A Final Solution For Abortion & Bastardy

Sandra Fluke came to prominence last year, after claiming that the government should pay for her birth control. Suddenly, the pill became one of life’s necessities – and the state had to pay for it. Even religious institutions, like the Catholic Georgetown University were expected to pay up for Fluke’s “whore pills.”

The backlash was swift. Many didn’t want to aid and abet whoredom among parasites like Fluke. Others didn’t want another entitlement, bought and paid for by the taxpayer. Yet nowadays, bastardy is extremely common. Children are born out of wedlock, and even outside of a serious relationship. Little Johnny may have been conceived in a Vegas stairway.

A child by another man is enough to make a woman un-dateable. Reducing bastardy is in every man’s interest, just as a healthier, less fattening food supply would be – it would mean more comely women for the men of the West. Bastardy has also been linked to greater criminality, and a raft of other undesirable outcomes.

If women’s sexuality were heavily guarded until marriage, there would be little need for birth control. Nowadays, women marry in their late 20s, more than a decade after puberty. They lead independent lives in a society saturated with sexual imagery and come-ons. Expecting more than a small minority to ‘save it for marriage’ is utterly demented.

A patriarchal society of early marriage and sexual restraint is not coming back any time soon – birth control is an absolute necessity to keep the bastards at bay. I stand with Sandra Fluke.

Proud Slut

The Need For A Better Pill

Except… the pill has been around for decades now, yet bastardy is far higher now than it was before the pill came out. The genie of fornication cannot be put back in the bottle for the rudderless mainstream. But the pill hasn’t worked either – it failed to eliminate bastardy. Or abortion for that matter – three in 10 American women will have an abortion at some point.

The pill is powerless where it is needed most; there is the bimbo who is too irresponsible to take a pill daily. Or the woman in the grips of ‘mother-lust’ mid-coitus, who yearns to have a child and ‘forgets’ to take it.  Or simply the girl who raw-dogs with abandon, without any concern for birth control at all. There is even the man who wants to snare a woman by inseminating her. In short, the pill is not retard-proof. It is a half-assed solution to a serious problem. What’s needed is a contraceptive solution that requires no effort from a woman to work effectively.

There are solutions – the intrauterine device (IUD) is one. As soon it’s inserted in a woman’s vagina, it prevents conception, and it remains effective for up to twelve years. There is practically nothing a woman needs to do to keep it working. I.e., it’s idiot-proof. It’s the most effective form of reversible birth control, and it also gets the highest rating for user satisfaction. The IUD holds great promise as a weapon against the plague of bastardy.

Effective long term birth control is also available in the form of an implant, which can be effective for several years. Together, these methods rank on a par with sterilization in effectiveness. In a trial run with St. Louis women, the implant and IUDs were twenty times better than the pill.

Except no one wants it. The right is in righteous denial that everyone who’s single fornicates, and that that isn’t changing. They prefer to thump their bibles in irrelevance, and blame men for knocking innocent little girls up. Feminists say “teach men not to rape.” Conservatives say “teach men not to fuck. But women are always innocent.” Here we have a tremendous tool to keep women from resorting to abortions, yet the ‘pro-lifers’ would have nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile, on the left, single mothers are modern-day saints – questioning having children out of marriage is heresy to a progressive. And because bastardy is more prevalent among blacks and Hispanics than among whites, they’re deathly afraid of telling minority women off, lest they be accused of racism. They’re too happy to collude with the right, and just shame men for those immaculate conceptions of ‘helpless’ women. And many minority women themselves think contraception is a government conspiracy to keep minority birth rates down.

Additionally, birth control pills have been fingered for polluting water; these pollutants wreak havoc on fish and amphibians, and are very expensive to remove.  A switch to a non-hormonal IUD would have a great environmental payoff as well.


A Fish On The Pill

A Role For Government?

How would a policy promoting long term birth control work? The government might cover the cost of the initial insertion, plus a follow-up visit. Single women ages 18-30 would be eligible. Women could have it removed at any time at their own expense, but if they wanted the government to pay for the removal, they would have to prove they were married. The rate of ‘unintended pregnancies’ among users of the pill are too high. Contra Fluke, subsidizing them is simply a bad idea. The IUD and implant, however, are vastly superior in avoiding unintended pregnancies and abortions. The case for government subsidies to cut bastardy and abortion is strong when the solution actually works.

Widespread use of long term birth control would also be an effective stopgap measure until birth control for men comes about. The implant and the IUD are not foolproof, nor are they suitable for every woman. But their mass adoption would constitute a serious, effective response to rampant bastardy and abortion. And when she does up and decide to marry, she will find it far easier without another man’s spawn in tow.

Your dear author would gladly chip in and pay several hundred dollars to strap every strumpet with foolproof contraception – no small thing for a Goldstein. Upon feeling that tell-tale string in a woman’s vagina, a man could smite her unsheathed, content that his rutting would be fruitless. Heaven hath no bliss like raw dogging in serenity. To disagree is to admit to a personal poverty of fornication; for to fornicate is human, but to raw dog is divine.

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  1. Many women do not like the copper IUD because it makes periods worse. So there still will be the hormonal aspect.
    You should be encouraging Vasagel/RISUG and donations to the Parsemus foundation which is pushing it to market and has had successful rabbit studies. We also know that Vasagel/RISUG actually works with the 30 years of testing that has gone in India. It’s the man IUD, minus hormones and worse periods. RoK should promote it.

    1. RISUG is vaporware, IUDs and implants are not. And IUDs have the highest rates of user satisfaction. Until RISUG becomes available and proven, IUDs + hormonal implants > RISUG.

      1. It’s not an either or situation. You can have another article talking about the product. RoK has no articles talking about it at all. It’s not vaporware because it exists and actually works.
        It’s just hasn’t been pushed to market because it’s for men, not for women. It wouldn’t be a profitable product for a modern drug company so it’s ignored and it takes a non-profit to get it pushed to market.

        1. RISUG’s reversibility has yet to be demonstrated in humans. So no, it is not a ready product.

      2. Until men get a reliable and reversible medical option, they will continue to become fathers without their consent. Women lie and/or are willfully negligent all the time. Legal paternal surrender will never happen because women are protected by both political parties. The sexual revolution would not have been possible without The Pill. The ‘pill’ for men will be as important for men’s rights. Also, consider that it may be the only thing that is achievable in the near term. I don’t see the MRM changing any laws anytime soon.

        1. Gandarusa is available now. order it online. It has been adequately tested in it’s country of origin, Indonesia, but will never be accepted in the feminist dictatorship in the USA. So, if you are waiting for FDA approval of any male BCP, you will be waiting forever.

    2. RISUG is vaporware, IUDs and implants are not. And IUDs have the highest rates of user satisfaction. Until RISUG becomes available and proven, IUDs + hormonal implants > RISUG.

  2. Put and end to welfare and child support for single mommies and no-fault frivorcees and the problem will take care of itself. Of course first you’ll have to put and end to women’s right to vote, otherwise that’d be impossible.

    1. 1. To an extent, but some retards are not influenced by incentives. Plenty of careerist white girls get preggos but then abort.
      2. Reversing the whorefare state is a lot less likely than contouring it to our advantage (IUDs for every single woman). Mine is still pretty fantastical admittedly.

      1. Make abortion a capital crime for the woman and the “doctor.” It probably won’t happen, but it would do wonders.

        1. Actually, you mean three people.
          The woman and the doctor already killed the unborn baby. The death penalty is an appropriate punishment for murder and conspiracy to commit murder, which is woman and doctor are guilty of.

        2. How can it be a punishment? You are killing them, is not like they are going to feel bad or remorseful after they die. We can agree that killing something alive is bad. I do not agree with you that a fetus is a person, it is a future human being. If you can´t be born, you can´t be a person, sorry.

        3. It is punishment because the criminals are being deprived of something as a consequence of their actions. People are punished with loss of money (fines), loss of property (confiscation), loss of liberty (imprisonment), and loss of life (execution). Execution has been viewed as a form of punishment in all societies on Earth in all time periods in history. This consensus makes it a punishment.
          A future human being? What is that, a super-being from Star Trek? Barring genetic abnormalities, the unborn baby has a full complement of human DNA. Do you believe the unborn baby is alive? Its cells grow and multiply, and it metabolizes. That seems pretty damn alive.

        4. All of the sudden we have way more men having their lives ruined with child support; because their longtime girlfriend “accidentally” forgot to take the pill in a failed attempt to get him to commit; or was just too irresponsible to reliably take her birth control.
          Doesn’t sound like a very smart move to me. If anything we need more abortions not less.

        5. After 5 months, fetuses have most of the neural hardwiring that babies do, so they are mentally just as human as the baby. Also, the death penalty seems to do wonders for other murders – it would probably do wonders in this case as well. Anyways, I personally believe the best situation would be absolute anarchy. Things will sort themselves out when the father finds out his girlfriend murdered his son.

        6. He is never going to see reason on the abortion issue. He has his identity invested in it. He sees himself as a rational intellectual yada-yada-yada, and needs to be pro-abortion to project the proper image, don’t you know? Babies are fully human, even before birth. The spark of life begins at conception, when the baby is all it will ever grow into.
          Funny, this type considers itself rational, even though they choose their “beliefs” first, rather than actually rationally examining the issue. The opposite of reason.nig

        7. Murder the baby, for its mother’s fault? Not taking birth control is not serious enough for the mother to get the death penalty, so why murder an innocent baby? This is how libs think now,

    2. Actually, I think that if one of us who’s smart and cunning enough gets elected president, he could just sign this in as an executive order! Of course, he’d have to lie to everyone who’s not in on his plan, but that’s what politicians do anyways. Any takers?

      I have a guy in India. Give me a lead and I’ll drug deal that shit.
      Is this the same as the Indonesian non-hormonal male birth control pill?

  3. Feminism is the left. Don’t forget it. The solution presented in this article the idea that we should idiot proof society for the collective is the problem. Get rid of child support laws and the welfare state and the problem takes care of itself. Let women depend on men directly instead of through the police state. They’d be much happier and kinder that way. Now we get entitled leftist bitches.

    1. That sounds lovely. Unfortunately the reality is there is no way child support is going away and society IS made up of idiots. This is about adapting to reality (reducing bastardy) vs. wishing for a world that will never be (Ayn Rand utopia)

      1. The system is to stay, unless it collapses. Looking at Greece, there is now way the governments can take a drastic backstep in what is “Foorr the childwen”.
        Got to play by the system’s rules. IUD for the grrrls because childwen born out of wedlock suffer, or out of committed partnerships suffer. “Foooorr the childwen”.

    2. Well, is not. If you take away child support you will be left with more poor children, because nobody has children because of child support (duh).

      1. You’re a communist. YOU should pay child support according to any woman’s need. Just stay out of my pocket.

    3. The state, attorneys, agencies, and politicians who have made a living off this beast will never let child support go away.
      Now that so many women depend on state welfare, only another horrible Great Depression that sucks the life out of all the negative, and positive to make us see, will ever be able to remove all these shit stains.
      No one wants that, better to dance with the thin line of poverty, then actually cross it. Soon we will be dragged kicking and screaming I am afraid.

    4. Also, go back to calling out of wedlock kids Bastards. “But it hurts the children…”, etc. Not as much as being born out of wedlock does.

    5. These are likely women that no man wants to take care of though. But I suppose it will make men be more choosy about where they stick their dick if the state throws the responsibility back on them.

  4. Imagine, if you will, if there was effective and safe male birth control, and the effect it would have.

    1. There is, it’s called RISUG, it is side-effect free, cheap and reversible. But to keep the power in the hands of women, it’s still not allowed in america.

    2. You could get fixed. It’s pretty reliable and could be reversed if you ever meet a broad you want to breed with.

      1. Vasectomies only have a 50% reversal rate. If men could just get fixed; then cheaply and effectively reverse the procedure, then a lot more men would have them. Myself included.

    3. Google Gandarusa. Available on line now for delivery, in unmarked brown wrappers, to men in the USA.

  5. I agree with this entire article save one issue, make it as soon as menstruation occurs. 12,13,14 I care not make it so. The issue is not the accidental 31 year old feminist getting preggers it is the 16 year old on kid number two. Everything else you wrote , dead on.

    1. Haha I don’t disagree in principle, but parents go apeshit at the thought that adorable little Janey is having sex at 15. So age 18 is a compromise with parental delusions.
      Plus teen pregnancy is on the decline, but bastardy is as prevalent as ever.

    1. That means you can’t be a whore either. I like being a whore. I don’t want to have to marry some broad to get ass.

      1. That is where you are wrong. Men have a physical need to orgasm through some sort. Comparing men and womens sexual relations to the same standard is like holding apples and beef jerky to the same flavor standard.

  6. It’s really quite disgusting how easily the feminists in the developed world double-talk. They’re all about how powerful and independent women are, but as soon as they need something for free, they’re the worlds biggest victims.
    “Proud and Independent Slut!”
    “Unimaginable Victim of Patriarchal Impregnation!”
    In the time it takes to break a condom.

  7. Eh. The problem with this solution is that you’re increasing the power of government over our lives. That could lead to terrible consequences.
    Its better to just make single mothers, their children, and all subsequent children–legitimate or illegitimate–ineligible for welfare of any kind.
    Keep using the word “bastard,” I like it! It has negative connotations, which should help to delegitimize single-motherhood.

  8. Male birth control, pronto. There are some 40 forms of female birth control…we have the condom. What does that tell you.

  9. Or! Or we could castrate /sterilize all men n women with an Is lower than 90. Solve school dropouts problem as well

        1. What? Are u gonna give me the humans right to reproduce thing? Or talk about being just not cruel? I only made an efficient proposal. I realise nobody will apply it no matter how efficient it would be.

        2. Umm no. Anon was saying that you would be on the hitlist for being sterilized because it’s pretty obvious that you’re an idiot.

        3. Of course.Based on 3rd grade logic. What if I called u an idiot based solely on one comment of yours?

      1. Dumbest woman I ever met was a CPA. Unlike those parasitical professions, that can only thrive in the artificial hot house culture, tradesmen have skills that are useful always and everywhere, and actually produce something.

    1. Nah…if we did that society would collapse. Who will be the plumbers, the mechanics, the carpenters, etc.? I doubt many CPAs or electrical engineers would be willing to clean their septic tanks themselves.

    2. Unfortunately, it is a little bit late to implement this proposal. We should had done it to your mom and dad before they met each other.

    3. The problem is that bastardy has now spread to Daddy’s little suburban princess too. Bastardy is no longer just a problem of minorities and the poor.

  10. Correction…IUD=IntraUTERINE Device…not vaginal. The device goes in the uterus and then disrupt implantation/fertilization . There is some word of a male birth control pill but not heard it’s ready for prime time. IUD is the most reliable form of female birth control to date. There is norplant , which lasts for years. There is progesterone shots which I believe the women gets every 3 months. Fellas I would recommend a condom even if the woman sez she’s on birth control because: i) she could be lying ii) condoms reduce risks of STD’s . If the lady you are banging sez she has the IUD and you believe her then you can roll the dice and go “raw dog”. If the lady sez “i’m on birth control” I would still “glove up” because: i) she could be lying ii) birth control pills are not always effective…
    BCP’s have to be taken at the same time every day like clockwork, without fail to have maximal prevention of pregnancy. If a women misses a dose(s) pregnancy can occur. Many meds and sometimes diet can effect the efficacy of BCP’s so again I recommend condoms as a failsafe…
    Re: bastardy and single moms most of the time IT IS DONE ON PURPOSE. Gals get knocked up to get the instant welfare/food stamps/housing. There is a racial/poverty element too. There are now generations of people that have been on welfare raised by women…no men in site. No ownership. No private property. Complete wards of the state… Recipe for disaster….

  11. If I am right, the Finnish government is planing to HPV vaccinate every girl. i have not followed the news so don’t know how the plans are going, but the calls for getting the girls vaccinated have gone out.
    So, it is not a big stretch to add an IUD to the mix.
    Once a woman is living with a man for a year, she can take the IUD out.
    If she gets pregnant during having an IUD and it is proven she has not taken it out, she can go on welfare; otherwise, it’s a criminal act, like not taking your child to vaccinations is.
    Good luck getting this passed though.
    Still waiting for RISUG.

    1. Gandursa is here now and is totally reversable. It is non-hormonal so it won’t screw up the environment. it disables a protein that is on the coating of the sperm making it unable to penitrate the egg. 30 to 60 days after you stop taking it your fertile again. I had the snip. Anyone here who says it is reversable is blowing smoke up your ass. It is sometimes, in limited cases, possibly reversable. Not what you tell an 18 year old guy thinking about conception prevention for his self defense.

  12. My wife’s OB/GYN requires that the woman have had a child before she will put an IUD in. I suspect it is to avoid lawsuit damages from a woman claiming it made her sterile later. The other issue was it was $1400 which is a lot of up front cheddar and reason enough to not want one. They also do have side effects that you don’t find out about until after you are on one. Just because they are generally better, doesn’t mean individual women won’t react poorly to them.
    My real concern with the IUD approach is not that it will increase whoredom, which is going on anyway, but it will likely increase STD transmission rates as the tradeoff to fewer pregnancies.

  13. Apologies in advance for the TL;DR:
    In regards to the issue of birth control I agree that the pill is very risky. Many factors can affect the pill’s effectiveness. For example studies have shown that taking the pill at different times each day can actually reduce the effectiveness despite the fact that they are indeed being taken everyday. Not to mention certain brands of pills have been responsible for damaging and fatal blood clots.
    I do agree that in many cases an IUD or hormonal implant (Implanon) are a more appropriate option. However I disagree with the notion that getting one is as simple as walking into the office of your OBGYN. Some forget that these devices require special expertise to insert ($$$) and that many insurances will not cover IUD or hormonal implants. Furthermore, like doctors prescribing brands of pills and procedures, OBGYNs also have their own special monetary interests in promoting certain forms of birth control over others. My OBGYN does not do IUD insertion, nor do they provide Implanon–but they are more than happy to sell me on pills and shots (you know, things that mathematically will rake in more money over time).
    Worse yet some are stuck with overcrowded, incompetent, and uncaring OBGYN offices who jerk them around with the insurance policies which bring whatever progress they’ve made towards getting one to a grinding halt. I am personally waiting (two months and counting) for my office to finally get back to me about the status of my insurance approval for Implanon. A few years ago the same office had told me I was not eligible for the IUD, hormonal or copper, because I had never given birth. This is OUTDATED medical information of which they’ve since reversed–which to say the least doesn’t help me now!
    So I suppose what I’m getting at is this: To ‘idiot-proof’ simple minded little women like myself, it’s best to first ‘idiot-proof’ the damn system. Make it so that the $800 Implanon (add $100+ for eventual removal), or the $500 IUD, has less bureaucracy to bullshit through and cheaper for women to obtain–opposed to the $300 chemically induced abortion that they could pick up at Planned Parenthood on a whim without the need for insurance at all. I’m ignoring the fact that gubment should fully cover these because I don’t see it realistically happening anytime soon.
    I personally support Fluke. Moreover, I support male contraceptive research too. It’s important to me that men have equal part of control in a sexual relationship to protect himself from unintended impregnations. It’s a mutual effort to stop unwanted, bastard spawn 🙂

    1. Great point, was not aware that the treatment system here is so screwy. The government would have to offer a simple flat reasonable rate per insertion, of say $500-800, as payment to the doctor’s office. Conceivably there’d be doctors who’d make that the mainstay of their work, and become specialists at it. You could even deputize nurses to do it, if the procedure is not too technical. Other details are best left to health policy experts, especially ones that promote private industry.
      The pill doesn’t work well, so superior options should be promoted.

    2. If the BC thing is so screwed up, its because of feminists. “Unintentional” pregnancies are the bread and butter of child support, welfare agencies and the general enslavement of men. If you support Fluke, you are part of the problem

  14. There’s a much easier solution that’s worked many times in many nations: Decline bastard children to be legally sub human.

  15. Could not be more wong about the dui.My wife got it implanted about a 2 years ago and it shifted and punctured her uterus.She almost bleed to death,the dui has so many lawsuits either behind it making more serious complications to a women’s body.
    It can even cause death if it sets up an infection,i was at the hospital and I have to tell you.The reason why women are not considering it ,is because it can seriously fuck them up. :/
    To be logically honest,your wrong about fornication too as well buddy.
    I read the bible once and fornication is not human,god stated that you should avoid a loose woman and control your sexual urges until your married.I was like religion is not for me.I fucking love loose women.
    Fornication is what satan has broadcasted into the minds of everyone through tv.Its his way of getting everyone to go against god.
    Yeah my friend we all serve satan .
    I read where sex is for the purpose of making a child and bonding a man and his wife in loving manner blah,blah.
    I’d rather serve satan and raw dog with bitches forever! >:D

    1. My fiance refuses to get an uid, or any other insertable birth control. I think things stuck inside her freak her out. She gains weight on the pill and is a total bitch while on it as well. She stops and the mood swings stop. I either wrap my dickor pull out. Im engaged to her so no big deal here. There is also morning after pill which is great.

  16. From the science side of things, I am not big into hormone and brain chemical altering drugs. Adderall and Vyvanse being the exception. As for the HPV shot, they forced it onto all the chicks I knew in the military. After, a few began suffering from extreme depression and mood disorders. I seriously do not trust this medication. How many sane bitches do you know on the pill or other birth control method? And feminists who eat it like candy…well we know what they look and act like. What if these pills masculate women and make them more crazy?
    I love the morning after pill which is like BC but doesnt stack up in the system causing psycho side effects

  17. I’m seeing all this talk of changing laws, or hoping for a male pill, but what everyone’s missing is how easy of a win such legislation could be. This gruesome tripe about the War on Women would go away, and feminists could get what they say they want (I know, I know…). Legislation that has everyone come out a winner seems far easier than hoping for a vaporware male pill, or the vain hope of welfare and child support law reform. Plus, IUD’s cause women to suffer more from their periods. Suffering that American women so richly deserve.

  18. Take responsibility for yourselves and wear a condom! you only have to pay child support if you choose to stick your dick where it doesn’t belong, fuckwits! It’s not rocket science morons!

  19. This article and the comments attached to it are EXACTLY why men should have absolutely no goddamn say in women’s reproductive health

  20. I hope everyone who authors and comments supportively to this website is fucking women with IUDs because the world really needs less of your DNA.

  21. you know birth control isn’t just for birth control, right? I think this article is highly opinionated yet horribly remiss of actual facts. Birth control is taken primarily for endometriosis, and acne. In this country, girls are getting their periods sooner, and more intensely. This means more intense symptoms and mood swings. The pill is taken to ease these symptoms, while at the same time preventing ovulation. To judge ALL women as taking the pill ONLY for promiscuous sex is quite frankly stupid and uneducated.

    1. “Birth control is taken primarily for endometriosis, and acne.”
      The IQ of this poster can be accurately measured by an attempt to parse this sentence.
      “To judge ALL women as taking the pill ONLY for promiscuous sex is quite frankly stupid and uneducated.”
      NAWALT, or: “Because there’s one needle in the haystack, the haystack is made of needles and not hay.”

  22. 1) the notion that birth control is immoral is not worthy of respect. Only insane people think birth control is immoral.
    2) tax payer funded birth control will in the end save society money by reducing STDs that would otherwise be treated at the tax payer expense and will reduce the number of children born to unqualified parents — it costs $50K per year to imprison people.

  23. IUDs work once they’re put into the UTERUS, by way of the vagina…just to be nitpicky.

  24. I don’t accept the explanation blaming conservatives. Given woman’s nature, they avoid IUD”S because they are so effective. Trapping a man via pregnancy is a time honored trick every woman has as an option.

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