The Deeper Implications Of Ben Moynihan’s Violent Beta Male Rampage

On March 6, 2015, 18 year old Ben Moynihan, a UK native, was found guilty of the attempted murder of three women (after he attempted to stab a 20, 45, and 67-year-old with a kitchen knife) and sentenced to 21 years in prison. His reason for attacking them? He was a 17-year-old virgin who couldn’t get laid.

During the trial, various letters Moynihan had written came to light, each one laden with quips such as “when women won’t talk to you, it’s heartbreaking, why are they fussy with men nowadays,” and “I think every girl is a type of slut…they do not give boys like us a chance.”

Sound familiar?



Hell, even the profile photos are so similar it’s scary. Here you have two young men, divided by thousands of miles of land and sea, who have that same look of hopelessness, despair, and complete and total cluelessness common amongst the herbs and betas modern society’ is churning out by the truckloads.

Moynihan’s sentencing comes a little over a month or two after Wilkes McDermid, a London-based food blogger, jumped from a building to his death. McDermid, who was Asian, explained the reasons for his untimely demise thusly:

The reason for my death is simple. I have concluded that in the realm of dating and relationships the primary characteristics required for men are as follows: Height: above 5 ft. 10; Race: huge bias towards Caucasian and black; Wealth: or other manifestation of power.

Feminists would take that statement and say something like, “yeah, Moynihan and McDermid didn’t understand that this isn’t ancient times…in today’s world, nobody’s owed a woman just because they’re ‘nice’.” Feminist websites are already trying to declare Moynihan the poster-child of misogyny.

The average red-piller, on the other hand, would say, “yeah, it’s a shame that those guys just didn’t understand that in today’s world, without game, you’re just lost…they could’ve had soft harems in three different cities if they’d just lifted some weights and boned up on their asshole game.”

While I definitely reject the feminists’ spin on these tragedies, I only partly subscribe to my red-pill brethren’s interpretation of these events. I’ve noticed that while Roosh touched on McDermid’s death in his forum, very few people in the manosphere have talked about Moynihan. In a way, that’s a good thing, because if all we’re going to do is just shake our heads and say, “he should’ve learned game,” all we’ve successfully done is kick the can down the road.

We’ve all got the blood of kings coursing through our veins, gentlemen. That means we’ve got the wherewithal to delve deeper into this issue.

Who Betas Think They’re Fighting


The main problem people like McDermid, Moynihan, and even Rodger had was that, in attempting to assign blame for their respective predicaments, they kept missing the target.

McDermid seemed to believe that some abstract, faceless, voiceless force in the cosmos had conspired against him to elevate tall black and white men above him in the sexual marketplace. Moynihan and Rodger seemed to believe that a bunch of slick-haired, Jersey-Shoresque “alphas” decked in white t-shirts and covered in tattoos were somehow robbing them of the prize, and blamed the women who were attracted to them for being thusly attracted.

The true nature of female attraction and women’s evolutionary hard-wiring have been covered ad nauseam in previous posts, so I won’t go into that here. As for the guys, well, a perfect example of the typical discussions that take place between game denialists and practitioners of game can be seen here.

You see, it’s easy to blame pickup artists, women, and the cosmos when you strike out. It takes in-depth thought to stop, do some self-introspection, and realize that maybe you shouldn’t be trying to talk to that purple-haired girl with fortune cookie sayings stenciled into her back.


Yep, she’s a keeper, all right!

Who Betas Are Really Fighting

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we’ve seen quite a bit of postings about the UK on this site over the last few weeks. First, there’s “Yes Means Yes” in London. Then we hear about how churches are advising women to “blue ball English men” until they marry them. These are all articles that address different facets of what men from the early days of the manosphere colloquially called “The Cathedral.”

The guys who coined these phrases were spot-on. The only mistake that a lot of us keep making is failing to see the method behind the madness. To put it bluntly, this issue goes far beyond women just wanting to have their way. What you’ve actually got is an alliance akin to the Axis Powers, composed of feminists, the LGBT, and social anarchists in general.


All of this accomplishes three things. First of all, it shrinks the pool of legitimately dateable women down to about the size of a teacup. Secondly, it puts a helluva price tag on otherwise mediocre pussy. Thirdly, it creates a divide between men and women that a) makes “alternative” lifestyles seem more “normal” based on the illusion that all straight relationships are either doomed to failure or dead on arrival, and b) creates a “window of opportunity” in the minds of LGBTs in which to “convert” these newly spurned casualties of the dating wars.

The first same sex marriage was officiated in the UK in March 2014, and the phenomenon’s been picking up steam ever since; to speak counter to the so-called “marriage equality” (yeckkh) movement anywhere in the world nowadays is verboten. Meanwhile, you’ve got a country full of Lena Dunhams waddling up and down the streets of England shooting guys down as if they’re 9s and 10s, while the few actual 9s and 10s who are left are over in Dubai getting spit-roasted by Arabian oil tycoons.

It’s the perfect storm for an unwary, hapless guy to either settle for the hot girls’ overweight friends, “discover” that he was always unsuccessful with women because he was “gay all along,” or to check out of the sexual marketplace altogether.

Much like the Architect in the Matrix, the architects of this crap have done a cost-benefit analysis, and have concluded that for every Wilkes McDermid who ends it all and for every Elliott Rodger who flips out and kills someone, there are hundreds of thousands of beta lemmings who will unwittingly allow themselves to be herded about in the manner I previously described, all while being the perfect, productive worker-drones, wasting away in cubicles under toxic fluorescent lights for 50 hours a week. That, my friends, is the heart of the Matrix.

So You’ve Acquired The Right Target. Now What?


Once people know what they’re actually fighting against and what the true cause of their ills is, they tend to become productive. They stop basting in self-pity and regret, and start devoting more time to self-improvement in the hopes of striking back at “the system.”

You don’t tend to do that when your target is “that bitch who didn’t give me her phone number” or “that prick who doesn’t deserve to date that Victoria’s Secret model.” That’s just a recipe for withdrawal into oneself, seclusion, self-loathing, and, ultimately, self-destruction.

I’d bet my car title that that’s what happened to Ben Moynihan. He could’ve looked around, sized up the world around him, and made a conscious decision to become the boldest, fittest dude he knew how to be in order to not only carve himself out a niche in that world, but to ultimately work towards changing it. That’s how empires are built, and how broken systems are repaired.

I’ve heard people say that betas will never rise up and change the system because they’ve just become too blinded and too jaded to act. I don’t fully agree with that assessment. I think that once they get a dose of the Red Pill and get their sights readjusted on the true target, a change will come. Atlas Shrugged style. With a vengeance.

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263 thoughts on “The Deeper Implications Of Ben Moynihan’s Violent Beta Male Rampage”

  1. It is quite sad that men have snapped due to the reign of team feminism. I hate this culture that completely ignores male needs in favor of granting women more power. It needs to be destroyed and built back from the ground up with conservative religious values. That is the only way to fix this.

    1. I see no problem with it, these men usually end up murdering a bunch of women and feminist, who are the ones who deserve it, I say honor them posthumously with a silver medal

    2. I agree this needs to be done, however, it’s too late.
      Even if society was eradicated and resurrected, the feminist Marxism will return (at least some form of Marxism). why? The same reason you can read this comment: The internet. unlike the past when one could just burn ideology to the ground.

  2. I don’t think game is needed…just the ability to tell any woman to shut the fuck up is enough. Once you project that you are better than her and you know it, women are usually drawn to you like a magnet.

      1. True, I was nice growing up but it didn’t work. I tried asshole game now it gets me lots of women.
        I’m still nice to most men and family though.

    1. At which point you quickly realize that you aren’t drawn to these women because they are below you. Being an attractive male is alot like being a rich male, everyone is offering you things you don’t need and you usually aren’t interested in any of it.

      1. If you’re a tall man you have it easy and don’t have to develop many skills or only develop to get what you want

      1. I’m going to have to edit your comment a bit…;-)
        “Boom! Right there, don’t take shit from ANYone. ESPECIALLY those with less upper body strength than you.”
        Now that’s perfection.

        1. Enjoy jail then if you think your physical strength can ever come into play with some cunt. Are you crazy?

        2. Ha ha. Okay. ‘Scared’ or ‘smart’? You need to understand the laws and how imbalanced they are in order to protect yourself. Don’t be stupid.

        3. You can check a bitch without getting physical. If she gets too outa pocket release her instantly. Ive told a few chicks how it really is and u know what?? They might not like me but they show me respect.

    2. Agreed, Often PUA style game is often just another way of dealing with a woman’s crappy behavior.
      Men today are not taught to value themselves but to prioritize everything before themselves and this is where all the problems start.

    3. This needs to be something that’s constantly delivered. Constantly either belittle her or tell her to stop talking. If you do it right she won’t even get mad, she’ll just smile sheepishly and do what you say. Girls like to test men out by talking about stupid pointless random bullshit and seeing if they’ll listen. If a guy listens, then he’s not a real man, just a “gay friend” which every girl has nowadays.
      When you get down to it, all feminism is is just stupid bullshit that poured out of the mouths of a bunch of girls because no one told them to shut the fuck up.

      1. “When you get down to it, all feminism is is just stupid bullshit that
        poured out of the mouths of a bunch of girls because no one told them to
        shut the fuck up.”

        Thank you

    4. “Once you project that you are better than her and you know it, women are usually drawn to you like a magnet.”
      This is the best definition of Game, boiled down to a single sentence, that I’ve seen yet. I realized I’m better than women (instead of inferior like this rotten Anglo culture teaches men) and started acting like it. Now I have more bitches than I know what to do with. The wet hole sure loses its allure fast when you can pick and choose.
      Realizing that I’m no longer willing to sacrifice for the hole like I did in my youth, I find myself wondering why men put up with women at all in this day and age. It’s easier (and perfectly legal in most of the world) to just rent the wet hole for a few minutes and thereby protect your independence, sanity, well-being, and financial soundness.
      It’s amazing what leeches women are, trying to drain a man’s vitality. Wifing one up is totally insane.

  3. On the part about the ” the Axis Powers”, I really encourage you to take a look at Alain Soral ‘s work (it’s in french). He is a french writer/pua who writes books about the Matrix, where he explains a lot of things about imperialism, feminism, etc. As you say, it’s a good thing to keep in mind the bigger picture.
    Here is a video about feminism, subtitled in english :

    1. Wow! I never thought of it that way. So in a sense ,just as white males are on the endangered species list in the workplace of globalism. Feminists have fucked themselves out of a otherwise comfortable living. Their misguided anger towards their fathers forces them into the workplace and they become consumerists wage slaves just like everyone else.
      The funny thing is these “women” will be replaced by much more feminine and HOTTER women immigrants from latin America. They will glady be the wive of a white proffessional and keep their mouth shut if it means they wont have to get raped working on a farm or be sold into sex slavery. These idiot bourgoise bitches can think they’re saving the world by being in the trenches of civil service or becoming a miserable cubicle drone. We’ll see who ends up sleeping soundly in a town house and gets the last laugh.

      1. Anglo women went on a full scale attack of the world’s most coveted men while being the world’s least coveted women. Not smart.

        1. Countless millions covet to live in the West and western women have managed to be coveted by no one. That is, in some very twisted way, an astounding (anti)achievement.

      2. Also remember women in the workplace means twice the taxable income for governments and if there is a child minder or the kid goes to crèche more tax! The unforeseen consequence of all this is lower birth rates in all EU member states which will lead to a pensions and health care time bomb and a huge influx of immigrants from outside.

    1. Wow that cartoon with the heart holding the flowers is deafeningly true. Very powerful. Id like to see that plastered on the side of a building Banksy style.

  4. Don’t stab three generations of women. That’s fucked up and beta. Stab the man. No that’s misandrist. Stab the cathedral. No, that’s outdated. The synagogue. No that’s anti-semitic. The matrix. That’s way out of date.
    Who are we supposed to stab?

        1. No, they are a bunch of cowards who try to practice civil disobedience until they realize there are actually consequences to their actions.

  5. This youngster must have seen through the fraud of his elders’ advice to “develop yourself and wait.”
    We really need to change the way we rear boys in Western culture so that they can get their first sexual experience in their mid teens, and damn these christian superstitions if they get in the way. If we keep leaving it to the haphazard, more and more of the laggards will wind up feeling abandoned by their society, like the discarded boys in polygamous Mormon communities.

  6. Here’s the problem-Women cannot raise a proper man.
    When a female runs the household, as has been the case in the mainstream for the recent past, male children are raised to be servants to women. Thus born into that invisible prison, men go about life wondering why it is their niceness is rewarded with contempt, scorn, and reliable rejection by women. Why does mom, (feminized) Dad, and his friends all say the same script…..but each time the girls chase thugs and jerks?
    Eventually, Mister Servant realizes he’s been fed a bill of goods. He realizes that not only has everyone who’s puportedly cared about him lied , but that he is effectively disqualified from anything resembling intimacy with a woman.He’s realized he’s in the 99%, and that nothing he’ll do can change that*
    That’s when he gets the 9mm out the closet and decides to shoot his way into the headlines as ‘justice’.
    *I realize this statement’s going to ruffle some feathers from the “game fixes all” crowd. Lets come back to reality here-you can lift weights all you want and bang out Mystery Method scripts till your tounge falls out, but women have a VERY fixed idea of what they consider ‘Alpha’.This is one reason why I dislike the term- because it is women who define what ‘Alpha’ means.Doubt me?
    Let an average Asian guy with smooth game fly to rural Arkansas , and try to F-close the hottest girl in the small town. It aint gonna happen,because even if he’s hitting the female attraction signals….her personal “Alpha Charming” is a tall ,muscular white guy.She’ll fuck the Asian guy….but he’ll have to pay up like everyone else she’s only “in like” with.
    Bulking up, reading “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” ,and game helps.But it aint a silver bullet, and for these guys it wouldnt have helped much.In urban centers of feminism like LA and London, unless youre a good liar(see “Game”) or really wealthy, youre not getting any-Period.

    1. “Bulking up, reading ‘The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire’ ,and game helps.”
      Edward Gibbon, a man who supposedly had the “feels” for one and only one woman in his life, daddy said, “No,” and became a lifelong bachelor with no children.
      His memberships in Johnson’s literary club was an
      annoyance to Boswell, who described him as “an ugly, affected,
      disgusting fellow.”
      Moreover, he’s laregely responsible for the whole Western misconception of the Roman empire, wanting to blame the fall of the western empire on Christianity (476), while ignoring that the eastern half of the empire survived as a Christian empire until 1453, and even beyond that through Russia.

      1. I admit its been a couple years since I read “History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” but I seem to remember that he also placed a lot of the blame on failing discipline in the military, and the fact that a large percentage of the army ending up being composed of poorly trained and disloyal barbarians.
        I also remember that much of the problem Gibbon referred to wasn’t Christianity per se, but rather the huge rise in popularity of monasticism; many of the best minds and much of the elite ended up becoming monks hidden away in monastaries instead of taking their place in society.

        1. Which is a form of dysgenics. The brightest turning into celibat omegas locked up in sexless monestaries. This cant be good for civilization.

    2. I think game gets over-hyped. It can make a beta less beta, its a step in the right direction. It can help a man punch above his weight sometimes. Its not going to solve every man’s problems.

      1. Alpha can not be faked. You either are or you’re not. And women have a sixth sense about it. They’ll figure you out a mile away. They might fuck you once, and not feel that bad about it, but that’s about it..

        1. I think whether a man is alpha or not depends to some extent on circumstance.
          In a boxing ring Einstein is a joke. In front of a classroom and vaginas begin to moisten.

        2. It can be faked long enough to get a girl in the sack. More importantly, it can be learned like any skill. When I was 17 I was a quiet kid who nobody paid attention to. Time in the military, martial arts training and several years on the debate team made a huge difference. I only stumbled on the whole PUA/RP thing a couple of months ago but that too can be learned. On the MBTI I still score as a massive introvert but no one would suspect it unless they could follow me 24/7 and see how often I have to recharge my batteries.

        3. One has to learn how to lead with their trump card. Even the lowliest guy will have a high card to play but they have to find it. Once you do, the beauty is that you play it over and over again.

    3. A 10 in the small town is almost always gonna marry the high sch0ol quarterback or the equivalent no matter what, unless she went to college. There she will find and marry a high earning chump. She will divorce him and get half like they always do. Race is pretty irrelevant. The asian guy will have to stay i n the city where the numbers are in his favor. He”ll probably meet one girl who’s a friend of a friend and marry her even if its his first girlfriend because she’s probably asian too and they both will make around the same amount of money. They will stay married even if they are miserable because they don’t know any different.

    4. women have a VERY fixed idea of what they consider ‘Alpha’.This is one reason why I dislike the term- because it is women who define what ‘Alpha’ means.
      So very true! You nailed it. I’m bookmarking your entire post.

  7. ” They stop basting in self-pity and regret, and start devoting more time
    to self-improvement in the hopes of striking back at “the system.””
    I don’t see how this would “strike back” at the system. There is no guarantee that women would better themselves when faced with an increase in the supply of “improved” men. Quite the opposite actually; bangable women would likely treat those men even crappier as they have a greater supply to pick from.

  8. Women are insane. Literally insane. One only needs to look at all the empirical data and facts to understand that most women are delusional in their thinking and live in a false reality. These girls grow up watching all these Disney movies and believe in all the brainwashing and indoctrinating propoganda that is spewed out of the mouth of the cultural filth machine. So when you have all of this happening in this day and age, you have a recipe for disaster.
    I don’t care if people call me misogynistic, because at the end of the day, I simply comment on what I see. Today’s women is a confused delusional nut with no real direction or purpose in her life. Which is why they cause all of the batshit insane drama you see on a regular basis. Furthermore, with all of her reckless spending, consuming habits and materialism addiction, it makes you wonder if you are better off just being single?
    And that, I believe is the first step towards a better direction for men. Today’s women are simply not worth pursuing for any reason whatsover. Honestly, with so many ways of getting laid, there simply is no need to become a desperate beta, which unfortunately a lot of men have turned into. There is a reason as to why this is happening, where we are seeing a huge rise in the percentage of beta men and it simply boils down to one reason- feminism. It is the reason why we have an epidemic of single mothers in America who are essentially, producing these psychopaths who go on their killing rampage. These boys were raised with all the wrong ideals and values, with no men to provide them with structure and stability, and instead have turned into the emasculated and effiminate wimp we see in today’s society.
    The world has produced a generation of loser men and loser women that it makes my eyes burn to see the collapse of our civilization.

    1. It is true, loser women raising psycho loser sons who go and shoot up the place, and they are all white and entitled and can’t get laid. Frankly, the white race needs to speak out against these kinds of white mass killers, I am tired of bad white culture ruining America. When will the real white men stand up against the bad white killers who are raping and killing across america. I believe it is the white dead beat dads and baby mama drama and whites who are trying to live the honey boo boo lifestyle instead of picking up a book.

      1. Elliot was half Asian and was raised by his Asian mother since his white dad couldn’t be bothered bringing him up.
        Blacks might not shoot up schools but they shoot up other places, the black American culture is the most violent American culture these days.

        1. Typical of the dead beat white male culture is to impregnate women and run away, especially if the woman is asian, and leave the half breed child to grow up with an asian woman, which is like a death sentence in and of itself.
          Nope the white culture is the most violent, it brought bush and blair, putin, reagan, yugoslavia, tito, mussolini, hitler and bin laden.

        2. “Typical of the dead beat white male culture is to impregnate women and run away, especially if the woman is asian, and leave the half breed child to grow up with an asian woman, which is like a death sentence in and of itself.”
          You’re projecting your black guilt there , guy.

        3. Recall it is the claim of the whites that arabs are whites and middle easterns are white and white middle easterners founded white civilizaation or some horshit like that. If they are going to clal afghans and saudies whites then yes he would be.

        4. Spoken like a truly ignorant Negro with blinders.
          White tyrants are only more successful tyrants because they are more successful, period.
          Nelson Mandela and Idi Amin are every bit the monsters Hitler and Mussolini were, they just weren’t very GOOD at it.

        5. Dude, I strongly suggest you go away and never come back. You are literally lowering the IQ of anyone who bothers to read fucking retarded Drivel.

        6. But ur the one up here whining about payin money. Look I get it, its a fucked up deal. But your supposed to provide stability as best you can Believe it or not kids are smarter than u think ur supposed to set a positve example not cry like some bitch (i hope u dont have sons).She sure the fuck aint gone do It cause bitches are childish someone has to be the grown up and your kids know If you have fought for them or not.(Trust me I KNOW) Dudes like you kill me,u KNEW the bitch was crazy but kept making MORE kids thinkin it would keep her. Now ur mad cuz shes fuckin another dick and now u wanna pout. Them kids aint to blame. Dont expect pity.There are ways to figure out how to make more income, better your situation. Fuck custody cuz it allows me to move around and do what needs to be done without a kid in tow… Shes on the hook for em. Just do what you can, it always evens out

        7. I’m not black you pink skin dead beat.
          I wish Idi Amin was a good man and Hitler did nothing good but ruin his own country the jews built up

        8. there is no room for pity. only fathers can know their children still are theirs, and if this isn’t so, then they must withdraw everything. it is the failure to do so that is the self-pity, which spends meaning into meaningless black holes in far more ways than one.
          this has always been part of life. to think so otherwise, to blindly believe “it always evens out”, is what is fiction here.

      2. Reign in your ‘dead beat dad’ shit, dickweed. When your woman legally kicks you out of your house, calls you a child molester in family court, calls you a violent drug addict (all entirely unproveable, of course), steals your livelihood, all your money, and your visitation rights. When you become nothing more than a walking paycheck, can you really blame men for refusing to give the bitch any more money?
        If I could ‘take’ my child away from her mother and raise it, i would, That’s ‘being a good dad’, But what in the FUCK makes you think that giving an endless stream of money to a woman who’s used the cops to rip you from your life is in any way ‘being a good father’?

        1. If u fuck and make kids its your duty as a man to provide for them. Regardless of how the bitch acts. That was real weak right there..

        2. no.
          it is the profession of Men to profess to reality first. Men cannot be Men if they choose to otherwise supplicate their hands those that bite them. there is not, has not, nor will ever be enough for both fiction and fact to survive simultaneously. you only get to choose one. stupid is for wayward boys, women, and the mentally retarded.

        3. The bitch was asian not white, its not like asian women lie like that and we both know it. This asian mother never accused the dad of anything bad. The only bad thing the asian botch did was have a white man fetish where she thought white man was god and asian men were shit bags and then had an asian half breed looking son who then realized his asian mother hated people who look like him so what chance he could have with women was nil.
          Boo hoo, more dead beat white culture, when are the good whites going to stand up and take responsibility and stop being victims and playing the gender and race card? Your white wife was raised by a white man. If whites were all that good you shouldn’t be having these problems.

        4. Who gives a fuck? Your claims that ‘deadbeat dads’ is the problem. Not any other stupidity that rolls out of your mouth like democrat semen into an Intern’s cumtrap.
          ‘Good whites’ would ship your brown ass back to your own country instead of giving you a chance to succeed here despite your ungracious attitude. ‘Good whites’ would not protect your freedom to open your sewer in their presence.

        5. Bullshit, it’s your job to protect, guide, and raise them.
          “Providing for them’ is part of the process of raising them. and if you are legally proscribed from raising your own children, you cannot be held accountable for their reeboks.

        6. Maybe explain to them that mom simply used you as a source of income and to punish your dad because she was pissed about something and made a decision that would have a lasting impact on a whim.
          She’s still “finding herself.” Good luck with that.

        7. Then the country’d fall apart because whites are too lazy to work and have always been lazy. This is why they’ve always relied on someone brown to do the work, from the blacks to the chinese and now the mexicans.

        8. Is spic the biggest word your lousy white education system can come up with. You whites are an embarrassment you speak only one language and you still fail at it.

        9. No, I could have called you a lazy, inbred descendant of backwards cannibals that were stupid enough to think that the conquistadors were gods and that the world was going to get eaten by a giant chickensnake, but that might have been offensive.

        10. The biggest cannibals in the americas where and still are blonde hair blue eyed white devils like jeffrey dahlmer and all those white savages who eat each other. The only people who think whites are gods are stupider whites.

        11. oh, so we are going to ignore thousands of years of ritualized Aztec cannibalism, human sacrifice, slavery, mass murder, rapine, and one of the most evil cultures to ever exist on this planet?
          How convenient for you.

        12. You seem to ignore thousands of years of white man cannibalism, human sacrifice, enslavement, human trafficking, enslavement, mass murder, genocide, rape and the most evil destructive culture mind rotting satans to walk the face of the earth, so it should be no problem. How many did the Aztec’s kill, how many did Leopold, hitler, stalin, mussolini kill. When you point a finger, there are 3 pointing back at you white red neck ofay cracker. Go role in crack cracker.

        13. Nope, I am not ignoring it at all. Every culture has practiced atrocties. Just don’t sit there like a faggot claiming that somehow our history is ‘worse’ than yours.
          Yes, my ancestors killed yours, you ancestors killed mine. Guess what? Mine won, yours lost. Next time yours may win. Get the fuck over it.

    2. Speaking of Disney brainwashing – I was babysitting one time, and the kid was watching Mulan 2. There was a part where some princesses decide to bail on a political marriage that could have potentially saved hundreds of thousands of lives. They did this because Mulan told them “their duty was to their heart” (i.e. selfish desires/hamsters). And this was portrayed as a good thing! I can’t begin to imagine how damaging movies like this are to little girls.

      1. Disney has become a shit show of political correctness. In “Maleficent” where does “True Love’s Kiss” come from? Get ready for some Witch-on-Princess Liplock Action. Frozen? Well, it’s the sister, so it had to be an “act” of true love, b/c a kiss would be, um, too incesty.

        1. It’s way more than politicial correctness. It’s full scale misandry. Hollywood in general is in a full-scale, one-sided gender war. Women who succeed (Hollywood exec. producers, judges, Sandberg etc.) go straight to the gender warpath. They never stop and think, “Hey, things must be pretty fair then if I rose to the top. No excuses, ladies.” Of course not. So now that it’s either explicity or implicitly mandated that a beefy percentage of movie studio execs and producers are female, you’re seeing gender warfare/misandry in over half the movies.
          Here’s how much Hollywood has gotten from me in the last six months;

        2. I agree with your 1st sentence.
          But you know, I have no idea about that Maleficient kiss because I have not seen it. I’m not criticizing you for knowing, but I’m so glad I’ve escaped that mainstream fountain of crap.

        3. No offense taken. I travel a lot on long-hauls for work–TransCons and TATL–so I watched both movies for free on planes.

        4. I haven’t seen it either. As soon as a saw a preview for it (despite the small scope of TV I watch, the odd preview does sneak in) I thought to myself “I bet this whole movie is going to be ‘it’s all the man’s fault’”. The evil queen in the classic Snow White is evil because she was wronged by the big bad patriarchal man.
          Way to teach little girls about personal responsibility.

      2. I always liked Mulan because at the end of the day she still knew her place and got married (I believe, it’s been years since I saw the first movie). Mulan was simply a woman who was protecting her family who couldn’t fight but were being forced to which is fairly brave on her part.
        What im afraid of is that in the new live-action disney propaganda version, Mulan will be a you go grrrl, butch, lesbian who always wanted to be a warrior.

        1. wasn’t she? i mean, didn’t she already? magical princess girl, complete with talking animal friend and runty buffoon male mates, single-handedly defeats the massive legion of conquering invading army, right after that same army annihilated the entire chinese national seasoned army of men.
          what am i missing? the princess end was a bit of a jump-the-shark, but that’s just bad story telling.

        2. Yeah you didn’t see Mulan 2. Times have changed. My little sister loved it, especially the opening part where Mulan is teaching girls, just girls, how to fight.

        3. Today class is how to deny your nature and gender and function poorly in a man’s world. You’ll be taught how to completely disregard hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution to perform tasks that aren’t biologically suited to your gender and that gender is now considered a “social construct.” Rather than accept the fact that females can produce and bear young for the propagation of the human species you can remained focus on fighting and warfare. You’ll need to because those females that don’t choose to fight will be forced to simply to stay alive.

      3. Since we’re talking about Disney princesses, I’d claim the early classic Disney films like Snow White and Cinderella are actually laudworthy and positive. Most modern feminists despise these films and go on and on about how Cinderella and Snow White as weak, and stupid. However, those characters displayed many admirable feminine qualities that are practically nonexistant in modern American females, such as kindness, patience, grace, hard work, humility, optimism, and a nurturing personality, They did get the tall, charming, handsome prince, but they were actually deserving of such a prize. I wouldn’t mind if my daughter ended up watching these films. I also don’t mind the original Mulan too much because she valued and loved her father and family over herself, which is a pretty good message (genuinely wanted to get married in order to make her father happy, which feminists criticize the film for).
        Then, you have Jasmine from Aladdin (who, while intelligent, is rude to her loving father, often comes across as bitchy and entitled, and rejects her suitors in the most rude and humiliating way possible), or the girl from Brave (unpleasant attitude, turns her loving mom into a bear).

      1. I’ve always wondered what their names were…to make matters worst I heard Disney were making a new movie about two gay princes…the first time princes will have names and they’re gay.

    3. I met this chick one time and we went on a “date” that basically turned into us hanging out at a park and talking about men and women. It was one of the most unique experiences I have ever had, because this woman – as nuts as she was herself – had a male redpillers insight on women to a *T*.
      At one point she said “women are fucking crazy. We all are. It’s like we live in this fantasy world that only exists between our ears and we don’t listen to men, we just want them to give us everything while they get next to nothing in return”.

    4. This is also why we need prostitution to be legal. To counter the offensive that is driving up the price of pussy. When it’s legal there would be a lot more of it, it would be safer and cleaner and being more widespread would incite more competition and poon prices would come down.
      And women would fucking hate it, because it would reverse this perverse bullshit situation and they would have to sit down, shut up and behave in order to keep a man around.

    5. Yeah, it totally makes sense to lump 52% of the population into a single projection of your low self-esteem.
      Now, let’s talk about “empirical data,” that’s kind of my bag – so what cha got?

      1. And yup, Disney brainwashing IS the worst. But we’re talking about cultural paradigm, in which all participants (M or F) are highly susceptible.

  9. Beta rampages are becoming the norm.
    Low sexual value + hypergamy among women + no self improvement ethos + feminist lies about sexual relations + shallow gratification culture + a hint of existing psychosis = Elliot Rogers and Co

  10. There have always been males who self destructed. I’m not sure game would have saved them. On the other hand, I don’t think game can be blamed either. There’s a certain % of society that’s damaged beyond repair. Game increases social options, nothing more or less.

  11. As time goes on i expect more men to kill themselves and/or try to kill others along with themselves. A sad but true state of affairs.

    1. I think it’s fuckin hilarious.
      Reap the harvest cunts. You brought up a generation of castrated males to satisfy your GO GURL boundless narcissism. When they finally uncover their vicious rage and the haunting reality of present circumstances….they are gonna turn all that impotent fury into a horrifying danger for all of you.
      Go ahead geld your little boys only to wake up 10 yrs later staring down the barrel of a 357 and the eyes of a psycho killer you once knew as little timmy. LOL.
      Once the beta loses all hope in his reason for living..which is the cinderella faggot fairytales of the cathedral lie machine, then he becomes the most dangerous person around. The person who has nothing to lose and no hope. As we are now seeing, he is turning all that pent up anger and all that sexual tension into an orgy of killing and who is he targeting for this mostly? Well if elliot rodgers and this dude are any indication…you fuckin whores have some hell comin your way. All I can think to say is…reap what you sow. Or as some neckbearded hipster faggot or tatted up pasty white fat ass whore slob who shops at whole foods would say…”that’s Karma” LOL.
      It’s like these witches ignite themselves on fire with their own gasoline.
      Now fuckin BURN! I’m lmao with some young, hot n tight.

      1. Trust me dude the women that read what you wrote will just say men deserve it because they are rapists and killers. There is never compromise

    2. Perhaps, but also as feminism becomes more and more pervasive in society being against it becomes the new cool.

      1. I don’t think it is. I think that the modern 20 year old whale is truly proud of herself. A 30 year old would have some self loathing but this new breed sees their blubber as a badge of honor.

  12. “I’d bet my car title that that’s what happened to Ben Moynihan. He
    could’ve looked around, sized up the world around him, and made a
    conscious decision to become the boldest, fittest dude he knew how to be
    in order to not only carve himself out a niche in that world, but to
    ultimately work towards changing it.”
    Alternatively, he could just be a fucked-in-the-head psycho who is using his lack of sex as a way to make people think he simply isn’t a fucked-in-the-head psycho….a sort of mental justification so he doesn’t have to come to grips with his own ugly nature.
    People who go around stabbing other people aren’t exactly mentally fit.
    “Im not a fukken psycho it wuz teh bitchez and societee that made me do it really it wuz it wuz teh bitchez and societee!!!!”

      1. The reality is you can’t rationalize with an irrational mind. If somebody has some personality disorder, you couldn’t teach them game because they’d misapply it. But I agree that feminism is antagonizing the situation. The feminist response to everything is to make men more beta in order to create more social leverage for women.

        1. Betas are indoctrinated to be compliant. Alphas dont give a fuck because they work from abundance and see women as replaceable commodities.

        2. Yes, but if there are more alphas, then they won’t have as much abundance as they did with a society full of betas. I think the end result is basically the same.

        Read his own words. All errors original:
        “I tried to be good but I am always builled for being unintelligent. The Unhappy Geezer needs dignity…”
        “Until then I bid you a good day with the happy lives you have, cause I roam these streets hungry for blood and pain. I be greeted as attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, dead, jolly good!”
        “All women needs to die and hopefully next time I can gauge their eyeballs out. Every time I stab someone, I run home and I like to smell the flesh I ripped out.”
        This guy was seriously fucked-in-the-head. Nobody, not even the most rabid feminazi or MGTOW-ish woman hater, goes around stabbing random people and writing taunting notes to the police that display the intelligence level of a first-rate retard, unless they are incredibly and utterly crazy.

    1. I like you Vlaskiach, but Isaac Baum has a point.
      What are you getting at exactly, without all the snark?
      I read below that you basically believe this man, among others, was simply insane. Do you not believe that there are remedies for men on the brink?
      Every man has his breaking point for sure:

      Every Man Has A Breaking Point

      It seems to me that you are saying that the extremes are written and there is nothing we can do about it. More so, that there is nothing we might even try to do about it.
      I believe I’ve been on the brink before, and I believe that I’ve known others to be too.
      Sometimes one must work to keep their sanity, their composure, their bearing, whatever, right?

      1. My point is that this really had nothing to do with him being a beta. The guy is crazy, and I base that on his own words and his actions. He has mental issues that game will never fix.
        There are people in this world who are simply insane. Not because they go through some sort of traumatic experience, but because they have some kind of organic mental disturbance. This goes far beyond being on the brink.
        Sometimes, unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do about it.
        And no, Isaac Baum doesn’t have a point. It is not a sign of feminism to label as crazy someone who stabs random people and writes things like “Every time I stab someone, I run home and I like to smell the flesh I ripped out.” Doing that IS crazy, no matter what justification they make up, which in Ben Moynihan’s case is sexual frustration.

        1. He was crazy but the society in which he lives is insane and in a saner society he might have led a better life, or even raised by a man who would have known how to raise him.

        2. So what society do you think would have allowed him to lead a better life? Despite our problems, the West is pretty sane compared to the rest of the world.
          A crazy man in a sane society is still crazy.

        3. The sign of feminism is to blame his “ugliness” for his problems and keep the real issues unadressed

        4. In Canada we had Marc Lepine back in 1989 who killed 14 and wounded 14 others because he hated feminists. So every December 6th for the last quarter century or so they have an annual hate fest about how evil men are. Of course, my stance is that he was a nut job who needed an excuse to kill people and is in no way indicative of how stable men think or feel.

        5. I would venture to say that more men than you would believe have gone down that dark road in their mind at one time or another. It’s just that most are able to pull back, get back on track before some hideous damage is done. Don’t think those feelings of rage are rare. They’re not. They are just up to now thankfully very rarely acted upon.

        6. So when somebody commits a crime, its feminist to blame the criminal instead of society?
          If a 35 year old woman has sex with a 13 year old boy, do you blame the woman’s own ugly nature–her deviant sexual desires and total lack of self-control–or do you blame society and it’s age of consent laws?
          He is a mentally disturbed psychopath, that’s his ugliness.
          Feminism is a terrible thing, but you can’t use it as a bogeyman on which to blame everything bad in society. There are truly bad people in this world, who are that way regardless of what society is like.

        7. I actually agree with you, I just interpreted your use of the word ugliness in a way feminists tend to use it to blame some men for their problems – their looks and only their looks – as opposed to admitting society is messef up and feminism is to blame in great part

        8. Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money, or, in this case, sex. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn

  13. God damnit, its begun. Men are starting to crack in wake of insufferable cunts and sexist laws. After another five or six more of these incidents and guess whats coming next… deliberate, DELIBERATE anti male legislation to make sure “it will never happen again” and all men are permanently demonized and treated as potential rapists, wife beaters, and now serial killers. Pat downs for any men entering an establishment, looking at a bitch wrong and you are immediately sent to prison with no trial on the basis of being a “potential threat to society”, male only taxes, and when all that only exacerbates the problem they’ll turn to mandatory estrogen “therapy” for all males above the age 12. I can see it now.

    1. At which point there will be no conceivable reason to not actually become a rapist.
      What’s the point, if you are going to be punished for it regardless? Far safer to bag one, have your way, and dump her body in the desert.

      1. Except you won’t make it far with the mandatory ankle bracelet the testosterone police will make you wear.

  14. I think this article just proves that the narcissism and entitlement complexes often found in residents of more developed countries affects men as often as women. Yes, it’s true that most young men in the 1st world are spoiled brats who expect everything to be given to them with no effort or hard work expected.
    I was a virgin at 17 too, but I wasn’t out stabbing people. Might want to consider the possibility that this kid is just a prick.

    1. I didn’t lose my cherry until I was 18 and only after I reinvented myself. Not that I am into teenage boys but Rogers and Moynihan strike me as pretty good looking guys, which makes me wonder about what was damaged in their personalities such that they could not get laid? As for McDermid, I have had pudgy friends who can still get women.

      1. Your cherry? I must be from a different state. I’ve never referred to it as my cherry . . but naw it’s cool man, it’s cool. In my state we say ”I lost me bread and butter” but that is referring to losing like your job or something.
        I think to develop good game for one’s self, you have to be away from your mother for a period of time. I’m not for traditional families breaking up, but some of the guys I’ve known that had wicked game were runaways or who lost ties with their families altogether. I try to figure why this is but at the same time their staying power with their girls is short. I knew one guy who was a natural and also a childhood friend. He had a hell of a good girl to breed by, wide hips, smart and loyal. He then traded her in after a provoked disagreement for two stripper chicks he met. His game was tops and he carved out a niche for himself in their apartment with free room and board. He turned into a ‘house mouse’ doing their laundry, etc. He made his pad from approach to close in one afternoon. If only I had his game (I was 18), I would have done better for myself than become a house mouse though.
        Still I preach that it is the dad’s job to teach game to his sons. Unfortunately, beta dads may impart a hen approved (mother approved) or church approved sexual worldview to their sons, and wealthy or socialite dads tend to guarantee arranged set up pairing for their klan.
        For the rest of us, initial breakthrough game I believe is an initial journey of self discovery. Thereafter your peers, equals or buddies can compare, refine or compete for the action and you can wing for each other. But for a total novice who has a best friend that’s a natural, he won’t bother too much trying to teach or impart to you what he knows because he knows it won’t do much good anyway. You have to breakthrough yourself on your own. Then the bigger game is on. Then you bat with the big dogs.

    2. Some of the most interesting people (men and women) I’ve met in my life were socially awkward “nerds” in high school. Why? Because while the rest of us were having everything handed to us and being worshipped for nothing more than our genetic blessings, they were actually developing interests and experiences. It evens out in the end, but it’s hard to look beyond the next six months when you’re that young. Think about it, the worst and most painful experiences in your teens are events you laugh about down the road, and part of the comedic value comes from the fact that you saw those issues as insurmountable at the time. Unfortunate that these young men, who had their whole lives ahead of them (and in the case of the Rodger kid, a shit load of money) chose to end their lives and harm others, but nothing more than teen angst gone awry, if you ask me.

    1. Really??? Is that you being funny or is that a real stat?? You sound right though…
      Who’s the best I wonder?? Probably the Eyetalians or one of the Latin folk.

  15. Women need a man to blame, which is why they constantly seek a man. so when shit goes wrong they can blame him. When women raise men, the men grow up with psychologies of women. They constantly seek to blame someone else.

  16. Now days i cant really be bothered lifting a finger for a woman that isnt related to me or isnt a close friend. They will only have anything to do with you if they find you sexually attractive, if not, your invisible. Alot of people say, these guys needed to learn game, lift weights etc. Maybe these guys just werent interested in doing these things, maybe they were intellectuals, for all we know, they may have been the person to one day develop faster than light travel?. If the cost of pussy is working out like a spartan and acting like a super confident aloof clown/asshole to entertain these spoilt cunts, where an overweight 5/10 acts like an 8, than what the point? The sexual marketplace is screwed.
    Fucking MGTOW looks better and better everyday. to sacrifice your dignity as a man, in order to fuck the local slutty women, isn’t worth my time. Id rather travel to Europe and actually enjoy my 20s seeing the world, earning $ and building a future FOR MYSELF than wasting my time trying to please a woman.

    1. “where an overweight 5/10 acts like an 8, than what the point?”
      guh-dooshjjhh, bang, bingo, bham, boom goes the dynamite, word.
      Don’t forget Asia,, Latin America. Just get away from Anglos.
      #YES ALL WOMEN(have tits and ass)
      Sorry Anglos, the monopoly is over. It never really was there anyway, but the internet/passports let us know.
      And I noticed too, how when push comes to shove, it will always be “Man Up” even for these nutbags like Moynihan, Rodgers.
      “He could’ve looked around, sized up the world around him, and made a conscious decision to become the boldest, fittest dude he knew how to be in order to not only carve himself out a niche in that world, but to ultimately work towards changing it. That’s how empires are built, and how broken systems are repaired.”
      Good quote and a good article for sure but at the end of the day, it’s always ‘Man Up’. In a culture that simply will NEVER hold 7/10 of the people accountable for anything (women, non-white males) it will always be on the white males to step up their game. So, that’s true. There really is no other option. The 7/10 never will. The question is; Do you waste your life yelling for accountability from people who are wired from age one to never have it or do you just start creeping around the globe, getting what you want?

      1. I guess self-improvement or man up is the only way to stay sane in the face of the realization that the present sexual marketplace is rigged.

      2. That’s because men CAN tell men to man up. Only someone that’s been there can guide you.
        a Woman, Mangina, or white knight that tries to tell another man to ‘man up’ is like a vegetarian trying to teach you how to cook steaks.

    2. “They will only have anything to do with you if they find you sexually attractive, if not, your invisible.”
      Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? Aren’t you only paying attention to women whom you find physically desirable?

      1. “They will only have anything to do with you(romantically/sexually) if they find you sexually attractive, if not, your invisible(until they need you for a school project, money, fixing the car, lifting something heavy…).”
        That is the main difference. A hot looking woman is the first that catches our attention as men in any situation, it’s how we are. Traditionally, if any woman be it hot or ugly needed help, a man would help her without expecting anything in return.
        Now, the same woman won’t give you the time of the day unless you’re Ryan Gosling.

        1. Your argument makes no sense. You are lamenting that women will only become romantically/sexually involved with men whom they find attractive, and then go on to state that the difference is that men will assist ugly women. That may be true, but those men also won’t become romantically/sexually involved with women they perceive ugly. What kind of assistance are you looking for from women that you aren’t receiving? I agree that our society is currently plagued with a complete lack of common courtesy, but I don’t know what that has to with people’s sexual tastes.

        2. “I know of plenty of plain women who complain of being invisible to the men.”
          The difference between the invisible men and the “invisible” women is that the women aren’t actually invisible. The men do want them, but they don’t approach because they perceive, rightly or wrongly (mostly rightly), that the feeling isn’t mutual.
          Conversely, women mostly don’t want to be bothered, and insofar as they do want to be approached, they don’t want it to by any guy who isn’t at least two ranks above her own station. And even then, his approach better be on point. No slip-ups, or else.
          Even practiced PUAs who cold approach more women in a week than most men will in a lifetime fail on most of their attempts (regardless of the place or time of day of the approach). They make up for it with volume, but if there really was something to this idea that there are “plenty” of plain women of childbearing age who are that starved for dating prospects, PUAs would have a significantly better batting average.
          Past a certain age, all bets are off of course, but a woman who finds herself single at that point in her life no longer has the luxury of passively sitting back on her throne, sorting out the suitors that come her way. She has to be proactive about her love life. Welcome to the club.

        3. You’re missing the point completely. I’m not looking for any assistance from any woman nor I’m lamenting anything, but you can’t shame men into doing what you suppose we should be doing.

        4. You’re 100% right that you can’t shame men into finding certain women attractive, but conversely women can’t be shamed into finding certain men attractive. That’s what I gathered your argument was about, but perhaps I misunderstood.

        5. It’s ok.
          The only time I heard something about that was when some girl who thinks she’s a princess was being disrespectful with a working man, you know, the kind that has low education but works his ass off.
          I think most men(except white knights)don’t waste their time telling women what kind of men they should like.

        6. Telling people who they “should” like is an exercise in futility. I’m educated, but I know plenty of “working men” who are highly intelligent. More intelligent than me…they have a lucrative career without having paid the heavy tuition fees:)

        7. Alex, reading The Rational male I found this post that talks a little about what we were talking.

          The parts that I liked the most, that is my view on the matter:
          “Women base their estimate of a man on his confidence, status, affluence, looks, humor, intellect, creativity, ambition, determination, decisiveness,..and the list goes on. Men’s requisites for intimacy? Looks and sexual availability, that’s it.”
          “Yet what is the single most common shaming tactic women use for men? Painting them as ‘shallow‘ for requiring her to maintain a good shape and be sexually available. Men have far too much on the line in the long term NOT to be concerned with demanding the highest standard from a woman for an investment that goes beyond anything she could hope to genuinely appreciate or match by other means.”
          And then, he explain the methods they use to improve their opportunities when they are too lazy to better themselves.
          “Point 1: Women know on an instinctual, biological level that, overall, men generally base their breeding selection on the physical conditions of a female. Hips to waist ratio, breast size, facial symmetry, fullness of lips, youthful appearance, etc.
          Point 2: In order to compete with similar women in meeting the physical standards of a given demographic of men, women must create physical methods in order to compensate for this deficit. Thus they have make up, cosmetic surgery, high-heels, hair dye, etc.
          Point 3: Failing this, sociological and psychological constructs are necessary to ‘level the playing field’ in the sexual marketplace. Thus, fat, out of shape women attempt to convince men to feel ashamed for wanting a physically superior female by converting that desire into shame. It becomes superficiality. Likewise, older women who’s sexual marketability wanes with every passing year, must create social constructs that praises the sexual prowess of older women.”
          It’s really a great post.

      2. not particularly. if an ugly woman at a place of work or a friend of a friend talks to me, im not going to outright deflect her or brush her off as girls do. id talk to her as a normal human would.

        1. Well, I’m not suggesting your wrong, but that certainly isn’t my experience. I’m a married woman, so (despite the fact that all of you here think we all cheat), I’m not interested sexually in any man I speak to. But that doesn’t stop me from engaging in lots of interesting conversations with them. Actually, I consider that a huge plus of being married, being able to engage in with the opposite sex with no misunderstandings.

    3. ” Id rather travel to Europe and actually enjoy my 20s seeing the world,
      earning $ and building a future FOR MYSELF than wasting my time trying
      to please a woman.”
      Yep, I dumped my LTR and I’m leaving for Europe tomorrow. Not even there yet and I’m already 200x happier.

  17. It is also a lack of guidance for older more mature men- in this case I mean fellows in their 20s and early 30s. The truth is almost no teenage boy is getting laid, a man takes more time to develop because men require more maturation to realize their potential (i.e. Rome wasn’t built in a day.)
    In American society we emphasize sex and competition too early- most likely due to the push from women who want to capitalize their power at a peak. Yeah, the ‘alpha’ male jock or cynical aloof jerk is going to get the poon ahead of the average dorky boy.
    Do you know why human children mature slower than great apes, because it take more development to become an upright speaking biped.

    1. The idea of teens getting advice from “more mature men” in their 20’s and early 30’s is frightening.

      1. As opposed to what? Their peers who are just as clueless. Parents, who because they waited so long to have kids, are out of the loop as to the mores of the time?
        Or some grey-haired codger who started acting like Nestor?
        In traditional societies, not the fake nuclear family of the American suburbs, young men are lower ranked in the natural hierarchy.
        That and you are probably one of those genX pieces of shit who thinks you can wield authority by virtue of the fact that your face is starting to get wrinkled.

        1. I’m a piece of shit because I said that someone in their 20’s or early 30’s is in no real place to give advice? You must be in your 20’s / early 30’s and I stepped on your precious, entitled little toe. I also liked “are out of the loop as to the mores of the time?” One HAS to be really fucked up beyond all recognition to defend “The Mores Of Our Times.” You just proved my point, someone like yourself is the LAST motherfucker on the planet who should be dispensing advice on ANY fucking subject whatsoever! You are the same little shits that Dostoevsky wrote about over 100 years ago:

        2. Avaricious, venial, slothful, three words I can think off the top of my head to describe the most worthless generation produce by modern America.
          I believe ‘lukewarm’ (“…for I will spit thee out of my mouth…”) would fit well for Generation X.
          I think this is something you know. And don’t speak of entitlements. Xers never gave anything.

        3. And your generation has given what??? What you don’t seem to understand “junior” is that I don’t disagree with you. The Baby Boomers sucked and every generation since has, including yours. What? You think your fucking generation is going to fix things? Set things aright? Your fucking generation is fucking things up even more than the preceding generations. You are a fucking SJW plain and simple. All I hear you spouting is hate for GenX, BORING!!! Try explaining how the world is so much fucking better with dumb little shits like you ‘coming of age’. You’re a fucking joke, a mental midget standing on the shoulders of giants. Look around yourself asshole, 99.9% of everything you have was invented/produced by earlier generations. But in your pea-sized brain everything exists because of your generation. Because you’re just so fucking cool and young and come from a more modern and degenerate generation. Why even debate a little shit such yourself in the first place. You wanted a confrontation and I would be more than willing to give you the spanking your sperm donor/absentee father never delivered, boy! That slattern whore of a mother obviously never taught you manners or how to respect your elders. It’s fucks like you that make me shrug my shoulders and not give a fuck when some nut shoots up a school. If it’s little shits like you that are getting wasted then who the fuck cares???

        4. Typical Xer tactic, blaming my parents’ generation. I guess because they saw you for the worthless slackers you were.
          But you know what, not going to work. Because I respect my parents.
          They volunteered for Vietnam, moreso than their parents did for WWII. They had stiff competition because they were a lot. They did actually bust their asses.
          What the fuck did your sorry ass group do? Resurrect half-assed hippie. You managed to even fuck that up.
          You must be getting upset with your cussing and ranging, and ad hominems.
          I guess because my parents gave you because you are a worthless (X) group. And we Millennials have the same opinion.

        5. HA! HA! HA! Drank the fucking kool-aid and your not even 30! HA! HA! HA! Nothing more to discuss. HA! HA! HA!

        6. Oh no, this isn’t a discussion. It’s a statement of fact.
          See you show your animus, right off. Trying to keep us in line.
          And the truth is we know you are like, we’ve worked for you, and suffered your group enough.
          And you are missing the point, the Millennials are now in their 30s.
          And done with your ham fisted sorry assed brow beating.

        7. Once again… HA! HA! HA! Drank the fucking kool-aid AND you’re an old fuck over 30! HA! HA! HA! Nothing more to discuss, grandpa. HA! HA! HA! Isn’t the chip in your hand blinking? Shouldn’t you be riding the Carousel? I guess it’s the Millenials time for “ham fisted sorry assed brow beating.” HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

  18. When you are a man and do the right thing to only be shit on by your government and your women it can break you. Most men just kill themselves or immerse themselves in unproductive hobbies like video games but these killings are going to get more common in the future. The red pill let’s you deal with these problems that are occurring but unless you seek answers you won’t find it.

    1. Whenever I find myself at a gathering (was at one of the children birthday parties the other day), and I see the women with their diamonds on the finger; their miserable beta husbands hovering around (while for sure being cockloaded in the background), I just laugh my head off of all the bull shit. Sometimes it’s fun to know the truth and view everything through the RP lens.

    2. Sometimes it is not an actively quest for answers. Sometimes the overdose of bullshit just makes you vomit it all out of your system. And then, quite simply, tolerance for nonsense expires.

  19. Chivalry was a french custom of the ‘Chevaliers’, or ‘horsemen’, regarding those who were not horsemen. Ie, the nobility were supposed to show ‘chivalry’ to their inferiors.
    This custom was expanded to show ‘gentlemanly behavior’ (a gentleman being mounted) towards all of his inferiors. European customs assumed that gifts flowed from superior to inferior, rather than the afro-asian custom of ‘tribute’ in which gifts flowed from inferior to superior.
    This contrast between European customs and Asian customs continues to be a misunderstoof point between the two cultures… When we European descended people give ‘gifts’ to a lesser, or weaker culture, we understand that we are showing largess.. Practicing ‘Nobless Oblige’ or the obligation of a noble to assist an inferior, while asian (mostly middle eastern) cultures take it the other way… that we are paying them, as superiors, tribute.
    Thus, when middle-easterners and africans recieve the gifts, they assume it is only their due from an inferior culture. Thus, the treat European culture exactly the way their customs dictate… as a conquered, inferior culture forced to pay them tribute. Their behavior is exactly the behavior of an enemy to a conquered, inferior foe… rapine and pillage.
    In addition, Women recieved this ‘chivalry’ as inferior beings. With the demand that they be treated as competent adults, every bit equal to the man’s culture they badly ape, they have lost all right to chivalry.
    It is time to put chivalry to rest. We are the superior culture, we are the creators, the builders, the technicians and the innovative. It is a fight for survival, a time to return all other cultures (as well as the culture of the goddess) to the inferior place it belongs. We are not weaklings.It is time to understand the cultures we fight. We shall not become like them, we shall not demand tribute, but we must no longer behave chivalrously towards those who see it as a weakness.
    WE ARE KINGS! It’s about time we started acting like it.

    1. I get it. So if we feed the fat colored welfare breeding mare, she sees the white liberal as her inferior and she becomes an enthroned and entitled queen latifeh. Who’s zoomin’ who? So she feels obligated to demand more.

      1. You should be more concerned with Big Business, Wall Street and Global elite who steal from all of us and actually cause Depressions in America and Globally every decade. The Black stereotype of the Welfare Queen is not the problem.

        1. The cunning world powers fit the profile of a giant colossal gold digger. We work and earn FOR HER, and when our max earning potential has been reached we are discarded. The great world power she bitch is more than just a parasite as many have called her. They mistakingly call her big brother but she is the embodiment of all the worst traits of a female scorned. Her currency she pulls out of her putrid hole and gives it value added leverage. The dollar bill is slimy with the blood of every war that was ever fought. And ‘slimy’ is the key. Money was undoubtedly pulled from the SLIMY pitts of some great celestial enthroned cunt. The force in effect behind the power over this world in the broader view walks and quacks so much like the lowly females only on a larger scale.

    2. “Ie, the nobility were supposed to show ‘chivalry’ to their inferiors.” ~ I think it was called Noblesse Oblige.

  20. “Thirdly, it creates a divide between men and women that a) makes “alternative” lifestyles seem more “normal” based on the illusion that all straight relationships are either doomed to failure or dead on arrival…”
    I have no doubt that today’s dismal dating market for both men women has led to rampant trannyism. Especially among males.
    We live in a society where the average American and Brit prefer that the next royal child be female (and their own as well). masculine forms of expression like fighting, aggression and competition are frowned upon and not properly channeled by older authority figures. But most importantly an increasing number males are not getting enough sex, meaning none.
    In such a hostile environment for men, either beta male rage will manifest itself in violence acts, or for many, if you can’t beat’em, then join them and become chick. The fact that we see both happening a lot more than in the past proves it.

  21. Two thoughts come to mind. First is that I wonder if things have really become that bad in the Anglosphere – particularly for younger guys – in the last couple of years since I flew the coop? There have been some goofy headlines here in China but English speakers have been taking to suicide or spree killing in a beyond disturbing fashion the last while.
    The second question is to what extent should guys like us – who have come to peace with their relationship with women, by whatever means- should we take it upon ourselves to reach out, find these sort of beta males, and school them?
    SJWs go fucking nuts about ROK but seriously, has any subscriber here committed suicide or gone spree killing? Some of us have learned game, some are MGTOW, and some are ex-pats like me. Whatever path you have chosen, if it works for you should we pay it forward?

    1. Anglosphere? All of the Anglos have been assimilated, resistance is futile. (points finger and gives Invasion of the Body Snatchers screech)

    2. 1) Yes it has been consistently getting worse the last few years.
      2) I would love to help other men, but I’m still in the matrix. Gotta get out first.

  22. The pink part= dicks, a lot of them
    PS: replace the light blue “respect” part with “even more money to blow on useless shit”
    PS2: The green “marriage” part can also be replaced by: “step1 marriage, step2 divorce step3 getting the dollars

  23. This dumb shit talk about “Game” and Stock Foto Rip makes me sick! What does this shit have to do with manlynes? Its rather producing more emotionaly damaged sluts unfit to keep our civilization going! I’am so tired of this. I haven’t read one single Article here how to find a woman that fits to be a mother and how to found a tribe, just this dumb shit about “Game”. What the fuck is wrong with you? How are you diffrent than these guys who tried to define themself by “Game” and lost? Many of you are just as out of the genpool as these angry, lonely men.

    1. ” tried to define themself by “Game” and lost? Many of you are just as out of the genpool as these angry, lonely men.”
      Worse.. Most of these Game experts folded and got married actually.

    2. How in the fuck does one write an article about “how to find a woman fit to be a mother”, pray tell? That’s up to you and your standards. That’s why there is no article on it. If you don’t know what kind of traits to look for in a good woman fit to be a mother, you’re a lost cause man.

      1. Oh great that everyone here is already so enlightend that he knows all the valuable traids for a tribe foundation, but still every 10th articel is about dateing tips. Hey lets kick the bend can of feminism down the hall once more, because its not like that everyone knows what a trainwreck it already is. Lost cause you call me? I was hopeing for something constructive, but it looks like i get more limited BS from the King of his own Chair.

        1. Oooooh, you’re an angry elf.
          Tribe foundation? You are saying that you, as an individual do not know what traits to look for to best form your own family and associations (tribe sounds silly)? You actually need that explained to you?

        2. So you were born with the stone of knowledge up your arse or what? What kind of mentality must you have to call the tribe silly? Is this manlyness? Skirt chaseing and know-it-all acting? So much for the “kings” once more. Kings of their own chair.

        3. Instead of going snarky, how about considering that YOU are not communicating your desires well at all. You are assuming nomenclature that clearly I am unfamiliar with. Tribe, to me, means ethnic group. Now it may mean something else to you, you’re not being clear, however if it is ethnic/racial group then how in the flying *fuck* am I to know what to tell you, I have zero clue who you are? Even if I generalize that you’re “white” or “black” or whatever, there is no flipping way I can even begin beyond the meta level basics, and even those would get you nipping at my heels like an angry puppy. If it does NOT refer to race/ethnic group then you are working on some kind of definition that you’ve left unspoken, which is *your* bad, not the reading audiences.
          If you want something from the site, or the authors on the site, then stop assuming everybody talks “You Speak” and be more precise in your request.
          It seems to me that you’re just looking for a reason to snipe at the site and readership more than you actually want to discover some kind of information, but perhaps I’m just misreading you. In any event, stop being so thin skinned and you’ll probably get a lot further.

        4. You are not familiar with simple terminology such as Tribe, while calling me an elf? Can it even get more basic than Tribe? I’am not even assuming what ‘elf’ is some kind of term for whatever, because i don’t care. But here you are, bitching to me about heels and puppies. I wasn’t talking to you. You talk to me. You just could have moved on if you don’t get me, leaving me with my problem of not being able to communicate to the audience. Looks like the other guy gets it. So what is your deal with this? Playing inquisitor? Did i fell out of line somehow rejecting this Game Bullshit and asking for the foundation of Tribe(Mother)? What is a King? A Chief. A king without Subjects, the Family he rules, is no King. But whatever, my Issue with this most likely isn’t of your interest anyway.

        5. And so if it’s a tribe as I already noted in my understanding, then your accusations and emotion appeals make no sense, for reasons I’ve already outlined. If you are a white guy and need me to tell you to form a tribe with men similar to your ethnicity and views, there’s nothing I can say that will profit you.
          We’re through talking. You’re just looking for a personal exchange of insults, so I’ll take your advice and move on.

    1. “They can’t teach themselves to fly.”
      I heard a good one: In a hurricane even turkeys can fly… When push comes to shove they will, but the pain needs to reach a certain threshold first.

  24. The gynocracy isn’t going to give up their privileges over men – so hypothesizing about a future in which men and women work together again is a waste of time. The 1950s are gone for good. Provide and protect is a deeply sexist way of looking at men and promotes male disposability. What we need now is true equality.
    Not only do they have “yes means yes” in the UK – a deeply biased, sexist and anti-male law – but the “cohabitation rights bill” is working it’s way through parliament as well. The cohabitation rights bill is the brainchild of those that believe cohabiting women should have the same rights to asset division and alimony as married women if their boyfriend breaks up with her after X number of months of cohabitation. Know how women came to hold the majority of wealth in the US? Their dead husbands, fathers and divorced raped X husbands.
    Men need to be taught not to place their self-esteem and identity at the feet of women. Elliot Roger was a creation of those that kiss the boots of the gynocracy – white knights. He felt himself worthless due to lack of female attention and became homicidally resentful. Men need to stop defining their worth based on female approval, attention and affection. How can this be accomplished? Men’s studies courses in jr, high, high school and college. “The Manipulated Man”, “The Myth of Male Power” and “Stand By Your Manhood” are three books with which every young adult male should be exposed.Women have had these courses for decades and are walking all over men in every category of life success.
    Just like most people stood by during the Nazi destruction of the Jews and during the KKK destruction of blacks, those that benefit from the denigration and destruction of men will sit idly by. They will not act in any meaningful way until it becomes abundantly clear that the destruction of men offers little in return. Until then – you’re only going to get lip service. I’m not talking about just the feminists here. I’m talking about most women and also the cowardly, naive white knights that kowtow to women to remain in power.
    Men need to understand that the destruction of the patriarchy – the primary feminist goal – means to destroy men and the transfer of their power and wealth to women through force of law. This destruction isn’t a game. It’s real – and women are out for blood. This redistribution of wealth has been going on for several decades and has been monumentally successful for women – leaving hundreds of thousands of men dead from financial annihilation and suicide.
    While women were busy being taught how to dominate and control men by feminists, boys were left unschooled in how men have been brutalized by women over the past several decades. Young men need to be taught that women are not their friends and are instead their competitors and adversaries – even within marriage. Mothers – rather than teaching their sons the supposed joys of marriage – should introduce their sons to the all too common, total life destruction men undergo through divorce. As that doesn’t serve the gynocracy – that will never happen. Boys will continue to be sent out naive in the ways of women. Why? Because boys and men are disposable; hence male-only selective service.
    Feminists own the colleges now. The reason they’re going after the fraternities is because being a member of a frat – especially the Greek frats – means you have a huge advantage in life. Feminists don’t like that – so they’re trying to either destroy the frats or force them to be co-ed. It’s all about destroying the patriarchy and transferring men’s power and wealth to women. They will win.
    The Rolling Stone piece didn’t have anything to do with rape. It’s all about money, power and control – and the Greek frats have lots of it. Because of this – feminists will do everything in their power to destroy them. The Rolling Stone debacle was a laser guided attack against Greek frats to force their closure or force them to become co-ed.
    Feminists control all of academia now and actively discriminate against men and boys. Boys are having a tough time in school because the girls are favored by their feminist teachers and the boys are denigrated for being male. You’d think the feminists would want all girl schools. Know why they don’t? That’s easy. Because they can’t run the men’s schools if they’re all male. Having co-ed everything ensures they can use false rape, sexual assault and harassment to get rid of all the male management and teachers. This is why fewer and fewer men become teachers and why many quit the profession. Feminists do want female only STEM classes however. They already have many and will get more and more.
    “Yes Means Yes” has nothing to do with rape. It’s all about the redistribution of men’s power and wealth to women. It’s literally legalized blackmail and extortion through use of fear and/or false accusations. This is the real “rape culture”. This is the gynocracy’s method of choice in redistributing men’s wealth and power to themselves.
    Lest we forget – it was the white knights of the patriarchy that brought “Yes Means Yes” into being. Obama himself spearheaded this particular destruction of college men. All legislation that discriminates against men in favor of women was put in place by powerful male leaders at the behest of the gynocracy. Why? For purposes of garnering votes from women to remain in power. These men gladly threw the majority of men under the bus to maintain the favor of the gynocracy – leaving a path of destroyed men in their wake.
    If I had a son – I’d tell him to never get married nor cohabit with a woman and to avoid unrecorded intimate encounters with women like the plague. If I had a daughter – I’d tell her to do whatever she wanted. I’d also tell my son that his life is just important as any other and to always put himself first, even above women and children’s in life threatening situations. There is zero reason for women to expect that men stick to their traditional roles when women gleefully, with a sense of *empowerment*, walked away from theirs.
    The manipulative and sociopathic way in which men have been convinced to view themselves and other men as disposable is nothing short of a crime against humanity. It’s gynocentric brainwashing and needs to stop post haste.

    1. Thus, women get off their butts and go vote. They vote at national, state, and local levels. Meanwhile, men don’t take the time to exercise even this basic right. So, whom is to blame? Look in the mirror. So stop pissing and moaning, and then go vote, that is always in your best self-interest.

        1. Sure does have a lot of meaning for women doesn’t it? Belly up attitudes like yours is why men are losing.

        2. Absolutely! Not only that, I run for office and find and support other like minded individuals. It takes time and effort, and I have been successful. Most “red pill” advice is to give up and run away. I stand-up and engage. Yes, voting matters, each and every vote especially at the local level. That’s where it has the greatest impact.

        3. I agree with you with the local level. I only vote for my condo association and the alderman. Other than that you are fighting women and maginas.
          Voting for an idea is futile today. I heard women complaining about Rand Paul being too short. It’s a joke, if you ask me. Not wasting my time..

        4. And that’s a real basic problem with red pill men. They won’t stand up and make the time for what they believe in. It’s to hard to fight women and manginas? That’s a joke. You can stand-up and fight, or run away like a coward.
          Women are not wasting their time, right? So let them win automatically?
          I”m not ready to let someone take my freedom by default.

        5. You don’t realize. They’ve won, and we lost. It’s done. It’s too late. We are being led by women, white knights and Wall Street psychopaths. Our numbers are simply not there. It has nothing to do with being coward, and everything to do with being able to asses the situation realistically. From now on is every man for himself.
          If voting is such a great thing, then I wonder why Obama’s thinking to make it mandatory.
          While I admire your conviction, I don’t share in it…

      1. Women are the majority of voters and – as they’ve done for several decades – are only going to vote for the hyper-gynocentric, white-knight, alpha males (both Republican and Democrat). Examples are Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan (Mr. No Fault Divorce), etc. As the majority of men are brainwashed, wannabe, hyper-gynocentric, alpha males (delusional betas), they will voluntarily dig our graves at the voting booths as well. Add to that minorities – the majority of which who vote for the wealth-redistributive-friendly candidate – who also happen to be perfect feminist/marxist wealth-redistributive-friendly candidates – and you have the perfect setup for the fundamental transformation to a man-hating, socialist-Marxist, Sweden like, cuckold friendly, emasculating, feminist empowered, feminist foreign policy loving government.
        Do you know why feminists drone on and on about the debunked wage gap? Did you realize that most men have zero clue what women mean by “wage gap”? Women fully realize they’re being paid less for degrees that are less valuable than say an than engineering degree. Here’s what feminists are trying to tell men – but “because men never listen” – they’re not hearing:
        This is how women think. They think that it’s unfair to pay a man more than a woman – period! Men thinking they should be paid more because they have a more valuable degree, seniority, experience, take less sick time, etc, to women, is plain old misogyny and patriarchal oppression. It doesn’t fit their feminist/socialist/Marxist/gynocentric/redistributive way of looking at the world.
        Women now have the VAWA, Affirmative Action, Title IX, Yes Means Yes, man-hating alimony and child support and the majority of state and federal funding for education, welfare and heath. Why? Because this is how you legally destroy the patriarchy and redistribute wealth from men to women. MEN VOTED IN THESE MAN-HATING, HYPER-GYNOCENTRIC, DISCRIMINATORY LAWS AND POLICIES – NOT WOMEN!

        1. Exactly what I was trying to tell him. You put more accurate words around it. He’s probably young and idealistic. That’s OK, but for me the fight at the boot is over. Moreover, I’m not even trying to convince anybody anymore. Each on their own. Fuck them all!

        2. I know, right? Women and minorities are going to vote for whomever promises the most wealth redistribution to woman and minorities. What does that mean? GAME OVER. The founding fathers knew that once people figured out they could use the government treasury (taxes paid by those that earned money) as a redistributive financial windfall for themselves, it was all over. The only thing left to accomplish now is the fundamental transformation back to a dictatorial, totalitarian regime, which is already well underway.

        3. You’re wrong… men sit on the sidelines and watch other men engaged in the political process. Meanwhile “red pill”men say the fight was already over…blah,blah, blah…cowards. Women vote and you don’t… What’s your complaint? Stop blaming other people for a fight you’re not willing to stick your own neck into. Step into the ring.

        4. That is a little simplistic. It’s not really wealth “Redistribution” the conservatives openly support Big Banks, Wall Street, and Corporations which ship our jobs overseas in the first place. As well as allow Corporations to move out of the country and exploit loopholes, afterwards bailing out these entities even when they are the main cause of the Great Recession and Great Depression (Done by Democrats and openly supported by Republicans). They also threaten to dip into Social Programs that the person is entitled too meaning they PAID into the system all their life (don’t confuse working for and entitled too as the idiotic thinking someone is sitting on their backside waiting to receive money).
          Many of these so call minorities you talk about work much harder than the native born Americans. Don’t assume the “left” is monolith, yes I acknowledge even the most hypocritical feminist would most likely support the same candidates that I do unfortunately, but in this two party system I also see the right as the biggest problem impacting worker’s rights and fair wage…so it’s a cost-benefit analysis. The Democrats are also guilty of being bought by big business. So what are we left with?

        5. Minority Groups Who Voted 80 Percent Obama To Become Majority

          Minority Turnout Determined the 2012 Election

          Blacks outvoted whites in 2012, the first time on record

          Gender Gap in 2012 Vote Is Largest in Gallup’s History – Obama wins women’s vote

          What was Obama’s campaign promise? Fundamental transformation and redistribution of wealth (which means Swedish style socialism – the goal of the left). Women and minorities turned out in all time, record shattering numbers for Obama. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what this means.
          The great recession was caused by the removal of Glass Steagall (put in place after the great depression to prevent another), the implementation of the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (which deregulated the financial services industry and banks) and the strengthening of the Community Reinvestment Act (which “encouraged” banks to lend to sub-prime borrowers). In short – the great recession was caused by Republicans trading the removal of Glass Steagall for the Democrats want of a revitalized Community Reinvestment Act. This bipartisan “grand bargain” led to the destruction of the economy through (1) deregulating the financial service industry and banks (creating trillions in credit default swaps) and (2) “encouraging” banks to give mortgages to high-risk borrowers, which artificially inflated home prices and made credit default swaps seem like good investments – further proliferating credit default swaps. Both Republicans and Democrats hailed it as a great deal for Americans and both are primarily at fault for the great recession. The federal government caused the great recession through deregulation of financial services/banks and the encouragement of sub-prime lending. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR THE RICH – NOT WE THE PEOPLE.
          When one looks at Republicans and Democrats, one should envision a professional wrestling match. While the dueling wrestlers appear to be mortal enemies, they are in fact good friends, have dinner together and their kids go to the same private schools. In other words, both the Republicans and Democrats in congress are working towards their own interests and couldn’t care less about “we the people”. It’s the same as feminism claiming to be working for men.
          The middle class is shrinking because they shoulder the highest real tax burden. The rich (the 1%) have their loopholes/write-offs and the lower classes don’t pay any taxes at all (the 47%). That leaves the middle class shouldering the bill.
          Once the “fundamental transformation” is complete – the average McDonald’s meal with cost $23 (which is what it now costs in Sweden), all will get free retirement (you’ll die being neglected/abused in public old age homes), insurance will be free (socialists/Marxist country leaders and their wealthy currently come to America for their urgent health care needs), and “the wealthy” will be composed solely of an elite class of politicians (think Putin).
          I don’t know why I’m so worried. The left surely has our best interests at heart.

        6. I agree with your latest response to a certain degree but in your initial reply I disagreed with your wording which may imply other factors… First of all your assessment that the Left Wing was complicit with the Banks in lending Mortgage Loans to at risk and abusing minorities shows that the stereotype of Obama being anywhere near Communist or even Socialist is absurd first of all. Second of all I agree that the Left has also been bought by big Business. What I’m stating is that the Republicans openly support Corporate “Welfare” and the dipping into monies entitled to (that is paid into justly) of the average American Working Class which includes Blacks, Whites, Latinos etc Ironically includes majority poor Whites which make up the majority of Welfare recipients and the poor in this nation and also are near the top at times alternating by percentage.
          It does not take a genius to understand the various reasons so called minorities voted for Obama in record numbers first of all most minorities especially the American Black population has always voted in majority numbers for the Democratic candidate since the end of the 1950s. And except for Obama all previous Candidates have been White. If you reverse the roles and place whites in this country in the situation of Blacks and if Obama were the first White Candidate, I am sure the voter participation of the Whites population would also have increased in theory. That coupled with an element of historical and current disdain for the so called minority community in America by a portion of the Right Wing including the Conservative wing of the Republican Party has caused the alienation of the minority vote. Which is exponentially important as this country moves to an Interracial Society.
          Also you have to take into consideration that it was the combination of 8 full years of Bush era failure and costly wars and the combination of the first Black and DEMOCRATIC Presidential Candidate. I am sure the voter upswing for a Black Conservative would not nearly have been as high.
          Lastly the poor do pay into Taxes and you are parroting Right Wing incomplete facts. The language you originally used also goes along with the welfare abusing black/minority stereotype perpetuated by the Right Wing Media machine both directly and indirectly. It is about Income inequality and the rising separation of Rich and poor no matter the race but greatly impacting so called minorities in this country. That does not mean that the majority of people want “handouts” in fact many work extremely hard and the people who abuse social safety nets are shamed by their own communities. (Social Safety net abusers are a drop in the bucket compared to Tax evading Corporations who manipulate politics with their money). It also means that we don’t believe the nonsense of the “Trickle Down Economy.”
          Important note a sizable amount of the poor also voted for Romney including poor whites who ironically use social safety nets to include welfare and Social Security and an element of whites who also abuse social safety nets, but who are guided by Right Wing racist policy namely Tea Party elements. There are reasonable Republicans like Colin Powell however but their voices are drowned out by that negative element.

        7. Check back and chat with me in 20 years, third eye. It’s going to get worse and worse and worse in America and all former majority white, male dominated countries. As minorities and women gain in numbers and power, the more and more we’ll look like N. Korea, Russia, Iraq, Cuba, S. Africa, Sweden and the other Marxist/totalitarian/socialist regimes.
          Why do you think all of the minority races came to America and other white male dominated, European countries in the first place? It’s because white males set up a utopian country and know how to run things. Look at the countries from which blacks, Hispanics and Muslims migrate. Why are they fleeing their own people, countries and governments (themselves essentially)? Why are all other races fleeing to white male built countries? What will happen to these countries once they’ve been taken over by third worlders and women? We already see that happening.
          Again – get back to me in 20. Bet you $1000 things are way worse by then and minorities and women make up a more powerful force in Western countries.
          You can avoid reality. What you can’t avoid are the consequences of avoiding reality. Regardless – something tells me you’ll try anyways. From which of the minority countries did you migrate?

        8. We exist in a world where their is push and give. We don’t exist in the vacuum FOOL. Western Nations have practiced divide and conquer for far too long. Extracting Natural Resources and leaving those populations to work in jobs which pay 1 dollar a day for the Global Elite to fuel so called 1st World Nations. Divide and Conquer fueling and causing differences in other Nation’s populations to foment revolutions. Economic warfare and Assassination has been the order of the day. Installing Puppet Governments stating we will spread “Freedom,” and people here eat it up. Majority Black, Brown, and Asian nations were forced at gunpoint to accept an influx of Europeans its called Colonization. It is not because a “Utopian” Society was set up don’t be that naive and ignorant or maybe Right Wing Media has taught you that? There has been far worse to occur in this country including the Civil War.
          And honestly many in the younger generation (of all races) wish to leave America because of high student loans and our overall Debt-Fueled Economy and the worsening state of Fiat Currency initiated by the Nixon Shock of the early 1970’s. As well as the continuous rise in the wealth Gap long before Obama came on the scene.
          It is not that America is a “Utopian Society” (never mind the fact that a Utopia is an IDEAL that in essence can never be reached) is that the Colonialism and extraction of wealth afforded this populace the luxuries they have had in comparison with the so called “Third World Nations.” And there are majority Asian and Black Nations that are doing well. What comes up must come down, and what goes down must come up.
          Yeah I will check back with you.

  25. Inspiring fuckin’ article. And painfully true…and tha’s the crux of the issue…I swallowed the ‘red pill’ and gulped down the harsh realities of what is known as ‘the cathedral’ long before these terms were widely used. It was a grieving process and it took a long time to come to terms with it. Many guys don’t make it through…maybe even to the point where they kill others and/or themselves.
    The problem is many guys swallow the pill, see the truth but do nothing about it. They sit and stew in the ugly truth. There was far less support around when I woke the fuck up, but I used what resources I could and got the fuck on with it. Dating women from more traditional cultures and outside of my own country while travelling the world was one of the tools in my box. It also helped deconstruct the western marxist narrative I’d been emasculated and shamed with.
    These days we have ROKs and other communities of red pillers. Now there really is no excuse for having a meltdown because you can’t deal with waking up from the matrix. The tools, counter propaganda and our brothers in arms are right fuckin’ here. Maybe as a masculine community we need to pay more attention to those just crossing over? Because for men awakening from the herdal sleep all over the globe, it is after all a very traumatic time.

  26. In today’s sexual marketplace betas can hit the weight room, adopt an attitude, dress for success, change their career game plan and most will still fail with the women of today. I’d guesstimate that 15-20% of the guys are getting 80-90% of the action and that is unlikely to change any time soon. In fact that environment is I suspect spreading rapidly in non western nations sought as refuges for those tired of the ultra feminist west.

    1. Blame co ed schooling from the crib. It has to be completely unlearned and erased to uncover the natural order. If we had manosphere schooling or man-o-centric education, P.E. class would have activities like the ‘gazelle hunt’. No one gets hurt on the playground but the boys learn to chase and pursue. What a riot it would be seeing the girls run in circles, bumping into each other trying to avoid getting ‘tagged’. And both the boys and girls acquire a sense early on of their natural programme. Then the coach man blows the whistle and keeps score. It sure would beat kicking a silly ‘ball’ around. Hey, that’s what feminized women do to US. There needs to be a game change.

  27. I love the fact that as an American with even a modest income, all I have to do is go to the Philippines and wave a few dollars around
    American cunts are getting fat, uppity and unattractive? I’ll take my efforts elsewhere.

  28. Perfect article. Kudos to the writer.
    Betas are fed lies since they grew up, by their parents, their friends, the media, and so on. Try to imagine a beta questioning this information, that has been ever present around him and been told to him his entire life. In most cases, the beta doesn’t question it and sets himself high expectations (i.e. getting laid by being nice). Each time these expectations are not fulfilled, he will search someone to blame for this sad situation, which of course will not be himself (since he grew up into believing being nice is the best way of life). Indeed, mostly the beta will think something is wrong with society, leaving him more and more frustrated after each disappointment until he mentally breaks and commits suicide or murder, aka taking ‘revenge’ on society … or until he gets in touch with the red pill and realize his parents, friends and the media were wrong all the time and that he is able to change his situation for the better by improving himself and adopting a completely different mindset.
    I’m glad to belong to the last category.

    1. They get the Walt Disney version of romance and manhood. The standard “Prince Charming” bullshit of the man that does nothing but rescue woman from other women.

      1. The best strategy now is not to rescue women, but lay back and enjoy how they fuck themselves up. And smile when they beg for help.

  29. Much like the Architect in the Matrix, the architects of this crap have done a cost-benefit analysis
    Yes, but what the Architects have chosen to ignore is just how monstrously antinatural their cult is. And one need not be a rocket scientist or go through five divorces to realize that something is beyond rotten in this big happy feminasty society.
    And so, I agree with you, a change will come. And it will make the Victorian age and the demure Classical Rome (where kissing your daughter’s cheek in public was considered scandalous) look like an orgy of deranged sluts.
    Furthermore, let’s never forget who these architects are. These antihuman ideas first appeared in the departments of western universities, departments that were strictly controlled by men. Then corporate boards… again controlled by men. And then legislatures… consisting almost exclusively of male legislators.
    It’s not the iPhone-armed sluts who’ve created this mess.

    1. So women are not to blame for feminism, men are?
      It was men all along. Women did not found groups like NOW (National Organization of Women), divorce their husbands in the majority, lie about being on birth control, commit paternity fraud, push for Obamacare because it equalized health insurance payments even though they go to hospitals more, or anything else.
      No, they were tricked into doing all of these things by the ghosts of dead white men from the 1960s. Right.

      1. You’re putting words in my mouth.
        I haven’t said “So women are not to blame for feminism, men are” or anything like it. But practically all of them are the useful idiots of the movement. And there is no point in finger pointing the pawns while the masterminds get scot free again and again…
        Look at the very examples that you use:
        *you mention an organization that was founded at a time when men-controlled university departments had already been promoting feminism for quite some time.
        * you talk about divorce, but it wasn’t women lawmakers who changed the laws to let that happen. It wasn’t women-controlled churches who toned down their stance against divorce. it wasn’t women-controlled media who promoted divorce as a cool thing.
        *birth control, it wasn’t a female’s invention nor was it pushed and promoted by women-controlled media and lawmakers.
        *Obamacare, for God’s sake, a man’s idea, named after a man, pushed by men controlled media and men politicians.
        Etc, etc…
        These things did not come from outer space. There have been people pushing for these changes. White knights in high places.
        Scratch the surface of any of these movements, such as Femen, and you end up finding a guy pulling the strings. (the leader of Femen, in particular, said these girls are weak and need my leadership.)
        Women are far from blameless here, but we must not close our eyes to the fact that men in high places have been absolutely crucial.
        Otherwise we end up sounding as if we believed that one day the women of the world just decided to misbehave and go all slutty for the hell of it. And oh poor men of the world were just sudden victims of an unfairness that came from women against men just because.
        The institutions that started and promoted this change were led by men. It’s disgusting, but that doesn’t make it false. Ignoring that won’t do us any good. And limiting ourselves to finger point the useful idiots and pawns won’t help us at all. We must not ignore the white knights in high places.

  30. Oh, I get it. The women themselves are completely blameless – they are all being secretly manipulated by Teh Ghey.
    Poor dears.

  31. Late-teens, early-20s guys often have a lot of angst when it comes to females and sexuality. They just have to understand that “it gets better.” The older I get, the less intimidated I’ve become with respect to women. I’ve come to see that men truly do have the upper hand in social relations.

    1. The tragedy being that during a man’s teens and early twenties, that formative period during which sexual access is most crucial to his development, his female peers are either dialing up their badboy-chasing to full retard levels, focusing their attention on some useless degree or career to the exclusion of everything else, or being generally unavailable/useless in some other way. Leaving many (if not most) men entirely in the dust.
      By the time they start coming around in their late twenties or early thirties for provider chasing/biological clock ticking reasons, and our own libido starts to wane a little bit… Lo and behold, they’re just not quite as interesting as they used to be.
      Can’t have ’em when you want ’em, don’t want ’em when you can. A damn shame really.

  32. Guys like Moynihan an Rogers need more than just learning game, they to to be de programmed completely to stop pedestrielizing women as snowflakes and realize that what women think of you isn’t the be all an end all of life. Modern men In The West have been lied to by women, feminists, society an the media about what women really want an how they think, learning game helps men see through many of those lies but these men are so brainwashed they see learning game as bad. The need to be de programmed completely before being introduced to game, because game is seen as something bad an negative by mail stream society.

  33. Why oughtn’t it be a war on feminism? That’s how I approach the whole thing these days. They wanted a gender war, they should get it. In writing, in person, in interactions, I display nothing but contempt for feminists. Things are coming around, however. More and more, women refuse to I.D. as feminist and the younger they are, the more they see it. Gals my age, in their 50s and those in their 40s are sick to death of being told how to be, how to stick it to men. They recognize feminism is about ugly, dyke women doing everything in their power to spoil what out to be a male-female gender PARTY. Feminists are the ugly cows in high school that never got invited to the prom, but somehow, they seized power.
    Younger women see the man-hate displayed by their mothers’ generation and see it all as ridiculous. Women have their jobs, their education, their rights. All feminism is good for now, and they’re working hard on it, is to ruin the state of relations between men and women, throughout the culture and especially, in the law. They want to codify the hatred of men, it’s that simple. If we tamp it down as a gender, we men can get men and women alike seeing feminism as the poison to humanity that it is. It took decades for feminism to dig this hole, now it’s time to fill it back.

  34. Look, I don’t have quote, unquote “game”. I had to go to the gym just to get rid of half of my love handles. Guys I am who I am, if no one likes me then fuck it. It is a weak person who allows the world, media, or anyone to dehumanize them. This poor soul/ moron allowed the world and this materialistic culture to break him. As much as I would like to say it is the Feminists’ fault. It isn’t. His Bros failed him also. They should’ve encouraged him just to fuck any woman as long as she was willing. Any little bit helps. Baby steps guys

  35. “What you’ve actually got is an alliance akin to the Axis Powers, composed of feminists, the LGBT, and social anarchists in general.”
    No. If you read any of what Fascists and National Socialists wrote, if you see how they lived their lives, if you read the esoterics and Traditionalists whose ideas their systems parroted, you would immediately recognize that it is we who are the heirs of the axis( while having the potential to be vastly superior to them) and that the freaks are the deracinated children of the allies.

  36. What’s wrong with women only schools, women only workplaces, women only hospitals and women only retirement homes? LETS HAVE MORE WOMEN ONLY, SAFE, NON-TRIGGERING SPACES, RIGHT?
    Wouldn’t that be great for women? No longer would women have to deal with men.
    Women need co-ed everything to falsely accuse men of rape, sexual assault and harassment. Without this power over men and without their dead husbands, fathers and divorce raped X husbands, women would have no wealth. It is therefore imperative for women to have co-ed schools, workplaces, hospitals and retirement homes. Without these things, women can’t continue the blackmail and intimidation of men via fear, false rape, harassment and sexual assault charges. Ask any modern college hobag what I’m talking about. They’ll deny every single word. What more solid, positive proof can you get than that?

  37. Game has always been a temporary solution to a much bigger problem… It’s unrealistic to expect Beta’s to learn game in order to keep them productive and society ticking over, it’s the place of the Alpha’s to ensure balance is maintained. That is what leaders do…
    The question is do we really want to keep society in it’s present form ticking over, or is the cancer of feminism and the state so widespread that it’s necessary to kill the host in order to kill the parasite and start fresh?

  38. Muscles dont always work with women. I know a few skinny dweebs that get laid and never touched a weight in their life.

  39. Sentenced to 21 years in prison?! Thats a bit too extreme. I wouldve just sent him to a nuthouse. Well no surprise that the feminists are bashing Moynihan.
    Werent feminists supposed to show compassion toward the mentally ill??

  40. Mmmm. I consider myself as something of an omega alpha in the sense that I loathe beta chumps like the police/military that RELY upon the government for literally everything in their pathetic lives. That is the true cause of the destruction of the west. Whether people think of that truth I could care less about. That being said, I will never understand why guys like elliot Rodgers just don’t get hookers? I mean, we’re all whores to some degree. If you pay taxes for example, you’re a modern day whore. Don’t believe me? Well guess what happens when one doesn’t pay taxes. Uncle Sam the pimp comes down hard with his beta goons for a sweet collection of capital.

  41. “(after he attempted to stab a 20, 45, and 67-year-old with a kitchen knife) and sentenced to 21 years in prison.” – – – he just ATTEMPTED and was sentenced to 21 years in prison!?? I wish they’d do the same thing to women! Recall that woman who slashed a man’s eye with a beer bottle at a club ( not her first time either)…she got 21 days of probation! >:I

  42. You mean they’ll all hide down in their gulches tweaking their static electricity generators waiting for a model-tycoon to drop from the sky? I’d rather blow up hi-rises for the poor, myself.

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