How American Airports Are Used To Indoctrinate The Masses

CNN is currently in 47 airports throughout the United States (in gate and boarding areas). This means that many travelers–from Atlanta to New York—are bombarded with a left-wing narrative. Looking to get away? Too bad. You’ll be forced to watch the media’s propaganda in the boarding area. Thanks to CNN, the US airport is now an indoctrination facility that’s designed to keep travelers in a state of despair.

Control Center CNN

The CNN Airport Operations Center in Atlanta–the epicenter of airport propaganda.

I’ve traveled to over 75 countries. In all those airports, I’ve never seen the news on a television. Moreover, many international airports don’t even have televisions. This occurrence is, unfortunately, now an American disease. These televisions are like left-wing leashes; no matter where you go, you’re always “there”—in the control room of CNN, being targeted by their provocateurs.

As it turns out, CNN pays for the placement. In Philadelphia, for example, they pay the airport $90,000 a year. Good luck trying to change the channel. Gate agents don’t have a remote control, and the sound is controlled by CNN from a remote location.

Where do we begin with this travesty?

CNN Has A Blatant Liberal Bias

The fact that CNN has a liberal bias should come as no surprise. The amount of commentary on this has been numerous, with members of CNN admitting as much:

Broadcasting CNN shows a blatant disregard for conservative travelers. You don’t agree with our perspective? Who cares! Sit in the boarding area, shut up, and listen to our divisive narrative. Ever heard of “The customer is always right”? Well, that doesn’t apply in American airports.

If you’re conservative traveler, you’ll be exposed to left-wing journalism against your will. On that level, the airport has become like many other American institutions: colleges, human resource departments, etc. Left-wing leaders abuse their positions of authority by forcing their narratives on the audience.


Have a great time in Cancun! But before you go, let us mock your traditional values.

And for the record, I would say the same thing if Fox was being played. People have the right—liberal or conservative—to have their personal views honored in the public arena. They came to catch a flight, not to hear partisan politics.

What Can We Do About It?

This is a huge problem and a solution is not easy. However, if we look at the SJW playbook, we see how effective organized complaints can be. Therefore, I think that voicing our displeasure is a good start. I welcome other suggestions in the comment section, since our readers might have some excellent advice. At any rate, here is some helpful information to get the ball rolling:

Step 1: Contact CNN’s Airport Network and lodge a complaint. Their email is [email protected]: Use a burner email if you don’t want your real name attached to it.

Step 2: Lodge a complaint with your local airport, or the airports you frequently use. I’ve included a list below of airports that currently televise CNN (basically, this includes most of the major US airports). I’ve also included their customer service emails, or links to contact pages. I encourage you to contact them, express your displeasure, and state that you will be voicing your complaints across a variety of social media platforms.

  1. Albany International:
  2. Anchorage International:
  3. Atlanta Dekalb-Peachtree:
  4. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International:
  5. Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall: [email protected]
  6. Boston Logan International:
  7. Chicago Midway: [email protected]
  8. Chicago O’Hare International: [email protected]
  9. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International:
  10. Dallas/Ft. Worth International: [email protected].
  11. Dayton International:
  12. Detroit Metro Wayne County International:
  13. Houston Bush Intercontinental:
  14. Houston William P. Hobby:
  15. Huntsville Madison County:
  16. Jacksonville International:
  17. Kansas City International:
  18. Ketchikan International Airport:
  19. Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport: [email protected]
  20. Los Angeles Ontario International:
  21. Memphis International:
  22. Miami International: [email protected]
  23. Minneapolis/St. Paul International:
  24. Myrtle Beach International:
  25. Nashville International:
  26. New York John F. Kennedy International:
  27. New York LaGuardia Airport: [email protected]
  28. New York Islip MacArthur:
  29. Newark Liberty International:
  30. Oakland International:
  31. Orlando International:
  32. Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional:
  33. Philadelphia International: [email protected]
  34. Phoenix Sky Harbor International:
  35. Sacramento International:
  36. Saint Louis Lambert International:
  37. Salt Lake City International: [email protected]
  38. San Diego International:
  39. San Francisco International:
  40. San Jose International: [email protected]
  41. Savannah Hilton Head International:
  42. Seattle -Tacoma International:
  43. Spokane International Airport: [email protected]
  44. Tallahassee Regional: [email protected]
  45. Washington Dulles International:
  46. Washington Reagan National:


CNN alleges that most people love their programming in the airport. According to their Airport Network website, “90% of viewers feel CNN Airport Network enhances the airport environment.” They add that, “82% of viewers say watching CNN Airport Network makes the time spent at the airport more worthwhile.” I find these statistics very hard to believe. Moreover, it makes me question the validity of their polling—keep this in mind for the current election, when they tell you in October that Hillary is winning by 27%.

Some people might argue, “Why not just ignore the news?” That might sound logical on the surface. However, remember that a thousand little strokes can fell a great oak. Cultural decay does not happen overnight; it’s done with consistent attacks on the edifice of a country. One day, the edifice crumbles to the floor and the pedestrians ask, “I wonder how that happened?”

CNN’s intrusion into the American airport system is unacceptable. And honestly, I don’t know if we can change the growing tradition. But I do know that if the tradition continues, America will continue to circle the drain.

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302 thoughts on “How American Airports Are Used To Indoctrinate The Masses”

  1. I figured the airports were either paid to show CNN or were forced by some legislation. Even on a busy day, you never see more than three people per airport looking at the TV, and when the volume is up everyone is wearing headphones to block it out.
    That’s why CNN makes any ad money at all. If they had to rely on people choosing to watch their terrible shows, they’d drop below the average YouTube channel for monthly viewers.

  2. “The customer is always right”
    My old boss used to tell me this to micromanage my work when I was photographing his events. I always told him: “If you don’t like my work, stop hiring me.”

  3. I’m onboard with the idea that CNN is leftist indoctrination, but the indoctrination at airports is more insidious than this. It starts with “if you see something, say something,” and proceeds all the way through a ridiculous screening process where you accept blatant obliteration of your constitutional right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures and unconstitutional takings at the hands of government agents.
    But you are brainwashed to believe that it is OK, because safety is paramount. Horseshit. All of the lunatics that have tried anything on a plane since 9/11 have been taken down by the passengers who grew some balls to stop the durka durkas. This security theater does not, and cannot provide you with safety. What it can do is get you conditioned to the idea that so long as the government tells you it cares about your safety, you should just allow it to do whatever the fuck it wants.

    1. Interestingly, most aircraft hijackings happened in the 70s:
      This reminds me of one time I was checking in at a Hawaiian airport. After my baggage was scanned using the giant xray thingy, I asked them tongue-in-cheek: “So, did you find a bomb?”
      The two brutes immediately protruded their chests, fixated me with their stares and started walking towards me, meanly asking: “What did you say?”

        1. That’s always been the stupidest bullshit on the planet. The word dog never bit a single man, nor has the word bomb exploded a single building.

        2. you can download instructions for how to socially construct a bomb on the dark net. Just don’t get caught

        3. There is a black and white photo somewhere with Hitler wearing a ‘this is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt

        4. that is fucking brilliant. It is, so far, ironically, the only thing today that isn’t literally hitler.

        5. M.C. Hammer.
          Stop! Hammer time!
          Then he’d fall into a dance where the opening move looked like the slipping Nazi in the picture.
          From the 90’s.

    2. My brother is consistently late for flights because he won’t use the scanning machines, demands a pat-down, and gives TSA buckets of shit. He’s a military lifer so gets away with it.

  4. CNN was founded by Ted Turner, who married Jane Fonda. They used to take vacations in Cuba back when there was American embargo, and they’d sit around with their hippy dippy friends and imagine what America would be like “after the revolution”. Limousine socialists.

    1. I like to imagine what America would be like “after the revolution” too, but my version includes people like Ted Turner and Jane Fonda missing and never to be see again because they are in some unmarked grave with lots of other useful idiots like them.

      1. We seem to have different ideas. I envision a long road with heads on pikes going down both sides, like the French plant trees along roads.

        1. OK, in the spirit of compromise, here’s my proposal: heads on pikes, rest of bodies in unmarked mass graves.

        2. Excellent, now to work over the details and particulars about small matters such as the method of execution. Got any helicopters?

        3. Two 20-ton steel blocks converging from the wings of the theater at a combined 45mph, with the executee almost hanging by the neck in the center, feet strapped down to the floor. Plexiglas splash shields all around.
          If you crush the head that fast, it shouldn’t have time to register any sensation. Of course, if you want to keep the head, it will have to be above the blocks and may be somewhat unpleasant as the pinch of the neck will keep blood pressure up much longer than the usual beheading.
          I call it the “Gallagator”, after the stupid hippie comic who smashed watermelons with a big mallet.

        4. I advocate for the old idea of piling stones used for confessions from the witch hunting era. For the uninitiated put the offender between 2 boards and begin piling stones on their chest until the body collapses under the weight.

    2. Hanoi Jane! That BITCH. Fuck her. She can go piss up a rope, fucking traitor commie loving cunt.

  5. Working within an academic institution I can say that the liberal bias on everything has become pretty extreme.
    I’ve noticed working in the last year that in the fine-arts departments it is never enough to make a beautiful thing for the sake of making a beautiful thing. Students are constantly encouraged to add a political angle to every project, even if it is not necessary.
    A friend of mine showed me his project proposal that he presented in class to take a Toronto landmark and create a public installation with it involving holograms and visual projections, and the feedback he got on it was pretty telling. He was encouraged by fellow students and the professor to make it political. They argued that the landmark he chose was a Victorian legal building, and that it would be more interesting to make a political statement out of it. They basically advocated that he should do a subversive political piece to question the role of this building and society’s constant bias towards Western civilization (in my own words). They even told him he should start a PhD and apply for grant money to expand on the piece.
    Apply for tax-funded grant money for socially subversive projects when Ontario’s debt is the highest in the world for any sub-sovereign state? This isn’t just a total waste of my money?
    I think it’s interesting that art students are no longer in the role of creating beautiful and experimental things in the world, but are pretty much an outpost for government approved “activism”.
    I know it’s not an airport, but in my opinion it’s all pretty much related.

    1. “They even told him he should start a PhD and apply for grant money to expand on the piece.”
      But they probably have a point in that regard: it’s not just the academic staff, but the funding bodies for research, which like things to have some kind of social utility, something which tends to be interpreted in political (change the world) terms. A lot of it stems from kurt lewin amongst others

      1. I like the giant oddly shaped polished steel mirror pieces a lot…they are like funhouse mirrors and have no political agenda.

    2. He should venture into the private world. The project your friend is working would have potential in the market. Imagine holograms instead of decoration. You can have a barebone facility and with a machine, add holographics and you can have whatever style you wish. He should team up with someone in Information systems and market his product. That’s my humble opinion.

    3. “I’ve noticed working in the last year that in the fine-arts departments it is never enough to make a beautiful thing for the sake of making a beautiful thing. Students are constantly encouraged to add a political angle to every project, even if it is not necessary.”
      Marxism goal is to capture academia and they are winning that battle.

    4. The sad thing about it is that while I do believe many art is inspired by situations that may very well have political sources, ultimately it is a sensual thing, not an intellectual.
      Like, take Tchaikowski. He wrote quite depressed music and many argue that this was because he was living in a rather oppressive regime. But if anything, the music itself is not about “the Soviet regime”. It is music that conveys a certain set of emotions.
      You could experience the same kind of depression no matter what kind of regime you live under. But the essence would be the experience, the sensation, the emotion. Not the intellectual idea that “this comes from socialism” or sth like that.

      1. You could experience the same kind of depression no matter what kind of regime you live under.
        Not if you live in a world where banjo music is playing all the time. It’s impossible to be depressed listening to banjo music.

        1. I could be two seconds from putting a knife to my wrist, and if somebody puts on Foggy Mountain Breakdown my mood instantly becomes cheery and peppy. Any other reaction is, I’m afraid, utterly impossible.

        2. That’s fucking awesome.
          But let me tell you from personal experience. When you feel really really shitty, happiness and jolly happy shit just pisses you off to no end. Sometimes when I am in such a mood and hear stuff like this or somebody says “Come on, cheer up!” or some bitch telling me “Let the light into your heart” or “Just smile and it will go away!”, I just want to strangle them.

        3. Truth. I lived with the singer/guitarist in a bluegrass band for a while. Loved it when they would come over for practice.

        4. I kid. I love me some bluegrass. Check out Greensky Bluegrass. Great group.
          Why are banjo jokes so simple?
          So the bass player can understand them.

        5. I listened to this and it put me in the greatest mood!!!!! Can you please recommend anything else? Feel free to make the list as long as you like!!!

        6. Basically anything by Earl Scruggs is wonderful. Also, and this will sound weird, Steve Martin can pick a mean banjo as well. A lot of what you’re probably looking for will be found in American Bluegrass music, if you can locate a channel on your radio or iTunes.

        7. That’s basically what I was channeling, heh.
          If we get to a topic regarding poems, I’ll entertain the room with tales of pointy birds.

        8. Check out The Devil Makes Three for some great bluegrass/hot jazz/ragtime old time style music with modern lyrics about boozing, pills, women, etc.

        9. You know how to tell if the stage is straight? look and make sure the banjo player is drooling down and not off to the side.

      2. He died well before the Bolsheviks. You’re probably thinking of Shostokovich or Prokofiev? Loads of composers had difficult relations under Stalinism because they were supposed to produce pro-Commie uplifting music. Tchaikovsky would definitely have had a hard time, as back then being really gay wasn’t that socialist for some reason

    5. You’ve effectively made the argument for why government should not be allowed to fund the arts. Because inevitably it will be used to fund anything that expands the power of government and those benefit and control the same.

      1. Just playing devil’s advocate here, as I mostly agree with you. But this could actually be an argument *for* government funding the arts. When you leave it up to the masses, they will demand this artist take his idea and pervert it with a degenerate message, put a big dildo on it, shit on it, or turn it gay. Having *some* type of authority (which is all government is) be discerning and judging and only allowing certain types of art isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
        Really, what was needed in that case, is the artist to respond, “No, fuck you, I’m not turning this gay, or vegan, or tranny, or whatever other degeneracy you people are into, I am keeping it just how it is. Go make your own sick degenerate art.” But people today are too pussified.

        1. Yes, and I greatly bemoan the loss of the aristocracy which died with the Great War. The time when the elite had a sense of noblesse oblige.

        2. The federal government is too big a patron, in my opinion. It pours so much money into the field that it ends up largely dictating all art in the nation.
          Remember that the government largely decided “Piss Christ” and Mattress Girl count as art.

        3. Why are conservatives to stupid to realize that Piss Christ is about our societal attack on Christianity (aka, that society “pisses” on Christ)? Btw, the NEA has a budget of 140 million, that really isn’t that much…

        4. Your argument is basically the dictators argument. We will manage X for your own good. So the argument is applied to government management of the Internet. Because the masses (i.e. you and me) are too stupid to be responsible on the Internet.
          And of course we must protect the children (oh the children) from Evil Ideas, such as the ones promulgated on this site.
          Actually I think it is the government that will enforce degenerate messages, not the masses.

        5. It’s not the only such government endowment. You think airports and schools are covered in murals because they have loads of money burning a hole in their pockets?

        6. Why are artists too stupid to realize that our country is full of Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodoxed Christians that will be deeply offended to see their cherished icons dipped in piss?

        7. Yeah, if the professor is trying to influence the student’s work, then he is screwed. One could protest artistic license and see if that gets anywhere but that’s probably a sign to leave that university.

        8. Which country? The US? Eastern Orthodox make up like 3% of the population in the US. By the way, Andres Serrano is Catholic.

      2. <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il656r:….,……

        1. I hated the way at the end of every show he had to tell us the moral of the story like we were stupid. “Don’t do drugs children”. Oh fuck off!

    6. As a maker/artists who has created shit his whole life, artists and artist statements are the worst thing ever. Sometimes you just want to make something pretty or morose. Not everything is some sort of statement and as Frank Turner said, “If you’re oh so fucking different then who cares what you have to say?”

    7. Wait, the OP’s solution is to complain? Uh, no thanks. I’ll shame people who watch CNN or any other network/cable news outlet — yes,even Fox. They’re all biased. If anyone really cares about the truth, they’re going to have to work to find it and digest it. Truth is not an easy pill to swallow, even for conservatives. And, to be honest, I’m not even sure I trust the accuracy of some of the sources of news and info I’d say are reliable. Who knows for sure?
      Here’s the the end of the matter: all the bias of all the news doesn’t affect my life in the 30+ years it’s be shoved in my face. Live life like CNN doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t. And treat those who think it does matter with guarded suspicion.

    8. Hmm… Does anyone here actually watch the TV at the airport? I’m usually reading or watching something on my tablet…

    9. A friend from NZ showed me how universities there expect gender neutral pronouns such as ‘singular they’ and have to avoid any sex bias, sexism/misogyny in their written material lest students lose points. Agree with The Narrative or be punished.

    10. I think he should make it deliberately red-pill and conservative but tell them he’s being “”ironic””. Get it? See what I did there? I used two pairs of quotes, so he’d be like… a double agent? He’s a conservative guy acting like an “ironic liberal” when in fact he turns out to be truly conservative….hope it works out for him!

    11. Even more painful example of this for me was the textbook chosen by the Global Business professor. It cited several left wing groups for its stats with no mention of their political leanings, but the one time it cited info from the heritage foundation, it actually included commentary that the foundation was a conservative leaning organization and that the information from it should be “taken with a grain of salt due to its political bias”. When questioned on this glaring call out, the professor said he didn’t like to bring politics into the class room. The worst part is that this is at a college in in a very conservative area..

      1. Whenever academics go praising on about “inclusiveness” and “diversity” one can ask them how many conservative thinkers are in their departments.
        The obvious answer is none… To have any ideas other than left-wing talking points makes you literally Hitler in their mind.
        Academia is obviously going to have a left-wing bias. Their funding often depends on grant money. If they shrink government, they shrink their paycheque. They aren’t thinking about the greater good of their society, despite the fact that they are supposed to be the “doctors of philosophy”. What a racket.

  6. CNN is a blight upon the airwaves, to be sure, but I’d venture that more damage is done to the American traveler’s psyche by the cattle-drive-like handling of airport security. The process demands such submissive, absolutely compliant behavior that the majority of sheep would probably rebel at the idea.
    Really, airline travel would be far safer if the passengers were armed: the permitted ammo would be only frangibles that can’t penetrate the skin of the plane, but that would be sufficient. Of course, then we’d have to search all travelers for body armor, but the flights would be a lot more fun. The attendants would be more courteous, too.

  7. I don’t think I knew CNN was paying for placement in airports. This reduces the meaning and credibility of their presence to the equivalent of an advertisement, no? I guess, though, airport authorities haven’t historically concerned themselves with things like misrepresentation and ethics.

  8. This is pocket change.
    The Inspector General revealed that $6.5 trillion..Six.Point.Five..TRILLION
    Is missing from Defence Dept. Funds.
    Not accounted for.
    Thats all pensions funded. Health care.
    But no..nobody says anything

    1. They spent it on R&D for next generation fighter aircraft, that china cloned after hacking hillary’s yahoo emails.

    2. Shit dude, I don’t know anybody who can begin to tell me where the nearly 2T in “stimulus” money disappeared to.

    3. It’s not missing, just funneled to defense contractors, who then slush it back to the admirals and generals who gave them contracts in the first place, and now work as a ‘vice-president’ on their board.
      The gluttony of military corruption is more likely to destroy this country quicker than SJW-ism.

  9. CNN newcaster anderson cooper tried to pin the muzzie masacre at the gay disco in florida on the state attorney general because she was too christian. You can’t make this shit up.

    1. The irony is that the killer was a fag. And even the truck killer in Nice was a fag, and had a 73 years old lover.

  10. CNN stands for Clinton National News. I see it sometimes here in Portugal and its overwhelming partial. Don Lemon, Hala Gorani and that gay called Anderson have clearly a agenda. This subject of the media is going to be more and more crucial and right now its almost totally controlled by Marxists.
    They need to defend and protect the system, that allows them to have and maintain privilege and power. They need to save it.

      1. In Portugal things are not that better. The news, portray Trump as racist idiot and the Republican Party as a worst than nazis. You really have to have a critical mind and search for the truth in other places.

        1. That is Europe wide and I have been hearing that for years. When Bush won reelection in 2004 people I worked with just had to come by my office and unload on me. Told them to pound sound.

  11. Public airports are for the common rabble. The distinguised gentleman either takes a private jet, or he walks onto the tarmac and boards the aircraft that he intends to pilot to his destination. No pat downs, no insulting TSA bullshit, no nosey dill weeds rooting through your luggage. Herd class flying is so gauche.

    1. I agree; although for international flights or cross country flights that take more than 12 hours (ie Montana) I do go through the government molestation and ride in the cattle cars. The best solution is to put earplugs in your ears–drowns out all the noise, all the big-brother announcements that bellow out of the intercom every couple of minutes, and makes the security checkpoint seem like a charade (well.. it is!). The entire flying experience is far more pleasant when the noise is drowned out (everything through takeoff is an auditory assault). I’m convinced sound is key component of the psych warfare used at our airports.
      Perhaps it’s an insight into how deaf people feel, but without the sense of hearing, the entire experience is far, far, far more tolerable. However, every time I witness my fellow man lined up like cattle to the slaughter and obeying any command they are given, like solemn prisoners without the will to do anything but comply, a part of my humanity dies.
      Oh and PS I will stop flying completely the day they remove my ability to opt out of the rape-o-scan machines.

  12. Every single damn news television channel is leftist/globalist propaganda and they are all doing everything in their power to see that globalist hillary gets in the white house.
    Dont think all this biased news is because of trump. If it was bush, cruz, christie, or any of those clowns the media would still be in 100% to put hillary in charge. If Bush was the nominee, he would have apologized and quit by now.

  13. I don’t get it. So what? CNN is spending the GDP of a small nation on an indoctrination program that can be foiled with a 6 dollar pair of ear buds and a book? I am not the most frequent flyer, but I have flown at least 10 times this year and I didn’t even notice that they had TVs in the airports because I have my head phones in and am reading a book or watching a movie on my tablet or flirting with some girl.

    1. Also a good perspective.
      It always seems to be kind of a conflict in life, whether to be annoyed by something and protest against it – or whether to shrug it off.

      1. I mean, yes, I can see where that would be a conflict. But despite flying commercial a bunch of times this year alone this is the first time I have even heard of this existing. I have Spotify, 3 movies and 2 dozen books on my tablet when I travel plus the airport is filled with bars and lonely women. dafuq I’m gonna notice what’s on tv for?

        1. The last time I flew herd class was right around the time that TSA showed up initially. Two “officers” were openly leering at my wife in the most unbecoming and unprofessional way, then walked up to me, shook my hand, and said “Lucky man!” with stupid leering grimaces on their face. Had this not been at the very beginning of TSA I suspect they would have tried to “pat her down”. I was grievously offended and lodged a complaint with the airport which, I’m sure you can guess, went unresolved and unresponded to. I mean sure, I get that she’s hot (I married her, duh) but these people were so beyond the pale of professionalism that it was shocking.
          From that point forward, no herd class for me or the family, thank you very much.

        2. bad experience. I have been pretty lucky. My worst experience has to do with waiting in line.

        3. It was the air of “You’re in our world now, and we’re going to leer at your woman with impunity and if you do anything about it, we’ll shoot you” that really set me off. If I ever see one of those milquatoast faggots in real life, I’ll jack his jaw. And it’s not even about her, it’s about the disrespect they showed me. I am not cut out to be a subject.

        4. not very fun indeed.
          My experiences, by and large, with airports have always been pretty positive. I like the transient vibe of people travelling all over here and there.

        5. I used to love airports for the same reason. Now they appear more like some kind of dystopian chamber of horrors to my liberty-friendly eyes. Take my shoes off? How about y’all go fuck yourself instead?
          I was never pleasant even before TSA with airport security but I tolerated it because it was private business. The government on the other hand has ZERO right to search me without a warrant if I’m not in the commission of a crime, ever, no exceptions. They can kiss my Anglo Saxon ass.

        6. Actually, they don’t make you take your shoes off anymore. I was very pleased when that was done. I have never really had a bad experience. Just lucky I guess.

        7. Technically: Saxon, Scottish, Norman Viking. Don’t think those ol’ Angles had any say in my DNA but it’s a long history so who knows?

        8. This is why I drive now. I used to fly a lot for business in the early 00’s. I liked it.
          But now I feel like sheep being hearded into a shearing pen. It especially pisses me off because all this security theater catches or stops virtually ZERO terrorist plots. Their contra band find rates are so far below private security companies, it’s scary. These retards don’t know their assholes from their elbows.
          I only fly if I absolutely have too, and then I become this biggest pain in their asses short getting arrested. These “people” are fucking power tripping fascists.

        9. I found out when I forgot my drivers license that you don’t need any identification at all to get on a plane. I had seen that story on infowars and I didn’t believe it. Turns out, it’s totally true. All that bullshit about showing your license to make sure it’s official and matches your boarding pass, is just that, bullshit.
          After finding this out, I’ve come to determine that the TSA is just all about indoctrinating the masses into it being okay for the government to act like this to protect our safety.
          That said, I would have no problem with a TSA like system if they were actually protecting us, but apparrently they fail 90% of their own internal tests. IE, when an undercover TSA agent packs bullets into his bag, he makes it through security 90% of the time. So they are annoying us, making life more inconvenient, more expensive, stepping on peoples rights, some of them are breaking and stealing items from bags, and they are failing to protect us all at the same time.

    2. Reading a book on a tablet … you cyber-zombie, screen-junky, anti-paper activist.
      I’ve just sent you a war declaration, by the way.

      1. hipster doofus. I am in the civil war with our mutual friend. As soon as I emerge victorious I shall beat thee to a pulp

        1. If you’re going to use the informal “thee” then it is incumbent to use the word “smite” in lieu of “beat”. For consistency’s sake.

        2. Don’t ever go there. The majority of the population is composed of women and they appear to look innocent and feminine.

      2. Seriously, how are you supposed to virtue signal if people can’t see what Palahniuk or whatever the fuck is cool now book you are reading because it is on a tablet?

        1. Exactly. How can I trigger my guests with Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf on my shelf if it’s on tablet.

    3. You know, it was the coumt Joseph-Charles-Alexandre d’Anterroches, at the battle of Fontenoy in 1745 who said to the tommies : “English gentlemen, shoot first !”

      1. Y’all had a fondness for cutting off the middle and index finger of English longbowmen as well. This is where we actually get the hand gesture “the bird” from today, the English archers, on the field of battle, would flip up those two fingers at the opposing French army as an act of defiance, a “you haven’t gotten me yet, French cur” sentiment.

        1. You’re probably right. I just wanted to keep the spirit of battle between you two alive. I actually think it goes back to at least Roman times.

    4. It might not work on you, and it might not work on everybody, but it certainly works on enough people.

    5. Might affect you on a subconscious level. EveryOne is on their phones after taking a small glimpse at the screen one could be compelled to research the story on their phone.#cnn

      1. I am willing to risk the subconscious influence of some news reality show that I have never even noticed in order not to really care about it.

        1. It’s not about you as a person, it’s the vast brigade of blue pill morons who eat up CNN’s bullshit. This helps shape the public opinion thus affecting the society around thee. Personally Couldn’t give a monkey’s as a news on mute have the opposite affect on me.
          I’m barking at the wrong door ain’t I,Mr Nihilist?

        2. You are barking at the wrong door, but aside from that it is a moot point. The article takes exception with being “forced” in airports to be bombarded with CNN. The author even mentions he would be just as upset if it were fox because people have the right to have their opinions respected (which is bullshit, but whatever). But when you are “forced” to do something that can be avoided by putting in earbuds it really isn’t all that bad. Listen to music instead. Watch a movie.
          You are getting into the monolith news stations which feed propaganda being a bad thing in general. Again, I say that if you are easily brainwashed then so what. But still, irrelevant for this article. If I was working at an airport and received a complaint letter saying that there was a ubiquitous droning of CNN and I was offended I would send a little back saying “then listen to music faggot”

        3. I’d be more afraid of kids thinking that this must be the greatest source of news because it’s on in the airport and nothing else is. That said, the younger the person the less likely they are to own a TV, so that might not matter.
          Also, lots of old dudes and women will be watching and continue the indoctrination they’ve been steadily fed since after world war I.

        4. I mean, conceptually, yes. But kids aren’t paying attention to news any more than I am. The real danger is that CNN is appealing to old people (who can’t just get sucked into a focal tunnel of their toys) and even most of them are only bothering to look if it is interesting or bias confirming.
          All in all, I think that the effect of CNN in airports is probably close to 0

  14. We are sleep walking into a police state that incorporates the worst elements of the old soviet union. Every terrorist attack is used as a pretext to hand over more and more freedoms to the security services.
    Honestly I don’t care much about CNN being shown in airports. Of much higher importance is the militarisation of public places and the slow hand over of freedoms to the security services on the false assumption that it will protect us.

  15. The indoctrination at an airport is more about consenting to the prolonged equivalent of a multi-faceted body-cavity search, and heaping portions of psychological warfare, than anything else. Sheep, getting patted down, frisked, their belongings examined – as if a tiny terrorist lived inside their luggage. Metal detectors and fat douchebags wearing Gestapo uniforms, eyeballing your wife and thinking about isolating her from the rest of the line, to grope her body. And men just blindly allow this to happen to their wives and daughters, all while smiling. To call these people men is a stretch of massive proportions. Cucked pussies, more like it.
    All I can think of is Ben Franklin’s quote – “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.” Franklin was right, which was why he was part of the elite. (Meaning, he had clearer vision, because he was an elitist.) Believe me when I tell you that today’s elite look at these people the same way, who are willing to kneel and take it up the ass in the name of “security”. They look at them as being totally malleable, worthy of scorn and contempt, and therefore, totally expendable. And they are. They are all of those things and more. You are defined by your actions – if you act like a compliant sheep, well, there you go…get ready to live the dream because it is coming to a theater (of war) near you.

    1. Exactly. It is hard to visit an airport today and see the fellow travelers as anything other than “useless eaters” as the elites call us.

      1. I see their point. I really do. We should focus on our own personal evolution, not worldwide revolution. From personal evolution comes wide-eyed awareness, and that leads to true power, ultimately (personal power). The sheep will get what they deserve – but so will we, in the end. What good is it – whatever we might have to say to anybody – if we don’t know how to escape the prison of our own ignorance. Let ’em bleat. It’s part of the dance of duality. Part of the ladder of evolutionary consciousness. Move up the ladder yourself, and let them burn beneath you. They don’t want to wake up. They are incapable of waking up. That’s my take on it…

        1. Somebody posted this guys videos yesterday here and I’m really enjoying them… hell it might have been you. He speaks very much to this: Do right, ignore the others who are circling the drain.

        2. That’s a very similar sentiment, expressed in those videos (which I had nothing to do with, but apparently there’s a lot of that going around these days, which I think is pretty cool). The rich are where they are at because they earned it. I have long held the suspicion that most people secretly wish to change places with them, out of envy. I have no quarrel with them. I admire them – brass balls and focused intent for the actualization of whatever they visualize. I’m just trying to be less of a fuckup, myself, and be more of a man in the divine-right sense as a spiritually immortal being. What good is my advice if I’m fat, stupid and hooked on CNN?
          People live and die. Let’s say there’s a worldwide revolution. Let’s say one of the religious icons comes down to Planet Earth and saves us all. Which isn’t likely, because all the major religious icons were invented in a think-tank by the elite, and sold to the believers like Hostess Twinkies, but I digress here. Let’s say there’s a big revolution, and we’re all “saved”. Saved from what? We will still be hanging out with a huge swath of clueless people who are circling the drain, as you aptly put it. Wow. Can’t think of anything better myself, to do with my time (he said sarcastically).
          Now, in a contrary vein, let’s say the NWO gets its way. People are horrified by that! OMG! Well guess what. Anybody who is awake, sees the big picture, and doesn’t work to “start a revolution”, is not going to be put down as part of the Final Solution. Those people will make the cut, I guarantee it. I know this, because my family has been actively involved in bringing this about; I avoided membership in this group, myself, much to my own detriment at times – but I totally see their point. They want to modify the overall makeup of the herd. Eliminate the fat women in sweat pants who thumb-fuck their cell phone keyboards, and the fat guys with T-shirts that read, “Thin may be in, but fat’s where it’s at!” Think of it as neutering and spaying all pit bulls, to eliminate the species entirely. It’s not about killing people en masse, in some group barbecue. It’s about slowly, over time, eliminating the aforementioned types of individuals – breeding them out, as it were. That’s the aim.
          Okay, so maybe they kill a few thousand people one way (via war, let’s say), and they kill a few thousand people by prescription medications (via the medical cartels, let’s say), and via other methods. Okay – whose fault was that, that they basically commited suicide? Those people didn’t see it coming and we all die of ignorance in the end. It’s about survival of the fittest. War has gone on for millennia. Its soldiers have always come from the ranks of the poor, primarily. Can a person change this – no. Now a person can argue with it, yes, but they can’t do anything about it. Nothing.
          All a person can do is better himself. Evolve to the point where he is not only at a plateau above the “useless eaters”, but quite possibly, above the elite themselves. Because it’s possible. And it becomes probable, the more you single-mindedly work at it. Infinity is a great big place – and all possibilities exist.
          Now I am not putting down anybody who doesn’t see it my way. If people want to try and awaken the masses, let them. I’ve tried it myself. It didn’t work. It’s all about finding this out on your own. At your own pace. The question is – how much time do you have?
          (That will be $5, put the money in the basket on the way out…and can I have a big “Amen”…did you know that “Amen” means, “That which is hidden.” This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about here. Christians say “Amen” at the end of hymns, prayers and such. And they have no clue what it means. It comes from the priesthood of Amen-Re, back in Ancient Egypt; and probably before that, dating back to Ancient Babylon, if not even earlier. The priesthood of Amen-Re ruled its parishioners by wearing hoods – that’s where the word “priesthood” comes from. This is the predecessor of the Masonic term, “to hoodwink”. The priestcraft hoodwinked its followers, because they led them down a garden path and modified their knowledge base and their behavior, and its followers allowed this to happen, totally of their own freewill – just like modern religions do it today. Score one point there for knowledge, eh? Probably didn’t read that in your college history books, I wouldn’t imagine. Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers. Keep plugging away at your own game, keep growing your own knowledge base. Let the fools do their own thing. Because we are all demented fools, we’re just in varying states of demented foolishness. We’re trying to quit – but it’s hard.)

        3. The common will always circle the drain. It’s inevitable.
          The struggle through all of time has been the climbers versus the elites, with the climbers attempting to dethrone the elites, and the elites attempting to commonize the climbers.

        4. So true. And yet there’s another way to climb. Beyond the elite. Not to dethrone them, to outgame them. Meaning become more than just a person who wants money and power…become more than just a mortal man. Evolve. We have unlimited potential. Vast. The trick lies in realizing it, and then seeking out true knowledge. True knowledge is not what a person thinks it’s going to be. It’s frightening, because it runs contrary to everything we’ve been taught. But hey, party on. Give me a hooker who can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, and today, I’m good. Tomorrow, who knows. I’m demented like everybody else. Asleep in somebody else’s dream, while trying to wake up…

      2. You know what made me feel these elites arent entirely off the mark on this? Watching The Family Feud a few weeks back haha

    1. Are you kidding me? Other than New York, LA, Chicago and Miami I can’t believe any of those places have airports.

      1. I believe that man never set foot on the American continent and that you’re all softwares part of a virtual reality designed to submit the European man.

        1. Actually, take away that it is just about the American continent and change that to planet earth and I am willing to admit you are right. Simulacra and simulation.

        2. So France is virtual ? What about Foie Gras ? Could it be a software ? I’m sure that I’m not virtual because I eat foie gras, therefore I am.

        3. Ok that’s enough. I’m getting my troops ready. We’re going to invade Germany, Belgium, Spain and Italy, and raid them to take all their ressources. With these ressources I’m going to set the biggest French army in history and be the first leader to conquer the US.

        4. I’ll be honest, this is a first for me, today, right here. I’ve never, ever seen the words “French army” and “conquer” used simultaneously in a sentence.

        5. Touche.
          Don’t worry Monsieur, I’m simply assisting lolknee with his smack talk regarding your chess match. Or if you prefer, his dialecte du Smaque

        6. I know I know. These sparring sparring sessions are really fun to me.
          Dialecte du Smaque. This could be a small town’s name.

        7. some guy from nasa thinks the universe is nothing but a hologram…that one blew cheesy’s mind, way above my understanding capa

        8. Napoleon’s height was average in that day. Don’t believe in the cuntish english propaganda.

        9. Remember that there are two sides to NASA. There are the people who make space travel possible, and there are the people who use NASA’s reputation to push their own theories.
          If you ever see “NASA says that global warming is a real threat”, they’re talking about one employee in particular who beats that drum in spite of any evidence.

        10. I actually toured the place and watched them use the feeding tubes and everything. Place is spotless and product is amazing.

        11. It’s a moot point from a scientific standpoint – if this is all some kind of simulation, then science is capable of measuring only the aspects of the simulation which we can observe. Since we cannot test whether it’s a simulation from within the simulation, there’s no question for science to address.
          That said, there are interesting philosophical questions in the “matrix” theory. The simple answer is we do not (and likely cannot) know.

        12. Dialecte du Smaque. This could be a small town’s name.
          I was rather proud of that turn of a phrase, heh. I like taking languages that I know and using them to express American phrases as literally as I can. All good fun. And if the word doesn’t exist, I just make the shit up out of whole cloth for maximum humor impact. Droit sûr!

        13. More than just a hologram. It is a hologram which is not projected by anything. Even more mind blowing. What’s crazier is that a lot of it seems accurate.

        14. This is the exact correct way to look at it. If we are a simulation or a hologram it is a constant one and therefore the difference between being “real” or being “simulation” is exactly 0

    2. An international airport does not mean “Major airport”, it means it has international flights. I am sure Albany, with a metro of more than 1 million people, could easily have profitable flights to Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec…

  16. This article was brought to you by Fox News…where we decide, bitch!
    Seriously, TV news is bullshit irrelevant of its channel. If it wasn’t Clinton News Network, it would be Fox or PMSNBC or some other shit shoveling network selling dissatisfaction, says you’re an idiot and claiming Israel is better than God.
    Piss on TV and read a book

    1. Agreed. I have no clue whether CNN is biased, as I haven’t watched it in years. Anyway, the version on at the airports is a special airport only channel, similar to “Headline News” where they just repeat very very very “lite news” every 30 minutes. Hardly controversial stuff, though it probably makes you dumber.

  17. Speaking of indoctrination on airports. What about the weird NWO murals at Denver International Airport?

    1. I seen that. Made by the same gookie gockies that did the Bilderberg Platypus Transformer at Cleveland International. They’re now working on an Instant Pussy machine for Muslims at Detroit for their Dearborn division. Project title is 727, which means seven batches of 72 virgins per batch.
      Shh, inside information. Don’t tell anybody.

    2. I see them at every airport. In Texas, they’re always “look how awesome the anchor babies are at terrible art”, and everywhere else it’s more of the same.
      In Japan, though, everything is “look how awesome WE are”. They’ve a thousand times the pride and honor we possess.

    3. That mural is the best. I got it tattooed across my chest. I take off my shirt at the pub, walk the zombies thru its meaning

  18. The airports in the United States indoctrinate the masses in other ways too. It makes search and seizers normal. Want to fly? we have to look through your stuff. Want to get to your gate? Walk through this x-ray and subject yourself to a patdown.

    1. How this continues to stand and not get a huge Constitutional challenge baffles me. These are government agents, they can no more demand a limitless search of my person for no reason, without a warrant, than a cop can. It’s utter bullshit that some hot shot attorneys haven’t taken this directly to SCOTUS ten years ago.

      1. But how else can I trust an old Swedish grandmother not to start shooting up the lobby?
        Honestly, there are a million ways to shut down an airport that have nothing to do with passengers and their baggage. The only purpose of the TSA (because recent tests demonstrated they’re terrible at finding bombs) is to instill fear and compliance.

        1. I was friends with some federales, and some of the stories of lax security were so bad I won’t even repeat them online. They can certainly find my bottle of deodorant though.
          Simply said, we saw the findings long before the study and reports were conducted.

        2. When the first bomber realizes he can shut down major hubs by blowing up the entrances, they’ll search every vehicle that comes within 10 miles for bombs, guns, electronic devices of questionable nature, and toenail clippers.
          When we sacrificed our freedom for the illusion of security, we made the totalitarian police state all but inevitable.

        3. I used TOR once. They’ve already got bugs enough on me to build a terrifying dossier.
          I’ve got WireShark on my laptop, and occasionally I start sniffing my own packets. For every hundred casual HTTP request, there are dozens of encrypted packets I cannot break whose origins cannot be easily traced. I know everything I’ve installed, so I can only guess a few of these are spies that my virus scanners are ordered not to block.
          EDIT: Terrifying in size and scope, not so much in content.

        4. Haha.. Oh yes, LAX is laughable. The last time I flew there, all the passengers were walking through a corridor, next thing we knew we found ourselves outside on the sidewalk. The airport was under construction and they diverted one hallway to the street. Of course, anyone could have walked right back in where we did with any sort of nefarious device and been in a secure area.
          The point of all this is that people, even angry extreme Muslims, don’t try to hijack planes with any sort of regularity. If they wanted to do so, it could be done tomorrow. But really, it’s wasted effort. If they wanted to cause harm, the obvious place to go for the greatest destruction is in the TSA lines. I don’t wish anything bad to happen to travelers standing in lines, but I think that’s a pretty obvious observation.

        5. I did notice when I was at JFK recently that the best place to create chaos was the arrival area. A sea of meat in a packed, confined building. My paranoia started ramping up.
          Same thing in Time Square, except you’d most likely die from being trampled or crushed.

        6. Haha.. oh. Well, the Los Angeles airport is an abomination. And it’s one of the biggest international ports in the country. So many people arriving in America see that as their welcome to the US. It’s really sad, because the US should know enough about propaganda that it should at least put on the façade that it is a high-tech, smooth running nation. If I were a Chinese leader, and touched down at LAX, I would immediately return home and sell all my US government bonds. Friends from third world countries land there and are like WTF?!

        7. I try to look at it positively.. for everyone like me and you, they are prevented from actually doing anything with all their spy data. the worst thing I ever did was look at porn and try to attend a meetup of other guys through a website. So everything they monitor me for is just clogging up the system with benign data, effectively being the noise in their signal. They have to wade through a lot of garbage and will never find anything remotely illegal from me, unless they outlaw basic free speech. I’m actually pretty straight edge law abiding white boy in real life.

        8. I don’t know why anyone would assume those people have the kind of minds required to run a nation and dictate every aspect of our lives. Sure, a rare few like Ron Paul were clever businessmen or doctors, but the majority come from a liberal arts background (where the IQ is known to be average, at best). Goodness, we only have to look to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (who hails from Houston, Texas – she always adds that last part for some reason) to realize we’ve got some absolute dunces in power.
          Whenever I encounter people with such a mindset, I recall then-chairwoman Nancy Pelosi: “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.” If there’s a dumber statement in politics, I’m not convinced I’ve heard it.

        9. Most people don’t know the names of their congressmen, much less their personalities, intelligence, or qualifications.
          Here’s 2 choices, Red Koolaid or Blue Koolaid. They both taste exactly the same, but one of them is ‘better.’

        10. WP:

          During a House Armed Services Committee hearing on March 25, 2010 concerning the U.S. military installation on the island of Guam, Johnson said to Admiral Robert F. Willard, Commander of U.S. Pacific Command, “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize”, to which Admiral Willard replied, “We don’t anticipate that.”

          Hank Johnson, congressman for Georgia’s 4th district (Atlanta metro – parts of DeKalb, Gwinnett, Newton, and all of Rockdale counties), the only Black Buddhist in Congress.

  19. Far more dangerous than silly people in makeup talking about Beyoncé and what the president is doing on television is the TSA, an organization that tracks and traces all passengers through comprehensive databases, monitors where you are going and why, rummages through passengers luggage stealing millions of dollars of goods every year, has perverted homo agents who will molest passengers, and has implemented the mentality in the younger generation that one is not free to move about in one’s own country; no, one must first obtain permission from the authorities, and must submit to prisoner-level search procedures and have common items like H20, liquor, and souveniers stolen from them cause terist.
    If anything, I *thank* CNN for reporting the above crimes.
    Is the tv in the airport annoying? Yes. So are all the scary announcements made over the intercom warning you not to trust your fellow traveler. “If you see something, say something” and that one should be paranoid about bags not clutched in the hands of a traveler. Meanwhile, step over here and buy another bottle of water for $2.50 because we just stole the one you were drinking.

    1. I’d ask if you should run for President, or trust the government, but…

        1. We were talking about alternate timelines a while back. If I could come back to this current timeline at will, I’d find a way to convince Nixon not to send in the Plumbers, and convince him he’d win in a landslide.

        2. That and put Henry on a chain to quit inserting his hippie shit into bills without the knowledge of the administration.

    1. No, they carry Fox. They know their audience. Just like Disney and BET are shown in chicken joints…underage white ass and blag-powa combination.

  20. “90% of viewers feel CNN Airport Network enhances the airport environment.” They add that, “82% of viewers say watching CNN Airport Network makes the time spent at the airport more worthwhile.”
    My bet is that “viewers” are defined as the people that admit to actively watching the TV most of the time they are in the airport. This might not include those who choose to read books, focus on their own computer or notebook, chat with others or get drunk at the airport bar. This definition would make 82% and 90% believable, whereas I would never believe that 82% or 90% off all people in airports held hostage by CNN would say this.
    I fly all the time and I absolutely hate seeing CNN on everywhere. I was wondering what kind of deal they cut. Interesting to know it could be about $100,000 per airport.

  21. I really can not take these CNN clowns seriously since they keep editing their information before broadcasting then slanted things to a clear political bias such as they have done with the Milwawkee riot first be editing out the comments dead thug’s sister and then of calling the rioters protesters. My advice is ignore these people and turn to the internet for news.

  22. “Good luck trying to change the channel. Gate agents don’t have a remote control, and the sound is controlled by CNN from a remote location.
    Where do we begin with this travesty?”
    You’d look back at 1984. They couldn[‘t turn off their TV’s either.
    Orwell was a genius, everything he speculated about the future is coming true.

    1. Yep. But instead of how may boots or chocolate rations were produced last work period, they report on how many percentage points Big Sister Hillary is leading (followed by the 2 minutes of hate against Emmanuel Trump).
      Same shit, different fucking day.

  23. Way off-topic …. for those of you who have the “✓Nationalist” next to your screen names … how do you edit your profile to make it appear that way?

    1. Open my profile, copy the “Nationalist” with the check, open your profile, paste it after your screenname in the same text field.

      1. I tried that, and it didn’t have the same look as yours. The text almost looks superscripted. I was just curious. Thanks for replying.

        1. I believe that can be fixed by pasting it into a Unicode text application and then copying it and pasting it. I think @unabashed has some experience on that.

  24. America is neither unique nor the worst off in this situation. In Australia they have TV screens not just in airports, but in the larger railway stations too. Come to sunny downunder, where you can have the local leftist-biased media blasted in your earholes every single day during your work commute. Oh, and the same fucking loop of 5 ads. Makes me wanna throw a brick in the cunt.

  25. I thought the article was about how TSA makes North Korea seem like freedom. But yes, annoying leftist propaganda is a downer. I don’t fly much at all, so not something I had really thought about.

  26. I scorched The Earth with CNN when I saw they used the term “cisgender” profligatley. You DO NOT label me as anything because a tiny sliver of the population with an astronomical suicide rate as is decides to mutilate their bodies so I get “special” terminology! No thanks!

  27. CNN is the conditioning in airports you’re worried about?
    The real conditioning is security theater. Getting everyone to submit and wait in lines.

    1. That’s what I thought this article was going to be about. How they train the sheeple to do bizarre things like remove their shoes and behave like subservient little lambs. It’s really sick how people just accept this.

  28. There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to – The Outer Limits.

  29. Just one question ?? Who control CNN ??? As well who control all the merdia in ZOGUS ??? You only have one guess ??

  30. Two points:
    1) Free Market: Fox (or MSNBC) could pay more to get the channel changed. Airports use this as a source of revenue.
    2) Learn to fly. Avoid the terminals and the TSA grope fest. Learning to fly is easy, fun, and affordable. Many planes are even affordable if most of your flights are less than 1000nm, less than $150k. I’m upgrading, but my business supports it, to a single engine turboprop (SETP) with a doctor who wants to use it purely for fun.
    In small GA terminals the only “TV” is showing the weather, if they have one.
    In short, non-story is non-story.

  31. America will continue to circle the drain.
    It’s the demographics. The Democratic party has outsmarted the GOP.

    1. no, conservatives became nice and stopped discriminating. so 3rd worlders flooded the country and will vote to take from the white man.
      white people thought other races were like them, their miscalculation will fuck over the remaining white descendants of them, who will pay dearly for their ignorance.

      1. I agree with you, Whites’ and Christians’ flaw is they are too nice, generous and naive. The Democrats were savvy to that. The Republicans have not been.
        I never believed in all that turning the other cheek in the Bible. I dislike the New Testament compared to the Old.
        Whites are going extinct. Mother Nature favors those who adapt.

  32. They do this in Canadian airports too except they play CBC. For those who don’t know CBC is Canada’s state run TV channel. I don’t recall seeing TV’s in Asian or European airports.

  33. What’s happened to this forum? It’s become another Kikebart, American Stinker or World Nut Daily. And that’s sad.

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