Why Women Stopped Having Children

Many people have pointed to the collapsing birthrate in Western societies and questioned why middle-class young women aren’t having children at the same rates as their mothers and grandmothers. Some people have pointed to factors including careerism, feminism, and an orchestrated plan directed by the elite. This article will discuss why the system wants women to see motherhood as a low-status pursuit.

Education, Fertility, And Status

birth rates

More education = fewer children (Source: The World Bank)

It is widely known that less educated young women have children at much higher rates than middle-class women. For women with a high school education or less, 62% have children by age 25. For women with bachelor’s degrees, that number drops to just 26%. For women with advanced degrees, the number drops still further.

One reason for this is because for poor girls, motherhood elevates their status. It’s better to be poor with a kid than poor without one. Women with few prospects in life realize that having a child affords them a certain respect and status in their communities that single women don’t have.

While it may offend our more noble sensibilities, motherhood is a sort of status characteristic. It either increases their status or reduces it depending on their environment. Women care about what the people around them care about—they are susceptible to pressures of conformity. This then boils down to a simple question: What does the community value?

If it values motherhood and elevates it to a position of importance, women will pursue it. If it values degrees in sociology and a corporate or government career, women will pursue that. In a sterile, career-driven environment, motherhood is not assigned the high status lower-class communities give it. Mothers tend to be seen as less competent in the workplace. They are also seen as less suitable for positions of authority.

Women are trained to value these things and if motherhood is an obstacle, than it has to go. Increasingly in the West, being a mother is at best neutral in terms of social status, but more often a negative.

Women think the new iPhone is higher status than a newborn baby.

Women think the new iPhone is higher status than a newborn baby.

Additionally, women having kids prior to grinding out their peak childbearing years in college to get a worthless degree is seen as a waste of “potential.” Our society has conditioned women into thinking that they have more to offer society by becoming a drone to make their (likely male) corporate masters more money. Giving their best years to their families and shaping young human lives are not afforded nearly the same social status as becoming a paper pusher in a cubicle.

I’m sure that when a career woman is on her deathbed, her last thoughts will revolve around whether she reached the highest levels of the career ladder and made her bosses and shareholders enough money. Certainly she won’t think of their husband, children, or grandchildren—that’s nothing compared to the fulfillment won by spending time in soul-sucking meetings with people she hates.

Being “Just A Mom” Isn’t Enough, So Get To Work

Obviously more important than raising a baby

The perfect way to spend your childbearing years.

Furthermore, motherhood is not seen as a point of pride anymore. Take a look at the vast array of articles with titles like “I Love My Son, But I’m More Than Just A Mom.” Notice the “just” in the title, suggesting that being a caretaker for the next generation is a trivial matter. These articles frequently include the word “just” in the title as if people in society actually dismiss these women with phrases like, “You’re just a mom.” Have you ever heard anyone say that? Me neither.

In these cases, what is happening is that these women have developed feelings of insecurity and inferiority. They themselves have fallen into society’s trap of thinking motherhood isn’t special enough. They then project these feelings into the world, thinking everyone views them as merely a mother.

Young women pick up on these signals and shift their behavior accordingly. Seeing popular media articles bashing motherhood leads to women either not becoming mothers at all, or spending a few years working and then dividing their time between their families and their office job.

The system wants women to reject motherhood.

More important than your stupid career.

But why might these articles exist in the first place? Why would the media disseminate content proclaiming that motherhood isn’t enough—that women must also be career-driven workhorses? The answer is that the system knows it can’t completely scrub away the motherhood instinct from women, so instead women are told that being a mother isn’t enough.

The system knows that women must not be encouraged to draw satisfaction solely by raising a family and caring for her loved ones. She must be a producer for the system. Every moment you spend with your children is a moment you aren’t producing for a corporation, another moment you aren’t making money for someone else, another moment you aren’t feeding into the system.

Now back to work, slave. You need fulfillment.

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  1. It’s important not to neglect the “demographic transition:” the transition from the concept of children as economic collaborators and security for one’s old age to the concept of children as a personal fulfillment and luxury good. This occurs gradually over time as a society urbanizes and becomes prosperous. The correlation has been found in every First World nation.
    No one ever decides to reproduce because it’s his duty to the future.

    1. That’s a good point. I do agree with the author that women are taught not to value family. I think focusing on kids misses the issue–the issue is family. Family was once much more important to both sexes but especially to women, than it is now.
      Most modern career day women don’t need a family the way they did before. They don’t need a man in their life. They may want occasional dates, attention, or sex, but thanks to the acceptance of modern promiscuity and apps like tinder, they can get that without having to commit or reciprocate on any way.
      Beyond that, choosing whether to have kids and how many is a question modern families can address, and your natural correlation between advancement and children is correct.

      1. What is a woman without a family? What value does she have to anyone? A woman without a family is either a cum dumpster or a corporate slave, simple as that. Women don’t create, invent, contribute, etc. The only positive identity for a female is wife and mother. They don’t need a family to survive anymore, but they still need a family to be of some use to the world.

        1. I agree that they will wake up bitter, cold, and alone one day, but they can survive well into their 40s being a corporate slave, drinking skinny margaritas after work with her other single, childless, barren friends, and finding vapid ways of entertaining herself until or even past when she hits the wall.

        2. Great point and absolutely true. My wife has many girl friends and is much more social than I am. I don’t allow any of her friends into my circle as I can’t see anything of value they would bring me. They are caught up in petty gossip, fashion, social media, shopping and mindless minutia. Nothing but a complete time suck. They can’t speak to world events including politics, business, economics and even the most basic of news. However, ask them about the latest TV sitcom or celebrity gossip and they will talk for hours. Most of them are married with kids to boot and I have no idea what they would do without a family.

        3. Why women should not be allowed to vote or decide important matters like the fate of nations

        4. They leave the deep thinking and heavy lifting to men and after the world is figured out and built by men they claim to not need a man.

        5. They just keep snapping selfies and post on social media to get the likes even if their skin looks like a lizard.

    2. Holy smokes some intelligence to be found … the culture shift wasn’t feminism(Damn those pesky women for changing things) … it was many forces of which men participated in and enjoyed as well.

  2. Also the real reason the education system (and likely most everything else) is in such a state.
    Devaluation and marginalization, you’re just a parent, just a teacher, just a “whatever” none of which directly increase profit and when done correctly might even erode corporate (or governmental) power.
    Why child-rearing is such a critical endeavor for men and women, and why traditional families are constantly under attack. Why women are sold into the slavery known as feminism. Why men are attacked for freeing themselves and attempting to free others from the lie instead of being good little “go-alongs”.
    Not a coincidence that this all ties together no matter how slender the thread. Not even a conspiracy really, just people acting with like mind, objectives, and intent.

    1. you are 100% right.
      Women are acting like total cunts. Guess what? That’s what they are. That is their nature. Women are whorish little cunts. However, with a strong hand and guidance they can be more that nature intended…just like a vicious dog can be trained to behave and then goes from being an undesirable animal to a cherished companion.
      It is in men’s nature to lead and guide and so if the women fall back into their natural cuntish patterns it isn’t their fault…that is who they are.

      1. That’s the whole goal of feminism: to take power from the patriarch and give it to the corporation. Women are going to follow powerful men no matter what, it’s in their nature. Feminism has destroyed the institution of marriage and fatherhood so women are no longer looking to their husbands, fathers, and grandfather’s for masculine guidance. Today’s women will submit to any man but her husband for fear of losing her title of a strong, independent woman that doesn’t need a man.

        1. I think that you nailed a very big part of it here my friend. I also think that there is a lot of following other women in the worst possible way.
          Women used to use their husbands as status symbols. A woman didn’t want to marry a, say, doctor because he could buy her a designer bag….the doctor WAS the designer bag. It gave her access to a different world (country club doctors wives) and gave her something to show off to her friends. Of course this is totally nonsense, but it was an acceptable nonsense.
          A woman derived her social status from her husband.
          Now they are deriving that status from having things that they “need”
          Certain shoes, certain bag, certain vacation with pics on Instagram.
          For women it has always been about shoving it in other women’s faces….but at least when it was their husband it showed that they were anchored to something real…not just some Kardashian dream.

  3. This is part of it, but another important factor is just plain old fear. A lot of these women are deathly afraid of pregnancy, childbirth, and the burdens of being a mother.
    The middle class produces infantilized adults who shrink away from responsibility and end up believing life is solely about fulfilling personal needs. This is wrong. Every human has a responsibility to their people, their ancestors, their bloodline to reproduce. Hedonism in the modern era plays way too easily into leftist hands.
    To be fair, this affects plenty of middle class men as well. But unlike women, men should strive to overcome such childishness instead pretending its a great thing and making endless rationalizations for it.

    1. Yep, I know a couple of girls who are either too afraid to have kids or they want to climb the corporate ladder and figure they’ll just have kids in their 30’s. I don’t even try to argue with them as we all know how well logic works on women. I just shake my head and move on.

      1. My sister has flatly said in her early 20s that she didn’t want kids. When she finally hits 30 and starts wanting kids and complains how “there aren’t any nice guys”, I will remind her that she’s dumped at least two decent guys for less than noble reasons (at least according to what she told the family). Mockery will be dependent on her response.

    2. I must agree with you in general. Having been raised by educated “middle class” parents (generally very good people, but nonetheless), personally, I bought into careerism and even some feminist principles in my early 20’s. College-age kids are generally malleable and essentially foolish, in part because they lack life experience and perspective. If their parents and even peers, to a certain degree, provide perspective, they may have a better chance of realizing the importance of family/child-bearing, etc., as opposed to trying to climb the lame-assed corporate or even government civil servant career ladder. Our (in America) high schools and universities do an almost universally shitty job of inculcating entrepeneurism, family-oriented citizenship, traditional Western values and other hallmarks of principles that tend to lead to a fulfilling existence. And young people, generally being gullible saps with limited life experience, inevitably tend to fall for these traps, hook, line and sinker. This is spoken as a concerned parent who has been around the block for a while… So to speak.

    3. Yea take that Shintoist nonsense elsewhere. I have no more obligation to reproduce than I have to conscript myself into slavery.

        1. “Every human has a responsibility to their people, their ancestors,”
          No? Why do I have a responsibility to grandpa caveman? What do I owe a man who I’ve never meet?

        2. I do see where you are coming from, while Terry has a somewhat different viewpoint, in regards to ancetors, us white men can also feel the point he is making. Should we abandon our heritage? Should we do ‘right’ by our ancestors? Should we hate ourselves? You are confusing responsibility of one’s race with responsibility to one’s race. Let’s not forget that “grandpa cave man” is irreverent, as cavemen have not exited for thousands upon thousands of years. It is a very nihilistic of positions.

    4. I 1/2 agree here. Yes fear definitely plays a big role. However, I nor anyone else has a responsibility to breed, You don’t owe this world or your long dead ancestors anything(nor does the world owe you). Live the life you want-you only get one shot. I don’t buy into the social conditioning of guilt tripping people into having kids. If you feel strongly about being a parent, then by all means do it. If not, you shouldn’t bring a kid into the world you never really wanted in the first place.

      1. Just remember when you 80 there is a reason you are alone and not one person gives a shit about you. And then it’s up to you to remember that society doesn’t owe you a thing and if they let you rot alone in a nursing home or even a gutter, it’s not societies fault you chose not to have kids (whom could have taken care of you in your old age).
        Or just take up a fun profession with a high mortality rate. Then you might not need to worry about it. Or make enough money that you can pay hot young nurses to take care of you. But if you fail, it was your choice.

        1. Yes it was my choice-did it my way. Nursing homes are packed full of people that had kids and spouses. Didn’t seem to insulate them from this fate. The lonely old man myth needs to die. Too many poor choices are made over this fear of old age and who will care for you. I have plenty of money so yes I’ll gladly pay some nice nurses to care for me if needed. I see social conditioning is still in full effect here. I never said don’t have kids, just do it for the right reasons. There is no obligation to do so.

        2. It’s actually not a good idea at all to live your life for old age. Not saying that what you point out isn’t true – that you may be disappointed when you are 80 if you have no kids – but it is quite absurd to center your entire life around the concept that you must be satisfied in your final years. Think about that – At 80, you want to be satisfied, even though you are almost on death’s door. What about your life at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70? Are you saying that one’s life is more valuable in your final year than during any and all of the previous years a person has lived?
          I suspect an overwhelming majority of 80 year olds would trade their final three years of aches, pains, bedpans and mental fragility, for one year of being back in their 20’s, or even one month.
          Think about it this way… is one year of life worth more in your 20’s or your 80’s? Would you be okay with 70 really good years but having a shitty last 10 years… or would it be better to have 70 kinda crappy years, so long as your last ten were “satisfying?”
          In the end, we’re all given the same amount of time on this earth: one life. Many who have died at 50 have lived better than those who survived to 103.

        3. ” I never said don’t have kids, just do it for the right reasons.”
          The choice of kids (or not) carries risk and reward each way. My great-aunt (a 1950s Miss Alaska) opts out of marriage and kids because “it would make 2 people miserable.” Each person should be convinced in his own mind.
          It should be noted, however, the reproduction is the guaranteed way for ordinary men to leave a legacy. Not every man will be a philosophical guru or rich man with a building named after him or a great artist.

        4. Exactly my point-most of them do in fact have kids and grandkids. Once you become too infirm for the average layperson to care for, you have to go somewhere with professional care or have in home nurses. Your kids are not “taking care of you” as it were. Many of these people rarely see their kids anymore once they’re in the home.

        5. Yes this is usually my point-pros and cons obviously and you have to weigh them out depending on what’s important to you. I have heard the legacy argument many times but don’t fully subscribe to it. You are correct in that its the only way for random people to leave a legacy but once you’re gone, does it matter? After a couple generations, everyone that knew of you will also be dead, like you never existed at all. It sounds nihilistic I know but it’s true and doesn’t sadden me. It makes me want to live my life to the fullest and not just do what’s expected. Hence why I don’t believe we have an obligation to reproduce.

        6. Given the cost of raising children, that money alone should be more than capable of providing you with quality care in your later years..
          Hell i’d much rather be dead before i’m in a position where I can no longer extensively care for myself.

    5. “A lot of these women are deathly afraid of pregnancy, childbirth, and the burdens of being a mother.”
      I disagree. Once they hit 30 or so, they generally tend to shift into “I gotta have children before I hit the Wall” mode.
      Of course, having a baby doesn’t mean they want to raise well-adjusted prodigy. Having a baby nowadays is just another accessory (see all the celebs showing off their baby bump) like an iPhone or her purse, and good way to get that sweet, sweet $ from Uncle Sugar.

      1. Exactly. Before that even. Here most women are getting pregnant at ages 16-26. And most girls I meet or hook up with who are older than 26 are either already in full “gotta get that family started” mode or are beginning to envy all of their friends who are mothers already (despite the fact that not one of them is married and very few have the baby daddy involved)

      2. ^ This. They may begrudgingly push one lil bastard out but they do not want to nurture it or foster any innate talent. Probably the last thing any modern woman wants is a precocious child actually interested in learning.

      3. If a 28 or 29 year old American woman thinks you’re a good prospect, you can just about bet your next paycheck she’ll be pushing hard, implicitly or explicitly, for a commitment to go exclusive within 2 weeks of your first date.
        The irony is that the women who pushed me too hard too soon, but stayed in touch casually, became far more likable when the heat was off. I might have gone somewhere, more slowly, with the no-pressure v.2 version, but by then, they’d usually lined up some beta schlub for instant commitment.

    6. I actually don’t believe that for a second. Too many women will intentionally get pregnant for the most retarded reasons, the inevitable responsibilities be damned.
      In fact, I don’t think most of them are even capable of that kind of foresight.

      1. that sounds more like a lower class thing
        your middle-class liberal arts types are acting out of fear

        1. No, it’s just biology. Remember, education does not equal intellect. Humans are not rational creatures with feelings, we are emotional creatures with the ability to rationalize. And women are more emotional than men.

        2. I think we are more emotional.
          If the opposite were true women would have written all the best poetry in the world.
          Women are just more “feely”.

        3. It’s like drugs. The more you take the more you need to get the same high. Women are emotional ALL THE TIME, and thus get less out of each emotional outburst. Men are, let’s say, emotional half as often as women and thus are able to feel deeper when we do indulge.

        4. Makes sense.
          Otto Weininger had the same analyse as yours, but applied to women’s sexuality.

        5. Terry, you need to UP and REVAMP your understanding of the English language. There is such a thing as punctuation. Ha Ha Ha! In addition, as you’ve shown on other posts, your use of English is rather limited.
          For instance, run-on sentences (such as “Japan could easily reconcile with China if it took the right steps, our forms of government has nothing to do with it”) are indicative of your limited education. You just can’t seem to stop running sentences together so that they look like twisted noodles in a bowl. That’s another horrible example of your inability to express yourself properly in English.
          In addition that sentence also demonstrates your lack of understanding of syntactic coherence, because “our forms of government has nothing to do with it” is incorrect. It’s not “has” which would correspond with a singular subject. The correct verb form is “have” because the subject of that second-half of your run-on sentence is actually the word “forms” and not the object of the preposition within the subject.
          You obviously thought that “government” was the subject. Only children and the mentally defective in America misunderstand that relationship. As you’ve been instructed by your teachers, the verb form has to correspond with the subject. Why haven’t you learned? Were you too drunk at the time? Were you partying when you should have been learning?
          All of this indicates to me that you were probably educated in an American school but in the lower registers. These are maintained for foreigners who have no hope of learning correct English. Such foreigners often appear on these posts and flaunt their low mentalities with substandard English. You’re beneath contempt for wasting your opportunity to get a good education.
          So, get up off your dead ass and get me a bowl of noodles, boy. Hop to, HopSing!

        6. Why are you stalking Terry, with this same exact rant, on numerous articles? Since Terry’s in Canada, are you some butthurt or “offended” SJW up there who can’t handle his alpha persona and great insights here on ROK?
          GFY, bitch.

        7. Terry’s my bitch, that’s why! Now, let’s go on to what insanity is going on in China tomorrow.
          Is the CPC actually saying that they will allow the stock market to breach a 7% loss on the very same day that China’s investors (who have been on lockdown for the past six months) can cash out? I love it. Yes, kill the stock market in China and return the Chinese economy to communist central control.
          That’s obviously what is being contemplated here, since Xi is facing a massive economic depression. And we all know that Xi is a recidivist communist with designs to redistribute the wealth on the coast to the hinterlands. We all know that Xi just inherited Deng’s capitalist model and, not understanding how it works, has muddled it up repeatedly so that China is now entering the “Great CPC Depression” of 2016.
          Yes, there will be an immediate massive drop in global stocks because the circuit breaker has been halted. This giant market loss should actually start today in the Western world and go on through Friday, when the rich Chinese divest themselves of their Chinese stocks. If Xi wished to save the economy in the spirit of “opening up,” he would allow Westerners to buy in. That’s because Westerners know a bargain and would buy in.
          But, as we all know, Xi is working hard to keep the PRC from falling apart into its constituent colonies (Tibet, East Turkestan, United Mongolia, Manchuria, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan) and into the Yangtze People’s Republic, the Yellow River Federation and the Pearl River Union, all of which would continue to prosper, as they have for 30 years, under the PAX Americana.

    7. Everything is done to infantilize young people. In previous eras, children were adults with their own families at 18. Now corporations and academia have extended adolescence into the late 30s or beyond.

    8. Lo fucking L, I thought that you right wingers did not believe in collectivism, do you realize that you are promoting a collectivist ideology by saying that “Every human has a responsibility to their people, their ancestors, their bloodline to reproduce.” I think that your inability to get laid might be playing havoc with your brain.

  4. Q: Why Women Stopped Having Children
    A: Because they were brainwashed into believing that in life, pursuing a (mostly) useless University degree and becoming a corporate slave are more important than commitment to family and God.
    They were also given all the tools (birth control, welfare, etc.) to do so.
    By the time they figure out they’ve been scammed, it’s too late.

    1. my grandmother and her sisters would brag to each other. Oh I have more children. No now I am pregnant. Oooh I just got pregnant again now I will have more children.
      I mentioned below….a woman has always thrown status symbols in other women’s faces….it was just a whole lot better when the status was based on quality of husband and number of children rather than quality of handbag and number of alpha fux

      1. Yep, why change diapers when you can hold a Louie Vuitton purse while shopping at Saks and going to Starbucks to decompress from all of the shopping.

    2. Modern Western women believe in the doctrine of equality and since we’re all equal, it doesn’t matter if they’re not breeding as some poor third world woman will make up the deficit so it’s all good (in their eyes). Modern western women do not see their genes as worth propagating.

        1. The “chris…” isn’t working with the rest Ithe title. Do you know why Christians are called Christians? Because we believe god sent his son to earth. This son gave his life for us.
          You could just tell us to become atheists instead.

    3. And then even though they found out the scam, they won’t tell the truth. they keep it a secret because they want younger girls to destroy themselves in the same manner.

      1. they keep it a secret because they want younger girls to destroy themselves in the same manner.
        Well…they can’t have another girl having a better life than them can they?
        Seriously, though it seems men take great pride in lifting up other men, while women take great pride in destroying each other.
        Say for example: If a man sleeps with a chick and catches a disease, he will tell the other men around him to steer clear because this chick is diseased. A woman on the other hand (who sleeps with a man and catches an STD) will encourage another woman to sleep with him just so she can suffer too.
        How have they survived for so long??

        1. When I was in the navy, I remember this one girl was being treated for syphlis. The corpsman asked me if I knew anyone else she was sleeping with. Just so happen that I was aware that she was banging with one of the damage controlmen while she knew she was infectious.
          Told the poor fella and she got mad at me of course. She starts firing him up to try kick my ass. He was going crazy in the barracks telling me I needed to “apologize” to her.
          Looked her straight in the eye and told her “sorry you’re knowingly infecting guys with syphlis”.
          Her tears still bring me power.

    4. “By the time they’ve been scammed, it’s too late”
      But it’s always someone else’s fault; “men need to man up”, “it’s the patriarchy”.

    5. …no by the time the figure out they’ve been scammed, they are paying fertility doctors ten’s of thousands of dollars to try and jumpstart their nearly dried out reproductive systems.

    6. I’m not having children. I have no interest in them. Babies are expensive and annoy the crap out of me. I’m going to be a “corporate slave” as you call it, but I would have to do so if I had children anyway because children cost money. The point here being that either way, I’m going to work a job I don’t like. Everybody does. It’s how society works. But I can spend my money on myself, or I can work 2 jobs and spend the money keeping job 2 – parenthood – afloat. I don’t believe in God, so I’d rather have this life be as fun and relaxing as possible, since there is no afterlife. Working 1 job instead of 2 seems to be the obvious option. Especially considering I don’t get paid for the second one and won’t enjoy it.
      In what way am I being scammed?

  5. I disagree. Women still want to have children. Correction. They want to have one child. Maybe two. Six years apart. See, the whole point of having one or two children was to distribute the resources more wisely than if families had six or eight children. Yet, the resources have been squandered. See, anybody who comes from a big family knows that you can’t just splurge on say, Air Jordans for six kids when it’s more practical to buy them shoes from Payless. Same goes for hand me downs. But with one child, everything goes to that child. And when that child grows up, he or she never learned how to manage anything. That’s why women do become intimidated by having children. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with a career per se. They just don’t know how to handle the pressure.
    BTW Cheaper By The Dozen is the stupidest movie ever to deal with big families. Leave it to an American studio to fuck that up.

    1. Yes, modern women see children as fashion accessories and status symbols: that’s why they don’t deign dress their children in shoes from payless. Can you imagine the horror?

      1. Yes, Payless shoes tend to be blatantly pirated versions of high brand shoes. So what? They will be torn to shreds eventually. Modern moms have turned their children into parasites.

  6. Women forsake motherhood only to let another woman raise her children, so that she can in turn, raise other women’s children or caretake for old people. The pursuit for happiness only to end in bitterness, stress and resentment. Well done feminism.

  7. Perceptive article. Finding the intersection between feminist values and corporate values is a good starting place with respect to identifying the mind control mechanisms in place.
    This isn’t just a peacemeal accomplishment though. it’s part of a much greater paradigm which is profoundly anti-life and anti-civilization. The consensus we live within identifies civilization, male civilization, and the heterosexual imperative to go out and multiply as a fundamental existential problem. This is most frequently advanced in two basic forms, that converge: firstly, mankind is violent, and we are inclined to kill each other in warfare, and secondly mankind is selfish and environmentally catastrophic, using up the worlds precious resources. The contemplation of both problems leads to the same result: the world has too many people. While war can resolve this to some extent, that clearly isn’t a solution as increasingly population sizes can’t actually be reduced effectively by war, and if they could that could only be a achieved through catastrophe. The population / environment / resource problem is always at the root of the left ideological pessimism. Heterosexuality is a problem because men, heterosexual men, and the whole of western civilization with its imperative to reproduce as a measure of success is on trial.
    This is the meaning of the environmentalism, and feminism, and gay rights etc. Heterosexuality is no longer a good cause. It is evil. Heterosexuality as life is now equated with the death of the planet, hence the opportunity to negate everything that has always stood as right and good. So when women get those messages about motherhood not being enough, it partakes of both the feminist discourse of women as needing to self-actualize but also the anti-heterosexual solution to the population-is-out-of-control problem.
    There’s no point denying that forecasts of the human race increasing massively may be a cause for concern, but there are clearly real problems to the discourse of over-population. Firstly, looking at this issue at a macro-level actually disguises under-population problems in the west. The immigration / refugee crises have placed a spotlight on the fact that in the west populations are not reproducing at replacement level, hence the possibility that in Germany for instance the refugee crisis is being exploited as some kind of alternative strategy to indigenous replacement rate reproduction. We have therefore a situation where we in the west are encouraged to worry about world over-population in such a way that encourages us to see heterosexuality as a problem and women’s work as a solution yet the figures suggest that local populations in western countries are too low – or just about stable – to the extent that mass immigration appears to be used to keep things level.
    The point here is that the anti-heterosexual discourse of the elites carefully uses feminist discourse and environmentalist alarmism to encourage disparagement of heterosexuality and masculine civilization. It deliberately distorts the real problem in order to control the discourse within domestic populations. We need to pick apart the over-arching discourse at the same time as tackling the lower levels of ideology as described in this article – e.g. that women can only be fulfilled if they have a career etc – because they feed off and reinforce each other.

  8. Meh, I was told repeatedly not to have kids because autism is heritable and a tragedy.

  9. Better than these cunts who get a job, drop out of the work force for maternity leave – which they expect their employer to pay for, and leave the office understaffed.
    I’m a man whose had a vasectomy without ever having kids. My life, my time and my money are mine and mine alone.

  10. The low labor participation rate is allowing more educated women to have more children. Plus, after having one or two children, some women give up their careers and women are pretty inconsistent in keeping their careers for they are driven to do more activities outside of work. This might be a bright side if more men are career driven to support women, but largely not going to happen. So we have a perfect storm of bad decisions. Women that waste their youth in not pursuing motherhood will likely miss out later. Men that are not married off by 30 is likely to not marry later.

  11. Feminism was funded by the CIA and the Rockefellers and pushed by their operative Gloria Steinem. The purpose was to push women out of the home and into the workplace, because before that the System couldn’t tax half the population. It also had the effect of breaking up the family, a chief goal of the Marxist left. It also allows indoctrination to begin at an early age so children can be brainwashed into supporting such a shitty System.
    Bottom line: This happened by design. The System needs to either be reset or destroyed.

      1. How disgusting are those shriveled-up arms. Yikes. Feminism did Steinham a world of good it seems. And yet the pig brags about killing a baby.
        I’m sure she would be hip to adopt a fine baby the Congo now wouldn’t she?

      2. You know you’ve been on too many conspiracy sites when you look at this picture and think, “Isn’t that an Illuminati hand sign?”

    1. So degrading to be a housewife.. instead young women go out every weekend looking for random one nite stands!

      1. Naa. Most women weren’t looking for a ONS. One thing led to another and it “just kind of happened.” Which also means: it never happened. You see the magic?

        1. And when it did happen, and they feel horrible, they have the added bonus of drama, attention, and the sympathy of their whore friends. It’s win-win-win.

        2. “I’d go to bars then go home with guys that seemed like they wanted a relationship but you’d sleep with them and never heard from them again.”
          “If the mom wants a divorce, it’s good for her to get one. Kids need to see their mom happy. ”
          Actual quotes from an ex gf who spent her entire life getting a PhD then slaving to get into academia. She’s 41 now–I lost track of her 10 years ago. No idea what she’s up to, but any bets whether she’s happy?

      2. Girls just want to have fun. Girls become housewives because they want to. Girls hook up with randoms because they want to.
        Here’s my average weekend:
        Play online games. Revise Japanese. Do schoolwork. Play guitar. Maybe go for a drink with friends. Go grocery shopping/do laundry. Browse Reddit. Eat. Sleep. Work on my art.
        I do all these things because I want to/enjoy them or because I have to do them. Like all people do. Everyone is motivated only by a sense of obligation or fun.
        Fuck, does anything on this website have any basis other than personal anecdotes, hatred and biased generalization?
        Subservient housewife/whore are not the only two options women have. You’re treating 50% of the population like a caricature and it’s moronic.

        1. You miss the point. Those are the things men want from women. A womans degree doesn’t matter, her job doesn’t matter, her perceived accomplishments don’t matter to most men. Keeping house, raising and rearing of offspring and sex, that’s 90% of what men want from women. Frankly few women can keep house these days. Kids are given phones as soon as possible so mom is not disturbed. And few women are even all that great in bed, and certainly not so good as to commit more than minimal time and treasure.

    2. And most likely all that jizz juice came right from a ghetto rat. As she’s salivating (pardon the pun) over his jizz, he’s laughing while thinking of his next white “bitch”.

    3. I remembered something similar to this. It was a picture of Monica Lewinsky with her face drenched with a slogan “Got Clinton?”

  12. Hi Rob:
    “But why might these articles exist in the first place?” Answer: because of feminism, period. Its really not any more complex than that.
    Corporations, imo, have been bamboozled and have caved under pressure. A handful of women, for instance, can picket outside of a corporate headquarters yelling and screaming and next thing you know there is a new “diversity” policy or even advertising campaign designed to suppress any idea that this corporation is bad. Honestly, that’s all it takes. And since money is involved they tend to over react, not because they give a shit about the “cause”, but because company’s want lasting solutions and for problems to go away permanently. Special interests groups of all kinds have been pressuring corporations for years and today, in 2015, there is no way around it, you must hire women, period! Not because women earned it or proved themselves, NO, because its a law that women (feminists) demanded. No such law exist for men, of course. This was also driven by a lot of activism. In the 1980s there were the “gorilla girls”…these fucking entitled cretins would put on gorilla masks and storm into corporate board rooms jumping on tables screaming that there weren’t enough female board members. Can you imagine that…one moment discussing this quarters earnings and next “fuck you chauvinist pig!” This happened. Sound familiar? Because that led to what we have today, which in some countries, is a mandate that at least half of a company’s BOD’s MUST be female. Again, did they really prove themselves? Also, right around this time, a rash of sexual harassment claims were made concurrent with new special rules/legislation. On Wall Street, the late 80s and 90s banks were forced to settle for millions and millions of dollars. Fast forward to the 21st century and you hear things like this “well, we don’t have any women on the trading desk so we had to hire her…” Heard that dozens of times. This thing with motherhood being discourage comes from the bowels of women’s studies departments where unattractive flatulent and, overall, unwanted women act out their envy and jealousy. Corporations are tangential and really only support this because if they don’t they’ll face a witch hunt and loose money. But, its not really so much that corporations are so desperate to hire just women that they also actively conspire to downplay motherhood, that’s a feminist thing. But, over the years this has snowballed and now the useless diversity officers and human resources departments are like the “body snatchers”, controlling the host.

    1. You have it backwards. The system co-opted feminism to placate the sheep. They make women think they’ve “earned a seat at the table” when really they’ve become a different source of revenue for The Machine.

    1. Thanks Quintus– must admit that some of your writing got the gears turning which contributed to me writing this article.

  13. Another reason not mentioned: Modern Feminism has brainwashed young women into believing that prestigious degrees, a 6-figure salary, a corner office, etc. will help them marry a better, higher-status man, when in reality those male status symbols (which come at the expense of her prime beauty/fertility years) make it harder, not easier. “Anything less,” says Modern Feminism, “and you’re ‘settling’”.

    1. Remember back in the 80’s or 90’s anti-drug campaign about coke? It’s a big lie. Well that should be feminism.

    1. Having children right now is about the dumbest thing a person can do short of a 10 digit net worth.

      1. More like having a wife. Having children is still a viable option…if you use surrogate mother and raise them by yourself.

        1. We agree on the wife part, not on the child part. The child is basically the same as a wife….a drain on your resources and emotional well being which is actively in revolt with you while you support its every need until one day it goes off (if it is a girl or a fag) and starts sucking cocks or just lamely disappoints you.

        2. Exactly. A child is like a wife. If you raise him properly he wont be annoying. And a child can’t divorce you.

  14. I forgot who posted it a while back but I’ll paraphrase an older ROK comment.
    Women pay to go to school and get degrees in social studies, healthcare, or some such. They rarely start companies or do the most difficult and prestigious work. In the end, the majority of them become teachers, nurses, modern secretaries (i.e., HR, menial office-work), etc.
    These are the same jobs women used to do before feminism “liberated” them. Except now motherhood and social standards have been simultaneously scrubbed away. Women now put themselves into serious debt to do the same shit they’ve always done

    1. If they do start a business, it’s probably some silly $4 cupcake shop. Two Broke Girls come to mind.

      1. And they rarely last unless it’s a hair dressing or childcare business. Even then…

        1. Absolute fact.
          Women cannot operate businesses in a competitive environment, especially not when the competition is run by men.
          Take hair dressing for example, while most are small businesses the ones that went on to be global businesses were the ones founded and run by men. Think Paul Mitchell.

    2. Yup. Girls got a title bump and all it cost was a million dollars in debt, the ability to connect with a man (since they have been turned out so many times that their pussy has lost all feeling and their ass is so loose that farting sounds like a soft hiss), their free time, their bodies, their chances to have children at a healthy age and afterwards the time to bond with them….but they did get that title bump.

      1. The sad part is I don’t think modern women even care if their children are healthy or not. If their sole child comes out autistic or something, oh well. It doesn’t cary the sense of shame or dishonor that a defective child would have caused the parents of the past

        1. “oh well” you say? No, they love a kid with a horrible disease….an autistic child, that is going to make her look so caring when she poses with it for Facebook.
          Compare that to the Kennedy kid that Joe Kennedy locked in the closet while his other attractive and charismatic kids played touch football and learned to sail.

        2. The only thing worse in the eyes of modern white parents than having a normal healthy child is having a gifted son. That’s a curse from the devil himself! So much privilege in one little body!

        3. I grew up with a kid. He was a great athlete and scored really high on tests. Handsome kid. Taller than most of the rest of us. Went on to Yale, then to Navy, then to Law school (I forget where) then back to NAVY as JAG lawyer. Was just an all around great kid with high marks in every box that counts. I can just see two hipster parents looking at his blonde head and thinking “ugh, you are such a disappointment, can you dress like a girl or at least suck some cocks?”

        4. I am NYC. Sure. The next 2 weeks are pretty busy for me, but no reason not to have a drink after. I just need to figure out how to send me my email address.

        5. Yes, they are also jealous that there’s one kid who really grew up to be an outstanding man. You just can’t have intelligence, strength, and dedication all wrapped up in one.
          I mean, you just have to have a good supply of sick, down-trodden, racism victim to parade around on TV and also use to start “charities”….

        6. I knew a low rent, white trailer trash family in my old neighborhood who had a son like that.
          About 10 years ago I went home and bumped into of one their cousins, who was just a baby when I last saw him, and asked about them. The oldest son made something of himself and has nothing to do with them. Refuses to speak or acknowledge them as family. All the other guys in the family were dead or doing prison sentences.

        7. You have to drop dead weight if you will reach your potential—family or no

        8. Having an autistic child is not something to be ashamed of. Autism has a very large spectrum and effects people in so many different ways. People with autism are just like any neurotypicals and should be treated in such way. People with autism are not ashamed of themselves because it is who they are, and don’t you dare try to tell them or their mothers that they should be disgusted by a condition out of their control. Please, never get married or have children. I can tell that you would be abusive or negligent by your horrifying views- such as your belief that people with conditions who think differently than you are somehow inherently inferior.

        9. Retards aren’t ashamed of being retards because they’re retards and are incapable of self-reflection and introspection.
          And Autism is under the control of the mothers. It’s recently been shown
          that being on anti-depressants increase the chances of their child being
          autistic by 100% (doubles the risk). Females who insist on delaying
          motherhood into their 30s and beyond also increase the risk of congenital defects.
          People do not have equal worth. A retard will never contribute anything and is just a waste of resources. Just sits around suckin’ up resources SLURRP SLURRRRP. A retard is just an expensive pet. Fucking dead end.
          And those with Aspergers are a
          waste too: they can recite Pi to a million places but can’t figure out how to flirt with a girl and therefore will never reproduce.
          Oh and I will tell a retard right to his dumb uncomprehending bovine face that he’s a useless bed occupier. But he’ll just sit there grinning.
          I’ll have many healthy non-defective children thank you very much.
          Cram that “my disability is my ability’ twaddle straight up your slit
          Resources should go to the gifted and talented children not mindless eaters.

        10. If you want to take care of your retard, fine. Just don’t expect the taxpayers to labor to provide a private 1 on 1 nurse / aide for it.

        11. I am fifteen years old. I do not have any children, and never will (if you would like to know, I plan on never marrying and plan on adopting). I have friends who are autistic. They are not different from neurotypicals and are wonderful people-diverse and different-like human beings. You are absolutely revolting because you equate difference and diversity to inferiority. You are a grown adult and you act like a whining child who complains when things don’t go his way, who bullies people who are different from him because he likes to feel powerful, he likes to think he is worth more than he is. You bring up the point of welfare. I do not pay taxes yet and do not come from a wealthy family, but I will not mind paying taxes if I know the money is going to support children and people in need. I, unlike you, try to be compassionate. I know that there are those less fortunate than myself and would be willing to sacrifice some of my salary for their wellbeing. You, on the other hand, don’t care if the impoverished live or die. You say it is ok for some people to have billions of dollars yet some to be extremely poor. Essentially, you are saying that there are people in this world that deserve to die simply because of the circumstances they have been born into.

        12. Senor Waldemar Pabst you are right.
          The elite does exactly this.
          For the masses leftism is a tool to keep them weak and stupid.
          If you manage to bring yourself and your family to the upper 30% of the pyramid you should have no problems with the system. It is designed to help the wise and powerful.
          The stupid cant be helped. But we can profit from their weakness.

    3. Swedish women drop their children off at a daycare so they can go work at another daycare taking care of someone else’s children … it’s a shell game

      1. Wow, that’s totally retarded. What has happened to a once great race like the Swedish?
        I have a friend of a friend who lives in Sweden he tells some of the most bizarre shit going on there.

        1. I’ve concluded that the ultimate endgame of leftism is cultural/national suicide. You have leftists there who are so “raked over with guilt” that “they are rich and everyone else isn’t” that they feel they MUST import third world savages to “balance things out” even if it comes at the cost of their own lives.

        2. Do not use the word r*t*rd*d. It is a slur and it is extremely offensive. Never use that word again.

        3. It’s not a troll. Retarded was for a long time a medical term. It became “unpolitically correct” since being mentally retarded is not something a normal person would wish to be and is used as an insult to those who behave like retarded people.
          There’s nothing wrong with the use of the word, specially when it’s not even directed at anyone like it was here; only those who have such little going of for them that have to resort to constant virtue signalling could care.

        4. I guess can “hope”, but unless there is some miracle, I’m afraid you’re right. I believe the USA should have a special refugee center for Swedish girls and women who want to escape being gang raped.

      2. exactly….they spent crucial child rearing years chasing a buck while strangers raise their children.

    4. That’s a very astute observation. We need a meme on this to flood social media.

    5. Increasingly I am seeing more and more stupid female “journalists” on TV. From the local news to — dear god — sports. They all have this look and attitude like if they weren’t around to do what they do, society would stop dead in its tracks.
      Then of course weeks ago as I’m at traffic light and watching MEN labor on repairing natural gas line in the cold in my hometown … I see two college age females in new upscale SUV at light. I envisioned them talking in car about one of their women’s studies stats . . . “like how women only make … like u know, $.77 to every man’s dollar” as they disregard MEN laboring in cold to keep aspects of comfortable society going.

      1. Women are simply not hard-wired to empathize with men.
        The thing to realize is they don’t even recognize that those construction workers exist.
        What’s that Hillary Clinton quote? I think it goes “Women are the primary victims of war”. How could that possibly make any sense unless you just de facto discount the suffering of men. How does losing your limbs, or perhaps your life, compare to having to stay home and take care of the kids?

        1. I remember that quote well.
          Remember in 2012 men were told “No Uterus No Opinion!” You see … we’re not supposed to open our mouths when it comes to reproduction.
          Well … I have one: “No Selective Service Requirement: No Opinion.” Being males in the U.S. are mandated to register for S.S. to vote, get student loans, etc … and women do not face such a requirement … they shall have no opinion on the military.
          Additionally: Seeing this one. It’s so beyond obvious this guy was planted by the Hillary Campaign. You’ve got to love how Hillary has based her entire campaign on the gender card. The victim/ feminist bogus “war on women” shit worked in 2012 but honestly, this time … I see it backfiring.

  15. In the affluent town I live in patriarchy is very much alive and well. Plenty of Mom’s with lots of kids.

    1. and loads of tenis pros, pilates instructors and gym trainers so she can sample a variety of cocks while hubby is off being a master of the universe.

      1. Yep, roofers too. Well, I at least know of one that did that. And, get this, married a woman he was boning on the job. So, wonder what she is up to when he’s out ripping up roofs?

        1. It happens. After all, when her shingles are dislodged and her roof is leaking, someone has to pour some hot tar all over that.

  16. I see this more and more with women in my social media feeds: the older the childless get the more attached to their pets they get. A self described feminist at 22 with a dog/cat will be a bitter hag at 40 with a half dozen dogs/cats.

    1. such sick surrogacy: white women emotionally investing in animals rather than their own children … what a fucking joke modern white women are

      1. Another difference between men and women. Not that, as men, we don’t appreciate having a dog, but we don’t normally have an attachment to it. But since I have to use the word normally loosely, now there are men who also put sweaters on dogs and let them lick their faces. Jay from Modern Family comes to mind.

  17. Gents, another very important thing. Its extremely expensive to have kids. Unless you own a company or work as a hedge fund manager or investment banker its really hard to live a quality life without two incomes. Meanwhile real incomes have been stagnant for years. This is the real reason why people delay marriage and having kids. I think for some its ideology, but, for most its really just practical.

    1. Cause we’re paying taxes to pay for everyone else who shouldn’t be having kids.

      1. Exactly. In fact given that our society is more advanced there really is NO excuse for this. If we didn’t create a welfare/police/authoritarian state only one working spouse could, like they did a generation ago, have a house, car, education…shit even a small vacation home and retire with a pension. And not even with a major job. Its really not too hard. If we simply reformed taxes, say a 10% flat tax, this country would be incredibly wealthy.

        1. We also erred when we embraced universal suffrage. People who won’t pull their weight and live off the taxpayer teat have no business voting. These people breed litters of children who all live on the dole, and it gets worse with each passing generation.

    2. I disagree: children can wear cheap clothes from the Goodwill, a library card is free, playing with a ball is free.
      I think what you mean is that the modern woman ‘s expectations of what raising children should like (yearly disney world trips, private tutors, private coaches, fancy clothes for the children) is extremely expensive.

      1. In certain communities it is, hence, why we can observe that poorer people have more kids…that’s really a function of them already living in a geography that has a low cost of living. But, trust me, food, diapers, formula, doctors visits add up…and, yes, superfluous things like sports, sports equipment, camp all the way to vacations etc find their way to becoming “necessities” for both mom and dad because everyone wants the best for their kids.

        1. “doctor visits”. Don’t send your children to a doctor. It’s a scam and if you are unlucky, just one vaccine can make your kid retarded.

        2. Best for their kids means the best genes. Intelligence is innate. Only if you buy into the doctrine of equality would you need to purchase advantages.
          A child with a desire to learn can do more with a free library card than an intellectually disinclined one with rich parents who can purchase private tutors etc.

        3. Whatever happened to having healthy children? They’re all so fucking sickly nowadays.

        4. In the good ole days you only took your children (or the doctor came to you….now that’s convenience!) when it was absolutely necessary. And when I mean necessary, not your dumb kid busting his ass trying to do a stunt for YouTube.

        5. No doubt. And I very much agree with you. That’s why being very selective or discriminatory in regards to a mate is so darn important. And that’s one of many reasons why “progressivism” and their shit talk about equality is rubbish. In essence, we all know to breed well but in order to do that one must be very discriminatory and prejudicial in order to find the right mate. Such things are no-no’s in this paradigm, but, what’s the solution? A hot female 10 must not only fill a sex quota but also actually have a child for a male 2 or retarded male, ha. Well, given how gullible people have become this may just happen.

        6. Well, eating various pills consisting of God-knows-what wont make you healthy in the long run.

      2. I make decent money and I still visit Goodwill from time to time. I hope to pass that sense of practicality to my future children.

        1. I see rich parents buying hundred dollar outfits for babies. Babies! They have luxury / designer baby clothes. A baby wouldn’t know if it were wearing a burlap sack. But to cold emotionless modern white women, profligate displays of consumption are the only way they know of showing they care.

        2. My ex sister in law once bought Air Jordans for her 2 year old at $60. I only spend that much on shoes if it’s steel toe boots. But that’s ok. Mommy bailed them out constantly.

        3. Me too. I make almost double the average household income and am barely growing savings or retirement. The modern concept of lifestyle is so screwed up. The majority of the population can’t afford all that shit you see on television. I rarely eat out and often buy used if I need gear, etc. Hell, I buy the wife birthday presents off craigslist. My children are going to grow up in hand-me-downs and Value Village clothing.

        4. And thousands $$$$ birthday parties for toddlers. My first birthday, all I had was a cake, which I dove into face-first. Don’t remember it at all, but judging by the pictures I’d say it was a pretty good day for Baby Fluffy.

        5. And when the baby pukes all over their designer outfit the parents rush out to buy a new one.

      3. If we can destroy consumerism we can reclaim our culture from the rot. We can reduce the reach of corporations into our politics and bring true value back to the marketplace based on commodities, not “facebook bucks”.

    3. “to live a quality life”
      Define qualify life. I daresay that it is more than possible if you don’t require the latest piece of electronic crap or drive the latest car.
      Additionally, the SAHM is not just sitting on her butt doing nothing. Consider the “woman of worth” described in Proverbs 31:

      She looks for wool and flax And works with her hands in delight.
      She is like merchant ships; She brings her food from afar. She rises also while it is still night And gives food to her household And portions to her maiden…
      She considers a field and buys it; From her earnings she plants a vineyard….
      She stretches out her hands to the distaff, And her hands grasp the spindle.
      She makes coverings for herself; Her clothing is fine linen and purple….
      She makes linen garments and sells them, And supplies belts to the tradesmen.
      She looks well to the ways of her household, And does not eat the bread of idleness.

      So a worthy woman runs a fairly self-sufficient household: making clothing, and tending a garden to the point of selling the excess to others, and also runs a business out of the home.
      Good luck finding her, though:

      A wife of noble character who can find?

    4. If that were true, people in the 1800s would have known demographic winter and demographic collapse by the early 1900s. Whether you like it or not, other economical factors (children from insurance in the old age to fashion accesory thanks to welfare and social security) and, dare I say, spiritual factors (collapse of Christianity) had a far stronger influence. Our greatgrandmothers knew real hardship. Today’s female greatest nuisance is a broken fingernail.

      1. Up until 1960 there was no reliable birth control. So if you had sex–and in the marital relationship that was a given–you had children if you were able to conceive. So you basically had children whether you wanted to or not.

        1. Even today, with contraceptives, religious people (non-muslims or africans) outbreed liberals by orders of magnitude. That in itself tells you that religious considerations bear equal if not more weight than circumstancial ones (absence of the pill). Ditto the pill brought about a revolution that lowered birthrates across all demographics, however religious people (not cafeteria believers than can be lumped together with liberals and outright atheists) breed a lot more.

    1. they think childbearing ruins their bodies, but they inevitably become ugly with age anyways. not having children only extends their beauty by maybe a few years tops.

      1. I would rather bang a feminine, innocent girl who has one or two kids from one man than a slut with 30+ notches. Women still can be very attractive after childbirth if they are willing to workout.

        1. The key word here is ‘bang’. Yes there are plenty of bangable single moms around, and most single moms I know are doing the fling & fuck buddy circuit. Though they may not have fun exclusively as their goal some clock up a decent notch count over the years. Many will hit 30+ and a big part of that is that the guys they are DTF for are not interested in becoming an insta step father. Most are really only interested in keeping things casual and like you the bang is the main priority. Maybe you meant relationship. There are plenty of guys who don’t mind falling for a single mom, but others who have plenty of options and are not interested in anything serious with them, and many single moms tend to go for the later. Quite a few refuse to believe they can’t get (and keep) the same quality catch guys they did before in their pre-baby days.
          The other key phrase is ‘willing to workout’. That definitely makes a difference, though the % that do that and work and raise their kid/s as a single mom, wont be big. You also would want them to keep working out once in a relationship. Many women I notice drop it once they are in a relationship.

        2. I would never play the stepfather role. From my experience, single mothers are the most unfaithful group out there. As you stated, once they have kids they are insecure about attracting quality males, so they are jumping on any guy that gives them any attention. They’re only good for casual sexual relationships. There’s a reason most stepfather are beta males.

        3. The amount of effort it takes to get back in shape after a baby goes up exponentialy as the age of the mother increases. My wife is a Filipina and all her friends are too. Therefore, I know tons of extremely sex mothers of two and three kids that had zero problem with staying in shape after pregnancy. The reason is they had their kids in their early 20s and not their mid thirties.

        4. Would that be an equal to a man banging any woman that gives him attention? Hmmmm men are sluts plain and simple … as society we need to see men as the ones propagating the entire broken “family” mold yet attempting to blame it on women.

    2. Not all of them. I know a single mom with 8 kids who just keeps poping them out over and over. No idea what she does for a job….but I knwo the baby dadies are on the hook for support.

  18. Being a mom is way more important than any career, but the feminist movement has made it so that women are embarrassed to stay at home with kids. I’m not sure this is a bad thing for men though, because honestly, children are the thing that make divorces the worst and can really wreck a guy. If you’re wife gets tired of you and walks or cheats you can leave a LOT easier if you aren’t going to be saddled with child support payments and the thought of never getting to see your children and have them call some new guy Dad. I also think it makes it easier to get side action for older guys.

      1. eh, not true if they’re rich or you like a steady stream of vagina you don’t have to work for.

        1. Obviously this person has never been married. Marriage is the farthest possible thing from a steady stream of vagina that you don’t have to work for. You get way more sex with much less effort if you are single. I am 60 and have seen it from both sides and I am telling you how it is.

    1. WOW … finally a man admits to not wanting children due to the divorce culture … women didn’t create the divorce culture … maybe infidelity to the tune of 70% of men stepping out on their wife did. And, infidelity creates inattentive husbands in the house thus women wonder why the crap be married … yes, look at the divorce stats … women divorce men 70% of the time … see a correlation? Hey, but just keep trying to pin this all on women and feminism if it makes the male feel better.

      1. Actually wives cheat almost exactly as much as husbands, but wives are more likely to divorce when husbands cheat. Also, when men cheat it tends to be more of a one night stand, when women cheat it tends to be an actual relationship (affair). Both are disgusting. If you don’t want to be married, divorce, but you shouldn’t cheat or find another partner while still in a marriage.

  19. Nice article but i have i lil problem, i married to a woman who became a housewife 25 year ago, and had 2 daugthers. Now i´m divoced and because she has been a housewife for the past 25 year, a judge determined that i have to give her half of my wealth, and also cash her a nice sum of money for lifetime, also i have to pay alimony for both girls till they reach 25 years old. This is not my case, but it´s a super close relative situation. Maybe it´s better a corporate slave than a caring houswife…
    What you guys think ?

    1. You are just one of the millions who got divorce raped. Blame it on the government.
      Also, you don’t pay because she was a housewife. Even if she was a corporate slave, YOU WOULD STILL GET FUCKED BY COURTS.

    2. Child support till they’re 25? WTF? For college? College is elective – it isn’t compulsory.

        1. What the fuck happened to summer jobs, on campus jobs, rotc, scholarships???
          If it were me, I wouldn’t comply with some mandate and work like a slave: if I found myself in such a situation, I’d drop out, work a menial job, enjoy life. Claim the higher paying jobs caused too much stress and get a doctor’s note to show the prick judge.

        2. I live in a country with a high unemployment rate and no summer/par time job tradition. Also if you leave your job you will have problems, because as i told you cash up you wife it´s mandatory for lifetime even in a smaller proportion if you have a low wage job. It´s a maze with no exit.

        3. If it’s the same percentage garnishment, e.g., 50% of your earnings, I’d work the low-wage, low-stress job. If it’s an actual amount per month, I’d fucking hop the border and go elsewhere … why keep pulling the plow?

    3. Where do you live? What country/what state?
      I know in Texas spousal support cannot exceed 3 years and child support only goes to 18. There is no alimony.
      BTW, you’d have had to pay child support whether she worked or not.

      1. I live in Europe (EU) and as far as i Knowgeneral divorce laws are more or less the same in every EU country.

        1. I see. Yea, i would’t know on European divorce law. I know Europeans are so progressive on all that stuff. I was shocked when I heard it was illegal in France and Germany for a man to paternity test his own child without his wife’s consent. How the hell else would you ever find out if she had cheated and the child wasn’t yours, but in those two countries if you do a paternity test it has to be from an approved clinic and in order to get it done you have to have your wife (or the mom’s) okay. That’s absurd.

  20. That’s why I only date kind-hearted, conservative, feminine younger chicks, preferably college-educated, but with the values to never buy into any feminist groupthink. They are always going to be more maternal and have nothing to prove.
    The feminist movement has been proven to be mostly a lie for the Democrats to push to their ignorant base.

        1. I’m not even attracted to feminists, so I look for tells-her hair, dress style, how she talks and her mannerisms. Mostly, where she grew up, her college/religion & family life.
          It’s hard bro, but I usually meet them through friends. I’m dating a girl now that graduated a couple of years ago from a Christian college- Samford in Al. She’s a doll.

  21. I’d rather they stop crapping out kids if they have no husband or means to provide. Poor people love reproducing because of all the hand outs for their lil meal ticket(s). Daddy Government should reward the responsible not the other way around.
    Good read though.

  22. Most women leave the workforce and look to opt out with the child excuse once they realize working 50+ hours a week for your whole life sucks.
    Many women in health professions do this. They like school and get A’s, then the reality of working 55+ hours a week sets in and all of a sudden they want to get pregnant and be a mom cause working all the time sucks.
    Except the amount of suitable male providers is rapidly dropping.

    1. Your second paragraph describes a blood relation of mine to a tee. It’s dawning on her that the shift hours she puts in and the net pay isn’t all it is cracked up to be. As she is a single mom, she reeks of desperation trying to find a “good man” and from her circle of friends they all seem to be in the same boat. I can only shake my head.

      1. 50% of all female doctors start working part time within 10 years of their career, this is severely exacerbating the doctor shortage. the women simply don’t care about their responsibilities.
        I knew a girl who became a dentist. right after graduating dental school, she gets married, gets pregnant and takes a part time assistant instructor job at the fucking dental school. Never tries to build a practice, to serve a community, or nothing. Is now excited to be a wife and take pictures of her baby.
        Its like THEN WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SPEND 24 YEARS IN SCHOOL TO BECOME A DOCTOR. they ALWAYS puss out given the chance. the ones who cant find a suitable man are especially fucked

        1. “the ones who cant find a suitable man are especially fucked”
          Of course they are. No husband to pay back all that student debt and a bleak future of working in a field they particulary don’t care for. Cats and cheap wine await.

  23. From what I’ve observed, a lot of these women have a change of attitude and become “baby-crazy” as they get into their late 30’s and realize they’re about to grow infertile. Usually, though, it’s too late at that point.

    1. But, but all the Hollywood actresses are having babies in their 40’s they’ll say. They go through IVF.
      What the TMZ doesn’t tell you is that these actresses have deep pockets to pay for it. After 40, the odds are severely against you of conceiving EVEN with IVF treatments. We’re talking under 5% or less success rate.

      1. marissa mayer – Yahoo CEO- obviously had fertility treatments cause she’s having twins at 40.

        1. You’ve hit another point. Women undergoing fertility treatment do not mention to anyone that they are going through the procedure. They want to propagate the idea that they can have it all later in life. It’s like they are embarrassed that they cannot fulfill their purpose in life naturally (making babies). When the procedure fails, they go into this emotional wreck. The hormone injections for the treatment just makes it 1000 times worse.
          They have this innate desire to have children, never listen to what they say just to save face.

  24. Avoid two types of women. Single moms and career women. These cunts are the worst bitches on earth.

    1. Depends on the reason why the mom is single. I’d have a lot of respect for a war widow doing her best to raise her late husband’s children as well as she can and am happy for my tax money to support her via a generous war widow’s pension. Doesn’t mean she’d make good wife material as she would constantly compare you to her late husband but she still deserves far more respect than a mom who’s single because your guess regarding the identity of her kid’s father is as good as hers.

      1. I see a lot of the latter in Walmart. Funny thing, the kids tend to be different shades, too.

  25. I also noticed that women give a shit more abt having the latest I-gadget than learning a skill, having kids or anything that’s actually useful.

  26. I have seen some of this first hand. My wife says about once a month how she wants to go back to work instead of care for the kids. She said at work she did important stuff that affected people. I tell her that caring for the kids is the most important thing she can do. She comes back once a month though to the same old diatribe. I personally think women don’t want to work (if it was hard labor they would gladly stay at home) they just want to spend money on crap while the money the man makes pays the bills.

    1. She goes to work and return home for the evening in a grouchy mood, pissed off at Suzie Next-cubicle because of her new Steve Madden shoes and VL bag. No dinner made so eat out at fast food joint. Then get fat and bitch some more every day. Then 20 years later, menopause, perpetual PMS.
      Yup. That’s what you want.

      1. women at the end of a work day are completely fucking unbearable.
        instead of chilling out and relaxing, they just want to bitch incessantly.

        1. Yup. Even with a simple part time job working around other crazy backbiting working cunts, they come home all bitchy and unable to devote any time to tit feeding or servicing their master.

    2. Makes me glad I have the wife I do. She was happy to be a stay-at-home mom, and the kids have turned out great.

  27. This would not be a problem if we reinstated an appropriate Eugenics program in America.

      1. Of coarse they will, that is what people tend to do they jump to a conclusion. People react instead of thinking. They judge based on their own paradigm instead of being diligent and studying so that they may have a more informed opinion. In fact I would think that many of those that would jump to their own opinion about my statement are ignorant of the fact that the USA already had a eugenics program around the same time Germany and other nations were enacting their own. I would also propose that many who jump to conclusions about my statement have never read the works of the originators and proponents of eugenics nor do they understand what is meant by the word eugenic. Only those that are willing to labor to find the truth can find true understanding. Perhaps I will hold my words to myself from now on. Yes I think that would be for the best as words are meaningless to those that are lazy headed. Thank you by the way, you have helped me make a very important decision.

  28. All these “elites” sit in their corner jacking off as their plan comes to fruition, how pathetic. They’ve successfully ruined a once-great people. And they are proud of it. People say that it’s just a big banker scheme to control the world, but there are dark designs behind their agenda. Just look at their old, decrepit faces. Mummies who refuse to die, the perfect way to describe them. Why would one be so obsessed with immortality, perhaps they have forsaken their souls in a dark bond for their earthly power? And in doing so, they wish to live in the flesh for as long as humanly possible. This is why they want others to die and for the fertility rates to drop to zero, they don’t want to share their God-like status with other humans. This planet has been around forever, humans haven’t, and they won’t. All empires topple down eventually, their expiration date has long passed, and they are just sitting on the shelf until someone aware enough passes by and smells the reek of death, the death that should have befallen them many years ago.

  29. Whatever feminism’s original aims, the liberated woman is actually now the slave girl of another ‘ism’ entirely: consumerism.

    1. Hmmmm … if you look at stats men buy more crap then women and it is more expensive crap (crap being it isn’t wealth building … it depreciates to 0 value such as a Harley motorcycle). So have men all been slaves to consumerism? And, penis envy?

  30. Interesting article BUT how do you explain Japan the government there is only now trying to get women in the work force in bigger ways – they have a declining birth rate and yet Japanese women would still rather be a house wife than a corporate woman.

  31. “Modern” women are idiots…. “I have to adopt to have a family! Oh… I’m sticking her in day care… I can’t BELIEVE how much I have to spend until she goes to kindergarten.”
    Fucking. Idiots.

    1. Yes. They are. And selfish.
      As a middle-aged man I watched several women I personally knew for years hit the wall and through their desperation tried to adopt kids short of their 40th birthday. I visited one once and noticed the adoption literature laying around. Her plan was to adopt two boys from Russia. I pointed out that her career, which she devoted her life and divorced her second husband for, requires her to relocate often and travel alot. Who would care for them? Her old mother in Colarado of course. When I asked her if that was fair to her mom and to those poor boys she got enraged–surprised me actually– and went on a tirade. When she was done, I camly pointed out that the adoption agencey is going to ask you these, and many more, questions, so she should think about it.
      Thankfully she later dropped the whole idea. Another used her political connections at the statehouse to get her a white baby. A single mom at 42 without even going through the hassle of giving birth. Crazy as a loon.

  32. this is truth. sadly you cant say this because you’ll get called a sexist and lose well over half your audience on that remark alone.
    but the sad truth is, women, unless you are being the best damn mother you can be, then truthfully what good are you to society? thats an honest question. if you are a female and you havent been an amazing mother….then what good have you been?
    women….you can literally only do one thing that men cant and that is to be a mother….if you arent doing that, then you are as valuable as the lifetime welfare moocher who hasnt had a job in 60 years. that is to say you are worthless.

  33. There are other, completely rational, explanations than the one offered above. For example: why did women have so many children in the ‘good old days’? First, there was no reliable birth control (condoms only 80% effective). A married woman who was having sex with her husband got pregnant regularly. Second, until the end of WWII, infant mortality, even in the US, was quite high. A lot of kids died from, for example, measles, flu, polio, etc. which doesn’t happen anymore. So, you used to have to have 3 or more kids to ensure that at least 2 survived. Third, from time immemorial, most people’s ‘pension plan’ was their kids. Having more kids increased your odds that one would a) survive into your old age, and b) be successful enough to have room and money to support you. Fourth, the increasing government burden laid on all of us by left-wing government policies means that you need two incomes to have a decent middle class lifestyle.
    Today, better medicines have eliminated many unwanted pregnancies, and made infant mortality very low. Gov’t pension plans replace multi-generational families. And increasing global economic integration means that unskilled labour isn’t very valuable, so women need a degree/training in order to earn a decent amount of dough. All of that adds up to postponing childbearing, which has created a new set of problems to replace the ones it ‘fixed’.
    However, let me add that we don’t really need a lot more ‘new’ people. 7+ billion is enough (some already think it’s too many). We don’t need a new baby boom.

    1. So Earth has enough people? Tell that to Africans and Indians, they’re still breeding like rabbits.

      1. Those are places where children are considered farm hands and social security. And look at what a clusterfuck Africa is.

        1. Africa may be a cluster fuck but for different reasons not because of having too many kids. If kids were not important, then why does the west keep importing people, it’s because you can’t have a birth rate completely to zero even with all this technology because eventually, you will need consumers, robots and machines may be able to handle some manual labor is not all, but they can’t consume the products that they produce. This western economy is really a ponzi scheme that will eventually collapse, it’s just a question of when not if and then we will see all those career minded women and selfish people eating each other on the streets

      2. The total fertility rate in India is 2.51, just above replacement rate. And this rate is going down. So India is not the problem; neither is the middle east or Asia. The only geographic area where TFR is significantly above replacement rate is sub-saharan Africa.

    2. History will record the birth control pill as one of the great game changers of history, right up there with domestication of the horse and the printing press.

  34. I don’t really like this word “Status”, it kind of implies there’s a red carpet and people cheering and clapping wherever you go……to me status is something that can’t be ignored like a King or Dictator at the national level, but more something that only exists at the small group level like the leader of a tribe, army, gang or group of bandits. It certainly would be something that requires more than being educated and having above average amounts of shekels to rub together, although in todays atomized consumerist society it may seem to some like the ultimate measure. if your existance can just be ignored, rejected, if you can be physically intimidated or verbally assaulted, if I can just plain choose other people to like more or spend time with. YOU ARE NOT HIGH STATUS. Especially if you are an aging career lady. In fact I think this idea that education, career and money has anything to do with status is rather abstract mental gymnastics(unless you are literally a billionaire business owner + Alpha male presidential candidate like Donald Trump, then you actually get a better/cooler life). As is the idea that a workplace is a real community or hierarchy rather than just some place otherwise unrelated people gather to make money. There is more reward for being high status within a family or in simple one on one communication and relationship dynamics than being a wage slave, which is what every salaried employee is.

  35. This is the real reason women stopped having children:
    Jews’ anti-white attack via feminism.
    This made women completely undesirable as wives & mothers, and made women whores and careersluts to overcompensate & rationalize.
    Hookup culture glorification + college/career/workforce glorification + birth control & abortion glorification = much less babies.
    More in depth here:

  36. The women I know in their 30s that don’t have kids are due to them just wanting to date around (cock carousel) and have fun. Having children will keep them from being able to go out to bars and clubs on the weekends. Yeah they have jobs but they’re not really trying to climb the corporate ladder. They basically only care about making money to buy yoga pants, iPhones, and bar tabs.

    1. Where I live there are plenty of single moms in their 20s-30s just dating around (wink wink) or the guys they want have no intention of a LTR with them. They have P/T job + some child support $ from the dad + some money from the govt – they get by. Friends or their parents or the ex with shared custody takes the kid off her hands at regular intervals and that gives them time off to go out and pick up. Also now there is online dating – they can order in from the comfort of their couch, lol
      The women I know in their 30s with no kids are generally career women or women with health/mental issues who know they are not capable of giving 100% to take care of a child on their own. Some wont have kids unless its in an LTR with their ideal guy…and they have check off lists for their ideal man. As well though for sure there are those you describe that just want to be selfish to themselves (its their life) but still you will find quite a few of these will settle for a stable nice guy at the end of the ‘sex and the city’ years 39/40ish and have one child (who will get more attention now than the guy) and hopefully not go back to work.

  37. Guys you are not old enough to know but back when peanut farmer Jimmy Carter circa 1976-1980 was president, he and the federal reserve jacked up home interest mortgage rates to almost 20%, BOTH gasoline/oil crisis and the ensuing inflation destroyed the nuclear family and put moms to work everywhere, even if dad made the bucks moms usually got a part time job. The phrase “latch key kid” was on every magazine cover for years, as I remember I was one of them. Things were better when moms were home but big think tanks like RAND corporation and the powerful elite that feed off of chaos and misery (they help orchestrate) came up with flooding the workforce with cheap labor and then offshoring all the important jobs with treasonous trade agreements after feminism and womens rights made paying them less became less politically doable. .

    1. Yup. Unfettered capitalism put the kibosh on the stay at home mom. The household could no longer afford to keep her home.

      1. what ticks me off is because of the advent of the two parent income, housing prices has went through the roof. Land prices increased because they could. My grandparents generation could buy a house for about 300/month in the 1950’s (adjusted for inflation). Now I am lucky if I could find something for triple that. That generation blew the money they got from selling on motorhomes, and the banks are more than happy to collect the interest on the loans that we are paying with our two incomes.

    2. Women are followers . . COMPLETE followers. Remember the mothers at the Jim Jones compound in Guyana? They fed their infants the cool aid and swooned over their toddlers, holding them down as they poured the shit down their hatches. And Mrs Hess I believe and the other frau who as the story goes smothered their kids after giving them sleeping pills in Hitler’s bunker? Then the jiihadi wife two weeks ago? All COMPLETE followers. Career women are the current crop of followers. We should lower the bar on what constitutes kidnapping. The office drones were all KIDNAPPED from our tribes. STOLEN from the patriarchy. TAKEN HOSTAGE from the natural order of man. But the order is returning. The age is nearing when MAN returns to the throne.

  38. Take a look at the vast array of articles with titles like “I Love My Son, But I’m More Than Just A Mom.” Notice the “just” in the title, suggesting that being a caretaker for the next generation is a trivial matter. These articles frequently include the word “just” in the title as if people in society actually dismiss these women with phrases like, “You’re just a mom.” Have you ever heard anyone say that? Me neither.
    Actually the title of the article is “I love my son, but I’m more than a mom”. So minus the “Just”.

  39. I am 19 years old and currently pregnant with my first child. But Germany and most places in western society are absolutely toxic for children.
    I have been indoctrinated with left bullshit since elementary school. They have shown us Holocaust videos, when we were about ten years old. – Hundreds of dead bodies and baskets full of heads shown to little children. (Of course we never really talked about Communism and how much death this twisted ideology caused.)
    I don´t want my children to be told that “Some girls have a vagina but some boys too” (You cannot make that shit up). Oh and Government can force you to drug up your children, if the teacher cannot handle a “hyperactive” (perfectly normal) child. If you refuse maybe the Jugendamt pays you a visit for “refusing your child necessary medical treatment”. About 25% children showing signs of depression, burnout and so on. Just go to an elemantary school and watch the children (if you´re male you probably shouldn´t do that). It´s fucking depressing. Compare our children with random children from a random third world country. They don’t have fancy Iphones but their eyes are still glowing.
    I don´t want my children to belong to the state and being trained to be a good little workslaves for hordes of self hating antifas and their beloved “refugees”. Just google New Year´s Eve in Germany and enjoy the show. The police is just watching how 1000 aggressive arabs threatening and raping women and our politicians and the media still have the audacity to claim this men weren’t refugees. Who will protect my child? Who will protect my family? Merkel and the police won´t.
    I guess I said enough. If somebody knows a nice country to raise a family, suggestions are welcome. We don´t care about being rich… we just want a save place with less crazy people.
    I apolgize for any grammatical errors. I am not very adept at writing in english.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I am glad you broke the social programming and conditioning at such a young age. Globally it seems like women treat children as fashion accessories and pretty much want to live life for only themselves rather than having some level of selflessness, so it is refreshing to hear that there are some women who have both their heads and hearts in the right place.
      Australia is much of the same as you describe. I think you may be out of luck as nice places without these forms of leftists ideologies are fast running out.
      Good luck in finding a home for your family.

      1. Social programming isn´t completely broken. There´s always this little voice telling me I am going to miss out on something. There has to be more…
        But I am always reminding myself how lucky I am. I have a great man. He had an abusive childhood but still became one of the most caring persons I know. He treats me like a queen and just wants our child and me to have a good life. This is something real. Not some shallow sex and mindless consuming.
        Thanks 🙂

    2. You are a smart young lady. Eastern Europe is much less liberal, and more traditional, than Germany and west Europe. I think Serbia, with their strong Christian orthodox influence, is a good place for conservative white families.
      It took gays there some years to have a successful gay rights parade. The normal people took to the streets and kept shutting the parades down. They have only recently finally had a gay parade, in Belgrade, but the government had to deploy thousands of cops to keep the normal people from disrupting it again. Serbia is a country where most people aren’t buying into the the liberal agenda, and take a stand against degeneracy.
      Poland and Russia are still relatively untainted also.
      Maybe over time the SJWs and sick liberals will make big inroads into those places, but they haven’t yet.
      The problems with eastern Europe and Russia include the bad economies, scarcity of jobs, more corruption, and language barriers.
      Good luck to you and your family.

      1. Thanks 🙂 We have already considered eastern Europe. It was refreshing to see politicians standing up against Merkel´s madness and fighting for their OWN people.
        We actually planned on leaving Europe behind… but the whole world is going mad…
        But maybe more people will wake up in the future and realise what´s really important. 🙂
        Thanks again for the kind words

  40. It always disgusts me when a woman says she doesn’t want children, it seems like the most selfish and sociopathic thing in the world.
    I see it as only fair that I should give the gift of life to others like my parents gave to me.
    Having children is only a chore or unimportant if you are incapable of genuine love. I have a son and he is worth every penny and every minute that I have invested in him. (I’m planning on more.)

  41. I think it’s more that this. Ask a lot of young men and women today and they’ll tell you of a fucked up childhood. When you have a negative experience as a child, as in my case. Homelessness, bullying, poverty, raised by a single mother. To me the risk isn’t worth it.

  42. Women should realize that it’s better to be poor without kids than poor with kids to feed and to take care of.

    1. They perhaps should realise most of all that it’s better to actually save your fucking money and stay with a husband who loves you at an early age than ride the cock carousel for a decade and spend all your time buying shit that neither you nor anybody else needs.

  43. Having a kid is a shitty cost/benefit ratio these days, and there’s too much other awesome stuff to do.

    1. It may be on the short term, but your kids (and grandkids) will last a lifetime.

  44. My wife is 37 with a PHD…and we’re expecting our first child this summer. It’s taken this long because her workplace (run by ladder climbing women) is VERY anti-family. Women backstab and outright discriminate against women with children in her office.

  45. Perfect observation. I wasted my prime child bearing years getting a useless college degree. I finally married at age 31 and stopped working at low-paying jobs. I had 3 kids over 9 years, the last one when I was 41. That was the most fun if my life, despite having a crappy marriage. Now I wish I had foregone college and had more babies instead.
    All my life I’ve felt inferior to professional women with great careers and high incomes. It was clear that society admired and respected them, while nobody respected stay-at-home moms like me. I internalized society’s attitude and looked down upon myself as a failure. I still do, no matter how hard I try to rationalize that feeling away.
    My first husband, father of my 3 children, also adopted society’s attitude. He came to resent supporting his stay-at-home wife. He wished I had a job like all the neighbor women so we could have a higher standard of living, which would make him look more prosperous and prestigious. He finally got his wish after we divorced. He married a career woman who now supports him while he stays at home and watches TV.
    Even my 3 sons have absorbed society’s negative attitude towards non-money-earning women. They see their friends’ mothers work. They see how much better their friends live as a result of both parents working. Better cars. Better homes. Better furnishings. Better clothes. Better support in college.
    It’s the rare man who can support a family in style nowadays without a wife working.

    1. I am a civil engineer, have six kids and a stay at home wife who homeschools. Yeah, I know the feeling. Even at my income, I see and envy my neighbors with their snowmobiles, motorcycles and other fancy toys and ask myself why I do it. But then, I look at my wife who adores me, my kids who are fairly well behaved and well above the curve in their education, and my rock solid marriage, I realize that with everything, there is a price.

    2. Sorry to hear that. My husband of 25 years wants me to be at home with the kids because he wants the best for them. I also home school. We worked many years in our own businesses and still do.

  46. Women do not have children to gain social ranking in town. That is complete bullshit. It also does not only pertain to the women’s outlook of birth giving, but also her husband. Families – not only women – decide to have children because they want to share and see the beauty in raising something of their own kind, not just to look”cool” in society. Also, newsflash! WOMEN ARE PEOPLE TOO. Women have the same rights as men, to have jobs and contribute to society. Having children is not the only reason why women are on the planet. Women have jobs, and are not able to take a lot of time off from work to support the child. They cannot always take off so much time, considering that a lot of women have very complex jobs. When the earth was created, women and men were valued the same. Through time, one sex felt the need that they should be named stronger. Women and men have the same capabilities. You seem to forget, men create life the same as women do, women just carry the child. In that case, you cannot argue that women are just refusing to not have children, since it takes two.

  47. Joe Rogan was talking to some 26 year old woman (I forget who) and she mentioned that soon she wanted to start thinking about having kids. So Joe starts berating her with “why?”, like she’s just a kid, go and experience life, why would you want to do that now? He thinks 26 is too young to EVEN THINK about starting a family? I suggested he might be wrong in the comments, but no, everybody that replied agreed with Joe, 26 is too early for women to bear children. Remarkable.

    1. I am 26 years old, and I have FOUR children! I can’t imagine still being as immature as I was at age 18! What a waste of time!
      And, from my experience, women should have their children no later than age 25. I was 25 during my last pregnancy, and it was much more uncomfortable than the others…I was in good health, but I just felt old and achy all the time. I can’t imagine what it feels like for the poor women who wait until their 30s.

  48. Women are being lied to about how important being a mother is to society and to their own fulfillment when they are young and impressionable. Sure, accomplishing stuff is great, but women are born mothers and the love we develop with our babies is the basis for the romantic love we feel for our partners. Modern society is sending women the message that motherhood is far too much work and many really amazing women I know are opting out because of that perception. I think it’s incredibly selfish, especially the cooler the women is, the more she COULD accomplish in her lifetime, that means her DNA is awesome and she has even more of an obligation to keep her goes in the gene pool. In fact, I started a not very well promoted campaign about this topic. http://notthatgungho.com/weneedyourdnatoo/

  49. Not all women WANT to have children. For some, motherhood is NOT part of their plan. Ever. Those who don’t want children should not have them. Those who don’t want children right now should not have them right now.

  50. Do you think it’s always purely the woman’s decision? My husband and I have decided not to have children jointly. What would you have to say about his motives?
    I think you have some interesting points but they don’t apply across the board. My husband and I are driven by neither career or family, life doesn’t have to be about one or the other. Yes we both earn OK livings but what motivates us is love, passion, travel, fun, indulgence and culture. Kids nor careers really play a part in what makes us happy.

  51. Just curious: who is paying for all these children women are expected to churn out, and raise alone when something younger catches their oh so valiant prince charming’s eye? Oh and every day I’m acutely aware of and extremely grateful for how free my husband and I are at the age of 42 not to be saddled with the ever increasing academic, and social costs of raising a child in today’s world. Ugh…I hear the bullets I’ve dodged whizzing by everytime a kid has a meltdown in the store, or when i see a young mother walking on the side of the road with 3 kids and groceries in the winter with nobody to help her out, except me, a total stranger pulling over and offering her the ride nobody offered my mother after my father was shot to death on his way home from work in 1978. I’m Italian (white), and my husband is muslim (brown). So these kids we women are all expected to have…what color should they be? White, brown black? Or does it not matter as long as we keep churning them out? I ask because in discussions I’ve had with folks on this very topic, the vibe seems to change up once I bring up the reproductive expectations of those of color as opposed to whites. Hubby and I are betting each other on how long before my comment is deleted. I say 5 mins or less, but he says an hour.

    1. Amen to that!! This site should be labeled “Continuation of the Brats”. I got a degree because boys continued to be boys. I had a man that I was dating me told me that he felt he “finally” grew up at age 47. WOW imagine having children with a child … my Dad was a whore … constantly looking for other women … HE, not feminism was the reason why I changed my perspective on what I needed to be and do in this world to survive. I truly can’t imagine putting my faith or future in the hands of a man. Despite my feelilngs I did raise 3 children … all by the same man that I was married to for 25 years. We divorced and went our separate ways …. HE DIVORCED ME and it made both of us happy. However, now I get these stupid txt from him saying how he is sorry and blah, blah, blah … he is probably just playing emotional mind games that men like to play. Men aren’t the rational things they believe themselves to be. And, so that we don’t go off the deep end here and think that I got the goods when we divorced, nope, he kept his money, I kept mine, no alimony, we both ponied up for the college expenses equally … he was extremely grateful I had gone to college and had a great job so that the divorce was NOT financially painful for him. Today we are good friends, we enjoy our family together .. no separate holiday gatherings … Me being a degreed woman and having a good job sure has made his life easier when we were married and in our being divorced. So while men on here can say that they don’t care what a woman does for work … you are the retards. I do like all these men whining on here and complaining about women … of course men don’t whine when people, especially women are making their life better … men seem to think that we were put here for YOU and your gender. NO we were put here for ourselves … same as you were put here for yourself. If a man and a woman want to “get together” to make a “family” well good for them … but it is highly doubtful because you men have cultured the boys to believe it is against them. Well, I will point this out again, my Dad was the whore as so many men I know have been. They are faithful in bringing home a paycheck but not faithful in keeping their sexuality home and on their woman … no woman wants to sign up for your infidelity … it is humiliating. So while you may think just bringing home a paycheck is “good enough” to keep a woman … women now have their own paychecks thus no longer need yours and the humiliation you want to bring her. Do I care that you have this “culture”, no … I am free of the burden of crazy men and this rotten attitudes and stupid conspiracy thinking. I do like to date you men .. just so I can be reminded of your crazy. So men shack up, have children with as many women as possible, getting snipped would be a good idea … since it appears that men and women have de-evolved … it is not a good idea to propagate the current gene pool.

    2. And, the raw facts …. what woman in her rightful mind would put her future financial well being in the hand of any man today? What man would put his financial well being in the hands of another man? Why then would a man think a women would? Male crazy thinking that a women would.

  52. Shouldn’t the question be is having children under the curent overpopulation problems and damage to the planet a bit selfish? I know having a child is wonderful to a person or a couple, but until we’ve found other planets to populate, can we abstain from procreation for a bit for the sake of our planet and the human race’s continued existence with good food to eat and safe and clean water to drink? on a planet with wild spaces and lush green forests left? where people have room?

    1. The US reproduction is 2.0, so it’s fine, you can have 2 kids with no guilt. We have equilibrium. Our population is not growing. It’s the 3rd world where the problem is.

  53. The problem is females are forced to work and take care of babies. This is just wrong, so only the poorest dumbest females are doing this. The smart females are trying to create wealth before they have children. On a gut level most females want children. They are trying to clear some bad obstacles first. Some lucky females will be able to stay at home with her babies because her husband can afford it.

    1. Not all “females” (wtf?) want children. I actually do not like children, or want them, at all. My womb is happily barren. I ovulate sand.
      Jk, I don’t ovulate. Long-term Pill user.

        1. I have been married for 25 years and we have such a strong relationship that I am able to be a stay at home mom for our kids. I can’t even begin to explain to you the joy you are missing out on. I will correct my prior statement by adding that ALL females want to have children. The problem is they don’t understand this until the first baby is born. You will never understand until you have a baby. Birth control and abortion are your curse.

        2. Missy, I’m happy for you that you enjoy your life. However, it is a misconception that all people are always striving for more, or that women are greedy or never satisfied. That is simply not true for me. I am perfectly content with my life as it is, and do not see the need to add “more” to it. It’s not just about kids, but it’s also about standard of living. If I never have more money, a bigger home, or more friends/popularity than I do right now, I am perfectly happy with that. Indeed, I am perfectly happy. There is no need to mess with a good thing.
          I love my life exactly as it is. For you to have kids in the first place tells me that you were not content with your life as it was, or your marriage. You were striving for more. That’s fine for you, and I’m happy it worked out, but I don’t think you can quite understand what it is to not be striving for more but to feel like you’ve won the lottery to end all lotteries just coming home to cuddle your significant other or having the mediocre (by no means huge-earning) job that you do, or just having peace and quiet while you sip on your green tea in the morning. I simply don’t think that we share the same temperament. And you know what? That’s OK. We’re not all built the same way (a fact which no doubt terrifies conformists).
          You should know, though, that some women have endometriosis; in my case, fibroids cause periods so heavy that the anemia I developed would likely become fatal if left untreated (and birth control was subscribed as one possible treatment). You may want to consider that before you go around stating that things are a curse to people. Objectively, that’s simply not true. What you may consider a curse for you may actually save someone else’s life. Again, we’re not all the same.

        3. And by the way, there is a page on Facebook called “I Regret Having Children.” That should also do a fine job dispelling your “all women want to have children” nonsense. Hell, I come from a long line of women who would take it back if they could, lol.

  54. I wanted to work and forgo relying on a man …. after watching women such as my mother depend on a man that was a womanizer. He treated her poorly and they had 8 kids … a woman has no options other than take it. I have enjoyed working and I have enjoyed raising my children and I enjoy having a 401 retirement account and a pension … I am now divorced (my husband divorced me … greener, younger pastures … much like my father). Also, it was my husband that didn’t want more than a couple of children I wanted 4 and he wanted 2 … we had 3. Why did he not want more … hmmmm could it be because he valued singlehood and pursuit of his own toys, happiness, and pleasure versus sacrificing for children? I seen nothing in this article discussing the prevalent change of all American’s towards the family. One sided argument that doesn’t take into account male’s attitude towards a “non earning woman”. All men I know expect their wife to work. So if I am expected, I sure in the heck want to get paid well for it 🙂 and a 401K and pension are wonderful additions.
    I watched my sister do the motherhood thing and then her husband divorced her for greener pastures. Pretty difficult jumping back into the job market at 50. All the earning years, skill building, promotions, pay increases lost never to be gained back. As my children become mother;s we discuss the divorce culture and how making the “mother” sacrifice now will more than likely burn them if they don’t stay in the job market. Yes, the cost of day care seems like a “net loss” financially but not so as your pay is changing and your skills are staying the same and you keep your head in the game to stay relevant. Try entering the workforce as a 50ish person and list all the wonderful skills you have … employers don’t hire re-enterant 50 years old MOMS for much other than entry level wages. That is our culture. Was it created by feminism? Or was it created by emerging attitudes towards children. Children are no longer blessings in America they are burdens. Ask any person who has had sex and had an “accident”. Ask anyone who is having sex yet doesn’t want to marry this woman they are with cause she isn’t the “one” yet she is good enough to bang everynight for 1-5 years… how many years does this go on … again, it recreation sex for pleasure and any woman having sex with a man knows this. This attitude has affected our culture and attitudes towards love, marriage, family and all that affect how we, as women, must provide for ourself. I see nothing in this article that discuss these attitudes that affects how people must provide for themselves otherwise become a victim and poverty driven by relying on another.

    1. No offense, but your life is literally my worst nightmare. I don’t have a maternal instinct where children are concerned and the only thing that I find scarier than the prospect of being abandoned by the love of my life is being abandoned by the love of my life and then stuck as a single mother. I would literally rather die alone.

  55. Nope, you guys have it wrong. The reason why fewer women are having children is because the father’s income alone can’t support a family like it used to, so wives have to work too to make ends meet. From dating I’ve learned most guys prefer a woman to have a good job. Since women usually take more of a caretaker role, they are often expected to do double duty by working full time then coming home and doing most of the household caretaking and child rearing. I know my mom did. Over the years my Dad got better at sharing the household duties. Get better support for maternity leave and childcare and you’ll see more women having kids.

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