The Snitchy Bitch

The recent takedown of Pax Dickinson and the Adria Richards kerfuffle highlights a new, real, and increasing threat as the latest generation of girls, brainwashed with feminist, leftist, and crusaderist indoctrination, enter the labor force — the snitchy bitch. Thinking they were chartered with some higher calling, these women (and men) go beyond just shutting up and doing their jobs, and carry out a secondary mission by “purging” corporate America and other employers of “evil” and perceived racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes, etc. If going on this ego-power trip wasn’t crossing the line, when they delve into people’s personal lives and social media accounts solely to find a comment or a post to get them fired, it doesn’t just become malicious, but psychotic.

The consequence of legions of snitchy-bitches entering the working world is that they take an already inhospitable environment and make it toxic. It wasn’t bad enough with faux sexual harassment suits, forced diversity training, forced sexual harassment training, and HR c*nts making you jump through hoops as they ask for your Facebook password. No, now we need little gestapo agents auditing our conversations and thoughts outside of work. And so, if you thought the cubicle world was intolerable before, just wait as this trend continues.

There are, however, consequences to this. Consequences that are not as dire and severe as you might think and, as a matter of fact, are to the benefit of most men. Most notably, Gresham’s Law. Gresham’s Law states that bad currency drives out good. You see this today where silver coinage is in existence, but not circulation. Since we introduced the nickel/clad  coins circa 1965 people have hoarded the valuable silver coinage while using the worthless coinage for transactions. The same will happen with employees.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but over the course of time men (and women) will wake up and realize today’s modern work environment is simply not worth it. It is toxic, it is inhumane, it is inhospitable and it is getting worse as snitchy-bitches infect it. These good employees will simply leave corporate environments for greener pastures or (worse for corporate America) go minimalist and just not work at all. They will pay off their debts, cut their budget, and once the mortgage is gone, they’re done forever with corporate America. This will leave a labor pool that is increasingly poor, as well as leftist, psychotic, drama-full, incompetent, childish and petty. It will become a nightmare to employ, let alone manage these people, resulting in a downward spiral further driving competent employees away. Consequently, with no good employees left and only whiny leftist girls remaining, profits will suffer (though they will have one mean CSR department and a very small carbon footprint).

While this addresses the costs to companies will pay for hiring leftist ideologues, feminists, and pursuing political instead of financial goals, it does not address what the Pax Dickinsons of the world are to do.

Did not Pax lose his job?

Did not those two IT geeks lose theirs?

Shouldn’t we all be afraid of losing our jobs if we dare speak our minds on the internet and be politically vocal?

To that I say, “What jobs?” and “Good riddance.”

The true benefit to all of this isn’t to see corporate America and employers delve into a stew of simpering, incompetent, HR ditzes, feminists, beta-wage slaves, cannibalizing itself, collapsing inward like a black hole. It’s that the working world has become so politicized and so hostile to males that it is no longer a viable option. It has made your choice simpler by removing itself from the table of options. And thank God for that.

Did any of you like working in corporate America? Did any of you like being cubicle slaves? Did any of you have a shot at rewarding work with adequate pay? While some of you may be lucky enough to answer “yes,” the vast majority of people have to answer “no.”

And this is the key to understanding why the invasion of young, bitchy, power-tripping feminists into the work force and thus the destruction of your current and future career is a good thing:

It was never going to happen anyway.  It was never meant to be.

Understand that there never was going to be a career for you. You were never going to get that promotion. You were never going to make it to executive management. Not because of a lack of trying or skill on your part, but because the FACT is employment has deteriorated to the point where it is no longer a viable vehicle for success for most men.

In other words, the “USS Company Man” is a sinking ship, full of narcissists, sociopaths, feminists, sadists and other psychos. Them pushing you off of it and firing you is a favor because it frees you to find your true calling and an environment you can excel in. What that is, is ultimately up to you and will require some wandering in the desert. But while you’re piecing it together, maybe not buying that brand new car or affording sushi every night, you certainly won’t be like your feminist, snitchy-bitch counterparts buying into propagandist bubbles like

  • Worthless degrees
  • Crippling debt for advanced worthless degrees
  • Never having kids
  • Never getting married
  • Slaving away at a “corporate career”
  • Ruining their lives in the process.

You’ll be out there writing a book, fishing, working less, paying less in taxes, living a better life and enjoying the decline instead.

(If interested my most recent podcast delves into the issue of work, career, employment and the future of men in more detail than above.  It may provide additional guidance or at least some insight for young men trying to navigate today’s economy and working world.  That segment starts around the 50 minute mark, though you may enjoy the whole podcast.)

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221 thoughts on “The Snitchy Bitch”

  1. Yes they will jerk u off with one hand (and sometimes literally) and put the knife in your back with the other. Do not trust women, they do not understand the law of Omerta. They do not understand the code of honor which is YOU DO NOT SNITCH. They just dont get it.
    On top of that, they actually for some strange reason enjoy to hurt others. And not just give you shit..i mean really hurt, if you become a homeless man because of their actions, they just love it. And they say if women rules the world their would be no more wars. LOL whole planet would explode within 30 days.

    1. No, the whole world will explode when it is nothing but women, and their monthly periods synchronize. Hail to the period atom bomb. Once this red ragging singularity happens, the womb that “giveth brith,” and foolish beta males for centuries have called divine, will be our destroyer. Like water which gives life, a tsunami of epic proportions ensures death.
      Feminism must be avoided, and we as men love the mountains anyways. Head for the hills boys, grow a beard, raise wild animals, foment your own beer, make your own cheese, and tend a garden.
      There will be plenty of females to bear you kids when the decline hits: IS 4:1
      In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, “We will eat
      our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your
      name. Take away our disgrace!”
      Don’t accept any of the bad ones.

      1. Growing up 5 miles outside of NYC in long island, NY only to recently discover living on and off traveling to and from the mountains of Western Pennsylvania. Have to admit, I have come to love the mountains, one thousand foot elevation is a hell of a thing, and to own a house overlooking a valley lush green trees, some of the freshest air in the country, surrounded by one the largest green belts, and to simply find out the quality of life is that much better. You are right, when in doubt, move to the mountains.

    2. The problem isn’t so much that. I’ve gotten worse from men and usually we just fight it out or stop talking to each other.
      It’s that corporate managers feel the need to coddle females just because their victimhood is seen as special. So all a female needs to do is go to her boss and your job is in jeopardy. You can’t even retaliate because that would be ‘misogyny’, and that’s apparently very important to the Western corporate image. So first, there needs to be a revision. If a woman’s complaint isn’t a big deal, then she should just be disregarded as oversensitive. So basically, the same way men are already treated (nothing wrong with that).

      1. Well its ironic that NY has the highest cancer rates in regards to women, wonder if its the heavy hand they hold in the necessity to compete with men in the work place? You reap what you sow. Highly competitive environments usually translates to higher stress, and basically burning yourself out, so let them have it.

      2. “It’s that corporate managers feel the need to coddle females just
        because their victimhood is seen as special. So all a female needs to do
        is go to her boss and your job is in jeopardy.”
        This. A hundred times. And how do I know? Guess.

    3. “…they actually for some strange reason enjoy to hurt others.”
      Kind of like how you guys enjoy hurting overweight women, unattractive women, whatever. It’s fun. It’s especially fun to cut down a man and ruin his life when you know he’s a complete dick who runs all over the Internet making fun of people who he doesn’t even know.

      1. This is not directed at a particular person and no one forces them to read it. Getting a person fired because you’re a spiteful hating bitch is something else, but hey, correct me if I’m wrong.
        You have missed the point. No surprise there, of course. The campaign is not against genuine fat people who do have a problem and who tries to better it, but fat acceptance.

      2. Please learn how to read and understand the english language before you post here. I understand you stopped learning at grade 5 but give it an effort.

    4. I think the same could be said of some guys too.
      When I worked at a bank, there was a dude who tried everything in his power to get me fired–including snitching.
      He printed out something I had said on my FB page and showed it to my boss in an attempt to have them fire me.
      Why? Because he hated the fact that his brother had a crush on me and kept coming in to the bank to visit me. He couldn’t stop his older and stronger brother, so he tried to get me fired.
      Apparently he didn’t understand the code of honor either
      “And they say if women rules the world their would be no more wars. LOL whole planet would explode within 30 days.”
      Sadly, I actually have to agree with that.

    1. If it was really Leftist their jobs would have been protected, and they would have never been fired. This things do not often happen in Europe. I can say that Latin America is right now an area leaning left, however you don´t get fired for this kind of things, in fact we had lots of office romances, including in the local office of an American corporation. The usual backstabbing by women happened in some occasions, but nobody would get fired for that.

      1. Your fantasy version of workers-first leftism does not exist. EVERY kind of leftism outside of poor 3rd world countries comes with ridiculous dogma about pitying women, minorities, gays, etc. And not even in rational ways, but in purely emotional, ’empathy’ ways that lead to things like the cases in this article.

        1. I don’t think it matters if they are a leftist, conservative, or moderate. If she wishes for you get fired, she will try to do so.

      2. Um what, lol. Yes it does happen often in Europe. Yes it is very Leftist. There are lots of office romances everywhere, but that doesn’t change the fact that women are running of to the bosses and guys are getting fired no questions asked. I’ve lived it a couple of times, seen it many many times, or heard stories countless times.

        1. GhostOfWar is the type a nigga to file a false rape accusation because his girl didn’t spend the night after sex.

        2. That was almost a well thought out insult. Thinking doesn’t strike me as your strong suit, though…

    1. Interesting that you equate finding fault with crying. Did the article touch a nerve? Perhaps you yourself are, despite your gender, a snitchy-bitch?

      1. Oh, you REALLY hurt my feelings with that one. You call yourselves real men, then piss and moan like women (Oh, I’m sorry, find “fault” with) when they do what’s in their nature? Gimme a break! Not to mention the fact that, regardless of gender, a rat is a rat, yet you refer to them as a “snitchy-bitch”, which sounds like a word that might be used by a high school girl. Yeah, you’re a real man, huh?

        1. ” Oh, you REALLY hurt my feelings with that one [excessive amounts of justification]”. Color me unconvinced.

        2. That was a rather rushed and lazy insult. Is your man mad you haven’t made his dinner yet?

        3. I’ll save you the trouble of your next “insult” and say you’ll just repeat mine back at me with some pseudo-witty remark and think you’re original… I almost feel bad for inferior people. Almost…

        4. Oh no sir. I had no such intention. I was simply going to note how for a person so big on acting like a man, you certainly borrow a lot from the female playbook. After questioning my sexual orientation I believe your next step is to tell me that I have a small penis. And for a grand finally you’ll declare that you’d never sleep with me. Of course I just ruined it for you.

    2. What world does GhostOfWar live in where calling women out on their shit makes you a pussy.
      So, sitting back and allowing these bitches to ruin education and the workplace is what a real man would do?
      God Almighty. You really are the type a nigga who tears up during Sarah Mclachlan

    3. GhostOfWar is an appropriate name for a guy like you. A war fought by ghosts would be a fake war, since Casper doesn’t exist.
      Here’s a riddle:
      What do Adria Richards, the Pax Dickinson prosecutors and this ass hat have in common? They’re fighting a fake war.

        1. Oh, originality about my mother engaging in fellatio. Never heard someone use that one before.

        2. Now GhostOfWar, you must not cry about it when other fellate your mother. It’s time you became a man and do what men do, and real men don’t cry when Themistocles engages in intimate relationships with their mothers. It’s simply what mothers do, there’s no helping it.

      1. Are you giving lessons or something? Sorry, but that’s not my thing. Thanks for the offer, though…

        1. Your boss says you’re pretty good.
          Something about your father training you well from a young age.

        2. Oh, geez, are ALL your lame insults going to be about me or a family member sucking cock, or do you just love the way the word cock rolls off your tongue?

        3. GHOSTOFWAR!! Here I thought you’d left, but you’d merely stopped replying to me. I’m deeply hurt.
          But don’t worry about everyone talking about cock with you. After all, you’re the first one that brought up homosexuality. I’m sure everyone is just trying to be polite and make you feel at home.

    4. How the fuck is standing up for yourself a weakness?
      Look at the size of the hamster on this mangina.

    5. GhostOfWar • 9 hours ago −
      “Yeah, because REAL men cry about someone ratting on them (sarcasm)” Uh, well , a real man does not get ratted out and not say something about it. He most likely takes some actions about it as well, but he does not just “brush it off ” and act like he is ok with it either.

    6. Quite bold of you to associate this inane trolling with your real name via that Disqus account. If I was in the mood to act like a dick in comment threads on the Internet, personally I’d just use some random pseudonym (maybe something out of Greek mythology). Using a REAL name probably means you’re a REAL man though…
      Thats assuming of course that you’re not just using that persons picture and details to create an elaborate sockpuppet. Maybe you’re an enemy of his looking to discredit him, and are doing the rounds on various comment threads throwing around unfunny insults in order to make him look like a total asshole. If that’s the case, then bravo, you’re doing great.
      Either way, you don’t seem to have anything constructive to add to the conversation.

    7. Nobody would really care if it didn’t cause them to lose their jobs.
      If some female went to their boss about overhearing a mean joke, and the boss went “Who the fuck cares? Get out of my office”, then we’ll know we’ve achieved gender parity.

  2. We have HR to blame for this. A snitch is only as useful as the person who accommodates the snitch. What should happen is is that both parties are talked to, investigations are done, interviews are conducted, and then decisions are made. What we see is some useless woman at the workplace who spends her whole day texting run to HR several times a day over anything. And I mean ANYTHING. At my last job I learned the truth about how rampant it was. I always thought it was that one lady who did it. The other girls were cool, we were tight. Wrong. They were even worse than the bitch who let it know she didn’t like you. I was terminated once, maybe twice for the snitch bitch. One was nice enough to ask me how I did my job and she took notes. Once she felt comfortable she ran to HR and told some wild tale. Yada yada. I’m out of the workplace for good. I work for myself now and the only time that stuff bothers me now is when I think back on it. What a nightmare. Companies are the ones who suffer the most. How can you compete when you have to run off all your good workers?

    1. Because the other companies are the same, and most markets are not competitive anyway (in modern capitalism they work as oligopolies). China will eat them raw.

      1. I think people grossly overrate China. China exists to serve us. When we go, it goes. I think the US will ultimately default on its loans to China. I think the Chinese are at a near breaking point. They have to work so hard for so little and it’s only getting worse…not better. As the US Dollar gets weaker and weaker so do they. Just an opinion, i’m by no means an economy expert.

  3. Yea its funny I never took myself as a cubicle type of person being stuck working on deadlines and putting in the extra hours without overtime just to be on the good side of the higher-ups, pretty much just translated to ass-kissing the corporate ladder in the name of being a good employee without the compensation. Did it, never had stress levels like that before, eye twitching in places I never knew could twitch. Was searching out investment property in Western-PA while I was working there, doing 750 miles tours to investigate the areas in question with ‘cheap’ houses to potentially invest in. Basically translating to words of discouragement, from one co-worker and one of the bosses. Finally had an out getting fired by calling one of my co-workers a fag, just had enough of that place, and the blatant disrespect you get for being a productive worker and showing your talents, and trying to work up the corporate ladder, more or less being considered a threat to the useless tools that considered themselves bosses, or co-workers. Coined the term, Wall-Street-Washups, went from trading oil commodities
    probably in some legit trading floor to then going into solar energy,
    green energy, in some hipster loft in Brooklyn.

    1. My point being, since discovering and finally acquiring an investment property in Western-PA on foreclosure. Fully paid off home, cheap taxes, cheap cost of living. I have greatly questioned my circumstances, and considering living there just because there is no real reason to compete in a work environment like that again with snitches and bitches.

  4. This has been going for at least 30+ years, most of the time under the radar.
    With the advent of the internet, it’s coming out into the open and folks are talking it about it more.

  5. Back when we were kids, such people were called tattletales and they were almost always the girls. Seems they don’t grow out of this phase anymore.

    1. Depends on the man.
      For some of them (sociopaths and other master manipulators for example) a corporate office is the best place possible, some people really thrive in it.

        1. I DO!! What you did was fail to notice the inherent hypocrisy of criticising all criticism as whining.

        2. It’s like this: Why let a woman who’s going to be woman control how you live your life. Criticizing ain’t going to change that, nor writing an article about it will change it. Subterfuge is your friend, inveigling and obfuscation your tools. And you have to admit: a good trolling does the soul some good.

        3. Buddy… your point was painfully simple. It was not a lack of comprehension on anyone elses part that earned you so much contempt here.

    1. This comment is the type a nigga to whisper, “You’rebetter than this.” in a stripper’s ear during a lap dance.

      1. Sounds like you have that phrase on point. Good for you, though. At least you’re boosting your girlfriends self esteem.

    2. Well jumping someone after work by pulling a burlap bag over their head and then kicking them in the ribs a dozen times is illegal.

  6. Seriously, I would rather spend a day with a feminist than these White Night commenters. At least there’s the possibility of a notch with feminists.

  7. All this talk of ‘withdraw from the world’ is romantic, seductive, and attractive, but how in the hell do you actually pull it off?

    1. I work on an oil rig. I make twice what a corporate job does, I can speak my mind without repercussions, and 10 weeks off per year. I just walked onto the job last year and dread the thought of returning to a desk.

      1. Make money in North America. Spend it in South America. Live cheaply. No cable TV, its just propaganda and male shaming. I for one have to have a few luxuries. My MAC and iPhone for example, but keep it low cost wherever you can. We are programmed to spend what we have. This doesn’t mean live in squalor. I live in a small, very cute and very functional house. Very nicely done. Like a nice junior suite at a 4 star Hotel. With the market so bad I got it for around 400/month. Because its small, utilities run me like another 150 a month. Make sure you are insured wherever you can be. Renters, health, car, etc. Get a very cheap and economical car. Something like a Honda Civic or Prizm. Day for day, a well maintained car like a Civic is a great investment. If you live in a warm weather state, then get a scooter.
        Avoid women and dates. Every single women I know starts off all the same. The kids are never mentioned, drug use is never mentioned, and economic disaster is never mentioned to you until they feel you have a deep interest in them. Then, they become unable to function without you. They are always a day away or a week away from some sort of financial disaster. I’m serious, this is EVERY….SINGLE….WOMAN I meet.
        Research, research, research. Learn about markets, capital, travel, everything. Learn how to travel on the cheap. Collect airline and hotel miles. Learn about hostels, find great websites. These things alone will give you a desire to avoid the traps of the west. Learn at least one new language and take classes from an independent teacher. Like some hot Mexican woman in your area who teaches spanish on the cheap. Keep at it, it takes time. You have already crossed the biggest hurdle……waking up.

      2. But don’t you work in the middle of nowhere and can’t go anywhere while on duty? That doesn’t sound appealing to me. I like to do a job and go home and not be surrounded around pseudo alpha males telling me the sex positions they are gonna rut their cow in when they get home.

    2. Take a small amount of money (for American standards) and read between the lines of financial news. When Facebook had their IPO, it was over-hyped to death. Any smart investor knew to short the stock, multiplying their funds easily.
      Heck, I am a Socialist proposing a Market Socialism economic system, and I knew what was going to happen (read a lot about media manipulation; read some account of the 2008 crisis). If I had an American account at the time I would be on a beach in Thailand right now.

    3. Aaron Clarey says he works security shifts. Trading an office cubicle for a security desk, does that make sense? Office drone or security weenie/rent-a-cop? I guess it depends on your priorities.
      Why not work hard, save hard, buy some arable land, etc? Then you can be independent and maybe even work remotely.
      It would be great to discuss this at Aaron’s blog but, unfortunately, he censors any (polite) comments that does not toe the line at his blog. All comments are moderated so there’s no way to question his qualifications to preach a blue sky ‘withdraw from the world’ prescription.
      He has written an interesting piece but is he qualified?

      1. Sounds like something you should take up with him. But I do know he does security because he wrote 3 books while doing it. I did something similar years back when I was first unplugging. Would I trade a corporate schlub job to sit at a security desk with zero stress and write books. Yep, sure would. Once you unplug and are awaken you become hypersensitive to everything. You see everything around you. Like with Hollywood and me. I see all the propaganda (stupid guy commercials, victimhood, etc) so I literally cannot watch TV or movies anymore. It definitely has it’s drawbacks but nothing in this world is better than the truth.

  8. OT.
    I did an interview with WOUB News today. The woman who interviewed me, Christa Lamendola, actually did a fair and balanced interview. Normally a woman journalist would be hostile in that situation.
    Here are the links. Feel free to listen to the interview itself and then my summation of the 2 minute piece that went on the air. I included her email in the drop down box. I would appreciate it if some of you would say thank you for being fair and balanced in the interview. This is to her credit and we should encourage young women to take a fair and balanced view. Thanks in advance.
    I also did a buzzfeed interview yesterday and the article has more than 200,000 views at this time. Cool!

    1. Peter, as it stands right now , you are one of the few commenters here that fucking interest me. Everything you post is a stay alive my fiend!

      1. Oliver,
        I have made massive contributions to men these last 5.5 years.
        I am just waiting for the penny to drop…that the second economy is the way to go. I was just asked for an interview with the NY Daily News so we will see if that interview goes ahead.
        The purpose I set out with 5.5 years ago was to save as many young mens lives as I could and give them the tools they needed to live in freedom. Funnily enough, even though these tools were PROVEN on 2009-11-26 men have been most unwilling to pick them up.
        It seems men are absolutely terrified to stand up for themselves and tell their guvmints to “pound sand”. If you are terrified or afraid of guvmint agents you live in a tyranny. And if you do not face that tyranny and rid yourself of it then it will only get worse.
        Look how much worse the UK/US has gotten since I started in mid 2008. There are many men who would GLADLY go back to the middle of 2008 as it would be a BIG improvement, right?
        TSA? Random id checks? Militarisation of the police? The boston lock down for 24 hours under martial law while looking for ONE 19 year old kid. Libya. Syria.
        Look at what has happened in the last 5 years. Your guvmint is working hard to bring in their planned tyranny and police state. And men gave them 5 more years than they might have otherwise given them….right?

  9. The nature of woman is to finger point. What was the evolutionary advantage to this?
    I’m glad I work at a car dealership where women are the severe minority. I couldn’t imagine being pinned up as a pawn at some Fortune 500 company, forced to have to constantly watch my back. What kind of life is that?
    All things come full circle and the cancerous environment we’ve created in America will soon be wiped out by the next phase.

    1. Good for you. 🙂 Know any other jobs where women don’t exist?
      Finger pointing probably scares the man enough to throw whatever she wants at her so she’d shut up? Idk, just a thought.

      1. Welding, electrician, industrial plumbing, pipe fitting, hydraulic tech, iron worker….shall I continue? You know, very high paying skilled work. Nary a woman in sight, ever. Men working white collar jobs and bitching about it is fucking psthetic.

        1. Ideally, I’d ask you to continue, but I’d probably be wasting your time. 😀
          Besides, these jobs are not so well paid and don’t seem too exciting in my country – are they that well paid in yours?

        2. Oh, the US. I should’ve known. Since I live in India, prospects are really poor here. Thanks for the info.
          FYI, my name’s Camran. 😛

        3. The local paper doesn’t show the good jobs. For the high paying jobs, you either apply to the company directly and get put into a hiring pool or you check the “hot sheets.” The hot sheets cost money but they contain the big money outage jobs for the season.

        1. Hahahaha. My bad, should’ve known. And where brawn’s required as well, no doubt.

      2. Yea female fingerpointing should scare men because it render them homeless and broke. Of course no one is scared of the bitch.

        1. She has no power of herself. The omega males and toxic environment of political correctness will support her. Thats what she feeds on, like a parasite. Never seen a women with power of her own.

        2. If it came to blows or skills versus skills there is nothing to be afraid of. Whats so hard to understand ?

        3. Yeah. 🙂 Of course they don’t have any real power of their own, it’s all faclitated power given by thirsty … dogs. And the government. I just meant that pointing fingers or not IS in her ‘power’, though the reason she does it is always because she knows mantits – sorry, manboobs will back her up. Pathetic.

        4. Hmmm … maybe not … unless she uses other manginas to do the honour of delivering blows.

    2. the nature of inadequacy and failure is to finger point.
      consider how easy it is to become that which one despises most.

  10. Okay, what’s wrong with never having kids or getting married? I thought you all were against marriage, and kids cost probably as much as those college degrees, so unless someone really WANTS to have kids, I don’t see why they should?

      1. You say “we.” Who exactly are you? Who is “we?”
        Are you contributing to the cause in any way aside from arguing with better men? I ask this honestly.
        I fly around the country meeting Manosphere men. I have donated thousands to Manosphere bloggers in the last year. I buy every book.
        Who are you?

        1. I’m not following. The OP accused ll of us of being against marriage. I retorted that most men in these types forums are not ctually against marriage but the intrusiveness of Government regulation in marriage (divorce laws, custody, etc.). I feel that to be an accurate statement. As far as me “donating” things to “manosphere” bloggers that I am not doing. #1, I do not have the resources to do such and #2 most manosphere (I swear I just heard that term) were guys who told me in the 90 what a loser I was and how I would die lonely and then 15 years they got fucked by the system I warned them about now want to educate me on whats up.

        2. And how are you so sure they are “better men”? Are you so butt hurt that I challenged you on your 100k right outta school figure that you are willing to dismiss my whole existence to people you don’t know. You know nothing about me bro, what I have done for people and what I have done for the world. So pipe down and don’t prejudge, got it?

        3. I’m the dude who’s been dropping the real on guys for over 20 years. You give money to manosphere bloggers???? OHHHH, why, so they can have more bitchfests? I don’t see anything being done. It’s a bunch of guys who talk smack, get fucked, then go to forums to complain. If you wanna help, fight the source. I’ve yet to see anyone fight an IMBRA law or anything like that. Bring lawsuits, anything. It’s just woe is me, Im sleeping at my buddies garage. If anything, guys like you facilitate the misery, not help it.
          I got sick of talking to guys years ago. They didn’t wanna hear it then and they don’t wanna hear it now. I found my way out. All I get is hate. I just got back from 11 days in Colombia…hate hate hate is all I got from men. For over 20 years I’ve not had one guy who had my back. Standing up to all of it, yet I see these guys on these blogs talking bout “who are you”, “what are you doing”, pleassssseeee.

    1. we are against:
      – marriage laws
      – manipulative women
      – losing our kids in a divorce
      – going to jail for not paying divorce monies
      of course most healthy men want kids, it’s a natural need. they just don’t want their life ruin in the process…

  11. No offense, but this whole “work is evil, work is slavery” bit is getting a bit old. All I read, between Cappy, Victor Pride and Roosh is “if you have a job and don’t work for yourself you’re a miserable loser!”
    That’s bullshit. I’m sure most white collar jobs suck ass. I worked at a call center once and that was miserable. I understand.
    But man the fuck up and learn a trade. Learn to weld, be a millwright, be a pipe fitter, be an electrician or instrument tech like me.
    I’m 27 years old, make well over 100k a year and love my fucking job. I don’t have to deal with bullshit. If something breaks, I fix it. It’s not miserable slavery, it’s rewarding and enjoyable work that pays well. It’s manly work.
    Get over yourself and get a skilled, masculine job. Then maybe you won’t whine and bitch about corporate slavery.

    1. This type of ‘black or white’, ‘all or nothing’ thinking is rarely helpful. Life is more complicated than that. Not everyone can have a “masculine” job. If that were true, there wouldn’t be nearly as much technology around. Someone has to slave away in the non-masculine jobs.

        1. “Invention” of Google? And here I thought Google was a search engine. Never realized it was completely new technology. In that case, I invented the programmable logic controller last year.

        2. Yes, it was an invention, the Google guys developed a new search paradigm that destroyed the competition almost instantly. It was a result of their investigations, an intellectual endeavor. Facebook is just a result of power and social relations; Google is a result of the mind.
          Google not only changed the way we think of the Internet, almost singlehandedly determined by its sole existence the “Internet” of today. For me it is a revolutionary technology by itself, as important as the physical network behind it. Not to talk about Google Maps, Translate, Books (and a small outsider: Wikipedia). The Google guys are the Edisons of the early 21st Century.

        3. I agree Google accomplished a lot. And I don’t begrudge them that, or look down on them.
          However, if the CEO of Google or their top people were on the internet whining and bitching about “soul crushing slavery” constantly, I would call them bitches and tell them to either get a real job or quit crying about their desk jobs.
          It’s not white collar work that I’m insulting. It’s “men” who do white collar work, then bitch and cry about “corporate slavery.” We aren’t meant to sit in front of a computer all day. If you don’t like your shit job, get a real, rewarding job. Don’t cry like s woman on the internet about it.

        4. google is not a search engine, google is an advertising company. i do not fear my government. i fear google.
          there is the surface thing, then there is the real of the thing. can you divine the difference between what google appears tobe and what it truly is? do yo really see how google makes its money?

        5. as a long time corporate whore and unapologetic member of the 1%, i dont think i could agree with you more then i do on this point. i owe you a number of rounds – a debt that will be paid at the nearest opportunity.

        6. Well, did they “invent” something or already take known inventions and place them in a platform known as “google”? The combustion engine was an invention. The assembly line was an idea.

        7. Without the White Collars you would most likely exist at a subsistence level. Civilization results in specialization and a large network to implement it.
          Without the White Collars you life would consist of spending a third of the year digging in the dirt, a third preparing to dig in the dirt, and another third hoping that all your dirt digging was enough to survive the coming winter.
          On the scale of civilization, specialized blue collar tradesmen are the result of the same thing as white collar drones.

        8. Once again, I’m not disparaging white collar workers. All I’m saying is I’m tired of hearing men crying about their miserable, mind numbing cubicle jobs and then refusing to do something about it, like learn a trade. There are thousands upong thousands of blue collar jobs unfilled because modern American ‘men’ think they are too good to get their hands dirty.

        9. I’m not taking anything away from you. I’m sure you are hardworking and smart. However, you sound extremely fortunate. Years away from 30 and making over 100k. About 1% of men would fall into that category. Perhaps you are a very skilled person. Most are not. Most would go to a work and earn and do a good job and not complain. The PC hordes have made that nearly impossible these days. I know lots and lots of tradesmen who may avoid the misery of white collar hell, but they sure aren’t making 100k. They are fixing a house next door to me. 6am and freezing cold in Michigan and a 50ish year old man is wiring a garage. No thanks. This kinda reminds me of the fit, 25 year old with great genetics telling everyone that their health issues are in their head (they are out there).
          The fact that so many men don’t complain is the reason some guy with 25 years experience at a company has to walk on egg shells so some 24 year old airhead who does nothing more than rearrange her iTunes everyday doesn’t make a complaint about him.

        10. Residential work is for illegal immigrants. Unless you own the company. The money is in industrial work. My company hires unskilled labor for 15/hr to clean up and operate forklifts. We still cant fill the jobs because people snub their nose at honest labor. A man with a trade makes 20/hr minimum in the industrial world. We hire kids straight out of trade school for 27/hr.

        11. Google’s original search rank algorithm was super clever and much better than the other algorithms out there at the time.
          Every thing they have done since then is due to monetizing their good search results with ads.

        12. I said we hire kids right out of school for 27/hr. I’m a journeyman in 3 trades.
          I make 36.15/hr plus 100/wk pay differential for working night shift, plus a quarterly profit share bonus of 2 to 3k. Add that up.

        13. Search for jobs st specific industrial companies. There is no shortage. Search “Georgia Pacific Careers” and “Chevron careers” and “International Paper Careers” “Rock Tenn Careers.” These jobs down appear in fucking newspaper ads. But the pay is great, as are the benifits.

        14. Thats still not 100k. You have thrown a figure out there that doesn’t exist. Again, stats show only 6% of the people in the US make over 100k a year so your solution is a best case pie in the sky answer. I’m kinda surprised they haven’t started importing skilled trades workers from Asia yet. If their Engineers work for 15/hour imagine what their tradesmen will work for. At a 40 hour week you’d gross around 1400. I assume you re getting hit with a good 3-400 in taxes each week. Thats around what…75k gross a year. Sorry, i
          m not buying it. Been around a while and never heard of such a thing as 100 week differential and 2-3k profit share each quarter. Not calling you liar, just saying that scenario is extremely rare and you are acting like it’s a easy course of action.

        15. Hmm. You don’t know what “gross” means, do you? Gross means total, without deductions and taxes. I grossed over 110k last year.
          If you are talking about “net” then you are correct. After taxes, cost of insurance, and 401k contributions I brought home less than 75k. Then again, that’s net, not gross.
          And it’s not at all uncommon for craftsmen to make 30-45 bucks an hour, or more. I know lots of electricians, welders etc who won’t work where I work because we don’t pay enough.
          You know absolutely nothing about skilled trades. Especially industrial trades. Don’t talk about things you know nothing of. My one facility employs over a thousand men, and we have a lot of facilities across the country. Not to mention all the other industrial plants. Fuel refineries pay a lot more than the paper mills and building materials plants I work for. So it’s not uncommon. It’s just assumed that blue collar workers don’t make good money.

        16. What do you want me to say? I”m not buying it dude. I’m sure it’s possible, but you are saying hey, just get any dude to go to a trade school for a few years and some 30/hr job is waiting for him. Those are far and few between. Like I said, its about 6% of all wage earners in this country make over 100k a year. After you remove the professional ranks you are left with about 1-2% remaining. It’s not adding up. I’m sure you make a very good living but it’s not as easy as you are making it. I know the skilled trades filed and know what many companies are paying right now and it’s no where near 100k. Never heard of profit sharing every couple of months either.

        17. You are taking the best case scenario. Sort of like Auto workers making 85k for pushing a button. You are then blanketing this over an entire field. It just doesn’t work that way. Welders, mechanics, carpenters, press operators, and many many more won’t sniff 100k.

        18. Believe it or not. Two years of instrument school will get you a job making a minimum of 20/hr. We are desperate for skilled people. We are understaffed, as are most facilities. Anyone reading this who works in the industrial field as a craftsman will agree with me. Several already have. It’s simple fact.
          Also, my income only puts me in the top 15 percent. Not the top 6 percent. I’m not sure where you are getting those numbers from.

        19. The algorithms underneath it are an invention. The key thing that set google apart from every other search engine in the 90’s was that they indexed sites not by what was on the site, but but the content of the hyperlinks from other sites.
          It all flowed on from there.

        20. Depends on where they work. Industrial work pays great money with great benefits. If someone learns a trade and decides to build houses for shit money, that’s their fault. I’ve seen industrial guys get a job for 35/hr and then quit and move across the country for 37/hr at the drop of a hat.
          Learn a trade and the world is yours. If you’re not a fucking dumbass.

        21. oh, you mean they ripped off a bunch of other people, and claimed it as their own?
          A Mr. Tesla for you on line two, sir.

        22. Dr. Illusion, thanks for the information, man, it’s information like this that make Return Of Kings a great site to visit. Again, thanks for getting the word out there about the trades, information on the trades was definitely lacking throughout my education, and it’s pretty sad, plenty of able-bodied men wasting away in call centers, depending on government assistance to make ends meet, with great jobs left unfilled. It’s no bueno.

        23. That said, you’ve got to admit a location-independent lifestyle is pretty sweet, if you can figure out a way to make it work. Traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, and having the freedom to simply sleep in or stay in bed and read a book if you feel so inclined is pretty fantastic.

        24. If you want more info on trades, check out a rather in depth article I wrote about them on my blog.
          Just Google “illusion of sanity trades” and it will be the first result.

      1. That’s perfectly fine. Not everyone can handle skilled trades, or want to do manual labour. I understand.
        But if you’re too good to work with your hands, quit whining about corporate slavery and how miserable having a job is. I’m sick of hearing it.

    2. i think that is his point. those jobs that are a “true calling” type job are the goal. not this corporate fantasyland.
      i think you and he are ultimately in agreement that working manly trades are vastly superior to the corporate rat race.

    3. Aaron Clarey, the author, works security. So-called corporate slavery has to be better than security desk slavery. No?

      1. Security isn’t too bad, if you don’t mind the boredom. Worst job I ever had was short order cook, and I cooked my way through high school and college. I would take security over that any day of the week.

    4. i agree with you on this point. i also agree that developing a skilled trade is far more lucritive (and far more useful) then 90% of corporate work.
      but labor laws and hr dont stop at cubicles edge. just as control of frame is key to much of game, control of information and privacy is key to maintaining frame with hr, and by extension frame with government.

    5. True dat. Most don’t get it. You do tho. So do I. I was a desk job corporate slave. Bailed for good during a restructure. Got my ticket in electricity. I can work anywhere. I earn at any level I choose. I take time off whenever it suits me. I earn more now than I ever did downtown. I can speak without repurcussions. And my work is as interesting and engaging as it gets. I LOVE this work.

    6. When you pay taxes on those lucrative jobs, you’re aiding and abetting the enemy. How much did you give the Feds to squander on pointless wars and feminist bullshit?

      1. Last year? 30k. Should I live in squalor and eat shit to avoid paying taxes? I think not.
        Fuck off, child. Adults are talking.

        1. “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
          – Samuel Adams, Brewer, Patriot.

        2. I’ve read of a specialist Doctor in the US who takes off five months in the year because he doesn’t want to pay so much tax to the government.
          I’d suggest that apart from working for yourself, working in a job that allows you to take off the time you wish to reduce your taxation level like he obviously does.

        3. Why would I choose to make less money? That’s just stupid. I love my job. I truly enjoy my work. I look forward to going to work and solving complex problems. The more money I save the company by reducing down time, the bigger my quarterly bonus.
          I have a quarter million dollar home on 5 acres, with a bass pond. I’m putting my kid through private school. And you want me to take half a year off from a job I love?

        4. Yes, I’m so lacking in liberty. I live in a village, population 200, in the backwoods of Louisiana. I can shoot weapons any time. I raise livestock and most of my own vegetables.
          I work a job I love, for a company that appreciates me and rewards me with massive bonuses on top of my regular pay.
          Yeah, I’m a total slave and I should live in poverty to hurt “the man.”
          I’m sure that withdrawing my 30 to 40k in annual taxes would completely cripple the government overnight….

        5. He who dies with the most toys wins.
          It really comes down to how strong your attitude is towards minimizing paying taxes to the government. That doctor’s attitude was obviously strong enough that he got up and did something about it.
          Have you ever calculated how many hours per week you are working just for the tax part of your wage? At one stage I was working about a day and a half for my tax bill before I started earning money for myself.

        6. “I have a quarter million dollar home on 5 acres, ”
          makes it sound like you are living in a mansion..
          $250K is a base price for a decent home.

        7. My house is a little over 2,000 sq ft. But considering it’s just me and my girl living here….we have a bedroom being used for storage and way more space than we need.
          The important thing is the 5 acres of land, huge barn and 1/2 acre pond full of fish.
          I can feed myself off of my land and pond. I have bonfires all the time. I can walk into my pasture and target practice with my pistols, shotguns and rifles whenever I want.
          That’s what matters.

      2. You might not believe it, but there’s lots of countries in this world that would love to beat us up and take our stuff. The wars may be pointless, arguably, but they give our military plenty of practice for the real thing, keeping it a well oiled machine. Countries that might otherwise step up to us think twice after seeing the U.S. Army in action. That said…sure, the funds could be spent more efficiently.

        1. The Swiss also have a lot of nice stuff, and I’m sure plenty of folks would like to beat them up. Somehow, they don’t seem to need as many aircraft carriers, strategic bombers, etc. as America does. Maybe if the US wasn’t constantly meddling in all those areas, and only pursued a policy of maintaining a strong self-defense and nuclear posture, we wouldn’t need the kind of standing military we have now (and which the Founding Fathers were rightfully wary of).
          Switzerland seems to get by just fine with a very small standing army and a very large national reserve.
          And no, given politicking, backscratching and pork, the larger the military (or any other federal program) gets, the more wasteful it must be.

        2. Sorry, but I don´t think many countries care about the US, in fact we just want to be left the fuck alone. Maybe China, the new overlords, will go at this thing called world domination more wisely. Maybe they plan to develop Africa (finally!) so they can ave another market to sell their toys.

  12. There’s just one thing I don’t understand. Sure HR bitches are gonna bitch n snitch but isn’t the boss, you know, the alpha man, the leader of the company, that decides to fire people cause of that? I mean unless every boss out there is pussy worshiper I believe you guys are being sabotaged from the inside

    1. It’s not that clear-cut. All bosses have to answer to the legal system because anyone can sue (and they usually do). He might also have to answer to a board of directors, which doesn’t want to see lawsuits or employees saying their accusations weren’t addressed. Finally, the boss may have to face the court of public opinion in the media — where accusations explode, but “not guilty” verdicts and misreported facts are ignored.

      1. Then I guess that’s where it stops being a company’s problem and starts being society’s problem. The minute something gets the media’s attention it gets blown out of proportion and people get hurt for the sake of the show. Had they let the companies deal with their employees as they see fit we wouldn’t have so many cases of people getting fired cause of jokes or what not. So fucking sad

      2. Because the boss do not need to care. He only needs to keep the machine quietly working, and many of those women work a lot. Inefficiently, yes, but they work a lot of hours. If you have an idea to improve efficiency, nobody is going to listen. They want you to work as a cog in the machine, period. The boss does not need to improve efficiency, since he is not going to get fired anyway. The rest of the companies work in the same way. So the easiest thing for them to do is to fire you, the “troublemaker”.

        1. you betray your complete lack of experience to comment here. one commenting has never been a leader of men. you sound like a spoiled child, ranting about “the man”, having never once tasted the bitterness of responsibility or leadsrship.

    2. Essentially, every company is run by HR. And I’ve never met a male HR worker. Usually female and often black.
      If the ladies in HR say you should be fired for looking at Susie’s ass once, you’re gone. Plain and simple. Remember, we live in the age where “Im offended” gives people complete power over everything.

      1. its not quite that clear cut. and there are rules, then there are rules. it is a system of engagement with rules all its own, that can be used to ones own benifit or ones own detriment. it is a very different beast when engaged at the sole contributor vs. management vs. director vs, executive level.
        HR is a weapon. it is best to practice and understand how to best use it, and how to protect oneself from it.

        1. I’ve never seen these rules. I mean I hear of them, but when push comes to shove they are just transparent words that people say to each other. Kinda like the Constitution. Many a lawyer has had to explain this to a person in a trial for they first time in their life. Try fighting that, try filing an EEOC case. I had documentation of this woman I worked with who sent emails back and forth to her cousin (who she got someone fired to make a spot for her) about who and how they were gonna get a few people fired (for no real reason either). HR shrugged it off. That’s how it works. When you talk it’s “hate speech”, when they talk it’s “free speech”.

  13. Again, another article that perfectly sums up how I feel.
    I am making short-term (2-3 year) plans to exit the Matrix. “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but over the course of time men (and women) will wake up and realize today’s modern work environment is simply not worth it.”
    I’m going to do a combo of going minimalist (which I already have done, my monthly expenses only equal 50% of my income, meaning I can travel with or save the other half) and eventually pulling the escape hatch on Corporate America.
    Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

  14. Be self employed, don’t hire lefty social justice ‘tards. I work for an Asian company where nobody gives a shit about sexism. Feels good man.

  15. If you work in corporate America(as I do), you have to pretty much be a silent robot. I learned this from my previous job(in the Marines). Never say more than is necessary. Always observe the interactions of people around you. Never be too friendly or too mean. Always think about what you say. You literally have to view going to work, like going to battle. Potential enemies are everywhere.
    You can survive corporate America, but you have keep your head on a swivel.

    1. “You literally have to view going to work, like going to battle. Potential enemies are everywhere.”
      A-fucking-men! Trust nobody, say nothing that isn’t uber-PC. Even “trusted” friends can’t be trusted.
      That’s why I hate going to work. It’s not the job, it’s the people I have to put up with at my job.

      1. My father used to tell me how it was for him in the eighties and late seventies: bosses that invited you to a bar after hours to drink whiskey! Support for your family! Sane competition/cooperation between workers!

        1. I’ve heard stories about times like those. Interestingly, when I started in this field about 15 years ago it wasn’t nearly as bad as it is now. I’ve personally witnessed the decline. It gets worse and more cut-throat every year. I think the meanest people I’ve ever met in my life work in my field.

        2. It was very much like that in the 80s. I started work in 82. We used to have company parties where everyone would bring their family along and a good time was had by all.
          The company party for IBM in Sydney Australia used to be held at the largest amusement park in the country. IBM would hire it for the whole day. It was great for the kids.
          Everyone you worked with would be their with their wives and kids. We would all meet everyones kids and the kids would get to know each other. The wives would swap stories of how they had to deal with being an “IBM Wife” but they created their own networks and supported each other.
          This all worked very well until about 89 when “affirmative action” really started kicking. That was when it was first admitted to me IBM Australia had “women quotas”. Things when downhill quite rapidly from there for IBM.
          But I can tell you…in 87, 88, 90, 91 the “family christmas party” was the event of the year for those of us with kids at IBM. I really loved it.

      2. Once I left corporate/office/management type work I experienced what can only be called PTSD. It was literally like what you see in those Vietnam movies. Instead of gooks in the wire it was Janice at HR. A good friend of mine who worked at the Ford MC HQ for 11 years also went thru it after he was let go. He told me stories of “Diversity days, field trips to some place to learn how not to be an awful white male, and never ending sexual harassment workshops”. His days were filled with about 10 minutes of work and the rest politics and PC. Ford of course can’t seem to understand why they have so much darn trouble competing.

        1. Ohhh, I have to add a funny story. The Ford CEO sent out a video email to the workers telling them how they can all join in to save money for the strength of the company. He gave one example. To use both sides of your name tag for meetings so you didn’t have to use a “hello, my name is” sticker each meeting. Wow……..

        2. Meantime, upper management goes on an international binge staying in the finest hotels and hiring the hottest hookers, all under the guise of “business meetings” wasting more money in one hour than those name tags will ever save the company.
          I’ve figured out something about the world. There are those who exercise power, and those who are subjected to its use.

        3. I’m honestly developing stress-related issues, I know being in this environment is not good for the psyche. I have become extremely distrustful of people in general, and that’s not my normal state, let me tell you. When I get in an environment of friends, it takes me a while to let my guard down. One truly learns to keep their head on a swivel in the corporate world, as someone pointed out earlier.

  16. “but over the course of time men (and women) will wake up and realize today’s modern work environment is simply not worth it”
    Yup. I saw this trend impacting my “career” and quality of life back in the 1980’s. It got really bad by the late 90’s early 2000’s as snarky, bitchy femginas wormed their way into jobs they were not qualified for and positions of power they had no control over. They were self-serving gossips and backstabbers, thinking the way to run a company was analogous to the way they’d gain power and advance their status in their high-school clique.
    I had enough in 2003 and haven’t worked a real job since. I’d never go back, even if it means living in a van down by the river and eating rice and beans to be free of the Conniving Corporate Cunt.

    1. The great thing about that is, is that women run those places so poorly that it’s is easy to compete when you run your own business. My friend has a small business and he started to grow and started talking about HR and this and that. I had to tell him thats why he grew. The absence of those. He had about 4-5 dudes for him and he paid them well. No nonsense, no fluff, no people spending all day on how they get Janice back and that guy she hates cuz he won’t hit on her.

  17. OT.
    Guys….CAF is still viral…the NY Daily just did an article on us. I think you men are well advised to head over to these news articles and have your say about how you feel about the pandemic of false rape allegations in the US.
    You have the eyeballs of hundreds of thousand of people reading these articles today….don’t waste your chance to have your say.

    1. Ok….the flurry of news stories for Rachel Cassidy is starting to die down. We got 22,500 hits on CAF yesterday. A record day for us..we have never seen that….the poor site was giving service unavailable quite a bit.
      I have changed the front page to invite registrations to the global site with no agreement to sit on a jury. And this link points out the media coverage we got during the week. It’s been off the charts. Please spread this around guy.
      I think the reason they have NOT named the false rape allegation girl is because it IS Rachel Cassidy….I think we all got it right and now they are doing their best to back pedal.

  18. The easiest way to deal with these sort of women is to turn them on themselves. It’s not that difficult to do. As the saying goes: women are the true misogynists.
    Set the bitchy women against each other and step back and watch them destroy themselves. all you need is to subtly direct this sort of negative female energy where you want it. At other females also putting out this energy.

  19. Just finished reading an article about Matthew Stewart in Ogden, Utah whose bitch ex-girlfriend narced him out for having 16 pot plants in his house. A full-scale SWAT raid and a dead cop later, Matt will probably be spending a lot of time in prison for defending himself from an attack precipitated by a snitchy bitch. Then, I flip over here and read this. Slowly but surely it is all coming together.

  20. Degrees are not worthless. They are good for infiltrating the Cathederal, and using the tools of our masters against them. Last time I checked too, according to the law, every American Citizen is considered their own corporation.

  21. Talking behind people’s backs is what girls do. It’s innate to their sex just like staring at a nice rack is to men. That’s why there is no such thing as “girl code”
    Barring “mandatory gossip sensitivity training” (like they do with sexual harassment) at corporations, you’re going to have to deal with, especially in an office environment. The best thing to do is to NOT get caught in the minefield office gossip by participating in it. Here are few examples using Mad Men, and the 48 laws of power as a guide:
    Always say less than necessary (#4 ). This is something women are incapable of. It’s a quality that beta males regularly fail at. Whether it’s backtracking after saying something dumb or awkward, your words are the ammunition that your coworkers will use against you. In the first episode of “Mad Men,” Don Draper puts Pete Campbell in his place after revealing a secretary’s slutty past.
    “Campbell, advertising is a very small world. When you do
    something like malign the reputation of a girl from the steno pool on
    her first day, you make it smaller. Keep it up and even if you do get
    my job you’ll never run this place. You’ll die in that corner office a
    mid-level executive with a little bit of hair who women go home with out
    of pity. You wanna know why? ‘Cause no one will like you.”
    Speaking of reputation,so Much Depends on it– Guard it with your Life (#5). One of reasons Mad Men is so good is because we get see the seedy underbelly of Don’s private life, that contrasts with the well combed facade he presents at the office. None of the characters knows what he’s up to because he presents only what he wants people to see. That’s because he’s good at…
    Conceal your intentions (#2). You can be Christian Grey at home. No one at the office needs to has to know if you don’t reveal it by commenting how your coworker’s feet look great in those heels.
    Don’t get involved romantically with coworkers. It’s tempting because it seems easier to build a connection with someone who already knows you and you see all the time. The problem is you’re too close to them being around them 9 to 5, five days a week. Don can easily get any one of the secretaries at the agency. But he doesn’t early in the series. When he does later, it blows up in his face and creates drama. There there are plenty of other women to be found elsewhere after work.
    The last bit of advice I give you is what the PUA/Manosphere tries to teach us: Be royal in your fashion: act like a king (Alpha Male) to be treated like one. Snitching is a maneuver used by status-jockeying women, to get you fired so they can take your job. But it’s a move that used by peon’s to court favor with the king. But, if the move fails, it will blow up in their face. When Pete snitches on Don’s past to Bert Cooper, he sides with Don and gives him the decision to fire Pete. Don proceeds to make Pete his snitchy bitch for life.

  22. As an epilogue to this story I want to point out an article on a Web site from Baltimore’s WJLA-TV. In it, two 18-year-old girls who were at a party and drinking underage accuse the state’s attorney general of not stopping the party. The girls are not named although they are both adults (and were at the time of the party). So they get to snitch on the politician anonymously. A female (of course) reporter is behind this. Her name is Suzanne Kennedy.

  23. “… und bräche nicht aus allen seinen Rändern aus wie ein Stern: denn da ist keine Stelle, die dich nicht sieht. Du mußt dein Leben ändern.”
    “… nor would this star have broken its bounds, bursting with light: for there is no place that does not see you. You must change your life.”
    They still teach Rilke’s “Archaïscher Torso Apollos” at Balliol College, which produced Christopher Hitchens, among others.
    Its lesson still holds true: once you’ve seen the greatness that could be, the way of living that puts you at odds with the easily contented masses, you must choose another life.
    How would Adria Richards be anything but an overly contented Desdemona, visiting upon others devilish injuries while being a saint in her proprieties of offense?
    Why wouldn’t you change your life so you can bid proper adieu to such a monster?
    No, I shall not sing her praises; then again, I believe in a cruel God, just as Iago …
    (Mister Roosh wishes for more culture; he shall have it, at the hands of German mysticist poets and, of course, Shakespeare.)
    “How should we be able to forget those ancient myths that are at the beginning of all peoples, the myths about dragons that at the last moment turn into princesses; perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. Perhaps everything terrible is in its deepest being something helpless that wants help from us …”
    More Rilke, natürlich …

  24. At my last job HR not only controlled everything, they actually just stopped working entirely. It was quite amazing actually. I have had arguments with people who say “you need HR”. I explain to them how things were done directly with Managers (and done well) prior to them. Can someone please explain to me how a company like GM with several hundred thousand workers and the worlds most powerful company (at one point) survived so many decades without HR?
    Anyways, the HR dept. bit by bit transferred all their responsibilities down to the Managers. We had to select, interview, hire, do all the paperwork, hell we even had to make laminate badges for them. DO payroll, etc. They literally had no function, yet controlled everything. I cannot understand why upper Management lets this go on. Productivity took a big drop when we spent all our time as HR workers. Yet, they seemed to not be able to wrap their heads around it, or care.

  25. For any H.R. folks who are reading this: if you’d like to see some solid data showing the ill effects of these “snitchy bitches”, as well as the ill effects of keeping genuinely women-hating pricks on staff, please read Prof. Bob Sutton’s “The No Asshole Rule” (won the Quill Award for the Best Business Book published in 2007)

  26. In IT, everyone contracts. Even key people, people who a company *should* have as permanent employees, contract. No only is the money better, but you don’t have to attend stupid meetings.

    1. Dude, im at a company ranked in the top 50 to work for. Our contract workers are cool, but they get paid crap compared to me. I started out with 70k plus bonuses a year and bennies out the ass… and they start at around 45k no bonus and no bennies. Contract work sucks…UNLESS you own the company who wins the contract bid. Meetings do suck ass though. Im in programming and r&d so maybe im just lucky.

  27. An underlying problem is the very existence of HR. Managing people, the people that comprise a company, is the job of *managers*. They have delegated the most important thing they do to a department, often not even co-located.

  28. If you are working in corporate America, develop your exit strategy. When the time comes to exit to greener pastures, find something to be “offended about”. Complain to HR, Threaten to sue. Send a complaint to the EEOC. Cause massive infighting at the company. Out any snitchy bitches and all the backstabbing they have done by providing logs of the offenses to the offended parties. Hire a lawyer on contingency. Sue. Get a payout and/or leave the place a smoldering mess in your wake.
    Revenge or just deserts, either way it is your due, gentlemen.

  29. I’m a woman in an office with almost entirely men. Even if one of them did make a sex joke to me (none of them have, by the way) I wouldn’t even think about getting them fired over something so ridiculous. The only women (unfortunately, there are a lot of them) who would are just trying to exact some vague “revenge” on men for no quantifiable reason. The joke that the man in this article made didn’t even involve women- it was about gay sex. I’m pretty horrified that this happened.

    1. Happens everyday. Now, “it” doesn’t even have to happen. The just go to work and keep your head down and don’t engage thing doesn’t even work anymore. It is a battlefield of Sociopaths. Unless you are willing to meet them on their level you will have a tough time.

  30. Very interesting perspective. I believe I am fortunate because I’ve known my purpose and passion in life since I was 10 years old. I research owls and other birds of prey, waterfowl, songbirds, and flightless birds. It may not be of interest to everyone, but I strongly urge you to even just read the Wikipedia page for any species or type of bird. Or any kind of animal, for that matter. I get a better perspective on human culture and society with the more I study other living systems. I’ve see this with friends of mine who have no background in zoology or biology, that when they’re more aware of the courtship displays and breeding behaviors of Emperor Penguins (for example), they seem to have more confidence in their owl lives and are more at peace with the world.
    As my personal experience is not the norm, I wonder if perhaps we really are at a crucial point in history. I am curious to see what the future holds, to see what shifts will occur.

  31. Corporate jobs serve only to prop up an artificial culture of people living artificial lifestyles. Its for people who want a certain type of condo in a certain type of ‘hood with a certain type of car and certain types of electronics, eating in certain types of restaurants and hanging out in certain types of clubs, socializing with certain types of friend who all want the same certain types of things listed above.
    We don’t “need” all that crap. And it certainly doesn’t make us “happy”.

  32. It is good to see young men waking up to reality. Men older than me did not see what was coming, what they were encouraging. Men my age are mostly vaginized and have no clue what to do. A sizable portion of younger guys (20’s and 30’s) seem to be seeing reality.
    I remember a while back hearing constant complaints about the “penis club” at work. That penis club exists for good reason – men figure out that they can only trust a few people and those are all other men. I wonder if the penis club even exists anymore in most companies.
    I’m no prognosticator, but I got out 20 years ago. I had to but up with snitchy bitches one too many times. And, thankfully, I did not have a left wing, feminist mother. She advised me to be careful around women in all circumstances, but especially in the work place.
    So I got out. I did not just create my own company. I did it in a different country, completely outside the US.
    Let me tell you a very interesting thing about this situation: In the countries where my company operates, even though I am a foreigner without the rights of citizens of those countries, I have more rights than I do in my own country (the USA of course).
    Every man has to find his own path. But I do completely agree with the author of the post. You can forget about the path your father or grandfather followed. If you grew up in a single mother household (I feel sorry for you), you can forget about the means that your mother used to survive.
    You might find a masculine trade. Find a specific skill where you excel and do it independently. You might become a lawyer and have your own practice (or a small practice with a couple of other men). You might create a company and control your own environment. You can leave the US and find ground that is more hospital to masculinity. Or you might just completely check out.
    Whatever you do, with a few exceptions, don’t waste your time in corporate America. It’s already gone. Check out IBM: A woman CEO and its going downhill. Same thing happened to HP. And there are plenty of other examples. The corporations not being run by women are controlled by women one way or another, with enabler mangina CEO’s. There are a small number of companies where you can excel as a man, but those are few and far between, and they could change for the worse at any moment.

  33. Here is an important point: If you are looking for a masculine occupation, stay out of the military.
    Everything the military does, it does on steroids.
    The military is now an vaginized environment. On steroids. You can see this with the acceptance of gays, the obsession with trying to create a “hospitable” environment for women, and the rape witch hunt.
    The military is no longer a last bastion of masculinity. It will soon be even worse than American Society at large.

  34. > Or worse, they will pay off their debts, cut their budget, and once the mortgage is gone, they’re done forever with corporate America.
    Wow – you just described my plan. T-minus 5 yrs and counting.
    Am thinking that when I hit the “financial safe zone”; will attempt to push back hard against the PC Gustapo – who knows, maybe will make certain ppl more tolerant than they are now – and by tolerant I mean “resistant to being offended”.

  35. I met a long time friend of mine for lunch recently. He works in HR. As he sat down at the table he said to me, “I might as well starting wearing a skirt.”

  36. Listen to this guy’s Yotube videos. He’s a ranting loser- 30 seconds of content crammed into 15 minutes of audio.
    What a joke.

  37. I’ve served two prison sentences through lies told by women (rape and assault). In both cases they attempted to win me back afterwards, as if being violently attacked by Jamaicans night after night for three months didn’t convince me otherwise. Trust no Bitch as my father once said. Oh well, I outed them both as Informers on facebook and they had to leave town. So long, suckers.

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