Why White Knights Voluntarily Enslave Themselves To Women

I had always been baffled by white knights – men who saw it as their purpose in life to save every woman from the consequences of her own ineptitude. Like many others, I thought men want sex, and white knighting is a strategy some men use to get it. The baffling part was that I had never seen this strategy actually work – I never saw a man get to sleep with the woman he so passionately tried to save. Why would masses and masses of men try to get sex with a method that never actually gets them laid? Don’t they realize their sexual strategy is not working?

In truth, the white knight is not after sex. Men of all ages and places have a deep desire to be valued, to be seen as honored members of their tribe. Men crave a reputation for being honorable and good, most acutely by their father. They will often go to great lengths to earn this honor and esteem.

In a patriarchal society masculine values predominate, values like courage, valor and virtue. A man’s colleagues and teammates would be overwhelmingly male. To accrue honor, he proves his value to other men. Every step of the way, it is men who decide his fate, not women.

It is popular to say that women are the choosier sex, that it is women who do the choosing. Absent arranged marriages, yes, this is true. But only superficially so. In a patriarchy, viewing women as the choosers obscures more than it reveals. In a patriarchy, the attributes on which a woman is choosing a man were largely determined by other men. The woman prefers a man of high status, but it was other men who gave him that high status. Indeed, men even decide what confers status, whether it is athletic prowess in modern America or testing ability in Imperial China. In rewarding status, a woman’s mating choices are captive to those men who confer status.

In a patriarchy, the say of women has no place in ordering men in the hierarchy of the tribe. Man’s natural desire for honor means he must submit to the priorities of the men in his tribe, to acquire acclaim. Moreover, in more patriarchal times, women were closely guarded; they passed from the care of the father to the husband, with little freedom between. Her capacity for sins and missteps was limited, given the oversight of her male stewards.

We do not live in a patriarchy. We live in an age where traditional masculinity is taken to be broken, hurtful, antiquated – all in all, a hideous anachronism at best, a source of mass rape, murder and oppression at worst. Traditional femininity is reviled as well, in softer denunciations. We live in a time when women and their ways are declared to be morally superior. Ours is a society where women are the final arbiters of morality – it is they who decide who is good and who is evil. Women have conviction and men are convicts.

The white knight is an expression of this reality. On a deep level, he feels that it is women and women only who can grant him the honor he desires. When men condemn him, it is invariably the ‘wrong kind’ of men – their attacks don’t lead the white knight to doubt himself. If anything, when men oppose the white knight, the white knight takes this as a sign that he is doing something right, because he has upset an opposing tribe – that of lotharios and misogynists. What he prizes is female endorsement, for it is only women who can say with authority that he is a man of honor, as he has been told all his life.

This dynamic is not limited to the sexes. One can see it happening in the field of race as well. Convince the masses that one race of people is wicked and morally degenerate, and the masses will assert that therefore this race has no say in what is right and what is wrong. And they will seek to forbid this wicked race of people from having the authority to pass judgment on itself, except to condemn themselves. In our society, whites fill this role, especially Christian whites, as did Jews in Nazi Germany or blacks in the Antebellum South. Not that these groups suffered equally, which is patently false, but patterns recur. And every time this dynamic arises, there are the sellouts among the group demonized, the race traitors, the house Negroes, the Kapos, the white knights, the men who seek to elevate themselves by denouncing their brothers, and collaborating with their greatest opponents for personal gain.

Be it with sex, race or some other distinction, when a man feels so inadequate as to seek honor from outside his tribe, from his sworn enemies, he makes himself a slave. He becomes beholden to those whom he appoints as master.

A man will stop white knighting when he stops viewing women as the arbiters of the good and tasteful. Perhaps women must not have any authority to judge men, and men would disregard their opinions entirely. From ancient Greece to ancient Israel, many civilizations of antiquity saw fit to deny women equality. When men feel they cannot accrue honor from a woman’s saying so, men will stop beseeching a woman to supply it.

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199 thoughts on “Why White Knights Voluntarily Enslave Themselves To Women”

  1. “On a deep level, he feels that it is women and women only who can grant him the honor he desires.”
    Agreed. I suspect the root cause is overbearing feminist mothers bringing up loser kids who have to resort to begging validation from women because they can’t get the respect of men.
    These losers’ hatred of stronger men is simply the result of them projecting the ‘injustice’ of the sexual market unto beings that they want to be.

  2. A man who is comfortable with his own masculinity is not enslaved by a woman, he enters into a life partnership with one. I’m a strong believer in “Like” , not “love”, if you can bear to be around the same woman all day, every day and not want to strangle her most of the time…Then you are pretty much on a good thing, it ain’t for everyone, but it worked for my parents and theirs before them.
    Cue: the chest-beaters saying i’m a beta ripe for pussyhood.

    1. Part of being comfortable in your masculinity is being a leader in a relationship. The woman will appreciate it and be drawn to it. I don’t have a problem with what you said.

      1. nice theory, but women constantly try to upend it and spoil it and challenge the power structure… imagine hiring staff or being captain of a ship, where those you are supposed to command are endlessly plotting to take you down…. you’re safer having a pet lion than a wife…..

    2. Alpha does what alpha wants.
      If you enter into a relationship because YOU want it, grats alpha.
      If you enter into a relationship because someone convinces you that you want it, grats beta.

      1. Lust is about as short term as love. Like will last a lot longer.
        That said, if you don’t like the one you are with..ditch the bitch.

    3. the 50-60% divorce rate and the other 20% that cling on miserable….. means that only about 10-20% of marriages actually work, and these are probably out of convenience and amongst mundane guys with little aspirations….
      i don’t think there is a woman that i can stand to be around all day every day and i don’t think anyone can with stand me that much either….
      a man has to know his limitations…. sole mate or life partner is certainly above most guys pay grade and way beneath any man with real ambition and drive….
      if you really fancy yourself pottering about the garden trimming roses, or walking the dog on the weekend – go for it… but essentially it’s about as interesting (and out dated) as a horse and cart….

  3. As focused as a laser, Goldstein. Well said.
    Indeed it’s men who have conditioned themselves to abhor their own maleness who show symptoms of this disease. I know a guy, we were in school together, who has become an almost unbelievable caricature. I mean if you had to come up with an outlandish caricature of a total absolute strident mangina social warrior, you would come up with him. He emigrated to Sweden (most feminist, PC country in the world), is a self declared feminist and a communist, and suffers from rape and racism tourettes. He’s actively rejected everything that smells even remotely of masculinity, masculine achievement and independence. He especially reviles every successful white man .. and he’s a white man himself. Basically he’s projecting his hatred of himself on every other white man, and recently I discovered it all came from him having an abusive father unfortunately. He has never moved forward from that however, and projected the hatred of his father onto himself and every other man in existence.
    Honestly part of me pities him, while another part of me is disgusted by him. He’s the most egregious example I know of what a man should NEVER become.

    1. “Feminist man” , yeah eventually you realize it just means “Doormat for large ugly women with grudges”

        1. “Your mother wears combat boots” is an old WW2 era insult. 😉
          Didn’t mean she’d been in the military – meant she was poor.
          Butch dykes (often men-haters) adopted the look – Doc Martens.

    2. Introduce red pill literature to him. I would recommend “The predatory female”(it was written by a woman) and the book of zed-Zenpriest. That should atleast instill doubt in his belief

      1. I have tried to discuss some things calmly with him, but honestly I think he’s too far gone now, unless he experiences something himself that makes him question his beliefs. Can’t force the donkey to drink and all that.

        1. While there are some total pansy men, the guy in the middle is the one that gets the toughest ride. He gets into an LTR / Marriage on the basis of it making his life easier, simpler and more secure.
          And while there are some real rotten apple women, most intend to be decent but are just inherently manipulative and crafty, they don’t consciously get into a relationship to make the guys life miserable or screw him up, but they just can’t help themselves – any more than a pet tiger can stop itself from biting a guest it takes a disliking to.
          It’s a shame that women have to be so animalistic and driven by raw emotion, insecurities and so forth, but it is the way it is. There’s no point in being all bitter and twisted about it, anymore than you can curse the snow when climbing a mountain.

        2. Indeed. The most important word to say to a woman you have a LTR with is “No!”. Just like kids need to hear it when necessary.

      2. White knights are more feminine that most women. I’ve had one white knight tell me that he wants a “strong, independent woman” and also said he wants a “life partner” and that would result in “perfection”. I’ve seen another one get highly angry when someone brought up the idea that men and women aren’t equal. These guys are gonna get chicks that have slutted it up through most of their 20s and are gonna basically run their lives once they get married while they think that their wives are these little angels from heaven that could do no wrong. It’s actually kinda scary and it’s extremely sad.
        I feel really bad for saying this, but I don’t think they’ll ever realize the world for what it is. Quite frankly, they’re doomed.

        1. “These guys are gonna get chicks that have slutted it up through most of their 20s and are gonna basically run their lives once they get married while they think that their wives are these little angels from heaven that could do no wrong. ”
          The modern female MO is no secret anymore..
          Step 1: 18-30 -> Bang as many alphas
          Step 2: 31+ -> Change your look to a conservative one, start doing yoga, claim spirituality and bag a beta chump for kids and marriage.
          Step 3: After marriage -> repeat step 1 until caught or bored.
          Step 4: DIVORCE PARTY! -> clean out beta husband, take his kids, become a high class milf.
          Step 5: Write on feminist blogs how there aren’t any good man left.

        2. I’m 30, step 2 is very noticeable and I can’t help but laugh. The same girls that were wearing skirts so short their labias hung out are now wearing jeans and long sleeves.

        3. Hells yeah!
          You gotta love the female herd mentality, once you see that pattern, it’s everywhere…
          The ones with tattoos are easy whores, act accordingly but never let them know you know they are easy.

        4. You just described my cousin to a tee: now in her 50’s (aged extremely well btw) and now on her 4th victim husband who’s a wealthy landowner and 20 years her senior so her “retirement” is well taken care of.

    3. if he’s a feminist & communist and grounds those things in his own personal experience then his indoctrination is probably complete. People in that mindset interpret any falsifying evidence as confirmation of the oppressive ideologies that surround them. Meanwhile they will protect their own underlying assumptions about how oppression works with any weapon except free and honest debate

      1. Those guys don’t want free and honest debate. Most men and people don’t want a free and honest debate because they don’t really stand for anything. They don’t have a set of ideas that they’re willing to stand for. They think everything is easy. They don’t have the capacity for independent thought. They can’t handle the truth.
        Most of the people on RoK view debate as a way to get better and to find out where they’re wrong (I do) and we view it as a way to better ourselves. We (at least me) look at debate as a necessary and important part of the process. Most men don’t view it that way. They view dissent and debate as a complete waste of time. They think everyone should do what they’re doing and follow because they know nothing else. They’ll do anything to protect their vision of the way the world works.

        1. True, left/liberals really don’t have an argument to make– they just want to get their way. Period. Position doesn’t matter. Tyranny (their tyranny) does.

        2. It all about securing the outcome by any means for the hardcore leftists and feminists. As soon as you touch on one of their core beliefs the debates over. Marxists stopped seizing power through violent means a long time ago. Now they aim for position; to take control of universities, institutions, the media etc. so that they can propagate dogma unchallenged. They believe everything is ideology so indoctrination is OK. I think feminism in particular is actually quite vulnerable here. Its achieved its success by endlessly propagating the same ideas in the media etc, and crucially by ensuring no-one can freely debate those ideas in academia or mainstream media in
          particular. Gradually sites like RoK are managing to directly challenge what feminism is preaching and such
          challenges will gradually start entering the mainstream. Feminism’s entire success depends on the illegitimacy of direct challenge. Target that vulnerability and we will soon discover that the entire edifice has been built on deceit and intellectual candy-floss. But white knights are the guys who permit this. They’re the ones forming a protective ring. If you go to some of the radical feminists sites they are the worst zealots and hate masculinity fanatically.

        3. Sites like RoK are changing the game. Just look at something I found. There’s a lot of hope left. The men of our generation is starting to adapt and change, so it’s only a matter of time until women will be forced to do the same.

        4. Many of the most gender-feminist males I have ever met, are guys who are of a weaker stature, and seem to some degree, not only psychically “emasculated” but also to some degree “psychologically castrated”.
          Its almost like a massive “revenge of the nerds” movement…and they hate, hate, hate able bodied athletes, especially football and hockey player

        5. What do you mean “trying” to take control of the levers of power. They have done it. Completely. Schools, Courts, Popular Culture- the real dark triad.

        6. I don’t think I said ‘trying’ – I said they ‘aim’ for position, which is the post-gramscian marxist way. However compete that process may seem its foundations are weak The movement is elitist, based on flakey, counter-intuitive, and largely unopposed ideas, and well when it comes to people in powerful positions – you can get rid of them. Look at the battles in education right now over key personnel. Because it is elitist and corrupt then it can be opposed with populism and by targeting vulnerabilities, & pointing out absurdities & lies. The sheep are manipulated. Demonstrate to the sheep how they have been manipulated and they will no longer be sheep.

        1. This must be the short haired girl that likes to follow tom around the internet… or her attention/approval seeking orbiter.

    4. speaking of manginas. its showing up in Lebanon a conservative nation but liberal compared to the middle east.
      We got hipster manginas and dykes white knighting for that lebanese skier Jackie Chamoun in Lebanon!.
      If they say its art and not porn then why is NSFW here in the west. Art is pictures and scultures that require skills, modelling aint one of them, well unless you show how great you are at photo shop.
      She is supposed to rep Lebanon’s culture not europe.
      This western mindset is spreading across the globe and shaming the critics with being “close minded” and “backward”(well we were naked even further back before colonization so what does that say). Call someone close minded for not agreeing with your views doesnt sound open minded to begin with.
      The reaction is becoming bigger news then the media did when they presented the news. Seems like the social justice warriors are more concerned about this then the politicians are about Lebanon’s economy.

    5. Basically he’s projecting his hatred of himself on every other white man, and recently I discovered it all came from him having an abusive father unfortunately.

      And this is where it all comes from: dysfunctional childhoods. Mine was fairly normal where I had a very loving family but my father was completely absent. This lead me to become the very common socially awkward, overly conservative white knight young male who looked up to people like—-pause here to cringe—-Rush Limbaugh as role models.
      Fortunately I’m in my 40’s now and have completely discarded the indoctrinated mindset of my youth. Mind you however that I grew up in a pre-social media, pre-24/7 news cycle era where indoctrination from hollywood was still limited to nightly television shows and the occasional trip to see a movie.
      Kids these days are screwed in this regard.

  4. Although on some occasions I may look at white knights with contempt. I can relate to them for I was in the same position not long ago. White Knights are like walking ‘tragic heroes’ and like all tragic heroes, they have a fatal flaw. The fatal flaw of the white knight is the unconditional, chivalrous treatment to ALL women.
    White Knights are sold a lie from either their mothers, sisters, schools, Hollywood or blue pill friends that all woman are GOOD and all men are BAD. Even with the presentation of evidence to a woman’s true nature, the white knight does not budge. Sometimes the only thing that can pull a white knight out of this indoctrination is a MAJOR crisis e.g divorce rape, paternity fraud, false rape accusations.
    Luckily, in my case it was a girl that I was ‘inlove’ with(one-itism) who I found out to be a massive whore. I was shattered to say the least. Now I look back on it as an enlightening moment in my consumption of the red pill. Better sooner than later.

    1. Not necessarily. I think it has to do with the harsh realities that face men and not women. My view has always been that women are and should be an escape of pleasure for men. I do agree that the media is manipulating our women but look what Cleopatra did to Julius Caesar. She fucked him over for his friend and ally Marc Antony. Marc Antony was obsessed with her and she weakened him to the point where he couldn’t rule. These were the men who conquered foreign lands, ruled over the one of greatest empires in the world, educated, and possessing maximum masculine virtues. I think “white knighting” in the most natural sense is men’s need to create this feminine ideal world of pleasure and peace for our world is filled with strife and struggle.
      I may write an article expanding on this.

        1. A “real gentleman” is an IDIOT. It’s usually women who trip over themselves to define a “gentleman”. So you’re right in not letting one of those idiots define it.

        2. Feminists believe crusades against male fantasies like video games, comics, movies or pornography, but never touch the romantic novels, fantasies of a poor and stupid woman, gets the love of a multimillionaire, and powerful leader.

        3. Feminists took the idea of “Gentleman” and decided it was an oppressive thing. Most women are now some sort of “feminist” (to varying degrees). “We want to be treated as equals” they whine. So that’s why being a “gentleman” is considered bad now by women.

        4. Yep, agreed…nice pic with post. You have to love women who cry “where are all the good men” and then pick up that book. It really doesn’t matter. They were already programmed (before this book) to accept shit treatment – they just never wanted to say it or admit it.
          Never take any dating advice or advice on women from a woman (i.e. mom, sister, any woman).

        5. @disqus_3JHI3VgaDt:disqus Every white knight/mangina should have a gun held to his head and be forced to call in to the Tom Leykis Show.

    2. White knights are brainwashed. They suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. As Edward Bernays (US) and Lord Rothsmere (UK) had noted in 1925, ‘only 87% of the population thinks critically about a matter, hence the shaping of public opinion through propaganda is achievable’. We should feel sorry for white knights (as well as sending them down – can’t encourage bad behaviour if they keep it up).
      The plan:
      (1) Shame feminists and most feminist-related behaviour that doesn’t benefit most men.
      (2) Educate white knights or shame them, take them down.
      (3) Try to shape the environment, one mind at a time, where people take on redpill views.

  5. White Knighting white women (in the Middle East, Far East) actually works.
    But probably not with much success in the Anglosphere, EE and other European countries.
    Foreign men actually often white knight white women (irrespective of age) to get sexual access (with success), especially at work places in the Middle east and Far Eastern countries. White men who live and work in that part of the world will attest to this fact.
    So, this strategy is often employed with success by men of other ethnicities, outside of the Anglosphere. White knighting – does not only work specifically for white men – and for all men (irrespective of race), and that too ONLY within the Anglosphere.
    The reason why this stinks is that a feminist white skank only has to move to these countries in her 30’s to work, and she’d still be in demand. She’d still get her ego massaged by the foreign men sexually starved for her white skin, so she’d still be held in awe. The sexual value and desirability of white women is disgustingly overhyped in that part of the world (partly due to the global profusion of porn), and the men in that part of the world don’t know game much. The only way they know to approach white women is white knighting and the nice guy mangina persona. And the hypocrisy is that the white woman will often detest such an approach by local white men within the Anglosphere, but happily lap it up to give her goods to foreign men when she’s away from home in those countries.

    1. ” And the hypocrisy is that the white woman will often detest such an approach by local white men within the Anglosphere, but happily lap it up to give her goods to foreign men when she’s away from home in those countries.” -Realistic
      That’s because Anglo women are enamoured with foreign dudes, and due to their lack of exposure to different cultures will attribute any and all behavior to “it’s different where he’s from”. You could put a Brit with a fifth grade education in front of your average American girl and she will think he’s reciting Rudyard Kipling’s poetry when he speaks.
      So there’s a built in pass for foreign guys and their white knight behavior. Foreign white knights pull the same shit local white knights do- they just do it with an accent. Bitches love accents.

      1. “Bitches love accents.”
        Hilarious and so true. For any of you who haven’t tried it, a fun game is to go to a club/bar/lounge where no one will really know you and just adopt an accent (British works for any white guy, Spanish is probably better if you have the look to pull it off). Women’s interest will instantly shoot up. Brits in the US can get away with shit game because bitches just love to hear them TALK.

      2. Is it because they are enamored with such dudes (slight contribution to attraction) or because THE LOCAL MATING ENVIRONMENT DEMANDS SUCH BEHAVIOURS. As such, the western feminazi environment encourages bad behaviours, whilst the eastern one is more conducive to human relationships between the sexes. Social incentives are more powerful in shaping human behaviour, than people are willing to admit. It is for the same reason that the welfare state encourages a lot of apathy and dependence etc.. If media-sponsored feminism disappeared tomorrow, women would revert back to more feminine behaviours as the incentives to do so would exist.

      3. Agree. American women are suckers for novelty and accents are exotic to them. I am a short balding Australian male and I had no problem getting laid in the U.S by attractive women. If i was born i the U.S most of them would ignore me, just like they do here in Australia.

    2. Not true in the far east of Asia. I’ve been there and seen how even 20s western white women are totally ignored by all men. Asian men are not ignorant of the horrible nature of western white women. And white men in Asia have options other than white women, so they choose steak over shit.
      Many multi-nationals have a policy of not sending women to posts in east Asia becaue they will not stay there for long. This might be getting better, as the age of the expatriates is lowering, and some of the young white guys may not have wised up. It still is typically a sexual desert for white women in the places I have been such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Philippines.

      1. So true, I’ve been living in hk for over 4 years now and even the good looking white women here don’t register on the radar.
        In the rare instance where they do, their westernized attitude usually brings things back to normal

    3. In the Middle East, white knighting is mostly employed by Middle eastern (Levant) and other dark skinned men with white women for sex. It’s even done with the whores from the FSU countries who “work” there. The worst thing to see is a white knight standing up for a white woman who cheats and willingly sells her body to other men – in the hope that she would have sex with him. The only places left untouched so far, is the Far East. White knights really appear disgusting, creepy and annoying.

  6. “White Knight” or someone who sticks up for a woman being bullied by an angry manosphere twerp?

    1. or “house negro who sticks up for the slave owners who have persuaded him they are the ones enslaved”.

    2. “who sticks up for a woman being bullied”
      You do realize they’re laughing at you behind your back, right? If they even notice you at all.
      “Sten’s such a ‘nice’ guy. A little creepy sometimes, but whatever. Anyway, did you see what Katelyn was wearing today. What a skank…”

        1. That’s not true. It’s when they start to solicit sex that they’re creepy. Any man who solicits is obviously after sex with you is creepy though, unless he’s really really good looking.

        2. Right. Even creepy losers can be useful occasionally, though. Especially if you need to move heavy objects or otherwise channel male strength or aggression.
          The trick is to give them a little encouragement to their faces but never… ever… fuck them. Betas are gross.

        3. My point is that white knights are delusional losers to women, not the noble man they think they are…
          Whether they solicit sex or not is irrelevant.

      1. I was walking up to 2 black girls in walmart and heard the end of their conversation about some men. In parting they high fived and said “Good think we’re not men, we don’t gotta do no fighting” with a laugh.
        I wanted to stop and lay it into them.. but as any black man knows, they’ll call their daddies in uniform the moment you put them in place.
        …Damn i hate weave and tatoos.

  7. Women’s opinions in general, historically have not mattered to society or men. Men made all the decisions from the beginning and societies have prospered well. It is only recently, in the last couple hundred years that this trend in women having a say has started.
    Women are the body and men are the head. The body cannot lead the head.
    Chivalry is for the women who deserve it. These days, those are few and far between in the west. If you are a lady and carry yourself as a lady (legs closed, respectful, dress conservatively, intelligent, has manners) then you can expect to be treated chivalrously. If you are not like that, expect to be treated how you act.
    White knights stop fawning over all women and save your tactics for those who deserve them. Whores and feminists don’t deserve chivalry.
    Men, treat women how they act. If they act like a lady, treat them that way. If they act like a bitch, treat them that way. If they act like a man, rip their clothes off (don’t assault them sexually, just strip them naked) and remind them they are a woman, physically inferior to a man. Tits and pussy ain’t a dick.

    1. Some “ladies” are nothing more than high end closet prostitutes biding her time in a continuous hypergamous lifestyle until she’s too old to suck cock.
      Those are the ones who hurt good natured men the most. Many divorces, many broken men behind and yet they act like “ladies” the whole time.

      1. i have a GF that frequently comes out with prostitute fantasies…. and even asks me to pay her for sex …. sometimes i give her a tip for a joke, but most of the time i tell her that she should be paying me…..
        ALL women are whores at heart… that’s why prostitution has always been taboo… it sets a realistic market value….. aside from disease it’s not men that have a problem paying for it, it’s the women that want to squeeze the market.
        In fact some of the best sex I’ve had was with escorts, for the simple reason that you can just sit back and relax, with no judgements and she will do whatever you ask her, usually starting with a kick ass full body massage and BJ.
        Half the girls either don’t have the skills or won’t put out or expect something in return if they do….. I’d rather peel off a couple of hundred than have her building all kinds of judgements and future contracts for my services.
        In a regular situation you have to seduce, you have to jump all her hoops and you have to perform, she’s more of a passive goat to hump and she then judges you, gossips to all her friends (and future boyfriends). You are the seller…
        When you pay, and really it’s very cheap, because that’s all a fuck is worth, she is selling you a service, much like a massuse or therapist… you become the discerning client that can look down his nose at her, demand extras, make complaints, write bad reviews, etc. etc. so she really has to put out….
        game will get you so far, but there’s nothing like traveling first class from the start.

        1. “ALL women are whores at heart… that’s why prostitution has always been taboo… it sets a realistic market value….. aside from disease it’s not men that have a problem paying for it, it’s the women that want to squeeze the market”
          Well said. That’s why dating sites like what’s your price dot com are working great.
          Gimme a fucking break….a dating site where you can find your “soulmate” by PAYING for her to just show up?
          It’s essentially paying for an escort but no sex guarantee..it just uses a different marketing pitch.
          Men there who wife up these whores is akin to marrying an escort. SAME THING.
          The problem men make is trying to turn a whore into a housewife. Never going to happen. The only good wives are virgins from 3rd world countries 15 years younger than the man. Anything else is bullshit.
          If prostitution was legalized like Amsterdam, pussy value will drop like a rock and men will finally start walking away for good from these lowlife dumb gold digging whores.

        2. Yes, when you set aside the blue pill idea of a sole mate… which is a lovely idea on face value….
          then a wife / female companion is simply a commodity, nothing more than a car or apartment that must be convenient, economical, functional etc.
          realistically you need a maid, nanny, momma, whore… and not necessarily all from the same woman…. a swiss knife with all those functions is not as good as a standalone hunting knife or a good pair of scissors…..
          i think contracting a girl long term for sex and a bit of weekend fun, is a great idea…. she gets her entertainment and a good fuck… and some cash…. you firewall the emotional BS. and keep her at arms length… if she really went out of her way to impress she might be in with a chance of moving up the ladder into a relationship of sorts…. In Pretty Woman, Richard Gere made only one mistake… she should have kept her on the payroll, because this sets the boundaries.
          Any relationship with any woman is fine, PROVIDED YOU set the boundaries and make her stick to them… women are experts at getting under your skin, touting BS, and breaking down your boundaries until they enslave you.

        3. lol…agreed. Chris Rock said it…”all men want – food, sex and silence…feed me, fuck me and shut the fuck up”.
          It seems like you have that going for you, Ray. Nice work.

    2. I contend that women’s opinions did matter, when they were complementary to men, for they were the masters of keeping the home in check. Nowadays women are poor at work and in the house. Only a minority are equal, we can’t ALL be equal – that’s ridiculous! And yet that’s what feminism is – its communist/communitarian/anti-libertarian etc… Obviously all of those ideologies are bad for most people in society in the long run, including women.
      Btw chivalry should be laid to rest, unless the girl is your long-term partner. State-based marriage is a falsehood and an informal ecclesiastical marriage is more Godly if you are Christian. Also, irrespective of beliefs, people must suffer the consequences of their actions – this is an obvious truth.

      1. Yes – obviously it must be frustrating for very smart women like Marie Currie or Margaret Thatcher to be held back just because they are women…. but this is really 0.1% of women…. there must be some outlet for these very clever super women… or humanity misses out, but at the same time the rest need to know their place…
        A guy that is only smart enough to be a trash collector shouldn’t be running for president he’s just making a mess, not doing the world a favor.

    1. you could exaggerate that position as this is only true from the point of view of marxists / feminists etc, but in every society there is always a scapegoat or a scapegoat group identified as the culprit, and which needs to be ‘sacrificed’. Girard describes this as a universal truth. Any group can be scapegoated, and most have including women, blacks, jews, etc, But from the PC establishment point of view its mainly hetero white men

      1. OK that makes sense, although from my perspective men in general are maligned (hence this website). Coming from a black family I hate the way my father and brother have suffered as a result of divorce and consequently, it has affected my relationship with my mother. I blame the State for this, which means ultimately, it is men making other men suffer. Democracy rewards feminine men sadly.

        1. “Democracy rewards feminine men sadly.” Currently it does. That needs to change. Incidentally I’m mixed race, so I’m not saying the above as a supremacist of any kind. It is however objectively the case that PC lumps hetero and white and western into one big lump of evil. The point isn’t to lurch in the other direction, but to disentangle the lies & restore male leadership. The author acknowledges that other groups may also be scapegoated

    2. Did you pay no attention to the OWS progressive stack? White males go to the end of the line. This is supported everywhere in this sick society. If you are white male then you need to check your privledge and not complain while they shit all over you.

      1. My friend I have suffered far worse treatment . I appreciate it is frustrating for you, but understand that it is a certain class of white men who are ultimately responsible for the situation. In other words, the privileged classes in society sell others down the river (ironic expression no?) to satisfy the most powerful voting blocks (women, minorities) in this dog and pony show known as voting. They will never suffer the consequences of their actions. We will.

  8. Interesting comparison to race.
    White knight = house negro.
    In this analogy, who are the slave holders?

    1. I don’t like the comparison at all. I can perfectly understand why a black dude doesn’t want to be taken in by some black identity cause.
      You’re not a “traitor” if you’re not a black racist and you’re not a “traitor” if you, as a man, side with a woman who deserves that.
      Whites, men, blacks, women: Those aren’t teams you hold any loyalty to.
      A white-knight isn’t a “traitor”, he’s just a moron.

    2. In this analogy, who are the slave holders?
      The evil politically-correct power structure with all the money.

  9. I shaved my balls, does that make me a white knight?
    I did it, knowing full well that this effort towards a women’s appeasement would translate into increased zealousness and regularity of certain pleasurable activities. However, I can not help but question if this step was a first act of trahision towards my fellow mankind, and a step over to the darkside of manginaness or metro-sexuality. Where do we draw the line ?
    Over the years, I’ve notice about 50/50 acceptance of this act in the hockey change rooms (yeah sorry guys, I’ve been checking y’all out), with this ritual more prevalent among younger and single subjects, than the older married guys. While I am on constant and conscious awareness, to not enslave myself to another’s doctrine, as well as ensuring not living a life being safe in the middle (only one shaven nut), I certainly do not see myself completely ignoring contemporary hygienic protocol and going full out ” bear hairy”.
    This seems to be my stake in the earth and where I decide to draw my battleline. If I should give give ground, what will I be doing next… will I wear skinny jeans?, will I watch “eat, pray, love” ?, will I start posting my food on facebook? ….the list of atrocities are infinite in the endless and despairing downwards spiral of emasculation, upon which without being fully conscious, each successive fall would almost be unnoticeable until too late.
    I hold now before me, 1 blue Bic comfort 3, triple blade, rubber grib disposable razor…….

    1. provided you shave the balls and make her suck on them after…that’s fine… we all like having our balls sucked on… it feels great and even better when shaved…

  10. Good Article.
    Honor is the status that men grant to exceptional other men. Honor is a strong concept, and men will die for honor.
    White knights do not get that women do not understand, get, determine, or even value honor. Honor is not at all related to sex and women view it as a curiosity or even as oppression (the men will do things for reasons that don’t involve them).
    So all of the time that white knights spend trying to be honorable to women is wasted. And, everytime a women says that you can be honorable or chivalrous by pandering o her, these are lies or shit tests.
    Honor, being a good person, doesn’t get the girls. The girls will go for the guy who gets the panties wet over the honorable man everytime.
    There are good reasons to white knight, but everybody should know that white knighting doesn’t help you get the girl.

    1. Yeah – we should call the new way of being ‘Dark Knighting’ (no offence Batman). Women get wettest oftentimes for guys with NO emotional control (ie they are not men). I’m more and more convinced that women go for this as they are not emotionally wired to be adults themselves, most of the time. Many go for the person that best represents their predominant mental/emotional state. I have been guilty of behaving poorly in the past, and every time I did, it got the girl so wet and even randoms chased me.

  11. “The white knight is an expression of this reality. On a deep level, he feels that it is women and women only who can grant him the honor he desires. When men condemn him, it is invariably the ‘wrong kind’ of men – their attacks don’t lead the white knight to doubt himself. ”
    That is well said. That’s why I believe white knights can be defeated because of their obvious weakness. If the message that masculinity is good comes from women, they will suddenly believe in masculinity like it’s the next religion. How to beat menboobs : send female preachers to them.

  12. White knights fall into one of two categories. One group is the men who have been intellectually and emotionally broken Bane-style over the knee of societal acceptance, either through indoctrination, fear of being ostracized, or a belief that such a state holds to the combination to the panties of women. The other group consists of guys who don’t actually engage women face to face, choosing instead to white knight from behind a keyboard, almost as fantasy portrayal of how they think they would act if ever actually blessed with the presence of a woman who would keep their company in person.

  13. I think it just makes men feel good to rescue women. It’s the same reason why everybody is constantly trying to feed the Africans.

    1. Rescuing a troubled woman is like rescuing a drowning child or helping an old person across the street. It is a man’s nature to protect those he recognizes to be inferior (either physically or intellectually) to himself. Women are aware of this powerful instinct and, like everything else, manipulate it to their advantage.

      1. That’s true.
        It feels good to help a cute girl when she plays distressed and maybe smiles as a reward, even if sex isn’t on the table.
        There’s an instinctual program at work that is independent from any indoctrination I believe.

        1. Completely agree.
          For me, one of the most difficult aspects of improving my game was (and continues to be) learning to be more aloof, self-assured, even cocky. Girls always respond better when I act that way, but I have had to consciously condition the desire to protect them out of myself. Sadly, the same girls (18-26) that soak their panties in response to my cockiness now are going to be regretting not appreciating the “nice guys” in their life when they hit their 30s and have no husband or children to show for it.

        2. “Sadly, the same girls (18-26) that soak their panties in response to my cockiness now are going to be regretting not appreciating the “nice guys” in their life when they hit their 30s and have no husband or children to show for it.”
          Yeah agree.
          These same girls in their 30s are like used up sex dolls, you can see they’ve been all used up, no one wanted to commit to that and so should you.

        3. I was in a military organization many years ago that was transitioning to having women for the first time. We had to go to training on how to deal with female recruits. The number one thing they said was that if you are yelling in a females face and she starts to cry, ignore it. She is crying because the tactic has always worked in the past. If you ignore it it will not work and they will stop doing it. This turned out to be very true. It was the start of my understanding of the true nature of women; they will bo anything and everything to get their way, what ever works for them.

        4. They are the boxer who hits below the belt…
          The guy who stab someone in the back during a bar fight…
          Your “friend” who sleeps with your wife….
          Basically a woman has as much honor as a street prostitute…Don’t fall for their “innocent” look, it’s all planned.

        5. I’m pretty sure the hotter ones manage to keep the delusion going, though whether they will get away with that in the future is another matter.
          Can’t fix something that is broken – they will continue being the way they’ve been their entire lives until they cannot continue the fantasy/delusion any longer.

        6. I’ve seen grandmothers at work (60+) still rocking the heels and short skirts….yeah she is still skinny but WTF am I looking at?
          The delusion only gets worse with age unfortunately….that’s why rich men always go for younger girls…It’s not only because they look better (some MILFS are hot too) it’s mainly because they don’t want to listen to an old hag self-validating herself all day. Reminds them of their slutty mothers growing up I guess…

    2. Sam Kennison (sp?) had a good routine about this. He said we have to stop feeding starving Africans because that just encourages them to stay where they are and be fed. They are starving because they are in a desert where no food can be grown. If we stop feeding them they will be forced to move to where they can grow food. He is much funnier than I make this sound and uses a lot of his yelling in peoples faces.
      Of course this is too simple. The great bulk of African starvation is caused by civil war and other ethnic conflicts. But, once again, sending food just allows these conflicts to continue. Once there is no food the fighting will stop; if for no other reason than no one is left to fight.

  14. But you have to realise just how many of Hollywood movies with plot male protagonist saving female protagonist from evil. This sends message, especially to young males who are clueless about things.

    1. One counter example I can think of is Disney’s ‘Hunchback of Notredame’. I do enjoy some Disney films, mostly the older ones, mainly cos as a musician I love many of their sound tracks (Hunchback’s score has an amazing main theme). But in the story itself, remember how poor ole Quasimodo risks his life to save the beautiful Esmeralda and his input is instrumental in righting a few wrongs and saving the day. And yet, at the end Esmeralda does not shack up with Quasimodo, but with the handsome prince who did almost nothing to save the day. That’s some red pill reality right there.

      1. But movie like that is so rare. Protagonist male saving protagonist female from evil is much more popular.

      2. This reminds me of how pissed off a portion of ‘Fable’ fans were that in the end, the good route didn’t pay off and you didn’t become a Holy Superior White Knight (guys wtf is their endgame/goal in becoming and is it a word? surely some want to improve their status at some point).

      1. This episode of CSI cracked me the fuck up the other day. I walked in on somebody watching just in time to see a 100lb. actress supposedly rip this big ol’ dude straight up out of a fight. I was the only person in that room that seemed to think that was implausible.

        1. this fight scene is completely stupid since a woman of her body weight and height even with training, would have been unconscious from the first blow, especially when taken by surprise…

  15. It should be added that those who are white knighting or pushing over-political-correctness are the least immersed in what they are “protecting”.
    I have a lot of friends from different backgrounds so I pick up a lot of diversity. When I talk to and joke with my middle class white friends as I would to/with my friends of other backgrounds, they get defensive regarding my “political incorrectness”. How would they know what is politically correct when they only associate with white middle class people?
    Same thing with white knights in regards to women. They aren’t experience enough to understand that many women love to manipulate the truth so they can be seen as the victim. The white knight will always look past the fact that there is ALWAYS two sides of the story.

    1. True. I’m very anti-PC but have no problem hanging out with nonwhites. In fact, I find that it’s always whites who are the most disgustingly sensitive PC types.

      1. I was born in the west though my parents are indian. In recent years, I have become disillusioned with my country, but it doesn’t change the fact that I have no loyalty to my race (indians). They are not the guys I was born and brought up with (mostly whites). Ultimately, it makes no difference to me what color a man’s skin is, and despite being Christian, I have held friends of all sorts of beliefs. I did hold racial views in the past, but in recent years I have come to the realization that we are more similar and more than anything else, I hate stupidity. At least I recognize that I need to learn more. Most of the human race is stupid and don’t try to improve, doesn’t matter what they look like.

        1. Most of the human race is stupid and don’t try to improve, doesn’t matter what they look like.
          Thread winner.

      2. True that.
        Spend time in Latin America. The think it is laughable how their immigrants to the US are being treated now as protected victim class.

    2. It’s irrational, no matter how often you explain to them you come to the conclusion they’re scared – of saying the wrong thing, offending someone, losing social power.

    3. “The white knight will always look past the fact that there is ALWAYS two sides of the story.”
      They will also completely excuse a woman’s wrongdoings. I once argued with a dude here who white-knighted this girl bitching about needing feminism because of words. I told him about how I saw a video of a pregnant girl getting beat up by two women so in comparison, the girl bitching was well-off. The white knight completely missed the point and on top of that, though he mentioned what i’d just told him he completely ignored the fact that it was two women who beat that girl up.

      1. I LOVE when they get quiet and cower when women shout in their presence. I bet when she spoke he shut his mouth, stared at her, and nodded even when she said outrageous shit akin to: “women prevented the holocaust” or something.

  16. Do not try to help white knights. Someone has to look after all those bastard kids and single-mother sluts, and it is not going to be me, because I will be in Thailand balls deep in poon.

    1. Did she really make that speech?
      We’ll you can tell from her lyrics that she’s a shallow leftist, but this article is one of the most hyperbolic pieces of neo-marxist drivel I’ve read in years.

      1. Well that is the claim. I was not there and I have not seen a video of it…I was just posting it here for the men to see. If anyone has any further evidence I would be interested to know.
        I presume the transcript is accurate.

  17. This reminds me of the first Dune novel by Frank Herbert.
    The a secretive tribe of witches called Bene Gesserit that control civilization. So lots of men’s thoughts and actions in the book are towards gaining favor with these manipulative women.
    When you meet top feminists with real power I have always thought of the Bene Gesserit and used that as a way to understand them and understand where they were coming from. So your article makes perfect sense to me. Basically it’s a way of mentally giving up and conceding power to female manipulation as a prime authority.
    So white knights are trying to curry favor with that kind of mindset and never attempt to rise above it.
    Great article really got me thinking… For sure there’s lots of links between feminism and witchcraft, for example research the goddess movement. White knights are just men who playing servant to this mental order.

  18. This article reads like something out of The Way of Men by Jack Donovan – guys are preoccupied with being good men instead of being good at being men, as if manly virtues aren’t essential when it comes to ‘goodness’.

  19. This place may well outgrow its PUA roots yet. Although I think you have made an error in discounting the power of women in societies nominally dominated by men you have done well.
    The fundamental division of human society is into the Women’s Circle and the Men’s Guilds.
    The Women’s Circle is inclusive. If you are a woman of the community you belong to it by default and its internal structure is inherently communitarian.
    The Men’s Guilds are exclusive. They are private organizations that you must earn your way in to. Their internal structure is elitist. You must be deemed worthy of inclusion.
    The Men’s Guilds are lead by the dominant of the elite. The fundamental definition of Dominant Male is that men defer to him, and women are attracted to him indirectly by that and “choose” him.
    The Men’s Guilds are strong, but divided. The Women’s Circle is weak, but united.
    There is a power balance fed by nested feedback loops.

    1. And in traditional society, women’s circle existed too, as outgrowth of the men’s guild.

  20. ya never understood selling your own group out instead of defending them evenn when its hard like ddfending the black communities high crime rate or terrorism in the middle east. youd be an uncle tom if you sided with your critics. do women ever denounce what women do?nope they stick togeyher and we should do the same.

  21. I can’t believe it. An article that since my first red pill at age 18 makes me feel pity, rather than disgust, for the White Knight.
    I buy it, too. No one has ever got laid white knighting, and a lot of it in fact happens in situations where there was no possible way to get laid (internet forums, anyone?). Makes sense. They’re not doing it to get laid, they’re looking to female fucking strangers for approval, desperately. “Did I do good, Ma’am?” Christ. That sucks.


    1. maureen, can you post some videos of you and your civil partner eating each other’s pussy?

  23. This is good analysis.
    On the whole, men have caused me only small amounts of trouble. The solution is always simple. I can either overcome/overtake that man causing me trouble, or I realize I must give in because he is stronger. It’s great to be able to do the former, but no shame in the latter when a concerted and genuine effort has been made. This is true except in one case – the case of the White Knight. I will never give in to the White Knight.
    Women, on the other hand, have caused enormous problems for me. These have generally been very complex problems to fix. And a big part of the solution has always been to remove the woman that caused the problem from my life entirely.
    When it comes to White Knights, I observe that their actions in our society are principally through the government. The White Knights are politicians and their enforcers are government agencies (like the IRS), the courts, and the cop on the street. In a more abstract since, the military protects the White Knight. Look in any other institution in our society and you do not see men turning against and betraying other men in such a manner. Not in business (competition is something else entirely from betrayal), not in religion, not in sport.
    White Knight politicians are making a very simple calculation. These White Knights want power, plain and simple. The easiest way to gain that power is to gain the female vote. The easiest way to gain the female vote is to promise them resources, to play up to their narcissism, to join them in their solipsism. It also helps, as we saw with the bogus “War on Women,” to play off of the natural victim mentality of women and convince them they are victims of men – all men – and need protection from a White Knight. All of this can be summarized with one word: feminism. The White Knight commits himself, on behalf of women, to running the feminist state.
    At the root of the problem is women’s suffrage. I would love to believe that women can overcome themselves and vote accordingly, but I know in my male soul that this is impossible.
    So, is there a solution to this problem? Probably not. But if there is any hope, it lies in the educational and networking effort of a site like ROK, among other strategies and tactics. The only way to neutralize the ill effects of feminism is to deny the White Knight politician enough of the tools he has at his disposal the he is fatally weakened. This requires enough men to refuse to participate in the betrayal of other men.
    What might this look like? One example is the military. The military depends on voluntary recruits. Older men should counsel younger men not to join. The basis for the argument should not be that the younger man might get harmed. The younger man has no concept of this. The basis of the argument should be that the younger man should not give himself to a system that works against his interests. And the older man should offer an alternative: Better yourself, for yourself, and pursue financial gain. Use the system, do not provide it with your body as a foundation.
    This could be the most fatal of blows to the feminist state. A country without a strong military is less secure. (This is true regardless of your views of our military and how it should or should not be used in international conflicts). A country without a strong military also has no threat of its own military being turned against the people of that country. (You may not have thought this through, but why do you suppose the feminist state encourages the increasing militarization of the police?) Without the strongest military in the world, the US would become poorer for a variety of reasons.
    You might bring up the feminist states of Europe. But that would be incorrect. The US military is the protector of the feminist states of Europe. They do not need their own strong military because the US protects them under the aegis of our military.
    The same can be said of the police. And many other areas in which men are required to forcefully subdue other men in order to subjugate them to the feminist state.
    Another area is with regard to resources. Men should not marry women from American society and feminist culture. Find women from other countries. Even go to those other countries to live. Provide those women and those other countries your productivity. Deny it to the feminist state of America.
    I could go on, as there are many other strategic and tactical methods to undermine the feminist state. My point is, if we ever hope to change things, we need to start thinking like this and putting enough men on the same page. This will never be all men – the Pajama Boys of the world will never participate – but just needs to be ENOUGH men.
    Of course, this is probably just fantastical thinking. But it is nice to entertain hope from time to time.
    But is it really so hopeless? How was American colonized in the first place? Some of it occurred simply for financial gain. But a large part of the early colonization occurred because people sought to escape oppression. Many others looked around their “homes,” saw no opportunity, and left to find it in the New World. All men in the US are currently in the same state of affairs as the early colonists of the New World. The feminist state is an oppressor. The feminist state is taking away opportunities from men. Over throw it. Or leave it behind.

  24. “You can’t respect someone who kisses your ass. It just doesn’t work.” –Ferris Bueller

  25. There are too many fucking White Knights posting here on RoK and I wish they would the fuck off our website and go back to their female bootlicking.

  26. Indeed when men stop considering women infallible and decide that they’re just as fallible as men, white knighting will stop entirely.

  27. The really hostile white knights tend to be the ones who grew up with a strong feminist mother, or ones that have always been surrounded by a particular group of women who are less trashy than others but still ultra hypergamous. i.e white, college educated, middle class women. The white knights are oblivious as to how shallow and stupid most of these women are. I remember recently this recovering white knight was telling me how he was ‘shocked’ that a girl we grew up said that now in her 30’s she is willing to date a man that isn’t tall. Like plenty of beta chumps, he naively thought she wasn’t that superficial.
    It may seem extreme, but i think it’s best to treat all women the same to be honest. It saves you a lot of trouble. Don’t get too attached, just go in for the kill. Make sure you protect your assets too.

  28. Today on my farcebook I’m noticing more than one chick sharing pics of rose bouquets they received .. without any accompanying card or name. I mean there are guys buying expensive roses and sending them to chicks without even telling them who is it from. Talk of flushing money down the toilet for absolute ZERO chance of getting something in return. LOLZ!!

  29. Even though this article talks about American women in particular, Russian women (and other women from the FSU and EE) – even if they are closet feminists and sluts/whores – have an amazing ability to create white knights among foreign men (A trend seen emerging in some recent articles on RoK). It’s pretty evident when one sees a foreign born man with a FSU broad. The reason? “Femininity”, “Traditionalism”, “Amazing sex”, “Beauty” etc.
    Most foreign born men, let these closet broads’ displays of “femininity” to fool them into white knighting for them. Little do men realize that even a whore’s display of coyness can make her appear as virtuous.

    1. “Little do men realize that even a whore’s display of coyness can make her appear as virtuous.”
      Perfectly said.

      1. the problem really kicks in when she gets pregnant and does actually need your help… and it’s fun to help her… women do need a man’s help… but once you start providing it… it becomes a given… something she can demand, and you can easily get used to giving in to that… since women are takers she will just take more and more and more….

      1. you missed the point 🙂 The fact is, feminists point to sometimes false and often true ‘quotes’ all the time as ‘evidence’ that a particular line of questioning or attitude is inherently evil.
        Stalin liked vodka in his coffee, therefore, anyone that likes a shot in their coffee is clearly a horrifying totalitarian communist mass murderer.
        Hitler once said “Move out of the way, I cannot see the parade” (true) so apparently anyone that asks someone to move out of the way so that they can see is a ruthless tyrant.

        1. Well it is true there is no logic or reason in any feminist arguments….I have asked the feminists to please present a book that presents evidence that women were ever more oppressed than men.
          I point out that the starting point for more oppressed is conscription or drafting. Something that has been quite common for men. Six years later no feminist has presented a book that has any evidence in it that women were ever more oppressed than men. It didn’t happen.
          But they keep lying to women and women keep demanding “free stuff” from governments and men keep tolerating this….so men deserve what is happening to them.

        2. “I have asked the feminists”
          That is your first mistake. To assume that any dialogue with women will result in meaningful information transfer, whatsoever. This never happens.
          Your second mistake is to assume that ‘feminists’ have any information or power whatsoever. They do not, and never have. All they have is the power of the men who are manipulating them. Their lies, misrepresentations, falsified information, rewritten history? They are nothing more than justifications they tell to each other to explain why they destroy themselves at the behest of strong men, and manipulate weak men into doing what they cannot do.
          There is not, and never has been, a ‘war between the sexes’. Feminists are nothing more than useful, stupid tools some men use to dominate and destroy other men.

  30. I remember the time i said i don’t want my woman independent in school when the teacher asked us.
    The amount of shit i had to endure because of that, haha, good times. And only because i had a different view on what i wanted.

  31. What’s the forum this site is connected to? I just remembered it existed and really think I could use it.

  32. By and large good article but two problems.
    First the special us-american thing about “race”. It’s not race, it’s the economic differences stupid. As Socialists have know for a long time. Black US-Americans are unequal because of former slavery and poverty not “race”. Race is the artificial ideology to keep you stupid and poor. Only you wouldn’t know because you live in the US.
    Second, the old worlds total disregard for women. Also the economy. Life was seriously hard, but nowadays it needn’t be that way. Unless you live in some cutthroat capitalist backwater… Women’s participation like democracy, human rights etc is a luxury but can be very enriching.

  33. Women have more choices now than they have ever had and in most cases they still cannot get it right unless there is a rule book in front of them.

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