The Pros And Cons Of Game For Black Men In The West

As an African American male it took me a good long while to come to grips with the fact that my skin tone changes a lot of things when gaming western females. There’s nothing special or unique about me, but it would be silly not to acknowledge that my race does have certain advantages and disadvantages with regards to bedding women.

Being raised in a military family, race didn’t seem to play a role in much of anything on base. People were judged strictly on rank and credentials which were posted next to doors of family living quarters beneath the family name. Because of this I was almost completely oblivious to the racial issues of the outside world until I became a civilian in my teens.

When I started out in game I had that same adolescent mentality. Never once did I ask myself “How does being black factor into my success with girls?” I knew there were some differences, but not enough to make me think I had to make any major adjustments, so I just dove in headfirst (which was the right way to do it). But as soon as I became cognizant of the racial components of game and tweaked my approach accordingly, my conquests with the second sex improved considerably.

Over the years I noticed a few differences in the way women react when approached by black men as opposed to other races. There are all sorts of studies, surveys, and research out there to back up my observations (Google them) but this article is based on personal experiences, stories from lifelong friends, and things I’ve seen throughout life post-red pill awakening.

Qualifier: This article pertains to gaming non-ghetto, westernized women of all races as a black man with game. Now that that’s out of the way, here are the advantages and disadvantages of practicing the Venusian arts from a black man’s point of view.

Women Often Assume Black Men Are Natural Alphas

While most white men in the Anglo world have to prove their sexual fitness to women (on the “alpha fucks” side of hypergamy) there’s an unspoken sentiment that black men who are at or near the extreme poles of the financial hierarchy (wealthy and poor) are natural alphas. The hip hop culture, ghettos, and black professional athletes make compelling arguments for that assumption but the truth is no one really knows for sure.

Advantage: This assumption will push women to shit test as a function of confirmation as opposed to discovery or qualification. They will poke and prod a little to make sure you live up to the perceived reputation (to what degree depends largely on frame), but women tend to give black men the benefit of the doubt as far as congruency goes. Their shit tests are more benign, at least from the onset of courtship.

Disadvantage: If you do fail a shit test, you’re beyond finished. When everything around a woman tells her a certain type of male has natural alpha tendencies her southern regions will dry up faster than a salt-covered slug if she uncovers any remnants of beta penchants. Nothing is more unattractive than a black beta male. Most times when I’ve failed a single shit test I have rarely been given a chance to redeem myself, if at all. Even when my game was air-tight to that point, if I took the smallest bite of that beta chum I could almost see the attraction drain out of her body.

Even though black men seemingly have the “assumed alpha” advantage when approaching, the margin for error is razor-thin. Speaking from personal experience, getting blown out for the slightest missteps motivated me to tighten up my game rather quickly and effectively, but only because I was highly motivated to be successful with girls. Thinner-skinned men often drop out at this stage because of the sheer volume of rejection early on in their womanizing development.

Girls Expect Black Men To Push For Sex

The “natural alpha myth” impressed upon Anglo women about black men sets a lot of expectations in terms of what to expect upon being approached by us. They assume we’ll be forthright, bold, and fearless. They also expect black men to escalate the interaction toward sex more quickly.

Advantage: It takes a tremendous amount of pressure off. Knowing that women expect this means that if they’re receptive to game, give up the digits, and don’t flake out on the ensuing arranged meet-up, they are straight up DTF.

Disadvantage: Day game is very difficult. It’s not easy to work past the slut shields with women who hold this assumption. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not impossible. But ultra-smooth game is absolutely necessary when attempting to strike up a seemingly innocuous conversation with a high sexual market value woman in order to gain trust and build attraction. Granted, most men (regardless of race) have to do this anyway, as good looking girls usually assume the reason most men talk to them is to get into their panties. But they’re damn near 100% certain of the intent when being chatted up by a brother, so they fortify their defenses accordingly.

This presumption puts all our cards are out on the table. Women can either fold or double down right then and there, because in their minds sex is inevitable when they meet up with a black man. But like I said before, it’s a major plus on the “alpha fucks” side, which leads me to my next observation which is that…

Black Men Are Rarely Thought Of As LTR Material

Today’s American female is encouraged to ride the cock carousel until she’s well into her 30s and then settle down with a beta schlub to fulfill the other side of her dualistic sexual imperative. Most of the time that unlucky sap is a white male—especially if the carousel passenger is a high-value female.

The U.S. has come a long way as far as the overall acceptance of interracial dating is concerned (specifically between black men and white women), but it still carries a measure of taboo however underground it may be. For that reason black men are mainly viewed as a “phase” when seen with a younger woman who isn’t black or a “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” type of fling when seen with an older woman of a different race.

Outside of the wealthy, it is highly uncommon for women to think of black men as a long-term partners. The perceived lack of future provisioning potential and social stigma are major deterrents to women with options as far as marriage or settling down is concerned (the obvious exception being black women, who chase black men like fat kids chase ice cream trucks). However, non-black women in this country are mystified by the lore of the sexual prowess of the black male. They’d by lying if they didn’t admit they weren’t a little curious about the “once you go black you don’t go back” adage.

Advantage: It leads to a lot of easy notches for black men—especially with today’s pro-carousel woman. Obviously not all black men are porn stars between the sheets and equipped with  19″ cocks that make women squirt like faucets. Women who have experience with more than one know this. But the hamsters of those who have never crossed over just can’t help themselves. They have to know. So as soon as the opportunity presents itself to a woman who is even a little curious they make themselves readily available for the taking.

Disadvantage: Unless you believe in ridiculous notions like unicorns, “The American Dream,” and NAWALT, none.

Though Western women seldom fantasize about the suburban white picket fence life with black men, a good number of them do fantasize about short-term trysts. That makes some of them just about as easy to game as single mothers. Especially if they indicate they’re looking to “broaden their horizons.”

Another advantage to not being considered for long term partnership means…

Very Little Wasted Time

Because I know I’m not often thought of as LTR material I’ve resigned myself to the fact my race makes me little more than a mere novelty. My sexual market value is of the “exotic” variety more often than not. This means that some women definitely want to give men like me a try (at least once), some do not, and some are curious as is the case with all novelties.

Advantage: Very little wasted time. When I approach girls, day or night, they usually make it clear very quickly whether or not they’re interested. If they are, they start shooting off rapid fire IOIs and shamelessly flirt away. If they’re not they don’t much waste much time leading me on. They shut me down on the spot. I’ve consistently witnessed this firsthand with my buddies (we always have a good laugh with each other if one of us gets blown out in front of the crew) and throughout my daily life.

Disadvantage: A lot of rejection. Most (I’d put the number at two out of three) high-SMV chicks just aren’t into black guys. That’s just how it is. So having a taste for high-quality girls can cause a temporary slip in standards when going through a dry streak. I’m as guilty as anyone out there for occasionally bottom-feeding during a slump.

The silver lining to this disadvantage is that it destroys approach anxiety pretty damn quick. Less wasted time means more approaches over the course of any given day, but that also means more swings and misses. I’ve been turned down by a shitload of women over the years, especially in the fledgling stages of learning game. But getting rejected by a high number of women early in my development decreased my learning curve which eliminated my ego and made me completely fearless.


One of my best friends is a white guy I’ve known for nearly 20 years. He’s a tall, great looking guy with a great job. Every Anglo-slut’s dream. When we go out for a night on the town he consistently pulls quality chicks much easier than I do, even though my game level is much higher than his. He’s got a little game, but he naturally attracts women to him so he hasn’t really had to hone his skills in the art of seduction. I always have to work a little bit harder to pull than he does, which is perfectly okay because I now have a deeper understanding of how the game works.

Acknowledgement and acceptance of your abilities and limitations are paramount for survival in every aspect of life, regardless of your race. Men of all races in the west have a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that apply to game. Understanding them will help a man come to terms with a lot of lingering questions about why things happen the way they do, good or bad, when dealing with women.  

This article is a telling look on how Asian men are perceived in the west. I’d be very interested to see an article like this one from our Latino, Indian, Pacific Islander, and foreign-born brothers.

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212 thoughts on “The Pros And Cons Of Game For Black Men In The West”

  1. Good article, but one out of three? I don’t know, maybe its just my experience in NY and LA but it’s very,very rare to see high smv women of ANY race into black men and Latino for that matter. Usually its loud black and Latina single moms or fat white women js..
    White dudes, even ugly and average dufuses usually get the pick of the litter of any race of women. But I digress. This is just what I have seen and experienced,so that’s my grain of salt lol.

    1. Sad but true. What disgusts me the most is when a Black man hooks up with one of these white landwhales or chunky latinas and act like they won a prize. They put up these videos of “interracial love” with fatass, crusty-ass looking bitches, and act like it’s supposed to raise our morale. I have higher morale jacking off and crying about not being able to get any than seeing brothers “that could be me” with some fatass hambeast. Get at me when you have a supermodel sucking your dick as a regular Black guy, or at the very least, when you’re boning decent-looking women on a regular basis. Dating ugmos is nothing to be proud of, and in fact, shame should be yours forever.

        1. That’s a valuable lesson in life, I guess. Just as most women won’t really marry a prince at the end of the story, most men won’t get a supermodel. You have to be both wealthy and somewhat attractive to get one of those.

        2. not that theres anything wrong with that. I “met” one in an airport terminal, crossing back east from LA,I was out of sorts, saw her across the span of the place (damn, thats a fine woman) halfway across the place(damn, she should be a model or something) to right in front of me (wow, she WAS a supermodel back in the 90s).
          She had no makeup on, greasy hair, tight jeans, wifebeater T on…
          Did I have a point? I dunno. But I am a regular guy 😉

      1. “Sad but true. What disgusts me the most is when a Black man hooks up with one of these white landwhales or chunky latinas and act like they won a prize.”
        First of all no man of any race should put any woman no matter white, black, latino, asian, w/e, on a pedestal as a prize. For fuck sakes you’re men.

        1. For a few bucks to a taxidermist, there are wall-mountable trophies from hunting deer, elk, big cats, etc. Why is there no easily wall-mountable trophy for whaling?

      2. “What disgusts me the most is when a Black man hooks up with one of these white landwhales or chunky latinas and act like they won a prize.”
        Man, I saw this good-looking (as far as I can tell. Not apparently defective and in good shape) black guy walking along once with a white girl who looked like she was made up out of spare dinosaur parts. Like maybe 300 lbs of spare dinosaur parts. And I thought, “Run, dude! Run while you still have a chance!”
        À bientôt,

        1. Feel free to use, liberally, to shame any belligerent fatties who try to talk smack to you. 😉

      3. It ain’t just you. I don’t touch land whales either. I figure leave them for the guys that want them. Jerking off is so much better and so much less work than some fat chick.

        1. Butchering hogs is very different than deer or elk. While you are butchering a hog you get a substantial coating of oils on your skin. It makes everything slick and hard to handle, like your knife and steel and saw. The oils come from the melted fat in the hog.
          The lesson is that if we should not judge a person by their looks but instead by what’s inside them, well then fat women are hogs.

    2. Man I have no trouble getting the women I want. People say it I don’t see it. America has a serious racial hangover but in other countries it is very different.

      1. I agree, not sure what is happening to my posts…but, I currently live in Germany…Bavaria, close proximity to central and Eastern Europe, I don’t have this issue, now…when I do go to the states occasionally, I get hit on by whales. But generally, I have lost attraction to American women.Living in Europe where these things are not much of an issue does that. Just my two cents.

    3. I think this perception is less than genuine. “ugly and average dufuses” do not get their pick of the litter.
      I don’t know where this idea comes from or why it persists but it simply doesn’t reflect reality. I think men tend to underestimate other men and overestimate the women they’re with.
      It probably comes from the need to believe there’s “hope” for the average to below that they’ll score big.

    4. I saw a news bit on a study done by Columbia U once that said, generally speaking, men don’t care abt race, we care if the chick is hot, while women (particularly women with options, i.e. high SMV women) will prefer men of their own race. The exception is that Asian women do not generally discriminate against Caucasian men (i.e. a white guy is as good as an Asian guy to them).
      Thus, it’s not so much that white guys have “yellow fever” as Asian women are, um…”snow blind”? 😉
      À bientôt,

      1. > a white guy is as good as an Asian guy to them
        Better, even.
        This is the unique plight of the Asian man in American, but I don’t desire to hijack this great post and comments section, so I’ll leave it at that.

      2. I looked into female friendly porn sites. It appears that women are not into interracial porn, nor are they into the overly massive phallus. They also appear to like very slender women with small busts.
        Perhaps that does not reflect reality and will change as females enter into the porn market.

        1. Among the Things I Have Learnt, is that women very often harbor secret “bi-curious” fantasies. I know this b/c I ask women I will bang about their Deepest Darkest Greasiest Fantasies and they always include “Tie me up!” (our #1 answer) and “I want to do another girl!” (our #1.A answer). The most common answer that I get when I ask what type of girl she wants to sleep with? “Someone like me” (although there is a significant minority that wants a girl with big tits). I am not surprised, therefore, that FF porn sites will have slender, attractive women, because those women are the ones who will be looking at FF porn sites with their men (Hungry Fat Hippos will be ‘manless’, and drowning their sorrows in Hagen Daz, not looking at FF porn).
          And so it goes….

  2. My dad has always told me that being a minority in this country (USA), you have to be better to be equal.
    In my younger foolish self back then, I had believed that everyone was equal. That was what schools taught you. Now I know better.

    1. Everybody should aspire to be more than equal, that’s how civilization progresses

    2. Not all minorities are created equal. On the mating scene, black men have an advantage over asian men per instance. However, when it comes to certain job opportunities, asians have the advantage. An asian programmer doesn’t have to be better than his white counterparts since he’s already perceived as such, so he actually has an advantage. The same goes for a black basketball player.

      1. asians don’t have an advantage in job hiring….
        asians have more jobs because we work more, but if your last name on an application is an asian last name, you’ll be discriminated against.

        1. If you’re asian and I’m looking for a programmer you’re jumping at the front of the line.

  3. As a white man in K-land this was very useful to me as a lot of what he says applies and I need it to be told to me. Especially the part about fortifying defenses and failing a shit test is an instant game over.

    1. I noticed that there were a few parallels between White guys (and perhaps foreigners in general) dating in Asia and Black guys dating in America, but White guys have it infinitely better in terms of quality and quantity in Asia than Black guys do in America.

      1. Ill go with you halfway on that. Average girls here are damn fine for over there. They dress nice are feminine and LEAN. They arent as lippy here either. Not even close.
        i dont know about infinately better. Occasionally a guy here will tag a super cash girl. A couple guys in gangnam do it on the regular. On the average whities get decent girls but on the flip side these k girls are dating immigrants amd their smv reflects it at times. They aint bad at all but theres better.

      2. eh…honestly while white guys tend to have an easier time in asia, outside of south asia you won’t see the best women(8+ japanese or korean) bothering with any non asian men…ever. unless he’s of course rich and/or famous.

  4. This hit home for me, not just in the States (where I don’t care if I ever get laid again), but also East Asia. I will say that the mere fact that most Asian women keep themselves and seem to have on average a higher SMV than American women makes it a better place for me. I might not knock it out of the park like the “super-duper White guys”, but at least I don’t have to deal with beluga whales like I would in the States.
    Many Black men that have standards in women, even if it’s just wanting 6’s and 7’s are probably going to have long dry spells, especially in America. Unless you like chunky frumpty-dumpty women, then you’re not necessarily goin to do so well (and in my opinion, getting chunky frumpty-dumpty women isn’t really doing well, and I’d rather jack off than fuck ugmos).

  5. Pursuing non Black women in the West is a waste of time since the hottest ones will reject us most of the times. Eastern Europe and Japan are the way to go if you want 7+ girls.

  6. This article is spot on, OP hits the points, for a black to be successful you have to an “X” factor or game changer. If you have stuff going on yourself aesthetics, wealth, game, etc It’s gonna make game a lot easier if not…..well

    1. Nice ad hominem. Look, asserting “we’re all the same” is the exact same type of thinking as “men and women are the same.” I get that a lot of black men frequent and write for ROK, but bowing to political correctness is bowing to political correctness. It’s a shame that very intelligent people are forced to say one thing publicly and another privately, due to SJW threats. Does anyone care about truth anymore? I thought ROK was different.
      Check the IQ, violent crime rate, domestic abuse, STD, AIDS, and single parent statistics. Hell, check the child molestation and serial killer stats as well. Are ALL of these are white people’s fault? Oddly enough… Asians, Indians, and Arabs don’t struggle as badly. In fact, Asians tend to do better than whites, but their IQs are also higher on average. There are plenty of dark skinned Indians who make a killing in the technology sector, so you can’t blame skin color. Honestly, are African-Americans doing any better than their relatives in West Africa, where their genetics originate? Is there any reliable evidence that the West Africans have ever done as well? Other than a few anecdotes here and there, are they doing better or as well anywhere without excessive government assistance?
      It’s strange, the safest states to live in are also among the whitest. If violent crime is caused by poverty, then why isn’t violent crime rampant in white appalachia, the poorest area of the USA? Clearly there’s more at play here than just income level. Oddly enough, black men even commit the majority of the violent crime in London, England.
      Are blacks more likely to be poor, violent, and ignorant due to racism; or are they more likely to be poor because they’re naturally more violent, impulsive, and disinterested in intellectual pursuits? It’s a chicken and egg argument that no academic wants to touch. Why? Say anything bad about blacks in public, even if it’s true, and watch the SJWs destroy your career. But this is silly, right? Violent behavior is NOT inherited it’s cultural! Wrong. The Domesticated Silver Fox experiment proved that humans can selectively breed both more tame and more aggressive mammals. Same with dogs. There exists, without a doubt, a strong genetic component linked to aggression. This doesn’t mean all blacks are criminals and it doesn’t mean all non-blacks are saints, but I do think there’s something different about them that makes them more prone to crime.
      I didn’t see one picture of a black woman in this article. Why? If the author wants to know why white women generally don’t think of black men as long term partners, it’s probably the same reason black men don’t think of black women as long term partners. Looking at the stats, what sane person would want to invest their genetic legacy into the black community? Room meet elephant.
      Call me “troll,” “racist,” “white supremacist,” “nazi,” “fascist,” “stormfronter,” whatever. I don’t care. Call me a “misogynist” while you’re at it. An ad hominem is no substitute for a rational argument. What I really am is a skeptic who doesn’t buy your Leftist sob story, and it really, really frightens people like yourself. We’ve been vainly sinking funds into the black community for 50 years. The only solution I keep hearing from the Left is “give them more money!” Wrong. It’s time to cut them off and let Darwin sort them out.

      1. Nice ad hominem. Look, asserting “we’re all the same”

        Your haphazard rant seems looks textbook example, on the face of it. You made a few valid points but none of it had anything to do with @disqus_nuOJFEtG03:disqus’s post. Further, you could have simply ignored @barrowsron:disqus’s comment [which was also off-topic] but you took the bait and ran with it because it’s in your nature.
        Did you have an opinion of ‘the Pros and Cons of Game for Black Men in the West’ or are you all tuckered out?

        1. These guys never waste an opportunity to spark a race war. Really they pop up in the damnest places able to turn a thread on stamp collection into a “yee hah boys we havin ourselves a lynching!”.

      2. Black men suffer bias from everywhere, even from within themselves, and most of it works against them realizing their potential.
        “We Real Cool” by Bell Hooks explains it fairly well, even if from a feminist’s point of view.
        (I read it because “Know your enemy” – Sun Tzu)

      3. Mate you could have covered this much quicker by just calling us all “niggers!” and then shutting the fuck up.

      4. “…naturally more violent, impulsive, and disinterested in intellectual pursuits…” – sounds like the perfect Darwinian characteristics for survival in the real world. You’re fucked, pal 🙂

      5. I believe it has more to do with bad breeding than anything else. Slaves weren’t bred as well as whites. Medieval west africa was more advanced than medieval western europe expect for the areas who were dominated by the moors, who were of north and west african descent.

      6. You ever notice how these white dudes thump their chest and scream alpha,but the second black guys come in chilling, they start heaving BETA feelings,like jealousy and insecurity, then they start doing BETA shit and start trying to race troll the shit out of us. It’s hilarious

    2. I dont see why. Aside from the images, the article is not incendiary along racial lines. But merely points out the cause as slutdom.
      More worried about people who are still blue pilled on race entering the comments

    3. The HBD “trolls” should show up.
      The article is nothing but HBD!
      It consists of learned observations of the racial differences of white women and other women. Author’s racially neutral pronouns aren’t fooling anybody as to who he is talking about.
      As for the author, if he didn’t pedastalize certain women, his game would be tighter.

    1. Any man with money can draw high quality women so whats your point? Overall, its best to increase your status as a black man and distance yourself as much from thug culture as you can. Think guys like Tyrese and Tyson Beckford who exude a swagger while still being sophisticated and confident. There’s not one high quality white, asian or whatever race women they couldn’t date.

      1. Asians worship white males, so I’m sure plenty of them would reject even the highest status black man on the planet. White women, on the other hand, have been white all their lives so they aren’t as impressed by white males. There are only three groups on this planet who don’t worship white men: american black women, westernized white females and westernized females who grew up in ethnically and socially diverse environments.

        1. I would like to say that younger American black women have an entire subclass of females who “only date white men” because they (at least from what I can see/have experienced) believe them to be easier to manipulate, supposedly have more resources to spend on them, are better LTR material, and ‘respect them more’; essentially have an easier time finding beta male white men over blacks, or so they believe

        2. The reality is that the subclass of Black females who date White guys know that usually they can find the White guy who is idealistic and will do the boyfriend/girlfriend thing. They realize that generally, the Black men will not give them that sort of commitment. They feel that they will wait until they are just about to get over the hill and find that professional Black male who is willing to be the “nice guy”. Most of these women take a long time to get married and have kids. They are usually quite successful and want to protect themselves from the alleged “wrong Black guy”. Sad but true.

        3. It’s funny, I was that blue pill black guy and am in the process of getting rid of that now. Thank God for Roosh, his writings literally changed my life and helped me avert that fate.

    2. As a black man you have better chances with a white 10 of equal status. Why? Because white 10’s have easy access to the men 7’s dream about, so you’ll never be good enough for a 7 since she needs a dream man to validate her.

      1. I agree with this…..a white 9-10 doesnt need validation….she does the validating…so she dates whoever the fuck she wants. A 7 on the other hand needs validation so she only wants the top white guys. You have a better shot at Paris Hilton than say a Jennifer Aniston

  7. By “the West” do you mean America?
    By “women” do you mean White women?
    I rarely suffer this problem you have.
    In fact, in the UK white girls are pretty easy if you’re a black man.

    1. Yeah I heard in the UK it’s easy to slay chicks one of my buddies was running thru chicks in the UK like he was Usain Bolt and the girls were pretty hot too

    2. I have heard that in the past and am looking forward to my 3 month trip to London in the spring.

      1. The UK is an all you can eat buffet my brother. Make sure to take a trip Newcastle and Liverpool. A two hour train ride. The girls are much prettier in Liverpool than London and dress exactly like you want: heels and short skirt, low cut tops, make-up is nicely done and hair is long and salon fresh.
        Make hay while the sun is shining!

        1. I enjoy the Geordie accent, and the girls tend to dress a bit more sexy rather than trampy (even when they don’t act like it). Where are you based?

        2. Haha prettee soon when I get done with EEngland (and defeet UKIP goyim) no preety girl want go London at all :)) haha

    3. Slaying girls is easy for anyone anywhere in from Moscow to Hawaii.
      But some of the author’s points are about meeting and dating a high-quality white woman – as more than just a plate.

      1. That was my question though. White woman or non-black woman? That didn’t come across clearly to me.

    4. Easy for notches, very-hard-boss-mode for LTRs with a decent quality woman.
      Side-stepping the issue though, I’m not attracted to most non-black women who only go for black guys.. but I realize there is a female bias: as soon as a white female gets involved with a black man, white men will hardly see her the same way. Hence the saying “once you go Black, you can’t go back” – even if she wants to – her white options will decrease massively, with the exception of betas, ONS’s and Pump’N’Dumps®.

      1. Maybe if she lives in a small village mate. Otherwise, she will be fine. As for LTRs I think that is the case no matter the race.

    5. Pretty easy in Germany as well, been living here for 5 years and have bagged nothing but 8s and up…

      1. German women. Not the best looking in Europe but they make up for it in enthusiasm. They do love them some brothers…
        Shame about WW2… Germany would be amazing now.

  8. If this article were an “all else being equal,” then sure it makes sense, but this is almost never the case.
    You also have to factor in skin tone as all black men are not the same color and this plays a significant role in one’s experiences. As a lighter skinned black male I’ve had no issues with attracting white, Spanish, black, Asian or Indian.
    Also, your facial features, if proportioned, can break through a lot of racial barriers. The most popular guy in my highschool was a black dude who pulled the best looking chicks. He was also a very friendly person, very much not the stereotype.

    1. Damnit, your comment loaded after I submitted mine, but glad someone has the same line of thought

    2. Excellent observation and something I most definitely should have addressed. I, too, am a light skinned black man and I have less trouble attracting women of all races than my darker counterparts. This is not a myth. It is very, very true.

  9. did any of you black fellas watch a dating show on bravo this summer (yeahyeah I know, flame away, but its set in nyc, where I unfortunately live).
    The reason I ask: There was a lovely, well spoken, successful black woman on the show. A very successful black guy with a thriving dentistry biz was wooing her, and they started dating by the end of summer, but my gut feeling was she wasnt that into him. It perplexed me because she was old(38).
    Are successful black woman harder to date in the big cities than successful whites chicks? If she was ten yrs younger, and wasnt that into him, fine. But shes getting kinda old, and was two or three yrs older than him (and they both claimed they wanted children).
    What are these women waiting for?

    1. In my experience, I find that black women have the highest expectations which is ironic because they have the lowest sexual market value in the U.S. no matter how much money they make. She wasn’t into him because he isn’t the successful business tycoon Morris Chestnut type she’s been programmed to desire in movies she probables gorges herself on…kind of like how 20 something white girls want that romantic comedy guy to sweep them off their feet. The black guy would do well to drop her for greener pastures.

      1. But this woman was very attractive, she should have high(maybe not highER) expectations. My question was: are good looking, successful black women harder to nail down for good looking successful black men when compared to the similar situation for white women/men?

        1. Yes. Highly successful black women are not only hard to lock down, they make horrible mates. They are exponentially more concerned with appearances, brand name items (clothes, shoes, etc.), and you’re always one comment away from releasing her inner ghetto….for within every black woman no matter what she surrounds herself with to make herself and others believe she is above “all that shit” is a hood rat just waiting for a reason to rear its ugly head. That beautiful 38 year old is no different…trust me.

        2. Does this pertain to black men as well? I would caution against using such language as “for within every black women . . . is a hood rat.” This same reasoning is used to justify fear of black males/the angry black male sterotype.

        3. I’ve noticed some of what you’ve said to be true. In that, a black woman, especially if you’re not black, shows interest in you, since being non-black you lack the stereotypical “alphaness” of black men, she will eventually shit test you hard very early on in the interaction, and it’s usually focused on your job, your car, house, status etc. I had a few black women at the gym showing interest, and when I didn’t give them straight answers about the above mentioned shit-test points, they turned not only cold as fuck, but almost angry towards me, and the animosity remains to this day every time I see them. Oh well. next.

        4. That’s a fair question but I can’t speak to the inner ghetto black men do or do not possess within the context of a sexual relationship as I have no experience in this matter. Your question is probably better suited for women who’ve dated black men in the past.

        5. Ha ha ha…”inner ghetto”. Actually, not all Black women have the “inner ghetto”. What happens is that they will meet some other women who advise her to test the man with “inner ghetto” techniques. It usually stops when you ignore them. A common tactic that works with all women.

    2. most black females are just masculine, and even the ones that are pretty and in shape. their mind and spirit is masculine, which is why you either need to be damn near a thug(or full on criminal) or a very submissive ass kissing male as a black guy to hae any long term delaings with many of them.
      they will accept an “average” man of another race, as there’s no expectations of what the guy should be like for them(and confident white guys scare black women anyway lol). look at most high profile black women or successful ones in a relationship..the man is either a thug, ex-con, pastor or some other high social status occupation, half white or another race entirely.
      where black women slip is that they simply aren’t feminine no matter how good they look, and no man will put up wth most of them. even when they try to turn on the charm and act nice, they’re not as good at it as a genuine owman who simply is a fucking woman at herat…so they tend to end up single with tumutltuous love lives.

      1. Nail. On. Head. I have always argued that the #1 problem with black women is overt masculinity…plain and simple.

  10. I think skin tone has a lot to do with it as well. As black people, we give each other a hard time if someone is lighter or darker, so why wouldn’t any other race do the same? From what I have observed, the lighter the shade, the easier it is to pull. I am a caramel color and I think I fit into the perfect “hue”.

  11. This article is spot on. As a black man, I’ve been connecting the dots game-wise over the past couple of years. You’ve tied it all together really well.
    My white roommate got into game around the same time as me and our approaches and results were pretty different: he’d get a lot more dates than ONS, while I’d get many more ONS than dates.
    Like you, I was raised in a fairly sheltered environment and it takes a
    few hard-knocks to shake the blue-pill “race doesn’t matter” mentality that got spoon-fed to most of us in school. As an African American, you need to cover your ass 24/7.

  12. Spot on and well written. Overall, we all fit in classifications, stereotypes in this case, and its how well we perform in our category. I remember reading an article about a black man who’s numbers skyrocketed when Obama won, and he would simply wear white shirts with his sleeves rolled up. White tall guy follows the current Hollywood A-lister and becomes a dream product of the moment for her as well. Women are just shopping for products, as guys would do with a trophy wife. The question is, which product are you selling ? and what product are you shopping for and for what.

  13. I really liked this article. I believe in true love between races but many of Latina, Asian, Middle Eastern women value a white guy if they date interracial than they would a Latin or even less a Black man for a serious relationship. I have seen awkward white men get really great quality Latina, Asian and Middle Eastern Women. It also has to do with COLORISM. Former colonized areas of the world seem to put white skin on a pedestal that’s why you see bleaching creams and women in all colored countries being represented by their lighter women in their news, media, models etc. The exception is black women, they are most loyal to black men or black Latinos. The truth is White women as well as most women of color with the exception of black women, if they marry outside their race their family would approve more of a white man than a black or Latino male.
    I have bedded white women from the north and southern Texan white women, also some Asian and Indian and Black women. In fact I have had long term relationships only with Caribbean black women. If you are a black or Latino man I suggest Latina from the Caribbean or Caribbean women in general and Brazilian and coastal South and Central American countries. If you like Asians your best bet will be South East Asian women, they are more likely to give us a chance at a meaningful long term relationship. Northern Asian are heavily effected by colorism and will choose a white guy more often. Also its great to learn about their cultures, helps break the ice and you educate yourself at the same time. Remember outside of Africa most black people come from Latin America….and most blacks outside of Africa come from Brazil…just a thought.

  14. Any men with any interest in the free exchange of ideas should know what a gag this site has become. These clowns are deleting comments and banning people faster than any feminist rag out there. This has become one big circle jerk with zero tolerance for any deviation from the party line. Fuck you, Return of Queens, I gotta feel bad for anyone that thinks they’re part of any kind of free thinking here.

    1. I’m unsure how this is relevant to @disqus_nuOJFEtG03:disqus’s piece but I believe it’s worth pointing out that you’ve spammed several other posts with the same comment and have yet to be banned or censored? So, whoever is “deleting comments and banning people faster than any feminist rag out there” isn’t very good at their job.
      Further, judging by your comment feed, you’ve yet to contribute anything beyond condescension and spam comments.
      Let’s start sharing ideas relevant to the topic at hand [in lieu of spam comments]. If you’re still unable to make points w/o condescension or vulgarities then this may not be the place for you to share your ideas.

  15. Any men with any interest in the free exchange of ideas should know what a gag this site has become. These clowns are deleting comments and banning people faster than any feminist rag out there. This has become one big circle jerk with zero tolerance for any deviation from the party line. Fuck you, Return of Queens, I gotta feel bad for anyone that thinks they’re part of any kind of free thinking here. oh, have fun with the coal-burner discussion.

  16. Once Asian guys get seen as cool, the game is easier for them than for black guys. They’re “almost white”.
    Black guys really have it rough if their goal is an LTR with a solid white girl. You need Michael Jordan / Tiger Woods type of value to be seen as beyond black.
    That said, just because you have to work harder than some others for the same goal, doesn’t make it something you shouldn’t strive for.

    1. Well said. I’ve had many LTRs with good looking white girls, even in my beta days. I’m not in the LTR business anymore but I’m living proof that it is possible to nail one down if you work at it.

      1. I have also, its possible but it seems we have to bring alot to the table to be considered LTR material. Everything you said in the article is spot on though. I grew up in the suburbs and had girls of all races all over me through high school and college. It wasnt until I graduated and moved to Ohio that the challenges surfaced. Ohio girls are looking for LTR’s from birth so black men are invisible to them. I had a legendary dry spell back then that forced me to learn game. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I moved to Florida and started gaming everything.
        The only thing I will add to the disadvantages is that if a girl of any race likes black men she likes all black men, not you in particlular. Its not so much that you have to be beyond black, you just have to have something that makes you stand out from all the other attractive brothas out here. (There are millions of us).

    2. I’m going to go out on a limb here but I don’t think Tiger Woods is good LTR material.

  17. Don’t want to hijack this thread, but as a white male I never get any IOI from black females ever. I can remember like once a very long time ago. I just figured it was “cultural” for lack of a better way to explain it. Honestly don’t know.

    1. It is very rare for black women to date white males, let alone flirt with them. One commenter hit the nail on the head when he stated that the most racially loyal women in the states are black women. It is highly uncommon for them to date or even fool around outside their race.

      1. Yes Black women are very loyal to their black men or black Latinos. But White males have the advantage as far as long term relationships with Asian Latina Middle eastern Indian, Arab and White women. Their families will more readily welcome a white man than a Latino or Black men.

        1. Oh I’m not talking about individual experience just saying that Black women are “Racially Loyal” to black men. They are less likely to want a man outside of black men.
          But personally Black woman who are most loyal are Caribbean black women.

        2. I think its the overall western culture, women from other regions are more straightforward whether they are more liberal or conservative there is more honesty. The conservative foreign women are great for long term relationships. Just be careful for the users, but that applies everywhere anyway.

        3. I am not sure it is loyalty necessarily. I think that ultimately, it is tough for a Black woman to settle down with a White man and eventually have to deal with an “unfortunate comment” from someone in a mostly White social setting. I believe many college educated Black women experience this and are forced to then “recalibrate” their expectations. Once they need to marry and or have kids, they are in search of the Black man who reminds them of their favorite uncle or their father (if he was a good man).

        4. Yes I think your comment contributes to the phenomena of Black Women mostly sticking to Black Men. I had a coworker (Light skinned Black Guy) who had a white girlfriend he tried everything to appease her family and to no avail. Usually White families and Non-black minority families look down upon a black man dating their daughter

      2. I have seen these black women that date white guys(they are not common, but there). Just like their white counterparts, they are usually not very attractive. The white guy is usually ‘hood’, or trying to be….or the girl is not ‘hood’ at all.

      3. Not for the reasons you think though. Black women are ‘loyal’ because they desire aggressive men, white women are disloyal because, guess… they desire aggressive men. The more aggressive a nation’s race is, the more loyal and homogeneous that nation’s women will tend to be or allowed to be, by a group of stronger predatory alpha males. You think Eric the fucking Red in his Viking glory would have allowed his bitches to fuck other Vikings let alone black and brown ‘Auslander’? Those women not only were feared into submission and loyalty but loved it, but as soon as their weak ass descendants starting crafting IKEA and accepting feminism was the moment you started seeing babies, well… like me (bi-racial).

    2. Black women face an intense pressure from black men and other black women to date inside their own race and not consider any man outside of it. I was dating a black woman back in the day. When I was introduced to her friends the look I got was the same as if I had personally cut off one of their breasts. When I asked later, she told me that they didn’t approve of us and had started pushing black guys her direction. Funny thing, she never dated a black guy again.

      1. black men do not care who black women date, do not let a few simps on youtube color your opinion. most do not care…at all.
        1. all women besides asian-americans do not really date out much, very low interest in it.
        2. white males besides these italians(they got balls and live in mixed areas) fuck up their approach to black women all the time. stiop fucking with her “kinky” hair and don’t confirm your stereotyping ways with that “hurr i aint neva had a black chik befo” shit. just treat her like every other american bitch you wanna fuck and watch how simple it is.

      2. As someone who’s half-black, black men could give a shit about who black women date. Honestly in the international sexual marketplace, the biggest losers are Asian men and Black women. They are the least desirable by other races. Besides, the reputation of the average black woman doesn’t help them either, mouthy, aggressive with an unwillingness to be as sexually explorative as her racial counterparts. Please…

        1. Yup could care less if Shanekwa is dating poindextor or his Mexican cousin. I aint marrying her anyways.

    3. Are you serious?? Black women are the EASIEST to game. My white friends in a club just say some stock opener and they eat it up. You’d be shocked how many black women are curious for the BWC.

      1. Maybe I should try this but it’s really hard to find quality black women where I’m from. I could go downtown but most likely all I’d find is snappy prison hardened bitches. If I could find a good place I’d give it a go

    4. I am a black male and black women rarely give a IOI. That is why so many are single and end up with the wrong guys. I’ve noticed that White women and Latinas flirt a lot more often than Black women who rarely flirt with anybody let alone a White man.

  18. I can’t answer for myself. It seems spot on for friends of mine though. We (them included) actually laugh at the (most specifically the white) women these guy manage to bed. When it’s just us guys around and the shields are down and the masks are off, these guys are nothing like those women think they are.
    It isn’t all of them, but the ones that fall into the category of thinking he’s a hung alpha stud just because he’s a brotha? Those broads are hilarious.
    The same guys think I’m some sort of god because one of my plates that has been putting in some regular appearances is an incredibly cute lesbian (at least that’s what she tells her girlfriend) chick. It’s all good fun.

  19. So when a white female figures out you’ve got an average size cock, and an average size pay check, she’s back to her smart phone sending messages on tindr. Some things transcend race.

  20. As a black male I’ve never had trouble pulling chicks of any race. The aspects of being in a relationship is what kills me. Let a girl get comfortable and they get out of pocket. That being said, I’ve had better experiences dealing will white and latina women. Don’t really run into asian chicks that often.

  21. This all may be true when your talking about your average looking black male, but for better looking, greater genetic having black men, all of this is definitely not the case. I am a pretty good looking black guy ( and I assume this from all the attention I draw from females ranging from 6-9 without provoking them) 6’4, 180 lbs, good style, and well groomed. Day game couldn’t be easier for me with very beautifully black and white girls. If I fail a shit test I’m not blown out all together I’m giving a couple of chances to revive with black and white females. Also with the data that you say backs this information up, why should it be our responsibility to search and find it when this is information you are distributing to us.
    There is something you are leaving out. Is this article solely specific to white females, black females, or both? Because while they do have a lot of similarities when it comes to game they are still different from each other and must be gamed different as well.
    I don’t fully know about all your concepts that you talk about but I know from first hand experience that most of it is not true, you should do some more research before distilling opinion.

    1. I have above average looks and this is what I’ve experienced. I agree that genetically superior good looking men probably have much better results than the rest of us regardless of race. Your statement “This may be true when talking about your average looking black male” is exactly what this applies to. Yes, there are exceptions but they are not the rule. Hell, I’d love to get attention from 6s and 9s without much effort but I play the hand I’m dealt and continue to run game.

    2. 6,4… 180 Ibs. Hit the weights bro. If you are indeed 6 foot, 4 inches tall, you should be pushing 205Ibs+ (at least 205Ibs) of hard muscle. Wendler 5/3/1 would be a great start for you.

      1. I have a weight chart. At 6’4 Malik should weigh 200 lbs if he wants a lean and muscular look. For just weighing healthy he should weigh around 185-200 lbs.

    1. Because you’re not really black, I as a black man can testify to what this brotha has wrote, he was on point from start to finish. Because I am way above average in looks.I’m tall(6’1″),I lift weights,I have a lot of european features(Most Black Men from Louisiana tend to).I’ve been able to run a lot of experiments and not worry about losing chicks,because Im always able to attract more. I can say without a doubt everything he said advantages as well as drawbacks ,I have encountered in the experiment.
      The crazy thing is that me moving to Cali a couple of years ago,It’s been more challenging to pull white girls here than down south,where im from.Ain’t that some shit.I find the irony amusing personally.
      Where told the liberal lie everyday how California is supposed to be more diverse and not as segregated as the south,that is bullshit. I find that although black men have more opportunities for advancement here in California, the dating scene is very segregated. White girls here usually stick with there own,unless the guy has the status symbols they like,I’ve fucked a few here,but it’s below average for the nuber of white girls im used to. Asians here aren’t as snowblind as asian girls down south, Philipinas,Vietnamese and Japanese girls love them some black men here. The Latinas here in SoCal are Very Snowblind and Self-Hating,they will snatch up any white guy as long as he’s white, you can fuck a couple here and here, but only the rachet latinas really fuck with black guys here and lets not forget that 95% of mexicans are very racist towards black people in SoCal(I’ve heard they’re cool with and more tolerant of blacks in NorCal,Idk because i’ve never been to NorCal). But If you’re looking to date white girls, you’ll have a better chance in the south. Isn’t that ironic, don’t you think?

      1. I don’t know how the fuck you can go of and say I’m not really black. That’s for to be the dumbest shit I’ll hear for the rest of the year. 6’2, lift, travel, have a great career in software. Just because I don’t 100% agree with the article and you do doesn’t mean I’m less black and you’re more black or something retarded like that. Get a clue dude

        1. Exactly. You don’t even resoond to a percieved insult like a black dude. So go have fun white boy!

        2. I got you, you’re a troll. You’re not black, the minute i fly off the handle you’d go and say how black people are this, that and third. Get a life

      2. Asian girls don’t fuck with Brothas in Cali. Maybe low-tier Filipinas, but that’s about it, and even then they’re not fiending for us like they do for White guys. Maybe you get a pass because of your more European features, but random Black guy #87 isn’t going to get anywhere with Asian chicks anytime soon.

        1. I know you, buggin now. My ex was asian(Filipina) and Ive smashed a Korean and Japanese bitch while I’ve been out here. Its waaaayyyy harder to pull Asian Bitches down south. Because they are usually die hard racist down there and they have way more pressure to fit in with whites. Here in cali theres so many asians that they dont give a fuck and are more open to it. Maybe you need to step your game up!

        2. Even outside my experiences, Ive seen it with other Brothas. Just because you havent had it, dooesn’t mean that it dont exist. And now you sluring ABA’s thats some white boy beta shit, not a good look my nigga. I know why you’d like FOB’s because they’ll give brothas an easier shot, again. You can fuck American Asians, but again you gotta step ur shit up, but I see why u not getting any play. You on sum sucka shit and from the sounds of it if you are “black” like u claim, you don’t sound like no “brotha” you definitely sound white washed ur damnself. And NO WOMAN of any race likes a “Whitewashed” nigga. That’s real shit

        3. And then on top of that you’re black with yellow fever. So I know you have got to be one of the corniest and swagless ninjas walking the earth. Niggas with “yellow fever” are just down right sad. So yeah, it really makes sense now. Smh

        4. Nah, seriously, I just don’t find Asian American females as attractive as FOBs at all. I’ll step my game up for my own edification, but I don’t want to step it up to eat shit sandwiches when I can jog to a delicious spicy Hunan dish.
          I guess I am “whitewashed” because I am not sexually attracted to the typical women that a lot of Black men fiend over. No disrespect (unless she is fat or gross, then shame should indeed be theirs forever), but I have my own standards.

        5. Yeah mayne, real niggaz luh dem fatass ully-ass brazeeelian womenz mayne, the phatta da betta do mayne. Real niggaz got swag doe and luh fatass sloppy white guhs nobody else would fuck, and puerto rikan chikz wit ten motha fuccin kee-ids by twenty different niggaz, mayne. Real nyuggahs luh deam sistaz forreal do, and da only AZN chikz we should be afta be dem filipinaz mayne. Keep dat shit hood doe.
          Yeah, miss me with that bro.

        6. Gotcha.
          Yeah you’re better off living abroad. Once these fobs get off the boat into the west it’s game over.

  22. I’ve found that if a white girl likes black guys, she will let it be known. There is a certain subset of white girls (really, girls of all races) who “have a thing” for brothers, and they will make it obvious to us. One of the biggest problems though is that they usually expect some kind of thugged-out gangsta or some swag fag. If you don’t fit that stereotype they won’t fuck with you, because you’re not the fantasy they had in mind. This has been my experience both in America and in Germany. That said, the higher quality women who don’t necessarily have a thing for black men hut who are receptive to dating them do not date the brothers who dress like Chris Brown or Tyga. They date intelligent, well-dressed, well-groomed brothers who are no less “alpha” than those gangsta-types but whose alphaness consists of more than some played-out image of thuggery and aggression. Think Idris Elba vs. Lil Wayne.

  23. Oh man, as Asian descent, the article you linked to more than related to me. I’ve for a long time refused my own culture and embraced Australia, then hung out with Aussies. Most of the times, I have noticed I was invisible to the girls except the ones with boyfriends. It doesn’t matter if you worked a decent job and have a decent life. Now when white girls are curious of me initiating the conversation with me, I can’t help but be suspicious if they have hidden agendas.
    One thing to take away from this experience is it is often white women who keep relying on stereotypes and what the media dictates. If they have boyfriends, then they believe what their boyfriends tell them.

    1. “Now when white girls are curious of me initiating the conversation with me, I can’t help but be suspicious if they have hidden agendas.”
      Their “Hidden Agenda” is that they want some yellow cock. Destroy her and move on.

  24. *Lost the thread i was responding to. My apologies. Anyways, for some collective ponderin’*
    There are 3 main races of human beings.
    1. Neanderthals, primarily European – lived in a cold as fuck environment which causes a K-selected sex strategy and horizontal social integration. Larger dichotomy between sexes, ergo, more beautiful women. High fat animal based diet. Result: ~1400cc brain capacity, low time preference, high IQ. Hence why the white race is productive, and generally awesome. Swiss/American Republic awesome, not nigger lover SJW awesome.
    2. Cro-magnon, Africa – warm climate, plenty of food. r-selected sex strategy and vertical social structure. The craziest chimp ‘leads’. Result: ~800cc brain, low IQ, high preference, poor impulse control.
    3. Denisovan, Asian – much the same story as Neanderthal, but with larger social groups.
    ~36,000 years ago the cro-mags ‘came out of Africa’ because of an interstitial warm period – the Holocene – like we’re going through now. The murdered the Neanderthal and raped their women, which is proven by DNA showing the ‘Thal propagated through the matrilineal line. This is how we have ‘modern human’, which because of the mixing with niggers, are generally dumber human beings. As the Neanaderthal % drops (white genocide) across the globe, so does IQ, which would lead to a mass of dumb crypto-nigger-Asiatic slaves ruled over by who? Starts with a J..ends with kike.
    Humans are tribal viruses basically…when resources tighten up, we snap back to our tribe with an US vs. THEM mentality. In the future, the white race traitors/liberals/self haters will likely be exterminated in the second American Civil War 2. Also, the Holocene is over and we’re about to fight over the none frozen land remaining in total Clausewitzian war. My money is on Russia for survival purposes. High IQ, no retarded self-hate, great warriors that won’t have a pussy guilt complex when the business of nastiness commences.
    John l. Casey – Cold Sun
    Thomas Chittum – Civial War 2 (google for free PDF)
    It never ceases to amaze me that people would come to a site like this in search of ‘truth’ in regards to women, because you’re looking to drag yourself out of the narcissistic/nihilistic fog the ‘The West’. Then when you bump up against universal truths, you throw a hissy fit just like the bitches you mock (justifiably, women should never be allowed to vote).
    Well gentleman, mother nature doesn’t give a fuck about your subjective personal opinion; so accept truth, adapt, and thrive..or don’t.

  25. LA has given me better insight into the game of black guys. I have a lot of respect for the fearlessness and ferocity with which I’ve seen black guys game. They have a seeming invincibility to negative emotions after a rejection.
    That being said, I’ve seenblack guys in different parts of LA with some absolutely stunning women. They seem to do very well with Persian and Armenian girls

    1. You can thank Kim K’s sluttiness for that. Although don’t ask an Armenian or Persian guy what he thinks. As far as they’re concerned, if one of their women dates black they are dead to them. She can forget family gatherings or anything but a look of disgust on their faces anytime she walks by.

      1. Well not in my experience. I dated a Tunisian whose family is very well to do. Needless to say, I had my way with her and her beta male Arab ex fiance, called her everyday mercifully begging to get back with her. Finally her and I knew we were only in it for the fucking. But although he knew I did those things he still begged, and I mean let’s face it the stigma of black dick and trying to compete with it is quite discouraging, even if it is a stereotype. However, she did talk shit about how small his dick was etc
        But we both know that she went back with him, because frankly I didn’t commit. So don’t kid yourself, Americanized Arabs/Persians will indeed take sloppy seconds if that’s all that is left. On the sexual totem poll in America, Arab men fare slightly better than East-Indians and Persian men fare better than both. But let’s be honest if you are a certain type of white guy, Latin (South American, think Argentina and Brazil) or black guy, then if you have even average means, America is a great hunting ground. I’m always puzzled by these men on RoK who find it difficult to get laid here, not conflating that with marriage material but damn in America if you’re the right type of guy by Darwinian rules, you get the roost.

        1. Cant say anything about Arabs or Arab women but Armenians are the opposite of Beta. The culture of the men is aggressive to the point of crazy so if you can snag one of their women into a LTR more luck to you. I’ve had better luck with snotty Persian women who seem to like to rebel against their parents and date someone like me to give a f you to the parents. Even then a LTR is not easy and never seen it. Most middle eastern cultures are very close minded. Don’t get me started on Indian, I’ve never been able to even get an Indian girls #. They’re a total mystery to me, even the americanized ones.

        2. I am an African-American and a secular (cultural) Muslim (ie: I drink alcohol, eat pork and fuck). I have been STALKED by Pakistani and Indian women (in the UK and the US) who find out that I am at least nominally Muslim and can speak Arabic (potential in-laws love that shit). I have been teaching English in Turkey, Bosnia, and Azerbajian. It is NOT a problem getting a blond, green-eyed Muslim chick as a Black guy. The problem will be that she wants to get wifed up real quick (after the deed is done) and will go psycho on your ass if it doesn’t happen. But yeah, if your a Black male Christian, they ain’t messing with you.

        3. Well, if you have standards it can be difficult. America has a lot of uggos that think that they’re tens, and a lot of men from all races that gas up their heads enough to make them think that they’re 11’s.

        4. And you’ll see a damn UFO before one will give you play,like talking about it,you know why? Because they are the most “snow blind”, out of all the groups of asian women,which in turn as we all know are the biggest “white worshipers”. They are the APEX of non-white women who lust after white men(Think Mandy Kaling). They won’t have anything whatsoever to do with black men,Not to say it’s impossible,because nothing is truly impossible,but it’s really not even worth the trouble to try and pull one if you’re a black man. But if you want to try,you would have a better chance with a Indian from Pakistan, than one from India, as Pakistani’s don’t buy the white supremacy bullshit that india seems to fucking eat a mile of and then ask the doctor will one more bite kill them.Smh
          I say this from first hand experience a few years ago I pulled a Indian girl from Pakistan she was a 8 with Big juicy tits, when I was down in Miami.

      2. Armenians? Who gives a shit what they think? Their population is so small if she married one of them she would probably be marrying a family member.
        As for Persians, well Persia hasn’t existed as a political entity for nearly 2000 years. Maybe they should be more humble.

  26. High SMV white women won’t date a white man unless he’s in the top percentile as far as looks and money goes. No amount of game can change that. You also have to factor in the fact that most women (asians being the exception) favor men of their race.

  27. “Nothing is more unattractive than a black beta male.” Yup, that used to be me. Of course, going to a pre-dominantly white liberal arts college in the northeast or northern mid-west can cancel this for a few short years, but once you graduate, your black nerdy comic book reading ass better swallow that red pill and learn some game real quick or you are in for some lonely years in your late 20s.

    1. Ha ha ha…Those predominately White liberal arts colleges are designed to destroy your manhood. Once you leave that atmosphere you wake up and smell the coffee and regain the Alpha status that you deserve.

  28. Spot on great article this gives me a real great insight and reflection into my 2 years of this journey as a black man in the UK and going after women I’m attracted to but also dating women from different countries.

    1. Black British guys in America can fuck any human female within the audible radius of their speaking voice. This is a fact.

  29. As a young black man approaching 30 in 2 years I will give my share on it. I’m naturally a very social person because of my mother. Mixed with the traits of being a assertive guy from my father. I think we overrate game nowadays…
    I’m just naturally slick with my words and I have charm. I’m handsome, in shape, humorous, people person. It flows naturally for me. I love all races, but I just have a thing for Latin women/mixed women.
    However I don’t try to talk to every hot woman I see. I don’t like shallow/superficial women.

    1. That’s what I found too with some fellow black friends when doing Game. It is better actually for them to break certain stereotypes while retaining a natural Alpha frame. Also that way more women will want to be in a LTR as well as a friend of mine hitched up with a Russian 8 quite easily and 99% of his notable notch collection were white hot women. He is into white chicks. We always make fun of each other, because I am way more into black women than him.

      1. Lol that’s cool man. Sounds like y’all have fun and a great friendship. Not to be rude but why are you attracted to black women so much? I’m curious.

        1. I’ve dated all kinds of races – Asian, Indian, SEA, Redheads (hehe) etc. I only said that I like them much much more than my friend. I’ve usually experienced African black girls, which is a totally different story, because many are sweet & feminine – something like FSU girls to Western girls. Apart from that I noticed that most have way more naturally toned, athletic bodies than White or Asian girls. But I am a far cry from bloggers like Dom Torres, who is almost exclusively into black girls.
          My boner test is passed by almost all races if they are slim, cute, petite and have a more or less sweet personality.

  30. Black men are seen differently than white or Asian men by female hamsters. Some Game bloggers like Virgil Kent or Distant Light (10Lifestyle) are either going suited up or the popular black Hipster route. Also they both wear glasses to break some of the uber-Alpha feel that women associate with black men. At least black guys don’t get friend-zoned as much as all other races. There are advantages and disadvantages to all races and looks as a man – we owe it to ourselves to do the best out of it and usually there is a lot we can do – we are not women spending our time bitching to have the world change around us.
    Distant Light is one of the coolest ones on the block – banging High Level NY chicks without money:

  31. Dang, that’s like a sore dick . . . CAN’T BEAT IT!
    But seriously, as a white guy I think the carousellers of all races (which are mostly Western white hoes) have lost their souls. But black girls chasing you like the ice cream man? They seem to retain some of their tribal spunk. I assume they want knocked up and you in return obligated and hog tied.
    Except for rock stars, I rarely see white guys being chased like the ice cream man by white girls. A White guy needs specific game and solid fundamentals. Like: Only wife up a virgin – nothing less. Or: Practice your swing on the rest.
    Hey, me being a White guy, where’s the throngs of blonde Swiss miss virgin nymphies that come running from their backyards when I walk down the street and begin YODLING? I’m not Black so I can’t just walk into a shopping mall and grab my crotch and make IOI with all the fine young eye candy and hit ’em up with a little friendly rapping. I’m an old fart now so they’d probably throw me into a cage if I grabbed my crotch outside of a club. I’ve seen older Black guys get away with it though.
    In Western countries undergoing deconstruction, it is open season on all white women, unless you are a White male. Some would say ”It ain’t fair” or ”Why can’t I grab my crotch at all the young ass?” when non whites cut the carpet and take the cake. Luckily, I taught myself club game at a young age so I was never one to cry about such an unfair playing field. Really the field only appears unfair to betas and those without game. ROK SAVE THEM.
    If Western White women of the hook up culture skipped the decade of the carousel and wearing out their elastic with nightly ‘shoe stretcher’ practice and chumping, they still wouldn’t measure up to being traditional LTR or wife material. No virginity means NO LTR and thus NO Family. Virgins are born every day but are lost and wasted in the West as quick in the same day. It is nearly impossible to maintain tedious basic control much less maintain patriarchal control over your family in any modernized area today.
    I got a big red dick and game so I’m cozy, but if I had a blacksnake, I’d be a king IN THE BAYOU. OFF THE GRID is the last frontier for the families of every race. Places like coastal Louisiana bayou often necessitate off grid back ups and Cajun queens come in every stripe. Having roasted possum with a bayou girl who is likely virgin and Catholic would have more prospect than settling for being a honey do whip for even an 8.5 single mom in some city. That WOULD be bottom dwelling.
    Polygamous dating sites have been traditionally White and communities located in the far northwest. Lately I’ve seen a number of Black girls on these sites looking for that special family to join which is puzzling. Is there Black polygamy springing up somewhere? It would be safe to do in the bayou.

  32. When I see a black man with a white woman, the woman is almost always fat. She typically also has giant 3″ diameter earrings. I think it may be a genetic predisposition that black men tend to prefer fat women.

    1. This is true, most of us prefer thick/chubby/curvy/pear shaped women 99% of the time.
      Definitely biological.

  33. I think the myth of Women chasing Black men is just that. A myth. I know several Black men that couldnt get laid to save their lives.

  34. ” The perceived lack of future provisioning potential and social stigma are major deterrents to women with options as far as marriage or settling down is concerned”
    Doesn’t apply to me. Im a black man making 100K+ a year flying jets. I’ve always wondered where that put me on this aspect.

    1. Who cares? Black women are beasts. Their point of view is no more relevant than asking a dog What it thinks about Mozart.

  35. “(the obvious exception being black women, who chase black men like fat kids chase ice cream trucks). ”
    hmmm….the fastest growing interracial coupling is black women and white men…
    Some people may consider this to be a good or bad thing, I have no opinion on it.

  36. This article is just straight up bullshit lmao, Im sorry.
    As a black male myself, I’ve met women of all races that expected me to be a hip hop loving, shit talking, confrontational petty ass thug. I’m the exact opposite. Polite, friendly, nice, courteous. Mostly cause my Momma raised a real man, not a real nigga.
    It humors me that there are blacks older than me who think that race matters when we are talking about relationships.
    It doesn’t. There may be a certain stereotype dumbasses have in their head when I walk into a room, but guess what? I’m not changing the way I act for nobody, no matter how gorgeous the girl is. If she’s dumb enough to buy into how the media portrays black men, and be attracted to that, then thats a girl I don’t wanna fuck with. Simple as that. It’s not about having game and it is sure as hell not over if you do not act the way a woman expects you to unless that certain woman is that stupid.
    This beta and alpha male shit is garbage. If you act the way a woman expects you to, that is beta in itself. Act the way you want to act, fuck this complicated irrelevant race bullshit. Just be confident, genuine, polite and nice. All the right girls of all races love that shit, and that’s a fact. If you want some ass just for the night, then call up some hoe. Wanna know why it’s about race for y’all? Cause it’s all in your damn head. We all are put into a stereotype, each and everyone of us. But you don’t need to cover your ass or “be better than your equal”. Nigga just be yourself and all the right girls will come.
    Simple as that.

  37. As a well off white boy from Montana I can attest to this, at least in America. I have given rides (just trying to help out of courtesy) to black woman in my luxury car, with no intent of trying to bang them. They got very mean and uppity when I told them I didn’t want to be with them, they actually expected me to try and pursue them.

  38. John Q,I,as a proud beta black man-63-years-old (July 6),cover boy good looks,IQ 150-160,NEED EYES IN EVERY ORIFICE because today’s culture favours the dumb of all races!!!!!!!(Couldn’t imagine myself “clubbing” today with these stupid broads as potential partners!)

  39. I would be curious to read your take on dating (gaming) Af-American women (if anyone is still interested in that, lol). I am also curious where you and some of the commenters below grew up, since I was never told for 5 seconds that life was fair, and that everyone was considered equal (African-American female here)

  40. as an asian guy, we are also outcast from society but unlike black guys, there are nooooo positive sexual stereotypes of asian men. So while some girls like and some don’t like black men, and black men work with this… there are very rarely girls who like asian men. If anything, the best an asian guy can hope for in the dating “marketplace” is a girl who is equivocal to his race, which is rare. It’s been shown that asian guys need to make $250,000 more than a white dude to have the same chances with a girl, even an ASIAN GIRL. Long story short, asian guys are best served by just hunkering down, making tons of money, and fucking prostitutes and used up sluts, and laughing at older single women who complain “I can’t find a good guy”. haha

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