Italian Freelancer Elisa Murgese Slanders Roosh With False Criminal Claims

An Italian newspaper ironically named il Fatto Quotidiano “The Daily Fact” has recently jumped on the bandwagon of bashing Roosh. Despite the lack of any “Don’t Bang Italy” publication or comments about the country to instigate backlash, the editors of this magazine decided that, if it bleeds it leads, and what better scandal that to read about a new wave of “rapists” empowered by their leader, Roosh Valizadeh.

The Paper


“The Daily Fact” — (emphasis on Daily, less so on Fact)

First, a little about the paper. iFQ was founded way back in the year 2009. That’s incredibly young by typical standards, but in the birthplace of Western civilization, Rome, where it’s not uncommon to work and live in buildings hundreds or even thousands of years old, it’s downright infantile. This daily tabloid has a print circulation of less than 40,000, about the size of your typical small town or village. However, age and popularity are not valid criticisms of a paper, and indeed smaller independent news sources are often more reliable and free than large, institutional papers.

The Daily Fact was co-founded by Antonio Padellaro and Marco Travaglio, journalists who had worked together prior to founding the new Daily in 2009. Both were strong critics of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (2008-2011) who was later imprisoned for tax fraud, bribery, and corruption. Padellaro left the paper in February 2015, when Marco Travaglio took over as editor. Travaglio is a self-described fan of Reagan and Thatcher, a “European liberal,” which is closer to an American libertarian or right wing.

Eliza Murgese, self described fan of Muslim feminism

While I am relatively unfamiliar with Italian politics and media, and lack the ability to judge the reputation and quality of The Daily Fact as a news organization, it was founded in 2009 with strong ideals—rejection of public tax monies, limited advertising, rules prohibiting a large controlling shareholder interest, freedom, and independence to “really give the news” and “tell what others do not tell.”

Indeed, the actions of one writer do not represent those of an entire organization. Therefore, I am calling on editor Travaglio to correct and retract his slanderous article published October 1, 2015 by Elisa Murgese (facebook) titled “I suoi libri insegnano come stuprare una donna” as seen in the image below)

“Original” article and translation via google translate

Libel and Slander

It is unknown what has “triggered” this unprovoked attack. The article was penned by Elisa Murgese, a writer with a British accent (not listed on the board of 18 editors of The Daily Fact–apparently a freelancer), who seems fixated on America, with columns on Bruce Jenner, American Purity Balls, American Reality TV, and dubious rape statistics.

Murgese has been writing for the paper for at least a year, although her stories seem to be mostly translations of foreign news stories that may have some international appeal. Hence the story of Roosh, ripped directly from American site “We Hunted The Mammoth: The new misogyny, tracked and mocked,” a site which seems obsessed with sarcastically restating many of Roosh’s articles, and indeed posted a critique of Roosh’s thought experiment on ways to lower rape in February 2015.

One of the Italian Prime Minister’s many mistresses

Murgese’s article was basically a translation of the same unfounded, libelous, slanderous, and completely inaccurate claims made before, accusing a man of committing rape when no such crime has ever been seriously alleged, much less proven in a court of law.

I was hoping there would at least be some thought put into this criticism here. After all, this is Italy, where when your head of state has a mistress, it is something to smile and high five over, not call a multimillion dollar investigation and impeach your president. But no. It’s the same old stupid “he wants to teach men to rape” nonsense. Murgese makes three incredibly absurd claims.

Not the same type of coverage the American media gave to Clinton’s affair

1. Love tourism = rape

He calls it “love tourism”. For others, however, it is true advice on how to rape a woman in foreign locations without being accused of this violence.” So now meeting interesting, feminine, high quality women while on vacation is the equivalent of violently raping them. Murgese is actually calling sex rape now. This is not uncommon in the US and Canada, but I thought Europe was a little more progressive with their views on sex.

2. Sex After Wine = Rape

Murgese has a British English accent, and I seriously doubt any Italian heritage. First attacking sex and then drink? She brings up the nutty third wave feminist line that sex combined with drinking alcohol is rape! Setting aside the fact that almost everyone has had drunk sex at some point in their life, and that the majority of nightclubs and bars exist primarily to allow couples to meet, lower inhibitions, and later engage in sexual congress, she infers that Roosh raped a girl in Iceland because he told a story about having sex with an Icelandic female after drinking.

Well, if alcohol indeed causes one to rape, the only logical conclusion to this is get rid of this rape inducing drug!  How many times does drinking a glass of wine lead to sex.. excuse me.. rape.. later that night?  By that rationale, all wine in Italy must be smashed and destroyed.

Elisa Murgese, either retract your article or start smashing rape bottles

3. Endorsing Criminal Behavior

Murgese then states: “Roosh V meticulously explains not only how to abuse a girl, but also how to avoid being criminally prosecuted.”

This accusation is presented entirely without explanation or evidence. Nowhere have I ever seen anyone condoning criminal behavior, especially violent crimes, and no instructions on how to avoid prosecution of violent crimes is ever discussed in any of Roosh’s writings, nor have I seen an article written by anyone in the neomasculinity movement even begin to broach this subject.

Italy has severe laws against libel and slander, and since the author is directly calling for a boycott of Roosh’s books, a case could be made she is directly financially harming him with inaccurate and baseless wild accusations.

Obama and Sarkozy committing eye-rape of a teenage girl in Italy in 2009

A misunderstanding or purposeful slander?


Elisa Murgese, time to go back to J-school

Especially when it comes to foreigners in strange lands, many of us are guilty of making accusations of others based only on others’ opinions, or repeating what is heard in the media “Putin is a brutal dictator!” “Assad is a violent man who must be overthrown!” “Iran should be nuked off the map!” “The American military is grossly underfunded!” when instead we are often parroting the voices of the ignorant.

I am willing to give Elisa Murgese the benefit of the doubt here, and assume that she just reacted out of rage upon hearing of a rapist on the loose without bothering to verify if such an outlandish situation could actually exist.

Perhaps her editors found similarly libelous stories in American blogs and considered that good enough to confirm and approve the article. Therefore, I am now calling on the editor and publisher of il Fatto Quotidiano to retract its slanderous story immediately, and issue a statement clarifying that these claims are wild and baseless. If not, I expect to see them out on the streets tomorrow, smashing wine-rape bottles and pulling women out of bars and nightclubs before they can get raped.

In case they need some motivation, a refresher on slander laws in Italy, courtesy of Wikipedia:

In Italy, there are different crimes against honor. The crime of injury (Article 594 of the Penal Code) refers to offending one’s honor and is punished with up to six months in prison or up to 516 Euros in fine. If the offense refers to the attribution of a determined fact and is committed before many persons, penalties are doubled to up to a year in prison or up to 1032 Euros in fine. In addition, the crime of defamation (Article 595, Penal Code) refers to any other situation involving offending one’s reputation before many persons, and has a penalty of up to a year in prison or up to 1032 Euros in fine, doubled to up to two years in prison or a fine of 2065 Euros if the offense consists of the attribution of a determined fact. When the offense happens by the means of the press or by any other means of publicity, or in a public demonstration, the penalty is of imprisonment from six months to three years, or a fine of at least 516 Euros.

Finally, Article 31 of the Penal Code establishes that crimes committed with abuse of power or with abuse of a profession or art, or with the violation of a duty inherent to that profession or art, lead to the additional penalty of a temporary ban in the exercise of that profession or art.

More than Just Bad Reporting

While some would suggest a nefarious worldwide plot by spiteful enemies to destroy the neomasculinity movement, I was initially inclined to think this was merely lazy reporting by a part time foreign freelance journalist. However, Murgese escalates the existing “rapist” claim made recently in the wake of Roosh’s Canadian masculinity talks, taking it a step further by calling him a rapist who educates other rapists on how to rape women repeatedly without getting caught.

This clearly crosses the line from laziness to fraudulent and defamatory. It is difficult to believe that Murgese came across a story of an American rapist who has a mission of spreading rape throughout the world and believed it.

Indeed, when I googled the term “rape apologist” I could not find a single real person who was identified as a rape apologist. I did, however, find a story about Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde discussing her sexual assault at the age of 21: “Technically speaking, however you want to look at it, this was all my doing and I take full responsibility. If I’m walking around in my underwear and I’m drunk? Who else’s fault can it be?”

If a real rape apologist can’t even be named, it appears highly negligent for Murgese to author a story in a foreign language about an overseas “rapist and rape apologist” without any independent verification, criminal records, police reports, or other documentation.  Rape apologists are not real, or if they exist, they are so rare that they are as common as the female unicorn.

But as the Bruce Jenner story has taught us, that doesn’t stop news organizations from heaping disproportionate amounts of coverage on an issue if it suits their agenda. There are no rape apologists, the one in four rape statistic is a lie, and Roosh is not a rapist. Il Fatto Quotidiano must retract its story immediately.

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136 thoughts on “Italian Freelancer Elisa Murgese Slanders Roosh With False Criminal Claims”

    1. I should invite her to stockholm so we could take a midnight stroll where the somalians live, then she would know.

    2. I remember Richard Branson asking a group of women how many of them had been raped, and he was shocked when almost every woman raised their hand.

  1. It would be great to have an article from Berlusconi on Return of Kings – can an open invitation be extended? Incidentally if Roosh does write an Italian travelogue – it would be don’t Bunga Bunga Italy I think

    1. Berlusconi deserves some props, if only for calling out EU fascist and globalist Martin Schulz, accurately describing him as a kapo.

      1. plus he’s got a secret submarine harbour below his billionaire’s villa or something like that

    2. i’ve alway dug italian women. i know englishbob is a fan too, but other than that i’m surprised how little they get mentioned here.

      1. I really don’t know why. I quite appreciate italian women because I like the old 70s italian movies / and giallo. There’s a bit of a dominant mamma / madonna complex in italian society, but I couldn’t really explain it beyond that

      2. Been there a couple times, (once with an ex, always a mistake to bring your obnoxious American gf with you). I couldn’t really crack the code, first Italian men are more stylish and I had the typical shitty American wardrobe with me while on vacation haha.. and didn’t speak Italian which pretty much killed it for me. But yes, there were some sexy ladies there.

        1. i guess you’re right, very few italians speak english well so not knowing the language would hold you back. i lived there for years and do speak italian, but i still felt underdressed almost all the time. i don’t think it was a big deal, italians seemed to expect americans to dress less stylishly. it never held me back with the women. one ex even remarked that she liked the fact i wasn’t as prissy about clothes as most italian guys.
          as far as western women go, i’d guess italian women are among the best. sexy, like you say, and although definitely infected with feminism, less so than in english-speaking countries. both of my italian exes enjoyed cooking and cleaning for me and were extremely passionate. even when pissed off and screaming at me (the other side of the passion coin) it wasn’t as bad as with an american chick. it’s hard to explain, but the italian language is kind of made for yelling and drama. it always sounded so awesome when they were pissed off that it was hard to suppress a chuckle.
          yeah, italy would suck with an obnoxious american woman. my ex-wife (not american, but definitely obnoxious) always wanted to go, and i’m glad we never had the money or time.

        2. Both times I have taken women overseas they have argued with me during the trip. Both times I stopped them and said, “Are you REALLY complaining about ANYTHING right now? I brought you to fucking Italy.”
          Yeah, when girls yell at me in Spanish it’s kind of sexy / amusing and doesn’t really bother me. One thing I got a kick out of in Italy was the macho guys.. it was nothing at all to see two muscular guys, one in a tight fitting pink t shirt sharing a tiny moped together. Not gay at all. haha.

        3. I learned very quickly with my wife about the woman’s game of always moving the line. They’ll complain about wanting your own place together, so you get an apartment. They then complain that the apartment is too small, so you get a house. Then they complain that the house is too empty, so you get a dog. They will forever push the ball down the field as long as you let them. Amazingly enough, like you said, as soon as you call them out on their shit, they shut right up.

      3. Because they’re emotional loud mouthed bitches! Ever been hit with a wooden spoon or had dishes thrown at you?
        EDIT – Italian American women

  2. Berlusconi was better than every Italian leader that’s come after him, bunga-bunga parties or not

  3. Feminists are trying to redefine ‘bang’ as a male code word for rape. You can see this elsewhere on the net. After ‘bang’ it will be the word ‘game’ or something else.

    1. As always if its something, even a word, that men like, feminsts are against it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a woman use the word ‘bang’. Therefore it must be misogynistic.

  4. I remember Putin said once on Berlussconni rape accusations:”They’re suing Berlusconi because he lives with women, if he was a homosexual, no one would lay a finger on him”.

    1. I see that your name is “Nevsky” so I’d assume that you’re some sort of patriot.
      Although I agree that Putin is not a “brutal” dictator, he is a militarily aggressive dictator, and also inclined to occasionally allow violence at home to go unpunished if it is in service to him.
      But what I want to ask you, or any other Putinite reading this, is how do you justify the massive oppression of free speech taking place in today’s Russia? It’s even to the point now where mass book-bannings are taking place. Are Russians simply too fragile mentally to be allowed by their government to choose their own reading materials?

      1. How many sovereign countries were invaded by US and Co and how many by “military aggressive dictator – Putin’? How many military bases Russia has outside of the country and how many US has?
        “Massive oppression of free speech”? Do you know what happens to those in the West who question Holocaust, LGBT agenda or doubt racial/gender dogmas?

        1. Nothing happens, as Matt Forney can attest. He has questioned the holocaust and is fine. The manosphere questions all these dogmas all the time and yet all main manosphere authors are fine. You must be delusional

        2. You’re delusional…try criticizing fags, Bruce Jenner or Jews in a public place of work or on national television….

        3. Ann Coulter did it and she is fine. South park does it all the time. Where do you live? lol

        4. No, you are delusional. USA is the ONLY “Western” country on earth that doesnt have “hate speech” or holocaust denial laws. Yet, if you work in academia or corporate world – questioning Liberal dogmas will either get you fired or make your life miserable. Im not mentioning Canada, EU or Australia that long ago turned into Orwellian utopias.

        5. Ann Coulter is a woman = she’s got the pussy pass.
          Matt Stone (one of the South Park creators) is a jew = free pass for everything.

        6. Yea you can speak your mind on internet forums, but not using your real identity. Yes you will not be thrown in jail, but will lose your job and all future employment. How is that freedom of speech ?

        7. The USA doesn’t have hate speech nor holocaust denial laws. I think you’re thinking of another country. Germany, on the other hand, does on both counts.
          EDIT: Nevermind, I missed the “doesnt”.

        8. Yeah, that’s idiocy. The two major parties are nearly openly fascist at this point in time.

        9. Ah shit, I have no idea how I glossed over “doesn’t”. My bad.

        10. No, they are also at places where parties show up with their candidates. I remember them as far back as Bush the Elder, they’d screen out any dissent and place them *way* far away from the cameras.

        11. I’m a bit torn on the issue. On the one hand, I’m all for free speech, no doubt. On the other hand, there seems to be a balance. Take the Bernie Sanders incident where those harpies got on the platform and wouldn’t stop screeching until “they were heard.”
          I like Phil Valentine’s take on our rights. Yeah you have the right to bear arms, but you got to go pay for the permit, gun, and ammo. Yeah you have the right to free speech, but you have to buy the website domain, radio spot, etc. If Bush bought a venue to make a speech, he should have a level of control over what’s being discussed (same goes for any other politician).
          This is also a great tactic for destroying arguments about healthcare being a “right”. Just because it’s a right doesn’t mean it’s free. If free healthcare is a right, then I’ll be expecting my free government issued AK-47 in the mail by the end of the week.

        12. It’s not about preventing people from storming the stage and interrupting things; It’s about politicians insulating themselves from any opinion other than their cheerleading fans. If you are opposed to, say, the TPP, the latest war in Libya, pending immigration laws, etc. and a big politician is coming to town to make a speech on one of these issues, you may want to make some signs and banners showing your disapproval of these policies.
          Well, you can no longer picket, parade, or even be seen by the politician because the police will corral you into a “free speech zone” located over a mile away from the event. Sure, you’re “free” to say whatever you want, as long as you’re standing in a vacant parking garage. #Freedum.
          LBJ had to deal with anti-war protesters every morning when he woke up. Nixon had unrelenting protesters left and right who hounded him. These had considerable effect on the policies, and these men felt they had to at least consider public sentiment. Not so with free speech zones.
          The W administration was the first time I heard of free speech zones. I would imagine pres O is still using them, as his M.O. is to pick up on any and all bad policies of W and amplify them. I think some of the reason big scandals today that would have ended careers in the past, go nowhere is because of the lapdog media and free speech zones. Also,

        13. The problem with “hate speech” is that the status quo can call it “hate” when you disagree with them. Thus “hate speech” should be limited to threats ONLY.

        14. Nothing happens. I am American and I can doubt racial and gender dogmas all I want.
          Putin has his political rivals killed. We don’t do that kinda stuff over here. We are corrupt, but not murderous dicatator corrupt like Russia.

        15. The academic and corporate worlds are not the same as the government. The American government supports speech of all kinds. I can say Obama is a stupid faggot all day with no consequences from the government. We are very serious about free speech here.

        16. My formulation is that speech (expression) should be free unless 1) the speech is tantamount to action and 2) that action is itself illegal.
          Fraud, mischief, abetting, assault (as distinct from battery) and most other traditional limits on free speech fall into that category. (Defamation might be something of an exception.) Criminal hate speech laws (at least in Canada) tend to meet those tests as well.
          Human rights legislation and quasi-legislative bodies like university administrations fail on one or both points. Hurting someone’s feelings is not tantamount to punching them in the face nor is hurting feelings generally illegal. Deciding who you will or will not do business with is not illegal in itself without being bootstrapped by human rights legislation. And so on.

        17. The two sides of the coin are that private venues should have control of their own space. The SJW notion of free speech is that they can storm the stage, heckle or shout down speakers, fill the venue with the sole purpose of shutting out those who legitimately want to hear what is said, protest or picket as an excuse to impede or block access to the forum. I’ve seem them do it, I’ve heard them try to justify it. There are laws in Canada that actually make that sort of conduct illegal but few people know about them, fewer still are willing to pursue prosecution, and almost no judges will convict.
          The flip side is that pubic spaces are becoming more limited. Politicians with have their constituency offices (as well as other organizations and stores) in large malls with gigantic parking lots which are open to the public but are private property such that anyone who tries to “make trouble” could get hit with trespassing.

        18. The government doesn’t run private businesses. American have the right to fire poeple if they don’t like them.

        19. Who killed the presidents? Where is Hoffa? Joe Hill? Sitting Bull? Not to speak of the “detainees.”

        20. Putin is not an idiot. If he really was willing to kill a rival he sure wouldn’t do it right outside the Kremlin.
          Not that I would see why he would even have a need to, with his popularity.

      2. Contrary to western nations, Russia does not claim to be the free haven of free speech and tolerance as western nations do. I know too little of Russian politics to make any serious claims, but from the information I have, Russia at least lacks the hypocrisy of the moral Ubermenschen in the west. As been said by Nevsky, if you question LGBTXYZ in western countries, you get outlawed under the banner of “hate speech”, while in reality it is simply oppression of free speech and hate towards conservative people. SJWs and progressives don’t want to admit that, just so they can claim “we are tolerant towards any opinions, contrary to Putin”, while being blind for their own intolerance and hypocrisy.

      3. I can answer that. Look at the flagrant lies by the western news media. The outright lies, and the lies of omission, are used to sabre rattle and whip people into a hateful frenzy, directed at legitimate foreign governments and people whose views are against the prevailing Jew narrative.
        If lying journalists and degenerates were dealt with the way Putin has dealt with them, we wouldn’t have half of the problems we bitch about on a daily basis.

      4. Every democratic state is led by a dictator, many of whom are militarily aggressive and all of them allow violence at home to go unpunished if it serves them.

      5. Today’s Radical Leftism was engineered by the Soviet Union to destabilize the West. Putin worked in the KGB, so he knows what’s up. He know the memes they started in Western Universities are now creeping back to Russia. That’s the problem with releasing memes into the wild, they can take on a life of their own and come back to consume you.

    2. So true… These days pedophiles are allowed to adopt little boys, and nobody checks what happens at home. We are told to look elsewhere. We call this progress.

  5. Pathetic that people actually think Roosh teaches people how to rape hahaha. Jesus christ you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Clearly no one’s ever gamed the bitch.

  6. Dude the American military IS underfunded, you haven’t seen the budget cuts Obama made past 6 years?

    1. $583 billion a year (that’s over half a TRILLION folks) is underfunded? Yeah. If you want to play empire with 700 military bases across the globe like the US government does then maybe it is.

      1. The entire US government budget was less than a trillion in the 80s. Pretty soon military plus debt alone will surpass that.

        1. So are Canada, China and Russia and they don’t spend anywhere near that much. And to repeat, they’re not playing empire with 700+ bases all over the globe, acting like a global policeman.

        2. So you didn’t disclosed the fact that Russia, and China rely on each other for weapons.(Or Putin’s recent military reforms)
          Besides the fact that Canada is a small country and relies on United States militarily?

    1. I got drunk and shagged a fat chick. She insisted on plying me with alcohol. Normally I wouldn’t go near her but I was drunk. I was so drunk I actually fell asleep while shagging her. She was so soft and fluffy like a comfy mattress. I felt like a cat on fresh laundry.
      She left immediately afterwards. Strangely though, I don’t give two shits even though I was drunk raped.

    1. Anyone who grows up with a number of female siblings can identify this type of word play females naturally pull around a dinner table, fighting over a clean bath towel, the last swig of dr pepper, anything they want. Feminism and hypergamy has its roots in unrestrained sibling rivalry, just as males learn competitiveness and strategy outmaneuvering their siblings early on. Great conquerers got their start playing in sandboxes or playing war with friends or siblings.
      But with female siblings, the only weight they have to throw around is between their legs, migrating northward becoming the attitude on the brain. They don’t ‘learn’ feminism in liberal colleges, NO it’s natural course for them to develop wylie bitchy manipulative ways growing up at home, especially after puberty if they linger around and aren’t married off. If they could only be all married off to good disciplinarian patriarchs instead of hog washed by 12 full years of hypergamical hysterectomical public schooling. If I were a billionaire, I’d pay the dowry myself to the man’s families to see the nation’s precious resource, their fine young women, put where they belong instead of being redundantly schooled into hysterical insanity. The dowry really needs to be re introduced as a windfall TAX CREDIT!! Ingenious. 🙂

      1. Find female insanity a lot like uranium. In its raw form, it’s not very potent, not very dangerous. When you refine it, much like sending a girl to college this day in age, you can refine it into an expensive source of power, or refine it further to make it weapons grade.

    2. this is how all leftists debate
      everything eventually comes down to “ur mean”

        1. Pretty much all Leftist arguments boil down to either Ad Hominems or Straw men, which the comic skillfully mocks.

  7. Did she attend any of Roosh’s speeches to make her claim that he taught men to rape and get away with it? Did she listened to a recording of the speeches unedited?
    If not, how can she, as a journalist, make that claim? A journalist may not need to reveal his/her source, but must be able to back up what one writes with truth/facts.

    1. Not in today’s world of journalism, sadly. Journalists are quickly reaching the scummy level of lawyers. Shall we start a new wave of jokes?
      How many journalists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
      Seven. One to screw it in and 6 to sensationalize the event and make the light bulb out to look like a racist.

      1. My local paper was bought out by a conglomerate and they proceeded to lay off most of the tenured staff, including the only Pulitzer winning journalist and hired a bunch of out of state millenials in their early 20s (no lie), cut production to 3 days a week and have become an online gossip column. These fresh grads have no idea how to “do research” or “independently corroborate facts” and they certainly can’t do anything that involves real on the street reporting. It’s all done behind a computer screen. Heck, I don’t know why they don’t just outsource it all to India and call it a day.

        1. I haven’t read a magazine lately but Rolling Stone usually has some good writers (especially Matt Taibbi)–they are the ones who buston open the General McChrystal Case. I’ve found some quality stuff online, especially podcasts. The trouble is, there are talented people who don’t want to work for a shitty establishment like a modern newspaper company, but they do need to get paid. At the end of the day a professional writer is going to be more productive than a hobbiest.
          So you can find people on sites like ROK that can write well, but it’s no substitute for a full time dedicated investigative journalist. I read an article about this, basically how bloggers would never bust open a Woodword and Bernstein type case, they would only retweet it after it happens.
          Now, podcasting is interesting because some are adopting the “buck a show” donation route which seems to work. And as people get paid, they can afford to put in more resources into the content. I’m a big fan of Hardcore History with Dan Carlin (and his other podcast too).

        2. Agreed. There seems to be a big push away from the mainstream media, mainly because of their lack of integrity and credibility.
          A couple of podcast series I follow are The Pressure Project and Sargon of Akkad (youtube podcaster). You might give them a shot.

        3. On YouTube, the two people I know who would make the best journalists are Vernaculis and TL;DR (Teal Deer). Their stuff is really worth watching and they mostly deal with feminists and various other SJWs.

  8. Fucking Italian women… Sold out some of the most coveted men on the planet. And feminism is good again because why?

    1. The Italian women I’ve talked to generally hate Italian men. Which goes back to the simple fact that women are never happy with what they have.

      1. certainly applied to my ex from italy. although, i hear italian guys complain about their women a lot too. i think italian women may have gone downhill since the 1990s when i lived there. they were great back then. thought they were the sexiest in europe until i made it to the FSU.

      2. Interesting.. I would say that women everywhere claim to hate their men. Certainly I hear nothing but bitching about horrible men from American women. And when I have traveled overseas, especially in Latin America I find girls who don’t even date local men, and tell me they are “arrogant and argumentative”. I don’t know if it’s driven by third wave feminism or what, but it seems the women universally dislike men from their society. Somehow, I can’t imagine girls from the 60s and 70s talking this way…

        1. I agree. I suspect part of is the natural desire for genetic diversity, thats why even ugly sounding accents are considered attractive. Often someone who is average in attractiveness at home become very attractive elsewhere.

  9. Roosh taught me how to rape. From what I can see, the way it happens is the chick pretends to like the guy, marries him, takes half his shit, and leaves. Sounds like rape to me.

  10. I’ve always found the claim that women could not consent while drunk to be preposterous. It is monumentally silly beyond measure, because at what point is someone drunk? If you take an absolutist standard and a glass of wine with dinner than you’re pretty much just an uptight Puritan teetotaler. Pretty funny how there is growing back door prohibition, I mean it worked so well the first time! The only position that makes sense is that it was her choice to drink and to give her agency. Of course such things would mean a woman is treated like an adult making choices, something feminists hate.
    Furthermore if women have no agency during sex while drunk then this standard should be applied for other aspects of life. For example if a woman gets a DUI, since we take away her agency and treat her like a child, we should also give her a ticket for under-aged driving. Of course this standard is not applied, she is given less time and a lower fine than a man in the same position. Funny as yet again we see a woman gets the privileges of a child but none of the consequences, and it’s any wonder why modern women are so depressed, moody, asinine, and childish. Imagine being a child stuck in the body of 35-year old woman, I’d be pissed too, and want to take it out on daddy (the patriarchy).
    Of course I’m beginning to believe libel in Italy or hell any modern Western country is just par for the course. Feminists are among the worst I’ve encountered for bondage, pretend rape scenarios, and every other debauched forms of sex. The idea that they hate rape is incomprehensible, by their behavior they love rape and rapists! For two reasons, they want a rapist to rape them, and then accuse any legitimately angry “nice guy” they don’t like of being a rapist. Perhaps the nice guy should learn how to be an asshole and rape as it’s the best way to defend yourself these days from false rape accusations. It’s a win-win scenario for the women.

    1. Had a buddy who was deployed and when he came back, his girl was loose as a duffel bag. She was tight before he left. Her excuse in crocodile tears ”she was raped” by so and so acquaintance. I also knew a girl that was actually raped for real but denied it and blew it off. The guy who raped her told a buddy and then I heard of it. Still the girl didn’t make any deal about it or she didn’t care. Calling rape would cramp her style. She was a known carousel piece. It all goes to show that most girls are NEVER truthful. If they’re raped, they deny it. And if they cry rape, they’re probably telling a lie.
      It all makes you wonder just how many lynchmen prosecutors working for the system are aware that they’re persecuting innocents every day and how many of them even give a shit whether they’re in the right or not. Big city detectives for one have little scruples and just want to slam a case closed and get paid. They’re nothing but fucking mobsters. Imams in the east are known for similar corruption. The west is worse with regard to undermining masculinity.

  11. I didn’t know this was a thing until I was in Jamaica on vacation recently. I noticed that there were all these mediocre looking women in their 40’s or maybe 50’s with these strapped natives in their 20’s. I assumed they were just paid for one time escorts or just a native guy working the bars looking for any old piece of action. But, then, I noticed these guys were with the same woman for days on end. I asked one of the bartenders what was up with the whole arrangement and he told me these guys work the AIRPORT and offer their services for days or even weeks on end. Rent-A-Stud essentially for your entire vacation. It was mostly European women too.
    I’m sure women fleeing their country to find third world Alphas is fine. But the second a guy leaves the US to find better stock you become an international rapist.

    1. Look up the term “Sanky Panky” and it often isn’t quite like rent a stud, women being women they want to fall for the guy, and he has to tell her he really loves her and all her rolls..and later oh I’m so poor and my grandmother is getting a heart transplant, and could she help with a little money?

    2. Yeah, it’s huge in Turkey, too. Buncha young gigilos strutting on on the baches in their tightie-whities, for Western women to peruse and rent.

      1. Pile of English bad toothed old prunes go to Africa and find a mandingo. Some of these old hens marry these guys and get taken to the cleaners.

        1. that man not only earned his citizenship, he just earned refugee status for catching PTSD from her.

    3. There was some movie years ago about older white women travelling to Haiti to be serviced by younger natives. I don’t remember the name but it was sometime in the early 90’s. (I think)
      Older women traveling to the islands to hook up with younger studs has been a thing for awhile.. Even Eddie Murphy’s Raw/Dexter bit touched on a similar topic. However, it’s only a problem when a man does it.

      1. The movie was How Stella Got Her Groove Back. I remember seeing it years ago and it was horrible.

  12. You guys should’ve just blown her off. Italy is a pretty anti feminist country socially, she’s probably seen as a joke there.
    By the way, what is muslim feminism?

        1. They claim to be oppressed under shitria law and then come over to Canada and demand to cover their face while taking the citizenship Oath. Generalized retardation – not much difference at all.

  13. He calls it “love tourism”. For others, however, it is true advice on how to rape a woman in foreign locations without being accused of this violence.”
    Did she mention anything about the millions of “Syrian Refugees” enjoying an extended rape vacation in Europe right now?

  14. Muslim feminism? Just go to Afghanistan or any other “stan” country and try to pull that shit off.

  15. Gaw-Daaamn that Berlusconi was banging a nice rack!
    Anyway, yeah… Roosh. Well, these femitard “journalists” think they can get away with saying anything… and maybe they can, for the moment, at least. Either the law exists or it doesn’t; either it means something or it doesn’t; it either protects Roosh from libel or it’s meaningless and effectively does not exist.
    That’s the choice feminism is leaving the state(s) that supports it: remain a nation of laws, or become the vassal(s) of the arbitrary whims of women.

  16. Let’s face it, Roosh is a celebrity at this point. Every no talent wannabe is going to attack him just to get attention and to hopefully get noticed by someone else.

  17. I truly hope that The Man is following up legal advice. Maybe if they get slapped down in court a few times, it would deter repeat attacks.

  18. One of the Italian Prime Minister’s many mistresses
    Well played Silvio, well played.

        1. That movie never stops being funny, I’ve watched it nearly all of my life, and laugh every time.

        1. Because of self-rape? You are a male after all, what else could it be?

        2. You have a point. I was looking at myself in the mirror earlier thinking “wow what a good looking guy I am!”. Stare rape. I blame myself.

        3. How about you fly across the pond and I’ll offer to examine you. It sounds like a sustained case of repeated and abusive repetitive rape which is causing an ingrained mental pattern of neomasculinity. I think this can be given a syndrome-ish name and submitted to the next DSM mental health manual and then we can go on Drs Phil and Oz and make millions discussing treatment for this malady.

        4. You’re a disgusting example of what’s wrong with the patriarchy. Not only are you stare-raping yourself, while stare-raping you are neglect-raping the chick doing the stiff-leg deadlifts. Shame on you!

  19. Roosh, you have to know that you do not fit in the agenda. It is contrary to their plans. You are a nail that has to be whacked down, they cannot have too many men start to question things let alone have ammo / thoughts / plans to counter the feminism that is destroying the world.

  20. If Roosh wants to sue for defamation, according to Italian law he has 3 months starting from the day when he first noticed the text against him. The “FattoQuotidiano” would be a good newspaper. But, unfortunately, for unknown reasons, it hosts many feminists. This summer the feminists attacked 7 men acquitted after a false rape accusation. Feminists organised a manifestation, going through the hometown of the falsely accused men (Florence), shouting their names, one by one, and menacing a new feminist judgment. I don’t know if the innocent men and the judges sued the “Fatto Quotidiano”.

  21. Sex After Wine = Rape
    if sex and alcohol was rape then everyone’s dad in europe would be a convicted rapist.

  22. anyone here notice, next to white and indian women, that alot of these feminazi types are middle eastern.
    Like Ive never seen an asian feminist and seen only 1 latin (brazilian) feminist….thats it.

        1. Any feminist “must have” outlook includes: toxic hair colour (usually red), thick framed glasses and toxic-red lipstick usually on a fat body.

  23. Sigh.
    Rape is the “unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim”. (Taken from For example, some dude kidnaps a chick and sticks his dick into her despite her protests.
    Roosh’s books teach man how to grow balls and talk to girls, and eventually establish such a connection with them that eventually leds to consensual sex. Key word: CONSENSUAL.
    Two COMPLETELY different things, people.

    1. According to the feminist world view there are only 3 kinds of people: rapists, rapist apologists, and feminists. If you reject feminist ranting then you go in the other categories.

  24. It falls solely and squarely on the shoulders of Roosh himself to deliver a libel notice and demand for retraction.
    Given that the il Fatto article is basically a rehash of Can-Am criticisms, this article tends to cover most of the same ground that other ROK and RooshV articles have over the past several months, but there are a couple of things I would like to point out
    I recall that Matt Forney wrote a piece along the lines of how to rape a woman which he later retracted, but not for the reasons some might think. The article has been removed so I can’t be sure of exactly what his purpose was in writing it, but it seems to be mocking SJWs who a) accuse him and others of writing books and articles on how to get away with rape, b) go on ad infinitum about how men get away with rape or c) accuse just about any man who has sex with a woman of being a rapist.
    I did read the retraction and it was quite clear that he did it out of respect for women who were actual victims of actual rape.
    The thing about Roosh’s article about legalizing rape – even if he was not being satirical or merely going through the motions of a thought experiment – is completely legitimate political discourse. There is nothing illegal about discussing or even advocating for a change in the law. Certainly there should not be if freedom of speech means anything (which it does not to SJWs).
    Advocating that someone breaks the law is a different story, but even if you took Roosh’s piece at face value, he was not advocating rape, by definition. There is the oxymoronic/tautological problem that there is no such thing as “legal rape” any more than abortion laws are “legal murder”.

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