Horrible Beast: 13 Drawings That Depict The Shameful Fatties Of America


Because it bears repeating, in men, healthy (i.e., not fat) women inspire feelings of love and compassion that transcend the boundaries of self, country, and creed. In women, healthy men inspire the same.

This male-female polarity—borne mostly out of feminine beauty and its counterpart, masculine action—establishes a degree of human connectedness that cannot be created otherwise. That is why the strongest possible “community” is really just two people: a man and his lover.

All other communities are built on that foundation. The newly-minted VP fucking the secretary in the handicap stall; the dutiful young woman who skips lunch so she remains doable in the eyes of her fiancé; the husband enjoying a Thursday evening rimjob from his adoring wife—these are the atoms of our civilization. The world is a funny place.

And yet, for thousands of years, people understood this just fine. The ancient Greeks knew that Helen’s was the face that launched a thousand ships. They composed a couple epics on the matter. Two millennia later, Marlowe saw it just as clearly when he wrote that famous line. Then somehow, somewhere, we got it twisted. Today our mass culture is larded with fat apologists who advocate a feminine ideal that could scarcely rouse a single dong, much less move men to build careers, homes, families, futures.

For Horrible Beast, I’ve prepared thirteen drawings to serve as reminders that what separates the feminine woman from the fat woman is not a difference of degree, but of kind. It is my hope that these drawings will hold a mirror up to fat women so they might see themselves as we men do: as abhorrent; repulsive; alien; as existing beyond the farthest reaches of our love and compassion.

In brief, as beasts.

Human civilization is vast and can comfortably contain multitudes—but it cannot contain the beasts. Let us hope they are recognized, and righted, while there is yet something left to right.

Breadcrumb; New York City, February 2014

“Beast with Tyrannosaur (No. 1)”

"Beast with Tyrannosaur (No. 1)" by Breadcrumb

“Beast with the Scylla (No. 2)”

"Beast with the Scylla (No. 2)"

“Beast with Kong (No. 3)”

"Beast with Kong (No. 3)"

“Beast with the Walrus (No. 4)”

"Beast with the Walrus (No. 3)"

“Beast with Orca (No. 5)”

Beast with Orca (No. 5)

“Beast with Baked Good Monster (No. 6)”

Beast with Baked Good Monster (No. 6)

“Beast with Cerberus (No. 7)”

"Beast with Cerberus (No. 2)"

“Beast with Hog Father & Hog Papoose (No. 8)”

Beast with Hog Father & Hog Papoose (No. 8)

“Beast with Distressed Pup (No. 9)”

Beast with Distressed Pup (No. 9)

“Beast with Wildthing (No. 10)”

Beast with Wildthing (No. 10)

“Beast with Dragon (No. 11)”

Beast with Dragon (No. 11)

“Beast with Warrior Turtle (No. 12)”

Beast with Warrior Turtle (No. 12)

“The Most Horrible Beasts (No. 13)”

Most Horrible Beasts

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81 thoughts on “Horrible Beast: 13 Drawings That Depict The Shameful Fatties Of America”

    1. It’s a joke. A bit of a shaggy dog story in graphic novel form. I didn’t laugh at it, because the squeeze of the set up wasn’t worth the juice of the punchline. Maybe as a four panel it would have worked, kinda sorta.

      1. Appreciate the explanation. I did manage to laugh though, but only because #12 appears to have rolls of toilet paper for shoulders.

    2. Apparently the site has started making inside jokes to itself. Never a good sign, especially for a community that aspires to make the world change.

      1. nobody wants to change the world, they want to change individuals. open-eyed individuals do have the power to change the world, though.

      2. Oh no, you guys will never achieve world change, because mostly the world is not full of bigots

    3. some might say its a “just a joke”
      I for one see the actual artistic value in each drawing.

  1. #11
    You really shouldn’t shame the Welsh dragon that way. It’s a graceful creature, unlike the bearded blob sitting next to it.

  2. This is fucking nuts. You did a good job capturing the different sub-species of fat girl. Bravo good sir.

    1. Women should not be objectified like this. Should I walk around saying, I hate men with hairy chests it is gross I am going to force my fiancee to shave because I should have to deal with that when I make his have sex with me, It is in his gender role to shave when i tell him!” Or “what a fattie, he looks really ugly fat he needs to shave” Or even worse to you guys “What is that a fedora? Those are stupid take it off!” It is annoys ya huh?

      1. If you don’t like hairy chests, that’s fine. Lots of other women do, so you can dump him and let him find another girl.
        However, NO ONE likes fat chicks. They are the worst of the worst. The ultimate failures of humanity. Only the biggest loser men have to resort to dating fat women.

        1. There are men who like curvy WOMEN. Just ask any of my friends that are married and are not traditionally beautiful. They are living happy lives with their husbands. Only the saddest women have to resort to dating men like you

        2. Yes, men like THIN curvy women..
          Curvy is a small waist and a round butt.
          Curvy is not fat rolls. Only dumb fat chicks believe this.
          And I guarantee the husbands of fat women are not happy.

  3. Is it safe to stay that fat chicks hail from more “peasant” genetics? Families where many generations were toiling in the fields would seem to selectively breed bigger, stockier chicks. While the higher classes of people did not have to do physical labor, so the women are thinner and more fragile.

    1. No. If anything “peasant” women would have been leaner because they were poorer with less food. Nice try inserting classism into this argument though.

      1. I don’t think this argument makes sense. Peasants working in the field would have bred stronger, stockier type women. Women who can carry heavy loads on their back or plow fields.
        Considering they were working in agriculture, they would have access to plenty of food. Hell, look at black slaves in the US.
        Even if they were have been leaner due to less food, in this modern world with unlimited access to food, I would think their stockier genetic lineage has contributed to them being fat. They no longer have the physical labor to keep them lean. But they still have the linebacker genetics and appetite bred from their peasant ancestry.

        1. Peasants have the same access to food that a production line worker at FIAT has to exotic Italian sports cars.

        2. The access to food is not really an issue. Even if the peasants were not well fed, they selectively bred for bodies that could operate physically demanding tasks with little nutrition.

        3. Fiats and females are amazingly similar contraptions.
          Unreliable, poor quality, and prone to frequent breakdowns.

        4. Ridiculous. your concepts of a peasant seem to only exist within the confines of the period of the thirty years war and the mongol invasion, where almost everyone was starving.
          In general, peasants were fed better than irish immigrants in early American history.

        5. Go to Europe. See for yourself. Guys did the lifting. Maybe you’re just feeling a little bit like you know that you couldn’t even do women’s work back then ?

        6. No, peasants formed relationships and just had kids believe it or not.

      2. There was never a shortage of food in Europe except for a disruption caused by a war.

    2. I see your logic here, but it’s ill-founded and actually quite backwards. In the past, being heavy was a sign of wealth. It meant you had the money to feed yourself, and feed yourself well. Being heavy was actually considered more attractive and indicative of higher social status, hence why heavy models were used as muses for sculpture and painting.

      1. That’s bullshit and you’re just parroting crap you read somewhere on some feminist site.

      2. I think you’re half-right on this one; being heavy was a sign of higher social status in an age where many in europe could barely feed themselves, but it’s a far stretch to say men found them (obese women) physically attractive, this article goes into a lot of depth about the reasons why society still looked down on obese people;
        Looking over the article, I can see why the commenters are finding it lackluster. 13 pictures and 324 words? Not nearly the kind of articles ROKers are used to.

      3. Sorry, but that was a myth. Ruebens liked hefty women, and chose to portray them as a societal ideal, but his viewpoint was… unpopular. Many of his contemporaries found his taste in whales to be apalling at best.
        Not to mention that his best clients were the overweight nobility. It does one’s business no good to admit that the prince’s bloated spawn was anything less than a goddess of beauty cloaked in (a lot of) flesh.
        ‘fat as wealthy’ appeal was primarily restricted to noble MEN. and it was not so much physical appeal as the appeal of someone who could end a life of drudgery if you caught his eye.
        In short, obesity was never attractive, wealth was. and restructuring that to try and excuse outrageous excess and laziness resulting in bloated obesity is self-destructiveness at it’s worst.

  4. mr breadcrumb, be honest: how high were you when you decided this article is worthy for submitting?

      1. Golly, another link to “Crimes against Fathers” from Peter Andrew Nolan? Has it been five minutes already?

  5. OT but worthy of an ROK comment or even article.
    Well young men,
    maybe this case will convince you that some of us older guys are actually looking out for your best interests.
    Meet Holli Lehuanani Thometz AKA Holly Jacobs. One of our subs posted this story. His claim is that Holly hates men so much that she gets porn photos taken with her current “boyfriend” and then after she breaks up with them she posts them to the web and claims that it is “revenge porn” by the guy and he gets in to all sorts of trouble with the cops.
    That is the claim of the site member. This is the thread about it.
    I gather this thread will be popular because the link contains links to her porn photos and young men always want to look at porn photos for some reason.
    Further. Young Holly seems to be upset that this thread has been posted about her and she has had some legal representatives write to me. That is also on the thread.
    So when your “girlfriend” suggests porn photos be taken with you? Just remember. There are some psycho women out there who might then post them to the web and claim you are the person who did that and get you prosecuted. After all? When it is a womans word against a mans word we all know the courts will take the womans word as gospel because a woman would never lie about something so important, right?

  6. Thank you for this article, and finally convincing me that the manosphere is a puerile waste of time and space. You can have your red pill kool-aid. I’ve got better things to do, and the ability to think critically for myself.

  7. Crumbbun and Roosh fear me which is why my comment about the real cause of fat girls in the underclass(you boys here) was deleted

  8. Did you do these drawings in Seattle?
    These look like the fatties who think they are 9’s and 10’s in Seattle.

  9. Can you help me deal with men who actually likes fat, ugly women?
    Because in my 20+ years I’ve been asked out by about 3 men (yes I am fat and ugly and no I don’t like men so please keep that in mind) and so that baffles me because I know for a fact that most, healthy men prefer average weight, attractive women.
    So please help me. I need to know what to say. Thanks

    1. I’ll tell you what to say.
      Say “no”.
      “No” to dessert.
      “No” to super-size.
      “No” to hitting snooze instead of getting out of bed and doing something.

      1. Same to you chub chub! We expect you to do the same things, If you dont want a fat woman then dont date one, but it is rude and uncalled for to call a woman fat.

        1. …thanks, Mindy from Facts of Life, you’re at least half right. That’s why I get in the gym, eat when I need to, and don’t insist people tell me I look good if I look like smashed ass.
          But calling a pig a pig is ALWAYS called for, especially when the pig is calling you out for “fat-shaming”.

  10. I’ve never really felt the need to criticize someone for their weight or appearance. I think mean things sometimes, but it’s always a sign of something negative within myself (like trying to elevate myself above someone else purely on the basis of appearance). You guys think that’s ethical? I hope you all will mature in time.

    1. Shut up. You are too stupid (evolutionarily anachronistic) and treacherous (psychologically subversive) to have an intelligent opinion on ethical socializing because ethics only occurs in society. Your social expertise is compulsive, subconscious, and primitive—perfectly adapted to a human animal existence of opportunistic cannibalism and companionship. You have no moral high ground, only your BS, which is the language of psychological subversion. Either be useful in a civilized way, which mean being supportive to a husband, or gtfo. We will handle the right and wrong of societal relationships, you vag-gilded beast. In short, shut the fuck up.

        1. From Urban Dictionary:
          ” ‘your an idiot’
          a response that
          1) makes one chuckle
          2) proves that you didn’t have a good English teacher
          3) is said by true idiots
          4) is now in Urban Dictionary
          Johnny: 1+1=2
          Dave: No it doesn’t, STFU!
          Johnny: I’m right!
          Dave: Wow, your an idiot!”

    2. If you recognize that being severely overweight is a sign of laziness or poor self control then you would be correct and not mean.

  11. Seems a bit “Napoleon Dynamite” to me. Not what I’d call red pill. At all.

  12. This is a tangential consideration for the post, but HUGE for red pill. I mean this in brotherhood not oneupsmanship.
    This is wrong: ” That is why the strongest possible “community” is really just two people: a man and his lover.”
    There was a previous RoK post that said patriarch was the greatest form of society or whatever. Broes before hoes. I guess it is my purpose in the Manosphere to repeat endlessly that a man has no rights to his family unless he is a patriarch, a male soveriegn. If rank-and-file men have families, they must be male popular sovereigns. You can’t hold on to or manage your family without being in charge, and that takes political cooperation of superlative force, i.e. a brotherhood of patriarchy. We share women and realize that offer little value when we share them. We will come together naturally as Western men did before, but why drag this out at our and our posterity’s expense? Patriarchy first as political family, then private reproductive family. Rights are privileges that someone had to earn as the default. You don’t have the right to a (reproductive) family of your own. You gave it away. Tough love, brothers. This is hardly more ruff than the reality I do not impose upon you but you do if you hate this comment.

  13. Fine fine renderings. Compliments on pictures that convey well-beyond the typical thousand words.

  14. Oh my God, this site gets better and better.
    Of course, modern masculinity is a picture of the outline of a Pokemon next to a woman who is vaguely curvaceous.
    I really hope some of the contributors to RoK commit suicide. They would be more use as corpses.

      1. It does matter, I would never date a fat men they are stupid and need to work out so that they are worthy of women. They should all just go to the gym more!
        See how rude that sounded, Now think twice about saying that about women, OK bubba?

        1. Well that is a step in the right direction 🙂 But women can be attractive at any size, different people have different preferences. We need to respect people of all sizes

  15. ‘The shameful fatties’…That would include men too, right? Because there are more overweight men than women in America. Funny how all the pictures are of women, though.

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