Feminism Is Still Here Because Men Are Allowing It To Survive

In our day and age, there exists one very important red-pill truth which most people sub-consciously accept but which is unmentionable in polite society: namely, that women, ultimately, are entirely dependent on men. Indeed, it is arguably the greatest irony of the entire feminist movement that that movement is an undertaking which is fundamentally at the mercy of the very patriarchy that it despises, and it always will be. And so, all the women in Western society demanding equality, protesting about sexism, and screaming about the patriarchy, are only able to do so because they are tacitly permitted to engage in such behavior by the very men that they rail against.

Screaming against the very patriarchy that she is, in fact, ultimately dependent on.

First, note the obvious fact that men are naturally stronger, more aggressive, and more capable of serious violence than women. And lest you disagree, note that prisons are filled with a hell-of-a-lot more men than women; also note that an average male UFC fighter, for example, could easily beat even the very best female fighter in a one-on-one contest. So the fact that men, on average, are physically stronger and more proficient in the realm of violence and war is not really in dispute. And this is the first point to note.

Second, from a philosophical perspective, note that while we in the West talk quaintly about the idea of human rights, the fact is that while ‘might does not make right’, might does, in fact, make the rules. Indeed, human “rights” only have force because men with guns stand ready to enforce those rights. But without those men, it would take no more than a moment for those rights to be suppressed by whoever had the power to do so.

Indeed, just look at some third-world hell-holes to see who makes the rules there: warlords and other men with guns, who readily kill anyone who does not follow their rules, human rights be damned. Thus, the fact is that, in reality, might does indeed make the rules, regardless of whether we want it to or not.

Human rights or not, in their corner of the world, these are the guys who make the rules.

So, with the two aforementioned points in mind, now note the obvious conclusion that those points lead to: since men, on average, have more physical power and might than women do, and since might makes the rules, then men could, if desired, easily take the reins of power and thus make the rules for Western society once again. Indeed, since Western men have previously used their power in society to give women some power—think female suffrage, for example—then there is nothing theoretically preventing men from using force to take that power back on a whim.

What this means is that the freedoms, the rights, and the “equality” that Western women enjoy today only exist because Western men have permitted Western women to have these things. Thus, without either the tacit or overt the permission of men, women would, in practice, have none of the freedoms and rights that they currently enjoy.

Furthermore, even in today’s modern society, where the disparity in physical power between the sexes has somewhat diminished due to the advent of technological equalizers, women are still dependent on men in an ultimate sense. After all, when some strapping 250-pound man starts beating his wife, the only thing, in the end, that will stop him is either another man or a women with a weapon most likely invented by a man. So again, women, in this respect, are still dependent on men.

Even when women can defend themselves against men through the use of technology, the fact is that the very technologies that women are using to give themselves physical parity with men were nevertheless largely invented by men, meaning that even in this respect, women’s safety and freedom is still directly dependent on the will and knowledge of men. So even the technology that women can use to escape the need for men shows their ultimate dependence on the male gender.

Still using something that men invented…the dependence never ends.

In contradistinction to the main thrust of this essay, a woman might object that a man is utterly dependent on a woman in the sense that only a woman can give birth to a man and give him life. And in this respect, women are entirely correct. But even here, the value of women is dependent on the kindness of men.

For make no mistake, if men, as a collective, wished to do so—and, obviously, no one is condoning this, but the point is to make clear that it could theoretically be done—men could enslave all women in such a manner that they could do nothing but give birth at the whim of men. Indeed, a society where reproduction was achieved through near total female subjugation would be an abhorrent one, but the fact is that such a society could survive and even thrive to some degree, as it does in Afghanistan, for example.

Might makes the rules, and the only reason that such an absolute female oppressing society has not been created in the West—as it has in other parts of the world—is because Western men do not allow it, not because women could stop it. After all, men still make up most the ‘fighting’ professions, such as the police and the military, and so even with modern technology, women would not stand a chance in Western society if men ever decided to rise up as a collective against female freedoms and “equality”. And while this truth may be harsh to hear for women, it is the truth nonetheless.

The reason that Western women ultimately have rights: because men like this allowed it.

Both now and in the future, the only reason that Western women enjoy any rights is because, ultimately, men have tacitly allowed women to enjoy those rights. And while certain men readily allow women to have these rights because doing so grants those men greater power in other areas—think politicians and the female vote—the fact remains that, in the end, the gains of Western feminism only exist because Western men have implicitly granted permission for those gains to exist.

If men, collectively, decided to change their minds about feminism tomorrow, and forcibly remove all the rights from women on a whim, there is, in fact, little that women could do to stop them. And Western women should not forget this fact. Nor should they forget that their existence in the West is arguably the best that they could ask for, and that to push men too far may ultimately lead to a backlash that women might rather not wish to experience.

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184 thoughts on “Feminism Is Still Here Because Men Are Allowing It To Survive”

  1. Are my eyes deceiving. An actual article on ROK that is saying what i have been trying to tell people all this time. I think i am shedding tears of joy

    1. You are not alone Bro, (I sincerely believe that) ALL of US are shedding tears of joy.

      1. Wait, if they are anti fags what does that make you guys?

        1. You can imagine the care I tried to take in deploying this bit for just that reason…

    1. Maybe. The Message. Is. GOOOOD. But. This is. Waaay. Too. Annoying and Tedious. To. Listen. To.

  2. Feminism is like (((George Soros))). They destroy the world, they’ve been around way too long, and yet they refuse to die. At least they have legions of detractors while they are still living.

    1. I think that, deep down inside, we all understand. Its just that not all of us are ready to face it, yet. But it is a self-evident truth that will not be denied. The more you try to ignore it, the more it will keep smacking you in the face.

  3. Not for much longer, methinks.
    “An increase in the influence of women in public life has often been associated with national decline. The later Romans complained that, although Rome ruled the world, women ruled Rome. In the tenth century, a similar tendency was observable in the Arab Empire, the women demanding admission to the professions hitherto monopolised by men. … Soon after this period, government and public order collapsed, and foreign invaders overran the country. The resulting increase in confusion and violence made it unsafe for women to move unescorted in the streets, with the result that this feminist movement collapsed.”
    Sir John Glubb. The Fate of Empires.
    We are starting to see this happen already, ironically in Sweden, the Saudi Arabia of feminism:

    1. Only reason this didn’t happen yet is because our weapons are more advanced than the Romans. And foreign invaders are content with the wide spread of media technology, they’re as wired and addicted as we are, invading is only for chumps that don’t own an ipad

  4. Patriarchy is natural law. Feminism can only exist in a society of comfort and one in which men allow it—as the author stated. Feminism and liberalism, and the subsequent emasculation of men, only creates a temporary vacuum. And nature hates a vaccum. Ultimately, patriarchy will once again full that vaccum. But it may be one far more brutal than the feminists realize.

    1. I am quite happy on the VICTORY of Donald Trump, probably more than himself ! It’s indeed a CLEAR message to the leftists & femicunts ! I could clearly see that fellow MEN in the West are “vexed” up with the one-sided laws, societal & legal double standards and blatant dis-respect towards MEN !
      Guess we had Enough !!
      PS: Don’t ask me why I am using discoverbank.com instead of discover.com (since the past couple of months) !!

    2. Patriarchy is what we have now. Men serving the needs of women. It never ended, women just changed the rules once work didn’t mean destroying one’s body. They pushed for more as technology advanced.
      Feminism didn’t come from lower class women, it came from upper class women. Lower class women didn’t want to work in the mines next to the men they knew as a rule but upper class women did want the professional careers of their husbands, brothers, and fathers. It’s the same old patriarchy, women demanded more and got it.
      The past form only existed because life was tough for everyone. Unless life again becomes tough for everyone that more equitable arrangement is not returning. Women put up with it because it was a good deal for them vs. the alternative. When technology improved, when more options arrived, first for the wealthy, the terms were altered.
      To bring women back to offering something a man has to say no and walk away when they don’t.

  5. A word without men, society collapse. 90% of women will be dead in months, the other 10% will survive less than 5 years.
    A word without women, society continue, a lot of men will commit suicide but almost all mankind will die of old age. Men will try to save humanity with cloning trying to revive females or cloning men.

      1. Men create female sexbot with great asses – Nier automata.
        The game is too weabo for my taste, I don’t know.

    1. Q: What would happen if the world spun around 30x faster?
      A: Men would get paid everyday and women would bleed to death.

  6. STOP helping women for the sake of being women. Treat them as if they were men. Give them “gender equality”.

    1. Give them exactly what they ask for, and give it to them high and hard.

    2. …and let’s START helping out fellow MEN. Let’s send out a strong message that MEN are UNITED.

    3. Equality pills are great to dole out. Just be sure to coat them in peanut butter (charming shitlord ZFG smirk), as you would with your loyal bird-dog, so they don’t choke them back up all over you.
      In those cases I also like to mix in a “Mam” two. Really spins up the hamster. Its definitively female, but also conjures up just enough of an elder and barren-womb vibe to run a few amps through that fat rodent. The younger-hotter she is the higher the amps will run.

    4. Treating women like men may look like a strategy for revenge on their betrayal for gender-roles, but we men should know better. Women are just like children who stamp their little feet. Women may want “equal” treatment but I rather emphasize that a woman is a woman and I will treat her like one. So if she is to weak to lift a bag I will help her. If she is on Tinder I just call her a slut. She lives in my world, I not in hers.

      1. The day you get crushed by affirmative action you’ll not think in the same way.

        1. I live in the Netherlands. I know what affirmative action is.
          But at work I’m just doing what I should do. I don’t chat with the female colleagues.

  7. Cool article !!!! Globohomo took over France, Women (yet to see) rules Germany and so on…nice article keyborad warrior.

  8. Outrageous. Britain’s feminist party proposes giving cats the vote.

    1. I thought pussy could already vote…oh yeah, you’re talking about a different kind of pussy.. My bad.

  9. It has to happen in the home. Not much you can do to get some blue haired dingbat holding a sign on the street to change their mind. They are crazy at that point and any wrestle with them is like wrestling with a barnyard pig, all you do is get covered in filth. Where the true battle is, is in the mind of your four year old daughter that you either a) be a proper example or b) be a fat, lazy slob who lets her watch all the Disney she wants.

    1. Start making the fathers accountable again. The author does a great job of pointing out what takes place with women in our nations is because men allow it:
      “Also if a woman makes a vow to Yahweh, and binds herself by an obligation in her father’s house in her youth, and her father hears her vow and her obligation by which she has bound herself, and her father says nothing to her, then all her vows shall stand and every obligation by which she has bound herself shall stand. But if her father should forbid her on the day he hears of it, none of her vows or her obligations by which she has bound herself shall stand; and Yahweh will forgive her because her father had forbidden her.” -Numbers 30

    2. Like pigs they like it when you wrestle with them. Any verbal or physical engagement no matter how horrendous it is, women always takes it as an increase in their SMV. Probably why wome and gays would even eat shit as a sign that someone cares about them

    3. Never get in a fight with a pig. Cuz you’ll both get dirty, but the pig likes it.

  10. Feminism is enabled by men. True enough. But I’d recommend starting smaller than tilting at the windmills of ‘Feminism’ or ‘women’s rights’.
    The complicity of men in their own enslavement is ancient; tendrils of “Feminism” are in every home, in every man’s heart, every “daddy’s little girl”. It is not a tumor to be excised but rather a systemic auto-immune disorder. No one cure; all treatments have trade-offs, some may even kill you faster.
    In our progressive kulture, men don’t grant women rights, the State does. Tyranny of the masses directed by a few powerful elite.
    Culturally, God is dead and so we are left with virtue being dolled out according to the progressive gods of equality and diversity. Holiness spirals ensue. The collapse is baked-in, but it will take time and come at great cost.
    So in the meantime, a man must first divorce himself from this kulture and those false gods. Most males never will. He is content with his soma, pats on his head for signaling his status as a goodwhite or a goodmale. That is, until his number is called and he is ground into oil for the lamps of progress. But that only happens to thirsty betas, right?
    Without chasing rabbits into fortune-cookie philosophy about who, whom, we can encourage men to control themselves and their immediate lives and surrounds, to grow up and seek real power – which is that measure of how much of their lives are truly directed by their own hand. Metaphysics aside.
    This is longhand for the loving “lift weights and read old books”, or other variations. Which can work but aren’t as fun as daydreaming about men with pitchforks herding the feral women into submission and filleting the weak males until the prog religion of death has been purged from our land.
    Unfortunately, this land of ours is a feral whore and a few men with fashy cuts and youtube bravado will not turn her into a housewife. Though, good on ’em.
    I find it much more useful to compel young men to find their faith, their stoic mettle, their mission, their fellowship and communion with other men of similar cloth – and to reject the saccharine distractions of the kulture that desires to enslave them. I endeavor to signal this message through example.
    Women, the ones worth the trouble anyhow, will follow. The rest are lost, no matter what rights men supposedly grant them.
    Men can rise up and kill those men who enable such things as Feminism – if we can even define such a thing or determine which men are the worst offenders, or we can withdraw resources until it inevitably collapses. For an individual man with a time horizon of 78 years, either route offers little solace or utility.
    So we are left with Cura te ipsum. Heal thyself. Acknowledge your complicity, start there.
    Try this: Quit all social media. Stop Tindering the whores and prostrating before the Brahmin of a belief system that hates you. Then call me in the morning.

    1. Finding that fellowship of like minded men, that brotherhood—in the real world —is the hard part. It’s easy online, but locally is tough. In all my time on the red pill and alt right I’ve yet to find a good means for that. Not everyone can go to Berkley to beat up antifa

      1. Get a Telegram channel together, which at least is kinda sorta a stand in. Also offer to host when men are coming through your area/state. I’ve done that and have met several people already.

        1. And…just did, lol. I only check it once every week or two, it’s not used much (unless I point somebody to it).

        2. So now I need to add Telegram again? I’m almost all bought in on Whatsapp. Guess Telegram works better for meet ups.

        3. I feel like ROK should make moral patches as well as t-shirts in order to identify one another once the SHTF. Something subtle that is easily identified among those in “the know”.
          As much as I would like to meet some of you, I still fear its to early in our current society. Its enough to be considered a crazy prepper/tacticool guy among the forum goers, but its not a face I present to strangers or mild acquaintances in the meat space.

        4. I just heard about a new app called Cyber Dust. Not sure if the app collects user information or not but one advantage it has over Telegram is that nothing is saved onto anybody’s phone. It’s like having a 1-on-1 discreet conversation. The messages disappear. I haven’t tried it myself yet but it sounded pretty cool and thought I’d throw it out there.

        5. If I’m not mistaken you’re in Canada right?
          If yes I’d be interested in getting in touch.
          If you’re crazy that’s fine.

        6. We’ve got a collection of guys from here and a few other manosphere sites on our channel. Even Troy joined although he basically posted once and went ghost, heh.

        7. Check your email. It might be time to get the boys together. Just downloaded Telegram.

        8. What is the channel? I just downloaded the app again.
          EDIT: If you need me to post EM again, let me know.

        9. Eh, I’m not somewhere anyone would pass through. I’d have to go places myself. But where would I go lol

        10. Yeah. I’m on Whatsapp as it’s just easier in my part of the world.

        11. Damn thinking of someone else then.
          I do think meeting in person is the right move though. I think everyone here has at least obtained their Bachelors in red-pill studies by this point.
          I’ve made a couple of worthwhile friends this way so far.

        12. If you’re ever north of the border in my neck of the woods feel free to bug me

        13. Since you use the platform as me, it’s likely been long overdue.

        14. You’re welcome to come to Las Vegas. Would love to meet more red pill guys in person. Online communities are nice but aren’t the same.

        15. I feel like just mentioning red pill is a good way to figure out. Red pill t shirt maybe?

        16. I just start talking our talking points with people. Start mild and if I get any resistance, I let it go and right the guy off as a pussy.
          If I don’t get resistance in the earlier, mild, talking points, very rarely do I find resistance when I get more ‘radical.’
          And I’m often surprised by some of the younger dudes, like 18, 19. I’ve chatted to a couple in the airport whom clearly read this site, though they never stated it.

        17. That’s awesome. Yea I went to a very SJW university but found a couple dudes there who were on this site. It’s all about going slow and steady and seeing how they respond. But when they are ok the same flow the conversation starts to crescendo more and more until one of us asks “are you redpill?” It’s like Fight Club in that First rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club.

      2. Unfortunately so. Anarcho-tyranny applied to masculinity is the norm now. There are no male spaces, so naturally it becomes virtual. The risk of being affiliated with a “hate group” or other such shaming tactic is real.
        Fellowship must be achieved in concentric circles drawn from ground you already control.
        That said, I do sense things are slowly coming our way.
        In all likelihood the groundswell will come from Gen. Z. I’m seeing more of them openly busting the empty sacks of their older Gen M brothers for their emo antics and pussy begging.
        Turns out being born into the scorched earth left by the Boomers and the smoldering nihlism of gen x’ers imbues a certain proximity to reality. They are – or soon will be, longing for elders who are living the Truth. There are opportunities to bridge.
        As for older men it is tough. Hell, my best friend of nearly 30 years is a goodwhite married to a feminist churchian SIW prog, pretending he’s not actually a stay-at-home dad while she’s on the road selling some bullshit and their 6 y/o kid goes to a private school where all the teachers have masters degrees so: Status.
        Classic NiceGuy that can’t find his escape velocity. He’s there for me, but a man can only go so far before he has to confront the code of his own matrix. Most will stop short every time. I know plenty of those guys. Maybe when his boy gets older. I’ll be here, leaving breadcrumbs.
        So hopefully like finds like when we make the time and effort. Just like finding a “good” woman, a certain realistic expectation must be applied. But so must the effort. I’m often guilty of counting other men out without making an effort worthy of the cause. I just get fatigued. So. Many. Pussies. to sort through.

        1. “I’ll be here, leaving breadcrumbs”
          Basically. That’s how you have to do it nowadays.

        2. We create our own prisons with our own mind. Men create their own hell and invite other men to experience it. Men rarely protect their interests. In one reason in the Western Us there were few white women. After the mountain man phase the new comers realized that there were not many white women. They gave up their power.

      3. I feel where you are coming from. Before I found the ‘Sphere, I felt like I was losing my mind, and like I was the only person in the world to have the thoughts and know the truths that we all know.
        Make the red pill the basis for the underlying assumptions beneath your judgements and actions. You don’t need to have these conversations face-to-face for them to be a positive force in your life. I have two extremely close friends that I grew up with. But I have never had an out-in-the-clear conversation about any of this with them, or any other person. Dispense truth where you can, driven by context, only. If you drop your angry manifesto outside of something specific, it will come off as crazy.

    2. You are correct. The power of the vote was granted with the best intentions by men in 1920. Women, with their inherent in group bias (a feature not a bug), now have become the dominate voting bloc. In our culture change comes from voting it in. Women will never vote in a diminution of their power. So, how will this come about? You give the only two possibilities; violent overthrow of the current regime by men as a group, or gradual withdrawal of support by men until the system collapses. Neither are going to happen anytime soon. As I am in my 60s I see no significant change within my remaining lifetime. I could be wrong, many things have shifted in just the past 5 years that I would have said were far into the future. To paraphrase Sinatra; yes I’ve been wrong a time or two, but then again too few to mention. In many ways I am glad I will not live to see either of these scenarios, as they will be painful and bloody for everyone.

      1. I don’t think gradual withdrawal by men will work. As they have proven themselves perfectly willing to import men

      2. Regarding the motives behind granting women the vote, then and now.
        Various elements of patriarchal society used the women’s vote and so-called equality for their advantage. A century ago, supposedly, the women’s suffrage and equal workplace movement was being funded by capitalists looking to reduce the price of labor. Suffragettes usually went hand-in-hand with alcohol prohibitionists causing temperance patriarchs to use them, and their potential votes, to get prohibition passed.
        (There’s a funny scene in “Another Period” in the pilot on Comedy Central where the suffragettes and prohibitionists decided to shoot up cocaine and start getting “stabby”)
        Now feminists are dupes for anti-western sharia law proponents and globalists.
        Even many RoK readers want to be PUAs and take advantage of the sluttiness of modern women in a post-feminist world where women no longer are expected to remain virgins until marriage.

      3. “I am in my 60s…In many ways I am glad I will not live to see either of these scenarios, as they will be painful and bloody for everyone.”
        – The perfect summary of the boomer generation.

        1. Agreed. We can’t say it’s all their fault as women being granted the right to vote was the start of the biggest problems, and the start of the end. But their generation sure as hell didn’t do a damn thing to slow this down. They were riding the high life train and didn’t see the engine puffing out black smoke and borrowing fumes from China just to keep moving. Now to be fair, I don’t know what Mikediver supported his whole life, but the chances are that even if he was against most of the little changes that have led us here, he probably put up no resistance.
          Just like my mom’s dad. A female cousin of mine wanted to drive a tractor. He said no. My mom and aunt shamed him for it and he relented within about 5 minutes. I was like 5 years old and was ridiculously confused as to what the hell had just happened. My grandpa was very kind and never did me any wrong, but if you don’t have the wherewithal to stand up to your own daughters, you don’t have any wherewithal. A lot of older guys I met from his generation where just like him. Still trying to be the good Christian provider family man while trying to fit into a new world or equality and hypocrisy. He had no idea how to do it and was too weak to fight it.

    3. A good comment on an otherwise good article. I however must notice that the author must dance around Might is Right and tease it playfully by softening the blow and calling it “Might makes the rules”.
      The authors faith in a jewish god makes him do some mental gymnastics and speak christianese in order to make it palatable to his senses. If Might does indeed make the rules, then by default MIGHT MAKES RIGHT!
      What is “right” if not the rules enforced by a man or a group of men. Perhaps I am remiss but we only have thousands and thousands of years of written history proving this fact. That MEN, not their gods make morality and men enforce it. Before the jewish god came on the scene do you think that men were not claiming they had divine inspiration and levying rules upon the people they ruled?
      While you may object and say that absolute truth comes from God/divinity or what have you. You surely fail to notice it is MEN who wrote those books, transcribed its laws and it was MEN who enforced them at the end of a sword or the barrel of a gun. Apparently this god character does not like to get his hands dirty but he sure is a jealous one. Kind of like beta rage don’t you think? In fact he also compares his own “peculiar” people to a whore getting fucked by all the dudes with the donkey dicks. This is in the bible! Not a clearer example of beta angst I can find.
      No need to play semantics here. Lets be honest with ourselves. We can make whatever rules we want. But rules and rights mean nothing without the will and the means to execute punishment for breaking them. If you had some divine vision today proclaiming that god’s new and perfect law was to slaughter everyone in a neighboring city, would you suddenly be galvanized with righteous anger and begin the massacre? But what if no one wanted to murder their neighbors? With no MEN willing to execute the rules, there is no god and no power to say a fucking thing about it. I sincerely hope that you or the author might prove me wrong on this.
      The same God you say told us to love one another also said that he creates evil in Isaiah 45:7. The same god of ultimate and absolute truth making this eternal “right” also said that a man is not worthy to be his disciple unless he HATES his own family and his own blood. That same god also ordered the genocide of entire peoples including women and children.
      How then can you suspend the notion that Might does NOT equal right? If it only makes the rules, then this jewish god character certainly understands this as well. For he makes rules to eradicate humans en masse on a jealous whim.
      PS After reading the article author’s points describing alt christianity, I cannot say that I’m vehemently against the notions. I only think we can do better for ourselves and our culture by divorcing from the jewish god and cherishing the heroes of our own past and ancestral religions who also looked to the Sky and knew that the struggle to overcome on this savage earth was all that ever mattered.

      1. We’ve got well over a thousand years of western Christian culture under our belts. It would be a lot easier in some senses to return to a patriarchal version of that than it would to return to pagan worship. Besides, there is not nearly as much written material in the Pagan realm of the Norse and the morals seem to fit warriors better than culture builders. Don’t get me wrong, we need some warriors right now to stand up for what is truly right. But patriarchal Christianity seemed to work very well to build the western culture that came to dominate the world most recently.
        To be fair, maybe you are referring more to Greek or Roman gods and traditions as our roots. But how do we go back to that? I think people have a better chance of believing in a one omnipotent, omnipresent, creator God whom is beyond all understanding than they do in believing in a thunder god and sun god anymore. So what would we be going back to. The philosophies and cultures? What part of the religions?

        1. The Ancient Gods represented archetypes.
          Believing in their actual existence is not important. Learning from their mythology served Western culture very well through the ages. In some ways I think the old mythology is more sophisticated than Christiantiy.
          For capturing mass appeal and restoring a sensible social order however, Christianity is probably the way to go. But strict belief in God will not work for the most intelligent of modern Western men. He should be given the opportunity to study history and philosophy in a setting that does not damper him, so he does not rebel against what he perceives to be a society beneath him.

        2. I just want to see all white peoples completely and utterly divorced from the jewish god. Gone forever from thinking that only jews are the”chosen”. That only the jewish history is the exalted one so told about in the books written by jews.
          We have our own history and our own glorious past! Rome stood for how long? The catholic church was not great in my opinion because of the jewish god or the jewish books. It was great because it completely borrowed its structure and form from the ROMAN state religion! The Pontifex Maximus was the Roman High Priest.
          How can we become great again if we live in the shadow of a parasite class with their fangs around our necks?

        3. If we cannot find a god to worship in the past we must create a new God that reflects our highest aspirations. A new God that echoes our deepest longings and our ethnic/cultural souls. We must create this God and crown Him in the Sky.
          Then we must point towards Him and turn our eyes and hearts to the highest calling. To make the spiritual journey which shall take us to the Heavens.

    4. “Most males never will. He is content with his soma, pats on his head for signaling his status as a goodwhite or a goodmale”
      Was thinking the same. Whereas there are solutions to get rid of feminism as you pointed out, my impression is that the cuckery goes too deep in western men today, which is why they get walked on by politicians-these same politicians who green light open borders and draconian laws that put their own native men in jail for reason. These cucked men will get liquidated in the next coming global war, but unfortunately will be replaced by the apes.

    5. But still, the majority of the people in those highest positions of power are men.

  11. Great article. The buck definitely stops at the men of the West. It’s worth noting there are a great many things we allow in our nations that aught not be that have led to what we call “feminism”:

    1. Not just that, the so called “femishitism” also deeply infested every other Continent, especially Asia. Majority of MEN on this planet are suffering !!
      For GOD sake ! Don’t say that you are “least bothered” about other MEN !! Pussies from Asia are coming here (as Dependents & Students) and becoming more & more arrogant, bitchy and un-feminine !!!

    1. Old news. The Rockefeller Foundation also gave a hearty push to feminism.

  12. I am glad that someone else came to the same conclusion as me, and wrote it down.
    Damian Michael, I salute you. I will follow your writings from here on in.

    1. Well said. Feminists know where their bread is buttered so they would rarely if ever approach or be confrontational with an alpha. They rather privately fuck an alpha while publicly agreeing with the betas.

    2. Yes, but it is turning strong men weak. Even alphas are personally affected by misandric divorce law, accutions of sexual harrasment etc. I like to play a sexist when I deal with hardcore feminists, and they really feel threatened by me.

  13. “might does, in fact, make the rules. Indeed, human “rights” only have force because men with guns stand ready to enforce those rights.”
    Once this is understood and internalized the understanding of human nature can begin in earnest. “Might makes right”; an ugly truth that when fully embraced, reveals its simple beauty.
    In my humble opinion, the destruction of feminism and the reclaiming of our culture begins with teaching young men of the new and next generation the merits and benefits of masculinity. Current effeminate, virtue signaling hipster males should be publicly embarrassed and shamed to the point of hellish introspective of their life choices.
    Begin by leading by example. Reject trends in fashion, music, entertainment and lifestyle. Adapt the time proven staples of manhood; nature mastery, fitness, tradeskills and realtalk.

  14. Those same men are the fathers, wimpy spineless sport fanatic flubby fathers that give their ‘princesses anything they want because their wives ignore them.
    When you consider the strength and manliness of the last 2 generations here in the USA, 20-40 yr olds, they stand no chance against the possible mass immigration of the 20-40 yr old Muslim population. No chance.

    1. Not a muslim…But there is no point in blaming immigrants, at least in the context of fate of the MEN in the Country ! Fault is ours ! We let the “vested interests, leftists and ugly women” to harbor the fucking “femicuntism” !

      1. There is no blaming, read closely, I am comparing different types of men. Muslim men keep their women in check. American women keep their American beta men in check.

        1. You are right. I didn’t used the word “blaming” in that sense ! of course, unlike the femicunts, I don’t want to escape; I will take the accountability of what I wrote/said and here we go: my apologies.

  15. No shit. If men put their foot down and told them in no uncertain terms that women should return to maternal values, women would. They don’t, because men like having easy cheap sex better, and free-wheeling women are easier to pork than women who want to be mothers and matrons. Ironically, it’s the same thing that fuels the alt-right search for pussy that fuels feminism. They wouldn’t be able to score a single woman if every woman they approach wants them to be a father.

  16. A healthy patriarchal society doesn’t necessarily have to conscript women into doing the right thing. It just has to stop making easy escape routes for young women so they can shirk their responsibility.
    That means if, say, we cut way back on girls’ ability to go to college, then instead of running off to college towns or major cities for social-justice indoctrination and drunken debauchery, they will have to stay in their home communities and find young men to marry and form families with them during their peak fertility.

  17. I’m going to get shit, but I’ll say it anyways. When the Donald himself lets his daughter into a position inside the White House despite not being qualified to do so shows how feminism has invaded American culture. Of course, as expected, other feminists don’t like her, but then again, feminists don’t seem to like each other once they disagree on something, but the point sticks.

    1. Yep. He has a solid right wing son he could have put in that slot, but chose his LEFTIST DEMOCRAT DAUGHTER and her globalist sniveling weasel hubby instead. Kind of tells you all that you need to know.

      1. The only worthwhile thing she possesses is a somewhat pretty face.

      2. Not to go all creepy, but I think it has to do a bit with those weird incestuous pics of Trump having 15 year old Ivanka on his lap with a statue of two parrots porking in the background. Or maybe I’m saying it because I’d rather be my 15 year old self supporting her body.

    2. I am sure that most of the secret service hasn’t already put her in a few positions in the White House

  18. Women can’t even compete against men in a game like golf

      1. Exactly one woman has ever looked cute doing that ever and it starts a trend.
        I remember being in an airport once and saw Christie Brinkley wearing spandex pants and thought “oooooohhhhhh they do look hot but the trick is looking like that”

        1. With spandex, yoga pants, leggins, etc. there should really be a heavily policed size-limit on their use.
          Neck ties are death though.

        1. would have to be one helluva pant suit – possibly leather or rubber or something…

    1. This is true, but you have to admit when it comes to having tits, giving head or smelling nice women are the beez kneez

      1. You’re right, man boobs are kind of messed up looking.

  19. Great article. The only things that empower women are man-made technologies, consumerism, and the benevolence of men. What women describe as “fighting” is merely technologically aided mass whining and nagging.

  20. I like your style.
    “Of course, we don’t ACTUALLY want to revoke the privileges we gave women…” *wink wink*
    Maybe we shouldn’t be like the Muslims, but it’s well past time for Western men to rein in Western women.

    1. Feminism is the Mother of All Shit Tests, which men so far failed. It’s past time to pass that shit test with flying colors.
      Women are practically begging us to put them to their place, and we refuse and refuse to comply. Why? Time to stop that nonsense.
      And when we are ready, we should start re-conlonizing the world. The descendants of Ian Smith should rule Rhodesia, instead of commie nigger terrs like Mugabe.

  21. “Still using something that men invented…the dependence never ends.”
    You NAILED it @Damian ! Bless You. And to reiterate, their dependence will NEVER end; absolutely there’s NO END.
    PS: Father of (modern) GYNECOLOGY: Mr J. Marion Sims

  22. We live in an artificial “a woman can do anything a man can do” society propped up by artificial money which is the debt based fiat monetary system. Our monetary system is essentially based on a lie. That lie supports other lies. Give me any amount of money at my disposal, and I could go create laws that say that dogs and cats are people too and that dogs and cats deserve social security checks. I would then say that dogs and cats deserve jobs just like everyone else and I would sue corporations for not hiring dogs and cats. So corporations would need to hire dogs and cats as “guard dogs” or “mice catchers” and give them a paycheck. I would then create an “equal pay act” law and ensure that the dogs and cats of those corporations receive the same pay as any other human working at that corporation.
    The example above with the dogs and cats is exactly what happened with females. Feminism and “diversity” did NOT come about on it’s own. It was invented and financed by elites to destabilize and weaken society. It was act of war against men, specifically white christian men. The only way it can be defeated is for the society to return to natural law, thus destroying artificial unnatural law. The beast system that finances unnatural law needs to be destroyed. Once that is destroyed then all groups, laws, organizations, corporations, etc that benefit women will cease to exist.

    1. Women and children for that matter have always ‘worked’ per se. There was never a time in history where working class women sat at home knitting and reading and children were sent out to work often as young as 5. House tasks were also a huge physical labor in themselves, and working class women and children in a household would often own and operate personal laundry business together or help with the family business or farm. However, the positions of power held by women today didn’t exist in times past. Women were still under the authority of men and men were still the main breadwinner in a household. Pretty much any job that 99% of women hold today can be also done by your average 9 year old. I have met a few very good female barristers, medical doctors and lawyers but they are rare and the same job could always be done by a man.

  23. It is simple. Say no and walk away. If men refused to pay the price this nonsense would end.
    Even with the state stealing from men to give to women there is only so much that can do and if the state pushes too far the man can stop being productive.
    Of course the state could deploy violence on behalf of women, but then that will only speed up the end by exposing the entire point of the exercise, slavery.

  24. Women have control of men in 4 ways.
    1. Ego: attacking, cutting down on a man’s ego like “be a man” or whatsoever is a way to control them. I see this same garbage tact used by men on men especially married men telling unmarried men to man up and become a beta chump to a married life. I suppose men do this to other men as a way to compensate for the situation they are put in. Ego is many times imaginary. People would force an ego on others for things that aren’t important like who is dining more expensively or how much one can consume alcohol.
    2. Sexuality: Women withhold men from sex and can take bounds and leaps to control them with this carrot on a stick. Men also shame other men on their sexual activity as well as a means to boost their own self esteem.
    3. Patriarchy and Female Value: Yeah patriarchy is in fact has female interests in mind and many times women flee under the shelter of patriarchy to avoid responsibility and crimes. Number 4 illustrates this strongly, religious groups, mangina groups and racial purity/Nazi groups tend to go white knight fpr women’s sake. It is an odd parallel when feminists and Christian groups are united against legalizing prostituition
    4. Law, Law Enforcement and Government. Women are held in higher regard in virtue by the justice system and the police. This also brings together the three other points I made

    1. A voice like this on national tv would be unheard in the Netherlands, or anywhere in Europe for that matter.

  25. Feminists should boycott Feminism since it was invented by men, thus making it part of the patriarchy.

    1. there would be mass suicides over at jizzabell if you posted this there

  26. Is that image of the blacks riding on the pickup from downtown Detroit or Chicago?

  27. “Second, from a philosophical perspective, note that while
    we in the West talk quaintly about the idea of human rights, the fact is
    that while ‘might does not make right’, might
    does, in fact, make the rules. Indeed, human ‘rights’ only have force
    because men with guns stand ready to enforce those rights. But without those
    men, it would take no more than a moment for those rights to be suppressed by
    whoever had the power to do so.”
    Now we are getting somewhere. So then who is the mightiest
    and what should we do about it? I would also like to add that no man has the
    right to these “human rights” (Rousseau) because how can one be entitled to something if they do not work towards it or fight for it first? I’m am just pointing out that these so called human “rights” don’t appear to be rights, they seem to be some kind of entitlement that is not earned or they are some Rousseauian based freedom. If anyone has read Rousseau then they would know what freedom actually is an not what we currently think it is. It is my opinion that freedom (or at least complete freedom). I think is because we tend to mix up our American Bill of Rights with freedom. They are actually opposing views except for the freedom of speech as far as I can tell.
    might makes the rule would certainly fit with the Bill of Rights and/or any government for that matter but it is opposed to “freedom.”

  28. Men, we need to become the examples for the other ones.
    We need to pray for the guidance and will so that we dare may become the spring from which others will drink. The flame from which others will light their own torches.
    I have light my torch from my ancestors and from American Freedom !
    With God’s blessing !
    I will pray that you all will supersede me so that I can again learn more from you guys here in the ROK community.
    Remember gentlemen, God is looking, let’s give him something to look at so that we may be graced like the ones we know deserved it.

  29. I love that old timey photo. Even the little dude on the right could beat the asses of most women who give him lip about his height.

  30. “Women should stay home and make babies, preferably man-child”
    – Chiun, Master of Shenanju.

  31. (I posted this yesterday, but was detected as spam. I’ll try again.)
    “We could make an epic catalog of male achievements, from paved roads,
    indoor plumbing, and washing machines to eyeglasses, antibiotics, and
    disposable diapers. We enjoy fresh, safe milk and meat, and vegetables
    and tropical fruits heaped in snowbound cities. When I cross the George
    Washington Bridge or any of America’s great bridges, I think: men have
    done this. Construction is a sublime male poetry. When I see a giant
    crane passing on a flatbed truck, I pause in awe and reverence, as one
    would for a church procession. What power of conception, what
    grandiosity: these cranes tie us to ancient Egypt, where monumental
    architecture was first imagined and achieved. If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.
    A contemporary woman clapping on a hard hat merely enters a conceptual
    system invented by men. Capitalism is an art form, an Apollonian
    fabrication to rival nature. It is hypocritical for feminists and
    intellectuals to enjoy the pleasures and conveniences of capitalism
    while sneering at it. Even Thoreau’s Walden was just a two-year
    experiment. Everyone born into capitalism has incurred a debt to it.
    Give Caesar his due.” (Camille Paglia, ‘Sexual Personae’, 1990)

    1. Same here, you’ll appreciate this. I lose track of time watching and trying to figure out the process:

  32. Lets do it huh guys? Lets remove womans rights they have had it good for far too long and now its hurting men…lets just do it, fuck feminism fuck political correctness…and fuck woman having voting rights!

      1. Yes its our god damn birth right to fuck beauitful woman anytime anywhere.

        1. To express our open desire to fuck beautiful women, and to pursue the fulfillment of that desire is our birthright.
          It is their birthright to say yes or no.
          But how could they resist our unapologetic, masculine seduction of them? They don’t stand a chance, the beautiful creatures.

  33. This article states the obvious so blatantly, it’s not even worth reading. Everyone knows this. What must be stated is that I think that we are in a cycle; I believe that a long, long time ago when man was still young that there was a period when females were in dominant control & that throughout history, man has slowly shifted to male dominance &, now, is coming full circle back to female dominance.

  34. They arent smart enough to get it.
    They took down the TEA Party and cheered, and that led to the rise of the Alt.
    They are their own worst enemy and its plain to see.

  35. why not cut the long boring story short and say men have become fags that’s why feminism exists

  36. Sometimes a good punch or slap to woman’s face is all you need to give her a hard dose
    of reality.

  37. I agree with this article ,wealthy men support feminism because they fear middle and working class men ,because upper class men are weak cosmopolitan globalist ,we could destroy feminism. By simply convincing our policemen and military men to not enforce it.

  38. Similarly, liberalism exists because conservatives allow it. Society will continue downhill until this changes.
    And no, you silly fence-sitting bitches who will chime in about the false divide between left and right, I’m not talking about left and right. I’m talking about liberalism vs. conservatism, spending vs. saving, leeching vs. producing, and emotion vs. logic.

  39. Why do you pretend women care about being “permitted” to do anything? I and other women will do whatever the fuck we want, I don’t care what men pretend to “permit.”

      1. I’ll watch this evening and get back to you. I’m not much of a fan of McInnes, but what’s life if not watching things you disagree with on occasion?

        1. I’m not a fan of feminists. Yet I watch their videos because it time after time confirms how damaging the ideology is and how crazy it is governments support it.

      2. I watched the video, finally. He’s equating feminism with recklessness.
        So in the first case, the woman didn’t have a weapon or even pepper spray. Her choice not to arm herself is idiocy, not feminism.
        Second case, also stupidity. I don’t know of any feminist theory that teaches women to laugh in the face of a gun.
        Yeah, these women are dumb. But I’m not sure what you or Mr. McInnes would have them do aside from sit at home.

        1. You completely miss the point. The moral of the story isn’t about being armed. It’s about being a woman in a foreign country, at night, alone. And on top of it: naive about a criminals will to shoot. That is stupid times 4. At night, on the street social constructs like feminism don’t apply. And they never will.

        2. Yeah, and you know what makes people equal despite their size? Guns. If she’d had a conceal carry permit, she’d have nothing to worry about. But the idiot didn’t even so ao much as pepper spray on her. So I think being armed is an excellent way for a smaller person to safeguard herself against bigger people.
          And daring someone with a gun in your face to shoot you no matter who you are or how big you are? Dumb as a box of rocks! If anything though I’d attribute that to the traditionalist mindset of “men wouldn’t hurt a woman.” If she’d accepted the fact that yeah, she’s gonna be treated equally to men, she never would’ve made that challenge. She would’ve handed over the cash, gone to the police afterwards, and not gotten shot.
          Since you’ve proven yourself to be the kind of person who can have a debate without name calling and stupidity, do you mind telling me what you think is a better way to run society than feminism? I do see some of the flaws in it, but I don’t know what we could replace it with and still retain all the freedoms we enjoy now.

        3. When Pablo the slumboy points a gun at you it’s too late to grab something out of your purse. Once again, it isn’t about being armed. It’s about the culture we live in who tells a woman she can have everything, that she deserves to be on a pedestal and that the world is her oyster. And to be honest. Even with a man taking a walk in a country like Brazil is a bad idea. It’s a murderhole there.

        4. Agreed, but again, it’s traditionalism that teaches that women should be pedestalized and that men won’t hurt them because they’re weak and harmless and vulnerable.

        5. Traditionalism also learned women that after dusk inside the house/whatever safe building was the only place to be.

        6. Well, Mr. McInnes (and maybe you as well, but I can’t assume that) seems to think that the reason this woman was on the train was to get home from a bar or club. She could have easily been trying to get home after a late shift at work or something else important or serious. Sitting home isn’t an option for anyone but children and other dependents. Women are neither.

        7. Causality isn’t women’s strongest point, neither it’s yours I see.
          Late shift at work, something else important (like what should that be) or serious (again)
          All things which didn’t exist before for women. A woman in her late twenty’s should be home with her children anyways.

        8. Women have been working outside the home at all hours since at least the early 20th Century–see The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. (Worth reading, for many reasons.)

  40. Maybe I’m just going through a pessimistic and cynical phase, but I feel like manginas and white knights have too much of a stranglehold over strategic institutions for us to be able to fight back. It feels like checkmate to me, when I look around and see how so many options for free speech have been cut off. If you share red pill ideas, you become viewed as a villain, an insecure loser, a guy who’s stuck 300 years in the past, etc. It’s not just women who will say that stuff about you; men will! The politicians, the media, etc. are totally cucked.
    Even Donald Trump, as red pill as he may be, has to be careful what he says, or his own daughter and son-in-law will probably give him shit about it. It’s also noteworthy that Trump is of the older generation. How many men like Trump are there in the millennial generation? Probably not too many.
    Maybe sites like RoK will grow in popularity and prevail, but the looming demographic collapse presents somewhat of an urgent problem for us. There are a lot of forces conspiring to keep fertility rates low, and that could do quite a bit of damage in just a few generations. It’s theoretically possible that we could be completely wiped out by the end of this millennium.

  41. Bahahahaha what an awesome article. So much truth, I’m going to scroll the comments to find an enraged feminist’s incoherent response.

  42. I don’t think it’s as simple as individual men being able to step up and take back patriarchy. The problem is a systematic one. You can’t blame individual men for being too ‘weak’ when the whole legal, social and political system protects the interests of leftist degeneracy. Any individual man who tries to openly stand up against it will be severely punished and he will risk himself and his family. I think the only answers are systematic ones. Right wing people need to start having more children now and we need to raise them communally. The only threat to this however is the state, children’s services here in the UK have been known to remove children from conservative parents in their quest for leftist eugenics and this is the biggest threat to those of us who wish to restore society through our genetic lineage along with liberal schools and colleges to brainwash our children and the government knows it. I can’t help but think that eventually more and more people on the right are going to revolt and resort to systematic violence. I can see it happening within the next century or so.

  43. Why be a white knight who says women should work in the office and show their spandex-bum in the weightroom like a fcking attentionwhore. Now, don’t risk your job. But everywhere else: just tell them what you really think. Women should bear children, watch after them, be meek and serve their husband. “So can’t women work you say?” (first response you’ll get) Sure, you say. But she won’t be happy in an office, postponing her biological programming to later, at 30-35 think she can overrule nature’s will. IVF should be forbidden.
    The first step in ending feminism is disagreeing with it. The second step is punching a Antifa/feminist in the face. And if you see a white knight, belittle him. “Chauvinist” isn’t an insult btw, it’s a badge of honor. Your grandfather was a chauvinist, a patriarch probably. He worked his ass off to feed his wife and children.

  44. Men could never act in a united way by their individualistic nature so the scenario you raise I see highly improbable. An open war between men and women would mean the end of humanity.

  45. If the very women who detest feminism can’t get the feminists to stop, what chance do men have? Modern feminists hate you. You try and get them to stop and you legitimise their movement. Stop bothering about what everyone else does, avoid feminists and carry on with your life. Stop giving it attention and it will fizzle off into obscurity again.

  46. All very true, except for one problem.
    Anyone who does not openly believe that God can and will provide in an openly miraculous manner more space and resources to humanity, must conclude that at some point humanity will expand to the point where it will devour all the space and resources available on the planet. Causing extinction.
    Once one accepts that premise, one must conclude that human beings must be forcibly prevented from reproducing. Which requires brainwashing a large portion of the population and killing off the rest. Because all it takes is one group who refuses to accept that brainwashing to eventually put all resources at risk.
    Since human reproduction is the most primal of all drives, then one must accept totalitarian control over the system to ensure the above, and of course to ensure that one is of the 10% of genetic material allowed to reproduce.
    Meaning that no matter who you put in charge, unless they actively believe that God can and will provide more space and resources in a miraculous manner, then such people will simply run through the logic above and we will be exactly back to where we started.
    For those of us, like me, who believe God can and will provide in an openly miraculous manner, well and good. For the rest, all you are doing is trying to be the monkey at the top who clubs the rest of the monkeys down and bites off their nuts.
    This is the real essence of the problem. It is as old as Cain and Abel. It is whether or not we as a group can overcome our monkey nature to have genuine faith in God or not.
    Because I am going to tell you all something, once the 10% at the top manage to cull the other 90%, they are going to decide to do it again. And again.
    And they are not going to be able to stop the killing. Because murder, like lying, like fucking other mens wives because you want to have sex and seed spreading without the responsibility, like stealing what you have no real right to, like any other shortcut action to make your life easier at the long and short term expense of everyone else, is a habit, and habits are very hard to break.

  47. Yes I agree. I can rail on nasty feminists and wymyn with the best of them, but it is the pussified eunuchs and so-called men of our society that have enabled it. I am thinking the PC pro-feminist pro-diversity pussified weasel male administrators of every stripe I have encountered over the years who hide under their desk from ’empowered’ SJW.

  48. I call it the Rebar Challenge. It involves one male and one female opponent, two-foot sections of Number 18 rebar, a small arena, and Thunder Dome Rules. See who is victorious.

  49. Uhm, you’re forgetting that those who ensured that women would have the vote were those who were best placed to manipulate that vote for their own purposes – powerful men. The rules are different for them, and female suffrage has ensured that their rule is not challenged democratically by other, less wealthy and less well-placed, men.

  50. It’s all female, femme, feminist. Until the toilet stops working. Or the power goes down. Or that thingy whatsit majig up in the front of her car acts up. Then what happens? Go ahead, try to find a woman plumber. I’ve tried. Can’t find one in my county. Every time you drive by a bunch of folks putting up power poles and hanging out thirty feet off the ground on the side of a power pole putting the wires straight do you see any “womyns”? Nope. Oh wait, there is one. She’s holding the slow/stop sign redirecting traffic. Some day when you have nothing else to do drive by the large open garage doors of all the tire and muffler repair shops and all the car dealerships and scan as you go by looking for one of the fairer sex in a blue uniform. Go ahead. Give it a try. I have. Can’t find one. Did you ever see a feminist driving a paving machine? I saw one driving a dump truck once. I think that she used to be a school bus driver and wanted an easier job. Have you ever once seen a woman lift open a manhole cover? In real life or in the movies? Ever?

  51. You have recognized some curious points about rights. Now you have to go only a little farther to see that rights don’t exist at all.
    But this still supports your thesis. What good there is in this life is there because armed men made it that way, not because of religious notions such as that rights protect us.

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