British Socialist Politician Says Eating Disorders Are Caused By Female Narcissism

Baroness Joan Bakewell has excoriated young women, including teenagers, for their narcissism, which she claims is the root cause of eating disorders. Bakewell, who sits as a life peer in the British House of Lords, is a Labour Party stalwart, one of the people you would least expect to come out with these kinds of comments. Now in her eighties, a lifetime of experience and the knowledge that she has probably few years left on Earth has allowed her to speak the truth.

Naturally, online and other abuse was hurled at the Baroness for her common sense approach. The elderly woman has apologized this week, clearly a bid to stem the wave of unacceptable harassment she received. Although this treatment would have been undoubtedly worse if we were dealing with Baron Bakewell, what was meted out to her is an indication of the savage vitriol even octogenarians will be hit by if they dare to speak publicly in a way SJWs do not like.

That eating disorders are a sign of narcissism should not be a surprise to anyone who reads Return Of Kings. Worse still, this narcissism is by no means limited to cases involving anorexia, bulimia, or something similar. Entire relationships, like that of caught-out gold-digger Nina Paunova and her long-suffering boyfriend Sam Scott, are oftentimes defined and wrecked by the vanity and petulant demands of the female.

A particularly astute point of Bakewell’s that critics are having a hard time countering is the lack of anorexia in places like Syria or Africa. Unlike narcissism in the form of materialism, you do not need an abundance of food to be anorexic. Instead, eating disorders, with few exceptions, are a sign of women finding “liberation” and exercising self-direction by starving themselves and spending hours in front of mirrors. Incidentally, despite some evidence that there were anorexics and bulimics in previous decades, the decline of patriarchal conceptions of society has coincided with a massive growth in eating disorders. Why is that?

Here’s why feminists and others do not want eating disorders to be seen as narcissistic

The feminist pseudo-concepts of the patriarchal policing of women’s body types and slut-shaming are quickly destroyed when reference is made to female sexual competition and female-on-female shaming.

Notions of patriarchy as defined by feminists depend on women being forced into damaging behaviors. That whole narrative is blown out of the water when women obsessed with their bodies are perceived as having control or choice in what they do, especially when a female socialist politician like Baroness Bakewell affirms it. Even some or many feminists acknowledge Kim Kardashian is self-absorbed and vain, but, no, women who reduce themselves to just skin and bones cannot be narcissistic.

An entire political industry has developed from self-appointed women who are paid large sums of money to falsely attack society for supposedly steamrolling women into hating themselves. One of those in Britain, Natasha Devon, who was obliterated on television by Milo Yiannopoulos, became a “body advocate” at the same time her modeling career was disintegrating because younger, prettier girls were emerging.

Feminists are desperate to hide the facts about women and body image issues. For instance, science has chronicled how women dress to compete with one another. Indirectly, yes, they are competing for the best male suitors (and more proximately, attention from men). Yet this has precious little to do with so-called patriarchy and everything to do with biology and female-on-female social wrestling. Women are fundamentally forcing each other into more and more audacious displays of flesh in the right places and dolled-up faces.

Likewise, fellow females attack women for being sluts just as much, if not more than men do. The catalyst for the two major forms of female self-hatred, body insecurities and sexual shaming, is therefore on the backs of women themselves. Because, as I indicated earlier, the expansion of female choice has dovetailed completely with the proliferation of eating disorders, feminists need to shut down debates over these expressions of narcissism as quickly as possible. They have no arguments, so even elderly women need to be silenced with harassment.

When female choice results in awful consequences, feminists need someone to blame

Look what the patriarchy did!

The pernicious consequences of certain forms of female choice refers to social forces, not just personal ones. Nonetheless, they are female-related and have nothing to do with men or the invisible patriarchy. I have never met, nor have you probably, a man attracted to an anorexic or bulimic who looks like an anorexic. As a result, the 11, 12 or 13-year-old who first starts to obsess over her body does so because of wider female behaviors she learns and her own desire to look the prettiest amongst her friends.

Whether you call the influence of feminism a case of sexual deregulation or a violation of the natural order, it is categorically obvious that the female emancipation feminists desire has been accompanied by spiraling rates of both starvation-related eating disorders and, on the other end, morbid obesity. Women are not happy and feminism is to blame, so the automatic feminist response is to point fingers at the patriarchy political correctness has already dismantled.

In spite of her forced apology, Return Of Kings applauds and stands with the brave comments of Baroness Bakewell.

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137 thoughts on “British Socialist Politician Says Eating Disorders Are Caused By Female Narcissism”

  1. At last, the emperor has no clothes. Skyrocketing rates of narcissism have been widely documented among the young generation.
    To me, feminism was the story of the 1960s, but narcissism is the story of the 2010s. The latter is merely dressing up like the former.
    Scratch the surface of a raging feminist, and you’ll find a raging narcissist beneath.

  2. While I whole heartedly agree with Bakewell, I think we can expand this a bit more and say with reasonable assurance that ALL problems women face today are a direct result of their own narcissim.

  3. It would be almost inconceivable for her to shift parties at this point in her career, but advancing years and perhaps the consciousness of mortality has allowed her to speak truth.
    Showing their true colours attackingg her, and forcing a little old lady to apologise to the howling mob. Respect never a strong suit with that lot.
    Highly amusing article on the whole – one would have thought this stuff beyond parody, but Britain leads they way in reality outdoing parody.., if it continues long enough hopefully more people will wake up…
    Loved the picture of some of our… er… ‘English Roses’ clearly at home in their natural environment! What red-blooded male wouldn’t want to wife one of those beauties up, eh?

      1. Game. Set. Match. Brother.
        I’m long term expat and coming home to watch my ex-bros get buffaloed around by growling, short-haired 190 pounders is just extraordinary. Keep lifting and you’ll be hitting 19 year olds when you’re 70 if you go to the right places.

        1. It’s extraordinary what time spent abroad does to your perspective. South America is a place where a 20 year spread between man and woman is typical. While there, I knew a 45-yr-old expat banging a row of 19-yr-olds. He pulled them right off the street. He was masculine but not rich or physically impressive. He was, however, fluent in Spanish, which motivates me to double my efforts in that area.

        2. There’s nothing quite as reassuring as the citizenship by investment programs that certain countries are offering. It is not as onerous as most people might think and more men should look into them. The information is readily available and western men might find out that there are countries with good standards of living that actually welcome them and their investments rather than treating them like lepers.

      2. After a few weeks in SE Asia and a few in the Caribbean, I was through with North American women. If it took you a year you weren’t paying sufficient attention.

        1. I was paying attention. I just had to establish myself there first. Business before pleasure.

    1. Bullsh!t The problem results from women being too slutty. Go look at any real study, women who have had less sexual partners (one being the best) have the highest sexual satisfaction.

      1. Zero is the best and has been the gold standard for 10s of thousands of years. What were we thinking when the idiots on the left told us everything from the past was wrong?

    2. Disagree, any decent looking or better women ( looks 4+ range 1-9) can get attention and sex far easier then most men.
      US and probably Western Women have far too many options results in delaying marriages, births and higher divorce rates all which have negative effects on society all of this is well documented on sites like this one. Having more choice seems to effect men less, places like the Philippines or Russia these places seem to accept that men will have mistresses yet these men will rarely leave family or divorce their first wife.

  4. Anybody else feel that whenever feminists strip down to protest, it’s just to show off their bodies?

    1. its fair stupid allright “ill teach them chauvinistic pigs by waving my tits about” hahaha i fucking love it,we shoudl scream and holler with excitment when they do it,it actually perfectly sums up the stupidity of their movement

      1. I would remove all female funding that comes from the labor of Men.
        Their behavior would improve overnight for the sake of their parasitic meal ticket!

        1. yeah thats a far more practical and efficient way to deal with it !! id love to remove the protection of the government and police,then they would have to come crawling back to the family unit,they dont get it that its MEN in the form of the police and military who they rely on for protection and who they call when in trouble,

    2. The people who typically press for nudist policies are not the ones you want to see nude.
      Correction: No one should see them nude.

    3. They’re so desperate for a Man, but they’re going about doing it the wrong way. It’s Natural instinct VS feminist Indoctrination, must be chaos in their heads. I don’t envy them one bit.

      1. And envy them you should not!
        However! Big Daddy Government will still steal from you to give to them.

      1. In an ideal world you’d have a large screen behind you, with a place to flash a score, and a zooming camera. You could zoom in to a set of boobs, rate it by applause, and so on. Would be hilarious and likely cause a riot

    4. Seriously bruh im sick of women being slutty..too bad its the reality of the current society we live in.

      1. I’m 150% FOR restoring modesty. No more sluts. No more slutty clothing. No more slutty behavior.
        I want women to be women again… not the feral beasts they have become.
        But it’s too late…
        All the masses of females who have 10, 20, 30+ notches are forever banished from the marriage pool.
        That leaves millions of men without.
        Millions of men who have no compelling reason to fight for his country.

        1. Its indeed unfortunate that things have become the way they were.Personally i want marriage to be a legitimate institution again but with the amount of females banished from the marriage pool..its gonna be awhile until we get back patriachy and marriage as a legitimate concept.Until then the milions of men will just have to soldier one without.It is a great pity that things have to come to a head like this.

        2. Women were always like this. What we yearn is an illusion. Our own creation of “the woman” projected on her, the female.
          Females attract males with pleasure, that pleasure means she becomes what you want her to be. That pleasure means she imitates masculinity so you see a compatible creature before your eyes and recognize her as if she was your own kind.
          Look at feminism, nothing but envy on masculinity, and that is derived from women’s instinct to imitate the man, to attract the man for mating, to be chosen by him, and share his status.
          Women are all about attracting males, but men don’t know what is left when you remove all the artificiality and all the imitation out of her, men would be disturbed if they really knew.
          Oh, but send me back into the matrix, where I can confuse fantasy with reality.

    5. They are just confirming that they have nothing to offer a man except their body. And since no alpha and few betas would even look at them with clothes on. They give it all away for free. On some level im sure they know they are less desireable than male “creeps” since most women can get some thirsty men no matter how ugly they are, yet they can’t .

    6. I have never seen a picture of a slut walk that had even a single body in it that would be worth seeing. Every single one of them is a cause for eye bleach. So, if they are trying to show off, they are truly delusional.

  5. Great article, women will obsess over their self image, more what others think their looks, to the detriment of their health rather than accept or better try to improve themselves.
    This shallow vanity expresses itself in how they relate to their own friends as well
    An interesting example is a discussion I had at work. Went like this:
    Me: “Why do attractive or even plain women always have a least one overweight or just plain obese friend? Is it like charity, to help the friend?
    My coworker, a man, who’s fairly normal wife (looks and weight) has two of these welfare fatty type of friends said:
    “No, you need to think like a woman for the answer: it makes them feel better about themselves.”
    This sums up the nature of the modern women:
    Locked into a self obsessed, self loathing society underwritten by a corporate / SJW consumer culture that is not only damaging them mentally but now is making them physically ill as well.
    Gents this is rather sad state of affairs indeed! Glad I’m not looking for wife material in this!

    1. Wow, how sick. It’s the complete opposite for me. I have a buddy who is blue pill, gaining weight and socially awkward, and am reconsidering our friendship because it makes me feel worse when we hang out, not better.

      1. It may not be too late to save him! But then again, I have always been an overly optimistic fellow, so you may want to save yourself and let him drown if it has to come to that…

      2. Hmm do try and save his ass as it would be a shame to lose him to pie and pizza and involuntary MGTOWness.
        HOWEVER, I think it was Roosh or RayWolf who said a few years ago “….avoid the weak and the needy like the plague” because you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink it!

        1. Based on what i can deduce his buddy is most probably just in need of some guidance..hopefully not a lost case.But you are can only lead a horse to water even in best case scenarios.At the end of the day its up to the individual to take the plunge into the well.

        2. In the Navy, back in the day, we always said, “You can lead a horse to water, but sometimes you have to put a 200# vacuum on their ass to make them drink.”

      3. You might wanna consider talking to him and making him swallow the red pill..or is he a hopeless case?I sincerely hope not since most of these “blue pills,beta-manginas and white knights” are simply lost and in need of some proper guidance..guidance from people like you my friend.

        1. They sometimes don’t want to see the truth even if it’s right in front of their faces. They don’t want their idealistic reality come crashing down and destroyed.

      4. I did the same when I was purple pill with this cool friend of mine who went vegetarian and then feminist. He became a bitter bitch too and I just got tired of him.
        Trust me, you’re better off. The best way for a man to regain strength is isolation – being in the company of those who despise you only creates insecurity and self-hatred. Thus your friend would benefit from isolation.

        1. Ha.. that describes this friend to a tee… Shame the social programmers are feeding this propaganda to the populace, because at the heart of it the guy is acting from a good place–wanting to be a feminist because he thinks it helps women, wanting to be vegetarian to reduce harm to animals.

    2. Ironically, men, it seems, will hang out with other men mostly based on personality and shared (and sometimes opposing) interests more than for status or self interest.

      1. Regarding opposing interests its my belief that you can take the logic in their opposing interests and apply it to your own opinion,thus ending conflict in the first place.We cannot always be right after all.Compromise and tolerance is definitely the way forward regarding differences in personality and interests anyway.

    3. Gotta agree with you seems that women unlike men need these ‘welfare-type’ cases just to feel good about themselves.Meanwhile if we men are put in their shoes we will strive to improve our friends as well.It is true what the the manosphere truly nobody gets left behind.

      1. IDK man I took the red pill 4 years ago (always knew something was wrong about society). Since then I’ve spent about $300 on materials to learn game. I still don’t have any solid idea of just what to say or do to lead a woman to bed because every single fucking thing a man says or does to a woman can be construed as sexual harassment.
        So yeah, while interaction with red pill men has definitely enhanced my understanding of this sorry, degenerate, self-destructive state of affairs, I definitely feel left behind in the pussy department.

        1. Here are the best two lines in all of pickup and the only ones you’ll ever need;
          “Hi. I’d like to know the steps I need to take to get an American passport.”
          “Hi. I’d like to buy an airline ticket to any non-Anglo country.”

        2. Everything you say or do to women can be construed as sexual harassment if you are not attractive enough for her. If she’s attracted to you, anything you say or do is a compliment and “Oh, you’re so funny. Giggle, giggle.”
          The take away is, be the best you can possibly be. Get in shape, dress well, learn manners, be confident, and be successful. You will practically be immune from that sexual harassment nonsense.

        3. You need legitimate advice on how to protect yourself then. You should email this question directly to pick up experts on rok, and even post it on rooshvs forum.
          I woild also advise you to get Roosh’s book “daybang” and follow it.
          Its better than anything else out there, and its only 20$.

  6. No matter how many times I see slutwalk pictures, I cannot believe that American women are willingly labeling themselves as sluts, and are PROUD of it. I know they are trashy, I don’t even date American girls anymore. But I just cannot bring myself to accept that they have so little self respect that they would sink that low.

    1. I’ve never seen a slutwalk. But I went to New Orleans when I was 17 and saw my shares of boobies. Don’t know if that counts. Heck, on the French Quarter, some drunk black lady smacked me in the ass so hard my left asscheek was sore all night. And then some drunk white chick on a balcony tried to get me to pull down my pants in exchange for beads. Of course I refused. Boobies are one thing, but my testicles are another. Plus, I could have ended on the sex offender list at 17. So yes, I got sexually harassed twice that night by drunk women, and I was underage. Fucking patriarchy.

      1. Same thing has happened to me numerous times when i was younger.The amount of sluts even here in Japan is unbelievable,with older women behaving sluttily and hitting on me as well as my friends.I salute you my friend for taking the same path as i did.Sorry but not interested in being a sexual offender when we are the ones taking the harassment in the first place.

        1. I remember having some crusty cougars acting like that in an Irish Pub in Austria. Seems to be a global thing then!

        2. How can Japan have all these grass eater men or whatever they are called and birthrate on the decline when you say a lot of the local girls are slutty and bang up for action. Sounds like a good match up. Lots of people associate Japanese women as quite & polite and geisha like, but sounds like its not the case anymore in 21st century Japan

        3. Just check out the untold story (for the most part) of female sex tourism. Women leaving town to get laid without the social repercussions of their female peers. Heck one teacher in the UK went to Haiti, picked up not one but two STD’s, and then banged two underage students afterwards. I don’t know if she was still infectious, or the STD’s, but it was after she tested positive.

        4. That’s just fucked up.
          The case I mentioned doesn’t quite compare though – the cougars were local going after young backpackers, etc. I don’t quite remember the details. : P
          “Women leaving town to get laid without the social repercussions of their female peers. ”
          Absolutely true. Last week I was flicking through my local student magazine (which is rubbish, but sometimes I have a look to see what sort of stuff they promote and cover), and in the sex column, they had a girl write in about how she slept with two guys during orientation week and now all the females in her dorm were calling here a slut because of it, asking how she should deal with that.
          The writer of the bloody column was clearly an SJW, because she included a banner of “NO SLUT SHAMING!”, said people only were calling her a slut to bring her down and cover up her own insecurities, bla bla bla. And of course the irrelevant: Just imagine if she had been a man, her mates would have been saying “good on ya mate!” so of course their must be a double standard in society which favours men… patriarchy bla bla bla.
          But it wasn’t the men the girl was writing about. She didn’t say men were shaming her for it, it was other women.
          It got me thinking, perhaps slut shaming can be a good thing, from a female point of view. If sluts are shamed, then women aren’t necessarily competing on almost a purely sexual basis. If they are encouraged, then you get a flagrant in your face sexuality advertised by women, which reserved women can’t compete with, as men can’t help but instinctively respond to overt sexual displays.
          So if feminism really wanted to empower women, rather than reduce them to their sexual base level, where they are not seen as full human beings in their own right but as the collective noun “pussy”, shouldn’t feminism promote slut-shaming? Shouldn’t feminists promote some sort of sexual propriety? Yet instead they promote a sort of sexual arms race which is more vulgar and in your face every day.
          I have even now seen feminists promote Kim Kardashian as a role model.

          Feminism is truly beyond satire.

        5. That sexual tourism bit though… I have actually known of SJWs who discuss that and see it as a problem. You can probably guess the angle they come from though…
          It’s racist.
          White men fetishise (and thus dehumanise, goes the narrative) Asian women and take advantage of their poverty.
          White women fetishise Black men and take advantage of their poverty.
          As it has been said before (and been made abundantly clear by Cologne): Racism is higher than sexism in SJW victim contest, and thus in their “intersectional” analysis, race is a more important factor than sex.
          Thus, while in one sense you might say these white women AREN’T being racist, by preferring black cock, they are apparently victimising poor black men by their very desire for black cock, making it a racist action.

        6. “How can Japan have all these grass eater men or whatever they are called and birthrate on the decline when you say a lot of the local girls are slutty and bang up for action.”
          Presumably, because they are not bang up for action with grass eater men.
          Also, because they would be less shamed by sleeping with an anonymous foreigner than with some loser herbivore.

        7. Here’s a good laugh for you, women “slut shame” at least as often as men:

          Slut shaming actually served, and continues to serve, a woman’s biological imperative in a couple ways.
          1) Shutting down the competition
          By labeling the competition a slut a woman used to be implying men had no way of knowing her progeny was actually his progeny, or another man’s. In an earlier world of scarcer resources this was even more important. Less direct need for men to have that worry today, with genetic testing, but it will destroy a relationship if you attempt to get that test. “Why don’t you trust me?”
          2) Social pecking order
          Women use the term slut in the realm of social pecking order. Since women tend not directly attack their female competition, even within the female group, slut is used to “cast out” or punish the competition from within (or outside) the group. The females with the highest social status have more choices in male partners, and this one can be used to counteract physical beauty to some degree. Women using this are declaring a woman to have a lower social value, despite obviously being chosen by high status males.
          Men use the term slut as a descriptor more often than not, until it’s time to have kids. Women almost always use it as a pejorative to control other women’s behavior.

        8. Don’t forget the sort of effort beta men are essentially required to put in as a potential suitor, all the hoops they have to jump through, the responsibilities they will have if they succeed… It’s not that Japanese women don’t want sex, but rather that they aren’t attracted to these “herbivore” men, and that the men can’t be bothered with them.

    2. Self-delusion is incredibly addicting and easy to fall prey to, as we can see examples of in these slutwalks. They convince themselves they are making a point by saying “Yes, I AM the slut that men try to shame me for being, and I am PROUD of it,” yet they’re only playing themselves.
      (see image)

    3. I’m starting to think something of utmost incredible importance. Take a look at this theory:
      Men exist, are divided between those educated properly ( Conscience is born within them through education / Holy Spirit / Virtue etc ); then we have the uneducated men ( Conscience is engulfed in darkness, that’s why most deluded freaks get their conscience ( if they ever get it ) only after they do something that awakens their conscience. And then, get this, we have people, educated to have no remorse and no conscience against other people ( guess who ? that’s right – j3wz ). Women just follow the patern of the society they live in. No woman will go by herself into the woods to ,,find herself” that’s just bullshit. Like children’s minds are sponges, absorbing everything they see on TV, on the streets, at school etc, so are women susceptible to exactly the same things ( if no prior education was ever present ). But then, we have the people specifically educated from childhood to fuck you over, steal from you, even kill you with – get this – no remorse or conscience whatsoever. Who the fuck are we fooling man? ,,We are all God’s children. ” – Yeah right, so I’ll just let these people steal my stuff and murder my family. Fuck that shit.

    4. Its a power move. Also a means of virtue signalling, but mostly a power move.
      However, based on fitness test theory, if the men were to collectively put them back in their places, they would probably respect the men more and backwards rationalize the importance of modest code. They mighteven be genuinely grateful as they would no longer need to overcompete with each other due to the male setting of boundaries.
      “Putting them in their place” is something I leave to better more experienced men than me to figure out, as this is the extent of my ability to reason.
      However any gamma male faggots in the slutwalk using physical violence or threatening the same would have to suffer retaliation in a little more than equal measure for this to work.

    5. It’s the same “emperor’s new clothes” psychology that causes women to trick themselves into thinking that being fate can be attractive.

  7. Out of the 100+ chicks I’ve fucked, and the thousands more I’ve talked to and dealt with, I can’t think of a single one that wasn’t narcissistic. I swear to God, it is like an inherent trait of female psychology.

    1. Some hide it better than others but the competition is fierce and low blows are not uncommon. If you ever talk to one of these women who are angry about other women you will sense a jealousy unmatched in the animal kingdom, and the funny thing is that it’s much adoo about nothing. “She comes in dressed like that knowing that we don’t like neon green!”.
      Never, ever become the target of other women’s bullshit becasue you will lose your man status and they will bring you down into the world of bitches and it’s dark. I avoided it and seen it happen to a shy dude because a mad 6feet2 cunt took a severe dislike to him.

        1. When I hear a woman judge another woman based on what she’s wearing, I just ask what does that have anything to do with her as a person?

        2. True. I’ve seen some nasty cat fights, for those I keep clear. But yeah, if my Girlfriend were making comments to me about another woman, I’d probably say something similar to what your saying.

  8. Mental health clinics need to be subsidized and mandatory. Instead, they are closing left and right.

    1. They would immediately fall to SJW thinking and produce more damaged humans than entered.
      Western culture is BEYOND FUCKED! The few rational, alpha men who remain are so viciously outnumbered that there is no hope of repair. Even with war… barbarians (in this happenstance Muslims and Mexicans) will overtake these weak, puerile cultures with masculine authority.
      Just like fucking Rome.
      And you neutered bitches will never join together, pick up your rifles, and destroy the threat to yourselves because “violence is bad according to the social justice warriors.”
      You fucking pussies disgust me. If you won’t fight, you DESERVE the cuckold hell coming to you!

  9. This makes me think of when I was a child. At some point someone did belt out the classic “eat your food, there’s starving kids in India” narrative. And now after reading this, it does ring a bell. So many people around the world wishing with all their hearts that they had the abundance we have, and these girls are literally puking it all out, all for some narcissistic reason.
    And speaking of narcissistic behavior, Miss Puerto Rico has been stripped of her crown. The reason? Get this, she said in an interview “I just do not like cameras.” I mean, think about it. This woman has spent all her life in front of cameras, perhaps just skating by on her (admittedly very) good looks. Now she gets responsibility, however minimal, and she backs down.
    And this is her. Aww poor thing! Hope she doesn’t go all cray cray!!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_635/puerto-rico-universe-2016-kristhielee-caride.jpg

  10. A lot of women develop eating disorders from various reasons but one of the big ones is shaming or bullying from other women. Some men do this stupid behaviour (but there A holes in every group) but a majority of it is done by women especially in their teens. Women are the masters of emotional abuse and can be relentless as teenagers. I had lots of friends when I was a teen who were girls and they hated other girls because girls would torment them calling them names or shaming them.
    They have done studies after studies and men do not find anorexic or really skinny women attractive. Most men prefer a medium shapely or curvy woman not a skeleton.
    If u ask young girls why do the try to be skinny they will tell you “they want to fit in”. They will explain its not because of a guy its because the cool (mean) girl only hangs with tooth picks.
    SJWs stop blaming men for this issue.

    1. Why are there so few male anorexics? Because it’s a condition that women cause to happen solely to other women through shaming and bullying very often. It’s strange, even if they have a boyfriend that loves them as,they still have to obey this crazy obsession which is a quintessentially female imperative connected centrally to their value in purely bodily terms. It’s also a salient lesson in knowing that there are layers in the female psyche that are completely immune to male rationally no matter how much they are loved.

      1. Be realistic. Western society has also taken away all boundaries and consequences from women and enabled every ladt bit of behavior.
        Women are emotionally close to children in mental outlook and development.
        What happens to children when you take away all boundaries and comsequences?
        Now imagine doing that and pffering them every drug on the planet, constant videos fueling narcissism, an entire “philosophy” which blames parents for everything, and people everywhere offering the, validation and support to act out.
        How do you think they would turn out?
        Answer: even worse than the women are currently. If that can be imagined.
        I see Im justifying them, so to clarify, yes they are at least if not more than equally responsible, but we had a major hand in this as well. They listened to the serpent and bit the apple then offered it to us, we could have said “Bitch what did you do?! Looks like daddy is gonna have to spank some sense into your little rebel ass! And imma gonna do it with a snakeskin belt, where is that sneaky little fucker?!” And then the world would have been better off. Instead we signed on. We have to recognize that.
        As for your accurate insight about layers of female psychology beyond our understand, I think thats true about all human beings. There is a lot of dark unexplored and scary places in the mind.

    2. As a doctor and a certified physcologist i can totally relate to this.Too many women have coming into my office looking like skeletons telling me that all that they have been trying to do was “fit in”.Women need to stop emotionally abusing and shaming other women just to feel better about themselves,as in the end of day they are just damaging the perception of their own gender.

    3. It is also about control. Women feel they don’t have control (rightly or wrongly) the only thing one can absoltuely control is what they put into their mouths

  11. It’s not the supposedly evil patriarchy that has caused this self-loathing narcissistic behavior among these females but rather the well attested, bullying, often nasty, conformist peer pressure that women use daily against other women to be the center of attention in the modern world. It’s significant that a seasoned and respected peer like Joan Bakewell has had the courage to speak the truth on this matter. How often as a man have you simply walked away from the madness that periodically goes on within the female mind, a place where there’s no external point of reference? And the madness has become magnified by about 100% through the patently absurd and neurotically female body imaged culture that’s anti-intellectual and cares little about the time honored development of character and virtues. There are still some intelligent women out there, but, they’re mostly of the older generation, I think the younger generation are the mentally and spiritually most disenfranchised that we’ve ever produced as a society and this is very sad.

    1. “There are still some intelligent women out there, but, they’re mostly of
      the older generation, I think the younger generation are the mentally
      and spiritually most disenfranchised that we’ve ever produced as a
      society and this is very sad.”
      ^^^This times 10,000.

      1. Indeed, but, as a man (and the majority of guys are the same) you’d never start commenting on about women in the work place who are looking a bit out of sorts. I don’t think we ever get the knife in that way at all, and I’ve seen the “sweetest” and most mild mannered women tear shamefully shreds off other female colleagues for no other reason than they way they look. I honesty don’t know why they do this as it so underhand and nasty to attack others at this most vulnerable point.
        With other guys, sure you can argue and disagree with them, but rarely does it ever have anything to do with undermining a person at this most basic level.

        1. I know a gay guy who works in a 100% female office (except for him), and he says that after listening to the women talk endless streams of shit about their husbands, he would NEVER marry a female, ever, even if he were straight.
          Hearing that put things in perspective.

        2. The bitterest part of swallowing the red pill is the knowledge that women hate you for being a man. there are many different ways they hate you, and many different reasons (if a woman ever has a reason rather than a rationalization) for hating you. And let me tell you younger guys, this pre-dated feminism. This is a female feature, not a bug.

        3. “This is a female feature, not a bug.”
          Exactly. This is inherited behavior. By nature, a woman will never appreciate what a man does for her. At best, she remains neutral.

    2. It comes full circle to bite men (as usual everything falls on men’s shoulders) when they look for wives and are found wanting.
      History tells a gruesome tale for every time this happens.

  12. There were some questions on a test recent in a psychology elective I am taking about eating disorders. I got it wrong because I pointed out (since it was essay) that the response rate could be overblown similar to ADHD in boys.
    Same test I missed a question about gay parents raising kids. The correct answer was that the kids were the same as other kids, with no additional issues whether it be emotionally or mentally. I did not write an answer even close to that. I wrote that the high rate of abuse alone among gay couple would hurt he children because domestic violence.
    I did not do too well on the test. I have to start writing what they want me to write instead of proper answers.

    1. I concur. Big difference between dieting to achieve a thigh gap and anorexia/bulimia, same as a boy getting fidgety during a boring class and ADHD which makes focusing on anything very difficult.

  13. And once again, we can see the pragmatic value of religion. Our spiritual traditions teach that women don’t live for themselves and for their personal hedonism. Did they all make some kind of mysterious error or mistake, and that women really find fulfillment in selfishness and narcissism?
    I doubt that. Men didn’t invent and transmit these doctrines out of the hardness of their hearts for women, but because they saw that women need shame and humiliation to protect women themselves from their own worst impulses.

  14. Eating Disorders in western women? She must be referring to Gluttony. Anorexia was so 2001-2007. Not seeing many deathly slim, skin and bone types these days, but the “Land whales” sure are aplenty.

    1. If you’re not a land whale and control your eating other girls shame you and call you anorexic. It’s a projection type of thing. Being thin for some women does require a life of dieting that can be observed as anorexic by some people. On this site plenty of people have advocated eating behaviors that some would call anorexic. One article from fat shaming week comes to mind where the writer says his model roommate ate half a muffin as lunch. For me this feels reasonable, but a lot of the time if you don’t eat according to the FDA food pyramid (which is a scam meant to boost the grain and dairy industries) you will absolutely be bitchily pulled aside and given an intervention. There is no real way to win other than not looking disgusting and sickly on either side of the aisle, fat or thin. I like keeping my measurements at 32-24-32 which all of you on this site claim to like. There are very few women who do not have to try to be thin. Would you guys prefer exclusively boffing land whales?

      1. Approve everything except that last sentence, unnecessary and annoying.
        Otherwise, +2 points for bangability.

      2. I think to some degree each man has his own body type he likes in a woman. I don’t like overly skinny women bordering on anorexic, and land whales are out of the question. Some guys may like really skinny women, and some guys have fat fetish’s. It really all depends on the guy.

    2. SO true. If you discount obvious drug users, I haven’t seen a skinny chick in years. I don’t know where anorexia is a problem, but I’ve never been there.

  15. Dated a bullimic when I was still blue. Every ounce of her being was her image and what others thought of her… In fact now that I’m thinking about it, it was pretty much what other women thought of her. She’d spiral into depression over even the idea that others saw her in a negative light. I suppose that is quite narcissistic.

  16. It’s even simpler. Most of my sex are just nutjobs. Feminism is not compatible with human female physiology or psychology.
    True story.

    1. “Most of my sex are nut jobs ”
      You are a male Nadia? Kidding.
      Most of the nut jobs I have encountered are male.

      1. then why do men invent everything? Women have outnumbered men in college for almost 4 decades now and we’re still waiting for some female innovation.

        1. Reread what she said.
          Nothing to do with inventiveness, intelligence, or innovation. Most nutjobs Sheila has met have been men. That’s her experience.

        2. Oh you wanna go there? Albert Einstein was a nut. So was Beethoven. Woody Allen is a nut.
          My peeping tom and my ex boyfriend who stalked me were nuts. Just because men have invented a few things don’t give them a free pass out of the nut zone.
          Women never treated me as such. That’s my experience. Just being honest

        3. Certain people regardless of sex or gender, to be PC, will always attract nut-jobs that resonate with them.

        4. True, I have since ” invented ” good boundaries however. My memories of nut jobs will mostly be predominated by males. But Nadia begs differently. Which is common in life. No life is a cookie cutter.

        5. Please define “nut”. Because when males talk about females being “nutty” it’s no where near what you seem to define nut as…

        6. a malevolent type nut job makes your life hell. Spying, stalking, calling your family when you split up, stealing your cat. Breaking into your house etc.
          threatening your current boyfriend though it’s been a year since your break up- you get the picture.
          The inventor/ creative genius nut jobs I referenced were pretty benign.. But out there just the same. Calling them eccentric would be kinder I suppose.’

        7. Well I have never been stalked by a woman, nor has a female exposed herself to me in public. Nor has a female tried to grab me and drag me into a car. Nor has a female threatened to kill my entire family if I left her. Nor has a female peeped into my window to jerk off to me.
          And this is just a blurb of the nut job men I have encountered in my life.
          Women may stalk but men are much more dangerous and threatening- esp if one is a female.

      2. So why are you posting comments in a website catered to men if most men, according to you, are nut jobs?
        I know. Because all you women can’t stand each other and you feel less intimidated amongst us men.
        Admit it. You get along better with us men than you do with other women.

        1. I actually stated” Most of the nut jobs I have met were male.”- I find most men to be fine people.
          It’s true-my experience. I commented because I disagreed with the author- and having had this disorder know more about it than the common joe.
          The only time I was intimidated by a female was an old boss who was a very butch lesbian. Other than that I get along with women fine.

        2. I’m not the guest your comment was aimed at, but I freely admit I get along better with men than other women. I grew up a bit of a Tom boy with only brothers, my occupation is primarily male dominated and I’ve never really socialized with enough women to understand their oft convoluted social mores. Put bluntly, they mostly scare the shit out of me. Women can be very intimidating with their nastiness, and I’m no shrinking violet. Most (not all but the majority) of men that I’ve encountered have been pretty reasonable human beings. I’m actually pretty shocked at the vitriol spewed on this website. Not judging, just shocked.

        3. Yeah maybe. As I said I don’t have a lot of contact with my sex. I’m not judging, but I am disappointed. Who knew there was so much animosity in our supposed civilized society. Call me naive I guess.

    2. That’s not entirely true. In my experience, bat shit crazy runs equal among the sexes. Modern day feminism however, caters to the whims of the bat shit crazy sector of our sex. We’re not all nut jobs, it’s just the nut jobs are vastly, disproportionately, over represented.

      1. Good point and you are no doubt right- but really most of the bat shits I have known were men.
        I am a nut magnet unfortunately. Maybe that makes me…?

        1. Birds of a feather lol! In all seriousness my observation has been nuttiness manifests itself in different ways in the sexes. In men, it can be quite outwardly obvious and unpleasant. In women it can be far more subtle, but oftentimes truly insidious.

        2. Lol!!!
          Yep.. Sometimes the reverse. I have seen ex girlfriends of male friends go outwardly bat shit- but generally I believe you are quote correct

    3. 25% of adult women in the US are using psychotropic drugs under a doctor’s care. That means 75% are walking around untreated.

  17. “A particularly astute point of Bakewell’s that critics are having a hard time countering is the lack of anorexia in places like Syria or Africa”. Data please. I found this article incredibly boring and lacking in substance. If there is a link between narcissism and eating disorders it would have been an interesting read, but this article just used the introduction to descend into woman-bashing that isn´t exactly edifying. I don´t know if it´s just me though…

    1. Agreed. No data means the statements are anecdotal at best. In any event, if you agree with the basic principles of Maslow’s a Hierarchy of Needs, well that pretty much explains a lot of Western centered problems. I believe the prevailing theory behind eating disorders is that the individuals tend to be type “A” over-achievers. I suppose these traits may manifest themselves in other ways in the male population, perhaps obsessive body building which goes far behind healthy limits? Just a thought. Certainly there is a theory (can’t think of the article but if you Google the subject matter this will come up) that in general, populations have become much more image conscious with the advent of mass media (in the last 100 years or so). Makes sense really, if you were only ever exposed to a few hundred/ thousand people your entire life, and a good portion of those were relatives, you’d have a far smaller pool to compare yourself to.

      1. “I believe the prevailing theory behind eating disorders is that the individuals tend to be type “A” over-achievers” So both anorexic and obsess women are natural over achievers? Do you know how contrived and absurd this “make up anything but the obvious” theory sounds?

        1. Perhaps I wasn’t clear: the idea (I believe) is that anorexia is an unhealthy manifestation of a driven, control freak, type personality. It doesn’t mean that all sufferers are over-achievers, it means that type of personality is more likely to fall prey to this condition. Correlation, not cause. In any event narcissism probably drives a lot of truly successful individuals, when channelled into worthwhile pursuits.

        2. Control of my body( and my destiny) played a huge part in my disease.
          And wanting to be beautiful- call it narcissism I guess but that’s ingrained in women from early on. Even when it destroys us

        3. “In any event narcissism probably drives a lot of truly successful individuals” Yes, I’d imagine there’s some truth in this, but, successful doesn’t often mean happy. Most successful people are endlessly restless and have some type of inner void or perhaps unnatural curiosity that always needs to be satisfied.

        4. I meant control freak in a non derogatory way. Narcissism I believe is ingrained in everyone. It manifests itself in women with respect to our appearance and in men in different areas I suppose. Donald a Trump is an unbelievably narcissistic individual. It’s also served him well. As for his politics, well I’d rather not discuss that, but nobody can argue he isn’t personally successful. Trump aside, I hope you don’t beat yourself up, many an alpha male has been taken down by his own narcissism/ hubris. Our greatest strengths can also be our greatest weaknesses.

        5. On that I agree. It’s probably a combination of narcissism and restlessness that drives them. A recipe for outward success and probably a lot of inner misery.

        6. No worries. I have called myself a control freak quite a few times in my life.
          You have very good insight into human nature and are quite the diplomat. Thanks for your kindness and understanding.
          Yes Donald Trump is the highest pinnacle of a narcissist. And he has used it well. . That’s all I am gonna say about him as well- he he.😳😳

        7. I believe the Baroness has either forgotten her youthful years, or rearranged her memory’s deck chairs more to her liking. I’m not refuting her narcissism causes anorexia theory, it’s just that she’s been an “invisible” woman for decades and may have forgotten when she wasn’t. Female beauty has always been a sword with two edges – one to cut and one to be cut.

        8. You’d make a great soap opera writer though. Pretty dramatic style you got going there. Entertaining and quite over the top.

        9. Lol! Yeah there’s truth in that I suppose. Every person I’ve ever known suffers varying degrees of narcissism. Yet not every person ends up with an addiction or a mental disorder. So clearly there are a lot of internal and external factors at play when it comes to these issues.

    2. It’s not just you.
      Anorexia is also to be blamed on fellow women according to this article. Any links to this claim?
      Tasteless really. As a long recovered anorexic I can say it’s much more complex than what this author has written.
      People who aren’t experts on the subject or who haven’t fully researched this disorder need to shut their clams. And that goes for the commenters as well.

      1. “Anorexia is also to be blamed on fellow women according to this article. Any links to this claim? It’s actually self-evident considering it largely affects females. That’s exactly the point Joan Blackwell is making. Female peer pressure + narcissism = the majority of underlying factors in this condition.

        1. I don’t know much about the subject, but the premise of your argument is flawed. That a particular affliction is suffered mostly by one group, be that a sex, a culture, a race etc… doesn’t mean it is caused by said group. That’s a giant leap.

        2. Women never put that on me- nor did males. The beauty requirements of the time period had a huge influence. And the desire to control something which was in my reach. Which was my weight

        3. “That a particular affliction is suffered mostly by one group, be that a sex, a culture, a race etc… doesn’t mean it is caused by said group” The whole point of Joan Blackwell’s comments related to the clear correlation between young womens’ obsession with body image and appearance and this particular condition. If you even look casually at media magazines and programs made by women for other women they have an unhealthy obsession with this narcissistic theme which is directly related to anorexia. That’s the whole premise of her remarks which are borne out in the phenomenal amount of money women spend on slimming and cosmetic products each year.

        4. I see your (and her) point, but I still think it’s over simplifying the issue. Correlation perhaps, but direct result a little harder to prove. I compare this to alcoholism: alcohol is widely marketed and glamorized in our society, and most people imbibe from time to time, yet only a (relatively) small % of people become alcoholics. We are all subjected to the images, few fall prey to the addiction. There must be both external and internal factors at play here. Not sure I’m explaining this well, a bit difficult to do in the comments section.

      2. Don’t presume to order people around here, cupcake. You have no authority. And no, I don’t care about your impending “me me me me!” answer either. Get stuffed.

        1. Although it’s a pipe dream that ignutz might hold their tongues on subjects they aren’t privy too- I guess I am still a foolish idealist. I truly wouldn’t wish for the authority to stop flapping tongues from flappin- no matter the nonsense they spew-
          As far as the ” me me me” inference .. Well… Most of us could be guilty of that.
          Goodnight and God bless.

  18. Meanwhile kids in Africa are mind-boggled that people in America would starve themselves on purpose

  19. i was married to a girl who was anorexic and eventually moved on to bulimia. it’s a lot like living with an alcoholic, but she’s addicted to tiramisu instead of whiskey. i eventually divorced her and one of the main reasons was that she refused to get help (took me a while to accept the fact that she couldn’t just stop on her own and needed treatment, but i eventually accepted that).
    that said, i did always suspect that the ultimate reason for the disorder was the desire to stay thin without the discipline and effort required to eat healthy and do efficient, regular exercise.

  20. I worked at a sorority (as a ‘house boy’) 1 year in college. (cleaned the kitchen, etc).
    One day the plumber comes to change out all the main pipes in the plumbing system, say he has to every 10 years. For fraternity houses he says they only need the pipes changed maybe once every 3 decades or so. Why the difference?
    Apparently many sorority girls routinely throw up after eating, and the stomach acid erodes the pipes. So the sorority house plumbing system needed far more maintenance than the fraternity houses due to the rampant eating disorders.

    1. Hair and hair products, including hair color, gunked up pipes pretty good before body wash plastic beads took the biscuit, plus flushed tampons probably cause more plumbing problems than rubbers. The lead UK plumbing problem is caused by pouring cooking oil down the sink. The Daily Mail’s good for publishing articles and photos of blocks long UK sewer “fatburgs”. Apparently there’s not enough bulimics in the UK to clear out the ” fatburgs”. Team USA!

  21. Once there was a time when I dreamed with american woman. Their blonde hair and blue eyes, their christianity history… now they are purposely labeling themselves as sluts and walking semi-nude on the streets.
    Then I ask: Why God?!

  22. She wasn’t a politician, she was a television presenter of highbrow programmes, “the thinking man’s crumpet” was her nickname.

  23. “I have never met, nor have you probably, a man attracted to an anorexic or bulimic who looks like an anorexic” –
    Yeah they don’t look so good with the clothes off but don’t write them off altogether, anorexic girls don’t need to be taken to fancy restaurants which saves money and time.

  24. I can deal with anorexics and bulimics, but not obese chicks. Obese women are extremely angery and abusive. All eating disorders are a sign of mental illness, and they contibute just as much damage to a person’s personality/thinking as do drugs. But eating disorders don’t get freinds and family in on “interventions” and therapy and all that crap. It’s standard to blame men and the so-called patriarchy At least skinny girls with eating disorders look better and don’t fight all the time.

  25. Most of the obese people I meet blame it on glandular disorders or some form of poor genetics. Their diet or inactive lifestyle is not considered even a remote possibility. Even if you use examples of physically leaner cultures with healthier diets and more physical activity from countries such as Thailand, you just get an irrational rebuttal or a swift subject change.
    I use to enjoy have larger girls as friends as they seemed to be less self-absorbed and bitchy on the whole. But things have changed and as a rule I tend to find big birds are now the most self-entitled, dating delusional, responsibility avoiding bitches you could ever have the misfortune to meet. Physique really does reflect persona.

  26. I went to an o.a. meeting once (i used to b addicted to food) what i learned is way more men suffer from eating disorders than everone thinks … so eh.. i agree with some of this but i dont think its even 50% true… unless feminism is some how making men do it to? Idk

  27. Many years ago (30+) I used to work with Joan Bakewell at BBC Scotland, a very quick thinking and intelligent journalist.

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