7 Things A Man Must Never Do

Here at ROK we usually give advice on what men should do, so now here’s a list of things that you shouldn’t.

1. Get Fat


Getting fat is one of the worst things a man can do. It makes you less appealing to women which is bad enough if you are married but even worse if you are single. It sets a bad example for your kids and destroys your self-confidence.

It makes it more difficult to move which means you’ll have less inclination to exercise—which will make you even fatter. Your sleep quality will suffer. And you will be at more risk for a whole host of diseases that are caused by poor diet: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, low libido, and man boobs.

If you are already fat you must make it your first priority to drop the pounds. Start immediately.

2. Stop Lifting Weights


You are lifting weights, aren’t you? Never stop. Once a man reaches his mid twenties, he will start to lose 1% of his muscle mass every year. At the beginning, the change is not noticeable but by the time a man reaches his fifties the weakness will begin to be apparent.

There is one sure way to prevent, and even reverse, this trend: weight lifting. In his book Muscle Up, fitness expert P.D. Mangan provides evidence that weight training is better than cardio for keeping the fat off and it has the added benefit of making you look good in the process.

You don’t have to do a six-day bodybuilding split to get benefits of resistance training. Two or three short sessions per week of basic exercises like the deadlift, squat, shoulder press, and pull ups is sufficient to maintain your muscle mass on a busy schedule.

3. Be Passive


The symbol for man is a circle with an arrow pointing outward. Men are oriented outward by nature. We are meant to be active in the world fighting, trading, toiling, and ruling. It is not part of our character to be passive or to give up.

Compare the male symbol with the symbol for female.


Some speculate that the origin of the symbol for woman is a mirror, which women have used throughout history. Where men are oriented toward the outside world, women are directed inward. Women, by nature, are not meant to be out there trying to make a mark in the world. Their role is to be wives and mothers. Men and women are complementary.

Given the difficult environment that we live in today, lots of men have just given up. Men must always resist that temptation. There are times when you may temporarily withdraw from the heat of battle to regain your strength. Once you have, it is back to arms.

4. Experiment Sexually (With Other Men)


There is a huge push going on to persuade young men and women that gender and sexuality are fluid and that everything is along a continuum. Children as young as elementary school age are being indoctrinated. In our high schools and colleges, sexual experimentation is presented as being normal. This is a lie meant to destroy the young.

There is a reason that the elite are pushing this lie. Once a man engages in an unnatural activity with another man, he is more likely to label himself as being some sort of sexual deviant—one of the 71 possible Facebook genders. He will be a permanent member of the left and dedicate his life to fighting against all that is good.

This is the general rule: Sex is good. Food is good too but if you indulge inappropriately it will damage your health. Be moderate in all things and don’t go against the natural law.

5. Wear Sports Jerseys


Watching sports, like anything in moderation, can be a harmless diversion but it gets silly once you start buying overpriced swag from your favorite teams. Professional sports are dominated by owners who faithfully peddle the SJW line on every point. The NFL is the worst of these. It has been pushing feminism just as hard as Hollywood. Don’t let your hard earned dollars go to fund these leftist fat cats.

Besides, why on earth would you wear a shirt with another man’s name on the back?

There is one exception to this rule. If your son is a fan of a particular player it’s obviously acceptable to wear matching jerseys—it is for a higher good.

6. Don’t Father Bastards


About 40% of children born in the US are now bastards. In the black community it is 70%. This is a gigantic societal problem because children need their father living with them. Without a father girls tend to be sluttier. Boys who don’t have a father lack confidence and may find themselves struggling to find their place in the world. The elites love bastardy because it creates a population that is easier to rule.

Can children overcome not having their father living with them? Of course. If the father is very dedicated to spending copious amounts of time with his children they still stand a chance of growing up healthy, but why risk it?

By the way, there was a time when siring bastards was highly discouraged. Bastard children could not even inherit wealth from their father. It was an unfair system but it was in place for a reason. It was a strong deterrent to men and women from having unprotected sex outside of marriage. We need to re-implement the stigma that is attached to having a bastard. Using the ugly word ‘bastard’ is one small way to begin bringing this deterrent back.

7. Make A Woman The Center Of Your Universe


A good woman is one of the greatest blessings you will ever find. For overall happiness, a string of one-night stands does not hold a candle to her. But even the best woman is a creature just like you. While she deserves to be cherished she does not deserve to be put on a pedestal. If that applies to the woman that you marry, it applies even more to women that you date.

The irony is that if you hold women in too high regard, they will treat you poorly in return. Make a woman your “everything” is a sure way to get dumped or cucked. This is because women were never meant to be a man’s reason for living. A man must have a higher calling—a higher mission—than just being Sally’s husband or boyfriend.

I can’t tell you what your mission is. For some, it will be ushering in the kingdom of God. For others it may be bringing about a sane political order, becoming a champion mixed martial artist, or starting a successful company. Whatever it is, never lose sight of your mission. The woman will come along as part of it.

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365 thoughts on “7 Things A Man Must Never Do”

      1. What if he’s actually on that sport team and is the actual player?
        Or is this a uniform ban on jerseys (no pun intended)? heh

        1. In that case, wearing that jersey is a job requirement, a uniform as you say.

    1. Maybe in that case, the question would be whether, in having it custom-made? (I assume), the money went to support the activism of the whichever league?
      I would think there would be an exception for wearing a jersey in honor of a son who was on that team as well.

  1. Losing 1% of your muscle mass after your mid twenties? You’re a little too early there.

  2. Another very important lesson- NEVER, and I repeat, never allow a woman to tell you what to do. The last thing that any man needs in his life is for some bossy, aggressive career minded corporate vermin that you call a partner, to tell you what to do. It is a shame that in an era where there are now more women in the labor market, men are simply succumbing to the pressures of living with the female breadwinner and submitting himself to being bossed around and walked all over like a doormat.
    Remember, women love drama. It is was gives them the energy that they thrive on to compensate for their dull and miserable lives. As a man, you need to make sure that you do not ever, allow a women to boss you around like a henpecked simp. The number of emasculated pussy whipped men out there who need to call the wife for permission or needs to talk it over with wife, is rife in America, which simply illustrates as to how much damage single motherhood has done to this generation of weak emasculated men.
    Never allow a women to call the shots because if you do, then you have simply lost. Women will throw all kinds of shit tests, mind games and other dramatic antics in order to subjucate you to her insane dysfunctional behavior. Which is why as a man, you must remember your traditional gender role and to never allow her to tell you what to do. She’s the breadwinner- get a job that makes you the breadwinner. She’s the one who pays the bills, you start paying the bills. There is a very sick element present in today’s men where they allowed themselves to put women on a pedestal that essentially his manhood becomes diminished. Today’s men simply do not have a spine and cannot stand up for his dignity and self respect that it makes you wonder how much further down the toilet men will go.
    If you are one of those men, then change your ways and reclaim your masculinity. Remember, as man you are the adult. The woman is the child. Don’t turn your home into the doghouse. Your home is your castle.

    1. A to the Plus. Great commentary. I dumped a *shockingly* beautiful girl on the curb because she tried to pull that Bossy Betty crap on me. Told her that I don’t take orders from other men, I sure as hell wasn’t going to submit to a woman, told her that if she wanted to be in my company again then she would apologize to me, then gave her a hard “I don’t have time for your shitty attitude, hit the road”, almost in those words. This girl is a serious 9.5 by any scale, easily. First time she had *ever* been dumped, she was used to calling the shots and then moving on when she got bored. So I helped her grow by giving her the gift of rejection. She was gobsmacked, to say the least.
      She spent the next few weeks throwing temper tantrum rage fest type parties with anybody who would listen. The temerity of me, to not obey her, oh, she got them vapors but good. I had zero fucks to give and laughed at the people who informed me that she was going insane over being dumped.
      A month later she comes back, apologizes and became the most submissive chick I’d ever seen, a total 180 from her original attitude. And the sex was *fucking fantastic*.
      Do not EVER let a woman boss you around, indeed, I can’t upvote that enough.

        1. It was fun to follow. And predictable *to every last detail*. Girls like that are *begging* to be broke by a strong man. How guys don’t understand this I’ll never get.

        2. Sternness, discipline, dedication, tingles and many more things (things that she may admire or miss about her father or lack of one, and not just “daddy’s girl issues” either but a commonality throughout females in general) may all be meted out through the application of spanking.
          It’s why I am such a strong proponent, and ultimately the ones who protested the loudest and most were as they say: “protesting too much.”

        3. It’s not a coincidence that she loves rough sex and being dominated by a man in bed, like to a huge degree. Once that was figured out the nuclear level shit tests she was throwing became laughingly clear. It also helps that she was a plate and knew I was seeing a girl every bit as hot as she is, but several years younger. She was in *constant* competition with this other girl as they work(ed) together, and I mean competition “not just about me”, but about everything.
          I recall the first time she ordered me to do something and I said “Nah, I’m busy” while sitting down and talking to a buddy. She gave me a weird look. When she told me to do it again, I said “rephrase it as a question and maybe I’ll consider it”. This kind of thing went on a few weeks until she ultimately blew a gasket because I refused to comply with “orders”. Real head case about it. But in the end, she came around, and good thing too, I cannot stress how much I really enjoyed seeing her naked (fitness model, so take that as a starting point). But never enough to submit to any barked orders, fuck that. Besides…younger girl replacing her…heh…grated on the ol’ ego.

        4. I can tell ya how. Because in school, boys are taught to be Romeo instead of Petruchio.
          Not enough Shrew Taming in English Class.

        5. I really like that play. No big surprise of course.

        6. BBC did a shockingly good update of it; I was shocked at how much they left in.
          Rufus Sewell does cross dress at one point, but I think that’s more being an English toff than any kind of statement.

        7. You can bet that the Leftists/feminists/SJWs would edit out “The Taming of The Shrew” from Shakespeare’s canon if they could get away with it.

        8. Great comment! They all need training. I’ve found some from different cultures like the Middle East and Asian countries much less…

        9. Here to troll the assholes too or just have a decent sense of what’s bullhit and what isn’t? I can respect you being an asshole if you’re not willing to buy into every masturbatory story these fuckbuckets post on here.

        10. Naw. They’ll just edit it to be a story about patriarchal micro-aggressions.

        11. It takes hard work and guts to break in a woman. Risk, too. Many men today are gutless, low-energy slobs. They don’t have what it takes to see things to their logical conclusion

        12. I have been onstage in several productions of the Shrew – each time the director (girly) asked the actresses auditioning for Kate, if they wanted Kate’s final speech de-sex’d and the script reworded to avoid the perceived sexism.
          Only one woman agreed to run it as written and intended … she brought the house down at that point every one of the 80 performances. She was adored by us all.
          Underneath we all understand our roles in life.
          If you want to see a modern production of the Shrew, check out the BBC’s production, by Sally Wainright, starring Shirley Henderson and Rufus Sewell –
          it’s a gem

        13. Women always wanted a father or an older brother that took charge and would prevent her from going out dressed like a hoe. They do detect how much they care about them. It’s a natural familial instinct that women crave.

      1. Right now, i am arguing via Facebook with a so called pua ex military (or so he says) about the ” evil” patriarchy and how Paul made certain restrictions on women in his letter to the Corinthian Church.
        Never mind talking about how wrong he is, asking him about the merits of a matriarchy and a historical example of that, and how women are not equal to men in war.
        I tell you, its like talking to a fucking wall. The question is: if a man that supposedly teaches other men how to fuck women, is this infected by feminism and behaves like a mangina…What hope is there for men that are still enslaved in the matrix and have the bad fortune of being taught by this jerk? Ha, the misery!

        1. You lost me at “I am arguing via facebook”- stop that.

        2. Good point. It’s public so everyone can see it. And it is laughable how easily you can expose frauds as everyone posts their life on there. Best not to engage any trolls at all on Facebook.

        3. again, to paraphrase one of my fave net comments of all time:
          “arguing on the net is like winning the gold at the special Olympics- you may have won, but you are still a retard.”

        4. You ARE sure that this is an XY-chromosome man that you’re communicating with? Sounds more like a woman pretending to be a man (like usual), or a mangina who was raised by a single mother.

        5. God knows i have tried, but the level of bs was so great, that i did not resist entering in the fight. Well, live and learn.

        6. Well, we can be who we want online so it could be a fraud but its really mesmerizing the crap coming from that “brain”. As other said, time to ignore the monster and move on.

        7. Remember they allow gays in the military now so this is probably a closeted fruit..The FB use say it as well..

        8. Yes they do, but, it was my fault as other brothers rightly said. Never feed a troll on Facebook or any other social media. Its like trying to grab the wind with your hands. It never works.

        9. Winning on the net is worst. At least that retard might get a television show or just the merit of going out there and doing something

      2. I’m now at the point that if a chick makes it past a few bangs, she understands that I AM HER MASTER, she is my slave. I use those words too. It’s a powerful aphrodisiac that real women respond to like purring kittens. In a world bereft of true masculinity, they see me as a tower of power in world of beta weaklings.
        I am a svengali who own their minds, hearts and of course, their bodies. The do what I want and what I say or I show them the door. It works brothers. They want it. They crave it. They love it.

        1. Women do like that. I like pushing women up against the shower, turning them around, and slapping their asses really hard.

      3. Letting a beautiful woman is too hard for most men and they will put up with incredible amounts of shit. And other people will encourage to stay with the poisonous beauty (“you’re dumping her? man, you’re crazy, she’s so hot!”).
        What we must always remember: beauty fades (and quite fast), shitty attitude stays.

        1. Same goes for men, you know. The way you all go on, you are like children who think you are immortal beings or some crap.

      4. I’ve done the same. Bravo. Sometimes though they don’t come back. Sometimes you don’t want them to.

      5. Reminds me of an afternoon on the Oregon Coast. I met a chick in-town Cannon Beach, OR.
        We’re having some drinks, start fire on beach. It’s beyond obvious at this point I will get laid. The chick clearly digs me, informs me I can stay night at her hotel.
        Later in evening, we go to have dinner. We pop into a pizza place. After pizza comes to table, I’m first to grab slice. She tells me “I shouldn’t have done that. How anytime you’re out with a. female, you have to let HER take first.” I sat back and gave her a silent death stare. Shook table, got up, said, “FUCK YOU” and walked out. You could tell she was absolutely baffled.
        I will never 1) take orders from a female and 2) put up with cunts demanding old, favorable traditions which were of benefit to them.

        1. You should have just humored her and shoved the pizza in her face, apologies, here you can have the first slice milady

        1. There is no “acting” like an Alpha male. If you have to act at it, then you aren’t very Alpha to begin with.

        2. You are correct. I just can’t stand the word “act”. It always reads as fake to me.

        3. i am far from fake…….internet interpretation gets skewed, sometimes, ms Amelia

        4. Oh gosh no, I never meant that YOU were fake. I didn’t mean that at all, I didn’t even realize we were talking about you!

        5. understood…….convoluted……..a man stands by his comments…..if they are perceived fake, so is he……no harm done here……nice to get a woman’s point of view, sometimes

      6. You do realize your story sounds like the fantasy of man who cannot keep a woman because he is extremely controlling and chauvinist?

      7. I agree but long term you can’t change a woman and if she isn’t submissive at heart (if you want something long term) she will always be a little bitch!
        My dad always told me that it’s all fake until you get married where she will totally change! Her foundation of what she learnt from her parents at a young age (parents together) is the key plus housewife material and submissive behaviour. You first, her career second! Women from single parents are a big red flag (4/5 never last).

      8. It was all laid out for us by shakespeare in the taming of the shrew. Once broken the shrew becomes the most obedient.

    2. Women is a helpmate for man.
      Let God be the standard. Never confuse the two or you lose both.

    3. Two days after I met the girl I would eventually marry, we were unloading my car after a road trip. She said “bring in my bags”. I looked at her directly with a straight face and said these exact words, “Never tell me what to do”. She was shocked, and I didn’t bring in her bags.
      That was thirty-two years ago. We married a year later, and I often told her the reason she picked me over her other suitors was because I wouldn’t put up with her shit. Now here’s the thing, she NEVER gave up challenging my authority. While I was strong I could deal with it and our marriage had lots of passion. Sex was great for many years and we produced three children, each the result of OMG, totally losing our minds, sweaty fucking. Neither of us needed to go outside the marriage for sex or intimacy. But when a chronic illness weakened me she worked in a thousand ways to destroy me.
      This was before there was a support community for men and I was on my own. I didn’t have the mental framework that has been so carefully worked out by Roosh, Rossi, Heartiste, Cernovich, and the empirical proofs of the PUAs on YouTube. In my desire to be a “good” husband and father to a son and two daughters I made many mistakes. The worst was working to bring my natural male instincts under “control”. I’m a natural jerk but prided myself on stuffing all that and becoming domesticated. What a disaster! It nearly cost me my life. I’ll post more details later, it’s too much for one post.
      Now I’m in the middle of a divorce and reclaiming my birthright as a man. Inside me is still the guy who told a hot skinny redhead from school “go into the bedroom and take off all your clothes”. Took my time in the kitchen. After a few minutes strolled into the bedroom and when I was done she was a complete mess. I dumped her a couple weeks later because she was annoying. I take good care of the people that are important to me, but I’m taking even better care of me now, after years of wandering around lost.

      1. “But when a chronic illness weakened me she worked in a thousand ways to destroy me.”
        This is the absolute worst. Realizing that your woman despises you because you’re sick. It’s probably the worst part about red-pill knowledge — the understanding that women can and will turn on you in a heartbeat for something out of your control.

        1. I wonder what happened to you all to make you guys hate women so much. Did mommy abandon you as a child? Poor little boy.

        2. Your shaming: rejected. Get a new ploy. I have great relationships with my mother, sister, and especially my new girlfriend, who’s supportive.
          I do hate my ex-wife, though, because she was really nasty to me, for no reason whatsoever. Some women are unfit for marriage, though they always pretend otherwise.

    4. I’m glad that you mentioned the responsibility of traditional gender roles.
      I laugh at wannabe Alphas who cannot assert themselves yet expect submission. I look down on wives who look gross and cannot run their homes effectively.
      A husband who cannot lead his wife or provide for his family does not deserve respect or obedience. A wife who cannot keep a home, know her place and show deference to her provider should not experience the rewards of security either.
      I had to cut off a former friend because her house was disgusting, her children were practically feral and she refused to cook for her husband. Meanwhile, she just played on her iphone all day. I cannot stay friends with someone whom I don’t respect. She doesn’t deserve to a married SAHM. Her husband was foolish since he was providing for such a waste of space.

    5. THIS. Having a female boss, and a male boss that might as well just hand his balls over is frustrating. They don’t know how to lead or manager properly and don’t know what the f*ck they want. I mean seriously it’s like asking them what they want to eat. “What are you looking for as a result?” Usually the next word is “well”.. then I start thinking (this sh*t again). Then there’s the “yeh but” response. Wtf.

    6. Just to add on. I stopped lifting weights in 2011. We need to drop this idea that you are obligated to lift weights in order to be strong and healthy. Weights will break you down in my opinion.
      After all, what did men do before weights?

        1. Exactly. 2 out of 3 of those may be good for you. And none of them are weights.

      1. Battle.
        Which is harsher than weights.
        I turn 49 in a few weeks. If I stop lifting, I get to die early, very early. No thanks.

        1. Most men did not do battle before the age of modern warfare. In any case war is bad for your health not good.Good chance you won’t come back.
          Who told you that you need to lift weights or you will die early? I don’t know what your weigh-tlifting plan is but I can tell you that as you move into your fifties, heavy weight-lifting will hurt you. I have seen it happen, even to the best. Some of the world’s best are putting weights down due to the damage it causes to the human body.
          In my thirties I suffered a serious, life changing injury due to weight-lifting. Weight-lifting essentially ended Bruce Lee’s life. I have been healthier since I stopped. Just had a panel of blood work that tells me I have the metabolic age of a man 15 years younger.
          And you want to say stopping lifting will shorten your life?

      2. Resistance training is key to a long, healthy life. It’s well known.

      3. I agree there is other physically demanding work you can put your mind on like metalwork and welding so you can build your own home gym

    7. Couldn’t agree more. When a woman tells you what to do;
      -Say “No.”
      -Put it off, say “we’ll see, maybe I’ll get to it later, I have something else I need to do.”
      -No eye contact (avoid the staring contest) and always ignore her for a few seconds before responding and let her blood boil.
      -Stay focused on whatever it is you’re doing at the time. Respond to her by making a comment about your present task. “I need a new screwdriver, this ones worn out.”
      -Avoid impulsive physical and verbal reactions to her demands “Yep!” “Yeah!” “Ok!,” you’re not a puppet.
      -Change the subject and make her repeat herself.
      -Don’t be thrown off by her tantrum, she’s not mad at you, she’s getting wet and you’re about to get a blowjob.
      Being a yes man wears women out and it confuses men when they’re still miserable after 1,000 yes’s.
      “Men are afraid of women’s feelings. “My girlfriends mad at me!” Well later she won’t be, fucking calm down.” -Louis CK.

    8. Man I could not agree more, escape the tentacles of the aforementioned at all costs. It is toxic and will ruin you. Yes it is difficult to find work where you are free from the tyranny of a woman’s supervision, but it can be done. Do it all costs.

    9. … You forgot to add ” your home is your castle in which you will live alone the entire life” with such life vision and aggression in attitude to women”. Be happy!

    10. I think it’s cute that you pretend to yourself that being a “breadwinner” gives you any kind of power over anyone.

    11. In the modern world, it’s almost impossible that a male won’t have a female boss or supervisor at some time in their working life.
      The key is to let them know that you are there to do the job as best you can, but that you are working with them to make the company and both of you successful – and that this is a professional work relationship, any emotional superiority games will be considered disrespectful and counter-productive.
      I’ve had the experience of having both excellent and dreadful female bosses and supervisors. The good ones know how to have a positive attitude and are respectful and grateful for your help. The bad ones want to constantly prove that they’re the boss and you’re nothing but a peon.
      Needless to say, the good female bosses are able to cultivate positive relationships, accomplish their work goals and move up in their career.
      The bad ones invariably run into trouble, create enemies and usually end up quitting or moving on.
      What’s interesting is that the good female bosses know how to charm and compliment their male employees and these loyal male workers would run through a brick wall for them – the bad ones try to act like little dictators and create negativity and resentment.

    12. Okay, so you don’t want a female in charge. I get that, but what makes you any more qualified to be in charge?
      Did you know that biologically and mentally, women mature faster than men? It is a actual scientific fact. So how is a woman a child and a man an adult?
      You use many filler words to try and make a silly point, but you never have any actual proof. If you all are so brave, why do you get scared of controversy, and get horribly defensive?

      1. Generally the longer it takes to mature the more intelligent and skillful the creature is. You can see this easily by most/all animals reaching (sexual and intellectual) adulthood sooner than humans but being inferior to the capabilities of a human.

      2. C’mon.. Women grow up to be bigger children.. GTFO with your immature little brain.

        1. And where is the scientific basis behind that? Don’t say “your own experience,” because that is a tiny perspective in a world of 7 billion people. Oh, and are we reverting to insults now? I think you’re showing yourself to be quite the immature one.

  3. Fatherless boys are not just lacking confidence. They are the majority demographic failing in education and sitting in prison. That cuts across all racial and ethnic lines.

      1. Sometimes… Maybe take a look at the fact that 70% of divorces are initiated by the female though.

    1. It’s not just that they grow up fatherless. They just don’t have male figures, period.
      I realized this going to my ex’s house, which was dominated by overbearing women. The fathers tended to be pushed away or otherwise stifled. I noticed the male children wanted to hang out with me so bad. Partly, I supposed they did like me, but partly, by intelligent design or by evolution, boys will instinctively look up to male figures. As well, they want to hang out with other boys. It’s not “gender biasing” or whatever crap leftists invent. It’s just nature doing its work.

      1. Just like how Lego toys appealed to boys more than girls. They tried to market sets to girls with pink shit and all and never caught on.

    2. Still bothers me to this day how little my father was involved with me growing up. Being raised largely by my mother probably set me back 20 years, and left me angry and venomous, with virtually no social skills. Much like her own single mom left her.

    3. Still bothers me to this day how little my father was involved with me growing up. Being raised largely by my mother probably set me back 20 years, and left me angry and venomous, with virtually no social skills. Much like her own single mom left her.

      1. It’s true I realised I’ve lost my “Fire” and it’s due to me seeing my Dad so infrequently, my step-father does not count

      2. And she taught you to be a “nice guy” and handle women with respect just like she wanted to be treated. How did that work out? Yeah. Me too. Respect is something that is earned, like anything that holds value, in life.

        1. No, I desired that as sort of a counter-balance to what I experienced growing up. Took me a while to shake that.

      3. This is the same problem I’ve been dealing with for my entire life, and still do. Having no father to push me to try harder when it was necessary, to not treat me like a delicate being every time something bad happened at school, to teach me to fight back against bullying.
        Now I have very serious social problems. I don’t blame my mother for this since she tried her best to be both a mother and father, but it is really impossible. It’s not in her nature to act tough with her children, much less when it was necessary.

  4. I’ve had in my mind that the symbol for female might be an inverse “globus cruciger,” but then I’m not Catholic and had to look that name up as: “ball with cross on top.”
    Apparently though, it means something about earthly authority, and if the symbol is a play on that I would take it as sage advice that women should never hold any authority or be held as sacred.
    Just a thought.

  5. Here’s 3 more important lessons:
    Rule 8: Never allow any of your friends to break any of these rules.
    There aren’t that many of us (neo masculine types), so the best thing we can do is not allow them to fall to the dark side.
    Rule 9: NEVER, ever be a white knight or captain save a hoe. This can be distinguished from number 7 because it can be applied to a man’s conduct toward his fellow man.
    Rule 10: NEVER lose your personal honor as a man. Stick to your moral code and never falter, even if feminists or manginas tell you that you have no honor if you don’t wear high heels for their slutwalk or whatever umpteenth day they have for “rape culture”.

    1. I don’t know why but I didn’t really read your screen name closely until just now. That is *fantastic*, man. heh

    2. Exception to #9 is if you’re an EMT or firefighter. And even then, work under the assumption that you will be underappreciated.

      1. He wouldnt attend.
        He is smart enough to know there will be men campaigning fpr camping.

  6. I learned the destructive power of single motherhood first hand. All the childhood friends I had that were raised by single mothers all grew into spineless wimpy shitheads.

    1. I’m grateful I was born a bastard, when I look at my Dad he meets the criteria of all 6/7 on this list. If I had been influenced by him I would have ended up like him. Granted my Mum had little influence on my life and it mostly came from books, my Grandad and friends, but not every bastard is as you describe.

    2. You do realize that it was the fault of the men that the women were single mothers. They left. Don’t blame the mother’s who tried their best; they could have just put their kids up for adoption.

  7. I would add:
    Don’t complain bitch and whine or encourage it in others.
    Don’t indulge any of your friends’ women shit testing them in front of you.
    Don’t talk about things you’re gunna do.
    Don’t own a lot of superfluous shit.
    Don’t neglect your health.
    Don’t ignore creeping addiction.
    Don’t visualize violence as a solution to problems.

    1. Don’t indulge any of your friends’ women shit testing them in front of you.
      A gold star trait of my wife is that she refuses to engage in husband bashing when the hens get together. While she’s told me this, I actually witnessed it once when she had some girlfriends over and they were on the deck in the back yard drinking wine. The bedroom window over the deck was open, so I heard the gab fest (was going to take a short nap, but it caught my interest). The girls all went from one to the other snarking about “hubby” and belittling “him”, when it got to my wife she said “Gosh, I’m feeling pretty lucky here, GOJ is a really good man, no complaints!” Good girl.
      Don’t visualize violence as a solution to problems.
      What if the problem is “What does V I O L E N C E spell?”
      Don’t own a lot of superfluous shit.
      That’s a bit vague, what do you mean? Just normal idiot consumer stuff that you don’t really need I assume?

      1. Yes good point about your wife. I have to keep on my wife about this also because there’s so much social pressure in New Zealand for women to rag on men and being herd creatures it’s hard for them to resist. Failure to conform sets off suspicion. When I pressed her on it once she said something that was revealing about female nature: “Do you think I’m going to gush on about how great my husband is? They’d just think about stealing you.”
        Not sure what you mean by “what does violence spell?” but what I mean by this is if you set yourself up like a spring trap with an “if/then” program that demands you punch someone under a certain circumstance you will end up being violent when you could have gotten out of a situation, reprimanded someone for being a dick, improved them, forgotten about it and had zero consequences. Win win. No legal problems, no mentally unstable people plotting revenge. No doubt sometimes violence is necessary but I let the situation determine that and it sets off an automatic “go!” that has worked for me thus far and I am still sounding reasonable as I initiate, and while the person is on the ground.
        Superfluous shit: hey, everyone has a level of things they need. Mine is low, my house is in a family trust for our kids, but everyone knows what they don’t really need. Exfoliate is what I’m saying there because it builds up — especially over there in the US!

        1. The “violence” thing was a joke. It is actually the “solution” to that “problem”.

      2. Haha, oh I get it now. I’ve been up since 330am dude, there must be a part of my brain that’s still in bed.

      3. I took the wife to the Renaissance fair the other week. As we were wandering around, a constable all kitted up in a tunic and chainmail walked up and told my wife that there was both a pillory and a jail I could be put in be put in by request. She scoffed at him and said no, I really like my husband. She then pondered for 5 minutes why any woman would be with a man that she wanted to put in jail.

        1. This is the only way.
          A woman that risks your reputation is pointless.
          Those girls are either ignorant or have emotional problems.

        2. What sort of squishy pseudo man would let that happen? If he asked, that means many spineless betas before me have willingly followed their woman’s command to the pillory. If some broad would try to put me in there, she’d be having to thumb a ride home.

      1. Not the only solution, but the ultimate one.
        According to Robert Heinlein, violence is the supreme authority from which all others are derived.

  8. Very good list. I would like to add another one:
    8) Don’t sabotage or belittle your fellow man. The only exceptions would be particularly vicious enemies. When I visit my home town, I mix in a bit of shaming with words of support for friends/family who have lost their balls to their bossy wives. My intention is to build them up, to help them recognize their own potential, rather than tear them down. I see too many guys who are quick to write off their fellow men. I see others who spend far too much energy trying to sabotage or belittle the efforts of others out of jealousy, bitterness, or some other reason.
    Throughout my life, most of the shit I caught came from men, and very little of it was constructive. Because I have a strong mind and have developed friendships with positive people, I didn’t let it affect me, and accomplished the goals they told me I’d never accomplish. There is a big difference between someone who has your back, but holds you accountable for your actions and someone who takes every opportunity to tear you down. Choose your friends wisely, and don’t fall into the trap of backstabbing, gossiping, and sabotaging your fellow man. Leave that to bitches.

    1. “…I see others who spend far too much energy trying to sabotage or belittle the efforts of others out of jealousy, bitterness, or some other reason.
      …someone who takes every opportunity to tear you down.
      …backstabbing, gossiping, and sabotaging your fellow man.”
      Those sound a lot like the characteristics of women, don’t they?

      1. And men. To be honest, men in general cause more domestic, sexual, and verbal abuse than women, it is an actual fact. Go look it up.

        1. That is false. Domestic violence and verbal abuse is led by women, studies are clear on this.

  9. For the average person, telling them what not to do is often more effective in encouraging lifestyle changes. Generally this has to do with our human inclination of favoring the negative, For example if you find that your wife has been putting on a few pounds, rather than telling her that she won’t be beautiful anymore if she keeps it up, saying “if you keep that up you’ll turn into a fat pig!” tends to result in more action.

  10. Genderfluid: sounds like the name of an emo band.
    An exception to #3 is when women start shit testing you. Speaking from personal experience, passively ignore them. Otherwise, you’re just asking for trouble. They’ll find a way to make you angry.
    #5. Depends. I wouldn’t wear NFL jerseys even if I liked the league, which I don’t. But for some reason, I’m more partial to soccer jerseys, like Barcelona’s. Partly, they look more stylish, partly because most clubs have local origins, unlike American franchises, but partly, even with both UEFA and FIFA trying to PCfy the game, club soccer is still mostly a male domain.

    1. Agreed, I am not to familiar with European soccer but to the looks of it club supported groups in Eastern Europe like Serbia appears to male dominated, territorial, and aggressive. Just like traditional male groups are supposed to be.
      Unfortunately in the US soccer seems to have been taken over by liberals. It is very common to see fat women and fags waving gay pride flags in the supporters sections.

      1. It is entirely au courant in Leftist circles to go on and on about soccer. I effing’ hate the “sport”, even more so because it’s the Trendy Hipster Thing to admire nowadays. Screw that noise.

        1. Even if I disagree with you about the sports, at least I don’t blame you about how you feel about it. Hipsters are another demographic that ruin anything they touch.

        2. I’m just happy that they ignore the things I like, such as Scotch, motorcycles, and a good cigar now and then. I hate how they make everything “trendy and ironic”.

        3. If hope they keep their hands away from Scotch or Bourbon. I not much of a drinker, yet on winter nights I do enjoy a glass of Chivas Regal on the rocks. They already ruined beards for me

        4. Well, they’ve already started on beer, and smoking has been a crusade for quite some time.

        5. Yeah, but cigarettes. If I smoke, it’s a cigar or a pipe, and it’s not often at all. Maybe a couple of times a year tops.

        6. I stick to cigars, usually on ceremonial occasions. Don’t know anything about pipes.

        7. I started smoking pipes in the military. It was the mid 1980’s and they were getting on this whole “no smoking” kick, but it wasn’t mandated, they were just nagging about it all the time. So I said screw that, bought a pipe and always ensured that I had it lit up on marches or in camp. Smelled great.
          Did something similar with ear piercing, I got an ear pierced one day after we were told in formation that there were to be no male ear piercings and that we were “government property” (which, despite being a popular saying, is actually a lie). I fell out, changed clothes and went straight to the mall to get the ear pierced.
          I *loathe* being ordered around. Something it turns out a fellow should know about himself *before* joining the military.

        8. Actually, a cigar is a very good filter for unworthy females; good ones see it as a prerogative of a manly male…and smile – snotty skanks rumple their noses and roll their eyes….then, I usually light another one….;)))
          (sung to the tune of “Love Story” main theme: “A stogie a day…keeps the slut away…laa-dee-daa…”)

        9. No offense to you, but it frequently surprises me how many folks join that not only don’t like being ordered around, but simply ‘cannot’ handle at all being told what to do, even on a basic NCO to Junior relationship.

        10. I grew up *very* free and in a basic meritocracy. The concept of being ordered around was almost alien to me, so I really didn’t know until I fell out of the bus at Basic and then, immediately, figured out that my impulse to flip the bird to presumed authority was nearly instinctual.
          I was a man though and plowed through my term without too much griping. Mostly when I did go against authority, it was over petty things like I mentioned above. The important stuff I kept serious.

        11. Definitely more understandable back in the 80s (or dare I say 70s?) when information was less free and available. I have no sympathy for kids today though.

        12. It happens. It’s always hard to fight the instinct to clock a drill instructor in the face. Partly you will get in trouble under the UCMJ for assaulting an NCO. The big one though, one must assume these guys are skilled in hand to hand combat and will not hesitate to put you on the ground and eat concrete.

        13. They’re smart too. I knew a group of DIs that had a O-Lineman who started at Florida going through. The kid was massive, and they made sure to give him a wide berth.

        14. I know what you mean. Smoking a pipe or a cigar was one of the perks that I enjoyed while in the Navy. I started when I bought some meerschaum pipes in Turkey and got curious about smoking them (NEVER had been a smoker before). Enjoyed smoking them, and then bought some Cuban cigars in Greece; I then understood how they were so popular — full-bodied yet smooth, a real pleasurable smoke.

        15. Try growing up a fan and playing it all your life, among other sports and physical endeavours, only to see it grow in popularity by said people. Hipster non athletes that want to cheer for a worldly sport. Because it makes them so worldly.

        16. Haha, that’s no shit. When I was at OCS in 2009, one of the other candidates was bullshitting about his younger brother who was then an enlisted recruit, and he relayed a story that his brother had just wrote him about.
          Basically, this guy’s younger bro witnessed something similar to what you described, only perhaps a bit more brutal. He described some petulant youth who swung on a DI as a result of the DI’s harsh words, and the kid was immediately tackled and beaten to a bloody pulp by a few other DIs who saw it happen. Unless it’s a general mutiny, I wouldn’t toss my weight around with Drill Instructors.
          I know my platoon sergeant would have beaten my ass if I ever gave him any lip. He was suspended twice during the ten-week course for excessive threats and physical violence. He personally ‘smoked’ and hazed me a few times in spite of that being technically illegal. In his words, “I don’t give a fuck.” I actually liked the guy anyways and thought he did a wonderful job. Anything less and he would have betrayed himself and his brothers by allowing the weak to lead.

        17. Yep. When I was at Quantico, there was a pro tight end by the name of Tatum (if I recall) who quit the NFL to become a Marine officer. The guy was a beast and everyone treated him like a god–staff and candidates alike.

        18. The closest thing I heard to that when I went in 2013, was a female candidate accuse one of her Sergeant Instructors of stealing her hairspray or something.
          The female squadbay was adjacent to ours. We were cleaning our rifles at the time, and we thought the world was gonna come to an end based on what we could hear from over there.
          Agree completely on the NCO’s though, they were savage, unforgiving, and demanding… but going down there helped me grow up quite a bit, and I learned more there than anything I did while in law school. Sucks I got hurt and denied a waiver, I wanted to go back so much.

        19. I remember reading a comment of yours a while back on this subject, whereby I almost responded because your story seemed to resemble my own so closely. For the record, I did not graduate from OCS, but was dismissed in week 9 for ‘NPQ’ since I fractured my heel during a three mile run. Heh, in addition to the heel, I was working with two hernias and a slightly dislocated knee. In spite of my perseverance, they didn’t want or need me, so I got the boot.
          In retrospect, I was reaching anyways. I couldn’t lead Marines. The clear preference was for “Mustangs,” i.e. enlisted Marines who got college degrees and decided to become officers. I can understand that, and besides, I had too little experience to effectively lead in spite of my desires. I only understand this now.

        20. I hear ya man, it sucks that you were NPQ’d so late, but it doesn’t surprise me. Virtually everyone’s got something around week 9 (the 12 mile hump does not help either), and it’s not as if you can hide that stuff from the corpsman (I tried, it failed, lol).
          As for “leading” you and I both know that priors have an advantage, especially if they were deployed to IRQ/AFG. Unless, of course, they suck, since then they get the heat turned up on them.
          You’re never gonna know if you can do it, until you actually take the plunge and act. As long as you gave 110% and have “an ace that you can keep”, then it was worth it as far as I’m concerned. I had 17 priors in my platoon, and I’m pretty sure struggling to keep up with them got me to where I am today (killing it in corporate compliance at a big bank by day, and crossfitting by night).

        21. It makes me want to vomit from rage hence my appreciation for the really aggressive masculine clubs and players. Zlatan for example is a demigod to me because he just doesn’t give a shit and says whatever he wants.

        22. To me, his ego is out of control and his temperament too volatile but, that aside, I really like him for the fact that he says whatever the fu-k he wants. In response to a female’s question on his sexuality…
          “Come over to my house baby and bring your sister. I’ll show you who is gay.”
          Indeed, pure gold from Zlatan.
          The vast majority of these multi millionaire athletes are too afraid to say what they think for fear of tarnishing their image (and reducing their pay cheque). It’s refreshing to hear one that isn’t. I especially like that Ibrahimovic is a Croatian-Bosniak and Swedish national saying these things in the former land of Vikings. I think many ethnic Swedish men are too afraid to say anything in a land emasculated by feminism. Leave it to an outsider to do so.
          I liked it too when another south Slav, Djokovic, said that the women’s ATP tour profits off the men. He later back peddled but it still showed some balls to speak that truth.

        23. I at once was pleased Novak spoke truth but disgusted he went back on his view slightly-a man of conviction would have stood firm there and said to the companies sponsoring him- ‘If you don’t like what I have to say I don’t give a shit because they’ll be others lining up to do business with a megastar and the best tennis player in the world in me’ or even said ‘Fine, retract your sponsorship-who gives a shit because I’m rich beyond words’. I know I would have had I become a top level professional athlete and made a shit ton of money I invested wisely-I would happily and gleefully tear all the SJW idiocy apart, mocked people I despised and put all the leftist idiots and their enables to the sword.
          As regards the Swedes, they’re a pathetic rabble and deserve all the contempt in the world for what they have degenerated into-they sicken me.

        24. Well stated. I can’t argue with any of that. I too wish Djokovic had stood his ground. Aside from the fact that it would have demonstrated firm conviction, it’s simply a matter of being truthful.
          This progressive world we live in is a web of tangled lies and deep down, most people know it. If the women’s ATP grand slam events were not held at the same time as the men, who would that hurt more in terms of viewership and sponsorship dollars? The men?
          Yes, Sweden is a sad case. Such a proud history infected by the malignant force of progressivism. Sadly, much like my home Canada. A nation founded by hearty men… explorers, hunters, trappers and proud but self-effacing soldiers now lost to feminism and post modern sexual lunacy. Still many decent men and women but, like Sweden, badly infected and on life support.

        25. Much appreciated. Women’s tennis much like the rest of their sports is a joke and is a remora that survives by leeching off the men’s; what self-respecting, rational and objective person would regard women’s sports as anything more than a joke never mind being comparable in any way to the men? It beggars belief that the wage gap myth they push is hilariously non-existent in tennis whereby because of the actions of two objectionable dykes in Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova and their stooges they get equal prize money to the men in the majors despite doing only 60% of the work! They play 21 sets max whereas men will play 35 and they say they’re deserving? What a bunch of self-serving sacks of fetid manure.
          If for whatever reason I have the misfortune of seeing women’s soccer/football I am either silent from disgust or rolling over with my sides splitting given the pathetic standard of play where their goalkeepers flap around like chickens given their comically bad peripheral vision when attempting to catch a cross or airborne shot or how I know a team of 15 year old boys could destroy their best very handily. It is just odd and if they think they are ever deserving of equal attention and money to the men they are deluded-the way Zlatan mocked them summed up my thoughts so nicely.
          I can’t think of Canada and not feel this wave of revulsion and sickness; same goes for the Anglosphere in general. What a wretched state.

        26. I used to think that sports represented the last vestige of truth – winners, losers, the strong, the weak – in a Western culture otherwise rife with lies and that part of the reason for the insane levels of interest in professional sports is because people, at some deep-down visceral level, long for truth. As you say though, even sportsnis infected with the lies of progressivism. I say this as a father who encourages his daughters to participate in sports but not under the delusion that men and women are the same.

        27. Nicely stated. Sports were one of the last bastions of what you noted but now you get kudos and awards for participation and there are quotas and other communistic measures that effectively render winning and losing a nonentity. Losing was character building and I am/was the kind of player who would fly into a rage when I would lose-not so much as a sore loser but out of disgust for losing as the stench of it is terrible; when I won I would bask in the victory and there was no greater high than putting opponents to the sword and being the one whose boot ripped them apart.

        28. I hate Trudeau. His father did so much damage to the country and his son is now finishing the job.
          One thing I loved about our previous mayor was that he refused to march in the parade. It pissed off the fags so much. Yes, he was a morbidly obese crack user but God bless the man. RIP Rob Ford.
          I wish one of the dudes that insist on marching with their peckers hanging out was beside our celebrity PM. I’m sure the CBC would stay silent on that bit of family friendly Pride fun. After he announced an increase in funding to the CBC, we’ll hear nothing even mildly politically objective from that repugnant institution.
          Trudeau, the CBC, Pride month. They all disgust me. Why and when did Pride day become a month anyway? Unlike mothers, fathers, or any other group celebration the fags now demand a full month to celebrate their degeneracy.

      2. Same with South American soccer. In fact, one of my dreams is to attend a Boca Juniors vs River Plate Derby.
        Soccer moms ruin the game.

        1. Really? I am actually somewhat surprised at that. During matches the south american women are always beautiful compared to the Americans

        2. Definitely. They stand out by their beauty alone. They don’t make a scene out of it.

        3. It seems that women have a habit of ruining anything that they force themselves into. If they force themselves into a male organization, they HAVE to make themselves the center of attention, create unending social drama, disrupt discussions, force out the men who ‘won’t go along’ with them, etc.

        4. Before i even saw the pic, inwas gonna say, those Colombian girls get me everytime.

        5. Me too. I want to attend that and be amongst the Boca Barra Bravas as well and see Olympiakos v Panathinaikos too.

      3. This is true for Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Russia without any doubt. The scene is exclusively male, fiercely territorial and replete with the aggression you noted.

      4. People from the Balkans are still barbarians…
        territorial and aggressive is not “male” behavior it is chimpanzee behavior.

    2. “Genderfluid”…it has also such a medical sound to it….as in “zis pathology is shown by abnormal collection of genderfluid in zis scrotum and man-boobs”…;))))

      1. I giggled like a prepubescent boy who just watched his first dirty movie.

    I hear references to guys who have said they cried over this or that. That is BS. Men dont cry, PERIOD. Except, under the following limited circumstances:
    Your mother or other family member died
    Your son/daughter is born (only a few tears allowed here)
    Your dog died
    A really horrible accident or loss of life of a close friend or service member
    That’s it. No crying, boys.

    1. Very good, I taught my son that very thing with almost the exact same exceptions (I didn’t include the “child born” thing).

    2. Exception: you cry of joy and laughter every time feminists fuck up.

    3. I may have said this before here, but when women say to men: “I wish you’d show more emotion” it’s a lot like men saying to women: “I wish you’d tell me how many men you have taken up the ass”. We do want to know, but when we do it disgusts us and we can never feel as enamored. Same with women who see a man blubbering. I cry now and then while I’m by myself. Sometimes I don’t even feel sad. It’s like it releases some kind of brain chemical that restores balance.

      1. When women “want you to open up to them”, you can be 99.9% sure that they’re fishing for information that they can use against you in the future.

      2. Yes, I think that is the simple purpose of crying or other expressions of pain – to release it and restore equilibrium. To say that this is shameful is like saying that a real man only drinks Whiskey and eats Pizza.

    4. I cried quite a bit a few years ago when we lost five members of our family in a car crash. It was my aunt, my cousin, his wife, his 5 year old girl, and another 5 year old cousin.
      Another time was during a memorial service wrong held at our hangar for two USAF Pararescuemen that died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.
      And the last one was after seeing a beloved uncle of ours being withered away by leukemia. He was the stereotype of the Mexican cowboy, tall, lean, always looking fly with his Wrangler jeans, alligator boots, and Stetson hat, and his brand spanking new Silverado. Seeing him reduced to bones was heartbreaking.

      1. My condolences for your losses. *hug*
        I don’t think crying in those instances is unmanly at all.
        You were experiencing very understandable grief due to horrible tragedies.

    5. Spot ON!
      It should be obvious but: don’t believe girls saying “I like men showing their emotions”. If you cry in front of her without a real reason like the ones you mentioned, you will dry out her pussy faster than you can even think.

      1. Yeah; despite all the PC BS that they like to spout at the drop of a hat, they still like the “Tough Guy” and will chase him instead of the PC mangina that they say they want.

      2. This. Men who cry for ridiculous reasons make me want to scream at them.
        Copious tears are for ladies.
        My husband wept when I returned from surgery but I didn’t fault him for that.
        He told me that he didn’t like seeing his baby girl heavily bandaged and in pain.

        1. You make me want to scream at you. Men can cry if they want, it’s the 21st century, not the 5th.

      3. Absolutely everything is projection. What she means is “I want to express my emotions to you. Just look at the woman trolling here, really read her comments. It’s a pretty sad attempt at getting attention.

    6. Okay, what is your reasoning? Why should men not cry? Other than the ideological “men don’t cry”? What is the net benefit or loss of crying? What are the pros and cons?

        1. Moronic. If you give me a good reason, I will listen. Otherwise, I will assume you have no clue what you are talking about.

        2. Sorry I dont understand pop psychology/psychobabble. I cant stop you from crying. I can only recommend against it.

        3. They have no facts, just their misdirected masculinity. Men can cry if they want; its not the Victorian age or some crap. Crying can actually be emotionally healthy…so cry away if you want.

    7. Agreed but I’d vary it somewhat and suggest that in those very select moments of deep loss and sadness like the ones you noted, it’s important to show the pain for the benefit of your children as it illustrates for them the level of your commitment to your loved ones. However, it only works if you never cry. The power of that message is severely diminished if you cry more often than that.
      Personally I saw my dad cry only once – when his brother died – and it shook me up and left an indelible message to me on the depth of his love for his brother. My children have only seen me cry twice in similar moments of loss and sadness. Because they never see me like that I know it shook them up too – when my girls saw me crying they broke down before they even knew what I was crying about.
      Men that cry publicly because they think it shows their sensitive side are mistaken. Hold it together and, if you must, do it in private. Crying in movies and such similar moments of shallow emotion is for women.

    8. Why man can’t cry? Because of persuasions and steteotypes? Sometime happen situations when man can cry and maybe should cry.

    9. Jesus wept. I think you are on the right track, though to the fact men should not cry OFTEN.

    1. “Buy some land, buy some land… fuck, fuck spinning rims”
      One update… don’t buy land because of the costs associated with mortgages. Instead, make smart investments and have collateral that you can flip for money if necessary (car, boat, seaplane, etc.)

      1. Sometimes those are more expensive than land -but then again I haven’t looked at real estate in a while. I suppose the point is to buy outright.

        1. Exactly, interest can be a bitch depending on the rate/what you’re paying for.

  12. Never take a woman at face value. If they tell you they want something from you, or they want to do something you’re doing, they’re usually lying, whether or not they even realize it.

    1. Exception: when you tell someone “I’m sorry you’re a repulsive piece of shit!”

    2. Apologizing to your enemy that you ate only his liver and not his heart, as well, because you’re counting calories, is OK.

      1. That won’t work if you bring up that you also had fava beans and Chianti though.

        1. Alas, due to #1 of the article have to stick to lettuce and spring water…;)))

    3. Don’t apologize to women. But if a man has clearly wronged another man, he should own up to it IMO.

  13. I would add-
    Shirk their responsibilities
    A man is someone you can rely on to meet their commitments. At least that’s what my Dad taught me. If you take on a responsibility, you fulfill it. Even when it becomes unpleasant, or difficult. Someone below posted a man lives by their code, so to me, that’s a part of it.

  14. Also, NEVER take advice from a women. Its a small thing but it changed my life.

    1. Unless it’s your mother, relative, or someone you’ve known for years. Otherwise, tread lightly.

        1. My mother would give wrong advice. Then again, as I mentioned in another comment, she’s in her 70s so it’s understandable. I’m in my 30s, and I’ve given out advice that’s pretty obsolete in a social media driven culture.

        2. Who was more important in giving you a solid foundation in your life, your mother or your father? I was actually Freud who maintained that cultural health of a society is maintained by strong and loving relationships between parents on their children, but, he especially emphasized the bond between a father and son and its overall importance to the general well-being of society.
          I think, it’s difficult for fathers to naturally know how to love and respect their sons, even, if they feel these emotions, they find it impossible often to express these thoughts.

      1. Nope, especially not your mother. Get advice from your Dad, Uncles, or male cousins.

        1. I still ask my mother for advice on practical matters, such as cooking recipes, but that’s because she’s an older lady in her 70s. Now if she was an American mother in her 40s, I would heed your advice and steer clear.

      2. Even then, be careful — by their nature and especially being feminist-influenced, modern Western women are playing for Team Vagina’ now. ONLY take any woman’s advice nowadays as long as it has proven in the past to be reliable, accurate, and in YOUR favor.
        “Deeds, not words”.

    2. Who even raised you? Sigh. You all hate women until you go crying to mommy.

        1. The best part is that your profile pic is Leonardo di Caprio who was in Inception

  15. Never comprise your integrity. It’s the only way to get respect from men and women.

    1. I agree that men should never compromise their integrity amongst each other. But women, IMO, are at best amoral and at worst immoral. Concepts like honor, loyalty, trust and so on are foreign to them. Women are FAR less likely to honor their word or repay debts. When it comes to dealing with women, I imagine that they are overgrown petulant children (regardless of their age) and deal with them accordingly. Served me well so far…

      1. Sigh. Another immature, angry man. It is a fact that women mature faster in every way than a man does; it is simple science. Honour, loyalty and trust also slip the grasp of males as well. More men cheat than women do; yet another fact. Cheating means breaking honour, trust, AND loyalty. And more men do it. So who is the unloyal, honourless one now?

        1. It doesn’t matter why I am here. It just matters that you are a powerless man who wants to feel superior to others, mainly women. What also matters is that you cannot refute any of what I said

  16. 8. Never go to an ivy league college- these are the most cucked colleges in the country and are the biggest wastes of money imaginable. Better to go to a decent, relatively sane college or not go at all and save tons of money and avoid crippling debt.

    1. Not to mention how they are hotbeds of Leftist PC ideology and will stamp out any masculinity that they can find, any way that they can (which is why they’re so fanatical about “believing the accuser”, “only the accusation matters”, “no means no”, etc.).
      Unless he is REALLY wanting to be a doctor or lawyer, any man wanting to to go to college nowadays (vice a technical school for a blue-collar profession such as electrician, plumber, etc.) would be wiser to major in a STEM degree and go to a reputable engineering/technical college.

    2. Go to community college for the first two years of bullshit classes…like English composition. THEN go to college. And Know what your fucking major will be and FINISH IT.

  17. 4 should not have to be explained even for the most beta.
    7 – you don’t even have to put her anywhere near the center to fall in it.
    1- no explanation.
    2.- You don’t need to lift; plenty of push up and other stuff but weights do help.
    I would add 8. take supplements when you hit 45.

  18. “Whatever it is, never lose sight of your mission. The woman will come along as part of it.” — Indeed. I got a girlfriend, who became my wife shortly thereafter, only after I had decided that having a crush on anyone was no longer worth distracting myself from work.

  19. “Some speculate that the origin of the symbol for woman is a mirror, which women have used throughout history”
    The symbol is alchemical / astrological. The cross represents the elements I think
    “There is a huge push going on to persuade young men and women that gender and sexuality are fluid and that everything is along a continuum………There is a reason that the elite are pushing this lie
    There are many reasons, but one typically overlooked is again alchemy: the principle of gender / androgyny is hermetic / hermaphroditic

  20. “Where men are oriented toward the outside world, women are directed inward.”
    Very true; solipsism defines their very nature.

  21. ” Once a man reaches his mid twenties, he will start to lose 1% of his muscle mass every year”
    So a man eho is 52 has lost 27% of his muscle mass even if he works out?

    1. Age doesn’t have to be a muscle massacre. Look at Sylvester Stallone and Jada Pinkett Smith’s mom. What’s real is that muscle to fat ratio decreases so it’s goodbye swole and hello lean and ripped for post 50’s.

    1. It definitely can fuck you up. I at one point had a hard time getting completely horny with a chick because I was so used to watching porn where everything is shot in a 3rd person point of view. I understand now why some people have mirrors all over their bedroom.

    1. Hah!! That last lady was tripping over how wet she got when he put her in her place. That might have been the least wittiest retort said this year.

      1. Do you realize that this guy would be forbidden right now? His videos are just from 2008.

        1. I’m not so sure about McInnes in that respect.
          Somewhat recently he made a video appearance on the internet show of Steven Crowder, in which he revealed that he was growing his hair long to cover his spreading baldness but that he didn’t really care about his looks because he was married and, even if his face were melted off, she’s stuck with him.

    2. “If you hit the treadmill a little more you would be at the front.” That guy has balls of steel. Its hilarious!

  22. That is quite true. I had to learn time and time again to take a breath then jump towards the goal. I want to become a father but until I get certain things done. Plus finding a woman is desired, but I must see Christian values in one.

  23. “Women, by nature, are not meant to be out there trying to make a mark in the world.”
    I do not mean this in the sense of “giving up”, but what is the point of “making a mark on the world”? In the end, everything is just dust in the wind. Some day, humans will not be, the earth will not be, even our sun will not be. Nothing is permanent.
    My dad once said that this is unacceptable. That we must not be forgotten. That we must somehow achieve eternity.
    And I can imagine that many men feel like that, wanting to be heros who will be remembered.
    But there is nothing red pill about failing to acknowledge the simple fact that everything is temporary.

    1. To your point, the question I’ve always asked is, “can you believe it, and thus live accordingly?” I’ve always thought that we were bound to live a certain way regardless of our beliefs. Believing that we are but dust and ash does not annihilate our desires and our passions.

      1. Of course not, but that brings up the discussion whether it is the wish of a healthy creature to create something for eternity. I would argue it is not and merely rooted in insecurity and, indeed, fear of death. A compensatory behavior.
        I did not mean to say that desires or passions are wrong, either. Maybe the best thing to do, as I have heard the saying, is to introspect and find out the true intent behind your desire. Is it an expression of your self? Or is it driven by fear, shame, guilt or something like that?

        1. I actually agree with you. But the astonishing thing to me is that no matter how much I agree, it does not change my behavior or my ambitions. I affirm my irrationality, so to speak, because to do otherwise would be to deny the things that make my life worth living.

        2. You can never deny anything. You can only love it and see whether it stays or dissolves. When you love your pain – and I don’t mean “indulge” – it dissolves. When you love yourself, it strengthens.

        3. Interesting. Are you denying hate? I don’t actually believe that you are, but the preeminence you give to love seems all consuming.
          Does love conquer hatred? I always thought of them as both equal and necessary. If there is such a thing as a friend and such a thing as an enemy, then there must be things such as love and hatred (unless, of course, you are one of the gifted few who knows how to make enemies into friends). The ideas inform each other and are otherwise nonsensical as far as I’m concerned.

        4. I just said you can never deny anything, so how could I be denying hatred?
          Yes, I would say that love can “conquer”, or rather “dissolve”, hatred. That does not mean that they are opposites or that love is “better”. It means that love is simply a deeper form of emotion, if you can even call it an emotion. It is a form of acceptance. Most negativity stems from resistance. To love something is to say “I do not resist it”.
          As for enemies and friends, I would say that there may be situations where you do need to defend yourself against another living creature or even kill it. But to hate it, I think, is a form of resistance, because whatever you hate in the other person “in principle”, you also hate in yourself. And since you can not recognize anything in another person that is not also a part of you (if that makes sense to you), every form of hatred is a form of self-hatred. Love, in this context, does not say “Oh look, he deserves your love, you are bad for hating him”. That would be guilt, not love. Instead, love makes you recognize that aside from the fact that you two have a conflict, you are really not much different. And from that comes the intuitive and logical conclusion that the conflict is really totally moronic. And I mean “moronic”, not “bad”. That would not be love, that would be shame. What I mean by moronic is: Would you get angry over a newspaper article that states that a bird pooped on a building in China? No. Because it is pointless.

    2. “A human being seeks above all else to discharge his power. Life itself is will to power.” — Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil
      If nothing else, internalize this saying and use it to be 1% better than you were yesterday, and in so doing, you’ll find the answers you seek. Don’t worry about being remembered for what you did, because that’s what females do, hence why they seek attention.

      1. I do not care to internalize any form of saying. But I can see the truth that is in it.
        There’s no need to be better tomorrow than I am now. I am fine already.

    3. I’m going to make a mark at least in the history of mankind, and I hope we can become a people who will colonize other planets and later other solar systems, I hope my child will be in that group and spread my genetics far and wide in the Milky Way.
      The one thing I have really strong faith in, is the human spirit.

    4. A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
      -Ancient Greek Proveb

        1. Yep.
          To me its a more eloquent and concise means to convey this:
          Every last damn problem we face as a society today stems from one overarching mantra of many complexities that I can coveniently sum up in two little words.
          Fuck It
          Extremism and terrorism are prevalent and commonplace?
          Fuck It
          Girls are less attractive and more masculine?
          Fuck It
          Education levels are dropping, higher learning is but a twisted charicature of its former self and the nation’s army is host to constant social experimentation?
          Fuck It
          Marriage rates are plummeting, too many children have no father and the elites are more solidly at the helm of world affairs than ever before?
          Yeah. Fuck It
          Why should I care?
          It might not all come crashing down in my lifetime but its inevitable anyway, so why worry right?
          Except. Some bizzare behavior that all living creatures exhibit and only the insane and powerless can ignore is an unquenchable desire to live, procreate and prosper. If we are nothing more, we are this.
          Dust to dust? Sure. But out of each pile of ash arises a newborn phoenix.
          You can keep saying Fuck It and undoubtedly ensure that your life never had a point for happening to be.
          And surely not to say Fuck It would ensure a life of vulnerability and increased chance of additional hardship.
          But to me, I hope to see our little insignificant version of existence do something better than what it does now.
          And I’d rather take the fool’s chance of just trying to do absolutely anything other than just saying Fuck It.

        2. Interesting. Well, why not. Do your best to pursue your own values. I personally do not care that much at this point, but maybe that will change. Who knows.

        3. All Im saying is, if a man questions the meaning of his being, ponders the whole equation, and decides to just say fuck it, he will become his own self-fulfilling prophecy.
          As a fellow man I wish you a better existence than that.
          Cheers mate.

        4. I am not saying that about everything. I just think it is wiser to invest energy wisely, where it will make a difference, where it will make my personal life better. I don’t need to save the world. I don’t need to be remembered. I just need to enjoy this one life I have been given, for now. The best thing for me is to invest all my energy into having a personal good life – not into making society greater. Cost/Benefit, you see.

        5. Hey I get it. Im not trying to accuse you of anything either. Just trying to provide an argument for a little optimism lol.
          Me? I’m a glass half missing kind of guy.
          I mean half the glass is missing and no matter how hard I try I can’t fill it up.
          But some foolish little piece of me still clings to the hope of a brighter tomorrow. By all means, take care of yourself and prioritize your needs. Lord knows thats tough enough these days.
          But remember your brothers.
          I firmly believe we can turn the tide. And hopefully your brothers will in turn remember you.

        6. That’s cool, you are free to criticize my ideas.
          I don’t see the world so much in terms of half full or half empty. I just see a glass with water in it, without a judgment attached. I do not think the world is in a horrible place. I do not think that there is need for “hope”, because I do not believe that anything in the universe ever happens without God wanting it to happen exactly as it does. Hence, there is no need to worry, no need to hurry, no need to save the world or anything. I know that my soul in itself is eternal and no matter what happens to me in this lifetime, it will also be only temporary. I can die, the world can die, the universe can fade away, but I will always exist.
          Do you know the quote about hell: Ye who enter, abandon all hope. ?
          It does not mean “accept that this is bad”. It means “stop calling this bad”.

        7. Hm. Well I like to believe that a man has a bit more sway over his own destiny. If he didn’t then some of us would be born destined for eternal suffering. That might be the bleakest scenario ever imagined, and one that would directly support and encourage the fuckit mentality.
          Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean about ‘ye who enter here’? Im familiar with the saying but not grasping what you’re saying about it fully. Hell isn’t bad or am I reading it wrong?

        8. Not eternal suffering. Suffering is a concept that you only know from a material existence. Without your past, without your body, without your thoughts, would there be suffering? No. There would merely be silence. Suffering comes from resistance against what is.
          I read about the quote in this context on a site called kundalini-teacher.com. Here’s the article: http://kundalini-teacher.com/chakras/nondual.php
          Here is the excerpt:

          In Dante, above the gates of hell it says “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”. Sounds awful, but it is really excellent advice, for the underworld traveller. Even the attachment/fear of hope will be a stuck place that keeps you from getting through all the levels, circles to reach the teleportation portal to the light that is at the center of Hell. Getting through Hell requires total unconditional surrender, projecting your desires into the future with hope will get you stuck.

          Hope is a form of resistance against the now. It keeps you stuck in the pain you think you are trying to escape from.
          Yes, I am saying hell is not bad. It is painful, but it is not bad on an absolute scale. It just is.

        9. Lol. Have you read anything else of the divine comedy? Dante traveled through hell without being destined to remain within it. He witnessed the most gruesome forms of suffering. I suppose all things are relative, but I call being eternally hung upside down with one’s head submerged in a river of human shit while simultaneously being stung in the feet by bees to be a bad thing.
          And then beyond that, what then is salvation? Why call it that if everything just is?

        10. I do not believe in eternal hell.
          Well, I don’t call it salvation, I call it enlightenment, but it likely ends up the same.
          Enlightenment is the end of suffering. And since suffering comes from resistance against what is, full acceptance of the now results in enlightenment.
          Let’s take a little more realistic example than a pointless hell that inflicts damage on you for no reason whatsoever. That’s hard to accept all at once. Imagine the more typical scenario of a person who has gone through trauma, for example war. The person comes back with an emotional injury. Perhaps the soldier had to kill somebody or watched a friend die. When the person comes back, he carries that injury with him. Why? Because he resists those emotions, he finds them unacceptable. He thinks that it is bad, he is afraid of hell etc. And he ends up holding on to the pain forever. But in the end, the only possible way out is to let yourself feel those things without judging them. The more unconditional your acceptance, the less painful it is. As I said, suffering comes from resistance. When you let the emotions flow free, there is no resistance and thus there is no suffering.
          If this sounds like hocus pocus to you, I encourage you to read about somatic experiencing, a method aimed at resolving PTSD. It is based on the observation that animals, unlike us, discharge trauma through spasmic movements and then are no longer traumatized. It is the human mind-resistence, the judgment, the “this is unacceptable” reverberating in our heads, that makes us hold on to pain for long times. Design flaw, I guess.

    5. you as an individual is temporary but your bloodline is your immortality. what you do not have the time to do they will.

      1. Dude, like 99% of all species that ever existed died out. This means that somewhere down the line, so will your bloodline. And if that does not happen, the explosion of the sun will take care of the rest.

        1. Every human today is the result of 100% success in breeding.

  24. If you ever think about wifing up and having kids, make it well known that 1) the wife will be the primary child care giver and 2) you are going to retain some independence. That means if you want to take a week long road trip instead of going to the school play that is what you do. It is the wife’s job to explain that Dad has a separate but just as important role in the family as Mom.
    Back in the day when I was a kid (yes…queue the music…) Dad’s just weren’t around. The worked hard. Some played hard. Most traveled for business but made enough money that the chief and only concern of the wife was the children. My Dad made it to the important stuff (Christmas, major holidays, birthdays, etc.) but when it came to raising the family he was the “silent partner”. Educational decisions and minor disciplinary issues were dealt with by Mom. And oh if my Mom ever said “wait until your Father comes home” that put the fear of God in me. That meant I was at least going to get beat with the belt if not grounded for several weeks. (This idea that now we have to reason with children is insane).

    1. I’m going to be around for my children. But not to reason with them, I have already raised another guys teenage girl lol. Well, age 9-16 I was there.
      Mostly they will deal with mommy I think, but I am not going to leave them alone with her much. I will be there for my children whenever I’m not at work or asleep.

      1. You can have kids and be there for them, but the truth is one parent needs to be in charge of the children. That should be the woman. They are best situated for such a task. The reason why a father should maintain his independence is 1) men need to do so to keep sane and 2) it is important for children to understand who is their primary master and who is their ruler. The king of the castle moves about as he pleases. Such independence demonstrates authority.

        1. This I agree with. My wife is going to be the one the children deal with primarily, and pretty much woe on them if I have to step in. And in general I’m just naturally a loner and do a lot of stuff on my own.
          I doubt I would have it in me to be much different anyway…

    2. May I ask you if:
      1. You mother was happy with your father?
      2. Are you married?

    3. The thing is about an absent father can lead a child into seeing his mother better than his father though and the child may end up thinking his father a useless bum while knowing his mom does all the work in the house. Part of misandry found in many liberal males is rooted in this setup as well. A man can make a single powerful impression on a young boy with one visit however. Older men always have more influence and charm than a woman to children more than anyone thinks

  25. I concur with everything but as far as sports jerseys are concerned I wear them on the caveat that I play soccer/football and never get another person’s name on them. Also, the clubs I support are virulently anti-feminist or anti-SJW and their Ultras are fanatical with their hatred for such among other things. For instance, I found it absolutely hysterical how some 200 Russians kicked the ass of over 1000 English ‘men’, whatever the figure was, and how the latter squealed made me smile-for decades they were pulling that shit and now when they counter killing machines whom haven’t been poisoned by the SJW/liberal stupidity they turn tail and whimper like puppies.

  26. Greetings from Poland!
    I have recently found your website, read your manifestos and I must say that I agree with you in about 80-90%, which is a lot for my individualistic nature.
    Now I am happily married, but I thank God that the radical feminism, now dominant in the US, was not in the mainstream in my country when I was at the stage of dating girls several years ago. Now it is, unfortunately, more visible, although still far from the position it has in most of the western world.
    I am very glad that such movement as yours exists and I hope it will thrive and its ideas will spread to Europe, preventing the bullshit preached by SJWs from taking roots in my homeland.

    1. Good on you! And I hope your wish comes true.
      We in the rest of Europe should look to you for inspiration in rebuilding our national identities. Ask a German where he is from, he will answer in a whisper and say it doesn’t matter. Ask a Polish person and you will get a proud history even of a small town. That is something I respect.

      1. And we in the States still ascribe to a rare sense of patriotic honor that echoes the call of great men of the ages to stand tall and firm in our undertaking of the greatest of missions.
        Know you are not alone.

    2. My wife is from Poland. I love Poland and have been there at least 8 times. Glad PIS is in power now….

  27. Great article. This should be taught in schools. I’d print it off and circulate it at the next parent-teacher association meeting for my kids’ school but I’d probably get arrested.

  28. About the symbols above:
    The one of man is the shield and spear of Mars.
    The one representing women is the hand mirror of Venus.

    1. no.
      those signs are are glyphs of the genitalia.
      the male penis: projects outward.
      the female glyph is that of the womb and vagina.

  29. Hihi only one I’m guilty of is stopping lifting. I will go back when I feel out of shape or so, but for now cycling and walking and being generally active is enough for me.

  30. Artificially inflating women’s egos. Men, stop doing this. Some of the most common and most annoying;
    -“She’s a bitch but, she’s hot!” If she’s a bitch then treat her accordingly.
    -“She really knows her shit!” (In the workplace), No, translation, she’s functioning and not acting like a complete ditz.
    -Giving a woman your undivided attention and showing enthusiasm while she tells her boring stories. I see this a lot at work. A young woman talking about Facebook posts and a man turned toward her, his hands clasped together, leaning toward her, Cheshire Cat grin on his face acting like he’s listening to a war story from a WW2 vet. Fetch me a bucket, I think I’m gonna puke.
    -“She’s a badass, she’s really into MMA and kickboxing, she could kick all our asses.” No, she’s flexible, can kick a bag, her male sparing partners aren’t allowed to hit her back and it’s extremely unattractive. Egregious, I shouldn’t even have to explain this one.
    The irony is women don’t even like artificial praise. There’s one exception; they like it in a public setting where other women are present, however, they still lose respect for the source of praise. They don’t want to be embarrassed and they’re in constant competition with other females, otherwise they hate it. Recently I was working along side a woman for a few days. She told stories and made observations. I acted aloof, ignored her a few times, I disagreed with her and even told her some of her observations were silly. By the third day she was begging me to tell her what hotel I was staying.

    1. My brother had a girlfriend, and one of her friends let a drunk man drive his car. The cops let us pick up the car, and she insisted we take her home. My brother constantly pandered to them and tried to ‘fix’ the situation. I barely said anything to her friend. She tried to shake my hand, and I just stared with a blank look. Whenever she went anywhere, I stared to make her as uncomfortable as possible.
      We got back to my brother’s apartment, and his girlfriend was fighting him for some bullshit reason after he stopped her from ending up in a jail cell (he had picked her up when she was hammered, and she drove their using his car while he picked her up in hers. That’s how her friend ended up with his car). I heard her yell ‘Why can’t you be a real man like (me)!’ End of story. Pedestalizing women is for idiots, at the end of the day she was secretly attracted to me because I treated her like the piece of shit she was, and she hated someone who genuinely loved her. Women like that do not deserve families, love or an easy life; they deserve to suffer as an example to others.
      My relationship with my brother is still tumultuous. He is so brainwashed that it is impossible to deprogram him.

      1. Don’t give up on your brother. Plant seeds, ask him questions like, “isn’t it funny how women…..” I’m sure you’re already doing that. Don’t give up on him.

        1. I haven’t, but he replies to everything I say with ‘You’re just being a sexist as usual’ and is still chasing after this girl after I showed him (by hacking her match.com account) that she had been dating other guys for months while ‘she was at church’.

      2. Be the example. Maybe one day he will come around, but that’s on him.
        It’s funny, because I have an old family friend I visit on rare occasions and his daughter in her mid 20s (single mom, natch) is an insufferable bitch who I treat with open contempt (for the way she verbally abuses her parents). Same reaction as in your example. When I visit she (embarrassingly) fawns over me despite being a married man twice her age.

        1. That is exactly what I am doing. People find two things hard to ignore: results and force.

      3. Um, who would anyone want to be treated like shit? Dude, stop making up silly stories that make you feel powerful.

        1. Whatever lies you have to tell yourself to feel better. It’s really pathetic how women assume any criticism of any woman as criticism of themselves. It’s as if you are admitting you have very little ability to have agency on your own.

        2. So her wanting to be treated like shit was criticism? But I thought you liked it when they wanted to be treated like shit. Boy, I am admitting nothing, inferring nothing about myself. I am simply telling you how absurd your story sounds. I am a female, and I have female friends from many different cultures, races, upbringing, etc.. And NONE of them want to be treated like shit. No person, or animal would. It goes against survival techniques at best.

        3. If she didn’t want to be treated like shit, why did she punish men who did right and reward men who did wrong?
          I’ll tell you why.
          Women want a man they believe is strong, independent and the eye of other women. Since men have built a society of perpetual safety, men can no longer distinguish themselves as they used to. Women thus interpret evil men as the only ones having these traits. Women are too illogical to infer reasons for a good man doing something other than what their primal urges tell them, they are too solipsistic to avoid projecting their insecurities on those who put up with it, and as you are proving right now, lack the agency to make themselves an exception and instead follow and defend the collective no matter how depraved it becomes.
          It’s why people like me can go out, put on an act and have you screaming in bed that night. An opponent who has no control of their own mind may as well be a boxer with broken legs in a fight.

  31. ROK: Don’t father bastards, but make sure to fuck all the virgins left.
    Yeah, I know, I’m being unfair, there are lots of contributors to this site, but the mixed messages can get a bit amusing.

  32. I expected to see: Letting your feelings override logic. Because that is a huge problem I see from people of western countries. Whenever I speak to people about politics or something serious, they use “I feel…” instead of, “I think…” I don’t mind if we’re talking about your physical feeling or a thought that you get without logic (i.e your gut is telling you something.) when I want to talk about something important, check your feelings at the door.

    1. Agreed, said this many times in real life. Fuck how you feel, what did you think or plan, how did you fail or succeed?

      1. Yup, getting worked up about your emotions is allowing others to have control over you.

    2. Most people get pissed off at me because I use cold logic to come to (obviously) very politically incorrect conclusions. Them saying they feel a certain way is just an excuse for them having no argument and building their life around something they never thought all of the way through.

  33. Forgot “share an umbrella with another man” and fall asleep in public.

  34. how can a man start a successful company without being full feminist
    all business schools and ceo’s and mentors keep pushing and now will only invest in women run or pro women businesses

  35. Why am I supposed to care about #6, again? Because, BTW, it used to be highly discouraged?

  36. You got it wrong about men being external and women internal trying to categorize such a base idea is dangerous. Women suck even in the internal. All women have is their basic biological function of being a sex toy and giving birth (giving birth being useless unless you need human resources for child labor). Men can cultivate a stronger internal connection and exert it as an external force better. Men have gone beyond their basic biological functions. What makes humans so great and almost supernatural compared to other animals has been solely due to the human MAN, the human woman might as well be only as advanced as a female chimpanzee.
    You no doubt had a fundamentalist view of man and woman that man serves a function and women complements the other function but the truth is nature isn’t black and white. At this point of our science and tech women love to say there is no more use of men now that we are out of the jungle and dark ages but it’s actually the opposite, with machines and today’s advances in medicine the point of women’s roles are disappearing. There is less of a point for women and more point of men.

  37. This list is classic gold. Far too many cats out there are falling victim to apathy and indifference. Adhering to the list above will far and away set you apart from the pack of baby boi hipster binky bobbing schlubs who claim to be fully-actualized post masculinity #studs.
    There is one other advocation I’d offer up to the mass of men the same. You must never be butt hurt, ever. Hide it, be stoic, never reveal your emotional state. I wrote about this at length on my blog for those of you interested.

  38. regarding #4. I played football In college. My team produced 5 NFL players. A college football locker room is filled with testosterone fueled men in heir early 20’s. There were a lot of things I liked about this dynamic, however, it came with a few unpleasant surprises. I am sad to say I witnessed a few of our players who thought it would be funny to stand naked and hug eachother and make some sort of humor out of this. Everyone laughed while I turned my head toward the back of my locker in disgust. Why is it that men like to mimick homosexual behavior, joking and taking it to the level where you have two naked men hugging eachother. One of these “men” played for the Philadelphia Eagles for 10 years. I stuck with my closest friend, let’s just call him Mark: Mark was not a starter but he was notorious for being one of the hardest hitters on the team. He was one of a few who didn’t shave his chest (either did I), no tattoos (me either) , I respected Mark: we witnessed this bullshit, I looked at Mark and said, “are you seeing this shit?” Mark looked at his locker and said, “yeah…” We didn’t have to go into it any further, we were on the same page. Why is it funny to mimick homosexual behavior? I can say, 2 out of 100 men didn’t think it was funny. The rest thought it was funny. If you’re a young man, Go against flow of this bullshit.

  39. And the 8th thing a man must never do is ask other men what is or isn’t acceptable for them to do.

  40. Be a useless PUA who centers his lousy life around vagina is also something real men does not do.

  41. Every once in awhile I verbally remind my wife-to-be that she is not the center of my universe. My higher calling it to attempt to invent something, a tool, part of a software program, that help my fellow men accomplish their ambitions or make their lives easier. My woman has fought against this but she loses every time. This is why our relationship is solid. I am tarzan, she is jane. no exceptions

  42. Ramsay Bolton’s a good example of a bad bastard, but he spent time with his dad. A LOT. That’s why he was well-trained in the family art of flaying, and his exaggerated cruelty is a darker mirror of his ruthless father’s actions, like raping women for not getting his permission before marrying. In fact, his words to Theon after castrating him speaks of Roose Bolton’s influence on the lad: “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t make jokes. My mother taught me not to throw stones at cripples……..but my father taught me: aim for their head.” So he’s not exactly a good example of a bastard who was abandoned by their dad.

  43. Haha like how you started out with probably the most important one. When I see fat people I just think, “how did you let yourself get to that point?”

  44. Being bisexual I completely disagree with number 4. Men are hot and I don’t think I am any less of man because of that.

      1. ‘good attitude’ ?
        You mean his self love and his feeeeeelings triumph his filthy activity?

        12 Ways Leftism Embraces Weakness, Disease, Victimhood, And General Mediocrity

        5. Thinking That “Love” Will Defeat Terrorism And Bigotry
        ‘Stell.’, if you do not know that your values are the TARGET for attack by writers on this site, then you do now.
        If you DID know this, then you count as a troll, demanding attention by posting comments (ie pro gay) that you know will simply irritate readers.
        A troll has zero to contribute and tries to provoke for no good reason.
        That would seem to be you.

        1. Yeah blah but there are other “guides” who tell people, at least men, to follow “their” way and do, what “they” want not what society does becaue men are the ones who enter an unoccupied jungle with nothing but a machete blabla. The next second someone in the internet tells you rules what to do and what not. I find men exicting who have had some same sex experience. I don’t demand it though.

    1. ‘…I don’t think I am any less of man because of that.’
      As you present that assertion, you invite comment.
      You are a sexual pervert.
      Your activities are disgusting to all normal people.
      Pretending you are ok with being sexually perverted will eventually lead to mental perversion ie you will go as mad as the ‘gay’ rights campaigners you see on the tv.

      1. “You are a sexual pervert.”
        Perversion would be a straight person having gay sex or a gay person having straight sex.
        “Your activities are disgusting to all normal people.”
        Normal people are also disgusted by their parents having sex. In fact, the only type of sex that’s NOT disgusting to normal people is the sex they have with their own partners.
        “Pretending you are ok with being sexually perverted will eventually lead to mental perversion ie you will go as mad as the ‘gay’ rights campaigners you see on the tv.”
        Fuck those liberal assholes. They don’t realize that they are actually making things worse for the LGBT community. The liberals falsely think they “own” all of us LGBT people.

  45. 6) Inheriting wealth from his father is weak and passive. Better building everything from scratch by yourself like a real man.

    1. While I agree with the concept, I think only a foolish man throws away the opportunity to build on the ground his father created with his hard work.

  46. I keep referring back to this every now and then. I’m a bit hefty, certainly not as bad as the dude in the picture, but I’m fit enough to do what must be done in life. I lift and run regularly, I just need to stop ingesting the poison crap that is so readily available.

    1. High fructose syrup……..burn anything in your home with that in the ingredients…

  47. You forgot that man shouldn’t be afraid to build communities. It’s a daunting task.

      1. Because it says you are willing to lay your testicles at the alter of female superiority. A guy who is willing to do that is willing to humiliate himself in order to avoid any conflict. He is the mangina.

        1. doesn’t matter. What you wrote is full retard. faggish actually. The opposite of adult. I’m not saying you should carry a pack of tampons with you to help out women in trouble, but if you go to the supermarket and your wife asks you to bring here ice tea and a pack of tampon just do it.
          And if she lays on the couch with stomach cramps and asks you to bring her a pack of tampons, just do it. And when you’re back you bring her a tea and a hot water bottle.
          You are totally overacting and connect aspects to mascunility which don’t belong there.
          My boyfriend is an ex military with combat training since early child hood. I don’t think you are much more “manly” than that. He brings me tampons if I ask.
          I sometimes have to shave his back. Do you think I “like” that? if you are in a relationship you should help each other for christs sake.

    1. Never have I in 14 years, my wife gave up asking around year 2 after I came home with a bunch of red shop rags. (needed some anyway and I think she got the point)
      There are other similar emasculating things:
      Never hold her purse outside the lady’s room for her.
      Never ride behind her on a motorcycle.
      Never peruse the makeup section with her.

      1. My mother tried to get me to hold her purse. It worked for a while until I was about 12.

        1. If she has explosive diarrhea or something, I will. But, I am not going to tote it around for her.

  48. Good article – just a quick thought on:
    “3. Be Passive”
    Things today are getting to the point where really any man risks losing his job for anything even for being assertive, even for the most benign shit.

  49. i’m probably gonna have a bastard because I can’t have a baby from my own man.

  50. I don’t see anything wrong with wearing women’s underwear and having sex with men. And I know plenty of gay men that are right wing, a few are left, but the vast majority are constitutionalists.

    1. ‘I don’t see anything wrong with wearing women’s underwear and having sex with men. ‘
      No, you won’t if you are a pervert.
      If you are a sadist, you will not ‘see anything wrong’ in wiping someone.
      If you are a thief, you will not ‘see anything wrong’ in stealing.
      etc etc and so on and so forth…..
      Hope that helps.

  51. I’m all for muscling up i do it myself twice a week but these obsessive metro sexuals who’s lives and diets revolve around body building and take selfies of their biceps should be arrested or put in a pillory and iron branded “half wit” on their ass.
    There’s one organ which all men need to train on a daily basis and that’s their brain. Otherwise you’ll get a regressive society made up of bodybuilders, rappers and soccer dads.
    You won’t write better books or build better engines, weapons, medicine or discover cold fusion by staying all day at the gym and obsessing about your looks.

  52. Still going to wear my hockey jersey’s. I have only a couple of jersey’s but I only picked the particular players because I think they are good hockey players but also good people. Although, I also think hockey is really one of the last professional sports where the players are… professionals. I would never buy a jersey from the National Felon League or that other sport where tall weird effeminate men bounce a ball around.

  53. I’ve never in my life worn a sports jersey. I would try my damndest to talk my own son out of wearing one. The ONLY way I would ever consider wearing a jersey is if said player passed away. Tributes are the only appropriate time to have another man’s name on your shirt, in my book.

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