
          Fun Fact: the House of Bem originated in those parts!

        22. In London:
          20% owns his/her own home – usually with their families (They or their parents were lucky enough to buy their council flats back in the Thatcher/Major -era when 90% of council homes were sold off for peanuts)
          25-30 % live sin the renaming council/housing association homes – usually (but not lawyers) their rent is pair entirely (or partially) by the taxpayer.
          50% could not get neither of the two. Forces tor ent privately – unaffordable rents. overcrowded and often unsuitable accommodation – hellish, third world conditions.
          Depending on which one of these categories you fall into London can be a first-world heaven or a third-world hellhole.

        23. Well, the Stepherds Bush/Notting Hill area is still predominantly West Indian (mostly Jamaican).
          Other parts of London have received large number of Black Africans – in general , there is much less of a problem with Africans than with Jamaican – despite the fact most English would love to believe otherwise.

        24. Hardly anyone lives in zone 1 or 2 unless their grandparents/parents owns property there, has free council housing or rents a tiny bedsit!

      1. Last time I was in Milan, Italy much of the city resembled south east Asia more than Italy.

        1. Sadly even they are being replaced it seems. In Venice people told me the town is pretty much controlled by Bangladeshi gangs now.

    2. Fuck me but i think i have two to three white families in my neighbourhood now…although this is just South east asia after all.

      1. They only appear in the morning taking their daily stroll in the park with their large dog. They seem to be elderly people assuming they are either australian or british or american in appearance

    3. That’s why not all immigrants are created equal. There are plenty of cultures and people out there which are far more productive, conservative, and well socialized than the now degenerate caucasian population.
      That doesn’t mean some dude running around shouting “Allahuh Ackbar” is on the same level or should be welcome until he can be successfully deprogrammed.

    4. Were I to show this picture and your post to most of my friends as evidence that the UK is headed in the wrong direction, they would probably consider me a “racist.”
      I’m currently in the process of drifting apart from most of my friends.

      1. It depends on where you go in London. Granted, London shouldn’t have large brown areas of the city like it has these days, which it didn’t, but they’re doing it to themselves, so what can you do?

    5. I’m not in any way advocating for an all-white London, but multiculturalism is destroying that place and it’s culture.
      I respect the culture first and foremost.
      If I go to Africa, and there’s a whole bunch of Chinese people, then I know something isn’t right.

      1. I’m non-white and was brought up in London. Immigration is never going to be popular amongst native populations (except in Sweden maybe) but the rate of immigration seemed to have accelerated over the last 15 or so years to the point where it’s impossible not to notice. There could have been sustainable levels of immigration but that’s not how it happens. I just can’t see how policy makers could think that this is the best way to create a stable society.

    6. Same thing in Toronto. If you take the subway you might think you’re in India or Shenjen.

    7. you own an apartment there or rent? A house on that street goes for about £50 million (well, the big ones).
      Also, if you go slightly further afield, to chesea, you’ll find plenty of white english people. The colour of money though is green

        1. yeah, saw your post below. I nearly rented a studio in down the road in chelsea cloisters a few years back before I came to my senses, but I couldn’t afford to buy there.. Probably not a bad investment if you keep it for a few years

    8. Oh come on PJ, a you are one of the more sensible commenters on Rok and you claim you are from England.
      If White girls are what you are after…there are tons of them in London. Not that many of native English variety but millions of all the other kinds of White women.
      How come you did not notice that?

    9. I’m so old I remember when London had Englishmen living in it. You know, the way back, like ten years ago.

  4. Thought provoking article Troy! Typically this advice leans towards just talking to a hottie to get over rejection paralysis; experience your worst case scenario as it were. But I’ve noticed the same phenomenon. By and large most of the positive experiences with game came from the women thought to be extremely beautiful/out of league. Used to think the luck was simply isolated coincidences, but that you are saying it is controllable and almost induced on a sub primal level?? That is profound.

    1. Some of us have many times mentioned that the 9/10 category chicks generally scare away so many men that they’re more “isolated” socially than the less desirable 6-8 range. Guys go into a full fear lock around a 9/10 most of the time. There are your totally stuck up ones here or there, but most of them are actually rather pleasant and don’t have the “try hard” bitch shield up that 6-8 erect to make themselves feel prettier than they are.

      1. Good points. The worst rejections I have experienced were from over esteemed 8’s and 6’s. Of the 9’s and 10’s I have rarely received stinging rejections or an experience I couldn’t learn from without bitterness. Doesn’t stop my brain from doing an evaluation of worth based on nothing but looks, but have noticed that nervousness has helped more often than not with a hottie. Wonder then if this social death, getting rejected, is something more men should shoot for? There are some guys still of the mindset being alpha means being a James Dean badass who hotties run up to with their phone numbers and panties in hand.

        1. There are guys that pull that off effortlessly, but the 9/10 range generally, not always but generally, need approached first. They know their value and most of them are confident enough in that knowledge to let the Game play out naturally.
          Getting shot down until you get calloused to it is a great way to lose all fear of women, pretty or otherwise.

        2. Funny, but as a teen, without knowing who James Dean was or seeing any of his works, my look of choice was the jeans/cargo pants, solid white undershirt, open jacket of a solid color of choice, and some boots to round out the look. Didn’t have much issues with ladies then either. Not even sure how I settled on the look but seeing his pictures, can definitely see the look works.

        3. you need to have the comb that looks like a switch blade and Frye boots to pull that off

        4. Did Dean do that, or am I thinking of Schneider from Too close for Comfort?

        5. 2017: “Knife knife!” – Stylish man with comb shot by Police in broad daylight

        6. We’re speaking from an American perspective here. I routinely whip out my spring assist SOG to cut something open or use in bars, etc. Nobody even notices.

        7. I keep an actual “West Side Story” level switchblade in the office as a letter opener.
          Just one of many props…

        8. also good for picking your teeth when your underling is in the office demanding a raise

        9. Funny you should say that, when I was teaching at a university in long island the chairman of the history department came to class with a revolutionary musket (I don’t believe that it was in working order) and someone saw him bringing it to his office and called 911 in a frantic haze saying there was a shooter with “a machine gun” on campus. The whole campus got closed down because a 70 year old history professor had a non working 200 year old musket

        10. To paraphrase from the Best Movie in The World: “you’d have a better chance of killing someone with that if you fed it to them”

        11. And this was what? 10 years ago? Its only gotten worse on campus since then I would imagine…

        12. Students at OSU held an open carry event (open to view, loaded) to urge lawmakers to pass Conceal Carry on campus after that little Somali failure tried, and failed, to harm those kids a few months back.
          Different worlds, man.

        13. If you knew the guy it is even funnier. He was a good guy, older, a little absent minded, total archetype of chair of history department. When the cops came into the building searching for the shooter it took him a long time to realize they meant him. This was Nassau county Long Island. The cops were so gun ho to be doing something that didn’t involve black kids in Hempstead.

        14. Not really that different, if someone called 911 and said there was someone with a machine gun on campus I am sure there would have been a bruhahaha it only takes one idiot to call 911 and that sets hilarity in motion every time.
          I suppose open carry is ok in most of the country (not sure how I feel about it on campus but since that has no effect on me I will not bother thinking it through) but it simply has no place in a city. When you have 6 million people gathered in 22 square miles banning guns is just for the greater good. I have seen this city when you could by a hand gun on the street for 50 bucks and I have seen it where it is all but impossible to purchase one at all (let alone carry it) as well as all the evolving steps in between and we are simply better off the way we are now. If ever anyone suggested repealing NYC’s draconian gun laws I would be the first person to strenuously object.

        15. more than that, this would have been 2005 if memory serves. I avoid college campuses at this point though, I must admit, I am thinking of shooting an email to a guy I know at CUNY and asking him to give me a gig adjuncting an intro class just for fun and to see what’s what

        16. Your notion about carry and proximity is wrong, but I’m not going to argue it, as we don’t have a frame of reference in common to discuss it (I’ve seen it work fine, but you haven’t any real observation to go on I’d wager so you go with your experience without guns nearby).
          Thing is, nobody calls 911 here when people walk with holstered or slung over the shoulder guns. All forms of carry are legal here, even machine gun carry if you’d like. Nobody flinches. Start waving it around, and then you have problems. That was more or less what I was referencing with “different worlds”. Nobody here even flinches with casual sightings of non-waved-about firearms.

        17. fair enough on no one calling 911. I still maintain it only takes one moron. As for frame of reference, you are right. When I was in high school a lot of kids even had guns. They were very readily available if you were willing to go to the neighborhoods where people sold them. However, there wasn’t the training and maturity so I will buy that I haven’t seen a city with a gun culture. I still maintain that guns are simply toys that don’t belong in big cities much the same way a Lamborghini doesn’t belong on a city street. The thing about manhattan is that it is filled with very poor people and very wealthy people and almost no one in between. Arming everyone, as was the case in the 70’s and 80’s and much of the 90’s just leads to a lot of murders and the stats (not to mention my personal experience) bear this out.

        18. So all the good decent law abiding people were armed in the 70’s through 90’s?
          Weird, I thought it was mostly the criminal element.
          And you’re observation about gun culture is correct, we deal with it here, even in the bigger cities, because it’s just normal and who cares? Most of y’all, even the ones who had a gun or two, really don’t have the all around cultural experiences that we have outside of NYC. The only conversations I have with other Ohioans when I open carry is “I’ve been thinking about getting one of those, how does it shoot?” for normal citizens and (I’ve heard this or a variation more than once) “Looks like you’re playing to win!” from cops. Most don’t even say anything. It’s just not a big deal. I can walk through Cleveland, which is pretty dense in population, and big whoop. Cheyenne/Des Moines/etc, people just want to compare range stories. Columbus, smiles and little more, and at big packed events on the weekend you’ll get the odd lady or two who will thank you for carrying because it makes her feel protected (swear to Bob) or the guy who thanks you for exercising the 2nd Amendment.
          It just doesn’t register as bad. Because we grew up with it as the norm.

        19. It wasn’t. Pretty much every kid I knew in high school’s had had a gun in the house. Like everyone.
          There was a time in NYC when having a gun in your glove box was standard and pointing it at the squeegee guys wasn’t unusual. The cultural experience of guns and marksmanship on the other hand was in fact lacking and I do understand (from friends ive had in places like texas or people like you from ohio) that growing up with a gun culture leads one to a different mentality.
          As cheeky as I can be, howeer, I do not consider Cleveland a even close to a big city with a big population let alone Cheyenne or Des Moines.
          The culture does help insulate you guys, I believe, from the stupidity that happens here with firearms. You have a bunch of criminals with guns and a bunch of citizens trying to protect themselves. None of them have any fucking idea what they are doing. The only people I knew growing up who had any idea what to do with a gun in the city (my family upstate new York, and upstate new York in general has a pretty strong gun culture) were the gangsters — not the gangs…the legit mobster types.
          As for the whole 2nd amendment stuff, you know this is a point of disagreement. I don’t really care about the abstract concept of rights or justice or freedom

        20. A population doesn’t have to be NYC big, to have a packed density. Many parts of any normal “big city” or even a Columbus medium city, has population dense areas. The same idea applies if you’re walking asses to elbows in Cleveland as it does in the Bronx (or wherever) since a gun can only shoot so far, wot?
          We’re way more openly armed than y’all and way less likely to draw just because somebody gets angry or whatever. The culture, yes, is exactly what it is. Plus, we know that if we do have to draw, since we’re bound to only do so in true necessity, we have the law on our side more often than not, as opposed to some STASI police state nonsense that sees us as the bad guy along with our mugger. It gives a certain level headedness to life here.

        21. I understand what you mean on a micro level I am just saying that I do not believe Columbus is a city. Walmart might get crowded in Montana to the point you are walking asses to elbows, that doesn’t make Walmart a city. As far as I can tell there are about a half dozen large cities in America and none of them are in Ohio.
          I do believe that having a culture that grows up not just with guns around but with an education on them both how to use, care for and respect them there will be a much safer use of them. That is simple and easy to understand.
          Like I said, having lived through an armed and a disarmed NYC and understanding the downside to having a police force that is essentially a paramilitary organization, I will take disarmed and heavily policed any day of the week. I don’t think this would be the best situation in other places, but, having seen plenty of alternatives, it is what works best here.
          As for a headedness of life, I can see that…but so does participating in global finance. There are a lot of ways to run this particular race and none of them, imo, is inferior to any other…just what is more practical in a given situation

      2. And vibe can play a big part in it too. My wife had a similar problem where she’s a somewhat private personality so she usually was perceived as having a massive “bitch shield” up and rarely got approached. A lot of the ones who did were more douchebaggish types who thought they were so good looking they could get away with things like grabbing her butt uninvited.

        1. Good distinction there. Learning to tell “shy” from “bitch shield” can take some practice sometimes. Some girls are obvious scowling bitches, but if a pretty girl is just acting shy you should put in a few extra minutes to see if it’s you, or her natural shyness I’d think.

  5. “But when we speak of ‘special girls’ we usually mean those females who men have put on a pedestal and coveted for a long time, ending up in the dreaded friend zone along the way.”
    Off topic…This happened to me, just a week ago…i had no other choice but to use the atom bomb: you want me, fine, you do not want me, i have to go. Funny how a severe case of oneitis (that you Troy, recently talked about) can happen, even with experience.

    1. Becoming friend with a woman, what is this crap?
      This “friend zone” concept must be 100% modern, it must have something to do with the large number of weak men that were born during the baby boom period. Women circle around a man if he is visually pleasing, entertaining &/or has social status.
      A woman “befriending” a man is a great insult . It’s very demeaning for a man cause that means the female perceives that male as non-masculine as her girlfriends.

      1. That, or in most cases, women are told to fear most men and get the men they feel they totally deserve to be with.
        In the case of fearing men, I’ve witnessed it where guys put themselves in the fz simply because if they cold approach with the intention of getting a date, they get rejected every time.
        Many attractive women play the social circle game which is unfortunate because they limit their options which are then contingent on their friend’s taste.
        I personally don’t wait for social circle game to work out for me and still cold approach. But I’ve noticed most women are indoctrinated to believe that cold approach is negative.

        1. True. in this case, i knew her for two years and always saw her as a coleague first, then as a friend. Just recently did i beggan to be attracted to her. That was the problem, to long as a non sexual being.

        2. My ex was seeing some loser before she dated me (I was 22 when I met her) and we worked together. It took her 6 months before she valued me enough to break up with him and date me and we dated for 2 years and 1 year on and off. In this case, I liked her, but was careful not to show too much interest. I think in some cases being friends with a girl can pan out, but you must never lose frame and always act in a manner in which your needs come first.
          I’m talking to a girl now who I asked out and she has flaked already on responding. I wont put in any effort at this point, but I haven’t given up since I will be seeing her for the next 8 weeks and she knows I at least want to take her out. We’ll see what happens.

        3. “but you must never lose frame and always act in a manner in which your needs come first.”
          This is key and i did just that. Via sms i told her right away that we could not be friends, because i wanted her and therefore i needed to vanish asap. Now, this is something i know a man as to do in this scenario…What was surprising to me, is that it happen when i though it was something quite impossible.
          “and she knows I at least want to take her out. We’ll see what happens.”
          Be patient brother, seduction is impossible without patience.

      2. Like i said, it was a severe case of oneitis, the notion that this was “the” girl. It happens to all man, call it friendzone or not, its still a rejection.

  6. Five years ago i missed a great great opportunity to approach a celebrity.(a singer who i adore since many years)
    It happened at a party.She gave some clear IOI.
    But i was too impressed and frightened to approach her.It was surreal to me.
    Few months ago i saw her backstage.She also noticed me but this time she neglected me and pretended that she didnt see me…
    Damn! I am afraid i will regret this forever.

  7. That Kate Moss pic reminds of the one who got away…thanks to that creepy stepdad who broke us up! sigh…

  8. What are your thoughts on neo-Nazi game? I’m not a neo-Nazi, but I hear that it is quite effective.

      1. You scope out the girl you desire, then you do a lightning strike on her, rendering her incapable of defense, and have your way with her, leaving her ravaged and pillaged as you move on to the chick from Moscow that you see in the distance.
        It’s a lot like actual rape, except that you wear a snazzy arm band.

        1. Nazi! Mein furher is my white master! And i am an untermenschen perhaps (except for the psuedoscience did by the nazis in tibet in 1938)

    1. White supremacist!!!! -not likely in my interpretation, as every race in history has been busy trying to preserve their cultures and history and to prevent asimilation or extinction by fighting back or giving in. Which immigrants in europe did the former.

  9. Great article except for one glaring problem. A woman over 25 has peaked 5 years ago. At 30 she’s over the hill.

        1. You keep missing the point. 30 is not peak. You can approach 40
          Year olds and they aren’t peak either.

        2. I call the peak years a 10 year window starting at 18. 28 is the end of peak.

        3. That’s the range I peg it to as well.

        4. you do a moonwalk by her, hand her your card, keep on moonwalkin’

        5. When I was in high school I tried to moonwalk so fucking hard. Could never do it. If I could, however, I would totally do the moonwalk hit and run. That is fucking pro level shit.

        6. that doesn’t mean that there is nothing over 28 worth while too, just that the absolute peak freshness is a 10 year window that begins at 28.

        7. You know I agree with you on that, for obvious reasons. Hitting that “peak” on December 31 2016 doesn’t mean that you wake up a grizzled fat hag on January 1 2017.

        8. yeah, I thought long and hard about this until I saw a special on the grading of eggs. Eggs are graded as either AA, A or B. B is edible but allows for some staining.
          “In Grade AA eggs, the air cell may not exceed 1/8 inch in depth and is about the size of a dime”
          “Grade A eggs may have air cells over 3/16 inch in depth.”
          “There is no limit on air cell size for Grade-B eggs”
          Leaving aside obvious vagina references these are all edible eggs with different values and qualities. Furthermore, it isn’t like AA eggs are just that way. If left to sit grade aa eggs will eventually become grade a and grade a will eventually become grade b.. Grade b will eventually become inedible.
          If you are making a sunny side up egg then AA is really what you want because it will look the nicest and taste the freshest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t scramble up a western omelets with a half dozen grade a or even grade b eggs.
          I think of women a lot like this. 18-28 is the grade AA phase (minus the rejects of course….in women and eggs) which eventually age into grade a which eventually age into grade b and finally become inedible.

        9. This gentleman is a veteran!
          However I have adjusted that down a few years since Asians and EE chicks.

    1. Why is it a problem? If a 25 year old is heart stoppingly beautiful, what’s the harm in approaching her? The point he was making was to approach the hottest you see that day just to keep your mojo in stride, I don’t think he was advising on starting a LTR or marriage.

      1. Huh? He said early 30’s was peak. Its not. I’m not arguing against daily practice, just the importance of being truthful to oneself about the characteristics of the woman you approach.

        1. Looking at my old high school yearbooks, I maintain most white females peak in attractiveness at 16 or so.

        2. I perhaps misunderstood the context of your post then.
          Peak to me is an interesting thing. I fully endorse the view that The Wall is real. See it everywhere. But I don’t think that the age is universal. While I can easy endorse mounting a fine 19/20 year old with smooth beautiful perfect skin and a tight body, there are plenty of 25 year old girls who are in the same boat physically that I’d not mind a try for either. I guess what I’m thinking is that “peak” does not mean that the moment she ages past 20 she turns into a withered up slag. Lots of girls can stay pretty for quite some time, so approaching that 25 year old, eh, it’s not really such a bad thing.

        3. maybe, but they don’t really learn how to take a cock to the back of the throat until mid 20’s.

        4. funny how many times I have thought of DAC in the last few days.

        5. and young innocent virgins are sweet, but whores do that thing with their tongue.

        6. I see him every year at the local C&W joint down the road. He’s an Ohioan, as you know, and comes to this venue at least once, sometimes twice a year. It’s fun to be standing literally 3-5 feet from him, on an open floor, surrounded by a large crowd as he starts on his sometimes really comedic “fuck you all” type lyrics.

        7. I really like his music. Over the weekend I was playing a bunch of his tunes on the ole geeeetar. I am not, however, really a fan of live music or concerts with the exception of opera or small jazz venues.

        8. I got over rock concerts a long time ago, but if it’s a small private type venue where you’re standing so close that you can reach over and flick the artist on the forehead, it just seems more organic and real to me. Live music where it’s just a band in the bar though, yeah, that gets annoying pretty fast unless the band is amazing awesome but even then the sound board guy will crank the volume to 11, rendering conversation moot.

        9. yeah, I see people liking it but it is the music itself. I actually like listening to the produced version of music and not the live version better (unless it is a recorded and mastered live track). Add to that the addition of having other people around and it pretty much ruins the whole night for me. IF I want to hear someone play live music I will do it myself in my living room…again, this is just personal taste and nothing bad about the small venue music shows themselves.

        10. Goj, there are always special cases. The last half of 2016 I was banging a 31 year divorcee.
          I met her at my gym and her body was ridiculous. Only her face showed any aging – probably from the sun,
          HOWEVER she was an anomaly on the bell curve.
          25 is past peak.

        11. In San Francisco they need to do that to graduate high school… the boys too… it’s California

        12. With most artists I can see that, but DAC gets better with “non smooth production” I think. Hell, the rougher and more off the cuff and random he is, the more he becomes “him”. Heh.

        13. Yeah I get it, and I feel the same with John Prine and a bunch of blues guys…I just happen to like music better when I am listening to it through an electronic media.

        14. It might be 16 now, but in my year book all the girls got hotter in the 2 years until prom, not fatter!

  10. That girl under “that’s her” is literally the definition of my type….woah

  11. Really good article Troy. I remember the now exiled Tom Arrow saying something to the effect of how he once saw he perfect girl on an airplane and he never said a word to her. Just couldn’t find it in him. Now, props to him for identifying it as a problem and trying to confront it, but that is the saddest thing to me. To see a girl that youjust really want and to not even say hello is just painful. Like Billy Shakes said: A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once

    1. “Women are like fishes in the sea.”
      -my wise grandmother
      “Once a female reaches 30, she hits a wall while once a man reaches 30, his life just started. (Added words from myself) Women are like flowers, Men like wine”.
      – My grandmother

      1. My dear friend’s Italian mother once told us, in her very heavy accent, “all wimins is slut”

        1. she was a 70 year old Italian woman who wore nothing but black dresses, drank homemade wine and grappa all day and outlived her viciously abusive stone mason husband and collected his union bennies….of course she was projectin’

        2. Ah Italian females. They start out as a temperamental mess with a bodacious hour glass figure and great dark features, then at a certain point they metamorphose into an unattractive barrel that cooks and cleans expertly. My current girl is Italian (not yet barrel phase), and her family is hilariously racist and inappropriate. I love it.

        3. I am a big fan of Italian birds and yes, this is them to a T as long as you stay Rome and south of it. Further north they are more like the swiss or French I find depending which direction you go in.

        4. i wish they would fuck off back to their own countries with their racist attitudes tbh. They are vile people.

        5. That Italian food is fattening. Ton of carbs, keep her on the more seafood side of italian cuisine

        6. If you divorce with Italian woman she will take even more money from you than an American woman. They are totally protected by law. This is one of the reasons why a lot of italian men do not marry them even if they have children together.
          I love Italians and Italy but they also have some issues.

        7. Very nice.)
          Men who have multiply women or who cheat are not sluts?
          Kind of , if woman cheats she is slut, if man cheats he is cool. Double standards created by men in order to justify own actions.

        8. Not exactly. It is objectively different in many ways. First of all, sex for a man happens on the outside of they body and for a woman it happens on the inside. If you think this doesn’t have any meaning your nuts.
          But more than that I think you got the wrong guy here. I don’t moralize nor do I believe in the traditional family as being anything more than a hobby.
          Not sure why you are being so defensive here

        9. I did not call you a nuts. To talk to woman in a such manner is not polite.
          Where is written or maybe there is a medical statments regarding sex outside or inside of the body?
          The fact is that women need more sex than man even from the point of view of health because of woman’s hormone system. You can read about it.
          In what you believe is your business. When I read some comments at this forum seems most of men here are insecure mysoginists and sexists who complain that all women are sluts but at the same time they have sex with sluts (simply because they can’t or are afraid to approach a worthy woman). They still live with double standards. Sluts sleep with sluts. Simple.
          Every man has to reapect women at least even because woman gave them a life. Lot of men have daughters whom other men can call sluts.
          Wish you happiness.

        10. If you don’t like what you read there is a solution for that.
          There is absolutely no reason in the world that anyone, make or female, deserves automatic respect.
          I don’t need to read about women needing sex. I’m doing my best to service as many as possible sister.
          As for men with daughters…great, drop em off and tell em to take a number.
          There are a lot of different people on this site. Some hate women, some just don’t respect them, some are blowing off steam some, like me, love all women…
          In the end you are free to do as you will with your spare time. If comments here upset you then go watch porn or read Heinrich Heine or learn to play the violin. Don’t know what to tell ya hun, some people have opinions that are different then yours.

        11. I totally agree with you that there are different people and that everybody makes own choice.
          My point is that people should not complain that something goes wrong in their life or to judge other people. We make our choice every day, with our actions we build our future. We reap what we sow. But anyway my point is that we have to respect other people. We are all humans.
          We can’t change other people but we can change ourselves for better.
          All the best to you.

        12. Italians chicks are great but I greatly prefer their cousins in Spain. Some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

        13. Lolknee you are right and she is wrong. Credit to you to indulge her arguments for the benefit of the new and younger readers to this site.

        14. Only a woman can be a slut. Its not a standard created by anyone, it is a biological fact.

        15. Sex is healthy for a man because it improves his athletic performance and reduces his risk of prostate cancer. Men need sex. Women need sex from the man that they love and no other.
          If a woman gets sex from a man other than her man she is broken, perhaps irreparably and useless to her man.

        16. Where this fact is written and approved?
          In books of anatomy and biology this fact is not mentioned.
          Anyway if man has sex with a slut or prostitute this is his choice, means he is not better.
          If man has sex with woman ( doesn’t matter who is she) but doesn’t respect her he doesn’t respect himself.
          Every man makes his choice : to be with a good woman who can be wife and mother but he has to be a worthy man in order to get such a woman or to be with sluts.
          Sometime life is not fair because men who cheat get good women , women who cheat get good men. But this relationships do not last too long.

        17. Funny bob that is exactly what I was thinking. Talking to her is meaningless but some young guy who has this convo in person will have some ammo

        18. I love any women for who arguing to the point of minor violence is considered foreplay. Spain absolutely falls into this category

        19. No baby I don’t live in New York . I have loving husband and kids. I have a good life

        20. Where is it written that men created the concept of slut?
          Because we always know who the mother is but not always who the father is. For this reason, a woman that sleeps around is a slut. And once a slut, always a slut. There is no reformation possible.

        21. If man has child on the side out of family who is he? Cool guy?
          It’s much more common now.
          If all women are sluts maybe your father is not your father. Make a DNA test.

        22. Not all women are sluts, however sluts carry the stigma they do because women hold the keys. They ultimately decide when and if sex happens. All a man can do is convince her to have it with him.

        23. To what extent is it possible this morphism is due to the high carb diet? We all know Sophia Loren remained shapely for most of her life.

      2. Yup. At 30 a woman’s beauty starts to plummet. While a man also ages but differently. He still can gain muscles, he won’t be bald probably for the next 10 years, he will earn more and gain distinctiveness. Heck, most men age 30 are barely rid of pimples. It’s now they begin to shine.
        I wonder when most women really look in the mirror and say to themselves: ‘fck I’m getting old now’.

        1. Around 32-35 or so, from what I’ve seen. Talking about them openly saying it when others are around of course, no other way to know otherwise.

        2. I think having the realization she is getting “old” must be the most shocking thing for a young woman. Time to cash in the chips, get babies fast all comes from that, but the mental part we don’t hear about. Wanting a baby now is a rational choice to make and since it is a big one those thoughts leading up to these life changing events must be depressing.
          Suddenly make-up is not to make yourself more attractive, but to make yourself less unattractive and hair dye is not a funny hobby but a must.

        3. Indeed.
          All women lurkers, take note. My wife went through this around 32 or so, but since she was married and we already had two kids, she didn’t go through panic attacks and a frantic effort to compensate for being a single 32 year old. She was disappointed to find a white hair, but was happy that she’d earned it through motherhood.

        4. For married women in a healthy relationship it’s obviously different. But I think it’s the same as when men get bald and they know it won’t look good (shape of head or something else). It’s losing power you need to get a good mate.

        5. My wife is 39, it was about a year ago she finally admitted she’s feeling age catching up to her. She’s also talked about how I get better looking with age and she’s going the opposite way. Oddly enough, we’ve had far more sex this last year than we had for the 1st 14 years of marriage.
          While I still think she’s quite attractive, the perception of herself has been one factor in the increased sex. I think she’s figured out what SMV is without me having to explain it.

        6. What would happen when you would let her read a book like “the rational male”. Would she agree or laugh it away? I once let let the book linger when I was on a groupholiday. Two girls picked it up and started reading. I was almost skinned alive for reading that “women hating content”.
          Two days later, everybody knew it had that kind of ideas. The women hated me for it, the men wanted to talk about women, dating and relationship with me.

        7. Hard to say without having read the book myself.
          She tried to be much more dominate when we first married, but the years of me shaping her and her coming to some realizations have put her farther away from the “western woman” that is described on this site. She never was full blown indoctrinated into that group, but she had some edges that needed to be worn off.
          In addition to what I wrote in the other post about our sex life, I also think it improved because she finally figured out her life can be much easier if she doesn’t ration it. It took a lot for me to get her to understand that, but I would say it was worth the time I spent.

        8. My ex’s perception of her own declining SMV caused a mental reaction formation that led to her shutting her legs to me. Good that your wife went the opposite way.

        9. I wonder if that was intentionally done to drive you away. Maybe she figured she didn’t have the looks to keep you around so she cut bait.

        10. I think it is definitely different for single women when they age because they are competing with other women for male attention. Married women may not have this issue but it’s still vital to maintain appearances and stay fit and healthy while realizing that one a cant avoid all signs of aging. Women in healthy marriages probably weather age better than their single peers.
          The thing is even the hot 20yr old wife with the firm skin and model body isn’t going to look like that forever, neither will the hot 20yr old man. People do age and genes, lifestyle choices etc determine how fast someone hits the wall.

        11. That’s the weird bit, I started getting a lot more interest just by turning 30.
          And that’s it. Seriously didn’t change a thing but once the odometer hit the mark all of a sudden there’s an uptick.

        12. As much hate as gets thrown around, some women really never convert to the culture like you would think.
          It’s kind of like people being raised atheist in the Soviet Union never really losing their belief in God. Something in them means they will never buy the narrative.

        13. I am in about the same boat, at 36 and kid #6, my wife is trying to up her SMV through sex. I would like to see this trend continue.

        14. We have the additional advantage of status, brainpower, game etc. being currency in SMV; females do not. Hell black guys and SE asians don’t even care about balding.

        15. Women should focus on getting married since 17 and being a housewife. They will get the highest grade men. When they’re 30 they can start getting a career because at that point no man will distract her because less men will want her.

        16. Do not forget about genetics. Some men 30+ look very bad. Some women 20+ look like they are 40.
          It depends on life style, genetics and other factors. Fact is that women with age have more sex drive and woman always can have sex ( i don’t mean fertility). Men with time lose this function (but also depends).
          The advantage of 30+ women is that they can meet a good man. Every confident 40+ man who really wants relationships but not just sex will not look for young sugar babies but will look for a woman who can be his partner.

        17. 6 kids? Dooood! U da man!
          I listened to a feminist lecturer the other day arguing that women shouldn’t have more than 2 kids! Bullshit. Having children is the best thing a woman can do. My mother had 3 kids and a full and complete career. Its feminist bullshit that a woman has to choose between kids and career. Any woman can have both, if that is what she wants. She spends her youth building a family and her middle-age being useful. That’s all.

        18. Hell all women dye their hair… grey is less of an issue for women than men IMO.

        19. I would also grow a short beard, trim it good. Shows masculinity. A bit the Jason Statham look.

        20. The older women become the less attractive they are. You won’t fool me believing a 30+ girl will get a man as easily as a 23 y.o one.

        21. Yeah I have a short beard myself, with a little frosting. Women love that seasoned look.

        22. High school sweetheart? Congratulations making that relationship work for so long.

        23. Examples are just that. Examples that do not disprove the rule. If the rule were not true there would not be articles written by 30+ women in mainstream media wringing their hands over “There’s no good men left!”

        24. We are from different cultures. Everywhere there are good and bad people.
          We have one life why to. E focused on bad people. Be good, act right and attract good people . If course it’s a choice how to live.
          For example I don’t understand why western men are focused so much on feminism. Why just not to ignore it?
          Politicians always play with people. If feminism stream exists means somebody needs it. Why to care?. Even is US there are non feminist women. People fill their brain with crap , social media etc instead to enjoy life.
          In my country nobody would not even comment woman’s march or smth like that because we don’t care.
          American live in a stable country , have stable life , a lot of people there waste their life for nonsense because they don’t have other problems but feminist or woman’s march. LOL

        25. The reasons western men and increasingly men of other cultures are focusing on feminism is because it is the feminist ideology that is destroying the lives of so many men.
          In other words feminism is the enemy to men’s interests. If you do not care then I feel sorry for you because in the next couple of decades men in your country will be receiving a whopper of an ass raping courtesy of feminism.
          Here is how you can know this will happen. 1. Do women have the vote? 2. Does your country provide welfare to the unfortunate? 3. Do women work? 4. Does she get the kids in divorce? 5. Are women screaming about equal rights, wage gap etc. 6. Are men portrayed as bumbling idiots in Family TV shows?
          The more of these things (not an exhaustive list) you answer “yes” to the more likely it is you will get to “enjoy” the fruits of feminism in your lifetime that we are “enjoying” in the west.
          If you want to fight it effectively when it arrives in your country (and it will if it hasn’t already) then you should be getting onto your fellow countrymen and brothers, point them to ROK and other fine manosphere sites, and get them armed for the war that is coming their way.

      3. Although the truth here is undeniable; I feel like this quote here serves to counter the article. Young men could use this as an excuse to not feel a more intense conviction to take action.

        1. Right on that one although i did intentionally changed the quote a bit

      4. *if he has money, a home, and a stable enviable job, keeps his hair and a youthful body. And even then, millionaires wives still fuck dumb hot poolboys.

    2. I did this many times as a single man. I still remember some of them and regret never finding out what might have happened. I didn’t discover game until after I met my wife, so I never really got to use it. I have a great life, but I sometimes wonder what might have been.

      1. Similar tale here. Just started to figure it out prior to meeting wife.
        But do this exercise – think back to interactions you had with women: you were probably ‘gaming’ before you even knew it. I can think of so many times talking to girls and walking away thinking nothing would come of it. I’d hazard to say that to NOT game is learned.

      2. See regret stinks. BUt even more than that, sometimes those girls wind up chatting with you for a few minutes, smiling and then going on their way. You had yourself a perfect little 5 minute relationship. It just makes you feel better which has a butterfly effect on the rest of your day.

        1. Well said.
          I always tell married guys that want to push further with a flirtation to back off because at that very moment the girl is PERFECT. See doesn’t get angry, sick, jealous, etc. Cocking aside, you just had the very best she had to offer.
          And you’re absolutely right – that kinda shit will steer your day in a whole different direction.

        2. Some of my best relationships have been ONS. The passion never died, we never fought, as far as I can tell she didn’t produce feces but yeah, even a 2 minute flirtatious exchange with a girl making your coffee will put a spring in your step…and that goes for anyone from a hard core womanizer to a long term married man.

        3. Good women don’t get angry much. Getting sick is just a feature, a bit of jealousy is great, show’s you are wanted.

        4. So true! It can change the course of a whole day.
          I think in some way, it’s like you feel better because you actually approached. Even if the outcome was only a short pleasant chat it’s still worth it.

        5. Not everything has to be about sex. A pleasant conversation with a feminine woman just takes the edge off.

        6. Just talking to pretty girls makes the world go round. And I have hit the “been there, done that” stage of my life where if I don’t feel like jumping through all the hoops to close the deal, just knowing I COULD bang her if I put in the effort is good enough. I have noticed that a lot of these bitches just don’t have the juice that’s worth the squeeze anymore….Or I just don’t care because I’m just more cynical and brazen than I used to be.

        7. I agree. However, some guys are just built differently though I guess. In my life, however, yes that is why marriage is death and I look forward to being alone on my death bed

    3. Guilty as well. The last time i saw the “perfect girl”, I sacked up and talked to her. She completely blew me the fuck out of the water but it was a good reminder that she was really no different than any other girl.

      1. Many years ago the kneeman had a buddy who was large, tough and loved to fight. I pointed out a hot girl and he suggested I talk to her. I demurred and he hit me so hard in the chest that if I close my eyes, despite it being many decades later, I can still feel it. Smiling he said “what’s the worst that can happen…she can’t hit you that hard.” I never once shied away from a woman no matter how hot since.

        1. some of those trans-girls can hit that hard, and you can’t tell before due diligence

        2. You know, as far as I can tell…when it has come to serious problems, nothing other than violence ever has solved anything.

        3. he’s quite a big guy though, plus he can now scratch and claw at your eyes with impunity.

        4. I am currently dating, amongst my rotation, two sisters from Romanian who are violent, jealous drunks one of which has an actual voodoo doll she made with hair she stole from my head while I was sleeping….trust me, I will take Jenner.

        5. only one of them has made a voodoo doll from your hair? I guess that means it’s relatively safe to break up with the other one?

        6. not the whole doll. My hair is wrapped around it. It isn’t safe to do anything with either of these fucking nut bags but got damn the sex is fucking addictive.

        7. Good lesson. The fear of rejection is common because it hurts the most intimate part of the man: the ego. I think we all have feel it, but when you realize that she is not the last woman on earth, you simply don’t give a fuck about rejection and jump to the next.

        8. Based on what I know about this scenario, which way more than the average responder here, I’d say that this is the closest we’ll see you come to oneitis. A set of hot Romanian sisters who know and approve of you fucking each them both. What’s not to love?

        9. seriously. Then again, I figure….all men must die….but by which method. Heart Attack? Cancer? Car Accident? All things being equal, murdered by Romanian sisters you are in a love triangle with is pretty much as good as it gets

        10. I am actually calling it twoitis but yes. If you count the time I dated the one along with the time I have dated the two (I consider the two as a separate relationship) it has been far longer than I will usually be with a woman. I do have a few other spinning plates, but by and far the Romanians are my favorites still. I would change “know and approve” to “know and begrudgingly accept in public while planning my murder in private”

        11. I won’t go into details, but given as women like drama, and such, I’d say that their acceptance in exchange for the drama it provides is approval of sorts. Heh.

        12. You just have to play Vlad the impaler to their Countess Dracula. You know traditional sex roles, eastern europe style

        13. this is absolutely correct and one of them has even admitted as much lol. They just fucking love it.

        14. are they like romanian gymnasts who can do exorcist style spider walking in the bedroom?

        15. not gymnasts. Just very sex girls who look like they were built for breeding with perfect skin and perfect hair and perfect little bodies who fuck like the world is coming to an end. They are always angry and they fuck that way. God it is some of the best I have ever had and I have been with a lot of fucking women.

        16. I don’t think ‘always angry’ would do anything for me, but I get the attraction. Hope you can handle them

        17. And somehow “equality” fanatics miss the contrasting reactions to being rejected.

        18. They purr like kittens if you know how to treat them and aren’t afraid to cross the line

        19. I don’t worry too much Brutus for I am right with the lord….though even if I were not I would heed the advice of the great Freddy N who said The devotion of the greatest is to encounter risk and danger, and play dice for death.

        20. What is it about crazy that makes the pussy so good?
          It has taken years of practice, trial and error to get to where I can stick my dick in crazy and not suffer consequence. Yet I am reminded of the old saying “DON’T stick your dick in crazy. Do i take that advice? Hell no. I just adapt better defensive measures, because that is how raunchy awesome crazycunt is.

        21. As I know that I will “die alone”, so to speak, because I will never marry, I have made my peace with that. I consider solitude to be different that loneliness, because I think solitude is man’s natural state. Loneliness is the weakness of not being able to handle one’s own company in solitude.
          With that being said, I have often contemplated my mortality and death. After your list of things that will most likely kill me, I think I like your Death By Romanian Love Triangle better. I may have to get to work on that. In fact, may buy a special cigar for the occasion, and humbly ask that I be allowed to smoke it before they kill me. For I am a big fan of when a plan comes together.

        22. I like how you separate lonliness from solitude. I hadn’t thought if it in those terms before and must say it strikes me as really correct.
          I think the cigar would be alright. I actually showed some guys here a screenshot where i literally tell one of them that if and when she murders me to please st least rape me first.
          I’ve gotta say rockfish, just when you think you seen it all here comes something new.

        23. Same. It should be “amateurs, leave crazy for the pros” I almost only stick my dick in crazy, that’s where I like it. In this Case it is crazy and her sister crazier

        24. Makes sense. Loneliness is what you feel, solitude is state. Solitude could have a good purpose, loneliness implies your purpose is to seek company.

      2. “. She completely blew me the fuck out of the water but it was a good reminder that she was really no different than any other girl”
        I think that is referred to as aversion therapy. Aversion therapy is a form of psychological treatment in which the patient is exposed to a stimulus that results some form of discomfort or disgust or repulsion.
        Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Just when one thinks to himself “she might be different” the haughty bitch completely puts him in his place by telling him to fuck off, or giving a fake phone number, or simply blocking him. Good-bye Disney narrative about females.

    4. Tom’s exile self imposed or did the moderators heave him? I recall he had a looming court date and assumed it didn’t go his way.

      1. I believe Tom was given the heave ho. The reasons why are confusing to me, but as the old saying goes….not my circus, not my monkeys.

        1. That’s an old saying? Can I just throw a couple of nouns together like that too? Wait lemme try:
          Not my socket wrench, not my slippers.

        2. you never heard “not my circus, not my monkeys” as a phrase for “none of my business”?

        3. Actually that’s new to me too. I make up random phrases out of whole cloth, so I assumed that this is what you were doing as well.

        4. Nah, that is one I have heard all my life. Possibly regional?

        5. That is a pretty old one. I live in Texas and I’ve heard that one for a long time also.

    5. Whatever happened to Tom Arrow? Used to love reading his Socratic approach to figuring out the world, even if I didn’t always agree with him.

    6. Yeah when I travelled to USA the last time I started a conversation with the blonde American woman next to me (semi-good looking). Long air flights are boring so you are lucky if you are next to some nice girl.

      1. It is true but I had a soft spot for him and enjoyed his comments

        1. Yea me too.
          I just wished he toughen up a bit and see the world isnt all gloom and doom.

    7. has Tom been exiled? i wondered why i hadn’t seen him posting for some time.

    8. When you can’t think of anything to say to a girl just say anything. Once you make the first move the conversation usually just takes care of itself.

  12. I’m not what I’d consider a PUA by any stretch, but I do have one rule. If the girl isn’t worth the risk of rejection, then she’s not worth my time.
    Sure you can approach the reasonably attractive and probably not fail. But where’s the fun in that? Greater risk, greater reward. 🙂

  13. I seem to be better at the hotter ones. Luckily I live where there is high volume.
    Next month I move to dearth of hotties for a while…
    Have made many really bad fuck-ups in my life – especially when younger. Then when great opportunities – missed non…
    Recently I made major fuck up…
    At kids sporting event. Hot hot woman in short shorts. was checking from long distance. then moved closer. Recognized was celebrity – and much better in person.
    And her husband — straight out of GQ factory…
    I am near older women that know me and like me – because I take the piss and tease them — much laughing and punches on the shoulder…
    As she was leaving – she dropped back from the family – and came far too close to me – -made some low level noises. But I’d already decided to respect her celebrity and not speak….It was in hindsight that I knew she came closer – and wanted action…
    Now her celebrity super handsome husband? He is short. and as my girlfriends says “too pretty – I like you better”.
    Never not talk to the hottie…

  14. Being married, I must refrain from the daily approach to avoid spoiling the marriage, however…..
    Yesterday at work was fairly typical, I sent my wife a text to have food ready the minute I get home and swimsuits on the kids so we could go immediately. We go to the pool and the place is crowded. I take the four year old down the water slide for awhile then swap off with the wife sitting in the kiddie pool with the baby. I am playing with the baby and start talking with this 20 something mother who is obviously flirting. About 5 minutes of this, and my wife comes with the four year old and sits down right between us with a disgruntled look on her face. The girl goes away, and pretty soon my wife is happy again. We get home, and put the kids to bed.
    I tell you, last night was some of the best sex we had in quite some time. I am not sure if it was jealousy that got her excited, or that she was intentionally going out of her way to be pleasing, maybe both, but boundaries were pushed. I’ll just leave it at that.

    1. You should double-down on this good kharma and suggest throwing the New Girl into the mix.

        1. I kid of course. I’d still recommend walking the razor’s edge of approaching though. Its good for the Mojo.

    2. Don’t know how old your wife is, but this is quite normal behavior for older women. It’s just the tables have turned to your benefit.

      1. I am 42, she is 36. She keeps herself in shape, but still is recovering from the baby.

        1. Ah well, that all comes into play. I would gaslight some more once in a while. Show her how lucky she is to have a good guy. Not on purpose of course. But making things so they are taken for granted never helped anybody.

      1. From what I gather, you engage in this behavior quite often, despite being married. What is your line in the sand?

        1. I love the Constitution of these united States. It’s one of my favorite documents in the history of the world. I think that this is my favorite part though, outside of the 2nd Amendment.

        2. One day GOJ you and I will sit down and plead the 5th together. Then we might open a second 5th.

        3. Thinking about whisky and looking at your picture I just want to get Dean Martin in Rio Bravo drunk.

        4. You mean Ricky Nelson. Ricky Martin is too busy livin’ la vida loca and being sodomized.

        5. all good. made me smile. Casting Dean Martin as a Cowboy is almost as great as casting Edward G Robinson as Dathan in the 10 commandments. Nyeah Joshuwa, she commin’ wit me see, commin’ wit me by her own free will! Nyeah Nyeah

        6. Not many actors with musical talent like that anymore (or musicians for that matter)

        7. John Wayne as Genghis Khan was a master stroke of weird.

        8. That one was great too. He was squinting the whole time. The whole damn cast died of cancer because they saved money and filmed on a nuke test zone.

        9. OT: for some reason I thought of this. I know you probably have seen it, but always worth a showing….

        10. actually, he was a jew in the movie. Dathan was the uncle moishe of the Israelites pandering to pharaoh

        11. A real answer is where you feel comfortable cutting it off. I’ll tease and flirt almost instinctually, it’s just going to happen if a pretty girl is nearby. If you want to test your limits and you know you’ll never reasonably see her ever again in the world, you can get a number close and then throw it away, but only if you know that’s what you’ll do. A dude going through a situation where he’s itching for something new but is content to stick it out with wifey, probably shouldn’t number close, because then it’s “Hey, wait…I have her number”

        12. I could have number closed with that girl, but what’s the point? I will flirt some typically, maybe a little teasing to get a smile out of her. My wife will roll her eyes, or butt into the conversation. All in good fun.
          I suppose it is wise to learn to read your wife well. Getting her annoyed is one thing, pissing her off and getting her to question your fidelity is another.

        13. Yeah, you’d never want to go too far in front of the wife.

    3. Mate guarding sex is some of the best. And you don’t even have to be a husband to get it.

    4. yea me too – have long time gf.
      Also worried they think I’m creepy old man (which I am)…
      However, I still fuck around a bit…
      last summer, with side business, took out cool guy and 8 models…
      Girlfriend was watching and quite peeved…
      Niagara falls that night…

      1. I’m in my early 40s and I still score the under 25 year olds every now and then. Lately, I just don’t care as much, especially ‘missed approaches’. I’ve learned to ‘get over it’ and THAT has empowered me greatly.

    5. Same thing here. At the supermarket, smoking hot girl from an account at work approaches me, smiles, open body language, asks about the family, and the newborn baby by name. That night, bedroom magic.

  15. “Our psychological antennae is powerful and we tend to be drawn most toward those with whom we have the greatest synergy.”
    Change “psychological” to “pheremonal”, and you’ve got a true statement.

    1. No real evidence for human pheromones or pheromone receptors. That’s for horses.

  16. Damn good point. I’ve never heard anyone else talk about that “non approach regret” before. It sucks.
    A couple thoughts to help overcome the fear:
    She’s waiting for you to approach her. It doesn’t matter what you say. At the end of the day, she’ll only remember if you did.
    You’re the coolest, best looking dude who’s going to approach her today. You’re the one she actually will appreciate.
    Alpha men are dying. Be the guy that keeps it alive.
    If you’re nervous what other people in the room will think, here’s what they’ll think: “Damn, he has no fear. I wish I was him.”

    1. I do regret approaching a girl from the other week. She touched my eyebrows to neg its bushiness and then the next day I got a big sty that took 4 days to heal. She must’ve had dookie on finger tips and it found its way into my eyeball.

  17. Rejection and ringing, lasting awkwardness are far worse then the feeling of a missed chance for me. I think a lot of this PUA advice spillover is what is making women so incredibly guarded these days. Maybe I am one part alpha because for the most part women have mostly just appeared in my life without much effort. This is why I think social proof is the number one thing to do to connect with women. Every time I chased something it ran like a cat through a hole in the fence.

  18. This shit is so on the money. I call it The Compulsion. When you see a girl that checks off all the boxes physically and maybe there’s something more intangible to it like you said, and you feel compelled to approach her by the forces of nature. If you don’t, the approach regret is too real. Good stuff man

    1. Happened to me several times, counting on one hand. You feel a visceral attraction to certain women, and they don’t even have to be hot. I can’t explain it. More often than not, sadly it is not reciprocated.

  19. Jesus don’t you have better things to do with your life than spend the whole time sniffing around after women? I learned a profound truth by my mid 20s – if you shag enough women one twat begins to seem much like any other twat. If you don’t grow out of it you become an insufferable bore.

    1. You’re not familiar with “Try does a lot of the articles for those new to Game here” are you?

      1. Sadly I am unfamiliar with any of Try’s considerable oeuvre. But I guess I will just have to live with that. It will be tough, but I’m a resilient guy.

  20. So this ‘one’ special girl is one of many ‘special’ girls then? Which, I dunno, kinds of makes them not special? I like this site but thought point was to develop a healthy attitude wheall attractive women are the same?
    This article is b.s. Love all, love nobody!

    1. What makes a girl special is when she understands that she isn’t special………
      99% of modern women and feminists think they are somehow entitled to a man’s resources and commitment just for existing and showing some skin. It takes a rare woman to overlook the Disney princess/blue pill mentality to see herself as she is. Only then will she be able to fulfill her divine potential as wife and mother.

      1. Agreed. But this article is nonsense with its tug on DNA talk. ALL attractive women tug on a guy’s DNA on initial sight. At a base level, he wants to impregnate them all. She becomes ‘special’ by proving herself with time- if she does prove herself that is.
        A man standing gawping at a woman does himself no favours and elicits mild disgust in all around him- and rightly so.

    1. This post is for beginners, it take a little bit of the drink to not be so thirsty anymore. Take it easy, we all have been there at one point.

  21. I have to agree that approaching women in other areas than stinky nightclubs is good and something that actually would be healthier for guys. I am in a relationship but if I were not I would prefer contacting girls I saw had something in common with me, like in the library. Not drunk bitches in stinky nightclubs.

  22. Solid advice.
    That one girl who is 100% your type. When your approach anxiety kicks in like never before, and wants you to run in the opposite direction. The one to whom you could make love passionately, the one you could fuck like an animal, and you know this just by looking at her.
    The rest of the women belong to others.
    That one was sent into your way by God.
    Approach her, today. Now.

  23. Yes. This is something any experienced day gamer will say. I actually do better with the girls I’m most strongly attracted to because it burns through in the interaction.
    But – and this is something crucial – if you really want to get that “DNA feeling,” you must abstain from porn during your day game campaign season. You won’t be able to get excited by real girls when you have constant access to sexual material in pixels. More experienced guys can get away with a little (and just that), but if you’re a beginner trying to find your rhythm and overcome your anxieties abstaining is an absolute must.
    Your greed needs to overcome your fear. You can’t get greedy if you don’t abstain from constant pixelated “access.”

    1. See I’ve never understood this.
      Porn ain’t even close to real thing. A picture of a steak never made me less hungry for a rare ny strip.
      I could see if you were talking about strippers, but porn is so limited.

        1. I would say porn needs to go, period. Nothing wrong with appreciating a Playboy centerfold, but that is totally different than wanking yourself while watching somebody else get lucky on video. Do it enough, and it will mess your head up and get you disappointed in your future wife when she doesn’t want to give you a rimjob.

        2. It’s all about the frequency. If you do it every once in a while it isn’t a problem. If you’re doing it every night it’s a big problem. I recommend to beginners just starting out I recommend going with no porn for a year, and I agree that it’s best to get off entirely.
          But, some people will naturally be bored at times with nothing to do, so we need to recognize it’s inevitable for most. Developing a system to keep it to an absolute minimum is probably the best we can do in this day and age.

        3. I think it depends on the person. I served a two year mission, and still I fell back into the same trap when I got back.

        4. Yeah, it depends on the person. Quitting when you start is absolutely vital. When you’re more experienced, you can get away with a little.

  24. When you get older you begin to understand a higher degree of attraction. It’s still physical but you begin to require more information on the woman then just looks. Her background, her relationship with her dad, her hobbies, dare I say her personality and then I tie all that to her physical appearance and then give an evaluation. Some looks seem to go well with certain personality and quirks, some looks don’t. A background can somewhat coincide with particular look that triples her sexiness as another example.
    Like a white girl that was raised by traditional asian parents in asia may exhibit asian girl politeness which creates an exotic match.

  25. Top notch article this. I can remember being on the Tube through London and probably one of the most bangable blonde chicks ever came and sat directly opposite me and made it very clear she was interested but I was with a guy who said “Nah mate. She’s just prick teasing, she’s well out of your league.” She was a fucking stunner but I knew she was attracted and well, I bottled out and listened to the wrong voice. That of my mate. I have always regretted it and this was easily 10 years ago. I can recall her like it happened this morning. Now I always approach even if I do get the finger or the fuck off! The regret just ain’t worth it.

  26. I recently moved to a new city and want to start daygaming.
    First impression: it’s hard. But approaching is the quintessence of masculinity: taking risks.

  27. I never talk to 5s and 6s. There is actually no value because you don’t want the girls and they don’t help you get used to talking to 9s and 10s. Only talking to 9s and 10s does.
    I actually spoke to “that girl” you are talking about recently Troy. I saw her, Eastern European, dark hair at the far end of the platform. I walked down the platform and got onto the same tube carriage as her. She had her friend with her and I just sat down across from her and took my time checking her out. “Perfect” I thought.
    Her friend got out at Waterloo and she got out on the same stop as me. Whenever I see “that girl” I bargain with myself that I will talk to her if she gets out on the same stop as me.
    So I followed her up to street level, tapped her on the arm and said whatever came to mind. She said “thank you”, made small talk but basically dismissed me. The heavens didn’t crack open, the sky didn’t fall and disaster didn’t strike. I shrugged thinking “bitch you crazy, perfection just walked up to you and you couldn’t see it”. I just walked away with a smile on my face thinking that I had just done something that 99% of men would only dream about.
    For me, to psyche myself up and banish the visions of impending doom, I just imagine the girl smiling at me sweetly when I approach her. And virtually every time, whether the girl rejects me or not, they always smile nicely at me. And so rejection is nowhere near as bad as you might think.

    1. Awesome post man. I do the same thing – make that bargain with myself that if she gets off at the same stop . . .
      I rarely actually approach in the carriage these days for obvious reasons although I have done it. Kind of depends how busy it is, what our proximity is etc.

      1. Yeah it could be awkward approaching a girl in a crowded carriage especially if she turns out to be a bitch. That said, I have also done it when it felt right.

  28. I approach girls who seem relaxed not so uptight (man hating American females) …
    basically approach asian, hispanic or white eastern euro girls who are not influenced by Murican culture.

  29. Brilliant article here Troy- possibly my favourite of the year so far without any exaggeration.
    I love this article because you just summed up what it feels like to be me. Yes, there are plenty of available girls to approach BUT…
    ….Nearly all of them I find it hard to bother with, regardless of how attractive they are. I feel fairly matter-of-fact about going up to a girl and making my intentions fairly clear from the start, and rejection doesn’t cut me. I don’t feel ashamed of it and why should I- why should any guy? A man pursuing a female he finds attractive is one of the most normal things in the world, and people who try to shame men for doing this, are themselves worthy of shame for being socially retarded and/ or regressive faggots.
    Yet…I see a certain girl and play “If I couldn’t fail”. I imagine being “that” guy- holding hands with her in public, sleeping with her on the regular, spending considerable time and effort with her, I imagine HER being the girl I’m exclusive with..and I picture how I’d feel. Would it feel right, or would I always feel out of place, knowing my heart was never truly in it? If I couldn’t fail, would I want to take that shot in the first place?
    If it’s “No” then I keep on walking. But….
    On those considerably rarer occasions where I see a girl (usually because she leaps to my eyes, even in a crowd, and it’s like I can’t miss her) and I straight away feel that rush that’s equal parts arousal and frustration- then I have no option but to approach her. She could laugh in my face, she could throw her drink at me, she could have a boyfriend who tries to fight me- but NONE of this comes close to the death that would be letting her slip away forever, without finding out for certain. It’s like I just HAVE to find out. If I go down, I go down in a blaze of glory knowing that plenty of other guys wouldn’t bother, and spend the rest of their life putting these girls on a pedestal and then resenting them for being put there in the first place!
    Fuck that…I’m not a loser like those guys. I only go for what I WANT.
    And you’re right- it’s amazing how often my feelings resonate with the girl in question. Women are perceptive about this stuff- it’s like they can sense when you REALLY dig them vs when you’re on auto-pilot. That’s the beautiful thing about it in the end- how often that ‘pull’ I feel towards them ends up being mutual. Those are the girls I play the hypothetical with and know that if I couldn’t fail, I’d always be thankful for taking the shot and finding out for sure.
    Your article had such a powerful affect on me because everything I just mentioned, is something I have known about myself for a long time now- but I thought it was just me. I thought maybe I was picky or fussy and I wasn’t sure if people would understand when I tried to explain my criteria for “should I take a shot with this girl or not”.
    But you’ve just virtually written about what goes on in my mind, what it’s like to be me, and shared it with everybody here. And for that, I’m more grateful than you might think.
    Keep up the good work!

  30. Guys in American and Westernized countries try so hard to get even one woman to like them.
    But, foreign guys in Colombia, Ukraine, etc. can just easily be themselves. The foreign women would go to them for companionship and more.
    Why should I stay in America, take advice from so-called professionals who think they know everything, and pursue a single woman who probably does not want to be friends with me?
    Why shouldn’t I go to a foreign country and pursue many women who are not only gorgeous but also nicer and definitely want to be friends (or more) with me?
    If some American/Western guys want to go the hard way of meeting women instead of going overseas and going the easy way of meeting women, I say to them “good luck”.

  31. I have been reading many of the articles here and while I understand the sentiment of men and women having distinct roles and can appreciate the feminine and the masculine not buying into progressive thought, so many of the articles seem like the male equivalent of the angry feminist.
    Do not equate being a strong man with being a misogynist who objectifies women, that is probably the real reason feminism took root.

  32. only approach Godly women,approaching harlots will affect you in nothing but a negative way.

  33. Good stuff! Got to go with your gut. I had this same conversation just the other day; sometimes you see a girl and everything else seems to fall away, and she is all you see. Act on it! Your instincts are almost never wrong.

  34. Great, great article. I’ve noticed this myself from practicing a lot of day game. For whatever reason, the approaches you make on the the girls you find the most attractive to you, always seem to go the smoothest. You can sense the chemistry or vibe or whatever you want to call it. It is a real thing.

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