Is Heat Street A Thinly-Veiled Cuckservative Attempt To Thwart Donald Trump?

There’s a new anti-Trump site on the web called Heat Street, that has built its credibility by attacking SJWs. It purports to be “An engaging new destination for news, features, opinion and commentary. Free speech celebrated. No safe spaces.” In reality, it is just another boring attempt by the journalistic establishment to squash the political awakening that is happening in the US.

Who owns Heat Street?


Rupert Murdoch

I’ll give credit to Heat Street in that they are very open about who owns them. Knowing who owns a media outlet is important as the owner ultimately sets the editorial direction. Just as you would not expect a website run by Roosh to push feminism, you would not expect a website run by Jeb Bush to promote traditional masculinity.

Heat Street is owned by Dow Jones & Company, the same company that owns the Wall Street Journal. Dow Jones & Company, in turn, is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, which also owns Fox News. Not surprisingly, Heat Street has the same editorial slant as the Wall Street Journal and Fox News—a slant that happens to mesh perfectly with the position of the Republican donor class.

Heat Street is another example of establishment cluelessness

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.52.55 PM

There is no doubt that Heat Street was created partially—perhaps entirely—as a response to the popularity of Donald Trump and the rise of the Alt Right. Yet, the creators of Heat Street, like the GOP establishment, seem to be incapable of understanding what is happening in the country.

Republican strategists have never been able to understand why Trump has captured the hearts of the rank and file voters. First, they guessed it was because Trump insulted people, so donor lapdog Marco Rubio was commanded to put the theory to the test. Rubio instantly changed his tone from the carefully scripted, focus group-crafted material to being an insult comic. Of course, people don’t support Trump because he insults people so Rubio’s Lisa Lampanelli routine had the exact opposite of what was intended: Rubio saw his poll numbers plummet while Trump’s rose.

The most recent establishment theory is that Trump is popular because he is a reality show star. Mitt Romney is even trying to draft Mark Cuban, host of Shark Tank, into a third party run against Trump. Apparently, it has never crossed the mind of the elites that people support Trump because of his policies to build a wall, curb immigration, and put America first in foreign policy and trade.

In a similar way, the marketers at News Corp. who created Heat Street don’t understand why young people are rejecting the libertarianism of the conservative movement in favor of more radical politics. They seem to believe that people are rejecting conventional politics because they are tired of political correctness, which is why they include “No safe spaces” in their tagline. What they fail to understand is that people are not just tired of political correctness but the entire progressive edifice that it supports.

Heat Street’s positions


Louise Mensch – head of Heat Street

Here is a flavor of some of Heat Street’s editorial positions.



Heat Street hates Trump. It is possible that the only reason it was created was to stop Trump from winning the presidency and to serve as a foil to him if he wins. To borrow a phrase from Chesterton, it is almost as if the writers at Heat Street believe that any stick is good enough to beat Trump with. You will not find a single word of praise for Trump within Heat Street.

For inveterate Trump-hater Rick Wilson, Trump spells disaster for noble Republican Party, the Party of Dennis Hastert and Larry Craig:

Standing against his [Trump’s] repellent positions and cancerous candidacy is probably the only way to avoid having the electoral hopes of hundreds of down-ballot Republican candidates consumed in the dumpster fire of his campaign. It’s inconvenient for Trump fans, but not every candidate lives in a deep-red, economically illiterate, violently anti-immigrant, pro-war crime enclave.

In a piece entitled, Miller Time: Donald Trump lied that he was ‘John Miller’ to Spread Misogyny, Heat Street chief Louise Mensch asks “Can the GOP ask any respectable delegate to support this [Trump’s] misogyny?” The hatred continues with a piece criticizing Trump’s penchant for retweeting white supremacists. And of course, Heat Street paints Trump supporters as rabid, threatening, and potentially violent hillbillies.



Racism is probably the most powerful and most overused weapon in the SJW arsenal. Therefore, Heat Street tries to steer a middle path. There are a handful of articles that poke fun of SJWs who claim something is racist when it really isn’t. For example, Heat Street thinks it is ridiculous that some white SJWs are expressing outrage that the black Ghostbusters character is not a professor.

To add a little personalization and “tragic mulatto” street cred, writer Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria penned a personal piece bemoaning the issue of “colorism.”  Colorism, she states is “prejudice against a person who has one black parent and another parent of a different ethnic origin.” Romeyn-Sanabria details the flood of hateful Tweets she received when she mentioned that she did not feel accepted as a “young, biracial woman” on Twitter. Interestingly, all of the tweets seemed to come from one person.  Maybe only one person is “colorist.” Terms like “whitesplaining” are also thrown in to make Heat Street readers feel like they are on the cutting edge of SJW lingo.

Heat Street tries to be edgy when it comes to race, but even here, Heat Street breaks no new ground. It does nothing to destroy the SJW straightjacket.



Some countries can limit immigration and some countries can’t.

As you would expect from a sister publication of the Wall Street Journal, Heat Street is pro-immigration. It ran a piece from a professor alleging that Trump’s border wall is no longer needed because most of the Mexicans are now here and that Mexicans in Mexico are having fewer children. Heat Street also carried Lin-Manual Miranda’s address at University of Pennsylvania speech which turned out to be a panegyric to immigrants:

In a year when politicians traffic in anti-immigrant rhetoric, there is also a Broadway musical reminding us that a broke, orphan immigrant from the West Indies built our financial system. A story that reminds us that since the beginning of the great unfinished symphony that is our American experiment, time and time again, immigrants get the job done.



One welcome surprise is that it seems that Heat Street supports Britain’s exit from the EU. This is one area where Heat Street diverges from the globalist agenda that it otherwise adheres to so closely.

Globalists favor eliminating national boundaries because it gets in the way of “free” trade. This is the end game behind NAFTA and TPP. The exit of the UK from the European Union would be a step in a nationalist direction—and nationalism is the opposite of globalism.

The real problem


Under the makeup, conservatives and liberals are both progressives.

The real problem with Heat Street is that it wants to perpetuate the lie that there are two forces locked in an eternal struggle. One side stands for free markets, free trade, and personal freedom. The other stands for unnecessary regulation and poorly conceived social programs.

The Heat Street version of conservatism (or libertarianism, same thing) supports “lean in” type feminism, but not fat women in pink hair. It is pro-immigration and definitely not racist. It welcomes gays and transgenders if they agree with tax breaks for hedge fund managers, unregulated GMO food, and proxy wars for Israel and Saudi Arabia. It views people not as part of families and nations, but as free-floating, rootless economic units.

The problem with the Heat Street narrative is that the dichotomy between the party of economic freedom and the party of controlled markets is largely false. It is kabuki theatre for the proles. Rhetoric aside, both the Republicans and the Democrats support unlimited free trade, unchecked immigration, and low corporate tax rates. That’s why many CEOs of large corporations are Democrats.

The real divide is between globalism and nationalism. In the US, both parties are in the thrall of globalist donors who place their own needs ahead of the well-being of their fellow countrymen.

What Heat Street misses

In the end, Heat Street fails to understand what is driving voters in 2016. It is not that we want vulgarity or flashy memes, it is that we want to put our own interests first. We want our own countrymen to have good jobs even if it means we pay a little more for our iPhones.

We don’t want to just do away with Trigglypuff-type feminism. We don’t want to go back to second-wave feminism, we want to bring back the patriarchy.

We don’t just want to do away with the racial extremism of the Mizzou protestors. We want to do away with the whole racial animus industry.

We don’t want to live, as John Kerry has stated, a borderless future. Immigration can be good but when it happens on such a large scale that citizens start to feel like they are living in a foreign country, it is time to slow it down.


Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.16.30 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.19.21 PM

I asked my wife to read some Heat Street articles to make sure my reading was not too jaundiced. She said that she felt as though there was no passion behind their articles. It was almost as if they were written by people who were covering mandatory points but who didn’t really believe strongly in their own content.

I have to agree. I don’t think I will be spending anymore time at Heat Street.

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156 thoughts on “Is Heat Street A Thinly-Veiled Cuckservative Attempt To Thwart Donald Trump?”

  1. Short version: mainstream “news” in disguise. Disregard, or at a minimum view with caution.

    1. People call it “Frankenfood.” The truth is that all food is genetically modified, constantly. Every time you select a food you’re participating in its genetic modification.

      1. correct, 100% but there is more and less genetically modified food:
        an organic plum or apricot, as you say, is naturally genetically modified
        A pluot is both engineered and genetically modified.
        Corn and Soy are lab animals at this point
        Canned Soup or Frozen dinners are basically microwaveable cancer.

        1. How have corn and soy been such staples for so long? Both are quite low in nutritional value, corn is quite difficult to digest and high soy will feminize you.

        2. I understand the distinction, but what is the practical difference?
          At the end of the day, on the pluot example we’re talking about the same type of hybridizations farmers have been doing for millennia. That they do it faster in a lab doesn’t change its nature from a biological standpoint.
          Canned soup and frozen dinners are something else entirely. There, actual chemicals that cannot occur in nature on their own are being used in the recipe.
          A plout will either grow, or it wont.

        3. Also they come with added “bonuses” Bishca touches on.
          Industries built around obesity (causing or curing it) and various digestive issue makes corn and its by-products valuable beyond being a simple, cheaply grown food.
          Then, considering the slant of our modern society, why wouldn’t there be a push for a product like soy which feminizes men?

        4. You’re absolutely right, for a second there I thought about what was logically best for mankind, silly me.

        5. This has always been puzzling to me. I mean, ok, summer time fresh grilled corn on the cob with butter and salt…yeah, it’s pretty delicious…and then it comes out whole. Soy just boggles the mind.

        6. agreed. As for the practical difference…between the pluot and the plum…probably none…between the plum and soy? a world. Between the pluot and a can of chunk soup…a universe.
          Your point is totally valid. Still, there is some poison out there that people are calling food. Of course, some people are making this into an insane case and going over board, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t real concerns.
          The fact that chicken titties are like 4x bigger today than when I was a kid as a direct result of market research about chicken breast is, frankly, fucking scary. I don’t know what, if any, effect this has on me but I will tell you I do not fucking like it.

        7. My entire diet is complex carbs from brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, simple carbs from fruit, micronutrients and roughage from vegetables and protein from eggs, meat, chicken, fish.

        8. Yep. That’s why my wife was shocked when I look at the label of everything she suggests getting at the store. I reject about 90% of the stuff, no matter how delicious.

        9. well, most of the meat have gmo corn in it, also has tons of antibiotics like cipro in it as well. The roman elite fed their livestock oysters, acorns and marsala. Id rather eat that hunk of beef

        10. Didn’t spend much time on this, just quick Google, but I think it gets the point across (mainly stuff like shampoo and soaps to worry about), also a lot of this can get absorbed through your skin whether you use it or not, sort of like the warning we got a few years ago about men’s testosterone products triggering side-effects in women and children;

          I believe here in the US, there were even concerns of estrogen in the public water supply (seems like California was up over this a bit ago), but I don’t know.

        11. I buy it in bulk online and freeze it. Lasts about 3 months and works out slightly cheaper than the local butcher

        12. there is so much estrogen in the chesapeake waterways that the male fish have underdeveloped sex organs. more hermaphrodite fish too. yummy. all that birth control chemicals excreted into our water

        13. Well I mean, fuck at one point you just gotta be like my grandfather was. He had diabetes, psoriasis, a liver function condition, whole host of other health problems all which had specific diet conditions which wiped out the vast majority of regular foods he was allowed to eat. He just went fuck it and ate what he wanted to. I’m not about to stop eating apples and eggs, thats a goddamn bridge too far.

        14. Well that almost goes without saying. Knew a guy pairing those two who thought he was going to die so he hopped a ride with Charon, beat the fuck out of Hades with his schlong and then rode a golden chariot up to Aphrodite to satisfy her for the first time ever. That was in 1992 when he was 93, far as I know he’s since taken Zeus’s throne and periodically comes back to Earth to knock up some supermodel.

        15. and phthalates too- thats in shampoos and hair conditioners. There was a guy on the forum with low T, before get T shots he got rid of all these chemicals from his diet/hygiene products, claimed his T was back in the normal range 3 or 4 months later when he went back to the doctor

        16. Wheat used to be fairly inefficient, too. Then they worked out a Bulgar strain that can be harvested at a third the original growth.
          Around the same time, gluten intolerance rates started to increase.
          After a certain degree of engineering, it might just be worth studying the product to ensure you didn’t inadvertently louse it up.

        17. Experiment with Tamari – it’s like regular soy sauce, but fermented instead of brewed with wheat. Flavor is different, but might have reduced negative effects. (Plus, a gluten intolerant bloke like me can actually eat it)

        18. Here’s where I come down on stuff like the chicken example you mention: how I feel about it depends on whether it is still “chicken.” To my body, chicken is a compound that has a certain chemical composition. I accept that there are things that can change this composition, and things which can’t. But provided that the composition is the same, I see no reason to worry about it because its all the same to my body.
          For example, you may be able to achieve the 4x bigger chicken results in different ways, some of which are likely bad, and others which probably aren’t bad, and may actually be good. You could probably achieve this by overloading the chicken with growth hormones. Or perhaps you could do it through aggressive genetic selection and some genetic engineering in the lab.
          But, if you inject a chicken with a thousand pounds of hormones, and it changes the chemical composition of the chicken I’m ingesting because those extra hormones are still there, I’m not in favor of this approach (though I’m not necessarily completely against it, providing you could show scientifically that there is no harm to me). If you do something like the other scenario, and at the end of the day, my chicken is still “chicken” with the same chemical composition as the old chicken, I don’t really care. Plus, that approach may have actual benefits – it might make the chicken cheaper, and make more chicken available to feed more people.
          In general, I understand concerns people have over food. The science is hard to comprehend, and I’m by no means an expert. But at the end of the day, I’m no more in favor of a reflexively anti-science in food approach than I am a full bore anything and everything scientifically possible to increase food yields approach. The average person is too retarded to appreciate nuanced views, and only wants to talk bumper stickers like “science” or “anti-science,” and so it is pointless to have this conversation with most people.

        19. Caught it early enough to stay intolerant. I thought my near-constant headaches were just a fact of life, but nope.
          Pops suffered more than forty years before he found out he was intolerant, too. Turns out all his allergies (lactose and ragweed, mostly) were symptoms, and nobody knew.

        20. I can’t be in more strict agreement with you from the possible reasons for the chicken, when to be concerned and when it is over board right to the fact that average people are taking an impassioned view without knowing dick.

        21. Allergies are shitty like that, sometimes its almost a blessing to be extremely allergic rather than moderately because its abundantly obvious what could kill you and you figure it out immediately – or you die, but hey roll the dice.

        22. What scares me are the regulatory loopholes that let them avoid researching “ancient foodstuffs,” no matter how much they have been tampered with.
          Honestly, we should evaluate everything we eat on the basis of its effects on our bodies, but we tend to place trust in the oddest places.

        23. They refer to gluten intolerance as the chameleon disease, because it actually has more potential symptoms than syphilis. You can be suffering from any subset of the known conditions and never know, because it looks like something else.
          The only effective test of gluten intolerance is to stop eating it for a month (cold turkey), then add it back into your diet. The blood tests are about 50% reliable if you’ve eaten a decent amount of gluten in the previous week or so, but that’s the only reasonable medical alternative to the diet test.

        24. I think one of the reasons there are so many effeminate men (aside from whiney soccer moms’ ban on score keeping in little league) is the over dependence on soy based baby formula.

          Every notice how vegan and vegetarian males are such wusses? Ever notice how ya almost never hear of veggie men doing this on their own?
          “My girlfriend is a vegetarian, so that pretty much makes me a vegetarian, but I do enjoy the taste of a good burger.”—Jules Winfield
          I avoid soy as much as possible. It’s the food of Lefties.

        25. Wow all you shithouse rats make me love myself. Baldness must be from too much testosterone and I eat & drink everything/anything except processed junk. If I had to monitor beer, cheese, or coffee intake this life would be worthless.

        26. The grassfed thing started off as an experimentl, but once I realised how tasty and high quality the meat was I just couldn’t go back even if I do now have a second freezer full of nothing but meat.

        27. Yeah, the wife brought up a soy formula for when she’s unable to make milk and I flat out refused. I told her if I see that shit anywhere near our kid I would light that shit on fire in front of her.

        28. Cholesterol is needed to make testosterone. This push to reduce our cholesterol and pushing statin medication causes us to lose our libido in the process. Guess what? The big pharmaceutical companies have a pill to sell you that’ll help you with that.

        29. Heh, regarding the vomit that’s to be expected. That would be the only exception I would make. However, I’m a strong proponent for breast feeding. It’s the most natural thing a baby can get so why not stick to it as much as possible? However I’m not a diehard type regarding it.

        30. the men are wussies bc you can only get zinc from animal sources. Zinc in plants cannot be absorbed by humans. no zinc, watch you T levels crash

        31. Anything involving animal slaughter will trigger them. About 10 years ago I went to see ZZ Top and the warm up acts were the Stray Cats and the Pretenders. Stray Cats were great but the singer for the Pretenders started preaching on the mike about cattle raising and slaughter. In typical fashion, the Texas crowd booed her and basically said play the music and gtfo the stage.
          Her butthurt over the incident was great though.

        32. Yes, I wish the USA still had the massive bison populations on the plains. All that grass fed meat mmmm It is pricey though now.

        33. Agreed, I think outside the US people arent necessarily healthier-they just consume much smaller proportions of less shitty food.

        34. had to look up this game to see if it was real. Same guy who made killer7 for the PS2

        35. A long time ago, there was an article in Men’s Journal about Mongolian ranchers. All these guys ate was beef, milk, cheese and some grains here and there. All these dudes looked like bodybuilders, and none of em ever set one foot inside a gym in their lifetimes. But Im not supposed to eat meat?

        36. Because it’s cheap,easy to store and easy to transport. 99% of the corn and soybeans are used for animal feed and other industrial uses with the exception of corn syrup and soybean oil which can be found in most all processed foods. The corn that comes out of a can or frozen in a bag is different than regular field corn.

        37. Just about any meat you have eaten has had at least a partial diet of soy all its life. The vast majority of soybeans are crushed for oil the the meal is used for protein in animal feed.

    2. “Honest question: what’s the issue with GMO food?”
      Russia banned GMO because GMO causes cancer and can even genetically alter whoever eats it.

    3. “Honest question: what’s the issue with GMO food?”
      Its genetically modified. the question is how genetically modified is it? is it natural genetics that change? is the government tossing loads of hormones into the food that change people and give them chemical imbalances? which by default affect their health?
      eating organic food versus other food is like comparing mcdonalds fast food to grandmas home cooking. one of those two meals is actually good for you….the other is a mirage and may not actually be food. some things like margarine arent actually food. some studies have shown not even flies will eat margarine.
      some studies will even show plastics make men produce more estrogen….so that would be an example of GMO food and products affecting your hormone levels.
      ultimately the complaints against GMO are up there with too much fast food makes you a lazy fat fuck. GMOs just do it in a more subtle way. people arent willing to ask whether or not the government is actually fucking them over this way or not.
      is the government actually fucking us over this way? its a sincere possibility. its no secret our health has declined radically. is that because of shitty “food” we eat?
      Rat Park. It was a Canadian study
      is a study where rats that grow up in a bad environment choose drugs….rats growing up in a good environment balk at eating drug infested food.
      just something to think about.

  2. This reminds me of Surge soda. You can tell when something has been market-researched and focus-grouped to death.
    One quibble – the author shouldn’t confuse libertarianism with typical conservatism. Big difference and not a single GOP candidate (including Trump) is a libertarian.

    1. I’ve been confused as of late as to what exactly Libertarianism is. I’ve recently been exposed to the Leftist Libertarian ideals and iam not so sure if i would happily identify with the term considering the direction these nutters have taken it in.
      This was in reply to ‘Can you explain the libertarian social democrat viewpoint to me in a nutshell?’

      1. Libertarianism is simply the philosophy based in the Non-aggression principle. That’s it. In other words, libertarianism is the idea of self governance as opposed to being governed by others. The Libertarian Party is somewhat oxymoronic in that regard. Libertarians are what Liberals used to be before the Progs Orwelled the word to mean commie fag.

      2. You need to avoid left-libertarians. Right libertarians tend to follow things like monetarism and the austrian school of economics, very serious fields of economic theory, and they have a history with classical liberals dating back to figures like bastiat. Unfortunately, with Mises daily now being defunct and FEE growing, left libertarians have essentially taken over the movement, and they are largely just pot smoking degenerates who can repeat some of the austrian talking points but are slowly obfuscating the legacy of mises, hayek, rothbard, and other of the political austrians.

      1. It is a conundrum, but someone who enters political arena to dismantle it, could be a libertarian. Maybe not an effective one, but that is a different discussion.

        1. Yeah…i think in a lot of areas, that is what I think Ron Paul was trying to do. VETO ALL THE THINGS!

    2. Yep, the author is smearing libertarianism. The GOP (conservatives) rejected their libertarian wing (Ron Paul). Like “lassez-fair capitalism”, they only embrace the word “libertarian” in order to validate their current government expansive policies. Libertarians actively pursue dismantling the state … including the social controls and the crony-capitalism the GOP supports.

      1. “Libertarians actively pursue dismantling the state … including the social controls”
        Yes, and that’s why Libertarians are just early stage Leftism/Nihilism. What you “dismantle” doesn’t become a vacuum of freedom, rather those ruins and that space is transformed into new material for the socialist state.

        1. We, of course, disagree. Immoral behavior is self-regulating when moral people are allowed to exercise their right of non-support.

        2. “We, of course, disagree. Immoral behavior is self-regulating when moral people are allowed to exercise their right of non-support.”
          That’s not how humanity functions. Either “immoral behavior,” such as sodomy, is taboo and laws against it are actively enforced, or it is mandatory and all resistance is sought out and crushed with the full weight of the law (because now the formerly “moral people” are considered “immoral” and mentally ill: “homophobic”). Thinking that it could anything else is like thinking a ball, when thrown straight up into the air, will reach a maximum height and just float there forever, and not come crashing back down to earth. Any appearance of a neutral state of “equality” is just a brief state of transition to laws reversing to punish the other side.

        3. Two observations on nature which describe the cycle:
          1. Nature abhors a system. Derived from physical entropy, the observation notes that every system decays over time, no matter how noble or solid the original system.
          2. Nature abhors a vacuum. Something always rushes to fill any given void.
          Libertarianism in its most common form (“dismantle the state and leave me alone”) seeks to create a vacuum without providing a system. Those who push a system will rush into the void, and odds are great the system provided will not be as preferable as the system that came before.

  3. Every time you hear politicians and their masters talk about how to market the party or how to sell a candidate or an idea just realize its the same piece of shit only with a different color wrapper. I think we’re starting to wake up and see through the charade which is why “heat street” and other attempts by old retrograde globalists to be hip and cool will not pass the smell test.

  4. George Magazine (a long long time ago) had the feel of a SJW team trying to be independent thinkers. It was also clearly launched to be a political tool for a future JFK jr run for office.

  5. I did not know this ‘heat street’ site even existed until this article. Having no knowledge of what it was, by its name I would have suspected a porn site.

  6. The most interesting part about this, imo, is that it signals that the big boys like News Corp are taking small blogs and news sites…much like ROK….seriously enough to be willing to emulate their business model.
    Instead of a small site trying to make believe it is a big medial outlet, things are quite the opposite. That signals a radical shift and, while I am not sure what, says something serious about the landscape.

    1. Could be part agenda pushing, part experiment to see if they can infiltrate the market and have an impact. Be interesting to see if more of these pop up in the future.

      1. Could be either of those things. What is interesting is that huge media conglomerates have caught on to the fact that it is important. 20 years ago the thought that a major news outlet would copy a late 90’s info blog to try to reach it’s readership would never occur. It means a lot of things, not the least of which being that the news outlets get the fact that the cat is out of the bag and isn’t going back in.

    2. The likely fallacy in the article is the idea that they “don’t get what’s going on.” Sure they do, they’re marketers and admen, they get it, they see the profits fall off with the interest and their power going right along with it. Things like this are just transparent attempts to regain their hold on the cultural narrative. We’re bucking and they’re trying to get us broken back in before there’s an all-out stampede.

      1. They get it, but they don’t know how to “fix” it. They know the only way is through censorship or eliminating the people who do not agree with their views. Neither one of those are legal nor acceptable. So they double down on the shaming calling you a racist, misogynist, rapist, etc. It’s not working and they are getting desperate so breaking laws will be their next tactic.

        1. Money/power, yeah. All that’s important is the control aspect of it, the most effective way to keep the masses in line is to message it effectively, hence narrative.
          You can’t sell the narrative short because it comes part and parcel with influencing behavior/thinking of the social dynamic (including weakening resistance and keeping people in disagreement/separated so they can’t form a unified front capable of harming your power structure). Done well it becomes a self-perpetuating entity to further keep people under your influence.

        2. Did you read The Fountainhead? There is this reckless and powerful tabloid publisher who in the end tries to turn things around and write good articles, but as soon as he does it, no one cares. Power works two ways. The ruler is as much a slave of the ruled as the other way around.

        3. Yeah that happens, people may rise up or they may simply prefer the Matrix to peeking at the man behind the curtain, soon a power construct may even find its pawns turning on them, like we’ve seen with a few universities now.
          I would think that at some point the system one is keeping running eventually loses whatever original intent/purpose it may have had until its just about keeping the machine in operation.

        4. Ultimately its blood, not money. Money is about control of what’s important: territory, women. You can gain control by working for it or by screwing someone else up.

    3. Your comment reminds of the way giant corporate breweries started releasing beers made to appear as “craft beers” with “craft beer-like packaging”.

      1. I did not think of this, but yes…that is exactly what I am getting at.

    4. It makes Heartiste’s claim that Trump or his advisors is/are reading his blog more credible.

    5. HeatStreet wreaks of some old person trying act “hip”, but gets laughed at by all the youngsters

      1. Id never heard of it until this article, but I like the analogy. Makes sense to me.

        1. I only saw it on twitter. And only then because someone said it was an attempt to be cool or something

  7. You cant bring back nationalism when the media is owned/co-owned by foreign interests. Its a pipedream at this point

  8. I’ve been noticing this for some time now–Zionists are jumping on the anti-SJW bandwagon, and are trying to toss their issues onto the pile unnoticed: “White privilege is a liberal myth, amiright? And how about those wimps who oppose the brave Israeli settlers? Total SJW crybabies! Islam is evil. I don’t care about your sensitivity rulebook. We must support tiny, helpless Israel against the PC police!”

    1. She must have worked as a stripper through community college she exposes herself so well.
      She definitely wants to “conserve” feminism and uses all the go-to tactics:
      Tries to play up that she agrees with him on something while altering it to better fit what she really thinks, loves Clinton but oblivious to the fact he too is a draft dodger, extremely high self-estimate of her own value, denies statistical and biological evidence that proves there is no such thing as “equality,” thinks that women trying to buck against their natural roles is a shared fault since men don’t want them anyway, trying to redefine feminism after decades of history that shrieks to the the contrary, etc.
      It’s all the same trash dressed up in a different bag.

      1. “Tries to play up that she agrees with him on something while altering it to better fit what she really thinks”
        A master of manipulation. Nice try, but failed.

      2. Yeah, I would love to hear the live audio of this. I imagine her frantic ravings as Vox debates circles around her.
        And her assertion that Trump isn’t an Alpha was hilarious.

      3. “It’s all the same trash dressed up in a different bag.”
        But a bag that they have to work harder to stay in.

    2. Many feminists are likely trying to co opt the political right.
      Makes sense when you consider that by now it’s become crystal clear that the left will NOT protect feminists from Islam.
      Expect more of this in years to come.
      That also means that the anti-porn wing of feminism will intensify so backup your stash of favorite porn.

  9. How is this any different than other big mainstream conservative sites? What’s the big deal? I’m a fan of Breitbart, Rebel Media, Drudge and Fox, but also Taki’s, RoK and AltRight. This just reminds me of the Steven Crowders and Ben Shapiros, the “there is no white privilege” conservatives, who also stake out the “real racists.” Best bet is just get your info from everywhere. Hint: I’m part of “the tribe”, yet I’ll see what’s going on at Occidental, why not? They’re just words.

  10. Never heard of it, and I read a lot of news sites. The name alone tells you how cuck it is, though. It’s like a few 50-something editors sat around for an afternoon trying to come up with something cool and edgy to attract youngsters.
    And whiffed.
    Also, I’m fucking sick to death of blogtard headlines like “Blah Blah Blah Blah… and That’s Not OK!” First off, brevity is the soul of wit. Secondly, I don’t give a shit what the author (particularly if it’s a know nothing pajama blogger) thinks is ok or not ok. And finally, it sounds incredibly doucherific. Seriously. Read it out loud to yourself.
    Heat Street, lol. What a pile of flaming fail.

  11. Murdoch must never be trusted.
    1 He was once a communist Trotskyite at university, even wore a Mao outfit.
    2 His Father Keith was a Jew and raised as such as was his paternal grandmother.
    Note Many neoconservatives started out as communist Trotskyites because of the internationalism promised to destroy national boundaries but then became neoconservative as their “Israel” became threatened and they felt the left would not support Zionism strongly.
    so Murdoch is essentially a Jewish Leftist following Leftist ultimate goals by way of this thing called neo-conservatism.
    Marx himself said that democracy and capitalism would both destroy borders and lead to the communism and a global government and the dictatorship of the proletariat.
    This was the end of history, where no more change would occur.
    Note, few left wingers want to be truly equal.

      1. It was in a column by the writer Peter Fitzsimons in the Sydney Morning Herald. He got it out of a biography.
        At Oxford, Rupert had kept a bust of Lenin in his room.
        Lenin himself was 1/4 Asiatic, 1/4 jew and 2/4 White. .

  12. The only reason I’d heard of them is because Vox Day had a couple interviews with them.
    Louise Mench was at least more gracious than full blown SJW’s, but had some cringeworthy statements

  13. Modern society is built on a kind of liberal, back-slapping permissiveness that encompasses the left, centre, and also to a large degree centre-right.
    -Debt slavery (goverment and personal level)
    – Sexual free for all
    – Marginalizing tradition
    – Corporate fascism. An effective merger of government and corporations
    These are all money makers that about 80% of the political spectrum have bought into.
    That’s why cuckservatives across the anglosphere back Clinton above Trump in the US, and hate on true Conservatives in the UK and Europe too.

    1. This gives me the idea of a way to create and maintain male spaces.
      Organize clubs where the members (all staunch antifems) ‘vote’ against the inclusion of women in secret ballots.
      This way every guy can say that he was one of those that voted for inclusion!
      Hardly perfect since individual members would still be pressured and shamed into disassociating with those clubs.
      Unless their continuing membership could be justified on other grounds.
      e.g. they need to stay in because their livelihood might be dependent on it somehow (Think farmers that grow tobacco. Nobody shames the farmers because they’re perceived to be ‘victims’ of economic necessity).
      Heh, and if tobacco farmers (who really do contribute to lung cancer!) can be shielded from such pressures then surely no girls allowed clubs (that merely exclude people but don’t poison them) can be maintained like this?

  14. Where are all the doubters who were using old polls to claim that Trump could never win the general election? +5% now nationally.
    “Donald Trump has now grown his lead over Hillary Clinton in Rasmussen Reports’ first weekly White House Watch survey. Trump earns 42% support to Clinton’s 37% when Likely U.S. Voters are asked whom they would vote for if the presidential election were held today.”
    Trump’s only yesterday started to mention the words “rape” and Bill Clinton together, and to call Hillary out as an hypocrite enabler.
    He hasn’t even begun on things like Hillary’s defense of a child rapist and her laughing about how she got him off:

    Tom bomb1 week ago
    +Traffic xxx No lawyer is forced to do a case like this. No1 is forced to defend them. Hilary Clinton admitted doing it as a favor. fyi, the 12yr old rape victim was in a coma for 5 days, and made infertile.
    Noelle Bedard MacDonald2 months ago
    +TALCOLMINTHEMIDDLE It’s not that. It’s her narcissistic, detached behavior. It’s that she can laugh about such a terrible case. She laughed about the destruction of evidence & her client passing a polygraph (“Haha! But we all know he raped that little girl!’). Her behavior is abhorrent and indefensible. I might have even voted for her against Trump if I hadn’t seen this. I voted for Bernie and hope he gets the nom. There is no way in hell I’m voting for Hillary or Trump.
    The Grey Wolf of the North1 month ago
    She purports to be a champion of women, to be firmly against “rape culture” and masculine aggression against women, and yet here she is giggling about freeing a rapist in a case she didn’t have to take, not giving one thought about the victim.
    She’s full of shit and a despicable human being.
    satchice93 months ago (edited)
    2 key moments that show that Hillary Clinton knew damn well her client was guilty of child rape, but she only cared about winning, not justice:-
    @ 1:50 “He took a lie detector test, I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destoyed my faith in polygraphs [laughs]”
    @ 4:54 “Well this guy’s (the blood forensic expert Hillary found) ready to come from New York to prevent this miscarriage of justice! [laughs]”
    Shwagg Krumb7 months ago (edited)
    What this does not mention is she attacked a 12 year old’s character by saying she was asking for it by “seeking out older men”! I don’t care if her job was to defend him holding a 12 your old accountable for her rape is monstrous. A 12 year old does not know the consequences the 41 year old CONFESSED monster did.

  15. Trigglypuff starts screaming freedom of speech when it serves her purpose, but every leftist/feminist hates the constitution and the 1st amendment.

    1. To her freedom of speech means she is free to speak. It was made clear that she was trying her damnedest to prevent the free speech of those on the stage, which the audience came to hear.

    2. Communist/leftist agitators are known for this. They celebrate the principles of freedom when it suits their own ends but cry hate speech, discrimination, demand laws, etc against people who disagree with them.

  16. Trump’s success derives 100% from the fact he insults people — especially Leftists — but not in the way simple-minded GOP thinktankists can fathom. This boisterous Heat Street represents yet another example of the Cuckservative “all problems are a stuck out nail” mantra.

  17. Oh great, another outlet latching onto a good thing so it can tell it’s readers of how important Israel is. Murdoch needs to croak already.

  18. Rhetoric aside, both the Republicans and the Democrats support unlimited free trade, unchecked immigration, and low corporate tax rates. That’s why many CEOs of large corporations are Democrats.
    Thank you for getting it Michael. It’s not left vs right it’s the elites vs you.

    1. Or another good paradigm is authoritarianism v liberalism (in the classic sense the Founding Fathers believed in with small government and the like). The only real conflict there is is class warfare and as you say, it’s the elite vs you.

  19. It’s not that they fail to understand what’s driving voters, it’s that THEY WANT to drive voters to their agenda. What they’re failing to understand is their zio good cop bad cop shtick isn’t working as good as it has in the past and they want it back in order to continue their corporate fat-cat faggotry.

  20. Newscorp/Murdoch…SJWs for Jizzrael and certain flavors of Pisslam, which can change at any time and go back again even faster.

  21. What is so bad about the EU? I mean, China and America having a trade deal is one thing, they are completely different countries, but Germany, France, England, etc. Are all demographically and economically compatible. Why would these countries having trade deals be bad?

    1. The European Union is not only an economic agreement; that was the situation in the early 70s maybe. In the meantime it has expanded drastically.
      Now the European Union is growing into a federalization program, and that is definitely not what everyone (with the exception of Germany and maybe France) wants. When globalist unelected European Union bureaucrats have an important say in the affairs of your country there is definitely a problem

      1. Well I mean what in particular? Do they not like Schengen? They aren’t in that though. Do they not like the Euro? Opted out already. I don’t see what programmes they don’t like…

        1. I’m not British myself, but this is my take on it.
          It’s not about specific programs, it’s about the institution. It doesn’t serve the interests of its nations, and increasingly meddles in their affairs (look at what’s happening to Poland now).
          A European Union is not needed for trade, which is the only plausible argument.
          The key issue is freedom – do the Brits want to be an independent country or subservient to European Union bureaucrats and the European Commission. Not to mention all the money wasted on MEPs and the required bureaucracy, as well as German domination in the European Union (Angela Merkel and the Germans Juncker, and Timmermans have the most to say) – almost like a distorted Nazi fetish for European dominance.
          The ineptitude of the Union is shown in the migrant crisis – Merkel invited millions of Muslims and foreigners to flood the countries of Europe with very harmful effects.
          Globalism does not serve the common man and his tribe, only the corporations and the rich.

        2. “A European Union is not needed for trade” I never said it was. I said it makes facilitating trade easier.
          “do the Brits want to be an independent country or subservient to European Union bureaucrats and the European Commission.” Everything the British government has wanted to get out of – they have. They got out of the Euro, the Schengen, etc. By the way, are you saying that Mr. Cameron and his government is any more democratic or transparent than Brussels? I mean, I dislike them both and don’t think giving one more power will do anything helpful…
          “the Germans Juncker, and Timmermans have the most to say” Juncker is from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Timmermans is from the Netherlands.
          “The ineptitude of the Union is shown in the migrant crisis” Again, the UK can 1) Just not accept refugees, and 2) They aren’t even in the Schengen area in the first place, they can still just block anyone they want at the border …
          “Globalism does not serve” Do you mean Globalism or Europeanism?

    2. Because all of the benefits of that trade went to a few already very rich people who didn’t appreciate having to pay taxes on the luxuries they imported from Europe. Paying taxes was the job of poor people.
      Free trade only benefits those who do not have to work for a living.

      1. “Because all of the benefits of that trade went to a few already very rich people who didn’t appreciate having to pay taxes on the luxuries they imported from Europe.” What do you even mean by this? Rich people from where?
        “Free trade only benefits those who do not have to work for a living.” … How?

  22. I have a very simple outlook at some politicians… If the piece of shit in the MSM hate someone & throw mud at him/her, then he/she is the good guy/gal !
    When the piece of shit in MSM were gushing about the Pope Francis, I knew that he was the spawn of Satan & time has proven me correct ??

    1. Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Alternative Für Deutschland, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump-yep, they certainly fit your outlook without question as they’re all on the side of right and good.

  23. And finally, proof they are just another phony one-way street of propaganda…. NO COMMENTS.

  24. It looks like there trying to take the Gawker business model and apply it to the anti SJW political spectrum.

  25. By the time President Trump leaves office after two full and productive terms, I sincerely hope the US will be blessed with a media as free as that of Putin’s Russia.
    Murdoch will stop telling lies about Trump the day it no longer makes business sense to do so. That will be shortly after January 20.

    1. Russian media isn’t exactly known for being free afaik. RT for example is basically Putin’s mouthpiece.
      But that doesn’t mean interesting stories can’t come out of it from time to time, especially since it reports on some things that American mass media won’t touch.

  26. “both the Republicans and the Democrats support unlimited free trade, unchecked immigration, and low corporate tax rates”
    By now it should be abundantly clear that the real issues are cheap labor, cheap votes, and a hijacked ideology. Not gay marriage or perverts in ladies rooms.
    Even the founders of the Frankfort School surely never intended for their ideology to be used by capitalists to vector rock bottom labor into first world nations under the cover of die ver shit eee.
    The tarring as racist of working class whites that simply do not want their livelihoods (or their lives!) lost to hoards of undocumented, unassimilating, often belligerent 3rd world foreigners is utterly egregious and it’s insincerity cannot and will not fly under the national radar. I hope.

  27. sorry, I would but I have a meeting with the prince of Nigeria later on.

  28. The mainstream media has lost a very important segment of the population, young intelligent males. This group increasingly is skeptical of the mainstream and cannot be controlled by the likes of Rupert Murdoch. For all the feminist hype, the reality is that young to middle aged males are the most important segment in any society and will always lead the way with new trends and ideas. Losing this group is no doubt very worrying for the Murdochs of this World.
    But the problem for the Murdochs is that this group is far more aware and discerning than ever before. They can see through the nuances within the fakery that the mainstream media is projecting. It is no longer possible to pose a more or less right wing message and then use it to direct people down a blind alley.
    See how Heat Street has been so easily spotted for the hatchet job that it is. People cannot be fooled easily any longer.

  29. Incidentally, Louise Mensch was a Murdoch appointee in the UK parliament where she spent most of her time defending Murdoch’s interests. When she became too unpopular there, she was transferred to work in the US arm of the Murdoch empire.
    It is illuminating how the trans Atlantic empire works. Whenever a globalist stooge messes up in the UK, they can obtain a safe position somewhere in the media or a think tank in the USA. Other UK stooges who have moved westward across the pond are David Milliband and Piers Morgan. The US consumer and tax payer is the employer of last resort for the globalist system. Hopefully this will change after November this year.

  30. Another Murdoch appointee was Tony Blair. Murdoch gave Blair extensive coverage in the 90s to get him elected. The UK definitely took a major turn for the worse in this period, with bogus spin and lies reaching a level previously unseen anywhere. It so happens that having unleashed Blair on his unfortunate victims, he ended up being cuckolded by him, an event that Murdoch reportedly found quite painful. It is no doubt humiliating to be cuckolded by a house slave.
    Murdoch’s successor is likely to be his daughter Elizabeth. Her first marriage was to a Ghanaian, Elkin Pianim. Ronald Reagan was a guest at the wedding. In general, all the cuckservative and liberal politicians were at Murdoch’s beck and call, until Trump came along and told Fox news where to go. For that alone, Trump deserves our vote. No doubt Murdoch is smarting from the ass kicking he was given by Trump and is secretly trying to take revenge and Heat Street is just one of his strategems.
    Elizabeth Murdoch later had an affair with Matthew Freud, a great grandson of Sigmund Freud, while pregnant with Elkin Pianim’s second child. She now lives with Freud who is reportedly on poor terms with Rupert Murdoch.
    They are all a sickening lot. Don’t buy any products owned by these disgusting people.

  31. The problem with HeatStreet is that their CORE positions are not “cool”, anymore.
    Here are their problems:
    1.) Endless war is just not popular anymore. Circa 2004, these guys had a lot of support for their wars given to them in certain sections of popular culture, such as country music and the NFL. There were country music war anthems, flag waving, chanting “U.S.A!…U.S.A!…U.S.A!” at rallies and using buzzwords like “patriot” and “freedom”, etc reinforced their hold over “conservative” culture at that time. Now that the wars and nation building have been a disaster, this doesn’t work anymore. They are still playing from that book.
    2.) They are not biting enough in their humor to make up names like “TrigglyPuff” or “Carl the Cuck”. They just won’t go “there”. They may come up with a funny meme here or there, but it will not be consistent.
    3.) They will not tell the truth about manhood, sex and relationships the way sites like RoK do. Anyone here think a site run by a woman will tell women to go #BackToTheKitchen? Will they proudly embrace fat shaming? Hell no. So ironically, HeatStreet IS a “safe space”
    4.) No one cares about how “conservative” anyone claims to be anymore
    5.) Being corporate owned, they will be forced to apologize if they step on the wrong toe. That is a no-no. As everyone here knows, you can NEVER cede ground to the SJWs. You have to double and triple down and NEVER give them what they want: an apology. HeatStreet will give it if it’s demanded
    6.) Anyone who reads HeatStreet will not see a fellow traveler in the authors. They are not regular guys, like Roosh. Anyone really think Ben Shapiro understands how the average man feels? Or is Ben simply aping what he thinks is “manhood” speak to draw people to that site?

  32. They have seen the dance, but they just cannot recognize the tune. It is funny to watch them try to imitate us. Like watching a pantomime, or a charade or a farce.
    No matter what form they take, their idiotic propositions just keep crashing through and exposing the futility of their “conservatism” that is rooted in nothing, conserves nothing, and runs in circles like a yapping little dog at the heels of the radicals tearing down civilization.

  33. Great article… The GREATEST Cuck, is that Cuck call BEN SHAPIRO! He Left Brietbart, as they supported trump! jeez what a Cuck.
    Ben (BS) is certainly not a American Nationaist. cucks and Libs are all for Immigration and Globalization… A large country like America can be pretty self-sufficient!

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