The Lewdness Of Hillary Clinton’s Disinformation Campaign

Over the past weekend, Hillary Clinton’s Democratic machine launched the first part of their October Surprise; their final attack on the reputation of Donald Trump.  It comes in the form of a 2005 video obtained by the Washington Post.  In the behind-the-scenes footage, as Trump prepares for a cameo role on Days Of Our Lives, he engages in some locker room banter with Billy Bush, one of the hosts of Access Hollywood.  He starts off by telling Bush about attempting (and failing) to seduce a married woman, but it’s the statement that follows which has been drawing the most ire:

Yeah, that’s [Arianne Zucker].  With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her.  You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful – I just start kissing them.  It’s like a magnet.  I just kiss.  I don’t even wait.  And when you’re a star they let you do it.  You can do anything.  Grab them by the pussy – you can do anything!

Bush laughs, and proceeds to comment on the legs of one of the other actresses walking by.

The video presented to the public has clearly been edited—there are several jumps during which we miss the intervening conversation—but even the final result is tame compared to what constitutes most public discourse in The Current Year.  Topics such as Slut Walks, Kim Kardashian ‘breaking the Internet’ with her ass, pop starlets parading about on stage with sex toys, and the extreme forms of sexual perversion which are celebrated annually during Gay Pride Parades—all of these have become part of our ordinary discourse.

Parents bring their children to see midgets in gimp masks being led around on leashes, teenage girls listen to music which promotes bisexuality and hard drug use, grocery store tabloids report every single salacious scandal they can get a hold of, but when Donald Trump jokes about how much he likes kissing pretty girls?  Better put a warning up for all of the ‘lewd’ language he’ll be using!


On Politeness and Morality

The rank hypocrisy of this pearl clutching is astounding.  This form of locker room talk is the nothing more than simple, healthy, virile, masculinity.  Since the dawn of humanity, men have sat around discussing the beauty of women, bragging about how popular they are with the ladies, and making crude sexual comments about what they’d like to do with them behind closed doors.  While feminists might scream “Rape culture!” and “Objectification!” these are nothing but the ejaculates of diseased minds.  Feminists have a pathological fear of healthy male sexuality, and so they conflate the admiration of beauty with the devaluation of personality, and the desire for a woman with the intent to take her by force.

It is a biological fact that men are the initiatory sex, and that women are the alluring sex.  Throughout all of the animal kingdom, males have to prove their worth before a female will accept them as a mate, and it is the female’s alluring nature which drives them to compete in the first place.  Locker room banter is just one of the many ways that the males of our species psych one another up in preparation.  It isn’t just normal—it is morally correct.

The milk sops who are attacking Trump over this comment are criticizing his lack of politeness—the meek language we adopt whenever we find ourselves in mixed company.  If his statements had been made in public they might have had a point—a frank conversation about bowel movements belongs in the doctor’s office, not at the dinner table, and telling a woman you barely know that you’d like to “grab her pussy” is the sort of social maladjustment that suggests a temperamental problem—but this was nothing more than a small clip of a long conversation, all of which happened behind closed doors, and exclusively amongst other men.  Nobody present was offended—Bush’s own replies affirmed and agreed with Trump’s—and any man who denies having had a similar conversation is a bald faced liar.

Yes, the conversation was rude, but rude is not immoral; the behaviour that married couples get up to in the marital bed is also rude, and yet St Paul commands married couples to do it well, and to do it often.  If you walked into a confessional and told the priest that you wanted to kiss pretty girls, he’d give you five Hail Marys for wasting his time, and even a nun like Mother Angelica can enjoy a bit of rude humor: after reading a Galatians 15:21 on her television show, she joked, “…drunkenness, orgies, and other things—oh my; I’m curious about what these other things might be!”


What sort of world is this where we expect Donald Trump to be better behaved than a Catholic nun?  And what sort of hypocrites make up the Republican establishment, if this off-hand remark offends them?  Do the indiscretions of the Democrats in general, and the Clintons in particular, even warrant a mention at this point?  Or can we simply state that we’re living in a world of puritanical hypocrites, who promote the most depraved and debauched culture seen on this planet since the fall of Rome, but who are more than happy to scream “Pervert!” at their enemy because he once patted his wife’s derriere while boarding a plane?

The Timing is No Accident

The “recently” obtained footage which sparked this puerile controversy is anything but; it’s been sitting around for 11 years, and it’s no accident that they chose to release it right now.  On its own it won’t be enough to damn Trump—on its own, it will only drive more attention to the sexual scandals surrounding Hillary and Bill.  Joe Sixpack and Sally Homemaker might express the required outrage in public, but Joe will laugh it off in the pub, while Sally will compare it to Fifty Shades of Grey at her next book club meeting.  In short order it will become little more than an internet meme with mass appeal:

Q: Did you hear about Trump’s plan for the blabbity-blah-blah-blah?

A: He’s going to grab it by the pussy!

The story’s only four days old, and already it’s petering out.  While a multitude of establishment voices are treating this like some sort of “Gotcha!” moment, it’s doing nothing to sway your average voter.  It’s just another case of the media reporting on itself, turning a non-issue into news and then reporting on said news because they themselves said it was newsworthy.  Despite all the agitation from Republicans and Democrats alike, it’s a non starter… at least for now.


Keep in mind that the reported numbers are biased in favor of Hillary.

For months the mainstream media has ignored the many scandals surrounding the Clinton family—crimes not only suspected, but in some cases outright admitted.  Independent journalists like Matt Forney have been tireless in their exposes on Clinton corruption and criminality, while the establishment has worked to smooth it over and agitate against Trump.  Now that the election is entering its final days, these same journalists will be able to wield rumor and hearsay with abandon, since by the time it’s proven false it will be too late to matter.

Painting Trump as a sex addict is just the first part of the October surprise: Alex Jones of Infowars reports on a dossier he has received outlining the full extent of the Clintonian disinformation campaign.

Back in April, reports began to circulate that Donald Trump had been accused of raping a 13 year old girl over 20 years ago, along with Jeffrey Epstein of “Lolita Express” infamy (the man whose underage “pleasure island” Bill Clinton has visited over 100 times).  Trump emphatically denied the accusations, and the California lawsuit alleging this criminality was filed under a false name, and dismissed over a “technical filing error”—namely that the accuser’s listed address was a foreclosed property whose owner was dead.

With nothing more forthcoming (and Bill’s own connections to Epstein) the story quickly faded into obscurity, but there has been a recent development: on September 30th the suit was refiled in New York on behalf of “Jane Doe” by Thomas Meagher, an attorney from Meagher Emanuel Laks Goldberg & Liao, LLP, a law firm specializing in intellectual property and patent litigation.

According to the information Alex Jones received, the current non-scandal is just a lead up, the jab preceding the punch.  By planting the image of Donald Trump as some sort of sex-obsessed misogynist, the 20 year old claims in the civil suit will seem that much more plausible in the mind of the general public; furthermore, by accusing Trump of these sorts of crimes, it will thwart any attempts to question Hillary and Bill’s sexual history; both the former’s laughter at a 12 year old rape victim, and the latter’s many rape accusations by women who don’t hide behind pseudonyms.

The calumny being spread by the Democratic machine and their operatives within the media cannot be ignored.  Every bit of it—even the ribald joking from this 11 year old clip—occurs in a wider context.  There is an organized campaign to smear Donald Trump in the eyes of the public, while covering up the massive amounts of fraud, hypocrisy, and criminality which surrounds his opponent.  It is crucial that we do all that we can to call out their narrative from the very get go, when its slanderous foundations are being laid, before their plans can come to fruition.

Twenty years ago political commentators were lamenting the sheer amount of mudslinging going on in presidential campaigns; with this election, the establishment has stooped to a new low of mendacious reporting.  That Hillary Clinton is actively involved in these sorts of lies and manipulations is proof enough that she is unfit to be President; when you combine it with her warmongering, her interpersonal vileness, and her anti-American globalist leanings, one is forced to question how any decent human being could ever say “I’m With Her!”

This isn’t a case of a Democratic President who plans to remake America along the lines of some sort of Utopian vision; this is a sick and vile woman who ought to be serving time in prison for the crimes she has already admitted to, let alone the many more which she’s suspected of committing.  Even if you believe the worst depictions of Donald Trump—that he’s an arrogant, shallow, privileged, womanizing, bully—he’s still infinitely better than a woman who laughs at rape victims.

It is incumbent upon all good hearted people, not just to vote in this election, but to stand up for the truth throughout this election season.  Do not allow the slanderers to win through your own silence; stand up for the truth, and make yourself heard.

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185 thoughts on “The Lewdness Of Hillary Clinton’s Disinformation Campaign”

    1. There was a time this would have surprised me. But this election has shown me that so many officially anti-leftist (((journalists))) and (((pundits))) are really controlled opposition.
      It’s a pity, really.

  1. When the older grown ups tell you twenty and thirty somethings “there’s never been an election like this” please believe us – this is tops.
    We are undergoing a very profound and positive sea change and you’re going to be a part of it. Win or lose – Trump has helped light a spark that will eventually overcome the evil plans of the establishment.
    You get to fight for your nation and her people! Very exciting!

    1. It reads more like the 1968 Election. Hopefully with the Republican candidate winning, as it did at that time.

  2. Wait, so you’re telling me Donald Trump is a straight, libidinous white male? Didn’t he realize way back then that it would eventually be [CURRENT YEAR]?
    Clearly, this is more dangerous to America than warmongering, rapist-defending, American-hating Hillary!

    Semi-related: a highlight reel from debate two:

  3. This is the best article I’ve read summarizing this topic.
    The entire thing is depressing though. The shit just keeps coming and coming and coming with Hillary Clinton, and most people I know are still going to vote for her. All of it just gets a shrug. We are such a pathetic country. We almost deserve her.

    1. She’s not the president we want, but the president we deserve. If we survive 4-8 years of Hillary, the shift to the right will be so strong, people will suffer whiplash.

        1. I only ask for mercy for those who didn’t want this and voted against these foolish policies that are destroying our society. Those pushing the suicide agenda of the left are free to burn.

        2. Not dissimilar to my prayer to preserve the just against our enemies, foreign and domestic.
          And, if I’m honest, I’m substantially more scared of the domestic enemies.

        3. For these ones let them be punished for perverting God’s world and His creations. Either way they know it or not they help for the devil actively by making the abnormal normal and the evil into good.
          For all the rest may they have mercy. All of them will need it truly.

      1. I call it the “Drexler effect”, where the duration of the rise to power is in direct proportion to the time elapsed between the beginning of the marginalization of a group and their first representation in politics. (Eg 8 years of sjw, 8 years until the catastrophic rise of the shitlords)

        1. I’ve been meaning to write something -like the foresight of the republicans blocking Obama from appointing another SJW justice, or the villainous attitudes within SJW folk- but I have quite a few pots on the stove. I have to get my patriarchy war-wagon ready for the winter, work on my graphic novel and -the biggest project of all-complete my revolutionary new piece of sporting equipment and make a funding pitch.
          But I am rather tempted to make a podcast and just ramble for a few minutes…

      2. The U.S. won’t survive even a single term of Hillary. I expect war to break out soon after she takes office, not to mention violent clashes spiralling out of control on U.S. soil.
        In addition, a Hillary win will strongly embolden Europe’s globalist leadership. Europe will be flooded with muslims and other scum from the bowels of Africa.

        1. Black crimes matter will be enboldened. …
          The most foolish among them will not last long.

      3. I think the right will become extinct should the Trump experiment falter (Heaven forbid).
        The GOP establishment showed their true colors, and none of the other candidates remotely generated the following Trump did.
        Not to mention the violence sanctioned against Trump fans and conservatives alike. Dark waters indeed.

        1. Yeah, look at how awful all the other GOP choices were, and there were like 15 of them. I don’t see a bright future ahead for either party, leader-wise.

        2. If you want to irritate a leftist, remind them how their narratives are never actually open to different opinions (like a measured, rational person), but rather a false dichotomy of “good vs evil.” The end result of that is a one party system mindset where that is the ideal, set in a globalist environment. They always look stunned when I ask how much control over their lives, they want the state to have. If that’s not 1984, I don’t know what is.

      4. I agree with this, but I’m not sure how the Republican party will survive post-Trump. If Trump loses, the party leadership is a bunch of big business dealmaking business as usual types that are no different than their partners on the other side of the aisle. The voters are rebelling against the party, just look at the Trump popularity vs the Paul Ryan anger. How will they respond? I’d like to think they would encourage more populism and go with a Trumpish person going forward but I seriously doubt it. The other problem is going to be the increasingly bad demographics in 8 years.
        The best bet for conservatism would be a reformed party which does away with the anti-immigration message and focuses on conservative family values, anti-feminism, and an actual balanced budget (not borrow and spend which is what every Republican administration has done for the past 40 years) which most immigrants believe in. But can they get the existing base to go along with that? I dunno.

        1. Yes, the GOP is splitting into
          1) A culturally conservative alt-right party
          2) An economically responsible moderate party
          A rotating cast of deplorables will head the first group.
          John Kasich has already been positioning himself to run for president again in 2020 as the leader of the second. Remember, he was the only GOP candidate who beat Hillary in head-to-head polls. He also never endorsed Trump.

        2. I mostly agree although #2 is pretty much just rhetoric. I’ve found Republican administrations to spend just as heavily as Democratic ones, they just don’t raise taxes to pay for it (which is actually less responsible). But yes, they still have the image of being the fiscally responsible party, despite creating the TSA, the bank bailouts, and a long history of deficit spending and foreign adventurism going back to Reagan.
          Ideally I could live with #2 because I’m not sure how effective a government can be at instilling cultural or moral values. It can definitely stop reinforcing negative ones, but it’s hard to use government to create a culturally conservative society without going full Saudi Arabia, and that just isn’t feasible here.

        3. Clinton victory could likely cause a three party system in the US. Sanders supporters will leave the Crats and Trump supporters will leave the Pubs.

        4. John kasich has increased spending on Ohio on avg 6% per year. He is not remotely economically responsible. That’s the problem with group #2. The republicans have been nominating #2s for decades and gov just keeps getting larger. What we actually have is paleo cons (national bent) vs neo-cons (NWO) that started in the 70s. The neo-cons (your group #2, who aren’t actually economically responsible – [Reagan increased the debt 3x and raised spending 80%, Bush 2 doubled the debt and raised spending 78%, Bush I was even worse if you adjust 4 years for 8 years, Romney increased spending massively in MA, Kasich increased spending massively in OH, etc)]). So in reality, the party is dividing into nationalism vs NWO.

      5. Wrong. White people will shift right (like they already have been doing), but Hillary will more than make up for it with all the immigrants she brings in, plus amnesty for the ones already here.

        1. There may even come a point where AIDS Skrillex and Carl the Cuck find themselves coming on-board. They’ll be the absolute last to swallow the red-pill if so.

      6. I just hope Forney and all the other alt.right-ish bloggers out there are correct in predicting that Trump will win in a landslide, or at least win. I want to believe that this is another Brexit. The glory of seeing the establishment and its media lackeys exposed…I can’t find words to express the feeling. Got a little taste of it with the sputtering, terrified reaction of that loathsome panel of CNN “journalists” before the last debate to Trump’s bringing out some of the Clintons’ victims, but that was minuscule compared to how an actual Trump victory would be.

        1. Like you, I want to believe Trump will win, but I’m not getting my hopes up. I’ve seen what corruption the Dems are capable of and rigging the election isn’t past them.

        2. That, and also as much as I want to believe that Trump has the broad support that Forney, Heartiste, etc. claim he does, I just don’t know. I live in a depressingly leftist part of the country, maybe that’s why it’s so hard have hope sometimes. I do my best to convert friends and family to the cause, but I feel like I’m a Soviet dissident or something, having to do it in the shadows. Also, I’m a strong believer in “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

        3. Same here. Anyone at work who makes even a remotely conservative statement first looks around and behind them first. It’s pathetic. I made light of it the other day jokingly asking ‘what kind of country do we live in where they feel the need to do that?’

      7. Hillary terms will be written is history. The collapse of important infrastructures will coin the term “like Hillary” to describe a terrible person along with “like Hitler” and “you’re satan”

      8. Nice thought, but wrong. Hillary will get amnesty for all of the illegal immigrants here now, and allow millions more in. That will permanently tip the scale to the Dems in future elections. Lots has already been written on exactly this scenario.

    2. There are many, many people out there who just take anything the MSM feeds them at face value.
      Large media corporations conspiring, colluding, and engineering world events was once considered evil enough to be used as a plot for a James Bond movie (“Tomorrow Never Dies”).
      Now, people just won’t bat an eye.

  4. Over the past weekend, Hillary Clinton’s Democratic machine launched the first part of their October Surprise; their final attack on the reputation of Donald Trump. It comes in the form of a 2005 video obtained by the Washington Post.
    You’re a little behind in the scuttlebutt. The DNC had little to do with it. The tapes were released by Paul Ryan operative Dan Senor as part of a coordinated GOPe coup attempt against Donald Trump. See here:
    and here:
    and here:

    1. Apparently they spread the word to the RNC in advance, so the politicians could throw their support away before Trump inevitably dropped out of the race in disgrace.

    2. This is exactly what I was trying to dig out from my records but could not find it on time. Thanks.

        1. One organization supports open borders, multiculturalism, foreign interventionism, & free trade. The other is running a woman for president

  5. Trump needs to go scorched earth with debate 3. The loss for words that befell Hillary after “You’d be in jail” is probably the first time in her 30 year “career” she had ever been humbled. And she never recovered.

        1. Yeah I’ll just be glad when this smoke-and-mirrors charade is finally over…I’m voting for Mayor McCheese, at this point.

        2. When pLOLotics season is over we can finally concentrate on things that matter … like music

        3. Anything else. Enduring this mindfuck is like enduring pins being stuck in your face, 24/7…

        4. The media is now reporting TRUMP would enter lockerroom at Miss America Contest in their endless endeavor to paint him as a “misogynist.”
          The owner of Contest has right to go wherever they desire.
          The double standard is on full display right now my friends. Male athletes complain about women in their lockerroom and they’re not only tarred as sexist, they’re fined.
          Anytime a male athlete complains about women in their lockerroom, media routinely points that rules state women are allowed in. Of course isn’t it convenient when the rules of Miss America state owner is allowed in — and they’re male — suddenly the same rules are a sexist attack on women.

  6. This article is 100% correct. However, trump still need some to be called out on being a beta chump.
    He is better than Hillary which is like saying you have a better temperament than Satan but he still comes off as a weak willed beta sucker to me

  7. The only people falling for this crap is women. They’re fucking stupid to believe this shit for a second

    1. Sadly no. Mostly women sure but there are cucks and white knights who support this. You have pundits pushing the “assaulted women” narrative and they will swallow it without seeking to check the tape.

  8. Just came back from a diner and the local (german) rag editor asked if he could interview me about the US election. I told him I’de think about it.
    What do you guys say?

    1. It’s a risk, for sure. As a rule, we have to understand that our words will be twisted and edited to make whatever case the medium’s editors desire.
      But, seeing as it’s a local rag, why not?

    2. Tell them that young people in blue states want to vote for Trump while cowboys want to vote Hilary!

      1. I let them know that I’m of Nigerian descent, and as a crippled paraplegic black woman, my vote is going right to Trump!
        So that they’ll focus on crippled black women as a demographic.

    3. Throw them off the trail… Support Hillary by saying she will colonize Europe with rednecks

  9. I am fearful of the polls…
    I hope that people over there in the USA do not answer these polls anymore, sincerely. I feel that Hillary has already probably won…
    I really hope these polls are eschewed beyond recognition or that the people lie outright to the pollsters.

    1. I’ve yet to meet one person (outside some leftist True Believers(tm) ) who actually answer polling. Even if the sampling is theoretically unbiased, Hillary’s got to be way over-represented.

    2. The polls are over sampling democrats and the fraud is out in the open. Unusual to say the least.

      1. The polls say Clinton is ahead, but it is a bunch of lies. Who will be motivated to get up on election day, vote early, call their friends to vote, and send a message to the political corruptness and fake journalism? Trump voters. Even Michael Moore has acknowledged this which is surprising!
        But even if Trump wins by a landslide, what is to stop the corrupt people in power to declare victory for Hillary anyway? That’s when an all out battle will arise in our country. I don’t look forward to it at all, but this is an election like no other.
        People want to boot out all the corrupt NWO people out of both parties and that is why this year we will vote for Trump. John McCain and Mitt Romney were just part of the NWO bunch. It never mattered before if you voted Republican or Democrat. All of them were on the same team.
        Our vote will be heard, because we have all finally woken up.

        1. I agree with your post, but I simply do not see Trump winning as the election nears (PS: he got my vote via absentee ballot). Too many boomers, women, minorities, immigrants, public employees, etc.. depend heavily on big Govt. and the powers that be are open about their criminality now because they have all the institutions (IRS, FBI, etc..) in their pocket.
          Hillary could publicy exclaim “kill all the (deplorable) white men” and she would still be heavily elected.

    3. It is my belief, not my wish, that Hillary is going to totally crush him.
      That said: best possible outcome is each candidate getting 269 votes and then the republican congress picking the president who can be Ronald McDonald for all it matters

      1. The republican congress of which you speak would firmly elect the candidate of their choice. Hillary Clinton.

        1. Matter in what way? There has been a political paradigm shift (brewing for years actually) and the cunts in DC are just starting to grasp that.

        2. Meh. Like The Who said: meet the new boss. Same as the old boss
          My preference for president is Donald Chump who I consider a total wuss but better than the evil cunt running against him. In the end it, either way I don’t really care too much.
          As for paradigm shits in DC…fine…as they say, makes no nevermind to me.
          It’s just a shame that the choices are so poor

        3. Agree. The lack of political choices simply reveals there are none.
          Of note: The ammo I ordered online arrived. God bless America.

  10. Its weird how its the biggest sexual deviants who are the most offended by Trumps sexuality. Wait no it’s not these people are degenerates for a reason.

  11. The latest one about him peeping in on pageant contestants is just ridiculous.
    This is an ambitious billionaire who regularly fucks supermodels, not some goatee’d pervert slinking around the Wal-Mart changing rooms.

  12. Great article and one that’s touching on the issue of the Female Vote.
    This massive voting base is emotion-driven, unprincipled (Team Vagina!) and corrupt (as long as they keep their lattes, they’re good).
    We in the mrm have been battling this group for a long time, and their tactics are now fully exposed. It is really a battle over Masculine/Feminism.

  13. “You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy – you can do anything.”
    What’s the big deal. This remark was made in PRIVATE. It wasn’t meant to be heard by the general public. How many people, both male and FEMALE have made gamey remarks about the opposite sex – in private – that they would never make in mixed company or a public setting.
    I don’t find Trump’s privately made comments upsetting. I wonder what kind of remarks Hillary has made about men – privately.
    “Privately” being the operative word.
    Being married to Bill I can well imagine.
    I find Donald Trump’s PRIVATE remarks about women less offensive than Hillary Clinton’s very public remark about Having had experience in dealing with men who – “were off the reservation.”
    No, – no racism or sexism there.

  14. There will be massive voter fraud, it’s clear the entire global network wants Hillary to win. They fucked Bernie now they will fuck everyone else

  15. Hillary will certainly start a nuclear war with Russia, and that will be the big purge that is needed.
    A trump victory and political purge would be temporary, as women, Mexicans, and the unnatural state of technology and feminism will continue to rot America.
    A nuclear volley taking out the major liberal cities, with many Mexicans running back to mexico, would be the real reset we need.
    Her voters are too stupid to understand any of this, though. They don’t see the hypocrisy of protesting Iraq then voting for someone who’s talking about escalating against Russia.

    1. The nuclear weapons of Russia and the USA are called “theater” weapons for a reason. These are not Hiroshima scale but Eastern Seaboard scale. Only chance of the USA using nuclear weapons is against North Korea.

  16. This is by far the dirtiest election I have seen. That said there is a reason for its crude appearance. Hillary is unelectable; many people who traditionally vote Democrat will not vote. Outside of the sewn up minorities with their paltry turnouts and the diehard socialists, no reasonable person can vote for a liar and criminal. The media has turned up the mudslinging because they know Hillary is in dire straits at this point. Many states will flip that the media could not have predicted because of one phenomenon. Trump is not an insider. I know of many people, who have never voted, that are balls out Trump supporters now. Republicans rarely draw like this at least since before the Tea Party got hijacked.
    The damage Obama has done to both parties has been well documented and it is clear they are one in the same. The GOP civil war was inevitable yet it was not Trump who fired the first shots. The cucked establishment GOP including the chickenhawks and RINOs know damn well their presidential candidate may put them on blast at any time. Look at the bias and death struggle of the MSM and the picture becomes quite clear. People are done with crappy policies from crappy people.

    1. Hope you’re right. I wonder if you’re in a red state or more conservative area. I’m in one of the bluest, most liberal parts of the country and as much as I want to believe Trump will pull it off, it seems hopeless at times with the constant, around-the-clock virtue signaling from all the former Bernie supporters who are now apparently all-in for Hillary that I’m surrounded by here. It’s depressing.

      1. I believe the point of the Trump media assault is to give the impression that it is hopeless to get him elected, so why bother voting for him. It ain’t over til its over. The Trump media assault could be seen coming from a mile away and Hillary’s campaign staff and the media will attempt to turn him into another Bill Cosby by the time of the election. Men are now expected to be neutered when it comes to being sexually attracted to women. How can you filthy beasts objectify and disrespect women like that? Good luck trying to stop the desires and attractions that have been inbred in the human race since we were cave dwellers. Don’t be surprised if additional skeletons come out of the closet concerning Hillary.

    2. Don’t call them RINOs call them cucks. For being the pearl clutching effeminate weenies that always surrender to their enemies as they have their way with their wives(metaphorically speaking) and loving it.

  17. If the worst they can dig up about Trump is that he likes hooking up with beautiful women and he avoids taxes whenever possible, then he’s A-Ok in my books.

    1. problem is the voters aren’t thinking like that. they see sex scandal and equate that to Trump being unfit to tie his own shoes

        1. We’ve talked about things we’d change if we could go back in time. There’s piano-wire with Oliver and Stewart written all over it.

    2. Me too,except it depends how he is avoiding his taxes. If its basic stuff available to most company owning taxpayers no worries, but if its bullshit google/apple type convoluted transfer pricing using tax havens then no.

      1. “ he is avoiding his taxes.”
        Which he pays top notch accountants to file along with being annually audited by one of the Big 4. There are no issues. It is simply left wing noise.

  18. Trump’s language and words are those that no gentleman would employ in public. However, the left has completely glossed over the fact that he wasn’t saying them in public, or with the knowledge they were being recorded.
    I mean, FFS, you liberals love LBJ for all his welfare programs. And he literally went around the White House whipping out his penis to WH staffers. Trump talked about his penis, LBJ literally waved it in people’s faces.
    The greater question is this: why the hell should I even care what Trump said? I don’t see what grabbing someone by the pussy has to do with the economy, foreign policy, taxes, deficit spending or Kratom.
    I mean, at least he’s not having a good laugh about getting a child rapist out of prison…everyone deserves a vigorous defense. But generally, those defense attorneys don’t laugh about how they put child rapists back on the street.

    1. “However, the left has completely glossed over the fact that he wasn’t saying them in public, or with the knowledge they were being recorded.”
      they were mic’d up. they were prepping for a show. they were not in the comfort of their own homes
      “The greater question is this: why the hell should I even care what Trump said?”
      uhh, because he is running to be the president of your country?

      1. “uhh, because he is running to be the president of your Country?”
        Bill Clinton raped women and served two terms. His wife broke the law and took millions in foreign bribes as head of the State Departement flushed though her fake charity organization.
        Trump said brash words in a presumed private conversation.
        Wrap your pussy pussy hairs around that for awhile.

        1. bill clinton got impeached
          again the same right lie have been debunked got something new?
          go ahead and defend this sicko

        2. He said that. Where is my fainting couch. LOL.
          Bill hangs out with a convicted pedophile and they fly down together to fuck teenage girls, but you break out lame links like that. We got you by your pussy hairs bitch. LMAO:

      2. Well, what is worse: joking about groping, or bragging that you freed a child rapist who went on to rape children.
        If we’really playing this game, your girl’s words matter, just like Trump’s.

        1. except yours have been debunked
          while your guy was actually caught on tape
          go ahead and defend this sicko:

        2. Trump says a lot of dumb things. So what? LBJ used to expose himself in the White House, sometimes while pissing, sometimes not.
          You should start judging a candidate based on their policy positions and past actions, such as Hillary’s long list of corruption scandals that were conveniently covered up. Or her attempts to discredit Bill’s rape victims (note: she is not responsible for those rapes, but she is responsible for covering them up, which is likely given the evidence).
          You and yours continue to make this an election about who said something mean. The rest of us people who are actually smart (including many Democrats who are disgusted with Hillary but still voting for her) are trying to make this, and many previous, Presidential campaigns about the issues at hand. Not whether someone told a dirty joke 10 years ago.
          I think one day you’ll grow out of the one-upsmanship that plagues political discourse today. One day your ego will let you not get the last word. Until then, simply shut the hell up or talk about actual issues like the economy, deficit spending, foreign policy and domestic policy. These are the issues that will put Americans back to work with better pay, make them safe and strengthen the prospects of their children. Arguing that Trump said mean things isn’t going to create jobs.

        3. “Trump says a lot of dumb things.”
          dude, are you fantasizing about 10 year old kids when they turn 20?

        4. Now that rape has lost its currency. The commenter below is lobbing pedo accusations at Trump.
          Really disgusting.

    2. fantastic point
      if Clinton wins and gets complete unchecked power which is what is looking to happen I will blame and curse out every last fake right winger I see. the whole lot of them….crucified trump on a daily basis for the most stupid of shit, while glossing over Clinton and her much bigger email hacks and her much shadier past.
      but no by all means Fox news(who has nearly sold it’s soul to clinton these days) and MSM…keep bitching about a made up sex scandal about Trump as if that is somehow more important than the border,taxes, and the war on ISIS

  19. Still voting Trump whether he is a tool or not as there is not another choice.
    Hill beast is as traitorous as they come and as bad as any western female drunk on the idea of dominating the most powerful men on earth.
    I think she got so cocky she forgets some of use will go all the way when the time comes.

  20. Knock on my door mother fuckers i dare you. Not a threat…..a promise and I am known to keep my word.

  21. Even SNL is parroting the lie that Trump described sexually assaulting women. Kissing without receiving verbal consent is not automaticwlly assault. Consent to kissing is usually received in other ways through non verbal communication like body language. By saying they let him he was communicating that they consented.
    Pussy grabbing was not even something Trump said he did. He said “you” not “I”. He was discussing celebrities overall. What they could enjoy more easily than the layperson.
    For example Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is a picture of him actually grabbing a woman by the pussy at a party with other people around. Judging by her face she is loving it. She is letting him. Inviting him. If Trump had eve done it it would be in the same context.
    Very sad at Arnold for pussying out like this. What is the worst that could happen if he supported Trump? He won’t lose his Mobile Strike gig. That game is all about building walls. He cld have at least kept out of it.
    Such a poser like Robert de Noro. What a washed up joke. RdN acting like Trump raped his niece or something when he was talking about soap opera starlets craving millionaire attention.
    Besides if Trump had small hands like his critics allege why would grabbing be threatening?

  22. What gets me is not the “immorality” but the stupidity of saying stuff like that, not in an actual locker room (etc.), but to a freaking journalist on a live set of a television show.
    There’s a reason a lot of shady power-brokers do business in the sauna … hard to hide a mic when you’re only wearing a towel.

  23. Trump is finished. Give it up folks. We in the manosphere know more than anyone else that once a man is labeled a sexual deviant of any sort its game over.

    1. A man’s sexual matters are a private sphere between him and a woman.
      Just ask Bill Clinton. Or at least, that is what was spewed back in 92′ when it was pointed out the amount of prostitutes he had brought up to the governors mansion by the Arkansas state troopers.

    2. Nice defeatism. A solid 8/10.
      You forget Bill Clinton and Hillary’s clear destroying women who he raped or had sex with. The signs are showing up at Clinton rallies everywhere with “Bill is a Rapist”, etc.

  24. I listened to the various media stations on satellite radio after the debate.
    Diametrically opposite outcome to what I read in the manosphere.
    And most people have no alternate media source…
    “He said mean things, he is Misogynistic, homophobic, antisemitic, anti-trans-gendered, Islamophobic, xenophobic, failed businessman, etc…
    “”Now we find he has committed sexual assault…””
    But, it is just wrestling…distraction…

  25. Gentlemen, this isn’t an election…this is a war. Ignore the phony polls and make sure you and everyone you know gets out and votes for Trump. Hillary can only win a rigged election which will necessitate more creative modes of thinking.

    1. This is a war.
      This is a gender election.
      If Hillary Clinton wins men are doomed.

  26. “Donald Trump’s campaign is “pulling out of Virginia,” a move that stunned staff in the battleground state..”
    The move to pull out of Virginia shows Trump is “running essentially a four state campaign,” with the focus now shifting to battlegrounds critical to his chances in November: Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio, a source with knowledge of the decision told NBC News.”
    And there it is. He needs all 4 states plus Nevada or Arizona to win outside the margin of fraud.

    1. According to polls here in Buckeyeland, he has a lead over Hillary.
      When folks belittle and deride swing states like Ohio because we don’t have the huge electoral numbers of Cali or NY, they forget that the reason that Ohio is a vital swing state is that our population is a cross section of the entire nation and consistently predict trends that occur across most of the rest of the nation. As goes Ohio, so goes somewhere around 40-ish states. It’s also a prime reason why we’re used as a commercial test market for so many countries.

    2. That is a wise campaign strategy. He also cannot afford to lose Utah or Nevada.
      If he loses Carolina he might be able to win with Arizona

    3. No way in hell Trump is going to win Pennsylvania. He needs to focus on
      North Carolina
      And he needs to win ALL of Maine to prevent a Clinton victory. The race would end up 269 -269 if Trump wins all the states I listed. The vote would go to the Congress and Congress would more likely than not elect Trump since the Congress is Republican.

  27. Shrillary Cunton is clearly showing her desperation with these unfounded sexual assault fictions against Trump. Those seizures are really scrambling her corrupt little mind if she thinks it’s going to help her cause. Anyone with an I.Q. higher than a soap dish is going to see this for the cheap smear campaign that it is.

  28. It’s only a concern for folks who are on the fence about Trump. His haters will continue to hate and the supporters won’t give a flying shite. Killary’s PR minions will keep pulling off dirty tricks one after another, it’s part of the show. So what’s next ? the amount of lies and shameful tactics the dwindling whore media is displaying is absolutely staggering. Every week we have a new story magically coming out, just like a TV show episode.

  29. Arguing about presidential election is like arguing about a WWF fight. It’s for entertainment only.

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