Airport Game Is The Best Form Of Game For The International Traveler

Airport game is the best form of game for the international player. Why? Because airports feature lots of attractive girls milling around looking at duty-free wine, perfume, and sunglasses in a weather-regulated indoor space ideal for day game type approaches. And if you have checked in online and arrived early then you will have plenty of time to get some approaches under your belt before you board your plane.

Airport game has been but infrequently discussed in the past by pickup artists. This is largely because airports are very transient places where people from all over gather for a brief period of time before jetting off to, well, wherever. It’s not like a bar or a club or a mall where there is a likelihood (although it is not a guarantee) that the girls you interact with are at least going to be resident in the same city as you.

This was a view that I’d largely held myself until quite recently. I had rarely approached girls in airports, with the exception of a few customers or air hostesses on the same flights as me, as I’d assumed there would be no point. After all, if you strike up a conversation with a girl headed for Moscow, a place with which you have no connections or plan to visit then, there is no immediate opportunity for you to close the deal. So why bother?

But then it struck me that this position was illogical, since I have phone contact details in my phone and on Facebook for women based all over the world anyway.

In part, this is a consequence of living in London. As it’s an international city, I have met a great many girls from all over the world here. But I have also travelled and met women in other countries too. For example, I met an American girl in Ibiza once, stayed in touch, and ended up sleeping with her a year or so later when she finally visited London on business.

Or, just this past weekend I was in Zurich catching up with friends and, while there, I was able to ‘close the deal’ with a Russian girl who lives there who I first met in London a month or so ago.

The point that I’m making is that my game has slowly become more international as time has gone by. In part, this is because I am lucky enough to live in Europe, and so have relatively easy access to a large number of different countries.

But wherever you happen to be it is undeniable that with the advent of cheaper air travel and the connectivity offered by the internet means that it’s a lot easier than it was in decades past for men and women from different places to get together.

For these reasons, when I was in Zurich airport the other morning, waiting for a flight back to London, and I saw a cute brunette glance at me from her position ahead in the queue for security, I decided to approach.

How To Approach In An Airport

Even if a guy is convinced of the potential value of airport approaching, the next mental stumbling block he is likely to encounter is what to actually say. The challenge here is trying to think of something that would make sense contextually.

At first it feels like a big ask. You are two stranger, possibly from different parts of the world, meeting randomly in a transportation hub.

But then when you stop to think about it, what better place is there to initiate a conversation? Generally speaking travel is an exciting prospect for most people most of the time (even though airport security is a real pain). Why not leverage this to socialize?

I opened the Russian girl very simply, like this:

Me: ‘Hey,’

Her: ‘Yes?’

Me: ‘I couldn’t help notice that you are very pretty. But it also looks like you are trying to buy up all the duty free in the airport before you fly. Are you a shopping addict?’

Her: [Laughs, blushes etc.]

I used this to lead into generic chat to find out where she was flying to (St. Petersburg), to confirm that she was indeed Russian, to find out how frequently she travelled to Europe (scoping out the possibility of us meeting another time), and to find out why she’d been in Zurich (‘I was visiting my boyfriend’).

We had a fizzy, flirty conversation that lasted for several minutes. In this situation, of course, I knew that the only course of action open to me was to get her contact details, which I duly did:

Look, there’s a good chance I’m going to be in St. Petersburg at some point soon [true]. Let’s exchange details and I’ll message you when I’m there.

This was enough for her to enter her digits into my iPhone. Since then she has been messaging me and, despite the ‘boyfriend,’ has now sent me over twenty pictures of herself and invited me to come over and stay in her apartment for a weekend while she shows me the city.

Where this will lead remains to be seen, but the fact is that, with minimal effort expended, I have established a contact with an attractive girl in a city I’ve been meaning to visit for some time anyway. This I can only consider a benefit of airport game. Far better that I made that approach—even though it could equally have fallen flat—than not.

For me, game is all about making connections. And as I go about my business I seek to connect with as many people as possible. After all, the downsides of doing so are minimal, whereas the upsides can be huge.

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      1. Do you stand in front of it and charge them (uh no pun…) a toll to use it?

      2. I always travel with a very lightweight 7′ extension cord, and trip tap plug to share what seemingly few outlets there are at any airport, hotel bar, etc.
        “Hey! Do you need me to to plug you in?”

  1. I can totally see TSA thugs cuffing a guy for spitting game at the “professional woman” princess sexless snowflakes floating around America’s airports. Guantanamo Express? Eh, no thanks.

    1. I’ve tried this a few times , usually before boarding . Unless she’s looking around or gives you a glance you might as well forget it . She stares at her phone or gets distracted by the intercom announcing boarding flights

    2. I’ve been locked up in Guantanamo six times for spitting game at female TSA agents. Dude. Totally worth it.

  2. I have seen many amazing girls in airports before. Approached them in the majority of cases. Got their numbers. It never lead anywhere.
    I remember that Polish beginner actress I got the number from landing in Warsaw. Genuine 9 (I possess proof). I had high hopes from the flirt and planned on meeting her again. No answer after initial text, total radio silence. Banged a sweet girl just a point under during that trip. But the 9 stayed in my mind.
    I would not mind if that was an isolated case, but many approaches of quality girls followed the exact same pattern.
    2 weeks ago in the plane, a smoking Egyptian girl started flirting, touching and took my number after a violent exchange on the phone with her boyfriend. Revenge fuck was in the air. She took my number. Wanted to play alpha, expected investment from her. Did not take her number. Never heard from her again.
    There is something very odd about the vibe of airports. Like if the fast and hurried pace made them choose exciting decisions, but once they go through customs, the enthusiasm is gone.
    Although it is true that accumulating approaches would work, that gaming girls is a good way to wait for connection flights or that it warms you up, it never worked for me past the number.
    Maybe because girls in airports, feel like they are in a transitional moment in time in that airport, not an actual life in “A” or “B” . Or maybe because she goes to “B” and she has plans (boyfriend, getting fucked by locals, girlfriends reunion, job interview), you are not part of it as you belong to “A”.(don’t know if that makes sense)
    It is a logistical dead end unless you commute between places at least every month. As everyone knows, time ticks fast for a pretty girl.
    Inside the plane, or getting off it would work better. You are in the same spot. But I believe between gates, it is a lot of effort for hypothetical fruit. But game in general follows the same uncertainty.
    Interesting approach nonetheless, Troy. If that is karma and I bang the next girl I meet at an airport after reading and disagreeing with that article, you’ll be the first to know.

    1. It wasn’t the air of the airport or the perceived lack of energy or any other mental gymnastics you can possibly fathom. She was not into you. Stop over complicating the manner.

      1. Quite profound. You sound like a woman and everyone knows that men should listen to women when it comes to relationship advice.

  3. The reality of this is that women want unattached dick (well you know what I mean).
    Call it the “Traveling Salesman Effect”.
    She’ll ride it and then never see you again. No labels of slut, whore, so social implications, no consequences. She gets some validating dick, and that’s that. That’s what she wants.
    And so do you.
    Women are always different at the airport. You can feel it in the air. Even a creepy shitlord like me has gained ground there. The only problem with it is that if there is no long layover or “logistics” around actually getting laid, such as getting bumped and having to stay overnight for example, and it’s just a short layover, it’s not going anywhere.
    All you can get after that is maybe the number of a woman who lives thousands of miles away. Now I can attest that it’s very very nice to visit a foreign land and spend a couple of weeks with a woman, bang every day, see new things, and then go home. Even I have done it.
    But the better offer is to meet at some “exotic destination”. If she lives alone in a city and nobody cares then you can go to her place but if it’s her “ancestral home” so to speak or home town, where reputation matters, then the rendezvous away from her home is much much better.
    I did a “go to her city” and “bring her to my city” with the same girl in a span of one year and found that she was way more promiscuous when away from her own city and country.
    The in-between logistics and communications can be tedious in maintaining a long distance contact and it won’t last for a very long time. That is, “constant contact” may be necessary. If you just pop up out of the blue after months of silence she probably won’t even remember you. Women are in a mental state that is comparable to being high on muscle relaxants all day so you cannot drag anything out more than a few weeks.

    1. THis is a great point. There are certain scenarios when women give themselves a free pass to be someone else. Holiday weekends, ending finals week, bachelorette parties are a few examples.
      Occasionally, it’s good to have a female friend and ask her what her darkest secret is. No matter how intelligent she might seem, you’ll be amazed at how stupid and dirty her past is. Now you can know that every woman is capable of the nastiest, dumbest shit, as long as you’re in the right place, at the right time, with the balls to give her the opportunity. She might say no for logistical reasons that she’ll never tell you, but you’ll be the one fucker she met this month who wasn’t intimidated by her.

    2. Please never use the words “unattached dick”. I just had mine reattached after an accident with a hand blender.

  4. you misogynist thirsty men are the bottom of the barrel sort of men that no decent independent woman will care to give attention to. Hitting on us woman at airports? how pathetic!

    1. Dear Yeastess,
      You are so correct. Shame on us. Hope your stinky yeasty fish smells better today. Put a finger in that rottensnatch and smell it and get back to us, little darlin’

      1. Way to insult woman while simultaneously displaying your lack of etiquette … and intelligence may I add. And stop insulting woman…do you not have a sister and mother? Conservative so called red pilled men are the exhaust fumes of the type of men which genuinely deserve our attraction.

        1. And yet, you began the trend by insulting the entire community here.
          What does that make you? Hint, it starts with an H…

        2. Yeastess,
          You are correct again. Smart little darlin’. Did you clean your fish tank between your legs yet? Get it clean before Bloody Mary shows up later this month in between your bacon flaps. Maybe spray some perfume down in your garbage dump. Good girl.

        3. You’re indian, right? Just a guess, because you argue like one – i.e. entitled and bitchy. Genuinely curious if I’m right.

        4. Hello Sarah!
          I don’t think you’re a troll. I sort of can tell a woman’s writing style so I think you’re “legit”. A few observations I hope you enjoy:
          If a man is approaching a woman to get laid then, even at that level, he’s not a true misogynist. He appreciates women albeit in a sexual manner. He savors his time with them. Does that sound like someone who hates women to you?
          I recall when I was young and dating women who seemed to genuinely dislike me because they had such high standards in men that they were miserable. They couldn’t get a Brad Pitt to whisk them in a private jet so they tolerated me albeit in a contemptuous manner. I didn’t regard the sex with them by jumping through their hoops to be worth it. Even so, I have and had many women friends and relatives.
          I hit a moment of inspiration when I realized that I had to have an objective and set to it. The world of men is in dealing with delayed gratification: Going to the gym and being uncomfortable to feel better later is a good example. Or working under a car for a Saturday afternoon to save enough money to enjoy a week’s vacation. Approaching women and putting up with their BS is the price men pay to meet someone typically “out of their league” or to build a relationship that, in the long, medium, or short term will be worth it.
          When you commented on how pathetic it was to hit on women at the airport, I thought to myself at how many attractive women have told me and friends who they “couldn’t find a decent man to marry”. What did they do to “find” that decent man?
          It’s like a teenage girl complaining her room is dirty and she can’t find anything when she hasn’t lifted a finger to clean it.
          If women put in an effort to accept responsibility for finding the kind of men they want, or claim to want, then that would make these PUA’s efforts redundant. I have a daughter and I’m going to teach her how to be a responsible, capable human being able to figure out what she wants, make the effort to achieve those goals, and then figure out whether she’s happy or not and move on if necessary. This all sounds pretty elementary but it’s amazing how many women (and many men for that matter) can’t figure it out.

        5. “You’re indian, right? Just a guess, because you argue like one – i.e. entitled and bitchy.”
          Are Indian women really like that?
          If so, terrible strategy. They are are already the ugliest and hairiest women on the planet, so adding bad personalities to the mix is not a good idea.

    2. You’re not independent Sarah. I know you want to believe it but it will never be true. The truth is; women have a support network of family, white knights, friends etc, an army ready to catch you when you inevitably fall on your face. This type of enabling will will not only keep you dependent upon them but it will forever make you weak. And your female tantrums do not equal strength. That is also a weakness. I am a man and I do not have an army or supporters. People count on me to succeed and they don’t think it’s okay for me to ask for help. And you know what? I’m okay with that. But it is for that reason that I will always be better than you. And don’t tell me you don’t ask for help. Save that speech for the white knights. I’m sure they’ll gobble it up in hopes of getting between those festering STD encrusted roast beef flaps. You ask for help, I’ve heard it hundreds of times.

      1. way to preach truth, bro. spot on, but it will go completely over this sjw broads head. femenism has poisoned her brain to truth. she will never understand what you said.

    3. trying to discuss but after insulting all people here in first place. check
      Trying to pose as the only one here who knows what a real man is. check
      claimed being and independant and strong woman. check
      no, you are just a basic bitch who think she has more value than everyone else here. GTFO

  5. I banged every girl in every part of my locale in Ohio, but not about to give out my game tips on here to you guys. You have to earn that. Heh.

    1. so you men can gloat about how much fucking and whoring you can accomplish yet shame when woman enjoy their sexual freedom? the hypocrisy is ripe and so self evident yet no one calls you loser men out on your bullshit.

        1. Not at all double standards. Tell me something, honey, do you necessarily respect all the numerous guys who you let stretch your cunt? No? Well, guess what, we don’t necessarily respect all the women we meet who are sooo keen to fuck us after only knowing us for 15 minutes. Sure, we’ll fuck them, but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever want to see them again, let alone consider them a suitable partner to shack up with for the rest of our lives. And for a cunt like you to think we are being misogynistic for feeling and behaving this way, here’s a bit of advice, I put it into a rhyme for you to sing along to:
          If you look like a slut,
          And you act like a slut,
          Yeah, you might get laid,
          But he’ll fuck you like a slut, babe.

      1. There should be no double standard, women AND men who sleep with many people are whores and whore mongers. As a Conservative Christian man, I’ll wait till marriage to have sex. For me, I don’t want an “independent woman”, I want a woman who knows her place is in the home and wants to raise sons to be gentlemen and provide for their family, and wants to raise daughters to be lady’s and homemakers. As of now, I only read the Bible and look at this site. And even tho there are some sexist things on this site, it makes sense. A lot of my brothers got married and their wives boss them around. Thanks to the Bible and ROK, that won’t happen to me, I’m going to be a respected husband, and a strong father figure in my family. Did you know that the Bible is very sexist?

      2. Hello Sarah,
        You ask a question about a sexual double standard and it deserves an answer. Here’s one:
        First off, nobody can or should shame you if you truly know what you want. If you want to bang a hundred guys, and you’re happy with that, then ok. If not, ok. If a guy wants to be a MGTOW and buy a sex doll. OK. The first step to empowerment is to not fret about making sure you’re making everyone else happy.
        Men don’t shame women into not enjoying multiple sexual partners. They do that all on their own. Some of them are ok with it and bang a football team and then quietly, when they need to marriage up, they find some guy who is ok with their sexual past or they lie about it and nobody is the wiser or cares. What I think annoys men about women with a huge sexual past asking them to then marry them up after they’ve decided to settle down is a bit of jealously. Imagine it like this:
        You know a man whose handsome and charming. You like him. He tells you of his past of going out with hundreds of other women that he spent his family fortune on. He bought them all new cars and jewelry. Now that he’s spent his fortune, he wants someone to move in with him to his one bedroom condo and start a family.
        Now don’t you feel let down that his best times and days was spent with someone else while you saved? That if he hadn’t splurged on all those women but was otherwise the same person, you’d be happier?
        it seems silly and it is. Some people just don’t care. Plenty of women wind up marrying men who are paying alimony and child-support to a first wife. Some men get a woman whose slept with 20 other guys while he’s been working hard and saving and largely alone.

      3. well, you do have a point in calling this out. Not all of us are on this site for gender issues. I just show up from time to time to mock Indians, cultural marxists and muslims.
        I suppose the claim is that women are actually not designed biologically to have a ton of sexual partners, and then finally scrape themselves together to have a baby at 35. There is some research showing that ‘sexual freedom’ has emotional consequences for women. On the other hand, there’s an evolutionary argument that men are adapted to having multiple partners.
        I think a good number of the readers here value traditional family arrangements, but view it as a hopeless task to find a woman who is interested in one. There are some, of course, who just want to sleep around and never procreate. There is, if you read the comment section, disagreement on that point.

  6. Nicely written and interesting article. I would say that airports are good for flirting but perhaps less beneficial for closing (besides number closing), whereas talking to someone on an airplane can actually lead somewhere – literally and metaphorically speaking.
    I remember when I visited a male friend in Valencia, Spain, and had a transit flight from Oslo and five Norwegian 18-year-old chicks who were going there for some booze and cuck, I guess, sat next to me. Since I was the cute guy in that context, without male competition, literally in the middle of five young and more or less pretty young women, we exchanged numbers. To be honest it didn’t lead anywhere, perhaps because the seemingly flakiest and sluttiest didn’t answer my phone call later on, but it was at least a chance of something happening since we were in the same city. But Troy has a point: if you move around and live in places like London, Paris, Berlin, New York or Stockholm, you could meet again at some point. Good to save some numbers.
    Something I can recommend day game-wise is to find tourist spots in your home city, like a bus stop for tourist busses, were you can naturally ask her about when the bus will come, exchange contact information, and you present yourself as her benign city guide. Girls like to be guided by an assertive and knowledgeable man, and at the end of the first or second night you can guide her to your apartment.

    1. “like a bus stop for tourist busses”
      oh good lord, yes… I remembering passing through the train station in a Canadian city several times, and each time I found some wandering tourist girl who was on me like a leech. First time was a mestizo mexican girl, a visiting teacher on some sort of exchange. At first it was ‘can you help me get to this location’, then ‘we should hang out’, then dinner, then ‘take me to your place’. Ugh. Didn’t want to be rude, but couldn’t get her off me. (I was living in a different city and just wanted to go home). Nice girl, super friendly, but not my type.
      Look vaguely friendly and like you know what you are doing, and the tourist spots can work.

  7. I can tell you how to run game on women. One sentence.
    Appeal to the attention wh0re front they put up. No mystery here.
    APPEAL TO THE ATTENTION WH0RE. Nothing else matters. Cater your convenience to the attention wh0re.
    law of biology and the basis of their hypergamy..the method is to flaunt the attention wh0re part until they attack a dick. Simple really.

    1. You and your kin are the lowly misogynist type that dare not say such myopic rhetoric in person to a successful independent woman. Die in your mothers basement.

      1. Mother’s basement. That old chestnut. Dang it, we had her, chaps, on the ropes… then she used the basement line on us. Dang it. Dang it to hell! We’ll never win against this kind of wit.

        1. Hehehe. Actually, it’s the blue pill feminist men that tend to be the basement dwellers. Really. One of them I know lived under a bridge, like a troll (literally, not the troll part but the bridge part), but refused to wake up from his blue pill life. He hands over his paycheck to his girlfriend and she lets him keep 20 bucks to buy generic light beer and watch TV.
          It’s a valid accusation to be levied against men who really don’t make an effort to grow in any meaningful way if only to at least acknowledge their own existence. The men here are at least making an effort to understand women or to improve their lives.

      2. i mock your ridiculous delusional value in your self assessment…really pathetic and childish.

      3. my mothers basement doesnt recognize your “successful independent woman” label. why else resort to such low ad hominem attacks if what i said was so untruthful when its patently obvious through the female users of all of modern communication technologies and apps. you cant discredit the truth that pours around your shallow words. you proved my point as an attention whore…thank you.

        1. Go back to 1950, your kind are no longer welcome here. Its a woman world and we are beginning to take over every sphere. If you are not comfortable with that or are unwilling to compete with us fabulous woman, go cry somewhere else.

        2. Ah, if only we could go back to the 1950’s. Do you know how hot and slim and feminine the women were back then? If I had a time machine…

        3. Sarah, if you go to the world such as Africa, South America and Asia, you’ll find that it’s not a woman’s world at all. The women’s world is encased in colonial white male chivalrous protection for women. In that world, they have a sort of power but even that is rather fleeting. My wife remarks she doesn’t want to visit Paris because it’s a waste of her time. She’d spend hundreds a day to get around reasonably safely (as far as she prefers). I can go nearly anywhere on 20 bucks a day because I’m not a backpacker but I’m good at economizing. But I can sleep in a hostel with 8 other guys while my wife wouldn’t (with the guys but gals, you know what I mean).
          It’s funny that the men of 1950 were largely gentleman compared to the typical leftist in hollywood. My father held open doors for women, never cussed in public, and helped the unfortunate. He belonged to two civic organizations to help others. He was not untypical for men of his era. My grandmother also headed an organization to help families.
          Feminists will argue “Well, women had fewer choices back then and put up with beatings from men and women have more choices today!” Oh really? Now that wages are lower and houses more expensive, how is it much different? Why aren’t feminists shutting down all the DV shelters for women if they’re supposedly so much more liberated than a half century ago?
          It’s funny that you mock a man for not wanting to compete with “fabulous” women when that’s precisely the comment you’re responding to where a man accepts women as selfish and competes with other men for her attention. Isn’t that by definition someone whose willing to compete? Competition is about playing to win and beat someone else. Treating women as sex toys to be seduced is the same set of motivations as going to work and trying to get someone else fired so you can make a few more bucks on some status symbol to impress your friends. You want women to be in a world of jerks and then complain when men start acting like jerks and…
          tell men that their 1950’s values are obsolete when men were LESS of a jerk back then.
          One great thing about travel and international experience and talking with people from different cultures is that it also transcends time. The image of women being so much more helpless back then is so counter to reason. My 90 year old women friends tell me stories of how tough they were and amazingly resourceful AND respectful to men all at the same time.

      4. There’s no such thing as an independent woman. And those “successes” you speak of were handed to her on a silver platter by a white knight enabler. Yawn.

        1. white knight enabler? you mean good and decent men who still believe in chivalry without having to feel like their manliness is under attack.

      5. The odd thing about ‘successful independent women’ is that they actually like chauvinistic, aggressive jerks. I was a lawyer a few years back, and just about every lawyeress that I encountered liked to put on the old ‘independent’ schtick at work, but they always chose the wrong sort of guy. There’s actually some research showing that career women prefer to be submissive in relationships, as a matter of balance.
        Nothing will get a man laid faster than muscles, sarcastic humor, and a hint of chauvinism. I remember one woman tearing off the address portion on her CV to hand it to me, after meeting her in the parking lot when I got off my motorcycle. I was heavily into kickboxing, extremely fit, and also usually in an extremely bad mood looking for confrontations. Women flocked to that. Contrast that with being a nice, respectful, highly educated professional… never had any interest.

        1. Yeah man, I’ve had the sad luck of becoming friends with “independent” women and they make the stupidest relationship decisions. They have their own penis envy issues that drive them into the worst of the bad boys. All the women in my family are intelligent in theory, but fucking idiots when it comes to life decisions and only date super douchebags who treat them like dogs. Meanwhile my dad and I are the whipping boys for lending an ear haha.

        2. Yeah but a guy looking for confrontations usually end up in wheelchairs or dead . New a friend like that’s who would fight everyone who cut him off in traffic . Got shot eventually at age 21 and does

    2. I refuse to validate attention whores. By giving them attention, you give them what they want and get nothing in return.

      1. I wont indulge your cisgendered inter-sectional rationale. White men sadly have become pathetic.

        1. Way to generalize there. Perhaps projecting your fears onto white men isn’t working out so well?

        2. “White men sadly have become pathetic.”
          You mean the wimply, emasculated hipsters who avoid toxic masculinity? The ones who get beaten up while migrants and refugees sodomize their girlfriends? The ones who flee to their safe spaces when they hear an opinion that they don’t like?
          Yes, I agree.

  8. “Me: ‘I couldn’t help notice that you are very pretty. But it also looks like you are trying to buy up all the duty free in the airport before you fly. Are you a shopping addict?’
    Her: [Laughs, blushes etc.]”
    LOL that Mystery Method kind of BS only works if you’re tall and handsome. And airports are like malls, only the girls are more stressed on top of it.

    1. Mystery is far from handsome.
      I think what you mean is, this method only works if you project a sufficient level of confidence and charisma.

        1. What a dumb response. Confidence and charisma are indeed major factors in social interactions. Duh.

        2. Confidence and charisma trump good looks. I used to have this buddy that was male model caliber handsome. Girls would come from across the room to talk to him. As soon as he opened his mouth he would jam his foot right in it.
          We would use him as bait, and then swoop in on the girls and take them away. It was great. Often he would have to take one for the team while another guy and I took the first picks. LOL

    2. Yeah I agree. I only compliment a girl if she’s drunk or underneath me.
      Sober American women expect this fucked up mating ritual where we have to act like we spoke to them without caring who they were or whether they would respond. Then we can gradually turn up the heat and see what happens.

  9. Great article! I can personally attest to the ease of meeting girls in airports. Pro tip: Any girl with a backpack is definitely Dtf with a capital D. Openers can be “hey are you headed to yellowstone/machu picchu, etc.” In Peru I met this girl in the airport and we hooked up for 3 days while exploring the city.
    In vegas airport, I met two girls from Toronto who have never been. I was with 2 other buddies, so we exchanged facebook info, then partied for the weekend. Great time.
    Every single woman in the airport is secretly hoping she’ll meet an exciting international man for someone to fantasize about in her boring life. I find people in general far more likely to open up in airports than most other places. They have so much time to kill and they’re bored as shit. If you can be the exciting, fun dude with a cool story, the closing percentage is great. It may not be immediate sex, but it’s nice to have fun girls to meet on future trips.
    PS. I stole Roosh’s idea and paid for instagram followers. So now i exchange instagram info with chicks. Super super easy to close, and then they see I have 5,000 followers and are eagerly wondering about my life.
    I’m traveling to Cleveland tomorrow so maybe I’ll meet a fat ghetto chick and ask her for a blumpkin on the plane.

    1. Pay for Instagram followers and just gather Facebook only to maybe hangout and party at a later date ? Sounds like a whole lot of wasted time and money just to get laid . Go buy a whore man

      1. Only cost $35 bucks. A lot of my clients have done it too for credibility. Got the idea from Roosh

        1. I banged Tiffany Brookes from brazzers 4 times in one day for $400 . Porn star sex . She was energetic , flirtatious, fun and did a striptease before sex that should win an academy award

        2. Because the simple fact that you got the idea from Roosh excludes you from all criticism or scrutiny. C’mon.

        3. Who cares what David’s motivations are but to say that is game is basically being delusional . I go to the same bar every Saturday night , sit there and talk to women and get laid maybe 3 times per year . I bet all that bullshot ends up with the same odds as hanging out in a bar

  10. You guys should visit prostitutes like I do. None of this matters and the sex is probably better.

  11. Question for Gen Y on prostitutes:
    Now you guys think you “scored” because you got a “friend” on Facebook.
    Then you go to the computer and rub one out to porn.
    Why not simply forget the small talk that will lead nowhere in international locations and hit the prostitutes?

    1. I shouldn’t have to make the argument that a fuck buddy pays for itself over time. The initial investment might not make sense if you only bang once sure.

      1. Not if she lasts only 3 weeks . They don’t last long unless they are delusional and think you want a relationship too

  12. Attention younger guys.
    When you get older, you will notice that responding -in any way- to a woman who acts in a disagreeable manner will ONLY reinforce her bad behavior.
    Maybe say “stop.” Maybe repeatedly.
    Nothing else.
    All of this ….VALIDATING arguing, and insulting, and explaining only feeds the hamster and brings it back later.
    The same works for idiot troll beta men who like to start arguments also.

    1. Oh I think a lot of us who are responding to that “independent woman,” on this thread know that. It’s just too much fun poking holes in her argument. She’s so cliche, I’m surprised she hasn’t resorted to the, “tiny dick” jibe yet.

    2. TOtally agree. I wasted way too much time explaining shit to ex girlfriends. All they really wanted to here was “shut the fuck up!”

    3. Its actually an ongoing study in TERF psychology, but the R is not radical feminism, its RABID feminism that hates men in all of their sex and facets. These are categorically the most mentally deranged and ill women in the female sex. I say keep feeding the hamster, she is already in zoo per se, so keep feeding the TERF monkey branching critter and the rabid specimen will explode from over consumption (like the fat man in Monty Pythons the Meaning of Life movie). That analog is all too accurate for the “independent (sic) woman”. Oh wait, o forgot her other adjective.. she said she was “successful” too….I bet she is, at stealing useful oxygen from men who work and actually do worthwhile shit.

    4. That’s an interesting point Old Guy and I agree with what you said. I like what you said about explaining. Explaining is wasted energy. Men will become obsessed with facts, logic and data and it will eventually drive themselves crazy. The manipulative woman knows this and likely gets enjoyment from watching a man obsess over justice. However, women will also get their energy from beta white knight enablers. Unless a woman was raised by a strong man and good mother, she’s likely doomed to become an oxygen thief.

  13. “TROLL”
    You can learn from the opinions of others whether these jar with yours or not.

  14. Ah, Sarahbeth, I absolutely guarantee that you’ve been fucked by several men who think exactly like we do. Smart guys know the bullshit that “independent women” want to hear before they spread their legs.
    Unless of course you’re a fat ugly thing who’s trolling here for the only kind of male attention she can get.

  15. This article is on point.
    The hottest girl I ever went out with (worked as a Disney princess and ended up marrying an nfl player) i gamed and met in an airport. It was super surreal too I was 21 on my way to 6 months in Europe, saw her sit down next to me , I went to bathroom looked myself in the mirror and said “this is happening. Life changed ever since, we made out on the fucking plane haha, never smashed though went on a few dates in London.
    All from the airport terminal, well said Troy.

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