How To Achieve A Harmonious Marriage According To Ancient Chinese Wisdom

I am an ethnic Swede happily married (to a non-Swedish woman) with children. I believe in a creator of the Universe and I am a traditionalist who believes in the nuclear family. These beliefs qualify me as ”extreme” in Sweden despite having completed advanced studies at University.

No matter how we look at our Swedish Marxist society the statistics are horrifying. Swedish nuclear families are now under threat of extinction and 47% of all Swedes are living alone. More than 75% of Swedish kids are born without two married parents. Kids are brainwashed from a young age with emphasis on LBGT, ”feminist” values, fame and gain, free sex, evolution theory, atheism, vaccines etc. They learn nothing about important things such as how to raise a family, how to respect others, spiritual belief, traditions, culture etc.

Marxists want to destroy nuclear families and its strategy is to teach our children to selfishly fight for themselves instead of fighting for a family. Let´s look at some statistics:


marriage futures

Mental Health youths

We see three trends in these diagrams. Many people live alone, youngsters have poor mental health and they don´t get married and start families. I believe all these trends are connected. Why doesn’t anyone in mainstream media talk about these facts? Aren’t these important questions?

I have studied ancient Chinese culture and I believe it holds deep wisdom for how men and women should act in their daily life to achieve a harmonious family life with good health for all the family members.

Confucius said 2500 years ago:

To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order; we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.

Ban Zhao – A Feminine Icon For Traditionalists

Ban Zhao

Ban Zhao wrote a book called Lessons For Women around 2000 years ago. She taught women five lessons:

1. Humility
2. The Way Of Husband And Wife
3. Respect And Caution
4. Feminine Qualifications
5. Implicit Obedience


To put a newborn baby girl below the bed (as they did in old China) plainly indicated that she is lowly and weak, and should regard it as her primary duty to humble herself before others. To give her potsherds with which to play signified that she should practice labor and consider it her primary duty to be industrious.

The Way Of Husband And Wife

This is intimately connected with Yin and Yang. These are the two basic elements of the universe: Yin, the soft and yielding feminine element, and Yang the hard and aggressive male element. Truly it´s the great principle of heaven and Earth and the great basis of human relationships.

If a husband is unworthy, then he possesses nothing by which to control his wife. If a wife is unworthy, then she possesses nothing with which to serve her husband. If a husband does not control his wife, then the rules of conduct manifesting his authority are abandoned and broken. If a wife does not serve her husband, then the proper relationship between men and women and the natural order of things are neglected and destroyed.

Gentlemen only know that wives must be controlled…But they do not understand that husbands and masters must also be served… To only teach men and not to teach women – isn´t that ignoring the essential relation between them?..

Yin-Yang Balance

As Yin and Yang are not of the same nature, so man and woman have different characteristics. The distinct quality of the Yang is rigidity; the function of the Yin is yielding. Man is honored for strength; a woman is beautiful on account of her gentleness. Hence the old saying:  “It is feared that a man born like a wolf may become a weak monstrosity; it is feared, a woman born like a mouse may become a tiger.”

Respect And Caution

Happy Wife

If husband and wife habitually stay together… then they will lust after and take liberties with one another. From such action improper language will arise. This language may lead to licentiousness and from there will be born a heart of disrespect of the husband… If wives don´t suppress contempt for their husbands they will rebuke and scold them.

Feminine Qualifications

A woman should have four qualifications:

  • Feminine Virtue
  • Feminine Speech
  • Feminine Bearing
  • Feminine Work

Implicit Obedience

Ban Zhao mentions that a woman should never talk back or argue with her mother-in-law. Even less so with the master of the house, her husband.

When I first read Ban Zhao I felt that even though her theories sounded extreme and unbelievable to modern people, she describes how humans can imitate nature and create a natural strong attraction between spouses. In old times they really wanted to create as strong opposites as possible to create as strong attraction as possible. She claims that if women learn to serve their husbands with their hearts they will get very strong appreciation from their husbands, hence increasing the attraction and power of the marriage.

This is not about suppressing women—it is all about creating maximum attraction between husband and wife. It doesn’t matter which task you perform, what matters is if you put your heart into your task. Hence the man should be as protective as possible and respect his wife as much as possible.

So, where is the hope for a masculine man in our times? There must be something really good in this world to balance our Marxist culture. Perhaps you can achieve it by following this ancient Chinese wisdom.

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  1. This sort of thing is why their government had to pass laws to stop them having babies.
    Take note, present and future daughters of the West. This is why you can’t find a good man – you don’t deserve him.
    (And, men, heed the admonition. Yin and Yang must balance – when a girl with these qualities comes along, you must be able to provide the Yang to counterbalance her.)

      1. Considering the birthrates if those people hadn’t all died, it probably helped them in the long run.

    1. By West that includes second generation of immigrant descent. I wouldn’t want to marry say a Chinese girl who was born/raised here.

      1. Canadian Asians in particular seem ultra-feminist and nasty. One Candadian Korean girl I went on a few dates with had completely absorbed every man-hating sentiment imaginable.

        1. They do well professionally but can’t escape the fact that they are average girls. And many of them are gold diggers.

        2. When they swing the other way it gets bad. I know a British Pakistani girl who had the whole of the Asian and black boys at her feet but teased white bad boys to get back at the first and ended up with a black baby and the dad was a deadbeat who left her after he got expelled 2 years before HS graduation.

        3. I’m a Canadian myself but never dated one.
          Canadian born Asians can be try hards, where they want to get rid of any trace of their Asian-ness, some even seem embrrassed of their backgrounds particularly the Vietnamese in my experience. So, this try hard attitude leads to their women outdoing their white compatriots in the feminism department.
          Yes, immigrants should integrate as much as possible, but nothing wrong with keeping some values like the character/role of women in society which can only benefit Canadian society.

    2. Amen. If a man cannot lead me and let me know that he will not tolerate certain antics, I will not take him seriously or respect him. As a traditional woman, I can only thrive with a relentlessly Alpha male. I wouldn’t feel safe with a feminized and brainwashed “man” of the millennium.

  2. Daily reminder that if you have children by race mixing with someone whose race is different than yours, the you are as degenerate as those Marxist, sjw and so forth you love to criticized

    1. Race is a helpful tool for generalizing, but there are plenty of people of different races that are worthy to pass on their genes. To say the lowest white person is more worthy than the highest latino is ludicrous. Besides, races are hardly homogeneous. There are still folks around that remember the Irish as subhumans.

    2. Why does it bother you if a man finds a quality woman with family values from one of the rural regions around the globe? You think it’s better to bring THIS home to mom?

  3. The Asians have the healthiest gender dynamic by far. I’ve seen how foreign students relate and it is so different from the gender dynamic in America. American society is homosexual in nature (homosexualized): the genders self-segregate. The only time men and women want anything to do with each other is when it comes to sex. Otherwise, it’s men sticking to themselves and women sticking to themselves. When you look at restaurants, clubs, outdoors areas, you will routinely see groups of 5 or 6 women together and similarly-sized groups of men. You will never see such large single-sex groups of Asians. Never. With Asians, it’s always couples or pairs of couples. The only times you will see mixed groups in the West is with a group of fag hags and a campy homosexual in tow.
    In Asian culture, people regard their husband/wife as their best friend, soul mate, life partner. In Western society, a woman’s boyfriend or husband is most certainly not her best friend. Her best friend will be a woman. And even with men, we’ve all seen the bumper sticker on a pick-up truck that says, “Ditch the bitch and let’s go fishing.”
    Asian couples do everything together: shopping, cooking, laundry, etc. This is not true of American couples. When you go to grocery stores in any American city, the only young couples you will see shopping together are Asian (Chinese or Korean). The only White couples you will see shopping together are senior citizens.
    Western women want to swipe on Tinder, have some quick sex like they’re ordering up some take-out, and return to their insular gender-segregated lives.
    Westerns only come together for sex. Otherwise, they would rather not interact. It’s like that Marilyn Manson lyric, “First, you try to fuck it. Then, you try to eat it. If it hasn’t learned your name, You’d better kill it before they see it. It’s arma-goddamn-mother-fuckin-geddon.”
    The gender dynamic in the West is profoundly unhealthy. In fact, it’s downright broken.

    1. Well fucking said! I would agree a hundred times over if I could. And the more we push for women to be unfeminine the more unhealthy things will get. It is unfortunate that we are so isolated with each other and have such a high mistrust for each other that we grow up separated. Is it any wonder that so much can be seen as the enemy?

      1. But when men get together, women will follow soon. They can’t seem to come up with their own social gatherings or throw a cool party so they leach onto men. Men want women in their vicinity but also want them gone too afterwards.
        After all, when there are loads of men there is free booze, drugs, less bitchiness and ATTENTION.
        Have you ever been to a party organised by women? They’re more akin to cocktail parties or movie nights.

        1. I hear they also like bringing over mailmen, cops, firefighters, plumbers, and other miscellaneous manly men over. Perhaps to check for clogged plumbing, or to turn off fires by spraying them with their hoses. Or some shit like that.

      2. I have seen a documentary about an indigenous tribe somewhere in the jungle. They also had sex segregation. And not just one of them. It is nothing exclusive to civilization. I think it’s healthy and natural. There’s nothing wrong with it.

    2. As an illuminating exercise, one can go to a grocery store in any college town on a Saturday during the academic year. I guarantee you will see groups of American guys shopping together and groups of American girls shopping together. The only young couples will be Asian.
      The Frat bros shop with each other and the sorority girls will shop with their sisters.
      Everyone loves to bitch and moan about how the men and women are kept separate in Islamic countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia and how mosques have separate entrances etc. Yet, here in the West, the men and women choose to keep separate from each other. The only time they come together is during some clumsy drunken escapade.

    3. I do agree that it’s healthier to mix the genders from an early age but the whole separation might be the way in which we do things in the West. Mixing women in sports, from my own experience, makes women respect men more and realise that men are really superior when it comes to strength. The activity might be ruined but when you;re 16 you might even squeeze a bum cheek and chances are that she won’t mind.

      1. I am surprised so many of you are against sex segregation. Whatever I have seen and heard of the more naturally uncivilized people of the world, it is not uncommon at all. When I was in Peru, in the slums, with a fisher and his wife, there were boys playing football. Yes, only boys. Wonder why that is. Because some evil patriarch stood by and forbade the girls to play? Nope. It was a slum, there was nobody to do such a thing. My guess is the girls simply weren’t interested.

        1. Interesting enough, in my 100% Mexican neighborhood, on occasion, we let girls play sports like soccer, basketball, and even some good old fashioned kickball. Yet, we did treat them equally, as in, we tackled them, pushed them, they got balls (no pun intended you filthy pieces of :-D) in their face, etc. Clearly, we as boys set our conditions and rules. Otherwise than making sure no one got seriously hurt, we didn’t fuck around with privilege and other dumb stuff most Americans like dishing out.

    4. The foreign Asian students at my school are exactly like this.
      Even if they aren’t friends, they have rules of conduct and respect.
      The men and women understand their roles and importance. They can be a little cucked in certain ways but at least they don’t pretend that women are men and men are women.

      1. Just wondering … if they have gender roles, how can they be spending all that time together? I think gender roles include the concept that both genders – sexes, dammit – have different interests.

        1. They don’t spend literally every minute of the day together.
          Family, community, and relationships are just more acknowledged as a healthy part of life.
          They are more group oriented than westerners.

    5. Interesting observation, I’m married to a Japanese woman, and we sometimes go shopping together but not often hehe. But for both of us our focus is our home and life together, and now our child. There are no ideas of friends being important or shit like that because friends ARE NOT IMPORTANT.
      Capitalization due to past ex friends who were slow at getting the message.
      Evething and everyone outside your marriage to your wife is irrelevant shit.

      1. Amazes me that more people don’t get that. Jenna and Paul aren’t avoiding you, they didn’t get boring, they’re busy and have responsibilities now.

    6. I would say my parents a somewhat of an exception: they do shit together, but also do gender-specific things by themselves. Then again they’re just a few years away from being senior citizens (but don’t look it).

      1. Yeah… read about those armies of young men who are completely and utterly unable to engage in any sort of intimacy and are, needless to say, virgins. Sounds a bit like that rat experiment.

    7. Interesting, but are those just superficial observations with quick conclusions or did you actually live together with some Asian couple for a while? I kinda know what you mean, but every time I see one of those couples out there, I think to myself: “She really looks like she needs a bad boy.” I can also imagine that strong cultural standards make them feel like they don’t really have a choice but to be with each other, so they may just as well make the best of it. But who knows.

      1. You may think that, but she probably doesn’t. Asian women, at least traditionally, are trained to like pale-skinned nerdy types because they are the ones who will get good marks on the imperial exam/college entrance tests and land a good job in the state bureaucracy or in a powerful company. “Bad boys” in Asia are really thought of as “bad.”

        1. Nature or nurture, I wonder. Is that what she feels or is that what she thinks? Besides, there are tons of Asian gangster movies with basically the same stereotypes.

        2. The whole point of Asian culture is to process uncivilized feelings into civilized discipline.

  4. I don’t think it is a coincidence that among MGTOW’s and the red pill community in general, Asian men seem underrepresented. It likely is due to the fact that their culture has not yet experienced the rot afflicting the West.
    Chinese and Korean societies seem to be like where American society was in the 1950s / early 1960s.
    Asian women are regarded as leftovers and undesired if single past the age of 25 or 27.
    American women are told by the MSM that they don’t reach their physical and sexual peak until their late 30s or 40s.

    1. Most Asians pair up in college or shortly after graduating (21/22). They very often marry their first boyfriend / girlfriend. Asian men and women therefore share their best years with each other and learn to grow together. Contrast this with the dynamic in the West where men and women, after innumerable sexual partners, both jaded, cynical, and wary, having either spent their best years alone or squandered on someone else, both set in their ways, try to jam themselves together as an us/we unit in their mid 30s!

      1. It’s funny, but in Latino middle and high class families, the same happens. Once young people graduate college, they also marry. My theory as why girls even bother going to college in the first place is this. For one, it shows that the girl is disciplined and orderly. Two, it can be considered a back up plan in case the husband loses his job. Three, she has something to aspire to once the children leave the nest. And last, it sets a precedent for their future children.

    2. Asian girls are the only ones that I did not manage to screw on Tinder during the first hour of “date”. I don’t know how significant is this data point, but it makes the case.

  5. Asian cultures do seem to emphasize harmony in their relationships. Western women thrive on drama and confabulating BS to generate it. A peaceful, uneventful relationship is not the aim of Western women. The average relationship in the West is more akin to a steel cage deathmatch.
    American girls are told that their college years are a time for sexual experimentation, a time to discover who they are and what they like. They are told not just by sinister older lesbians and spinsters, but by their own parents to eschew lasting relationships and focus instead on developing their oh so important careers.
    While Asian college girls are living with their boyfriend or married, American college girls are checking off items on their sexual bucket list (gangbang at the frat house, lesbian experience, etc) and in general treating their bodies and their sexuality as a chemistry play set.

    1. It’s this same Asian culture that has caused Asian men to struggle with regards to sleeping with beautiful white women in America. Oh how cruel the system is

      1. They’re also societally handicapped. They’re portrayed as weak, small dicked, nerdy perverts.

        1. Asian masculinity is SJW. They talk about the “bamboo ceiling” as if that wasnt a red flag already.

        2. Not all of the manosphere is about white ethnic nationalism. They have some excellent critiques of feminism and how it turns their women into the very thing this site despises. They also have a good degree of asian nationalism themselves, something that should be the antithesis of SJW.

        3. You are right in those respects. But I cant see adopting the victim mentality of leftist minority groups as a good thing. Bamboo ceiling sounds very similar to the feminist glass ceiling. And then they have the microaggression bullshit too. Fuck em.

        4. Bamboo ceiling is a thing actually. As is the glass ceiling for women. The issue here is that it’s not because of some social demon as SJW claim, it’s because asians are naturally less bold and assertive (something respected in Western boardrooms, less so in Asian ones; there’s a reason Asians are stereotyped as emasculated (hint: it’s because they are)) and that women aren’t nearly as intelligent as they think they are.

        5. The bamboo ceiling is self-imposed then. What I dislike is how this kind of talk takes agency away from Asians likewise with women. People say like “Patriarchy” is keeping them down or that there is a conspiracy against Asians I call bullshit on that one.
          And even if there is a “conspiracy” its because its the land of the non-Asians and ingroup preference results in such a favoritism. The same thing applies for Asian countries as well.
          Less whining more winning is what I want to see. Asians should not be a ethnic equivalent of feminists.

        6. “Women aren’t nearly as intelligent as they think they are”
          THIS. Aside from a small minority of outliers, they lack critical thinking skills. Not sure if that’s genetic, social influence or a combination of both.

        7. Well said. If you notice what every CEO/entrepenuer has in common is that they’re very good at promoting themselves to other people. With relatively few exceptions both women and asians do not do this in America as aggressively as white and black males do.

        8. It’s both. They’re somewhat more oriented towards intuitive understanding. The difference is that with older women (like my mother and mother in law) is that the were raised properly and are self aware enough to understand that some of their thinking is a result of female emotions and instincts. The younger ones don’t and think everything they do is brilliant

        9. I’ve worked for a few companies with female CEOs. For what it’s worth, most of them seemed to be figureheads who were there so that the company could be classified as a “woman-owned business” to qualify for priority in getting government contracts. Sometimes the husband was running the show from behind the scenes.

        10. Asian countries tend to be quite open to foreigners much in the same way Japan was open to the West in the 19th century, i.e they want crap from you. Then again, all human relationships are based on utility.

        11. Social influence entirely. I’ve seen Russian women who speak five languages and developed a small fortune by the age of 30. I’ve seen Chinese women excel in music, to the point where one of my coworkers’ daughters learned how to play the Moonlight Sonata at age 7. I’ve seen Mongolian/Kazakh women who can ride and shoot better than 99.99% of men.
          We live in a society that drills women to be the tasteless whores this site complains about Instead of talking about bettering themselves and furthering their families, they talk about make-up, dresses, TV shows and gossip.
          In China, people mostly talk about current events, careers, goals, self-betterment and food. In the US, we talk about sports, TV shows and other useless crap.
          The society we live in drills hot girls to be vapid bags of meat with tons of useless make-up caked on. If they didn’t spend that much money on useless designer horseshit and saved it to invest in businesses like we would, there would be more CEO women. But no. This society fucks them over.

        12. Women promote themselves more in the narcissistic “look-at-my-selfies” kind of way.
          This society literally turns women into bags of meat to be sold things to and admired in the most horrifically degrading way. It takes the desire for love, companionship and sex and distorts it into a monstrosity.
          Depending on the business, networking matters either completely or not at all.

        13. Asians have lower levels of Test(probably an advantage in an advanced peaceful civilization) which is why asian women generally are considered more attractive than asian men. When they looked at the bones of people in the Viking era, its difficult to tell the difference between men and women-high Test from constant warring.

        14. I’ve worked for a female senior partner (CEO in a law firm; I work in patent law). She was very competent. She was also Taiwanese, which proves my point.

        15. Masculine women are, ironically, the only women I truly admire. If they can genuinely wear the role without coming across as having an inferiority complex or having ten-ton chip on their shoulder or being a cunt, that’s worthy of respect.

        16. Women can be leaders(after all they raise children). But I think most women make the mistake of copying men. The best examples of this are Joan and Peggy in Mad Men. Joan knows how to manage things while being very feminine , while Peggy just does her best trying to be one of the guys.

        17. Everything in the universe follows the path of least resistance. Since women have their looks as an added weapon, they don’t really have a need to develop the same skills men do. Can women be intelligent and driven? Maybe, if they grown in an environment that forces them to be like that, but then again you do still have to keep biology into account.
          For one thing, women don’t work well together. 50% of their energy, at least, is wasted in talkin shit about each other. I can work well with a woman, but if there are two of them, it’s hell.

        18. Asians actually have the highest levels of test. Second is Africans.

        19. > And even if there is a “conspiracy” its because its the land of the non-Asians and ingroup preference results in such a favoritism.
          So if you recognize this then why don’t you see the bamboo ceiling as an actual problem? It’s easy to say since you are non-Asian but from your perspective you don’t actually have that problem. I’ve had that problem and I’ve had employers/department heads block me, boxing me in to one specific role that they liked me doing.
          Forget my future career at that company. As long as they got me doing that role (which nobody else wanted to do btw) better than everyone else, they could really care less.

        20. If you find that persuasive, its because you didnt actually look at the studies hes referring to. Dead links, studies comparing rapists and soccer players(preselection bias). The guy claims to be an expert but doesn’t know what he’s talking about, for example this statement “Genetically, penis size seems to be determined by in-utero hormone exposure and concentration.” No its caused by Dihydrotestosterone, a direct derivative of Testosterone(Estrogen is another derivative). There are many areas where there are genetic or environmental problems that cause a reduction in the enzyme necessary for the conversion of T to Dihydro..for example the Huevos Doces in the Dominican Republic, they were actually raised as girls because their genitals were so undeveloped. Anyways obviously its going to be a heated issue, just like the “debate” about IQ, because no one want to be in the group that is unmanly or low IQ.

        21. Yep fuck that company. As long as the government doesnt mandate this its their right to do so. And your right to boycott them.

    2. Interesting view of it, while I’m no part really of either side I think one point has been lost. Asian girls go to school to learn shit to get a degree to impress the family of her future husband.
      So um, yeah other girls kinda lost that whole train there. If a European girl were to tell me she is a virgin or had only had sex with 1-2 guys I would laugh at and make fun of her, because that is simply so unlikely to make it not worthy to consider.

    3. So few people in this age of egoism are versed in how to serve and that goes for men and women. Everyone wants their little piece of the “look at me” attention pie – very few want to sit quietly behind the scenes. Take Batman for example… who is basically useless without his Butler. It’s one silly example, but to serve and remain behind the scenes, quietly knowing that your input is vital… is as good as, if not better than being the one in the limelight. Women used to embrace that role.
      Someone needs to embrace that role, since no one can stand alone and function without a support system. It’s a vital and valuable role. It’s just not as valued and treasured by society. When an actor wins an Oscar (another silly example) and thanks this wife and family, he’s not doing it just for looks – most likely his support system played a huge role in allowing him to make it that far.
      So any time you let anyone into your space…. be it home, work, recreation etc…. YOU make it clear what their role will be. It’s just as valid to sit them up and push them into the limelight as to be the one in the center of attention… Many music managers got wealthy from the bands they developed who would probably be useless without them. Brian Epstein and the Beatles is a classic example. When he died they imploded.
      It’s a question to clearly define roles is all. If you have a wife that can earn 7 figures a year – be her support system and let it rock. On rare occasions it could work. If you want a support system domestically or professionally – make it clear to those around you what you want them to do for you. It’s pretty simple really, and most people love to be led in one way or another. Even if they are out in the limelight, taking the credit, they can be your pawn if you set it up correctly.

  6. “So, where is the hope for a masculine man in our times? There must be something really good in this world to balance our Marxist culture. Perhaps you can achieve it by following this ancient Chinese wisdom.”
    Turn ye to the very WORD OF GOD (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) for TRUE WISDOM concerning marriage…
    “Yin-Yang” Chinese philosophy is of the DEVIL, SATAN:
    Amen and AMEN!
    ~ Sincerely,
    Bro. Jed

    1. What Basis do you get that it’s from the Devil, did the bible say that.

      1. O Lucifer, Lucifer, you still don’t get it, do ya?
        The “hard way” just doesn’t do if for you. Amen…

  7. “49.5% of American Youth are classified as having a mental disorder”. Why do we always see this figure as something negative? Maybe you have to go through this type of process until you gain some type of balance and independence from a system that essentially reduces a person’s worth to a pure economic value in the consumer society.

    1. Just about anything resembling a personality can be diagnosed as a mental disorder in the West.

  8. And this is why every Asian tribe (except Russians) have a tight knit community and nuclear family. Same with some African nations. Family thrives, morals thrive, they can focus on entrepreneurship and financial activities whereas a Western family might just crumble if faced with financial hardships.
    You would be an idiot to get mad at the Muslims for having a healthy family unit or other Asians for that matter.
    You know why an Uber driver or corner shop clerk is toiling happily in their shitty underpaid job? It’s because they head home to a home cooked meal and a loving family to greet them. They not only save money and stress but put their mental health (as well as their body) at risk happily knowing that they have a REAL reason to do so.

    1. Exactly this.
      I used to work in a nano fabrication facility (white bunny suits / clean room).
      Late at night you would see the Asian engineers (in their white bunny suits) sitting in front of their laptops skyping with their wives while they waited for some machine or tool to finish a process.
      American men in a similar occupation went home to an empty studio apartment and a bottle of whiskey. Asian men (with the same education, the same job) went home to a beautiful and appreciative girlfriend or wife.

      1. Man that’s depressing, kinda shows the depravity of the modern western family or none at all. There’s worse things then an empty apartment such as your wife on the phone while sitting on a dusty sofa and a odour neutral kitchen with a fridge full of “low calories” biscuits.

      2. I have jumped the fence lol. I think most westerner guys look at me and wonder how I can be so balanced etc…
        My wife is Japanese and well I had to jump through some hoops to get her family to accept me but I managed. And it’s quite smooth sailing from then on I’d say.

    2. Also, think about how much more productive Asian men are due to their superior personal life. While American men are going out 3-4 night a week, sending endless messages across a dozen dating sites, and getting sore fingers from swiping so much, their Asian counterparts already have their personal / companionship needs met and can advance further up Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs and work on higher level fulfillment.

      1. Yep, I always refer to Maslow’s theory when looking at a person’s productivity. It seems like the western men can’t cover the lower half therefore they cant focus on the more civilised things.

        1. Yep and increasingly we’re seeing Western men trying to invert the hierarchy and focus on high-level postgraduate education and entrepreneurship while remaining single. Silicon Valley is replete with very intelligent men who are absolutely hopeless in their personal lives. I’ve read of therapists making a fortune on socially awkward tech guys who may be millionaires but haven’t mastered the social nuances that other males developed as a young teenager.

    3. Asians have a tightknit extended family. Its not simply a married couple with children.

  9. I think it comes as a surprise to a lot of American men when they realize that other men elsewhere in the world have it much better than they do. Growing up, we’re all plied with exaggerations and boldface lies about how America is the best, American culture is the best, American society is the best. Then later, you find out that you’ve been sold a bad bill of goods. It’s like you’ve been told by your parents that your old busted up second hand toys are the best. You have some matchbox cars with the wheels missing, some actions figures with mismatched and missing accessories, nothing pristine, nothing in the box. Then you see that the toys that the kid across the street has: store bought, in the box, no parts missing, expensive, nothing but the best. You realize your parents have lied to you and that what you really have is a box of junk.
    People like to talk about how at least we have freedoms in America that people elsewhere in the world (namely China) lack. We all saw just how much freedom we have in the West earlier this year when we tried to have a happy hour for like-minded men. So you can’t speak out against the Chinese or North Korean government without finding yourself in a gulag. Here in the West, you have to watch your P’s and Q’s. If you say something homophobic, intolerant, or sexist, you will find yourself fired, out of a job, and blacklisted. Women will avoid you or you will lose your wife and kids. You may not be executed but you will be driven to suicidal despair. You may not be forced to labor in the uranium mines for political dissidence but you will be punished for wrongthink just the same.

  10. Hmm interesting. I would agree In general, my wife is Japanese…
    She does thank me also on behalf of our child every Friday for working hard a week for them. Little things like this over time become bigger and you understand the difference between European and non European girls.
    The louder the European girls scream about it, the further afield men will go to find a suitable mate.
    Europe had nothing to offer for me anymore. Americans seem so happy about Eastern European girls but to me they do nothing at all, I have lost count of the agnieszcas and so on that I’ve known. And now it seems women have lost interest too lol, the amount of unfuckable land whales around is rising. Tattooed and all..

        1. You get used to it after a while ;-). It took less time than I expected. The

    1. “I have lost count of the agnieszcas and so on that I’ve known”. Avoid that name or be cautious at the very least as they tend to be the least productive of Polish girls. Some are what one Polish friend of mine call “women who have to work harder”. Guess what that means?

      1. They are good at milking boyfriends but bad at making anything with what they get, I know man.,,

        1. Those women who “have to work harder” are women with a mix race child but no father. Funnier when you’re in a train full of people. I think half the carriage was creasing when he said it.

  11. Only in a Choir do women sing the melody with men singing the harmony. In a traditional marriage, men are guiding, piloting, working toward making things work. A wife must work with him to achieve the goals.

  12. “He believes that truth will soon prevail. He wants to inspire people to be good people with traditional beliefs. Love the Creator – Love Your Neighbour – Love Yourself.”
    Amen brother, this is it!!!

  13. MEANWHILE in the town of Manikganj, Bengladesh, 15 year old Nasoin Akhter prepares to marry 32 year old Mohammed Rahman, a popular up and coming man of business in the town. Nasoin has always towered above her sisters in beauty as they fuss over the details preparing her for the big day.×349.16lyqg.png/1440853453890.jpg
    The reason I bring up this particular story is because the feminazi press has beat it to a pulp. They’ve ran stories of ”the saddest bride in the world” proclaiming ”it’s so sad to see this young virgin throw her life away to marriage”. Right, Nasoin would be better off going to high school like in the west and giving blow jobs in the back of the school bus. ”Oh no, call out human rights watch on this young bride”. And so the stories multiplied virally in the feminist press decrying Mohammads and Nasoin’s marriage to be an abhorration. He’s 32! Why he might just be able to exhert some patriarchal learning and wisdom upon her! And she’ll now become a traditional mother God forbid.
    I hope the young bride weathers and ignores her feminist haters around the world. What a bunch of repulsive green haired witches aren’t they Nasoin? Articles describing you as ”so sad looking”, rediculous isn’t it? Your culture knows it is proper for new brides to be reserved, shy and coy. It’s normal.
    Oh no Nasoin, they got an eye shot of you looking directly outward before the wedding! Do I see sadness? No I see energy. I see sharp knives dashing out of your eyes.
    Now I am sometimes an old white racist sumbitch, but I’ll bite my tongue here. I could make fun of ‘packies’ with their overbearing gaudy decorations and regalia but I won’t ever joke against y’all Nasoin and Mohammed. With all the negative articles about your marriage, don’t let them dash your hopes and future. Honestly you look stunning Nasoin and from my tribe to yours, I wish Mohammed wellness and prosperity in his marriage to you, and by the knives I see shooting out of your eyes, may you two happily commence in hammering the anvil, malling out progeny for your tribe. BOOM BOOM!
    I sort of envy those folks for their traditional family ethic. If only the west had that. They’d throw an old fart like me into a cage in the west if I ever tried to have such a pure and sanctified marriage to one of my own young virgin tribeswomen. It is decreed and ordered by feminists that all western women be denatured and wasted as early as possible, not married and wifed up. In that respect, the Bengla Deshis have got it good over there.

    1. I’m still a bit wary of these kinds of marriages, mostly because, while 15 year old girls, in my opinion and I suppose in the opinions of many in this forum, aren’t children anymore, but rather young adults in transition, thus girl might or might not be mature enough for something like this.
      Yet, the irony is not lost on me. In the West, brideprices are still paid for women. Except, the women are older, have quite a bit of mileage, and are approaching the sunset of their reproductive potential. And instead of, say, cattle or perhaps gold, you have to pay in expensive vacations, engagement rings, taking her family out for dinner, purses, and other useless knicknacks. And you are not guaranteed bang (no pun intended) for your buck. Also, westerners claim that these girls truly don’t know their husbands. Isn’t that true in Western marriages true as well?
      The point is, westerners might be disturbed by this, but not by this:
      Or by this:
      Of course, in the last photo, if you look at them, you’re a dirty pedophile, even though they’re displaying adult behavior. Hypocrisy. Adults when it’s convenient, children when it’s not convenient. The saddest part is, most of these girls, or at least the ones who didn’t land a rich husband, will end up destroyed and useless, cast aside by younger girls.

      1. Feminists are just jealous that they won’t be the ones going down 69 with her.

      2. I wouldn’t mind fucking a 14 year old bunny. Except for the fact that I would be wary of her using it for blackmail later on, with our prude establishment, getting you listed as a sexual offender for no reason other than doing what your instincts tell you to do.

        1. The sad part is, lots of these “amateur” girls one sees in casting couch porn that are supposedly 18 have plenty of finely tuned cocksucking skills. And let’s face it, as much as we want to deny it, I don’t think none of us at that tender young age would have been able to teach those girls how to “do the twist” with both hands. So one suspects right away some older chap must have been mentoring them. Just like going to college and drinking underage, no one really cares, unless you get caught with your hands in the cookie jar.
          As a side note, I recently watched Young Messiah. In it, Mary tells child Jesus that she was 14 when the Holy Spirit came upon her. That says a lot. Clearly even the Lord chooses them young and flawless in order to carry out His will.

        2. the pedophile label especially even if its factually untrue. But given such young women are considered as children and treated as such. Then their minds are more childish.
          Although their adolescence does give them the potential for mature behavior.

        3. Interesting enough, teens act like children because the adults themselves act like children, not just the women. Of course, instead of teaching teens and giving them guidance so they actually like responsible adults, both conservatives and liberals come out with whacky shit, like raising the age of alcohol and now cigarettes in some places, or even at one point, imposing Prohibition. And yes, this happened years ago, but because the past is never the past, it could happen again. And there’s the statutory rape crap. No wonder liberals buy into PC culture and conservatives buy into Trump. Americans are for the most part mentally children that can’t handle others thinking differently.

        4. Mature enough for you? I really think so. And in case anyone was wondering, she’s Ariel Winter, the girl who plays Alex from Modern Family. And yes like, that is her real name. Sounds like a hot porno name. And this image, like the one I posted above with the cheerleaders, was found legally through Google. No having to dive into the Deep Web. As a side note, she must have been 16 at the time of this picture. Again, this reinforces my point. She can let the puppies out. Just don’t think about motoboating them, you dirty child molester.

        5. This girl has the “I’m going to be fat in 5 years let me suck a bunch of dicks so I get good at it now” look

        6. To this I will reply, if you have a chance to bang a girl like this, NOW is the chance.

        7. Absolutely WB. Much hotter than the old Spanish lady everyone is trying to ram down our throats.
          My grandmother, btw, is 96. I asked her last Christmas if she is watching any new shows. Her response was “I like the show about the two faggots and the Puerto Rican girll

        8. AM would know better but I am pretty sure the official story with Mary is 12

        9. Vergara’s Gloria character is the stereotype of the gold digger, but also of the overly clingy mom. Unfortunately, Jay could have been the perfect archetype of the wise old alpha, but Gloria has made him into a puss. I would still bang 40 something Sofia Vergara, but if I could, I would travel back to the 90s, I would bang 20 something Sofia Vergara.
          Funny you mentioned your grandma. It’s pretty much because of Cameron and Mitchell (and also, Phil) that I bother to watch the show in the first place. And yeah, every now and then, watch Alex haul those midgets she’s hiding in her sweater. Hayley, not so much. Both her and her real life alter ego Sarah Hyland are hitting the wall hard.

        10. Marriage age for Jewish girls of the time was 12. So by the time she actually gave birth she would have been 13. There’s also some debate regarding translation, as to whether she was regarded as a virgin, or as a young (pre-12) woman. So she could’ve been pregnant as early as she got her period.

        11. I feel a little bit gay just reading that, lol.
          Also, I like gold diggers. I find an honesty to them that is absent in other women

        12. I forgot to mention, I left the queers because they’re funny as hell. Or maybe I’m just an asshole that pokes fun at stereotypes. I’m the kind of guy that will chuckle any time I see a black family buying watermelons at a roadside stand.

        13. Both teens and “adults” nowadays mostly PRETEND to be truly adult. The supreme value of one’s word (as in oath) is non-existant, responsibilities are dubbed “limitations” and pursuit of selfish, superficial interests is proclaimed “self-realization”.
          Throw Lust into that condundrum…and – voilá! A bunch of posing man-boys and post-wall “teen-skanks”…:)))
          Hell DOES fear the abovementioned book becoming a part of education curricula. A generation raised with those values ingrained would be rather “Un-Dis-appointed”. (pun intended..)))

        14. No. Just a “saintly white knight”, alas. ;)))
          To cuck for the Supreme One is seemingly OK.

        15. It does seem to be the result of the marital norms of Europeans past the Hajinal line to marry in their 20-30’s. That’s not the problem the problem however is when that becomes a moral requirement to be imposed on everyone else the Anglophones culturally colonize.
          However there is a biblical age of consent:

          A line should be drawn according to natural law. True pedophilia is as disgusting as homosexuality in its evil it is completely reasonable to regard such men who engage in such wickedness as absolute scum.
          Virtue lies between 2 extremes. Neither the evil of promiscuity as represented by sexual anarchy nor frigidity should be acceptable.

        16. Btw I would not bang 40 something Sofia. I would turn it down and tell my buddies the same thing when I turned down the girl who did a playboy shoot.
          Fucking her is easy. But turning down a playboy bunny—not that is something

    2. I don’t like arranged marriages, but I don’t think she looks sad. If anything, she looks neutral. But in the West, I feel we are shamed into looking nice and welcoming all the time from an early age. In more primitive cultures you don’t see the range of expression that is typical with us. I feel most of it is superficial and unreal, anyway. Smiling at people you hardly know, doing smalltalk where it is unnecessary, etc. The thought of it alone makes my face hurt. There is so much of the bullshit and masks that we feel alone without it.
      Didn’t Mike Cernovich write an article about people not liking it when he looked neutral, as an introvert? Wanted him to “cheer up”?

      1. In all fairness, they look more apprehensive and worried than anything, as if hoping this doesn’t crap out

      2. We here in the west learn facial expressions from being innundated with sit coms, dramas and cinema where we see only the best of the best, the absolute best professionals that hollywood money can buy who are all proven masters at making facial expressions and using body language. But some socially reserved cultures barely move their mouths when they talk. They look cold and stone faced to outsiders but if you were part of their culture and one of its members, then you would know personally that they have alot going on inside of their heads. There’s also an inherent stealthiness about being like that. In the west, professionals like lawyers and poker players are very active mentally and communicatively but they don’t exagerate the face or eyebrows or make moon face to denote the exclamation points in their speech. Also lawyers with fixed beedy shark eyes that stare straight ahead will lean towards each other slightly in a courtroom and whisper to each other without moving their mouths.

    3. Brown westerner with a Bangladeshi heritage here. This kind of thing is very, very normal back over there. Girls from villages typically marry that young. In the past it wasn’t uncommon for them to marry right after puberty.
      That said, things ARE changing. Westernisation and all of its baggage is seeping into the society. Girls are holding off marriage for the usual education and work credentials.
      The family is still important though. So they aren’t turning into sluts just yet but it’s a likely future. Thanks white people!
      P.S. She looks sad BECAUSE it’s part of an act. The girls needs to look like she’s upset as she’s leaving her family for another one. All cultural, ritualistic shit.

        1. Hollywood, pop culture, music etc etc. Middle-class families usually aspire to be like Americans and Europeans in behaviour. Also, unhealthy fetish with white skin.

  14. Suppression or is it fulfillment? For most women its fulfillment. For those those women who consider it stifling should remain single better no relationship than a bad one.

  15. Fuck protestantism. You destroyed Europe. You destroyed the white race.

    1. Hey, Tom you’ve a new smiling face as your avatar. I know it’s not you, but, it’s cool. No, I didn’t see this movie, what’s it about?

        1. Man, you look very different alright! I’d never shave my head, I’m very attached to my hair!
          I must check it out, sounds interesting.

        2. Yeah, it scared me good at first, looked like a skull. Being attached to my hair is one reason I did it. I identified so much with basic things like eyebrows that it was a real challenge to lose them. I looked in the mirror and it triggered a profound ‘Wgo or what the fuck am I really?’ respobpnse. Go figure. Maybe your identity is simply the feeling of familiarity attached to your looks,

        3. You look like the guy in the movie adaptation of Pink Floyd’s Wall.

        4. Shaving hair is one thing. Shaving eyebrows just signals to people that you’re fucked in the head, like purple hair dye. Is that what you want your identity to be?
          If I was your old man and you were 16, you’d get a good clip on the ear for this attention whore stunt.

        5. Your skin color doesn’t look great either. You look like someone after a very heavy dose of chemo. I suppose, it is an interesting experiment to try. The reaction from people who know you must be interesting too.

        6. Attention is the one thing I feared to get. I don’t care what you think my identity is, but you are free to judge me as you see fit.

        7. It’s a good experiment but there’s a line between testing yourself (and others) and going into crazy territory. Eyebrows are that line.

        8. After all I have experienced … I kinda dont have such a line. When I look at the newspaper, thats as crazy as it gets and its okay.

    1. well using your point from discussion below, i guess they just did what the Lord did lol.

    2. Epstein is a billionaire. I doubt Trump needs anything from Epstein unless it’s simple real estate related. Wherever there’s lots of money, there’s dirt. They’ve all been to the royal castle in London where bodies are buried. Epstein is a dirty jew.

  16. Hillary’s running mate??
    I have reason to believe she’s for real
    More proof
    Would bang? Would marry?? Only if she kept it in. I bet she speaks with a lisp. . . ”’Hewwow, I’m Hilloweez wunning mape”’. . She’s damn hot when she keeps it in.
    That’s the same car. Yep, she’s definately for real. I think you can stretch your tongue like people gague their ears or pickininis do saucer lips. You get this stretcher thing on your tongue and sleep with it on. Why that beauty did that I don’t know. She can keep it in her mouth or lick my balls. I wouldn’t piss her off while french kissing. She could choke you. She’s a friggin 9+. Can’t believe it.

      1. No such thing.
        Any girl who tells you she is a dyke will flip the second you stick your dick in her.

        1. I have a 19 yo niece who is a 3 or 4 on looks, overweight. She decided she is a dyke, I think mostly because she can’t get a date. You bring me a little hope lolknee.

        2. I’m not here to bring hope. Hope is the worst of all emotions

    1. WB but not a 9. I’d say 7 with a bump to 8 for freak tongue

    2. Applied properly, this tongue could tickle one’s stomach from below.)) What a lovely image. 10+.

  17. I have only to look at the Chinese and white sides of my family to observe the the complete and utter degradation of western society. I don’t know of a single marriage that ended in divorce on the Chinese side, while the opposite is true of the white side, with a bunch of brown kids mixed in (the fathers nowhere to be seen). And yet they’re all still fiercely liberal in all the ways you’d expect. As a small solace, my white grandparents are still comparatively traditional and it’s clear to me that they don’t really like what’s happened. In their later years, they took up Buddhism which has been working out pretty well for them.
    That being said, China and the rest of Asia is going downhill. Communist rule in China told the whole country their ancient culture and values sucked, and that the truth was spoken by a couple of SJW Germans. Now, nobody cares about communism, but the old values are still seen as antiquated and rustic. Everybody loves western popular culture and even things like LGBT “rights” and sexual liberation are becoming a thing over there.
    Hopefully Xi Jinping, who I’ve heard is more keen on promoting himself as a good Confucian rather than an orthodox Marxist, will find the balls to ditch communism for good and purge the cultural Marxists who are pushing China towards a western fate.

  18. There is much to be gleaned from studying Asian culture, but white men who chase East Asian and Filipina women are overwhelmingly beta losers who think they will get upgraded to non-incel status in Asia simply because of their skin. It’s a pitiful form of resignation for a man, and those fellows produce effeminate offspring like Elliot Rodgers.
    With a Latina or some of the few decent remaining choices among white females you will be challenged to be a man; Asian chicks are a cop out for the weak and emasculated members of Western society.

  19. Here’s the hot Swedish chick of the week. Her proposed method to stop rapefugees.

  20. Okay… maybe I don’t get it, but what does vaccines have to do with the destruction of the nuclear family?
    They are thrown there with the rest of them like they are voodoo medicine and not, you know, functional products of science?
    It’s not even discussed anywhere in the article. It’s just… thrown there with the rest.

    1. Vaccines have long been discussed by our betters as a vector to shape society. There is no evidence that was achieved.
      However even though the possibility is deliberately ignored the shear number of vaccines and their frequency and bundling in young children may very well do harm by jacking up the immune system as they are designed to do in order to work.
      Another aspect that is forbidden to discuss is the long term benefits that may come from some childhood illnesses.
      Then there is attitude changes. Measles went from sit-com laughs to deadly disease after the vaccine.
      I figure those were the points the author was going for.

      1. Admittedly, I don’t know about long term benefits of illnesses, however vaccines do not weaken the immune system at all. Other medicines such as antibiotics could, since they do the work instead of the white cells, but vaccines works simply enough by providing a “sample” of the threat so that our immune system can recognize it in the early stages and suppres the illness more efficently.
        It’s like saying boot camps make soldier weaker. That’s false, it makes them ready and capable.
        I think I understand what the author was going for, but tossing it in along with a rant on social values with no premises and no further exploration of the topic in the article was… off-putting, to say the least. Might as well have mentioned the moon-landing and the shape-shifting reptilians, you know?

        1. Who stated anything about weakening the immune system? Not I. It’s not a question of weakening but being weaker than otherwise would have been. I understand grade school vaccine theory thanks.
          The value here is that they are forced by the state and its experts and cannot be questioned. It’s far too like being livestock on someone’s farm in a way.
          It’s only off-putting to those who have accepted the idea that vaccines have no downside risks or trade-offs. We aren’t supposed to look at those but they do exist. So much so that government in the USA has accepted all vaccine liability and then has made it nearly impossible to make a successful claim. The logic being that nobody would make vaccines without liability protection. Odd if vaccines are so much safer than various drugs don’t you think?

        2. >It’s not a question of weakening but being weaker than otherwise would have been.
          How? That’s what I want to understand. I’m not trying to be condescending, I really want to understand the point.
          What are these trade-offs you are talking about?
          They are forced by the state? I’m not from the US but last I checked there was a great deal of people buying into the “vaccines are cause of autism” hoax and therefore didn’t vaccine their kids.
          I dunno about liability, like I said I’m not from the US. However, considering that in this day and age people will sue their mothers over a broken nail, is it really strange for anyone to want protection from liability?
          Moreover, has there been a pandemic of any sort related to vaccines that could justify the paranoia of seeing a great master plan behind the issue?

        3. A vaccine isn’t just a little of the bug to teach the immune system. It’s that plus adjuvants (sp?) to boost the immune response, preservatives, and other things. It’s like modifying a car and not quite understanding what you’re doing or what the engineers who designed it knew. Sure the car might go faster but the engine life gets shortened or it picks up hp at high rpms but looses low end torque. These complexities are not part of the discussion and trying to discuss them gets a person labeled.
          Then there’s other things. Take chicken pox. Vaccination wears off and adults get shingles instead. Then there is research like this:

          Everything has risk including vaccines. They are not risk free. Certain individuals will have adverse reactions including life altering ones. It’s approached under the livestock logic where everyone is forced to be vaccinated and in the end only a small percentage will be harmed but less than the disease would do way back when. But today there are just so many vaccines and many of them for things that were just part of life not and not life threatening. It’s taking risks that didn’t exist before or taking different risks.
          Opting out of vaccination is not an easy thing and in the USA you can’t just say I’ll take vaccines A, B, and C, but not D,E, and F. It’s all (on the required list) or nothing. The media won’t discuss that. If you think one of the multitude of vaccines the list is too risky then too bad. You can’t go without just that one. That’s how the religious exemptions and such work.

  21. Psychology is an arm of the state. Always remember that. The reason so many people are mentally ill is because the profession arbitrarily defines them as such for its own benefit, the drug cartel, and the benefit of a state that needs reasons to intervene in people’s lives.
    Furthermore the environment has been deliberately made unhealthy for human beings and then people are declared “ill” or worse when they have trouble dealing with it, when they react to it.
    That’s not why people don’t get married. Marriage doesn’t happen because women have been convinced they deserve the best and only the best. The result is indulgence in what feels good while demanding perfection out of any man seeking something more than that. Meanwhile men are being told they must take great financial risk so their demands increase in response. Who’s worth the risk of everything you’ve spent your life building?

  22. I like the article and I agree with it. However, what is is basically saying is “don’t marry a feminist”. Agreed, but what about the poor old bloke that finds himself listening to the “I am woman hear me roar” crap when he gets home from work? I seen my dad struggle with that since I was little. No easy answers.

  23. In our family I do the cooking, the cleaning and I am the main caretaker of our child. It is fine to do all this and be feminine, but if the man at the same time is not very masculine, just sitting around all day, immature behavior and a lack of appreciation while being commanding, that is when the woman start to nag. So how to motivate a man and bring out his masculinity, or being a good wife just feels like being a mom to a teenage boy.

    1. 1) Stop nagging
      2) Be sexy
      3) Notice and appreciate the stuff he does do
      4) Monthly (at least) date night
      5) Sex is not a treat for his good behavior, it is expected
      If he still is disconnected after all that, you married a moron.

  24. When leftists say they believe in evolution, they really don’t; it’s just like anything else for them, where they are conditioned to scroll to the bottom and click I agree without reading it. They say this to try and automatically win arguments, but upon inspection their beliefs are insane; they want to follow evolution by completely ignoring it and trying to build a utopia that has failed every time it was tried in history.
    Nature punishes those who arrogantly believe themselves her better with extinction. Even without predators to worry about or starvation, wholesale ignoring what you are and why you are that leads to the decline of births and ultimately destruction. Nature always wins; feminists may as well be standing on a shore, screaming at a hurricane and calling it names and then acting surprised when it does not stop and kills them.

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