The Death Of Britannia

I’ve lived in England for twenty-two years and observed its steady decline into a shivering basket case terrified of offensive language. Here are nine reasons to avoid the UK but England in particular, and if you are living here you should consider leaving.

1. Lack of strength

The average man is not masculine. He has very little courage and will do anything to avoid conflict. He covers up his insecurities with a mask of pseudo confidence which manifests into overly positive extroversion (usually after consuming alcohol) or he simply sinks into apprehension and fear. Either way, years of feminism has crushed mainstream masculinity in the UK.

2. Fear of judgement

The average person really cares what others think of them Subsequently it’s hard to see past the mask one wears and genuine interactions are rare unless alcohol is involved. Yes witty banter is part of the culture but it is a form of ego protection and can actually damage one’s self esteem if lacking in character strength.

Britain is known for its good manners, but people are almost too polite and courteous, as if they’re constantly trying to avoid awkward silences and trying to break the ice with a tooth pick instead of just putting it out there and risking their own egos.

Society is very civilised and pleasant on the surface. However this has led to a collective of tension as most people do not want to stick out and will compromise their own well-being for fear of judgement, which has subsequently manifested itself on a societal level and created a sort of nanny state.

Reciprocating common courtesy is arguably part of human nature, however it has really become deeply entrenched in British culture. When political correctness found its way in, the two made for an extremely effective tool for manipulation of the general public. As your average man is becoming increasingly agreeable and emasculated, just going along with everything is much easier than having to think critically and risk exposure and humiliation.

3. Terrorism

The threat of terrorism is very high, and the authorities are not interested in tackling this problem. Instead they are more concerned with silencing right-wing dissidents. Attacks will become more frequent not only in the large cities but also in medium sized towns. Unless there is a radical change in government which is unlikely when looking at the polls, this danger will only increase.

4. Terrible women

I won’t go into detail as there’s already a massive article dedicated to this.

5. Multiculturalism

Britain has seen huge demographic changes in only a generation. Social cohesion is inevitably eroded the more a nation breaks down into sub cultures which self-segregate. Even if there is no friction between certain communities (such as Chinese), at best you simply have a state of neutrality. Trust, mutual understanding, and democracy can only happen in homogeneous cultures.

6. Large Muslim population

The more Muslims residing in a country the more demands they will place on their host culture. With such benevolence in the native population, nowhere in Europe (other than Sweden perhaps) or the rest of the world have Muslims been more effective at implementing their dictates, knowing full well how scared the British are of racist accusations. Anti-British protests and speeches encouraging violence against the infidels, sharia courts, and paedophile gangs raping thousands of children up and down the country for decades (possibly the most shameful disgusting cover up of a single Western nation) are all the result of a growing Muslim population.

These grooming gangs have been known for years by the authorities but, they’ve been allowed to continue unopposed, and the few who speak out are quickly silenced with the R word which has become the biggest sin and worst accusation in this cult of liberalism.

So serious and evil are the crimes of racism and Islamophobia that rape, paedophilia and even murder are pardonable offences if the perpetrators are of a certain race. With an ever growing number of these grooming scandals being exposed, the British people still do nothing! There is not enough unity for the native population to take action effectively. Many aren’t even aware as mainstream media still down plays or outright ignores reports.

“A society that can’t defend its children has no tomorrow.” —Vladimir Putin

7. Crypto democracy

The UK has for years been a bedrock of democracy, civil liberty, and individual freedom. With simple agreeableness replacing these virtues and most citizens not understanding the dangers of state intervention and speech control, the government has been sneaking in legislation for years. Of course this is not unique to the UK, most Western nations have been trying to undermine freedom of thought mainly, with terrorism and hate speech laws where they’ve conveniently placed right-wing dissents.

8. Slipping into totalitarianism

The UK is drowning in political correctness. With not causing offence being integral to British behavioural norms, it is almost no surprise hate speech laws were easily passed and rigorously enforced. Persecution of dissidents is rife as more are attacked and imprisoned.

The state is the guard dog of private citizens and the people of the UK have not trained it properly, so now it’s biting its owner and instead of disciplining or replacing it they are showing fear and trying to calm it down with appeasement. But all they’re doing is training it to misbehave, if this continues this guard dog will maul its owner to death. The mask has slipped revealing the ugly face of tyranny, and it’s only going to get worse.

9. No free speech

Although many have known this, recent events have really proven that dissenting opinions are no longer tolerated. Thus paving the way for more government and more abuse of its citizens. The UK government has been banning people with “unacceptable views” for years (Roosh V, Julian Blanc Richard Spencer, David Duke and others) but the fact that an individual was prevented from doing a free speech on free speech at speaker’s corner is almost unbelievable.

Yes, the government has the right to deny entry to anyone they wish but when you look at the inconsistencies of their actions and how hundreds of ISIS fighters are allowed to return freely, it raises eyebrows.


The possibility of Corbyn becoming the next prime minister really doesn’t give me much confidence in the British people and shows just how disconnected they are. Brexit means nothing if the globalists keep hold of power in the UK because the EU will be gone inside ten years anyway. Independent or not the agenda is moving forward, but with the rest of Europe moving towards the right, Britain is falling behind and will probably be the last stronghold of the globalists. Great Britain is now little Britain.

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180 thoughts on “The Death Of Britannia”

    1. Yo as a britton nigga i dont see nuuuuthing changingg man. Yo maaanzz deem crackas r lying. Great Britain keeps being Great maneee.
      We iz kangz n shieet niggaaa!!!
      Now if your guys excuse me I have to go back to KFC to eat more chicken. Yoooooo

      1. For the man on the street wishing to say what he thinks there is far more freedom today in China or Russia where you can say what you think. Academic freedoms are also far higher. The criticism of government leaders however is higher in the UK. Its a mixed bloody bag as the Brits would say.
        They actually banned all “grossly offensive” electronic messages (all modern speech ) and then just selectively enforce that like the old Soviet days where you ban everything and then just prosecute people based on politics.
        I know for religious freedom they may be ahead of places in the Middle East but general free speech for the common man on issues like migration and criticizing general government agendas its not clear and nobody thinks of the UK as a free society any more. Didn’t they used to mock Russia and China for lacking freedoms? lol

        1. Religious freedom?
          No freedom to even talk about real Christian sexual morality in the UK.
          Not if you want to keep your job or your children.

      2. Is it hard work being this much of an ignorant cunt or did it come naturally to you ??
        The man clearly spoke in normal vernacular so why deal in stereotypes ? Are you too fucking stupid to muster an actual point ???

        1. Not only is he boring and stupid, he will probably soon be claiming to be ‘a defender of the greatest civilisation man has ever known’.
          …and people wonder why ‘we’ are losing.

        1. No, you moron! He didn’t triggered, but Himself was triggered by False ego, False pride and GRUDGE !!
          When I see these kind of shitheads, at least for a moment, I feel like; whatever is happening, they deserve it !!

      3. For anyone that talks like this behind the keyboard I hope you convey that same energy in real life, otherwise you’re a p****y Beta lol .

    2. Hang on, #6. You mention rape gangs but zero mention of the Telford scandal?

      I know the BBC aren’t going on about it but, come on, this is the worst case of it’s kind to be exposed in Britain.

      1. Sargon of Accuck showing people that his country is literally getting raped and pillaged. I wonder what he will do about? Maybe he will have a get together to talk shit about the racist Alt-Right like he always has done. He is a self Professed “Muh individual” too, BTW.

        1. Who protested communism the most those in the Soviet Union or those in America? Who probably hated it the most? Sargon lives in a society where most genuine dissent and subversion is banned unless ts token dissent.
          He skirts the limits of the law in UK as a moderate libertarian. Free speech is so low you cannot even discuss what you cannot discuss. You cannot even admit that the lies around racial differences being culture will trash you nation and leave you worse than Brazil in the long run.

        2. @Brian..oh, don’t get me wrong, Sargon serves his purpose when calling out BS to his large audience, he is a gateway to the redpill and one of my first YouTube subscriptions…but he is still a CUCK. He goes to extreme lengths to talk shit to the Alt Right, you know, like sending interracial porn to their twitter accounts and shit.
          At some point these cucks are going realize that most of this shit is happening because men have become a bunch of Nihilistic/Libertarian CUCKS. Even Sargon is still blue pilled when it comes to women. he still believes in egalitarianism and women’s rights. In other words, he thinks the problem is just 3rd wave feminism, not the inherent biology and behavior of women.

        3. Ah, so fucking what. He annoys me too, but I put “feelings” aside and chose his link to post because I went through the other links and most of them have been silenced or are crap, regarding Telford.
          Modern day debates are all about attacking the source when you don’t like the content, SJW’s do that all the time. For instance you can get them to talk “pro vegetarian” speak, then mention to them that Hitler was a vegetarian and was pro animal rights, and watch them flip off the handle, rather than saying, “Well, I suppose that’s good.”

        4. @asdasda..ok, and your point? What is Sargon going to do? He has been up on YouTube for like 4 years and everything has just gotten DEMONSTRABLY worse in the UK. The liberals are playing hardball, and Sargon is a cuck. People are judged in history by their actions, not just their words. The only thing Sargon wants is a slower demise. Ethno-nationalism is the only thing that will save white people…THE FUCKING END.

        5. He collects information and packages it into 30 minutes “This week in stupid,” which he provides for free on a public forum. If you don’t think that service lacks any value then you’re being just bitter for the sake of it.
          You’re talking about taking action, and how talking doesn’t do shit, well, that’s cool, I agree. But what also doesn’t work is taking action as a lone wolf without a section of society backing you.
          So your argument that he’s been on youtube for 4 years and things have got worse is really not looking at the whole picture. In those same 4 years we, as a society, now have a fairly strong alternate narrative to the mainstream media, a lot of people are waking up. Hell, if you need proof, Trump is now the president of the USA, rather than a female candidate. A female candidate losing to Trump is not something even I would have believed could happen 4 years ago.

        6. @asdasda…ya, an I literally said he has been a useful idiot for some time now. OMG, he has made 30 minute videos…who cares? If people don’t actually ACT than there point to videos, no point to protest, no point to anything. Also, this Sargon Cuck is the same type of personality that most Americans back in the 80s had….muh, race don’t matter, we just need muh culture. Sorry bro, but I don’t know why any man would fight for anything if it wasn’t in order to preserve his own tribe. Why the fuck would anyone fight just to let women keep voting, let minorities continue to flood in (just at slower rates)??? Until people actually pull their heads out of their asses and stop with this complacent attitude of “muh humanity” than there is really no point, and we should just let Islam take over so that at least Feminism will be destroyed. LOL, in this video posted he goes out of his way to CONTINUALLY say that these Muslim men were only raping and target white girls because of culture, not race….In a way he was literally defending these dumbasses and implying that they just needed to be integrated so that they would fuck these white girls consensually.

        7. Fuck you just made a dumb post, wes.
          Did no one tell you, it’s not a race war, it’s a religious war. Just because you don’t believe in the second coming (I assume) doesn’t mean they don’t.
          Yes, in general the Muslims are brown, the Jews are Arab looking and the Christians are white, so you can argue it’s a race war. But it’s not. I wish it were, as a race war is based on differences we can all see and agree on, a religious war is based on invisible things and afterlife and the unknown, the people killing and dying for this are a different league of fanatical.
          But you know what? It doesn’t even matter, they’re different sides of the same coin. So if Saargon wants to point out religious fanatics you should be happy about it, as those fanatics are often not white. And if they are white, then they’re cunts like Justin Trudeau, people you also hate. So, really, I don’t get your beef. Yes, he’s annoying and smug, but he’s still fighting on the same side in the end, as there’s only right and wrong. Him and Milo can get a hell of a lot more traction with their messages if they can distance themselves from the far right, it makes them more impenetrable to attacks from the left. Like with Milo he promotes that he’s gay, Jewish and married to a black man so that they can’t use the homophobe, racist or anti-sematic jibes at him. And it works pretty darn well.

        8. Oh, and btw, Wes, just a thought, are you directing all this anger at Saargon and me because you are unable to address the details of the Telford case, as THAT is something that’s worth getting angry over.
          The grooming gangs operated in Telford for over 40 years.
          The police would charge 11 year old girls with prostitution when they found them drugged up and getting gang raped in the back of kebab shops.
          One girl had her tongue nailed to a table while 50 men took turns raping her.
          One 14 year old got burnt to death along with her sister and mother after she fell pregnant and gave birth to the child of her Muslim abuser, who started abusing her years before.
          I can go on, but I don’t think you want to look at the information in front of you. Just a hunch.

    3. Good night England. As it turns out guilt and shame are the most powerful weapon. For that matter, good night Germany.

      1. Goodnight Britain, Germany, Sweden, the USA (maybe a bit later), and in time, all the white Christian countries.
        Western civilization is dying. And I don’t feel so good myself.

        1. No, we will survive. We will rebuild, and in one generation we will re-conquer.

    4. Lol ‘as a British man’ = (((fellow white people)))
      Actual Britons do not call themselves ‘British’ – they are too tribalist. Instead they say I’m English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish.
      Being an immigrant does not change your genetics.

      1. Are you suggesting people would lie on the internet about who they are to either disguise or push an agenda? Well I never…

    5. I left the UK in 2009, the police were out of control and a woman only had to point her finger at you for them to give you a beating or a night in the cells. Worthless country full of worthless women. I wish I could get a passport from somewhere else.

    6. I don’t see the point of vitriol so I’ll just say this. If you’re really black, you’re not British. I don’t have a problem with you, but calling yourself British is like me calling myself Japanese. It just ain’t. That being said, you’re right. I don’t see anything changing because the current, past and upcoming generations of true Brits have been so cowed and propagandized that they’re actually championing their own demise. A society that won’t stand up for itself will, inevitably, change or die-off. So, unless there’s a national uprising, and that will necessarily involve summary deportations and violence, Britain and most of the West are doomed. Wishful thinking aside, does anyone see western man rising to his own defence before he’s made a minority in his own country? The time for that was 40 years ago (Enoch Powell).

    7. You see Black British Guy, all you did was said an opinion and they insult your race. White people aren’t your friends, they’re enemies whose men we slaughter, their women we take and their children we enslave.

      1. Interesting. Doesn’t quite fit with your 24/7 colored crybaby olympics narrative about the white devil oppresses your people doing the exact inverse of what you pretend to do to us. Can’t have it both ways, savage.

    8. It’s not much better in the EU country I’m in right now either. The revolution has to be from within ourselves individually. The US is a mess too. Enough men in the West need to self improve and let the chips fall where they may

    9. Britain is the home of the globalists… nothing has changed in 300 years. The shots are called by a small cabal in the city of london (legally a seperate nation of its own) america only thinks it is independant. EU is a joke ruled by british bankers. Its all out of the UK… hence it is the home of the modern police state experiment and absolute monitoring cctv everywhere and complete dominance of socialist (aka. Nazi nanny state).
      Whats more shocking is how brainwashed by the media the average pommie is. It has gone from miners strikes, poll tax riots, blocades of oil refineries and a real rebel … we won’t be told what to do….. right over to complete brainwashed SJW clown population distracted by social BS while the overlords in the City of London literally tell people what to think. Hilter had nothing on the UK.

    10. Brits. and Irish may not have the best average but a small percentage can be very stunning.

    1. Thirdworldman, you are correct. And as a man from the US, I will say we are also drowning in a sea of fags. Shame on our fags, lol.

    2. US still have a chance Captain ! Europe is not.
      they are inferior to masculinity.

  1. The brits will always be fags. Your “women” are putrid, you have lousy appearances, and you are far too “PC” You only have yourselves to blame for your downfall. Enjoy the muslums, fags

      1. You are the only thing other than England that is absolute shit

    1. Yes keep blaming the victim white goy! Those Swedes just weren’t man enough! Germany just needed to man up! England white men are just weak! Even though the rot has fully taken hold in your own neck of the woods.
      Imagine how delighted (((they))) are when you laugh at your fallen brothers peril and don’t even recognize the same fate inflicted on you by the same (((enemy))).

  2. 6 million J_e_w_s live in England. That’s where they fled after fleecing Germany.

      1. Why don’t you post something about Jews and how you hate them?
        It would be interesting and informative, I’m sure.

  3. Does feminism have anything to do with all the fruity as hell british millenial men dressing like a long lost bandmate in Bring Me the Horizon with that hideous paper shredder Keith Richards haircut?

    1. Yes. Former flatmate was trying to school me in how to act to fit in, “You should talk with a softer, higher pitched voice, it’s less aggressive. You should also wear skinny jeans rolled up at the ankle, it’s in right now, girls like it.”
      Being totally fair, only a guy truly fucked over by the system could ever even have these thoughts running through his head, the concept of talking in a higher pitched voice to be attractive never even crossed my mind once. Literally, not once.
      I also lost count of the number of full-grown faggot men walking around pushing a pram with their wife in tow. And the wives were often a cut above the average brit. Like, a 4 on world standards (if you include Aborigines).

  4. I find it hard not to somewhat resent England for choosing to give Europe to Pakis instead of Italians and Germans.
    With that said, God have mercy on the few based British men who have to watch their past and future get stolen from them and their kids.

  5. Unofficial surrender to the muslim invaders…..Wow, what a difference 40 years makes. Hitler would have been shocked at how easily they surrended to arabs but not fellow Europeans, but its a hate crime 2X to say the truth.

    1. They should have surrendered to the Irish instead when they had the chance, but no, the stiff upper lip got in the way…wont stop the invading raping muslim hordes though…

      1. Arabs, muslims, Pakis, what’s the effing difference when you get down to it?
        Stop quibbling, fuckstick.

        1. BlueEyedDevil
          Good to see you around again. And I see you are still raising hell!!! LOL

    2. No he wouldn’t. Britain and France were already using every race under the sun to kill Germans, even in the First World War. Hitler was quite aware of what France and the UK were going to look like in the 21st century, and (((who))) would most benefit from this browning.

    3. If the women were running Britain in 1939, they would have handed the men over to Hitler, just for a quiet life.
      The men fought for freedom.
      They saved the Western world.
      Then women took over society.
      That’s it.

      1. No, that’s not it Wind-shill.
        If Hitler won or England atleast came to the table on peace negotiations England would still exist and most importantly of all it would be inhabited and owned by native Brits with their own destinies and self determination at heart. Not a Kosher one.
        Countless British and men across the globe fought and died so their countries could be [email protected] and pillaged by the very people they supposedly saved from the imaginary ovens. Its an absolute travesty but we have all been taught methodically since birth completely different.

        1. Mr Sasquatch, you lack of European history is palpable, and I have no idea why you read my posts.
          Please, try not to.
          Thank you.
          (…and it’s Mills, Windy Mills)

    The crimes of Winston Churchill
    Churchill was a genocidal maniac. He is fawned over in Britain and held up as a hero of the nation. He was voted ‘Greatest Briton’ of all time. Below is the real history of Churchill, the history of a white supremacist whose hatred for Indians led to four million starving to death, the man who loathed Irish people so much he conceived different ways to terrorise them, the racist thug who waged war on black people across Africa and in Britain. This is the trial of Winston Churchill, the enemy of all humanity.

    1. I knew he was evil but I didn’t know he was that demonic. May he rot in hell with his brethren.

  7. So call me a racist. Big deal. Any small-minded dimwit can say what they please. I have a right to sneer, express that they are about to get their ass kicked and ignore it. Here’s a question. These Mooslims have institutionally shit on their own countries and citizens since the dawn of time. And refuse to change one wit. They breed, support murderous polices and excel in intolerant practices. So tell me, what value do they bring to table on anything other than becoming a target rich environment?

    1. The Mooslims will be useful in exterminating the Juu, but I agree, we need to deport all Juus regardless of assimilation, and all immigrants and refugees who refuse to assimilate to Western values.

    2. @Ray…what do you not get bro? Someday they are going to do more than just call you a racist….how would you like to go to jail for a though crime and then get raped in the ass? Keep pretending you are an individual badass bro, keep pretending.

  8. The rot is Britain started long long time ago with Cromwell who brought the Jewish bankers from the Netherlands and laid the foundations of the modern usury banking system.

    1. Police in York Region are searching for a suspect after the doors of a Vaughan synagogue were smashed with a rock in what they’re calling a “hate-motivated” crime.
      On Wednesday morning, police say a man approached the place of worship in the Bathurst Street and Flamingo Road area, throwing the rock at the door multiple times, breaking the glass.
      “It is both despicable and lamentable that someone would feel the need to resort to such vile behaviour,” said Michael Mostyn, chief executive officer of B’nai Brith Canada, in a release. “We trust that police will investigate this matter seriously.”

      1. The Juus are always trying to find something antisymitic. What if the young man was dying of thirst and wanted to enter the Juus place of devil worshipers?What if the young man wanted to gain access to the building but forgot the key?
        Now all of you Juus are just pathetic.

    2. Sharp analysis. Usury is allowable toward you goys.
      Somebody have to write about this story…

  9. Camelot has fallen due to the irresponsible actions of women for a second time. For one brief 150 year moment, patriarchy, Christianity and the West ruled a quarter of the world and a fifth of it’s population.
    The sun has set upon Great Britain.

  10. Author missed out about the weather and our food is c**p. But at least we’ve got Starbucks now and Wholefoods so not all in decline.

    1. What is wrong with English food. Weather…pfff…nothing wrong with English weather.

  11. Nicely done and so sad…
    What nobody seems to notice (as in connecting the dots) is that the globalists/multicultis/feminsts/culturalmarxists/frankfortschoolers/communists/originalmarxists/thejewswhoevenarentrealjews are collecting one nukestate after the other.
    Only Russia slipped away again so far – after they killed some 60-100 million christian Russians – and now they are trying to get back at them like they did a century ago.

  12. First of all, the English were the most civilizing influence on the planet, and currently former colonies owned by the British.
    Secondly, the British and their cousins (ahem) were also some of the most savage warriors the world has ever known. Real men.
    While England does appear to be in a slump, I still believe that in those Englishmen lurk the genes of the savage merciless men who built the empire. Those are just waiting to express.
    And what causes such changes? Direct threats to survival. And England’s very survival is at stake. I read where over 20% of Englands 15 year olds are now mohameddans.
    They either stand up, hang the traitors that enabled the invasion, and start operation Remove Kebab, or they will be finished by 2050. The same could be said of Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and even my country the USA.
    Instead of black pilling everyone, I think you would be better served trying to get the men of Britain to remember who they are, remember their ancestors, and get the fuck off the couch and do something.
    Remember “Fuck You I’m Millwall”? There’s more where that came from and I expect we’ll see it before the flame dies out totally in England.

    1. Nice alternate reality there.
      English people for the most part have the genetics of beta cucks. Realistically only 1% or less of them are masculine.
      Can’t say I blame them though with how ugly their women are. How can a man be inspired to act masculine when surrounded by literal swine? The sexy women of Britain are ironically seldom British.

      1. Well if that is true the same can be said of all white men outside of the intellectually limited slavs.

    2. Mike,
      We only built the British Empire as an excuse to get away from our awful women. “Just out to conquer India darling, back in 10 or so years”.

  13. this got left off of:
    First of all, the English were the most civilizing influence on the planet, and currently former colonies owned by the British…
    Are to this day the most economically successful countries compared to those colonised by other European powers.

  14. What do you people expect? Their very own “royal” Harry is marrying a reused blower divorcee of questionable background and character and no one is really batting an eyelid over there. Stop romanticizing what once was – that’s gone forever. We should look to build a better future, but aware of the fact that we cannot and will not bring back the past.
    I’ve always said America is a much better and enhanced version of England. England 2.0 without the cheese monarchy and overt docile nature – that’s why their best and most restless, the dissenting Protestant Puritans, came over to America and built a freer, better country with (until now) one of the best political systems in the world. NO WHERE ELSE does any man have the freedoms of Americans. Yes, those are slowly being eaten away unfortunately, but if you compare, this very website would be shut down by law in much of Europe and you can’t even carry guns or possess them, you are literally OWNED AND CUCKED in Euroland, especially Britain, Germany, France, etc.
    And even though the US is most certainly in decline (mostly demographic and an ever increasing trashy White population that is ignorant, fat and uneducated), I still have a lot more confidence in the average American white (rural) that when the shit hits the fan, all hell will break loose. I have no such confidence in any current Western European population.

      1. prenup? His family are exempt from most laws anyway including tax its just voluntary for them to follow laws or obey courts and more about show.

  15. The British monarchy will be gone within 20 years. The Brits, really the English, supported it as a symbol of greatness – and the monarchy at least most of the time acted like nobility.
    Now with Harry marrying an african mix, common Brits will no longer respect the institution and its costs to the country. Good bye, good riddance.

    1. They say the British royal family is really German. I wouldn’t be surprised if the (((rothschilds))) and other (((banking families))) that own the British installed some of their (((own))) as the royal family. If that is the case then they are safe and we can understand the lavish expenditure on their pointless existence.
      Prince Charles looks like the spawn of big daddy Rothschild for crying out loud.

      1. They are German:
        Saxe Coburg and Saalfeld – Queen Victoria’s Mother
        Saxe Coburg and Gotha – Queen Victoria’s Husband
        Teck -German nobility – Queen Mary’s father
        Queen Mary’s Grandmother was a German Princess
        Prince Phillip’s Grandfather was a German Prince
        Yup lots of German blood in there
        Now the house of Windsor and Markel. Well, let’s not go there.

      1. Mind boggling though, that’s what he picks. I’m sure she gives a great BJ and maybe she just sucked the brain marrow out of him.

  16. Living in UK almost 5 years now. Few observations:
    – bottom level males talk mostly about football, poosy, drinking. Don’t try to go with them into something deeper as they are uninterested. Stupid banter is their only style.
    – British chicks are absurdly unfeminine
    – gossip and grassing up are common.
    – most of Brits are lazy and proud of it
    – fake politeness
    – people are sad inside and alienated

    1. My friend is in a long-term relationship with an Ontario Anglo and I swear all she seems to care about is drinking, LGBT nonsense, her cubicle job, and PC mainstream television culture. It just seems like Canadian Anglo women have nothing going on at all… Complete basic bitches… I bet American Anglo women have more personality, even though I hear a lot of them are awful.
      I would rather kill myself than deal with that kind of inane bullshit on a daily basis.

      1. newsflash dude no women is intellectually interesting or able to engage issues intellectually or has principles or even cares about reason and logic beyond regurgitating arguments on call or agreeing with whatever philosophical viewpoint is the prevailing one in the society or social group. If you engage a woman in that type of discussion then what you are doing is trying to convince them but they do not even care about the argument just about SMV and shit .

        1. In history women pretend that the reason they never produced an Isaac newton was because they were held back rather than because they weren’t ever interested or capable. Its probably a bit of both but a lot of it is because they are not interested by nature.

        2. Gynocentrism self-suckered women into pointless work/independence, via the corporations/state, and impairs bi-sex communication, because it make women less accommodating/feminine, and men less aware of the mental sex differences and less masculine, so ironically both became less interesting to each other.

    2. 100% right — and the same can be said of most other Western Euros too. I’ve lived all over Europe and their “lower” classes really DON’T give a shit about anything else other than football and “shagging” but in a destructive carefree way. Look at even their “middle class” areas in some countries like Spain or Italy and the walls are covered in graffiti that would even make ghetto trash in the Bronx blush.
      There is also that “fake politeness” and submissive deference so common over there. It comes from the whole “you don’t know who you’re talking to” crap mentality that goes back centuries in a continent that was basically serfs and a few powerfully privileged well-connected families. It is STILL like that to some degree: look at Britain’s parliament…mostly “public school” (eg:best private prep school boys from known families).
      Western Europeans, including Brits, by and large do NOT have the balls the average American has in general. They will never have powerful personalities like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X (IM NOT SAYING I AGREE with these) I’m just mentioning examples of people who have, for good or bad made a difference, and say all you want about Donald Trump…but you must admit, at least he does what he wants and doesn’t give a crap about being polite. Americans, by and large, are way more gutsy, risk taking and aggressive than your average “shy and polite” fake European modern male.
      And let’s not even get into their job incompetence. Ever tried to get something repaired in your house in England or get car service after midnight even in LONDONISTAN? It’s sad for me that the old, real England is gone (not that it was ever an improvement over America, but at least they were who they were)…now? A sad, pathetic, decadent placed filled with fat drunken screaming entitled whores and a useless male population…a country overrun with the worst kind of migrants who have NO INTENTION of even respecting the local traditions….I wouldn’t spend 1 penny traveling to England at this point. That’s all gone and it’s not worth going unless you are into seeing old buildings and romanticizing an imperial past that will never ever ever return.

  17. Britain is lost for good-and-all. I could regret that; except that I believe, from the very root of my soul, that any polity which disarms its citizens does not deserve to survive.

  18. To me what is most tragic about this whole process is the country committed suicide knowingly and willingly.

    1. Nietzsche called it straight up… The English by and large have fallen to drink and spiritual nihilism…

  19. I think we have officially witnessed the triumph of Cultural Marxism. I was wondering when it would happen, but it has…where basic morality and common law (universal in virtually all regions/religions) have been eclipsed by political-correctness (anti-white male circular logic).
    We witnessed this first when the first thing Jeffrey Dahmer said during his interrogation was that he may be a homosexual, rapist, kidnapper, serial killer that mutilates corpses, but golly-gee he certainly isn’t a ‘racist’ as the media had said of his grizzly crimes.
    We just saw it again with the mad bomber in Austin giving away his whereabouts to let the media know that he was not a racist bomber targeting minorities but an equal-opportunity killer, and it cost him his life.
    Do you think we have out priorities a little mixed up when being racist is worse than actual crime or terrorism? ‘Racism’ is communist buzzword invented circa 1930 by (((Leon Trotsky))), and was appropriated by (((cultural Marxists))) of the (((Frankfurt School))).

    1. Just my own speculation, but I think what we might start to see in the future is a rise in people who for decades have been suppressed by the broad mainstream post-modernist culture.
      All those people who had an innate sense or interest for spiritual, artistic, historical, cultural ideals, and traditional worldviews, but were constantly suppressed and ignored as social pariahs, really have no reason not to express themselves now. The mainstream culture labelled them as utterly insane for having a basically religious sensibility, and yet the mainstream culture is literally leading to ethnic and cultural extinction of the people who practice it. There is literally no reason whatsoever for a person of this type to hold themselves back for fear of causing problems for the majority of people, who have unequivocally proven that they have no fucking clue what in the hell they’re talking about.

    2. Especially when the races are so different and obvious to anybody and everybody that culture aint the reason for that.

    3. The Austin bomber looks like another pasty soy boy who can’t get laid. Reminds me of Elliott Rogers for some reason. Just go and get fucked Please!!!! Don’t think about it, don’t give it another thought. Shame they don’t have male role models to take them to a whore house like in the old days.

      1. @CinderElla…A) You have no definite proof on that yet B) Still doesn’t compare in any way to minority crime which is BY FAR higher. C) White men actually have affirmative action against them, maybe they should be killing more. Apparently it is cool when minorities kill because they are “oppressed” even though the very things they are oppressed from are things that white man created. Crime statistics speak for themselves, I’m sorry bitch. You need to learn statistics.

  20. Sounds like a nation of libertarians….men just wondering around, worrying about just themselves, completely disconnected from one another, getting drunk, fucking hookers and sluts, and then just wondering around some more with no real purpose in life but consumerism. Meanwhile, Tribalistic people like Muslims are colonizing the country, fucking the women, keeping their own women in check, and just taking over without a shot being fired. Holy shit, talk about the greatest tool/weapon to destroying a nation….First demoralize a people, turn them into atomized individuals who hate their own government and their own tribe, then slowly but steadily begin destroying the nation with increased immigration till you just take over. Hell, the nation becomes so pathetic they will literally GIVE you money to come colonize them. LOL. Libertarians: “BUT BUT see, it is the Welfare and the state.” No, no its not, it is the fact that weak men let women and minorities take over their government at which point they unleashed the welfare system into the behemoth you see today. Poland, Hungary, Finnland, Norway have universal healthcare and a vast array of other welfare systems and they are not dealing with any of this BS, they simply don’t give welfare to foreigners, or let them flood into their nations in the first place…sorry Libertarians, try again, your mentality is weak and pathetic.

    1. > Sounds like a nation of libertarians….men just wondering around, worrying about just themselves, completely disconnected from one another, getting drunk, fucking hookers and sluts, and then just wondering around some more with no real purpose in life but consumerism.
      No, sounds like Anarcho-capitalism.
      1. Pull your head out of your ass.
      2. Learn the difference between Libertarianism, Minarchism, Anarcho-capitalism, Anarchism, etc. You can start with Man, Economy and State (Rothbard) and Free to Choose (Friedman). Heck even a cursory reading of (((Wikipedia))) would do most people good.
      3. Repeat steps 1-2 until you learn what Libertarianism actually is.
      The US was founded as Constitutional Republic based on Libertarian (some would say, more specifically, Minarchist) values. It’s the only reason you guys have 1A and 2A. Worked very well until women were given the vote, creation of the Fed, IRS, etc.
      Holy shit you people are thick.

      1. The point is Disciple. The white man either gets tribal or he go’s extinct. Not before suffering the painful demise as other groups seek to rob him clean and abuse him.

        1. I agree with you completely, it’s just these clowns with knee-jerk criticism of Libertarianism but don’t even understand what it is (and isn’t) are quite annoying. There’s plenty of legit criticism of Libertarianism out there, but first one has to properly understand what it actually is (and isn’t).
          The white man will have to fight with God-like zeal or he’ll be replaced by Muslims that will. THAT is the secret sauce, not tribalism which is good, but not good enough under these circumstances and can only take you so far. It’s now or never.
          God has been dead in UK and Europe for quite some time so what’s happening now doesn’t surprise me the least bit.

      2. Anarcho-capitalism and libertarianism is LITERALLY the same thing. Combine “muh taxation is theft” with “muh captialisim” and you get essentially ANCAP. Not much of a difference. Both groups are full of selfish, lost, and simple minded people. Oh, and I am assuming you are talking about Milton Friedman, you know, the guy who own son David literally wrote “the Machines of Freedom” which is a book DEDICATED TO ANCAP? LOL, the difference between Libertarianism and ANCAP is probably less of a difference that that between Democratic Socialism and Marxism. Libertarians, Minarchists, ANCAP…blah blah blah are all just BULLSHIT ideologies whose foundations are based solely on unrealistic and completely RETARDED views of humanity and civilization. Minarchisim is just a new BS ideology that libertarians had to create because some of them finally pulled their heads out of their ass on some positions. HAHAH…the creation of the FEDS DID NOT CAUSE MEN TO GIVE WOMEN RIGHTS, THE FED DID NOT CREATE THE LEFT WING…AND THE IRS IS CONSTITUTIONAL, IT PAYS OUR MILITARY AND FEDERAL INFRASTRUCTURE. I am surprised you didn’t blame getting off the gold standard too.
        I like the whole “pull your head out of your ass” thing, I think that is actually what you need to do. THE USA WAS NOT FOUNDED ON FUCKING LIBERTARIANISM YOU FUCKING IDIOT. Every fucking moronic pieces of shit in this country always says “muh, this country was founded on my [insert ideology] therefore I am right”. The Constitution was literally CREATED in order to allow the federal government TO TAX, aka, Give the FEDS WAY MORE POWER.
        America was formed by tribalistic people who actually sacrificed their time and money for more than just themselves. We had massive cultural laws preventing people from doing shit back in the day, we have always had regulations, we have always had taxes, and we have always had regulations that fit the times. Today we are actually more libertarian than we have ever been, and it definitely shows. You idiot libertarians don’t even know WTF you are talking about. All you morons do is just make up random one liners like “muh libertarianism is just about freedom, muh” and then you make one excuse after another excuse, and one exception after another exception, when people actually go into the details of your idiot ideology. This is why even Rand Paul had to shift his ideology from that of his nutty father. You are just whinny bitches who want the world to revolve around you, and who think that they are somehow magical beings disconnected from the rest of society.

        1. > Anarcho-capitalism and libertarianism is LITERALLY the same thing.
          Ok sure dude. Yes, LITERALLY as in literally (Hitler). Lol.

        2. Preach it dude.
          We are in emergency situation and people are still arguing over the stupidest shit.

        3. To Clark Kent:
          Seriously? Quite surprised reading that from you.
          From Wes the Great:
          > Anarcho-capitalism and libertarianism is LITERALLY the same thing.
          > LOL, the difference between Libertarianism and ANCAP is probably less of a difference that that between Democratic Socialism and Marxism.
          So Ancap and Libertarianism “is (sic) LITERALLY the same thing” and at the same time, “the difference between Libertarianism and ANCAP is probably less of a difference that (sic) that between Democratic Socialism and Marxism.” …
          In other words, they’re LITERALLY the same thing, except they have differences. Rest of his post are just delusional ramblings out of ignorance and frustration.
          I could understand such logic fails coming from women, but from (what I’m assuming) a grown man? Well…

        4. I was going to jump in here but I knew Wes would be able to handle this Lolbert with ease.

        5. @DiscipleOfTruth…Bro.
          Bernie Sander: “Muh Democratic Socialism isn’t Marxism because of Blah Blah Blah”
          Libertarian: “Minarchism isn’t ANCAP because of Blah Blah Blah.”
          You can tell all these ideologies are full of shit because they are constantly having to make up “new” names for their group in order make their groups more palatable to the average Normie. Minarchism is Bullshit, and when you actually ready about the history of all these groups they still fall back into the same dumbass Libertarian category. You morons are constantly changing your ideas and positions….first free trade was awesome, now lots of libertarians don’t want it. Then it was evil environmentalism, but now you are starting to see libertarians going against Big Agra and Big Industry…. “putting shit in the water that makes the frogs turn GAY!!!”. Then it was all about privatizing EVERYTHING, but except this and then that blah blah bah. At first Libertarians were all against closed border, but now most of them scream for it.
          NO, you libertarians are average retarded American sheeple who think you are hot shit, and you believe that your ideas are all unique and shit, and it is just that people “don’t get it”. Libertarians seem to be the morons who have never really cared about anything until something happened in their life, and then they hear some libertarian idiot say something, and then all of a sudden they are experts on politics/economics/history, etc etc. LOL, this is why libertarian politicians always change their positions when actually put in charge. Why do you think it has been so hard for Republicans to reform healthcare??? LOL, Even Rick Perry has said he regrets saying (or forgetting, lol) wanting to destroy the DOE, now that he is in charge of it he LOVES IT!!!
          And I am sure once they come out with badass Electric cars, like the new Roadster or a number of other future vehicles, than all you dumbfuck libertarians will forget what you use to say about those “muh wasteful government incentives on muh electric cars”. Murray Rothbard (one of the founders of Libertarianism) literally said that industrial pollution was a form of aggression, lol.

          Even the free market GURU Alan Greenspan finally admitted there were flaws in his thinking, ONLY AFTER THE COLLAPSE of our economy in 2006.
          You retarded libertarian also seem to be just like the liberals when it comes to “muh bigotry, muh racism, muh everyone should love each other like a hippies”. You even said everything was great till women voted, but every libertarian I have talked to is all for women’s rights and voting…so like I said, you people are dazed and confused (pun intended, since most young libertarians are potheads).

        6. To Wes:
          Sure dude all political theories that believe in liberty as a value (in your own words) “is (sic) LITERALLY the same thing”, except “the difference between Libertarianism and ANCAP is probably less of a difference that (sic) that between Democratic Socialism and Marxism.” So they’re all the same thing, yet there are differences.
          > Even the free market GURU Alan Greenspan
          Greenspan was a central planner, head of the central bank of the US (the Fed, a private bank which shouldn’t exist in the first place) and an (((Ayn Rand))) sycophant [whom I do not support]. Also, he actually advocated returning back to the gold standard, opposed government bailouts of failing firms, etc. early in his career; he abandoned his free market values entirely later on in his career. The problem in 2006 wasn’t a lack a regulation (as a typical disgruntled simpleton like you would think); the problem is the existence of the Fed itself. At least use a better example.
          People like you are exactly the reason why the West is falling: can’t form any logically coherent argument, doesn’t know anything about what he’s talking about but is absolutely convinced he is (textbook Dunning-Kruger) and needs to dumb down + simplify everything to accommodate his shallow thinking and all your ramblings reflect all that.
          Anyways, have the last word fool, you’re not worthwhile.

        7. Oh there you go agin…”muh, if you criticize my ideology you just be against liberty”…STFU dude, I literally laid it all out for you.
          “is (sic) LITERALLY the same thing”, except “the difference between Libertarianism and ANCAP is probably less of a difference that (sic) that between Democratic Socialism and Marxism.” So they’re all the same thing, yet there are differences.” YA, they are the same thing, you just proved my point, Democratic Socialism and Marxism are the same thing…just a little different wording. It is like the difference between human shit and cow shit…it is all shit, just from a different animal.
          I “can’t form any logically coherent argument”…bitch, I literally wrote you an essay and even including sourcing…my responses were perfectly logical, and the up-votes prove it….sorry.
          Alan Greenspan was a libertarian free market GURU bro, stop trying to distance yourself from guys like him. It is just like the Communists today trying to distance themselves from Stalin by saying “that wasn’t actual Communism”.
          Central planning is at the heart of every culture, every nation, and every tribe…it always has been and always will be. YOU ARE NOT SOME MAGICAL BEING disconnected from the rest of society. A nation of decentralized morons will never accomplish anything…AND THAT IS NOT WHAT OUR COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON…READ HISTORY.

    2. “fucking hookers and sluts”
      Hardly any hookers in the Uk, maybe a few crack whores, but they ain’t obvious. I fact I would say there is very little sex around for any of the white men. After 50 years of no sex in the UK, I moved to SEA where there’s more sex than any guy can handle.

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    YOUR WARD NEWS will reflect on feminism, (((feminism))) and the JQ for you who are incel because of the Juudid. Remember at 7pm tonight to visit his website!

  22. Aside from lots of Muslims there isn’t a lot of difference of between the UK and the US…

    1. How long have you been on this site, tinkerbell? You’re posting some pretty stupid things here.
      You don’t have NEARLY the % of blacks in your population as we do. Plus we have tons of Mexicans and central Americans, and every other type of third-worlder you can think of, from Hmongs to Filipinos to Indians. And in sizeable numbers.
      You are lucky to not yet have the degree of “diversity” that we do. Whites are predicted to be the minority here by about 2040.

  23. Any country that cucks to the Tribe will be destroyed from within in short order. England has been (((cucked))) harder than any other nation on the world stage, and for longer.
    The biggest problem with England has always been its philosemitism. A nation of weak, submissive, cucked Israel-Firsters is doomed to the dumpster of history.
    And to this day you try to talk sense into any one of the pathetic cowards and they will tear your head off the second you start zeroing in on the true cause of their ills.
    They are cucks through and through. They would rather their entire nation be trashed than to expel the pernicious parasites that have been bleeding them dry.

        1. America is just a British colony, a rebelious son. Ireland is more like a rebelious brother, they are close to Brits. racially.

    1. I think Germany has you beat. The humiliation porn that only comes from such a defeat in war that it creates a national humiliation has come to define Germany. The same industrial infrastructure that has always been in place in Germany to be used against its enemies has not been dismantled but reversed to be used against the German people, and they do not protest it. They see it as a slide-rule of technicalities that they must abide by as per their methodical disposition, while Britain is so atheistic, so past its prime of empire and composed of such football hooligans that the English simply ignore all the unpleasant things of life to indulge instead.

  24. Yep. It’s time to cut them free.
    Contact your reps about ending NATO.
    Before we get dragged into defending a muslim country.

  25. 10 steps to save UK:
    1) Declare war on Russia
    2) Begin mobilizing the army
    3) Declare martial law
    4) Execute anybody who refuses to enrol
    5) Begin nation wide military training
    6) Begin cleaning the streets of “foreign agents”
    7) After the first shoot ask for peace
    8) Begin peace negotiations with Russia but maintain martial law
    9) Execute traitors
    10) If the peace negotiations fail surrender unconditionally

      1. LoL.
        Or now that UK is out of EU it will be more palatable to declare war on Merkel.

  26. Have a few Brit friends here on the US west coast. None of them want to go back, mostly because they’re making solid money here but also because of cultural identity issues in UK, they say. One just anchor-baby’d up with a New Yorker, and though he loves his homeland he sees his visits to UK as duty to family and not much beyond that obligation. Brazilian expat friends tend feel the same way about remaining stateside, but with the Brits it was somewhat melancholy to see them cast away with such a flat or negative disposition toward their original home. I get jaded about America, too, but only to be aware, stay for the fight and not leave it in disgust. We can focus on the problems of a nation, but there are still great things about US and UK alike.

  27. Outside of the Chinese (lol), do you know who else contributes to the highest immigration rate for Australia?
    They are bailing out in record numbers to come to a country that isn’t so fucked up. I welcome it. Their virtue-signaling, cuck country has fallen and will only continue to fall deeper.
    Come and keep Australia as European as possible. I know, your country is done and it sucks. But this is what happens when you become scared of your own culture and people. We need to stop pitting white men against each other and embrace ourselves as a people. This is how London fell, they kept fighting each other for moral and financial supremacy while the enemy consolidated and started to grow their power.

    1. UK people really only stay if they cannot get visa out. When you can get visa out all the smart young people want out to USA, Canada or Australia. Its a shithole.

      1. I keep hearing how bad London is, after watching videos on it and talking to people, I think London is basically lost.
        The tourists and people on working visas always discuss it in the same hushed tones, like someone will arrest them for daring to speak of the problems now infesting the city.
        It’s weird, the very people who the British fucked over many, many years ago during colonization are now flocking to the prosperity that England produces. It’s like a form of cultural Stockholm Syndrome.

    2. Australia is also fukked. It just has sunnier weather and beaches.
      Man, its only a matter of time before there is no where left to run. Where does the white man stand and fight?

  28. It will take an ocean of blood to cleanse the West of the traitors within (the demonic White Left) and their imported parasite-soldiers.
    The traitors must be dealt with first, only then can can the walking dogshit be eliminated.
    Fight or be a slave.

  29. Great Britain was also once a leading manufacturing nation. Sheffield was a major steel and metal smelter. Today, Britain has become a major service industry base, and thus a second rate nation.

  30. How many more articles are we gonna see on how much Britain sucks? I think we all got it time to stop beating a dead horse. Obviously they have given up.

  31. Not British but like the song!
    Rome died with whimper yet what’s funny is her counterpart, Constantinople, died the exact opposite who endured the same hardships.
    It was not perfect but at least the Brits fought to their ability and took down as many as they could seemed to be their attitude building an empire that gave birth to ideas of liberty, order, and opportunity as the dust settled.
    The United Kingdom, if they are to fail, should go out with a bang not unlike Constantinople which is what Brexit seems to represent. Sure, there are things none of you guys will probably get back but can certainly adapt and overcome. You have wits, something feminist and globalist do not have.

  32. Third world immigrants, blacks and mozi’s this will bring the end to UK as we know it.
    The white race is doomed. I know many third world residents who travel to Europe and America to give birth and make their children Westerners.
    The white race is too polite and are doomed.

  33. I English, I’ve left the country and I read this article with interest.
    It manages to completely miss the real reason for Britain’s rapid and irreversible decline into cultural barbarism.
    The feminisation of society.
    That’s it.
    Everything, and I do mean absolutely everything; follows on from this.
    The rest is detail.

    1. (((Who))) do you think is responsible for the feminisation of society??? Don’t you even think these things through? You’ve merely identified another symptom, not the root cause.

      1. The Jews?
        My goodness, you know that anti-antisemitism appears unhinged to people who are not antisemitic.
        The identical feminisation of secure and prosperous societies can be traced back to Rome.
        It is replicated in the Mouse Utopia experiment and has been observed in primate colonies.
        You can read, experience, consider and reflect, or you can blame the Jews.

        1. Your bullship doesn’t wash wind-shill. Only the most ignorant fool could not see the clear J3wish hand at play here.
          One can easily research their overwhelming involvement in the conception, funding, lobbying and widespread infection of their societal corruption.
          Their motive is also very clear to those intrigued enough to look beyond the lies. For centuries the J3w have been a hyper ethnocentric racialy supremecist tribe. Their religious teachings from the Talmud reinforce this. (((Marxism))) (((Frankfurt))) School etc were the final push as the final solution to stop them
          Being discovered for what they were in the healthy homogenous nations that eventually resisted them. There is no resistance now.

    2. Where do you expats go? France? How are you able to travel so freely? EU, Schengen Zone? That amazes me how Brits can move somewhere without speaking another language. I guess everybody speaks English now.

      1. Hi.
        Right now I’m in the Middle East.
        Reality is that the Empire left a positive impression on the people it ruled over.
        Being British is an advantage, and yes; all aspirational people on Earth want to speak English these days.
        Paper work was not easy btw.

        1. I guess I did not take into account that you, and many expats, are not of ‘British origin’ but were subjects of the commonwealth, so you already speak your native languages. But I figured you were like a Scotsman living in Paris or something. That’s what I was talking about.

      2. Hi.
        First reply got lost.
        Anyway, when foreign employers pay for British employees, they want explicitly British employees.
        Nothing else will do.
        Indeed, you can search for examples of British Muslims being sacked for not removing their veils in the ME.
        I’ve only met one ex-pat out here who would meet your description.
        The old Imperial reference was to explain why people like and welcome us.
        Sounds corny, but it’s true.
        Hope that’s clearer.

  34. After years of mass third world migration that led to countless terrorist attacks,gang rapes of women and children,and a bunch of tyrannical assholes in power locking folks up for refusing to “going along with the program” or for the horibble crime of wrong think,the U.K. as we know it today has officially fallen into a abyss of self hatred and delusion that is so deep that not even God himself can save their queen.

    1. Marshal Law?
      The entire British Army is 144,000, with more redundancies already confirmed.
      I understand it is planned to go down to 120,000.
      So that’s about 40,000 fighting soldiers.
      Not enough to control the airports, ports or vital transport ie motorways & London Underground, never mind ANY medium sized city.
      100,000 ‘front line’ troops would be needed for Manchester or Birmingham, alone.
      Sorry, but numbers matter.
      I hate pc and I hate the EU, but nothing about your video makes any sense.

  35. not the least bit surprised Britannia is dying.
    They went into an agreement with the tribe
    that is known for backstabbing its partners.
    Yes; it’s not a dream.
    Britannia really is
    going to die and
    it will be in the
    next 15 years.

    1. Ol’ Partner? As if the one who control Jerussalem today and incites every possible conflict/war in every directions of its surrounding while preparing Fortress Europe to open their gates once the refugees flooding in? To destroy Europe so they can fulfil their path to rule the world as “the chosen one”?
      Look at what you did, goys…

  36. England’s done. They never recovered from WW2. They were a bigger loser than both Germany and Japan combined.
    They literally “won the battle but lost the war”. Truth.

    1. I think that is why they hate Hitler so much. The ‘not nice’ part of the Churchill speech sanitized for history about preserving British hegemony over ‘primitive peoples’ and ‘never surrendering’ in ‘our finest hour’ proves this. It has nothing to do with morality. It’s just a nation butthurt over its undeserving Pyrrhic victory from a war that it started with Germany.

    2. England, the USA And Germany have all lost their countries. The J3ws gained a new country and are ethnically cleansing the natives. The J3w essentially now owns the USA, England and Germany.
      Who really won that war? Was the so called J3wish suffering that they still profit from and live beyond criticism today just a staged hoax?

      1. The SPLC (and former poster lolknee) are not going to like your comment! Keep up the good work.

  37. Bad teeth, 1776, WW2, ‘fags’. Never read so much bullshit, leave the trailer park for the library once in awhile. If you really think people are solely defined by a dated national stereotype, you’re a dumb bitch. If you train and are a good looking guy, you pretty much have your pick of the best women here, if you look mediocre you may really struggle, as there aren’t too many good ones admittedly. There are people all over the world you’d get on with better than your nextdoor neighbour. Also, there’s no such thing as a ‘Brit’, why? Because Britain is four different fucking countries, its like someone describing North America as their country. We’re hurtling towards a more globalised society, no escaping it, be discerning in who you choose as a brother, read some Jack Donovan.

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