Sweden’s Fall To Leftism Is A Cautionary Tale For The Western World

To those of you who haven’t been following along with the feminist indoctrination of Sweden and its effect on their country, it is time to start paying attention to such things. I know the next version of the iPhone seems really important to many of you, and that your minds are occupied with such clutter throughout the day.

I assure you, there are far more prudent things for us to concern ourselves with if we wish to not only point out the wrongs of our modern chaotic Babylon of a nation, but to take the action necessary to restore order in a time of such dire need.

The creep of political correctness

Consider that Sweden was once an amazing country where the people were mostly happy and mostly peaceful. However, it is a couple steps ahead of America in terms of what happens when you let dishonest, ignorant bigots (feminists) control national policy. There is one thing to understand that I have not yet seen addressed on Return Of Kings, though it is an important piece of the puzzle.

The kind of political correctness advocated by feminists opens the doors for some very nasty things, one of which is takeover by radical Islamists. I’m sure that sounds insane to some of you, though I would argue that by the time you’re done with this article, perhaps it will make sense to you how much the two are connected. Let’s chunk down and examine how this can make sense.

The doctrine of political correctness makes illegal the honest and rational observation of any group of people who are not white. Despite the fact that it’s Orwellian thought control–“Tyranny with manners,” as Charlton Heston once called it–it also makes it incredibly easy for enemy cultures to take root and begin their operations against the host nation.

Often times, this involves wealth transfer from the host population to the new parasitic invader population, which will feed off the host until it grows big enough to simply swallow it whole. Radical Islam, as it is very open about, is on a “divine mission” to eradicate the world of western powers (and many other people as well). Everyone is to some degree aware of this. When a host population is no longer allowed to say “maybe we shouldn’t let those guys in who swore an oath to behead us,” it makes them an extremely easy target.

The history of Islam in Sweden

For years, radical Islamists have been invading Sweden. Muslims (different from Islamists) are now 5% of the Swedish population, and commit an absolutely staggering 77% of the crime. I am not just talking about petty theft, either–I am talking about thousands of cars being set on fire, bombs going off all over the country, and an enormously high rate of rape of white Swedish women by radical Islamists.

In recent months, the native population of Sweden has grown tired of the insanity brought in with radical Islamist culture and the sharia law they advocate. People have begun fighting back and blowing up mosques all around the country, and now the Islamists are retaliating by killing Swedish police officers. One study estimated that Sweden will become a third-world country by 2030, and be less prosperous than Mexico.

It is a terrifying and crystal clear image of what happens when the kind of political correctness espoused by feminists is allowed to bleed its venom into mainstream dialogue and government. It is a danger to every country it sinks its claws into, and there is absolutely no reason to believe America won’t eventually go the same way unless we turn things around.

Feminist insanity continues

Several times, feminist politicians in Sweden have tried to outlaw the act of urinating into a urinal since “a man standing up holding his penis is indicative of male sexual violence.” Recently, a school in Sweden even banned displaying the Swedish flag.

When are we going to learn the lesson that you cannot let certifiably deranged human beings get into positions of power of any kind? When will we stop letting those monsters teach our children, run our universities, create useless Human Resources departments, and write our laws? When will we say, “enough is enough of this insanity,” and begin to look at the obvious outcome occurring in other places where the disease is even more advanced? It is a cancer unto our culture and leads to nothing good or true.

It is so obvious what is happening, and it breaks my heart that so few people in the west seem to care one iota what is happening all around them. In moments of candor, they will admit they would rather live in blissful ignorance than harsh reality.

That is why it is up to us to turn things around as we have been doing and must now begin to go on the offensive. We know where this will lead and we will never wake up enough of the masses to have their majority support. They want to stay asleep.

Let us pull Excalibur from the stone and raise our arms together as one united brotherhood of men standing up for truth, justice and reason in an age of twisted ideology.

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201 thoughts on “Sweden’s Fall To Leftism Is A Cautionary Tale For The Western World”

    1. It’s more of an evolutionary strategy for weak, domesticated males. For women, it’s governments are a stand in for a father and a husband. Most women in my experience hate men. There is a saying past down from my great great grandmother and all the women in my family think it is hilarious. Something like “a basket for a girl and a bucket for a boy.”

    1. I like most of your posts, you seems like a level headed guy…that being said:
      I think you are unaware of the muslim problem in europe.
      Here in nyc, every, and I mean EVERY ethnic group is gaming the system…its truly outta control…

      1. This occurs when governments provide artificially create what are essentially politically protected groups, granting them unearned privileges via taxpayer dollars and enforced at gun point.

    2. I live in Ca and find the majority of Mexicans to be hard working, law abiding people. What we see coming north are the least educated, poorest of their country. Whites and Mexicans actually get along quite well as their religion, culture, work and family ethics are very similar. Once here, their kids are not raising big families. What you see in the store are new transplants. I can assure you the husband is out working some shitty job at min. wage by some large ag corp. It’s like Wal-mart. They need food stamps because they make so little working the fields. Mexicans and Europeans mix well. Others not so much. I not even liberal. I don’t think muslims fit well in the West. We are too different.

      1. Love you Cali folks. Enough elbow room to breathe. trouble is, its just enough to not see whats really going on. Here, we have an active prostitution pipeline from Mex- this has gone on, unchecked, since the late 70s. In addition, these neighborhoods are now seeing more illegal restaurants popping up on the sly in private homes. PRIVATE HOMES.
        Cali has 10% of the pop, 33% of those on welfare/gaming the system. Hell, I watched a la raza vid where they instructed those in attendance on how to game the system. It doesnt matter how hard working you are, if you contribute X dollars to the system, and you extract X*1.2 from it.. you are a taker…

      2. Traditional Mexican culture has always been more collectivist, less individualistic. Grafting a mass of people raised in such a way, onto a society (which was) culturally Anglo-Saxon, will naturally produce bad results.
        On top of the fact that the Roman Catholicism, by virtue of its hierarchy, has always presented great difficulty to any Protestant Christian country trying to bring newcomers into the fold, Latin American Roman Catholicism is different from that in North America and Europe. It’s very intertwined by local native beliefs and practices.
        The family ethics are somewhat better in the first generation, but they rapidly deteriorate once here and are infected by our present culture.
        The religion, the culture/traditions, the view of the law, and the organization of social institutions are very different between Mexico and the USA. Not to mention the language. Trying to bring people in, who’s faith, culture/traditions, legal system and social institutions are so very divergent from the host country’s, en mass, into a country which barely still believes in its own beliefs, traditions and practices, and which doesn’t have any desire/knowledge that it must force newcomers to accept the host country’s culture, is a VERY VERY VERY BAD IDEA. Though it must be admitted, it’s even worse for Europe.

      3. which i always wondered, if the americans didnt like mexican illegals & europe desperately needed workers & young fertile families, then why didnt europeans import mexicans by the boatloads instead of the blacks & the allah snackbars. i mean hard working low cost mexicans w/out the major headaches. whats not to like? (as for cost, well its cheaper to ship a boatload of mexicans or southeast asians to europe than to clean up collateral damage from ghettofied sharia zone or african zone.)

    3. What does the “Mexican” issue in California have to do with this article or Islamic Extremism/Muslims in Sweden? I support Muslims and I am against Extremists…but unlike many here I don’t generalize about ALL Muslim people as I know many personally who are decent people. On this site Many people love to dump on Blacks or Latino and other dark people…but when those same people who join some of the ignorant whites on this site experience the same ignorant Articles but this time about THEMSELVES..then they have a problem. I have also see some people from the middle east and other Non Whites, do the same towards blacks but then they find an ignorant article about themselves and the gloves come off. This doesn’t also happen on websites like these but it happens indirectly in day to day life. Smh.
      People LOVE to bash on one group specifically as the “whipping Boy” namely blacks or dark/native Latinos…but when there’s an ignorant article written against those same people…then they don’t like it and even try to shift it back to people who have nothing to do with the theme of the article in the first place. Do what I do! Defend your position specifically countering the specific article in question. When everyone jumps on Blacks do you ever see me saying ignorant bullshit of “Muslim this” or “Muslim that”? LOL wow.

      1. Look, hes wrong to generalize, but Im sure that generalization is based on his experience. Wherever he lives, this is what he sees going down.
        Here, I see every foreign group gaming the system. Example: russians got good at gaming medicare/medicaid.
        Big picture: not only is it unethical, its unsustainable. And every group somehow rationalizes “they are doing it, so why shouldnt we?”
        On a more postitive note: no one got back to me on forming bowling leagues. Let me know, I will set it up. Ill need payment via paypal, but I promise I wont make off with the funds.

        1. I understand hey I’m with the guy I actually support the Palestinian people. But what do Mexicans have to do with Islamic Extremism?! Its shifting…all i see is a common theme of most people having one common “whipping boy” but its not fun and games when that same ignorance is directed to an Indian, an Asian, an Arab, a Muslim, a Jew…but what do they all have in common an element of these people will all join in on the one common “whipping boy.” That’s how life operates unfortunately.

        2. I have no issue with you Cheese..we may disagree on some things but you are a rational person.

        3. What do we disagree on? Other than the fact I will be the treasurer of our bowling league?

        4. I believe the emphasis is analyzing what demographic groups have value added to a society and which ones don’t. While that might be a generalization, it is also a good way to determine who should be rewarded with immigration and who shouldn’t.

        5. I see your point I understand Camel is an Atheist and agrees with the article, although I still disagree with some aspects of his statement I wouldn’t have replied with that background information.

      2. Isn’t the article about what happens to a western country when its liberals allow foreigners from shitty 3rd world countries to enter that don’t want to assimilate to their new land? Or is it specifically about Muslims?

        1. Well the title states a “Cautionary Tale..” but its specifically dealing with what the author believes is a problem with Muslims in that country or in West, certain unique aspects to Muslims such as Sharia Law. (Which I disagree many of the author’s point by the way). Furthermore I do notice this little trend of the “whipping Boy” but it has always been and doesn’t surprise me.
          The Western United States WAS Mexico first of all just to clarify. Anyway the particular and specific “ills” that the author is commenting on is particularly unique to the Muslims. (Let me clarify by saying I again disagree with the article). I notice a trend..many of you dump on one “whipping boy” but when the attention is placed on you then you don’t like it. Why not argue the particular reasons why you disagree with the author instead it makes your view stronger, or to be fair you can use your original comment but also state why you disagree by how the author is portraying the Muslims as problems for Western Nations.

        2. But I never did say that I disagreed with the article. I agree 100% with it. The article was a “cautionary tale” for the western world, but I was just pointing out how the liberals have already affected the US.
          And as far as “when the attention is placed on you then you don’t like it” there was nothing in the article that I took offense to because I’m atheist, so it doesn’t apply to me. Don’t think I get mad when people talk negatively about Muslims.

        3. That’s news to me, I probably would feel more motivated about this article than you are…fair enough. I understand a little more of where you are coming from now.

      3. Just because someone discusses a group doesn’t mean that they are referring to every single member of that group.
        When people point out that Muslims are committing certain acts at a much higher frequency than the combined population , they mean there is an issue related to Muslims. Discussing that doesn’t mean they are talking about ALL Muslims as you’ve said.

        1. Well I agree with you, if that’s the case. I think that is good, every group has their issues. Fair enough. Thanks

        2. The issue with moslems seems to be blowing people up.
          If they want a war, give it to them.

      4. It is true that the moderate Muslims do not want to kill all non-Muslims. It is also true that radical Muslims do want to kill or enslave all non-Muslims. The final truth is that the moderate Muslims are just hunky dory with the radical Muslims killing or enslaving all non-Muslims.
        If this isn’t true then where are the loud protestations and actions taken by the Muslim majority against these heinous extremist Muslims?

        1. Those Muslims were with at the rallies in France, they have been appearing on CNN and other media..not so much in conservative media.

    4. What makes you say that? There are lots of illegal Mexicans in the US, but none of them are creating no go zones where cops get attacked and killed if they wander into certain neighborhoods. Even the gang run areas of LA still fall under the rule of law. For now.

  1. If you want to see the height of leftism, go to California. Homos and trannies fighting for equal rights. Illegal aliens with 6 kids at the grocery store with shopping carts FULL of food all paid for by hardworking taxpayers. I rage everytime I have to wait in line behind some Mexican lady paying with EBT & WIC, seeing her with a shopping cart filled to the top with food. It definitely mist be nice to receive free money

    1. The real enemy here isn’t the Mexican welfare queen, it’s the arrogant social liberal living in the leafy UMC suburb, who can afford the tax burden which the Left’s program of liberty, equality and diversity necessitates. Their selfish illusions about human nature, are what created this mess and continue to prop it up.

      1. Spot on! We aren’t just paying trillions of dollars so the lazy can get free stuff. We’re also paying so those who accomplish nothing in life (like the arrogant social liberal you mention) can convince themselves of how much better they are than the rest of us.
        Actually accomplishing something of value takes time, effort, and talent. Granting yourself heroic status by tearing down those who put in this time, effort, and talent is quick and easy.
        This describes the entire SJW movement.

      2. I can stand neither. But the Leftist-elitist who teaches at the community colleges, especially the feminist variety angers me the worst in any case.
        They have no counter-argument, and none are allowed. If you do, they stalk you, figure out who you are, and try to find ways to destroy you. Little aware the destruction they are heaping in their own lives.
        I’m tired of them.

      3. Precisely. It is Limousine Liberals who have made our country this way but you won’t catch them in a million years living 100 miles near black or hispanic community; nor sending their kids to a black or hispanic public school; or interacting in any way with the underside of society.
        The architects of the recent Amnesty would all be hanged for high treason if this country had any balls left.

        1. Nice to see you again Anton. We seem to frequent all the same non PC sites. We should do lunch one day. Give me a call.

        2. I’ll tell my people to get with your people and we’ll make it happen, let me check my schedule.

    2. Homos already have their privileges, not sure what else they could possibly want. As for mexicans, at least they’re not terrorizing the locals like the inmigrants in sweden

      1. Feminists already have everything they could ever want, especially all the reasonable things that the early feminists wanted. Yet there’s no end in sight as SJWism in all its forms is a racket; they perpetually invent new grievances and ‘issues’ e.g. manspreading. Likewise, homopride will continue spawning more demands to fix invented grievances.

        1. All the victim hood groups do it. I only respect those among them who don’t do it. I have met very, very precious few in each camp.
          From homo, to minority, to single mom, the professional grievance industry is without avail heavy in recruits ready to keep their hand out.
          An open palm by itself is nothing. An army of open palms can bring the greatest nations to their collective knees. Like a parasite that kills it’s host.
          We are not God. We cannot afford an eternity of spending our own energy feeding ungrateful ingrates who will always refuse to work. We can bear it less, those who always enable them. Either through ignorance, or spite. But especially ignorance. Those out of spite will often get their comeuppance. We just really never see it until you read of their demise in history.
          Life is not fair. You can’t complain, nor expect it to be.

        2. The more entitled they get and the farther from reality they get, the farther they will be from the emotional mechanics that lead to happiness. They will only get more miserable as they go further down their zany path. Then, their need for men to be as miserable as they are (remember equality!) will provide them a never-ending supply of ‘issues’ to focus on (more like targets). It is the perpetual motion machine.
          Another one;
          The more pointless the culture gets for males, the more males will drop out in whatever form (video game welfare-ite, expatriate, minimalize, go SWE (single with escorts), MGTOW) then the more the culture falters, the more women can complain and blame it on men, then even more men will want to leave, making life even less prosperous…more complaining…more hostility towards flailing men…more men leaving.. More perpetual motion. We’re stuck in a few cycles that only strengthen the more that they destroy. What’s amazing is that they are no winners here at all. Usually when one side in a battle destroys the other, there are spoils but not with female ascendancy. Both men and women get much less of what they want while society requires much more work to be maintained with far less prosperity. Good job, girls! Good work! The first generation of female leadership and Western Civ. is ended. Good one ladies!

        3. Well, they wanted equality….and they got it. I guess they’ll get run over if they don’t step aside.
          Women are the ones who killed chivalry (not men). They stopped acting like ladies so there is no reason for it any longer.

    3. Sweden was leftist for a long time before it became feminist. The real fall came after feminism became the official religion. To look at how bad it has become you need to google Swedish gender war. It is a documentary made by a Swedish journalist and never shown in Sweden as the truths are counter to what the ruling feminists want their subjects to see.
      When I say religion I mean it. The gender war video makes it clear that these people are religious fanatics of the worst sort. It is why they have no problem with the Islamist; birds of a feather flock together. They are only a few steps from going total Jihad against all men for being men.

      1. Is it red pill material because I couldn’t be arsed watching mildly critical conservative propaganda.

        1. He is a journalist froim Sweden so I would put conservative right out of mind. I thought it tried to be a fair and two sided examination, but the guy quickly saw just how deep the rabbit hole went and had to take the piece in a more one sided direction. He makes a ton of sense; which is why it has never been allowed to be shown in Sweden.

    4. You’re right. It’s like a practical joke how bad things have gotten. The part I live in May as well be called “little Arabia”

    5. They can’t use EBT to buy alcohol, so they use the EBT for all the food and then pay for all the beer and liquor using cash.
      They could have used this cash to buy food, but why would they when they can get Whitey to pay for it?

    1. Part of it is because many of the Muslim immigrants are extremely impoverished third-world people who have few marketable skills, similar to the Mexicans coming into the US. So it’s not entirely religious, though a significant portion of it no doubt is. Muslims tend to have little respect for Western culture or democracy.
      Churchill on Islam:
      “Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”

      1. You’re right that poverty has something to do with it as well, or rather, their origins in the Third World. When you import large numbers of Third-worlders, soon your country will start to look and act like a Third World country, regardless of the religious dimensions of the problem. The newcomers bring the source of ideological infection with them.
        Of course, Islam is like throwing dynamite into that bonfire, but still.

      2. You can say the exact same thing about Christianity, that promoted crusades, burning of witches, inquisitions, political power games, fanatical ‘fight for god’ because we are right etc. etc. that has even been used in the modern day by Bush II / Blair et al.
        Islam is 300-400 years behind Christianity, so it’s no surprise to see medieval Christendom, being repeated in the middle east and in fact, until Churchill and his cronies began cutting up the middle east for oil wealth, Jews Christians and Muslims lived peacefully in that area for centuries, marred only by the interference of Christian crusaders trying to oust the infidels…

        1. I really don’t care what happened years ago I’m dealing with the here and now so stop it with the moral relativism justifying barbaric behavior. Most of the islamists are homos anyway ask anyone that’s served over there.

        2. Why do you think we had crusades, to get some of that Saracen cooze?
          It was to drive the Muslims out of our lands.

        3. yes, i think you can make a pretty strong argument that the crusade were essentially defensive wars against muslim encroachment on christian europe.

      3. On this issue too, Churchill was 100% right. His predictions just took longer to come true.

    2. They are all terrorists in one way or another as far as I’m concerned. And I have met quite a few that I actually liked.
      My problem is the Muslim scripture of Taqqiya. Essentially, whatever is good for Islam, no matter how evil or false, good! Whatever is bad for Islam, no matter how good or true, bad.
      That is why one Muslim can say some of the most deranged things, or beheadings, followed by moderate Muslims agreeing in the mosque, but lying to your face that they would never do that.
      Even the most prostrate, kind, loving father/husband, paternal type, could be a closeted Taliban fighter. He could be your neighbor for decades. Then, after Islam takes over, he is taking your wife and daughter, and killing you and your sons.
      Sure, not all are like that. Yet why is it they never truly condemn it? Those who do, compare them to those who knew someone who got hurt. Or themselves, after their home country is bombed. The animosity, if you can call the former that, is altogether different.
      The thing is, to our faces, they preach “Not all of us are like that.” Behind closed mosques, many are exactly like that in approval.
      My only problem, which leads me to distrust almost all muslims, is that I have no way knowing which is which. Unless I convert, and start the same charade against former friends and family like they do.
      The other more “moderate” muslims will sit there and pat me on the back, telling em it’s okay. Then raise their right arm up in dismissive fashion, loudly proclaiming their hatred for America and the Jews. Even having their children brought to tear filled tantrums proclaiming the Jews death and destruction, and subsequent murder into the Mediterranean.
      We cannot trust these people, their own scripture tells them to deal unfairly with us when it is convenient.
      Why would we assume lying to us is anything but convenient? If they can’t fight us out, they will try and breed/murder us out under our own laws. Then it will no longer be the USA, but Allahmerica.
      Look at the bright side! Neo-Nazis will still have a place here:
      Adolph Hitler:
      1: “You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn’t
      we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the
      Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion [Islam] too
      would have been more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have
      to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?”
      2: “Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers -already, you see,
      the world had already fallen into the hands of the Jews, so gutless a
      thing Christianity! -then we should in all probability have been
      converted to Mohammedanism [Islam], that cult which glorifies the
      heroism and which opens up the seventh Heaven to the bold warrior alone.
      Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world. Christianity
      alone prevented them from doing so.”

      1. i know right? every muslim has a but after ‘we’re not all like that’.
        Its never, “we are so sorry for these idiots who claim our religion. we would like to mend fences without buts. let us win your trust back by proving these assholes in our community are outliers by being more engaging & friendly with your non-muslim community.”
        but no, they always act with attitude as if muslims are doing the world a favor by existing. they become insulated little ghettos & refuse to be part of the community. im grateful to be here… but if you muslim & muslima dont want to be part of the neighborhood & dont want me there, then go fuck yourselfs if you think im leaving or tolerating your terrorism of my land fuckwads.

        1. Why would they condemn their own people? I’m not saying I wouldn’t like it if they did, but why would they? And why would anyone expect them to?
          Yes, their people are terrorists who killed many European and American civilians, but why would you expect them to care about some foreigners being killed? Are you really tha naive that you would expect Muslims to condemn their own brothers for our sake?

    3. “Muslims (different from Islamists) are now 5% of the Swedish population, and commit an absolutely staggering 77% of the crime.”

      The one law of nature that Leftists can’t seem to grasp…. Diversity + Proximity = War

    4. “Muslims (different from Islamists) are now 5% of the Swedish population, and commit an absolutely staggering 77% of the crime.”
      But it is a LOT worse that this would suggest.
      Sweden is THE RAPE CAPITAL OF EUROPE…..something
      that Swedes probably don’t talk about since it would send their cognitive dissonanced cultural Marxist hamster down a suicidal run….
      Not only that but the MSM in Sweden is an active participant in this cultural debauchery……journalists in Sweden agreed NOT to report crimes
      where the perpetrators were member of ethnic minorities…..
      The “Lilla Saltsjöbadavtalet” 1985 as reported by SwedenWatchQuoteOn march 21’st 1987 a remarkable conference was held at the Saltsjöbaden (the salt water spa) resort near Stockholm. A set of rules were adopted by the Swedish Journalists Club at their meeting there, rules applies to all journalists working for Swedish media.
      These rules are commonly referred to as the “Lilla Saltsjöbadavtalet” (The little salt sea spa agreement).The agreement was supposed to be kept a secret, but as has happened with most of the state manipulated reporting on the multi cultural project, the truth has come out.The agreed rules were as follows:
      “As an independent journalist, you must observe the following recommendations:Report positively, if necessary rename, fellow Swedes of foreign origin. In particular, this must be observed when reporting on activities related to youth, sports and art.
      When reporting from events involving different cultures, interview and put visual focus on people of foreign descent. For a period of five years, you must systematically and consistently refrain from reporting on negative aspects like crime that can identify any religious or racial affiliation of the involved or can have a negative effect upon a population as a whole.”

      1. I see the Soviet Union is alive and well, today.
        What’s next? No reporting on stories involving women (at least negative stories). Or, only negative stories that only involve white Swedish men or other white men?

  2. islam = tyranny; For wherever Islam spreads in great numbers, freedom & eventually, large numbers of people die.
    Good on the swedish patriots to blow up terrorist training centers err. mosques in malmo. violence is the only thing muslims understand.

  3. “I am talking about thousands of cars being set on fire, bombs going off all over the country”
    “In recent months, the native population of Sweden has grown tired of the insanity brought in with radical Islamist culture and the sharia law they advocate. People have begun fighting back and blowing up mosques all around the country, and now the Islamists are retaliating by killing Swedish police officers”
    I live in Sweden and this is news to me. What are your sources for making these statements? I would love to read them. I understand a bit of sensationalism is needed in any article. However, lets not go overboard here.

      1. Wtf is wrong with Scandinavians now?
        I was reading an article in which Muslims in Norway composed a manifesto OPENLY STATING that they did not wish to assimilate with the Norwegians and view themselves as conquerors.
        And in the comment sections Norwegians were Downplaying it throughout!

    1. If you think there is a free press in Sweden then you have clearly been successfuly indoctrinated and we can ignore anything else you have to say.

  4. very poorly written article… There have been some serious issues in Sweden since feminist have taken over in the last dozen years or so (including Swedish women complaining how lame their men are, as they are afraid to approach for fear of getting arrested for “harassment”), yet not only does the article not address any of them in depth, it even fall victim for the feminists tricks. You mention rapes in Sweden (which has the second highest rape rate in the world according to their statistics), but you didn’t mention that the way “rapes” are recorded in Sweden is skewed, under the influence of the feminists. Here’s my source btw:
    And what to say of your Islamophobic fear-mongering? Wasn’t able to find the “study” you quote that says Sweden will be poorer than Mexico in 15 years. But in the meantime, the Swedish middle class’s income is growing faster than the US’s, so where’s the decline?
    Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/23/upshot/the-american-middle-class-is-no-longer-the-worlds-richest.html?_r=0&abt=0002&abg=1

    1. There is no such thing as an “islamophobe”.

      “The last two decades of relentless Muslim grievance mongering and knee jerk offence have made many of us keenly aware of the word “islamophobia” as a cynical weapon of cultural terrorism and an outrageous attempt to portray common sense as a mental illness. “

      1. Islam, just like any other religion, can be used as an instrument of hate (do I need to bring up the crimes committed in the name of Christianity over the last 2 millenia?). As far as the victim mentality, is it worst than in Judaism (Israel being the strongest military country in the middle East yet always acting as a victim is just one example)? I do agree that fanatics from any religion are highly dangerous, don’t see the need to focus exclusively on muslims…

        1. Because certain religious groups are more prone to extremism than others. And with modern technology, they can be exponentially more disruptive than extremist groups in the past.

        2. The false flag attacks are the way to encourage hatred of Muslims. From minted Zionist 9/11, Charly, etc.

        3. Really? Are you fucking serious right now? When was the last time you saw a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew… etc (idc pick a religion other and islam) and run into a building with an AK and start gunning down people because they got butthurt over a cartoon. Yeah the christians did some fucked up shit in the name of religion but that was a long ass time ago. As a whole everyone else has seemed to have matured past that shit while these sand apes haven’t. They’re not fucking people and any one of them with so much as an inkling of radicalism in them should be put down without mercy like the dogs they are.

        4. Amish aren’t committing terrorism these days.
          The terrorists of the 21st Century all have one thing in common.
          Take your cultural equivalence bullcrap and shove it.

        5. Right . The Joooos are controling the world. If I convert to Judaism, will they let me serve drinks at the world domination meetings?

      1. Is there any truth at all in what the NY Times publishes these days? Citing the NY Times is like citing the Huffington Post.

        1. That article has cited sources from independent and peer-reviewed research. I also provided the census data to support my claim. I don’t trust any data that isn’t sourced from a solid source so no, do not trust the NYT, or any other publication, on face value alone. But maybe I’m just a skeptic at heart.

        1. I don’t have a problem with the wealthy. Many deserve the rewards of their efforts. A good amount of the income inequality is induced by economic conditions outside of anyone’s control (automation). However, government policies such as stimulus and bailouts are disproportionately beneficial to the wealthy than the middle class. I also think many corporations have insulated themselves from poor decisions which is not the case with small businesses. I’m also skeptical that such economic disparity can sustain for long periods of time.

        2. I think you really have to pick specific individuals to discuss here. I suspect most (who aren’t trolls) on this site agree that those who take risks should be justly compensated.
          But in Obama’s America we’ve seen the enrichment of the politically connected at the expense of the middle class to a degree never seen before.
          So many of our laws now are designed to protect those who are entrenched from any sort of competition and to just hand over money to the connected.
          Look into the details of the various government bailouts, the handouts for the “clean energy” crowd, the treatment of Uber to remove them as competition, etc. for ample details that it isn’t just about taking risk and creating value. It’s about giving to the right politician in power lately.

        3. Bailouts serve corporate welfare whores.
          Do not confuse this brand of fascism with a free market.

        4. I agree with you. And those “corporate welfare whores” are wealthy people more often than not whose wealth is insured by the government. So even when they should be failing in a normal competitive market, they don’t because the government bails them out. How hard is it to amass wealth when corporations get bailed out when they fail and can keep their profits when they succeed?

        5. Good point. That was the whole tipping point of our system – the bailouts. Yes, times could be or could have been worse (like the Great Depression) but it’s something that is needed to keep (or restore) balance in our system. There was no downside at all.
          If we’re always going to continue to bail out these corporations (and banks) when they go bust, then what are we going to call this new system?
          The Always Win system? (for the few at least).

        6. I haven’t researched this so color me ignorant, but wasn’t there a stipulation that they pay it back? I thought I read something about a few corporations paying back the bail out money they received.

        7. They did. Some even with profit. However, the US government was also inconsistent in devliering their relief program as some companies were granted relief and others were not based on arbitrary time frames of the financial crisis. Furthermore, some companies are in the process of suing the Federal Government for excessive compliance issues in their bailout. Which is comparable to a patient suing his ER doctor for saving his life. Also, the US government didn’t require any balance sheet intervention, merely that the firms become profitable again. So those firms could very well have retained a higher than safe percentage of toxic assets on their balance sheets to become more profitable. Even further, firms might be inclined to take more risks and continue expanding credit derivatives as there is a precedent that they will be saved if they can prove the “too big to fail” narrative that is very likely with high amounts of credit derivaties in the market. Most every firm’s financial standing will be interwoven into other elements of the financial sector. When their is such interconnectivity, toxic components are nearly impossible to excise without halting the entire financial sector.

  5. How am I supposed to live in this fallen world? SO many betas sniping at me. It gets so frustrating.
    How can so many men be so damn blind, and hateful towards those of us trying to improve? Are their lives that bad?

    1. Isidore is that you?! lol read at my comment right above this one so you can see exactly what I mean!

  6. The same way barbarians were influential in the destruction of the Roman Empire , I see radical militant Muslims as the influential cogs in the dismantling of the Western empire

    1. Yeah, but I don’t want to descend into a Dark Age. I’d rather move to the Byzantine empire before that happens.

      1. by that u mean across the black sea to russia? seems like theyre the only hope & yet theyre fuxxated with their own muslims

        1. I mean that I would rather move to another country that will carry one with modern society and avoid suffering through a collapse of civilization. Asians aren’t receptive to SJW propaganda.

  7. Liberalism + radical islam = demise of a nation . Swiss stock market fell 13% today on currency problems. These Nordic countries are failing because of runaway entitlement spending, high debt, sluggish growth, and liberalism.

  8. “Several times, feminist politicians in Sweden have tried to outlaw the act of urinating into a urinal since “a man standing up holding his penis is indicative of male sexual violence.”
    Holy shit. Wow. I thought I had seen all the insanity that feminism can offer, but this is on an entirely new level.

    1. I don’t give a shit. I ain’t sitting down until I need to get a crap. Crazy bitches, it’s called taking a piss. They’re just trying to sexualize it when it isn’t. Plus, pissing on someone or wanting to be pissed on being erotic, that’s just gross. They’re just irrational.

  9. It seems that any Western European country which recognised Palestine as a state is getting troubles from their Muslim population. France just did in December last year. They swiftly got their punishment in January.
    Sweden did in October 2014.

    1. Unlike dogs that are greatful to their masters by eating merely what is given to them, these people bite the whole hand. Just like in the Israeli-Arab conflict, where Israel gives land in exchange for war lol

    2. Most Muslims don’t give too shits in actuality about Palestinians, just look at the way every Muslim country rejected them. While they act like they care and that these dictators care deeply they turn around and stab their supposed “friends” in the back. Of course it’s just convenient to blame Israel, a tiny ass nation, for every problem in the Middle East rather than have them turn their eyes on a government with lousy infrastructure, corruption, and incompetence. Does this mean I support Israel? Not really. No. I do understand they still commit atrocities but it’s always ignoring them.
      But the good news is that many in Europe are starting to wake up to the schadenfreude of leftist policies. I wish we had anything close to that level of awareness in America, we seem to be addicted to bad leftist policies. We can only hope that more men around the world wake up to the reality that leftism fails universally. Across cultures, languages, races, religions, and every other demographic one thing is certain: Leftism fails. Soviet Union, failed, China(and don’t you dare tell me they’re still communist), failed, Cuba, failed, North Korea, joke state and failed, Vietnam, failed, Cambodia, failed, Southeastern Europe, failed, Afghanistan, failed, Ethiopia, failed. But the left promises that this time around they won’t fail. Sorry, I ain’t buying it, when your track record consists of over three dozen failures, there’s no reason for me to trust you
      Also relevant article: http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/1300

  10. At danger of becoming obnoxious:
    @Roosh: have you thought of implementing a feature to upvote articles? Loved this one.

    1. The Swedes aren’t reproducing enough and their country has a constant flow of radical immigrants that are breeding like rabbits. I’m guessing that once the radicals are 10% of the population you will see the country becoming an Islamic state with Sharia law and these same feminist that fought against “the oww so oppressive patriarchy” will gladly wear burqa’s and become the 4th or 5th wife of their radical husband. Once the novelty of multiculturalism wears off and they find that they really don’t like how they are being treated by “rad hubby” they will want to return to the status quo but it will be too late by then because in the new “Sweden-Arabia” women are by law second class citizens. When they start to revolt then there will be public executions and beatings of these former feminist now “dutiful housewives”.
      I hope i’m wrong in my prediction. Swedish women are some of the prettiest in the world it would be a shame to see them in burqa’s but then again they asked for it.

      1. Have you ever actually met a Swedish girl in real life? Everyone has this idea of them being extremely attractive, but the ones I’ve known were just plain-Jane average looking white girls.

        1. I live and grew up in an area with the largest Swedish population outside of Sweden. I have no high regard for the scandanavian female features. However, I will say that for many men a tall blond athletic women (which many of them are) is just the ticket. They always seem a little too butch and rather lacking in curves to me. Yes some do have big tits, but they are usually on women with big shoulders, big hips, and otherwise bulky figures; what we call around here Brunhildas.

        2. I only know them from Lagertha in the show Vikings. Is that actress Swedish? I would fuck her till my dick fell off

      2. If you think the feminists in Sweden will ‘gladly wear burquas and become some muslim guy’s 5th wife then you’re deluded.
        Not to say IS may not one day be in control of these countries, but western women won’t submit to it gladly. They’ll just be forced into it after all the white knights infidels are dead.

  11. Sweden was leftist for a long time before it became feminist. The real fall came after feminism became the official religion. To look at how bad it has become you need to google Swedish gender war. It is a documentary made by a Swedish journalist and never shown in Sweden as the truths are counter to what the ruling feminists want their subjects to see.
    When I say religion I mean it. The gender war video makes it clear that these people are religious fanatics of the worst sort. It is why they have no problem with the Islamist; birds of a feather flock together. They are only a few steps from going total Jihad against all men for being men.

  12. It’s not just Islam. They let in hordes of third world Africans, too. Multiculturalism in general is an issue Europe should not have to deal with in the first place.

  13. Sweden and other nations being invaded should follow norway’s prime minister, one of the very few woman of power who benifits her society. She tightened immigration policis allowing only persons with marketable skill to enter norway. She started deporting muslims who have committed crimes and the families of those muslims. Her party is making reforms that allow the government to remove muslims living on norways vast social welfare and any person who hasn’t fully assimilated to norwegian culture (muslims). She is backed by the cristian party and they are backed by a majority of the people.

    1. to pull out weeds (muslims who want to allah snackbar), you must pull out all the roots (muslim kinfolk, imams, destroying mosques)

    2. Just looked her up on Wikipedia, and a decade ago she considered introducing sharia courts to Norway, and increasing immigration. She strikes me as an opportunist, using public support for anti-left policies to advance her own career.

  14. I’m from Ireland but have lived in Stockholm the past 12 years. This article is laughable.

    1. Please explain – what did the author get wrong? (I don’t know either country from actual experience)

  15. As Americans, how are we able to stop this from happening? It seems like the only outlet available to me is reading blogs like this. There needs to be some sort of organization – a physical presence. Many men I know would flock to it.

    1. The groups will arise. Breivik and his knights, the KKK, and white nationalist groups will take up arms against them in the near future. Only way to avoid it is deportation and heavy surveillance.

      1. The days of militia uprisings are over. If the military is used to curtail the actions of any of these groups you can believe they’d be stopped quite effortlessly. Military tech is well beyond anything civilian populations can get their hands on. Not to mention, people are a lot less willing to bite the hand that feeds them.

  16. You can tell a Swede, but you can’t tell him much.
    (This is a common saying around Seattle, Poulsbo, and Silverdale in Washington state where there is an abundance of them)

  17. To my brethren of the Rus,’ people who are long forgotten to the stench and decay of progress and time, you look down from beyond upon this land that was once a place of greatness, of glory, a land for warriors, and see it in ruin, in greed, in shambles, a mongrelized wreck, and there is grief in the halls of Valhalla.
    “Lo, I see here my father and mother.
    Lo, now I see all my deceased relatives sitting.
    Lo, there is my master, who is sitting in Paradise.
    Paradise is so beautiful, so green.
    With him are his men and boys.
    He calls to me, so bring me to him.”
    Goodbye Sweden.

  18. Just had a funny thought. Maybe Sweden drew the short straw at some gathering of world leaders who actually want to save the West? They said “OK, we need to have one country which absolutely goes to hell under Cultural Marxism and feminism, so that the rest of the West can finally wake up and save itself.”
    And thus all the leaders drew straws and Sweden was the unlucky one. “Sorry, Sverige,” they all said, and they meant it, for it meant the once-great nation and all the aboriginal white Swedes were going to be sacrificed for the cause of the greater good.

    1. No.
      Elites actually believe a multicultural society is better. They don’t really care about nationalities, they only see numbers.

      1. I don’t think they do actually as the behavior they exhibit in their personal lives contradict this notion. They don’t “mix” either through proximity in where they live or attend school. I do agree they see numbers but not because they see it as a societal benefit. They see personal financial benefit only.

  19. Why do you care about raising the retarded masses awareness for this shit? Its a fools errand. The some of them MIGHT show just a little bit of interest in the truth until the next big shiny toy comes out to distract them again. The only hope of surviving this shit is for like minded people such as ourselves to come together and tell the sand monkeys and PC dyke police to go fuck themselves. The only reason these degenerates have any power at all is because some idiot gave them voting rights and now look what happened. Dipshits get voted in who only fuck the system up more. The indoctrinated masses get offended and start tearing livelihoods away from productive men who have a different opinion than them because they also hold voting power in corporations with their fat wallets (thanks to govt gibmedats). Its all a vicious cycle and the only way out of it is to secede completely from it or burn it all to the ground and start over from the ashes.

    1. Jomsvikings were Danes. The kingdom of Sweden was a breakaway rebel kingdom. (very similar to the Sukhothai Kingdom or now Thailand breaking away from the Khmer empire or now Cambodia)

      1. The Swedes used to be feared nonetheless. Try asking Poland about this thing they call “The Deluge”, and ask who committed it.

  20. “an enormously high rate of rape of white Swedish women by radical Islamists”
    Ah, the standard rally cry of “They rape our women!”
    Invaders will always try to cement their foothold by inseminating the local population, while simultaneously insulating their own; call it nature. Since the Swedish women themselves have not revolted on a large scale against this tide, resulting in a trade of protection for conservative roles, then I can only assume this is a by-product of where liberalism wants to go. After all, no rational person would continue to vote for policies that accepts the by-product of rape unless that is where they want their society to go.
    If we traveled further down this road we would find, ultimately, weak men allowing their own passive genes to be extinguished, while the more dominant groups continue to expand. To this point we return to Sweden: it is the Muslim who is Sweden, not the Swede who is in the Muslim world. In fact, there are many places in the Muslim world the kafir cannot tread less he be killed for violating their spaces. Yet the Swede, and Westerner, continues to have his door wide open to any who wish to enter, exposing his goods and family to any who may desire to pilfer it.

  21. The reason why the number of rapes reported in Sweden is high
    “In Sweden there has been this ambition explicitly to record every case of sexual violence separately, to make it visible in the statistics,” she says.
    “So, for instance, when a woman comes to the police and she says my husband or my fiance raped me almost every day during the last year, the police have to record each of these events, which might be more than 300 events. In many other countries it would just be one record – one victim, one type of crime, one record.”

  22. “In moments of candor, they will admit they would rather live in blissful ignorance than harsh reality.” This very line reminds me of an excellent quote by Bertrand Russell:
    “Do not feel envious of the happiness of those who live in a fool’s paradise, for only a fool will think that it is happiness.”
    I believe we all must remember this quote. It’s one by which we must live in times like these as it’s one that implores us never to give up on the cultural war in Western societies for the sake of the easier, more socially accepted choice. Fight the power.

  23. “In recent months, the native population of Sweden has grown tired of the insanity brought in with radical Islamist culture and the sharia law they advocate. People have begun fighting back and blowing up mosques all around the country, and now the Islamists are retaliating by killing Swedish police officers.”

  24. Ooops. Hit the post button accidentally. Meant to add the following in response to the quote:
    Is that so? I sure haven’t seen any indication that this is happening–and you sure as hell know that if it was it would be front page news in all our leftwing media outlets. On the other hand, one can always hope that the Swedes (and the French, and the British, and the Germans, and the Dutch, and Americans) will finally get sick and tired of Muslim shit and take matters into their own hands.

  25. what the multiculturalists refuse to acknowledge is that pluralist society cannot succeed. Human beings are pack animals and will always associate with their own. despite leftists dreaming of it, you will never find a mexican, a muslim, a polak, and an asian all holding hands and singing kumbaya in real life. Everyone looks out for and supports their own. If you choose to immigrate to a new country then you play by the rules or gtfo, you have no right to try to impose your will or make demands but the leftists are choosing to cater to them and label anyone that opposes as rayciss

  26. The men of Sweden made a choice to please their women instead of pleasing God. They put “her” ahead of the mission. The nation is now getting what it deserves. What is happening to Sweden needs to happen and is happening as it is truth and reality. The Swedish men would be off rebelling against Feminism than blowing up mosque. Women will always side with assholes of productive men. Civilization is a beta male thing. It is men that civilize the female beast. In every case of empowered women making their own choices it leads to what you see in Sweden.
    It is the most interesting thing to watch.

      1. I’d rather sit back with a cold beer and some nachos and watch your pathetic gender self destruct.

        1. No the chips are in a lovely ceramic bowl.
          Your gender will consume itself. And once the world purges itself of the likes of you, we can go back to a beautiful patriarchal world where we vow never again to entrust our planet in the hands of vagina carriers!

        2. Hahaha what’s the matter, Suzie creamcheese? Not strong and independent enough to take it? What are you doing on a male oriented website?
          Oh that’s right, your here for attention!
          Go back to xojane you worthless subhuman piss ant.

        3. Oh so you have a man nearby to do the studying and analyzing, interesting.
          But no, you’re here for attention. Because if you were here for study you’d only be reading and not commenting.
          Nice attempt to save face.
          Unfortunately nothing can save a face like yours.

        4. Yeah, and obviously you’re blind to your own gender’s hate.
          What makes you think anyone here gives a shit what some butterhog thinks?
          You sure it wasn’t your mirror that burned your eyes?

        5. What makes you think the world gives a shit what you and ROK thinks? We just come to the sewers of the Internet (ROK) once in a while to make sure you aren’t plotting terrorist attacks.

        6. Evendently you give a shit, Harvey the wonder hamster.
          And nice attempt at saving face again.
          If you were here to counter terror you would disregard any criticism of women and focus on counter terror. Otherwise you’re wasting time and effort. You would not take the comments personally. Intelligence agents wouldn’t blow their cover by replying to comments that made their vaginas bleed like a stuck pig
          LOL you’re such a pathetic loser.
          Feminism was made for social rejects like you!

        7. I never said I was an agent. Make no mistake I would report the disqus user and ROK if any threats are made to anyone. You’re a sadistic pos and you don’t deserve to live.

        8. Why don’t you patrol feminist websites for the same thing you man hating sea hag?
          You’re just mad because no men want you.
          And this is your infantile way at getting even.
          Don’t hate the players, hate the game, bitch.
          You’re an ugly, 3-bagger, split tail who not only doesn’t deserve but will never get the men you want!
          Go refill your Xanax and find a rolling pin to plug your vadge if the drugstore burnt down.

        9. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

  27. Sweden has been a feminist Hellhole for a long long time. The only difference today, is that wealth & technology licenses more leftist idiocy than in the past.
    But, Sweden has been masculine Since Otto the Great. King Otto raided and ruled most of Northern Europe, and then lost it all, getting his most masculine men killed in the process.
    This left the women, the weak, and the cowardly in charge and that’s who is still in charge today.

    1. They say the manliest Norwegians went to Iceland and Ireland and the manliest Swedes (the Rus) to Russia.

  28. “When are we going to learn the lesson that you cannot let certifiably deranged human beings get into positions of power of any kind? When will we stop letting those monsters teach our children, run our universities, create useless Human Resources departments, and write our laws? When will we say, “enough is enough of this insanity,” and begin to look at the obvious outcome occurring in other places where the disease is even more advanced?”
    That’s easy: When the White Women say so, that’s when. 5% of the population committing 77% of the crime – including Rape? apparently that’s not a problem enough for the empowered go gurrrls to demand change… but once the white women are fed up AND they can find a way to blame white men instead of admit they are wrong, then the muslim ‘problem’ will be dealt with directly, logically and quickly. It’s that part about admitting they are wrong that has them ‘over the barrel’ at this time – without a whipping boy to blame [MGTOW] they’d rather be raped than admit they are wrong… narcissistic sociopaths the whole lot of em.

    1. I have never in my life heard a female genuinely apologize for her behavior, no matter how insane or harmful to others.

      1. I once had a girl and friend make an entire web page to make fun of me. They only took it down when i threaten to sue them. Did they ever apologize? Nope. I don’t remember the last time I’ve ever had a woman apologize to me for anything. It’s not in their nature. You just have to accept it.

  29. I don’t know seems like the Muslims are the only ones that know how to “reach” the feminists. *Hint* its not with words. maybe if they reach that 1/3 rape statistic the feminists are always complaining about they will finally fall in line.

  30. You put exactly how I see this world perfectly in this statement, you worded it perfectly I take my hat off to you sir.

  31. Just to be clear, I live in Sweden and not all of this is true. I havent seen any “fighting back” whatsoever, blowing up mosques seems like pure bullshit or maybe just OP is thinking about France after the Charlie-attacks.
    Anyway. About the 5% of Muslims that stand for 77% of the crime. I come from a town with alot of Assyrians, which is in fact Christian immigrants. Many of them fled from exactly that, Islam, and now in Sweden they behave so well, most of them speak fluent Swedish with no accent (most muslim immigrants do) and many of them have their own companys in restaurants and so on, in other words, they make good for themselfs.
    The muslims, especially Somalians, are the complete opposit. They rarely hang out with anyone else than other Somalis, literally no Somali women work, over 50% of all the male somalis is OFFICIALLY unemployed. Many of the rest are “employed” by the goverment, aka not a real job, paid by gov and so on.
    You cant say shit about feminism in Sweden. An example we were out, where a girl talking shit feminsit BS, a friend of mine pointed out that he is not a feminist, where the girl STOOD UP and yelled, “SO YOU ARE A RACIST THEN?”. Wtf?!
    And after that the guards came, and ofcourse, kicked my friend out, not the girl who screamed racist propaganda.
    This country is falling apart. Criminals are rarely dealt with, our punishments are so pathetic that they get out just a few years after doing serious crimes, nobody fears the system of “punishment”.
    Feminists have taken over this countrty completely and soon the majority of men will call themselfs feminists too, even though still most of us are against it (but you cant speak about that officialy, then you declare yourself of no pussy).
    RIP this country.

  32. Good grief. Sweden. Is. Screwed. Everything I read about them just makes me worried about the future of America.

  33. Look, if feminists create an environment where they end up being defenceless from being raped by Muslims, it is their own stupid fault, and I for one won’t feel one drop of sympathy for them.. we reap what we sow. Finally, they will learn (the hard way!) that there are consequences for our actions

  34. It’s hard to enjoy the decline while knowing it’s going to be so fucking shitty in the future. I’m young but I’m afraid how I will even work as a doctor while in a society who political correctness reigns supreme.
    “Hey doc, I’m feeling a pain in my shoulder” “Sure, let me see it.” Accused of sexual violence. I’m afraid this is the type of situation that will have real chances of happening. Disturbing,

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