Austria Elects 31-Year-Old Conservative Shitlord As Chancellor

Austria’s conservative and nationalist parties have thrashed their leftist opposition, securing nearly 32% and 26.5% of votes respectively. The leader of the center-right Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), Sebastian Kurz, is poised to become the youngest European head of government at just 31. He has additionally moved his party away from its recent cucked immigration policies.

Though Austria is a very small country, with ten times less people than Germany, it is hard to recall a more positive electoral victory in West European politics over the last few decades. Only the Brexit vote last year, which was a referendum and not an election, supersedes this event in terms of a strong rejection of national suicide.

The nationalist Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), led by Heinz-Christian Strache, is firming as the most likely coalition partner for the ÖVP, having just been pipped into third place by the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ). Prior to this election, the conservatives were in a cringeworthy grand coalition with the SPÖ.

Heinz-Christian Strache.

Perhaps the political classes, especially amongst the conservatives, will betray Austrian voters, but at first glance the election results represent a decisive blow against globalism and the ridiculous immigration policies (read: open borders mayhem) of the 2000s and 2010s.

What is even more heartening is that Austria, despite its putrid leftist parties, has not suffered as much socially as Germany since 2015. Austrian voters have nevertheless looked across the border and realized the importance of never ever going down the path of Angela Merkel’s mental asylum.

Moreover, the contemporary paralysis experienced by Germans over Nazism and the Second World War (“We have to let in millions of people we don’t know because Hitler!”) is much smaller in Austria. Yes, surprise, surprise, a group of German speakers feels less of a need to ruin their country over things they had nothing to do with 70-90 years ago.

Austria nearly had its first nationalist President last year

Within a whisker: Norbert Hofer was close to becoming Austria’s first nationalist President of modern times.

Heinz-Christian Strache’s protégé, Norbert Hofer, won the first round of the Austrian Presidential election last year. In two second rounds (the first of which was annulled), he nearly achieved a majority. What stopped him? Well, not only the usual mainstream media bias, but also a concerted effort by European elites of all persuasions (or perversions, take your pick) to associate Hofer and the FPÖ with Nazis and Hitler.

When the party was led by the late Jörg Haider and entered into a coalition agreement with the Austrian People’s Party, countless European politicians and officials boycotted the Austrian government at functions. The threat of this happening again lingered over the Austrian Presidential vote last year and, to his credit, Norbert Hofer demonstrated the incredible potential of a nationalist party like the FPÖ in weathering the storms of political correctness.

Parliamentary democracy is a different beast to choosing a head of state, but the FPÖ has built on its immense success in 2016, a year in which neither the conservatives nor the socialists made the second round of the presidential election.

You can tell a lot by a politician’s wife or girlfriend

Sebastian Kurz’s girlfriend and the wife of Heinz-Christian Strache.

On a final note, the girlfriend of Sebastian Kurz and the wife of Heinz-Christian Strache tell you a lot about these two men. When it comes to leftwing men and vacillating “conservatives,” we always expect a frumpy matron or, at best, a reasonably pretty wife bought with the male politician’s trust fund or stale social connections.

It’s nice to see that a definitely masculine man like Strache and a hopefully masculine man like Kurz have opted for women who fit the emphasis at Return Of Kings on female beauty and fertility.

Perhaps Europe stands a chance after all.

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36 thoughts on “Austria Elects 31-Year-Old Conservative Shitlord As Chancellor”

    1. Her name is Philippa Strache and she’s a (former) model and TV representer. Strache, btw, has alwyas had hot girls on his side-

  1. I am happy to see Conservatives win in Austria, home of Glock. At least there is still sanity somewhere over there.

  2. This was the first news report that I read after I woke up this morning, and it made me very happy! I hope that Austria will now ally itself with the anti-EU coalition consisting of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, and which is known as the “Visegrad -4” alliance.

  3. I bet after witnessing the tidal wave of shit passing over their nation the Austrians were hoping for the moustachioed man himself.
    If you ever get stuck with a beta German in a bar, you an always get him to buy a round by saying some variation of Germany hasn’t made enough reparations yet.

  4. I am an Austrian, having swallowed the red pill about 2 years ago, and since then reading this blog with great interest.
    Your article describes the situation in my home country very well, kudos for that.
    During my youth, about 30 years ago, I was a conservative. But the so called Conservative Party have moved to the left, so now I am 100% for Strache and his Freedom Party. Kurz is without doubt a great political talent; he was able to beat the damned Socialists at the last election with ease. However it is yet to see if Kurz lives up to his promises to stop this stream of refugees (which is in fact illegal immigration) and to reduce both government bureaucracy and taxes.
    By the way: a photo of Strache and Johann Gudenus, another leading member of the FPÖ, with their wifes, in the traditional Austrian attire:

    1. I am so encouraged for Austria. Hopefully they will head towards sanity with Poland, Hungary, Czech, and Slovakia, instead of madness like Germany, Sweden, etc.
      The one fellow looks very similar to Von Trapp (from the movie). 😊
      Those two men both have such beautiful wives. Good for them! I love seeing the traditional clothing.
      I love my Glock pistol too (but love my CZ, Ruger, and S&W pistols also).

      1. Thanks!
        I also have a Glock (of course), and a Steyr AUG in the semiauto version.
        By the way, that’s also a reason I am pro-Strache. He is an ardent defender of the right of private gun ownership. He is a hunter, and I know that he is carrying a gun for self-defence, too.

  5. Germany is essentially three separate countries: Lutherans, Catholics, and Ossies. The Lutherans vote for the socialists like the Swede-cucks; the Catholics such as the Bavarians are more immune to German-shaming and are more right-wing, like Austrians; and the Ossies are mainly atheist but think PC is horse-sh!t, sort of like Czechs.

    1. Too bad the Lutheran’s aren’t really Lutheran any more. Martin Luther was a truly great man, and wouldn’t have put up with any of this SJW PC crap. Sola Scriptura,!

  6. Congratulation Austria. You are not racist or fascist for preserving you wunderbar culture, borders , and people.

  7. Another important thing about our Austrian election: The green party (a reservoir for feminists, hippies and other lefties) lost about 10% of votes and didn’t even get into the parliament.

  8. Definetly a young man who did not spend his youth fucking around! hurra!! has been with his girlfriend since he was 18! some people here should take it as rolemodel and not these guys who teach fake game for fucking and dumping insecure women.

  9. I’ll attract flak for this but those politician’s wives are hardly 6’s. They’re just textbook blondes.
    ROK has done better.

        1. ABOUT THIS “KURZ” THING Mr Roosh:
          Are you serious???
          ARE YOU F..KING SERIOUS?????????????

          LOOK AT THOSE EARS!!! Good cop / bad cop.
          THEY PLAY THE SAME: Good jew / bad jew!!!
          We got this in Hungary! A female kike in the European Parliament: Krisztina Morvai <–a horse faced jew shite!!
          Playing right wing nationalist “Hungarian” politician.
          Which she’ll NEVER be!
          By the way: feminism IS a jew PSY OP!!!
          To destroy the WHITE woman.
          You talking alpha males Roosh… but doesn’t look like one buddy!
          I’m a pro level cruiser weight fighter 1000 times more Alpha than you could be!! And I look the part!
          Don’t get mistaken, I DO RESPECT your intelligence and all what you have done so far!
          But My point is this: IF we only tell half of the TRUTH, then that is not the TRUTH itself!!! That is nothing.
          Please think about that Mr Roosh! You got the mojo to figure it out that I’m right all way long buddy!

        2. UPPS!!
          Half My comment is MISSING!!!!
          Getting moderated while I’m writing here???
          SO HERE IT IS AGAIN Roosh:
          KURZ IS A jew!!!
          HE AIN’T DO NOTHING!!!
          He’ll suck the shit driblets out of Soros’s anal opening!!!
          He is a kike and leading the Austrians by the NOSE!!!
          MARK MY WORDS!!!

        3. WATCH THIS:

          AND THIS:


          HE IS NO “SHITLORD” !!!
          And never will be!!!
          Just playing the “good jew” for a while!
          Time WILL tell and all will see!

        4. @ Gabe: yes, Kurz was covering his head when visiting Yad Vashem, as it is required there, so what? If you are in a foreign country, you have to adapt to the local habits. As I would expect from the Muslim immigrants to do when they come to Europe, and get rid of their damned headscarfs.
          And about fighting antisemitism: his remark about the “newly imported one” is a clear attack against the Muslim invaders of Europe, which I fully support. 😉
          But I agree with you, Kurz is no “Alpha”. He is just the smaller evil, compared to Socialists or the f*cking Merkel in Germany.

  10. Good article about my country. I hope that Mr Kurz is serious about his promises. His election program is a copy from the program of the Freedom Party. The best of the actual election: the Green left extreme Party has lost the seats of the Austrian Parliament.

  11. Trading the far right for the far left is not a win in my book. You far enough right and you get some one like Franco and Pinochet. You go far enough to the left and you get Stalin.
    Austria is tired of unwanted immigration, fine. Handing your government to fascists will enslave you in other ways, even if you want to preserve your master race 2.0.

    1. Please, be reasonable. There isn’t any facist here in a hundred years. Those new “Nazis” that just gained power in Austria are hardly even alt-right.

    2. Please don’t repeat the propaganda of the left mainstream media. Kurz and Strache are “far right” as much as a Roosh is a “rapist”.
      Besides the fact that there is nobody like Franco or Pinochet in sight in Austria – compared to a Leftist or Islamistic regime, I would by far prefer a Pinochet. Yes, Pinochet may have offered some free one-way helicopter rides to his left opponents – but on the other hand he has prevented Chile from becoming a Communist dictatorship. When Pinochet left power voluntarily (!), Chile was one of the wealthiest countries in Latin America, with a solid middle class.
      And now compare that to Venezuela, for example.

  12. I had hoped to perhaps transfer to Germany, my ancestral home but perhaps its Austria I need to go to. I’ll have to see what the company has there. I can always go visit the Rhineland for vacation.

  13. He is indeed. Netanyahu immediately paid him an instructional visit to lay down the law and Kurz obediently vowed to crack down on anti-semitism in Austria. Gone are the illusions of any real change for the better: the zionist death-grip goes unchallenged and Austria’s guilt trip is consolidated.
    Besides, the zionists already have socially engineered the presence in Austria of 500.000 moslims. There are 300 mosques. The birthrate of moslims exceeds that of the indigenous austrian people by far. S
    o I have no hope that things in Austria will change for the better.

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