How To Use Your Natural Horniness For A Great Daygame Session

Daygame is now firmly established as a discipline in its own right, with gurus specialising in it and offering their own particular take. In the UK, a group of men even espouse something called the “London Daytime Model,” a set of principles and actions designed to optimise ones results while talking to girls in the street and in malls and coffee bars.

While I can see that such categorisation makes it easier for men to consume game material, the sheer quantity of which can appear overwhelming at first, my own personal view is that while there are differences in how best to approach sets in the day and night, you should nevertheless view game as a holistic set of principles leading to a skill-set that can be used at any time of the day.

That said, last weekend I went on a daytime adventure in Berlin, cold-approaching twenty-five girls around the Kurfurstendamm shopping district. Doing so, I was reminded how indispensable male horniness — perhaps more usefully termed the male hunter instinct — is when one is looking to meet women, prompting me to share some thoughts on the topic here.

What Are Optimal Daygame Conditions?


While you can get lucky in the daytime and meet a cute girl you hit it off with straight from “Hello, can you tell me where the pet shop is?” (see my story about the Colombian girl last week), in general, what makes for a productive daygame session is a lot of approaches in a short space of time. Berlin is the second largest city in the EU with 3.5 million residents (after London, which has 8 million) and the Ku’damm is its busiest shopping street. So in a three-hour session I was able to approach twenty-five girls, collecting phone numbers and sometimes Facebook profiles.

Received daytime wisdom dictates that the best results are to be found in cities with a million or more residents. But wherever you find yourself, ensure that there are sufficient targets so you can burn through a large quantity of sets as quickly as possible.

 What To Do When You Hit The Streets

cute summer girl

This isn’t intended to be a daygame instruction guide, but here’s a quick rundown of the most simple, workable method. Walk around, concentrating in particular on those stores popular with cute girls such as Topshop, H&M, Forever 21 and so on. When you see a lady you like, approach her, ideally from the front.

Say hello with enough impact to stop her. Tell her that you think that she looks very nice and pick out some observation about her—perhaps she’s wearing an interesting hat, or looks a little like Selena Gomez. Maybe she’s walking with exaggerated purpose, or perhaps she’s ambling along like a sloth. Whatever it may be, pick something out and make a cheeky little joke about it so that she smiles.

Shake her hand and hold it for a little longer than necessary. Maintain strong eye contact throughout. Transition the conversation to more general topics, but ensure that you tease her lightly and remain both a challenge and a little mysterious. After a few minutes tell her that you have to meet your friends, but that you should meet up again. Pass her your cellphone and tell her (don’t ask) to enter her number.

Will It Always Work?


The above is a very brief summation of my method. Does it work every time? No, of course not. Remember, even famed daygame writers have calculated an 11% approach to notch success ratio.

Plenty of times you will approach a girl and she will make an excuse and move on without engaging with you, or she will claim to have a boyfriend or raise some other objection. This doesn’t matter. Accept that it’s part of the game and continue. Why? Because repetition and momentum are your friends.

Repetition = Horniness = Success

cute girl street

In the early part of your daygame session scoring phone numbers or having great conversations is not the aim — repetition is the aim. Why? Because if you attend to the task with vigour and determination then you will find that interacting with a succession of hot girls, even briefly, makes you feel horny.

And that horniness gives you impetus – suddenly the idea of approaching becomes less of a chore and more a pleasure. You recognise that it is only by approaching that you will have the chance to sleep with one of these cute girls — and that has all of a sudden become a significantly more urgent desire. Your horniness has all of a sudden been converted into momentum—and game momentum, when it manifests itself, is incredibly powerful.

At the end of a good session you will find that your energy levels are high and conversations will go more smoothly. Ideally you will hit a sweet spot where it feels like you can do no wrong and every girl you speak to is drawn into your world and is unable to destabilise you with shit tests and other nonsense.

An example of momentum in action. In Berlin I went out intending to do ten street stops. At ten I was just hitting my stride and so I decide to carry on. When I hit twenty I  was getting phone numbers galore, and so decided to continue to twenty five. At the end of the session I’d been on an instant date with a cute French girl and had a number of solid leads to follow up on my next trip to the city.



Whatever your particular approach to daygame may be, unless you happen to get lucky very early on in a session, you should always aim to complete a large number of approaches. Not only is this great practice, forcing you to come up with conversational gambits on the fly and consequently sharpening up your social skills, but it also has the effect of increasing your levels of horniness, increasing your hunter instinct and your testosterone, improving your results exponentially.

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78 thoughts on “How To Use Your Natural Horniness For A Great Daygame Session”

  1. “Repetition = Horniness = Success”
    We used to call this the “shotgun effect”. Meaning if you sent enough pellets at a target one or two are bound to hit it. 🙂
    Nothing new really.
    Side note: do not act nor appear “too horny”. And check your “autism” (meaning, you may not be autistic, but you might come off odd). You might want to record your own voice and play it back. Lots of guys, and myself included, have a kind of “retard inflection” that can sound disingenuous. Develop a “radio voice” if you have to, as if you were trying to do voice overs, but don’t go too far that you sound like you are going to do a traffic and weather report.

    1. “News just in there has been a sighting of rare birds, we’ve sent our top reporter John to investigate, what do you see there John?”
      “Well Simon, it is true there are some many rare birds but when I try and get too close they fly away. When I can catch one I’ll report back.”
      “Okay John, keep trying. Now here’s Kevin with the weather”……

    2. I’ve been told I have a radio voice, but I don’t believe it. Maybe its my tendency to wear suits.

    3. Speaking slowly and with a strong clear voice is also a big one. Like you said, a radio voice. It is easy to get nervous at first, and talk 150mph. Never letting the girl get the chance to think and respond. Slow, but not creepy slow.

  2. Don’t know about the whole horniness thing. I think the Tao of Steve nailed it.
    Eliminate your desires.
    Be excellent in her presence thereby proving your sexual worthiness
    retreat because people pursue that which retreats for them….in other words….be desireless, be excellent and be gone

    1. Exactly how is this supposed to work?
      “Hey, i have absolutely no desire for your number but can you give me your number?”

      1. I think he means go 2 steps forward, then 1 step back. This push/pull dance messes with a girl’s mind. She’s used to all guys constantly, I mean constantly pursuing her every day. You back off snd she starts to wonder what’s up with you. Did she do something that drove you away? Are you mad at her? Do you still like her?
        This is what you want her to do. To be thinking about you. He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, and so on.

        1. bingo.
          You go buy some girl drinks all night while i occasionally smile at her, make a quick comment, ignore her, just do my thing. Believe me, while she is drinking your money she will be looking at me.
          Go on, get her nice and lubed up. Makes the date cheaper for me.
          A quick story. There is a restaurant where I know the owners right near me. I get a text that there is a good target rich environment from the owner bartender. I text back “pour a drink for me and leave it on the bar”
          I walk in, casual as can be, walk up to my drink waiting for me, have a sip and then start speaking with the bartender partly in french partly in english. Then I walk away with my drink and start looking through my IG by myself. I watched a bunch of thirsty guys buying some brunch mimosas for these girls while they wondered who i was and how i walked in and just had a drink waiting for me.
          After my drink I told the bartender/owner i would be back in 20 minutes I had to run an errand. When I got back 3 girls, friends, were chatting me up…..not the other way around.
          Total cost….2 text messages, 1 drink, a good tip and some patience all while thirsty mcgee prob dropped 50 bucks on mimosas just to get these girls inhibitions down for me. I should have taken a video of me taping one of them later that day and gave it to the poor simp.

        2. I’ve gone up to bars where the girls are crowded around and listened to their conversations. Note that they forget what they’ve been talking about in less than 5 minutes. I pick up some names, places, plans, etc. I sometimes carried a book and notebook to make it look like I’m doing something other than hanging out. Then I’d go up to one of the girls and drop the stuff I’d heard them say earlier. “Didn’t you go to college at. . .?” or “aren’t you a freind of. . .?” Then the ice is broken. Depending on what she says is what the story is about the notebook and what I’m doing at the bar.
          Just being self-assured, not available, and with things going on in your life makes them attracted to you.
          Oh yeah, and then in college my room mate was a med student. We’d go out with lab coats and stethescopes. . .LOL!

      2. nope. Just being aloof. If you are chasing women because you desire them then you are not what they want. Women will always chase the things they can’t have and beautiful women are always interested in the one man who isn’t fawning all over them. While 20 guys are trying to bang the hottest chick in the room, if you are just cool, yourself and having a good time… yourself as being excellent at something…whatever….beat someone at pool or anything and then retreat…she will break through the throng of orbiters and pursue you.

        1. If you got the confidence, meet her eyes and give her a sign ( using your head ) to meet you outside / the balcony/ the bathroom/ the guestroom / bathroom wherever you two can have privacy. You’ll be amazed of what ordering women what to do will accomplish.
          An angelic unicorn blonde 9 once said to me : ,, yow know, I’ve never been around a man like you, who knows what he wants and is so dominant” – obviously she wanted the D but bullshit can be seen from a post office away !
          ….later she proved to be a blood sucking harpie.
          Word is bond !

        2. couldn’t agree more. My only point was that in order to get to that point you can’t seem thirsty and horniness (back to the premise of the article) will be a disadvantage. If you suppress your horniess and make sure they know you have an abundance mentality, that you aren’t chasing them they are chasing you and you are telling them what to do…as you point out….you will be much more successful.

        3. Ok but in a day game scenario how are you supposed to express no desire while at the same time trying to get her number?

        4. I think the discrepancy that you are pointing out is between something that has yet to be settled on in the “sphere”. Direct or Indirect Game. Troy likes direct game which is why he talks of harnessing your horniness to fuel your approaches. What Tao of Steve prescribes is a version of indirect game. I prefer indirect game myself, as I feel it establishes and frames the relationship from the very beginning in a way that benefits me the most, beyond just sex. But everyone has a preference, the key is to find the one that works for you.

        5. I see that. I’ve met more girls day-gaming because at the bars they expect to be chased by needy guys and they put their female game/attitude on. Suddenly they get extra picky about who they’re going to fuck. At the mall or on the street it takes them by surprise, especially because I’m not advertising that I’m chasing them. . .I act like I’m making conversation about something I’ve cued in on, like the “cool shoes I could buy for my niece.” You’ve noticed them, and then they want you to think about them. When you show you’re not, then they start questioning their value. And women are hornier than men. All the crap they read and society makes it end up that way. They’re self worth is wrapped up in being chased. And they’ll maneuver things to draw you in. Just get in her air space and let her think that you have so many more options than her. They can’t stand that and will use sex to make themselves feel better about themselves.

  3. What I like about Troy’s article is that it discusses the mentality that’s needed to succeed. Keep approaching, keep practicing, don’t make an excuse not to (unless, IMO, there are no hot girls – but still talk to strangers to get comfortable socializing) – until you either score a number or go home.
    Of course, not every girl is going to respond to you. That’s why even the most successful game gurus, as Troy says, score 11% of the girls they meet. Not every girl is going to be interested in you, ’cause they’re all different. So you keep trying until you find someone who clicks with you.

  4. It all sounds good, but still wasting all that fucking time gaming woman, why the fuck does it have to be so difficult, why cant I just sit at home having a beer and woman just come to my door craving a big cock, we need a good war or something to drive woman into the arms of men.

    1. This happened to me last night.
      It was a girl I met to briefly few days before. I noticed her excellent posture and said to her – Are you a dancer? She said – Yes, Irish dancing. That was it. No texting, no emails in between. She knew where to find me and just turned up all of a sudden, soaking wet from the rain.
      Face 6, body 9! I was going to call her this week but she surprised me.

    2. I’ve had girls cold approach me in the past asking me if I wanted to hang out. Very rare, but it happens when you least expected. Most of the times they’ll ask some dumb question like asking for the time (before the ubiquity of smartphones) for me to get the hint to ask her out…so it would appear that it was me who picked her. Remember, she doesn’t want to be the aggressor.

      1. It’s the thrill of the hunt that is so enticing. Boosts your ego upon success. An escort is practically guaranteed without putting in the “work”.

        1. I see what your saying, but he asked for an easy way out and I gave him the most obvious answer. There are times when a mans dick needs stroking more than his ego, however, if I’m going to pay for it she better absolutely guaranteed, not practically guaranteed.

  5. i only daygame. can’t remember last time i went out at night. it’s a hassle to go out at night, it’s expensive as shit, and the ratios are 10 to 1. even more than that, girls get dressed up, get empowered when they’re with each other and they they’re fuckin goddesses at nighttime. recipe for disaster.
    daygame is natural because you’re meeting girls in on your day-to-day routine. it’s free, it’s easier to disarm their bitchiness. only problem is that since it’s so unexpected that someone will hit on them in broad daylight, they can scare easily.
    nevertheless, it’s the only way to go. i remember 3 years ago, watching daygame infield videos and thinking, “i will never have the confidence to be able to even try that.” 3 years later and i’ve approached so many girls in the daytime i can’t count.
    the key? just do it. force yourself. it’s so fuckin hard but it’s like anything else. get your reps up till it becomes, and you become, a natural.

        1. ìf you are among those who have few hrs of spare time, there ís a símple strategy that can allow you to earn some resídual $ every week – learn how by visìtíng lìnk lìsted on my dísqus profile ( important: act now cause thís link will líkely be available only for a brief time while on disqus )

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        3. Agreed as well. I have the blessing of being quite good looking and therefore falling into traps such as the one you describe typically gets me where I’m going anyways. In their pants for a few drinks and some witty banter.

      1. Not necessarily. Girls do go out to meet guys. You just have to select the right ones. These girls will generally advertise the fact that they are “in heat”.

    1. I only daygame too. Doing nightgame is a tempting idea to a lot of young guys because guys see that there is a good mood + alcohol and a lot of women. But what you describe is right. Women don’t come to some place to meet guys. They’re just there for attention and the girlfriends are there to laugh with them and function as their safety nets when thing get to serious. Surely you can get phone numbers from women, but it’s a hassle when you have to combat loud music and all your competitors.
      At daytime you have all the advantages when you meet a woman. You can talk without shouting, she is alone, you can grasp her attention, you know how she looks like without the double makeup and party outfit and also important: you are hopefully sober. Now I’ve let slip so many possible lays when I was younger because I didn’t do anything with a flirty stare or comment I got from a girl, to not so much later hate myself for not taking action and daydreaming on what could have been if… I guess I’m not alone here.
      So first and foremost thing guys should do is be bold and utilize every opportunity they get in day to day life. And those are many on an annual time period. And plough! Nothing comes easy boys. Smalltalk is your weapon, boldness to get to close (phonenumber, date, hookup) is your aim.

      1. To successfully game a girl during the day(s) to completion, is a much better high than the last ten club/internet broads I nailed all put together. When a woman is of a decent quality – as opposed to fat / BPD / self-obsessed / feminist, I like to Game hard and earn it.

    2. Funny, when I started out, I started out “day-gaming”. This was because I was too young to go to bars and had no money. My thing was to go to the mall and hit on the girls working there. It was an ideal situation because you have a ready made reason to talk to them and they couldn’t run away.
      In any case, my approach is a little different Troy’s. Troy is recommending here what I call a shotgun approach (which is a great start for men shy about cold calling women, although I am sure Troy enjoys it). I use the “Deer Hunter (one shot)” approach. This means that I very carefully select my targets, picking the ones with the highest probability of success. As a result, my approach to notch ratio is more favourable but I approach far fewer targets. On the whole though, I think it evens out.
      One of my friends uses the shotgun approach. Both of us went out, both of us got laid. I think I approached two girls that night. He pretty much ran though the whole club. But both of us were happy the next morning.

      1. I prefer what I call the psychotic caveman approach or P.S.A for short. There is absolutely no chance of rejection if you do exactly as I say.
        You linger around your local shopping center and pick a lone target to your taste. Follow her around until she is in a secluded aisle or spot away from others, and come up from behind her and smother her mouth and nose with a hanker-chief covered in chloroform. Bookshops are great for this.
        She should pass out fairly quickly, flopping down onto the floor. Now the hard part…walking her out of the shop and the surrounding complex without anyone sussing you’ve drugged and kidnapped her. The trick is to have a pair of fashionable sunglasses to hand to put over her eyes. Once you have put them on and picked her up, walk arm in arm with her to the disabled toilets which every western shopping center has.
        Once inside together, avoiding anyone clocking you she is all yours. I usually bend her over the toilet, after removing her clothes and underwear. The bonus of this approach is you can do almost anything with her apart from get her to blow you. There’s a chance she might start to come around during the act. No problem just make sure you have another chloroform hanker-chief to hand to knock her out again.
        When you have your fill just place her down on the toilet seat with her knickers still around her ankles and discretely leave the cubicle and go on your merry and extremely satisfied way. I have only ever done one five year sentence with this approach, and coupled with the 100% lay rate makes it well worth the effort.

        1. Well if you simply robbed a bank, then you would have enough currency to BUY many hookers. What you describe above is robbery the same only it’s PUSSY CURRENCY you’re absconding with. Try filling up your tank or getting a plane ticket with pussy currency. Make sense? Real money is more versatile and Jesus Christ detested the bankster money changers. So if you got busted for the bank, then at least Jesus would still admire you. You might do a string of banks if you’re lucky but don’t push your odds. In the pen there’s not much pussy but you still can get a pen pal and there’s very good odds that you’ll have a good ol’ fat girl waiting to marry you when you get out. Hell, they even put you through trade school while you’re in the tank nowadays. What a deal, man I’m tellin’ you. And a color TV to boot. Free slippers too.

        2. Bubba will be glad to punch you in the face and then drag your ass to the showers. Butt hurt takes on a whole new meaning.

        3. Is that you again Bubba? Come on its over…you’ve got to let go…Bill and I are together now.

        4. You kinda get used to the ongoing rectal pain…And jail can be boring and lonely…It ain’t so bad once you’ve been broken in and it’s well worth those shopping center moments.

        5. Or just carry around one of those diabetes testing machines. Tell people you’re rushing her out to the car for her insulin. When you get her home, put her in the spare bathroom with the padlock on the outside of the door. You can usually keep a girl for several weeks like that. And then you don’t have to spend money driving to the mall all the time. You just have to buy extra dog food.

      2. For sure, if you were an early bloomer in terms of libido then day gaming was the natural progression. When you’re in your late teens places like the mall are an abundant source of fresh pussy.

      3. I agree, quality over quantity (except where the gods are not on your side) and then quantity will have to be engaged in order to increase probabilities.
        By the way, are you from the Uk too? Iould do with some wingmen to increase my game?

  6. Interesting. Sounds like day game can be both simple and fun. I like your simple approach of saying hello very confidently as though you exoect her attention. And of course the numbers game, we all know this one but do we evwr really hit the stride that he’s talking about where you can do no wrong? Not very often but once in a while yes.

    1. Kratom is soooo yesterday.
      It´s all about bath salts now.
      You ´ll shred that pussy.

  7. Riiiiiiight, and how often does the hamster in their head make them squawk “OMGGGG, douchebag, awkward, creeper! Douchebag, awkward creeper!” because the guy approaching them wasn’t handsome or tall or rich “enough”! Well, I guess an 11% success rate sounds about reasonable…

    1. “…because the guy approaching them wasn’t handsome or tall or rich “enough”!” …or because the girl wasn’t horny enough.
      When a guy is trying to get his needs met and she’s not DTF, he’s a pervert, the lowest of low. He’s lectured on why he should “value her as a person, not a sex object.” Bla bla bla
      But when the girl has the urge to get her needs met, the hamster spins in the other direction, and suddenly, sex is something completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of e.g. “OMG, stop slut-shaming me!”, “I’m a strong independent woman who’s comfortable with her sexuality.”

      1. “I’m a strong independent woman who’s comfortable with her sexuality.”
        That sounds like those pink haired, size 24 feminists. They must be DTF all the time, but don’t need no man.

  8. I was always amazed how in sales, when you start you are really into the details of every situation(was I too aggressive? should I have listened more?..), but largely those things didn’t matter- there was a relatively fixed close ratio. The ones you were sure about flaked, the ones that seemed iffy, sold. What makes the difference is just approaching and making the effort. Then becoming a great salesman depended on improving your personal technique over time, and figuring out what really matters in the sales situation. So it is with game.

  9. Let me give a pointer I’ve never seen before. Gives me a chance to give something back to the community I’ve gotten much from.
    The ideal venue for day game is a location, like a decent sized college campus, where you see a decent flow of hot women you’ve never met before, but which is not so large that they get totally lost: once you notice one, there’s a decent chance you’ll see her after 2-6 months. (If you spot her sooner, try to make sure she doesn’t spot you.)
    The play is, you spot a 10 in the crowd, approach, talk to her for 10 minutes and have her in a position where you could ask for her contact and be pretty confident of getting it, and then you take your leave having not asked for her name or told her yours.
    Its like all the times you met someone and wished you got up the courage to ask for their contact, before you had enough game to actually ask. She wishes you had, and if and when you see her again expect fireworks.
    Of course, it goes both ways. Its a good way to get yourself into a marriage or something if you aren’t careful.
    Also as featured in Les Enfants du Paradis

    1. Also in the movie 40 year old virgin. “You have to plant seeds, then you fuck the plant” lol

  10. If its ok for the state to pay for Feminists so called equality legislation’s and other insain shit for females, I think the state should pay for prostitutes for men so that men and woman are then sexually equal, state funded prostitution is the only way men and woman will ever be equal sexually…Game Over.

  11. This whole thing sounds creepy as shit to be honest. The simple reality is that most women are going to think you are a total nutter doing this unless you are a solid 8/9 out of 10.
    You realise how creepy this article comes across as right?

    1. You just need to appear to be 8/9 out of 10 in her eyes. The only way you’ll know is to approach her. She definitely ain’t going to come up and tell you. She might think you’ll feel she’s creepy for approaching you.
      Edit: Also, so what if she thinks you’re creepy for approaching her. You shouldn’t give 2 shits. You’re a man for God sakes.

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  14. Hey Troy!
    Good work man! I always appreciate your outlook on meeting and attracting women. You and I share many of the same beliefs on the topic . In fact , when both of my best buds came to me frustrated about meeting women; I bought both of them copies of your seven laws of seduction for Kindle . It contains everything I would say to them, and it was the best gift i have ever given them as they are no longer frustrated;)
    You are right about the percentages troy. It is about 10 % from meet to lay . But I want to add that the meet to number closes are significantly higher. At least for me its about 35% . However, I think what you should have mentioned is how amazing it is once you have figured out your percentages, no matter how low they are!
    I interned in sales intern cold approaching customers for cable subscriptions (immensely helps with my day game because I have approached 1000’s of people ) and we used something called the law of averages . And to simplify the concept, just approach in volume , and whatever your sales rate or close rate is in our case, it will work it self out .
    I.e I approach 10 customers and if I have a conversion rate of 10% I should sell one of those customers .
    I.e-2 If I have 10 new numbers . At least one will be good for a lay. (assuming 10% lay rate)
    I used this to great success and it even became a fun game in my work AND daygame. I would talk to 9 customers/women get rejected and blown out , however I would be as happy as can be and have a devilish grin and exude an aura of confidence because I knew that I was about to approach my 10th customer/woman and get the sale/close.
    Does it work out perfectly and mathematically everytime? No! However that only helps on the 11th , 12th and so on approaches because you know you are about to succeed and have the “swagger ” that women love. The best part about that is you are now in “state” and can build of your success once you have gotten your close! Try out the concept sometime and tell me how you like it.
    Will share your article with my friends to help them out more !

  15. I was practicing “Machine-Gun Day Game” in Odessa Ukraine. I’d leave my apartment & walk ‘The Triangle’ Basically, I walked from city garden to Athena Mall & up & down Debrivsakaya St. … It worked beautifully. Often times I’d just tell a girl I liked her high heels & that’s all it took. They are so happy you notice something that obviously they are doing to be noticed. Other times I’d memorize the name of a few builings & ask for directions..
    Also, there are “Slow Walkers” we call them… these girls are walking alone up & down the street hoping to be approached. They walk incredibly slow & have a pouty look on their faces. I LOVE Odessa..
    These days, no matter where I am in the world, if you see me with a girl I probably met her during the daytime at some point.
    One comment about the photos in this article, this clearly is not a representation of women from London, Canada or anywhere in the USA. #FlipFlops

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