Why In Game You Should Act Before You Know What The Outcome Will Be

It is well documented that as men we are very logical beings. While not necessarily risk-averse, many of us would prefer to weigh the pros and cons of a given situation in order to make a proper risk analysis prior to talking action. But when meeting and attracting women — and in wider aspects of life — this isn’t always possible, or even desirable.

In his recent book World Order, Henry Kissinger notes that political decisions “must be made before it is possible to know what the outcome may be.” This philosophy is equally effective in game.

Every Aspect Of Game Is A Leap Of Faith 


Here’s the thing — we all like certainties and to know where we are in any given scenario. But if you want to get good at game then basically you have to approach a ton of women — there’s no easy way around it. And in doing so you will quickly learn that there is no such thing as certainty. Every part of the interaction is subject to her whims as well as a myriad of other external influences.

For example, when you walk up to a girl, tap her on the shoulder and start talking you have absolutely no idea whether she’s going to be receptive or not. If the conversation goes well and you whip out your phone to take her number, you can have no clue whether she will give it to you or refuse.

When you meet her for a drink then at some point you are going to go in for a kiss. Will she allow it or will she turn her cheek away? In each of these instances you are compelled to act — or , perhaps better, to lead — without having a clue whether it will be efficacious or not.

Desire To Know The Outcome Can Mess Up A Promising Interaction


It may not seem obvious, but the desire to know everything in advance and to control things can mess up what otherwise might have been a promising interaction. When we launch ourselves into game we soon realise that we are in a slipstream being buffeted about by women and circumstances. This can feel uncomfortable and it is only natural that we should seek the comfort of old certainties. But it is only by pressing forward into uncertainty that we can expect to make gains.

It is my view that in modern Western cities the key to game is flexibility. This is because, essentially relegated to playing what Roosh calls “clown game,” we have little choice but to dance to the tune that women play if we hope to get laid. In the entropic urban sprawl, girls with differing agendas and schedules come and go. The canny player will live entirely in the moment, ready to go along with the flow if that particular flow is likely to lead to sex at the end of the night.

How Flexibility Works In Practice


Some time ago, while walking through London, I came upon a pretty Swiss girl, a tourist spending a few days here with her friends. I approached her and we got talking. It turned out that her friends had abandoned her in a nightclub and that she was now walking around, looking for somewhere to eat. It was quite late and I wasn’t aware of any restaurants still open in the vicinity. Still, I took her hand and told her that we would go for food together. I then led her towards Waterloo Bridge, talking the whole time.

The truth is I had no clue whether there would be food when we got to the other side of the bridge or not. What I did know was that my apartment was in that general direction. In other words I went with the flow and took action, without any certainty of how things would pan out. Luckily the strategy paid off. When we reached the centre of the bridge we made out, and shortly afterwards all talk of food was forgotten as we took a taxi back to my place.

My intention in telling this story is not to brag, but rather to illustrate my point. Had I faltered and got hung up on the girl’s logical request then there’s a good chance I could have lost the lay. As it was, I lead her, going with the flow and having no idea of how things might end up. It could have been that faced with no McDonalds and a long walk back to her hotel she might have slapped me round the face and walked off into the night. But by simply sticking with it, uncertain of the outcome of my strategy, I was able to turn the situation around to my advantage.

Take Out: Be Confident In Your Future Ability To Handle Situations

hot girl not feminist

If you want to achieve success with today’s girls you have to be prepared to take a leap of faith. If she suggests taking a cab across town to a gig, or calls you up late at night to meet her in a park near to her place (as happened to me with another girl recently) then go with it, as long as it doesn’t conflict with anything else more important you might have lined up to do.

I don’t mean that you should supplicate yourself and do anything she wants, but I do mean that if you have made up your mind to get laid then you must commit to following events though to their conclusion.

You may not be quite certain how an individual scenario will turn out: don’t sweat it. Turn up anyway, and be confident in your ability to handle whatever comes your way. You may not score every time, but you will gain valuable experience that will help you out in the future. More often than not, though, you’ll be surprised. You don’t always need a roadmap to reach the finish line.

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    1. Kirk single-handedly spawned enough children to populate an entire galaxy during that five year mission. The guy was a beast.

  1. “…we have little choice but to dance to the tune that women play if we hope to get laid.”
    => This does not sound very masculine to me.

    1. Oh come on man, men and women are both social and each takes cues from the other in the “courtship” rituals. You can’t just walk up to a random girl, drop your pants, point to your dick and say “suck it” and get far when dating. Doesn’t work. God knows I’ve tried. It’s give and take by both parties, which again, is part of being human and being a highly intelligent social animal. You’re *never* going to get past that, excepting if you move to a cave and never encounter another woman in your life again.

        1. But it rather is. Give and take mean nothing if she decides you aren’t worth her time. Like it or not, women are the gatekeepers of sex, so if you’re going to get laid you have to deal with the gatekeeper on “her” terms, at least at first, which is why people get in shape, dress nice, etc. which all are to get her attention.
          Now you can criticize things like that as “being a pussy chaser” but then you’d be at a bit of a loss when it was pointed out to you that if you get dressed at all you’re “dancing to the tune of others” in regards to the general public. And so on.

        2. What am I missing? What’s wrong with approaching a girl without knowing the outcome beforehand? Seems to me that’s how we approach life in general isn’t it? There are no guaranteed outcomes, in anything. The only girls I’m aware of whom you can approach and get laid without doubt is a prostitute, even then sometimes not (maybe it’s her time off the clock).

        3. Totally agree with this. As long as men don’t do what they do merely to please a woman, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

        4. No, your perception is skewed because of how you interpreted a certain phrase. If you have any degree of success with women, you already understand what “dancing to their tune” means.

        5. Hence —
          “I don’t mean that you should supplicate yourself and do anything she wants, but I do mean that if you have made up your mind to get laid then you must commit to following events though to their conclusion.”

        6. Roosh has written extensively about clown game. The degree to which a man does or doesn’t participate in it is of course up to him. Nevertheless, as a phenomenon it exists and therefore can’t be ignored or brushed aside with internet-alpha truisms.

      1. No, but with the right intonation and look on the face I have seen “what are we going to do about this” actually work.
        Advanced moves.

        1. Yeah, I just meant cold approaches to random women. Obviously if she’s giving you massive amounts of cues, you have a lot more leeway.

        2. no, i agree with you 100%. Just saying, while rare, in exactly the right circumstances with just the right look you can open your pants, pull out your penis, look at it, smile, look at the girl and say “what are we going to do about this” (emphasis goes on the “do”).

        3. I have yet to star in a porn movie or partake in a massive orgy, so I’m going to take your word for it, heh.

        4. No mustache eh.
          I’ve seen it though. In an Irish pub in Astoria, NY. I wouldn’t exactly call the guy who did it a friend, but I knew him. It was a pretty impressive move.

        1. It’s always a relatively small segment of the population. I am not willing to put in more effort, both for logistical reasons and for reasons of principle.

    2. we can see this sentence in other way. Women know they have a position of power on us : we need sex and (unfortunatly) they have what we crave (they, instead desire things but can easily mute their desires). It’s logical that they have a upper hand on the interaction… at the beginning.
      We are forced to step in their dance, to lower their defences, but our duty, as males, moreover as red pill men, is to reverse the tables as soon as we have the opportunity to do so, thus, bringing back the upper hand for us. As soon as you can destabilize (i emphasize this word) her inner (limited) software (by proving high smv, by saying things that enlight her restricted mind, by showing (not saying!) how good you are with other females, by making her laugh… whatever and so on), i observed that it’s the female who chase the male back.
      IMO the difference between beta and red pill guys is simple : betas comply to all the steps of her dance… and we know the outcome : no sex/friendzone/contempt…
      on the other hand alpha comply on 1-2 steps just to have maintain the interaction, thus having an opportunity to see the best angle of attack and make the decisive move rapidly… or move away.
      If the move is a success, the trap is on and she enters your game. And that, the reversal of tables is the most masculine move you can make in her mind.

      1. Actually these days women have no upper-hand.
        Sex is readily available.Women are putting out faster than ever.
        Men continue to provide value in different aspects to women.
        So I’d say men have the upper-hand as long as you have legit value to bring to the table.Even chodes out there have more things to offer to a woman vs what women have to offer to these men back.
        The Feminist mindset to sleep around has come back to bite them in their own ass.

        1. perhaps in US. In France, it is not (yet ?) the case. I agree with you when you said “Men continue to provide value in different aspects to women”. And having legit value to bring to the table + i-don’t-give-a-shit-about-pussy attitude is IMO the best combination to face, and defeat, the female narcissistic disney princess attitude.

  2. Every interaction with a potential mate intended for a moment or longer must be framed within a certain context, which I shall now state as necessary “nots.”
    Not caring if she rejects.
    Not expecting if she accepts.
    Not reacting if she does either.
    Every game related action can be summed up in these 3 central tenets.
    The first implies that you are confident enough to weather any rejection of your game (however strong) because you know your worth and because you know there is always a female who won’t reject you.
    The second implies that you will not allow your expectations to abscond with your imagination by refusing to believe that there is a logical motive to her acceptance. For instance: believing that she will sleep with you because she gave you her number. The one thing that females are consistent of is in their lack of (logical) consistency. Study the storm, don’t become part of it.
    The third and final tenet is to compose yourself with a consistent demeanor with regard to either rejection or acceptance. This is done to emphasize your strength as well as to demonstrate that you are neither thirsty (too eager to embrace acceptance) or a loser type (too enraged at the idea of open rejection)
    Dignity, pragmatism and equanimity. Carry these 3 into any potential romances and you will succeed far greater than if you simply “winged it” based on what has worked for you thus far. (aka the crapshoot)

    1. Easier and simpler than all that…simply not caring period. Really and truly stop giving a shit about pussy. Stop pretending you don’t care then crying yourself to sleep because its Christmas morning and there’s no one to cuddle with and you think that’s what all the other happy sheep are doing. Fuck that. Cultivate the attitude of non-giving-a-shitness long enough and it will become who you are. Once that happens, they will flock to you.

      1. right christian. But it’s easy to adopt the careless/not giving a shit attitude when you have at least some success in your record. The more you had successfull moves with girls in the past (no need to have 20 notch count.. it could be 2, 3, 5 … it depends on the personnality after all), the more you can genuinely have the mindset you describe. Beginners at this game should not (and can’t genuinely) bear this attitude. Only expericenced men can have this.
        And you’re right, this mindset, when installed, is a powerful asset to lull girls who seek alpha types.

      2. Good point about them flocking to you when they realize you don’t give a shit. I don’t know if it’s because they need the reassurance or what, but when they realize the you’re not drooling over them their hormones kick in.

      3. Not caring about getting pussy can lead to not caring about pussy, period. You have to be careful not to go to the other extreme.
        This is the gateway mentality to the whole MGTOW philosophy, which is basically a loser mindset disguised as apathy.

        1. Was Jesus a loser? How about his disciples? Tesla? Newton? I see what your saying and I’m not completely equating those men on a mission to the sheep of today but for me personally anyway I won’t be labeled “winner” or “loser” based off of criteria put forth by well, women, actually.

        2. No He wasn’t and no they weren’t.
          I can understand your position and agree with you to a certain extent but as i said, you have to be careful not to take the wrong step off the plateau so to speak.
          I like to think of it this way:
          There’s a certain song that comes on the radio that you enjoy hearing at first, but then through numerous repetitive plays you start to sour on it to the point where you don’t feel one way or another about it…until you hear it one time too many and then you actually start to dislike it, maybe even hate it. Women and their bs can lead a Man to a similar state of mind.
          In that latter instance a sexual sort of cynicism can manifest, which takes an otherwise understandable reproductive skepticism and mutates it into a jaded hatred.
          You can hate the bs that females tend to peddle in like bootleg salesmen, but don’t let it make you hate them all insofar as to their fundamental role in the grand scheme of things. Their basic use and primary function is essential to the survival of the human race, and if enough real Men go MGTOW and if enough females continue to be swayed by the man hating feminist cunt philosophy we will have far less births of ideal Men and far more likely births of mangina weaklings. That is unacceptable.
          You owe it to the neo masculine society of tomorrow to plant a red seed within a blank slate today in order to (hopefully) breed the next generation of critical masculine mind (if applicable)
          Remember, Jesus could have kept his mouth shut and only shared what He knew only with those who would agree, but he instead chose to wander the earth in search of lost souls who needed the seed of His crimson message planted within their blue pills minds…whether they rejected it or not meant far less than actually having access to it in the first place.
          An entire faith was redefined by the actions of one Man…that tells you the awesome potential a red pill Man can have even on a blue pill society.
          Jesus bled red so we could be saved through the red pill seed of truth.

        3. What i meant by truly stop giving a shit isn’t that a person should start to hate women or become celibate but to stop the worship of sex and women as some sort of deity. Because that is the situation as it stands today. It’s ridiculous. I’m just trying to help these young guys because i know what its like to think a 10 on your arm will make you into a man or something. Your song on the radio analogy is perfect as that is exactly what happens when your with a woman who is all looks and no substance. It’s just a side bonus that when you stop the worship, they come.

        4. Then we are in agreement, since i agree that Women should NOT be put on a pedestal and you agree that a Man must not take the extra benighted step and actually hate them simply for being true to their shade.
          One does not hate a virus for doing what it does, one simply fights against it because of the effect it is likely to have.
          By the same instance, we shouldn’t hate females because of their tendency to whine, since they are in general subject to their emotions. Jealousy, cattiness, puerility and other negative traits are as endemic to females as strength, leadership and intelligence is to Men. The problem arises when an indoctrinated society attempts to reinvent the gender wheel by substituting a square feminist one in its place. Our anorchous incompetent society is the result of this kind of idiotic gender specific tinkering.
          Excuse the elaboration, i tend to wax on about bs like this.

  3. The secret to deep inner game is understanding that somewhere in the dark innards of female brain matter is that they know that they have absolutely no clue what they desire. Most of the time you just tell them what they want and they do it.

    1. exactly. I observed that girls with whom i had the best success in my life (read : who were chasing me back when my interest was gone) were the girls i succeed to induce ideas in their own minds and convince them that it was the reality of facts they were’nt aware of..

  4. In other words, keep approaching, make slight adjustments based on what seems to work and what doesn’t, and don’t give a fuck about what happens to and fro. The key is be willing to thwart your day’s plans on a moment’s notice to get laid.
    I can’t tell you how many weeks I’ve thrown off my lifting schedule to take a chance with a girl. Fucks up my schedule, but the trade off is 25-50% of the time my dick gets wet. Regular plates get less time that intervenes with my schedule. That’s my faith leaping strategy, it boils down to opportunity costs and upfront value perception… wait, isn’t that how girls think?

    1. you sound like you might have more hardcore goals with lifting than most of us, but i find that i can get good results (defined abs and a toned, athletic look) with just 30 or 40 minutes of lifting a day and a good diet, and i’m well into middle age. unless you’re a hardcore body builder or college/pro athlete, seems like you should have time for both lifting and game.

  5. Modern women, always reminding us of our Humble evolutionary origins, i present thee, the recently discovered species the “snub nosed monkey”

  6. Great article and it can be applied to life as well.
    A big problem with more introverted folks, me included, is that we think too damn much and we’re always living inside our own heads.
    Think with a purpose, know when to stop thinking and start acting, and live in the outside world for once.
    My father gave me a nugget of wisdom recently: To fear is to stand still and standing still is death. To act is to move and moving is life.

  7. Anytime I have acted on this mentality. The ZFG mentality, regardless of whether or not I got the lay I always felt good about how I acted afterwards and it gave me momentum to keep going and even one up myself next time.
    At the bare minimum you will have hilarious stories to tell.
    Remember dark triad traits that women find irresistible (because they are complete mo-rons) are
    Narcissism, impulsiveness, deceit
    ZFG indeed.
    One time I’m working and I see this hot blond with a leopard print miniskirt on surrounded by a group of chodes all looking like little puppies hoping for one morsel of attention from this slut lol.
    So I said to my boy ” watch”. I’m circling like a falcon bout to swoop and Boom I go right up, grab her by the hand and start walking.
    ” Where are we going” she says. “I don’t even know you”.
    I’m like ” We are GOING to the Dance. Floor. ”
    No more objections to my leading. I take her up there and put myself against a wall. I turn her and she naturally puts her ass on my shit and starts grinding. Perfect. I begin to touch her and play with her hair and then pull it and wrap my hand around her neck. Squeeze a illtte, pull her closer grab her face and start making out. My other hand I bring down the side of her leg and sliding panties aside up into her with some fingers.
    Unbeknownst to me my buddy was filming this shit on his iPhone. So then this bartender bitch starts throwing ice at me and bitching because I’m supposed to be working lol.
    Totally ruined the mood and the girl I pulled felt like a slut at that point.
    So I tell the bartender “babe you’re just mad cuz it wasn’t you. ”

    1. ”the girl felt like a slut” – – they’re all sluts in there, you know that. Those kind of places (clubs) are a smorgasboard for pickup, twice as easy as day or cold game. The ‘momentum’ and ‘one upping’ part I agree with, spot on. I’ll take your word for the rest of it. I bet the ‘grinding girl’ went through the motions and through the evening with you like a pro, like she’d done it 1000 times before.
      I kind of agree with Roosh describing them as garbage whose only use is being a fuck toy. Those fuck toys seem to hide during the day but jump out at you in the clubs. It takes a good eye to spot the fuck toys in a crowd during the day. I should have never married one years ago but I did sadly. I had game but I should have learned to finish the dance by slam dunking her and nexting.
      A man must yoke, ride and discard or slam when you’re through with them (like a basketball dunk) many fucktoy wild animals until it becomes like drill, automatic habit. Then you’re ready to settle down and breed by a good young virgin that you can lead and control. Any woman, even a young nymph can stampede you like a 700 lb meatcow if you’ve never gotten skilled in the art of ‘slam-a-ho’ when she’s done. It’s up to her ultimately if she puts her soul into being a ‘keeper’ for you or if she knows how well you slam dunk. If she’s a crazy masochist, dribble her good before you dunk her. It’s funny but that’s about the only way to insure a stable family these days and ensuring she won’t turncoat pussy on her own. Yanking back the hands of the clock on feminism is hard business. There’s some mccabre forces behind feminism for real.

      1. Pretty much agree with everything here.
        Women today and perhaps for long periods in history have been utterly worthless outside birth giving and child rearing.
        But yes about the dark forces behind feminism. Consider that the notch count of the average girl in the west is probably historically unprecedented as far as total fucks and total sluts. I just can’t think about kids with these whores even though I do want a family.
        Do you really think it’s that simple as bang bitches pump n dump then boom
        Settle down and breed with young virgin?
        Cuz let me tell you brother the will is there but the young virgins are not. Shit, in middle school sluts are rackin notches
        Shit just needs to collapse.

  8. I would do yoga if the women looked like that. Has that ever worked, or do women view the only guy in the class like a beta / homo ?

    1. Joining a class is a bit much imo, especially if you’re doing it just for the sake of meeting women and not because it’s something you’re interested in. The girls will see right through you.

    2. you can do ok in yoga class. most studios do a free class once a week, and many of the girls are pretty fit and attractive. there’s nothing unmanly about yoga. if you do it right, it’s pretty brutal. great for core strength, balance, and flexibility, and a great compliment to weight training.

      1. “you can do ok in yoga class. most studios do a free class once a week,
        and many of the girls are pretty fit and attractive. there’s nothing
        unmanly about yoga. if you do it right, it’s pretty brutal. great for
        core strength and flexibility, and a great compliment to weight
        Yoga was developed as part of Hinduism to aid in communion with their Hindu gods (aka “demons”). If that isn’t your goal, then you’d be better off taking up swimming, or almost any other type of exercise.

    3. I’ve scored 2 girls from yoga class, both were the instructor however.. Anyway, its fun, good for you, and great eye candy, so you really can’t lose… I never felt any vibe of anyone thinking yoga is gay. Yoga was invented by men, and it’s only in the west that it is dominated by women.

  9. Too much thinking and can lead to blinking and hesitation.
    Have faith as if you have the secret to the universe inside your head and now your just living life knowing you have all the cheat codes in you.
    Too much worrying will lead to never wanting to get off the bench and watching others play the game.
    Women can spot when your overdoing it and not on point. Act like you have been here for 1,000 years and everything is merely a repeat you have seen it all before.
    Be like the guy in @GhostOfjefferson photo. Yes its a commercial but, look at it and see his vibe. Calm under the pressure. The only man continue to eat his popcorn while the world turns into Zombieland.
    That is how you have to be with this chicks. They want a statue they can climb on and not have to worry about it tumbling over and breaking. They seek someone that can harness that fire they have inside of them and place it in its proper use.
    They crave genuine restriction and the freedom to just be lil girls. All of them from the Feminist to the brainless bimbo. Daddy issues are the new normal.
    Remain unbreakable and never fold to shit tests or the PC crowd that wants you to act modern and be a follower. Nah.
    Always look internally and focused on doing better for yourself. Women and the blue pill PC crowd are no different than fish living moment to moment. Half of the shit they say they don’t even believe in. Never submit to someone or a group that is not truthful in their words or beliefs. Might as well not live and jump off the bridge when everybody else jumps.

  10. You have to converse well and with confidence with a worthy woman. Every man should learn to enjoy this part of the amorous courtship right. Maturer women especially love it as you’re treating them as an equal in their minds. The give and take over a meal with a bottle of Mendoza’s finest can be one of the greatest pleasures in a man’s life.

      1. They’re easier to converse with. They know what they want. Young city girls(<30) are head wreckers, never shut up talking crap all night long, and you have to compete with their smartphone and the reward…..rarely worth all the effort. Too immature and juvenile for me.

  11. Courage is defined as doing what you know is the right thing when the outcome is in doubt.

  12. I have to say, I don’t understand these references to “clown game”. I never clown to get women. My game is more “domination game”. Not like a dominatrix but by simply demonstrating to women that I am an alpha male and that’s what she wants. Hell, its not even game, its just how I am.
    This triggers the desires that women have in a man. She wants a physically strong man, who can handle himself and other men, if need be, who can protect her and make her feel safe. If you have this, you can leave the clown game to the clowns.

    1. works great when you are approaching lonewolves.
      But sometimes when opening groups sets, you need a bit of clown game,especially during the night.
      A little bit ,not much. I’ve seen plenty of guys ending up being the dancing monkey.

      1. LOL!
        I don’t want to be that guy.
        Yeah I am pretty good at isolating and destroying. At some point the woman you want will separate from the group. That’s when you strike.
        However, if this doesn’t happen either be a bold shark or go for easier prey.

  13. Three things man needs to know.
    1) a trade or knowing how to sell, when he has nothing.
    2) how to pick up women and have sex when he has nothing.
    3)how to mentally deal with poverty.
    If you can basically do all three, there is very little in this world to worry about. Just knowing that you can extricate yourself out of most situations provides an immense sense of wellbeing that can not be replaced by even the most expensive of gilded cages.

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