22 Signs He’s A Player

As soon as Tuthmosis dropped “24 Signs She’s A Slut” like an atom bomb on the fem-o-sphere, sluts were set back a decade in their quest to hide their promiscuity. The post provided such superlative advice for how to micro-target for easy sex that I felt it was necessary to even the playing field for our female fans.

There isn’t a girl alive who will admit that she likes being played. Ladies, if you’ve ever wanted to figure out whether your mystery man is getting some other action on the side, you are in for a treat. Here’s your guide to spotting cads while trying to find your tame, submissive, and monogamous dream man.

Black Knight’s List of Top Cad Characteristics:

1. He is in good shape. In a country where 2/3 of adult population is overweight or obese, you won’t see many tubby guys getting sex from high-quality girls.

2. Approached you, especially during the day. As Roosh wrote in Day Bang, “the average man will die before doing a cold approach while sober.” If he proactively approached you and you weren’t immediately “creeped out” (woman-speak for any attention from men they find unattractive) you can be sure he’s got a lot of practice.

3. Pushes for sex on the first date. Players know that modern girls are flakes. Whether they put value on the immediate one night stand is immaterial — they know they have to push the interaction as far as possible to get the girl invested and maximize the chance she will return.

4. Is evasive or mysterious about mushy personal things. You’re unlikely to hear about a player’s dreams, aspirations, insecurities, etc.  Good players don’t want to tell you anything that could be used against them, and really, what’s the use of opening up to someone you don’t view as a potential partner?

5. Is in a band, especially as guitarist or lead singer. With a constant stream of young groupies at their fingertips, why would any of these guys commit to you?


6. Refuses to meet your friends. If you delight in the chase you know that a girl’s friends are never your allies. At best they are neutral observers, most often they are saboteurs and haters. After all, why should their friend enjoy some fun with a mysterious stud if they’re not getting any attention themselves? They are also spies who will report any sightings of you to their friend.

7. Reticent to spend lots of money on you. Everybody knows the simp’s go-to maneuver is the expensive dinner first date. Players flip the script because they know there’s no upside to trying to buy a girl’s attraction. If he suggests you split a bag of skittles for dinner, you’re staring down sexual checkmate.

8. Won’t see you more than two times a week – A player’s time is valuable, whether it’s being used for gaming other girls, making money, or enjoying leisure time. As part of the harem, you’re not going to get more than the occasional bone thrown your way.

9. Has friends who are good with girls. Players don’t hang out with simps. Period.

10. Could be described as charming. How many socially awkward guys do you know who are getting trim on the regular?


11. Often doesn’t want to see you on the weekend. The weekend is a time for precious rejuvenation and rebirth. For the hardcore 24/7 players, this is when they’re beating the bushes for new prospects. For the introverted players, it’s the time when they unwind solo and prepare for another week in the game.

12. All of your dates involve alcohol. Feminists will undoubtedly misinterpret this and brand me as a proto-rapist thought criminal. The fact is, most players want to avoid getting a girl sloppy drunk. However, they also know that sharing just  drink or two will make it easier to get sex by an order of magnitude.

13. He has a wide face. Biomechanics is your friend in your quest to root out cads. Men with wider faces are more likely to have higher testosterone levels, and therefore are more likely to seek sexual novelty.

14. Is secretive about his phone – He knows that, because you possess a vagina, you are going to try to snoop as soon as you get the chance.

A phone is to a player what a light saber is to a Jedi.” – Danger and Play

15. His phone is always blowing up OR you have never heard it. The bolder playeratii will not care to hide their dalliances with other women because they can use jealousy to their advantage. The stealthier guys will make their phones a complete non-factor when you’re together.


16. Is resistant to any innovative date ideas after getting sex. Why should this guy waste time on taking you to the zoo or ice skating if he got what he came for?

17. Avoids PDA at all costs, especially if he’s better looking than you. The player needs some plausible deniability should he run into one of his other conquests. He also doesn’t want to devalue himself in the eyes of women or other men if he’s punching below his weight.

18. He forgets which stories he’s told you. The most surgical players have a cache of go-to anecdotes, one liners, and pontifications that they unleash on any new prospect to build attraction. If you’re hearing about his skydiving adventure or his palm reading skills for the third time, he’s used this script before.

19. Doesn’t give a shit about Facebook. He knows that social networking puts him squarely on the grid, and also that “getting your Facebook” actually decreases his odds of having sex with you. A small subset of players will embrace the opposite extreme and have a prodigious Facebook presence with tons of female “friends,” but most player Facebook accounts will be locked up like the farmer’s daughter on prom night.

20. Not anxious to please you. Have you noticed that most men have bent over backwards to accommodate you since around the age of 14? This behavior will be conspicuously absent in players. They will be less willing to put up with your crap and will act like they have other options. Because they do.

21. Doesn’t call or text you beyond the bare minimum. With lots of balls in the air, it’s impractical for the player to devote significant energy to any single one.

22. Will only meet up when there’s the prospect of sex. Lunch at your favorite place between work meetings? Taking a walk around the park? Getting together while you’re on your period? The veteran player will avoid these like the plague.

Men, if you work some of these characteristics into your persona you’ll improve your success with women instantly, have more power in dating, and free up time to focus on more important things.

Now for the ladies — I’ve given you a great blueprint for avoiding the kinds of men you profess to despise, but I fear it will inevitably fall on deaf ears. You are innately and viscerally attracted to men who display these characteristics, which is why many of us have worked hard to develop them as second nature. Sorry.

For the majority of you, only when your sexual marketplace value falls will you make good on your cries of “hating players” and “just try to find a nice guy.” If you’re finally at this point, follow this advice to the letter and you will live happily ever after…at least until the divorce.

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106 thoughts on “22 Signs He’s A Player”

  1. Great list. I laughed at #6, didn’t even realize I did that but its true. The more you see a girl as a pump and dump, the less you want to meet her friends. Its just not worth the hassle.
    Also, #18 is great. Happens daily.

    1. #6 is essential game tactics. If my girl’s friends were hot, fun and fuckable, I’d see them out and about and approach them.
      I want a real social network with my girls less than I want a fake virtual social network on Facebook. It will fuck your shit up playa.

      1. Women are status-obssessed. Her friends want her to be happy… but only with a man of lower value than they can get themselves. If the man is high value, they’ll either try to cut him down so she doesn’t forget her place in the social order, or steal him for themselves, particularly if you’re not dating the Queen Bee of the group.

    2. Did your dad talk like that to your mommmmm….pump and dump her…pump and dump!!!!!!!!…. That’s the most vulgar thing I have ever heard!!. You players will all end up as sad, nay pathetic sad old men. Living alone in your dirty one bed apartment. Good luck to you; for the older you get the more creepy you will be to young ladies.. and soon the only girl you will touch with any sort of intimacy will be the 20 something girl that passes you your McDonald at the drive through. You all seem to think your cock prevents the aging process, IT DOES NOT! if an old man pervs on us, we are not flattered by it. IT’S SICKENING TO US. all we see is are dads or granddads or great granddads.. FUCK OFF…I hope any offspring you potential bring into this world are all daughters. Then that will be the closest you can come to understanding what the pain of being used by a man is like… When your own daughter is used as as pump and dump..

  2. Men with wider faces have more T? I thought that Asian men (stereotyped with low T) had wider faces than most, and the prototypical Caucasian Alpha Male had a more narrow face that tapers out.
    I thought that players hung with simps to take their women or make fun of them too.

    1. When there’s women around a bunch of simps will make you seem better in comparison. Otherwise I avoid them since they’re a pain in the ass.

    2. well I think its talking about Caucasian faces, since most readers are Caucasian and their face shape varies the most

  3. Guilty as charged on practically all counts, even though I wouldn’t consider myself an inveterate player yet. Good to know I’m on the right track .. haha.

  4. Wow, ticked all of them except number 2 and 5.
    Emphasis on number 19-Facebook is an underrated cockblocking machine for players. To my fellow players, lay off the social media. You’ll save yourself yourself a lifetime of explanations. e.g. Clingy harem girl-who’s that bitch that posted on your wall?
    You- uhmmm

      1. same, I deleted mine in July and it makes rotating your harem so much easier. Don’t have to worry about female stalkers.
        It also does wonders for giving you more free time. I didn’t realise how much time I used surfing facebook, reading useless statuses. until I deactivated my account. It also gives you mysterious vibe that woman like.

        1. Don’t have to worry about female stalkers.
          Female stalkers? I just block them if they get too crazy. No problem.

    1. Clingy harem girl-who’s that bitch that posted on your wall?
      You- uhmmm

      An alpha would actually get a kick out of a girl asking him about that kind of thing, rather than turning guilty and seeing it as an uncovering of his perfidy.

    2. Facebook is for actual friends you like to talk to about (your) stuff and meet with.
      Not for your current harem.

    3. uhmmmmmm how about a “not so personal fb account” ? FB can work on your advantage, and in most cases unavoidable, so always have one and set it up in a way that no contacts can post or comment, its that simple

    4. To each his own on the Facebook thing. Those of you under 27 should leave it alone. For the over 30 guys out there that are living interesting lives, keep your account because you will occasionally pique the interest of friends of friends or chicks that you used to bang.

      1. I get your point, but as an MGTOW, I really couldn’t care less about chicks I used to bang.
        ‘On to the next one’

    5. Your black.. Your ugly. I doubt that you have a harem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a black man your socially stereotyped (no smoke without fire) to be feckless, idle, chicken eating, lazy and unproductive. Pardon me as stereotyping a particulate part of the human race in such a manner and giving as little though to it as I would as a would as taking a piss. I suppose we have that in common..

  5. This list is so spot on. This list would be what a documentary on my habits would look like.

  6. This is bullshit!!!
    20 out 22 of these signs apply to me–and I fan through bitches like a stack of blank paper going into the copy machine–but I’m no player.
    Stop player shaming! I feel like I’m going to throw up. I’ve lost all hope in humanity. You must have a small dick. You live in your mother’s basement. You’re just a rapist with mommy issues.

    1. ” I fan through bitches like a stack of blank paper going into the copy machine–but I’m no player.”
      LMFAO! You sir, win the Internets.

  7. I understand #19, and the urge by most men to abandon Facebook, but it’s actually useful if you play it according to the 48 Laws of Power Law #6: Court Attention at All Cost.
    Used effectively, you can turn it into an electronic PR Agent.
    Personally, I create lists of friends and show each of them only what I want them to see. It’s actually quite fun. And it also fits into the Dark Triad qualities of being narcissistic and Machiavellian (cunning and duplicitous.) Facebook is basically about narcissism, so why not indulge yourself once in a while?

    1. One of my FB friends is a prodigious, even pathological, player. I’ve had some of the girls he’s met and FB’ed, including a few strippers, show up in my “People You May Know” because of him.
      For my part, I do FB girls — in one case, an already friendly HB9 become more comfortable and open with me — but I also keep my FB chat turned off and post very rarely. It’s my way of not being too mysterious, but still being mysterious. Chatting to girls on the FB chat is beta.

      1. Good points. No chatting, and posts to your targeted group must only be ones of self-aggrandizement.

      1. There’s no right or wrong here. To each his own. I was just giving a justification if someone decided to do Facebook.

        1. I agree. I just think Facebook requires more investment to maintain, whereas on Twitter an instagram link or two can establish a social paradigm in a heartbeat.

  8. 19 of 22. And fuck you for putting up that screen shot of the iPhone text message settings. You realize you just made “player signs” search-engine friendly? Ah, well, fuck it, if women rejected men for being players, we’d not be here, having this conversation on a highly-trafficked site on the web.

    1. Don’t hide your status. Your forget Women are driven by unrealistic fantasy expectations, hence horoscopes, paranormal, spirit guides, crystals etc. The more narcissistic they are, the more likely they believe they’re the star of a movie, and therefore every experience is mentally-rationalised through scripting they’ve learnt from entertainment media, be it something a celebrity has done, or something a fictional character in a movie or television show has done.
      She wants to know you’re a player, and high value. Knowing this, she’ll instantly base her expectations on the tired Romantic Comedy trope of ‘Reforming The Cad’. She’s a unique and special snowflake. She’s different to all those other girls you’ve banged. She’ll win your heart and teach you how to love and you’ll never look at another girl again. Richard Gere won’t care that she was a hooker. Wedding bells are inevitable.
      The higher value you are, the more desperate the rationalisation.

      1. Indeed… But the older you get the more we think. why has every other woman in his life let him go.. Why is he not married yet? if he’s such a catch? ALARM BELLS!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy that take away for one in you 50s,60’s and 70s mate..

  9. Hah, nice flip here. Maybe we can get Jezebel interested in this in order to protect their fragile readership from running into cads.

  10. Six months ago I would have cried while reading this list. Now, I ticked 18. Thanks Roosh.

  11. “18. He forgets which stories he’s told you.”
    I often find myself saying “wait…..did i tell you this already?” as they nod “yes”…ha!

    1. I do the same, and often joke–“did I tell you this already, or was it one of my other girlfriends..

    2. OW what a witty anecdote…You must be beating women of with a bat… NOT. They know your lying but want sex like you. so what….

  12. I’m really looking for a reason why fat guys can’t be players because I’m fat and I’ve pretty much checked every option here except for a few.
    If anyone could explain that one to me, I’d be glad.,
    PS. It should be noted that I’m a fat guy who’s in his second year of daily workout thanks.

    1. Are you man-boob video game nerd fat fat or 6ft4 Linebacker fat?
      Even so, turn it to muscle. Strong Independent Women ™ are much better-behaved with a muscular man due to media brainwashing them that it’s what they deserve.

      1. Not buying that argument. My gym is full of lean, young, middle-aged, chiseled muscular guys and lots of lean, fit, attractive young and middle-aged women. From my observations all those guys are invisible to them. They are only into themselves.

        1. Women go to gym to invest in their bodies so they can attract men, and the ocassional attention whore. In either case, they have their bitch shields high up to the roof. Gym game is a very dubious investment.

    2. Fat operates at a direct, visceral level.
      When women are given the direct choice — a) the chiseled guy with muscular arms, torso, and legs or b) the fat guy, all other things being equal, they’ll go with a) .
      If you carry yourself properly and dress well and have great game, then it can become just a minor drawback.
      Keep at your workouts. Try a program like LeanGains to cut your BF%. And of course, eliminate the refined starches and high GL carbohydates. More lean protein, legumes, vegetables, and olive oil/macademia nut oil.

      1. Also:
        1) You say you workout daily. Are those workouts cardio only? Do you lift? If so, on what program?
        2) You say that you have almost every other player sign above. Then, almost by definition above, you are sleeping with multiple women at any given time. So don’t you consider yourself a player already?

    3. Think of it this way. when you meet a new woman, your all over appearance, how you dress and how you carry yourself, will be the first thing she notices.
      Regardless of how good your game is, it’s still going to take several minutes of conversation, if not more, for you to sell to her what a great guy you are. I’m not saying that you can’t be a player as an overweight guy, staying in shape will definitely give you an advantage when trying to make the best first impression on her.
      I also think many people, conciously or unconciously, associates fitness with a lot of other attractive qualities such as; you’re more driven, self-diciplined stronger and all over more healthy.

    4. Women just don’t fantasize about overweight men being “bad boys with hearts of gold”, they want their bad boys to look dangerous. Maybe thug your look up and see if that works better for you?

  13. I would add:
    23. He dresses well but does not exude a gay vibe.
    23(a). He drives a nice car such as high mid level sedan or SUV but nothing too flashy like a souped up sports car (exception for the gearhead players out there).
    24. After sex the condom seems to disappear or he always makes you swallow.
    25. He expects lots of oral action but will never reciprocate
    25(a). If you stop going down on him because he won’t go down on you he starts the “fade away” performance.
    26. He seems to have a lot of early meetings or appointments and leaves that night after sex instead of staying over. (He might even have another date if it is not too late).
    27. He has any familiarity with the iPhone app “Burner” (or he sells drugs on the side).
    28. He claims to be out of town a lot on business trips.
    29. He seems to “sandbox” your date locations in that he keeps them in one small, confined geographical area of town. He does this to avoid the chance of running into another one of his girls. If you are always going out in his neighborhood you can pat yourself on the back because you are probably his current top pick.
    30. He simply agrees with every political statement you make and remains silent when you talk about women’s issues or feminism.
    31. He takes to you to a gun range as a date (applies to urban players only)
    32. His place looks nice and stylish but also sterile in that he has no pictures of friends or family in prominent places and only one or two personal items that suggest a hobby or interest are out and visible.
    33. He has no pets.
    34. Everything in his place is locked up and the medicine cabinet just has advil and bandaids.
    35. He manscapes.
    36. He messes up your name by calling you a closely similar name (Christine vs. Krista, etc.)
    37. If you have ever left a place because “it’s lame and full of douchebags” but it appeared to be fun and full of perfectly fine people. Chances are he spotted another one of his girls and wanted to make a break instead of having a possible confrontation.
    38. He will just sporadically “go dark” maybe blaming it on losing his phone.
    39. Dates seem to go smoothly, especially the first few, and there are no awkward moments.
    40. He does not talk to your boobs or have a wondering eye instead talking directly to you with a semi-sinister smirk.
    And the best of all.
    41. If you use the word “jerk” when describing him to your friends.

    1. Don’t forget:
      42. He never seems to wear deodorant or uses shampoo to wash his hair. Instead you spot several boxes of baking soda around his kitchen and bathroom, that you cannot quite figure out what he uses for. Be aware that he uses them in place of deodorant and shampoo. A true sign of a man who has taken the lessons taught by Roosh to heart

      1. That is horrifyingly disgusting. Do you people really not bathe or are you just being sarcastic?

      2. i tried the baking soda thing for about 15 weeks.. Wasn’t working for me, if you really want easy shave it off and go clean and mean

    2. Nice list. Personally I don’t mind too much engaging in political or man-woman issues though (your point #30). Actually in my experience it can help. It shows that I’m ready to stand by my principles and establishes me in their eyes as unashamedly masculine. I’ve had wild first date lays with several chicks right after destroying feminist bullshit and myths over a few drinks, the equivalent of me taking out my dick and pissing all over the feminist bible..lolz. Maybe they weren’t die hard feminists you might say, but if they were I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them anyway. So if I risk turning off a real rabid feminist which somehow slipped through my radar, it would still be a win for me. Helps screen the wheat from the chaff.
      Regarding not giving them oral .. well .. it depends. If you like one a lot and want to keep her around for hassle free sex on demand, giving her that treat is a very good way to keep her coming for more and for her to willingly become your sex slave in return, which will repay you for the favour many fold. You do have to invest a bit to get a dividend. YMMV and all that.

      1. Yeah, old comment, but I only just read it. I wanna pull you up on your “political debates are good.” Straight away I make the assumption you’re american. This is because I have only heard american’s talking business and / or politics to a chick to try and impress them. I hang my head in embarrassment every single time I hear that. Trust me, trust me, you should stop doing that straight away. In fact, just stop talking politics altogether, it’s a 100% waste of time unless you’re actually in the political sphere and can make a difference. Plus, it’s soooo fucking boring to listen to. Talk about fucking cats going “no, no, no, no, no,” and you’re already miles ahead of the politic-speaker (not that I’ve ever done that cat line on a girl… might actually work).

  14. Black knight, isn’t this how men normally act around women??
    isn’t this how we’re SUPPOSED to act?
    who missed the memo?

    1. How we’re supposed to act is debatable, but I can count on one hand the number of men I know in real life who “normally” fulfill 15+ of these

  15. So this site’s sub-heading is “for masculine men” and there are endless comments on here running female readers and commenters off. So I have to ask, why write an article aimed at women?

    1. The article is really aimed at men. It’s “guys, this is how you should be doing it if you want to do it right”.

      1. I don’t but it for a nano-second. Writer “Law Dogger” sought to bait women to this site with
        “Stay home ladies. It is not attractive to see the crow’s feet face
        when the bars close and the lights turn on. ”
        What woman gives a rat’s ass if y’all wanna see her in public or not?

        1. Wait a doggone second there…you are not supposed to let men get under your skin. As a feminist ninja infiltrator your assigned task was to post meaningless, middle of the road, boring, plain vanilla, politically correct responses to every comment on every article in an attempt to slowly grind men down and destroy them as retribution for Fat Shaming Week. Please dont forget your Primary Objective -why you were sent to this website.

        2. I’ll bend you over my knee and teach you what “western civilization” is really all about.

  16. Single female reactions to this information, divided accordingly:
    25% – “This is awful! What kind of assholes do such a thing?”
    74% – “LULZ ya guys r dicks but Mike/Jim/DeShaun is totes different <3 <3″
    1% – suicide, because reality is a harsh motherfucker that doesn’t correlate to the Hollywood fantasy her besties helped her create.

    1. You are all missing ODIN in your life…… REPENT NOW.. follow the path of ODIN, Love your race and respect your women…….else they will NEVER respect you.

  17. The list is correct.
    You are missing one of the biggest player tells though, hence
    #23 He doesn’t ask you to go a bar or a restaurant or to the park or some other date like location for a first date. Instead, for the first date, he tells you to come directly over to his place to watch a movie/watch TV/listen to music/eat ramon noodles/etc.
    The reason for this is because players don’t like dates because they see them as an obstacle to getting the bang; you can mess up on a date or spend 2-3 hours spending time you have no interest in other than sex. Why not invite her directly over instead of going on a date? Many women will reject this and in those cases you go on a date as a last resort. But a lot of women are totally willing to meet a guy at his place “to hang out” instead of going on a first date. Beta guys don’t do this or wouldn’t even think to do it. Therefore, if a guy asks you to come directly over to his place as a first date to “hang out”, the guy is definitely a player.
    I will say that for #4, some players will tell a heart warming story, especially if the guy is considered a “bad boy” or arrogant. The point of it is for a) women to think that he has a softer side that no one knows about, b) make her think she is special because she feels like he hasn’t told this information to anyone else, even though he has probably told it to several other women, and c) make her think that she can change him, which is important since women love to tame bad boys. Most women usually feel they need some kind of connection to sleep with a man and this works every time.

  18. I have been lurking for a while now on this site. There really is some really great information here. However, most of it is complete and utter garbage.
    Who do you think is your main audience ? I will tell you – teenagers and college kids with some 25-28 guys sprinkled in for good measure. Those are all impressionable young lads that you are trying to sell false hopes and ideas to.
    I am older than most of you guys. I am 60 to be exact and I have spent most of my years first competing in powerlifting and then becoming a strength coach for universities in Europe. Basically, I hang around all the young guys and I know how they feel and what they want.
    Do you think I enjoy seeing the guys sad and depressed because they don’t get women ? Of course I don’t since I know how hard they work in the gym and during their study time. I just tell them to forget all this bollocks and focus on what’s important. I teach them to be strong and independent men that do not waste their time with silly little girls that do not know how to please in bed or in a relationship a jacked dude that could probably eat her little dog.
    In stead of you guys acting high and mighty – which you are not – and saying non-sense like “don’t work your ass off – you should be getting laid” actually think what you are putting up for these young fellows. Continue writing guides on how to escalate and how to sweep women off their feet – that’s great stuff and even I appreciate it – but teach men how to be strong, how to be independent and responsible. You can get across to far more kids that I can so, please, just try to help them grow up and become better and stronger.
    Stay strong, stay hungry guys !

      1. Thanks man. Most of them have been failed by their fathers in the sense that they have never had positive masculinity shown to them. They don’t know how to be a man and how to make meaningful life choices.
        I show them the barbell – the greatest judge of our time. It turns weak, sickly boys into hulking men that take up space where they stand. I teach them how to be strong physically and mentally. I teach them that women should be their bottom priority because sex is meaningless without feelings of mutual want and compassion.
        I want them to be independent and to have fun with what they do and to study, to read and to learn. I do not like “dumb jocks” and they should put two times the effort they put in the gym during their studies and essays.
        That’s how you become a man !

        1. Yes, young guys need strong male mentors to show them how to become men. The tragedy of our times is that masculinity has been so vilified and weakened, that youth have hardly any positive role models anymore. You are doing a great job in giving them some of that. Hopefully our efforts here can help as well.
          What you said reminded me of one of my favourite essays: Henry Rollins’ “The Iron”.

        2. That’s a great essay !
          Check out some of Jim Wendler’s articles on T-nation. The man takes the truth and tries to drill it into everyone that is ready to listen.

  19. Females want to be tricked, they want to be played and allow themselves to be that, as they will rationalise every step although they are not supposed to go to bed with a player.
    Simple, descriptive reality of how the female mind work. Even the Bibel describes it, as Eve ate the apple in the garden of Eden.

    1. Don’t recite centuries old Semitic shit that was written by a misogynistic, raghead man with schizophrenia to justify your behavior. Go and tell your mother what you just wrote. I’m sure she will be the proudest mother in the world, either that or wish she had aborted you before your birth… I wonder what she would choose???????

      1. Oh shut up with your embarrassing tactics of trying to submit to your opinion by shaming me into it.
        Seriously, you haven’t brought up a single argument to why i’m wrong. Not a single one.
        That is all i’m going to say.
        Have a great life.

  20. Don’t see the big problem…
    I know my guy’s a player(Even though he doesn’t fit half the points!), which just makes everything so much easier, as we can actualy be facebook friends… Especially since he works for me… 😀
    Guys instead of hiding your inner Player, be clear about it… women will hate you way less! And you can actually use them as booty calls if you don’t have anything comming up 😛
    Either that… Or European women are just much more accepting!

  21. What does “socially awkward” mean tho? I never understood this term, or “creepy” or whatever labels these shallow minded individuals put out there.

  22. Bro you’re fucking hilarious! I was seriously rolling on the floor laughing (supportively, of course). These are too spot on, and with a funny punch line at the end of each one. Keep doing what you’re doing brother!
    -Fellow Player

  23. Silly little player hater. Don’t write about topics you don’t understated. What you basically describe is a guy that has a life. A guy that is too busy to live their life through Facebook. Who doesn’t take shit from anyone. #16 is wrong that is when you would reward good behavior. But none of this shit works if your a sneaky fuck. If a girl ask me a question I’ll give her an honest answer. You’d be surprised the positive responses you get.

  24. I made an account just to say that this article is so so inaccurate!!!!
    True, a guy who displays the above signs might be players but they are the ones who a girl can easily see through and won’t fall for, therefore they aren’t “good” players. The true players are the ones that DO EVERYTHING BY THE BOOK to gain your trust to have sex from you without committing themselves to a relationship. They are nice, seems genuinely interested in you, maybe slightly awkward (they put it on), super sweet, pays for everything etc. I learnt my lesson the hard way. The guy who played me did literally almost the opposite of all the above.. so girls just beware.

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  26. Some of these are good signs, while others are just complete bullshit. No one chooses to have a wide face unless if they got plastic surgery. Being fit does not make you a player. Being in a band does not make you a player. Yes, they may be signs, but it doesn’t make them one. A player is someone who flirts with other girls for fun and just wants them for sex. Not someone who is really fit, is in a band, or has a wide face.
    A slut is someone who sleeps with guys for fun or money, not someone who wears revealing clothes. It’s definitely a sign, but don’t jump to conclusions.

  27. I am very glad I stumble across this article. I have met my Houdini 4
    months ago. His name is Rick MacDonald and if you happen to know
    someone’s dating him just warn them ahead of time. I am sure there were
    and probably will be more women that this guy would date but I hope
    people would be smarter to not fall for someone like that. If you just
    want to hook up with him then that’s fine. But if you are like me who’s
    looking for a serious committed relationship please be careful with your

  28. Everyone on this comment page is American. Or at least trying to adopt a American attitude for reasons that are their own, but still rather pathetic. Where you not raised as men? did you all lack a male father figure? are you all bastards? in the true sense of the word. Because these responses are all subject to a rather deep analogical male psychology of a rather pathetic proportion of how men can not develop a innate respect of women other the conditioning (ie. your mother, sister’s, aunt’s) influence. Statistically a man without any respect of the female species are more likely to think nothing of banging there own sister just to, and I quote “dump there load” So you literally are all motherfuckers!!!! MOTHERFUCK AWAY. motherfucker.

  29. STFU “Sexual” and “marketplace” shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. Having sex or not having sex doesn’t determine someone’s worthy you delusional sociopath. This is garbage. I’m not coming to this site again because it offers nothing but ego and delusion.

  30. I like how “players” don’t realize they aren’t different from sluts from a moral and an ethical standpoint. Actually I value sluts above players since a majority of sluts will be honest and let you know they’re sluts, be it by clothing or language, even though they might not be aware of it.
    I’ve went through the player phase rather quickly, in 3 months or so, “scoring” a 3 digit number, an experience which had made me a shallow, lying, manipulating apathethic coward, of which I’ve become utterly disgusted. I’d rather masturbate for the rest of my life or have my heart broken 1000 more times than be a “player” again, and this attitude, after a few more survived and inflicted heartbreaks, made it possible for my wife and me to meet.
    She was approached by a player and I recognized it. I exposed him right in front of her and, after she figured it out too, we bashed him publicly in this club, I don’t think he’ll ever show his face again there. It’s been 5 years since then and we’d still kill for each other, we stopped having sex a long time ago. We started making love.
    The “player” will never experience love but, given enough time, he will become numb to it, ultimately refusing to believe it exists. “Players” are sad creatures so I pity them and try to teach them to man up by accepting responsibility for their actions and growing a strong conscience. No wonder there’s a crisis of everything and human race is a disgrace when men choose to be cowards.

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