Society Needs A Good Dose Of White Knight Shaming

As we begin to formulate a manifesto around the reinvigoration of masculinity, I believe that we, and society as a whole, need to devote a solid plank in our platform to white knight shaming. Simply put, I have come to believe that white knighting is the single biggest problem with modern men. If we are to revive masculinity as a major contributor to fixing the degenerate Western world, white knight shaming must have a significant place in it.

The Problem:

As I have mentioned once on the forum, white knighting is the primary currency that enables entitled attitudes and attention whoring amongst all too many of today’s women. While smartphones and social media greatly enhance attention whoring capabilities, white knights are the buyers of what attention whores sell.

Put simply, white knights are the primary reason that the sexual market is so heavily distorted in favor of women in today’s environment. Let’s take a very recent example to illustrate this point further.

We all know that this winter was particularly brutal for the Boston area, which received several feet of snow in very short order. Economic activity shrunk drastically in the city and getting around was a massive inconvenience to everyone. But life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and one should expect this by choosing to live in such an area. It’s 2015, and we know the seasonal weather report.

Enter Susan Zalkind, a 27-year-old Tinder user who came up with a brilliant idea – find some chump to shovel out her car from the snow.


Notice how she doesn’t offer an inkling of anything in return, not even a cup of hot chocolate as one acquaintance of mine suggested. The arrogance of her request is clearly present in her tagline, and the entitlement apparent on her face.

You would think that no man would possibly respond to such an arrogant, entitled request. You’d be wrong. At least 11 white knights gleefully offered their shoveling services, no doubt in the utterly naïve hope that they’d get some pussy.

It is chumps like these that allow women to continue to behave in this manner. It is only natural for women like this to attempt to get something for nothing since there are so many thirsty guys out there that will throw themselves at her. Why would anyone not take such freebies when they know they’re easily available?

What is a white knight?


It doesn’t actually work this way.

Now that we’ve gone over the backbone of the problem with a recent example, we must define what a white knight is. Regulars around these parts will certainly know. This portion is mainly for the benefit of newbies to Return of Kings and to our corner of the internet in general.

A white knight can be most easily defined as a man who does things for women with no clear indication that his labors will be rewarded. The white knight is the servient party in a one-sided interaction, often at the expense of his own interests. This labor is usually done with the hope by the white knight that he will receive female approval and ultimately sexual favors in return for his efforts, but the opposite is true.

To make a clarification, doing a favor for your girlfriend or a female friend is not white knighting, as these things generally take place within the context of a pre-existing relationship with some commitment to each other by both parties. White knighting is more specifically willingly taking up a subservient role on a woman’s behalf with the expectation of some kind of future (usually sexual) reward based solely on the actions performed within that role. It is, putting it even more simply, a man willingly submitting himself to a woman’s will in the hopes that she will like him for doing things for her.

Why white knighting doesn’t work


Does the above description sound like you? If it does, you are not alone. We’ve probably all had bouts of white knight behavior at some point in our lives. The most important thing is to recognize and fix this behavior immediately. If you do not, you are part of the problem and deserve all the public shaming you can get.

Women are, to put it simply, attracted to superior men. Men that are bigger, taller, stronger, higher in status, wealthier, more powerful than they are, are the men that women are attracted to. A woman will not be attracted to an inferior man.

White knights, by definition, willingly put themselves in positions of inferiority to the women they desire. What “men” like Zalkind’s suitors need to realize is that by blindly acquiescing to her wish and shoveling out her car, they are willingly lowering their own status and rendering themselves inferior. This is repulsive behavior, and no woman will give any sexual favors to the chumps that so willingly do things for them with hopes of their approval.

In other words, it would have been more attractive for these guys to say they would shovel Zalkind’s car out and then not show up. This would have at least shown some dignity and self-respect. Alas, this did not happen. The white knights are simply, to quote a female friend: “too stupid to realize” why white knighting is not attractive.

It’s not just about the game


The true face of the white knight.

White knighting is a social problem that goes far beyond the world of dating. By men refusing l to hold women responsible for their actions, they as a class are getting a free ride. By wifing up unstable women, women that are unquestionably beneath them in looks or personality, single mothers (with their accompanying bastards), and all other sorts of degenerates, men are encouraging shitty behavior in women and ultimately working against their own interests.

These are the same men that also support the politicization of women’s entitlement, namely feminism. Although I fully know to expect it by now, the pictures of white knights usually do not betray attractive men. Their only sexual strategy is to white knight by supporting any demand, no matter how obscene, made by women. Predictably, it fails, but their failure to get laid has serious social consequences.

In the social and political realm, the white knight willingly sacrifices his own political and economic interests, and more importantly, those of other men, to be seen as a kind of “good man,” a “progressive” man that is “a good ally” of the right causes, all so he can assuage his ridiculous feelings of guilt and get female attention.

This is all an extension of a very checkered history. It was white knighting that was the primary impetus for some of the most disgusting episodes in our nation’s history, like Jim Crow and segregation. For all the proof you need of this, see D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation.

The White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the terrorist group that stood in stark opposition to the ending of segregation in the 1960’s, is a name all too telling. In their ridiculous desire to “save” women (of a particular kind not altogether different from the kind we see white knights trying to “save” today), white knights in the South were the chief oppressors of their fellow men. The same is true now.


It has long been an established social custom among women to slut shame, even to this day. For all our sexual openness, players know all too well that if a girl is made to feel like a slut, or more importantly, thinks her friends will think she’s a slut, all sexual activity on her end will be shut down.

Women self-regulate to keep their market power strong. This is the primary reason why women slut shame, whether they admit it or not. It is long overdue that men self-regulate in the same way by shaming and ostracizing white knights.

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426 thoughts on “Society Needs A Good Dose Of White Knight Shaming”

  1. Totally agree with this. Back in my blue pill days, I was a total white knight faggot. I would post things on Facebook like “oh you look great” and other cringe worthy material. One day some other guy I knew posted a comment Agreeing & Amplifying my cringe worthy thirst & white knighting in order to mock me. I then stopped doing it. Since then I have cured myself of faggotry by taking the red pill.
    Shaming works. A&A to mock them.

    1. That man did you a solid. And it’s good to see that it actually works by your example of your own white knightery.

    2. you should thank him. I cannot stand it seeing a bunch of dildos on Fakebook kissing a woman’s ass, without actually kissing it.,

  2. Ellis in the first Die Hard said he was Hans Gruber’s “White Knight”. And look what happened to the backstabbing cunt. To hell with White Knights.

    1. Ellis is an interesting character. He’s a cocky, cocaine-using executive whose arrogance gets the best of him when he assumes that he can get in the middle of a situation that’s way out of his league.
      He probably didn’t perceive any danger going into that mess, given his confusion when Hans McGruberstein put a gun on him.
      Ballsy or stupid?

  3. I think White Knighting happens for 2 reasons:
    1. It’s natural; I think men are naturally protective of women. This isn’t a bad thing when it comes to the women in your family and those few who might be actual friends, but then we have the waves of women who will attempt to exploit this.
    2. Low Self Esteem; a man feels that unless he swoops in and rescues a woman, he has nothing else to offer her.
    If you find yourself White Knighting, ask yourself if it’s because you feel like it’s the only way you can attract women (I think this was true for me). If it is, then start concentrating on building a better life for yourself.

    1. As a former white knight I agree with both points, I would also add two more reasons people white knight.
      1. They honestly believe all the feminist dogma (an Western propaganda), that women are precious innocent snowflakes an men are all evil repressors who need to be stopped.
      2. They think they will get sex or romance by white knighting.

      1. If point 2 was true, they would learn from it after the first experiences. But they keep doing it, despite not getting any apparent reward. So it seems obvious to me this interpretation is wrong. The reasons for white knighting must be found in something more along the lines of point 1. If you keep shaming them for point 2, they will never recover from white knighting, because you are accusing them of something they dont feel is true.

        1. You presume that White Knights are logically capable of seeing that. They are not, as like the feminists they serve, they do not think logically.
          A White Knight who doesn’t get sex, even after many instances of white knighting, will think he’s simply doing the white knighting “wrong” and will keep trying to do it “right” until he does get sex.
          This is exactly why shaming them is essential. Shaming works. While most White Knights will initially be repulsed by it, some will see the light.

        2. Indeed. Rather than learning from their experiences and mistakes they tend to, like feminists, double down on their misguided behavior. It is akin to attempting to get out of personal debt by creating even more personal debt.

        3. if it weren’t for fat shaming I’d never would have felt the push to set foot in a gym and change my lifestyle and lose a ton of weight.
          While I’m sure those who shamed me for my former weight had the worst of intentions, I can’t thank them enough now.

        4. It is true because although some learn many don’t due to the fact many women an Hollywood still perpetuate the myth that women like “nice guys”. Some men are so caught up it it they refuse to see reality. There’s examples throughout history of people taking actions that clearly don’t work but continuing it anyway. Ever tried to talk a game denialist about game an women? Their arguments against game are completely unfactual yet they stick to them.

      2. Agreed, and a lot of this stems from a white knight’s inability to understand that what a woman says and what a woman does or means are two completely different things .
        If you listen to womyn, you will hear that they want a kind, loving, sweet, caring man, who trusts and loves them. But one must always ignore their words and look only at their actions.

        1. Exactly right, that’s pretty much what lead me to find Rooshs material an changing my attitude towards women. They were saying they wanted one thing but always doing the opposite. Judge actions not words.

    2. Good point on number 1. It is our role, built right in, to want to protect women *in our group*. A man protects his wife and daughter. A brother protects his sister, and so on. Great feature and helps the species propagate. But like all hard wired instincts it has been weaponized against us by the reprehensible progressives, just as normally good female instincts were weaponized against us by the same party.
      If ever we get to rebuild society we must by needs make the practice of psychology a crime.

      1. Exactly right men’s natural protective instinct has been weaponized by progressives

      2. It was our role, when women were innocent and worthy of our protection. Beguiled by a pretty mask, it’s hard to blame doofuses for responding to those instincts. However, it’s quite likely our more keen-eyed forebears would ask ‘why are you defending this shrieking harridan?’, when what passes for dainty nowadays is defended. Out of nothing more than duty alone should a man defend his kinfolk. The likelihood is that, at best, they’re entitled manipulators (generally 7-13), and, at worst, ‘Let’s you and him fight’ instigators and vile cum dumpstresses (13+).

        1. Our Forebears were also Men of Wisdom and Men of God, they had Priority and Virtue in their lives, Modern Man has been stripped of pride, without any Virtue or Wisdom or God modern man has reverted back to primal instincts of Cro-Magnon Man, besides existing he has a basic instinct to breed which has been warped into an Endorphin drip to help cope with the lack of accomplishment and pride in his life, “If only I fuck one more slut i’ll be worth something”, The key to fulfillment and understanding is to open the Bible and Read the word of God, the parallel of the decline of society and the removal of God from society follows the same Path.When Men have Wisdom from God then Societies Priorities become Virtuous again, When God is rejected, the Example is the Society we live in now.

        2. Reminds me of Villar said about girls- “by the age of 12 or 13 they have decided whether they will manipulate men to get what they want.”

        3. I’d say it starts earlier than that. Look at the indoctrination from infancy with being a “princess”, especially “daddy’s little princess”. It turns them into demanding little monster cubs who only evolve into harpies with the onset of puberty. They’re like puppies who are never taught not to bite because it’s sooo cute when they’re small – but then they grow up and uh oh… These same harpies absolutely love to screech about others’ “hate”. That’s some pretty rich, weapons grade hypocrisy, right there. For the record, I am female and I find the current hijacked state of womanhood appalling. I also made my living as a farrier for some years, so I’m no shrinking violet, either. My husband read this article to me and I had to throw in my two cents. It’s a woman thing ; )

        4. I guess youre right- Villar wrote her book over 40 yrs ago, so the advertising bombardment wasnt around then. I cant tell you how many “princess” pics I now get in my FB feed. All little 4 n5 yr olds. I just got a horrific one of a friend of a friend, a man dressed up as a princess with his lil girl in tow.
          Ads on tv have had the dads playing dress up, I guess that message is finally seeping into the minds of the avg dads…

        5. In times past, men defended their women’s honor, regardless of how innocent or virtuous they had been. Jacob’s sons deceived and murdered the tribe of their sister Dinah’s lover, who had deflowered her outside of marriage, notwithstanding his desire to make things right.

        6. “The key to fulfillment and understanding is to open the Bible and Read the word of God, the parallel of the decline of society and the removal of God from society follows the same Path.”
          The Bible is a liturgical book. It was meant to be chanted in communal worship:

          Say there’s a group of actors who have all a script for a play, but they forget that there’s supposed to be a whole setting and performance behind the script (background, music, lighting, even smells/incense), and all they do anymore is read the script in flat monotones and one guy will give an lecture about the script. Or, even more devolved, a scattering of random individuals reading the script silently to themselves, sometimes with no church to worship together with, because nobody else agrees with their interpretation of the script.

        7. America, land of the Princess Politburo.
          The ‘weapons grade hypocrisy’ reminded me of that propaganda the gynarchy runs on mens’ sports-broadcasts all the time: some punk spoiling his little girl rotten. At the end of the commercial he confronts the camera (us) and says ‘That’s right, she’s a princess. You got a problem with that? Oooh-rah!’
          Mr. He-Man Marine illustrates the cowardly white-knighting of American males. He will run all around the world killing other MEN for the ‘honor’ of America, yet he attempts to intimidate and brainwash guys in his own nation to accept the princessification of his Special Perfect Snowflake. He’s the voice of governmental and institutional Amerika. Males had better obey Special Snowflake (and thus, him), or else.
          And in truth, that IS the foundation of modern American (anti)culture. The electoral and popular base of the American matriarchy isn’t screeching femfascists on campuses. It’s the millions of male whiteknights, particularly the parents of daughters, who have benefitted vastly from the nation’s fall to femocracy over the past half-century. The commercial re-enforces that it is ‘right’ to raise rotten female brats, because hey, she is MY rotten female brat, and I want a free ride through college, career, and life for her, and I don’t care if the nation rots in the process.
          Meanwhile, I will pretend that if you don’t go along with this malevolence, well then, you’ve ‘got a problem’ that needs to be ‘fixed’. And I will scream OOH-RAH and pretend I’m ‘defending’ the very country I am selfishly and hypocritically murdering.
          I win, my Special Snowflake wins, the gynogulag wins, and pfft Some Other Guy loses. What’s not to like?
          Good OP. Cheers.

        8. You nailed it. The word of God contains much wisdom and truth. The Bible warned of a time when people would reject God, in favor of their own worldly pleasures.

        9. Yeah, there was the whole Helen of Troy episode as well, which led to the downfall of the Trojans. However, do you really think that a family or a town would go to war for a girl with purple hair, tottering around on high-heels, in a mini skirt and with tattoos across her push-up bra assisted tits? They might say “Hmm, she could have provided the town with much-needed resources, but instead she chose to sacrifice her first born to the high-priestess of Baal via abortion. Let’s sit this one out.” (1.4% women age 15-44 had abortions in 2011, most of whom were in their 20s – Tattoos and troll hair is more common, and cleavage and ass showing skirts and fuck-me boots are ubiquitous). The threat of banishment was ever-present, so women didn’t step out of line too much anyway.

        10. Modern projection on an ancient epic. Helen of Sparta’s name in antiquity was synonymous with adultery.
          “The face that launched a thousand ships” was a later Elizabethan invention.
          The Achaeans did not go after Helen, they went after Paris and his family. Paris had violated two laws in Greek society: abuse of a host (i.e. Menelaus) and violating the law of matrimony.
          Menelaus’ brother, Agamemnon, happened to be the biggest War Chief of the Achaeans, and an insult/abuse Menelaus suffered, if not avenged, made Agamemnon look weak.

        11. Thanks for historical clarification, and a good example of the re-writing of tales as they exchanged hands throughout history (perhaps to suit Elizabethan ideals, in this case. Perhaps to suit communist goals, in other cases). He made the point that folk have always defended and murdered for women, so I ceded that point (whether the story of Jacob has been finessed throughout history or not), since it can’t be denied that there are plenty of other examples where men have gone to war over women. Of course, there are plenty of examples where men have used cold calculation in favour of blundering buffoonery and not gone anywhere near a fight.

        12. I’ve always said the best thing that you can do (or at least one of them) is turn your TV off. Even the commercials, today, are filled with ‘you go girl’ nonsense to brain wash the next (newest) generation.
          Now, everyone, file in line and take your medicine (pills). These are your good drugs that help you “listen”.

        13. Wow, hard to believe that Vilar’s book is 40 years old. She is apparently still alive. Wonder what she has to say about the state of affairs today. Also, she grew up in Argentina, and then married in Germany in her 20s. Those do not seem like feminized societies to me, especially at that time. Things are orders of magnitude worse today. Or perhaps she was just a brilliant trend forecaster, and saw the seeds of what was soon to grow.

        14. The problem of white knighting originates in the culture of Elizabethan England. As far as the worst examples of it as an ideal.
          Cold Calculation only works in an over civilized society. Most cultures have a certain limit of games before they decide to make things real.
          Leaders in the past weren’t dumb the “honor” of women was at most an occasion for action not the cause. Warfare is just too costly to engage in wantonly. A leader of a warband would consider the fact that he might be sacrificing some of his fighters. Men who were expensive to train, feed, and house, most often at the leader’s expense.
          Cold calculation went into every decision to fight. Especially in such a large undertaking as the Trojan war was.

        15. Dude, Florence Nightengale said pretty much the same thing a century earlier…aint a damn thing changed…

      3. Throughout most of human history, women of fertile age were usually pregnant. Attacking a female would have meant damaging the survival of the tribe–by killing off an unborn member of the next generation. In a survivalist society this could spell doom. This is why women usually aren’t very violent with each other, instead preferring manipulation over physical force, and why men who attack women are treated so harshly. The punishment is especially brutal if the woman is attractive and/or pregnant.

    3. Oh and I’m going to add 1 more….
      3. Absent Fathers and Maternal Enmeshment: I spent my youth/early adolescence listening to my mother complain about my father and other men while Dad was working 7 days a week to support us. Some of her complaints were valid, some were not, and I love them both so this is not a rant against my parents…but I think that it’s inevitable that the ‘parentified child’ who has to comfort a chronically unhappy mother will learn that “that’s the way you connect with women”, and will be surprised later in life that whilst various women will be happy to unload their woes onto you, this doesn’t make you attractive to them, or even all that valued by them, since you can be quickly replaced with a new set of ears.

      1. This is exactly what ruined my brother. Absent father, cronically “hurt and victimized” mother = birth of a white knight. Somehow I was able to escape as even at a young age I recognised many of her poor behaviors and decisions for what they were.

        1. Story of my life. I even witnessed my mother’s “Alpha Window” behaviour, pining after a guy whose harem she was in for most of her 20’s.
          Loads of things only made sense 5 to 10 years after I heard them, once I was introduced to the manosphere/red pill.

        2. I was subjected to a brutal piece of red pill wisdom when I were a child.
          My Mum’s best mate refused to leave her man, a guy who beat her and hospitalized her on numerous occasions.
          Why? Becasue he was a big, strong, handsome, charming bastard that the whole town knew and kissed his ass.
          Probably twice a year on average she’d be sat on our sofa in tears with perhaps a black eye or two, and 2 days later she’d be back with him.
          I was a naïve kid at the time this was going on. Interesting to look back through a different lens

        3. Probably twice a year on average she’d be sat on our sofa in tears with perhaps a black eye or two, and 2 days later she’d be back with him.

          The first time, you feel sorry for them. The second time, you think they simply made a mistake in going back. The third time, you conclude it is their fault.

        4. She knew that if she left him he’d replace her in one weekend flat.
          And because of this she put up with ass-kickings. Sad really.
          The hamster was spinning like a fucking neutron star in this one

        5. And in this day and age, I wouldn’t even believe the claims of abuse unless I witnessed them directly. Anyone can fake anything, even grievous injuries can be self-inflicted or done with the help of a willing participant.

        6. This was real.
          However her rationale for putting up with it was also pretty disturbing

        7. Pretty much that he’d soon shack up with a younger hotter model if she didn’t go back
          He was the alpha in the ‘hood and she didn’t want to lose that status

        8. There’s a lot of answers in your response – I don’t need to point out where. OK, it’s the third paragraph.

      2. You’re dumping some pretty good stuff on here. No better teacher than experience, and it appears you’ve had some.

        1. Thank you. I’ve been a follower of the manosphere after a few hard knocks in life and a late start to the dating game which was fairly traumatic due to the insane characters I met online dating. I enjoy writing and might contribute an article or two at some point.

        2. You appear very honest. I like the way you write – please contribute an article.

        3. Yep..and way to pay it back (or forward). I’m sure your experiences can (and will) help out many of the younger men on here (just starting out and making the mistakes). They won’t learn unless they come here (first) and then listen to all of the stories.

    4. 1. It’s natural; I think men are naturally protective of women. This isn’t a bad thing when it comes to the women in your family and those few who might be actual friends, but then we have the waves of women who will attempt to exploit this.
      This was necessary at one point for the survival of the species. “Women and children first” is a timeless saying, and the concept is known to all cultures and all societies across all ages for a reason.
      Unfortunately, that innate trait that protected the species as a whole has been turned against men now.

      1. Survival of the species… you can bet your banjo string that women in the past were told in no uncertain terms to not start any shit and be in need of rescuing. Limited food, medical care and police protection meant that it was almost suicidal to be just getting in fights willy nilly. If she went with another man, she’d have been banished or the two would have been hanged. Skimpy clothing? You must be joking. No man in his right mind would protect a wannabe whore in those days. Saloon prostitution and reckless gun-slinging wild west was when human morality was already fucked.

      2. Agree. Men need to start questioning it (at the very least). We’re hearing about everyone else’s needs or rights…except men.
        When is the last time you heard anyone put men’s needs out in front? Probably never….and if you brought it up in town forum then people would laugh or shame you. The truth is….men go off to fight and die for this country (many more times versus women) but you’ll always hear a politician talk about “women’s rights” or “women’s needs”.
        Women need to sign their ass up for Selective Service, get out there and fight (die) for the country….then we’ll worry about their “needs”.

    5. “White Knighting” of a 100 years ago was a little different. If you helped a woman you didn’t know out (a) you could reasonably believe that she was most likely an honorable woman just by virtue of being part of your society and (b) you could reasonably assume that most other men would do the same for your wife/mother/sister, because all men in your society were your brothers to some extent.
      Now of course, anyone who assumes any woman has a shred of decency (unless she is Amish) is kidding himself. And you can’t count on other men to have your back either. There is little honor, and we’ve drifted far apart culturally and ethnically.

      1. It’s not even 100 years ago. 30 years ago you would stop to help some woman for the very reason you said…we did it because if our mother/wife/sister/daughter was stuck somewhere and needed help, we’d want someone to help her.
        Plus they appreciated it. They didn’t turn around and tell all their friends some creepy loser they thought might rape them stopped to help them.

        1. That’s another thing, Men are constantly portrayed as potential Rapists and Creeps, that needs to end.

        2. Only if they don’t think you’re attractive enough or if you don’t show signs of having lots of money. It’s always situational and preferential. Your wit, intelligence and charisma are irrelevant, only your looks (according to their shallow and petty “standards”) and socio-economic standing matter. I say fuck it, play up The Creepy Card, they’ll think what they want to think of you irrespective of the facts. They’ll turn 40 and be miserable anyway, so what The Hell difference does it make? It’s not on our shoulders to re-train their warped and demented thinking for them!

        3. Yet, the whole ‘rape’ situation might actually prove valuable in combating white knighting; just make sure every woman knows that when a man is white knighting, he’s doing that because he expects sex from her. This leads to a feeling of entitlement in those white knights, and men who feel they are entitled to sex are, in the eyes of feminists, almost raping you already. Now just give it some snazzy title, something like “Entitlement Rape”, and you’re set to go.

        4. Female projection.
          Degenerate women today would not hesitate to steal their “friend’s” guy if that guy was “hot”. They have been trained to believe that sexual immorality is empowerment and it sure does feel good to degrade the “bitch” with the hotter boyfriend by demonstrating the weakness of the bitch’s hold over him.
          They attribute dishonest sexual motives to men because they are untrustworthy themselves.

        5. Yup, I would never help a woman in a problem anymore because, I fear I’ll be accused of sex assault

        6. Yes, indeed. It’s that double standard of “hey, do you need help…..but get away from me creepy guy” that makes many keep driving by that broken down car.

      2. Maybe these “white knights” still want to believe women are like that. The “they want sex/romance” explanation just does not seem to have much sense.

        1. If he wants women to be like that, this means he wants to mate with that kind of woman. You haven’t really taken the sex out of the discussion, you’ve just put a buffer in between direct desire and white knighting.

      3. the keyword here is Honor; it has been misconstrued to fit the feminist imperative. Honor to us is different to what Honor is in the mainstream. It’s a two-way street, much like the chilvaric code. A woman does not simply deserve an honorable man, she must possess honorable traits herself.

    6. Well put. I am flabbergasted at how many men (white Knights) refuse to see the writing on the wall. Clearly they are not getting laid, so why continue to hit your head against the wall and expect a different outcome? I strongly believe that if you focus on yourself and start building or improving your own life, everything else will fall into place, including the women; “If you build it, they will come.” and when successful, make sure you protect what you have built and not allow and slut to bring it/you down.

      1. I think we should hand out signs to all white knights (kind of a wake up call, see what happens). It will say:
        “I work for pussy”
        No miscommunication here and all cards are on the table.

    7. Chivalry proved your worthiness to the women’s parents who had a massive influence on a women’s choice of husband in the past.

    8. Women can either have chivalry or equality. Not both. The feminists have chosen, so treat women accordingly.

      1. Sensible women are not feminists. Unfortunately, sensible women are few and far between these days. I enjoy not being a lonely and ball busting feminazi. Too bad women like me are always judged and shamed by feminists.

    9. Feminism ironically uses many male biological functions to punish men namely based not eh protect and provide instincts that men have and the desire whether rational or not to protect women and the expense of men due to their biological function.. It’s one of the reasons that it is an ideology that is so hard to defeat and destroy. White knighting is a primal protective instinct. However nearly all functions of protection are handled by the State and most women put themselves into trivially dangerous situations to garner male attention. e.g excessive alcohol consumption. They want the alphas to swoop on in and how often the beta/white knight swoops in being the one to offer protection. it’s mostly a power trip on her part watching men fight over her. IN my younger days i feel for this trick far too many times because her playing the innocent victim and me playing the hero obviously feels quite appealing until you are her new villain and the next guy is her hero and so on and so on.

    10. It happens because biologically it is still the proper thing to do. We simply are violating the arrangement by giving women political influence. If women were second class citizens, white knighting would be less of an issue because most men would be “alpha” by definition. There would still be the bad boys who did better, but most men who put some effort in would have more of a chance than at present.

  4. Unrelated, but can someone tell me how to eliminate the stupid fucking video ad on the side of the site? It’s playing intermittantly and making my computer run slow.

  5. Its well known that the majority of women get pleasure in being the submissive partner as long as there is some mutual respect in the relationship, if its the other way around women get highly critical, bossy and domineering as they loathe it. In my marriage i found that the more I lead the happier my wife becomes, however I should not try to boss her around as that is a female trait. It seems quite unconscious on the part of my wife

  6. Protecting women itself is benevolent and necessary in many instances.
    However, The White Knight is a perversion of this for 2 reasons:
    1. They defend women who behave appallingly . Sample: woman hits man for no reason, Man restrains woman, white knights attack man
    2. White Knight is trying to get laid through the metaphorical back door
    Both are appalling cowardice

  7. I actually have a white knight self professed feminist brother who stabbed me in the back several times with girls I was seeing casually. I was living with him years ago and seeing multiple women while he was beta bitch in a long distance relationship to a fat girl.
    When I moved north a state, he developed feelings for one of my main side girls and dimed out all of my personal business about the many other girls I was seeing. He then prceeded to loan her some of my stereo equipment I had left and was coming back for. Her system. Had broken or something…..White knight to the rescue! He told my friends he had fallen for her, and I would have to just deal with it if they started a relationship. He felt bad for the way I treated such a “nice girl” who by the way, was also seeing other people.
    He would insinuate to people that I had “game” but in a way that made it seem like I was somehow unfairly manipulating these women. Of course she had absolutely zero interest in him and his weak bullshit. She saw him as a “friend”. Eventually he moved on to another fat girl and has been her willing beta ever since. Man the many stories I could tell About his beta antics.
    White knights should not only be shamed, they should not be trusted. Even your own family can betray you in hopes of landing some chick who they have no chance with. I have tried for years to get him to see the light to no avail. Im at the point now where its hard to even associate with those who cannot swallow the pill at least to some degree. Its almost physically painful to be around this behavior.

    1. I can relate to this story somewhat. My own brother surprisingly has been revealed as a white knight simp and the consequences have been brought down on the entire family.
      I might write about this later on, but the matter is still ongoing at this point so I have to keep mum for now.

    2. In all honesty I was heading down your Bro’s path until I was about 18 or 19.
      It’s like a mental illness

      1. Yup I forced him to get in touch with her on his own and get my property back. During the whole ordeal I was dumfounded that my own brother could exhibit sure desperate behaviors. He had done some seriously pathetic things before in hopes to gain or maintain a womens affection but never at my expense.
        Also, and this will sound unbelievable but its true. He was in a relationship at the same time with a cousin we met in another state at a funeral. She was like a third cousin by marriage or something but a cousin all the same. Also she was overweight, Was with her about 4 or 5 years. Oneitis is a bitch.

  8. “Men, good men, defend women. They do not attack them.”
    This is what a patriarchal shitlord looks like.

    1. What idiot wants to “attack” them anyway? Not only is that foolish to spew to begin with, you don’t know where they’ve been and what you might get from touching them!

  9. White knights are the true obstacle in society.
    They are the definition of a henpecked simp and can be also be classfied as manginas. The reason why we have an epidemic of white knights in the Western hemisphere is because of the fact that there are now more women than men in society. Attached to this are the many problems which can be highlighted such as a wave of female infiltration in the mass media, which in turn contributes towards the brainwashing and programming of today’s modern day women who believe that they are self entitled and end up becoming narcissistic.
    This behaviour alone, is very destructive and results in the breakdown of the traditional gender roles but more importantly, the breakdown of the nuclear family. Divorces are initiated (70% by women) who in turn, take custody of the kids and boys grow up without the father. And this is where the white knight problem rears its ugly head from. For too long, I have emphasised on the issue of single mothers and this article, once again, helps to reinforce that argument of mines.
    Single mothers brainwash and teach the wrong message to young boys. In conjunction with the leftist indoctrination of the public schooling system, boys are brainwashed into believing that it is their duty to ensure that all women are defended by the “evil forces” (meaning men correcting the wrongs of stupid and corrupt women) and that it is in their nature to come and defend all women, regardless of what the actual issue is. The sad fact reality is, that as long as single motherhood increases in the Western hemisphere and mothers are primarily and always given custody to kids where men are no longer allowed to visit, then not only will the child (particularly boys) become pyschologically disruptive, but the women will be able to mold and shape him with all the wrong ideals and values.
    I mean take a look at today’s men- skinny, effiminate, emasculated and completely scared and pussy whipped by today’s monsterous women. If they honestly believe that being a white knight is the correct thing to do, then they need to be deprogrammed and instilled with the truth and reality of how a woman behaves in today’s world.
    Remember, it is not, the biological function of a mother to play the father role. The mother’s role is to raise the boy with love and affection, it is the father’s role to raise the boy into a man.

        1. What, don’t you want to make 10 grand a week to buy the new wonder drugs that are taking the country by surprise!!!.
          Don’t forget, billionaires hate linacostaa for revealing that secret.

        2. “Creep”?!? Uh-oh, you used one of the dozen or so words in the limited female vocabulary that gets tossed around like candy on the daily!

        3. I got in touch with her. Shes coming over to my place Friday to discuss health supps with me in my hot tub, while we drink wine and smoke cigs.

        4. Careful now playa, you’re just 3 expensive dates from scoring a kiss. What I suggest is that you text her every day to make sure she still likes you and show you caring side.

        5. Thanks for the advice. I am going to take it a step further and buy some of her stuff every week as well. I can’t lose baby! Slam dunk!

        6. Why don’t you get off your misogynist ass and take it up a notch. Make sure you turn up 1/2 hour early and throw a hussy fit when she’s 1h late, then apologise and give her a gift when she threatens with leaving.

        7. Thanks for the advice brother. I don’t understand why people are so frustrated all the time, you know? It’s so easy!

        8. “Impoverished Austrian painter discovers secret to ending the Jewish banking cabal”

        9. I have a hard time believing a woman has anything productive to discuss about health supplements.

        10. Oh boy, I heard some friends discussing their “girl problems” the other day. They say how their girls send them like 50 texts if they forget to say “I love you” or “you’re beautiful” for a day. Face palm. Then they say, “well, “doing myself” gets boring after a while, so this is what I have to do to, ya know, appease my, um, appetite.” This is exactly what the article is talking about, isn’t it! They’re appeasing over-controlling women and perpetuating the issue, this coming from guys who are usually considered “cool” and “smooth” etc.

    1. I tend to agree but you are not digging deep enough…it’s not just that there are more Women than Men, it’s that there is less a promotion of Godly principles in these Women in order to keep their controlling tendencies in check.

      1. The reason why women do not want to embrace any good religious morals and values is because it would put them in check, as you correctly stated. But in their delusional world views, it would be considered as “oppressive” and “patriarchal” and “stop” their growth and advancement as modern day women.
        If anything, these women would NEVER be able to advance if it were not for men creating the luxuries that they enjoy and embrace.

        1. “If anything, these women would NEVER be able to advance if it were not for men creating the luxuries that they enjoy and embrace in”
          Indeed. Beta males have proven to be the gender quislings that have aided and abetted narcissistic females precisely because they have renounced their God given leadership role. They are extremely destructive in that regard. An absence of God is evident in both.
          I’m glad you fleshed that out further.

        2. Religion creates social stability. There is a definite link to atheism and degeneracy in society. When God was taken out of people’s lives, the women turned to shit and society started to fall.

        3. Reason women do not uphold religious values and no longer support men is because men are demonizing religion as well.

        4. Then the men need to come up with a new control mechanism. Religion worked for centuries, but the simple fact is that as science progresses, statistically fewer people believe in supernatural reasons for existence. I am fully in favor of religion as a form of societal control, but we need to be realistic that it is no longer sufficient.
          I think the control the Saudi family exerts, while nominally they believe in God, is more secular than even American society today. It is more based upon their monarchy and social order, including social shaming and family based society.

        1. These “church sluts” likely go to churches that teach a watered down version of gospel through beta mangina pastors.
          Or are you attempting to blame scripture for their existence? Isn’t that likely blaming guns for violence?

        2. They teach a lot of new age “Christian” bullshit. This New Christianity smells more like Marxism infiltrating the church to me. You know there are serious problems when Satanists come to the defense of Western civilization and purity more so than modern “Christians”

        3. And that is no coincidence as i told another informed member on here. Just so i don’t come off as redundant, excuse me if copy paste here what i told him, since your remarks are quite similar:
          Yes and the reason for that is because the churches have been infiltrated by feminists who have borrowed generously from the communist agenda as itemized by Cleon Skousen in his book “The naked communist”. Whenever you see a female pastor, reverend etc basically a female with the primary position of power within a church that church has been feminized and does the will of satan as a result. I will quote a couple of the points here:
          27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”
          28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
          Social religion = social justice = cultural marxism = satanic influence. These code words are just a means to an end designed to push for communism within the body of America in order to destroy it.
          I highly recommend reading this book. I’ve only read parts of it but just ordered it online so i can finally finish it.

        4. Seriously man thanks for posting these. I’m a young man without much guidance other than the bible and I never felt right in church something was very strange about it. I started out reading the bible myself and after going to church I became a wimp and becamse angry towards God, but I’m glad I was able to keep my faith I knew “God is different from the people, whatever church the bible is talking about is not the church I’m in.” what a relief thanks again.

        5. My pleasure brother. When we will to do good through our conscience, we tap into the power of God, who helps us to do good. When we accept Jesus, that power becomes a permanent part of our lives so long as we keep it strong.
          Your spirit was bothered by the kind of church you were in, and you didn’t ignore it. Praise God 🙂

        6. If the Bible is your only guide, then you are will always stay on the path. If you follow God in the things that are specifically revealed in the Bible, it will be easier to know Gods will in those things that aren’t specifically revealed such as your job, house, etc etc.

        7. True – Known two guys who used to be regular church goers and they used get around with the “church girls” like a rabbits on heat.

      2. Right. The problem were seeing (as discussed in a past article on here) is that even the churches (religions, some at least) are bending over backwards (like corporations) to get more (or new) customers.
        It was religion (the church) and society – the two – that kept all of the behaviors in check. But, now, churches are starting to use the same trend (business) that corporations use on women (to get new customers).
        It’s a sad state because all bad behavior should be pointed out. Today, though, we have large corporations and the media pandering to women (even when it’s obvious the behavior is unacceptable). It’s like watching (and letting loose) a bunch of 5 year olds in a toy store.

        1. Yes and the reason for that is because the churches have been infiltrated by feminists who have borrowed generously from the communist agenda as itemized by Cleon Skousen in his book “The naked communist”. Whenever you see a female pastor, reverend etc basically a female with the primary position of power within a church that church has been feminized and does the will of satan as a result. I will quote a couple of the points here:
          27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”
          28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
          Social religion = social justice = cultural marxism = satanic influence. These code words are just a means to an end designed to push for communism within the body of America in order to destroy it.
          I highly recommend reading this book. I’ve only read parts of it but just ordered it online so i can finally finish it.

        2. Yes, sounds good…and don’t get me wrong. We can clearly see the difference between a small town church and the mega corporate churches that have popped up. I believe the corporate churches are the ones promoting both (this social and corporate trend). They are just like corporations – looking for new customers (for money is the bottom line). The rest, I believe, are moving towards the social trend. There are a few that have remind steady and “faithful”.

        3. Amen. Jesus and his apostles spoke as much in their own words on many things affecting disciples today:
          Jesus On fake churches/christians
          Mat 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
          Mat 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
          Mat 7:17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
          Mat 7:18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
          Mat 7:19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
          Mat 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
          Mat 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
          Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
          Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
          “Mat 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
          Mat 24:5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”
          Mat 24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
          Peter on fake churches/christians
          “Pe 2:1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.
          2Pe 2:2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.
          2Pe 2:3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.”
          Paul on fake Christians/churches
          Rom 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.
          Rom 16:18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.
          Ti 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
          1Ti 4:2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
          1Ti 4:3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
          1Ti 4:4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:
          1Ti 4:5 For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.
          1Ti 4:6 If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained.
          1Ti 4:7 But refuse profane and old wives’ fables, and exercise thyself rather unto godliness.
          2Ti 4:1 I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom;
          2Ti 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.
          2Ti 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
          2Ti 4:4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
          John on fake christians/churches
          1Jn 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
          1Jn 4:2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:
          1Jn 4:3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.
          1Jn 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
          1Jn 4:5 They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.
          These verses and many more directly debunk the false doctrines that pseudochristians of today abide by, whether it’s churches led by females or false doctrine, the prosperity gospel, the old testament diet, christians who battle over the letter of the law (for ex: when to follow the sabbath) instead of discussing the spirit of the law in peace, hippy (non judging) christians, etc.
          It doesn’t take a person of faith to understand the wisdom of the bible, it just takes a person of objectivity. I can read from a book written by someone i don’t agree with and still take away a pearl of wisdom whether they intended to provide it or not.
          A lot of these fake corporate churches make church into a business and promote wealth as the ultimate symbol of prosperity, when the bible describes prosperity as wisdom especially the beginning stage of wisdom to take Jesus as your savior and fear God in love and respect.

        4. “It doesn’t take a person of faith to understand the wisdom of the bible, it just takes a person of objectivity.”
          It takes some humility, too. If we’re full of ourselves — and most modern people are — there is little room left inside for biblical wisdom.
          The enemy wants us full of the world’s beliefs and opinions, which we then mash into our own Holy Opinions, and create our theories, and call ourselves wonderful and clever. The enemy does not want us full of God’s truth, mostly via Scripture.
          It’s easy for the enemy to manipulate our opinions, especially collectively. The U.S. is the prime example of that. 24/7 agitprop, starting before kindergarten.
          I’m not the believer type, and don’t have much faith. I’m a researcher, investigator, writer. Christ didn’t bring me to his Scripture until I was in my forties… old enough to grasp, accept, and utilize what I was encountering and learning in the bible. By that time in my life, I’d realized pretty much everything that New Amerika told me was a lie, and that I’d been duped, used, and purposely disenfranchised.
          So having been humbled by those experiences, and having had my Holy Opinions (kulture-think) refuted by lived experience, I was ready to start grappling with the difficult — but marvelous — realities that Scripture began to teach me. And I learn from it every day, it is the only ‘book’ that truly is alive. An astonishment and a comfort. Often the only comfort.
          Praise God that he cared enough about a chump like me even to bother leading me to the truth, and to himself.

        5. I agree with you that it takes humility. We can add that to what i said and call it a humble or humbling objectivity 🙂
          “The enemy wants us full of the world’s beliefs and opinions, which we then mash into our own Holy Opinions, and create our theories, and call ourselves wonderful and clever. The enemy does not want us full of God’s truth, mostly via Scripture.”
          Totally in agreement. Some who read the bible do so through the lens of secular belief, which makes them arrive at hermeneutical conclusions rather than exegetical ones. The first is where a person superimposes his or her outside view on the bible, the second is where a person reads from the bible and seeks to understand it beyond the confines of conventional understanding.
          Praise God that He cared enough for both of us brother, since once upon a time i considered myself an atheist.

        6. …I remember praying that God “show me how to be a man” and I guess He was already showing me through scripture. I started losing hope because the women around are so slutty…and when I say nah I won’t settle for that I get called judgemental. Turns out I’m not so crazy at all…

        7. Nope you weren’t crazy, you were just a real Man. Females who say they can’t find a real Man don’t realize it’s because they aren’t real Women to begin with, so they have no idea what one looks like.

        8. Hi Daniel! I agree with you that these false churches are more for the “profit” than the “prophet”. However, just a small point, that the warning against those who command to abstain from marriage and meats – that seems like a false doctrine of Catholics – they prohibit marriage for priests and have the meat-less Fridays. In the context of the Old Testament, which contains many statements to the tune of “…throughout all your generations in all your dwellings for ever and ever…”, this seems to apply to the unclean meats as well. I then look at the New Testament verse and conclude that it is talking about any additional meat prohibitions. (There was also the event in Daniel which promotes a vegan diet, at least in the short term). But besides that, spot on with the cultural analysis of churches bending over backwards to the cultural Marxists.

        9. Hey Matthew. Thanks for the love!
          Please remember that Jesus “fulfilled” the law, so when we eat in His name we are sanctifying what we eat and thereby make it holy, no matter what kind of meat it is.
          I agree with what you said about the Catholics. No where in scripture is a person of faith forbidden to Marry. That is man made.
          Stay blessed!

    2. White knights are seen as obstacles even by women that they protect. But they are not a big problem for a good red pill guy.
      By the way, I think that the word “white knight” is too noble for that kind of morons. So first of all, we should choose another name for them. White Slaves would be more appropriate.

    3. I agree. Just a few points to add…
      Some single moms only have themselves to blame for their loose morals. Having a child out of wedlock is stupid and slutty. Men do not respect women who have children outside of marriage. Also, many single moms chase away their children’s fathers with their terrible behavior.
      Everyone talks about deadbeat dads-what about awful women who don’t try to be good partners to their men in the first place? There are plenty of single moms who block access to their children’s fathers out of pure spite. These types like to poison their children’s minds against the fathers who want nothing more than to see their kids.
      I know this woman who had TWO kids out of wedlock with a man she was with for ten years. I was around when the first child was born and she henpecked that poor young man. He finally left her for someone more feminine, while she trapped another poor sap with a baby and that white knight married her. I don’t know what idiot would marry a woman to raise two bastard kids that aren’t even his. White knighting at it’s finest.

      1. I too, never get that. How stupid one has to be to raise a bastard that is not his. I have an interesting theory on it. Whenever my female friends/family members hear of a white knight wifing up a single bitch and raising her bastard, all of them go crazy saying that he is a real man. That’s because they view the single bitch as a damsel in distress and not as the real bitch she is. They view the white knight as a rescuing prince charming, and not as the brainwashed idiot that he is. Women today just crave for the fairy tale romance, not realizing that they are not damsels worth saving, but just bitches and sluts. They beta men and little boys, when the see woman sort of admiring this stupid knightly behavior, are suckered into the delusion, and begin to believe that rescuing a wasted single slut with a couple of bastards running here and there is what it means to be a real man

        1. Remember that despite how much these women raise these men to the skies verbally, deep down they respect them as much as you do, not very much that is… wich is pretty evident anyway.

        2. What women say they think and how they actually think are very different and always have been.

        3. It’s because, deep down woman want to be dominated by men, and they want a man who handles her stupidity like one handles the stupidity of a child. White Kinghts, on the other hand, through their behavior tell women that their stupidity is justified, and so they kind of repel women, because women themselves know how stupidly they are acting.
          It’s like if I knew i was doing someone stupid, and person A told me what I’m doing is perfectly ok, but person B told me on my face that I was being stupid, chance is, being a human, I’ll say person A is a good understand guy, while person B is an asshole. Nevertheless, in my mind, I will know that Person B is far more intelligent and superior than person A. And women are attracted to intelligent guys because they reek of masculinity, and not to guys who are as stupid as themselves, because these guys a.k.a white knights reek of womanly stupidity.

        4. This woman doesn’t believe in fairy tales. I live in the real world where my actions have consequences. That is why I have made a concentrated effort not to fit into the stereotypes of black women. You will NEVER catch me having babies for several different men while being on welfare. Nope nope nope…so much nope.
          A real man chooses a woman who is worthy of respect! That doesn’t include women who are daft enough to have children with men they aren’t married to. There are so many young and nubile women who don’t have kids…why would any man with half a brain choose a single mother? Only desperate betas and white knights go that route because they lack self esteem.

        5. No, what LITTLE GIRLS say they think and how they actually think are different. Decent women say what they mean and mean what they say. Ask my husband.

        6. This is true. I want to be dominated by a man who is worthy of my submission. I do not want to be bullied by a fake Alpha who thinks being selfish and cruel is synonymous with power. My husband is gentle yet firm when I need him to be.

        7. Unfortunately, the western world today is filled with white knights, who are on the mission to rescue the single mom in distress. The white knighting culture is what breeds the single mom specimen, because these women know that there will be an idiot at every corner to marry them.

        8. Single mothers do not deserve to be rescued. They made their beds and they need to lie in them, instead of trying to hook the first sucker who is willing to take on their responsibilities.

        9. Damn…That sounds like one of my buds..who I don’t respect as much anymore. I feel like my whole youth was a lie. All the brainwashing I knew I wasn’t crazy…

        10. You state your family members go crazy over the romance with men who white knight. Do you honestly think your family members are “just bitches and sluts”. How can you actually believe that good men who have compassion and empathy as weak? Can’t you see the majority of the world see’s men who look after only themselves and not their fellow men sociopaths who never find anything but their reflection in the mirror. Most narcissists do die lonely so while you shame these men, they are happy doing this. They actually work in your favour because we think most men want to protect and love us.
          Without websites /blogs like this, most women would have no idea just how evil men can be.
          I actually pity you. What an awful childhood and present existence you must have. I can only hope you meet your perfect match, someone just like you.

        11. If women despise these Princes/White Knights/Knights in Shining Armour/Kings, why do they THREATEN you so much?
          Every woman with a brain wants one. A man who’s compassionate and confident. Maybe take it down a notch, learn from them and you wont be so lonely. I find it hard to believe that there isn’t good in everyone but it’s upto you if you want to be happy.
          Your comments seem to be remnants of PUA writers. It seems like you dont have a mind of your own anymore, now that’s not attractive to women, men who follow other men. We want men who are dominant over their fellow men in atleast some aspect even if that’s Cello playing.
          I realise I might be a white princess, trying to save young men from future heartbreak. The world is so much better with an equal by your side. You will only attract the awful people following this advice, don’t you deserve better than the women from the dregs? Maybe you are too far gone but I’m sure there are others reading who need to unsubscribe, get out and meet nice girls.
          What happened to the days when PUA was how to meet girls, not how to manipulate them. I know it must be hard for many to meet them and I have no problem learning ways to be smooth.

        12. What? Men who marry a pumped and dumped whore and raise her bastards, are “good men”, and they have “empathy and compassion” for others! I might as well say that women who marry men who in a male supremacist country(which is equivalent to the female supremacist western world) beat up their wives, throw them out of the house, forcibly take her kids, and force their wives to give them a hefty alimony, and child support are in fact “good women”, and are showing “empathy and compassion”. Certainly you would think that these women are crazy and are a shame to the female gender, because they marry evil men. That’s the same way we feel about white knights. The are a shame to the male gender.
          Moreover, don’t assume that just because you are miserable, everyone else is too. It’s only miserable people who wish misery upon others, not the happy ones. You have kind of humiliated yourself bitch. I suppose you are one of the legendary single mom sluts, stuck with a litter of bastards, and that’s why you are offended at this article. May be you have managed to strangle an idiot to work like a slave for you and your unfortunate kids, or maybe you can’t find that sucker. In your delusional heart you still know that any man who marries you(or has married you), at this stage is a complete loser, because you yourself know that you do not deserve a good man. And that’s why you will never really like or respect him. He is a loser and you are a bitch.
          Don’t worry about me finding a woman who is as worse as me. I come from a traditional asian country, when the girls are sweet, feminine, traditional and know how to clean and cook, and although I live in the west, I am marrying a girl from my country. I’m currently engaged to her, and she just twenty three, with me being thirty one. Pedo! Yeah you can say that! That’s all that’s expected of a jealous, aged, narrow minded shemale like you. SO yes, I’m marrying a girl, who’s as feminine as I’m masculine. Maybe that’s what you mean by worse.
          That being said, let me tell you another thing. Men on this site are hardened alphas, and you shaming doesn’t affect us. You can fuck off somewhere else,maybe on the huffington post, to rant at the beta men. Most of us her, just laugh, at some hysterical broken bitch who comments here, assuming that she’s just on a period or something.

        13. I realize you are very young and I’m trying to stop a decade of WTF did I do with my time hating more successful men when I could have been successful myself. I will try once more and this is my last time. If my message doesn’t reach you, hopefully it will reach someone else reading this. Anyway so here goes….
          Weak men are bothered by other men’s actions and I can see why you are, because these “pussies, bitches, manginas blah blah blah” are winning in the dating area, they truly end up in long term relationships and are generally happier than single men (research it by googling the benefits of marriage for men moreso than women).
          Now there is some insecurity for you to focus so much on them. Just like the relationship girl is threatened by promiscious women, because they have made men less romantic but I tell these relationship ladies to focus on the men who want relationships despite sex being put on a platter for them. They are the men you want to devote your loyalty to. So I will say the same to you. Don’t focus on these mangina’s winning the women, focus on yourself because that’s what real leaders do, a masculine dominant man couldn’t care less what other men are doing because they are focused on their mission, making money and gaining power and earning respect.
          You are behaving like a catty girl. Rise above how “annoying” they are and focus on what you want.
          If you continue down this path, you’ll be angry, bitter and resentful. Just have a look at Elliot Rogers and what the Red Pill did to him. If your mother knew you were here, she’d want to save you to.
          Mother Hen

        14. Thanks for sharing who you are. I’m am very surprised you are asian though. In my personal experience, they are usually very sweet natured kind men. I thought you’d be a white guy because they have lots of reasons to be so angry and bitter. Everyone will eventual meet their mirror image and live the life they put out into the universe so me wishing you find your mirror image shouldn’t be an insult, it should have been a compliment. I see you took great offense to it and the fact that you did tells me you dont like yourself very much. If someone told me I hope you find your image image, I would gather they are wishing me well to find someone who looks after themselves, looks after others, is kind compassionate and not bad for an “old hag” lol
          Listen young one, you are in a crossroad in your life, you can take your bitter twisted path or one with knowledge and wisdom. I probably have about 20 years life experience over you and initially I just wanted to help but I get the sense you may not want the help. Your teacher is here but you may not see her because your fear and anger is in the way.
          I was 16 when I met my now husband, he was 22, he was called a baby snatcher too but he was very immature back then and that’s why we were a match. Most men who are emotionally mature find someone roughly their own age. He was my first kiss, he is my King. I am as traditional as they get except I work because I want to teach my children that women need to support their husbands in todays economy. I don’t want my girls to be overly spoilt (my husband is very successful and can sometimes spoil them) and to appreciate what they given in life and work hard because my confidence came from that. I’d want my sons to be strong dominant men like their dad and yes to show compassion and empathy, feeling for others doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a victim of any kind of abuse. That’s just taking an all or nothing approach to life. (You’re being silly or overly emotional in your response). I want men to be men and leaders and women to be women, it works best that way, well it does in my family. If my sons were to marry a single mother, I wouldn’t view him as weak. I’d view him as a man following his heart. As a mother, of course I’d prefer he met a single woman without children but love is love. I wouldn’t stop his happiness for rules set by you or society. My husband is alpha and that’s what permits me to be very feminine but it’s not black and white like that, we both admire each others intelligence. I love his emotional intelligence and he loves my softness so we are equals too.
          I take you just want to spew your points across but your life will be happier if you’re a leader and yet empathic. Find reasons to help others and still be tough, stop worry about others, it makes you appear very feminine.

        15. Elliot Roger wasn’t a “red pill” man, and the red pill community has never justified his actions, and neither to I. Moreover, there is difference between the red pill community, PUA’s, MGTOW, and MRA’s, and the men who hate PUA. Elliot Roger belonged to the group who hate PUA’s, and they therefore have much more in common with the feminazis of today, that with us. Moreover, He was an incel, and that seems to be playing havoc with his mind.
          I’m not here because these i’m dissatisfied that the pussies, manginas are winning in the dating arena. Most of them don’t get dates, and a large majority of them who do end up being used and dumped by women, and get their hearts broken. They are losers if you ask me. They behave like doormats where women are concerned. The red pill community has taught me to respect myself as a man, and not be a doormat for a woman. That’s why I’m here.

        16. “I was 16 when I met my now husband, he was 22, he was called a baby snatcher too”
          I’m glad that it didn’t happen in the modern times, otherwise he would have been crucified by the feminists, despite the fact that your and his relationship was natural, understanding, and full of love. These times are indeed hard on men. Any doubt we are angry?
          “I want men to be men and leaders and women to be women, it works best that way, well it does in my family.”
          Can you even say it out aloud, in your workplace, or to a friend? Although it’s the right of every individual to have his/her opinion, you will feel everyone shaming you. That’s how the relationships of men and women work for the best interests of everyone, and since these roles have been eroded and shamed, and men have been placed at the mercy of women be prepared to see a lot of angry, dissatisfied men and women.
          “If my sons were to marry a single mother, I wouldn’t view him as weak.”
          That depends on whom you view as a single mother. A woman whose husband has died is another thing, but a woman, who divorces her husband, just because she feels, “things are not working in their relationship”, knowing fully that she can easily get his kids, his property, and monthly alimony payments, is not worth marrying. Despite the fact that divorce causes mental trauma to children she goes for it because she cares more for herself than her children. Despite the fact that the feminist courts will be hard on a man she once loved, despite the fact that separation from his kids will rip out his heart. How can one do something to someone they once loved so much? This kind of woman could do the same to your son, and men must be made aware of marrying single men. If a friend of mine did so, I surely will see his as stupid and weak, because he has decided to jump in a tank full of sharks. But that is of course my opinion, and you are entitled to yours. Each to his own!

        17. Yes….my GF is the same way…
          She said that she would “walk all over” a guy who was “not like me”
          this is what is referred to as “getting bored” with a man

        18. That came from the same bag of trix that when you speak against homosexuality that you are “homophobic”
          and when you call women out on their bad attitude…they say that you cant handle a “strong” woman.

        19. I have NEVER seen white knights win in the dating arena. They often end up with women that nobody else wants because they are far too passive and accepting.

        20. I’ve briefly dated Betas who thought that Alpha meant being an inconsiderate asshole. I never respected them enough to stay or sleep with them. Those fools thought they could control me with their weak attempts at being powerful. I enjoyed poking holes in their flawed logic and making fun of them.
          One of them lied about owning his home and having a source of income.
          I found out that his daddy bought his house for him and all this idiot did was sleep all day. His mommy would come clean his house as well.
          This moron demanded that I cook and clean. I told him that my domestic skills were reserved for REAL men who didn’t beg their parents for money and contributed to society.

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        22. Congratulations on your engagement. I’m sure that you will be very happy with your wife.
          My husband was 33 when we met and I was 25. I guess that makes him an “emotionally immature” pedo too.
          Men who marry younger women do so because they can. They have the stability, sophistication and life experience to be able to attract a younger woman. You won’t find unsuccessful beta losers with younger wives. Nobody likes to admit that younger women are in their prime and it is natural for men to be attracted to youth and beauty.

        23. What I’ve seen and realized over the course of my life that women generally want to marry older men. While the feminist intoxicated society term these men as “creepy, dirty” men, I don’t believe so.
          My dad met my mom when she was 16 and he was 24, and they were engaged for seven years (in my part of the world that’s very common!). Now they’ve been married for 33 years, and they are still deeply in love. Had it happened in the west in modern times, my dad would be probably sent to jail for dating a minor. While I do not endorse adults dating minors, I do with an open mind accept that many times people with a larger age gap fall in love and end up dating and marrying others, and we should not let our opinions and biases and (sometimes our jealousies towards younger women!) hurt others. But that’s what feminists won’t understand. And oh golly, if its an older woman marrying a younger man, she is suddenly an “empowered woman”, or a “cougar”. Ironical double standards here!
          Thanks for your best wishes. We’re getting married the next year, and God willingly, we’ll live happily ever after. We have the typical old fashioned, traditional romance betwixt us, may we grow old together.

        24. Of course women want to marry older men! We want to be protected and cared for by a man who has resources and wisdom. Feminism has made women feel ashamed for needing and wanting a man to take care of us.
          Old fashioned romances are the best. My husband and I have that and we have been together for almost ten years.

        25. If couples indulge in traditional romance(which most of them want to but are embarrassed to admit) they will be together for much longer. Relationships are satisfactory for both genders when both behave live real men and women. High divorce rates are not natural, they are just a result of a society of confused men and women.

        26. You are so right. Part of the reason my husband married later in life is he never found a woman who wanted the traditional life. Our roles complement each other and we are both happier because of it. Of course, feminism has ruined romantic relationships and that’s why families are struggling in many ways. These days, a woman cannot say that she embraces traditional roles without being ripped to shreds by feminists. I can’t wait to get out of the city we live in and move to a town with more traditional values.
          For example, I was going to interview for a position which required a two hour commute each way. My husband asked me not to pursue that opportunity because I would be very tired and grumpy with such a long commute. It would also cut into our time together in the evenings, as well as greatly reduce the efficiency of my housework and cooking. My husband believes that there is no reason for his wife to struggle with a terrible commute if he can afford to keep me home. My most important job is taking care of my husband and our home, just as he feels he is responsible for rising in the corporate world for both of us.
          Keep on being a good man. I hope you come back after your marriage to tell us how wonderful it is.

        27. In the old days, and maybe in the future it’d be different. But not with today’s women. When you see a single mom, and if she’s not a widow, you can guarantee she’s not stable. She got pregnant on purpose to catch some guy and it didn’t work out. And now she’s looking for help with the child. I love kids, don’t get me wrong. But marrying a girl who already has one has so many red flags about her that you can’t take the chance. Couple all this with their habit of presenting one type of person to you and then changing 180 degrees when the ring’s on their finger. In the end the child is the victim.
          About your family/friends. . . I bet in the cases you mentioned that when households are in chaos and the couple is fighting endlessly, they blame the men. . .Right? Because the poor helpless single mom couldn’t be the problem. . .God no!

      2. Yeah lol real man my ass. In biology they consider that type of male a loser in natural selection.

      3. Agree. You should always walk away from a single mother. The kids that need to be raised are not your kids and It’ll save you years of stress, fighting, etc…about how you’re not “their father”.
        There are always two people involved in making this decision (or accident) to have kids. Both should share this responsibility, equally. The problem is that society is outdated – the mother is the brave one raising kids alone and the dad is a “deadbeat dad”. That shit is history.
        The behavior, today, of women is that of entitlement. They believe that they are the only ones who decide “if” the two of you are having the baby (or not). If so, then you’ll be paying (you, as a man, have no rights) – just pay up.
        Again, men need to walk away from single mothers. There is more than likely a good reason why she is a single mom (bad behavior, bad attitude, no compromising, etc…). It’s not because of the “evil man”…like they all want you to believe.

        1. You’re obviously a very bright man. Riddle me this: Why on earth do some single moms fail to learn from the first time they get knocked up? They go on to have MORE kids out of wedlock; maybe I am slow but I believe in learning from mistakes. Having a baby outside of marriage is ALWAYS the wrong choice in my eyes-no exceptions. Am I missing something?

        2. Well, there is the part in the USA where our government subsidizes spawning and you can actually get *more* money through dependent deductions and the Earned Income Tax Credit, plus bigger benefits on food stamps, etc. so if you are part of the welfare class (which, let’s face it, what young single mother doesn’t qualify for welfare), then there are financially incentives to slut it up.

        3. So…the single moms basically want to prostitute themselves for government handouts? I realize that what you are saying is true. I just don’t understand that awful way of thinking. Why continue the cycle of poverty? My head hurts from witnessing such stupidity.
          I also notice that single moms tend to raise daughters to be stupid sluts just like them. Almost every single mother I know has a mother who was the same way.

        4. They’re not getting knocked up by accident. If you know them well enough you’ll know that lots of them have abortions between kids too, so they’re not morally against abortion – they’re trying to lock up a perceived Alpha that they fear losing. they probably also think they’ll get others to pressure the male to “man up” and make a family.
          Of course, it rarely works to rope the man long-term but it does get the woman insinuated into his life to a degree that she maintains some leverage over him and can nurse fantasies of getting back together. If the putative father bonds emotionally with the child, she can harm the child or the relationship with father to punish the man not acceding to her demands.
          For particularly young girls I think pregnancy could be a real accident, and the other explanation is that having a baby is a sort of milestone into [Federally subsidized] adult life for people who may not graduate from high school/college/get married etc.

        5. Someone did a study of the dollar value of available public assistance/programs to a single mother with x kids in Pennsylvania and it turns out she doesn’t even break even if she works and forgoes benefits until (IIRC) about $40,000 in earned income. (Soup to nuts including Section 8, WIC, SNAP, Medicaid, etc.) The obvious question is who would work full-time to attain a comfortable lifestyle that can be had by not working at all? Only a dummy. And how many “single moms” could land a $40,000/yr. job anyway? Not many. This is a permanent donee class that has become a reliable source of votes for sale. That means that you and your husband probably pay in tax enough to raise another family and meet all of its needs before you see dollar one to put shoes on your children’s feet.

        6. This is correct and it sickens me. Thanks for the detailed explanation; I appreciate it.

        7. Believe it or not, a lot of these types love to talk about “unplanned” pregnancies. We know they just secretly stop taking birth control or they take advantage of a poor sap’s misplaced trust and coax him into having sex without condoms.
          Alphas don’t choose women like this for wives, so the single moms’ only hope is to trap some beta white knight. Of course, there are still men who marry women because of pregnancy which is part of a devious slut’s plan to keep them.

    4. Whatever the case.
      I think white knights can only be taken care of in two ways.
      Take the photo of “Madam watches too many manga cartoons the pussy foot” who challenged us all to mortal combat.
      You can either quite literally:
      A: Beat his ass, preferably by yourself, or with a group. IN either case, include much shaming. Be positively merciless in it!
      B: Beat his ego’s ass with such dread humor that his ancestors turn in their graves for knowing he came from their loins. Literally, answer a phone call from one of your harem, be ruthless with her, and offer to train him to the dark side.
      It does not matter that he thinks he is not already in the dark side. To him, light is darkness.
      If he refuses, jest with him ruthlessly until he quits.
      White knights are the mindless foot soldiers wed to the hand of every bish’s handmaiden of feminist indoctrination by a whipped dog’s leash. For they obviously cannot be allowed to engage us with out being guided by the very vagina they both desire to fuck, being such a “nice guy” and all; and the ability to guide them away if we start to get through.
      For their low level handlers, think a much more retarded version of Sarkeesian. Like any women’s studies student! Every argument in the arsenal must be unloaded with ruthless efficiency, and shiv twisting glee.
      They must not only know you don’t care what they think, but never forget the soul crushing smile you did it with.

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    6. I am inclined to drive over there right now and shovel snow onto her car!
      I may also deliver the trash while I am at it.

    7. I have another term for “White Knight”. I call him “the Mule”. He is the kind of guy that carries all her shopping, which he paid for.
      That said, the White Knight is an inevitable consequence of democracy. He is the weak type who votes away resources from the strong man to himself, and he see women as a valuable allay in creating a voting bloc with a majority. These men work hard to emasculate, geld and otherwise neutralize strong men.

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    1. Biggest white knight mangina I’ve come across in the tech public sphere is Cory Doctorow. He’s one of the founders of and his defence of Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, among other things, is just wince inducing. I’ve called him out a couple of times on the site for his silliness and been banned both times. Typical.

      1. That’s crazy. I haven’t been as involved with the zoey Quinn story as some, but what I gather is that a shitty game developer fucked a critic(s) to get a good review on her shitty game. Clear cut case of prostitution, sexual nepotism, journalistic subjectivity and fraud. What’s to defend?

  10. Which manosphere blog said that White Knights, giving out commitment too easily, were the male version of sluts. Just like no one respects a woman who gives it up to easily, no one respects the beta simp.

    1. Great point, and ties in with the “Men are the gatekeepers of commitment, women are the gatekeepers of sex” thought I’ve seen elsewhere.

    2. Not sure, but it is similar to Patrice O’Neal’s concept of the “time ho”. Men who unconditionally give women their time (a man’s greatest resource) are sluts, just as women who give men unconditional sex (a woman’s greatest resource) are sluts.

  11. Good article… It really does take some tongue biting sometimes.
    Just the other week, I was at a hotel continental breakfast and a guy walked in. He gave a story to the waitress, only part of which I heard. The waitress replied back with something which I did not hear. Then I heard the guy say, “What did I just say?” It turned into a small confrontation over something and he was eventually seated by another woman. As he was seated, the new woman “apologized” for what happened and he replied, “I won’t be spoken to in that manner.” He asked for two drinks, which were communicated to yet another woman. He then told them that the drinks they brought him were wrong and made a crack about. “It’s a little early for you ladies this morning isn’t it?”
    My first reaction was to side with the ladies… first gut reaction. But after a few minutes I realized.. no no, I have no idea what the actual confrontation was. Women should not be spared the wrath of a dissatisfied male just because some random guy like me was “trained” by the feminine imperative to intervene. Their (the waitresses) job is to keep customers happy, it’s none of my business what those customers may or may not be like. So yeah, I kept my mouth shut (would have anyway), gave them no extra attention, and recognized that the man in the situation might literally have a damn good reason to be pissed at those ladies.

    1. Sounds like something I would do, too. Fuck them, if they’re in the service industry and their cute they’re making adequate money (women have a very unfair advantage in ALL tipping and sales industries!) and have constant, steady streams of attention from Betatard after Betatard to where it’s practically a buffet for them. No need to ever kowtow to them if they aren’t providing service up to MY standards! If you earn a one-cent tip, then that’s just how it is!

  12. White Knight Manginas also sign up for any task. Ever hear your married co-workers talk about their wife being “the boss” @ home ?

    1. An inked up bodybuilding ninja clown
      That made me laugh.

    2. Ever hear your married co-workers talk about their wife being “the boss” @ home ?
      Good lord, yes. That literally turns my stomach. And it’s almost always when a woman is present in the room. He’s actually communicating to her that he will in fact white knight for any scuzbag with tits, as a mark of pride.
      Not white knighting, but meant to evoke the same “she’s the boss!” feeling is when women in a group where you’re present go on about “I would never allow my husband to xyz!”.
      Was in a room prior to a meeting with four hens, two old, one ugly, one hot and young. It was a nice day and I mentioned, mostly to myself, that I couldn’t wait to get the day over so I could take my motorcycle out. The hens set to huffing and puffing about how their husbands would *never* be allowed to own one, and by God, why was my wife letting me have one?
      Answer: “I’m an adult, she’s an adult. We both married adults. I don’t go to her to ask permission on how I’m allowed to conduct my life. If I want to do something I’ll do it”
      Beady eyed stars from the uglies and fatties, while the young hottie, who hadn’t actually spoken or really said anything the entire time just gave me this…look…and it wasn’t condemning or unpleasant. I can only assume her thoughts of course.

      1. the co-workers who use that horrendous phrase have wives who are 5s at best. They also give in when their wives force them to re-tile the entire house or make a room dedicated to her cats. It fucking sickens me too. They also looked at me like I was a scumbag because I was fucking an Indian girl from Bangladesh who became liberated when she passed the TSA gates @ LaGuardia

      2. Happy wife, happy life, no?
        (just kidding…I detest when people say that type of stuff)

        1. That’s the same as ‘she’s the boss!’. Just a rephrase of the catch phrase. Same with “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” which I usually hear from women. Entitled much, hon?

        2. Oh yeah! He said that a lot too. Said that for years, really.
          And, so did his Dad, now that I think of it.
          Such a sad state of affairs.
          “If momma ain’t happy, you take the gal upstairs and fuck her til she is.”

      3. My Wife and I have just acquired a set of posher, middle class friends from the neighbourhood.
        I love it when one of the mangina husbands says to me “are you into sports?” meaning do I play golf or badminton or some such thing, and I say yeah “weightlifting and boxing”.
        It’s like we’re a different species. There’s an entire demographic out there of low testosterone, pussy-whipped husbands who are just women with penises.

      4. @ghostofjefferson:disqus – 100%. Absolutely. All of it.
        I just got back from visiting my best friend of 15-16 years. In his heyday, he was ever the hellraiser and ladies man, regularly bagging 8-9’s with apparent ease. Could drink Hemingway under the table. Could chop down a tree and change a tire with his hands tied.
        A little over a year ago he got married, moved away, and now he and his wife are expecting a kid in a few months. Boy, how things have changed.
        He now refers to his wife as “mom”, no joke…
        “Is mom hungry?”
        “What’s mom think about this shirt I’m wearing?”
        “What does mom want to watch?”
        Further, the loft that he mostly pays for – along with most of her bills – is now apparently “mom’s house” or “the wife’s house – I just pay rent here”. He says this with a smile and a laugh, thinking it’s some charming, self-deprecating joke that we all are in on. One day during my visit, I showed him a framed picture he’d long been looking for, to which he replied, “Welp, probably can’t hang that up in the house. I’d have to check with her. It’s her house after all – it’s mom’s house, not mine.”
        It was all I could do to not tap his wife and say, “Excuse me, dear. Would you mind unclasping your Michael Kors handbag and returning the testicles to your husband?”.
        I watched in disappointment as he uttered disheartening statements such as…
        “Tell me what to do, baby”
        “I let her lead – she’s the boss”
        “Whatever mom wants, I do”
        To top this all off, this was the guy who called me at work one day in 2005, when I was quite weird and aspy, to give me good news:
        “SimpleMan, there’s this new book called ‘The Game’. It’ll help you out a lot. It’s what you need, man. Go pick it up after work.”
        My, how the tables have turned.

        1. He now refers to his wife as “mom”, no joke…

          Run. Do not walk, in the other direction.

        2. Does he talk about interior design?
          To hell with the damn interior design.
          The one red flag a man needs to notice from another man is interior design.

        3. Speechless! Question for the community: What do you do in this situation? Do you distance yourself from such behavior or try to save the guy?

        4. My instincts are to save and I’ve held “interventions” over a few beers, but I don’t try save guys with kids because I’m not fucking with the lives of these little ones. That’s too far for me.
          The Wives can go to hell though

        5. God that’s pathetic. He seriously needs sat down. It’s not like you’d be exposing him to red pill he’s never heard of before, if he was into “The Game”. Shame him into reality before it’s too late, if it isn’t already.
          I can only imagine when he’s fucking her. “Oh yeah, mom sucks my cock so nice…”

        6. My dad sometimes refers to my stepmother as “mother”, and she likewise refers to him as “father”. I always thought of it as quaint, because the only thing I associated it with was old folktales like “what father does is always right” wherein old married couples would also address each other like that.

        7. If they are already wifed up, it’s borderline. If they have kids, it’s too late. We can’t save the world. Focus your energies elsewhere. If you witness a guy in this condition, make an oath that you will save a younger, single guy you know. Sit him down, tell him this story, introduce him to the red pill.

        8. I hear ya! That’s what I am trying to do now with a friend of mine who is younger. He is in a relationship, and the dark side is strong!

      5. Ah, the motorcycle issue. A few years ago, my mother made it clear that she would frown upon my dad and her three sons owning a motorcycle after pops suggested it. Screw that merde. Once the time is right, I’m planning to get myself one.

        1. motorcycles are 33 times more dangerous per mile travelled than a car
          you have a 2% chance of dying in a car accident in your lifetime
          33 times 2% = 66% chance
          yeah, fuck that, i owned a motorcycle for a while and within a few months i crashed it, you get used to the speed and lose your sense of danger, one stupid mistake and someone you hate will get your organs
          if you want excitement in your life there are better ways

        2. Yet I’ve ridden since I was ten years old, which gives me 35+ years of riding. Not wrecked it once. Some people “get used to speed and lose the sense of danger” and we call them roadkill. The rest of us keep our head in the game and do fine.

        3. Quick! Ban everything cause you might get killed! Oh the huge manatee!
          On a more serious note, as a parent you being in control of your children learning how to do an activity that includes a bit of danger is the *ultimate* way to help them to learn how to appreciate that danger and respect the risks involved in undertaking that activity.
          By simply banning your children from engaging in said dangerous activity, you incite them to take risky behavior later in life.

        4. It’s not two percent. It’s less than 1%. According to the National Safety Council, it’s actually 1 in 112.
          And a little bit of caution and common sense goes a long way towards improving your chances on a motorcycle.
          According to the 2012 NHTSA report on motorcycle safety:
          – 34% of all motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes were speeding
          – 24% of motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes in 2012 were riding their vehicles without valid motorcycle licenses at the time of the collisions
          – In 2012, there were (29%) fatally injured motorcycle riders who had BACs of .08 g/dL or higher
          – 43% of the 2,030 motorcycle riders who died in single-vehicle crashes in 2012 had BACs of .08 g/dL or higher. 64% of those killed in single-vehicle crashes on weekend nights had BACs of .08 g/dL or higher
          – 42% of the 4,957 motorcyclists killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes were not helmeted
          Motorcycles will always be more dangerous than cars for obvious reasons, and there’s no guarantee that some of these fatalities were caused by alcohol, speeding, or not wearing a helmet. Some accidents are unavoidable and not related to other things, but you can greatly increase your chances of avoiding and surviving accidents if you do a few basic things like don’t drink and drive, wear your helmet, don’t drive like a speed junky maniac, and just generally drive responsibly.
          A lot of people seem to think owning a motorcycle is a license to be a daredevil, though.

        5. I’ve owned 2 motorcycles for a combined 8 years and ~30,000mi. Never crashed either one but never lost the sense of danger, either, thanks to car drivers providing a constant stream of reminders. But that was part of the exhilaration.
          Had to sell the 2nd one for money & I miss riding like a bitch. I’ll get another someday.
          If you’re not a competent rider, then unhorsing yourself was a smart decision. But lecturing on what’s acceptable entertainment is no more appropriate than dictating what hair/eye/skin color one should find attractive in a woman.

        6. I rode motorcycles for about 15 years. I quit after my big accident. I was driving as slow as possible as I approached an intersection. It was 4:30 in the afternoon on a sunny clear day. Traffic was light, the pavement was dry and clean, and I was on the road with right of way. I was absolutely certain that I was going to be hit. I was going slow because of this certainty. A Blazer pulled slightly into the intersection in front of me and I was about to lock it up when it stopped. Just as I started to torque the throttle, it pulled the rest of the way into the intersection in front of me. I tried to lay it down but that just resulted in me being flung up and over the Blazer and bouncing down the highway. The woman (you had to guess that) got out of the Blazer without knowing what had happened. As long as the four wheels are idiots you can’t be careful enough.

        7. I don’t disagree. Bad shit can and will happen. Glad you made it through man.

        8. motorcycles are 33 times more dangerous per mile travelled than a car
          you have a 2% chance of dying in a car accident in your lifetime
          33 times 2% = 66% chance
          The above is very bad math. 66% of motorcycle riders do not die in a crash. Not only that but men need to feel alive. To dare and test their limits. To do things like this, which it seems you would kick and scream in disapproval of.

      6. Fuck I hate that too it’s reached epidemic proportions. Any man who boasts about his wife being the boss (which seems to be almost all men here in Australia) needs to have his balls re-atached before he gets divorce raped.

    3. I know a guy who is a total douche. I’ve heard from other guys that his ho wife has basically tried to fuck them. Yet on facebook, all this guy talks about is how his wife is the boss and how much he loves to provide for his family.

      1. I know a guy who drives from Dallas to Austin every weekend to “hang out” with a chick in the hopes that one day he may be able to spit on the slit.

        1. by giving him even the slightest attention, he thinks he’s got a chance at the title.

        2. No, yeah, I get her angle. I mean him. He’s a man, presumably, he should be able to perform simple logic.
          Day 1: Go to chicks house for pussy, get no pussy.
          Day 2: Go to chicks house for pussy, get no pussy.
          Day 100: Go to chicks house for pussy, get no pussy.
          Hey, wait a minute, why, the reason I ain’t gettin’ pussy is because I’m going on the wrong days! Silly me! Next week it’s Wednesday instead of Friday!

        3. she’s the only woman to fulfill his emotional neediness. If he hung out in Stripperville for a weekend he would change, but titty dancers are too gross and deviant for a man of his sophistication.

        4. Spit on the slit, get the hint. Sorry couldn’t resist…saying that shi(n)t…

        5. What do you mean “Stripperville”?
          Bangkok Thailand? Colombian whorehouses?

    4. Dumb broad can’t even spell “Tattoos” correctly. And they’re brandings, not tattoos.

    5. There are heaps of men who lift and have tats at my gym. They are also funny and protective of their SO so it doesn’t appear like a list of traits pages long that’s unrealistic. In your opinion, does it appear like they are asking too much from men?
      Is this similar to how men want a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets and women who find it hard to balance mens desire for this contrast?

  13. White Knighting is a systemic consequence of Hypergamy.
    Let’s face the music gentlemen-everyone is NOT getting a seat in the game of Hypergamous Musical Chairs. If less then 20% of the guys are getting consistent female attention, it means 80% of the men are effectively barred from the sexual marketplace.
    They don’t realize that though-and are taught by their family and society to “always treat women right, and they’ll reward you in kind.” Its a blatant lie-even during Marriage 1.0 it was a blatant lie- but the only way they’ll know is if they learn game and see behind the curtain.The world to a white knight is black and white: do nice things for girls, and they’ll temporarily not fuck assholes long enough to acknowledge your existence. Don’t do nice things for girls, and you will be invisible.
    So long as most guys are lost in a Desert of Celibacy, they’ll keep doing stuff like this to get female attention-because frankly if they don’t, no woman will even look once at them.

    1. So what? The effects it has are the opposite of what is intended anyway.
      You MAY be ignored for not being a white knight.
      You WILL be secretly despised by the female for white knighting.
      I’d risk the former before guaranteeing the latter

      1. You MAY be ignored for not being a white knight.

        And even if you are, so what? There’s billions of other women out there.

  14. The funny thing is White Knights tend to buy into the stupid idea of “fighting fair.”
    So, outgun them. 🙂

    1. Heh. I fight as fair as I can without losing the fight. I won’t go for your nuts as a first recourse, but if you’re faster, bigger and stronger than me and toss me to the ground 1) You’re a big ass motherfucker that I obviously miscalculated on and 2) I’m going for your nuts.
      That scene in Indiana Jones, you know how it came to be? Harrison Ford was sick that day with the flu (you can actually kind of tell looking at him), and he was *supposed* to get into a major handsy type fight with that sword dude. He was feeling so sick though that after that huge martial arts display, he pulled out the pistol and “shot” the guy, who caught on immediately and dropped as if it had been rehearsed. It looked so good on film that they kept it in.

  15. All white knights deserve to be tied up, custom fitted with pink panties and dropped off in the gayborhood.

  16. Duelling with pistols or swords is illegal. So I suggested Fisticuffs. I invited Greg Costikyan to join me at the MMA Training Center in Seattle, Salt Lake, or Ohio, and he completely ignored me.
    “White Knights” are mostly only white knights on the internet.

  17. And here’s another consideration as to why White Knighting doesn’t work. It doesn’t even buy you “insurance” against attacks from feminists when things don’t go your way.
    Consider the case of Jian Ghomesi. None of his white knighting bought him ANY love from feminist detractors when mere accusations of criminal conduct were thrown at him.

    Was Jian Ghomeshi Fired From CBC For Baseless Allegations?

  18. The only kind of white knight I can tolerate is the kind that literally goes into a barbarian camp, slaughters a dozen men to find his ‘woman’, and then proceeds to fuck her liberally in reward.
    THIS is healthy white knighting. Any other kind is a sickness.

        1. Of course I am. It is indeed the best score ever as it’s criminal when “reputable” publications like Entertainment Weekly did their list of 100 Best Scores Ever and didn’t even include (I’m guessing they just have a natural aversion to Arnold like any feminist Hollywood rag that best serves as toilet paper or starting a fire would).

        2. Among the great novels too, written in the 1930’s by Robert Howard from a tiny Texas town. Excellent writing skill from a literary standpoint.

        3. Conan is excellent, but don’t miss Pyle’s lesser known Solomon Kane stories. Very original and very fun.

        4. Robert Howard, no? I have Solomon Kane too. I love all that stuff. Red Sonja was his as well. Pure innovation and highly literary.

      1. Heh, I challenge you to tell Kotor or Conan that they are white knight pussies 🙂

        1. Exactly, this instinct to ‘protect your woman at all costs’ is inappropriate in modern society, women do not need protecting.
          This smashing of mankind’s most basic instinct is at odds with perceived reality. Thus, sooner or later, one of the two realities has to give…. either the political framework by which women do not need protection, or the instinctual framework by which men protect.
          Unfortunately, as has been discovered time and again throughout history, evolutionary instincts are stronger than political chicanery. That means, in the absence of a world where women need protection, we will CREATE one. This will satisfy both men’s urge to protect and women’s urge to BE protected. As it stands now, the cognitive dissonance between ’empowered woman’ and the reality of ‘instinctive needs’ is, quite literally, intolerable. And it will not be tolerated… something is going to give, and very, very soon (not just inside of our lifetimes, but inside of the decade)
          Soon there will be a place for white knights again… but these jokers, the ones that defend ‘team woman’, are NOT the ones that are going to be defending their woman when the shit hits the fan. They are very much part of the problem.

  19. That fucking dweeb at the top. “On horse or afoot”
    Have a word with yourself mate.
    He’d probably shit his manties if a horse went anywhere near him

    1. You know he thought he sounded cool when he was typing that, too.

      1. Truth went horseback riding with this chick I was fucking… her horse did whatever the fuck it wanted… mine listened perfectly. same with my sister’s dog who: “never listens” except when I’m over… hmm.

  20. Not long ago, I read “Gone with the Wind” for the first time.
    Scarlett tore those poor Southern white knights up, manipulating them every way she could. Only Rhett, alpha that he was, could tame her.
    Margaret Mitchell knew the alpha fux/beta bux dynamic well. That novel, written years ago, clearly highlights these concepts.

  21. If you want to fight “white knighting”, or actually anything, you have to understand it first. And this article and the comments show that you have no idea. A white knight does not hope “to get laid” or “to get sexual favors”. A white knigths fully knows that his efforts wont be rewarded, but takes pleasure in defending the “damsel in distress” anyway. That is the attitude you have to study and understand if you want to fight it.

    1. yes, we know, “Everyone is a hero in his own mind’.
      It takes an enormous amount of education, painful education, to make a white knight understand that his behavior is wrong and destructive. But ‘white knight shaming’ is the first step in that education.
      If our society were not self-destructing, such training would be unnecessary. Such instincts would be helpful… but adapting to a sick society is necessary to thrive in that society, and while it’s not healthy, it’s mandatory.

  22. Enough of this invoking of Hitler or the KKK or some other generally derided person or group to prove your point. It proves nothing except the lack of historical knowledge of the writer. Hollywood movies and your public education does more damage to men and society than any pathetic white knight or the KKK ever has.

    1. Hitler quotes on women.“We should allow and encourage women to act as stupid as imaginable and then denounce men as ‘faggots’ and ‘misogynists’ if they dare to criticize the women’s stupidity.” Now that Hitler said that nonsense…we can stop thinking it’s a good idea…

      1. I call absolute bullshit on that quote. The term “faggot” didn’t become popular in that context until the 60’s, late 50’s at the earliest. Also if you look at the language, grammar, syntax of actual quotes by Hitler and other Germans of his era this “quote” does not pass the smell test. I am not a fan of the Nazis but they stressed traditional family roles while pedestalizing to an extent their women. More in a Middle Ages “courtly love” kind of way than today’s modern White Knight kind of way. I had a short unhappy stint as a history teacher and as much time as I spend on this site, the history given is often lacking at best and downright wrong at worst. Additionally many “quotes” attributed to famous historical figures one can find on the internet are flat out false.

  23. The origin of the chivalric code is not to be found among the romantic tales of courtly love, but in Germanic epics such as the Heliand. The tales of courtly love were a corruption of chivalry supported by noblewomen like Eleanor of Aquitaine. There is only honor among men. A man without honor is no man.

    1. And the chivalry code of England only applied to a small select sub-class of the royalty and aristocracy. The idea that any old chump was supposed to save any old peasant dame was considered to be absurd to most.

  24. If you click on the Business Insider link the accompanies the Tinder pic the girl has this to say about a schmuck who came to shovel her snow:
    “In less than 15 minutes. Zalkind had three offers from dudes who wanted to help. A 38-year-old guy was the first to show up, and he “wasn’t creepy at all. I think he just got a kick out of being chivalrous and having a little company on Valentine’s Day,” she said.”
    What a fucking dork. Seriously. Pathetic sap! Oh and look, she said the trite and overused “Creepy” cliche, never would have seen that one coming!

    1. Dude prob just got divorced and thought he’s gonna get back in the game with a bit of snow shovelling.HA ha ha

        1. Dude’s a revolutionary, a pioneer of game, it’s just us being too blind to notice the breakthrough.
          Too bad it doesn’t snow in London, well, to Canada it is.

    1. my 12th grade (back in 1990), 70 year old, FEMALE English teacher shamed me when I said that I would give a dozen roses to a girl for Valentines Day. She was so right in doing so but I was stubborn. I learned 1 year later when my girlfriend dumped me for a total loser.

      1. The woman was born in the 20s and was suitable for marriage in the late 30s. She knew what men were like and what women needed, and probably hated the modern standards of masculinity.

        1. I stopped competing in freestyle wrestling and I was also watching too much TV, MTV, Full House, Brady Bunch, 3s Company, etc..etc..there you go, indoctrination.

        2. MTV ughhhhhhhh, that’s the numero uno cause of indoctrination for the youth. Too much shit being shovelled into ppls eyes and to naive, hormone laden peeps, it sticks like flies to honey.
          However, I think part of the problem comes naturally from men’s urge to slip something hard in her pum-pum and for that we’re prepared to go to extreme lengths. As you were young and full of testosterone, your main target were her panties, but you were taught that you have to be a gent to hit it and you were not quite sure how.
          In comes TV and media with its bullshit programming and gives you and insider tip and you take that with both hands and end up with a distorted reality of what women really want.

      2. Lol I can relate to that.
        In elementary school I had 3 major crushes. My elementary school game was as follows…
        Crush #1: Bought her a heart-shaped pendant and necklace and gave it to her at her birthday party.
        Crush #2: Went to her house after school to tell her how much I liked her and wanted to spend more time with her.
        Crush #3: Poured chocolate milk on her shoes during recess, made fun of her fat friend.
        Guess which one liked me back.

        1. yeah #3…I got one of those experiences too….and one day a really hot cheerleader with whom I had no chance with, called me a loser so I took an eraser full of chalk and threw it at her, chalk dust all over her sweater. She went out of her way to say hi to me in the hallway everyday after the incident.

        2. Heh! Not even a challenge to guess that one.
          There was one chick in high school that was extremely pretty but also so full of herself that I really had problems even being around her. We were in close proximity a lot due to both being in band. I never bothered talking to her, but she made it a point to interrupt my conversations with snark, and would take every opportunity to sneer at me or argue with me.
          One day I had enough, told her that “You know, it’s people like you who make war possible, you aren’t fucking smart enough to know when to shut your damn mouth. Now get out of my face and don’t bother talking to me again!” then moved away from her without looking back.
          She burst into tears and cried buckets, and of course Team Woman flocked around her in a protective shield even though I was nowhere near. Fuck it. The next day she was docile, demure and sweet to me, and has been that way ever since. At the last class reunion she even came up and hugged me (and still looks pretty hot actually).
          At the time I did not know what a shit test was, but I did know that I’d had enough of that shit on that day and no amount of her being pretty was answer to that frustration. Just had enough. I was also woefully unaware that her following me around constantly shit testing me was her way of saying “You’re hot!”. Was even MORE unaware that I could have had crazy monkey sex with her if I’d but said one word after that point. Had I known….damn but she was fine…

        3. Hahaha nice. It is fun to look back on yourself before learning “game” and you can notice all the principles that played out naturally.
          Funny to think that passing a shit test is basically just about getting to the point where you say “Well fuck this shit, and fuck you too”.

      3. Well at least you learned your lesson . Dont feel too bad though, I was a white knight mangina in high school myself (up until junior and senior year). However my high school gave the message that women could do no wrong and that all men were dirty rapists.

        1. I don’t feel bad at all. I went from pussified roses to fucking a squirting stripper in a sleazy adult video store booth 15 years later. 180 degree turnaround my friend. you should Feel proud to be a “dirty rapist”

    2. Oh yeah, I’ll say “Stop being a mangina!” all day or “Stop being a white knight, she isn’t going to fuck you anyway or she would have by now!” The latter hits below the belt really hard.

      1. Once I got into this argument with a nerd about women in my senior year. The nerd in question was a fatass omega. He thought he was the shit because some cheerleaders would always ask him for help. But the funny thing was these girls would always talk shit behind his back. He never fucked any of them.

  25. This all sounds like “tosh” to me.White knighting is done by men who hate other men,pure and simple.They want to be seen as suave,sophisticated and most of all–very knowledgable.They know they are being taken for a ride but it doesn’t upset them because they imagine they have got one over on the bloke next door.
    They are no different to the countless competitive men who will go to any lengths to get one over on a workmate but never a woman.
    Until those men can see that they have more in common with other men,and stick together,this attitude will go on.

  26. While I see how white knights are an easy target for their role in the decline, I think we (men) need to look deeper into the problem. Culling the rotten fruit makes sense, but so does acknowledging the importance of the soil, roots, and climate in the quality of said fruit and then cultivating and/or mitigating accordingly.
    White knights have always been around. It is the natural inclination to protect and provide coupled with the distribution of power (see: not equal) that fosters the male desire to white knight. As long as the environment manipulates the former and expands the latter, this will not change no matter the level of shaming.
    The problem is not in this desire, nor even the power distribution (though like wealth our culture is rapidly laboring to increase the disparity), but rather in the fem/marxist/cultural efforts to subordinate men in general, to pedestalize women en masse, and to yoke and manipulate these innate male qualities of duty, honor, and self-sacrefice in the service of women to perpetuate this toxic culture. The soil is toxic, so grow these crops of men.
    There is no shortage of male shaming. I am suspect that upping the shaming of men, even if it relates to a shameful behavior, will yield more fertile ground for the rest of us. Nor will it likely starve the beast from validation seeking and cashing in on the pussy pass. The culture will find a way to feed. And men will be all-in, just like they are with Tinder.
    Male shaming is too easily folded into the cultural hatred of men and masculinity already ever present; it is just the kind of self-regulation that the feminine imperative desires.
    Kicking the deaf dogs is one way, but why not kick over the sirens and the bleating machines of the matrix instead? This woman needs to be put in timeout for her behavior. But nope, she’s attractive enough, so better to grind up the men already on the wrong side of the bell curve.
    So we shouldn’t (personally) shame women because that makes it more difficult to get poosy; its better to shame the men who labor for these women without reward or reason? I don’t know about that.
    Sure, these white knights are part of the problem of feeding the ego/validation beast but they are not part of the underlying problem; they are in fact one of many outcomes as a result of a cultural climate that has debased male value, greatly increased the disparity of male power (and thus sexual and social access), and elevated women to a morally-bankruptcy remote status.
    The increase of white knights and their fervor in their pathetic offerings can be directly tied to another outcome of this culture: a relatively small percentage of men who have access – like never before – to hoards of women.
    The “haves” could not roll in the puss if not for the massive displacement of men into the “have nots” camp and a culture that favors the unbridled feral female sexual optionality. This affords the Alpha many plates.
    But this also displaces a great many men who are left with very little natural advantage-options-power and many unnatural barriers to entry. In the desperate wake of this, men will default to those old ways even though that currency is dead.
    While some white knight, she doesn’t care two-shits about, is shoveling out her car, some pua/alpha/RealMan is giving her a shag. Which form is more validating to her already massive ego and sense of entitlement? How many invisible men shovel out her car vs how many high-status men pursue her for sex? Same coin.
    If you are on Tinder, you are part of the problem. Like women, you desire opportunity optimization without the corresponding market implications. Good luck with that.

    1. Excellent. Both the cum dumpsters and dumpers are cumplicit in today’s degeneracy. It’s simple, Simon, don’t go near girls without an intact hymen. And you break it, you bought it.

  27. I wonder how many pathetic, thirsty schmucks have given in to this one’s requests in the bottom line. Bet we can’t even count that high:

        1. True, thanks for pointing that out. I stand corrected.
          Studying the finances of her dumb orbiters that is…

        2. Haha you nailed it! Hemorrhage money for her all damn day and get nary any pussy in return, Betatard faggots!

      1. Don’t they all look like parodies, being so formulaic from one person to the next? “Love to work out!” (Read: Half-assed and only to prance around in spandex so I can attention whore) “Love to travel!” (Read: As long as Daddy or Sugar Daddy pays for it) “Not here to hook up!” (Read: I might if I think you’re attractive enough and you say the right things) “Career oriented!” (Read: My Aunt got me this cushy office job where I sit behind a desk and post selfies all day and complain about work and Betatards Like anything and everything that I post and inflate my ego) “Strong and independent!” (Read: If I can manipulate a Betatard to carry me financially and pay my bills I won’t hesitate at the opportunity) Accompanied by some trite and cliche quotes like “Live, Laugh, Love!”, “KCCO” or a Marilyn Monroe quote. Same shit, different skin.

        1. I lost respect for american women a while back. There are only two types, the ones who think they are pretty enough to openly display cunt behavior, and those who only think it.

      1. YES! Forgot that one. They say worn-out platitudes like “Don’t be creepy!” or “Please be normal!”… yet put their Instagram on there for complete strangers to essentially stalk them for the sake of collecting more Likes to inflate their egos? That makes WHAT kind of sense???

        1. And then I promptly ask them if they’ve been to Dubai.
          That question will instantly evaporate any pedestalization you may have done.

        2. Oh God, totally! Anytime the tired “Love to travel!” bit manifests I simply groan. Do you know any woman who pays for her own travels outside of The US? Neither do I. Dubai being the shitshadiest destination of them all!

    1. This one likes it…..nice……..and……..rough. Feed her cock and tell her she’s pretty after you’ve fucked her in the ass. Then go over the books.

  28. I think another problem is Women have completely reinvented there Gender Role , Men on the other hand are suffering a Gender Identity crisis, most Men are not sure how to handle modern woman, and the real confusion comes from the liberated modern woman who doesn’t know how to handle herself and seeks exemption from all responsibility for her actions.I think it’s the Men who allow women’s rights and feminism to become out of control that are the problem, women are not the issue, feminism though annoying is harmless, It’s Men who allow and Enable feminism that are the problem.

    1. Exactly. Best place to start – boycotting white knight fucks who hire women and entrust them to any position of authority whatsoever. Any store with a female manager – done. Any doctor with a female phsician assistant – done. When we tank the livlihoods of men who white knight and “empower” women, we will instantly send every last feminist cunt back to the kitchen with our dicks in their mouths. Women can’t control their blind power lust, but we can stop enabling them.
      Another area where white knights need to fuck off and die is those attacking the fraternity that put all those sluts naked passed out pics online. Look at the mountain of redpill wisdom this frat guy drops on the world’s ass here:
      Look at all those white knight faggot comments. Of course those bitch slags had it coming. Deep throat a bottle of JD cupcake and you’re going to be deep throating a whole lot of other things all night long. Somehow society wants to crucify Men for the disgusting behavior of these gaping holes with feet?? Men like these are heros and need to be lauded accordingly. These feminazis need to be bagged and most importantly tagged so that no one ever wife’s them up or employs them. This is how you end feminism and mandate a proper attitude and submission from them. Fuck the beta enablers.

      1. I just went and posted a Truth Torpedo to the thread. Let’s see how long it lasts. Sort by Newest First.

      2. Women are exempt from any responsibility in this day an age,…Acts like a whore at a party, exempt from responsibility ,… aborts her own baby, exempt from responsibility, it’s the Feminist adage, “don’t teach your daughters to be cautious and careful , teach your sons to behave”…. Exempt from responsibility.

        1. Aye, the comments on that thread were a horror story. Not a shred of calling out the women for being stupid enough to go to a stranger’s house and drink so much that she’d pass out nude in public. Nope, but those mean nasty boys with their *private* facebook group, they’re eeeeeebils for picking on poor little princesses.

      3. Wow, love the guy’s frame, great job answering those questions honestly and simply.
        Sites like this should be *encouraged* not attacked, as they are effective means of slut shaming and are important societal controls.

  29. White knighting is a telltale sign of insanity or some underlying mental illness to me. Offering your labour or time for nothing in return is as absurd as voluntarily overriding your instinct for self preservation (suicide). Although, even suicide can be justified at times. Black knighting is where its at.

  30. White Knights, basically are the men who support and defend women always, not because a woman is right, but because she is a woman. They will take the woman’s side, even when she is clearly at fault. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: White Knights, are the root cause of the oppressive man hating movement we know as feminism. Once upon a time I used to think, that white knights, themselves are victims of feminist brainwashing. While this is true, it does not clear them from the blame. Look, almost all western men have had the feminist shit forced through their throats since early childhood, and many of them, have realized the red pill truths and freed themselves of the bondage of feminism. What excuse do the white knights have now? They are just addicted to the pat on the head they receive from women for being white knights. They have decided to continue live in delusion. It’s high time, they start seeing the elephant in the room.

  31. In order to understand why white knighting exists, one has to go back in time in order to understand the reason why it exists: the lack of a masculine God fearing role model in the life of boys everywhere.
    One of the first things that feminists did was attack shows like ozzie and harriet and leave it to beaver, primarily because it displayed the Father as the intelligent head of the family. The Mother was depicted as caring and attentive but it was the Father who provided leadership and guidance wherever and whenever it was needed. The Mother’s role in that respect was depicted as ancillary at best.
    These depictions were based on the understanding and representation of the US nuclear family, which consisted of a God fearing Father, a God fearing Mother and of course the God fearing children. Nowhere was this more evident than post WW2, when the US fought against a very real evil and succeeded.
    To elaborate further: A Father’s role (reinforced especially in the bible) consists of strength, leadership and compassion. He led by example and taught his boys how to aspire to be like him. He also taught his girls (by intent or simply by example) to recognize the fundamental qualities that makeup the mental constitution of a Man. In both genders he taught a belief in something greater than himself, which they mimicked in their lives. Even his Wife learned through him, and grew to love and respect him further because of it.
    The Wife for her part also taught, she taught her girls how to aspire to be like her and taught her boys how to recognize ideal qualities in her (for the benefit of their own future relationships) such as patience and understanding and a willingness to be humble and demure. She demonstrated by virtue of her life and by her supportive relationship with her husband how to best manage a household, a relationship, and a family…under God. All these things would psychologically benefit boys and girls both as they learned from people and principles greater than themselves.
    The satanic feminists were fundamentally aware that God was the glue that held the nuclear family together, and in order to introduce alternative beliefs and lifestyles into the collective american psyche (ostensibly for the liberation of the female) God had to go.
    Without convoluting the explanation needlessly, they found unexpected support in their anti christian view from groups consisting of liberal pharisee jews and a relatively new US humanist movement calling itself the “ethical movement” and held their greatest victory with the verdict released in Engel vs Vitale, where the SCOTUS ruled that prayers spoken in school were now forbidden, contradicting centuries of US colonial precedent.
    This landmark decision (so hated that the lead judge Earl Warren became a source of derision among many) paved the way for God and biblical scripture to be further marginalized later. Madalyn Murray O Hair the infamous atheist paragon (and self professed militant feminist) for her part helped precipitate this with her involvement in Abington School District v. Schempp.
    Without God having a presence in schools and therefore a visible respect and acknowledgement (further eroded in government through McCreary vs ACLU) the feminists and their allies became emboldened and started attacking the role of the Father figure more prominently. Nowhere was this more apparent than with abortion, which feminists like Gloria Steinem argued was necessary in order to liberate females from “matrimonial oppression” that forced Women to have children regardless of their views on the matter.
    They received yet another landmark success with Roe V Wade and the legalized murder of developing life passed off as a de facto constitutional right. Further court rulings began chiseling out these rights that only females could wield using ironically enough, the 14th amendment. The Roe ruling among others including PP vs Casey led to the Father having virtually no say with regard to abortion, essentially giving the female legal superiority over the male with issues involving reproduction.
    With God and the Father essentially marginalized, the next goal was to attack the Marriage as oppressive and archaic.
    Since most feminists at the time were mostly in the closet lesbians, the process here was academic and involved a twofold approach: the promotion of the single parent Mother or expectant Mother as normal, and utilizing the assistance of both male and female homosexuals (immediately after stonewall they began a push for “rights” as well) in order to push the belief that Marriage was a right just like abortion, using the same farcical 14th amendment ammunition.
    Feminists used single parent females as an example that females could essentially survive and thrive without Men (with government help of course- Sandra Fluke is the postergirl of this manner of thinking) thereby marginalizing the formerly inviolable view of Marriage
    Homosexuals sought to push for the tolerance of their way of life as normal, and once they generally had it, they began to push for the acceptance of homosexual Marriage as essential, thereby attacking the formerly sacrosanct view of Marriage.
    Faced with an onslaught from both ends (from feminists and a new so called civil rights homosexual movement) the institution of Marriage as it stands today has become a near farce, which is why most Americans no longer consider it important or sacred or as important or as sacred as Americans of yesteryear did.
    This brings me back full circle to white knights. In households where there is no God, no God fearing alpha Father figure or a beta Father with a feminist Mother, or a feminist leaning Mother alone, it is therefore no coincidence that these anorchous behaviors are promoted (by intent or happenstance) in young boys while these materialistic and narcissistic behaviors are promoted (deliberately or otherwise) or encouraged in young females.
    You may not believe in God, but you can’t deny that the bible encourages the existence of strong Alpha Men and submissive Women, especially through Marriage and with particular emphasis on the family.
    Since God is the foundation of the Father and since the Father is the bedrock of the family and since the family is the nucleus of society, throwing any one of these out of whack leads to a calamitous turn of events in which children are raised by struggling Mothers, homosexual pretend parents or government sponsored others, and become psychologically predisposed to illegal activities and gang involvement, which leads to increases in crime which has a concomitant effect of turning good neighborhoods into slums and lowering the quality of life overall…and throughout it all the government is involved, in order to pass itself off as a god of life to the people by providing welfare nets to those single Mothers or the god of death by supporting abortion services for those expectant Mothers wishing to divorce themselves from the “inconvenience” of being a Mother…with no true God and no Father figure involved…just as the feminists always wanted.
    White knights are males who were denied access to a strong Godly Father figure.
    The damage may be irreversible with guys like this; emasculated guys who have already formed their immutable opinions thanks to the absence of a strong Father figure multiplied by feminist indoctrination. (with a likely hatred of the former)
    If you want to fix the problem, the solution lies with the children. Teach your kids especially your boys not to worship females but to worship God and follow his principles instead.

    1. Madalyn Murray O’Hair was the Woman who fought to remove school Prayer, there was a price for attacking God and attempting to undermine his relationship with children , She and her son were killed, and her body was so horribly mutilated an sawn to pieces that they only identified her through DNA and Dental…

      1. Yes. It was bad enough that Engel flat out removed school prayers but O’Hair made it even worse by getting all prayer effectively banned, even if it was through extracurricular activities between teachers and students.
        She reaped what she sewed. She died a horrible death.

    2. Excellent stuff Amigo……….Now don’t do anything intellectual like this again.

        1. It doesn’t mean that – it’s a bit of a joke when you add a comment like that when someone has done something really well. I think the humour behind it gets a little lost when it is written down.

        2. lol i get it now.
          Sometimes the intent does get lost in translation through text.
          No biggie!
          btw did you name yourself after Bosch? Those paintings of his were magnificent in their splendor.

    3. Many thanks man. I am bookmarking this. Do some additional research and turn it into a knockout book. You’ll be vilified by many for sure but you may never have to work again.

      1. Thanks brother. I’m now considering it based on the feedback here. I’m a student of history social and otherwise and i’ve noticed little “coincidences” between all the little “isms” that currently plague America.
        I’m convinced all these people are working from the same book…their actions and agendas overlap a little too frequently to be just coincidental.

    1. It’s a thing of beauty, it really is. One response, just one.
      “Fuck you”

    2. This is hilarious. “Driver” posted this on another thread recently as well. I was trying to find this again. Thanks for posting.

  32. Aging is a disease
    In my opinion, white knighting is a man trying to use “kindness” as a lever to get some action
    on paper it sounds good to some men who don’t know any better, in theory, that is
    in APPLICATION, its useless because women like strength, and a strong man does not care what she thinks

  33. It was definitely implied by the author — as well as being part of the definition of white knighting — but it’s important to realize that white knights WILL NEVER DO FOR A MAN WHAT THEY WOULD DO FOR A WOMAN.
    This is a key component of being a white knight and is why white knighting can be looked at as a sexual strategy. They think that doing things for women will be rewarded with sexual favours. Do you think if a man made the same Tinder profile — even if he was in a wheelchair or had a broken leg — that he would get any responses? White knights don’t wish to help their fellow man because white knighting is not about help — it’s about sex, no matter how hard they try to refuse this.

  34. “…To make a clarification, doing a favor for your… …female friend is not white knighting,”
    Oh, man, there goes the excuse the white knights needed to hear. They’ll run with that one as far as they can.

    1. female friends : it’s called an antonym. IMO, there’s really three categories,
      1) your mom or your sister
      2) chicks you don’t feel like banging, aka “friends”
      3) chicks you wanna bang

  35. White knights don’t get laid, they’re useful idiots. I used to hold doors for women. I don’t anymore, except for old ladies and I don’t feel like an ass. How many times did I look like a fool while the woman was texting on her dumbphone, taking her time, not even looking at me like i HAD to do it. Nothing more rewarding when the heavy subway door actually slams the iphone zombies.
    White knights are criminals.

    1. True, all the girls I have dated have gone out of their way to make me comfortable and happy and ensure I am enjoying the relationship. If they need help, They might ask for advice, e.g my car needs a new brake light, know any garage? I then offer to fix it. Not, “could you fix my car for me?”
      On the contrary those who have no intention of giving me anything keep asking for favours and of course they get nothing. Just today one asked me to sign a rental contract for her flat cause the landlord didn’t want single mother’s and wanted families. I asked about her boyfriend she said I was asking to many questions before saying it was complicated. I jokingly offered to move in with her (was never going to happen, just wanted to see how stupid she thought I was, ibam not into single mothers) she said no. I laughed and walked away.

    2. I don’t think holding a door for a woman is white knight behavior… if you would hold the door for a man who was struggling to make the elevator etc. in the same situation. White knighting is a man allowing himself to be used by women just because they are women. In other words, white knighting isn’t about a long list of actions, its about the motivation behind the actions.

        1. It really is. What a depressing snapshot of society. Except for the three of us who went over there, the entire comments section absolutely absolved those women of any accountability. If you read the comments only you’d think these boys snuck into the girls homes, put an IV with pure grain alcohol in their veins, ripped off their clothes, raped them and then took pictures.
          Which is basically NOT the actual story. The reality is college sluts with zero sense showed up, got blind drunk, stripped in front of hundreds of men, then passed out and the guys took pictures and put them on a private profile and laughed at them for being dumb sluts.
          But because Little Princess must never be held accountable, well, we can’t say that.

        2. This is the same as having a BBQ in a tiger cage and saying “WTF?”when one bites your arm off.

      1. Sweet fuck they deleted everything! What faggots. When are they gonna realize they’re having so many difficulties enforcing the current “rape” laws because fucking a slag who deep throated a bottle of JD ISN’T RAPE! By prurient standards, if a slut is a disgusting enough pig to drink until she passes out in her own vomit how can anyone reasonably conclude that she doesn’t consent to absolutely anything anyone does to her. She’s already shown a penchant for enjoying what reasonable people consider disgusting, so how is anyone who she’s been deliberately teasing all night guilty of humiliating a cunt who just barfed all over your floor. These are laws set in place by feminists to destroy and decimate men. Fucking a drunk slag was not a crime back in the 90’s it was a punchline and it was commonplace in movies like sixteen candles and revenge of the nerds. It was funny then and it’s funny now. We need to get redpill men elected to office nationwide. It’s time for action. We can change the system from within.

  36. I never used Tinder. No idea how.
    But someone needs to setup a fake account and start posting crap like that. “Shovel my car out”, “take my garbage out”, “mow my lawn for me”, with no promise of anything in return, then video recording and shaming all the d-bags who show up to be free beasts of burden.

    1. Oh Jesus, now I need to do this! That’s a fantastic idea. And post the results online.

      1. You could probably get a TV show out of it. People love watching other people get humiliated.

        1. take it up a notch by panning the camera off the schlub in the driveway to the hot chick inside making out with some other dude while the schlub shovels. Then her and the make-out dude just rip on the schlub the whole time. It would be *really* hard to white-knight after seeing that, I would think.

      2. See instead of just reading an article and complaining, we need to carry out active campaigns.

    2. You need to have FB account to use Tinder. Its easier to set up a fake dating profile on okcupid. Its free and takes about 10 minutes. Roosh has done social experiments there with fake model pics. Its just what you’d imagine only much much worse. There’s no way to “shame” white knights. They have no self respect, so they have nothing to lose.

    3. Or better yet…” wanted a nice well behaved girl to come over and cook me dinner – nothing complicated, no strings attached – just need someone to cook me dinner”
      Guaranteed the Wide Rotund Line would sic their SJW Swat Team on you in a hurry.

  37. Jesus, whoever the fuckin’ kid in the photo with the trenchcoat and samurai sword is at the top of the article, he needs to be bitch-slapped. Repeatedly.
    To quote the Late, Great, Rodney Dangerfield: “You look like the posterchild for an abortion clinic.”

  38. Greg Costikyan – “I will be willing to meet any of you, on horse or afoot, with sword or pistol, at a time and place of your choosing.”
    Challenge accepted, faggot.

    1. I’d go for horse and slingshot. If you make a kill it would be full of epic win that you’d go down in history for your awesomeness.

      1. Doesn’t matter to me. I’ll let that clown have a machine gun, and I’ll use fists. I’d still put my money on me.

      2. My very first thought was, “No, in the ring. Bareknuckle.”
        My second thought, after seeing his picture was, “Because I wouldn’t want to be cruel to your horse.”

  39. I disagree that white knights are acting on some male instinct to be protective or to defend women. Deep down they know they are being used. They do it anyway because they think its a chance to get some face time with a woman who wouldn’t otherwise talk to them.

    1. they have an inkling of hope especially after the fallout from the 10 year cock carousel, the woman wants “a nice guy”

    1. Finding a virgin in america isn’t realistic. Maybe 10% of american females are virgins at marriage. In some place like salt lake city you have a chance with that.

  40. Now you are going to use guilt and shame to socially engineer the behaviors of others? You will become women in the name of preserving masculinity? This suggestion is so irrational as to indicate that you may already have succeeded in your metamorphisis.
    Not to say that I do not understand your frustration. America has become a miserable cock-block gulag in my absence.
    Why do men do anything? Because, however consciously, they expect some pussy for their efforts. They somehow mistakenly expect that rescuing girls from other men will somehow redound to their well-lubricated benefit. Of course, nobody wins in that template – neither men nor women nor white knights.
    If men simply educate one another on how the pussy market actually operates, then young men will behave more according to their true nature and everyone will be more happy. This is already taking place.
    If, however, you feel something more is necessary to modify the behavior of other men, then do not resort to guilt and shame when intimidation and violence will suffice. Be a man about it.

  41. ku klux klan as white knights? Because white women want nothing more than to be saved from black cock
    Being a white knight doesn’t mean you literally have to be white, or wear a white hood and cloak

  42. Why shame white knights? I love laughing at them.
    If they wised up and acted like men, they might become competition.

    1. not really, at the end of the day, women are attracted to certain types of men and even when you go PUA, it takes hundreds of attempts before running into one or 2 that wants to fuck your brains out.

    2. The West is circling down the commode, that’s why. If you have any love of posterity or have kids, it kind of means a lot to you to defeat this bullshit. People are throwing in the towel before the bell for the second round has even rung.

  43. White knights exist because they still naively believe that women have the same thoughts and morals as men. they dont. Women do not care about things like the future of society, the betterment of the whole, the continuation of your own genetic line and of your own race as well. If your society got invaded, a womans mentality is “ill just fuck one of our new overlords”. Put simply women do not care for anything besides their own selfish female imperatives and their quest to get inseminated by the most powerful/high status male they think they deserve.

  44. Hey Susan if you happen to stumble on here , nothing complicated , no stings attached but can you wash my feet with your hair ? Thansks Scarto ny

  45. When my husband and I were dating, I needed my apartment painted because I had a shitty landlord. My then boyfriend valiantly offered to paint it for me on one condition-I had to make him a hot lunch. That is what a real Alpha does-helps the helpless with some kind of return on his time investment. I’m not ashamed to admit that I need my man.

    1. That’s indeed the right mentality when you’ve not established an official relationship yet; willingness to give, without being afraid to voice your own needs and desires. No matter how small and trivial that hot meal might seem, it still makes one thing very clear; I am not wasting time if I am not seeing any returns.

      1. We were in an exclusive relationship at that time. My husband wanted to test me to see if I was wife material and I passed with flying colors. Most entitled bitches would have screamed about feminism if a man asked them to cook in return for a favor. I was too glad to cook for my man since he was so kind to me. Why can’t people (Read: Most modern women) realize that relationships are about give and take?

    2. How many times did you guys have sex before your then BF became your housebitch?

  46. It’s not just the “white knight” crowd, it’s any male element that creates a division within the ranks.
    And yes the “You can’t get laid as much as me so you’re a loser” crowd, I am looking at you. Same for the “you can get laid like a rock star if you work out 7 times a week, kill yourself for a bullshit career and pander you entire lifestyle for the pussy” crowd, I am looking at you too.
    You can slander the MGTOW crowd all you want (I am one of them), but you will never see them holding up the status quo or doing anything to create division amongst the male gender, or to appease the female imperative.
    Bottom line, we all need to be on the same team. All of us.

      1. “that sounds ambiguously gay.”
        You’ve been listening to women. Women trying to keep men from forming gangs protecting their own interests. Women projecting with a power level over 9000!

        1. The next thing you’re going to try to tell me is that Dana Carvey and Steve Carell aren’t women.

  47. White knighting doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It gives you the
    opportunity to come in contact with a girl. When the contact is made,
    you can play your game. It all depends on how you react.
    The problem is that most white knights are submissive as fuck. It’s their
    only chance to come in contact with nice girls and it’s almost pathetic
    to see how far they go. This gives women a false sense of power. That
    they can rule over men, simply because they have something men want: Pussy.

  48. When I swallowed the red pill, the most powerful effect on me was taking the pussy off the pedestal. They are just women, and women these days are far less worthy of your love and respect than ever before.. and most of all, you won’t get laid by showing them too much respect – it is a real turn off for most women, despite what they might say. Good article!

  49. As you stated earlier, white knights are the reason so many ugly women think they are gods gift to men. This is why they think they only deserve the best of men and all other men are not worthy of even their presence.
    Thus what you have is an infinite supply of attention/appraisal of all women in hopes of sniffing their cunts and they keep feeling as if they are in need of better and better men.
    Still need proof, watch that utter piece of shit movie called wildflower. I was tricked into watching in when a friend told me it was a movie on the hardships of a boy pushing out of poverty. Was laughing and pissed of at the same time halfway through the movie.
    That movie is what white knights believe will become of them. srs.

  50. It seems to be no accident the whole feminism/mangina epidemic. Everywhere one looks in mainstream “media” or mainstream politics it is evident what’s going on. They know these people will rely on the government and this in turn leads to greater power the government has over people in general.

  51. This is obligatory from this point on.
    I’m now beginning to think deeper whether white knighting and sexual thirst comprise in a terrible cycle of behavior.

    1. It’s shocking how few “thank you”s I get when holding the door open for people. I do this because I was raised in the southern USA and it is considered an act of politeness. I do it equally for men and women. It’s gotten to the point where I receive a thank you less than 50% of the of the time from women now. Men always thank, and sometimes reciprocate by holding the door for the next person, or for me if it’s a double door.

      1. Holding the door open or the other little acts of politeness, civility
        or courtesy have now become part of feminist “entitlement”. Sometimes
        they are not merely ungrateful, but condescending or annoyed that you
        didn’t hold it the right way or something.
        I support “equality”, but perhaps heavier door springs might show what equality actually means.
        I also found this which should be good for entertainment:

  52. White Knights serve approximately the same purpose (and with the same effect) as the eunuchs which protect a harem. They are strong, can be depended on to protect the women, and are utterly not a threat.
    The only difference is that WKs generally are not physically altered.

  53. A woman in a relationship must give sex when he demands it. There is no “give sex after he buys her that gucci bag or diamond earrings, if you’re in such a relationship shes just a hooker. If she gives no ass and you pay for all her shit you might as well be dating your own adoptive spoiled daughter.

  54. For the poker players,
    To me right now the situation is this;
    Imagine a poker player with a terrible hand, like queen high on the river, who not only bluffs but SHOWS her queen high BEFORE bluffing. That’s the American female, holding terrible cards, overconfident enough to bluff and so entitled to other players’ folding to her that she’ll show her queen high in mockery before bluffing. A mangina is the player who is so freaking bad at poker (gender relations) that he will still fold to a bluff even though the cards are being shown and his cards are better.
    Fat, masculine asshole American women are holding weak cards, cocky enough to say “Fuck you I’m gross but you still bow down to me.” Manginas just want to lose the game even though they hold better cards, much better, on an international scale.
    If 100 million smoking hot, tall, busty, long-haired Colombia alpha female freaks wanted to run men over, then, meh, okay. It’s worth it. Do the dishes, whatever. It’s worth it. But to get slapped around by such disgusting land whales just boggles my mind.

  55. “the sexual market is so heavily distorted in favor of women in today’s environment.”
    The elite alpha male is at least as favored as the hot female in today’s sexual market, and possibly has more high quality options. Sexual market hierarchy goes like this;
    1. Elite alpha male
    2. HBB female
    3. Ugly female
    4. Beta male
    More than any other time in human history is it harder for the average man to get laid. Yet for the alpha male it’s easier to get laid than any other time in human history. Mostly thanks to removal of the slut stigma by feminism girls are willing to give it out so easy to the right male.
    Moral of the story; Concern yourself less with females and how much power they have because of white knighting, and more with becoming a powerful male whom will experience the power dynamic from the winning side.

  56. Whitenighting doesn’t work because after you do something for her she feels obligated to fuck you and that crates a shit storm in her mind and she will despise you for that. A woman will fuck you only if she wants to fuck you, and not because she is obligated to. It all falls back into the “negotiating desire” that Rollo describes in detail.

  57. Discourage white knighting with SJW talking points about the evil KKK. Give me a fucking break! Have you seen what our cities look like now since we got rid of Jim Crow and segregation? The KKK lynched 3,446 people in 86 years and yet asshole SJW’s like yourself hold them to be the most evil group ever. When the truth is the KKK killed less people in 86 years then the Crips and Bloods kill in a week…

  58. Yeah this Tinder scenario = white knigting at it’s worst lol. That chick does not appear to be a fatty or disabled in any manner, there’s no reason why she couldn’t have dug her own car out. If she had a big cast on her body somewhere or had some major problem that prevented her from shoveling snow then it would be an honorable thing to help out. The most I would have been willing to do for Miss Tinderella would be to show up at her place with a shovel, hand it to her & say “OK you should have what you need there in your hand to get your car out, I’ll be back for that shovel just leave it beside your drive when you’re done.”

  59. If the men of 1815 or 1915 saw how fucking pathetic the “men” of today are they would let the human race die. Life isn’t sunshine and rainbows get the fuck over it, life can be harsh and it’s not a bad thing. The sooner people get that the sooner all this role reversing, transgender, gay pride, feminist, fucking tolerate every god dam idiots idea no matter how fucking stupid it is bullshit will end. This everyone is equal shit has to go to, if you can’t get laid or find one of the rare quality women left you are not equal so man the fuck up and change your life.

    1. “If the men of 1815 or 1915 saw how fucking pathetic the “men” of today are they would let the human race die.”
      Interesting to bring that up, since I’ve begun writing a tribute to the King’s German Legion who defended La Haye Sainte for hours on end against the overwhelming force of the French at Waterloo. I’m planning to release it here on the bicentennial of the battle.
      If they could see what Europe has become now…

      1. In the late 1800 ‘s my family came from Russia and Germany to Canada. Just from the few old picture and stories my grandparents have it is so clear that most men of today do not measure up. I believe the saddest part of it is that they thought they were raising their children for a better more advanced world, which I believe is true until the 1940 ‘s and 1950 ‘s . It seems to me after those times the technological advances made the men weak without realizing it. They also thought they were making the world better place for thier children but, just couldn’t realize at the time that giving up little parts of the men work and women raise children lifestyle of all recorded history would become exponentially worse in the coming decades. I could rave on and on about this for days. It is becoming more and more that the last of the true men are dying out in the western world.

  60. White-knighting by betas in (certain parts/age groups) of Australia has personally put me in potentially dangerous situations and I’d just like to share one with you guys.
    The moment I realised white knighting was a true issue in society was during a run-in I had with a bunch of these simps outside a club.
    I went outside to find a friend being harassed by some dykish looking girl, yelling all sorts of obscenities right in his face. Naturally I grabbed my friend and I told her to fuck off. She then turned her verbal assault on me, and when I responded she said “What the fuck are you gonna do, hit me? You cant hit a chick haha.”
    By this time, about 6 bigger, older guys had chimed in and were standing behind her in support.
    I turned around to leave and she spat on the side of my face, so I spun around and slapped her right in the whore mouth.
    I got king-hit by one of her white-knights, and fell forwards and kicked and hit in the ribs and head, I got up mid-assault and was instantly choke-held and then tackled by a bouncer. He explained his behavior was due to the fact he saw me hit a girl.
    These cunts also broke my phone that had fallen out of my pocket.
    There was a time when a girl spitting on a man’s face would have been punished by almost all of society, yet now it’s the man who stands up for himself that is put in physical danger, and what’s even worse is they would have felt justified. This shit needs to be reversed completely.

  61. One point of clarification: women do not want a man who is superior to themselves, they want a man they perceive as superior to the average guy they date.
    If women wanted a man who was superior to a woman then 90% of men would qualify.
    The truth is even a beta male is mentality and physical superior to a woman.

  62. Eh, I just call them out and say, “You’re not getting laid by pretending to be nice and sincere.” They’ll reply, “I’m not trying to get laid, I just respect women and you don’t.” Then you ask, “When did you last get laid? I fucked 3 chicks last week.”
    They’ll go all huffy but you can be sure in the back of their minds the seed of doubt that their plan for scoring pussy has any value has been laid. Keep doing this, over and over. I don’t care whether they’ll change or not, but it’s satisfying mocking them (especially if you’re not bullshitting about your conquests). Plus it’s good to do this in a public domain as the last thing they want is for the females they respect to read what their real plan is (even though the females already know this). Bullying is fun, do it.

  63. The Gamasutra quote in the first pic, that made me laugh uproariously. Holy smokes what a douche bag. But I bet I didn’t laugh as hard as Sarkeesian, Quinn and the rest of those damsels when they saw it.

  64. I guess I am just getting old. Back in the day, being a “White knight” was a good thing, we made the world go round, so to speak. Circa 1987 I was heading home from militia training when I heard “NO! DON’T!” I dropped my duffle and headed off some shithead menacing a girl. I calmed her down and took her to her cousin’s place. I never knew nor asked for her name. I had no designs on her other than to make sure she was safe. That is what real men do.

    1. Helping someone in need is not white knighting. If I saw a person legitimately being attacked by someone else, I’d help out too, whether they were male or female. What this article is talking about is pathetic guys lining up to cater to the whims of spoiled princesses on twitter who want their cars cleaned out for free.

      1. I am just miffed about the language drift.
        And that clown in the headline quote: does he have any concept of how badly he would get his ass kicked if someone like me took him up on his challenge?

  65. Now if it was a guy requesting that someone make him a sandwich (a far easier task) all hell would have broken loose with accusations of male privilege abound.

  66. if there is any book to be read that is 100% RoK, it’s “Might Is Right” by Ragnar Redbeard.
    “Women instinctively admire soldiers, athletes, king’s nobles, and fighting-men generally, above all other kinds of suitors — and rightly so. Nothing so lowers a lover in a virile maiden’s estimation, than for him to be “whipped” in a personal encounter with a rival. Among all classes of females this sentiment persists. The best bid a man can make for the admiration of any woman (even the most pious) is a display of undaunted physical prowess.
    Young women have an instinctive detestation for the “good young man that died” kind of adorer, and they positively abhor the pale coward — even though he be a blood relation. Strength, energy-of-character, ferocity, and courage, she admires in her possible husband, above all other qualities combined. Even to be carried-off by force is not repugnant to her feelings, if the “bold bad man” is in other respects acceptable.
    She pines to be ‘wooed and WON’ (or as it were) she likes to feel that she has been mastered, conquered, taken possession of — that the man who has stormed her heart is in all respects, a MAN among men.

  67. Shaming is society’s last line of defence.
    ‘His happiness is ‘I want’ her happiness is ‘He wants”
    ‘There is a child hidden in man and it wants to play. And an true man wants danger and games. So he wants the woman as the most dangerous toy.’
    Fiedrich Nietzsche
    Everybody who wants to break this dynamic is going down. If you do not want to play with women, they will play with you.
    I work as a security guard in clubs. Women start many fight becouse they belive they will get support from men and my collegues.
    If I see an strong mangina at the door I never let them in, becouse with this attitude they will escalate conflicts and support wrong behavior of women.
    Ban them from everything. White knights are a threat to everyone. Their unlimited support for every women discredits the loyality and quality of their actions.
    This line of argumentation gets everybody to question them.
    A boss does not want to engage with someone who gives his loyality without good reason, becouse then the loyality is worthless.
    A bank does not give a credit to someone, who supports a woman for no goos reason and question his judgement in financial planning.
    A human resourses manager does not want a guy who makes the job of their female coworkers and leaves his work unfinished.
    They will listen becouse it protects their buisness intrests. Let them get banned becouse of their negative long term value.

  68. ### Signed.
    White Knighting doesn’t work. White Knighting repulsed women by revealing that you are a low status male.
    Those who white knight out of misplaced honor, we cannot change them. BUT, men who want to improve themselves and will listen need to know the truth about white knighting.
    There is a lot of media ‘white knight slays the dragon, gets the girl.’. These stories are bullshit and need to be called out.

  69. wow…this was a VERY GOOD article…not that I didnt expect it to be…but it was even better than I expected.

  70. LOL – yo, there are some fringe lunatics out there. This shit is CRAZY hahahaha! Times like these, you just have to remind yourself that there are some FUCKED up people out there and thankfully you guys are a severe minority who will never affect political or social change. Keep dreamin tho LOL. It’s your right to have your opinion, and the world’s right to laugh their asses off at batshit crazy individuals like yourselves. LOL

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    2. Do try and wipe your hands before masturbating on your keyboard, darling.

  71. Roosh, ROK writers, All ROK readers.
    manginas, IgnorMANuses, and white knights can be denounced on CAF. We have a forum for denouncing such men on each national site.
    CAF get 170,000+ hits per month and is well indexed. It is particularly well indexed for forum entries denouncing people…our most popular womans denouncement having 250,000 views.
    Gentlemen. You want to denounce a mangina? A white knight? And IgnorMANus?
    You are welcome to do so on CAF….free of charge though donations to the site are welcome. Just pick your national site at the bottom right of the front page.

  72. Agree that they hold society back. I saw the phenomenon way back in high school. Girls would dislike a guy for some reason, and then get male hangers-on to beat him up. That’s actually when I had to learn how to fight and stand up for myself. To this day I don’t blame the women, it’s the men that they’ve feminized. Now, I’ve also never understood why a guy goes out to beat up a guy who fucks his girlfreind. It’s the girl here dude. When I see a guy doing that I have more pity on him for being wimped and a slave to the girl. In other countries men beat the wives before taking it out on the guy.
    Notice how serial domestic abuse women use the police as White Knights to control/punish their men when they stage domestic fights. Same thing. Society as a whole is in this mess.

  73. If I had a conversation with that woman, I would ask her “what do I get in return?” and when she says nothing, I would say “ok whatever, I could use the good karma”, then I would show up with a rented snow plow and instead of clear out her car I would bury it with even more snow and flip her off as I drove away 😈

  74. Shit, before I realized a few months ago why these guys are feminine pieces of shit, I was running around doing this crap to wondering why it didn’t work. White Knighting used to work before so why doesn’t it work now? Easy. Everyone became entitled little asshats that get manipulated by feminist propaganda in order to convince them that their sole purpose is to be a stupid cuckold with no reward whatsoever. I’m fairly new to ROK but great article Louis! You just exposed that shiet and probably saved a lot of misguided men from being little pussies.

  75. wtf did i just read lol… a nice summary of whats wrong with the world today. This really makes me want to go do some white knighting. Not everyone is a decent human being because they crave “pussy”. The idiot that wrote this garbage article is clearly the one putting sex on a pedastal. There is no rule to getting laid. Some women have daddy issues, and are more likely to sleep with a tool who just sees them as nothing more than a pair of tits because they have no self respect, and then there are those who base their decisions about who to sleep with on logical things such as attractiveness confidence similar interests. Everyone is attracted to something different in people, but the ones who find value in a good hearted man who will see them as a person and not just a piece of ass is more likely to be relationship material. Holding the door for a woman or doing a good deed for anyone in general does not make you a pushover, or inferior. Anyone who thinks there should be shaming of anyone who isnt a complete dickhead, should be punched in the face immediately, and are the real problem with society. If you agree with anything in this article, then take a look at everything wrong with your life, and then realize its all gone wrong because you are a complete asshole. its not too late though. Turn your life around! Try being nice to a complete stranger every now amd then, and if in the process you think “hey this is so gonna get me laid” then swiftly punch yourself in the dick. Not everything in life has to be an attempt to gain sex.

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